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' ' : THE OMAHA DAILY Bfit : TUESDAY. MAY 24. 1887 ;
ScllTcicd by rnrricr In nnypnrtof tliocltr&t
twenty tent * per weak.
H. W. TILTON , Manager.
IJcsiicrps OmcE. No. 13.
MIOIIT Knnou No. 23.
N. Y. Plumbing Co.
New spring coeds at Heller's , tailor.
Tim popular resort Is the Manhattan ,
418 Hroailway , Huilio & Yennwiiio.
A good girl wanted for general house
work. MM. 11. W. Tilton , BIK : olllco.
The inatrlinonial market is running
light. Not a license Issued for nearly a
The Jones murder case is expected to
be culled on for trial in the district court
The liavarian band has Leen cn/ingcd /
to furnish music for the hop tit Hotel
Manawa to morrow evening.
To morrow night Ucecroft's omnibuses
will leave the I'auilio houses for Hotel
Manawa , the fare being 15 cents each
Colonel Cnrhran is thinking of donat
ing a whole block in his addition for n
public parK , provided the city will accept
It and improve it.
Fred Kcsfcol , charged with stealing a
saddle , appeared in the district court
yesterday and pleaded guilty to potty
larceny , and was sentenced to lif'ecii
davs in the county jail.
Young Thomas Evans was yesterday
doing Imely under the circumstances.
The surgeon who reduced the fracture re
ports It one of the worst kind , it being a
peculiar break in the elbow joint of the
left arm.
W. 1 $ . Arthur , who has just served a
brief term for some potty oft'ense hero ,
was rearrested yesterday for jumping u
board bill at Missouri Valley. A consta
ble from there came after him yesterday
The work of the now Catholic church
began in earnest yesterday. There has
been a little delay on account of the scar
city of pressed brick , but now they being
suppliedthe work will bo pushed rapidly
to completion.
The manager of the Home of the
Friendless has at last concluded to
change his policy , and in some cases let
the children be taken into private homes
for adoption , where they can liud better
treatment and training ; .
Mike Kildare was yesterday fined for
disturbing the peace. Mike is said to bo
omployeu as 11 sort of suecial bouncer in
ono of the gambling houses , and when a
disturbing element appeared ho fulfilled
his mission , and the house stood tlie cost
of thus preserving order.
Shcohan & Coyne's comedy company
play is an exceedingly funny ono and
was loudly applauded. They appear
again to-night.
The Knights of Labor have been lookIng -
Ing after Dell Perkins , the young man
who had Ins foot taken off by a freight
train , ami who has been since at the Cot
tage hospital. There seems to bo some
dissatisfaction at the treatment Perkins
has received , and the matter is being
looked into , the chief cause being the
character of the food furnished him.
There was n largo attendance at the
reception given to Rev. Dr. Phelps last
evening at his residence. The ladies
having the affair in charge entertained
the callers well , and Dr. Phelps and
t f family could not but feel that they are
f most heartily welcomed to Council
f Bluffs. As pastor of the Presbyterian
> church ho has made a very favorable im
pression , and socially ho and his will
evidently bo no less popular.
The need of some action in regard to
securing a now hook and ladder truck for
the city is very apparent. As it will take
nt least three months to secure the truce
; ' < after ordering it , it scorns that therk
t should bo no delay in the matter. The
old truck nud ladders are pronounced
comparatively worthless , and hence the
J city is virtually without any In case of a
f great tire , and at the best can not bo
given the needed protection for months
to come , even if a truck was ordered
Arrangements are being made to push
the Fifth regiment band into the front
rank among the bands of the west , and
the material is being got together for
waking it one of the best bands in the
country. J. Pospisil , of St. Paul , arrived
hero yesterday to take n permanent place
in the band. Ho is ono of the tinest
clarionutists in the country , and is a
musician of merit on other instruments.
There are some others who are to bo en
listed , and with the new members added
to the old ones the organization will bo
made one of the largest unrt strongest in
the state. With practice together , it will
bo not many wfleks before the band will
be able to furnish the citizens of Council
Bluffs an opportunity of hearing as
choice music as over broke upon Iowa
air. _
Office of Mulholland & Co. , removed to
in under the Citizens' bank. Telephone
No. 103. Leave your orders for ice.
Cheap storage in either small of car
load lots at Nos. 23,24 and 20 Pearl street ,
J. K , Snydor.
Buy the fashionable black screen wire
.mil adjustable window ! - -
& Colo's , 41 Main street.
Latest improved gasoline stoves at No
604 Main street , W. V. \ \ ood.
Talk about organ sales , the Mueller
Music company sell from ton to fifteen a
week right along. The people are find
ing out that the Royal and Century or
gans have no superior.
Gold Watches and Chains.
The largest aid best stock to select
from at the lowest prices , at
The Hambletonian stalion , Arbitrator ,
can be been at my stable on Fourth or
Bancroft streets , three doors south of
Ilattonhaur's carriage repository. Ho is
u grandson 9f Rysiiyke's Hambletonian
on the sire side , and a grandson of Mom-
brine chief on the dam side , the ac
knowledged principal products of speed
and genoial purpose horses in America ,
and Arbitrator is no exception to the
rule , lie is a horse of great individual -
dividual merit and speed , and for the
of convincing the breeders of
Igh bred horses that ho Is all that is
claimed of him , I will speed him a ton or
twenty-mile dash on the road to 000
pounds' weight with any stallion owned
in the country. Breeders of high bred
horses will make a note of this ana carry
it in their hats , as the owner of these
horses puts all the money ho has or can
borrow into straight horses , and not into
books , pamphlets and wind , talking
about their forty-second cousins' per
Also Colonel Rove , bred byV. . II. H.
Colby , of Fort Dodge , la. , sired by Star
light , by Star of the West , dam by Coupon
pen , Jr. , by Coupon , by Rysdyko's Ham
bletonian. This colt fs a stranger in a
strange land , but his breeding is cer
tainly all any man could wish for. His
Croat and positive individuality , his true
and powerful stride , bis wonderful con
stitutional powers , and his powerful
Btcel-convertcd frame work , insure ( or
him a career that will place him among
the grandest , itallioni ia the
. D , GJUY ,
Trial of An Omaha Datcotiva for Fleecing
a Bluffs Man ,
Much Trouble Over the
Hells \nothor Move on the
Saloons Amusements and
Personal * * .
The City Council.
There was a full board at the council
meeting lust night.
Ql'otltion of John Unnforth for $1,000
damages to lots hi Grimes addition , on
account of the sewer ditch. Referred.
Property owners on Mynster street
urged that the sewering and paving of
that street be done as soon as possible. It
was .stated by the mayor that it was un
derstood that Mynster street should bo
the lirst one to have .sewerage this season ,
and that the paving would follow at once.
Placed on file.
A committee of the Knights of Labor
presented a communication asking that
the resolution in regard to contractors
doing city work be so changed as to make
it compulsory for these contractors to
employ homo labor , The communica
tion was accompanied by the draft of an
ordinance to cover the request. Referred
to the judiciary committee.
C. C. Oespainc petitioned for the ap
pointment of paving inspector this sea
son , accompanying it by endorsements
of citizens. Filed.
A communication of citizens was pre
sented , stating that the Northwestern
and Union 1'acilic railroad companies
hail laid tracks and turnouts so as to en
croach on the highway leading to
Mynstur springs. They petitioned the
council to take action to protect the
public rights on the highway. Colonel
Kcatloy spoke in behalf of the pctioucrs.
W. A. Alynstor spoke on the other side of
ttie question , claiming it was only a tem
porary inconvenience , but would finally
bo a benefit. Tins petition was referred.
Petition for opening Seventh street and
complaining of railway obstructions pre
sented and referred.
The contract for sewer , with W. P.
Wightmau and George S. Miller , was
presented , together with the bond of
15,000 , the work to commence Juno 1
and be completed by November 10 , with
a forfeit of $ W a day for failure to thus
complete the work. Approved and the
mayor authorized to sign the same.
The committee reported in favor of re
jected grading bids , as they were higher
than private parties wore getting grad
ing done. Concurred in. The clerk was
ordered to readvertiso. *
The committee reported in the matter
of opening avenue 11 and Twenty-fourth
and Twenty-llfth streets , that private
parties were cultivating them , obstruct
ing them without authority. Concurred
in.Tho judiciary committee reported in
favor of allowing Martha A. Branch $100
for portion of lot used for sewer ditch.
The final estimate on Moore's levee
contract , amounting to $1U55 was al
An ordinance was presented giving
the electric light and power company
right to use streets for poles.
Alderman Keller announced that if
agreeable , a test of the now lire alarm
would bo made this morning , the council
to meet at No. li's house at U o'clock.
This was agreed to.
Pinching a Detective.
There was an interesting case on trial
in the district court ycssorday. It was
that of young Vannico , charged with ob
taining money under false pretenses. It
was claimed on the part of the prosecu
tion that the young man was employed
last fall in the Noligh detective agency in
Omaha. His business was that of an of
fice boy , and ho was given some little
work to do to give him a chance to learn
something of what it was to bo a detect
ive. Ho was in the oflice several weeks ,
and had been used on a few occasions on
some trivial work outside the oflice. Mr.
Harris , who is the manager for the Ilus-
sell manufacturing * company in Council
Blnfl's , was suspicion that ono of his
traveling men was too fond of poker
on the road , and ho thought it
would bo well to satisfy him
self on this point before discharging
the traveling man. To secure the needed
evidence , ho bethought him that it would
bo well to employ a detective. Ho ac
cordingly applied at Neligh's office , in
Omaha , ana found young Vannico in the
ollico. Vannico told him that Mr. No-
ligh was out of the city , and learning
what he wanted , told Mr. Harris that he
was himself an experienced detective ,
and could do the work for him. While
talking with Mr. Harris Mr. Noligh en
tered the olllco , but Mr. Harris did not
recognize him , never having mot him.
Ho asked Vannico , however , if that was
not Mr. Neligh. Vannico replied. "No ,
that's a friend of mine. " Mr. Harris ,
bing satisfied that Vannice was ono of the
detectives interested in the agency , made
an appointment to meet him in Council
Bluffs the next day and arrange details.
At this meeting in Council Binds Mr.
Harris furnished him with $50 to cover
traveling expenses , and agreed to pay
him $25 for his services in ascertaining
whether the traveling man. named
Young , was playing poker on the road.
Vannice went out on the road , but learned
little about it , and a second trip was
made , for which $00 moro was put up by
Mr. Harris. Ho also paid Vannice f 3 on
account of services. In rendering Ins ex
pense account , Vannico accounted for
spending so much money by claiming
that he had to play poker himself , in
order to keep in with the boys. and got
pointers on Young. Ho managed to lose
the money thus placed on the cards , and
failed to secure any information about
YounK. In fact , the work was bungling.
and Mr. Harris realizing that ho had
been duped , had Vannico indicted. ;
On the other hand Vannico claimed
that ho undertook the job in good earnest.
and intending to act squarely. Ho claimed
that the prosecution was malicious , be
cause ho had left Neligh's employ , and
Neligh was anxious to get oven with him
for not turning over the money which ho
had in his pocket for the traveling ex
penses. He insisted on the stand that ho
had not misrepresented his ability to Mr.
Hams , and that ho did not obtain the
money by any false pretenses at all.
Attorney Stow , of Omaha , is prose
cuting the case , and Stone & Sims de
fending. The examination of witnesses
throw a good deal of light upon the In
teresting workings of so-called detectives.
It afforded much amusement to the
listeners , especially when ono witness ,
who claimed to bo a detective , was pinned
down to defining what a detective was.
Ttio best definition ho could give was that
ho was doing what ho was told to do.
When pressed for a statement of any of
the principles which governed the pro
fession , the only one no could think of
was that a detective should treat people
about right.
Trouble With Taxes.
There wore a goodly number of tax
payers who called at the city building
yesterday to look over the raises made
by the board of equilization. The total
assessment has been raised from between
four and five millions to between live and
six millions of dollars. There are nu
merous opinions expressed. Nearly
every ono whoso property has been
raised thinks ho is a little hijrner than uhy
neighboring property of about the same
Talue , . nd altogether out of proportion
to other property. It seems eoucoded
that the raised assessments even are not
In excess of forty per cent of the cash
value of the property , and the chief pro
tests will bo on the ground Hint there
have been discriminations.
It is stoutly asserted by some that the
board has no right to raise the assess
ments. It is a board of equalization , and
not ono of assessments. If the board Is
to do the assessing , then there is little use
of electing mi assessor. If the board in
creases one assessment it sLould reduce
some other one , thus making the total the
same as originally. Such Is the view
taken of the matter by many. The
mayor and other olllcials are equally con
fident that the board lias been exercising
simply the rights and powers given under
tlm law.
It was amusing yesterday to sec two
men. Ono was wrathy about the increased -
creased assessment of his property , and
bitterly denounced it a.s a scheme of the
bridge company to reali/.o moro money
out of the twelve-mill tax voted for by
that enterprise. Ho had only got through
airing his convictions when one of the
bridge company came in , equally in-
cen ud at the raise of his property. Ho
was hot about the action of the board ,
and thought it was a scheme to help the
city expenses along , when these should
be met by some other way. There was a
stream coining and going all day , and
few of them smiled. There'will evi
dently bo some hot boxes before the
assessment runs through to the end of
the trip.
Lime , cement , plaster , hair , coal , etc. ,
Council Blulfs Fuel company , No. 5U'J '
Broadway , telephone I'M.
Ijltrrary anil Social.
For a first-class time attend the Y. M.
C. A. literary and social to bo held this
evening at 8 o'clock. All , both ladies
and gentlemen , arc most cordially in
vitctl to bo present. Special attention
will bo shown to strangers , and an effort
made to have them form pleasant ac
quaintances. Admission and reserved
seats 1'reo.
Song K. U. Stacy
Readmit Miss Ateii
Qul/ , led by 11. Curtis
. . . .Subject : "Tuo risk Univeisity
Jubilee Singers"
Jubilee SOUR CLolr
Social Intermission.
Organ Solo 1'rof. Mat Hmirlclns
ltu.idiiiK. J.E.Matheny
Debate , Jed by Messis Hunter and
( ioehriiiK . . .Question : "Resolved ,
' 1 hat education is more benollclal
than wealth. "
Selection „ Miss E. Barnard
.7. WE. . L. Squire make beautiful
abstracts of title , and deserve the suc
cess they are enjoying.
More Injunctions Wanted.
The notices for another batch of saloon
injunction cases have been prepared , and
the sheriff will proceed to servo them.
This batch includes all the saloons omitted
in the former proceedings , so that the
next batch of injunctions , if these are is
sued , will include all of those not pre
viously enjoined. The injunctions will
not issue without another light in the
courts , but it will probably not be as pro
longed as the previous one , as many of
the points in controversy have already
been passed upon by the lower courts.
In the meantime the voice of the higher
courts is expected to give utterance to
some decision winch may affect the whole
A DCS Mollies lluyer.
J. G. Tipton yesterday sold to James
Cunningham , of DCS Moines , Iowa , the
beautiful live acre tract of L. P. Judson
near Kays landing at Lake Manawa.
Mr. Cunningham is a business man of
splendid qualifications , and is largely In
terested in real estate in the capital city.
In becoming a property owner of th'is
promising city ho will not bo found
wanting for energy and vim to push im
provements forward. In making the sale
Mr. Tipton has done well in thus inter
esting such a man in the growth and
prosperity of the city , and Mr. Cunning
ham will doubtless liud it a profitable
Personal Paragraphs.
Mrs. Jameo T. Anderson has gone on a
visit to her old homo in Castcna , la.
G. A. Dow , A. A. Fischel and Davy
Gibe , all of Dow City , dined at the Ogdou
Mr. E. U. Young is entertaining his
better half , who is hero on a visit to him
from Muscatine , la.
J. J. Fraincy returned yesterday from
his sad mission south , summoned thither
by the death of his father.
John Owen , of Living Springs , who
still remains quite ill after a surgical op
eration , is gradually gaining.
Drs. Hanchctt & Smith , ofllce No. 12
Pearl st. Residence , 120 Fourth st. Telephone -
phone No 10.
The Lnntry Kiss.
Now York Sun : There is nothing more
talked about in theatrical circles than the
kissing of Charles Coghlan and Mrs.
Lantry in "Lady Clancarty. " It was so
deliberate , so utterly oblivious of the big
fiddle , so unconscious of the bass drum.
The seemingly rapturous kissinc that
Lrnma Abbott used to bestow on Castle
never stirred a hair on Husband Weth-
erell's head. The kissing of Mary An
derson was the most transparent make-
believe in the world. When Clara Mor
ris used to kiss Charlie Theme in "Ca-
mllle , " she would take him on his knees
before her , muss his hair , devour him
with loving looks , dip down upon his
face , and kiss him llugonngly on his
nose , to his intense amusement. When
Iticnold was m the country ho awoke the
town kissing Sirsan when he played
William. The women in the audience
used to admire , but Susan suffered , Rig-
uold was a wiry , red-bearded man , who
shaved twice a week and no oftenor. Ho
would powder the stubble on his face
till his complexion was lovely , but poor
Susan I A section of sandpaper could
have hurt no worse. When he got home
from sea in the play and mot Susan , she
would lly into Ins arms very much as the
victim sentenced in the inquisition to
undergo the virgin's kiss knowing she
had to , and was going to got hurt. Ho
would hold that poor girFs head back ,
make a rush , kiss both oycs.root a second
under her ear , and then kiss her straighten
on the mouth , and all the while the ad
jacent field of cheek and mound of chin
were taking out her cuticle like a nut
meg grater.
But this kiss of Coghlan's is realistic.
The remarks it elicits ara funny. The
other night , as the lingering kiss was
pressed upon the upturned mouth of the
famous Lily , a lady said with a sigh ,
"What a pity it's In a play. " An old
fellow , who looked through a pair of
glasses and over u lot of chin whiskers ,
just us Horace Grcoloy used to do , slap
ped his leg with a big freckled hand ,
and ejaculated , "Whew ! " Everybody
laughed almost us much ns they did
another night , when a small boy , half
over the gallery rail , cried just as Cogh
lan's lips mot Langtry's , "Let her go ,
Gallagher ! "
lied , niauk , lirown and Blonde.
Medical Record : A German inquirer
has , it is stated , taken four heads of hair ,
of equal weight , and then proceeded to
count the individual hairs. Ono ( red )
was found to contain 1)0.000 ) hairs ;
another ( black ) 108,1)00 ) ; a third ( brown )
had 100,000 , and the fourth ( blonde )
Leopold band i.
LONDON , May 23. Prince Leopold , who
has been making a tour of the world , has ar
rived at Southampton from New York ,
l Tlll.l.Unpli tm
lnttd of Cvrirt.
OwlnirtntholHlCONtL r.l.tMMITT of the cloth ( nlilrh
our patents rover iihi'lvt'lr ) will nt iitrfertlv flirt
tlmeworn nqnirc noliiciklnln mrtKY lirTlllM'D '
by jplter nft r ln-lMff wnrn tfruliO" If lint foun't flip 11105 1
nml Cumroriiihle Corset overworn. Bold tjr nil
Um-clnss dciilcrt.
CUOTTY 1IHOS. . Chlcuao , III.
Special advertisements , such as Lost , Found
'icLonn , Kor Sato , To Kent , ftnnts , Honrdlnir ,
etc. , will tiolneortO'l In this column nt the low
ratoof TEN CUNTS PEIt LINE Torino flm Inser-
Ion mid i''lvo Cents Per Line foremen subsoauont
insertion. Lvnvo ailvotllsomiMiU nt our olllco
No. U I'curl stivut , no.\r Uroailwur , Council
_ _
QTHAVrJb-Or Stolen Two bltd dons. Ono
O rod spotted. Ono rod with nlckol plktod
iilatcd collar innrkod "J. It. 1'oppo. Atlnntlp ,
la. " Mboral toward for tliolr return to J. H.
1'oplic , No. 1517 Slxtli uvonuo , Council IllulTa.
FOH SALK A nice pony mnro , will drlvo sin-
trio or double and good under s.uldlo. S. T '
Fiencli , No. atl 1'oarl blicct. _
V\7 ANTKD A peed ninn for carrlnco washer ;
T > also n good hostler. Apply to Mnso Wise ,
Council liltilfs.
" \\rANTHD Voting man to work about stable
and house. Apply to Horace Kvcrctt , nt
olllco , No. 10 1'enrl street only.
HIINT-Ono olllco and ono business
room near the now postoltlco on Brouduay ,
One live room house , $12.
Olio three room house , $10.
One seven room house , f'-J.
U. Mnyne , No. 829 filxuh avo.
Olt TKADH- section of good land In Lin-
eoln county , Neb. , for n stock of hard-
w are. Address Odcll llros. & Co. , No. 103 I'oarl
street. Council niults , or corner Farnnm and
ICtli streets , Omaha.
FOH SALE A Btocu Kcnornl merchandise In
n good to\ui In western Iowa , A flrst-
clnss chance for anv ono wishing to ongngo In
business. Stock will invoice about ffOO and
will bo sold cheap. For further Information
Inquire ot M. E. Smith & Co. , Omaha , or N. C.
Phillips , Orokcr , No. 419 tlroadway , Council
lllullg. _ | _ _ _
SALE-Or Trade Six sections of good
FOll In Lincoln county , Nob. , on U. P.
railway. Call on or addrcsi Odoll Bros. & Co. ,
103 Pearl St. , Council lUtiffa. _
NOTICE Will pay the highest price for first-
class cast-oil lady's , gents , and children's
clothing , boots , shoes , hats , etc. D. Goldstein ,
Nos. 217 and 2t > Kroitdway.
House Cleanlne
is to bo done by nearly all the ladies in
the spring.
Now is the right time to do this. For
ladies , it is a disagreeable but unavoid
able work , and wo make the offer to do
the most troublesome work of all , that is
Wo clean the cancels , velvets , moquettes ,
brussels , or any other kind of carpets ,
without taking them up. Wo guarantee
and that no dustwill : bo left in the car
pet. Wo guarantee our work and refer
to prominent parties in this city.
Send us a postal card and wo will call
upon you and explain in what way our
cleaning takes place. G. A. FISHER.
No. 033 Sixth Avenue , Council Ululls.
Vacant Lots , Lands , City Residences and
Farms. Acre property in western part of city.
All Boiling cheap to make room for spring stock
Real Estate & Insurance Agent ,
Room 6 , over Officer A Pueoy's Bank , Cou
. Bluffs.
Demons , estimates and report * on bridges ,
Tladucts , foundations and general engineering.
Blue prints of nny slzo and quantity.
Office No 13 N. Main St. , First National Bank
Justice ot. the Peace ,
415 Broadway , Council Bluffs.
Refers to any bank or business house in the
city. Collections a specialty.
OFFICER tB russr ,
Council Blufls.Iowa.
Established 1S5T.
Korses $ Mules
For all purposes , bought and sold , at retail
and in lots. Large quantities to select
from. Several pairs of fine drivers , sin
gle or do-tble.
MASON WISE , ' Council Blulfs
' )
Large hats III whlto , black and all colors. Pat
tern bonnets , bats and toques , n specialty.
No 15U Douiflas st ; Oinaua.
EnpeerSurveyorMapPublisher , ,
Kb. 11 North Main St.
City and countr ranps. of cities and counties
In western lawn , Nebraska and Kansas.
Theonly Hotel in Council Bluffs Having a Fire
Escape ,
And All Modern Improvements.
215 , 217 and 319 Main St.
Attorneys at Law ,
actlce in the State and Federal Courts.
Rooms 7 and 8 Shugart-Beno Block.
People's '
Have tried all kinds of adver
tising in newspapers , books ,
by hand-bills , signs , circulars ,
etc. , etc. , but the most success
ful advertisement they ever
put forth is a walking adver
Have you seen them ? Of
course you have many a time.
We refer to those walking
advertisements so frequently
seen on the streets of this city
and all over the western coun
try in the shape of one of onr
Suits with a man or boy inside
of them.
What a splendid advertise
ment each one of thess :
All Wool Suits ,
We have a large on Jtainl and
they will talk for themselves.
Sec them.
Four Button Worsted &
Corkscrew Suits
In all Shade ? ,
$12.50 , $ I4.00I6,50I8,00 ,
$20 and $22.
How they advertise us ! It
is true we don't make much
on the S3 goods , but it is a sat
isfaction every time we see a
customer buy one , we know
that he is ours.
The fit and satisfaction our
clothing gives him will cause
him to return for his next suit
as well as advise his friends to
do likewise.
We offer no bait with the
hops of selling you something
els3 when you reach our store.
The same principal of BIG
VALUE for your money ap
plies to every garment we offer.
Our tailor-made clothig
has proven a blessing to man
kind ; the high-priced mer
chant tailor has been com
pelled to divide his trade and
give us the largest share. Our
tailor made clothing are made
by the same men who work in
custom shops.
In addition we will say that
we carry more ready made
clothing than all the other
houses in the city combined.
Don't fool your tlms and money
away , come to the Popular I'co-
jtle'a Store , where yon yet fair and
square dealing and more than the
value for the money.
Seat quality grand army suit *
with butt onu thrown in , at $8.5O.
& GO'S.
Peoples' ' Store
Nos , 314,316,318 , , and 320
Harkness Brothers ,
Broadway , Council Bluffs , la
A large stock of fine white summer goods
and wash fabrics. - *
A New and Fine Assortment of Parasols , Sun ,
shades and Umbrellas ,
Summer Corsets and the Noted Little
Jersey Corset.
Department is yet well stocked and invites the attention
of everyone about to furnish a home. Also oil cloths ,
matting , rugs , mats , etc. Do not forget the number ,
Telephone 163.
o. cr.
Real Estate Broker and Dealers
Council Blulfr Office , Klimuiiic
Temple. Oinnliu Office , Wo 111
North lUlliMreel.
Particular attention given to In
venting fundH for non - retti-
dciit * . Special burgnln § In loin &
acre properly In Omaha A Coun
cil Blulfk. Correspondence tollc-
Steam , Gas and Water Pipe
No 552 Broadway , - Council Bluffs , Iowa
Mail Orders Shipped Promptly.
Swanson Music Company ,
No. 329 Broadway Con neil Bluffs
Estey Organs , Gamp& Co.'s ' Organs and Western CotlageOrgans
A few comments regarding the Estey Pianos. In every civilized country on the
globe the name of Est < > y is a household word witli lovers of music ; it is n guaranie *
for.Uie exquisite quality of tone in musical instruments . , bearing the name that com
mands confidence , admiration ami enthusiasm.
( Standard No. 2915) ) Sired Ijy Almont No
! J3 , and "HcjrUtfir. " ( Standard No. 5813.
Sired by Tramp No. 803. These stallions
will make the season of 1837 at the Coun
cil liluffs Driving L'ark.
For particulars inquire of or address ,
WADE CAUY , Council Bluffs , la.
It. RICE , M. 1) .
Cancers and other Tumors
Removed without the knile or Drawing o
Over 80 vears Practical experience.
No. 11 Pearl St. , Council Uluffs.
Star Sale Stabfes and Mule Yards
Uroadway , Council lllulla , Opp. Dummy Depot
CX * W *
= n
Horses and mules kopTconstantlyon
retail or in car loaa
hand , for sale ftt
contract on
Orders prompUy filled by
short notice. Slock sold on comm ssion.
SJM.UTKK & Uor.KV , Proprietors.
Fofr ± y ° oKeiYsale. Stables , corner
l t. avo. and 1th street.
jv. sciruitz ,
Justice of the Peace.
Ottlce over American