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Delivered t > y carrier In nny part of the city at
twenty cents pur week.
iMV. TILTON , Man.-xfor.
Bcsisrcs OrmCE. No. U.
Ascension day.
N. Y.l'lumbing Co.
Tills day has trany knights.
New spring goods at Holler's , tailor.
Additional Council Bluffs new son the
fifth page.
Strawberry social at the Baptist church
this evening.
Two drunk' ' ) were yesterday placed in-
Hide to sleep it oil' .
Another "Devil's Auction" company is
to visit Council Blulls.
The popular resort is tlio Manhattan ,
418 Broadway , Hudio As Yenawinc.
A good girl wanted for general house-
Work. Airs. II. W. Tillon , Bin : ollice.
It is rumored that some newspaper
developments will soon bo announced.
There will bo a regular meeting of Har
mony chapter No. 20 , O. E. S. , this even-
The state association of Congrega
tional churches meets in Charles CUv
May 25 to 21) ) .
The Married Ladies' Progressive
Kuchro club will bo entertained tomorrow
row evening by Mrs. M. K. Smith.
The Fifth regiment band has chosen
I'rof. Dalby as leader ; .Joseph , president ;
U' . K. Roll , treasurer ; Charles Adolf , sec-
'Squire Biggs yesterday made a Coun
cil Blulls couple lumpy by the knot.
They were Theodora B.xtcholci and Ada
L. Frouty.
! Handloy , the man who threatened to
/ ( shoot Judge Conner , has been sent to
the insane asylum by the authorities of
Urcen county.
The work commenced yesterday on the
addition to the canning works. The ca-
fmcity of the works will bo increased
i1 nlly one-half when this new building is
This evening the ladies of the Baptist
church give a social at the church.
Strawberries and ieo cream will bo
served , and an enjoyable evening had.
Everybody invited.
The club has already secured
105 members , and within a day or two
the inaNimum of 200 will bo readied.
Those who secure a membership after
that will have to nay nioro than double
the amount paid by thcsa incorporators.
The entertainment given at the opera
house last evening as a benolit for Uuv.
Father llealey proved a buccoss finan
cially and was enjoyable as well. "Lan
cashire Lass" was given by local tulcut
very acceptably.
Yesterday afternoon Master Lutic
Pryor celebrated his eighth birthday an
niversary by having a gathering of his
young friends , who spent several hours in
playing upon the lawn and in partaking
of the needful refreshments. The little
folks seemed to have u merry time.
Will the lady who called on mo on Jinn-
croft street , Council Blulls , soon alter my
husbai'd'sDr. ( E. D. Cross ) trial at Glen-
wood , la. , and who at my request called
on Wright AJ Baldwin , attorneys , please
call , or send mo her name and postollico
address , and much oblige Mrs. E. D.
Cross , Kevcro house , Council 1 > lull's.
The concert in Bayliss park last even
ing by the Bavarian band drew a largo
number of people. The band played
well , and the numbers were varied and
of a popular character , The Bavarian
band has long been a favorite with the
public ir.ul it certainly did itself credit
last evening. Other concerts ave to fol
This evening'Daniel Sully , the Irish
comedian , is to appear at the opera house
in his now domestic play , "Daddy
Nolan. " Ono of the attractive scenic in
cidents will bo a working model of the
great Brooklyn bridge , with cars cross
ing , electric lights , real ones. etc. Sully
will doubtless have as enthusiastic au
audience as ho him had elsewhere.
On May 20 and 27 King As Franklin's
phenomenal 10 cent tent show is to be
hero again. This show was hero a year
ago , and their tent was crowded with de
lighted pcoolo. They gave the greatest
show for the least money of any combi
nation that has yet visited this city , and
this year they promise to outdo all previ
ous efforts. They have numeious at
tractions and wonders.
The Wilson case is still on In the dis
trict court. It is proceeding very
tediously , but it is an important case-
not merely on account of the amount in
volved directly , but from the fact that if
Mrs. Wilson recovers damages for what
the Hood did to her property , others
would bo encouraged to commence sim
ilar suits against the city. The case is
therefore being fought sharply , and its
result will bo walehedwith interest.
The now dolivory.wagon just turned out
of llnttonhauor's lactorv for George W.
Sohimlolu is ono of the iinest to bcseon on
the streets of any western city , There
has boon a great improvement in the class
of mercantile and business vehicles in
this city during tlin past two years. There
nro numerous metropolitan appearing
vehicles now to bo seen on the streets ,
nnd the demand for better ones still is
The proof sheets of the now maps of
Council Binds and Omaha , prepared by
C. K. Allen , have arrived here , and the
maps themselves will soon bo from the
press ready for distribution. This map ,
B ho wing Doth cities , will bo ono of the
finest piecosof work over done by Mr. Al
ien , and will be so convenient as well as
accurate as to ho in engor domain ! . It
will show both eities and ono can sec at a
glance the relative distances of all parts
of these cities.
The board of equalization hopes to
complete this week the work ot going
through tlio assessor's book. There are
R largo number of property owners
whose assessments have been raised.
The board will have to post up notices to
such and then adjourn for a week. On
i f re-assembling an opportunity will bo
given such persons to appear before thu
board if they want to protest agaiust the
raised assessment. It is expected there
will bo an army of kickers , and the board
will have a lively time before they com
plete the work.
The DCS Moincs Leader reports Spon ?
cor Smith as saying in an interview at
Dos Moines : "If 1 were going to invest
in real estate , do you know 1 would do so
right here in Dos Moines in preference to
any place that I know of in the state. " If
Smith made any such statement as this it
must have been because he was away
from homo , and was dealing out a little
tally to the Des Moincs syndicate which
gave him the position of railway com
missioner , llo will have to bo more
guarded in his statements so long as the
Uus Moincs reporters have such long
curs , or else he will have to square him
self with the Homo constituency , llo has
shouted "work to build up Council
Blulls" so many times that it seems
hardly possible that ho could have given
Buch taffy as the above with any idea
that it would get into print.
Cheap storage in either small or carload -
load lots at Nos. 23,24 aud 20 I'carl street ,
J. K , Snydor.
Drs. lltinchett AsSmith , ofllco No. IS
Pearl st. Residence , 120 Fourth st. Telephone -
phone No 10. _
J. WE. . L. Squire make beautiful
ibstrncts ol title , and deserve the suo-
Dess they are enjoying.
'he ' Knights Templar Will Make a Mounted
L Vonnc Man l-ottnd lloro Who Is
Wanted In Chicago Personals
nnd Hrlof lilts of News From
All 1'nrU of the Ulufft ,
The UnlRhtsTomplnr.
The Knights Templar have looked for
ward to this Ascension D.iy with much
itorest , nnd hayc made nioro than the
anal arrangement * for its obscrv-
nco. Some live or si\ years ago there
vas a mounted pilgdm.igo hero , the first
i this state , and since then there have
con none in this city until to-day , In-
ivitlual knights have joined in pilgrim-
ges elsewhere , and once quite n number
f them went over to Omaha to join m
no there. To-day tlio Omaha knights
oin in the one here. To the uninitiated
lie following general order siillieiuntly
xplaiiH the day's observance :
icneral Order No. 1.
Asylum of IvanImeCommindcry No. 17 ,
\ . T. , .Stationed at Council IJlulls , la. , Apart-
idits ot the Eminent Commander , April 13 ,
857. In iiccHidunce with ueneial order .No.
0 , Issued bv the grand commander of Iowa ,
njoinlnir the subordinate comuianderlcs ot
its jinl'dlctlon to obsurvo one or both ot the
a > 8but ap.irt by tcmplailsm lor devotional
crvlccs Ivanhoe commaiidcry No. 17 , K. T. ,
as taken deliulte action towards tlie Holding
f appiupilate ceremonies on ascension Day ,
I'lmrsday , May ID , 1 7 , by attending public
vorshlp at St. Paul's Episcopal church In this
Ity , alter which the commaudeiy will pcr-
erin a imnutrd plliilm.i e , commemoratlvo
f those pIlKiImages undertaken by our nil-
lent fratCH , during which a vMt will bo
lade to the sraves wherein lie the remains of
hosu blr Knluhts nhom death has taken trom
mi- ranks , and there pay to them tlio honor
.ml . respect so justly their due.
The piesence and co-operation of each .Sir
Cnight of our command is neci" > sary to suc-
( ssfiilly carry out the purpose and Intent ot
hobccoremonlrs , and to that end :
Yon are hereby ordered to appear In full
niform at the as.\lum of our commaiidcry at
0 o'clock on the morning of May 11' ' , lbS7 , for
he pin pose named , and thcafter bo subject
o the order of the piopej olllcers ot the com-
mndery until ! > aid ceremonies shall have
? en completed. F. H. FONDA ,
Mtcst : Kmlncnt Coiiimnnilor.
THOMAS U. LACT.V , Recorder.
The following is the order of exercises :
1. 11 a. m. Saint Paul's Episcopal
hnrch. The services will bo conducted
mil an address delivered by Sir Knight
. ' . J. Maekay.
2. 12 m. First mounted pilgrimage
rom church to Sir Knight Urott's , where
'cfrcshmcnts ' will bo served.
3. 1:150 : p. m. Second mounted pil
grimage to Fairview cemetery and tip-
jropnatis ceremonies at the graves of Sir
vnightsVoirich and Ficara.
4 2JO : ! p. m. Third mounted pilgrim-
ige to Fairmont park.
5. 4 p. m. Rest and refreshment at
residence of Sir Knight J.lines.
Saint Paul's church has been beauti-
ully decorated with flowers for to-day's
ervice , which begins promntly at 11
o'clock a. m. The rector , Kev. T. J.
Maekay , will preach. A choir , composed
of Mrs. Dillon , Mrs. Ward , Mr. Treynor
uid Mr. Kd Spooner , will render the
iiusical portion of the service. The
cats , except those necessary for the
iccommodution of the knights , will be at
ho disposal of the public.
Uesiues the resident knight * a largo
lumber from Omaha arc expected to ar
rive on the 0 o'clock dummy this morn-
ng , bringing their horses with them.
Llnrlnn will probably send twenty-live
nonuted knights. TheGlonwood knights
are to come from there on horseback.
Silver City , Plnttsmouth , Missouri Val-
cy and Logan will also bo represented ,
ana knights are expected from other
) laccs.
The knights will gather at the Masonic
temple , and will start from there at 10:43 :
on foot for the church. The march will
bo from the temple to Willow avenue ,
along that avenue to Sixth street , and to
the church. After the services the
knights will mount and the first jilgrim-
ngo will bo from the church to Willow
avenue , thence to Seventh street to Sir
Knight Crafts' residence. After re-
Teshnients there , they will proceed to
Aiirviow cemetery , passing along Broad
way to JJrvant direct , and thence to the
cemetery. There are two knights buried
hero , ami at the grave of each there will
jo a brief address. Sir Knight Joseph
Lyman will give the address lit the grave
of Sir Knight Weirich. Sir Kuight
Charles llarl will give tlio address at the
grave of Sir Knight Ficara. Then the
{ nights will proceed on their third
mounted pilgrimage , which will bo to
Fairmount wa'rk. The route will bo from
the cemetery to Hroadw.iy , thence to First
street , and to the park. From the park
: hcy will swing around the lower road to
Main street , along Main to Frst avenue ,
down that avenue to Sixth street , then to
Willow avenue and to the residence of
Sir Knight W. C. James , where on his
beautiful lawn they will bo served with
refreshments. The pilgrimages will bo
under the charge of Sir Knight Joseph
Lyman as acting captain general. Mho
knights will of course bo in full uniform
and mounted. The horses will all wear
covers , and the parade will bo one of the
most brilliant over seen in this city.
Gold Watches and Chains.
The largest a d best stock to select
from nt tno lowest prices , at
C. 13. JACQUEHMIN & Co's.
A ChiOAco Skipper.
The police yesterday received a telegram -
gram from Chicago directing them to
open their eyes for a young man wanted
there for larceny. Tlio young man's
name was given as George U. White. In
less than an hour from the receipt of the
telegram Chief Mullen and Captain
O'Hrieu had him , and put him behind the
bars. The young man has been in this
city for about three , weeks , and h d secured -
cured employment hero. Ho scouis to
have carried himself quite steadily since
ho arrived , and his employers wore quite
pleased with him. No details wore re
ceived here as to the oMouse with which
ho is charged , but it is reported that the
young man got to living 11 pietty fast life
in Chicago , was drawn into gambling ,
and in a desperation ho stole some jew
elry belonging to his sister , and dispos
ing of this skipped out. The Chicago of
ficers have been notified , and will probably -
ably bo hero to-day to take him back.
Olllco of Mulholland & Co. , removed to
In under the Citizens' bank. Telephone
No. 102. Leave your orders for ico.
A Missing Saddle.
James Ward claimed to have lost ti
valuable saddle rather mysteriously. It
was In a Union Pacific car with other
goods , nnd was stolen by some ono. The
saddle was of a peculiar make , bought lu
Portland , Ore. , for | 45. On discovering
the loss Wt\rd began hunting about , and
In some way got hla suspicions dhected
towards a railway employe , S. A. South-
worth , living at 1,004 iNinth avenue , llo
went to the nouso on the pretext of rent
ing it , and in going through the
discovered his saddle , llo then camo.up
town , had u eearch warrant tuken out ,
and on officer went there and got the
saddle. Sonthworth was away from
homo , and it is not known what ex
planation ho makes in regard to the
saddle. Ward is not disposed to spend
any time here in prosecuting Southworth ,
and was quite satisfied to get back his
saddle. The papers are tiled la Justice
Shurz'a court
Real Estate Broker and Dealers
Council I ! I u IT * Office ,
Temple. Oitmlm Oilier , No 1 1 i
North I Utli Mi-cut. , ,
1'itrtlciilnr intention given to In
venting fund * for non - real-
< lcnt < t. Special bargains In lot * .V
aero property In Omaha Ac. Coiin-
ell liltiffr. Correspondence solic
Steam , Gas and Water Pipe
No 552 Broadway , - Council Bluffs , Iowa
Mail Orders Shipped Promptly ,
Swanson Music Company ,
No. 329 Broadway Cou neil Bluffs
Estey Organs , Camp& Co.'s ' Organs and Western GottageOrgans
A few comments regarding the Estoy Pianos. In every civilized country on th >
globe the name of Kstt.y is a household word with lovers of mus'c ' ; it i < ? a guarai too
for.tlie exquisite quality of tone in muaicul instruments , bearing the name that com
mands confidence , admiration and enthusiasm.
We have another lot of refrigerators.
U is the best , and the best is tno cheap
est. Cole & Cole , 41 Main st.
Sound Investment.
J. G. Tipton yesterday sold to James
Cunningham , of DCS Moincs , la. , one lot
in Thompson's addition , two lots in Rid
dle's sub. , two lots in Howard's add. ,
and one m Everett , the purchase price
being $1,700. Mr. Cunningham is largely
interested in real estate in Dos Moincs ,
but says ho wants to got some property
where they are going to have , cable cars.
Latest improved gasoline stoves at No
C04Main street , W. A.Vood. .
Lime , cement , plaster , hair , coal , etc. ,
Council Hinds Fuel company , Mo. 5a'J '
Broadway , telephone liiU. _
Special advertisements , such M Lost , Found
.lOlxmn.For Ssilo , To Kent , VSants , nonrdlnir ,
etc. , will bo Inserted In this column nt the low
ratoofTENCENTSPEIt USE fortho first Inaor-
ion nn J ij'ivo Cents Tor Line forcach subsequent
Insertion. Lcnro advertisements nt our olHeo
No. U I'carl street , near Uroailwuy , Council
K I' XT- Ono onico mid ono business
room near the now postollice on UrouJuay ,
Ono live room house. $12.
One three room umiso , 710.
Ono Be\en room house , $ -0.
0. Mayno. No. 820 Slxuh avo.
Oil SALE- section of good land In Lin-
coin county , Neb , , for a Block of hard
ware. Address Udell llros. & Co. , No. 10 ! > Pearl
street , Council lilufTs , or corner 1'anmm and
lOtli streets , Omaha.
SALE A stocK general merchandise in
FOU good town In western Iowa. A first-
lasa chance for unv ono wishing to engage In
ustness Stock will invoice about (800 and
will bo sold cheap. 1'or further Information
' .nquiro . ol M. I. , smith & Co. , Omaha , or N. C.
? hilllps , Broker , No. 41U llroadway. Council
Huffs. _ . _
rnOK BALK A choice noiiso continuing eight
" rooms , vrltu porches , turnaco , bath room ,
barn , etc , In line neighborhood on si\Ui ay-
nuo , botwocm Sixth and Seventh Btroots , for
4/00 it taKen within ton ( lays. Call on or
write F. J. Day , No. 33 Fc.irl street , Couuci
FOIl SALIJ Or Trade Six sections of good
land In Lincoln county. Neb. on U. P.
railway. Call on or addiess Odoll llros. i ; Co. ,
10J Pearl St. , Council lllulTs.
FOIl SALK Cheap : n peed horso. Can bent
three minutes. Enquire at No. 1J-J West
NOTICU Will pay the highest price for first-
class cast-oil lady's , ffcnts , and children's
clothing , boots , sbocs , hats , etc. 1) . Goldstein ,
Nos.17 andS llroudway.
House Cleaning
s to bo done by nearly all tlio ladies in
the spring.
Now is the right time to do this. For
adies , It is a disagreeable but unavoid
able work , and we make the oiler to do
the most troublesome work of all , that is
We clean the carpets , velvets , moquottcs ,
brussels , or any other kind of carpets ,
without taking them up. Wo guarantee
and that no dust will bo loft in the car-
pot. Wo guarantee our work anil refer
to prominent parties in this city.
Send us a postal card and wo will call
upon you and explain in what way our
cleaning takes place. G. A. FISHER.
No. 023 Sixth Avenue , Council Ulutta.
The Firm of Hess & IlusHol.
Dissolved by mutual consent this inth day of
Hay. J. A. Itoss will continue the business and
pay all bills of the lute firm and collect all ac
counts. .L A. HOSS.
Star Sale Stabfes and Mule Yards
llicmUwuy , Council muffs , Opp. Dummy Depot
i rseTamTmulcs kept constantlyon
hand , for sale at retail or in car load
Orders promptly filled by contract on
short notice. Stock sold on commission.
SHLUTEU & HOLEY , Proprietors.
Telephone No. 114
Formerly of Keil Sale. Stables , corner
1st. avo. and tth street.
If. SCUUltZ ,
Justice of the Peace.
Olllco over American Express.
Horses % Mules
For all purposes , bought and told , at retail
and in lot * . Large quantities to select
fiom. Several pair * of fine drivers , sin
gle or double.
MASON m , Council Bluffs
I { . HIVE , M. 1) .
Cancers and other Tumors
Removed without the knile or Drawing o
Over 30 vears Practical experience.
No. 11 Pearl St. , Council Bluffs.
The only Hotel in Council Bluffs Having a Fire
Escape ,
And All Modern Improvements.
S15 , 217 and 219 Main St.
Justice o ± the Peace ,
415 Broadway , Council Binds.
Refers to any bank or business house in the
city. Collections a specialty.
Standard No. 2915) ) Sired by Almont No
13 , and "Register , " ( Standard No. 5813.
sired by Tramp No. 303. These stallions
vill make the season of 1837 at the Coun
cil Binds Driving Park.
For particulars inquire of or address ,
WADE GARY , Council Blulls , la.
Has a complete line of
Midsummer Millinerr ,
ittrio lints In white , hliick anil all colors. Pat-
orn bonnets huts and toques , u specialty.
No IfiU DoiiKlna St. , Onmhu.
I will be at the Pacific Hotel , Council
Bluffs , every Saturday forenoon
OmahaDontal Association removed to
Hcllman Block , cor. 13th and Farnam.
Best bets teetli to , fully warranted. All
operations rendered painless by the use
of our now amesthetio. Dr. Haughawout ,
Attorneys at Law ,
clice in the State and Federal Courts.
Rooms 7 and 8 Shugart-Beno Block.
EngineerSuriiBjorMapPublishBr , ,
No. 11 Forth Main St.
City and county ronps. of cities and counties
won ern Iowa , Nebraska and Kansas.
Vacant Lots , Lttiids , City Resiliences nnd
Farms. Aero property In western pnrt of city.
All soiling cheap to malto room for sprlnir stock
Real Estate & Insurance Agent ,
Itnom 5 , over Officer * Pueoy's Bank , Couno
Council BlufTs.Iowa.
Established 1857.
DeBlgns. estimates and report ! on brldsrea ,
viaducts , foundations find renerol nKlueermg.
Blue prints of any ilzo and quantity.
Office No 13N. Mala SU.FlrU National Bank
$100,000.00 $ ,
Worth of
Men's ,
Boys' and
C hildren's
Hats , daps and Gents' '
Furnishing Goods.
At forced sale , commencing
Monday , May 16th , regard
less of cost or value at
& GO'S.
Peoples' ' Store
Below we give a partial list of
prices during this sale.
Men's f unnncr Cants , all Hlzcs ,
15c each.
Men' * Secrtnckcr Coats and Vest * ,
choicest patterns , at iJc for coitt and
Youths' and boys' sixes , same
Men's suits , coitts , pants and rests ,
for SI , 91.23 , ifj.73 , $2.tO , $ ! , $ , ' ,
and $ < i.3O , all worth double the
Men's L/nlon Cassimcrc Suit * ,
92.25 , S2.7G , 9'J.aO , $4.73 , $ o.3O
and 9 ( i.
Men's all wnol Cassimcre Suits ,
aond quality , best styles , cleijant fit
ting f)09ds , for 93 , $ < i , 97 , 98 , 9 ! )
and ? 1O.
llest quality Middlesex bine cloth
Suits ( Grand Army Suit * ) at $ S.,1O
each. This is the best quality made ,
and is sold by everybody for $12.3O
'o ' $13. ISxtra Grand Army but
tons { ilvcn with each suit.
Mcn'tt Worsted Suits , $3 to 9 .
Over 300 suits formerly sold at
from $13 to $2O each , will be sold
during this great sale at $1O each ,
Attention is invited to our laryc
stock of nous' and Children's Cloth-
inn , which goes regardless of cost.
Men's If'orJdniPant } ; 3Oc , GOc ,
73c , , S'J and jVJf. J , worth morethan
'loublc ' the money.
Men's Union Cisslmerc Pants ,
100O pairs at 91 a pair , regular
value $3 to $ , 'i.
f OO pairs Men's Woo 1'ants ,
$1.5O , $1.73 , $2 to $ ! i and up to
$3 each.
Cents' i iiiiiisliiii
BOO dozen Earl C U'il'on's , Fel
lows tC Co.'s , and other makes gents'
Linen Collars , 3c each.
1 case llocliford Mixed Seamless
IfitlfJIose at Se. Only pairs to each
2 cases best British Half Hose , 4
pairs for % Cc.
3 cases Men's Fancy Half Hose ,
3 pairs for 23c.
A good Pcrcule Shirt for 2 , c.
A yood C/teviot Wo Hiiiy Shirt for
25c.A good Straw Hat for 3c.
A yood Men's Undershirt for 13c
and 2ic.
REMEMBEIt That each and
every article you buy from us is new
fresh goods , direct from the eastern
manufacturers. No old shop-worn
nor bankrupt btuffthut has been re
fused by every other town in the
country on account of falllmj to
pieces from laying and moth-eaten.
We protect our customers and
guarantee satisfaction In every case.
Don't fall to attend this great sale
and do not poitnone your visit too
long , for we wish these goods to be
seen by as many customers as possi
Dos , 314,316,318 , , and 320
We are careful what we say in an
advertisement , and don't believe It
pays to entice people Into our stores
by representations which we CAN
DR. RICHARDS' Electric Bath Rooms and Office
Ho. 607 Mynsfer St. , Council Bluffs.
One Square North of the P. O. Building.
Treatment and Baths Given Ladies by Mrs. Dr
Richards on Tuesday , Thursday & Saturday.
Electricity is a remarkable nattiralagent which lias long been known and utilized
as a remedy for disease and continued experience has enlarged its sphere of u seful-
ness and improved its appliances by whicb it is employed until its utility a n virtue
has become second to no other known remedy , in the treatment of certain forms of
disease. This agent is employed here in all its most serviceable forms by the aid of
large batteries , static machines , electric cabinet baths , electric water baths , the elec
tric chair nnd electrodes for ti eating all parts of the body. We are pieparcdtodo
all that can be done with these great remedies. In cases of Rheumatism , Neuralgia ,
Paralysis , Spinal Irritation , Rectal Diseases , Nenous Diseases in females arising
from Uterine disorders and many other chronic and subacute troubles , it stands at
the head of all known remediei or methods cure. A thorough study of it for years
and the successful treatment of hundreds of cases , after all other remedies had fail jhl
ed , is sufllcient evidence of its great uoith and perfcctlv satisfies us with its good
cfl'ects on the diseased body. In the great hospitals and sanitarians of America
and Europe , electricity is leading all other methods of treatment. In all leading
college' , the professois arc teaching electricity as one of the potent remedies and a
special chair is appointed in manv of them. Many ol the ablest physicians of all
schools are making a specialtv of"clectricitvo the exclusion of almost e\erything
else. This great remedy has often fallen into disrepute by being recommended and
used by persons , and physicians , perfectly ignorant of its properties and powers ,
who Would as often advise and use the wrong current as the right one or depend
upon it in diseases for which it is not adopted. We are sure that when the people
become educated in the use of clccliicily for many diseases with which the body
Is afflicted and find the ureat good therein , the medicines and patent righted nos
trums upon which they now rely will grow old and dusty on the shelves. Electricity
is nature's great remedy and to fully understand and skilfully apply it is our ell'ort
and aim in life ,
For further information call at the office or send for de
scriptive and illustrated pamphlet on Electricity and
Electro Therapeutic Baths , by
607 Mynster Street , Council Bluffs , In.
Harkness Brothers ,
Broadway , Council Bluffs , la
A large stock of fine white summer goods
and wash fabrics.
A New and Fine Assortment of Parasols , Sun ,
shades and Umbrellas ,
Summer Corsets and the Noted Little
Jersey Corset.
Department is yet well stocked and invites the attention
of everyone about to furnish a home. Also oil oloths ,
matting , rugs , mats , etc. Do not forget the number ,
' Telephone 163.