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Consisting of SO acres , will bo offered at public auction , on the grounds , JUNE Sth and 9th. Sale commences Juno 8th , at 1 p. in.
TERMS OF SALE One thud cash , balance one and two yeaw , at 8 per cent interest. Five per cent discount for cash.
This magnificent property lays adjoining the fine residences of Theron Nye , S. B. Colson , Edward Bluveth , F. Meyer and J. T. May , and will bo
offered for sale at auction , and at prices that will warrant a good profit as soon as bought. We ask you to come to Fremont , look over this property
look at the railroads centering in Fremont , look at our improvements , and what we are doing in the shape of stock-yards , packing houses , etc. Then
we think you will see money in these lots at the prices that they can be bought at. This is inside property and commends itself to all at a glance ,
as the choice residence portion of the city. Wo don't ask you to , or expect , that you will pay for this property prices that it will be worth in 30 erGO
GO days from date of sale. Nor do wo offer you property that the city has got to grow to make valuable. But we offer you choice , desirable inside
property that is now in demand , and will be built upon and improved at once , at prices that will make you a sharp advance as soon as bought. Fre
mont is rapidly growing ; very few surplus building lots to be had. The advance in real estate is just commencing.
We take great pleasure in placing tliis magnificent property on the market , and ask all to come and see it , and
we know it will suit you , and know that it will make you some money. For further information , free carriages ,
etc. , apply to RICHARDS , KEAN & CO. , Fremont , Nebraska.
Candidates For the Republican Primaries
to Be Held To-day.
Army HIIlo Contests to Take IMaco
Here An Irate Husband After a
Gliin < tiiiun'a Scalp Combi
nation of Couiiolltncn.
Political Matters.
The candidates thus far elected for the
different primaries lire as follows :
llctitibllcan ,
First Ward A. J. Hobcn , John Ilosoky ,
John Mathicsen , Krnest btulit , John
Christophorson , Low W. Webster. Got-
lieb Zimmerman.
Second ward : Fred Hoohni , Frank
Dwornch , Uaniol O'Keofe , S. J. Broiler-
ick , Dun Shelly , John lioyd and Ci. B.
Morris Morrison was announced us the
choice for the school board.
Fourth ward : E. llnnoy. U. W. Brock-
onridgo , K. Wliitoham , F. E. Moorcs , II.
T. Clark , T. J. Crest , and T. Kcnniston.
As alternates J. A. Wiikclioltl , M. Gold
smith and N. Sliclton were chosen.
Seventh ward : l'anl Vandcrvoort , J. T.
BollLouisi'etersen , John McDonald , J.M.
Honsol , John C. Meyers and L. II. Brad
ley as convention delegates to bo voted
for at Friday's primaries. The meeting
also elected N. C. Boll clerk , N.V. . Ncl
son judge , and C. L. Thomas inspector
of the primary election.
The democratic primaries were hold
on Monday night between the hours of
live and seven o'clock and the following
delegates were elected to the convention
to nominate members of the school board :
First ward : The following delegates
were chosen : Charles M. Connoyor ,
Patrick Desmond , Thomas Casey , Albert
Sclmll , Charles Drandois , William II.
Spaklinp- and Uwcn Slavin.
Second ward James Donnelly , ST. ,
Charles Kommeror , John F. Murphy ,
( icorgo V. Hines , John Andrit , John
MiilvThill and Edward Bronan.
Third ward Pat Ford , A. Ulitoff ,
Charles Kohlmior , II. Farish , C. Nober ,
A. Casey , C. Fanning.
Fifth ward Thomas Daley , William
Whitohoiisd , Unary Ostholl' John Me-
Gerry , B. McGinn , M. Mulliu , Joseph
Sixth ward M. J. Murphy , William
Nightingale , August Clones , Hugh Flan-
nigan. Bam B. Uose , Charles Story ,
James J. Craig.
Eighth WimF-JolT W. Bedford , Jacob
Hauuk , Paul Plalz , J. Standova , A. Ast-
rnusin , N. Williams , C. A. Loary.
Central City Committee.
The members of the republican central
committee nro requested to moot in the
central chamber Saturday afternoon ,
Juno 4 , immediately after the adjourn
ment of the convention.
D. II. MKKCEK , Chairman.
Itonubllcan Primaries ,
The republican primaries for the pur
pose of electing seven delegates from
each ward to the republican convention
to bo held in the council chamber , Satur
day , Juno 4 , at 2 p. in. , will bo hold to
day , Friday , from ID a. m. to 7 o'clock
p. in. They will bo held at the following
places :
First Ward School house on the east
side of Tenth street , between Pucilio and
Pierce streets.
Second Ward Hartman school house.
Third Ward Dodge street school house
Fourth Ward High school building.
Fifth Ward New engine house , foot of
Cuming street.
Sixth Ward Kees' barn.
Seventh Ward Northwest corner of
Twenty-ninth avenue and Woolworth
Eighth Ward Corner Twentieth and
I/.aril strrots.
Ninth Ward Farnam street school
Democratic Convention.
The democratic convention will beheld
held this ( Friday ) cvenjng , in the council
chamber of the exposition building at 8
Judges ano Clerks ol Election.
The mayor lias appointed the following
jmixes and clerks for the bdiool board elec
tion on next Monday :
First Wnnl-Jiulgcs , Win. Doll , Ed O'Sul-
llvnn , A. Vlnncy ; clerks , Thomas Casey ,
James Murray.
Second Ward Judges , Jacob Kcmlls , J.
N. Arnold , Anton Francl ; clerks , John 11.
Under , Julius Niujl.
Third \Vard-J tulles Frank Solon , Peter
Williams , John Caullield ; clerks , U. Koacli ,
Thomas Jloan.
Fourth Ward Judges , I ) . Kcnhton , A. P.
Nichols. U. Ti ard ; el-irks , K. Whltehoiu ,
J. U. Carpenter.
Fifth VVard-.ludges , II. U. Whltelionsc ,
John Wnllncn Henry IHiuu ; clerks , David
T. Scott , James Klnncy. *
Sixth Ward-Judges : John Taylor , 11. L.
Cheney , I'ort Keilnmn ; clerks : Louis Little-
Held , ta'onro Junes.
Seventh Ward Judges : Charles Thomas ,
( Sconce 11. Dennis , Michael Konch ; clerks :
Jetf Mcceath , John Thompson.
Eolith Ward Judges : M. U. Ualcombe ,
Otto Welsnian , C. E. Karris ; clerks : J.J.
McLaln , W. W. Keysor.
Ninth Ward Jiutses : Itobert Stlne ,
Charles Sutphon , Frank llaberj clerks :
J nines Bropuy , Hugh AlcCallrey.
The United HtntCB Army to Handle It
Frequently This Voar ,
Omaha Is to have three important rifio
contests this year , m nil of which the
nriny Is to bo the governing power. The
lirst of these is the department competi
tion which takes place hero annually
about the latter part of August. In this ,
the best marksmen of nil the different
posts in the department of-the Platte will
take part.
The next will bo the division contest of
the army. This will bo the lirst time
this lias taken place in Omaha. In it all
the loading army shots of the dillcront
departments in tills division , will appear.
These marksmen will bo determined by
contests in each of the following depart
ments : The Platte , Texas , Dakota , and
the Missouri. There will bo fourteen
marksmen , including alternates from
each department.
The third is the competition between
select markhinen of the army.
This will bo the first moot
ing of this kind which has
over occurred. In it will take a purt
leading marksmen who are ineligible to
departmental , division and army compe
titions. The Hhots will bo just as good as
nro to bo found in the army teams and
will generally bo found among the more
exalted in their respective commands.
These competitors arc to bo selected by
the commanders of the diflercut depart
ments throughout the country.
The local members of the army feel
that Omaha has been honored in being
selected as the place for holding the lirst
of these important meetings , and are
glad also that it has been established. It
will bo hold every two years , and alter
nate with the army contest , which also
takes place biennially.
The citi/.ons of Omaha , it is suggested ,
ought to feel impelled to do something
toward tlto entertainment of these
soldiers , all of whom arc gentlemen , and
many ol whom will bo accompanied by
friends from abroad. These contests
will commence about the middle of
August and continue until the close of
The City League.
An adjourned meeting of the City
League clubs was hold at O. H. Gordon
& Co.'s on Fifteenth street Wednesday
evening. The clubs represented were the
C. K. Mayne , S. P. Morse , Pickwick , South
Omaha , Shamrock , and Brown-Creigh-
on. An election of olilccrs was hold
with the following result : C. E. Mayno ,
president ; S. P. Morse , first vice prcsi-
tent ; Henry Creighton , second vice pros-
iaont , J. K. Gordon , general manager ; .
Frank Parmalcc , assistant manager ; O. I
II. Gordon , secretary and treasurer. A
constitution and by-laws wore discussed
but not adopted entirely. A meeting of
the directors will bo held at O. H. Gor
don's No. 483 South Fifteenth street Tues
day Juno 5 for further consideration of
the a Hairs of the loaguo.
After the meeting the Messrs. Gordon
produced the cigars and a general good
time was had in conversation over the
base ball situation of the day.
Notice to Real Kitntc Men.
Lot 6 , in block "E , " Lowo's add , is
hereby withdrawn from market.
Fourteen AV1I1 Stand Together to
Down Chief Scavcy ,
It is asserted among persona who are
supposed to know , that fourteen of the
eighteen city couucilmcn have formed a
combination to overthrow the work of
the board of police commissioners and
down Chief-of-PoIioo Seuvey. The four
teen propose to hamper the commission
as much as possible. The plan is to
pass , at the next mooting on Tuosday.tho
ordinance introduced byCouncilman Has-
call at the last regular meeting. It is
then proposed , should Mayor Broatch
veto the ordinance , us in all human
probability ho will , to filibuster the ordi-
tlanco through oyor his veto. Just how
this is to bo done is not revealed , but it is
asserted on the authority of a council
man that fourteen members of the city
council feel confident that the arrange
ment can bo carried through. One
gentleman who is inclined to sympa
thize with the council is opposed to this
action and said jesterday tnatin his opin
ion the council woulU bo proceeding too
far if it carried out the programme to the
letter , as in all likelihood the public would
bo enlisted thereby with the board of
police commissioners and the council
would stir up a hornets' next. It is still
declared that the matter will bo carried
into the district court by a suit for usurp
ation against the chief.
Mr. Mitchell Claims .the Brlclo of
Charlie Sing.
A strapping man walked into the oflico
of Justice Anderson yesterday morning
with blood in his eye. He was wild and
woolly. ' 'Are you the man who married
Cnarlio Sintr , the Chinaman , and
Martha Parker yesterday ? " demanded
the irate individual. "Yes , sir. " said
the justice. "Well , she is my wife and
I am goin1 to have b-1-l-u-dl" The
judge pacified the man and finally
got from him that his name
was J. Mitchell ; that ho hailed from Red
Oak , la. , and that ho meant to everlast
ingly trounce Mr , Sing if ho could got
his hands on him. Ho said he had been
searching for the woman , who left home
some time ago , and they had been mar
ried for sonic time. Ho wanted to know
how ho could get after them legally and
was referred to the police judge who
would issue a warrant for the arrest of
the pair. Mitchell went away in search
of the police headquarters.
Cottage colors ready for use in now
and desirable shades. Alabastino in
various tints , the original and only per
manent wall finish , supersedes calci
mine for beauty anil durability , and is
easily applied. Faints , window glass ,
brushes , etc , , largest and most complete
stock west of Chicago , dimming * &
Ncilsou , 1118 Farnam St.
The Poundmaator Aanln In Trouble
With , * Citizen.
The ofllce of ponndiaaster is anything
but a pleasant position * . This Is proven
by the frequency with which the oflico
changes hands. Every once ; In a while
the unfortunate poundmaster is thrashed
by indignant persons whose stock has
been Impounded. It is asserted about
police station that one incumbent died of
an accumulation of woes incidental to
the position ; another mysteriously dis
appeared , and a third committed suicide.
Frequently the unfortunate poundmas
ter is driven for blocks by infuriated poo-
pie and often he is chased to insanity.
The latest incumbent , Jerry Hennessey ,
has clung 19 his position for several
months in spite of the untoward circum
stances. Yesterday he was before Judge
Berka , complaining that he had been as
saulted and pounded by an irate cow
owner in the north part of town , whoso
name ho did not know. However , a war
rant was issued for that oft-sinning indi
vidual , "John Doc , " and the case will
come up in court later on.
Edison Electric Light System Estimates
furnished. GKO. W. COSTKR ,
Paxton House , Omaha , Agent'
Old Colorow's Visit.
General Breek yesterday received a
communication from Major F. Rundlctt ,
of the Ninth cavalry at Fort DiiChcsnc say
ing that he had had a visit from "Old
Colorow" and "Young Colorow" with
twenty bucks of the Utes who had conio
to complain to him tnat the settlers were
encroaching upon his territory , while
they claimed tho.y were living upon their
treaty laud. The major corroborates
this view. "Colorow" refused to go to
sec the agent unless accompanied by the
ofticcr in command , as if ho feared some
stratagem to imprison him. Major Hand-
lott concluded that the Indians are still
peaceable , but that a display of force
would bo required should a change of
their location bo desired.
James Brought to Jail.
Officer James , who , it will be remem
bered , was once employed by the Hu
mane society of this city , and while
acting for the Law and Order league in
Lincoln , was charged with adultery , has
boon arrested in Kansas City and brought
to Lincoln. Attcr charged as above men
tioned , ho skiupedj leaving his bondsmen
to pay for his disappearance. Ho was
acting as conductor of a Kansas City cur
when arrested. Ho will now , it Is liKcly ,
bo made to answer the charge against
Says Ho Was Drugged.
James Montgomery , the man who was
found in a critical condition from the
effects of poison , as elsewhere mentioned ,
was very much improved yesterday.
Montgomery stated yesterday morning ,
that he hadsome money about his person ,
hlch he displayed in several saloons in the
neighborhood of the tracks , where ho went
in for beer. He believes that some one
doped his beer for the purpose of robbing
him. Ho had no money on his person
when searched Wednesday night.
A Reckless Driver.
A man named John Kur/ ran
into the carriage of Mrs. Phoebe
Whitlock and upset the two lady
occupants of the vehicle. The ladies
wore considerably bruised but not seri
ously hurt. Kurz was driving along
Saunders street at a furious rate of speed ,
a habit of his which has heretofore caused
complaint. Mrs. Whitlock swore out a
warrant against Kurz yesterday charging
him with fast driving.
Officers Come nnd Go.
C. W. Boynton. of Waukcaha , Wis. ,
has been appointed to succeed James Me-
Ardlo , jr. , as railway postal clerk be
tween this city and Cheyenne. Mr. Me-
Ardlo has been promoted from class
three to class four in the service. Mr.
Boynton went to work yesterday.
William Spauldlng entered upon the
duties of his new position as transfer
mail agent at the Union Pacific depot
last night.
Uncle Sam's Nephews.
During the month of May there wore
delivered in this city 471 special delivery
letters , which at eight cents a piece would
net the boy who delivered them $37.08.
The rules of the department , however ,
limit the wages of the messenger to $30
nor month. . The surplus of $7.08 goes
into Uncle Sam's pockets.
During the same time , the amount of
stamps sold was $11,405.00 , and of en
velopes $3,673.13.
Mr. Franko Victimized.
Nahan Franko , the violinist , was vic
timized Wednesday by a German named
Ferdinand Guenthcr , who represented
himself as an acquaintance of Mr.
Franko's father. Ho was seedyand said
ho wanted work. Mr. Franko promised
him work at the Casino , fed him , gave
him $2 in money , and an order for a
suit of clothes. Guenther has disap
The annual mooting of the C. E. Mayno
Real Estate and Trust company was
held Wednesday at their office on N. W.
corner 15th and Harnoy streets. C. E.
Mayno was elected president , H. II. Benson -
son elected vice president , A. II. Hnyno
elected secretaty , and J. B. Carmlehuel
The Amateur Drama.
An airntcur dramatic club , named
"Tho lloyd , " in honor of the manager of
the opera house , has been rehearsing for
six weeks the beautiful play of the
"Pearl of Savoy. " The date has not yet
been decided upon for the production ,
but when played it will bo for the benefit
of the poor of the city. The club is
known to have considerable talent , and
compiles the following members : Mr.
B. McCullough. Joseph Murphy , George
Ostrom , John King , Mr. Ingliss , Charles
Cromnover , Arthur Rathbun , Miss Anna
Bogue , Miss Lizzie Lawton , Mrs. W. E.
Rockwell , Miss Mary Meyers and Miss
Julia Richardson.
Miss Voss , of Indianapolis , is visiting
Mrs. S. P. Morso.
Instruments exchanged , rented and
sold on easy payments , below
Factory Prices ,
Instruments slightly used at
Max Meyer &Bro
Omaha , Neb.
, Cor. Capitol ftvcnu ,
Chronic & Surgical Diseases
Hiitein jrtar Uoiplt * ! nn'd PrlraU ) 1'racuc.
We hsvo the facilities , cpp&ratui and leraedl *
for the euccettful troatmeot of evcrjr form of dls.
rue requiring either medical or tnrglcsl treatment ,
and Invite all to coma and luveitlgtte for tbemirlva
nt correspond with n > . Long experience In treatIng -
Ing caiei IIT letter cnablei ua to treat many CBIH
icitntlflcalfr without leelnr them.
WRITE FOR CIRCULAR on Deformlttel and
Brace * , Club Feet , Curraturei of the flplno
DUIAIII or WOMK , Pllei , Tutnori , Canceri ,
Catarrh , Bronchltli , Inhalation , Electricity , feral-
jrili , Kpllopljr , Kidney , Eje , Bar , Skin , Blood and
all lorelcal optratloni.
Ilattcrlei , InhBleri , ISraeei , Truaiei , anl
nil klndi of Medical and Surgical Appllaucei , man
ufactured and for ule ,
Th * only rillablo ulidical Intlitula making
Private , Special S Nervous Diseases
' rA
from whatever came produced , inccoif nlly treated.
Wo ciu remora Syphilitic potion from the lyitim
without mercury ,
New rtitorativ * treatment for loia of vt tal power.
Call and conmlt ui or acnd came and poit-offlce
aildrrii plainly written enclose ( tamp , and we
will iiend you , In plain wrapper , oar
SBMIHil. WllKXIII , 8PIHJIATOK IlC i , IlirOlL'.l-
URINAKT Onuixi , or i nd li'.itory of jour cae. lor
an opinion.
1'erions unable to Tlilt na may be treated at their
homes , by correspondence , Uedlclnea and Initru *
tnents lent bf mall or ezureia SECURELY PACK
BD FROM OBSERVATION , no marks to Indicate
eontcnta or render. One personal intcrrlew prc
ferred If convenient. fifty room * for the accom
inoilatlon of patlcnta. Board and attendance at
reasonable ptlcei. VAddrcai 1 ! Lctteri to
Omaha Medical and Surgical Institute ,
Cor. 13th St. nnttCaoltnl Ave. . OMAHV ) > >
Thread of Modem Time * .
Sold at wholesale by
Hllpatrlck Koch & Co. , Dry
Good * Co. ,
M. E. Smith * Ca.
Paxlon , UnllHglier fc Co.
And by all Kctall Dealers.
Of our clearance sale last week has induced us to purchase some
lots of goods which were offered by the manufacturers at a great
sacrifice. We own them at less than actual cost of material and
we will sell them on this basis. Some will be genuine surprises
and cannot be adequately described in an advertisement. They
must be seen to be appreciated.
Boys9 Sailor Suits , of indigo blue flannel , with fine embroider
ed collar , sizes 4 to 12 , worth $2.50 ; at $1.25.
Bovs' Union Cassimere Suits , in neat and tastv mixtures
plaited and Norfolk stvle , worth $2.75 ; at $1.4O.
Bovs9 all wool fancv Cheviot Suits , in elegant patterns , plait
ed and Norfolk stvles * sizes 4 to 13at $2.50 , $2.95 , $3.25 and
$4fullv worth double the monev.
Bovs9 Knee Pants at 25o , 35o , 50cand85c-
An immense line of school and Bovs9 Suits , sizes from 12
to 18 , in fanov cheviots , cassimeres and flannels at one half the
regular prices.
In Men's Underwear and Hosiery we offer some of the greatest
bargains ever shown. As a special we mention to-day 150 dozen
Fine Gauze Undershirts selling at 15c apiece can not be bought
for less than 30c , same quality. Real French Balbnggan Shirts
and Drawers at 45c each , etc. , etc.
All goods marked in plain figures and at one price.
ny ,
Cor. Douglas and 14th sts. , Omaha.
O. H. CURTIS , Pres. - J. HUBD THOMPSON , Sec. Sa ? Treas
Wholesale © Retail.
, , , , Spocnlnmi ,
Rulua Douches IlalrCrlmpers Nursery Sheeting
Alrl'lllowe , Ilrusbca , Drill A Duck , Hair 1'ins , NnvyRagn , Sportsmen's Goods ,
Alrlleda , llrowcr'a Hose , Door Mats , Hats , Oil Clothing , Rtnnips ,
Air Cushions , Caps , Dreis Shields , ilorso Covers , 1'acklng , btatloner'sCJum ,
Antl KattlOM , Capes , Drinking CUDS , Hose , II. 11. A P. t'o.Palls , Hy.phons ,
Aprons , Carriage Cloth , Klaatln Hands , Hose Couplings , Perltciion Box Synrca , Spittoons ,
Atomizers , Cartridge Rugs , Elastic Stockings , Jloso ripos , Pencils. Swimming Jackets
. .
Hands , Cathetura , Kiaaors , Hose Reels , Pun holders. Syrlnget 'P.rf.ction
Bandage Gum , Clothing , Face Bags , Hot Water BottlesPessaries , Thimbles ,
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lied 1'nns , Coats "ribh llranil" Foot Rails , Jmalltl Cushions , Pure Rubber , Tcuth'gRlngr&Pnds ,
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, , Mfol'rcserYcrs , Rubber Dam , Umbrellas ,
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Boston Boltlnc JCo's. IJubber and Cotton neltin-i , racking and Hose. Solo aRcnts in Omaha.
Leather BellingI'uro Oak Tanned. Manufacturers of "PEUI-'JCTION : HOX SYJ INOiS. "
Manufacturers of "FISH JSRANJJ JlUVJlKll GOODS. "
Wall Order * frolldlrU. and will Recclvo Tromot Attention.
Locomotive and Stationary nailers , Tunics , Steam Heaters , Hot Water Hollers , Steam ( Jincrators , Steam
I'ampi , Dodijo Wood Split Palleyx , Anne Sha/tlti'j ,
"Wagons , Road Scrapers and Bale Ties
AgeSts for the Improved ( Miss Engine
Prompt attention given to all orders. G-et our prices before buying.
. ,
1213-1216 Leavenworth St. , Omaha , Neb.
JU > xiMl