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    Tijnw fv'f
A Pour-Year Old Girl Run Over and Ser
iously Hurt.
The Wyoming Fenced A Ijtvcly Run *
nwny Sisters of Chnrlty Mnke
a 1'urchnie Other City
Probably Fatally Injured ,
About 10 o'clock yesterday morning a
little girl named Mary Knnc , aged live
years , the daughter of o Polish laborer
named Christ Knac , was run over by the
cars and so badly inlurcd that it is believed
she will die. The family live in
a shanty on the river bank at the foot of
Jones street. There is n railroad track
immediately in front of the shanty and a
number of cars were standing thereon.
The child had a swing fastened to one of
the truss rods of a box car and was
swinging therein when an engine was
attached to the cars and pulled them oil'
their siding. The little girl was thrown
on the rail , the wheels crushing
her richt hand , cutting oil the fingers of
thn left hand and grinding the left foot.
She was removed to the bt. Joseph's hos
A Conference Ilotwcon Them and
Unllrond Officials.
All the railroad oflicials connected di
rectly with trallic departments will meet
the .state railway commission In Lincoln
to-day. General Traffic Manager
Kunball , of the Union Pacific , accom
panied by Messrs. Shelby , Ulark and
Jones will leave in the morning for the
capital. They meet the commission at
the tatter's invitation. After the meeting
they will proceed to Denver.
General Manager Potter and Messrs.
Cummings , Dickinson , Hums and liupuc
will not return to Omaha for two weeks.
They will make a most thorough tour
over the whole system.
To represent the 1 $ . & M. railroad Gen
eral Manager Holdrego and General
Freight Agent Miller will go to Lincoln
this morning also.
They Must Co mo Down and Colored
Troops Arc Ordered to Cheyenne.
In accordance with the orders of the
war department General Crook has or
dered Company K. of the Ninth cavalry
to Cheyenne and places them under the
direction of the interior department , or
land oflicials. Tito cavalry nro colored ,
and at present are stationed at Fort Mc-
Kinnuy , Wyoming , near Buffalo. They
will reach Cheyenne the latter part of
this week.
General Crook said : "Of course , it
comes back upon the war department to
assume the duty of protecting the inter
ior department"ollicials. I don't antici
pate any trouble , though. As the HIE :
lias said , the Wyoming men are not fools.
They will not oppose the United States
government. The fences now will betaken
taken down , and if the owners desire to
save their property they will do so ; if
they have no use for the fence material
they will probably allow the laud oflicials
to remove it. "
The Usually Sednto Steed of Drcxel
& Maul Cuts a Caper.
As the undertaking wagon of Drexel &
Maul was turning the corner of Jones and
Thirteenth streets about 11:80 : yesterday
morning the front wheel of the yehi clc
came off , precipitating Coroner Drexel
and Charles iiachman to the pavement.
The horse ran up Thirteenth street and
near llarnoy ran into a butcher's wagon.
Half a square further the frantic animal
ran into a street car , breaking the shafts
of the undertaking wagon and damag
ing the street car. Hecoming detached ,
the horse continued his mad race north
ward , liachman and the coroner were
not materially injured , the chief damaao
to the coroner being the wrecking of liis
now $15 ice cream trousers. The driver
of the butcher's wagon , Robert Bryce ,
was thrown out and his back injured
not seriously , however.
They Buy a Half Block at Tenth anil
Custollar Street.
The sisters of charity'who ' recently
eold to M. II. Goblc , the convent property
orty for 180,000 , purchased through John
A. Creighton , yesterday , now property ,
from Elmer S. Dundy , Jr , and Fred Nye ,
The purchase is the north half of the block
between Ninth and Tenth streets and
facing on Castollar streets , Messrs.
Duncjy and Nye purchased the property
last November for $0,700 and sold it to
day for $13,700. It is stated that it | is
the intention of the sisters to erect at
ouco a $30,000 structure.
" \Vydmlnu Beef Food Looking Kino
Douglas' Expected Boom.
Mr. George Berry , superintendent of
Niobrara Transportation company , oper
ating from Children by way of the Elkhorn -
horn railway extension , and from Doug
las , Wyo. , to Fort Fottorman with mule
outfits , was in Omaha yesterday on a brief
business visit. He stated that Wyoming
grass is looking liner than it has in flvo
years. The heavy rains and
warm weather of the early spring
have caused it to grow to
twice the height it has attained during
four previous years. Cattle which came
out of the winter in a condition to make
excellent hat racks are as fat and sleek
as they usually arc in July. Ho believes
the shipments will bo larcer than has
been expected on this account.
Speaking of the progress of the Elkhorn -
horn road , which is there known as the
Wyoming Central , Mr. Uerry Bays there
is little Uoubt but that it will go on rap
idly this summer. Ho is credibly in
formed that 150,000 tons of steel rails
have boon contracted for by the Elkhoru
company and a part of this humonso
order is already on the way.
The Cheyenne & Northern , which Is a
Union Pacillc branch from Chovenno
northward , is already near the Platte ,
and despite announcements that it will
go no farther at present , Mr. Ucrry states
that a contract has been let for twenty-
lives miles more construction. This will
take the road up the Platte canyon and
roach the north of Shawnee creek , where
n junction with the Elkhom road will bo
If this report bo c&rrect and Mr.
Hurry is m a position to obtain informa
tion of a pretty reliable nature the
probabilities are strongly in favor ot the
future construction of the Choycnno &
Northern westward through the terri
tory , by way of Douglas , or on the oppo
site side of the river , until the oil country
is tapped. It is not a secret that such was
the original contemplation of the pro
jectors of the road. There was
really nothing in the country imme
diately north ot Choycnno to induce
its construction. The cattle shipments
of the Platte valley and Fettermnn
oountrj'.which the Klkhorn threatened to
y auyrour.ia.iu ,
inducements. Beyond those the oil of
the Swectwater basin is the prize.
Mr. Herry stated , in addition to this ,
that Do Forest Richards , president of the
First National bank of Douglas , told him
on Saturday night that , within thirty
days , that place would receive a decided
boost in public estimation , and intimated
that the basis for it was a hitherto un
announced railroad more.
A Fcellne Between Them.
There is some feeling between the old
real estate exchange and the new. The
old exchange had a membership limited
to fifteen lirms. The now started in witth
eighty and has Fteadlly increased until
it has considerably over a hundred. This
stirred up the old and they have decided
to take in more niumbors. Thus far it
has increased to twenty-five. The new
exchange is booming and a room 41x1)0 )
will be put aside in the exchange , corner
Tenth and Fariiam , for an exhibit of
builders' and traders' materials. It is
expected that an excellent showing will
be made and thnt the exhibit will bo
ready for inspection within thirty days.
Judge Bcrkn's Court.
In the police court yesterday morning
Judge Herka disposed of two dozen cases ,
mostly vagrants and cases of intoxica
tion. Five were committed , about a were fined and the remainder dis
charged. John Dcnson , James Bowman
were fined $5 and costs each for fast dri
ving , the one over the Sixteenth street
viaduct and the other along the street.
Jessie Sistoon , a disreputable woman
who disturbed the pence , was committed
in default of $5 and costs.
Reported Fatal Accident.
A telephone message from South
Omaha at a p. m. . yesterday , stated that
the dummy train which arrived there at
2:30 : jumped the trrck and the engineer
was reported to be killed.
At 3:30 : the news was obtained that the
incoming dummy from South Omaha duo
hero at 3 o'clock , ran into an engine on
the main track. The dummy engine was
derailed and the tender thrown into a
ditch. No one was hurt.
The Humane Society.
General Smitli desires it stated that
persons residing in remote sections of the
ity having complaints of cruelty to ani
mals to make may communicate to the
lumane society until further notice
hrough the telephone of the Excelsior
office. Hereafter the Humane society
, vill bulletin its proceedings each week ,
ho bulletin to bo placed in General
Smith's otlico.
Shameless Females.
Belle Castcllo and Ada Mcndcn , two
notorious females , were complained of
by two men named Jacobson and Cum-
imngs , who reside in the vicinity of
Twelfth and Dodgo. It is said they are
'nmatcs of one of the lowest resorts in
ho city , and flaunt themselves on the
jidewalk to the disgust of respectable
passers-by. Judge Berka issued a war-
ant for tiieir arrest.
Want Pay for the Material.
The Bohn Manufacturing company yes-
crday morning filed three suits in the
clerk's office of the district court to recover
rom as many different parties on building
material sold and not paid for. The first
is a suit against John Richards et al for
$ ' . ' 91.73 , the next against Robert Stein ct
al for $31)8.73 ) , and the last against Carl
Sesscman ct al for $291.73.
A Tall End Collision.
Two Incoming Union Pacific freight
trains collided sit Summit yesterday morn-
neat about 5 o'clock. The forward train
was unable to pull up the heavy grade at
Summit and the second section ran into
t. Auumber of cars were damaged and
derailed , but no onu was injured. The
track was cleared at 7 o'clock.
The X'bss Case.
The opinion of Mr. Popplcton on the
case of Henry Voss , who claims that ho
could not bo legislated out of oflico by
the now charter , was expected yesterday.
As Mr. Popplcton is out of town no
opinion was handed down , but it prob
ably will during the week. Mr. Voss
says ho has no intimation of what the
verdict will bo. >
Edison Electric Light System Eslimacts
furnished. GKO. W. COSTEI : ,
Paxton House , Omaha , Agent.
Hunting for Her Hubby.
Mrs. Eva Young , of 1300 Como avenue ,
Minneapolis , Minn , has written to the
postmaster of Parkvalo suburb , Frank
Robbins , making inquiry about her hus
band , Samuel J. Young. The lady says
she understands ho is somewhere in the
neighborhood and slio is very anxious to
learn something about her liege.
Iooltinc Over Lake Mannwn.
Messrs. II. B. Hudson , O. 11. Guidon
and Guy Doano , of the Omaha Rowing
association , went to Council Blufls at 3
o'clock ycsterdaay fternoon to look Luke
Manawa over witn a view to preparations
for a regatta next month.
Perjury Case.
Andrew Bovms agaiust George Zim-
merleo , in a case for perjury , was on trial
before Judge Uerka yesterday afternoon.
The complaint alleges that Zimmerleo
swore falsely in a case before one of the
justices of the peace.
Cottage colors ready for use In now
and desirable shades. Alabaslino in
various tints , the original and only per
manent wall finish , supersedes calci
mine for beauty and durability , and is
easily applied. Paints , window glass ,
brushes , etc. , largest and most complete
stock west of Chicago. Cummings &
Neilson , lllSFarnam St.
A Brlok Thrower.
Yesterday afternoon a Rip Van WInlcIo
appearing man who sells matches on the
street was arrested by Ofliccr Michael
Riloy. Ho was refused entrance to a res
idence where ho applied to sell his wares
and then he siezed a brick and tired it
through the door.
For Stile.
A good brick machine in good running
order. N. W. Williams , Council Blufis.
Still on Trial.
The civil docket of the district court
was taken up by Judge Neville yesterday
morning. The case of Heddloman against
the Union Pacific was on trial. It is n
damage suit , occasioned by the overflow
of a stream crossed by the railroad com
pany's lino.
_ _ _ _ _ _
Nonrlnir Completion.
The iron cages and cells of the now
central station In the basement of thu
annex building are nearly completed ,
and will bo ready for occupancy by to
morrow. By Wednesday the entire base
ment will bo in order.
The Woodbrldgo Bros. , of this city ,
handle a line of pianos that are unsur
passed for beauty of case , tone and ac
tion , and the manufacturers date back
over 30 years. Wo shall bo pleased to
have you call and look us over. Wo can
suit you in prices and terms.
215 S. 1oh ( St.
Fine llorsca. .
' Dr. S. D. Mercer has just received a
team of Kentucky thoroughbreds'Vfrom
Lexington. They an ? considered bylocnl
horsemen M ono of the finest teams to bo
C o *
Big Trouble * In the Curran Family ,
\ \ hloh Should ha Stopped.
M. M. Curran and family reside on the
north side of Harncy street between
Ninth and Tenth streets. The neighbors
and police allc-gc they are continually
at war , and the boarding house which
they keep is n continual scene of fighting.
The principal blame is laid on the wife ,
who is said to be in the habit of going
away from homo with a strange man ,
and when her husband objects she ten
ders him pugilistic attention. There Is
an old Irishman boarding at the ) house
called "Uncle. " who Is about eighsy
years old , and who has quite a nice little
pile of money. Sunday a sensation was
caused by the announcement that Mrs.
Curran hud left her home , it is alleged ,
with a stone cutter named Kane , It is
nlso said bv her husband that she carried
with her "f 120 of "Uncle's" money ,
together with a certificate of deposit for
$1,120. At any rate Curran was of the
opinion that his wife and Kane had gone
'or good. So it was that ho notified the
police , stirred up the neighborhood nnd
got very drunk this morning. He went
> o far as to say the absent parties were
ocalcd in a house of questionable repute
{ opt by colored parties near the corner
of Capitol avenue and Twelfth street.
About noon yesterday , however , Kane
iwl the woman returned , that is , if , as the
nisband says , they had ever gone away.
\ general row was the result which was
Apparently damaging to Curran. Ho
claims that the ' whole household" as
saulted him , and his wife hit him while
lie was sleeping on the bed. The neigh
bors say these continual ro\ys are getting
lo be a nuisance and especial solicitude
s felt for the young children who arc ex
ceedingly bright and well behaved.
Will Endeavor to Bring it to O in aim
Mr. L. A. Garner , who has been for a
ongtimo the joint agent of the Ameri
can and Wells targo Express companies
n Omaha , has been appointed supcrm-
endcnt of the American Express com
pany for Iowa. Temporarily his head
quarters will bo m DCS Moincs , but ho
will endeavor to transfer them to Omaha ,
as ho considers this city a more advan
tageous point for transaction of the com
pany's general business.
Bad Man AVItli n Boer Glass.
Charles Schmidt was arrested yosterdav
afternoon on complaint of Fritz Mueller.
Mueller alleges that Schmidt raised a
listurbanco in his saloon on Vinton
trcet , and in attempting to eject him the
man struck the complainant witn : i beer
jlnss , but missed him and struck Miss
icrtlui Mueller and broke the finger of
: ier left hand.
Pnrnell Social.
The Parncll social club will give a re
ception and ball at Cunningham's hall
lext Wednesday evening. This is to be a
arc well May party , anil the managers of
lie club propose to make it an enjoyable
close of a successful social season.
A Stolen Team.
A. II. Mcgravo , of Missouri Valley , la. ,
las notified the police to look out for two
sorrel mares , a buggy , buffalo robe and
set of single harness which were stolen
> om his stable on the night of May 10.
Transfers Filed May 21 , 1887.
Kobert Nelson et al to Simon Hof-
inan lot 1 blkV" Sliinns 3rd
add wd 3f50 00
Cityof Omaha to a'.mconTJossolyn '
'JOxllM ft com at uw cor of lot 4 i
blk 10 Omaha qc 1,000 00
John J Utteiistein and \vifn to
.Mary Klllngwoud lot 5 Minion
place wd 1,250 00
Frank K Ottenstoln and wlto to
Lucv Klliugwootl lot G Marion
vlncowd 1,25000
Clms E lieltterand wife to Clias B
Denny et al lot 4 blk 3 Orchard
lllllw d 1,60000
j 11 lluiiKute trustee to Amanda K
Davis lot 8 blk U liudtoid iitucu w
d MO 00
Ohas Larson and wife to Olof 11
Pearson w % lot 20 blk t ) Kountzo
andHiithsnddwd 00000
Samuel 1C Felton and wlto to .Mrs
Man- IJoach n 50 tt ot lots 11-12
blkaorcliaidlllll wd 1,600 00
I'dwm S Itowley and wife to Mary
M Slirisck w' < lot 21 Tellium
I'lsico , w d 14,000 00
Erastus A Itonson and wife to Cora
11 Sloinan , lot 17 to SO inclusive ,
blk 10 HrlpKS1 place , w < 1 2,50000
J 11 Hun 'ato trustee , to .las W
Hopkins , lots 15 and 10 , blk 12 ,
Bedford place , w d 1,200 00
Jcaiiio K .May to .Julia Wcssells , lot
10 , blk 2 , Hawthorne mid , w d. . . . 1,500 00
Erastus A Henson and witeto Mad
ison \ Johnson et al , lots 23 , 23
and 24 , blk 8 , Brinks' place , w d. . 4,800 00
E A Benson and wife to Madison
Y Johnson et al , lots ? , 8 and 9 ,
blk 13 , Uriels'place , w d 4,500 00
Anna M (1 McCormlckctal to Peter
N McllheUe , lot 2 , blk 4 , Deer
Pnik , w d 1,00000
J 11 HutiKnto trustee , to Alphonso
A Bryaiiton. lot 5 , blk "B/1 Bod-
tordadd , wd 800 0
Thomas S McMurray and wife to
Maberry E Patterson , lot 3 , Bon-
tiold , w d 2,500 00
Isaau X. Pierce and wife to D. 0.
Patterson , all blk 1 nnd lots 3,4,5 ,
0 , 7. blk 2 , Plerco's sub div of lots
' 2. 4 , 25 , 20 , 28 , blk 1 , llorbach's
'add , q e 0,000 00
Daniel C. Miller et al to Geerce F.
Brown , lots , blk 24f , Omaha , q c 500 00
Goorne K. Drown and wife to Peter
E. Her , n e part of lot 5 , blk 2i4 ,
Omaha , wd 1,335 00
Emily J. UrlKBS to Peter E. Her , a
part lot 2 , blk 21i , in Omaha , not
taken by Omaha and s w r of w ,
0 c . 1 00
Thomas lireimon et al to Horace
hmiliiKton , lot 15 , blk 10 , Heed's
Istadd , w d 4,500 OC
A. S. Po.ter et al to Win. 11. Coub ,
lot 5 , blk 4. lot'J , blk : i , lot 7 , blk o ,
1'ottur is Cobb's 2d an to South
Oninlia , wo 1,050 ( X
A , S. Potter to Fletcher Vosburch ,
lots 13 , 14 , bis 1 , Potter ite Cobb's
2d add to South Omaha , w h 1,150 OC
Fletcher YcHlmrirh to A S Totter et
al , lot 0 blk : t. lot 7 blk 0. Potter A ;
Cobb's -d add to South Omaha ,
qe IOC
Lewis S Heed and wife to Martin
Quick , lots 11 and 12 blk 470 ,
Oramlvlow , w d 4250C
Gee \V Aylesworth et al to Jas A
Beverly et al , lot 20 , blk 45S ,
Urandvlow , ( j c 500 OC
Francis 1) Cooper and wife to Mar
tin Quick , 21 lots In ( irandvlew ,
lot 10 blk 43ii , In same , no 4,117 OC
Jos Bailcer and wife to Martin
Quick , lots 3 nnd 18 blk 471 ,
Uraudvlew , wd..L. . . 375 OC
Aeronaut Kltm Telia How Ho Aston
IslicBtho Rural Settlements.
The Argonaut : The descent of
balloon in a remote backwooods settle
munt Is almost invariably productive o _
amusing incidents. Landing once in a
mountainous district in the state o
Georgia , my companion and myself wen
astonished at hearing loud shrieks am
exclamations issuing from a house neai
by. while in the doorway wo saw an ol
lady down upon her knees , praying with
Cioat vociferation. The whole neigh
borhood had been aroused , and an earth
quake could not have created greatci
commotion. In the woods , not far from
our landing place , wo found a bag o
meal lying in the path. It had been
dropped by some panic-stricken native.
Farther on a fishing party had abandoned
several strings of fish. Our comedy
came measurably near ending in tragedy ,
for wo had a narrow escape from the
shotguns of a gang of illicit distill. ,
crs , who took us to bo revenue pincers.
On the occasion of a fecentj decent in
southern Virginia n tiorbut colored
9atcbi ssfiW | ot tb
gazed upon it in rapt admiration , ex
claiming : "Dar comes ray blessed Jesus ,
walking on de clouds ! I take my chil
dren out on 'de public roadl Sufiln'
gwino to happen ! Hallelujah ! " and she
went on shoutiiic till the truth was ex
plained to her. Another Afro-American
hearing mo him , started off at full
speed , crying , as ho ran : "Gabriel's done
called mo , I liunr him hollcrl" Very
amusing was the experience of Elliot , in
one of his descents. Ho had ascended
from Charleston on n summer afternoon
and was carried slowly down the harbor ,
lauding at last , just n nightfall , on one of
the Islands. There was to bo a wake that
night , and the dead ncgro.Dick by name ,
lay in the cabin , while a do/.cn live ones
sat outside telling spook stories , when
Elliot dropped down In front of them.
There was a yell , a scramble , nnd In a
moment all but ono had dlsappcaacd.
He had been caught by the aeronaut's
anchor and dragged som distance ,
screaming , piteously : "Oh. Massa Debit !
Massa Dobll ! I'so not do niggarl 1'so not
do niggarl Dick's in dan ! Dick's in
dab. I"
NlKhtmaro ,
sick-headache , depression of spirits , and
want of ambition are symptoms of a dis
eased liver. The lungs , stomach and
bowels are all in svmpathv. Life is onlv
a living death. Dr. Picrco's "Golden
Medical Discovery" acts upon the torpid
liver , and effectually removes all these
difficulties and disorders. Nervous feelIngs -
Ings , gloomy forcbodings.aud . irratibllity
of temper all disappear.
W. M. Farquhar , of Scotland , is In the
city en route to Cheyenne , lie is con
nected with the Swan Land & Cattle
Ab < ? oiitely ! Pure.
This powder never varies. A marvel o
purity , strength nnd wholesomencss. More
economic than the ordinary kinds , and can
not be sold in competition with the multi
tude of low cost short weight alum or
phosphate powders. Sold only in cans
Royal Baking Powder Co. , 106 Wall-st. ,
Ner York.
13th St , Cor. Caplto ! flverm *
Chronic & Surgical Diseases
DR. HIcWIENANIY. Propiletoi- .
fiuteen jeari1 flosjiftal and Private Pructlce
We Imvo the facilities , apparatus and reineille-
fnr'the iiicccesful treatment of every form of dl -
into requiring either medic * ! or surgical troatmeut ,
nuil Invite all to come and Investigate fur tliemiclroi
r correspond with us. Long experience in treat
Ing caies by letter enables us to treat many ca
scientific/illy without seeing them
WHITE FOR CIHOUI.AH on Defomltlci and
Brace ; , Club Feet , Curvatures of th Bplne
DISEASES or WOM N , Pllts , Tumors , Cancerc ,
Catarrh , Bronchitis , Inhtlation , Electricity , P rnl'
yl , Upllcpnj , Kliliiej , Bye , Ear , Skin , Blood auc ]
nil H n re I CM operations.
llatferlcs , Inhnlers , Tirstcn , Trasies , ant
nil kindH of Medical and Surgical App'.iaucen , man
ufactured and for ule.
The only reliable Medical Institutt miking
Private , Special f Nervous Diseases
from whatever came produced , succcssf oily treated
We cau remove Syphilitic poison from the system
without mercury.
New reiterative treatment for lots of vital power
Call nnd consult us or send name and poit-offlc :
address plainly written enclose stamp , and we
will nd you , in plnln wrapper , our
cr , HTITIUII , OosonitnuA , QI.EKT , YAmcorzu :
URINAKT OBUAMI , or tend history of your cateic :
an opinion ,
Persons unable to vlilt ns may be treated at Ihclr
liomci" , by correspondence. Medicines and Instru
ments sent by mall or express SKCUKRLY PACK
ED FROM marks to Indicate
contents or sender. One personal interview prr
fcrred If con > eniont. fifty rooms for the ac > > r * .
modation of patient * . Board and attendance r
reasonable prices. Address li Letters to
Omaha Medical aod Surgical Institute ,
Cor. 13th St. and CanltolAveOMAHA. . s > B.
Warranted tonolther break down or
roll up In wear.
Icoe Ctnnlna without KiBO lUraptd on Intldi of Contt ,
TrjlIII U ! jy llil fir lMr pr itolfJ.
and all eUln disease * . A n w metiiotl of torn-
pounding Tar. A Cure cuarauteetl , or money
refunded. Bold uy dniccltta. ami at the oQlco of
TAR-OID CO. . 73 UKNlrHST , CMICiOO. l'tli > H # 1 ,
Lincoln , Neb.
Tim best known nnd most popular hotel In
the state. Location ccntrnl , appointments flrn
clnss. Headquarters for commQrclal men and
all politic * ! and public fratberlruri ,
.i' , uoauK.NrK > ? rUi
We want to close out our light weight suits now while there is a
demand for them and no fc wait until the season is over. For that rea
son we had a great mark down , of which the following are a
few samples ,
One lot of fine worsted four button cutaway frocks , in neat silk
mixtures , lined with silk serge and elegantly made , which formerly j
sold low at $20 , now reduced to $16.50. |
Several lots of fine worsted sacks , of same description , in differ
ent patterns , bound and unbound , formerly sold low at 18.50 and j
$17.50 , now reduced to $14.50
One lot of fine worsted four button cutaway frocks , light color , j
silk faced , and equal to custom made , formerly sold low at $20now
reduced to $15.
500 light and dark colored cheviot , pin check and various nobby
spring suitings , formerly sold at $15 , $12 and $10 , now reduced to
$12 , $10 and $8.
Special attention is called to our line of summer coats and vests ,
in flannel , serge , mohair , alpacca and seersuckers , in all new and
fashionable shades , and ranging in price from $1 up to $5.25 for
coat and vest. A GKREAT BARGAIN , is our $3.25 mohair coat
and vest. The same is sold elsewhere for from $6 to $7.
All goods marked in plain figures and at one price.
Nebraska Clothing Company ,
Cor. Douglas and 14th sts. , Omaha.
O. H. CURTIS , Pres. - J. HUBD THOMPSON , Sec. Treas
Wholesale @ Retail.
STOCK : : RTJBBER : : : : ,
"Flehnrind"Cottte , nulbs , Donclics , Hslr Crimpers , Nursery Slicctlug , Rpccnlumj.
Air Pillows , Jlrushcs , Drill A Duck , Hulr I'ins , Kavyllnf ; * , Sportsmen1 ! Goods ,
Airllcds , Ilrewcr'slloee , Door Main , Hull , Oil Clothing , Mimipfl ,
Air Cushions , Caps , Dress Slilulila , Horse Covers , racking , Mntioncr's Gam ,
Antl Uultler * , Capes , Drlnklns ? Clips , Hose , It. II. .t P. I'o.l'ulls , .Syphons ,
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Aprons , CnrrlRRO Cloth , Klastln Hands , Hose Couplings , P.rl.eilon Bo < Syringe. Spittoons ,
Atomizers , Cartridge lings , Elastic Stockings , Hose IMpos , I'cnclls. Swimming Jacket *
liands , CathcUrs , . Erasers , Hose Heels , I'eu holder * . SytlngM'P.if.ctionHox,1 '
Bandage Gum , Clothing , Face BaR9 , Hot Water Bottles , 1'cssarles , Tlilmlilea ,
Baptismal rants , Copy Hook Sheets , Finger Cots , Haversacks , Piano Corcrs , Throat Hags. , <
Halls , Carpeting , Flower Sprinklers , Ice Hags , Pipes , Tnhlnc ,
Bath Mats , Cement , Floor Scrapers , Ice Caps , 1'lye Stems , Tumblers ,
Bath Tubs , Clothes Wringers , Folding Palls , Inkstands , Plant Sprinklers , Toys. > „
lied Pans , Coats "Fish Brand" Foot Balls , Invalid Cushions , Pure Rubber , Tecth'gltlngBAradi , v
Bed Sheets , Combs , Force Cups , Leggings , Pants , Tobacco Pouches ,
. . . . , , , , Pistol Pockets , Rolls , . . .
B.B.&P.Co. Belling Comb Cleaners Fruit Jar Kings Lined Hose Trotting -
Belt Hooks , Corks , Funnels , Gutters , Jtuttles , Urinals. - \ *
Bellows Cloth , Cork Screws , tins Tubing , Mfe Preservers , Knbbcr Dam , Umbrellas , J >
Bibs , Curry Combe , Gloves , Mackintosh Goods , Itulers. Ventilating Soles ,
Blankets , Cuspadors , Gossamer Caps , Match Boxes , ItopalrlngCloth , Waoton Aprons ,
Boots & Shoes , Cigar Cases. " Cloth , Martingale Kings , Khaft Kubbors , "Wagon Covers ,
Boys Caps , CbalrTlps&Buffers , " Coats , Mats. ShoesBoots , Wagon Springs ,
Boys Coats , Diapers , " Waterproofs , Matting , Sink Scrapers , Weatherstrips ,
Bougies , Diaper Cloth , Gaiter Straps , Mirrors , Scoops , Webbing ,
Bracelets , Dolls , Gun Covers , Mittens , Shooting Coats , Wading Pant ,
Breast Pumps , Doll Bodies , Uutta Percha , Nipples , Sling-shots. Water Bottles ,
UrcastShlelds , Doll Heads , Gymnasiums , Nursing Bibs. Soling , Window Cleaners ,
Buffers , Door Bauds , Hair Curlers , Nursing Bottles , Sponge Bags , Wflhgcr Kolls ,
Boston Belting _ Go's. Rubber nnd Cotton Belting , racking and Hose. Sole agents in Omaha.
Leather Belling- ; Pure Ouk Tnuned. Manufacturers of "PERFECTION BOX SYKINGES. "
Manufacturers of "FISH BRAND RUBBER GOODS. "
Mall Orders Solicited and will Receive Promut Attention.
Stationary & PortableEngines1
Locomotive and Stationary Boilers , Tanlcs , Steam Heaters , ITot Water Boilers , Steam ( Generators , Steam
I'amps , Doilf/e Wood Split Fulleys , Acme Shaftlmj.
Wagons , Road Scrapers and Bale Ties
Agents for the Improved Corliss Engine
Prompt attention given to all orders. G-et our prices before buying.
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1213-1215 Leavenwortli st , Omaha , Neb. *
Specially Distilled for
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316. 318 and 320 Raca St , Philadelphia. Pa.
Goodman Drtip Co. henl.Agcnts.Omaha
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HUSTON RMDV ( CO. 10 Park Plact , New York
Mention Omaha Ilco.
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Watches , Diamonds , Fine Jewelry , Silverware
The largest Block. Price * the lowest. Repairing a specialty. Work warranted.
Corner Douglas , and 15th streets , Omaha. Licensed Watchmaker for the Union
Pacific Railroad Company- .
m aamsaaa.HmK\j'f \ ' fi K-arm
A magnificent display of everything
useful and ornamental in the furniture-
maker's art , at reasonable prices.
New Model Lawn Mower
Five Sizes , H'lll cut liljher ( jrass than
any other. Jlas no equal for slmitUcltu ,
ditraltUUifand cane of operation.
This is the latest Improved Ma
chine in the Market.
Low I'rtcea. Send for circulars , f
State AaciitH for farter's Jlayliw Tool
and Jobbers of Binding Twine ,