Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 11, 1887, Page 6, Image 6

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Delivered tuy rnrrlcr In nnj purtof the city at
twenty cintepcr wuok.
H. W. TILTO.V , . . . .Manager.
Tir.ipnoNK3 : : :
BepiNFFsOrncr. No. 1J.
NIOIIT Kunoit No. 23.
N. Y.Plumbing Co.
Uo to the concert ThurMlay night.
New sprint ; goods atJHeiter's , tailor.
The policemun cleared about $ : )00 ) by
their ball.
Reserved scats for the concert Thurs
day night , 7o cents.
Dell (1. ( Morgan & Co. have put in a new
soda water fountain.
The popular resort is the Manhattan ,
418 Broadway , Ritdio & Yenawinc.
Members of the Ladles' Musical society
may obtain reserved .seats at BushnelPs ,
by presenting their membership tickets.
During the absence of Marshal
Unanella , William ( ialvin is acting as a
deputy , and serving at the headquarters
as turnkey.
The city council is to meet Friday
night. In thu meantime the aldermen
will continue to meet daily as a board of
The Knights of Labor have passed reso
lutions thanking the Union Pacific for
courtesies shown them on the recent trip
to Omaha to hear Powderly.
The Moore & Kiplingcr nine and the
nine of the institution of the deaf and
dumb will have another contest on the
institution grounds ne\t Saturday.
Reserve your scats at RushncU's for
the concert Thursday night given by the
Ladies' Musical society at tUo Presby
terian church.
Justice Baruett is laboring with a
heavy case , one that weighs several
pounds at least. There art ! 150 page.s of
evidence and a do/.en full-grown law
.This Bavarian band proposes giviuc a
.series of lour concerts in Bayliss park ,
provided they can supurc enough money
by subscription from the residents around
the park.
It is suggested that the fire department
wet down the grass in Bayliss' park
which is dying for want of water. Chief
Tcmpleton could no doubt spare acouplo
of men to do this.
The switchmen in coming from the
transfer to the dummy depot yesterday
morning , found a package of dry gooils
and a ilirty shirt. No one has claimed
the mysterious package yet.
The Broadway bridge company has
leased an ollice , No. 10 ! ) Broadway , and
will proceed with business as rapid I j as
possible. There hcenis no doubt now but
that the bids will bo opened on the 17th
and the contract let at once.
John O'Brien , son of Morgan O'Brien ,
died at his home , No. lliJOKighth avenue ,
about f5 o'clock Monday evening , aged
fourteen yearn , four months and nine
days. The cause of ileath was inllamma-
tion of the bowels , caused by getting
overheated and then drinking ice water
and going in bathing. The funeral will
be held this morning at 0 o'clock from
the Catholic church.
J. ( J. Tipton i'ostorday sold to Mr. W.
B. Leather the handsome residence
property of Mr. Frank Durlin on Fifth
avenue for $3,750. Mr. Leather is the
supervising architect of the Union Pa-
ciho railroad company , and has for a
number of years resided in Omaha , but
will soon remove with his family to this
city , and will make this his future homo.
The citizens of Council Blulls welcome
them to their now home.
Royal Perry , who was found by the
police sleeping in a lumberyard , was bo-
fora the court yesterday. lie had on Ins
person , when arrested , a largo revolver ,
and about f'JO , besides a watch and
chain. He explained tin : presence of the
revolver by claiming that the boys had
told him that Council Blutl's was a hard
plaoo , so ho went armed. The young fel
low burst into tears as ho told how ho
was supporting a widowed mother , and
this touching the tender heart of the
judge ho was allowed to go free.
In the district court yesterday the case
of Ucno & Co. vs Simmons was heard
and submitted. Thu case of Bccbe vs
the Equitable Life association , of Water ,
lee , la. , was being heard yesterday after
noon. This is the second trial of this
cause , it being an attempt on the part of
the plaintill'to secure pay for goods fur
nished for the oflico here , when Randall
was representing himself aa the author
i/.cd agent * of the company. Randall
skipped and the company claimed lie
was working on commission and not
authorized to contract bills in the name
of the company.
Yesterday a young sparrow flew into
Maudiil's store , and on being cantured
was placed in a c-igo with a canary. The
canary seemed to bo endowed with a
wonderful amount of hospitality. It
proceeded to feed the young sparrow aa
though it had been its mother , the little
one not bolng old enough to take to the
feed in veteran manner. The pair of
feathered prisoners were watched with
much interest by those in the store , anil
after a little the sparrow was given its
liberty. It How out of the door into the
street in a bewildered way , but soon
caught the cries of the older sparrows ,
who wore evidently watching and wait-
lug for its return. The young sparrow
tin ally joined them , and the meeting was
fully as interesting as the prison scene
in which the canary took so well the part
of hostess.
Lime , cement , plaster , hair , coal , etc. .
Council Bluffs Fuel company , No. 5J ! !
Broadway , telephone I'M.
Latest improved gasoline stoves at No
00-1 Alain street , W. A.Vood. \ .
J. G. Tipton says ho don't , know
whether ho has the largest list of real es
tate of any agent in the city or not , tlia
ho has been selling off a good deal of his ,
but still has a right smart list left.
Personal Paragraphs.
Mrs. 11. C. Lynolmrd , mother of the
editor ol the Council Blutl's Herald , is in
the city on n visit.
T. T. Snow has boon summoned to Illi
nois by tidings that his father is danger
ously III. Mr. U. L. Jacobs will till the
vacancy in Maudol's store temporarily
Mrs. R. W. Beobo , of Harrison county
wife of a brother of Colonel Bcebo , o
thu American express company , died a
her homo in that county. Colonel Beobe
leaves to-day to attend the funeral.
J. II. Strook , of Princeton , 111. , is a
the Pacitio house. He is one of the
Btrock brothers , who arc planning on
establishing a sash and door factory in
this city. The enterprise is an assurci
Our stock of Refrigerators is th
largest in Council Blulls , See our good
and prices. No. 41 Main street.
Cole & Colo.
Drs. Hanchctt & Smith , olllco No. 1
Pearl st. Residence , 130 Fourth st. Tele
phone No 10.
Cheap storage in either small or car
load lots at Nos. 23,34 and SO Pearl street
J. R , SnyJor.
J. WE. . L. Squire make bnautifu
Abstracts of title , and deserve the sue
cess they are enjoying.
Oflice of MnlhoIIand & Co. , removed t
In under the Citizens' bank. Tolephou
No. 162. Leave your orders for ico.
The Knights of Labor Want Contractors to
Hire liorno Help.
A Knrm Hand Hklps With lllH ttm-
plojcr'n Cnuli-Sunday .School
Workers to Gather In Ncoln
Personal Mention.
1'rntrctliiK Homo Iintior.
Tl.o Knights of Labor at , a recent meet
ing took action to secure , if posiiblo ,
more protection for home labor. Ihey
appointed a committee to wait upon the
council and pre.Mjnt a written request
that hereafter no work should bo let to a
contractor unless the contractor would
agree to employ home laborers in prefer
ence to outsiders. The can e leading to
this request was that in times past con
tractors having large amounts of work to
do for the city have brought laborers in
here , who remained only while
the work was in progress , and
the workingmcn * living in the
city the year round were not given
employment. The knights wanted the
council to put into their contracts here
after .some clause which would prevent
tins injustice if possible. The original
petition of the knights has disappeared
and it is said to have been loaned to one
of the reporters of an evening paner who
failed to return it. Its purport was given
to the council afresh , and inconsequence
the council adopted the following resolu
tion :
ItvHolvcd , That the contiaotnrshoso bide
are accepted for any public work bo re
( inested to employ Council Hlulli laborers
lor all \\ork where practicable , nndlinu
Mich labor can be piocmod tit reasonable
\siL't'-t , or s.iimt rates as arc paid elsewhere
for the vime work.
The Knights naturally look at this
resolution as amounting to nothing at
all. It is simply an invitation to con
tractors , and has no eilectin reaching the
desired protective point for which the
Knights started out.
Tim Knights desire the council to pass
; > , resolution in ellVct as follows , and to
have it made u corporate part of any and
all eonti acts hereafter for city work :
Itosolu'd. That the contractors \\hoeblds
aie accepted tor anv public work bo i vim i red
to employ Council Hluffs labor for all work ,
wlien such labor can be piocined at le.isou-
able \\nies.
Some of the leading members of the
order declare that they will have the
matter up in the assemblies again , and
take frcsli action , so as to force the coun
cil to either refuse to do anj tiling , or else
give them the desired protection. They
say they do not want any such meaning
less resolution as that passed by the
The Union Depot.
The acceptance of the Tenth avenue
ordinance by the Union Pacilio railway
is an indication that the expected im
provements will proceed now rapidly.
The track will soon bo laid , the now
freight depot erected , and all the desired
advantages resulting therefrom are to bo
looked for at once. The public see more
in it , however , than the .securing of ad
ditional freight facilities , however im
portant these may bo to the heavy whole
sale houses in that part of the city. The
move is looked upon as the key to the
problem of the union depot. It is the
entering wedge. The establishing of the
freight house , and the laying of the
track , is to be followed by an enthusias
tic move for a largo union depot , accord
ing to those wjio are best posted in what
is being planned. It scorns that there is
nothing now in the way of this project ,
and the only delay to be looked for are
such as are inevitablv connected with the
arranging of the preliminaries of so extensive -
tensive a project. The citi/ens began to
doubt whether the Union Pacific was to
take the ordinance , but now that it is ac
cepted , they begin to have more hope
and doubts as to the future arc disappear
ing rapidly ,
Sunday School Workers.
The eleventh annual convention of the
Sunday schools of Pottawattamio county
is to be held in the Presbyterian church
of Ncola , Wednesday , May 18. Thu
programme is as follows :
Devotional exercises , by Kev. Henry
DcLong. of Council HUilIs , la.
Address of Welcome , by Kev. Charles
Whct/.ci , of Ncola.
Response by Kov. C. W. Crofts of
Council HhiUs , la.
Sabbath Desecration , by Dr. P. J. Mont
gomery , of Council Binds , la.
Object of Sunday School Work , by Kev.
Charles Whetzcl , of Neola.
Song and Praise Service.
Teachers and Teaching , by Rev. Dr.
McCreary , of Council lilulls , la.
The Need of Sunday School Work , by
R. A. Shaw , of Logan , la.
The Book We Teach and Its Influence
on the World , by llartsworth , of
Ideal Sunday School , by Rev. O. A.
Elliott , of Carson , la.
Relations of Parents to Sunday Schools.
My Duty to Sunday Schools. Free dis
cussion by all.
Report of executive committee. Ap
pointment of committees. Report of sec
Hilary. Report of treasurer. Reports of
schools by delegates.
Ihe New Club lloonin.
Architect Maxon has completed the
plans for the club rooms of the Council
Hind's- club , but the executive committee
have not yet approved them. This will
probably be done , though , in a day or so.
The plans show three dining rooms con
nectcd by arches , two parlors , two cloak
rooms , one for ladies , the other for gen
tlemen : two closets , two toilets , kitchen ,
china closet , pantry , oflice , etc.
There is to bo a regular club house en
trance on Main street behind the First
National bank , and this will bo of cut
stone and nicely decorated. It is the
intention to increase the membership to
203 , and the committee having that part
of the work In hand are securing names
as rapidly as possible. Such business
and professional men as have not been
yet called upon , need not wait but can
hand their names in.
Musical McGlbonya.
The McGibeny family is to appear at
the opera house Monday evening , May
10. 'Ihoy appeared hero about a year
ago and met with great success. Those
who heard them at that time will be more
anxious to hear them again , while there
are many who missed that opportunity
who will gladly improve the present one.
The family is certainly a wonderful one
and their concerts are very enjoyable.
The programmes do not embrace as
much classical musio as many concert
companies oiler , but there is a sweetness
to their musio which renders it wonder
fully popular. The family have just had
a successful winter tour in the far west
and in California , and are now on their
return. One of the charms of the con
certs given by the family U that they com
prise both instrumental and vocal artists
thus giving a great variety to their outer
tainiuonts. _
Skipped By the Ll ht of thu Day.
A short time ago A. W. Wyman , the
well known Keg Creek farmer , hired a
man to work on his place. Yesterday
morning the man was not seen arounc
the place , but U was thought that he was
out In some of the fields at work , until
investigation showed that ho had dlsap-
> carcd altogether. It was also discov
ered that there had been some thieving
: oing on. The most important loss wns
VS in cash. Word was sent to this city to
In ; police to look out for the fellow , nnd
Jlllccr Dynr found him at the dummy
lopot. On being arrested and searched
ibout $1 was found on his person. He
mil invested in a new shirt and new hat ,
vhlcli would account for the balance of
ho money lost. Thu fellow had little to
say , and was locked up to await a hear-
ng in court.
All members of the Pottawattamio Fish
'rotcctivo association are notlied ! to
neet at the olllco of Kicc A : Raymond ,
Vo. 1 ! ! North Mam street , at 8 o'clock
sharp , this ( Wednesday ) evening , May 11.
Ivory member is requested to attend.
By order of
E.\inTiVK : COMMIrrit : : .
Special communication of Excelsior
'OdguNo. WJ , A. F. iA. . M. to-night for
vork in the first degree. Visiting breth
ren cordially invited. By order W. M.
iVhat the Future May flrlnc Tor
IMlchurs nnd Catchers.
St. Paul ( ilobo : Age has wrought a
great change in basis ball. There is as
ntich dillercnco between the base ball of
en years ago and that of to-day as there
s between a prairie schooner and a rail-
vay train. When George. Wright , Ross
Jarnos , Harry Wright , Al Spaulding and
Xctler twirled the sphere pitching was
lill'ercnt from w hat it is now. This do-
lartment , in fact , has undergone the
rreatost change. The pitcher now is the
tiling clement ; then he was not , because
hero was no latitude allowed him.
Straight arm and over arm throwing was
lot allowed , and curves and twists were
inknown. If a man had suggested the
alter at that time ho would ha\o
icon shot. The pitcher simply
ent the ball over the plate. The nearer
10 could have approached hitting
he bat the butter he was. No strategy
vas used except that of varying tiie
> pecd ot thu ball. Scotes used to run so
iit > h tha't it took two men to score. Hut a
clnuigo began. People tired of .slugging.
They wanted some science. The inana-
; ers caught on to thu demand. Restric-
ions began to bo taken from the pitcher ,
t'hc lirit was forbidding him to throw be-
ow the waist. IIo was allowed to throw
ho ball anywhere below thu shoulder.
. .ator ho could throw unvwhcre ho chose ,
ind the game became one of pitchers.
The hard-worked pitcher has had otic of
varied experience. Ho used to stand
jack and look on. There was no picking
thu shoots oil' the very edtro of the bat ;
10 ininaitiiru jail about his head ; no
juckskin about Ins lingers ; no liver pads
on his chest. When the balls began to net
whiskers as n result of ehaiigo in pitch-
nsr , ho found it necessary to
jogin to protect his hands , until
to-day they look , when ready for ser
vice , like the pillow in a child's cot. A
friend of the catcher then conceived thu
dca of a chest protector and thu bat
tered end of the battery's armor was com
plete. In spite ot all these contrivances ,
iqwevor , split and broken lingers , wrists
and anns are still plentiful among catch
ers , and it is thought that before many
years the pitcher will catch through
.Kidded holes in a fence or in a scoop not
itanding a few fcut one side of the bat
ter. A genius has now struck a plan
which he will spring shortly , through
means of which a ganio can bo played
without pitcher or catcher. A "small
Krupp gun will be placed in the pitcher's
box to take the pitcher's place. An ironbound -
bound , steel-plated fence will bo placed
behind the batter. A small boy will be
secured to load the gun , put the base
ball in it and lire it at thu batter. The
Fence will send back the ball on the re-
Doiind. Even if a few small boys and
batters are killed , what dilTuronco will it
make ? The world is full of both. The
umpire will be clothed , according to the
plan , in steel armor. Death-dealing foul
tips will no longer have any terror tor
bin ) , while the argcr and yells of the
umpires in the grand stand will not
phase him. Possibly lie will be supplied
with revolver , slung-shotand dirk to per-
Miado the plavcrs that he knows his busi
ness. The ollicial scores will bo encased
in a wire cage until the chasers have
been chased into their quarters. That
will protect them from the wrath and
vengeance of the man whose ledger ac
count of errors grows quicker than they
think it should.
Iiitlainination ol'tho Kidneys.
BA/.AAK , Guts * : Co. . KAN , Feb. 10 , I860.
I have been alllieted with chronic in
flammation of the kidneys. I sufl'crcd so
much pain that 1 could not lie on my
back or lean back against a chair. My
water also contained a chalky sediment.
I tried many remedies , but could get no
relief. I then took two AU.COPK'S
Pi.AsrKits and put one over each kinney ,
making them moot on my back-bone.
These plasters , strange as it may seem ,
cured mo in a week. AH soreness was
gone , and my urine was natural.
The TIIIO System of Advertising.
The Philadelphia Times says the waste
of money by ill-advised advertisements
is nearly or quito as much as would
liberally advertise our trade in the best
channels. Many establishments spend
more for costly circulars and their distri
bution than would present their business
to hundreds of thousands of thrifty deal
ers through widely spread newspapers ,
and a circular seldom reaches others than
a servant as it passes to the waste basket
or kindling box. The advertisements of
our leading retail stores arc as regularly
read in the leading newspapers by men ,
women and children in fami
lies , as the weather , market
and fashion reports. They are
niado as fresh and readable as genius
and skill can make them , and while cir
culars serve tin ) only purpose of starting
the morning ( ire the wise advertiser
daily summons his customers from the
homes of the land , and his advertising is
the life of his trade. Thu fact that there
n not a great advertiser in legitimate
trade in this city who has not gathered a
fortune from his business , while old and
apparently well-established houses have
languished and died , is conclusive proof
that the newspaper that commands large
circles of intelligent and progressive
readers is the open highway to business
success and fortune.
IB Death Painless ?
A Philadelphia doctor , after years of
careful observation , says that our demise
is as painless as our advent to the world.
This is certainly reassuring ; yet notwith
standing thcso great inducements we still
do not court death , and shall continue to
use Dr. Picrco's infallible remedy , the
"Golden Medical Discovery , " for con
sumption , spitting of blood , shortness of
breath , weak lungs , coughs , bronchitis ,
and kindred affections 01 the throat and
chest. It is nncqualcd. By druggists.
\ Four-Hollar Coin.
Dr. William Dickinson says in the St.
Louis ( ilobo Democrat : Within the past
month a $1 United States coin has turned
up in this city , and people interested in
such matters have talked about it a great
deal. I hear the owner of tbo piece called
at thci sub-treasury and was told that the
government never coined such a piece.
This Is a mistake , though there were
never a great many of ( horn coined. The
committee on coinage.weights and meas
ures , which lias the subject in charge and
looks after designs for improving the
coinage in respect to si/.o. denomination
or appearance , frequently instructs the
superintendent ofltlie mint to execute
new patterns or rxporlmbntal pieces , for
nspcclion , and if they arc deemed wor
thy of adoption "thiin , the com-
mitten frames ami introduces the
necessary bill In congress , t'ndcr
this arrangement a scries of coins was
lovlscii In 187i > , Known as the Stella , hav
ing the value of ? ! , United States stand
ard. The design was approved by the
committee and a bill introduced antici-
| > ating a now metalic coin for interna
tional use. Thu coin was the si/u of a
nickel , representing "Liberty head"
turned to the left on tho. obverse , with
" 187l " below , thirteen stars , with ligures
and letters interspersed , denoting the
proportion of gold allov. etc. ; on the re
verse , above , "United "States , " with a
large live-rayed star , "Stella , " in the
cental * , and below , "Onu Stella , -100
cents , " and "Deo est ( Jloria , " and still
below , "Four Dol. " This was struck in
proof. The Stella is one of the set desig
nated metric goloid.thi * other two being
the metric dollar and the goloid metric
dollar. Twenty sets only were struck
early In 1871) ) , to bo submitted to the com
mittee ; a little later 100 sets were struck ,
and still later ! ! 00 sets wcru ordered
coined. 1 huso were oflured to members
of congress and personal and political
friends on paj incut of their intrinsic
valuu. Then -100 sets were coined in 1880 ,
bearing the date of 1879 , and of these
about 'JoO found their way into miscella
neous hands , and thu remaining 150 arc
belinvcd to be still in the vaults of the
mint. Of the original twenty sots , a few
were sold as high as iJlOO , and the prices
of these subsequently coined ranged
down to fron. sfoO to $12.fiO. Separately ,
the Stella now sells for about ! ? . " , and tin
sel of three pieces at ! ? ( ! .50 to $7.oO. The
) ill for their issue , however , failed to bu-
como a law.
That tired feeling and loss of apjietitc
are entirely ovetcomu by Hood's ' Sarsa-
panlla , the peculiar medicine. Try it
nut see.
thai Tnll.UliinpIl
JntMf of ( nrktt.
; I" tin IllAUlVtL Kl ISIIIITY nf the ilolli
our pntdittt cnvrr ix < luMu > l\ > vvll ) 111 MiTi'ilIt fl > t
tlnxiuuin KiqulirsmiliirikWln HONKY I.ITIimii
brt lit rnflfl hflltir worn ttMiiln } < * tf lint fitninl tlin rnuHt
HIM ! Cntiifnri'iitile Cors-ft uverorn. . toM by All
Ur9t-Clll * * ! * Ul'llIlM X
C'KUTTY It It OS. . Chlcauu , III.
J'i-ices J'ci'H Low ,
W. S. HOMER & Co. ,
yo. 2'i MA TM ST. ,
lu Amber ,
etc.Hair Or
namciits , as
cities in hair
Ktj * - C = -
Mrs.C.L. Gillette
Main street. Out of town work so
Justice of the Peace ,
415 Uroadway , Council Bluffs.
Refers to any bank or business house in the
city , Collections a specialty.
Korses S Mules
For all purposes , bought and sold , at retail
and in lot * . Large quantities to select
from. Several pairs of fine drivers , sin
gle or do-ible.
MASON WISE , Council Bluffs
Star Sate Stab/es and Mule Yards
Uroaawuy , Council UlulTe , Opp. Dummy Depot
_ _ . - , e
Horses and mules kept constantlyon
hand , for sato at retail or 'in ' car load
Orders promptly tilled by contract on
eliort notice. Stock sold on commission.
SHLUTEK & HOLEV , Proprietors.
Telephone No. 114 ' ,
Formerly of Kuil Sulo. Stables , corner
1st. ave. and 4th street.
Justice of the Peace.
Olllco over American Kxpress.
MATTKIl of application of Chas. J. Frlco for
permit to sell liquor as a druitjrlst.
Notice Is hereby given that Chin. J. Frlco
did upon the L'nd day of May , A. D. 1887 , lllu
bit application to the mayor mid city council
ofOmtilia , for permit to soil malt , spirituous
und vinous liquors , as adruKKlet , for medicinal ,
mechanical und chemical purposes only , at No.
Win Douglas street. Third wurd. Omiilia ,
Nob. , from the llthday ot April , IbST , to the
10th day of April , IhW.
If there ho no objection , remonstrance or
protest filed within two weeks from'May 2nd ,
A. 1) . 1887 , the said permit will bo granted.
CIIAS. J. Fitue , Applicant
J. II , SotiTlUKD , City Clrrk. inlt-lU
in tinn n MTfl | < Df * * MI ° <
BMHIIIIH ? oulhurimpruJt Xf u L-vl
M HIlllUUU I-rMiuttttr * VtcttNertouj
I > cUlltTlxMtlluibnodrlo.b niilrl > dUl Ttu
very Known reimvlr. his diKYiTrnHl a viraplo
vhlab b will < ] PJt KV to bb fallow Mifferw.
" " " "
YokUK *
People's ' Store
Will Open 3o-Moi'i"nn > Mornlnn.
Our Clearing
And reduction. * have been nmdc that
will lie interesting. Tic season for
it'earlny these Is now only / ' < / / / / /
tipi'tieil , and It nttii/ seem foolish to
reduce priees on yoods that ai'cjn t
In season , but that's the u-ay we. do
it. If'vnerer carri/sti/lcs oi-erfroin
one season to nno'her , anil we ditn'i '
wait till it is so late that nohodn
wants them before ice reduec prices.
Jlt'ei'i/thlny tl > Hl be found as ad
1'tO pieces H'orsted Dres * Goods , in
the hest sprint/ shades , 3 < i inehet
wldcfoi in / / / sold at U , n > to tiOc ,
Our May Sale Price 25c.
HT,1 ! pieces all wool , , 'Hl , US and-to
inch Sultlnus in all the latest
t-h tdcs , formerly told at ( i5ctoJ
per uard ,
Our May Sale Price 50c
] X"i Combination iuits , In finest im
ported i/ooils , it'ith ' plush and vel
vet stripes , /onncrly said at # ; ? < >
to "ntf.7 each.
Our May Sale Price $20 $
Victoria Lawns , He , 4ct tic , Sc , JOc
and inc.
India Linen. Sc , Sc , lOc , 13c , ISe
and 2Oc.
Chech Nainsook , Sc , Gc , Sc , JOc ,
J5c and XOc.
India Mull , JOc , ISc , 2Oc and 25c
Stiiped and Jfarrcd Cambrics in
white and ecru , 4c , Gc , Gc , Sc , JOc ,
ISc , ISc and HOc.
Thousands of pieces of goods to be
Three cases of good Ginghams ,
dress and apron styles at fie. The
same goods are sold tn this city else
where at from JOc to l\c \ per yard.
Two eases best quality I'ongce
Vaulardi Ginghams , elegant pat
terns , best goods at lOc ; regular
price JSc to ISc.
7GO pieces best dress styles Seersucker -
sucker and Ginghams at JOc and
J2c. { The most elegant styles of
I'rench and Scotch Ginghams will
be found among them.
7-8 wide American Sateens , Sc
worth JVjc-
7-N wide A merican Sateens , lOc
worth IGe.
7-8 wide American Sateens , JGc ;
worth ! iOc.
French Sate 'H , yard wide , HOc
and 2Gc ; worth HGc.
Jif.sf Fiench Sateens , yard wide ,
3ftc and U7\c \ ; worth fiOc ,
These goods offered at above prices
and only one dress pattern will be
sold to any one customer.
f ! cases of Lawns , TO-MORItOW
ONLY , at 2e per yard ; regular
value Gc per yard.
3 cases good Lawns at i > c { worth
5 cases Lawns at Sc and JOc ;
worth double the money.
Only one dress pattern will be soltl
to any uni customer.
THIS SA LE Is for MONDA Y Only !
OH Monday ti case * good Calicos
at He.
JO cases best Standard I'rlnts
made at Gc ; regular price 7c to JOc.
This May Sulvcmbraces EVERY
Special bargains In Laces.
Special bargains in Embroidery.
Sjieclal bargains in J'arasols.
Special bargains in 7'Yw < .
Special bargains in Summer Un
der wiar.
Special bargains in Men's -Fiir-
nshiny Goods.
Nos , 314,316,318and , , 320
X. n. Special and prom pt atten
tion given to all order * entrusted to
our care. Samples furnished upon
Steam , Gas and Water Pipe
No 552 Broadway , - Council Bluffs , Iowa
Mad Order * Shipped Promptly. '
OT .
Real Estate Broker and Dealers
Cotnu'll Illulft OirU-e , ITfiiKonlu
Temple. Omulm Oilier , ! \o 111
Xorlh Hltli ulrt-c'l.
Particular utU'iiflon ( 'lvon to In-
vt" tiii | ; fit ii N for lion - real.
lriit . Stc | c'lnl ImrciiliiN I" lot * .V
inre property In Oiiiiiliu V Coun
cil IS I ii UN. Corrc pomlutiec Nolle *
Swanson Music Company ,
No. 329 Broadway Cou iicil Bluffs
Estey Organs , Gamp& Co.'s ' Organs and Western GottageOrgans
A few comments regarding the Eslcy Pianos. In every civilized country on the
globe the name of EsUy is a household word with lovers of mus'e ' , It is a guarantco
tor thu cxquisito quality of tone in musical instruments' , bearing the nauiu that com
mands confidence , admiration and enthusiasm.
Farming Lands in Iowa , Minnesota , Kansas , and ranging from .fl.OO to
110.00 per tit-re. School and state lands in Minnesota on 80 years' time 5 per
cut interest. Land liuyers fare free. Information , etc. , given by
No. 555 Broadway , Council HlufTs , Iowa , agent for Freiilnksen A : Co. , U
( "Successors to )
Commission and Produce Merchants ,
Dealers in Groceries and I'rovislont. Satisfaction duarantced ,
2fo. 11 South Main Street.
Fpecl.i ! ndveitlsompiits , such B3 Lost , Found
' ( ql.oan , I'oiSiilo , To Kent , ft nuts , Ilonrillnir ,
elc.Tvill bulnBortol In this column nt the loir
ratoofTENCKNTSPEIt MXE for the Diet Inaor-
Ion nnd t'lvo Cents Tor Unuforefich HUlnoqiNtnt
Ineortlon. I.CHVO advertisements nt our oftlro
No. 12 I'curl all cut , near llroadwiiTi Council
OnuJorbcy nnd Durhnin
tmll. Weight about 8iW pounds. Inquire
of M. Cileason , uunr Wubnsli round house.
WANTKD A competent Kirl for kitchen
\u > rk. Rood wa os piud. Inquire or J.
Mueller , No , 72 ! Willow lUtmuo.
( iooil Blrl for smallprlvutci fam
WANT1JO to Mrs. ( Joo. T. x 1'hclps , nt
Ogdrn Mouse.
BALK-Of Trade-Six cectloiiB of oed
FOU lu Lincoln county , Neb. on U. P.
railway. Call on or nddrua > Udell llros. & Co. ,
10J I'eurl St. , Council lllnlTH.
Foil HENT "TTouso of live reruns ! inquire
ntUlfi rrnnnlln street.
FOIt SALE Cheap ; n ( rood herr > o. Ciui liout
throe minutes Enquire at No. 1JU2 West
NOTICE Will pay the blithest price for tint-
clasH cnet-olf lady's , Kents , and childrtJii'B
clothing , boots , HbocR , bats , cite. IX Goldstein ,
Nos. 217 and --H llioudway.
DlflBnlutloii Notice.
The firm of Wlrt & Duquette , wholesale fruit ,
confectionery and commission merclmnts IB
this day dlnolved by mutual consent. W. O
Wirt rctlrliiKr The business will hereafter
conducted by M. Duquette , who assumes nil
liabilities and will collect all accounts nf the
latollrm. W. O. WIHT.
Council muffs , May 7 , ' 87. M. DUQUElTIi
House Cleaning
is to bo done by nearly all the ladies in
the spring.
Now is the right time to do this. For
ladies , it is a disagreeable but unavoid
able work , and we make the oll'o'r to do
the most troublesome work of all , that is
We clean the carpets , velvets , inoiiuettcs ,
brusscls , or any other kind of carpets ,
without taking them up. We guarantee
and that no dust will bo left in the car
pet. Wo guarantee our work and refer
to prominent parties in this city.
Send us a postal card and wo will call
upon you and explain in what way our
cleaning takes place. G. A. FISIIEK.
No. 02 ! ! Sixtli Avenue , Council UlnHs.
will be at the Pacific IfotelCouncil
Jtluffs , every Saturday forenoon
OmahaDontal Association removed to
Ilellman Illock , cor. liJtli and Farnain.
Host bets teeth iff ) , fully warranted. All
operations rendered painless by the use
of our new aniuithctic. Dr. Haughawout ,
FltANK S. It ICE ,
Designs , otlmHtos and reports on brldk'oi ,
viaducts , foundations nnd ta'nurnl onuinecrinjf.
Blue prints of nnv Blzn nnd quantity.
Office No 1U N. Main bt. , Klrst National Hank
Announces tlmt His stock of
Fine-Imported SpringMillinery
In Choice Shapes ol Hats & Bonnets ,
Together with a
Lai'fieLlnr of JV'oirWe.i In Fancy Ma
terials in now Jteady for
Care ful Jntpeetlon.
1514 Douglas St. , Omaha.
The Ladies Musical
At the Presfoy tiM-liui Church , Thursday
Evening , May 12th.
ritor.itAMAtn :
Orcan "riocc'sloniil March , " 8. II. Whitney.
Mr. D. Noiiniindle.
Trlo-"llall , Hull. Unit , " Andcrton. MUsci
Murkoliind Mr. II\pu-i. '
"Aniiel ut thu Window" Tours. Mr. Ilrlghnm.
"OPulittuim" l.lR/t. Ladles' Uhornl Society ,
Mr , I'raiiKo , director.
Duet "I Will Magnify Thou" Moeenthal. Miss
es I'.isey nnd .Murkel.
Hoclt-"And ( lixl Created Man. " Air"In Natlvo
Wortli" Iliiyiln'HCiFiitlon. Mr. WllkliiH.
Duet "Tho Anurl" ItnbliiBtoln. MmsesMerkel
A "Mft Thlno I'yes-MondeMolm.
ll "T lliBht" Aht. Ladles' Chornl Society.
"Itossurrection" ll'ilden. Mr. Hrl hum.
Tile "O , raradlsoArr'trd by II , llhd. Misses
I'nioy , MarKel and Mr. Trojnor
Hear My Pra\er" Mendelssohn ,
Solo Miss Morkcl and Mixed ChoriiH.
Reserved Scats at liushnchV , 75c.
Vncnnt Lots , Land- ! , City Hrsldoncog nnd
Km ins. Aero property In western part of city.
All bollliif cheap to raaku room for spring block
Real Estate & Insurance Agent ,
Room 5 , over Ofllcor & I'usoy'a Hunk , Cou no
Engineer , Surveyor , WlapPublisher
No. 11 North Main St.
City and county maps , of cities nnd counties
In western lown , Ncbrnukn and Kunsas.
Attorneys at Law ,
acticc in t'u ' State and Federal Courts.
Rooms 7 and S Shugart-leno Block.
( Standard No ' . ' 915) ) Sired by Almont No
It : ) , and "Ki-irMor , " ( Standard No , 5812.
Sired by Tramp No , U08. Those htiilllonH
wil ! uiikt ! > tl.o fcuason of 1887 at the Coun
cil mulls DriviiiK 1'ark.
For particulars inquire of or address ,
WAUK OAKY , Council Ululls , la.
Council lUufTH.Iowa.
R. RICE , M. D.
Cancers and other Tumors
Removed without the Unite or Drawing o
OvcrUO vears Practical experience.
No. 11 Pearl St. , Council Ulufft.
Theonly Hotel in Council Blulls Having a Firt
Eicape ,
And All Modern Improvements.
215 , 217 and 310 Main St.
MAX MO11N , Prop. .
- d&JJI-ln I