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News and BoomloU From Various Points In
the State.
Newman Grove's Solidity Wnlioo
nfllnijs Cuplil nt lloynoltls
Fulrbury Mows Grant's
Crete's rinttorlnir Debut.
G , N'cb.Muy21. , [ Correspondence
of tlio HII ; : . ] Crcto at length has tuudo
her dobut. Slio has boon very modest
ubotit parading herself before tliu public
until slio was tirniyod in reception toilet ,
bill now that bur plans are nil laid fur an
extended campaign , Instead of looking
up to her elder sisters , who hitherto have
regarded her with disd-un , she feels
within herself the power to cope witli
the best of them. With her recent im
portant acquirements , the new railroad ,
electric lights , and water works at no
distant day , she has possessed herself of
charms unequalled by any town in the
west , the allurements of which soon will
bring scores and hundreds to her feet for
lavors. Possessing the finest waterpower -
power in the state , she oilers in
ducements to factories of all kinds.
Her citi/.cns , imbued with enthusiasm ,
nro ready to encourage any worthy enter
prise with ready hands that go deep
down into their pockets. Her educa
tional facilities are of the highest grade.
With jJoano college on thn hill , excellent
high school and graded schools , and the
Nebraska ( Jhautauqua in the summer ,
what wonder that her atmosphere is so
surcharged intellectually that it re
solves itself into numerous literary socie
ties in the college the Hesperian and
the I'hilomnthcan ; in the high school ,
the Tigro and the Irving ; in thn town ,
the Uound Table , the ( J. L. S. C. , the
Congregational club and the S. L. C.
Every year the society tone is elevated.
The standard for the youth of our town
is placed 0110 notch higher and the out
look for Crete grows broader and fuller.
The summer assembly is the grand
climax of the litcray work of the year.
Hero can bo enjoyed intercourse with
those who have been pursuing like
thoughts and subjects , and lectures upon
these * subjects by some of
the finest scholars and liter
ati of America. Lectures in
great variety have oecn provided for this
year's programme by those who have a
familiar acquaintance with both litera
ture anil history , wnosc chief aim will be
the teaching of a higher and broader con
ception of humanity and a fuller appreci
ation of the pure and noble in our lives.
It is most wonderful to think that this
young assembly can oiler a programme
unexcelled by older and wealthier ones ;
yet such is an actual fact. Some doubt
may bo expressed concerning the attend
ance of all the lecturers and instructors
announced , but when it is remembered
that the programme of last year was car
ried out to the letter with one or two ex
ceptions , that these failures wore an
nounced before hand so none would bo
disappointed , and furthermore that these
men nro bound by contract to come
unless prevented by sickness , credulity
.will obtain. It is confidently predicted
that this year will see twice as
many visitors as wo had last year.
President F. I. i'oss has made arrange
ments for one hundred and fifty more
tents this soon. Many wise ones will
"take time by the IprQlo ? " put in tlicir
claims early and thus secure satisfactory
accommodations and save an immense
amount of confusion at the last. Super
intendent Waterman is ready to satisfy
nil demands. Ho has kept a force of men
at work this week repairing the damage
itono to the assembly grounds during thn
heavy rain of last week. From this time
on , the termination of alllploasuro rides
will bo to view the progress of affairs on
those beautiful grounds.
The cottage of llev. VI. K. Smith of
Exeter , isahuost completed. President
F. I. Foss is remodeling his cottage by
the addition of fashionable verandas.
Kov. Willard Scott of Omaha , during
his stay in Crete for a few days , let the
contract for the Congregational heart-
nuartors , which will add wonderfully to
the dignity of our grounds , as it is to bo
a line building ; also ttie contract for his
own cottage.
Plans are on foot for a supply of good
boats , say twenty-livo or thirty , which
ahull have exclusive right to the assembly
side of the river. This is a good idea to
carry out , as many could not enjoy the
pleasures of the river last year without
waiting unit ) thoroughly wearied , and
until the desire for boating had passed.
As such wants are realized they will bo
met by the hearty co-opcrat'ion of the
citizens of Crcto to further uvory interest
of the assembly. The want of better
light was sadly felt last year and it is a
question which may bo settled most sat
isfactorily by carrying electric lights
from the town. This question is being
discussed and 1 d9iibt not our citizens
will be entirely willing to bear the ex
Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Stephens , of Earl ,
111. , with a grandson , Mr. Farrar , have
come to spend some time , intending to
remain until after commencement and
the assembly. Their visit will bo the oc
casion for a general family reunion. Mr.
Farrar is looking toward Doano as his
future alma mater. Should ho dccldo in
her favor he will remain until the 'fall
term commences.
The S. L. C. mot Wednesday after
noon with Mrs. James Claroy. This
being the last meeting of the year , it
was very well attended. All back pa
pers wore brought in and the art pro
gramme completed. A table talk on
Uoman architecture , the pantheon and
colliscum occupied the first half hour.
Interesting papers were read
by Miss Eystcr , Mrs. F. U.
Stephens , Miss Anna Reid , Mrs.
E. O. Stcbbins ana Mrs. W. 11. Har-
fcton , after which the secretary read a
beautiful note from the Rov.W. F. Eystor
in acknowledgment of the statuary re
cently presented him by the society. An
other note was listened to with great
pleasure from the secretary of the Hound
Table , bearing an invitation to the S. L.
C.'s and their husbands to take tea with
the Uound T\blu Juno 3 , at 0 30 p. m. , at
the residence of Mrs. 1) . U. Perry. The
olcotioii of ollleors for next year resulted
as follows : Mrs. James Claroy , presi
dent ; Mrs. K. Urong , secretary ; Mrs. E.
O. Stubbins , treasurer , and Mrs. W. II.
liarstou , corresponding secretary. The
committee to prepare u programme for
the first meeting of next year , and to de
cide upon n course of study for the year ,
Mrs. George D. Stevens , Mry. Welch and
Miss Eystor. It was voted to have a s > o-
clcty picnic on the Assembly grounds
Juno 7and the society adjourned to moot
with Mrs. Welch Oct. 5,1887.
The entertainment nt the opera house
last evening , given by the Irvhifr sociotv
of the High School , well repaid the largo
audience gathered to witness the contest
for the medals. The instrumental trio ,
James Proehuskn violin , Harry 1m-
chanan cornet , and MissCiraco lluchanan
nt the piano , was ono of the best pro
ductions of the evening , and was so well
appreciated by the audience that the
performers wore compelled to return am
give another selection. The recitations
given , in every instance showt'd much
cnru and study in preparation , and not a
little talent.
_ _ _ _
Railroad I'ro pttcin nt Knlrliury.
FAIHBUKV , Neb. , May 20. [ Corro-
ipondenco of the BEG. ] There is consid
erable excitement among the deni/ens ol
pustU c ; i > ur regarding railroad
- vJ F tit.
Jtiildlng at this time. A bond has been
signed by over two-thirds of the voters
: hat the city will vote to the Chicago ,
Kansas & Nebraska the Hock Island
the sum of $ 11,000 to aid in the extension
of the Hock Island southwest to Jicllvlllc ,
Kan. ; tlionco west to Denver. This
pledge is given that the city will vote
bonds for the reason that the railroad
company want to go to work at once
and cannot wait until an election can bo
called nnd bonds voted.Vo will bo , in
addition to the division point which wo
already tire , n junction , The talk Is that
in addition to the southwest line the
company will build this summer from
Fairbury to Omaha via Lincoln. The
railroad committee of the board of trade
went to Wymoro the other day to inter
view the olllclals of the Kan
sas City , Wyandottc As North
western in regard to running
through Kairbury , aud were assured that
the prospects were trood. The ollleials
are expected hero next Monday to look
us over and have promised to make a sur
vey soon. Rnilroads will get so thick
liero soon that a man can't sleep nijihts
because of the racket.
Town lots are in active demand and no
lot up on sales , liullditigs are still going
lip and no mechanic is compelled to bo
idle for waul of employment.
Work on the Kairbury and Stromsburg
branch of thn Kansas City As Omaha is
being pushed. They have built a switch
J.GUO feet long in the south part of the
city and nro piling up their material
along the track.
A committee of citizens of Steele City
nro here to-day and are now in consulta
tion with the railroad committee of the
Fiiirlniry board of trade. The subject of
their consultation is a branch of the Santa
b'e road from Topeka northwest
through Clny Center and Washington ,
Kan. , nnd Stcclo City and Fairbury , Neb.
i'his is another railroad making entrance
into our city and country. There is also
a strong probability that the Hock Island
will build north and south from Fairbury
to Clny county , Kan. , and connect their
; wo lines. These two last schemes are
rather now , and wo don't know whether
they will materialize or not , but wo have
consutetablo faith.
Asa Hay , an old settler and Free Mason ,
died to-day after a long and painful ill
Our saloons contribute to the school
and municipal funds the sum of if 1,000
each , and there arc five of them.
A. Solid YuutiK City.
NEWMAN GUOVK , Nob. , May 18.--Cor-
rcspondcnce of the UKK. ] The Scribner
mil Onkdalc branch of the Fremont , Elk-
lorn & Missouri Valley railway com
pleted the track through this place about
a month ago , and in the course of two or
three weeks will bo into Oakdalo on the
main line west of Norfolk , and as soon
as completed to that point regular trains
will bo put on. Until last fall Newman
Grove was nothing but a little postollicc
village , consisting of a blacksmith shop ,
jpncral store and two or three residences.
To-day nearly every branch of bus-
mess is represented hero , and
jy enterprising and wide awake
business men. Two elevators are now
jclng erected. A first-class brickmakor
s now putting In yards and will soon be
iblo to furnish a No. 1 quality of brick.
The dam for a grist and flouring mill is
low being put in. The town is bcautl-
iilly located in the Shell Creek valley ,
n the southwest part of Madison county ,
DIG country surrounding is as line as
there is in the state nnd is populated by
a thrifty class of people , the majority
Arealans , aud. the remainder Swedes and
Norwegians. The lots first platted in
Newman Grove have all been sold and
another addition was laid out last week
and nearly half of it has been sold
Crops nro looking fine in this vicinity.
Farmers rejoiced exceedingly over the
showers of last week. <
Waitings From AVrthoo.
WAIIOO , Nob. , May 18. [ Correspond
ence of the BEE. ] Yesterday afternoon
while Mrs. Dr. Soulo and her daughter.
Mrs. G. W. Simpson , wore out driving , a
bolt holding the shafts in place came out ,
frightening the horse and causing him
to run away and' overturn the buggy ,
throwing both occupants put nnd drag *
ging Mrs. Simpson some distance before
she was freed from the wreck. She is
badly bruised about the face nnd head ,
and has remained unconscious up to this
writing. It is thought that she is injured
internally and will scarcely survive. Mrs.
Soulo was also frightfully scratched and
bruised , but her injuries are not of : v
serious nnturo.
The time of the district court since it
opened Monday has been occupied prin
cipally with preliminary matters. The
case of the Saundcrs County National
bank vs Herman C. To Pool , involving n
question of commission and usury in a
$4,000 loan , was submitted to the jury
this morning and a verdict for the plain-
till' for the full amount with interest was
Qln the case of the State vs Jo
seph Barrett , charged with selling
intoxicating liquors without license ,
the defendant plead guilty and was
fined 1200 nnd costs. In the State vs
John Lundin , charged with stealing his
employer's pocket-book , containing $11
nnd other valuable papers , defendant
plead guilty and was this morning sen
tenced to ono year in the penitentiary.
In case of the state vs J. J. Kelly ,
charged with burglarizing the gun store
of James Morrison on the id ) of last Jan
uary , the jury , after being out thirty-six
hours , stood as nt first , ton for acquittal ,
and was discharged. Charles Gibson ,
charged with malicious mischief , was ac
quitted by the jury. Court adjourned
till Monday next.
Among the non-resident attorneys in
attendance woro'J. J , O'Connor , of
Omaha ; N. C. Abbott nnd W. U. Kelly ,
of Lincoln ; J. B. Ha winy nnd E. F.
Grny , of Fremont.
Reynolds' Matrimonial Event.
HKVNOLUS , Nob. , May 19. [ Corre
spondence of the BEE. ] Last Sunday Mr.
J. M. llonch led to the altar Miss Ger
trude E. Parker , whore they worn united
in the holy bonds of matrimony by Hov.
Asby at the M. E. church of this city.
Mr. Honoh is a rising young attorney at
tills place , and since his advent hereabout
about eighteen months ago has made
many friends , besides meeting her who
will in future years bo hi ? comfort an d
helpmate. Miss Parker is thu daughter
of Judge W. C Parker , ono of the most
thrifty and enterprising merchants of
Jeflerson county. Thu alfait was indeed
a grand one , there being some 203 guests
present , as per invitations previously
sent , and the little church was crowded
to its utmost capacity. After the ceremony -
mony the happy couple repaired to the
residence of the bride's parents , where
refreshments were served and congratu
lations tendered.
A. IJoomlns Colorado Town.
STKULINQ , Colo. , May 18. [ Corre
spondence of the BEE. ] The town Is all
excitement. A dozen business buildings
are now in course of erection , and more
would bo under way if there wcro car
penters to do the work. Several largo
brick blocks are to be put up as soon as
brick is burnt , which will bo in two or
thrco weeks. Business men are eagerly
seeking locations for every branch of
business , Trains are crowded with set
tlers going on to gnvurnmont land ) and
many are coming ay team. Real , , estate
men are crowded with work. W ork on
the now Burlington grade both eafct and
west is being pushed with tUo greatest
possible speed. The force is being in
creased ' . as rapidly ns men nnd
teams can bo procured. Four new addi
tions to the town are being laid oft' this
week. Capitalists are eagerly seeking
Investments , and sales of real estate are
daily Incrcabing in numbers nnd value ,
Grnnt'H Splendid I'roipcctn.
GiANTNeb..May : 20. [ Correspondence
of the BEE. J Several months ago Grnnt
nestled down on the plains of Keith
county , twenty miles south of Ognlolla ,
and began to grow into a fair young vil
lage , nnd with great expectations awaited
the extension of the lioldrego branch of
the B. & M. railroad.
Agrcat many people in the eastern nnd
central portions of the state had an eye
on Grant , and speculation was rlfo as to
the probability of it ever being n railroad
town. A great many thought that the B.
A : M. would not push further west than
Curtis , in Frontier county , for at least
two years to come , and then the construc
tion of the extension would not exceed
forty miles per year. Ah , but man , in his
shrewdness , could not sco nil , nor fore
tell all.
The ccntlo winds that come up to us
from the Mississippi valley and across
from the lakes brought to us a plenti
ful rainfall and wafted to our
doors the daring and venturesome
"prairie schooners" in such numbers that
thu wide stretching plains of South Keith
became thickly dotted with the cabins of
the settler , with a rapidity that seemed
like magio. Iho demand for fuel and
the luxuries of life became so great that
It become the part of wisdom and justice ,
to immediately push thn road on into this
veritable Kdun of western Nebraska , and
as wo write the thud of the shovel , the
slink of the spike driver , "tho heave o
lien" of the linemen and the throbbing
pulse of the engine , that is bringing us n
new life are only forty miles away and
coming it thn marvelous rate of two
miles per day.
The Lincoln land and townsitc com
pany have just platted 105 acres adjoin
ing the present site , and lots will bo put
on the market immediately. The platted
and non-platted portion of the site com
prises 1,020 acres of as line laying land
as was ever embodied in a town silo in
all Nebraska.
There is now located nt Grant two
banks , two general stores , two
hardware , one grocery and ono notion
store , one hotel , two livery stables , three
lumber yards , two law firms and four
real estate olliccs ; also two drug stores
and ten residences.
Petitions are now in circulation for a
livision of the county on a compromise
line and the division is assured , giving us
i now county twenty-one miles in width
by forty-two miles in length , which will
in all probability result in making Grant
a county seat.
The 1880 crop of Keith county was of
the best in tnc state , her products that
were on exhibition at the Omaha fair
taking first premium.
An immense amount of grain has been
and is being planted this spring , and the
prospects are quite Mattering for good
crops of all kinds.
Settlers are jubilcnt , nnd , in fact ,
everyone , including the newcomer of
yesterday , wears a broad smile and
jhucklcs with delight as ho anticipates
: hu continuance of the good time that is
now uuon us. Come 'to South Keith and
grow up with Grant. CEMCE.
Iowa Prison Statistics.
ANAMOSA. la. , May 17. [ Correspond
ence of the BEI : . ] The following are the
atest statistics of the penitentiary :
There is now 1 prisoner in for 23 years ,
1 for 21 years , 2 for 20 , 3 fpr 15 , 4 for 10 ,
4 for 8 , 8 for 7 , 4 for C , 10 for 5. 11-Jfor 4 ,
C for 3 , 86 for 3 , 88 for 2 , 85 for 1 , 42 for
1 , 23 for 0 months : f
The oldest convict is eighty-live years
of ago and is in for life , being the first
man in the prison sent from Cedar Rap
ids , for killing his wife. Ho and an
other man's wife made an arrangement
between themselves that he was to kill
his wife and she her hus
band. When the time came
for carrying out their con
spiracy thn female lost her courage and
failed to fill her part of the contract ; but
he killed his wifp and is now nearintr the
completion of his sentence at the hand
of death , as he is very feeble and in poor
health. The youngest convict is sixteen
years of aco.
The following is their religious train
ing : Congregational 8 , Christian 11 , He-
formed 5 , United Brethren 0. Advontistii ,
Episcopal 9 , Protestant 3 , Presbyterian
2,1 ; , Lutheran 10 , Jewish 1 , Baptist 24 ,
Methodist 73 , Catholic 08 , infidels 2.
Thirty-two are in for burglary , 90 in for
larceny , manslaughter 10 , obtiining
money under false pretenses 5 , robbery
0 , passing forged notes 5 , rape 8 , adul
tery 3. Thtiro are 12 females in the
prison. _ _
The South Omaha Land company have
appointed C. E. Mayno solo agent for the
sale of their lots. Ho will show the prop
erty nnd furnish all desired information
upon application.
[ Signed ] W . A. PA.XTON , President.
General John Stark , of revolutionary
fame , is about to have a monumen1
erected in his memory , the town of Man
chester , N. II. , having recently sub
scribed $5,000 for that purpose.
Sawdust only is used by an Oregon
flouring-mill in the generation of steam.
It would cost f 100 a day to feed thn fur
naces of the mill with coal , while with
sawdust it costs only $59 a day.
The Woodbridfro Bros. , of this city ,
handle a line of pianos that are unsur
passed for beauty of case , tone and ac
tion , and the manufacturers date back
over 30 years. Wo shall bo pleased to
have you call and look us over. Wo can
suit you in prices and terms.
215 S. 15th St.
Vegetables are arriving from the south
at northern markets. Ono Charleston
steamer brought 4,000 quarts of straw
berries , marrowfat peas , cabbage and
other vegetables.
The experiment of oyster-farming is
being tried by a Ilampden , Me. , citizen
in the Ponobscot river and bay. Ho
planted over fiftv barrels of oysters at
Sandy Point and Castine.
Cottage colors ready for use in new
and desirable shades. Alabaslino in
various tints , the original and only per
manent wall finish , supersedes calci
mine for baauty and durability , and is
easily applied. Paints , window glass ,
brushes , etc. , largest and most complete
stock west of Chicago. Cunmings &
Noilson , 1118 Farnam St.
Two or thren nights ago a white dea
con in Chatham county , South Carolina
lina , sot a steel trap in his corn crib , and
upon visiting it in the morning found a
colored deacon with four lingers in the
trap. _ _
China has live times ns much coal lands
as all Europe , and her silver , lead , gold ,
copper , tin , iron and marble deposits are
as largo and profitable as those of any
other country. _ _
For Halo.
A good brick machine in good running
order. N.Y. . Williams , Council Bluffs !
A Now Orleans banker , who was fond
of using Latin to enrich his conversation ,
was asked ono evening by n young lady
in a hotel where ho had been. "Ohl
just outside in the cuspndorc , walking
pro and con , " ho replied.
Edison Electric Light System Estimaots
furnished. GEO. W. COSVEU ,
Paxtoa House , Omaha , A/jent.
The "beautiful" Indian maiden , thinks
a writer to tlid Uhiladclphla Press , is generally - '
orally a big , fat , dirty-looking creature ,
with a blanket urotind her that comes to
her knees , bsra-hcadcd , with moccasins
on that she generally pulls olV when they
nro worn out. The blanket Is fastened
nt the neck nnd'also with n belt nt the
wnist. Ono thing they have , the most
beautiful , poarlJlooklng teeth.
To bo a thoroughly English-American
gentleman oturmust not content himself
with one summer cottage. He must own
three or four , ono in the mountains , an
other at the . ashore , and another at hi.s
farm. He can move according to hl
fancy , however , and can occupy the
house which lie considers most season
This powder never varies. A marvel o
purity , strength and wholesoinencss. More
economic than the ordinary kinds , and can
not be sold in competition with the multi
tude of low cost short weight alum or
phosphate powders. Sold only in cans
Royal Baking Powder Co. , 106 Wall-st. ,
flfi\j"liiK Thread of Modern Tlmcn.
33s i . . . . -T ,
Sold at wholesale by
Kilpalrlck Koch & Co. , Dry
M. E. Smith & Co.
ln\lon , < iiill elicr & Co.
And by nil ICetuil Dealers.
| Ktlllcitintin. . ! ( W ( til ( tlwflif * ! * Itifftlienry anj | < rartlr
t i i\MUttftliirnlO'l i > iilrij ritni-etl | h > lii n , ami lit all
UITM iimmunliii * , tltt-y liuto ( heir | YiuUlt * to cirri in
Mbich , tluydiicrt trulr Miilm ml I lactic ? , l > iu OTT U <
DOLKI U a lum-Mbi ! ill u l rut Ion ol ll < 0 uirtlfrii trliootof
l eciiilUtf , iiM 1 M iM riTttlctittil m < ffM intliG lifHlnicnl of
Chronic Nil * uu * hui hpeclnl I > iM.aMt ( > eli ( viriiiai ) > % oii *
tlciful nt ttlt llamrtnjr 'Hiftfxt | x.rMiii wlio mi < t inrtlUul
lellcf for tli * mo t IVIlrateoflHixnIllflml manoni *
] > lt > Iio < l an I turn Mf ul | lijilrUu lit tl > o | > rroM ol I'n. ' OTTnt *
aoitut , wMUlitjhly iiixminiewktl Ljr tli medical liufur
toil at home and aWoiiJ.
frtlftiauiiAr | bM > avuii M naii IniiwiloulQurttlmi ant ]
Bimploni L.M mi wbl < li to ftl u full | u toiy of llnlr ttl MM ,
ftfnlirino fcnt ( inrywlwrw ) l-y vxmp | | iiihlre l > y Ktttr.
Corwultatkm ( Yw aid contl Ifnlial , | r nnror 1 ; ) mail
Affect Ing I ha Nerrnut Hjrbtem r.eulto , Urlniiy an > I
the Orpin * , r1l at all oilier klmlm ! CUM * of fllhtr * . &
CaJlouori.JJrfM , OTTERBOURQ ,
HOlRSi Cor. laili.Brt DodjeSli ,
0 to 13 a. . , ' * la < * * ) > Outiu , Nrn.
The Best and Safest
Vapor Stove Made.
C. W. Sleeper , head of St. Marys' Av-
Holmes & Smith , South Omaha.
Uff5ali ! ? 5
We want to close out our light weight suits now while there is a
demand for them and not wait until the season is over. For that rea
son we had a great mark down , of which the following are a
few samples ,
One lot of fine worsted four button cutaway frocks , in neat silk
mixtures , lined with silk serge and elegantly made , which formerly L ,
sold low at $20 , now reduced to $16.50.
Several lots of fine worsted sacks , ol same description , in differ
ent patterns , bound and unbound , formerly sold low at 18.50 and
$17.50 , now reduced to $14.50
One lot of fine worsted four button cutaway frocks , light color , \
silk faced , and equal to custom made , formerly sold low at $20now
reduced to $15.
500 light and dark colored cheviot , pin check and various nobby
spring suitings , formerly sold at $15 , $12 and $10 , now reduced to
$12 , $10 and $8.
Special attention is called to our line of summer coats and vests , 1
in flannel , serge , mohair , alpacca and seersuckers , in all new and
fashionabie shades , and ranging in price from $1 up to $5.25 for
coat and vest. A GREAT BARGAIN , is our $3,25 mohair coat
and vest. The same is sold elsewhere for from $6 to $7.
All goods marked in plain figures and at one price.
Nebraska Clothing Company ,
Cor. Douglas and 14th sts. , Omaha.
O. H. CURTIS , Pres. - -HTJRD THOMPSON , Sec. $ & Treas
Wholesale § > Retail.
"n h Brnnd" Coats , Bulbs , Douches , Hair Crimpers , Nursery Sheeting , Spconlnmj ,
Air Pillows , Jlrushos , Drill & Duck , llnlr Tins , Nuvyllags , Sportsmen's Goods ,
Air Beds , Brewer's Hose , Door MntH , Hats , Oil Clothing , Mumps ,
Air Cushions , Caps , Dress Shields , llorae Covers , Packing , Stationer's Cum ! ,
Antl Itsttlcr * , Capes , Drinking Cups , Hose , B. B. & i' . Co.l'nlls , Syphons ,
Aprons , Carriage Clotli , Elastic Jlands , lloso Couplings , P.rf.cnon Bon Syringe.Spittoons ,
Atomizers , Cartridge Unga , Klastlo Stocklngl , Hose IMpea , I'cnclls , bulmmlng Jackets
Bands , CuthcUrs , Erasers , lloso Heels , Ten holders. Syringes'P.if.ction Box ;
Huniltigc Gum , Clothing , Kneeling * , Hot Water BottlcePessaries , Thimbles ,
Baptismal Pants , Copy Hook Sheets , Finger Cots , Haversacks , Piano Covers , Throat Hags.
Kails , Carpeting , Flower Sprinklers , Ice Hags , 1'lpes , Tubing ,
Hath Mats , Cement , Floor Scrapers , Ice Caps , Pipe Stems , Tumblers ,
Hath Tuba , Clothes Wringers , Folding Pails , Ink Stands , riant Sprinklers , Toys.
Heil I'nns , Coats "Fish Urnnd. " Foot Halls , Invalid Cushions , Pure Ilubbcr ,
Bed Sheets , Combs , Force Cups , Leggings , Pants , Tobacco Touches ,
11.II..lI'.Co. Belting , Comb Cleaners , Krult Jar Kings , Llnctl lloso , Pistol Pockets , Trotting Kolln ,
Kelt Hooks , Corks , Funnels , Lace Cutters , Huttles , Urinals ,
Ilcllqws Cloth , Corkscrews , Gas Tubing , Life Preservers , Knbber Dam , Umbrellas ,
Ulbs , Curry Combs , Gloves , Mackintosh Goods , Rulers. Ventilating Poles ,
Hlankcts , Cuspadors , GossamerC ps , Match Boxes , ItcpalrlngCloth , AVagon Aprons ,
Hoots & Shoes , Cigar Cases , " Cloth , Martingale Kings , Hhaft Itubbers , Wagon Covers ,
Hoys Caps , ClmirTlps.t Buffers , " Coats , Mats , Shoes A , Hoots , Wagon Springs ,
Hoys Coats , Diapers , " WaterproofsMatting , Sink Scrapers , Weatherstrips ,
Houglcs , Dlaiier Cloth , Gaiter Straps , Mirrors , Scoops , Webbing ,
Hrnuclcts , Dolls , Gun Covert , Mittens , Shooting Coats , Wading Pants ,
fircuet Pumps , Doll llodles , Guttn Pcrclm , Nipples , Slingshots. Water Hollies ,
Itreiistbhields , Doll Heads , GymnasUimB , Nursing nibs. Soling , Window Clcnneri ,
Uulfers , Door Hands. Hair Curlers , Nursing Bottles , SponuoHags , Wringer Itolls ,
Boston Deltinp _ JCo's. Rubber nnd Cotton Belting , Packing ami Hose. Sole agents in Oinnlia. j
Leather licit Ing- ; Pure Oak Tanned. Manufacturers of "PERFECTION BOX SYRINGES. " '
Manufacturers of "FISH Jilt AND ItUBIiEIt GOODS. "
Mall Orders Solicited nnd will KccelYe Promut Attention.
13th St , Cor. Ctpitol ilvcnitT
Chronic & Surgical Diseases
DR. MoMENANlY. Proprietor.
filitecn jeari' Hospital and J'riiato pracuca
Wu have the facilities , apparatus and reraedla *
for the successful treatment of crery form of di *
i nie requiring cither medical or surgical treatment ,
and tmltcall tor-mionnct investigate for tlicraiolve
r c.irrcepnntl mlth n . Long experience In treat
Ing cases hr letter cmblci us to treat man ; CIM
cientidcaUr without eelii | ? them ,
WUITBOR rillCULAK on Deforraltlei and
Uracci1 , Club Feet , Curvatures of the Spine
DliEKis or Won * * , Plies , Tninort , Cancers ,
Catairb , Bronchltli , Inhibition , Electricity , I'nral.
pis , Epilepsy , Rlilucr , je , Ear , bkln , Blood and
ell tiirelcnl operations.
lliitterlo * , Inhale , Hrncei , Trusses , niv !
nil kinds of Medical and Surgical App'.laucei ) , mart
ufaeturod and for tale.
lh only rillablo Medical Institute making
Private , Special $ Nervous Diseases
from whateverCiuifcpro1iiceilnuccc88fnlljr treated
\Vu cvi remove Syi'Lllltlo pulton from thoejitum
without murcurj.
New rsitnralive treatment for Ion of vital power
Cull ami cnumilt ui or ttnd Earns and poit-nmce
nJclrtJS plainly nritton incloie stamp , ami r e
nil ! pciul yon , In pHIn irranuer , our
URIMAKT ORUAMS , or tend history of your CMC tor
tu opinion.
Persona unable to visit ns may he treated at their
liomci , by correspondence Medicine * and Initru-
munU tent hr mail or einrens SSCUKGLY PACK
HI ) KliOM markt to Indlcnta
contents or lender. One personal Interview pro
fcrrcdlf con > cnlcnt. Fifty rooms for th a-curu
nodatlon of patlenti Hoard nnd attendance at
rtasonabU pikes Address ll Lclttra to
Omaha Medical and Surgical institute ,
Car. l31hSt. and CinltolAve. . OMAHA , fl Q
Embody Ilirhlglieit rretltrn
ilnraliinil/aiiilnrttliertla > tli > 0
JiirorUet in fiultinnablr circle : .
Our name i I J , &T. COUSINS ,
onemymlc. 1 NCWYORK.
New Model Lawn Mower
Five Sixes. Will cut higher grass
any other. J fas no equal for simplicity ,
lurability and ease of operation.
Tliis is the latest Improved Ma
chine in the Market.
ft' ' * - . 010 Friccs. Send for circulars.
ma : * * * PHIL STIMMEL & CO.
State Agents for Farter's Jlai/lmj Tool
and Jobbers of Binding Twine.
can bo done In the oven ot the
Chatter Oak ItaiiRO or Steve with tlio Wire
( iau/o Oven Door , more pcifectly than over
fjiollvo coals. I
Lay the steak , chops , ham r fish on n
who Droller or meat nick , placing it In an
01 ( Unary bake ] > an to catch the di Ipplngs.
Allow It to remain In the oven with tlio
door closed 15 or W minutes. No turning ' i.
Is leqnired. At the end of this time it will
ho found nicely cooked ready to serve.
There Is no taint of coal-gas or smoke ,
nnd the meats at o more tender and butter lu
flavor than these broiled over the coals.
The convenience or biolllng In the oven
will bo appreciated bycvciy house-keeper ,
nnd adds another to tlio many reasons why
the Charter Oak Kango or Move with the
"Who Oaii/o Oven Door should ho preferred
SEND FOR ILLUSTRATED CIRCULAR * AMD Puitt LISTS. to all others now in the mat Ice t. 4
Watches , Diamonds , Fine Jewelry , Silverware
The largest stock. Price * the lowest. Repairing a specialty. Work warranted.
Corner Douglas and 16th streets , Omaha. Licensed Watchmaker for the Union
1'acificRailroad Compan > .
Decker Brothers
By Dr. Snodlkor'i method. No operation ! No pnlnt
Nu Detention from biKlncx. Aduntoil to children
agwcll u vrowu people , Hundred * ol uutoirapa
iliu nllilU n i Hi i \lliui tin ir(3.l/oj ( 1111
Fitor. \ . i > . COOK ,
Uuotn 0 , 1511 Douglas St. , Omaha , Nob.
Ono Agent ( ) lfrrn nonlOw nl il inprrrr town for
It Is thu iiimnltnniig opinion of inn customers
th t jourTatiHlil'B 1'imoli Is the host So olimi"
they hnvo over ninoVcd , Muriy claim that It U
ns good n * the majority of tlinsn nt lOo.
0. 0 , Chnlnifrs , Drnytflst , Smlllilloh ] , Va.
mm , ft. w , TMS/LL