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    THE OMAHA DAIH.Y . BEE : FRIDAY. MAY 13. 1887 ,
Delivered bj- carrier In nnypurtof tlio city at
f nitctuts pur wciok.
Jl. W. TILTO.H , . . . Manager.
DtFixrfP OmcE. No. 13.
MlNOlt MiJX'llON.
N. Y.t'liimblng Co.
New spring uoods utlllcltcr's , tailor.
The city council is to meet again to
Additional Council Hliills news on the
Seventh | > : igo.
The popular resort is the Manhattan ,
418 Uroauway , Iludio & Ycnawine.
Two gk-n wcildings arc looked for early
In June ono on the 1st nnd one on tliu
The Council Illuff-i carpet company
will display in their window a live him0
Permit to wed was yesterday given to
John \Vami > Iow and Nellie Uu'ar , both of
IHIss , 1511 Joii < jlas street , Omaha , will
Imvo n special display of white bonnets
nnd hats Saturday.
Wanted Two foremen for railroad
grading. Ajiply tlm week at No. 1UO
Broadway , Council IHulld. to John C.
Miss Ncllio Hatcher gives a recitation
nt the entertainment at Mrs. Montgom
ery's this evening. There will also bo
choice music.
J. 11. Roberts filled himself up and
then scatud himself in a hotel chair to
lcop it oil' . The last part of the nap was
liad in the cooler.
The ladies of the Methodist church are
arranging to bervo dinner and .supper
jit a convenient room oil Uroadway on
Decoration day.
A number of the Omaha friends of Mr.
and Mrs. W. 11. Hums camu over last
evening rather unexpectedly and passed
the hours in a happy social season.
One witness , a civil engineer , testified
in court > estiTday that tlio amount of
country draineel by the Indian crcuk cant
of Mnili.son street was over thirteen
square miles.
Social jnturtainmont this evening by
Y. L. B. C. at the rcsidonco of Dr. Mont-
gomory. A cordial invitation is irivon
to all. Strawberries and ice cream served
from 'J till 10.
The work on the levee , so far as con
tracted for , was linisheU yesterday. The
levee is being smoothed up some , and
the finishing touches uro being put on ,
but the work practically is now com
The remains of Mrs. Dekay did not
reach here from Minneapolis yesterday
as expected. The funeral services an
nounced to bo held to-day are therefore
postponed. Announcement will bo made
fll. A. Moore , the contractor , when re
turning yesterday from the levee , was set
upon by a number of dogs. For a time
ho had to wield his umbrella with a good
deal of yicor. but succeeded in gettiii"1
nway with whole clothes.
Seventeen teams drawing railway
utensils and sunplios passed through hero
yesterday. At lirht sight they were
thought to bo the advance force of the
Lake Manawa railway , but inquiry de
veloped the fact that it was a force bom"1
taken by Mr. Brock to go to work on the
B. As M. in Nebraska.
Ono of the pieces of music to bo ren
dered at Odcll Bros. & Co.'s concert in
Bayliss Saturday evening is a wait/ for
the piano composed by Air. J. Muller , of
the Muller Music company. It is enti
tled the "Manawa Walt/ , " and is dedica
ted to Odell Hros. & Co. It has boon ar
ranged for brass music by Professor
Dalooy of the Fifth regimental band.
Charles llartman was arrested for being
drunk , and begging on tlio streets. Ho
is ono of these unfortunate fellows who
has let his appetite so get nway with him
as to make him willing to barter his man
hood to get a nicklo for more drink. He
was lober when brought into court yes
terday morning and pleaded so hard that
the judge let him go his way.
The club is getting its articles of incor
poration ready and they will bo filed to
day. The committee on membership is
securing now names , and the other pre
liminaries of perfecting the organization
are being attended to. The next moot
ing will bo at the Mueller music IIOUMJ
on Monday evening next , and all inter
ested should plan to be present.
A Hawtborno livening.
A meeting of the Enterprise club will
bo held this ( Friday ) evening ut tlio resi
dence of J. M. Flngler , ut which time the
writings of Nathaniel Hawthoruo will bo
considered. A full attendance pf mem
bers is desired.
For first quality tin work nnd furnace
work call and figure with us. Our Mr.
H. A. Cole is of largo practical experi
ence in both these Hincs , having done
most all the slate work at Mount Pleas
ant state hospital under tl'o close Inspec
tion of leading architects.
COLE & COLE , No. 41 Main st.
Limo. coniont , piaster , hair , coal , etc.
Council Bluffs Fuel company , No. 509
Broadway , telephone 180.
Latest improved gasoline stoves at No
604 Main street , W. A.Vood. .
Bliss , 1514 Douglas street , Omaha , will
have a special display of white bonnets
and lints Saturday.
"Say , Jim , see Tipton , buy a lot , build
n llttlo house , and let's stop paying rent ,
nnd.throwlngour money away , we've
boon fools nil our life , until wo have
reached that ago when wo can't afford to
bo so longer , besides you see. it's a good
scheme anyhow , because it will soon value. Sco the point , Jimmio ? "
The Sewer Contract.
The city engineer lias ligurod out the
various bids on the sewer contracts , and
lias prepared his report to bo presented
to tlio council tins evening. It was
thought by the reading of the bids before -
fore they wore tabulated nnd figured
through that Heagan Bros , were the
lowest , but this proves to bo n mistaken
notion. The bids were close , there being
four of thorn , the highest and lowest of
whioh were not f 4,000 apart , the total
amount of tlio work being between
$35,000 and f 60.000. It now appears that
W. P. Wightman nnd George Miller ,
who is interested in the Wightman con
tract , are the lowest bidders , ami to them
will doubtless bo awarded the contract.
Drs. Hanchctt & Smith , ofllcojlo. 13
Pearl st. Kesidcuco , 120 Fourth st. Tele
phone No 10.
Cheap storage In either small or car
load loisntNos.iW,24nnd20 Pearl street ,
J. 11 , SnyJcr.
J. WE. . L. Squire make beautiful
nbstracU of title , and deserve the suc
cess they nro enjoying.
Ofllco of Mulhollnnd & Co. , removed to
in under the Citizens' bank. Telephone
No. 103. Leave your orders for ico.
You men who hnvo been thinking about
getting n Home to shelter your \vite aud
babies , but have tilwuya been afraid to
invest , go and see Tipton , ho will sell
you nfco , coxy , little houses on such easy
terms that you will pay for it nnd never
miss the money , and it will double in
raluq la one year.
The Ladies' ' Musical Society Gives an Even
ing of Sacred Music.
Sudden Dentil of Mrs. George J. Iiovc
Tlio Travels of a Money Order
\ M\cly llutmxvny Per
haps n Fatal Accident ,
Sail nil ( I Sudden.
Yesterday morning F. M. ' Hunter ,
deputy clerk of tlio LJnitud Stntos court ,
received a telegram from ( Jeorpo J ,
Luve , son of Judge Lo\o , asking Mr ,
lluntnr to meet him nt tlio transfer ,
Mr. Hunter complied , with tlio rcquost
and lenrnod upon arrival that Mrs. Love
huddled at Sidney , Nob. , on Wednesday
when en route to her home in Huron ,
Mr. Love had boon married about
eighteen months , and his wife has beun
in Caltforniii of late in hooo of regain
ing her health. Kocontly , however , she
coneltideil to return to her home , and
Mr. Love wont west for the purpose ol
meeting and returning homo with her.
At Sidney Wednesday morninp Mr. Love
loft his wife for a moment and upon his
return discovered that she had during
his nbu'iicc dropped dead. Tim remains
were yesterday morning taken to Huron
via Slou * City.
The MjKtorlcs ofMonoy Orders.
Q"Say , liii : : man , 1 want you to sign
something liere , " said .Jim Bowman , wlio
has charge of the inonoy order dcpnrt-
nient at the postollice. "Hero's a money
order which was paid jou , and it lias
been sent b.iuk from Washington for cor
rection. You see the ndvica called for
the receipt to bo signed by the Omaha
BII : : , and boiides signing that you signed
your own n.unc , but they say that you
must sign your official position as well.
Just add to the signature. "
"Unole Sam is getting very particular ,
isn't heV"
"Yes , they examine every little detail ,
and if there is as much as a scratch of
the pen that docs not tally it is .sent back
for correction. That money order was
mild last October , jou sue , and it has
been nil this time going through the mill
and getting examined and approved.- '
"Do you have many such cases ? "
"Yes every otlico hatches a lot of them.
Now hero is another , just like yours.
The man who got the order cashed is
secretary of the company , and ho signed
the company's name , and his own , but
did not puton the word "secretary. " It
is sent back to have that mil on ! Now
think of it , that order has traveled over
three thousand miles in all , has been
through probably thirty men's hands ,
, iind has boon eight months going through
the dillercnt departments , and the gov
ernment gets less than a dime for all this
work. Queer business , isn't it.
Andy Davy Jinn Doth Lees Taken OfT
IJy the CnrH.
Last night Andy Davy met with au ac
cident nt tlio dummy depot which will
probably result fatally. He was quite
drunk anil was staggering about
on the switch track between
tlio two platforms , when the
freight was switched in. Ho w s
struck by the cars , and the wheel passed
over him , cutting oft * both legs below the
knees. Ho also received some cuts and
bruises , mainly about the head. It is not
thought that ho can recover , lie
is about twenty-three years of nge.
and has been a hack-driver horu for some
time. Lately he has been at work in
Omaha , and on the railway about eight
miles out. His parents live hero , near
the Hock Island depot. He was mairicd ,
but did not reside with his wife. He was
taken to St. Joseph's hospital in Omaha
on the 10.25 dummy last night.
Additional liookf ) .
The following works of fiction have
been lately added to the public library :
The Mayor of Custerbridgo , Thomas
Hardy ; Count Havor , Henry Groville :
Nature's Surial Story , Roe ; lie Felt in
Love With His Wife , lloo ; Driven Back
to Eden , Hoe ; Burglars in Paradifco ,
1'helps ; The Madonna of the tubs.
Plielps , John Jerome , His Thoughts and
Ways , Joan Ingolow ; A White Heron
and Other Stories , Jewott ; The House at
High Bridge , Edgar Fawcett ; A Modern
Talemtichus , Yongo ; Justina , no name
scries ; The Kmpi ess Josephine , L. Mulil-
bach ; The Minister's Charge , or the Ap
prenticeship of Lemuel Barker , W. D.
Howells ; His Little Mother , Mulock ;
Young Mrs. Jardine , Mulock ; Miss
Tommo , Craik , King Arthur , Craik ; The
Living Link , James Do Mille ; The Prince
and tno Pauper , Mark Twain ; A Boston
Girl's Ambition , Townscnd ; The Christ
mas Wreck , Stockton ; For the Major ,
Woolson ; Hodman the Keeper , Woolson ;
Princess Casamassima , Henry James ;
The Beautiful Wretch , William Black ;
Katy of Catoctin , George A. Townsend.
A Veteran Knife.
Those who frequent the court room
have noticed an elderly man sitting
usually at the end of ono of tlio long
tables with his arm resting thereon. At
the least disturbing noise , loud whisper
ing , movine about tlioroom , squeaky
boots , this quiet gentleman is noticed
rapping loudly on the tabio and looking
around as if ho would willingly line the
disturbers for making more noise than
ho does by the rapping. The end of tlio
lablo is well dented with the daily use of
his peculiar gavel. That gentleman is
Jo Morse , of Lovoland. The gavel which
ho uses as baihtr in preserving order is a
plain looking pocketknifc. It is a knife
with moro history than blades. It is
sixty years old and was owned by his
father before him. Tlio veteran knife is
worth examination , its construction
being so ditterent from tlio present man
ner of make. The buck is enclosed so
that the springs do not appear and when
what is. left of the blades are opened
there is no raising or lowering of the
hack of the knife. It is a curiosity , not
merely on account of its peculiar make
imd its ago , but also because it has not
long since wandered oil * into the pocket
of someone else than the owner. It is
wielded daily by Mr. Morse and rings
out as hearty a rap as in its younger
Jays , its voice not wcakeningiu the least.
WIUon AVuntH
In the district court the case of Wilson
ITS. the City is being tried. The plaint ! ! ) '
claims heavy damages on account of the
Indian creek cutting away a portion of
Ids residence property during the great
Hood yours ago. In drawing the jury
there scorned to bo a strong desire on the
part of the plain till" to bar out all persons
oaying taxes , apparently on the theory
that such persons would bo inclined to
favor the other side , and that they would
hesitate about rendering a judgment
against the city , as they would hare to
st.ind their share of tlie tax necessary to
pay the samo. The plaintiff claims Unit
the city by the manner of constructing
its viaduct at Bryant street , and by other
Improvements reduced the natural water
way so that tlio witter could not liavo a
free passage , aud thus his property was
ilnnugea ,
Mr , Wilson and wife ure here in person.
They have been living In Florida foi
some time past. Mr. Wilson seems thir
and not in t\s good health as when here
The climate docs not seem to ail'cct hin
as favorably as ho had hoped.
M. Duquette , of the well known whole
sale fruit , confectionery and commission
house , is about to embark in a manufac
turing confectionery enterprise. This
house was formerly known as Krb A :
Duquette , and until recently as Wirt A
Uuqucttn. Now that Mr. Wirt has re
tired from the linn Mr. Duquette will rc <
move from his old quarters , No. 10 and
18 Pearl street , to the Hloomcr building ,
No. 1)17 ) Bioadway , winch place is already
being lilted up , and besides continuing
in his pit-sent line ho will also manufac
ture choice candies. It is understood
that after the necessary arrangements
are completed that the linn name will
probably bo Duquette & Co.
Summer M lit OonccrtH.
The move for a series of concerts to bo
Riven in Bayliss park orondses to be a
success. Odcll Bros. & Co. wi'l ' tomorrow
row evening give a complimentary con
cert , to which the public is'invited , that
enterprising linn bearing the expenses
of the music.
The Bavarian band has completad ar >
rangomontM to give a scries of concerts
in the MIIIIO park , tins opening ono to bo
Thursday evening , May 1 ! ) . A goodly
amount has been raised on the subscrip
tion list , and enough moro should ho
pledged to insure the full series. The
park will be a favorite resort this sum-
in cr.
8ort < jin < Mi'H Glut ) .
A few sportsmen of Council Bluus held
a meeting at the ollicoof the county clerk
last night for the purpose of organi/ing
a shooting club. The following named
gentlemen became charter members of
the club : A. W. Ucikman , S. Farnsworth ,
H. S. A\ est , W. P. Wightman , C. E. II.
Campbell , J. T. Oliver , A. Bcreshcunt ,
F. P. Jones , \V. \ 11. Thomas , W. 1) . Har-
tlin , J. J. Shea , D. ! . Stubbs , N. C. Phil-
llns. The object of the organization is
pleasure and recreation and the inten
tion is to hold weekly shoots. The pro-
jioscd targets are clay piticons , Pcoria
blackbirds and such additional targets
as the club may adopt. There will be
another meeting Monday night for the
purpose of ell'eeting a permanent organ
isation. All persons who desire to be
come members of the club are. invited to
be present at that time at the clerk's of-
linc. _
A Lively Hun.
L. B. Evans' horse and buggy were
hitched at the Noithwostorn depot yester
day morning , when a train came along.
The horse beuamc frightened and broke
away before Mr. Evans could stop him.
One of the wheels of the vehicle was
broken oft" and the buggy separated
from the horse. The animal wont tear
ing up Broadway , and ran straight to
Lund's stable on North Main street ,
where he is kept. Ho was found to have
received a serious injury in. the left hind
log , a tendon being cut partly oil' . There
is a possibility ot its growing together
again , however. _
The Ilambletonian stallion Arbitrator
can be seen at my stable on Fourth or
Bancroft street , three doors south of
Hatten hauer's carriairo repository. He
is a grandson of Bysdyke's Ilambletonian
on the sire side , and a grandson of Mum-
brine Chief on tlio dam side , the acknowl
edged principal producers of speed and
general purpose horses in America , anil
Arbitrator is no exception to tliu
rule. Ho js a horse of great indi
vidual merit and speed , and for the
purpose of convincing the breeders of
high bred horses that he is all that is
claimed for him , I will speed him a ten
or twenty-mile dash on the road to 000
pounds' weight , with any stallion owned
in the county. Breeders of high bred
horses will make a note of this , and
carry it in their hats , as the owner of
these horses puts all the money he has
and can borrow into straight horses , and
not into books , pamphcts and wind , talk
ing about their forty-second cousins' per
Also Colonel Uovc , bred by W. II. H.
Colby , of Fort Dodgo. la. , sired by Star
light , by Star of tlio West , dam by Coupon
pen , jr. , by Coupon , by Kysdyko's Ham-
blctonian , this colt is a stranger in a
strange land , but his breeding is certainly
all any niii n could wish for. His great
and positive individuality , his true anil
powerful stride , his wonderful constitu
tional powers , and his powerful steel-
converted framework , insure for him a
career that will place him among the
greatest if not the grandest stallions in
the west , D. GHAY.
Justice of the Peace ,
415 Broadway , Council Bluffs.
Refers to any bank or business house in the
city. Collections a specialty.
Horses g Mules
For all purposes , bought and sold , at retail
and in lots. Large quantities to select
from. Several pairs of fine drivers , sin
gle or do'ible.
MASON WISE , Council Bluffs
Star Sale Stabfes and Mule Yards
Urondwuy , Council UlulTs.Opp. Dummy Depot
. _ _
Horses und mules kept oonstantlyon
hand , for sale at retail or in car load
Orders promptly lilled by contract on
short notice. Stock sold on commission ,
SIILUTEK & HOLEY , Proprietors.
Telephone No. 114
Formerly of Ked Silo. Stables , corner
lat. avo. and 4th street.
jv ; SVHURX ,
Justice of the Peace.
Ortice over American Express.
Announces that His stock of
Finolmported SpringMillincry
In Choice Shapes ot Hats & Bonnets ,
Together with a
LarafiLlnc of Xoveltles In Fancy Ma
terials is now Ready for Your
Careful Inspection ,
1514 Douglas St. ( Omaha
SpeolM advertisements , such as Lost , Found
! /oLontiKor Bnjo , To Itcnt , Vtflntu , Honnllnir ,
etc. , will tiolnsortui In this column at the loir
ratoof TEN CUNTS I'KK LINK fortlio Urst Insor-
Ion mi J j''IvoComsrerl..lnofoi > onclisub90 < iiiun
Insortlon. I.cnro [ uhurUsomciitu nt our ullluu
No. li 1'iurl stix'U , Uroadwur , Council
WANTED To , Iniy n lior < o nnd pprlim-
nj.'on , toKOthcr or Adilivfcs
II. S. , Duo ollico , Council lllutls.
* VAori.D Two oxperlenrtMl nursery snlcs-
' inou of need ndlrc ( 9 ami bo ( ( if rolor-
cnci'S , tnqulto ot Iiiuilols , Ik'iituu Tuol
Co.'s ollico , No. C'S llronitttiiy.
\\7ANTED A Indy cn liler wlio cnn keep
' liookg. AIHHIT liy leltoi , Htutliw ovpurl-
i-iicp , reference" , uNo s iliiry expected. Doom ,
lien ollico , Council Illiilfs.
1J10H3ALU Onuor ! uy mid Dm 1mm jenrllnif
JL' bull. Wolfc'Iit about KM pounds Inquire
of M. ( lluison , nuir Wiilmsh round lioiiao.
TpOH SALr.-r ) Trade Six sections of jjood
JL1 Innd In Lincoln county , Noli. , on U. P.
rnllnuy. Call on or uddiess Ucloll 111 OS. A : Co. ,
lOJI'oiirlst. , Council HUUIX _
1J1OH llfNT" ! lloiHo of llvo rooms. Inquire
-L1 nt sis limiklln street.
TilOlt SALK Cheap : iiK o < l lior o. fnn lioat
-L three mlautca Umiujre nt No. 1JJJ Wen
VTOTlCi : Will my tlio holiest pilot ! for first-
-L > elns * oiwt-i'lf liuly's trcnti , mid ehlldtun's
clothing , Imofi , shoo . Imls , otc. 1) . Uoldsteln ,
KOB. "I ? and t > lltouduiiy.
Dissolution Notice.
The firm of Wlit Sc Duquotto , ntiolcsiilo fruit ,
confectionery and commission inoiuliants H
lliUdny dNsolved liy mutual oonsont. W. ( )
Wirt rethlimr 'llio lui'lno'.s will horcnflor
condnoted hy M. Duquette , who iis umes all
liabilities and \\lll collect all accountsof the
liitollrm. W. C ) . WlllT.
Council llluirs , May 7 , ' 87. M. DUyL'UtTIi
is to bo done by nearly all the ladies in
tlio spring.
Now is the right time to do this. For
ladies , it is a disagreeable but unavoid
able work , and wo make the oiler to do
the most troublesome work of all , that is
Wo clean the carpets , velvets , moqucttcs ,
brussels , or any other kind of carpets ,
without taking them up. We guarantee
and that no dust will be loft in the car
pet. Wo guarantee our work and refer
to prominent parties in this city.
Send us a postal card and we will call
upon you and explain in what way our
cleaning takes place. G. A. FisiiKK.
No. ( W3 Sixth A\onuc , CouncilBlull's.
I'ricrs Very Low ,
W. S. HOMER & Co. ,
jvo. at MAIN ST. ,
In Amber ,
etc.Hair Or
namcnts , ns
well as tlio
5 newest nov-
cities in hair
? goods.
Mrs. C.L. Gillette
Mnin street. Out of town work so
( Standard No. 2915) ) Sired by Almont No
; , nnd "Resistor , " ( Standard No. 5812.
Sired by Tramp No. 808 , These stallions
will make the season of 1887 at the Coun
cil bluffs Driving Park.
For particulars inquire of or address ,
WAUE CA11Y , Council Bluils , la.
Council Bluffs.Iowa.
Established Ib57.
I will be at the Pacific JfotelCouncil
Itluffs , every Saturday forenoon
OmahaDontaAssociation , ! , removed to
[ tollman lilociw cor. Kith and Farnam.
Host sots tooth W. fully warranted. All
jperations rendered painless by the use
3f our now annssthotic. Dr. Haugh&wout ,
Manager. E 5
Doplgns , cutlmstes and reports on bridges ,
rladuuts , foundations und ronoral engineering.
Blue prints of tiny slzo mid quantity. _
Office No 13 N. Muln fat. , First National Bank
) Uck.
li. RICE , SI. D.
Cancers and other Tumors
Removed without the knile or Drawing o
Over 30 vears Practical experience.
( Jo. 11 Pearl St. , Council Bluffs.
The only Hotel In Council Bluffs Having a Fire
Escape ,
And All Modern Improvements.
219 , 217 and 310 Mnin St.
MAX MOWf Prep. ,
People's ' Store
Will Open 2o-Morrow Morning ,
M < ty 20th. Thin Is
Our Clearing
And rrtlttcllotut have lircn mmlc tltnt
will be Intei'estinu. Tic seuson for
wcorhif/ these IK now only fulfill
opcncil , and it may srctn foolhh to
reduce iH'lecu on anndx that arejti * t
In season , but tliat'a the way we do
It. ircncrcr carry nti/tcs over from
one season to another , and we don't
wait till it la so late that nobody
wants them before ire reduce prices.
Everything will be found as ad
XO pieces Worsted Drcs * Good ? , in
the best snriny shades , 3d inches
wldcfoi m-rly t > old at 35c to OOc ,
Our May Sale Price 25c
27G pieces all wool , 3I , , 18 and 4 (
inch Suitinys in all tha latest
shitdcs , formerly told at U5ctol
per yard ,
Our May Sale Price 50c
125 Combination Stilts , Inflncst im
ported yootls , with jtlnsh and vel
vet stripes , formerly sold at 9iiS
to $ iif > each ,
Our May Sale Price $20 $
Victoria Lawns , 3c , 4c , Gc , 8c , We
ind inc.
India Linen. Gc , Sc , lOc , Uc , ISc
ind 2Oc.
Check Nainsook , Gc , tic , Sc , lOc ,
tuc ami 2 < ic.
India Mull , lOc , ISc , 20c and 2Sc
Striped and IJarred Cambrics in
vhlte and ecru , 4c , Gc , Gc , 8c , lOc ,
lac , I8c and 20c.
Thousands of pieces of goods to be
Three cases of good Ginghams ,
Ircss and apron styles at Gc. The
a me goods are sold fn this city else-
vhere at from lOc to 12\c \ per yard ,
Two cases best quality Pongee
laniards Ginghams , elegant pat
ents , best goods at lOc ; regular
trice IGc to 18c.
7GO pieces best dress styles Seer-
ticker and Ginghams at lOc and
I2\c. \ The most elegant styles of
rrench and Scotch Ginghams will
> c found among them ,
7-8 wide American Sateens , 8v
north 12\c. \
7-8 wide American Sateens , lOc
vorlh IGc.
7-8 wide American Sateens , IGc ;
uorth 2Oc.
French Sateens , yard wide , 2Oc
md 2Gc ; worth 3Gc.
Best Fiench Sateens , yard wide ,
IGc and 37\c \ ; worth SOc.
Tticse goods offered at above prices
nd only one dress pattern will be
old to any one customer.
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JOUXC1L It LUFFS , - - - I A.
N. It. Special and prompt alien
foJt given to all ordcra entrusted to
urcttre. Samples furnished upon
ppllcatlon , ' . .
DR. RICHARDS' ' Electric Bath Roois and OfflCfl
No. 607 Mynster St. , Council Bluffs.
One Square North of the P. O. Bvulding.
Treatment and Baths Given Ladies by Mrs. Dr
Richards on Tuesday , Thursday & Saturday.
Electricity is a remarkable naturalagcnt which has long been known and utilized
as a remedy for disease and continued experience has unlaigcd its sphere of useful
ness and improved its appliances by which it is employed until its utility a n. ! virtue
has become second to no other known remedy , in the treatment of certain forms of
disease. This agent is employed here in all its most ferviceablo forms by the aitl of
large batteries , static machines , electric cabinet baths , clectiic water bath , the elec
tric cliair and electrodes for treating all parts of the body. We are prepared to do
all that can be done with these great remedies. In cases of Rheumatism , Neuralgia ,
1'aralysis , Spinal Irritation , Rectal Diseases , Nenous Diseases in female ! ) arising
from Uterine disorders and many other chronic and subacute troubles , it stands at
the head of all known remedies or methods cure. A thorough study of it for years
and the successful treatment of hundreds of cases , after all other remedies had fail
ed , is sulllcient evidence ofits great worth and perfectly satisfies us with its good
ell'ects on the diseased body. In the great hospitals and sanitaiians of America
and Europe , electricity is leading all other methods of treatment. In all leading
colleges the professors are teaching electricity as one of the potent remedies and a
special chair is appointed in manv of them. Many of the ablest physicians of all
schools are making a specialty ol'clcctricitv to tiie exclusion of almost everything
else. This great remedy has often fallen into disrepute by being recommended and
used by persons , and physicians , perfectly ignorant of its properties and powers ,
\\howoiiltlasoftenathiseand use the wrong current as the right one or depend
upon it in diseases for which it is not adopted. We are sure that \\l\un the people
become educated in the use of electricity for many diseases with \\hich the body
Is afflicted and find the great good therein , the medicines and patent righted nos
trums upon which they now rely will grow old and dusty on the shelves. Electricity
is nature's great remedy and to fully understand and skilfully apply it is our cflbrt
and aim in life.
For further information call at the office or send for do-
srriptivo and illustrated pamphlet on Electricity and
Electro Therapeutic Baths , by .
G07 Mynster Street , Council Bluffs , la.
Steam , Gas and Water Pipe
NTo 552 Broadway , - Oouucil Bluffs , Iowa
Nail Orders Shipped Promptly.
OT .
Real Estate Broker and Dealers
Council Elluift Ollico ,
Temple. OmiiliR Ofllce , Rio 111
North I Olli street.
Particular attention given to Inventing -
venting funcli for 11011 real-
dciitH. Special bargain * In lot * Ac
acre property In Omaha & Coun
cil muffr. Correspondence nolle-
Swanson Music Company ,
No. 329 Broadway . Con ncil Bluffs
stey Organs , Gamp& Co.'s Organs and Western GottageOrgans
A few commonte regarding the Estoy Tianos. In every civilized country on the
lobe the nnmo of Kst ( > y is n household word with lovers of music ; it is a guariintco
> r the exquisite quality of tone in musical instruments , bearing tlio name that com-
lands confidence , admiration and enthusiasm. >
Farming Lands in Iowa , Minnesota , Kansas , nnd ranging from ' ffl.OO to
* 10.00 per aero. School and stnto lands in Minnesota on 30 years' time 5 per
cnt interest. Land Buyers fare free. Information , etc. , given by
No. 555 Broadway , Council Bluffs , Iowa , agent for Frcldriksen & Co. , Chicago.
( Successors to )
Commission and Produce Merchants ,
Dealers in Groceries and Provisions. Satisfaction Guaranteed ,
No. 11 South Main Street.
Vacint Lots , Lands , City Residences and
'arms. Acre property In western part of city.
VII tolling cheap to make room for spring stock
leal Estate & Insurance Agent ,
loom 6 , over Officer & I'user's Dank , Cousio
. Bluets.
Enpeer urveyo MapPublisher
JVb. 11 North Main St.
City and county maps , of cities nnd couatlji
In western lown , Nebraska and Kansas.
Attorneys at Law.
actice in the State and Federal Courts.
Rooms 7 nd 8 Shus ; rt-Beno Block ,
r.ovxnu , Ktorn.