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Important Testimony Before the Inter-State
Commission on Railway Matters ,
Temperance In Camp Federal Ap-
polntmontfl Senator Van Wyck's
Work I'ofttal Matters-Con-
era ) Capital News.
The Pacific Rallroada.
WABHINOTON , May 20. ( Special Tolo-
/trnin / to the BKK.J B. C. Stubhs , general
traffic manager of the Southern Pacific , was
the first \\ltncssof the day before the Inter
state commission and was examined by Mr.
Tweed , council for the railroad , In support of
an application to have the temporary order
suspending the operation of suction 4 of the
law made permanent. Thu witness said that
beginning In February , li&O , there had been
a virulent , bitter war of rates between the
Pacific roads lasting up to the date of the pas
sage of the law. When the law was passed
the Southern Pad lie , to readjust Its rates ,
diminished them In manycases , butlncrcased
them In no Instance. The competition to be
met by the Pacific railroads was of three
kinds the sailing vessels around Cape
Horn , the Pacific Mall steamers
via Panama , and a now factor ,
the Canadian Pad tic , which connected with
Ban Francisco by means ot the 1'acilic coast
steamship lines. To brine all of its traffic
down to the level of competing lines would
simply end In the bankruptcy of the railroad
company. That was evident. As au average -
ago of one-half cent per mile would probably
meet the expense of freight transportation
between San Francisco and the Missouri
river , It paid to carry sugar eastward at this
rate , as ft avoided the necessity of hauling
empty cars from tno west to the east. Tills
rate was much lower than that made by the
Canadian Pacific. The immediate effect of
the application of the law had been a cessa
tion of business by all the mutes except the
Canadian Pacllic , the Pacific Mall and clipper
Hhlns , but the real Injury Inflicted by the act
had scarcely had time to develop. If it were
enforced , the effect would bo to cause the
roads to lose more by the reduction of Inter
mediate traffic than the gross earnings
amounted to on through trailc. ! The chair
man questioned the witness at some length
to learn his reason for fearing the Canadian
Pacific competition. He acknowledged that
its line was very much longer than the trans
continental lines In the United States. He
was nskud how could It make profit ? Tlm
chairman wished to see if the witness sup
ported the long and short haul clause. Mr.
Stubhs said ho did not know how much of
the rates the Pacific Steamship lines received ,
or how much was left tor thu Canadian Pa
cific. It was a matte. ' of public knowledge
that the Canadian Pacllic did not have bus !
ness enough to make a train load dally.
The Prosldorit'H Queer Ue.mark.
WASIIINOTON , May20. ( Special Telegram
to the OKI : . ] What may have been a sig
nificant hint was dropped by President
Cleveland at his reception this afternoon.
Among those who lingered till the crowd
had passed wore the wife of a well known
Georgia politician and the sister of an In
fluential southern editor. When the former
bad shook the president's hand she said ,
looking at him earnestly and hard In the
face , "Mr. President , I shook hands with
you personally a year ago , now 1 do so in the
name of the grand old state of Georgia. I
congratulate you upon having made a good
president ami I hope to see you hero in a
second term. " So heartfelt and earnest were
these sentiments expressed that it took Mr.
Cleveland several seconds to clear Ills throat
and reply. When ho aid so ho said : " 1
thank you sincerely , but 1 am afraid I will
never see the end of my present term. " The
ladles are puzzled to know what the presi
dent meant His tones wore In no scnso
jocular , and since the announcement this
evening that the provident and Mrs. Cleve
I'f land will go to the Adirondacks next week
for recreation and fishing , they believe ho
had reference to the condition of his health
Cleveland's Tompcranco.
WASIIINOTON , May 20. [ Special Tolegran'
to the BEE. ] It was announced at the whtto
house to-day that the president and Mrs ,
Cleveland had abandoned their trip to Fa
qulcr Spi lugsVa.montioned In a BEI : spccia
several days ago , and would leave on Tliurs-
dav next on n fishing trip for Saranac Lake ,
N. Y. , to bo absent ten days.
The president created a sensation to-day by
Rondliu a letter to the management of thu
national drill forntddlng thu sale of Intnxl
cants In Camp Washington and about tin
drill grounds. This privilege was sold fo
Sl.bOO , which the management will lose. 1
may also have a uamage suit to light. Tin
Muscatlno , Iowa , rillos arrived to-ulght am
went Into camp- Admission to the drll
grounds lias been reduced to 25 cents from 5C
Appointments and Resignation * .
WABIIINOTON , May 20. ( Special Tele
gram totho BIE. : | Ocorgo D. Temple , o
Iowa , was t onlay appointed a timber depre
dation clerk In the general land ofllco at a
salary ot $1,800. T. Bowers , of Iowa ,
special examiner in the pension office at
* 1,400 a year lias resigned.
The Old Senator's Work.
WASHINGTON , May 20. [ Special Telegram
to the UKK.J The Nebraska delegation has
been away from Washington , but Senator
Van Wyck has been actively employed lookIng -
Ing after many matters in the pension , land
and other departments , la a few days ho
will leave tor Nebraska. Ho has , after much
labor , secured protection to several of the
purchasers of the Omaha Indian land In Ne
braska , who neglected to pay the interest
when duo , as required In the law of last Au
gust. Ho has also boon laboring to secure to
the settlers on abandoned military reserva
tions , the right to homestead the land , par
ticularly on these reservations having only value. Several cattle syndi
cates have been here , urging that the lands
shall be appraised and sold but bonator Van
Wyck feels confident the settlers will be pro
tected. Ho finally secured the approval of
the plans for an addition to the Nebraska
City public building , and the same will bo
pushed this season.
I'ostnl matters.
WASHINGTON , May 20. [ Special Telegram
to the BK.K. ] The special mall service at
Glen , Duburme county , Iowa , lias bean or
dered discontinued from May 20. The name
of the postollloo at Tama City , la. , has been
changed to Tama. llobcrt E. Austin has
been made postmaster. The superintendent
of railway mail service to-day issued the fol
lowing orders : "Tho Inner registered sacks
from Chadron and Norfolk , Neb. , for Omaha
should bo delivered to the Missouri Valley
poMotlico to be dispatched to destination via
the St. Louis & Council Bluffs train No. 7
west. Tlio through registered poch from
Ilapld Cltr , Dak. , for Omaha should be do
livercd totho Missouri Valley postofllco for
dispatch thence by the SU Louis it Council
Bluffs railroad poatolllcu train No. 7 west.
A Distinction and a Difference.
WASIIINOTON , May 20. [ Special Telegram
to the BKK. | A row has been created In tun
bureau of education over the resignation of
Chief Clerk Gardiner to make room forj.
W. Holcombo of Indiana , appointed to take
effect Juno 1. Commissioner Dawson was
quoted the ether day as saying that when ho
asked for Gardiner's resignation ho IranlJv
told htm ho wauled the place lor a dcmuciat ,
This appears to uavo grated on the e.irs of
the alleged civil service administration and
he has been called to tlmo about it. Mr.
U.iwson now says ana ixuthorl/es the quota
tion'thBt heUld nut tell Uardlner ho wanleJ
his place.for a democrat , but that ho "wa
compelled to ask Gardiner to resign because
that gentleman contrary to political etiquette
failed to hand in his resignation when the
now regime came In. " This "explanation"
or distinction between two ways of putting
It has caused many smiles In civil scrvlco
circles to-day.
A HclllRcrant Claimant.
WASHINGTON , May20. 1 Special Telegram
to the BIX. | The state department has been
In a state of seize for several days past. To
day there are a number of the clerks and
other employes who are armed to the teeth
In expectation of a hostile demonstration by
a claimant who demands the Intervention of
of this government In a little filialr that ho
has In Portugal. Some time ago a man who
said that his natno was Thulcr visited the
department and stated that ho had a valid
claim against the consul-general nt Lisbon ,
Mr. howls. Thulor said that his profess Ion
was that of an actor In a circus , and that his
hlef business consisted In placing a
laving stone on his head while another
. ( tor struck It with a slcdgo hammer ,
lo asserted that ho had been connected
vitii a circus In Lisbon , and that
> eing unable to collect his salary from the
nanaizers of the show , ho had appealed to
fr. Lewis. Ho claimed that Lewis had col-
octed the money duo to him , but ho had not
urncd It over. Ho visited the department a
number of times , and Insisted that Governor
' 'orter should compel Lewis to pay over the
mount claimed to bo withheld. It was
earned by the department that Thulor had
vldently been affected by the paving stone
iperatlons , and whllo in Lisbon ho had on
me occasion entered the ring and had beitin
.n Indiscriminate fusilado with a pair of re-
elvers. In consequence ho was looked
upon as a crank , and no attention was paid
to ills demands. Thulcr , alter many days ,
grew tired of this system In the state
department and at lust he determined that
Ills claims should receive attention. Yester-
: lny ho called on Governor Porter again and
insisted upon an Immediate compliance with
tils request. To enforce his demands , it is
laid , ho pulled out a pistol and threatened
hat tin less a letter was Immediately written
o Mr. Lewis ho would shoot everyone in the
illlcc. Ills method was effective and the
etter was Immediately written. Ho declined
o leave the building , however , until the
plstlo had been sent to the postofllco. To-
lay orders were issued to the messengers note
; o admit him aealn under anyclrciimstances.
But if he comes with a loaded pistol in hand
lie will probably force his way to the room ot
Assistant Secretary Porter once moro.
Models For the Dig Cruiser ? .
WASHINGTON , May 20. [ Special Tele
gram to the Bin : . J In reply to an Inquiry
"iy a correspondent respecting the report of
ho board to examine plans and models for
ho now 0,000 ton steel armored ships , which
, vas submitted some weeks ago , Secretary
iVhltnov said that the matter Is not yet In
hapo to bo given to the public. Members ot
ho board have been oxtronmly reticent re-
pectlng the result of their deliberations , but
inough has leaked out to justify the belief
hat the report Is ono of disagreement and
that Secretary Whitney is In a quandary. It
, s understood that ho has asked the board to
withhold the report to await some sugges
tions from him. It Is said that ceitaln mem
bers ot the board , including Its president ,
Captain Hamsay , rojard the English de
signs and models as superior to any of the
others , while Shield Wilson , of No'w York ,
and Edward Burgess , of Boston , twocivillan
inombcis , take a contrary view.
An Extra Session.
WASHINGTON , May 20. [ Special Telegram
to the lii ! . | The talk about an extra ses
sion ot congress is renewed , but chiefly by
advocates of tariff reduction , who think that
the country demands lullef from taxation
and the release of a good deal of money
ocked up thereby In the treasury. For parti
san reasons democratic politicians generally
will opposn the Idea , because an extra ses
sion would Involve an additional OXDOUSO
for which the democratic party would beheld
held responsible , and then there Is a respon
sibility about an extra session which demo
crats do but cherish.
A W. C. T. U. Protest.
WASHINGTON , May 20. Mrs. Sarah D. La
Fetra , president of the W. C. T. U. , Mrs ,
Anna B. Moulton and Mrs. Margaret A ,
Weaver , tlio committee appointed bv the W.
C. T. U. for the purpose , called upon the
piusldcnt this morning and piescntcd him a
protest against the selling of liquor In the
National encampment and diill giound. The
president , the ladles said , received tnem most
courteously , expressed his disapproval of the
license to soil liquors In the drill ground
gave the ladles much encouragement , and be
lleved it would not bo done.
Fierce Storms in England.
LONDON , May 20. Fierce gales nave prevailed
vailed and much damage has been done In
various parts of England. In Kent tliovini
blow with the violence of a hurricane. Snov
and hall have been experienced In the lake
districts of Scotland. In London the trees
In the parks were injured and many blown
down. Wrecks are joported on the coast.
The President's Vacation.
WASHINGTON , May 20. [ Special Tclegran
to the BEK.J Maloney , a gentleman who i
entirely sum of the facts , states that tin
president will leave Washington nextThurs
day , May 20 , with Mrs. Cleveland , Mrs. Fol
sum , Colonel Lament , and Mrs. Lumout , fo.
Saranac lake , and will bo absent about ten
A Court of Inquiry Appointed.
WASHINGTON , May 2J. The secretary of
the navy ins appointed a court of inquiry
to investigate the charges azalnst Captain
Sclfridge , of the Omaha , in regard to the
accident on the coast of Japan in which sev
eral persons were killed by a shell tired trom
the Omaha.
Bond Call.
WASHINGTON , May 20. Secretary Fairchild -
child will to-d.iy issue a call tor outstanding
3 pur cent bonds amounting to 317,00OJO.
They will mature July 1. Circulars offering
toiedcem uncalled bonds of the 3 percent
loan on presentation have been revoked ami
no moio bonds will be redeemed until nu-
The Long Haul.
WASHINGTON , May 20. The Intor-stato
commerce commission has changed the sus
pensory order in the case of the Union Pa-
cilia and Southern Pacific railroads so as to
Include the Denver &Klo Uraudu company
in its operation.
A Frenchman Suicides.
Nnw YOIIK , May 20. A dispatch from
Boston yesterday said that an unknown
Frenchman In a high state of excitement and
only partially dressed , boarded an outgoing
Now York train , saying his daughter was on
board and running away with a man. Ho
found his daughter In company with an el
derly woman. She refused to go with him
and ho threw himself beneath the \vheels
while the train was going fifty
miles an hour and was instantly
killed. His Identity Is unknown.
Tlio matter was investigated by reporters
here to-day , and the girl and tier friends
found. They say the suicide is knoun In
Boston as a music teacher under the name
ot Augusto DeScmue , but that ho Was In le-
allty Count du , a member of an
old and noble famllv : that he was a notary
ami attorney In Franco , but that he was
ruined by his passion for gambling and Hat
to this country , a defaulter for a very
large sum ; that he lUed here with
a woman not his wile , who died
two yeans ago leaving two children : that he
sent to France tor his daughter Marie , one of
a largo family loft there. She , after her ar-
rl\al. learned of his wrong doing , and on
that account , and it Is Intimated , on account
of his demeanor toward her , she consulted a
priest and under his imperative advice , de
cided to leave him and return to France. It was
In the execution of this design that she left
for New York yesterday. The fugitive was
Sollmnls Marie Charles Louis Annedcede
Soi biers de la Tourasbo. He was the eldest
son of , Francisco de SoMers do la Tourasse ot
Castle of Saint Pierre do la Tourasse.
Minister Phelpa Will Present Hi3 Sorrin-
Law at tbo Buckingham Levee-
A Genuine Prlnco Becomes Fasci
nated With n New York Belle
On IJonrd tlio Aur/uila
Foreign News.
Tlio Ctmrmoil Circle ,
lCV > ) > i/r/Jims7 / bvJiimci Oonlem llenntlt. ' }
LONDON. May SO. [ Now York Herald
'able ' Special to the Bir : . | To-morrow at
ho royal loveoat Buckingham palace , held by
lie Prlnco of Wales on behalf of the queen ,
rvho Is on the road to Balmoral's recuperative
air. Minister I'hclps In the dlplamatlc circle
ivlll present to the prince his son-in-law ,
'loratlo Loonils , and the late secretary of the
egatlon , W. G. lloppln , who , singularly
nough , during his diplomatic career of
iiany years , never availed himself ot n royal
ntrodttctlon. In the general circle Minister
'holes will present II. Legrand Canon , of
New York , and Ezra D. Warner , of Chicago.
i'lioso were piescut at Mrs. 1'lielps' brilliant
ecootlon this afternoon. Among
others present was United States
Treasury Special Agent Morton Mont
gomery. Ho had just returned
rom Bournmouth , where lie spent
wo hours with ox-Secretary Manning.
'The latter , " said Mr. Manning , "freely
con versed on tlio loading European-American
: oplcs of the day and evinced marked Inter-
: st In the great movements idontlf ying both
lemlspheies In a common purpose. The ex-
iccretary Is reading books on international
inanco questions. Ills personal appearance
ndlcates a cleaner , healthier complexion
han when I last saw him , or during his
oflleinl stay at Washington. Hoposo and re-
.Iroment , together with explicit confidence
n his medical advice , have given marvelous
evidences of restrained health and strength
n ono of the most hard worked secretaries
n the United States. About the 17th
of Juno Mr. Manning returns to Now York.
The Herald has taken up the question of
Liverpool customs Inspection of baggage be-
onglng to Americans coming to England.
Its system gives grounds tor severe criticism.
There was needle's delay by reason of In-
'fllclentand Insufficient officials examining
adlc's and gentlemen's luggage for djna-
: nlto , as tlio chief Inspector says. It Is both
aggravating and sometimes insulting. Uo-
cently some luggage ai rived In Liverpool
rom an Atlantic Incoming steamer , but was
detained for twenty-four hours before any
examination took place , when tlm
number of dutiable articles on the
American and a few on the
lirltish tariff lists are considered. Any con
tusion at the Liverpool custom house In
searching traveler's luggage , elevates the
ssiuo progress on the New York docks to a
degree of perfection. Thn aggressiveness
ana absurdity Identified with this Liverpool
process will cause a greater number of pas
sengers to disembark at Queenstown and cut
Liverpool , as the Irish customs officials arc
less Imperious more discriminating In sus
pecting American ladles of smuggling to
bacco , shirts or oven stereotyped silver , to
say nothing of dynamite. "
Apropos of steamers 1 heard to-day from a
passenger tnls romance ot the sea : On board
the Auranla's last trip appeared no less a
personage tlu n Prlnco Louis Esterhosoy. At
first ho held himself In the Austro-autocratlc
reserve , but the bright face of a New York
belle on board drew the prlnco away rrom
his excluslveiiess. The belle was Miss A.
Abbott , of New York. There was the usual
gossip about love at first sight , engagements ,
matilmony , etc. Miss Abbott , In company
with her lolatlves , Mrs. and Miss Blodgott , Is
to visit Vienna this season.
iRSf by Jamei Gordon limnttt. ]
1'Ams ( via Havre ) , May 20. [ Now York
Herald Cable Special to the BKE. ]
A Jilend of General Boulangor requests mete
to state that according to precise information
which ho has just received the Interview that
appeared In to-day's Herald entitled "Frank
Words From Boulangor , " may or may not
express the general Ideas , but ho knows that
the general , who confines himself to the
strictest reserve , did not authorize the publl-
eatisn of that Interview. I , as Pari.s cor
respondent of the Herald , regret that the
person sent on this mission may have
said In his zeal more than was required.
Among the numerous people whom I am
compelled to select , the choice Is always
made of a man who Is known to be on the
file mil iest relations with the personage to bo
interviewed. For Instance , If 1 want news
from the Greek legation , I send a Greek ; If
from the Turkish embassy , 1 send a Turk.
In this Instance , following this rule , I send
a Frenchman to the French minister ot war.
This friend also states that General Bou-
langer intends to do his duty , and 1 think
that Is what the Interview expresses. But
whether the general Is In the minis
try or out of It , I bollovo that ho
is' the most Important factor In the
present situation , and I regret that
his friend should have taken exceptions to
the patriotic and really unselfish remarks
made by the general In his Interviews. And
to-day when this interview In the Herald Is
cabled back and reappears In the French
papers , In my opinion , General Boulangcr
will be still more tlio idol of the French people
ple an d tlie bugbear nf the Germans , as ho
goes out of office gracefully to render a ser
vice to his countrymen , not In ahull , as some
America n senators do now and then.
Forged bettors of Credit.
LONDON , May 20. The Times says : Wo
are Informed that extensive frauds have
committed on accnts of American
banks by means of forged letters of
credit which weio presented simultaneously
by a gang ot skillful thieves in six or eight
leading cities of tlio continent. The torgcrs
have not been caught.
lie Frcyclnct Declines.
FAKIR , May 20. Freycinet wont to Elyseo
palace at 4 o'clock this afternoon and In
formed President Grevy that after a
thorough consideration of the situation he
had come to the conclusion that there was no
satisfactory prospect of his being able to
form a cabinet that would endure. He
therefore declined the task.
They Want noulanger.
PAWS May CO. Members of tlio chamber
ot deputies are deluged with telegrams from
the provinces demanding that General Bou-
langcr be retained in the ministry ot war.
French Pro tenders.
PAIIIS , May 20. The late council lias re
jected the appeals of the Orleans princes for
reversal of the decree expelling them from
the army. The appeal of Prlnco Mnrat tor
restoration to the army has beeu admitted.
Slinking UiTtiTo Chips.
LONDON , May 20. A violent shock of
earthquake was felt at Monte Carlo at 8
o'clock this morning.
, Secret Manoeuvres.
S.T. PEf KKSUURO. May 20. It Is stated no
foreign ofllcers will be Invited to witness the
the Uusslau tioous ttls year.
Chicago Selected as the Battle
Ground Hetwcon Capital nnd Labor.
CHICAGO , May ' .JO. From all parts of the
country dispatches were received to-day by
President Tappan , of the builders' exchange ,
and President Downey , of the master
masons , endorsing the plan of campaign
adopted yesterday by the building trades
conference. It was evident from the tele
grams that the majority of the bullueis of
the t United States regard Chicago as the city
where ! the master contractors are to fljrht It
out with trades unionism. In view of this
fact i , and after much telegraphing , the mem
bers 1 of the executive board ot the
National Builders' association , decided
to assemble In Chicago next Tuesday
and take : i hand In the struggle.
Theio is a visible disposition among Chicago
builders this evening to keep matters as they
now are. If possible , until the arrival of the
national committee1. Unless tlio situation
has by that time gruatly altered , the idea Is
to pusli matters then with the support that
the national organization can give In vail-
ous ways If It no choose. Contributions for
the new building interests council that Is to
enforce tlio card of principles ate coming In
already , many outside Individuals subscrib
ing to It. The first amount placed In
the hands of the chairman was from the
north and noithwe&t side brick manufac
turers. The building Interests council held
a meeting this afternoon to prepare a state
ment to the general public. Although the
opinion was not unanimous the council de
cided that there was no necessity for hurry ,
and that the statement should not bo Issued
for several days , especially as the master
masons , who stalled tlio light upon trades
unions , had not yet passed upon tho'card
of principles proposed. The assemblage
of the executive board or the national build
ers association aUo operated to postpone
action. Adjournment was taken until
Monday. Eight or ten prominent Iron man
ufacturers had an Informal conference to
day and decided to request Piesidont Crane ,
of the Metnl Works association , to call a spe
cial meeting of that body to take action upon
the builaing trades catd of principles. As
the association had 100 members nnd employs
20,000 men. large numbers of whom are In no
way connected with the building trades.
there Is a chance that tlio lockout and light
tor the card of principles may spread to
other Industries.
Brlckmakcrs Go Out.
PiTTsnuiio , May 20. A strike of brlck-
makeis was inaugurated this morning.
About two thousand men areaftecteddirectly
by the strike. _
Strikes and Riots1.
PiTTSHuna , May 20. A serious phase In
the coke strike at Everson developed this
morning when a mob of three hundred ne
groes and Hungarian miners , armed with
bludgeons , suddenly appeared in the coke
yard at the Jlmtown woiks of Colonel Shoe
maker. Without any warning
they made a , savairo attack on
men engaged In drawing out from the ovens
there. Such laborers as could not escape
were cruelly beaten , one man being so badly
kicked that his llfo Is dospaiicdof. Having
destroyed all movable property the rioters
then marched to the works of James Cochran -
ran & Sons , and 'destroyed the moperty
there. The total destruction of property will
probably amount to over 550,000.
It Is learned this afternoon that some of
the olllclals of labor organizations are blamed
tor the riot this morning. It Is said they
advocated .such a movement on the part of
the strikers.
Street .Oars Tied Up.
i.iH , May 20. The street car
drivers struck this naming , and only one car
on each line Is belny run to preserve charter
rights. Tlio men ytstorday asked for an in
crease of wages , which was denied.
At noon the company had thirty cars run
ning , and the backbone of the strike Is
broken. Onlv seventy-live of tbo 125 men
joined the strike. Policemen guard the ears ,
and so far there has been no trouble. The
strikers are quiet and orderly.
Bold Dank Robbery.
CITY OF MEXICO , May 20. Detectives of
the city are wrestling with a most mysteri
ous robbery and thus far without satisfac
tory results. Ono of the leading banking
firms of this city sustained a loss of 3300,000 ,
It is claimed. Tlio' officers of the institu
tion on coming to the bank this morning
found the doors of tlio vault wide opon. 'iho
cash had all been carried off with the excep
tion ot a few bags of silver.
The Occupation of Egypt.
CONSTANTINOPLE , May 20. It is stated
that the convention between England and
Turkey provides the Brltlsn will evacuate
Egypt thieo years hence. If after that time
Intel nal troubles arise in Egypt , the British
and Turkish troops shall reoccupy the coun
try jointly or separately.
II o Has a Narrow Escape From
Kingston Orangemen.
KINGSTON , Ont. , May 20. When the
O'Brien party arrived hero they were driven
to the Burnett house , where the crowd as
sembled and cheered the editor. Battery A ,
Dominion regular artillery corps , the Four
teenth ( Prince of Wales' Own ) , rlllcs were
held In their armories for emergencies ,
besides a largo number of special
constables and the ordinary police force.
Arriving at the skating rink , where the
meeting was to bo hold , crowds , all O'Bilcn
sympathisers , were lound gathered around
the bulldlnc. Policemen armed with re
volvers moved up and down and forbade any
body to blockade the cntranco to the hall. No
body attempted to do It. The sticet Is for al
tlio world like Bay street , Toronto , where the
attack on O'Brien occurred , worse , because
In addition to cobblestones , bilcks
are scatteied over tlio surface wlicro
now buildings aio being erected
The audience , which numbered aboui
1,200 , was very similar to that of the Uulster
tenant farmers , whoso custom It Is to listen
rather than applaud. After O'Brien hac
been speaking a low minutes the unexpected
and somewhat omlnus calm was for the first
time broken. At 0iO : ! o'clock , when Kllbrldo
began his statement , the first noise was heart
outside the hall , where several hundred men
and boys had collected , crying , "God save
the Qiieou , " and groaning for O'Brien.
Every cheer which went up Inside the hali
was answered by a loud roar and angry ro
spouse from without. Thecrowd outside had
now swollen to Immense proportions. Tlit
meeting was brought to an end and the pco
pie lett the building. The moment the or-
niiL'emen saw O'Brien theio was an up
roar and cobblestones descended like
hall. The mob yelled "Kill him , '
"Choko him , " ' 'Tear him asunder. '
Opposite the house ot John Newman , a Protestant
tostant , J. M. Wall. Associated jiress re
potter , was flung to tlio ground , and O'Brien
disappeared , probably Into the house. Two
hours later , after the mob had partially dis
persed , Peter Devlin went quietly to the
chief of notice and Haiti O'Brien vtas safe al
his house , The chief , with the mayor and six
policemen , went to Devlin's house and brought
O'Brien safely to tlm hotel. Later it was
learned that O'Brien escaped Into the alleyway
way just as a big Orangeman was about to
cleave his skull with a club , after having
prostrated him with a stone. O'Brien was
not seriously Injured. Wall was cousldora-
blv hurt and a number of other persons con
siderably bruised. By the time O'Brien was
taken to thu hotel the mob had mostly deClaims -
Claims They Wore Exaggerations.
TOUONTO , Ont. , May 20. The mayor has
received a letter from the chief of police , ii
which the latter says the newspaper reports
of O'Brien's treatment by the mob on
Wednesday were very much exaggerated
He said O'Brien was not absent Irom the
hotel more than ton minutes. As soon us
the mob began throwinga lew stones O'Urlei
took to his heels and reacned the hotel b >
the back way. Tha r hlef regrets the occur
nce. and lays had ho known what the
movements of O'Urlen were to have been
he would luve deuiled an ample force ot
police fo i > ttecl aim ,
Oloso of the Thirty-Fifth Annual Session
of the Iowa Association.
The Imw nnd Order League Renews
the AVnr Oti Beer in Sioux
City The Stnto Debt
Being Reduced. \
A Successful Session.
Sioux CITY , la. , May 20. ( Special Tele
gram to the BEK.J-Tlio Thlity-lltth session
of thu Iowa State Medical association closed
o-day. Dr. T. J. Maxwell read a paper dur-
ng the morning hour on "Capsular Frac-
ures. " It was voted to donate S'-HW to aid
ho National medical congress. Des Molncs
vas selected as the place of the next meet-
tig and the following officers elected for the
ensuing year : President , J. C. llln/ey ; first
vice president , I ) . Macltal ; second vlco presi
dent , J , C. Schroeder ; secretary , S. 8. Lvtlo ;
assistant secretary , A. J. Crawford ; treas-
ncr , G. H. Skinner ; place of meeting , Des
Molues ; committee of arrangements , J. M.
iiimert , chairman ; A. A. Deer ing , J.
. Priestly , Dr. Brubaker , U. T. Hoffman ,
Jr. Gorroll , of Newton : committee
on publication , Win. Watson , chairman ; F.
E. Crittcndon , J. Williamson , J. H. Gard
ner , ex-ofllclo , S. S.Lytlo and O. U. Skinner ;
committee on ethics , A. W. McClure , chair
man ; A. L. Wright , W. I ) . Mlddlcton , A. A.
Itanson , T. J. Maxwell ; revision of constl-
: utlon and by-laws , U. A. Gllman , S. E.
lioblnson , D. Schofield : committee on ne
crology , first district , II. B. Young ; second ,
W. L. Allen ; third. ( R U.HI II ; fourth , P.
U.Jewell ; lit th , G. E. Crawford ; sixth. . I.
Williamson , chairman ; seventh , L. Schroe
der ; eighth , J. D. Key nolds ; ninth ,
F. M. Powell tenth , Charles
Kntlcld ; eleventh , J. P. Savage.
Chairmen of committees : Medicine , D.
S. Falrchlld ; materia medlca and therapeu
tics , C. M. Hobby ; surgery , W. K. Peck ; ob
stetrics ana gynsecology , A. L. Wright ; state
medicine and public hygiene , , ) . F. Kennedy ;
( microscopy , it. W. Hill ; opthalmology and
otology , J. Pornn Johnson. Delegates to
America Medical association : Fiist district ,
Dr. Robertson , A. W. McCuiie , Dr. Cushman ;
fifth , H. Klstlne , G. H. Stiner , J. S. Love , O.
E. Crawford ; seventh , J. D. McCloary , A. G.
Field , E. Potterheld , Dr. Plpons , Dr. Fairchild -
child ; eighth , Drs. Lewellyn , Lawler , Khlf-
ferlle , Ilawson ; ninth , T.B. . Lacey , E. B.
Morse , W. F. Graham , C. 11. McClees ; trustee * ,
H. M. Dean , ono year ; S. B. Chase , three
years ; E. W. Clark , ono year ; J. 1) . Mc
Cloary , two years ; F , S. Thomas , two yoais ;
It. C. Itlce , three years.
A number of other papers were read and
reports made during the afternoon , pievlous
to the adjournment. On the whole thu con
vention was ono of the best attended and
most interesting of the kind over held In the
state , and the distinguished visitors unani
mously expressed themselves as delighted
with their entertainment.
A Ijond of Beer Seized.
Sioux CITY , la. , May 20. [ Special Tele
gram to the Br.n. ] Another Interesting ease
has developed In the whisky prosecution of
Sioux City and promises far-reaching results.
Last night Henry Fleck , the driver of the
Franz brewing city delivery wacon , was ar
rested by Constable Curtis while delivering a
load of beer. The beer wasslezod by the offi
cer and Fleck taken before a justice and ac
cused of transporting beer without having a
llncense from the county supervisors. Ho
gave bonds for appearance to-morrow. The
information under which the arrest was
made was sworn out by G. II. Cumralngs ,
president of the law and order league , and
the arrest was precipitated undoubtedly by
the recent decision of the attorney general at
Des Molnes sustaining a like proceeding
there , Under the state law the line
for conveying intoxicating llquoi.s without
license is S100 and costs. It was at once re
ported that tbo brewery people would tight
this now proceedure of the league bitterly ,
and accordingly this afternoon warrants for
the arrest of Constable Curtis and President
Cummlngs wore sworn out , the information
being filed by C. F. Hoyt , general manager
of the brewery. The constable is charged
with the robbery of beer and a wagon , and
Cummlngs of conspiracy to commit lobbery.
Sherilt McDonald served the warrant. A
searcli warrant was issued to search the
grocery of A. 0. Woodcock , where the beer
was found .stored. The outcome of this case
will bo watched hero and elsewhere over the
.state and northwest with great interest.
Reducing the State Debt.
DES MOINKS , la. , May 20. [ Special tele
gram to the BUE.J The state treasurer has
Issued a call for outstanding warrants
amounting to 505,000. Each call Is reducing
the state debt , as no moio warrants of any
considerable amount are being issued.
Mysterious Shooting.
IDA GnovK , la. , May 20. [ Special Tele
gram to thoBiE. | Yesterday morning about
half-past 2 o'clock the slumbering citl/ens of
Jacobs' addition were startled by a couple of
pistol shots , but luckily no ono was injured ,
yet it was a narrow escape for John Bleakly
and wife. Mr. B. was suddenly awakened
by a pistol report , and raising up In bed he
saw thu flash ot the discharge and heard It at
the same Instant. He and his wife got up ,
dressed and went to the neighbor's , and
while dressing he heard some one talkingand
walking upon thosidoualk. An Investigation
was made and a bullet hole was found
In thu south side of the House near the win
dow casing. The ball had penetrated the
side of the house.and struck the wall about ten
Inches above Bleaklv's head , and then fell
back upon the bed. He has the little lead pill
to show it was a twenty-two calibre. What
could ha\e been the motive of the shooting
is at picsent a mystery , but the general sup
position Is that some fellows had been a
little too full and reckless witli their shoot
ing Irons. No malice can bo accounted for
by Mr. Bleakly. A clo-o Investigation will
bo made. Other pistol shots were lieaid
about iho city during the night.
Affords Them No Roller.
Dug MOINKS , la. , May 20. [ Special Tele
gram to the Bnn.J The board of rullroai !
commissioners to-day decided the case
brought before them by citizens of Fayetto
county against the Milwaukee road and Bur
lington , Cedar Itaplds & Northern road
They petition that the railroad bo compellec
"to build a depot at Don mm Junction for the
accommodation of passengers and at the
transfer for thoaccommodatlonof shippers. '
The d fonso of the roads was that their en
tire recclps from the business at that point
during 1350 were less than S500. The com
missioners decided that a transfer track
should be put in , but do not recommend that
with the present state of business , there
should be a station with a regular agent es
The Hello I'lnno Geyser.
BKLi.n PLANE , la. , May 20. [ Special Tele
gram to the BKK. | The great Bellti Plane
geyser has at last been controlled and the
contractor who undertook the work has com
pleted the job and turned it over to the city.
The condition of the well now Is that the
water flows through a live-Inch pipe , which
can ha shut off at pleasure. There Is a smal
leak from a detective pipe twenty feet down ,
but comparatively unimportant. This is tlio
tlrst time the great well has been under complete
pleto control for nearly a year , when It com
menced to spout. Several loads of sand and
rocks have been emptied Into it In the effort
to control it and several thousand dollars
have been spent for this purpose.
A. Victim of
DunuQUK , la. , May 20. [ Special Telegram
to the UEI : . | As the Incoming passenger
train was passing between Julien and Peosta
last night ! it struck a man named John
'lynn , eighty years of age , who was sitting
on a tie outstdo of the track and knocked
him senseless , besides bruising his body ,
vlth fatal results In prospect. Ho Is a far-
nor living near the road and wns Intoxicated
or asleep. The locomotive pascd him , but
ho steps of the bairgace car struck him ,
State RnBC Ball League.
NP.WTON , la. , May 20. [ Special telegram to
he BKK. ] A state base ball leajuo was or-
; ai\lzcd liero to-day , comprising the follow-
ng cities : Maishalltown , Munton , Webster
Jltv. What Cheer. Humboldt nnd Crcston.
11. T. King , of Marshatltowu , was elected
The Wanderer Returns.
Dis : MoiNT.s , la. , May 20. ISpcclal Tele
gram to the BKK.J The Itov. T. H. Dabnoy ,
who disappeared some time nvo with his
wife's sister , has returned and declares that
10 never had any Intention of mairylnic thu
Gloio of a Three Wceka * Session of
District Court.
FUKMONT , Neb. , May 20. [ Special to the
BEK.J The throe week's session of district
court closed hero to-day. Criminal prosecu- '
tlou was light during the term , only ono
man being convicted , ho getting one year In
the penitentiary. Ono ot the most Im
portant cases on the docket was the libel suit
> t Martin Luther against August Wagner , of
Hooper. This ono was started a little moro
.han a year ago , and this is the lirst appear
ance In court This case has attracted a
; oed deal of attention because of the promi
nence of the parties , who are two rich Ger
man farmers living near Hooper. The libel
consisted of a placard written and printed by
Waitner and posted on a bridge. It reflected
en Luther's domestic affairs , and he could
uot withstand the persecution as did Luther
of old. Ho employed an Omaha detective
agency to work up the case , which cul
minated In the suit against Wftqncr for f ; > 0-
000 damages. After the trial hadbeguu ( ,
negotiations for peace were suci'ossfully
made and the matter was settled bv encn
paying one-half the expenses and Wagner
maklne a retraction of his charges. The
plaintiff bad already spoilt not less than
35,000 In the matter.
The First Ncbrnskn's Election.
LINCOLN , Nob. , May 20. [ Special Tele
gram to the Bnn.l At 4 olclock to-day the
meeting called to elect regimental officers
for the First Nebraska regiment state militia
was held at the office of the adjutant general ,
Thirty-six of the thirty-eight company com
missioned ofllcers In the reehnent were pres
ent Brigadier General L. W. Colby pre
sided. The election was held with Captain
Katcbklss , of Lincoln , and Captain Phillips ,
of Beatrice , as the principal applicants for
the colonelcy , the election resulting in the
election of Captain O. H. Phillips , of com
pany C. Beatrice , as colonel ; Captain P.
Bratt. Bennett , lieutenant colonel ; Captain
W. W. Wolcott , of company K , Central
City , major. After the close of business the
officers called In a body on Governor Thayer
and were cordially received and entertained ,
the entire proceedings of the day passing elf
In apparently the greatest harmony.
Fire at Columbus.
Coi.UMnus , Neb. , May v0. ! | Special to the
BEK.J At 1 o'clock to-day a barn belonging
to Pat Ducoy was discovered to bo on lire , the
wind blowing a gale from the southwest.
The barn was surrounded with buildings and
near the large livery barn of O. L. Baker.
At the time , it seemed wo were ripe for a ter
rible loss by conflagration. Our waterworks
were timely Indeed , for In three minutes
after the streams were turned on the fire the
flames were subdued. The horses had not
been taken out. Damage about SftO. No In
surance. Originated by two little boys mak
ing a bonfire inside.
A Mystery of the Missouri.
NKIIKASKA CITY , Neb. , May 20. [ Special
Telegram to the BKK. ] Two young men
passed down the river this evening In a skiff
having started from Omaha. They report
having passed the corpse of a woman a short
distance below Plattsmouth , which disap
peared before they could grapple It. It was
apparently that of a young woman , long
loose hair , dark color. Itliad evidently been
in the water some time.
Severe Hailstorm at Valentine.
VAI.ENTINK , Neb. , May 20. [ Special Tele
gram to the BKE.J A severe hall and rain
storm has raged hero to-day. Hailstones of
immense size fell , some of them measuring
Sby * JJ inches in circumference , the largest
ever seen by the oldest Inhabitant. No seri
ous damage was done.
The Douglass Defaulter.
DOUOI.ASS , Wyo. , May 20. [ Special Tele
gram to the BII : : . | C. T. Bander , the de
faulting Western Union operator at Doug
lass , was recaptured last night about 12 p. m.
by.I. W. Overman , sleeping in a shanty
at Irvine , a small station about twelve miles
southeast of here. Ho is now in jail await
ing trial.
Trial of an Ex-Miniatcr in New Jersey
For IJIasphciny.
NEW YCIIK , May 20. | Special Telegram
to the BEE. I The trial of Charles B. Key-
nolds for blasphemy waslbegun In court of
o/er and termlner at Morrlstown , N. J. , yes
terday. Charles B. Reynolds Is about fifty-
four years of age , and was formerly an or
dained minister In the church of the Seventh
Day Advciitists. Ho was a prominent mem
ber of the Now York conference of this body ,
which Is strong. Ills ultimate espousal of
secularist beliefs caused him to sever his
connection with the church. Ho was scarcely
011 with thu old love before ho began working
for the new. Ho bought a big tent and started
out on an itinerant lecturing tour. Last
July lie landed in Boonton , intending to
make a tluee months' stay In that neighbor
hood nnd speak under the auspices of the
Liberal league. His efforts in Boonton u > -
suited in a small riot , in which his tent
was nulled do\ui about the ears of
lumselt and his congregation. Ills at-
tomptto procure the arrest of a minister and
live church elders whom he blamed for the
occurrence , resulted In tils own arrest on the
charge of blasphemy , and he was hound over
in the .sum of S500 to await the session of the
next grand jury. The prosecutor , however ,
concluded that there was net case against
him. In October , Reynolds published a
pamphlet on "Blasphemy and the Bible. "
ills attempt to distribute copies of this In
Morrlstown and Its vicinity resulted In his
again being indicted under an old New Jer
sey statute against blasphemy , and from Oc
tober till his trial yesterday was held In SMO
boil. Throughout the proceedings yester
day he was perhaps the coolest man present.
He smiled to the ladies In the gallery , many
ofhom weio from the Boonton Liberal
league , and occasionally whlspeied with his
counsel. The evidence for the prosecution
was the pamphlet Itself. Colonel Ingersoll.
who defends him. said ho hadn't any wit
nesses , but would make a few remarks. He
argued two hours in behalf of the liberty
of thought and speech , and took the ground
that thu statute under which his client was
indicted was not constitutional.
Sentenced to llnng.
LOUISVHJ.K , May 20. William Patterson
( colored ) , indicted for the murder a month
ago of Jennie Bowman , was sentenced to
hang to-day. The Jury was out only eleven
minutes and brought In a verdict fixing tl
penalty at death. Execution Julyl.
Arrest of Striker * ,
BHUSSKI.S , May 20. Tlio police are arrest
ing leading agltatois in thu present labor
AVoatlior Indication *
For Nebraska : Cooler , threatening
weather , local rains , varied winds , becom
ing northwesterly.
For Iowa : Fair weather , followed by
cooler , threatening weather and local rains
The Programme of the State Tournament
to Bo Held in Omaha.
The Plillndolpliltxs Defeated By tlio
Chlcagoa and Washington By
Detroit American Asso-
v. elation Games.
The State Sportsmen's Tournament
If previous arrangements can betaken ai
Indications the coming tournament of the !
Nebraska State Sportsmen's association td
be held In this city tour days , commencing
Juno Klll bo the greatest event of the
kind over held west of the Mississippi riven
The management of the tournament is I if
good hands. Penroso& Hardln , who have1
charge of the affair , are working day and
night to arrange every detail for the success ]
of the event. Crack sportsmen from all parU
of thu United States have signified their in. '
tontlon of being present , attracted by tho1
excellent programme that lias been ar >
ranged , which Is as follows :
First Contest Ten American clay blrdsy
18 yards rise. Entrance $ , ! .
Second contest Elelit live pigeons , 29'
yards rise. Entrance 57.50. Use of ono bar * '
rel. i.
Third contest Twelve blue rocks , 18 yard *
rise. Entrance 85.
Fourth contest Seven live pigeons , So
yards rise , use of botli barrels. Entrance/ /
§ 7.50.
Fifth contest Champion team gold medal
of the state association. Teams of two , 20
blackbirds to each man , 18 yards rise. Eni
trance SO per team. f
Sixth contest , open to the world Twelve ;
tluo rocks , 18 yards rise. Entrance 95. '
Seventh contest , open to thu world Four
pair llvo birds , 21 yards rlso. Entrance
Eighth contest , open to the world Tea
Peorla blackbirds , 18 yards rise. Entrance
55 ,
TIIUnsilAY , JUNE 10.
Ninth contest , open to the world Twelve
llvo birds , : x > yards rise , use ot both barrels !
Entrance 510.
Tenth contest , open to members of assocla < 4
tlon , for the C. K. Mayne 8250 diamond
badge Fifty single blue rocks , 1 yaids rlso.
Entrance 55.
Eleventh contest , opou to thn world , teams
of two Seven singles and three pair AmerP *
can clay birds to each man. Entrance $7.50
per team.
Twelfth contest , open to the world Fif
teen blue rocks , 18 yards rise. Entrance S3.
FlilDAY , JUNK 17TII ,
Thirteenth contest , open to the world-Ten
live birds , thirty yards rise , use of both bar
rels. Entrance 810.
Fourteenth contest , open to members of
the association. Plattsmouth silver cup for
club team ; four members of a club to com
pose a team Ten clay pigeons , eighteen
vards. single rises , to each man. Entrance
$10 per team.
Fifteenth contest , open io the world Ten
live birds , thlity yards rise , use of both bar
rels. Entrance 812.50.
Sixteenth contest , open to the world Fif
teen blue rocks , eighteen yaids rlso. En
trance 57,50.
The cntranco fee In each contest Included
the birds , The money In each shoot will be
divided 40 , 30 , 20 and 10 per cont. Tlio
shooting will commence each dav at 0 a. nij
Live birds will bo shot from both ground ami ,
plunge traps. AH matches will bo governed
by the National Gun association rules.
Omaha looses Again.
KANSAS CITY , May 20. The homo team
defeated the Omahas easily to-day. Housoy
man pitched for the Omahas and was batted
easily. The score resulted :
Kansas City 1 2 0 1 a 0 2 2 1-13
Omaha 0002 20010 5
National League Games.
PHILADELPHIA , May 20. The result of the
contest between the Philadelphia and Chicago
teams to-day was as follows :
Philadelphia 3 01000000 4
Chicago 1 0010003 5
Pitchers Uasey and Claikson. Base hits
Philadelphia 13 , Chicago 10. Errors-
Philadelphia 7 , Chicago 3 Umpire
WASHINGTON , May SO. The result of the
contest between the Washington and Detroit
teams to-day was as follows :
Washington 0 00001000 1
Detroit II 3800200 * 11
Pitchers Shaw and Baldwin. Base hits '
Washington 11 , Detroit 14. Errors Wasll- ,
ington 5 , Detroit 1. Umpire Quest ,
NKW YOIIK , May 20. The game be
tween New York and Pittsburg to-day
resulted as follows : , '
New York S 0300300 0-10
Pittsburg 2 1210120 0-9
Pitchers iicorgo and McCormick. Base
hits-New York 15 , Plttsbuig 13. Errors-
New York 10 , Pittsburg 8. Umpire--Powori
BOSTON , May 20. The came between the
Boston and Indianapolis teams to-day ro *
suited as follows :
Hoston 2 32010000 8
Indianapolis 0 00312200 7
Pitchers Stemmeyer ami Boyle. Base
hits Boston 14 , Indianapolis 10. Errors-
Boston 5 , Indianapolis 4. Umplie Henglo.
The American Association.
CINCINNATI , May 20. The game to-day
between Cincinnati and Baltimore resulted
as follows :
Cincinnati 3 02000001 0
Baltimore 0 8115010 -10
Pitchers Tobeau and Kllroy. Base hits-
Cincinnati 19 , Baltimore 23. Errors CIn
cinnatl 7 , Baltimore 6. Umpire Cuthbert.
LOUIHVIM.K , May 20. The game between !
Louisville and Metropolitan to-day resulted
as follows :
Louisville 0 40201001 8
Metropolitan 2 00100332 0
Pitchers BeeKor and Lynch. Base
hits Louisville 10 , Metropolitan 12. Errors
Louisville 2 , Metropolitan 3. Umplie Me-
br. Louis , May 20. The game between
St. Louis and Brooklyn tu-dav lesulted na
follows :
St. Louis 3 0304330 0-lS
Brooklyn 1 2 3 0 0 3 3 0-0
Pitchers Caruthnrs and Terry. Base hits
St. Louis 22 , Brookljn ID. Errors St. Louis
2 , Brooklyn 5. Umpire Knight
Ci.EVKi.ANi ) , May 20. The game to-day
between Cleveland and Athletic resulted as
follows :
Cleveland 2 00000010-3
Athletic 0 2501300 10
PltchcM Crowell and Wenine. Base lilts
Cleveland I ) , Athletic in. Errors-Cleveland
7 , Athletic 3. Umpire Valentino.
The JjoiilHvlllo Itaccti.
LOUISVILI.K , May 20. Thu attendance at
Chuichlll Downs to-day was lair , and the
weather warm and beautiful.
Six furlongs , for maiden three-year-olds :
Harry ( Men won , Barak second , Hecla third
Six ( uilongs : Avery won , Itoy Boy second -
end , Vunlstl third. Tlino l:13f. :
Thiee-iiarter ( | mile dash , for two-year-olds :
Los Angeles won , Badge second. Tlmo
'Mile dish : Jennie McFarlnnd won ,
Handy Andysecond. Tlmo l:455f. :
Ono and one-sixteenth mllodnsh : Moiiocrat
won , Kaloolah second , Katie A third.
Tlme-l:5lK. :
Wheelmen Klrct OdlcorH.
ST. Louis , May 20. Thn board of oflicora
of the League ot American Wheelmen met
here this morning and elected T. J. Kirk-
Patrick , of Ohio , piosidont : 11. B. Hayes
Massachusetts , vice president ; W. M. Bruwsi
ter , Missouri , treasuior ; ( Jeorcn H. Bldwell *
the third member of tlio executive committee *
Tlm UodH Vlutoi'louH.
FAIIIMONT , Neb. , May 20. [ Special Telegram -
gram to the itii.l : : The Fairmont Kuds and
Kxetn's best nlni ) plaved a match giuno to *
day. The scoie stood 10 to 17ln tavor of the
Hound For Kuropo.
.Ni'.w Voitic , May 20. ( jueen JCapiolanl
and suite on Wednesday sail for' F.UIOJMOK
JUe steamer Celtic ,
. . > / . ft A-