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A Mammoth Meeting of Western Buildoi
Hold in that City.
.Hopes Entertained Ity the Contract
OTH tluit tlio Hiiprcino llonil of
tlio Itrloklnycrs will 1)U *
countonnnco tlin Strike.
In the Hunks.
CHICAGO , May 14. ffjpcclnl Telegram the t
\ho Hr.i : . ] Over r,00 members of tlio Hulldor
nml Tenders' exchange met to-day and In
( lorM-d the action of the Muster Masons' a1
socliitlon In dculailng a lockout In the build
int ; trades. The meeting was liarinonloii'
enthusiastic nnd conlidoiit of being able t
break down the power of the trades union !
.Long before the lionr set builders , contract
ors and men Interested In the matiufnctur
and sale of building material of every klni
bcgnn to assemble In the rooms of the o
change. "The strike won't last a week ,
wild one of them. "I've been a brlcklajoi
journeyman , foreman nud contractor tier
for twenty ) cars , and i know just what Pi
talking about. The bricklayers are maklni
the biggest mistake ever madoby any bed ;
of worklngiuen In any city. For a little. In
ignilicant point they are just going to dc
rHtroy tlielr organisation beyond hope of re
covory. Tliey liavo a powerful union , It I
rtrtic , and heretofore they ba\e lia
yull their demands granted at onci
milt Him time they hare made a fatal mlstak
.and they have forgotten the existence of th
( international union. The main hope of th
master mason's Is tlmt the Intcrnntiont
' union will refuse to countcnanc
the.stilke. Chicago nnd San Francisco nr
the only cities In the United States wlier
the local bricklayers' union is not nfllllnte
with Hie Intel national. It is claimed tliei
is a Htron feeling of enmity between th
two orKnnl/atlons growing out of the fac
that the Chicago union refused to recognl ?
the "working cards" of the Intcrnatloni
nnd compelled e\ery orlcklayor who came t
tlio city to pay 8J > Initiation fee before al
lowing him to work. It Is thought that ai
npplioition to the International lor men b
the bouses , either directly or through an a <
vurtlsemeiit , will Hood the town with brlcb
lav era who will Ignore the loci
11 n I on. Tim committees who hav
charge of the work of securln
signatures to tlio non-selling ngreemet ;
repot t great success , only three brlckmaUei
liaving refused to sign wnmi asked , In cal
ing the mooting to order , President Tanpt
said : "It is timn when the hulldcis an
traders exchange shall be hoard In regard t
these labor questions. The business of th
city Is materially injured , and has been ft
, the last three or four v ears , nnd It Is almo <
lmKsslblo | to continue business under th
present circumstances. To-day , piobablj
lias been inaugurated ono of the grcate :
fttrlkos that has ever been known in tlio clt
of Chicago. Every member of this exchangi
every citizen of the city of Chicago , is into
. ested in this strike. Every man that owns
dollar' * worth ot property In the city or ev <
oxpecls to , is Intorefted. If this thing is gi
Ing to rontlnne business will bo driven froi
i the city and will po somewhoi
i flso. Now , tlio community leaves this ninth
to you and you are wnl I able to take euro c
It. I know tlmt after tills meeting Is over w
shall bo hoard by every one nnd not bo ml
taken by the public. " A number of sneechc
- . i In tlinsnmo strain were made , and a serlt
of resolutions , setting forth the rnnso of tli
strike nnd tlio employers position , wci
adopted. The chairman then read tlio follov
ing dispatch from William II. Savwood. PC
rotary of the Master liuildeis' association <
' Boston :
"Wo arc watching your cause with H
creates ! Interest nnd sympathy. Inillvldin
. liberty must l > e sustained nt any cost. *
I Three cheers nnd n tiger were given who
the meeting adjourned.
A treat meeting of the looked out brlcl
In } era and stone cutters was hold at the san
time In battery I ) . There were fill
8,500 men present , The result of the mec
nir was the adoption of the following res
hit Ion :
"Unsolved , That wo strictly stand bv 01
decision to demand n Saturday pav day , nr
will rotu-nto work on other terms. "
Ho botb sides are him.
More IntoreHtlnKToMtliiiotiy Given R
furo the CotninlHHiuii.
, NKW Tonic , May 14. llotoro the Pacii
Xallway commlsslan to-day Charles W. Has
lor , In 1BTO and 1SSO member of the linn
Hassler & Co. , brokers ut No. 7 Wall strec
testified that lie was Interested In the r
organization of the St. Joseph & Denver at
was familiar with Its earnings , reports belr
roado nt his olllco weekly. In the year IS
there was a balance of a few hundred della
after paying the operating expenses ar
( axes. "Iliad transactions with Jay Gnu
with reference to the securities of the Ka
B&s A Nebraskn.nnd St. Joseph & Wester
In 1873 Mr. Could offered 10 cents and lat
80 emits , but I thought It n fair gamble
hold them. Eaily In Ib79 Oould said !
could take all of the bonds , 'with trimming
( or 4 cents , and his proposition w
accepted. 1 t > old 150,000 of them and acti
( is agent for the other bondholders In the
delivery. I think the whole amount mil
have been saTO.OOO. I have reason for i
memUering these transactions , for we we
' . disgusted with our bargain when wo foui
' these securities advancing in pi ice so rapid
after we hixrt parted with them. "
Henry Vlllard , one of the receivers of tl
i Kansas I'ucillc. testilicd : "I icpreseuted t !
bondholders of the Kansas 1'acllic In tl
pool , but had no personal interest , tlioiu
my name nppcaied as n holder of 10,0
imnres. You w lit see that iiTy signature do
not. Mr. ( iould purchased of the St. Lou
lioldcis at the pool price. I remember tl :
because they were so disgusted when the a
curitles began to rise In the market so soi
after they bad disposed of them. T
Vrlco was ! ' - ! . ! < emits for stock
Ithink tlio gioss earnings
tbo Kansas Pneihc and Donv
1'acllic during mv receivership was a lit' '
more than S.I , < HX > , OUO. When I took charge
was In a wrecked condition , no money bell
put Into repairs. The road , in fact , earn
bout half of its nxed charges , 1 am cc
vlnced that the consolidation of the ( Jnii
' Paclho and Kansas Paclhc was an ndvai
ageous arrangement for tholattor company
bo taken under the wings of the former , t
' ( IVS for Its desirability to the Union I'ncltlc
* nm not nreparod to state. I never held
allure of Union Paclllc securities , and con :
, quontly had no interest In it , but I know t
prpiibolldfttlon was of great advantage to t
r Kansas I'ucllic. The terminal compotiti
* .between the lines was an element of btreni :
to both. "
The commission adjourned alter the oxa :
flnallon of Villard till Tuesday.
? . The printed report of Chief Accounts
Richard btevons , adopted nnd approv
by tlio commission In executive session M
r6 , KIVUS a tabulated statement of the Inforn
atlon requited bv the act of congress , mid , I
the purpose of obtaining such Infornmtic
auirgests the employment of twoaccountan
Cone each to prepare statements of the Una
-clal condition of the Union 1'acllic and C\
trnl I'acille to the present time , these i
couutantsto employ assistants ; ulso the e
iiloyment ImmeUlatelv of two accountants
jioston , two utSMI Francisco , and one
Washington , wltli two clerks at lloston a
n like number at San Francisco.
Ux-Shorlfr Miller' * Suit.
CHICAGO , May 11. [ Special telegram
tlio Hr.K.J F.x-SlierltT Miller , of Omaha ,
day hied a bill In the federal court to lia
the judgment set aside by which Halm
Lowy" and Lewis Cole , his son-in-law , j
possession of a stock of dry goods of ho ;
Jj. Smith , who failed In Omaha In 1&5 n
iled to Canada , whore he now Is. lie ma
s bill of sale of the stock to Lowy to defra
his ciedltors nnd howy asigned It to Cc
Bherllf Miller had taken possession of it
creditors' attacluncnts and Coloreplevlned
in tie ! trial ot the reple\ln suit the evider
"was not strong enough to expose fraud n
iCole bccured judgment and has sold I
Block , valued t S.Mt,000 , for 578,000 In p
euance ot a framUilont t < cht me. lining s.
from arrest , Siiillh has contus ed to his ere
Itors the fraudulent cluuotcr of the convi
niice to Lowy and Sheriff Miller nsKs. fo
rehearing nt the replevin suit on the croii
of newly discovered o\ldMieo and tiles a
davits by Smith nnd H. U. Kenyon , Ills mi :
, urcr , { 'i\lii the detail * of the
Additional Oetnlla of the Ucitructtoi
tty tlio Htorui.
BI.UK til'ni.sos , Neb. , May . ( Special t
.ho HER. ] The terrltio cyclone of last oven
ng , which resulted In the destruction of th
new school house hero as telegraphed la ;
light , also proved disastrous to other bulli
ngs. After blowlnz down the school bulk
tie the cyclone next struck the M. R. cliurct
Mowing the steeple down and otherwise In
luring It. Several barns were blown dowt
residences damaged by the wind , nnd tree
ilong Main street snapped otf by the root :
The Association hall loot was blown off , ani
ihc sheds and lumber at tlio Union lumbc
vnrds scattered to the four winds , i
nrgo tmttotiwood tree blew down , knocl
ng elf a corner of John Cornwall'
residence. At 5 p. in. the bolt of llghtnln
lell which resulted In the death ot JSanc
IJ.isore. hlie was sitting on a lounge u
stairs looking out of the window when th
bolt struck her on the bteusl-bone. passin
town through her , killing her Instantly. Sli
was alone at the time , her mrcnts hivin
ran to a neighbor's to sen what damage th
storm had dime them. When they returne
she wns lying on the lounge us though sh
was asleep , but a large hole In the breas
mne , as thoiuh made by a mlnnle ball , tel
lit ; ft-artiil nnd sad ending of her young lift
Miss liusoro \ > as twenty years old nnd
member of the N. H. church.
The sclioolhousc was Insured ngninst cj
clone in the sum ol 83.000.
Anotlior Mntiiiiiotli Concern.
FitKMo.VT , Neb. , May 14. [ Special to th
Rii : : . | The Patrick BJOS. , of Omaha , hav
list purchased u tract of 1,400 acres of Ian
north of the city of Congressman Dorsoy an
others. The purpose Is to erect n mum mot
cattle barn nnd extensive stosk feedln
yards. Those will be built on u commandln
iiosltlon nt the junction ot the 1'latto nn
Klkhorn valleys. These gentlemen have bl
ranches In noithern Wyoming. They wll
> hlp their range steers heio , where they wl
Do fed for market. Their plant will enta
in euoimous outlay , and is n big ncqulsltlo
to the mammoth concerns located at Pn
Stood llietn Off.
Xomn I'I.ATTK , Neb. , May 14. [ Spccli
Telegram to the Jinn. | A man supposed t
bo Parker , who robbed Paymaster llash , wt
nrrcsted nt ( Jaudy , Losnn county , a few dnj
igo. He had In his possession $7,000 lie1
nllls of small denominations. When sobi
10 was released. After bis releasn tl :
authorities came to the conclusion that b
was tlio lobber and made Mi attempt to r
nriest him. but lie stood oil n posse of ii\
armed men and made his escape.
A Hnitmnd'8 Brutal Act.
Ui.UESfTiNns Nob. , May 14. ( Special I
the HEE. I Charles Vogtol got drunk Thuri
day night and some time yesterday niornln
ho whipped Ills wife. He kicked her an
struck her several times In the face , mashln
tier mouth tearfully , lie also pulled lart
bunches of h.ilr out of her head. He sa >
that jealousy was the cause of ills cruel trea
ment. Ho was working for J. Hart , tl
butcher , who discharge htm.
Heal Efttnte Deals.
NOIITH 1'i.A.Ti K , Neb. , May 14. [ Specl
Telegram to the IKK ! , ] It. I. Hlnman seine
ino acres of land adjoining North Platte to
local syndicate for 312000. Abbott , of Lli
coin , sold to n Kansas City syndicate a fort
ncro truot 1 } Ing north of the lllnm.m trac
tor 57,000. J3oth sales were made to-day.
A 1'roinliient CItl/.pn's Death.
KISINOS , Nub. , .May 14. [ Special Telegrn1
to the Hi. K. I William P. Miller , a prom
ncnt cltlren and farmer , died yesterday i
stomach alfectlon. Ho was the main stay i
the Lutheran body lieie and bis loss Is deep
Almost two daj s of constant rain pu
crops In good shape hereabout.
Hankers Well Supplied nnd Ho
rowers Experience Lilt Is Uifllculty
CHICAGO , May 11. [ Special Telegram
the Hi. r. ] Quito a good demand for mom
prevailed during ttio past week and tl
111,11 kct ruled rather linn. Hankers we
moderately well supplied with loanable fun
and borrowers who wer < ) able to present in
doubted securities or collntteials exporienci
little dllllculty in obtaining all the f uiuU i
quired. Bankers , however , pursued a coi
mission course nnd generally Insisted <
wide margins. Speculators in grain andpr
visions were moileiately free borrowei
though their demand was not as urgent
during the previous two weeks. Lumb
merchants have presented a fair amount
paper for discount , nnd merchants In tl
wholesale trade asked for some favors. Sou
money was forwarded to the Interior , main
through commission houses , and to small
towns for the movement of train and 11
stock. In some sections fanners are bu
with their spilng seeding and the moveme
of f ai in products to the stations has been sma
Collections are reported quite good In i
branches of trade and merchants claim th
more goods are balnc distributed than f
some time past , and considerably in exec
of the volume of business one year ag
Uatns ot Interest are well maintained
0@flX for call and C@S per cent for tit
loans , tlm inside figures for round sums i
undoubted security. Some business is boll
done on the stieot nt about the same rates
were current last week. In eastern hnancl
circles the demand for money is fair from i
sources nnd the simply of morey is sul
cieutly plenty to accommodate- borrowers i
reasonable rates of Intoiest. Advices tro
tlio principal nnnnclal centers of Kuropo re
resent money as abundant and rates of li
terost extremely low. The cheapness
money tends to encourage I
vestment in Aiucilcan securities , whl <
command bettor rates of Interest , Ne
York exchange was In talr snpp
and the demand was moderately actlv
Sales weio made between banks at 25 con
discount to Vi eeuts premium per 81,000 , at
the market closed steady at par. Forelc
exchange was in better supply , owing to tl
increased shipments of Hour , grain , cotto
petroleum and stocks. Tlio demand w
only fair and the market 1 tiled weak. Shi
pers' sl\tv days documentary bills on Londi
ruled lower and changed hands nt st.Mj
4.85 , nnd closed steady nt S4.8JJf , 4.tH. Uat
or more Interest centered in the New Yo
stock market , particularly during tlio latt
part of the week. Wall street speculate
gave the market considerable attention ai
oiitsldn operators enlarged thalr but
ness to some extent. Western spc
ulntors traded more freely
stocks of tbo railroads loading from Clilcag
Prices ruled comparatively steady early
the week and trading was only fair , but ne
the close a stronger feeling was develop *
and higher prices worn realized for the lea
Ing dividend-paying stocks. Unite a go <
torelgu demand prevailed for some of t
principal securities and sales were made
higher prices in foreign financial contei
Sales 611 tlio New York stock exchange f
the week aggregated 1WIG shares. 1' '
troletim was Inclined to quietness early
the week , but prices were modeiatoly wi
supported , Later , however , oilerln
were consldeiably Increased and tl
market mled weal ; , accompanied wl
a marked decline In prices. Openli
sales were made at Ofl , ' < cents , sold at C.k ! , ,
&J f cents and closed steady at ( WJ/ccni
The lending pioduco markets exhibited co
siderablo activity during the weeK jit
closed. Speculative trading was fairly i
tlve , with rather moio attention given to t
defmred deliveries , An unsettled feelli
prevailed and prices fluctuated conslderabl
although within n small range. The weath
teports have been watched closely and r
ports of the condition of the crops are on
etty sought for. The weather has bai
spring-like , but very dry In most sections
the west , nnd there is little doubt but t
growing crops would 1m greatly beuolitod I
Iro'iuueut showers. Farmers are general
thtough wltli the seeding of small gral
nnd am now giving their attention toi > ! ai
lii-C corn. The receipts of grain were modt
ate at nil the principal western points will
th'e shipments , t-si > eclally from tlm lake lui
werH quite large. The export demand co
tlnues qulo ( good , and largo qHuntlties
lloiu ana ginin are IxMng forwarded to fi
elgn mnrltcts. The shipping demand on t
count of homo markets was rather -lici
Products have been weak and declining , ni
the consumptive demand light , botli fie
domestic and foreign markets , The rccelii
of live stock have been moderately free at i
the principal western uiarketa. Packing
the west U gradually eular.'int' .
The Omaha Gladiators Defeated Yestordi
by the Colorado Champions ,
flatting * Scooped by tlio Lincoln *
National League The I/a Keyro
, Oun Clttl ) Shoot Local
Sporting News.
The O in a tins Defeated.
The second of the Denver-Omaha series
base ball games , played yesterday afternooi
was by odds the prettiest gnmo tint has bee
w Itnesscd on the homo grounds this scasoi
About 1,000 people were present. . The Dei
vers won by a score of 4 to 1 , but had r
ground to boast ot sitpciior playing. Han
Salisbury occupied the bo > c for the lion
team and pitched a great game , confining tl :
visitors to six base lilts , though they wei
credited with ten , two men being sent I
bases on balls nud two by being struck : t
the pitcher. Hnrter's catching was a featu
of the game. The lleldlni ; of the homo tcai
was magnificent. Itader caught four ( lie
OHO ot them when there were two men 01
and alt of the bases full , ( ienlns 'corralU
throe Hies , one of them nttei a long run tli
bi ought cheers from the npectntoi
few lit'tit second played nicely. Wai :
made one costly error , but otherwise pla\ <
well. In tlie lirst two innings botli of tl
teams failed to score. In the third Innli
the Delivers scored three runs , and nddi
one to this In the fourth , while the homo tea
had to be contented wltli one run made 1
Walsh In the fourth. After tlio fourth I
nine the plavlng was brilliant on both hldi
neither team succeeding In scoring. Vo
pitched the game of his life and pu//led tl
Omaha sluggers Inn piintul nunnei. Tl
score In detail was as follows :
Salisbury. . . .
Totals 3D l * 5 : i ut 13
DKXVKlt. 1'QS. All. H. 111. Til. IIS. I'O. A
The score bv Innings was ns follows :
Omaha 0 00100000-
Denver 0 03100000-
Kuns earned Omaha 0 , Denver 0.
Two-base hits Walsh , Voss.
Left on bases Omaha 2 , Denver S.
Struck out--Ily Voss , 0.
Uases on balls By Voss 1 , Salisbury 3.
Hit by pitchers By Salisbury 1 , Vois 1.
liases stolen Omaha 3 , Denver 4.
Time of gnme Ono hour and foity-li
Umpire lllrfoy.
Tlio closing game of the series will
played this nfternoon. The teams will
positioned as follows :
OMAHA. i'os nrxvi
Krohmoyer c Brig
O'Loary p [ log ;
Dwyer 1 Sml
Switt 3 MeSorl
Kourke 3 Tebe
Walsh s Philll
Bader 1 Sll
( Ienlns m Me\ <
Messitt . . .r. . . Ity
A Walk-Away For Lincoln.
Ltxcoi.V , Neb. , May 14. ISpeclnl To
gram to the BKK. I The game to-day betwe
Hastings nnd Lincoln was a walk-away t' <
the homo team , the visitors only scoring
one Inning. Lincoln's now pitcher , Mllli
with Dolan. wore the battnrv tor the hoi
team , with Woihle and lioeves occuplng 11
positions tor the visitors. Hastings made
runs in tite second inning , when , with t\ \
men on bases , Koevos lifted the ball for
homo run. Lincoln snored four In the tlili
live in the fourth , three In the sixth nnd tin \
in the ninth , the t.core by innings being :
Lincoln 0 0450 3002-
Hastlngs 0 3000 0000-
The Western Lioneue.
The following l.s the standing of the we :
em league clubto date :
The La Fovro Shoot.
Theregular shootof tlm La Fovro lun ! cl
yesterday atternoou lesulted as tollows :
Fltchoti . 11000 10001 luaco 100:0-
NMOII . 11111 11011 11IU1 lllll-
Bmull . W101 KXKKI OOtOJ 01010-
I'rlnco . 1001)1 ) 00011 10101 10IOS-
C iuiiborliUll . 00 MM 0
Townsuud . 01001 OIOJ1 11101 11100-
Lowls . OOWO ail 0 1000J 10010-
Aburcromblo . 1DOOU 01010 10010 11110-
Sporting Notes.
Fr.xnk lUndlo has been released by t
Omaha club. The new manager lias taki
hold of the alfalrs of the club with the e
dent intention of straightening out the :
cent tangle. In this he will have tlio au
port of the Omaha patrons of the spot , } .
O'Leary's wrist is In good form and ,
will doubtless pitch a great game to-day.
The Omaha Gun club will shoot on Tui
1'enroso & Ilardin are daily receiving sh
ments of plcoons and blackbirds for use
the tournament which txjgins hoio June 14
National lioajruo Games.
PifTsnuno , May 14 , The result of t
contest between the rittstnirp and ludl.
apolis teams to-day was as follows :
I'ittsburg . 0 00020003-
Indianapolis . 0 01001000-
I'itchors ( Salvm and Uoyle. Ho
hits I'ittsburg 12 , IndianapolU 8. Errors
1'ittsbiirg U , Indianapolis 2. Umpire
NKW YOIIK , May 14. The game1 1
twecn New York ontl rhlladalphla to-di
resulted as follows :
Now Yorlc . 0 00000002-
riilladelphla . 0 3313405 -
Pitchers Roach and Utifllntoii. Uaao h
New York 11 , Philadelphia : ! ! . Krrors
New York D , Philadelphia 0. Umpire
CnicAno , May U. Tlio game between Cl
cage ana Detiolt to-day resulted as f <
lows :
Chicago . 0 10100030-
Detrnlt . 3 0000401-
Pitchera Clarkson and Oulz sin. liaso h
Chicago 3. Detroit 8. Krrors-Chic.iso
Detroit 0. Umplie Ilongle.
UOSTON , May 14. The eamo between tl
Boston and Washington teams to-day i
suited as follows :
rioston . ft 00000103-
Washmgton . 0 03000000-
Pitchorh Conway and O'l > ay. Uaso h
Boston 12 , Washington 8. Krrors IJost
4 , Washington 11. Umpire Powers.
The American Association.
CINCINNATI , May 14. The game to-d
between Cincinnati and Metropolitan :
Bui ceil as follows :
Cincinnati . 0 -
Mi'tropoliton . 3 00030300-
Pitcliers Smith and Mays. Base h
Cincinnati U , Metropolitan 15. Error
Cincinnati 4 , Metropolitan 5. Umnln
bT. Lou i * , May 14. The game botwe
St , Louis and LUltlmord to-day icsultea
tollows :
bt. Lrnilf . 7 1 0 o .0 0 0 0 * -
IJaltlliioro . 0 10200000-
Pitehei-s Fuutzaud Smith. Base ults-i
Louis 13. Baltlmor 8. Errors-St. Loul
3 , Baltimore 4. Uraplrq McQuade.
LouiMVi.t.if , May 14. The r uie b twee
Louisville nnd Athletic to-day resulted a
folows :
Athletic , . 1 01 I'O ' 0 1 0 0 1-
Louisviiip . . . , o o p a , o a o o o o
Pilehei.s-Neal ami Atkinson. Base till
Athletic 1'J , LoitbTlllofi. Krrors-Athletl
3 , Loulsvlllo 2. Umpiie Cuthbert.
UMCVKIAHD. May 14. The game to-dn
between CloseUuul ainl Broukljn resulted c
follows :
Cleveland . 0 ! -
BrooUlMi . 0 *
PitcheH Sweener arid llarklns. B.v
hltsCIeeland 10 , qirtmklvn 15. Krrora-
Cleveland 4 , Brooklyn 4. Umplro-Ktilgh
lien Slolnos DOTUIS Dlilutli ,
DKS Moi.vts , la. , May II. fSpcclal Telt
gram to the Dr.K.I Di * Molnos beat Dulut
to-day In a very pretty game , marked b
good playing on both sides. The foliouln
is the score by Innings :
Des Mollies . 1 3-1
Dulutli . U -
It Will C st $2I , ( > 0M : us fur as Ai |
The commissioners of appraisement (
property condemned by the committee on tli
petition of the Fremont. Elkhoin & Mlssou
Valley railway company , for a right ofn
into Omaha , ha\o made a report to .Unit
McCulloch. The commlssloneis are : (
llarttnanlark Woodmin , Joseph Redmar
, J. I' . Klley , A , U Dufiesno and John Uusl
They make awards upon property as follows
James Brady , 4 4.MUO acres , at § 00 par ncn
James G. Brown , GT-100 of an aero , t
SV)00 , 81,07' .
Charles Fleck , 25-100 of an acre , at SbO , SS
Mary E. Ovei lander , one acre , 550.
Mis. M. J. Ilavvkliison , 3 3J-10J acres i
S.W. S100.
M. A. Olark , Miclmel Clark and Mrs. Elll :
5 41-100 acres at $125. S0r .
Isaac Street , 5 a'.MOO acies at S4" . 8 * Vi.
John T. Croft , K.iunli ! M. Crott , Edwai
Cuthberton and Jolin W. Croft , 3 41-100 acn
nt 82,000 , 8r , iO.
Thomas Donelly and William Overlande
0 00-100 acres at 810 , S&a
James U. Chapman , 1S1-100 acres at 825
John A. Smiley , 4 75-100 acres nt 53,00
The total. It will bo seen. Is 831,003.40. A
oftlioawaids are not yet made nnd It
probable the amount the company will pay i
secure tlio eutiauco to the city will ainoui
to 50,000.
Dr. Kelley Visits the Innano AHJ-IUI
at NorfolK.
Dr. E. A. Kelley , of this city , who was i
cently appointed suxrintoiident of the l !
sane asj lum ut Norfolk , returned on Frlds
from his lirst visit to the now instltutloi
lie left on the first train for Lli
coin , where ho will consult the s > ta
board of public lands and buildings wll
reference to ccrtafn matters pertaining to tl
The doctor says that the asylum was in
at all flattered by the photographs of
which have been circulated. It Is really
handsome and enduring structure , lie in
examined It In all Its parts and became It
pressed with the fact that It has been slngi
larly well laid out for tlie purposi
for which It < was intemlu
He Is of the opInioM'thnt the asylum will iv
be opened until about tlie 1st ot October. 1
the meantime a kitchen and other structun
which will bo necessary tor the proper cot
duct of the institution' must bo erectci
Nevertheless the doctor will immediately e
tabllsh an olllco at tile asylum to enable hi :
to attend to the correspondence whli
Is now d.iily ritshlns into the place , some <
It containing bids for thoifurnlshing the Ii
Btitution and applications foradmibsion fro
nil parts of the stale , The doctor says I
proposes to take up' nispbrmanent lesideiu
nt tlie asylum as soon asit will bo possib
for him to do so. 1 1 i >
Ono matter which wilKroquiro adjtistmcn
will bo that of determining what patten
shall be admitted to ttio asylum. Tills wl
have to bo dctermlpodby the state board o
public lands and .Dullulngi. The doctor
Idea favors the division of the state Into dl
tricts , each of which , respectively , slia
send its insane to Lincoln or .Norfoll
To send patients to either asylum trom a
parts of the state , simply because there Is
vacancy , would lead to an interminable mi
Ing up of accounts with the several count !
and lesult in the keeping of the same , as bi
tweeti the state and tlm counties , bothattlu
would never be closed. What these dihtric
Rlmll be \\hatcounties thev shall cor
prise , Dr. Kollov will ask to determine b
fore his return trom Lincoln to this city.
DlHagreemrnt In the Conoyor Gas
No United. States comt was held yosterda ;
Judge Dtiudy being 111. llbsicknosslsquli
serious being n re-appearance of a malady i
which he Is subject.
The Jury in tlio case of Charles Conoyer , i
legal representative of his mlnorson , again
the Union Pacllle Railway company fc
520,000 damages , wore out all day , nnd at
o'clock last evening brought In n report th
they could not azrce. The point of diffe
once was as to the amount of damnces to 1
awarded. A majority favored 810,000. Tl :
suit was brought to recover for Injuries su
talned by the lad at the Tenth street crossln
A now trial has been ordered.
The Durnnt Running To a in.
The Durant Hose company has organized
running team for the purpose ot taking
part In the tournament at Kearney I
Aueust. The following comprise the tean
John Schlndlor. captain : Charles Flshe
manager ; Ed S. Andrews , Lou ijitton.Patsc
Cosgrove , John Kced , John Defirow , Joli
Carnabv , Geoige Heed , Auuist Mnnson ar
John Wilts. Thu team Is composed of sou :
excellent material and may be expected i
do some good work at the coming tourn
ment. Korthopie ont the team will pra
tlco on Tuesdays and Fridays in thoLnlc
1'acilic yards.
Frank Ileadley of Denver , and Miss Kat
CrUwoId of Hamburg , la. , wcrn quietly ma
rled at the residence ot Mr. John Sl < egg
corner of Nineteenth nnd Mason streets , tl
Itev. W. House , of the First M. E. churc !
otlleiating. Mr. Ueadley Is engaged In tl
miniiu business near Donvor. Ills brli
lias boon for seveial jeirsa teacher in tl
high school at Hamburg , la. , and Is a lady i
rare eiiltiuo an.t refinement. The futu :
home of the worthy couple will bo In Do :
ver , to which tliev will bo followed by tl
best wishes of their hosts of fiieuds I
Ouiahu and vicinity.
County Attorney Slinprnl's Oplnlo
County Attorney Sl'mfc'ral has presented a
opinion to the comrn1ssj9riers to tlio elfe
that , by Judge BerkivV resignation , his otllc
as justice ot the peace U inado vacant nr
the commissioners hjjvo right to appoli
his successor. The ciwiriilssloners state th
this is not tlie opinion which they want at
which Mr. Simeral ibjlu duty bound to gh
them. They desire UvKiiDw what they are :
do concerning the otlirr wards of the clt ;
ami whether they btioulq.appoint two ju1
ticos for each. j ? .
\ Roimbllonn cStlnollmaiilo Gauoui
An Informal caiirns ol the ropubllca
incmbi'is of the clrycpujicll was held la
evouln ? . It lasted about liftoen minuti
nhd was Imrmonlouv : iris believed , that tl
only point to bo agreal'Dfion was that ot tl
continuation of ajipolntt
by Mayor Hroatch. 5lrcAVeb-U'i , It Is state
will probably bo continued.
The Last German Night.
The German theatrical compiny makes II
final appearance this season , to-night i
Boyd's. The piece to bo produced , will 1
"Sclmt/on LIsM , " one of the most rolllcku
and jollv pleros which has , thus tar , bee
produced by this company.
A Fatal Collision.
Moiiu.r , Ala. , May 14. A collision I
twpon : i passenger train on the Mobile
Ohio railroad ami n wlhl engine jesterdi
nfteinoon resulted In tlio Instant death of 01
llrman , and the engineer \yns severely hurt.
Nebraska anil Iowa Wonthor.
For Nebraska : Generally warmer , ft
\\oather , light variables winds.
For low.xi Generally fair \\Mther , statlo
ary followed by rising temperature , He
variable winds.
Capture of Ono of the Wont Oracksmo
in the Country
righting nnd lilting Tor Liberty on
Xrnln Crossing the AltHioarl
Itlvcr Two Ofllocrs l-"col
1114 Teeth ,
A DoMiernto Prisoner.
Ofllcor Horri > ; ! iH nll'octeil tin
ciiiitiuo on W mlnesihiy , ntul to-ihiy no i
nursinjr ti badly bitten hand as the resul
of a most dcspcrato combat yesterday wit
the prisoner. ShcrllVMallory , of Aiulubo
county , Iowa , aho has a linger nnarl ,
bittpn oil'as a result of. the same stniK li
The man who did the bitinc Is in hoiu a
Council Bin II' ? , and is a noted siifc bin
About tin eo weeks agon safe bclonp
ing to a wealthy guiitlemnti of Audubo ;
was blown by burglars. A week prov !
ous to that a barber shop at Jcll'ersnti
( Jreen county , Iowa , was burglarized
evidently by the same parties. 1'roi ;
the safe a small amount of mono ,
was taken and also $10,000 m
papers , in part belonging to the owne
as an indivinual and in part tlio pro ) :
city of tlie Masonic order at Audubon
of which the gentleman robbed was th
treasurer. Sheriff Mallory , of Anditbo :
county , acted energetically on the da
succeeding the robbery of the safe ani
succeeded m capturing , a few miles on
of the town , a man who WHS iduntilie' '
as ono of three suspicious characters wh
had been been tboro on tlio nyor
ing previous to the commission of thi
ctiino. On his icturn to Audubon th
shurilVstoppeil nt a house which was con
ncctud with the city by telephone nil' '
sent word to his deputy there to organi/
a fictitious mob to greet the prisone
upon bis arrival. This was doue , an
when the sheriff and prisoner drove int
town they were met by a crowd of eve
iiOO apparently determined men , , wh
took the frightened criminal out of Hi
sheriff's hands and threatened him wit
immediate lynching if ho did not confes ;
He refused to say anything , hovvevoi
until the mob had placed a rope arotiii
his neck and had actually commenced t
pull on it , This practical demonstratio :
of their earnestness brought the prisone
to terms , nr.d he not only confessed hi
own participation in the affair , but als
stated that one of his accomplices was
man named Matt Uiloy , alias Tim Hyan
and another a well known burglar whos
name is for the present withhold , as h
has not been caught. He stated thi :
Uiley had gone toward Mis&omi Vallo.v
and the other burglar had gonoca&twanl
He then disclosed the hiding place of th
securities , which was a manure p-lo i :
which the papers , in a box- , had beui
buricil deep.
Acting upon this information
telegrams were sent both oas
and west , Officer Donovan rccog
mzcd Kiloy hero on Wednes'la
night. On the morning following hi
arrest Uilev demanded ah examinatio :
and secured an attorney to push his case
He was well aware that nothing coul
bo shown hero upon which to hold Inn
and was consequently anxious to secur
his liberty. One expedient after anothc
was resorted to by the police ollieials ti
hold Kiloy until the sherill'of Auduboi
county could bo heard from. Thatollicct
unfortunately , did not get the inform. '
tion of Kiley's arrest until Friday , an >
had then no time to secure n requisition
So ho came to Omaha and hero thu plai
was determined upon to not tlio m-i'onet
by some sort of subterfuge , into low
where ho could bo roarreslctl.
1 he three davs expired yesterday ani
Kiloy's counsel demanded that he ho ox
amiucd. As it was obligatory that ho b
accorded a hearing , ho was arraigned 01
the charge of being a suspicious char
actor. He jilixided not _ guilty. Jtidg
lierka then informed him that if lie vvouli
leave the city and state immediately h
would bo discharged. After a minute'
roflee'.ion the prisoner agreed to go
Officer Hoirigan escorted him to th' '
depot , purchased him a ticket and thu ;
boarded the train for Council ItluH's. A
Kiley observed that the officer intcndei
to go across the river with bin
ho said : "What are you goinj
with mo for ? Can't I ride across tin
river alone ; I'll go. " The oflicor re
spondcd that he intended to see tha
Kiloy really left Omaha ami would g (
with him. This aroused the prison
er's suspicions , evidently , because , as th
train was in the middle of the bridge , h <
walked from tlio scat ho was occupying
with the remark that ho wanted u driul
of water. After ho had taken the dnnl
ho stopped out on thu platform. Horn
gun divined his intentions , which weri
probably to jump from the train when tin
grading was reached on the Iowa side
and followed him to the platform , at th' '
sSmo time giving ( sheriff Mallory. win
was quietly sitting in the car , a signal
The train was then fairly on the IOTV.
side , and over the trestle work winch i
about sixty feet high. As the shoril
stepped out on tlie platform llorrigan
said to him : "Tako your man. " Th' '
sheriff put a hand on Kiley and remarked
"I want you. " Tlie prisoner saw ho wai
caught and made a. leap toward th
river , exclaiming with an oath , "i'oi
can't take me. " llorrigau cautrh
the burglar as ho jumped , and thor
ensued one of the most desperat
struggles which over took place in a liki
precarious situation. Kiloy is a man o
muscular build , weighing over 100 pound
and he fought like a mad man. Althoiigl
lloriigan struck him repeatedly , and th
sherift succeeded in manacling his hand
ho refused to submit , but bit like a rabii
dog. ilosoued Horrigrtii's hand and sanl
histuethintoit. Ho caught one of the slier
ill's lingers in his motilli and nearly bit i
oil' , The two officers at length siiccecdci
in dragging tlio desperate criminal ml' '
the car , and although the sheriff pointci
a revolver to his bond , be still fought am
swore ho would not bo taken alive. 1'at
sengcrs assisted the officers and Kilo ,
was at length ironed so securely that h
could do no harm.
Kiley came originally from Aurora
Ills. , and has long been wanted by th
officers of Chicago and other place
whore ho has successfully burglari/O' '
safes for a long time. This is the His
known instance of Ills capture. Ho is
peculiarly successful cracksman , an
after committing bitch i\ crime he liu
been abjo invariably heretofore to cove
his tracks , lie is an expert machinir
and has been known to work at his trad
for weeks bolvyeoa practice of his crim
iiial propensities , ,
The Knights or Labor i\cnutivo Con
mlitco to Decide the Itriulc
The city executive committee of tli
Knichts of Labor are trylnz to adjust th
differences of the bricklayers and btrlkln
moulders. A fully attended meeting of II :
moulders was held nt Kosnler's hall ln <
evening. K. C. Morlarlty , of the city e.xeci
the committee of the K. of L. , was elm !
man. Fully two hours was occupied iuJt
cusslon , At the conclusion a resolution
adopted that if any of the larger brlc
makers , should they put In machines , unde :
take to cut prices on the smaller makers wh
nre employing union mouUters at 83 per da ]
thobilcklayers' union bo requested to li
struct Its members to refuse to lay macliin
made brick. Another resolution was adopte
that a committee of live from the moulder
union shmiiii * 'ho brick makers In til
of the city executive con
\ulttco of thn Knifhts of Libo
to-tiny at 3 o'clock , tlmt both side
of the controversy be then placed before th
executhe committee , nnd tfut the union ui
nblilo by the division of the committee ns t
what they shall do.
A di.ift of a contract , to be signed by hot
tlm brlcK makers and moulders , was prc
soiled nnd approved , U declares tint th
brick makers shall pay the price determine
upon by tlio K.of L. cxccutluu'ommlttnc , an
that no man shall bu hereafter discharge
bernusu of his connection with the union
It also declares the moulders sli ill rt
turn toork by I p. m. . on Mond.iy at th
\Migos which \\illbo settled upon to-d.iy.
Aiiothcrtiiccttnguill be lield by the moult
crs to-morrow evening at Kessler's hall.
The whole of the abo\o appeals to point t
ncompiomlse. Tim sentiment of the speal.
ers last c\enlnff , howe\er , seemed to bo tha
nothing less than S ! ! per day should bo agree
upon. One ot the moulders named McICa
took occasion , In his remarks , to relied upo
Tnu lie nnd its editor. His sentiment
vero not favoiably leeeUed.
As the committee to confer with thocxeci
the committee of the Knights of Labor an
the bilekin.ikers the following moutdei
were appointed : Andrew Daiible , .lame
McKuVilll.ini Bridges , 1'rank llnmiuei
Alexinder Arnold.
A communication ftoni the BrlckmnUer1
association n"klng fin the meellng which I
contemplated by the foiegolng lesnlutio
was reched while the meeting was In prot
ress ,
1 Jic 1'nlnters Snniiulno.
The striking pitinters nnd poper hanger'
who now number ! UO , are sangulno of MIC
coss. Another muster painter , Mr. Kveii <
wltlulrew from the Master Painters unlot
yesterday and signed the contract prosontei
by the workmen. Hoaiid.Mr. Haimon en
ploy , together , about twenty bauds. Th
painters state that the published report n
their strike being Illegal and contrary to th
regulations of the Knights of Labor I
Inconect. They claim tlmt , by unanltiiou
vote the K , ot L , assemblies here endorse
their action. They do not. howe\or , ca
upon the Knights of Labor lor nsslstnnet
nnd believe they can win without doltm si :
They have rccehed S300 thus lai.wlthtw
tiades unions in the city to beat from. The
nlsoe.xpect money from Chicago and Kansa
CMty. Another meeting will be hold lo-d.ij
'I ho follow Ing Is the substance of the ugrei
ment they ask master painteis to sign \ > lt
thorn :
"Whereas , the members of said union nr
now encaged In what Is known ns on
"stiiko , " and whereas , John Doe , a mastf
painter , has withdrawn Irotn the Mastc
Painters' union of said elty , It Is hereb
nrecd ; by said , lohu Doc , in consideration o
tlie promises herelnatter mnrto by the sat
Painters'union , tlint ho will forthwith re
colvo Into his employ all men employed b
him before the commencement of .said strike
will neither employ not keep in his sorvlc
any man as a pnintei or a paperhnnger wh
Is not a member of the Painters' union ; wi ,
not discharge anv man at any tlmo miles
for good and sufliclent cause ; will not issut
receive , nor In any way recogni/o the card
now Issued or which shall bo Issued hen
after by master painters to discharge eir
ployes , or to employes who shall have re
signed , and will not employ more than on
apprentice for every ten men employed b ,
him."It is further aerecd bv.Tohn Doe that h
w Hi pay twonndse\enty-n\e-ono hundredth
( S'i7.r ) per tlav ; will pay to papcrlmncers th
prices less 25 per cent contained In a certaii
list known ns the "Omalin Papcihangei
Price List , " except that part which icfers t
LIncrusta work , which work is to be paid fo
nt the riito of 50 cents per hour. Krcsc
painters shall not receive loss than S3 cent
per hour , and sli.n painters shall bo pild th
same amount per day of nine horns tlmt the ;
nio now receiving per day of ten hours. J
dnv's work shall consist of nine ( fl ) hour'
and In all cases for eich hour woiked eve
nine ( ' . ) ) the employe shall bo paid lor on
ami one-halt houis.
Tlie aforesaid John Doe also acices not t
purchase anv stock or matcrl'il ol anv klni
trom nny master painter who 1ms not signei
an ngrcpiuent In toim nnd substance th
same as this , and who docs not at thu time o
such purchase observe the conditions of biiel
agreement. Xor shall he do'or cause to b
done nnv work which any master minte
who 1ms not blgned nn agreement contaliiin
the same teiins as this has cnntincted to ( In
baid palntuis' union , in consideration o
the foregoing promises mauo by the snl <
John Doe , ngieo to accept the rates ot wage
lieidinopfoio mentioned , to take effect n1
soon ns tendered bv said .John Doe , to nppli
themselves laltllfullv to his service and to < l (
all w oik assigned them In n workmanliki
manner. "
1 ; ! 11 l.s Odes Home.
Contractor Lillis , oftho cable line , loft fo
his homo in Kaunas City last niu'ht. Ho sail
ho had notliinir better to oiTer than ho lm (
otfeicd ; ho would return to Oninha in a fev
weeks and proceed vllh the woik If lie coul ,
get laboiei.s at Sl.75 per day.
t lie Clenrnnco Uccord.
The bank clearances for the past weel
were as follows :
Monday S r,13,820.ft
Tuesday wi\iv. ! . :
Wednesday 5AVn.o (
Thursday &
Krldav. . . 545,74' '
Saturday ( & !
Total S3,2S > 0,210.7
Pel cent of increase 103.i. :
"VatKos Cnlle < l XeSnldc.
A'niiifis rttn Time * .
When Sara Uornhnult played In Omaha he
audience was so small nnd unapiireclativ
that the Ounlia critics say that she refused ti
die on the stage as the dramntlc exlccncle
required , but wns "brougtit In dead. " In re
turn for this deadly affront the Omaha paper
are now publishing the tale that Sara w.r
very careless about her dressing room hhut
tcrs , and took occasion to cool elf In a con
dltion of undress much appreciated by i
crowd on the outside. Contrasting the sordid
did populace ofN est Council Ululfs with tin
culture and roflnementof K-msascity a mem
berof the Ueinhaidt company sild : "Xi
people of Omaha , bah ! No art plenty va
ecs called zo snide. "
It Has Come To Stny.
Jl/ff tow I Itfp'tlilteaii ,
Colonel Morrison Is quoted as
the opinion that some people will not get al
they expected out of the inter-state commerci
law. This is a safe prediction , but It Is jus
as safe to predict that government regula
tlon ot Inter-state commerce Is hero to stay
If tlio present law does not regulate Bonn
othei law will.
\Vndo Hnmptoii'H KnltM-Cnro.
St. Paul Olobc : Wade Hamntoi
is a believer in failh-currs , or r.ith
er in thn efficacy of prayer
Several years ago , while hunting in tin
pine-iorests of South Carolina ho wa :
thrown from n mult ) and barely cscapei
with his life and tlio loss of one Jog
Speaking of the accident aftcrwaul hi
"I was at the point of and had lost al
interest in life when I received r luttci
jrom an old Methodist minister tollinf
mo of the deep and devout petition pu
up for the restoration to health by tin
Methodist conference then in fccwioi
atNowborry. The letter closed by beg
ging mo to exorcise my will to live in ro
shonsn to the supplications ot the peopli
of tin Jwhol state who wore praying fo
mo nigh ! dd day in excry liousehole.
"When 1 heard the Ituter road , " con
tinned Senator Ilamptod , "I promise !
my siator that I would heed the Kind , lov
ing words of the man of ( ! od , and arousi
my will to live. That nigiit I full into i
a deep sleep and dreamed most vivid1 !
that I was hi a snacioii1" room in which
was moved to nil parts of the state , si
that 1 motimy assembled friends every
where. 1 saw iminonsu assemblages , am
as I looked down upon them a grave pur
sonage approached mo and touched nn
on the shoulder andsnlu to mo : "Live
llvnllive. "
"I iiovor reali/cd anything IJko it bo
foro. It seemed like a vision. 1 awoki
thu next morning fuelinl1' the llfu-blooi
creei > througo my veins , and I told in ;
family that the crjsis had passed -am
that t could recoitor. I am certain tha
my lifo was saved by the fervent prajer
of the people of South Carolina.
Monday Morning , May IGthi *
9. 1 . Morno Jt > Co. Offer Their \Vtint0
Stock of I'ronoli Novelty Dress
Uoodsat llnlf 1'rlco.
Our sales of flno dress goods for tha
past tlireo months have been itnuru *
cedcnted showing an increase of 100 per
cent or double the same three months of
last year.
Wo make it a rule to close all goods
out lu the samu season they aru bought j
oilier stores may show you goods the
second season we never do because wo
mark ours down early when people want
them , and therefore
MONDAY , MAi' 10.
C'll ) your attention to the lolloMng bc
sides other bargains not mentioned heio.
S. P. Moitsi : & tj. (
TIKST LOT , $12.50.
Taiicy combination suits of our own
importation ; this lot sold and weio
worth If30 reduced to Monday.
SKCONl ) LOT. $15.
1'ancy Combination suits , tlio latest
Paris and Herlin novelty plants , mixtures ,
etc. These were ? 25 to f JO , reduced to
? 15 Monday.THIRD
Paris Combination suit * in a gtcat va
riety ; the u weru imported to sell for $ ! I5 ,
reduced Monday to $ ' . ' 0.
This lot contains a beautiful assort
ment of P.ins dress goods that were im
ported to sell for $40 , reduced Monday to
FIFTH LOT $27.50.
Tins lot contains all our $15 and | r > 0
pulls in extra choice colorings , velvet
stripes and plaids , reduced Monday to
$ 'J7.5t ) . S. P. Mnitsi : A : Co.
2000 yards of all wool nowsnrlng.plaids
II ) inches wide , that have readily sold all
the season for 55 to GO cents a yard ic-
ducod Monday to 89c.
10 pieces of tlio lincst all wool Mohair
serges18 inches wide , in all tan and
beige colors. Those are worth exactly if 1
a yard reduced for Mondav to 50c ,
S. P. Morse & Co.
00 pieces checked andplaid suitings all
new and very rich colorings , worth tfO to
40 cents a yard , reduced Monday to 15c.
fiO pieces Drocadcd Satin llorbcr.s in
Hoigo and tan colors ns well as Navy ,
Tan , Hrown , Ac , worth SO to ( We , re *
ducud Monday to 15e.
15e.S. . P. MOUSE & Co.
Wo have but ono stipulation to tnako
on this sale that is wo cannot take back
an.v of thcso suits or goods once you have A
made selections and the goods have left
the store. S. P. MOUSE & CO.
OM : WIIK. :
Star Dramatic Co
Th'i ' cn-npnnr l < prnnouncprt lirprP'i nn < 1 pulillcto
bo 01 out the llnt > st tlmt hHiumdc Htuur uf tnci wont.
II I'coplo , Hall HIM diiis iirtlBla , 'Iho popular
TliPtnliMitrd unilfniooful younK ctro i ,
The colobr itmlnctir.J W CAHSElt. mipported bj
the en tire ( iinpiiii ) , cuininunclnK.
Sunday 7i' < Tiif / f/ , Man Jfith , J887
I'rospntlnir tlio urnnil tlrilonSiiii ire mircc s"Quoonii"
wltli ult Iho olouunt t ( norr anil oo"tnnttM UiHt chii * *
nctprlrut IIH prcKlucllou In all tliuirluclpal | cltlos.
No. 210 Nortli JGth St. ,
820 Soutli 15th street , Omaha.
Room 23 , Paxton Block , Omaha ,
813 South 14th Street.
I * . D. HOLMES ,
.ttorsiosr at Ija-vr ,
Room s , Tron/or nioclt , Opposite I'ostontcn
Honaoopatlx ,
Room 332 N. Kith St. , Omaha. Office hours
9 to 11 a.m. , 2 to 4 p.m.
Residence , 005 } X. 17th St.
O. S. HOFFMAN , M. D. ,
3lxysician and. Sioigroon ,
Office , N-W Cor. llth and Douglas.
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