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    ' nwry-
Bellvtrcd by carrier In nnypnrtof the city at
twenty edits per week.
H. W. TILTOX. - Manager.
BtJHiKTPKOrncr. No. U
M tour KDITOK No. 23.
N. y.l'lumljltiB Co.
New spring goods nt Kcitcr's , tailor.
The city council will moot Monday
A grocery Is to bo opened In the build
ing No. ! Mi , Urondwny.
The popular resort is the Manhattan ,
418 liroiulwny , Ktitllo & Yonanrino.
A good girl wanted for general house
work. MM. 11. W. Tilton , Hun olllcc.
11. Tcrwilligcr is making some im
provements on his residence property.
The time of the district court yesterday
Was taken up with motions anil other un
interesting matters.
Prof , 1'oulson is making some marked
improvements in the residence on Fifth
avenue , recently purchased by him of J.
U. Clark.
The wind storm last night frightened
the audience out of the circus tent , and
the employes proceeded to let the canvas
A nine lias been organized with the
hope of downing the M. iV K. nine , the
contest to take plaeo this nttcrnoon at
the fair grounds.
A reception Is to bo tendered tiio now
pastor of the presbyterian church , Hov.
Dr. Phelps , nnd family , at the church to
morrow evening.
See the only standard bred stallions
for service in Council Bluffs. "Dr. Arch
ibald , " No. 2,015 , , and "Register , " No.
5,8115. At the driving park.
The police succeeded in finding ono
man yesterday who was drunk enough to
bo taken caroof. Otherwise police cir
cles were very sleepy.
See the only standard bred stallions
for service in Council liluiTs. "Dr. Arch
ibald , " No. 2,015 , and "Register , " No.
5,813. At the driving park.
John Wallace has been given the con
tract for filling the street in front of the
Hall school house on North Kighth street ,
the price to bo fourteen cents uer yard.
The Ramblers appeared last night in
their now uniforms. They look quite at
tractive. The panls , 'coat , cap and
stockings are blue , and the shirts white.
A number of them are becoming quite
proficient in riding the wheel.
The members of the Thirteenth Illinois
infantry are expecting a happy reunion
at UOPK Island on the 24. It is the twen
ty-sixth anniversary of the mustering of
tno Illinois militia out of the state service
into the United States service.
Yesterday Frank Clark , proprietor of
Hotel Manawa , purchased through W.
G. Galloway , representing Scavoy Ilro.'s
manufacturing company , complete hotel
cooking utensils , including ranges , etc. ,
for hotel Manawa. The purchase
amounted to a liltlo over ? 'JOO. '
Yesterday afternoon there was a happy
gathering of young folks at the residence
of Dr. llanchott on Fourth street , the
little guests beinc entertained by Mac
llanchott , as an observance of his eighth
birthday anniversary. The gathering
was a merry one , and all seemed to enjoy
the occasion heartily.
All the ladies who intend joining the
Ladies' Choral society ( also the.old mem
bers ) must bo present next Tuesday , May
24th , at Mueller's music hall at4:80 : p. m. ,
as Mr. Frankb must hear all the voices
bcforo deciding upon which opera is
most suitable for the society. Ho must
also know how many solo singers there
arc , and what the compass of the voices.
The executive committee hope to see
many now members.
It is estimated that it will require about
1300 to complete the driveway around
Lake Manawa to the beach , nnd tomorrow
row A. 11. Walker nnd George Mctcalf
will start out with n subscription paper
for this purpose. Mr. J. J. Brown's ser
vices have been secured gratis to super
intend the entire construction of the road
nnd dam. It is proposed to make n peed
wide drive around to Manhattan beach
and ono that will obviate the necessity
of driving through the sand.
Mr. Frank Clark , who is building the
Hotel Munnwa , has decided to grant the
request of u number of interested parties
nnd will have a hop on the main lloor of
the now hotel on Wednesday evening
next. The hotel , although not yet under
cover will , no doubt , present a lively
scene , as Mr. Clark will do nil in his
power to make this , the iirst event at
Hotel Manawa , ono long to bo remem
bered by these so fortunate as to bo in
attendance. Light refreshments will be
torved , ns well ns ice cream , lomonndo ,
etc. , and the entire grounds will bo
lighted with calcium lights.
Two Omaha carpenters were hero yester
day in hot pursuit of their partncrwhom
they claimed to bo going crooked. They
Bay that in some way ho got possession
of about | 200 of partnership money , and
a certified cheek for nearly as much
more , nnd then skipped. After hunting
about this city they got n glimpse of him
at the St. Louis house , but he noticed
them and ran away. In the clmso ho
proved to bo too llcct-footod , but lost his
bat in the run. The pohco then began
the hunt for him , but ho evidently suc
ceeded in getting beyond the city limits.
Eddie Lansendorfor , u more boy , about
three weeks ago was playing about the
now Catholic church , nnd boy like ,
jumped from the wall to the ground. In
doing so , ho fell , dislocating his wrist.
The little follow kept the fact a scrrot
from his parents , although the
wrist was badly swollen , nnd ho suffered
greatly from it. Ho shrewdly managed
the wrist so that it would not attract the
attention of his parents , and it was not
noticed until yesterday. A physician
Was at once summoned , nnd the wrist
put in condition where it will have some
chance for recovery from the injury.
The incident recalls u similar one , which
lately occurred in another family. The
boy was fooling with n revolver , in vie
lation of the commands of his father ,
and" he shot himself through the hand.
Ho wont to a drug store , got the hand
cared for , explained to his folks that ho
fell while at play nnd a nail run into it
and kept the real faot a secret until long
after the wound was healed. There
corns to bo not such a great diflbronco
in boys after nil.
Now For the Kick * .
The city board of equalization hold its
forty-sicond session yesterday , the board
having mot that number of days con-
lecutivoly , except Sundays. Manj
changes have boon made in the assess-
' nients as returned by Dr. Patten. The
aamcs of the persons whoso assessment !
have been raised , and the amounts have
been posted up in front of the city builil
injj , and also posted in the postollico
These interested can there inspect the
lists. The board adjourned yesterday tc
luoot Monday , May 30 , to hoar coin
plaints , and to grant a day in court U
' < these whoso assessments have beer
changed. Thcro will bo n largo numbci
who will avail themselves of this oppor
tunity to make their grievances known
Onico of Mulholland & Co. , removed tc
In under the Citizens1 bank. Telephone
No. 103. Leave your orders for ice.
Drs. Hanchett & Smith , ollico No. V.
Pearl st. Residence , 120 Fourth st. Tele
. phone Mo 10.
The Contract Awarded and the Asaurancs
of Woik to Oommcnco at Once.
Visiting Prcsbytorlnn Clergymen to
Fill General Pulpits Amuse
ment Notes Personal nnd
Short Stop Items.
The Drlilgo Contract.
T. J. Kvans was yesterday smiling
even more brightly than usual. "You
can announce , If you want to , that the
bridge contract is awarded to the Edge-
moor Iron company , of Wilmington , Uol. ,
thpy being the lowest bidders. There's
no more foolishness or delays , and the
bridge is now going right along. You
can make that announcement , If you
want to. " Of course the BEE wants to ,
and makes the announcement gladly ,
not because it has been in doubt as to
whether the bridge would bo built , but
because there are oven now a few doubt
ing ones , who refuse to bo convinced
that any great enterprises are to start as
talked. Ono after another of the enter
prise predicted bavo been questioned
and doubted by this class of unbelievers ,
and ono after another the enterprises
have started just as predicted. It is grat
ifying to see these doubters convinced in
spite of themselves , and to see their num
bers dwindling down until they arc now so
few that they are hardly worth the men
tion. The announcement of the award
ing of the contract sped along the streets
yesterday and everywhere carried joy
with it. It was astonishing how many
there wore of tno "I told you so" class.
Everybody smiled , inquiries for more
real estate 'began coming in to all the
ollit.cs , and those who liave property
stiffened their prices a little and began
figurine over prospective advances. The
real rotate dealers are looking for rapid
and sudden advances over present
prices. The property has been held
here so low and thcro has been so little
of the fictitious values that all concede
that investments cannot but bo safe and
remunerative. Even those who have been
certain that tiio bridge would be built
have been planing on dealing more
when the work was fairly started , and
now that all possibilities of any delays
are removed a greater boom than over
may bo expected , and ono which will
keep booming.
The work on the bridge is to commence
within ten days and will bo completed
within a year. The sub contractors wore
notified yesterday of the result of the
award , and the preliminaries of securing
material began before tlio sun went
down. The general description of the
bridge has been given before and the
public is quite familiar with the general
design. With the choip and easy com
munication which this bridge will estab
lish between the two cities , the bottom
lands will jump into demand for various
purposes. Grout changes are to bo
looked for within the coming twelve
muntlis and this season will see many of
It seems certain now that the Union
Pacific wiil proceed with the improve
ments contemplated and planned some
time ago. It is stated that arrangements
are being made for putting on nt once
about 200 men to proceed with the con
struction of the tracks , buildings , etc. ,
planned some months ago. In fact
Council Bluffs is having sunshine and a
promise of much more. In the manu
facturing line there is much encourage
ment. The canning works have proved
so successful that the work of enlarging
has begun and the capacity of the works
are to DO increased 50 per cent. The
purchase of the iron works by Mr. Ogden
is being followed up by his active and
pcrbomil enlargement and supervision of
the business , and with experience and
capital these works will soon bo among
the leading ones in the west. The work
has commenced on the new sash , door
and blind factory of Stroek Bros. These
gentlemen have in the cast been success
ful in this line and they come hero en
thusiastic over the prospects of doing
still better here. The handle factory is
kept busy , Hattonhaucr's carriage fac
tory has been enlarged , and in fact thcro
are numerous enterprises which indicate
that manufacturing interests here are on
the boom.
The iron and ties are on the road for
the no ft motor line to Lake Manawa.
The hotel is raised , and the boathouse
and other improvements there are nearly
completed. In driving about the city
one is surprised at the number of resi
dences going up. There never has been
so many built in any ono season as have
been put up thus far this year. Houses
still are in demand , nnd it in diflicult to
got any desirable house to rent.
In fact , Council Bluffs has many rea
sons for keeping up a regular thanksgiv
ing day. 'I ho business men scent to be
having an unusually good trade. The
outlook in all directions seems to grow
brighter and brighter , and it seems that
nothing can now stay the progress and
prosperity of the city.
Lime , cement , plaster , hair , coal , etc. ,
Council Bluffs Fuel company , No. 5U9
Broadway , telephone 130.
Mirth nnd Mimic.
Last evening the Jubilee singers ap
peared at the opera house before an en
thusiastic audience. They are certainly
wonderful , and ono cannot listen to theit
songs without being thrilled. Their rep
utation is being wonderfully sustained ,
and the merits of their entertainments do
not seem to lesson ,
On Mocday and Tuesday evenings the
popular Irish comedians , Sheehan and
Coyn , are to appear at the opera house in
"Grogan's Elevation , " and promise tc
give a whole evening of solid fun.
On Wednesday and Thursday evenings
"Tho Devil's Auction" occupies the opert
houpo , and the assurance is given thai
the spectacular will bo presented witl :
more pleasing effects than ever before ir
this city. The company if a largo one
and the mechanism la very elaborate.
Those who remember King & Frank'
tin's tent shows last year willbo glad tc
know that they are to appear again hen
May 20 and 27. There are many now at
tractions. Last season they gave the
greatest show for a dime ever given ir
tills city , and this season they promise tc
do still better by the public. The public
will bo satisfied if they give as plcasim
entertainments as last year , and theii
tents will surely be crowded at over :
The Mueller Music Co. has the largcs
and best assortment of Baby Carriages
Wagons , Velocipedes and Bicycles in tin
city. Prices low.
Now Don't You Do It ,
If you don't want to buy a house am
lot , "don't see Tip ton , " because if y 01
see his list and then go and see the coz ;
llttlo homes ho is offering so cheap amen
on such easy payments , yon will bn lin
ble to do something yon don't want t <
and it would make a change in busines
all around.
To Investor * .
If you want to make a real estat
deal that will ' double your mono ,
seeTipton's bargains on the Manawi
motor line.
Etonian's Peoples Store Offer Their
Entire Stock Of French Novelty
Dress Goods nt Half Cost
or Importation.
At no time in the history of Council
Bluffs or any other city In the west has
there over boon such a sacrifice sale of
clean , new and choice novelty suits as
will take place at Eisoman's Peoples
store during this week's salo. The goods
were nil Imported this season , not ono of
them has been carried over as wo make
it a special point to clean out each sea
son's goods m the seasons they are in
tended for.
Head the prices :
Lot No. 1. All of our combination
suits sold in the early season for $ > ' - . ' , W )
and | 33 each , will bo given away this
week for $20 each.
Lot No. 2. All the combination suits
sold in the early season for ) * > , $27.50 ,
$30 , $33 and $33 , reduced to $15 for this
Lot No. 3. All the combination suits
sold In the early season for $18 , $ ' . ' 0 and
$22 each , will bo sacrificed at thia sale
for $12.50 each.
Lot No. 4 All the combination suits
sold in the early season for $12.50 , $14.00 ,
$15.00 and $10.50 reduced to $9.00 each.
All-wool dress goods reduced in the
same proportion , wo are bound to make
these goods move quick If low prices wilde (
do it.
Don't miss this great sale. Bo on hand
early and bring your friends with you.
EISEMAN'S Pr.oi-ix's ,
814 , 310 , 318 and 320 Broadway.
Ho Gives Gootl Atlvlco.
Yesterday alter the bridge contract
was let , ono gentleman said to a cluster
of other gentlemen , "Well , I am happy ,
I have from timu to time purchased sev
eral pieces of property through J. G.
Tipton's agency , Tipton would advise mete
to buy this piece and that piece , and I
did so , and tome times did it against my
own judgment , but it has all panned out
right , and to-day I can take a handsome
profit on any of my purchases. You can
all have your own theory about Tipton's
success , but I can tell vou , that 1 think
ho knows all the time just what ho is
Joiner , nnd is lionast enough to tell his
customers what they ought to do , for
their own good ; thats the secret. "
Cheap storage in either small or car
load lots at Nos. 22,24 and 20 Pearl street ,
J. It , SnyJcr. ,
Special advertisements , such us Lost , Fo.tnd
'joLoan , For Snlo ; To Kent , VNants , Bonrcllnir ,
etc. , will bolneorto'l In this column nt the loir
ratoof TEN CUNTS PCIt LINE fortho Oral Inset-
/IvoConUrerLlnofovcach subsequent
Insertion. I.c vo advertisements nt our ollico
No. U Vcurl stiecti near Uroadwny , Council
- Blolon Two bird dojrB. Ono
rod spotted. Ono rod with nickel plated
plated collar marked "J. H. 1'oppc , Atlantic ,
In. " Liberal ronnnl for their return to J. II.
1'oppc , No. 131T Sixth avenue , Council [ IhifTs.
TT7ANTI.D A KOCH ! manloi carriage wnBlier ;
V > also u good hostler. Apply to Mnso Wise ,
Council lllulfs.
WANTED--Younsr mnn to woik about stable
uml house. Apply to Honico Ilvcrctt , at
olllcu , No. 101'carl street only.
FOH IlKNT Ono ollico nnd ono business
room near the now postofllte on Uroaduay ,
Ono llvo room house , (12.
Ono three loom house , $10.
Ono seven room hou o , t 0.
O. Mnyne , No. P29 Slxuh ave.
FOR TRADE A section of good innd In Lin
coln county , Nob. , for a stock of hard
ware. Address Odull Ilros. & Co. , No. 103 Peurt
street. Council IllulTs , or corner Farnnm and
10th streets , Omaha.
Tj OIt SALE A stock general merchandise InC
-C a good town In western Iowa. A first-
class chance for unv ono-wishing to engage In
business. Stock will invoice about $800 and
will bo sold cheap. For further Information
Inquire ol M. E. Smith 4 Co. , Omaha , or N. a
Phillips , Broker , No. 410 Hroailwny , Council
FOR BALE--A choice house containing eight
rooms , with porches , furnace , bath room ,
barn , etc , in tine neighborhood on Sixth uv-
eniio , between Sixth and Seventh streets , for
fVOO if taken within ton days. Call on or
wrlto F. J. Day , No. 39 Pearl street , Couuci
FOR SALE-Or Trade Six sections of good
land In Lincoln county. Neb. , on U. P.
railway. Call on or address Udell Ilros. & Co. ,
10J Pcurl St. , Council muffs.
FOR SALE Cheap ; a good her o. Can boat
three minutes. Enquire at No.1tt West
NOTICE Will pay the highest price for first-
class cast-olf lady's , gents , and children's
clothing , boots , s b ocs , hats , etc. D. Goldstein ,
No § . 217 and 28 ! Uroadway. ,
If you arc thinking of purchasing
a carpet , call on us. It Is a , pleasure
to show goods and we have the goods
to show. We arc the only exclusive
carpet house In Western Iowa , and
and ottr stock in consequence is be
yond comparison with houses that
pretend to be In the carpet bus tncss
We guarantee to sell all goods as
cheap as they can be sold and leave
us a small margin. JTo big prices.
Our specialty is Carpets and we can
yon give prices that will surprise
A full and complete stock of
Drapcrlca and Upholstery always
on iKttul.
We also ha ve the finest line of Itngs
ever seen In the west , ranging in
price from 50 cents to asmanydol-
la rt.
JVojic but experienced carpe
layers and drapers employed , and
all work done under the Immediate
supervision of our Hfr. Stockcrt.
N. V. Samples of Cttrpc's { sent
upon application and the very low
est prices guaranteed.
Carpet Company ,
No. 405 BROADWAY ,
Count-11 ISIiiffr
Designs , estimates and'rt ports on bridges ,
viaducts , foundations and general engineering.
Blue print ! ) of any size and quantity.
Office No 13 N. Main St. , First National Bank
Block. | c
Vacnnt Lots , Lands , City Residences and
Fin ins. Acre property Injwostorn cart of city.
All selling cheap to make rooitf for spring stock
Real Estate & Insurance Agent ,
Iloom 5 , over Officer 4 Pusoy's Bank , Cou
Council luTaIowa. (
Established 11:57.
Larp-o hats In white , black and all colors. Pat-
urn bonnets , huts and toques , a specialty.
NolSU Douglas st. , Omaha.
O"T .
Real Estate Broker and Dealers
Council Bluffb OfHco , Masonic
Temple. Onmliu OHlcc , No 111
North Kith street.
Particular attention given to In
venting fundw for noii - rent-
dent * . Special bargains In lot * A ;
acre property In Onmliu 4k Coun
cil Bluffs. Correspondence solic
Steam , Gas and Water Pipe
No 552 Broadway , - Oouncil Bluffs , Iowa
Mail Orders Shipped Promptly.
Swanson Music Company ,
No. 329 Broadway Council Bluffs
Estey Organs , Gamp& Co.'s ' Organs and Western CotlageOrgans
A few comments regarding the Estcy Pianos. In every civilised Country on the
globe the name of Kstty is n household word with iovcrs of music ; it is a guarantee
for.the exquisite quality of tone in musical instruments , bearing the name that com
mands confidence , admiration and enthusiasm.
rlave tried all kinds of adver
ting in newspapers , books ,
by hand-bills , signs , circulars ,
etc. , etc. , but the most success
ful advertisement they ever
int forth is a walking adver
Have you seen them ? Of
course you have many a time.
"We refer to thos ? walking
idvertisaments so frequently
seen on the streets of this city
nncl all over the western coun
ty in the shape of one of our
Suits with a man or boy inside
of them.
What a splendid advertise
ment each one of tlics'j :
All Wool Suits ,
We have a large xtoclt on hand and
they will talk for themselves.
See thorn.
Four Button Worsted &
Corkscrew Suits
In all Shade ? ,
$12.50 , $ I4.00I6.50I8.00
$20 and $22.
How they advertise us ! It
is true we don't make much
on these goods , but it is a sat
isfaction eveiy time we see a
customer buy one , we know
that he is ours.
The fit and satisfaction our
clothing gives him will cause
him to return forhia next suit
as well as advise his friends to
do likewise.
We offer no bait with the
hope of selling you something
els3 when you reach our store.
Tle : same principal of BIG
VALUE for your money ap
plies to every garment we offer.
Our tailor-made clothirg
lias proven a blessing to man
kind ; the high-triced mer
chant taller has been compelled
polled to divide his trade and
give us the largest share. Our
tailor made clothing are made
by the same men who work in
custom shops.
In addition we will say that
we carry more ready made
clothing than all the other
houses in the city combined.
Don't fool your time and money
away , come to the Popular Pee
ple's Store , where you get fair and
square dealing and more titan the
value for the money *
Betl quality grand army suits
with buffo ns thrown in , tit $8.5O ,
& GO'S.
Peoples' Store
Nos , 314,316,318 , , and 320
Harkness Brothers ,
Broadway , Council Bluffs , la
A large stock of fine white summer goods
and wash fabrics.
A New and Fine Assortment of Parasols , Sun ,
shades and Umbrellas.
Summer Corsets and the Noted Little ,
i' '
Jersey Corset.
Department is yet well stocked and invites the attention
of everyone .about to furnish a home. Also oil cloths ,
matting , rugs , mats , etc. Do not forget the number ,
Telephone 163.
DR. RICHARDS' ' Electric Bath Rooms and Office
No. 607 Mynster St. , Council Bluffs.
One Square North of the P. O. Bu ildirg.
Treatment and Baths Given Ladies by Mrs. Dr.
Richards on Tuesday , Thursday & Saturday.
Elrctricity is a remarkable naturalagent which has long been known and utilized
as a remedy for disease and continued experience has enlarged its sphere of it-eful-
ness and improved its appliances by which it is employed until its utility a nu virtue
has become second to no other known remedy , in the treatment of certain forms of
disease. This agent is employed here in all its most serviceable forms by the aid of
large batteries , static machines , electric cabinet baths , electric water baths , the elec
tric chair and electrodes for treating all parts of the body. We are prepared to do
all that can be done with these great remedies. In cases of Rheumatism , Neuralgia ,
Paralysis , Spinal Irritation , Rectal Diseases , Nervous Discates in females aiising
from Uterine disorders and many other chronic and subacute troubles , it stands at
the head of all known rcmcdie * or methods cure. A thorough study of it for year *
and the successful treatment of hundreds of cases , after all other remedies had fail
ed , is sufficient evidence of its great worth and perfectly satisfies us with its good
effects on the diseased body. In the jjreat hospital's and sanitarians of ATnenca
and Europe , electricity is leading all other methods of treatment. In all leading
colleges the professors are teaching electricity as one of the potent remedies and a
special chair is appointed in man * v of them. Many ol the ablest physicians of all
schools are making a specialty ofclectricitv to the exclusion of almost everything
ehe. This great remedy has often fallen into disrepute by being recommended and
used bv persons , and physicians , perfectly ignorant of its properties and powers ,
who \v ould as often advise and use the wrong current as the right one or depend
upon it in diseases for which it is not adopted. We are sure that \\hcn the people
become educated In the use of electricity for many diseases with which the body
is afllicted and find the creat good therein , the medicines and patent righted nos
trums upon which they now rely will grow old and dusty on the shelves. Electricity
is nature's great remedy and to fully understand and skilfully apply it is our effort
and aim in life.
For further information call at the office or Fend for descriptive -
scriptivo and illustrated pamphlet on Electricity and
Electro Therapeutic Baths , by
607 Mynster Street , Council Bluffs , la.