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OFFICE , 140. 12 , FBABL STREET. *
Delivered by rnrrlcr In nny pnrtof the city at
twenty ctnts per week.
II. W. TJLTOK. - Manager.
TiiEPHONE3 : :
BTPIHTSS Orncr , No. 13.
MlOHT KblTOIt No. S3.
N. Y.Plumbing Co.
New spring coeds at Hottcr's , tailor.
There will bo no lIOo'clock : "dummy"
train either to-day or to-morrow.
The pomilar rcsorl is tlic Manhattan ,
418 Urondway , Kudlo & Yenawine.
The rliv council is to moot Monday
night to "consider some important , mat
Nate Phillips has opened a real estate
ofllcc in the store with Moore & Kip-
Moil of the time in the district court
yesterday was taken up in the hearing of
Judge Carson yesterday gtantcd a di
vorce in the casc'of Emily Lclluo vs
William LeUue.
A party of four young couples arc inak-
ing extensive preparations for a private
picnic at liig lake to-day.
The ladies of tlie Baptist church will
cive a Hlniwberry and ice cream festival
on Thursday evening , May 10.
1'ivo new pile bridges across the creek
have been put in by the Union Pacific
company within tlio last ten days.
For Kent The store building known
ns 500 Uroadway , next door to the Pacilic
house. Inquire of Kudio i\c Yenawine.
BTho park commissioners have ordered
two dozen settees for Dayliss park , so
that those who frequent that charming
resort cm ! scttccsicr.
Leave to marry was yesterday given to
Hans Olcson and Anna J. Peterson ; also
to Lans C. Peterson and Frederick.- .
liurns , all of this city.
Moore & Kinlingor had their opening
last evening. With the new fixtures , etc. ,
recently uut in by them , their store now
has a line appearance ,
Hiulio & Ycnawino have just received'
twenty now brands of Key West and Im
ported cigars. They arrived yesterday
by express from Now York.
The llrobstel Uros. are planning on
changing tlio front of their harness store
on Uroadwiiy. The improvement as
planned will uc a great one.
All members of the K. ofj. . who cop-
template visiting Omaha this evening to
G. M. W. Powdorly are requested to hear
i meet at the Broadway depot at 7:10 : ,
i sharp.
I A report is afloat that Jcss'c McMahon ,
ii i who formerly lived here , had committed
i suicide in Canada. There seems no veri
I ! fication of that rumor , and his friends
' here scout the idea.
I Miss Gertie Larson , sister of the Main
street leather merchant by that name ,
who was injured bv being thrown out of
n buggy on Thursday evening , is doing
nicely under the circumstances.
Yesterday afternoon as one of Skin
ner's ' express wagons was making the
dummy train the wagon toncuo dropped
nnd a runaway was only averted by the
habitual inertia of the long eared steeds.
The aldermen as a board of equaliza
tion are meeting nightly. They are hav
ing n hard time in adjusting the assess
ments and the work promises to bo a
Ion" and vexatious ono. They are pro
ceeding very carefully , and thus far have
only got into the second letter of the
Tim plut of the feninha addition wns
filed yesterday. This addition is ono of
the best of all the now ones , and a goodly
number of the lots have already been
contracted for. It lies west of the trans
fer , and with Use overllow from Omaha ,
together with local improvements' , cannot
but rise in value rapidly.
George W. Mayweed , who was a
painter hero for years , is now In Cali
fornia. Sol II. Foster yesterday received
from him a bunch of oranges and n
bunch of lemons , which are displayed in
ono of Foster Uros. ' windows. The .or
anges are of ordinary size but the lemons
are great , live weighing thirteen ounces
"Whore can I throw some rubbish ? "
asked a citizen of tlio city marshal yes
terday. Ho was only ono of many , and
the same answer comes cverv time. "I
don't know , unless you find some ono
who is filling up a lot , and will lot you
put it there. " The city has no system
for cleaning up , and no regular place
for deposit.
Mr. Stout , who recently purchased the
Ogden house property , has gone on a
ten days' trip to Texas. On his return
bo will begin at once the improvements
referred to some time ago. A now pas
senger elevator will bo put in , the floors
covered with tiling , nnd several other
changes made. It is his intention to
make the hotel first class iu every re
Ed Lei and denied that ho was drunk.
Ho says that ho had been up all of the
previous night , and while sitting down
in front of a livery stable , waiting for a
roan to uay him some money , no fell
asleep The judge thought that'any man
who fell asleep while there was any
money in sight must bo drunk or crazy , .
Ho lined him 50 cents extra for denying
that ho was druuk.
A new enterprise has been started in
Council BlulVrf , it being that of a yeast
cake factory at No. 150 Broadway. The
proprietor , Mr. Thomas , informed a BKB
man that the only difficulty ho has so far
experienced is his inability to supply the
demand. He does .not retail but soils iu
Job lots only. He has at present only
two men employed , but intends to in
crease his capacity to supply tlio de
Mrs. M. A. Ford , who has been ill so
long , died of gaiigrcno Thursday after
noon nt 4:45 : o'clock ' nt her homo , No.
1000 Fourth street. She had been con
lined to her bed four months and hajl
Buffered intensely. Mrs. Ford was born
in Galwav. Saratoga county , Now York ,
in 1834. She came to this city m 1850 ,
and had resided here orer since. The
funeral will take place at a o'clock this
afternoon from the residence. The re
mains will bo buried in Fairview ceme
When the Grand Army gave n campfire -
fire hero for the beuolit of thn Cottage
hospital , the citizens contributed of pro
visions so liberally that there was quite a
quantity loft over. Although the enter
tainment was for the benefit of the hos
pital , still some of the veterans who were
on tlio committee concluded that it would
bo a just and generous thing 'to turn a
part of the uuusod provisions over to the
homo of the friendless. To this there
wassomo opposition , as the avowed ob-
Icet of the entertainment was only the
lospital , and those who gave did so with
that understanding. Still the veterans
insisted on thus practically remembering
the homeless children. The manager of
the homo now publicly thanks the ladies
of the hospital for the donation and gives
them the credit of the entertainment. Ig
noring the-valiant veterans Tind their
generosity in tbo matter.
Lime , cement , plaster , hair , coal , oto.
Council Bluil's luel company , No. CU9
Broadway , telephone 130.
Urs. Hanchott & Smith , ofllco No. 13
Fearl st. Residence , 120 Fourth st. Tele
phone No. 10.
J. WE. . L. Squire make beautiful
abstracts of title , and deserve the suc
cess they urn enjoying.
The Work on the Manawa Railway to Com *
inence at Once , .
Mo TalkH Freely Hut Uvadcf Itepoi"
torlal Queries The Uuslncss
Men's Club Itricf. Mentions
and Happenings.
The Manntvn Contract hot.
J. K. Graves , of Dubtiquu , arrived hero
yesterday to close the prulimitinry ar
rangements in regard to the building of
the motor line to Luke Mutiawa. Tlioso
interested mot yesterday afternoon , and
the details were arranged satisfactorily
and the contract drawn up and signed.
Tills makes the enterprise secure , beyond
any shadow of doubt. Mr. Graves , as all
know , is a man who means business , and
ins agreement to build the line s'ettles nil
questions. Mr. Graves says ho will order
material to-ilay and that it will bo hero
bv Friday of next week. Ho expects to
start work at once , and to have the road
running within thirty days , although the
contract trivcs hint until the lirst of July.
The line agreed to is from the dummy
depot on Hroadway south on Ninth street
to the city limits , than west to Eleventh
street and south to Hay's landing , then
east to Marks' landing. There are to bo
two IJ.ildwin noiseless motors. Tlio de
tails all having been put in black and
white , and the contract signed , work
will commence as soon as possible , and
those who have watched Mr. Graves in
his work elsewhere know that the
chances are great that ho will rush
through the work long before the date
lixcd in the contract.
General lo < lic at Homo.
General G. M. Dodge , ono of the di
rectors of the Union Pacilic railway ,
arrived hero yesterday , and was greeted
heartily by his old friends and fellow-
townsmen. Ho is looking as vigorous
as though passing time and the weight
of business were touching him but
lightly. General Uodgois known among *
reporters as ono of the easiest men to
interview and one of the hardest to got
anything out of. Ho is approachable ,
greets an eager questioner so cordially
and chats so freely that tlip novitiate
'has his hopes raised high and sees n col
umn or more of interesting reading mat
ter growing out of the golden opportu
nity. The veteran reporters who have
had the pleasure of meeting him before ,
know bettor what to expect. General
Dodge talks , talks freely , but when any
subject is opened up that means busi
ness he can talk around it more skilfully
than any of the promincnts. Tlio eagnr
interviewer is aggravated by the "thou
art so near and yet so fat" situation that
he has to retire in despair , and as ho
takes his leave from the genial general
the latter remarks : "Now , don't you re
port anything as coming from mo. " In
nine times out of ton the reporter could
not if he would.
General Dodge did impart the informa
tion , however , that ho was on route for
Denver. He stopped on" hero to SPO his
old homo , and expected to meet Presi
dent Adams in Omaha. He would also
stop hero on his rctuin from Denver. It
was simply a private business trip.
It is understood that his real purposes
in making the trip are concerning the
Union Pacific. As to thu details of the
matters to be looked after , ono conjecture
is about as reasonable : H another. It is
understood that among the minor matters -
tors to be considered is tlio Tenth avenue
project. The company has not taken any
action as yet , mid the delay has boon
caused by the change in the ollfccrs. Mr.
Potter will have numerous matters to
consider , and this will bo among those to
which his attention will bo called early.
It will take him a little time to become
conversant with the situation , so that a
little delay is unavoidable. There scorns
to bo no doubt but that the Union Pacific
will accept the ordinance , ami build its
freight depot as asked.
General Dodco was asked about the
union depot. On this ho talked a little
plainer : "You folks take hold of things
the wrong way' You try to make the
tail shake the dog , instead of the dog
shaking the tail. The Iowa roads are
more interested hero than the Union Pa
cilic , and they should bo the ones yon
ought to move on for securing a union
depot. If they want a union depot , and
if they go in to build ono , the Union Pa
cilic will rnn into it , of course. That is
my belief. "
"What would be done with the transfer
then ? "
"You needn't worry about the transfer.
Wo have uses enough for that. Those
who think that the transfer buildings
stand in the way of the Union Pacilic
running into a union depot , if one is
built , are mistaken. "
On being asked about what the Union
Pacific company was going to do on this
side of the river , General Dodge replied
that the last time ho talked with Presi
dent Adams about it Mr. Adams said he
was going ahead with the plans already
outlined some time ago.
"It is all right then to report progress ? "
"I don't care what you report , but you
mustn't report mo as saying anything. "
They Iiauehotl First.
Yesterday Justice Burnett delivered a
written opinion in the cases of the three
young men , William Hummel , Thomas
Murphy and William Brown , charged
with disturbing the religious services of
the Salvation army. Ho doubted whether
the Salvationists had any right to forbid
any in the congregation leaving the hall ,
except when singing , and doubted
whether they had the right to lock the
congregation in. If there was any ne
cessity for any ono to leave ho ought to
bo allowed to do so and had the right to
leave. In such R case , however , a per
son should approach the door as quietly
us possible. In tills ease it seems that
the whole gang started for the door with
such a rush , and talked so loud , and
burst open the door so violently as to
disturb the entire congregation. The
evidence showed that there was a regu
lar gang who went there for fun and who
had boon disturbing previous meetings.
The defendants admitted belonging to
this gang and it was evident that they
disturbed this meeting wilfully. In view
of the fact that the Salvation army was
rather noisy in its meetings , and it was
so peculiar an organization as to perhaps
Justify persons in being less solemn than
n other places ho made the line light
$10 each and costs.
Dennis Harmer , who had pleaded
guilty , was let off with a line of half that
amount. . _
Cuttlntc a Forest.
The evangelist , Ed Forrest , who lately
held a sarics of revival meetings here , is
now on the Pucitio coast. Ho is evidently
still indulging in his slang , and his talk
about "sealskin Christians. " Tic | Sun
Francisco Post says of him : "Ho brings
to the aid of the gospel the vocabulary
of the street blackguard and the hanger-
on of gambling-houses. Christ , ho tolls
his audience , has 'dealt him a full hand , '
and ho assures them that it Is a 'winner
every time. ' Episcopalians displease him
in the manner in which they 'do the
prayer act. ' Regular clergymen who
preach their sermons in the orthodox
manner are 'lluo-haired ducks. ' As for
ilmself , it Is hii ambition to give divine
, ruth to sinners 'right in the neck , ' It
s apparent that Forrest cares more for
notoriety than for the welfare of San
Francisco sinners. "
J. G. Tipton has good houses to rent.
Telephone 241) ) .
The Club Organized.
Another meeting of those interested in
the formation of a business men's club
was held last evening at Mueller's music
house. There was a goot'ly ' number
present. The committee on constitution
and by-laws presented a written report ,
which after some' amendment was
udopted. The name of "The Council
Ulull's Club" was adopted.
The committee on securing a location
reported in favor of taking rooms over
Uudlo & Yeiinwinc's , and it was docldcil
to take that place , and proceed to lit the
rooms up at once.
The following wore elected as ofllcers :
President S. P. Maeeonell.
First \ ice President J. A. Baldwin.
Second Vice President J. Lymaii.
Secretary II. W. Tilton.
Treasurer Dr. Macrae.
Executive Committee Simon Eiscman ,
L. II , Weils , William Moore.
J. G. Tipton has a number of bargains
in residence property , and if you con
template selecting n lot to build on , or n
residence all ready to move into , you
should not sleep away j'our chances , out
call upon him at once before property
A Stray Opera Glass.
Some time ago some of Jim Wilson's
Family went in a hack from the opera
liouse , and somewhere on the way lost a
valuable opera glass. Wilson offered a
reward of ? 10 for its return , but could
liear nothing.about it. A few nights ago
Olllcer Beswick was standing at the
dummy depot , and overheard some
liaokmcn talking about the number of
articles found in hacks , and swapping
experiences. Ono driver told about
limling an opera glass last winter. The
pllicer overhearing this , and remember
ing that Wilson had lost one , tackled the
Fellow , and learned from him that ho
had pawned the class in Omaha for $3.
On finding that Wilson would still pay
$10 for its return ho went over to Omaha ,
redeemed the glass , and claimed the re
Wanted Men and teams to work on
dam at Lake Manawa. Apply at once at
ollicoof A. 13. Walker or Odell Bros. &
The Knights To-Night.
There will bo a largo number of
Knights of Labor go from this city over
: o Omaha this oyening to hcarPowderly.
Arrangements were mauo with the Union
L'aciiio yesterday by which those desiring
; o go will bo furnished with round trip
tickets for twenty-live cents , just half the
regular rate. The Knights and their
'nonds ' will leave the Broadway depot at
7:25 : , and returning will leave Omaha be
tween II ami 12 o ilock.
Latest improved gasoline stoves at No.
504 Alain street , W. A.V ood.
Cole & Cole have obtained the general
xgency of the celebrated Sprmglield
Roadster bicycle. The factory is sold
ano year ahead on this wheel and our
limit is for twenty wheels this year. Call
early and get information at 41 Main
Cheap storage in either small or car
load lots at No. 22 , 2t and 20 Pearl street ,
J. R. Snydcr.
Oflico of Mulholland & Co. , removed to
in under the Citizens' bank. Telephone
No. 102. Leave your orders for ice.
Perwinnl 1'urnnrapha '
Colonel Cochran is at the Ogden again.
Dr. Shelby , an old time Council Bluffs
resident , is buck on a visit after a long
Rev. Dr. Phelps and family yesterday
arrived hero with their household goods ,
and are settling in their now homo hero.
Colonel 11. C. Berger , formerly of
Brownsville , Neb. , has moved his family
to this city and will engage in business
hero. Colonel Bcrgcr and Colonel Kcat-
loy wore comrades in the army.
at YtIM .IMP U cm
tatldi t C net
Owtncr to the UI1U0.11L umillTY of the cloth ( lilcb
our | i ttnu corcr oxclu.lrelj ) will nt rerfi-rlly flnt
time worn Rnjnlrei no brrAlclnfln. BOXKY KKTIRIXD
bj sellerftert elnfrwurn trnclayjtf not foun l the most
ml famfartitlile Corset ever worn. Sold by all
ttlit-clnsi dOHlori.
1'IIOTTY HROB. , Chicago , III.
Prices Very Low ,
W. S. HOMER & CO. ,
JVO. 23 MA IX ST. ,
lu Amber ,
etc.Hair Or
namcuts , as
well as the
newest nov
elties in hair
Mrs. C.L. Gillette
9JI&iu street. Out of town work so
By Dr. BneiUker * ! method. No operation ! No rain )
No Detention from I'Uilueu. Aduolod to children
ii well u grown people. Iluudrodi of aulojrvpn
iluinlalion file. All batlnou ulrlcUycoaada
RoomO , 1511 Douglas St. , Oman * , Neb. adveVttsbmcnti , such as Lost , Found
VoLonn , For Bnlo , To Kent , V > nt , Bonnllnir ,
etc. , will tiolutarfod In this column nt the low
rstoof TEN CI'tNT3 1'EK MSE cr theJlriiJnse .
lonntid r'lvoConlf Per Line roTcach subsequent
Incurtlou. LtiaTe-aJvcrllgomenta nt our olQca
No. 11 1'carl s1fiJt(1ia'ar Uroadwuy , Council
WANTKn-Afebnt' to buy territory for the
best sulllnit article on the market. (10 to
$100 a ilny cnn bo in ado nt It. Address See , lice ,
Council Itluirs.
Foil HUNT For the summer , furnlshnl
houtc , ll\o looms.V . S. Cooper , GUI
llluir st.
" 117 ANTED An upholsterer nnd carpet Inyer.
Council IllutTg Uarpot Co. , Council Illulls ,
NOTICE Will pny tlio hlirheM price for first-
class cn t-t'tr hidy'e , pcnts , mul uhlldien'a
clothing , boon , 8hoof , lulls , ute. 1) . CiolJstclli ,
NOB.17 nnil S llroudwny.
FOU SAM-OrTrade-Six : suctions of good
liviul in Lincoln county , Null , on U. P.
rnllwity. Call on or nddrrss Udell llros. & Co , ,
10) ) 1'onrl et. , Council UlufTs.
FOH BALK Complete plant nnd equipment
for It , It. bridge work , consisting of 7
pile drivers , carpenters tools , tents , bedding
and bonrdlnp omilt Tor 161 men. In peed re.
pair. Now stored nt Chcnenne , W. T. For In
ventory nnd terms ttddrcssNo. ID , N , Mnm St. ,
Council Uluirs.Iown.
House denning
is to be done by nearly all the ladies in
tlio spring.
Now is the right time to do this. For
ladies , it is a disagreeable but unavoid
able work , and wo make the oiler to do
the most troublesome work of all , that is
Wo clean the carpets , velvets , moqucttcs ,
brusscls , or any other kind of carpets ,
without taking them up. Wo guarantee
and that no dust will bo left in the car
pet. We guarantee our work and refer
to prominent parties in this city.
Send us a postal card and wo will call
upon j on and explain in what way our
cleaning takes place. G. A. FISIIEK.
No. Oaii Sixth Avenue , Council Blulls.
Announces that Ills stock of
Finelmported SpringMillinery
In Choice Shapes of Hats & Bonnets ,
Together with a
LargeLlnc of Xbveltleti in Fancy Ma
terials is now Heady for Your
Careful Inspection.
1514 Douglas St. , Omaha.
Horses Mules
For all purposes.bought nnd fold , nt rctnil
and in lots. Large quantities to select
ftom. Several pairs of fine drivers , sin
gle or doublet i
MASON WISE , Council Bluffs
Star Sale Stab/es and Mule Yards
Broadway , Council llluffs , Opp. Dummy Depot
Horses and mules kept constantlyon
hand , for sale r.t retail or in car loads
Orders promptly filled by contract on
short notice. Stock sold on commission.
SiiLUTEt : & BOLEY , Proprietors.
Telephone No. 114
Formerly of Keil Sale. Stables , corner
1st. avo. and 4th street.
The only Hotel in Council Bluffs Having a Fire
Escape ,
And All Modern Improvements ,
215 , 217 and 310 Main St.
MAX MO1IN , Prop.
Justice of the Peace.
OtUco over American Express.
E. 8.
Justice ot the Peace ,
415 Broadway , Council Blurts.
Refers to any bank or business house in the
city. Collections a specialty.
I will be at the Pacific HotclCouncll
Jlluffn , every Saturday forenoon
OmahaDontal Association removed to
Hellman DlocK , tor. 13th and 1'urnam.
Best sots teeth 40 , fully warranted. All
operations rciuK-rcd painless by the use
of our now unic lhetic.'Dr. llaughawout ,
Manager. o >
i ii
jonx r. SIONB. i-v JACOB SIMS
Attorneys at Law ,
ractice in IhoiState and Federal Courts.
Rooms 7 and 6 Shugart-Beno Block.
FHANK 8. ItlCE ,
DoMuns , eitlraatos nnd report ! on bridges ,
viaducts , rounilAtloniiind general engineering.
Blue prints of iinrslio anil quantity.
Office No 13 N. Main St. , First National Bank
It. RIVE , M. D.
Cancers and other Tumors
Removed without the Lnite or Drawing o
Over 80 veart Practical experience.
No. 11 Pearl St , Council Bluffi.
r f
This season's display
of Wash Fabrics , in
cluding Sateens , G-ing-
h a m s , Seersuckers ,
Chambrays , Prints ,
Pecales , cheviots , etc. ,
eclipses anything we
have ever placed be
fore our customers ,
and the prices at which
we are offering , these
desirable goods are in
many cases away be-
lo'w the manufacturing
Special Sale in all KindS
of Wash Fabrics
This Week.
special Sale of White
Goods This Week.
Special Sale of Parasols
and Fans This Week.
Special Sale of Laces
and Embroideries
This Week.
Special Sale of Ribbons
This Week.
For want of space
we are unable' to enu
merate prices. All we
have to say is" , come to
our store this week
and we will surprise
you with the greatest
bargains ever offered
over anybody's count
& CO.
fe 314,316,318 , , & 320
N. B. Special atten
tion given to all mail
orders entrusted to us ,
also orders for samples
cheerfully furnished
by return mail.
Headquarters for Good Goods !
Carpets and
Dry Goods ,
We are still to be found on the Old Gamp Ground.
Broadway , Council Bluffs , fa
With the largest and beat selected stock ol
Carpets ever brought to this city.
Our stock of Dress Goods comprises tht
finest' fabrics , and also the most substantial
but less costly.
Those wishing good goods and as repre
sented will not fail to give us a call.
Don't Forget the Place ,
Real Estate Brokers ,
No. 13 North Main Street.
Lower Floor First National Bank Block ,
Council Bluffs , Iowa.
Steam , Gas and Water Pipe
No 552 Broad way , - Council Bluffs , Iowa
Hall Orders Shipped Promptly.
Real Estate Broker and Dealer
Council Blum * Office , Mationlc
Temple. Oinulm OHIcc , No . 111
Nor 111 I ( Itli street.
Particular intention given to In-
vcNtlng fund * for non - rcul-
deiitn. Special bargains In loin A
acre properly In Omaha Ac Connell -
ell Blufft. Correspondence solic
Swanson Music Company ,
No. 329 Broadway Co uiicil Bluffs
Estey Organs , Gamp& Co.'s ' Organs and Western CottageOrgans
n MSft&K ?
giobt & w $ - iTSf „ .
for the , exquisitequality of tone in muilon ! instruments . , bearing the name that com.
mands confidence , admiration nud enthusiasm. (
( Standard No. 2915) ) Sired by Alruont No
83 , and "Register. " ( Standard No. 5813.
Sired by Tramp No. 808. Thcso stallions
will make tbo season of 1887 at the Coun
cil Bluffs Driving Park.
Council BlufTs.Iowa ,
E u'jll hed 1857.
Vac nt Ix > ti. Lands , City R ldenoci end ,
Farnu. Aero property In woiterri purtot cltf/
All wiling cliciip to make room for tprlotf BtocV
Real Estate & Insurance Agent ,
IloomB , orer Officer 4 Puscy'e Bank , Couno
. C. R. ALLEN ,
Engineer , Surveyor , MapPublisher ,
No. 11 North Main St.
_ Clty nd county raap , of _ cltloi and counties ,
| < western lown , NobraikiTand