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fcDfl otjo-lmlf yearn. Court Is still In session ,
Itili being the fourth week , and ctlll the
docket Is not half cleared ,
A Much Nondnd Itnln.
PLATTE CE.YTKII , Neb. , Juno 7. [ Special
Telegram to the BKI.J A copious rain has
fallen all over this vicinity to-night which
naves the small ( train crop , which wai suffer
ing from drought. Corn looks well , so docs
grass , and now our fanners nre happy.
t Killed Mr Lightning.
| Fonnsr CITV , la. , Juno 7. ( Special Tel
egram to the BKK. ] Andrew Rasmu on ,
living three miles from this place , was struck
by llghttnnir this afternoon while unhltchln
tils team and hlmielf and horses were killed.
The Wheeler OUscqtileH ,
MALONE , N. Y. , Juno 7. The obsequies
over the remains of Kx-Vlce-Presldent
Wheeler wcro held In the Congrceatlonal
church to-day , every available foot of space
In the cdlllco being occupied. Business
hou < * s closed at noon for the remainder ot
thn day. The body was placed in the vesti
bule of the church at lu o'clock , when It was
viewed by school children and hundreds of
others. The pall bearnrs were old and lite-
long friends of Wheeler. At the conclusion
of an Interesting nud Impressive ceremony
the funeral cortege was formed , and under
thoescoitof the Twenty-seventh company ,
wended Its way to the beautiful cemetery
cast of the village , and ho Is now nt rest bc-
Blilo the remains of his wlfo and kindred
who preceded him many years ago. Among
the distinguished gentlemen In attendance
were Kx-Presldent It. B. iiaycs aud his son
The Reformed Chnrch Liturgy.
CLKVKLAND , Juno 7. There wasaspirlted
discussion in the Reformed church general
synod at Akron , to-day , ever the liturgy. The
directory of worship approved of by the
synod at Baltimore three years ngo was
finally adopted as the directory of worship of
the Reformed church nnd Incorporated as one
of the ordinances of the church. Au attempt
to bind all diuretics to this liturgy was then
made In n motion to rescind nil liturgy now
In uso. This was defeated. Alter consider
able discussion regarding the observance of
the third Sunday lu January as reformation
day , n compromise was finally agreed upon ,
which , while the general synod adopts that
Sunday , gives the central synod authority to
observe any day It sees lit.
Secret Societies Ilcnonnccd.
NBWiiuna , JJ. Y. , Juno 7. The synod of
the Reformed Presbyterian church of Amer
ica to-day adopted resolutions declaring se
cret societies Immoral , selfish and unjust ,
degrading nnd enslaving to the consciences
of their members ; that In addition many of
them are Chrlstlcss , yet counterfeit the wor
ship of the church nnd obstruct her woric ,
and for that reason as well as secrecy the
members of such societies ouzht not to bo
admitted to church membership , and that the
synod enjoin the courts of this church to
refuse admission to members of all secret
orders , nnd to exclude from membership any
who may have crept In unawares. In the
course of debate on the resolutions Fruo
Masonry was bitterly denounced.
Median In Convention.
CHICAGO , Juno 7. The eighth annual con
vention of the American Medical association
began hero to-day. The attendance of physi
cians nnd surgeons from all parts of the
country was unexpectedly largo. Dr. E. H.
Gregory , of St. Louis , president of the asso
ciation , delivered the annual address. The
report of the committee ou emigrant ships
was made. The chairman read the law icg-
vlntlng immlgratiou and medical espionage
relating thereto. After pointing out the
abuses of the law , ho recommended some
amendments. The proccodines ot the after
noon wore conducted In secret. The asso
ciation will bo in session until Friday.
The Celtlo-nrUtanic Collision.
> EW YOHK , Juno 7. A naval court mar
tial was commenced to-day before Acting
Consul iloare to luqulro Into the cause of the
collision between the Celtic and Brittanic ,
Whereby much damage was done nnd many
llrcs imperilled. The members of the court
were William Robert lloaie , Captain Mc-
Mlcken of the steamer Uinbria , Captain John
Ji. Purvis nnd Captain Archer , of the steamer
Tower Hill. Captain Perry , of the Brittanlc ,
and other officers testified to-day , as did also
ono passenger , Frederick , Sturgls , of Now
York. The testimony did not differ ma
terially from the published reports of the
Damage By Heavy Ralna.
JOHNSTOWN , Pa. , June 7. Heavy rains the
past forty-eight hours hare caused all the
mountain streams to overflow their banks
to-day nnd great damage is done In portions
of Somerset and Cambria counties. The loss
will reach many thousands of dollars. So
lives lost. The various iron mills hero nnd
most of the business houses were compelled
to suspend business until to-morrow. To
night steam pumps arc at work In different
parts of the city emptying cellars of water.
The city Is gloomy , the gas works being
flooded out , nnd lamps and caudle * have
been In great demand.
The Amalgamated Association ,
Pmsnuno , Juno 7. The annual meeting
of the Amalgamated association of Iron and
Bteel workers opened this morning with ISO
delegates present. Nothing of Importance
was done m the morning session. Ono of
the most Important matters to bo consid
ered will be the Knights of Labor. A reso
lution , it is said , will bo Introduced prohib
iting members of the association from join-
Inglho Knight of Lobor. In the afternoon
| r the time was consumed in hearing the report
Ii of President \Velho , and the appointment of
standing committees.
Chicago' * Conspiracy Cane.
CHICAGO , Juno 7. The state's half of the
conspiracy trial will bo concluded to-morrow.
Abundant evidence to-day wont strongly to
ehow a general conspiracy against Cook
county's pocket book , but proved nothing so
far as the particular Indictments nre con
I cerned upon which the present trial is based.
Unless prosecution has a surprise In store
Hi' for to-morrow , the hope of conviction rests
mainly on the chance that the jurors have
; ; been convinced ou general principles.
The Make Dyke Doomed.
ViKHNA.Juno 7. The work of strengthenIng -
' ' Ing the Make dyke to enable it to withstand
the floods have been suspended in despair and
k breach Is momentarily expected. At many
points soldiers hnvo taken the places of the
i , workmen , who were anxious , to atteud to the
, * safety of their own homes nud bnlongmtrs.
. ' The government has sent 510,000 to aid the
Vitiffercrs at Vasarhely , whore all the Inhabl-
\ tants men and women , young and old are
; working to strengthen the dykes.
NEW YOHK , Juno 7. ( Special Telegram to
UmBiiE.J Arrived The Italy , from Liver
MOIUI.I.E , Juno 7. Arrived The Fur-
nossla , from New York.
QuEE.vsTv\VN \ , Juno 7. Arrived The
British Queen , from New York.
SOUTHIIAMJTON , ,1 u no 7. Arrived The
Switzerland , from Philadelphia , nnd the
Noordlanu , from NowVorJc , for Antwerp.
Denies That It's Yellow Jack.
NEW OituASS June 7. The Times-Dem
ocrat Key West special says : Mereno and
other Cuban physicians who are familiar
with tbo symptoms deny that the disease
prevalent at Kny West Is genuine .yellow
lover , and assert It is merely tnalignaut ac
climating lever.
California Potatoes Shipped East
GHIOAOO. June 7. Twelve car loads of
California potatoes arrived In the elty late
tc-nlght coming as a spoclal trial from San
Frauclnco by the Central nnd Union Pacific
In nuvon days. The freight was St a liuu <
drcd. Other shipments will follow.
Severe Dakota Storm.
JAMESTOWN , Dak. , Juno 7 , A cyclone
thirty rods in diameter swept the country
thirty miles north yesterday doing const Jor-
ble nama e to the crops and horses auil
dropping hall a.i largo as hen's eggs.
Crispin * In Convention.
BnociCTOX , Mass. , June 7. The conven
tion of shoemakers for the purpose ot err -
r nlzlng a national trades' district opened
ihlt morning. The business eesblou will uol
foumor.ce until to-morrow.
FOR rnoninmoN.
Third Party Men Gather In Now York
nnrt Orntc ,
NEW Yonit , Juno 7. 1'rolilbltlon lenders
from this nnd ftdolnlnx | states wore In con
ference here to-day.
At the nfternoon session the subject for
discussion "Tho Value of 1'oung Slen's
Prohibition Clubs-How to Hulld Them Up. "
Among those present who participated In the
discussion or uiado addresses were John 1) ) .
Finch , chairman of the national committee :
Webster T. Mills , of Ohio ; Jnmcs Morton , of
Now YorK , and Ex-Governor John P. St
There wns a largo attendance at the prohi
bition mass inoctlnc at Cooper Union to
night. There was very llttln standing room.
General Clinton II. Fink , of Nn\v Jersey , was
clmirmnn. General Flak said ho SAW In the
applause which grvotrd him nn unalterable
determination tlmt the saloon must go.
Funk , editor ot the Voice , read eight long
resolutions. They wcro :
1. The into St. Jonn campaign Justified
the continuation of the prohibition question.
2. High license nnd high tax were not
stops toward piohlbltlon.
n. If wrong , the liquor trafllc should bo
4. The prohibition party Is the only party
for the enemies of the tralllo to Join.
5. That xympathy bo extended the laboring
n. The licensing of gambling by Ines' pool
bill Is wrong.
7 , Neither ot the old parties can bring
about prohibition.
8. Ainone the benollts to bo derived from
the success of the prohibition party Is the
breaking up of tbo solid south and solid
Hon. John 1) . Finch , of Illinois , chnlrman
of the national prohibition parly , nnulo the
principal speech of the evening. Finch
snid : "ItIfl a most absurd statement to an
tagonize the schools , churchas and Sunday
schools with those schools of crime , the grog
shops. In a country like ours a debauched
populace means the overthrow of popular
government. The prog shop Impairs many
Intellects , and therefore should besutTored to
exist no lonirer. The Chlcnco riots began
with the saloon , i chaige tlmt the Crosby
and Ytulder liquor bills wuro introduced In
your btato assembly In order to defeat the
prouoied constitutional convention. 1 charge
that the republicans had a direct under
standing with their German allies that they
would not vote at'alnst the party because of
the Crosby bill. There 18 no other business
In the country In which character Is nt n
discount. "
Walter T. Wills , of Ohio , explained the
objects and work of the national lutcr-col-
legiato prohibition association.
Amid much cheering John P. St. John
stepped to the front of the platform nnd
made n brief speech. Among other thlncs
ho hald : "The woman's Christian Tonipor-
ance Union is the greatest organiza
tion which ever existed in this world.
The republican party Is as much
In the mud as the democrat Is in the mire.
Put both in n mealrmg nnd shake them out
and you couldn't toll ono from the other.- '
JiCtters were road from Meal Dow , Presi
dent Seeley , Frances Wlllard and a bundled
The Florida Sconreo.
JACKSONVILLE , Flo. , Juno 7. The Times-
Union to-day , in an editorial summing up
the situation , says : There Is no yellow fever
in Florida , except at Key West , which is on
nn Isolated Island nearly 'AX ) miles soutn of
Tampa , nnd nearly ono hundred miles from
the nearest point ou the main laud which
borders on the everglades.
Or. Holmes' Hospital.
HUDSON , Wls. , June 7. The formal open-
Inc of the Oliver Wendell Holmes hospital
occurred her e to-day. The town was in gala
dress and hundreds of people from the sur-
roundim ; country assisted In the proceedings.
President Northrup. of the Mate university ,
recited a poem wri tten for the occasion by
Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes.
The St. Liouls llcunlon.
ST. Louis. June ? . Colonel A. C. Sweet-
zor , department commander of the Illinois
G. A. H. , and staff were in the city to-day
examining sites for the reunion In Septem
ber. They selected Lyon park for the camp
of the Illinois command. Several represent
atives iroui other states are also here for
similar purposes.
California's Wheat Yield.
SAN FRANCISCO , Juno 7. The secretary
of the San Francisco produce exchange has
collected the reports of correspondents from
Ml counties of California as to the condition
of wheat up to June 1 , with reports as to
damage by the recent hot winds. It now
looks as tliouzh the vleld for the state will
fall considerably under that of last year.
Machinery Constructors' Convention.
PITTBBUHQ , June 7. At the machinery
constructors' convention this morning the
entire session was spent in discussing a now
constitution and by-laws. The consideration
of thu constitution and by-laws was con
tinued In the afternoon , occupying the en
tire session.
Indiana on the War Path.
BENSON , Ariz. , Juno 7. Thirty Indians
are now stated to bo on the war path instead
of seventeen as first reported. It is feared
two white men who were working nt Fable
mountain on the Oal : Grove trail have be
come their victims.
Seven Persons Injured.
SPHINGFIKLD , Mass , June 7. A passen
ger train west from .North Adams to-
nlcht met with au accident nt Pownnl
station , Yt. Several persons are reported
slightly injured.
Touting the Hundn'y Law.
Nnw I'onic , June 7. The proprietors of
the Gllsoy house and the Fifth Avenue hotels
wore constructively arrested to-day for the
supposed violation of the Sunday law in soil
ing liquor to guests with their meals , and
their attorneys at onco' sued out writs of
nabcas corpus before the higher court to test
the construction of the law under which the
arrests were made.
Rc-Kleoted President of the I. X. V.
BUFFALO , Juno 7. William Altnison , of
Nashville , Tenn. , was re-elected to-day presi
dent ot the International Typographical
The Mexican Bandit * . G3
MATAMOHAS , Mox. , June 7. Colonel Her
nandez and forces arrived ami are reported
to have brought nine prisoners ,
The county commissioners yesterday
paid assessors' bills amounting to $1,001) ) .
Articles bf incorporation of the Ne
braska Investment and Trust company
were filed with the county clerk yester
day. The company hna a capital stock
of $13.000. The incorporntors nro : II. U.
St. John , J. A. Urown , Henry Creichton ,
K. E. Finuoy , C. S. Goodman mid 7j. W.
E. Uorsoy.
Personnl Paragraphs ,
Mrs1 II. L. Dearer has { { one to Norfolk ,
Nob. , to Tisit her sister , Mrs. G.M. .
Mrs. E. C. Stnnton nnd daughter , of
Kodioster , Ind. , nro visiting Mrs. G. W.
on Popploton nvonuo.
The Tolcphono of 1003 ,
The North American Review : "Thoro
is nothing now under the urm , " not oven
the telephone. Permit mo to state that
in the year 10(10 ( ttioro was published in
Kuglaud H book with the title of "Mico-
craphia. " The author was Dr. Robert
llooko , a celebrated scientist , mathema
tician and philosopher , who was born in
thu Isle of Wight in 1G35 nnd educated at
Oxford. The work referred to coutalns
various philosophical descriptions of
minute bodies , made by magnifying
glasses , as indicated in the title , together
with ' 'Observations and Inquiries" on
them. In the preface , the learned scien
tist asserts that tbo lowest whispers ,
by certain mcuus ( which ho does not
make public ) , may bo hoard at the dis
tance of n furlonir ; that ha know A way
by which it is easy to hear anyone speak
through a wall throe foot thicks and that
by means of an extended wire , sound
may be convoyea to n very great distance ,
almost iu an fnstaut.
The Council Pass tie Ordinanca Providing
For Police Regulations.
A. Dusy Meeting oT the Board of Edu
cation O. F. Davis' Funeral
Veteran FJrcmon Coining
Oenernl City "cws.
Exceeding Their Authority.
Thu city council , by a vote of 12 to 5 ,
refused to approve the bontt of Chief of
1'ollco Suavoy last night.
They passed the appropriation or
dinance , placing Marshal Cummings on
at full pay for thu mouth and ignoring
the chief of police.
They also passed the ordinance defining
rules and regulations for appointment ,
removal and control of the police depart
ment , which provides that the chief of
police must have been a resident of the
city for two years previous to his ap
They also passed an ordinance adopt
ing as rules and regulations for the fire
department , all ordinances now in force
partaluing thereto.
Thu meeting lasted until 1 o'clock this
The Funeral of O. F. Davis.
The funeral of the late O. F. Davis oc
curred from the family residence at 4
o'clock yesterday afternoon. The ser
vices were attended by r.very largo num
ber of pconlu , notably by those who have
lived in Omaha for many years , and
have been familiar with the iifework of
the deceased that contributed so largely
to the growth and progress of Omalia.
The funeral sermon delivered by llcv.
W. J. Harsha , of the Dodge etreet Pres
byterian church , was a lilting tribute to
the memory of the deceased.
Resolutions of Condolence.
At an adjourned meeting of the Omaha
Real Estate Exchange , held yesterday ,
the annexed resolutions were adopted :
Whereas , It has pleased an allwiso
Providence to remove from our midst
Mr. O. F. Davis , an honored citizen and
a valued member of the Exchange , there
fore be it
Unsolved , That WP hereby tender to
his bereaved family and a host of warm
personal friends and business associates
in tlds city and state , our sincere condo
lence in this great aliliction , and
Resolved , That the Omalia Real Estate
Exchange attend the funeral of our late
associate and friend in a body , and be it
Resolved , That a copy of these resolu
tions be transmitted by our secretary to
the bereaved wife.
M. A. UPTON , } Committee.
J. S. GIBSON , )
President. Secretary.
Gored to Dcntli.
News was brought to town yesterday
evening of the sad death of a little boy
named Otto Moeller , who was gored by a
cow , in Sarpv county. Onn of the horns
of the animal entered the boy's forehead
and penetrated to the brain.
A Sad Mission.
Mrs. Goodwin , wife of the Sixteenth
street butcher who suicided on Sunday
last , will arrive hero to-day from her
home in Canada to bury the remains.
Vetornn Firemen Coming.
Dr. George L. Miner has received an
other letter from I. B. Pond , of New
York , in reference to the proposed visit
to this city of the New york City veteran
firemen. The firemen propose to visit
the Pacific coast on pleasure and will
stop in Chicago , St , Louis , Omaha and
Denver on their way westward. In each
of these cities they will give a parade
and an evening concert. The vets will
bo accompanied by Cappo's famous
Seventh regiment band and Police Inspector
specter Byrnes will bo among the vis
itors. Some very line engines will ac
company the party. The veterans will
arrive on the afternoon of September 7.
give a street parade in full uniform and
in the evening a concert at the Exposi
tion budding. They will leave next
morning for the west. It is suggested
that the city council make arrangements
to receive the distinguished visitors.
The Second Triumphant Presentation
ofthe Opera "Tho Nnlad Quoon. "
The "Naiad Queen" last night drew a
large at the opera houso. The piece
moved so smoothly that the curtain foil
upon the last tableaux at a few moments
before 10:30 : o'clock. The audience was
an appreciative ono , applauding not
blindly , but intelligently , almost every
scono. While repeating that to which
the BEE , yesterday , gave expression , .viz :
thntvfrom a scenic point of view , noth
ing so incomparably flno as the setting
of this piece has ever been scon in this
part of the country , the other features of
the opera being no less worthy of , com
mendation. The singing of the adult
principals , Anna and Barbara Morkol ,
Edith Crandall , Bertha Steinhausor.
Georgia Boulter , William Downing and
Mrs. white , is ono of these. Besides ,
there are the vocal ' efforts and
the playful acts of 200 children
each of whom is attired * in a most airy
and attractive manner , either spotless
white or glittering in flashing beads ,
spangles or yards of gold aud..silver
braids. Perhaps seventy-live of these
dance and sing and act in tbo.Gypsy
revelry , presenting just so many crazy-
quilts and animated Turkish rugs" , 'a'na
forminc a scene which , for picturesque-
ness in both pose and color such aslias ,
never been found in the most lavish pro
duction of "FraDiavala. " The march
of the Dryads , performed by young "men
is another. It shows that the military
evolutions which wo have so much ad
mired in the opera and mldstrol. com
panies , can bo just as acceptably pre
formed by half-hundred non-professional
but intelligent Omahans.
To enumerate the features of this piece ,
would bo a tiresome undertaking. It
must bo scon , as well to maintain the
reputation of Omalia as a place wliidh
appreciates only the best , as to be con
vinced of the earnestness of this expres
sion. The opera house should bo tilled
every night.
A Volume In a Paragraph.
Atlanta Constitution.
"What is the object of life ? " Is the
question asked by Professor G. J. Ro
manes in the Forum. A flippant para-
graphor gives this answer : "Ono of the
chief objects is to live poor and die rich ,
that these who come after you may live
rich and die poor. "
It is an ugly way of putting it , but the
paragrapbor made his cutting little Sen
tence speak volumes ,
Ono reason why Americans break
down shortly after middle-ago is because
they "livo poor" in more ways than ono.
They may enjoy many of the luxuries of
life , but their business Is largely made up
of hurry and worry.
It docs not pay. Men should enjoy
their full share of the sweets of existence
as they go along. They are not bound to
make themselves miserable on account
of posterity. It Is a commendable thing
for a man to strive to leave a competency
to his familybut an ambition to accumu
late au immunsa fortune ( or his heirs is
Tory different matter.
; _ . is ,
A S.TARf | p. CRIME. '
Story of \VhnrlHoltcty Tcni Years
Ago ninl lu CflVut ,
riillixdelphm I'rcis"Now ; Pvo ijot it , "
ho said , after fumuliuc through his vinl-
Ict , and ho brought out n llttlo ( ndcd
newspaper slip Tvliich nhnply rend :
"Some tinio lust night , butwnon the
rounds of the watoluntin , n cane of river
thieves robbed ' wharf , on the Dela
ware , of $500 worth 61 coods. "
"That may bo'vns ' worth to the
rcadlnc public , my friend , " ho went on ,
' 'but it looked to luu tiion like disposmir
of ono of the greatest 'crimes of 1870 with
a more mention , I'll tell you why. I was
ono of the gang , as the newspapers
called it , and it was my lirst nnd last
thoft. "
This man who chose thus to commit
himself Is fairly educated. Ho is clever ,
and his ono night of crime has removed
him slowly during a decttdo of years to
the other oxtrome-tliat of piety. "Now ,
listen , " ho said , and 1 will give you the
inside history of that wharf robbery.
"On the morning of August 17,1870,1
was loallnc in Quinn's saloon , who , by
the way is dead now. I hud been out of
work for months. The friends 1 had uiado
whllo idling came in and I drank with
them. They wcro 'Ike1 Watson and 'Hill *
Mooncv. Wo drank twice , but not on
mo , for I had nothing. They went out
side nnd 1 thought they had ( rene , when
'Ike' put his head in the door and called
to mo :
' "Tom , I wantyer.1 When I reached
the pavement Mooney was standing there
with him , nnd 'Ike' Haiti :
" 'How nro times with you ? ' 'Poor
onouch , ' I replied.
" 'How would you like to make a
raise ? ' ho asked. I pushed my toe out
through uiy old shoe ami said : 'Well , I
should. '
" 'Well , you go with us to-night , nnd
wo will give you n chnnce. ' I shuddered ,
for I know what it meant when Iko Wat
son or his pal snid that.
" 'Well , come , what do 3fou say1 'All
right. What nro yon going to do ? '
" 'Noyor mind that. Bo nt Twenty-
second nnd Lombard nt 7 o'clock shnrp. '
"I1 was there nnd Ike was waiting. Wo
jumped on a car and rode to becond
street , cot out and walked rapidly down
town. When near Greenwich IKO cut
across the fields until wo reached the
river bank. Then ho stopped and gave a
long whistle. An answer came from the
water , and n skill backed up to the bank.
Bill Mooney was nt the oars. Wo got in
and rowed out into the stream n short
distance and anchored.
"The two men began conversing , and
from what they said I learned that one of
the freight wharves on the Delaware
river was to bo robbed , and that they
would have to wait until high water. I
was not consulted , nnd as we sat there in
the night , with the boat reeking on the
swell , 1 had n chance to think , but think
ing made n coward of mo , and 1 won
dered at their nerve.
"It was 11 o'clock when the anchor
was hauled in by Ike , while Aloonoy
mufllcd the oars. ' Silently ho rowed tip
the river past the old navy yard , cling
ing the while to tho'sliore ! , and suddenly
Iko turned to mo .and said : 'Hey , Tom ,
there's the wharf ; dye ! see it ? "
"He pointed to a big one. partly cov
ered by n shed , nnd the skill' was pulled
under the stern ofia , ship that lay at the
wharf below. Therbit , rocked for nearly
twenty minutes , nud finally I heard Iko
whisper to his pal : < Thcro iio is. I looked
nt the end of tho"whar nnd saw the
light of a lantern lliisli out on the water ,
nnd gradually groW dimmer and disap
pear. It was the old watchman making
his rounds.
" 'Now,1 said Iko , who was the mov
ing spirit. The boat wns backed uu
stream until it touched the end of the
wharf. Ike sprang on sljoro nnd whis-
Eorod , 'Hold her there. ' In a moment
e returned nnd snid ; to me , 'Come on
Tom. get out , but first puss up that bow
line. I did so , and taking me by the
nrm ho led mo through n narrow pas
sage mndo by piles of boxes nnd bales ,
and stationing me behind a largo box ,
said , pointing toward the watchhouso :
you keep your eyes there , nnd if you see
anyone coming slip back and let mo
know quick. If tie comes on too quickly
mash him in the head with this. ' lie
handed mo an iron rod.
" 'What , kill him11 gnspod. 'Yes , kill
him. Dend men tell no tales. ' With
that he left i mo , nnd us 1 stood there
watching the lamp in the watch-box his
last words rang in my ears nnd .terrified
mo. 1 trembled nt every shadow until
ho came m again , nnd motioned me to
follow him.
Wo went to the boatgot m nnd pushed
off. I noticed thut the little craft wns
heavily loaded with boxes , bales nnd
coils. When wo reached Dickinson street
wharf , Iko got ashore nnd said ho would
meet us at old Gray's ferry Innding with
n horse nnd wngon.
"Moonoy nnd myself rowed around to
the mouth of the Schuykill , nnd rowed
up that rivcr.ngainst the the place
appointed. It was almost dnylight , nnd
wo hadn't waited long when Ike came m
a covered wagon driven by another man.
Wo transferred the goods from the boat
into the wagon , nnd then Ike called mo
aside and said : 'Tom , it won't do for
you to go with us to sell these things.
The people wo deal with are n little queer
nnd if they saw a strange man with us
they wouldn't buy. Wo will meet you nt
Quinn's saloon nt 10 o'clock this morning
and whack up. '
" 'Do you thihk you can cet rid of
them ? ' Tasked. He laughed. 'Get nd of
them ? Why , I know two men near Cul-
lowhill street bridge who'd buy nn en
gine and tram of cars if wo took them to
film. '
"I was nt Quinn's saloon nt 10 o'clock ,
but it was a In the afternoon before they
camo. Wo drank as though wo had met
accidentally , nnd Ike , calling mo aside ,
handed mo a 10 bill and said : 'Wo got
§ 33 for the stun" and had to give the driver
$5 of it. ' I looked nt him n moment ,
pocketed the money and walked away
disgusted , determined never to risk my
life again as a river thief for the sum of
$10. "
That's the story in detnil. Mooney
Is serving a term in Sing Sing
now for burglnry. ' ' 5 Watson is sup
posed to have been oro'vncd. Ho disap
peared suddenly nndr the boat ho had
boon using was found in thu river half
tilled with water anij goaded with scrap-
' i rnn . *
An Interview With Chinese UlRh Ex-
Pall Mall Gazette ; Donee visited Can
ton with some comuanious , and , of
course , we did the sights. Wo visited
Pagodas nnd tomplef caloro , silk factor
ies , nn artificial duck-egg hatching com
pany's premises , jade nnd ivory shops ,
cat and dog butchcrtT shops , nnd the city
water-clock , all oPjfhlch hnvo been
"dono" and described , , before , times in
numerable. During > our meanderings in
the city our eyes were1 assailed with the
Cathay synonym of the Egyptian bnk-
soosh cry , till the caverns of our brains
resounded and echoed with it. "Cumulmw
Cumshawr'yolled immature possessors of
pigtails , and mature possessors echoed
the sound wherever wo went. When the
youngters' requests were not complied
with they , alter B llttlo. Invariably
changed their cry to "Fanquailfnnqual ! "
( foreign devil , foreign devil ) . Wo
marched into the magisterial yamun to
the accompanimentolthe curnsnaw tune.
Hero wo were shown the instruments
whereby bamboo chow chow is given to
the nndal callosities of the wicked , also
ratans and short bludgeons for slapping
the faces of untruthful witnesses , thumb
screws and racks for exacting confes
sions ( no criminal can be executed ac
cording to the laws of China until he has
confessed his crime ) , canquls , a species
of collar which for largeness and un-
comfortableness even outstrip the
mashers' , nnd which arc redtanjnilnr
plnncs of wood with nock and nnhd
holes. The gloomy , small depository-
room of these torture implements , wo
thought , to bo a fntr representation of
what ii European mudkuvul chamber of
'tinslice" has been.
Wo wcro no.xt taken In our sedan chairs
through an overcrowded busy part of the
city to the execution ground , passing on
our way the now Uoniim Cnthollo cathe
dral , whoso gigantic spines pierce the
clouds. The execution ground wo found
to bo n small enclosed rectangular space ,
nhotit fifteen yards by llfty. entered by n
gate. On the right on entering rnn n
row of small squalid houses , the habita
tions of potters , whoso rough , unbaked
work lay about on the ground , drying in
the sun , but wo wore Informed that It was
cleared away when an execution was
about to tnko ulaco. Facing the pollens'
houses was n high wull , nt whoso base ,
nnd loaning against It. wcro some largo
crocks , all of which nnd their mouths
earthed ovorcxcapt ono. Here our guide
introdticod us to three poorly-drcssmi
Chinaman whom we noticed gambling nt
n fnn-tan table , near the guto on our ar
rival. One. n big , brutish-looking follow
with u villainous cast in ono of his eyes ,
was the head executioner and the oilier
two , who wore smallish men , wore his
assistants. Through our guide wo told
the head executioners that we wished to
see the instruments of his calling , and
thereon ho produced n short , very heavy
two-handed sword nnd n lung knife. The
following conversation was carried on bo
twecn us and this "boss" through the
medium of our guide :
"How do you use this sword ? Where
is the block ? " "Wo don't use n block.
What we do Is to mnko the prisoners
kneel down in two rows facing ono an
other and bending their heads down.
Then I t.tko the sword nnd chop , chop ,
ono on each side and the liunds fall oil' ;
so on till they're all done as you'd switch
the tops of green weeds with your walk
ing stick. "
"Hut you don't always chop rv head off
with one blow ? " "Always.1' '
"What is the knife for ? " "For the
ling echoer death by many cuts.Vc tie
the culprit who is condemned to this
death to that cross there ( pointing to two
rough un barked sticks roughly crossed )
aud _ wo commence by cutting off the eye
lids , ears , nose nnd so on. ending by
sticking the knife into the heart. The
cuts vary in number from eight to 120ac-
cording to the hcinousncss of the cul
prit's crimes. "
"What class of criminals nro condemn
ed to the ling cue' " "Parricides , matri
cides and women who have killed and
mutilated their husbands for the major
ity. "
'Do tbo executions interfere with your
appetite and sleep ? "
The three executioners grinned sar
donically at this question , so wo asked :
"How many persons have you executed
n n day ? "
" 1 have chopped twenty heads off in
two minutes. See that dark-looking
place on the ground over there that's
caused by the blood of the last batch we
had. "
"What is done with the bodies ? "
"The friends take the bodies away , but
wo keep the heads in the crocks over by
the wall there , and when wo have a largo
number which are no longer identifiable
wo burv them. Would you like to see
some of the heads ? "
Wo declined , nnd ono of my compan
ions began to grow palo nnd complain of
not feeling won , so wo ordered the guide
to lead U3 away.
"Gentlemen , give twenty cents each ,
cumshaw , to the executioners , " said the
guide , which we gladly did to escape
from the staring of the "boss" butcher's
swivel eye ; and so ended our interview
with these high executioners of the great
Chinese empire.
Death oP Kev. Murlartj-'s Father.
P. Barrett , of Barrett & Heafy , wont
to Lyons yesterday morning to conduct
the remains of the father of Kev. F. Mori-
arty of that place to this city , and to
superintend their forwarding to the old
homo of the deceased in Milford , Mass.
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"I have taken Hood's Sarsaparllla for dys
pepsia , from which I have suffered two years.
I tried many other medicines , but none proved
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THOMAS COOK , Brush Electric Light Co. ,
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sia. I was induced to try Hood's Sarsapa
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Hood's Sarsaparilla
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eltalnsltii ] > elturaacotiiforta > ul
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r/cracxTCis w w
Readr ferns * ID on * mlnott : TO labor , llrao and
. . . . .
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two poandi of * nr atbor Btareb. HuU bf U 6r.
aUM uacarv wba tucplr DAMFIJE PACKAUlt
* ' ; '
, v i - A"v J LL. i tA 1 f'- _ LMA > v
Its Enormous Total and Wide Distribution ,
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A I'.irtlnlll't of the prlzcn nbovo OnoThout-
nm ! ilolliirD , palJ by the Louisiana Stnto I/ot-
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IMi , toirotltcr with tlui imtnei nnJ nthlrcsios
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.1. M. HIcKetts , ( 'rostoil Illltlis Col . aj.WO
Mrs. J. Clnrk , Torn , Clnrlon Co . l'i\ . . . . U , M
J. W. Williamson , willow firovo , W. Vn. 15.WJ
1'Hlil llmikof Commerce , Momphli.Tcnn 10,000
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ington , l > . 0 . . . S.OOO
Thin. J. .Suinincra. Struthor * , Ohio . 2.0X )
First Nntlonnl Uiink.Pontlno , Mich . 2,000
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IHlAVriNG OF JULY 13 , 13W.
Win , Clom , Moiirocvlllo , Ind . 15fflO
A. It. .loiii" , AnnlMon , Aln . . 15.TOO
Jlis. Mnry 1. . Ilolmo < , 203 1'rincuton St. ,
Eu't lloMon , Muss . Ifi.OOn
\Vulls , Kariro * Co.'s IJnukSan l-'rmicltco. IB.OtiO
W. U. Cusiimiin , WorcoMor. Ma j . . . . . . . lH.iulO
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San Francisco , Cnl . 1,200
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San Frnnclsoo , C l . 1.2 < V1
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co.Cnl . 10.000
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HoMon.Miiss . 5,000
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lonns.Lu . 1,3)0
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1) . C. . . . . . . . 15,000
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Pnul IluiiRcr , Oriental Warehouse , 1st
and IlrannnnSts.San Frnnclico. Cnl , . 15,001
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I.R.aro Vila. f St. Now York 10,000
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Hunk , forndpposttor there . 6,000
T ) . H. llontloy.Truxlllo. Honduras , C. A. . 6.0011
John It. Dnrir , Loulsvlllr , Ky. . 2,000
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DRAWING OF OCTOnRIl I" , 188(1. (
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SO.liU . 115.000
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co , Cal . , . C'OOO
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Iloyd Corwlck , Mnscontnh. Ills . 1,200
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po , Ills . 1,200
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Wm. T. Hldiwny , New York . 1,200
G.H. Smith , 13 W.23d St. , Now York . 1,809
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Orleans La . 15,000
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rage , 1114 . 15,000
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The State Hank of Virginia , Klcnmond. 15,000
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co , Cal . 5,000
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Traders Natloiml Dank , San Antonio ,
Tex . 6,000
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Daniel McColl , Now York . 1,200
MIR4 Y. Shaw , through L. Uernliurd , 205
Wo tHthSt..Now ! York . 1,201
Wells.FargoCo.8 Hank , San Francisco. 1,8 0
C. Holdcnrlch , euro of C. H. Orufonstah ,
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co , Cal . , . 45.000
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villo , Tnd . 2.0M
Llnsey Hiiydon , Kvnnsvllo ) , Iml . 3,003
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co. Cal . 2,000
Rank ot Hutto county , Chloe , Cnl . 2.0UO
C. J. McDouell , U7B Superior St. .Cleve
land , Ohio . 2,000
J , 1'rendorgaat , Haltlinore , Md. , through
Stoln llros. , llaltlujoro. Ma . 2,000
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Cornelius llecannon , St , l.ouls , Mo . 15,00
R. K. Knapp , Magnolia. Miss . . . 15,000
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co , Cnl . 15,000
Anglo-California Dank , LlmHoJ , San
Frnnclseo . 15/00
J , Coin , lluntnr Wharf , Norfolk , Vn. ,
thniugh Marino Hank of Norlolk , Vn. . lt.,000 .
F. .1. Gllmoro , Los Angeles , Cal.throuah
First National Hank of I.os AujfClos.Cnl 15,000
Hen Klam , of KHrn llros. , Iloni.tonTox. 15,000
Klvn iidor. ; Princeton , Franklin county ,
Knn ? . , through K. A. Hanus , Ca&hlor
Hunk of Ottawa. Knns . 15,000
Win. Wlialen. watchman .Ml s andTenu.
R U-dopot , through Hank of Cotnmcrco
Memphis. Tonn . B.nro
B. P. Hill. NuwOrlonns. La . S..OO '
A depositor , through People's Hunk ,
Now Orleans , Ln . 5,000
Clm-i , Mitchell , I't'cnn PolntArk.through
IJanu ot Commcrro , Mumphls. Tunn . , 6,000
First National llnnk of Fort Way nc.lnd. 15,000
Dr. J. A. ' 1 Iwior , H. F. Clnrk.nnd Miss A.
Wubb , Homo , Ga . 15,030
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PortlHUd , Mo . 15/.00
Wells , Furgo V Co.'s Hank , Snn Francis-
co.Cal . 15.COO
T. J. Lester , Jr. , thiough Julius Well ,
Phlladolphln.I'a . 15,000
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" cluvolnnd , Ohio . 15,0 )
" Hullalo.N.Y . 15. < 0i
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" San Franclhco , Cal . 15.0(0
Thos. Alnxnndor , Washington , D.C . 10,0.0
Jti . W. D. Stokes. Detroit , Mich . 10,000
Gorman Dnnk of Memphis , Tonn . 5,000
K. HoionhelnfeO IJpat street , Memphis ,
Tenn. , through the Gorman Hank ,
MurnphlR , Tonn . 6,000
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Memphis , Trnn. , through Flrdt Nation
al Hank , Memphis , Tonu . 2,009
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Carrollton Natlonnl Hank . 2W ( )
Hank of California , San Francisco , Cut. . 2OuO
Felix Clavoro , Lis Angolcs , Cal . 2,01X1
O.II.Perrow , Morrlstown.Tonn . 2,000
Byron D. Houston , OswrgoN. V . -5,00
H. J Warner , SlratfdnlOut 1R.GX
Thos. Fntroy. Wihrhtsvllle , 1'n 15.UX
Tutor M. VormnajfiU : South Itobey St.dil-
cniro , III . . . . 1S.OOO
H. Tii\lor , Notf York i. . IS.OW )
Jo ppi ! Ittxoiilli'ld , Houston. TOT 15,000
WllllHiu Moc or , Tnnckn , Km 15,000
Joseph II , l.uilwljr , ISO William street ,
llutTrtlo , N. Y. . J5.000
Voile. rnrio & Co.'s Hank , San I'rnnolsrn 15.QJO
London , I'nrn nnd American Hank , Lltn-
Hod , Snn rmnoljco In.OjO
D.I' llnwc , Doconth , luvrn 1WWO
.1.0. Ditnlop , I'ombroko , Ontario r > ,000
Mr . Mnry ( VHrloii , Conlrnl C.ty , Dak. . . . MXX )
T. J. Wciiror.Trnbup. Flu. . . 6.0UO
Frnnk Ilioi'k.SlS 1'ottor St. , East Sagl- .
naw , Mich 6,000
I'lilon National lliink , Kan n City , Mo , . 4,000
Oloi lliTKlund , Dnrllngton , WH " ,000
Cling. 11 Homer , euro Adnins Kiprcisx
Co. Non-ark , N..1 2,000
J. i : . HarrU'im , I.'S W.Canton St.Uoston ,
MIVM 2,000
R. II. KltnliiUI , I'ortliuul , Mu 2. < wo
City National Ilunk-ot Dallas , Tex " , tvo
OHvor \ UilK-us. Hunkers , imllns. Tox. , 2,000
Kl l'n oNational Hank , Kl l'n. oTri. . . . " , UOO
Unrnuinla ynvliiu Hnnk , Nor Orlonus ,
La. , for u dvposltor -,000
WelM , Furiro * Co. , Snn I'rnnclsco , OM. . 110,000
W.Thnri'r. 3.1 Ynuililll St. , rorlliunl.uri' . l.'i.OOO
An lo C.tllfornln Hunk , Limited , San
I'ranelsco , C\l 15,000
N'CMY Urleuu Nntlonnl Hnnk , for lU'coinit
of cont'81'Oiuk'iil Troin Sail Francisco ,
C.\l 15,000
London , I'arlnnnd American Hnnk , Lim
ited , San Krnnclsco , fnl 15,000
MM. M. H. Nowborry , Choboypnn. Mich. Ift.lXM
Atntirnjo ( lllllland , Monoainm , III 15,000
Uro. 1' . Hlnokliouso , Ul ClirHtluil St. ,
I'hlladplpliln. 1'n lf > ,0 < V )
Hov.l. Hour. Cuuon , O , . B , M
C \v. Twoody\uiftHtn , ( In 6OiKl
W. C. llninniock , ( irlllln , Un H. Q
J. M. Stotts , Dee , Ark
A I. . Hobb , AtelilMin , Kni 5KX )
WollP , FIIIKO A On. , Snn 1'rnnclsoo. Cnl , . 4HO (
Mis. Dnvlil a\rloklu > liner , HIco , Col 4,000
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] ' . II. Dwiur , Huston , Mims S.OOO
ll.T. Dnvls.VII. 8. Webber. I'ortlauil.Mu. 2,000
Clias. C. Keenan , llarnogvillo , Minn 2,000
DItAM'INO OF MAY 10. 18S7.
Wrlls , Tnrpo A Co. , Bnn VrnnoNco , Cal. , 75,000
T.J.Lynch A-Co.cor llth nnd LoctiHtSts ,
1'hlln. , 1'u 15,0(10 (
C.ty National Hnnk of Cairo , 1IU llK ) (
Nntlnnii1C < itiimnr-lnl Hnnk of.Molillo.AIa Ifl.OiM
Hnnk or Cjtnmorcu. LouKvlllo. Ky fi.ojO
Commercial National Dank of Nntlivlllc ,
Tenn 5,000
Kdwln I/o liars. New York 2,000
AiiRlo-Cnllfornla Hnnk ( t/t'd ) , Bnn Frnn-
Cisco 2,000
N. CrniKhnw , Kx'oreot , Kns . 2.000
Hnnk of Cillfornln , Snn Krnnoleco , Cnl. . " , OJO
C. J. Hnrmnn , through Corry National
HnnK.Coiry , 1'n 2,000
For full particulars of the Grand Soml-Anmial
DrmvliiK ol' Jtino 13 , see scheme lu unotuoi
column of this paper to-dny.
NOTICE All sufferers trcm Hay Fever who
will use the Smoke Hall nnd "lotirllntor"pncK-
iigoslx wocks prior to AiiKiKtlst , 1887 , nnd
Imvo I he llrst sj-mitoms | of tlio tll8i > nau iippcat
nftor that date , wo will KKKUNl ) TUT. MO.MJV
LnBtBummor tbU remedy wnsiaod by niunjr
sufferers , nud BIXTO sntlsfnctlon In every cue * .
'Carbolic Sraoko" gives Inimeillnto relief In
Ontnirh , Asthmn , Hronchlal nnil Throat Alleo-
lions , Heiulucho , Croup , Colds , I.iinjf Dlpeiisci ,
etc. , and If tuUen In connection with our Dcbol-
later treat mont Is warranted to euro every caso.
A Free Test ut our ollico parlors. Bant by
mull on rocalpt of prlco , $3. Smoku Hn1l , $ ,
) '
Cl)6llat0r'cAunOI.IO SMOKK HALL CO. ,
Room 11 CrciRhton Block , Omalm , Nob.
L 1312 Douglass St.
1887 Model.
Tomds Bat
la the delight
( Tennis Pity-
muklng the finest
line ot Tennla Hutu
on the market , rang
ing in price , from $1.50
to $0.00 each.
Agents for might &
Dltson' * Wcntwortb 1
Eockct , end W. < k D. '
Adopted Tcnnla Ball ,
Bimldlng'B Tradoltarkoa
Tcunls Ball , Striped
Tcnnh Coats , lints ,
Dcltn , BliCeo , StockliiRs ,
complete Tennis Uni
forms , and everything
I > crtnlnloK to Lawn
Tcnnla. CataloKUo frto
upon application.
812 Doiifflas St
who desires a perfect
should wour ono , nm i c ho .k ij i t .
cohsf.rcon m mi r. , ( Must.
WEAK MENR ! .trdthn iloni or *
f a''Jli i i v S 10' " . * 1C I , nt l < H1.V
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