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The Nebraska's Statesman's Shovr the Great
Attraction in London ,
The Wild Went Cartoon the Latest
Thing in the Illustrated Press
The Colonel Impresses H's '
A Talk With IlnrTalo mil.
( rnpiHuMS.V7 by Jilincs Oonloit Ittnnttt. ]
LONDON" , May 21. [ Xevv York Herald
Cable Special to Iho DKK. ] Although
Ihls is Iho queen's birthday and the com
mons Is at fever heat againand the names of
the sovereign and many statesmen are In all
mouths , Dulfnlo Dill remains the most talked
nbout mnn of the hour. Si. Stephen's Ito
view presents n cnrloon paraphrasing his
dhow. Salisbury Is driving an attacked
coach , Inside of which Is Cross Manning ,
Bersford on top , and Smltn and Dalfour all
presenllng revolvers. Gladstone , as lied
bhlrt. with Harcourt and a Inrgo numherof
liberals whose faces nro easily dlstlngulshn-
blo through the paint and feathers ,
are of the pnrty of attacking
bravo * , whllo Harcourt n the captain
of the cowboys , Is Icadltu lovvard Iho rescue
of his follows in hunllng shirts composed of
unionists , in the van of whom Is Joe Cham
berlain. Moonshine nlso piosents n cartoo
Ills In eleven sketches of Dutfalo Dill , clth ( =
In his tent , or plaiillng Ihu stars nnd stripes
on Iho lop of St. Paul's , or dining nt Marlboro
bore house , or In the gallery of the commons ,
etc. All Ihe city and piovincial newspapers
dally teem with stories about him and inter
views ,
( It Is roservcd for your correspondent to
question him on nn omitted topic his ideas
about England nnd the English. Ho repudl-
nttd the ttllo now nllllerallvely given Iho
American exhibition as Dutfalo Dill's Ba/aar
when I found him to-day in Iho ccnler of the
Indian camp within Ihe Imposing square-
built tent , with a lingo bulfnlo head over the
canvas , whose Internal fillings and comforts
can not huit prldo * by comparison to many u
drawing-room or boudoir.
"Yes , I like London and the English.
Why not ? I have been splendidly treated
here , nnd not ns n showman , but ns n gentle
man and soldier. I went about everywhere
before wo opened hero from the house of
lords downwards , nnd spent several hours
during Iho debalo In Iho commons. I think
the taller very like our congress. It seems tome
mo to have the same little wrangcls
and alspulcs. I was greally im
pressed with the eloquence of Gladstone ,
Churchill and Sexton , who nro grand
debaters. I spout some tlmo visiting llio
theatres , nnd must confess they are far ahead
of American theatres in the details of stage
managements. In America things nro done
qtiickly , tlmo not being tnken to smooth
everything and put thotn in mossalc , as It
were , as In England. English audiences
seem very appreciative nna kind. I would
like to say , ihough , that no man , not even a
brother , could have donu'moro for strangers
nnd his business than that greatest of great
actors , Henry Irving , has done for me.
"What do I think of Ihe queen ? What
could 1 think ? She was so lovely to us , just
llkoagood natured mother , not fonnal In
any way. She asked us many questions
about our early frontier life. In which she
teemed girlishly Interested. She expressed
warm pleasure to mo and promised to pay ns
another visit"
"You have scon the adverse criticisms of
Rome newspapers nbout j our show. What do
you think of these ? "
"Well , In Iho first place , this Is not a show ,
but an American exhibition of frontier life ,
which Is the reason why so many educated
English come. As to the so-called trained
bucking horse which some papers talk
nbout , I am qulto willing for nny one ,
even hu//ars or dragoons , to come at
nny time and Iry llio animals. A few days
agon parly of hard-riding ind across country
frehtlemcn came and expressed n desire lo Iry
those horses. I offered to nllow them to ride
during our exhibition , but they preferred ex
perimenting privately , lo which I consented.
It wns rare fun , for they were not on the
horses' backs for n second and came to a
different conclusion nbout the horses being
trained , A number ot the aristocracy have
ridden In the Deadwood coach during the
Indian attack. The first lady to venture was ,
; however.Miss 1'aset , of Charles Wlndham'a
i- companj. "
"Do you receive many Invitations to
luncheons , dinners nnd receptions ? "
"Innumerable. In fact" putting his
hand in his pocket " ! am obliged to keep
this diary to refresh my memory. " He then
read mo a long list fiom the diary that would
make ninny would-bo fashionables wild with
delight. 1 saw his Sunday engagements In
cluded luncheon with Madame Nevada , dln-
nei with Lady Mnndovtile , and supper with
n party of gentlemen friends and a few
M. IVs.
"My list , jou see , " said Mr. Cody , smiling
as ho eloped his book , "Includes grand balls ,
receptions , parties and dinners. Indeed , a
number of ft lend * are talking .of starling a
DulTnlo Dill's cloven o'clock simper , so my
tune has been , with business and pleasure ,
fully occupied from morning to nl ht. "
"What difference , Kan } , do jou find be
tween j our audiences nt Madison Square and
with the Enzllsh ? "
' They nro nhout the samo. Thny appreci
ate and applaud almost the same points , ex
cept , perhnps the English , who nil have great
lo\o for athletics , take more kindly to our
horse racing and shooting. Dy the way , as
nn Instance ot Englishmen's IQYO for horse
racing , there Is hardly a night but some at-
| , t tcndant reporls lo me bavin * overheard gen-
* l tlemen nuking bets , sometimes heavy ones ,
V * on their fanc > horse 01 ndur , when our races
' * commence. "
"Aro jou going to sco the English Derby
f next \Vedncsdaj ? "
, "I would very much like to , but business
, must bo attended to. Desldes , that day Is
, - ' our fashionable , full prlco day. Of course ,
\ t my Impressions nbout the Kiullsh people are
jet slight and not of a largo variety. "
As I left him there awaited outside a score
ot favored gentlemen and ladles expecting
Introductions.Vhtther \ the American exhi
bition accomplishes an Inculcation In the
EmlIsliXf ; ) respect for lr.ins-Atlanilc Inven
tion , art , science * fabrics , etc. , or the oppo
site , may be a subject for discussion , but cer
tainly DufTalo Dill's ' cntcilalnmcnt must se
cure fine profit ) for month * ! , nnd good divi
dends to the stockholders In the enterprise.
A Very Cloo Corner.
iropvilgit/7t > v./J'ikai ' Uonlin llftmcH , }
MAciusTr.n : , May1 ! ! ! . fXcw York Herald
Cable Special to the DIK.J The Lancaihlio
cotton spinners association to-day resolved
to call a general meeting of the trade to con-
elder the desirability of running shoit tllue
In order to counteract the speculative corner
In cotton In Liverpool which Is forcing up
Ihe prlccsof cotton until Lancashire splnncra
have to work nt n decided loss. The trade Is
very depressed and Ihero Is bitter complaints
nbout this corner.
The Pope on Ucliglous Peace.
UOMK , Mny 24. 'Iho pope In nn allocution
jesterday referred to the religious peace In
Prussia , which ho said , ho had matin every
effort to attain. Continuing , the pope said :
"Thanks to the equitable and paclllc senti
ments of Emperor William nnd his counsel
lors , the Prussian government has re
moved most serious Inconvcnluncles and
then accepted very practical conditions of
pence whlcti some ot the former laws against
Hie church have repealed and others mltl-
galed. Something remains , hut we must re
joice at what wo have obtained and above all
In regard to the free action of the pope In the
government of llio church in Prussia. God
crant that Italy , which is pccullaiiy dear to
us may share the splril of peace , with which
wo nte animated , inward nil nations.Vn
earnestly desire tint Italy shall put aside her
unlmpoy dlffeienccsvvlth Iho papacy , vvhosn
dignity Is violated , chlully by n conspiracy ot
sects. A me ins ot obtaining concord would
ho to establish the pope In n position In
which ho would be subject to no power In Iho
enjmmcnt of lull and real liberty which
would be tar from injuring Italy , and would
powerfully conttibtilu to her prospcrltj. "
The French Ministry.
PAIHS M iy 21. In view of Iho failure of
nil combinations to effect n settlement of the
ministerial question , President Grovy has re
called I'loquet and appealed lo tils patriotism
to form n cabinet. Floquctasked foi twenly-
"oui days to consider the matter.
M. Floiiuet confeirud to-dav with M. Lock-
oy , M. dianet. General Doulangur and M.
tcrthelot. If M. Floquet accepts the tnsk of
'orming n ministry ho will assume tlm posl-
on of minister ol the inteiior , M. Kouvlcr
will be minister of finance , nnd M. Flourens
will oe urged to retain the foreign portfolio.
The radio its will support M. Goblet for pros-
dent of the chamber of deputies if M. Ho-
inel becomes premier. The lurn affairs have
nken is considered n viclory for Doulnngei.
' > a France says M. Etlenne will be mlnlsler
) f public works , M. Sans-Leroy , or M. Vieto
nlnlstor of niiicullurcM , Dossetiemlnlsler
jf justice. Admiral Aubu , minister ofjmarlno
nnd M. liourcu minister of foreign nffnlrs.
The appointment of M. Douice will be
made only In the event of M. Flourens finally
declining the foreign portfolio.
Dynamite ami Coercion.
LONDON , May 24. A dynamite bomb was
xplodea under Ihu police court at Hcbburn ,
Durham county , lastnlghl , parity dcslrojlng
.he building. The oulrago Is attributed lo
he slrlKers.
Uorihwlck , conservative member of parlia
ment and proprietor of the London Morning
Post , In an nddress to his constituents last
night , said that after the Whltsun recess the
[ overnment proposed to force the passage of
.ho Irish ciimcs act amendment bill within n
specified period , whether or no all nmond-
nents of the bill were disposed of.
Htrilcc Outrages.
DIIUSSEI.S , May 21. Outrages In connec
lion with the strike still continue throughout
Delglum , and in consequence of nightly
socialistic demonstrations In Itnihsels , pro-
: esslons and gatherings In the public stieets
lave been piohiblted.
The Charleiol strikers attempted to carry
out their threaleued march on Brussels , but
were chanted by gend'.nms just ntter stnrt-
'ng nnd dispersed. Xo blood wns shed.
Khot at the C/ar.
ViKNNA. May 21. Tlio Ta blatt lias re
ceived n telegram from Odessa staling that
thec/ar returned lo St. Petersburg from the
Don CossncKscountry three dnys earlier thnn
ho intended lo. This was due , Iho dispatch
snjs. to nn attempt made by a student to kill
him Wednesday night , during the festivities
at Xovo Tcherknsk , by tiring at him ns he
rode by in a carriage.
The Irish Plan.
DunuN , May 24. Father Uyan , of the
Horbertstovvn branch of the Xatlona' '
league , and Father Stallery , who vvero
imprisoned for refusing to give testl
many In relation to the plan of cam
paign , were released lodaj' . Their release
Is duo lo the decision of the court ot appeals
In the case of Father Keller.
German Affairs.
, Mtty 21. Urgent business qucs
tlons have arisen in the imperial forclgi :
office and Count Dlsmarck , Imperial minis
ter of foreign affairs , who is at present visit
ing Earl lioscberrv In Londonhas been sum
moncd to return to consider them.
The American Cardinal.
DUUI.IV , May 24. Cardinal Giboous ha
been Iho guesl of Judge Tlgho at Dallindtno
several dajs. Ho has returned to Dublin nnd
will sail fo America Thursday.
The Egyptian Question.
CAIIIO , May 24. It Is believed England
and Turkey will propose a conference of the
powers , lo settle the forms of Egj pilau capit
ulation bj the new convention.
Treaties Approved.
BnnMN , May 24. The relehstag has ap
proved the International treaties for protec
tion of works of literature and ait and of
submarine cables.
Manning to Hoturn Home.
LONDON , May 24. Hon. Daniel Manning
will leave Bournemouth Monday next for
Liverpool. He will sail for Xewoikjline 1.
Ills health Is much improved.
A xnw Miirnun. .
How Uullilcra Arc Ailvlscil to Sit
Down on Strikers.
CHICAGO , May 21. The executive board of
the National association of builders left this
evening after Usuini ; an address to the
Builders and Traders exchange of Chicago
and nil affiliated bodies of the National asso
ciation and to the geneial public. An en
tirely now method of dealing wilh llio work
men Is evolved and a course of wholesale
lockouts advocated. Thu complete cessnlion
of woik in all Ihe building trades ol Chicago
as Iho answer lo Iho brlcklajers' demand for
Satuulav pajlng. Is fully endorsed by the
board. 'I he miesiion is staled to have been
Inconsequential in itself , had it not been preceded -
ceded by u long series of usurpations
by the trades' unions. After commend-
IUJT to contractors in other cities the course
pursued by the Chicago builders , the board
proceeds to enumerate llio "encroachments"
thai must bo reconquered by omplojcrs.
First Is the concession by which Ihu unions
nro able lo pievent workmen not members
ot Iho union trom obtaining work. The
other encroachmenls are Ihe arbltrnrj' powers
ol walking delegates , restili lion of trio num
ber of apprentices , and the requirement that
foremen shall bo union men. All branches
of the Xntionnl Builders' association nro ad
vised to assume Ihe same attitude ns Iho Chicago
cage men If the K.suo Is forced upon Ihem-
The addiess closes by su gc-stlnij that every
exchange throughout the country adopttho
platform given , which advises the creation
of a bureau of record where any and all
workmen may put themselves on record as
assenting to the Chlcaeo oxcngc's principles of
Individual liberty , and by andthrough which
such men be Kept at work and protected.
After a certain time stops should bo taken to
make such workmen members ol llio national
builders' association , "thus Instituting for
the lirst Hum n union wherein emplojer and
emploveglmll be joined nnd their Inleresls
considered as common , asthcyshovld bo. "
General Duryea Stricken Down.
XKvvYoiuc , May 21. General Abram S.
Durveallio old timeXouavo commander , was
stricken down by paralysis loday. The
shock Is not expected to prove fatal.
Mnjor Poore "Worse.
WASIIINGIOX , May St. Den : Perely Pooro
Is somewlml worse to-night.
The Interior Department Looking Into the
B. & M , Land Qrants.
Gnrluml Hnys lie Docs Not Want a
Judicial Position Telephone C.iso
s Tlio National Drill
The n. fi ; M. Grants.
W\vinvmov. May 24. Secretary Lamnr ,
in icsiranso to tlio letter from ex-Senator
Van Wyck , who nskcd thnt the claims of cer
tain persons against the Dtirllnutou >
Missouri Hiver Hallroad In Nebraska be
speedily disposed of , states that the linal ad
justment' of the grant of this road is now
under consideration by the department , and
that It Is believed that the forthcoming de
cision will furnish a rule whereby all indi
vidual claims cnn be ad justed.
Girln ; nil's Telephone Talk.
WASIIIMI ro.v , May 24. [ Special Telegram
to the Hi. r. . I Attorney ( leneral Ciarlnnd to
day talked freely with n icnortcr for thn ns-
soclntcd press recnrdin ? his supposed candi
dacy for the vacant position on the supreme
bench. After sa\lii' , ' , "I do not want the
place and would not taku It , If olfeied me. "
Mi. Uarlnnd set forth his reasons nt some
length , lie does not , ho said , undervalue the
place , but teels he Is not e ual to the strain
ot htteen jeais of such seveio work as must
ellipse befniu he would be eligible foi retire
ment. ills health has not been vciygood
( luing ) the last lew > e.m , nnd his constitu
tion Is now woin nnd enfeebled bj the severe
attack of sickness ot March , Ibso. Ho has n
hicli Idea ot the requirements ot the callbio
of the supreme bench , and feels , in his con
dition , he would be untiuo to duty to accept
such n trust. Uesldes , alter his last reelec
tion to the senate he made up his mind to retire -
tire from public lite nnd place at the end of
thnt term , and will carry his resolution Into
effect. The president wns made aware of
this resolution when ho offered Mr. Carland
the place on the Intel-state commission. Mr.
Cnrlnndhas no Idea who the president will
appoint. _
The National Drill.
WASAI.NOTON , May 24. The competitive
drill of infantry bCh'nn a few minutes east
10 o'clock this mornlnr. The competing
companies were limited in numbers to
twenty-four men each , with three olllcers nnd
two guides. The programme of manciures
wns toboL'iven ench company commander
ono bout before the tlmo nlluted for the
cnips' appearance , and thirty minutes were
allotted to each company to complete Its pro
gramme. Company A , First Minnesota regi
ment , made the lirst appearance and per
formed its work creditably. Next came the
Seley Citl/cns' corps , ot Rochester , X. Y. ,
whose line appeirance and excellent prnitico
weie matters ot uennral comment. The third
of the competing compnnlcs , the Muscatino
( Iowa ) Killes , captain C. F. < ! arlockwas
marched to a central position. The soldiery
appearance of the men , their showy nnd
tasteful uniforms , and the remarkable ac
curacy of their performance throughout ,
won them much applause. The company
completed Its programme with some time to
snare a fact of which its members are Justly
proud. Company A , First battalllon ot Vir
ginia trooiis ; the State Guard of Virginia
( colored ) ; the Vicksburic Southerns , and
companv A of the I1 irst Yliglnla icgiment ,
piesented a line appearance and met with
hearty applause. The Interest in the day's
pioccedlngs culminated In the performance
ot Keck Zouaves , ot Johnstown , X. Y.
Tholr skirmish and bayonet drill and unique
evolutions In close oidei weio marvels of
precision. A furious thunder nnd wind
storm came up about 4 o'clock nnd put nn
end to the proceedings. The roof wns blown
off n Inrgo part of the gr.ind stand and the
canvas rocks , forts nnd .var vessels were
tipped o\ei nnd scnttercd.
Arguing The Telephone Case.
WASIIINOTOV , Mny 24. Principal Exam
iner Drown of the patent olllce , to-day heard
arguments on behalf of Prof. Bell In opposl
lion to the application ot Prof. Gray for
permission to amend his original application
tor a patent in the celebrated telephone In
terference case upon which n decision ad'
verse to Gray was tendered In 187S > . Hoscoo
Conkllng nnd James J. Morrow appeared tor
Doll , and Cnsey Young for Gray. The latter
declined to make any argument In suppoit of
his application on the ground that the law
and rules of the patent ollice provide that all
pending applications for pitonts and nil
amendments must ho kept In the secret
archives until interference Is declared or re
fused. Xo notice should have been given
Hell as was Kxamlncr Drown. The
change or amendment now proposed by
Gray Is to insert the word "metallic" before
the word "dnphr.-uin" In the original ilalm
for n telephonic receiver. It is stated that It
the application Is granted the amendment
will so broaden the scopo-of Gra > 's Inven
tion ns to result In new Interference , and
hence In n reopening of the case In which , in
1W , Dell was declared to be the prior in-
vontor. Decision was reversed.
Singular Hinoko Sign.
WASHINGTON , May 31. [ Special Telegram
to the DKI : . ! The Post of this city has this
remailuhlo story this morning : "Durins : the
tiring attendant on the exhibition of tiro-
works at the drill ground last night a most
remarkable phenomena piesented itself. The
smoke from the grounds drifted upward In a
cloud , which rested Immediately over the
white house nnil foimed as pei feet n profile
of the head nnd bust of Geoiire Washington
as was ever seen in any art gnlleiy in the
country. This icmarknblo sight wns wit
nessed by two ( numbers of the Louisiana rlllo
corps , C. 1. Hover and Private Louis Dover ,
who wuio accompanied by n well known citl-
7cn of Washington. " The sale of Intoxicants
at the Lamp has bevn enlliely prohibited.
Pensions Granted Westerners.
WASIIIVOTON , Ma > 24. iSpeclal Telegram
to the DIK. : | The following Nebraska pen
sions were granted to day : William S. Mot-
ter , Genoa ; James P.Gllllland , Chadron ; 11.
Worster , Ed ar ; K. Mundorf , Fletcher ; II.
S. Waddcll , UUerton ; T. IX Hill , Kearney.
The follow inn pensions were granted for
lowans : J. ( ! . Crist. Ntima ; C. W. Free
man , Ashton ; J. U. Kltz : Hall ; S , P. Fey ,
Tlpton ; C. O. Dailey. Washington : Joseph
EdgliiEtnn , Kldora ; James C. Sowdcr , Hus-
sell : F. M. Wolfe. Linden : K. Luckenblll ,
Dubuqile ; David hampson , Newton ; Itiehard
Spencer , bhennndnah ; Calvin Stanley , Mt.
Ayr : George W. Slunro , Oitumwa ; X. W.
M. Kitchens , Praliic.
Postal Changes.
WASHINGTON , Mny 24. [ Special Telegram
to the llr.i : . | The follow ing lown postmast
ers were appointed to-day : David Moven ,
Holmes , Wright county , vice Isndoro
Gooder , resigned ; John 1) . Lenon , Panorn ,
Guthrlo county , \lco John E. Wagner , re
Resigned His Post.
WASHINGTON , May 21. Kdron S. Dins-
moro , whr has been an employe In the exec
utive mansion for about twelve years , and
who is acquainted with nearly every promi
nent man in the country , whose businois has
called him to the whlto house , has tendered
bis resignation.
Western Patent ! .
WAS UNGTON. May 2-1. [ Special Telejram
lotlie Drr.J Iowa nnd Xobraska patents
were issued to-day as follows : Munn Davis ,
Waboo , Xeb. , end gate for wagon ; Charles
II. Guy , Postvlllo , la. , sawbuck ; Warren T.
Keasser , Fairmont , Xeb. , assignor to the
Sound Valve company of Chicago , 111. , bal
anced oscillating valve ; Orrln A. Shott , as
signor to himself and H. Stivers , Osceola ,
la. , check rowing attachment for corn plant
ers ; Archibald Stewart , Keoto. la. , ditching
machine ; Jesse 0. and W , L , Thompson ,
Ormanvllle , In. , folding box or crate ; Fred
erick Wlllo , Cleimoiit , la. , wagon bolster
Iho Presidential Party.
WASHINGTON , Mny 24. According to pres
ent arrangements , the president will leave
Washington Thursday evening In n special
car nnd proceed direct to Strnnr.c lake , In Iho
AdirondackHn will bo accompanied by
Mrs. Cleveland and Colonel and Mrs. La
in on I. _ _ _ _ _
Victimized Ills Own Family.
rnii.ADKi.rntA , May 21. Xorcom L. Se
quin , manngcr of tlio Philadelphia Umbrella
company , has loft the city , leaving , it is al
leged , a deficiency of ? S."ioooin his accounts.
Sequin's victims nre mostly members of his
own family.
Lincoln's Cluh Changes Hands.
LINCOLN , Xeb. , May 24. [ Special Telcirram
lo the Dm : . ] The Lincoln ball club passed
into tlio hands of n strong sjndlcnto tonight.
It is now on a solid basis , and no money or
pains will bo spared to put the club to the
front. The s > ndlcatc assumes the Indebted
ness , and guarantees lo run Iho club nnd
letnln the franchise In Mncoln. The stock
holders simply surrendered their original
The Northwestern League.
DKsMoiM-s , In. , Mny 24. [ Special Tele
gram to the DKI : . | Des Molnes has found
llsgrcal pitcher , and his name is Hulchln-
snn , whom Chicago has tried in vain to gel.
Ho pitched n winning game for the homo
learn lodaj' , healing Oshkosh by n score of
Ole 2. Hiitchinson wns the Vain cot-
lece champion pltchui , nnd 1'iesident Spalding -
ing went Irom Chlcigo to Cedar Itaphls to
engage him , but failed , ns ho prolerred to
play with Ues Moines. Coming fresh from
nn olllce , ho played n wonderful game , strik
ing out seven men and pitching with terrific
speed to the last. Old bail plnvcrs say
that he Is destined to make one ot the great
est pitchers In the country , and he aston
ished overjbody bv his ellectlve work In
this his lirst game of the season. The fol
lowing Is the score by Innings :
De Molnes 2 1 0 0 1. 2 0 0 0-0
Oshkosh 0000 0100 1-2
National League Games.
DOSTOV , May 21. The game belwcen Iho
Boston nnd Indianapolis learns to-day re
sulted as follows :
iloston 1 U 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 11 8
ndianapolls..2 100 3 0010 0-7
Pitchers Con u ay and Dojle. Dase nils
loston 19 ; Indianapolis 11 , Errors Boston
; Indianapolis 4 , Umpire Quest.
WASIU.NOIOV , May 24. A heavy ratn-
itorm set In aleut half an hour before the
) etrilt-Washiiiglon ) game was to commence
o-dav , and the came wns declared off.
PIII.AIII.IMIIA : , May24. The result of the bet ween the Philadelphia ami Chicago
earns to-day was as follows :
Jhlcago 0 000020000000 2
Philadelphia 1 002001000000 4
Twelve Innings. I'itchcrs Baldwin and
3asuy. Dase hils Chicago U ; Philadelphia
0. Errors Chicago5 ; Philadelphia ! . Urn-
> Ire Doescher.
XMV YOIIK , May 24. The game be-
wcen Xow York and 'Pitlsburjj lo-day
nsulted as follows :
\cwYork 3 00000100-4
Mllsburc 2 0'0 ' 1 0 2 0 0 * C
Pitchers Georco nnd Galvln. Daso hits
\evvYoik 11 , Plttsburf ! lu. Eirors Xew
fork0,1'ittsburg 3. Umpire Powers.
The American Association.
CINCINNATI , May 24. The game to-day bo-
ween Cincinnati nnd Baltimore resulted ns
ollows :
Cincinnati..0 0000000 : tO 3
lallimoro 0 001000201 4
Pitchers Smith anoXKilroy. Dase hits
JinclnnaliO , Daltirnom 10. Errors Cinclu-
latlT , Dnltimorn2.Uiifujro Jennings.
ST. Louis , May 24 * TUejcame between St.
ouis and Diooklyn ted ir resulted as fol-
ows : ,
St. Louis > . ! 0 < 0l2 00231 0
Drookljn 0 OB000020 2
Pitchers Caiuthers andToole. Daso lilts
St. Louis 10 , Drooklyn 14. Errors St. Louis
1 , Brookbn 4. Umphe Medart.
ijOt'isvn.r.i : , Mav 24. The came between
Louisville and Metropolitan to-day resulted
as follows :
Louisville I 00000210-4
Metropolitan 0 00202001 5
Pi tellers Chamberlain and Cushman. Dase
ills Louisville 13 , Metropolitan 12. Errors
Louisville 4 , Metropolitan 1. Umpire Mc-
Ci.Kvnr.AND , May 24. The game to day
between Cleveland and Athletics resulted as
follows :
Cleveland 0 3 0 0 0 fl 1 3 0-12
Athlbtic 3 0404200 * 13
Pitchers Monison and Wevhlng. Daso
hits-Cleveland 23 , Athletic 20. Errors-
Cleveland C , Athletic 6. Umpire Valentino.
The American Trotting Association ,
CincAOo , May 24. Among those present
to day at the meeting of the American
trotting association were W. It. Mer-
rlam , of St. Paul , piesldcnt ; J. H.
Slolner , Detroit , secrelary ; I ) . C. Dea-
nmn , Ottuiuwa , la , vice president , and
several others. The meeting this morning
was an Informal one , but It is said very lin-
poitant businessSvill coma befoio the associ
ation before it adjourns.
Thn Epsom Meeting.
Loynov , May 24. On the lirst day of the
Epsom summermeetlngllu' Woodcoto statics ,
tliree-tourtlis mile , for twoearold , was won
by a neck bv Baron .do Kothchlld's lilley. It.
Combscolt , Simon Pure second. Lord Chol-
mondely's liily , Polly Door , third.
The Texan Train Rnbhcra.
AUSTIN , Tex. , May SI. The chief of po
lice arrested a man In this clly last night sus
pected of being one ot the train robbers. It
Is reported he has mndo some startling dis
closures , which will Involve well-known men
nnd Implicate nt least ono olllcer ns having
planned and engineered the whole affair
Irom the beginning ,
Conference ol tlio Powers.
CAIKO , May 24. It Is believed England
and Turkey will propose a conferenca of the
powers lo settle reforms of the Egyptian
capitulation by the now convention.
One or the Greatest Schemes Ever
Ctrnod Out in the West.I
NEW YOKK , .May 24. A new railroad dcnl
In which tlio Atchlson , Topeka & Snnta Fo
is said to be Interested U now under way
which railroad men state will prove one of
the most Important schemes over catried out
in the west It Includes the purchase of tlio
St. Lou Is A Chicago railway running from
Springfield. Ill , , to St. Louis and now ex
tending its line to Eureka. HI. , making di
rect connection wlth.Atclmon and the Lake
F.rlo & Western. This ould give the Atchl
son a through line from { Chicago to St. Louis
and make Its system entirely independent.
F. E. lllnckloy , formerly president ot the
Chlcauo A ; St. Lams wad , which was pur
chased by the Topeka Jt. faantn Fo denies
that the Atchlson ctmipaiiy Is Interested In
the St. Louis and Chicago roads. His denial
does not convince thojq who believe In the
dual. I
Patsenger'AjtcJus' ' Meeting.
XEW Yonic. May 24.4-Tho meeting of Iho
transcontinental truffle association was i ost-
poned until to-morrow. A meeting of the
trunk line passunrtr agents was held this af-
lern eon , and admitted the Baltimore & Ohio ,
nnd the Ontario A : Western roads Into the
combination nnd innde special excursion
rates for the summer.
Yellow Fever nt .Key West.
WASHINGTON , Mny24. . Surgeon General
Hamilton has received official notice of the
existence of yellow fever at Key West , but
thinks tlio situation- riot sufficiently alarm-
Ine for action on the part of the govern
Weather Indications.
For Nebraska : Generally warm'jTalr weather ,
light variable winds , generally southeasterly.
For Iowa : Fair wiuther , nortflVe-sterly
winds , becomliu variable , ne.arly.statlonery ,
followed by rising temperature ,
For Kasteru Dakota : Warmer fair weather ,
Winds generally southerly.
- u _ _ - -i i . .jrt'.Z-
Egan Sends a Strong Reply to a Letter
From King Harmon.
Robert llawkc's Disinherited Son
After Ilia Share of the Property-
Terrible Hall \\jinoic-Ne- -
braskn News.
Kgnnliar mon Corrcstiotiilence.
LINCOI.V , Xeb , May 21. [ Special to the
DKI : . ] Mr. Patrick Egan has received n ic-
ply from ! < lng Harmon , nnd Mr. llealj need
not nsk In parliament If Harmon has not
received the lelter. King Harmon's letter
reached Mr. Egnn to-day nnd Is ns follows ;
Inisii On irr , Gnr.Ai QI'KKV St. , Lon
don , May 1'J blr : 1 nm directed bi Colonel
King Harmon to acknowledge the iccclpt ot
j our letter of the 2.M tilt , , and to say that It
is impossible to make any conditions In rela
tion to > our return to Ireland ,
1 nm sir , jour obedient servant ,
To this letter Mr. vesteulay. upon
receipt ot the same , foiwarded.lhe follov/lng
replj :
LINCIII.V , Xob. . Mny 21. To Col. L' . U.
King llannon , tlndei becretao for Ireland -
land , Dublin Castle Sli : 1 ha\o to nc-
knowledge leeelut of jour letter dated the
Uth lust. , and to sa\ that your leplv cannot
bcri'gnidiMl otlieivvlso than as a diplomatic
attempt to evade the proposition contained
In inv letter of Aiu il2' > . I did not nsk lor
"nn > conditlous1' In relation to mv return to
Ireland. I sought nn opportunltv to meet
under fair nnd reasonable conditions the
gross charges which \ou and > our friends
were uttering ncnlnst me , nnd 1 only olfeied
to retuin to Ireland for thnt purpose.
i now again through jou the chal
lenge , that if Dublin Castle-of which > ou
nro the most active ofticlnl has nny chnrge
ot n criminal nature against mo , such
charge bo publicly formulated , and that
arrangements be made to zivo mo a
fair ttla ! befoio a jury of the city of
Dublin either common or special the
crown undei taking to exeiclso only the same
number of challenges to which I will be en
titled , in which case I nm prepared to nt once
proceed to Dublin nnd meet nny accusation
that can bo brought against me.
The attacks being made upon my good
name by yourself , > our co-workers in moral
assassinations. Major Saundcrson , the Mar
quis ot Hartington nnd others are mean , 1ing ,
biutal , couardU , and only equalled by the
.atrocious attempts at actual assassination
made against the life of mv trlcnd , William
O'Drlen , In Toronto , Kint'ston nnil Hamil
ton , bv jour brother thugs ot the lo > al
omngo conspiracy. If > our government will
not act upon this offer , the public will know-
how to nppiecinte nil } repetition by > ou or
jour friends ot such \llo calumnies against
me. I am , sir , j our obedient servant.
Thn Railway * at Kearney.
KEAUM.V , Veb. , May 24. [ Special Tele-
ernm to the Dnr.J To day the Missouri Pn-
cltic railway engineers commenced the loca
tion of the line fiom this cltv running toward
Mindcn. It seems a settled fact that the
Missouri Pad lie will commence work on this
line Inside of thirty davs , so say olllcinls ot
the company. The Union Pacllic engineers
weru hero tills week nnd have located depot
grounds on their Wood river line out of
Kearney and ro now platting the towns.
Thnt load will he finished up at once. Kear
ney's boom Is bleger than ever and largo
blocks of real rstato are daily changing hands
at dully increasing llgures.
Heavy Hall Htorm.
\ 7MORI : , Xeb. , May 24. [ Special to tlio
BKK. ] This morning at 2 o'clock a very de
structive hail storm passed east of here , com
pletely destroying the small fruit and many
corn Holds. The path of the storm was nar
row. but it completely destroyed all fruit and
vegetation alonir Its path. On Westley Leur's
Tarin , thiec miles cast of here , the hall drifted
live feet deep in the draws. At 10 this morn-
jne the furrows In listed corn was yet level
full of hail. There is much damage done.
The storm was also soveio at Liberty , twelve
miles east , nnd much damage was done.
"Wants Moro Than a Shilling.
XEIIRASKA CITY , Neb. , May 24. [ Special
Telegram to the DKI : . ] Suit was commenced
to-day by William Hawko to contest the will
of the Into Robert Hawko. William had mar
ried a lady against his lather's will nnd was
cut off \ \ Ith the proycrbinl shilling unless ho
leaves his wife. The estates In litigation ag
gregate upwards of half n million dollars nnd
will PO hotly contested. Hon. J. C. Watson
nnd F. H. Cieland represent the plaintiff. In
the will the fstntes have been equally divided
between the foui sisters of the plaintiff.
Free Transportation Declined.
LINCOI.V , Xeb. , May 24. [ Special telegram
to the DI-K.I K. O. Morohouse , of the Fre
mont , Elkhorn & Missouri Valley road , while
In the city to-uay , tendered to the railroad
commissioners a special train equipped with
nil accessories for their proposed trip over
that company's lines of road. The commis
sioners , through Judge Mnson , declined the
special train , statlnir thnt they had no special
privileges to ask and desired to accept none.
They were going for the. purpose solely of
meetlnz the people along the linn of the road
nnd would travel as the people did.
Coal Near Falls City.
FAI.I.S CITY , Xeb , , Mny 24. ISpeclal to
Ihe Due. ] Mr. Challls , a perfectly rollnble
farmer liing about eight miles southwest of
this city , reports striking an eight-foot vein
of coal , at a depth of nlnetj feet , whllo bor
ing a well. A shaft will bn sunk nt once by
Mr. Clinllis nnd his nek'hbors , and the qual
ity and extent of the vein dclinltcly deter
mined. _
No Criminals to Try.
KIAIINKV : , Xeb. , Mny 2 . [ Special tole-
grnm to the OKI : . I District court opened to
day , Judge F. G. Homer presiding. There Is
no jury this term , but the whole week will be
given to disposing of n great amount of
equity business tli it has accumulated tor the
pnstvear. lluffnlo county has no criminals
in her jail snve tioardeii from sister coun
ties , hence there Is no need for n jur > Imme
Fairmont's Doom.
FAIIUIONT , Xeb. , May 24. iSpccial tole-
eram to the DRK. | The building boom has
struck Fairmont. The Masons have decided
to erect a mammoth brick block. To-day lo
cations vvero found for the two largo wnrd
school buildings. The wnter works sj stem is
nearly completed. The Kansas City A
Omaha depot foundation Is laid. Over tlrreo
hundred acres of land have been platted.
- *
Struck ny Lightning.
XnnnASKACirY , Xeb. , May 2J. [ Special
Telegram to the Dr.K.I The barn of Xew ton
Hall , in Wvomlne precinct , was struck by
lightning last night and destroved , killing
some valuable stock. Mr. Hall was seriously
Injured In endeavoring to save some piop-
eity. Loss , 83,000 , with small Insurance.
A Dootor'H Sitlcldr.
GII.MOKK , Xeb. , May 24. [ Special Tele
gram to the Df.K.j Doctor Duttcrtuld , n
well-to-do farmer residing about two mllcA
south of this place , committed suicide by
hanging himself this evening. 'Iho cause Is
Injunction Denied.
XEW YOIIK , Ma > 24. Jnde Dartlttt de
nied jesterday the application mndo by n
stockholder of the National Mont company
for an Injunction to restrain Marquis do
Mores and othei trustees from disposing ot
tlio property of the company. Ho stated ho
would grant an order to snow cauac why
they should not bo enjoined.
The Southern Presbyterian Protest
Agnln t Organic Union ,
ST. Loins , Mny 24. In the southern Prcs-
bytcrtnn general assembly to-day the ques
tion of organic union came up. Dr. Smoot ,
of Texas , chairman o ( Uio special committee
and nroiuescntattvoof the minority sldo of
the question , made n long speech agnlnst
union or co operation. Ho attacked the mi
nority repoit , den > Ine Its clntm that n mn-
lorlt ) of the prosbjtciles were In fiuor of
closer relations. Ho nKo tlmitcht that the
dictation of the basis of union disrespectful
lo tno northern atsemblj anil said : "Ihev
hn\o too much honesty and principle
to accept thine conditions. " Ho advised
the abandonment of the position. Ho had
heard to Iho etlecl that the northern church
would not acctdo to Iho condition , but hav
ing piopo ed It the southern church would
have the advantage In tlio public mind. The
church of God should not play politicians
and ought not to trick ono another.
Dr. Smoot wns followed by Colonel Living
stone , of Gcorgln , In behalf ot the maloilly
ruport. Dm Ing his speeh ho gave Di. Smoot
a very sharp poisonnl scoring.
DBJ'H Se nton of the G.uhcrlng
at Minneapolis. : Miy 24. The lirst annual
mectliiL7 of the Baptist annlversirles was
held this moinlngat 10 o'clock , It being the
tenth annual meeting of the Woman's Bap
tist Home Mission society. A largo assein-
blj of ladles was present nnd the opening
oxorcNes vvero earnest nnd Impressive. Mis.
J. Sumlerlnnd , president of the Minneapolis
branch , delivered Iho nddiess of welcome.
Mrs. , I. N. Crouse , president of the soclely ,
spoke hilelly In reply. Iteporls were received
from Iho Xew England soelely , ihesoclctj of
the east and the society of the west , showing
they were In a nourishing condition and the
branches were growing rapid ! ) . Iteports
were nlso rend Irom Ohio , Michigan , Illinois
nnd Xew Yoik. Encouraging leports were
nlso received trom branches In Now York ,
Chicago , Cincinnati and other cities. The
last low moments of the morning session
were devoted to short talks. Mrs. MoirU. of
Gloucester , Mass. , told about a "baby band , '
an oreanl/alinn of very voting children , who
weru being taught what homo missions were.
Each child , no matter how > ouug , can be
come a member ot the band by paying a
small sum yearly. In this manner Ihev
hoped lo educate the chlldiou to giving to
homo missions.
At the afternoon session the devotional ex
ercises were Iedby"AuntLU7lc"for so well
Is she known the programme gives no olher
name. The president then announced the
re > ! Ulsr committees. President Crouse then
mnde an Interesting nddress , reviewing what
had been accomplished in the society In the
ten .vears it had been organised. Mrs. H. G.
Duidette , corresuondlne secretary of the so
ciety. submitted nn interesting abstract ot
her annual report. She said the number of
branch societies organized during the year is
231 , maKlng n tolnl of 1,411) ) . There was n re
markable progress amonu- foreign born citi
zens , colored people and Indians.
The report of Iho treasurer showed Ihe con-
tribulions lor t lie j ear amounted to S5CU1 : !
nnd the balance for last year nnd contribu
tions of goods made a lotal of S > 4'i. ; : The
cash dlsbinsements were S30.0H , leaving a
balance of S.'i.K'ii in the treasury. Goods ,
valued nt S14 , IT. ! , were distributed. Trndlnp
school recelptH were 3C , W > 0 and the expendi
tures S l,3 < Xi , leaving a balance of Sl,7r > . ) .
Congregational Association.
Si'iiiNOKii'.M ) , 111. , May 21. The forty-
fourth annual meeting of the Congregational
association of lllinolsconvcncd this morning.
All Ihe Conuregnlioual churches in Ihe slalo
are represented by their pastors and lay
delegates. _
First Day's Session of the Commission
at Boston.
DOSTON , May 24. The Investicatlon Into
the affairs of the Union Pnclbc by the Pncihc
rnilwny commissioners commenced to-day.
the hrst witness examined wns Comptroller
O. W. Mink. His testimony wns wholly to
the system of bookkeeping In use by the cor-
poinlion nnd Ihe methods 'of keeping the
vnrious accounts. The question of allow
ances In determining the net earnings under
the Thurman act for mileage was gone into
horoughly , and President Adams , in behalf
of Mink , detailed the policy of the company
n relation lo Iho samo. The amount re
ceived from the branch lines at Omaha
iinder the constructive mllengo rule could
not be accurately ascertained , but Mink
bought It was n large sum. In response tea
a query fiom Littler , crowing out ot a sug
gestion by Adams the latci stated that the
company would willingly pay 8500,000 per
annum more to the government than it Is
pajlngnovv.llf It could bo relieved of the
present syslcms of Investlaallons by the
government to which It Is continually sub
jected. "Wo are now overridden with an
Immenxe amount of statistical Information
we are bound to furnish to the government
and our stockholders. "
In response to a query from Judge Dilllon ,
ho said the constructive mileage rates on the
branches were not lixcd with a view lo affectIng -
Ing In the least the amount of the net re
ceipts to Im paid over to the government.
In the afternoon Judge Dillon explained
his relations to llio Union 1'ncilic company ,
stating that he received a salary of 810,000
per annum. Ho believed thnt no company in
the country paid less tor legal services tnan
Iho Union Pacific. Vouchers tor money paid
for legal services were Ihon produced nnd
examined by Iho commission. The question
of the amount paid under the "constructive
mileage" account on the various roads wns
then taken up. Adams said one principle
of railroading was construLfive'mileaKO. He
had been actively connected with railroads
tor twenty years , and had not seen n
day when thai wns not recognized
ns n principle between lines In nny part ot
tlio country. It was nlvvavs the custom to
say thai Iho road which picked nn business
and turned It over to the main line should
have an allowance made to It a constructive
allowance and ho deemed It to bo light. The
amount of money out ot tlio constructive
mileages } stem that was charged off from the
main line to branch Hues during Iho jear
iss1) could only bo given by golni through
every contract , 'llioquostlon was postponed
until Omaha was readied. The commission
went Into executive session lo examine Iho
accounts ,
O'nrlen nilltorlully Atraokml.
HAMILTONOut. . , May 24. The Hamilton
Spectator , In IU account of what occurred
last night , asserts Hint Ihu shots wer lirud
from O'Drien's carriage before Iho nltacklug
party had touched a trigger. O'Drlen said
this was Iho meanest and most malkn state
ment vet mado.
"In your opinion now , will this statement
affect the remainder of your tour ? " ho wns
"So far , " ho said , "as It lelates to Canadian
cities , which 1 have had to visit It m iy Imvo
n most dangerous nnd alarming losult. See
ing its downrlghl falsehood , it must have
been written wlththu sole purpose of inviting
an attack in Montreal. "
O'Brien lay In bed until midday , acting on
tbuaUvIcuof his phjslcinns.
Ilnke's Ttial Itcgun.
PfoniA , III. , May 21. The case of Iho people
ple ngilnst J. Finluy Hoke , the former book
keeper of tint Men hnntV National hank , lor
alleged turnery , on Hut indictment for which
was procuwl : Ills uxtrndltlon trom Canada ,
was laLon up lodayin the clicult court.
Eight jurors had ooen stcuied nt adjourn
On i ) Juror Short.
XKWonh , May 24. In the Snnip trial
after the twelfth juror had been seemed to
day. the prosecution challenged Foreman
lens and ho l f l his seat. Thu vacancy was
nol tilled at adjournment.
Arrival * * .
Xr.w YOIIK , May 2J. ISpeclal Telegram to
the Dm : . | Aulvcil The Elbe , from Uro-
QuKEVsrow.v , May 21.--Arrved ! Tlio IUI-
tic , from Xew York.
Au Escaped Iowa Murderer Onptnrod After
Eighteen Years of Liberty. m
Sioux City Saloonistt ) Prosecuting r
Law nnd Order Attorney An Inane -
ano Womnn'H l-'roaK Fatal
Darning nt Atlantic.
After Klghtoen Year * .
SIDNT.Y , In. , May 24. [ Special Telegram
to the Din : . | Sheriff Jones came In last
night from Kay count ) , .Missouri , with
William Debout , who was Indicted In this
county In 1NV for the murder of Itlchard
lllllon the 2Tth of March , mv ) . Some tlmo
In October of the same .v ear Uebout made bis
escape from llio county jail nnd tins been nt
Inrgeever slmn. Debout and Hill were em-
plojedon lliofcny boat owned by llebout'a
fuller running belvveen Eastport nnd
Mebraskn City. 'Iho evidence on tile with
the Indictment shows It lo hnvo been a de
liberate murder , but U Is doubtful whether
ho can now bo convicted , as In the eighteen
} oars that liavupissed all the six witnesses
have either died or left Iho country. Debout
was recognl/ed by his foreman who formerly
lived In this county.
Salnonlnts After an Attorney.
Siot'xCnv , In , Mnv 21. [ Special Tele
gram to the DKK.I G. H. CummliiL's , presi
dent of ( he Sioux City Law and Older league ,
was tried In a justice court lo-dny for Iho
nllegcd crime of barrotiy , consisting in stirring -
ring up sulU and qunnels against the liquor
Interests. A largo crowd was in nllendnnre
nnd great Interest was. manltested In the pro
ceedings. 1'ho attorney for Iho defense moved
to dismiss the case on Iho ground that the
justice court was nol Iho proper one lo Iry
the case. The motion was , niter considera
ble argument , ov erruled. Quite n number of
wllnesscs were examined , among them being
Justice Campbell , to prove that Mr. Cuin-
mlngs had been conneelod with the prosecu
tion of nil the cases brought agaiusl Ihe sn-
loonlsts nnd other liquor men , nnd for Iho
further purpose of showing thai this wns In
the direction of contentions between lh
Untied Slates nnd Its subjects. County Clerk
Dolton Is nlso subpiuunud , nnd considerable
of the afternoon was occupied In brinclnc
his records Into court , as the defense refused
to consent to nn nbstrnct being taken. The
case is still In piogre's. "
Wandered Away While Insane. .
XF.WION , In. , May 21. [ Special Telegram
lo the UEK.J At 2 o'clock this moinlng Mrs.
Lewis Fehrlelson , wife of n prominent lum
ber dealer of this place , In a lit of temporary
Insanlly , cot up , put on a thin wrap and a
pair of stockings , slipped out of the house
and was not missed by her husband , till
about n o'clock In the morning. As soon ns
she wns missed he began to search the house ,
but no Iraco of her could bo tound. The
near neighbors seniched tor her until about
noon , when a general alnim wns given.
About 400 persons bcgnn the search ip earn
est. The country was tiavcrsed for miles
mound Ihe low n. About 4 p. in. the wns
tound ncni town in n thicket tiylnit to find
her way home. She has been out of health
forsomo tlmo. There Is hopu ot her re
covery. 4
Judge Roger'H Funeral. > ?
DAVKNi'om1 , la. , May 21. [ Special tele
gram lo the BKI : . I The obsequies of the late
John X. 'llogeri were hold Hi Is afternoon
with a very largo attendance from the bench
uul bar both In his own district nnd other
Kirts of Ihe state. The remains will bo taken
o Xow York for Intorrmenl. Judge Kouers
Tnsthe attorney who single handed won the
great light which made Council Bluffs in-
tead of Omaha the eastern terminus of the
J n Ion Pacific road.
Stabbed by a Drunken Man.
OSKAI.OOSA , In. , May 24. [ Special Telo-
grnm to the Deo.J Asa Wlllard , the foreman
if Wright's livery stable , was stabbed la > t
ivenlng by a drunken barber named W.
jang , living at Excelsior. Lang was ab *
> lve. and aimed n blow with his knife nt WII-
ard'N heart , who Interposed his arm , thereby
laving his lite , though It IH tented his arm
will ha\o to bo amputated. Lang has not
i et been captured , but the country Is being
icourcd foi him.
Another Iowa Gaa Well.
MAISSIIAI.I/IOW.V , la. , May 24. [ Special
Telegram to the DICK. ] Whllo boring for
valor In an old well near Slale Centre , this
county , a cavity was struck at a deuth of 100
feet ana a volume of gas came up with a roar
which blazed when lUhled. Wnler followed
o within three feet of the top , but gas still
bubbles through with a bumming sound.
The Car Drake Tests.
Dimi.iNOTON , la. , May 24. The general
test of Ihe car brakes closed todaj.and the
conleslants will now go inlo ipeclal tests ,
with the probability of closing Ihcm this
week. All contestants have withdrawn ex
cepting the Wcstlughouse , Carpenter and
lon-n If oinojopathfl.
Dr.s MOINFB , la. , May 21. The annual
meeting of llio slate homa-opathle medical
association began here this afternoon. An
address of welcome was delivered by Gov
ernor Lai labce , to which icspoiiHe was mndo
by Dr. Dickinson , of Des Molnes , president
of the as'orlation There Is a largo attend
ance from outside of the elly.
A Young Lad ) Fatally flumed.
ANAMOSA , la , Mny 24. [ SpecialTeleirram
to the Dii5. : ] Miss Blanche , youngest sister
of C. H. Monger , editor of Ihe Aiiaino : i
Journal , In some unknown milliner got her
clothing nine nnd the phjslclnn sajs she can
live but a short lime.
Smallpox In '
S.vI'll v NCI ( o , May 24. Tim quarantine
ofllccr this afternoon discovered a fiesh case
of smallpox on the steamer ( iaclic. The de
velopment of this case will prevent the < Ie-
paituic of 1,100 Clilnesoln transit for at leas
_ _
Thn Good Templars.
SAIIATOOA , X. Y. , May 2i.-The thirty-
third annual session of the rluht worthy
grand lodKo of ( iood Templars convened in
this city tuts iiHiinliu' . The session will
tonllnuo tor ten da } s ami will ho one of the
most Impoitant c\ei held by thobodyns the
riuestlon of the leunlon of its two
branches wluchwero separated two years iigo
by the secession of MIIIIO trans-Allanliegrand
lodges will count up < nr action. The brancli
of the older sometimes called "Tho English
bianch" or 'vecedcrs" are repiesented by a
delegation of iwont-ono tmin across the At
lantic. Tin ) union committed of conference
representing both branches held n secret
session yesterday , \\hltli Is reported to lia\0
been fnvoranlo to the reunion pioposltlon.
A Choutaw Jtnhelllon.
PARIS , Tex. , May 24. News was received
hero yesterday of trouble that has caused
foui deaths , and which Is HUcly to cause
more bloodshed , Over In tt u Choitaw nation.
Two wcckb ngo two men named Wilson ,
who were full-blooded Choctaw Indians.
wore killed In a row over the election of
deputy sheriff. Slnia the kllllni ; the Bherllf-
elect has been mlsslni : , and Friday morning
the bodies of three men were found near
Denkvllle , onuot which Is nupuoscd to bo
the nnvvly elected sherlH. Ills friends , all
armed , nro waiclilnic for him and It Is feared
tlicio will bnan outbreak.
' "llio hun Do iMnvo. "
IticiiMOND , Vn. . May 24. The
i ndjcurned slno dltk