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A List of Insurance Concerns Doing Illegal
Business in Nebraska.
The Jjlvo Stock Commission nntl tlio
Colorado Quarantine Munici
pal Olllccrs Start On a Trip
.Lincoln News.
IFIIOM Tiir. nnr.'s LINCOLN nunr.Atr.l
There has always bcon to sotno extent
n violation of the stale insurance laws
by companies working In tlio state with
out complying with the statutes. The
auditor has bcon vigilant and careful to
suppress this Kind of business whoneve r
possible and to locate for ti certainty the
companies that persist , in violating the
law by working business in remote dis
tricts in the state. A company that docs
not cheerfully come to the front and
phicu itself on record in a legitimate and
lawful way is not a good company for
the public to patronize , and the auditor
furnishes n list for publication of com
panies violating the laws so that persons
may bo careful when insuring their
property that thcso parties are not
represented in their selections. Follow
ing are companies that have not com
plied with the law : Manufacturers'
Mutual of Milwaukee , German American
of New Orleans , Louisiana insurance
Company of New Orleans , Mountain City
of Chattanooga , Tonn. ; Northwestern
Mutual Insurance company of Wahpo
ton , Dak.AT
The live stock sanitary commission
will hold a meeting Monday to revise the
quarantine rules governing the importa
tion of stock into the state. There has
boon soiuo fooling aroused over the facl
that Colorado , without any disccrnnblo
cause , quarantined against the Omaha
Rtock yards und other points in thn state.
The Nebraska commission notified the
Colorado authorities that if this course
was persisted in without cause that Ne
braska would fuel justified in quarantin
ing against Denver. Matters are now in
a way for amicable adjustment.
The following notaries were commis
sioned yesterday : Daniel C. Sleeper ,
York : John A. Greene , Hushville ; Charles
West , Lincoln ; Arthur W. Shaw. Lin
coln ; E. H. Uarbcr , Niobrara ; Charles G.
Woods , Ogailala ; Fred M. Flansburg ,
Culbcrtson ; James M. Moore , Beatrice
W. J. Lawrence , I'lum Crock ; Charles P.
Lloyd , Dundy county.
Articles of incorporation of the Broken
Bow building and loan association , with
an authorized capital stock of f 000,000
were lilcd yesterday with the secretary
of state.
B. I ) . Slaughter returned homo to Fill-
lerton yesterday after comploling wilh
Assistant Clerk Cook the journals of the
late house ready for the printer.
Thn live Block commission has received
coivod a letter from Dr. Conrad , of Crete
stating that a young man living nortl
of that place was dying with the glan
Yesterday the mayor nnd members ol
the city council departed for KausasCity
to visit that city and ils public works ant
improvements in the interests of paving
for Lincoln. The delegation go to make
n thorough survey of work done there
and to learn of the practical results from
the use of different qualities of pavinj
materials that have bcon tried and tcstei
by several year's wear. The bonds hav
boon voted to moot the expensoiof pav
ing intersections the city council and al
citi/ons are anxious to sco work com
tuciico at onco.
Yesterday Mr. Patrick Kazan cabled
Mr. llcaly In the English parliament to
renew his question to King Harmon re
garding the letter Mr. Eagan wrote him
regarding his willingness to stand trial
for any criminal charge In Ireland. A
few days ago , in response to a question
from Mr. Healy. King Harmon denied
over having received such a letter from
Mr. Engan , and declared that none such
had bcon written. Mr. Eagan mailed
the loiter in question on the 25th of April
and now that time sufliciont has elapsed
for its arrival , ho cables Mr. Healy as
above stated to propound the question
John II. Ames , ono of the principal
stockholders in the cable line railway re
cently granlcd a franchise , vcstcrday tel
egraphed J. 1C. Graves , at Dubuque , la. ,
to come at once to Lincoln and close the
contract and prepare at once to construct
, three miles of the line. It will bo remem
bered that the BEE recently noted the
t presence of Mr. Graves in Lincoln , and
) nt that time n contract for three miles of
' cable line was agreed upon nnd the signing -
' ing postponed until the franchise was
granted and tlio projectors had oppor
tunity to visit Chicago. This is important
news for the capitalcity.
The mayor , in a semi-official way
through his official paper , the State
Journal , states to the public that the violators
lators of his orders from which lie ran
away are not to called into court because
of the ordinance being faulty. 'At ono
fruit and soda stand ot > o of the smart po
licemen , when he found it open , entered
and not ilndlne the owner , demanded the
keys of an employe and looked it up him-
1 self. This man , besides sustaining loss
> of business when others in the same
block were open , has a good ease against
the city and the smart policeman for
The city of Lincoln has a grading ma
chine that in usad on the street work , and
while it is used almost all the tlmu sev
eral complaints have bcon made that
only special favorites and parties build-
injj big bricK houses could get the use ifh
the machine , ami parties witlmut wraith
or influence might whistle for it. Thera
is no reason why poorer people , on streets
that absolutely need work to make them
safely accessible , should not receive
some attention themselves. It is also
elated that the grader has for some time
back been in use outside the city.
An incident occurred in the city Tues
day night just an incident with a trag
edy In the bacEground that did not ma
terialize , although it was loaded. A well-
known citizen laid upon his bed an hour
or so before midnight and gazed through
the shutters upon the lights and shadows
in the street reflected from a gas lamp ,
As ho looked ho was astonished to see a
man tip-too up to his front gate and gaze :
long and suspiciously at the place. He
gazed for a season and retired on tin-tot
to the opposite side of the street and dls
appeared in the shadows of some fnondlj
trees. Fifteen minutes later again
came the mysterious midnight
visitor and again the peaceful citizen saw
him stealthily approach the house am :
reach for the gate. Entirely satislicc
that the visitor was a burglar the citizci
produced the family revolver , drew ian
bead upon the man and in tones louc
enough to wake citizens for blocks he
hurled anathemas at the stranger. Bui
before he could shoot the target hac
flown up the street at a prodigious rati
of speed. Investigation in the dayhgh tita
revealed the fact that the midnight ma
rnudor was a Romeo whoto Juliet workei
, nt the next door and was doing the i- ia
y cony scone witn a rival on that particu
. lar night , and Romeo was layine for the
interloper when the seance should t 30
concluded. The uear approach of blood
abed therefore probably saved bloodshed
nnil Ityns nn illustration of "All's well
tliat ends well. "
Tlio wliistlo at the waterworks blows
now at 0 u. m. , when parties are allowed
to commence using water on their lawns ,
and blows again at 8 p. in. , when lawn
sprinkling must cease. Tills is till the
time that reasonable people should asK
for the use of city water in tins wav , but
It was noted Unit 0110 prominent cftizcn ,
with porcupine proclivities , left his
sprinkler in operation the entire ni lit
and nothing whatever has been heard of
tills person being fined. The council at
ita last meeting placed the question of
creating an additional supply in the
hands of a special committee , who will
have the work in charge.
A resident in one of the western coun
ties in tlio state was in Lincoln yesterday
in search of u runaway daughter who
hnd left home a wcok ago to work In his
neighborhood , but who liad disappeared
entirely. The girl had boon determined
for some time to see the world by going
to Lincoln or Omaha and at ono of the
places the decidedly anxious parent was
hoping lo find her and save her from he feared she was choosing , a life
of Bliamo. After a few hour's inquiry
in Lincoln he departed for Omaha on
the evening train to continue the search
at the metropolis.
Police court yesterday was confined lethe
the usual catalogue of 'drunks taken up
the night before , part of whom were also
engaged in small riots when nabbed by
the police ollicors. The usual .summary
of lines wore added to each.
The new Sunday closing ordinance as
presented to the council last _ Monday
was passed \ \ cdnesday evening at the
meeting of the city fathers , with several
amendments not interfering with tlio
original ordinance to any material ex
T. I' . Quick's funeral , which occurs at
Op. m. to-day , will bo under the auspices
of the Knights of Pythias of this city , of
which order ho was a member. The ser
vices will bo hold from his late residence
and bo conducted by Kev. J. P. Johnson ,
of tlio Christian church.
The opinion is grandly growing that
the Lincoln base ball club can play ball.
A very general opinion has bcon that
while the cyclone pitcher might bo a
paying acquisition , what was most
needed was vim , energy nnd attention to
business on the part of the boys. They
have shown all this in the last week's
An Imperative Necessity.
What pure air is to an unhealthy
locality , what spring cleaning is to the
neat housekeeper , so is Hood's Sarsa-
twrilla to everybody at this season. The
body needs to bo thoroughly renovated ,
the blood purified and vitalized , the
germs of disease destroyed. Scrofula ,
Salt Hhcum and all other blood disorders
are cured by Hood's Sarsaparilla , the
most popular and successful spring
Transfers Filed May 11. 1887.
Dnvld S BurouEU ands wife to Augast
Cloves , lot 12 , block 14 , llanscom
place , w d. . . . . 3 2,000
Andrew Klley and wife to Robert Nel
son , lot 1 , block W , Shlnns lid add ,
wd 1,230
Mary A Dew and husband to The
Trustees of the Swedish Evgo'l Mis-
church of Onuilia , lot u , block 50
Omaha , w d 11,300
L V Morse and wife to Mary fc > John
son , lot3 , block 4 , Boytls add , w it. . GOO
Mary S Johnson , to L. S Perry , lots ,
block 4 , Uoyds add , w d 050
Joseph w Gannett and wife to Wit-
helm Secelkc , north 3 ft of lots 5
andO , blk U30 , Onmlm , wd 4.150
Otto Sleinsson to Harry F Luebben ,
lot 20 , block n , Mayno Place , w d. . . . 1,800
John Hush und wife to Kdward linn-
nan , S 5G.V100ehs of the south half
oftheSWtf of 35,15 , iy , w d 4,003
Dewltt C Sutphcn , et al , to August
Uenson , 29,1K12MOO sn It beglnninii
! HS ft east of the S E cor , frac block
181 , Omaha , also 17.425 gq ft begin
ning SO ft south and 2tt ft east of
the 8 K corner frac , blockISlOtuaha
w d 5,830,55
August Uonsen and wife to Ueo ( r
Squares , 17,435 sq ft oeginnlng SO ft
south and 2J ft east of the S
corner frac blk 181 Omaha , w d 12,000
Win Oaslln Jr to Mary A Jacksnn , lot
7 blk 13Meyers , Ulchnrds A Tllden'a
add.wil 850
Edwin U Walker and wife to Alex O
Charlton , lot H blk 4 , lioycl's add
w d. . . . . . 600
Mary A Jackson and husband to Clms
Williams , undlvldPd X lots 0 anil 7 ,
blk Meyers , Itlclmrds&Tildun's
add.wd 1,175
Alex 0 Charlton , trustee and wife to
Mary A Jackson , lot 5 blk 13 ,
Meyers , Klchards & Tlltlen's add ,
w d 1,500
Frederick li Davis nnd wife to Louis
lllll , lot 78 In Kalrmount Place ,
w d 450
Fred M McGcath to Joseph linok-
walter , lotu blk 3 , Sheridan Place ,
wd. . . 050
Edward Hannan to Leo Wernert , lots
blk 4 , Klversldo add. w d 125
Edward ilannan to Amelia Wernert ,
lot4 bile4 , lilversldo add. wd 125
Anna M U McCormlnk ot al to llans
Sclioubor , lot 8 blk 5 , Deer Park ,
w a 1,000
Anna M G McCormlck et al to Carl
U Tln-ane , lot 7 blk 5 , Deer Park ,
"w d 1,000
Flora C MacLeod and husband to John
U Taylor , lot 2 blk S.UillaldoadU No
James 1' English ct al to Frank W
111118 , we t 78 feet ot the south ICO
feet of lots , blk 5 , Park Place , wd 2,235
Matt T Patrick and wlfo to Susanna
Parker , lot : t , blk S.Patricks add.w d 400
Andrew W lliler and wife to Simon
Hoffmann , lots , bin W , Hhinn'aUrd
add , wd . 1,250
Afred It Dutrone and wlfo to Edw J
11 Wohlers. lot 11 and the went X of
lot 12 blk 5 , Bones & Hill's add , w d 11,000
Sam P Swanson to Jos Larson , west K
of blk 15 , Hickory Place , q c . 1
Gee J Hunt and wlfo to Andrew Car
lisle. lot 25 and 20 Clark's add. w d 12,800
John A llorhack and wife to Pat H
Hammon , 70x140 UcommenclnK on
the nw cor of Horboch's reservation
which lies on the west line of lOtti
at , 375 foot north of the east and west
% , sec line running through eec 15 ,
15,13wd . . . . . . . 1,250
John H Miles anil wife to C E Mayne ,
lots 10 and 20 , blk 2 , lots 3 , 4 , It ) . 20 ,
blk 5 , lots 0 7 , 11 , 12. 14. 15 , 80. 31 ,
3 , S3 , blk 8 , lots 7 , S , 0. 10 , 40 , blk 11 ,
lot 10 , blk 13 , lot 5 , blk B , all In Orchard -
chard Hill , qc .
Chas W lirooks to Frank Mulr.lot 21
blk 1 , llatiscoia IMace , no . . . . .
Frank B Mnlr to Lor In ( fa Brooks , lot
SI , blk 1 , llanscom nlnco , q o i
James Minor to David Jumlesou et al ,
lot 10. Uarkalow place , w d 1,900
South Omaha Land i-omyany to Chris-
tcna Christiansen , lotl , blk 77 , South
Omaha , wd 225
Ella A Carlisle and husband lo Lvman
- II Tower , lots 25 andSM , blk 3,1'ark
place , wd 10,000
Alex McCIavock and wlfo to Thco
Olsen. lot 10. Klvervlew , w d 2,000
. Anna M ( ! McCormlck ot al to Peter
11 Green , lot 20 , blk 0 , Deerpark.
wd I 1,000
Merchants Nat'l bank to Arthur S
lluntlngton , lot 3 , blk49. wd 11,000
J W Kller and wife to J 0 M Kllcr lota
- 4 to 31 Inclusive , blk 10 , Leaven-
worth Business 1'lace , W Omaha.w d 4,700
John Baunier and wife to Cecelia It
1'anell , lot 8 , aunnyalde aUa , w d 3,500
Fashion In the Uandwloh liland * .
Saa Franclsso Jewish Progress : Dnr-
lug your stay in the i Islands you are visl-
n bly impressed with the advances the na
tives have made in our methods of civili
zation. The active ladies don the latest
style bonnets and handle their Mother
liubburds as if they had been used to it
for aged. The Mother llubbard is all the
rage hero and , Ihoutch not the most cor
- rect costume , is certainly isan im prove-
mcnt on that period when a pair of ear
- rings and a sunbonnet were all the at
- tire that the festive Hawaiian maid
would revel in.
- J. MoDonnoll , F. A. I , A. , Architect ,
, . E. cor. 15th and Dodge.
IMclcpoekctfl nnct Dunko Man are Hus
tled Alone ' T flic New York Police.
St. Louts Republican : It is one of the
boasts of the Now York detectives that
they are personally acquainted with all
the professional criminals in the near
towns. The results of this acquaintance
are often peculiar. You arc talking with
Dotcolive Prior a few feet from tlio door
of the Fifth nvcnue hotel , and ho sees n
joung dandy halt a few feet away.
"Hotter keep right on , " he says to the
dandy ; "hurry up. now. "
"Oh , good morning , " says the dandy.
"I'm only going to set my watch. "
"Thai is Kid Miller , chief of the bunco
menand the detective will not allow him
to Mop in front of the hotel. You are
pushing your way into Macy's shopping
store , and a llttlo ladylike body is just
ahead of you. Suddenly some one steps
up to her nnd roughly orders her to
"C5ot out at onco. "
"Certainly , sir , " she savs.very meekly.
"I was only going to match a piece of
ailk. "
She lies. She is a shoplift- , and the
man who ordered her out is u detective.
Perhaps you are at the Arion ball with
its 5,000 dancers and lookers on. You
walk in the lobby near the cutruuuo for a
breath of air.and meet Captain Williams ,
in uniform , alert and handsome as an
eagle. Ho darts from your side and
tilands in front in a stout , elderly , gentle
man so as to oppose his progress ,
"What do yon mean by coining hero ? "
The man answers boldly : "My wlfo is
hero , fund I have come to take her
homo. "
"That'll do now"says the captain ;
"there's the door ; got ! " And , as Arto-
mus Want used to say , "lie gets. " The
man is a pickpocket.
A neatly-dressed , rather substantial-
looking man of middle ago sends in his
card to Inspector liyrncs at police head
quarters. The name on tlio card is that
of a burglar better known by an aliassay
"Hod Leary , " for instance.
Well , what do yon want ? " Air. Byrnes
asks , grullly. He has an especial tone
for in u n of that class , and it is n tone that
forbids familiarity and suggests mastery.
a very diileront tone from Iho quiet and
easy one for his friends.
"I would like to bo in Wall street for
fifteen minutes to-morrow , inspector , "
says the burglar. "I want to see about
a personal matter. "
* 'I will have one of my corps meet you
nt Broad and Wall at noon , sharp , " says
The burglar thanked the official , for it
is a favor to such a man even to bo al
lowed to go to the money center with a
detective at his shoulder all the time ho
is there , To go without this permission
and escort means a certainty of being
arrested und locked up. The only known
crooks that get into Wall street under
Byrnes arc men in business there whoso
offenses he cannot punish ; the only
others are the employes who default now
and then.
This is not tlio only part of town that
shady characters are excluded from. It
has always been a favorite method with
Captain Williams to say to rascals
of various sorts : "If you ever put your
foot in my precinct I'll send yon up. "
This may not bo according to law , but its
according to fact , and thoygiyo that pre
cinct a wide berth. Pickpockets like the
Allen brothers , who are well known.havo
a hard time of it in Now York. No matter
tor how much they may want to see i
play or a ball game , or attend a meeting ,
there is apt to be some one to stop them
at the entrance with a "right about face ,
now. You can't , get in here. " I have
seen a pickpocket hustled along like a
bit of down in the wind from one block
to another , while apparently an innocent
spectator of a street parade.
Worthless Plasters.
Charles Hucston , of No. 70 Morton St. ,
New York City , thus gives some idea of
the dill'nrencc between the gennino All-
cock's Porous Plasters and the spurious
article :
I have been troubled a good deal will
dyspepsia and torpid liver , together will
wains around the heart. I was recom
mended to try Allcock's Plasters , one on
the stomach and ono on the sido. I
asked for them , but the druggist said.
"Hero is a plaster that is bettor and
quicker than Allcock's , " and I bought
two. I applied thorn that night , but in
two hours they blistered me so badly I
took them olV. My disease was not in
the slightest decree bonetittcd.
I then determined to got the genuine
Allcock's Porous Plasters I applied three ,
one each over the heart the stomach ana
liver. For 30 hours I noticed
nothing but a slight itching , then my ap
petite improved and all late agreed with
mo. The disagreeable sensations I had
around my heart disappeared.
I were those plasters ono wcok and
then renewed them. At the end of three
weeks I found mvsolf entirely cured of
dyspepsia and liver complaint.
Fifty Rattlesnakes.
Chico Chronicle : Last Friday , as a
party of workmen were engaged in cut
ting wood for tlio Chico Water company
in the timber across the Sacramento ,
near the free bridge , they came upon a
hollow log of goodly dimensions ,
which would make considerable wood ,
and proceeded to split it open. After a
few moments' work the log yioldcd to
their efforts and How apart. Then the
men saw a sight which made their hair
stand on end , and caused tiienuo retreat
hastily. The center of the lo" was in
habited by a largo number of as ugly
and vicious rattlesnakes as ever were
soon , nnd as the log rolled apart they un
twined themselves , nnd , springing their
rattles , prepared to dcjonit their nomo.
For a moment the men stood awed to
silence by the hideous sight presented to
their gaze , but the natural antipathy to
serpents soon assorted it elf , and , arming
themselves with switches , they com
menced killing the ugly creatures. The
battel lasted for nearly half an hour , and
at its close the ground was strewn with
dead snakes , over fifty being killed ,
though some crawled away into the
brush and escaped. It is supposed that
the snakes were driven into the timber
by high water , and took refuge in the log.
frequently aeoidonts occur in the
household which cause burns , cuts ,
sprains nnd bruises ; for use in such cases
lr. J. II. McLean's Volcanic Oil Lini
ment has for many years been the con
stant favorite family remedy.
C. M. Anthony , a capitalist of Pcoria ,
is at the Paxtoti.
BOlaPo a < rcoBUtu
* Fi > opUlM.Dr.Pil < 4 *
* * tt * * tM4f.
I Owe My Life.
" 1 wa taken < < ! cls n no
With bilious tovor. "
"My doctor iironouncoil m cu rod , but 1 po
elckntraln , with torrlbto pulns hi my buck and
sides , mid t got so bad I
Could notmovol
I elirunkl
Krotn'i-3 Its tolIOl I luul hoon doctorliiK for
my llvor , but It did no treed , t ili.l not expect to
llvo mnro than thruo mouths. 1 bognu to use
Hop Illttora.
Directly my npoctlte returned , my pains l ft
mu , my ontlro aygteut BOOUIIM ) it'iiewcci us if by
mnglc , nnd utter using torcrnl bottles , 1 ntn
not only us sound ns n pnvorelvn , but woltrli
more tliitn 1 did before. To Hop Hilton I owe
uiylife. " U. FiT/PATlilCK.
buMlii.Jutio 0 , ' 80. .
cirvrmt tt.
"Mnldon , Mn s. , Fob. 1 , ISSfl. Oetitlotncn
IsulToruJ with attacks uf sick heailncUO. "
Nournljrln , fomnlo trouble , for ypnrs m the
moil terrible nnd excruciating manner.
No medlclnu or doctor could irlvo uio relief or
euro , until I used Hop Hitters.
"Tho llrst boltlo
Nearly cured me s"
The soconJ tiindo mo ( is well itnd strong na
when a child ,
"And 1 have been so to thl day. "
My husbnnd wns tin lavnlld for twenty years
with n serious
"Kidney , liver nnd urinary complaint.
"I'ronouncod by lloston's best physlclntts
Seven battles of your Hitters cured him nnd
1 know of the
"Lives of ulKht persons"
In my neighborhood that hnvo been saved by
your Hitters.
Vnd many moro nro uslnir tlioin with great
bonotu. "They almost do miracles ? "
Mits. liD. SLACK.
How TO OF.T SICK. Kxpoqo yourself dny und
night ; oat too much without oxercl o. work too
hnrd without rest , doctor nil thutlmu I tnko ull
the vile nostrums advertised , nnd then you will
want to know
How TO Our WKM , . which [ 3 answered In
throe words Tuko Hop Hitters.
Hardened Liver.
Flvo yenrfl nito 1 broke down with kldnoy and
llvor complaint and rhoumutlatu.
Slnco then I have boon unable to bo nbout nt
1L My liver became hnrd like wood , my limbs
were putted up nnd flllod with witter.
All the best pliy lcliim agreed thitt nothing
ould cure mo. Itosolved to try Hop Hitters :
Imvo iisoil seven bottles : tlio hnrdnoss linn nil
ono from my liver , thn swolllngfrora my limbs
nil It Ims workoil n mlrnolo In my case , otherWise -
Wise I would have boon now in my uravo.
J. W. MoilUV , Hullnlo , Oct. 1,1881.
I Write This
Token ot the great appreciation I have of
your v'
* Hitters. Iwn nnilctod
With Inflammatory rheumatism 1 1 1
For nenrly
Seven years , nnd no mcdlulno aoomod to dome
mo any
Good I 1 1
Until I tried two bottles of your Hop Hitters ,
nnd to my surprise 1 mil as well to-Juy us over
1 wn * . 1 hope
"Vou mny Iivo abundant success"
In this grout nnd"
Vnlunblo modlulno :
Anyone * * wishing lo Know more nboul
my cure ?
Cnn lonrn by luluresslng mo , E. M.
Williams , 110' ! 10th Btroot , Wnsh , D. C.
Kitty Cleanliness prevent * disease. Johnnie ,
what h the boat medicine for dirt ?
Johnnie ( Indignantly ) Humph I Sapollo I dlvo
mo a hard one.
"A disease known la halt cured. " If
your house la dirty buy a cake of
It is a fiollcl cake of Scouring Soap used
for all cleaning purposes except thn laun
dry. No.S. [ Copyright. March , 1887. )
Nebraska National Bank
Paid up Capital $250,000
Surplus .40,000
II. W. Vatos , President
A. E. Touzalin. Vine President
W. li.S. Hushes , Cashier.
W. V. Morse , John S. Colling
H.W.Yates , Lewis S. Road.
A. E. Touzalin.
Cor. llith and Farnam Sts.
A General Bankinp Business Transacted ,
WoodbridgeBroth 3rs
Decker Brothers
$3 SHOE ;
Stylish , Durable , KMT Fittlnaf.
Ttio best $3 Hhoe in the Worl ] ,
tliu f : l ioKR
tUoil by otliur Utiua.
RnOK FOB BOYS elve * MtUfactlon. All
the abort ) are mada In lluttnn , CoiiKrewi and Laoe.
all atylofl of too. Hold by 2,000 deilera tbougliont tha
U , H. If your dealer dwa not keen them , send nama
on postal to W.I , . DOUnLAMlrnckt < mMa g.
DCIi/IDC AC rDllin5t iha coma to my
DunHrlC Ur rrWUll.VriSwludeo tint noma
unicrupuloiu detlera are olterlun other eood > u
mine , and when uked whir ui/atamp U nut on tha
hoe * . Ute that I hare dUcontlnurd Ita IIM. THIS
18 FALSE. Take none reproMnted to be the
"W. L. lougU 8h . - unleu name , warrantea
and prlr ar utaiiipr * ! on bottom of each
aboe. W. L. DOUGLAS , llrockton , Mas * .
For Bale by Ko Hey , Stiver & Co.cor
Do < lpo andisthsts. . ; Henry Sargent
cor. Howard and Sanndera sis.
Biliousness ,
Sick Headache ,
Constipation ,
Dyspepsia ,
Now when the buda beirln to si
Tl time for young and old to know
That Fevers , Lassitude anil all
The Ilia at Indigestion' ! call ,
With every trouble , aobe or pain ,
That follows la tbo Ulllloui train.
Will scatter , like the thieve * of night ,
Uofor * draugbtof SELTZEIt bright.
LM-.wm mi J [ !
. _ . _ _ _ _ _ _ .
Hayden Bros
300 Turkey fringed clothes at $1 ,
worth S 2.
300 Turkey fringed cloths at 83cworth
? t.2o.
10 PCS Turkey red damask at Sue , worth
10 pcs Turkey red damask at 83c , worth
60 tloz red bordered doylies al D3c , worth
20 pcs 19 Inch pure twine crash at Clr ,
worth 12c.
100 doz crepe towels , 18x31 at ? 1.20 per
dozen , worth $1.75
100 doz cream damask towels al 15c ,
worth 23c.
100 doz huck lowols at 13conch } , worth
5 cases yard wide sheeting al 5cwortli
5 cases .yard wide bleached muslin at
Cc , worth 8Jc.
50 bed spreads at 49c worth 75c.
50 doz ladies' unbleached hose , 15c ,
worth 23c.
50 doz ladies' fancy hose , regular made
25c , worth 50c.
Schoppcrs lisle thread hose , plain and
ribbed , 44c , worth 75c.
Ladies lisle thread vests , Jersey fitting
in ecru , pink and blue , 5 > 8c worth $1.25
Ladies' line balbriggan vests , long and
short sleeves , 3c ! ) worth 50c.
Ladies' balbriggau vests , 85c worth
Ladies' India gauze vests , extra nice ,
25c worth 40c.
100 doz gents' unlaundricd shirts , dou
ble back. 48c worth 75c.
Latest styles in satin lined neckwear
Gents' fine balbriggan shirts and
drawers , 85c each.
Gents' white laundned shirts only COc.
Gents' British half hose , superfine , 19c
worth 25c.
Gents' percale shirts , in a variety of
patterns , 47c , 75c , $1 and | 1.25
In New Kcmi'd
16th Street , Near Douglas.
Read the following affidavit :
Carbolic Smoke Ball CoGcntlcmcu , I
have been a constant sufferer from ca
tarrh for the last 5 years. I have tried
many remedies that claimed a sure cure
bnt received no benefit from any of
them. My head at times would become
HO stopped up with the mucous matter ,
that it was impossible forme to breathe
through my nostrils. My sloop was
also broken by choking sensation caus
ed by the dropping of the mucous mat
ter into the throat. I Hrst received a
free test of your Smoke Hall some 3
months ago , and was surprised to find
that it cleared my head in a few min
utes , and eave wonderful relief. I then
purchased a ball which I have been us
ing sincc.and cun now say honestly and
truthfully , Unit I am entirely cured. 1
sleep well at night , have a good appe
tite and feel like a new man.
Yours truly , NEWTON HALL ,
With Omaha Republican-
Subscribed in my presence anil sworn
to before me this llth day of May , 1 ! )7 )
WM W. KEYSOH. Notary Public.
TJio Complete Treatment , which Includes tlio
Decollator 1'aoknoro , Is ginirnntcoil to euro
catarrh , usthmii , hny favor , bronchitis , catarrh-
aldoutnosi , nouralgln , tiondncho , croup , goto
tlirout , colds , cto. One complete treatment 13
sulliclont for it euro.
Sent by mall on receipt of prlco , $3 nnj 4o
postage. Smoke Hull , ? J. Dnbollntor , $1. A
free test given nt ourolHcoparlors.
Itoom 11 Crelghton Ulock , 15th ? t. ' next to P. O.
Omaha. Nobrnskn.
Notice After June 1st the price of
the complete guaranteed treatment
will be advanced to $5. Beware of coun
terfeits. Not for sale by druggists ,
canvassers or peddlers.
. .
1707 Olive St. , St. Louis Mo.
1742 Lawrence St. , Denver , Colorado ,
Of the Missouri Stale Museum of Anatomy ,
St. Louis , Mo. , University College Hospi
tal , London , Giesen , Germany and New
York. Having devoted their aftenlion
Nervous , Clinic and
More especially Ihose arising from impru
dencc , invite all so suffering to corrcspom
without delay. Diseases of infection anc
conlagion cured safely and speedily with
out detention from business , and without
the use of dangerous drugs. Pa
tients whose cases have been neglected ,
badly Ireated or pronounced incurable ,
should not fail to write us concerning theii
symptoms. All letter * receive immediate
And will be mailed FREE to any address
on receipt of one 2 cent stamp. "Practica
Observations on Nervous Debility anc
Physical Exhaustion , " to which is added an
' Essay on Marriage/ ' with important chap
ters on Diseases of the Reproductive Or
gans , the whole forming a valuable medica.
treatise which should be read by all younj
men. Address ,
1742 Lawrence St. , Denver , Colorado.
1707 Olive St.St. Louis , Mo.
mi.inlld ,
toothingtumnii of
; - . . , - - - / ttiougt all , u p > rti nitor-
. , _ lot llhandVIorou gtrir.jtli. iltrtrlu
Cunai Orml.rtIo.po. VJaJ-f.u imunllT riolhtt or furftli > IU. ai'uoo
inintntly cured In IhnaBantai. 8 Uil ( * mpI.Hc. ittmy
Tk Stadia EltcUioC * . IIBU ill tUChieia
Lawrence Ostrom & Co.
Is Death to
Consumption ,
Malaria , Sleeplessness ,
"hills and Forora Or liisomnln ,
Typhoid Fever , Dissimulation ,
indigestion , 01 Food ,
Jyapepsla , Ten Years Old ,
Surgical Keren No Fusel Oil ,
Absolutely Far *
This will certify that I have examined the Belle of Bourbon Wliitky , received from
Lawrence Ostrum & Co. , and found th * name to be perfectly tree from Fusel Oil and
other deleterious substances nd ilriclly pure 1 cheerfully recommend the name for
Family uie and Medicinal purposes.
J. P. BARNUM , M. D. , Analytical Chemlit , Louisville , Ky.
For sale by druggists , wine merchants and grocers everywhere. Price $1.25 per boltU
If not found at the above , half-dpz. bottles in plain boxes will be sent to ny address
in the United States on the receipt of six dollars , Express paid to all places cast of
Missouri River.
LAWRENCE OSTROM & Co. Louisville , Ky
Wholesale and Distributing Agents ,
RILEY A DILLON , Wholesale Liquor Dealer * , \ Omaha.
IlamUitsaiippUed by QL HXIONE lilt OS. < CO. , Omohct.
Watches , Diamonds , Fine Jewelry , Silverware
The largest stock. Prices the lowest. Repairing a specialty. Work warranted.
Corner Douglas and 15th streets , Omaha. Licensed Watchmaker for the Union
Pacific Railroad Company.
New Model LawnMower
WveStecs. Will cut higher grass than
tttijot her. Ha * no equal for nimnlicltjjt
( litrablliti/ and ease of operation.
This is tlio latest Improved Ma <
chine in the Market.
Low Prices , Send for circulars ,
State Agents for Porter's Hat/Ing Tool
and Jobber * o/'Jilndlng Twine.
JAS. A. CAUl'KNTKU , Vlce-1'res. C. I. . UAlil'ENTKU. Troiis-
Carpenter Paper Company ,
Wholesale Paper Dealers
Carry a nice new1 stock of Printing , Wrapping and Writing Paper. Special
attention given to car load orders , which will bo Hhipped direct from mills.
All orders will receive personal attention. Wo guarantee good goods and
low prices ,
1H4 and 1110 Douglas St. , Omaha.
Xtprodncei Practical Remits In Baking asd
Boasting never before attained In any
Cooking Apparatus , and will
RiTohtloninw Present Mbofa of Goddng
In , Oifitnll Food Bilked or . - . . " .
tnfrevhnlrfreeladmitted totho ovt n. TUIilndonn
br discarding the clou * oren door berotoforu used , niid
antwtltatlnaior It a door containing a altottot Wlrrt
OBUU nearly M I rB a the door Itwlf.
Throuirb this OawM Door the atr freelj
Circulates , facilitating tlioprocmiof cooklni.and
producinz food that ia unoqun led In flaror and nu-
trltlon , and mtnallr cooked wltU leu eonauiupUaa ot
iuel than in an oren with a elated door.
It make * anenonnona earing In tha weight otmeat.
It also produces larger leaves of Bread ,
nanlree le a attention from the cook , and promotae
the health of tliu fainllr br Uui BlU'KUIoa QUALITV
t only mom afiuallr hnatftd In nferr part front aa
nolai rear but anre ultof Itatucerior ventilation
tbefood placed therein IB bettor cooked , whllo retain *
I off B sweeter Oavor. and a larger proportion of Its bmt
juicea , I find. l o. thatUieconnutmitlou u ( feel In IUU
Uange U ouch leu than an ? other for tame work , "
BOLD IN XEBBASKAai lollowi :
1. KASS& CO. , CiiAtmOM.
J. J. McCAFFERTV , . . O'Nutt. CITV.
K. HAZLEWOOD , . . Osccouu
Bkln dl e8e . A new method of aotn-
wunou ' 1W. A Cure cimruiitotxJ , or muuoy
rernndod. Hold ydnictl ! > t . mid nt the office of
TAR-OID CO , , 71 UlNinirr. ONWAH. l'rl i l ,
Mention Omahit U e.
NEUVITA i anj tun.
> U .U.CU or IMUM itrere ,
N rro.a p. < lltlrU l .
I urjUwn , IXMI MaakxMl.
Mot ( taaled ) f n * .
The Best and Safest N
Vapor Stove Made. .
C. W. Sleeper , nead of St. Marys' Av
Holmes & Smith , Sonth Omaha.
With sliding Detachable
Springrs. J2T Better tbaii
\VlialetM > ne or Hom.J0
and guaranteed never to
break * Price. JU.a5
413 Broadway , N. Y. , Manufacturers.
A full blnoilod Norman anil a tborouplilirod
Culionttml Wufn ( r Clay. C'nlion was I in port IK !
liy DOKXII Ilrotheri. Ottawa , HI. . IA 17 liaoits
high ; Klrtli 7 foot 3 Incbes , und weighs IUOO
Ilia ; ho UOR a record for heavy horses of t inlu-
utos. Cliiy , a thnrnuirlilirod trotting ttalllon.
nnd rotrlclurvd In American Html flank , In a
lionnut in liunda hlKb , weight I'M ) , Also a
rOKUtorcxl Clay nolt I'or pnrtlcularH , luldrcej
T. 11. IIARNKM , nuxHTT.Olualin. Not ) .
Lincoln , Neb.
Tlio tiubt known und moat I'Oiiular ' hotel In
tlioRtato. Locution cuutriil , ii | > [ > ofnlinenti drot
clans. lloailiimrtors | Tor coimnurclitl men and
nil political and public natli rlnif .
E. 1 > . UUUUUN , Proprietor.