Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 18, 1887, Page 4, Image 4

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tHIly fMornUif Kdltlon ) Including 9unOny
IIKK , Onn Year . $10
ForSIt MonttH . . . . 6
JVirThtoo Months . . . 2
Tint ! > -ootm Sunday HKK , mnlleil to nny
tvldto-8 , Oae year. . . . S
A orrirr , No. nu _ > ; : ay KARMAM sn
VOUK oprirc. noun iV > , ir. " i.NK ; lltTii.
l cotnmunlottionR tolatlnit to IIOTH andc <
torlul nmllor should bo uU'liosjoJ to the Ki
All 1)ii lnc Id tors anil roinlttuncos ahould
ll'ldrcoil to TIIK llr.t I'uiiLisniNn COUCAN
p\i\llA. Drnfts , chocks and poitortlco ordt
to bu nmJo payable to the aider of tUo couipui
E. KOSEWATEK , RniToi : .
H wor n Statement of Circulation.
Btato of Nebraska , I „ ,
County of Doiulaa. ) " '
( Ifo. U. TzHchucK , secretary of The D
Publishing company , deus solemnly swe
that the actnnl circulation of tint Dally liter
tor the week ending April l.ItW , wns
follows :
( iKO. II , T/.TIirOK ,
Subscribed and sworn to beteie mo tl
10th day of April , 1S17.
N. P. ,
[ SEAL. ] Notary Public.
Satmday , April 0 U ,
Hitiuliiy , AurlllU 14f
Monday , April It 14t
Tuesday. April 12 Ul
Wednesday. April 1U U.C
Tlutiddav , Aprll H iit :
Friday , April 15 14,1
Avorniro 14f
Ueo. U. T/schuck , bclnif duly HWOI
d | > oso-5 anil mis that ho Is socrntnry of T
Bee Publishing company , that the ncti
average daily circulation of the Dally II
for the month ot April , ISSfl , I'j.l'.it conic
for May , 1S 0 , 12,4.o : copies ; for June , 18
l'i.1'.H ' copies ; for Julv , is * ) . iaW4 cojw
for August , IS.-O , l'J,44 ( } cojiles : for .Sonte
Iwr. 18V5 , llo ! , : J conies ; for October , W
la..W ) copies ; lor November. IBS' ! . 1:1. : :
Corliss ; for December. liiHii. itu37 : copies ; I
January , 18S7. lii.Mo copies ; for lebrim :
TjW. I4,19j copies ; for March , 1837 , 14 ,
( ! KO. H. T/.sciiL'ci :
SubscrllKHl nnd sworn to before mo this in
day of A pill , A. D. , 1M7.
_ ISKAL.I N. I' . . Notaty Public.
IJv our Washington dispatches it w
be seen that the railroad commission pi
fcrs the long haul. The mombcis ha
put in their bill from January 1st.
TIIK lower branch of the Pennsylvati
legislature hus pas3od a bill , which , if
becomes a law , will reduce the lep
profits of the Standard Oil comuui
91,000,000 per annum , Jf the members
bo ' 'reached " it
the upper branch can ,
safe to say that the bill will never h
come n law.
F. H. ADAMS , a spiritualistic mcdiu
was mobbed at Clinton , 111 , , recent !
and his life only saved by the shnritF ta
inc him to jail. The .spiritualistic frai
atlomptod to materialize a crowd
gli/j-U.s and spirits to dispursn the me
but it seemed that they did not care
be seen in suoh company.
ALL this gasconade about makii
Omaha n grain market by a combine
state grain dealers is good enough to 1
nn editorial vacuum. The only way
niako Omaha a grain market is to bm
flouring mills that will consume gra
nnd < o erect storage elevators that w
handle and store it. A market cannot
established without buyers.
UP to a rucont date our new postmast
was acting editor only of Dr. Milloi
shoot by inspiring pretty much all the
was in its political columns. Since K
Coutant was ousted Congressman ft !
Shane's nnd the late government prii
er's editors take their cue now from t
same source , and Con Gallagher has t
como editor of two dailies , one den :
cratlc and the other republican. A po
master who controls and edits two c
posing dailies holds a trump card.
CLV.VELANU is making i
necessary arrangements for his wcste
trip. Mrs. Cleveland insists that h
husband "shall go as far west as the M
Risaippi river. " If Grover wishes to s
something really beautiful , he could i
po better than como further west , and s
the garden spot of the United States t
Missouri valley. Omaha would bo plcasi
to entertain him , while ho can make
profitable at the same time bylookii
ftor his wife's real estate.
IK consequence of the strict onforc
inont of the inter-atato commerce law t
wool growers of Montana are figuring i
driving their sheep to convenient poll )
on the river where shearing can bo doi
nd water transportation bo had on t
most favorable terms. The liberal mtc
rotation of railway officials of the nc
Inw favoring the corporations will of u
cessity bo resented by the shippers who
It ia possible to do so. Whore there a
aavignble rivers U is predicted that ra
road companies will bo made to see t
folly of attempting to make a just la
TICK Nebraska Stock Yards com pa
has leased of the state of Nebraska , foi
term of fifty years , a largo tract of vah
bio land , adjoining the city of Llnol
Suction fourteen of chapter eighty , of t
compiled statutes of Nebraska , providi
"That no waste shall be committed up
the land. " The members of the ati
board of public lauds and bulldin
should Interest themselves In this matt' '
and , if possible , put an end to illoi
excavations. Failing to buy the land , t
company has no right to use it for otl
purposes than those spccllied in the lea
FLOKIUA adds a gratifying chapter
the current history of progress at t
south. In two years Unit slate has
duced its public debt by $120,800 , taxal
property has increased from $00,000 , '
to $70,000,000 , aud an addition of < '
miles has been made to the railroad fai
Ities of the state. Commendable atti
tlon has boon given to public eduoath
with the result of increasing the numl
of schools in two yearn from 1,501
1,018 , and of attondanoo from 59ail
70.D93. Another interesting fact is tl
the colored citizens of the state , M
number about 100,000 , are sharing in I
prosperity. Those people own prope
in farms , town and city lots , houses , li
stock , merchandise , and other fen
valued at $3,000,000 , showing them to
both industrious and thrifty. Flor
has not the wealth of resources posses ;
by some of the other southern states , u
is not likely to become a partioip ;
with these that are enjoying a boom , I
such elements of prosperity as she has
iTldently being wisely improved ,
l'.illroad Hoclpt-oolty
. . ,
Tlioro is a rather familiar old adagi
lhat "there are many ways to skin a cat. '
A striking Illustration of this adage I :
afforded in the interpretation which rail
roiid lawyers and malingers have glvoi
to the Inler-slnto comuinrce law.
The Pennsylvania railroad Is now Issti
ing "state p.-uses" to editors whose pa
purs have but limited circulation ant
Inlliiunco. Inter-state passtH are glvoi
by the sauio road to another class of ed
Itors who arc willing to tgn ! a contract t <
publish matter" favorable to the roai
In exchange for transportation. Thosi
editors become employees while the con
tract lasts. Editorial employees are not i
novelty , however , in these parts , wheji
editors have been carried on the pay-rol
of railroads for years , nnd ofllcers of rail
ways have owned largo blocks of stock ii
President Keep , of the Chicago i
Northern , is qilotud us saying : "Weshal
Issue state pushes to the members of th
Wisconsin legislature as usual , but no
intor-state paws. " The same rallwn ;
magnate has also declared incidentally
Passes will not bo given out of courtes ;
hereafter. " If they are not given "onto
courtesy" wn would hko to know Inwha
kind of currency members of the legU
latiirc pay for their state passes.
Members of the Massachusetts legisla
turc were allowed to keep their passe
after the 5th of April , but these paste
boards were good only for free rides ii
the state of Massachusetts.
Passenger agent , Paul Morton , of th
C. , U. & Q. , laid down this rule for intoi
slate reciprocity : "Now that wo Issue n
more pusses out of courtesy to the press
we shall treat thum as employed agent
and pay them for what they do for us. "
Chtmoy M. Dcpuw , president of th
New York Central , said to a New Vorl
reporter : ' 'The Inter-state com mere
bill , as 1 understand the law. was madi
to regulate inter-stnle commerce and no
state commerce. It deus not Intorferi
with our giving transportation to a member
ber of the legislature or an editor in thi
state. Newspapers and railroads shouli
bo on good tcrmi , and wo'cannot expoc
a newspaper to advertise us unless w
pay thorn in cash or transportation , an
the law never intended us to do other
wise. Still wo are glad to have a chanc
to shut down on the habit of givin
passes to Tom , Dick nnd Harry out (
pure courtesy , and not for good cause
If newspapers pa < rmlroads I gue.
we'll have to recinrocato. "
Hallroad reciprocity is by no moans I
bo conliuod to editors and members c
the legislature. The law has 1)0011 ) I
c fleet less than two weeks , already
small army of favored persons have boo
enrolled as employes and agents. W
are told that a relative of an Omali
millionaire has boon hired at tli
onorinons salary of lifteen dollat
a year , placed upon the employes' rol
and furnished an annual pass by ono t
our great railroads. How many other
have been put upon the list , is a mer
matter of conjecture. Railroad recinroc
ity will docoino responsible for fre
pass distribution among people \vho ar
willing to continue to make thomsolvo
useful in city concils , boards of trade
freight bureaus , political conventions tin
in the national and state legislature !
Those who are not willing to piny cat's
paw iu pulling railroad chestnuts out c
the flro , will bo politely informed tlni
the inter-state commerce law impose
heavy penalties on railroad managers fo
issuing passes or granting favors to an
class of their patrons.
Non Resident Allen Ownership.
YANKTO.V , Duk. , U. S. A. , April 15 , ' 87.
Editor JKK ! : Can you aend me the text n
the alien bill recently passed by the leglslr
litre' . ' Being an alien who hai spent som
$50,000 In the Improvement of Knox countv
would llle to see what penalty Is attached t
such conduct. Yours truly ,
The following is the bill passed by th
last legislature , signed by the governo
nnd is now a law :
SK.crio.v I. That no non-resident , alia
foreigner , who has .not declared his Intcntloi
tlon to become a cftl/.on of the United State *
nor any corporation or association whore a
most one-tenth or Its stock or rlijht ot proji
crty is owned or controlled by aliens or foi
clxticrs , shall acquire or own' , hold or posses
by right , tltlo or descent , accruing hureattoi
any real estate In the state of Nobraka. Pn
vided , That the provisions ot this act aha
not apply to the real estate necessary for th
construction and operation of railroads.
SEC. 2. That , whenever any non-residon
alien , who IH the owner of real estate at th
time of the passage of this act shall die , hi
lauds , which would have descended to hi
heirs , shall escheat or descend to the state c
Nebraska ; and the heirs or persons wh
would have been entitled to snob lands stm
bo paid out of. thu school funds ot tha state c
Nebraska full value tliereof as ascortatno
by appraisement upon the oaths of the jutle
treasurer and clerk ol the county where sue
lands lay ; and such lands shall then tacon
subject to the law , and shall be disposed o
as otber school lands belougln K to thn sut
Provided , That the expanse of apprato met
shall bo deducted from the appraised valu
of such land.
SEC. 3. Whereas , an emereonoy exist
therefore , this act shall take effect on an
after Us passage and approval ,
There are doubtless many others in
position similar to that of our corn
spondont to whom this information wi
bo interesting. Though no opinion
garding this measure is asked , wo von
uro to express a doubt as to whether th
law can bo made operative. It seems t
us to bo too sweeping and not sudicicntl
specific. The inhibition of alien ownoi
ship applies to all real estate , whether i
farms or town lots , and may bo construe
to include even a burial site in a coin
tory. It should have clearly defined th
character , and perhaps also the quantit
of real estate that aliens shall notacqui
or owa , or which , being owned oy a
alien , shall at his death escheat to th
state , The objcot of the bill is of conn
to prevent the absorption of largo trac
of land by non-resident foreigners pure
for the purpose of speculation , at
against this object nothing is to bo sal
Alien landlordism in this country h
become n largo and sorlous evil. An olio
was made in the last congress to chock tl
evil In the territories , but it tmfort
nutely failed. It will undauntedly I
renewed In the next congress. Illluo
has had a severe experience with the ev
and a bill Is now pending ; in the logial
turo of that state intended to remove
Wisconsin has just passed a law res trie
ing uon-rosldtmt alien ownership to a
acres. Legislation agiinut alien Ian
lordisni will Inevitably become genon
The policy whioh demands that the si
of the country shall bo owned by its ol
zcns is wise , safe and just. It is In aoco
with an aqcer > le4 axiom In vogue throug
out the olylnzod world. But it Is plain
most dcs Irnbto that Ml such Icglslatloi
shall dotlno clearly what fa m AUt > , ao thai
tlioro can bo no evasion or defeat of ltd
object by moans of technicalities , ami no
ujustleo result from IU operation. The
aw printed above does not appear to us
to fully answer this requirement. Tlio
whether "non-resident
question as to -
alien foreigner" refers to persons living
outside the state of Nebraska or outsidi
of the United States must bo determined
by the courts.
The Ilcoritnnlzo < t Fraud.
Soon after the HUB had exposed th i
corrupt business methods of the Mutual
Benevolent insurance fraud at Beatrice ,
Neb. , the graveyard concern Immedi
ately underwent an alleged reorganize
tlon , while the managers of the rotten
company claimed to have experienced n
Qtcncral transformation of soul , and pub
lished In editorial columns of state pa
persthat they had roformod. We now
[ earn upon excellent authority that the
reorganized outfit has boon sending cir
culars to its policy holders , asking thai
they return the $3,000 cortihcute , and
they , in the fullness of their generoni
hearts , will issue in its stead , for one dollar <
lar additional , a f,000 cortllicato. The
policy holder who for two or three year.1
has been paying assessments on a | 3XK (
policy will regard this with suspicion.
To be asked to surrender a cortilicuto in
exchange for onu of $1,000 loss , and pas
an additional dollar for making the ex
change , Is the height of impudence.
The fur-seeing managers of the fals <
pretense exacting association In their
circular state that the company believes
its agents huvu been insuring for a
greater amount than they should , and
more , no doubt , than the assessed nan
afford to pay , This is the first Instance
yet cited whore an insurance company
proposes to bocoino the guardian of its
patrons , But the Beatrice concern was t
fraud a few months ago , and before in
vesting in Its policies , the 15KK would
again advise its readers to bo cautious ,
It should always bo remembered that i
is hard to purify a rotten egg.
An Uncertain Situation.
A few days ago it was said that Mr
Cleveland was a good deal perturbed ovci
the declaration of George William Cnrtii
that he could not be re-elected. Thi
opinion of the greatest mugwump o
them all was based on the well-attended
democratic dissensions in New York. In
the view of Mr. Curtis the next presiden
tial oleotion "will bo8otled ( within twenty
miles around the city of Now York. " I
this view be correct , there is certainly
great reason to doubt , the chances of Mr.
Cleveland's re-election if he shall be
again the democratic candidate , which
Mr. Curtis assumes ho will bo. Thi
Cleveland supporters in New York citj
are largely in the minority. The Worlu
says the democratic defection made ap
parent in the vote for Cleveland in 188
lias not been diminished , but rather in
creased , by the course of the ndministra
tion. Hut Unit paper thinks it is assum
ing too much to say that Mr. Clcvelanc
is certain to be the democratic candidat
in 1883.
Despite those cottnter-statoments am
the uncertainty they involve , we havi
very little doubt .that Mr. Cleveland desires
sires a rtmommation , and will secure it
Nor will ho bo called upon to make an ;
great ell'ort to achieve that result. Tlior
seemed to bo a strong probabilit ;
a few months ago that the enl ;
opponent ho had to fear. Governo
Hill , might have proved form ! dublo. 15n
the governor has not been ginning ground
if indeed ho has not lost , with the com :
try at lanre. He has been able to kcc ;
himself solid "within twenty miles arouni
the city of New York , " but that will no
enable him to win in the convention
The democracy of the country will ne
submit to the dictation of the troachorou
clement or the party in that region. Then
is already abundant indication of this
The diniculty with Hill is , that he is to <
essentially and entirely a politician , am
not of a very high grade either , to war
rant the party in elevating him to na
tional leadership at this time. If it coulii
have four years more of administration li
might drive its stakes lirmly enough t <
venture with such a man , but it woult
invite disastrous dcfi'nt by doing so 110.1
year. There would be a much more soi
ious revolt of leaders against Hill thai
against Cleveland , and the former conl
hope ( or none of the independent voto.
The General Verdict.
When the veteran showman , P. T. Bat
num , with his own and only groatos
show on earth , remarked that "advor
tisingis the road to wealth , " he spok
alone from experience. Judicious udvor
tising brings returns. The BE * : is dail ;
in receipt of letters similar to the follow
ing :
NORFOLK. Neb. , April 15,1837.
DKK Publishing Co. . Omaha :
Gents : I'leasn take out tiio notice of bai
ber wanted , as the party tor whom It was ir
eertud complains that ho is receiving raoi
letters than ha caroa to answer. As an tu
vcrtlslng medium the BER is a BUCCOJ * .
This suggentlon should not bo lorgottei
If you want to buy , or if yon want tosoll
if you want to employ help of any kinder
or if any kind of employment is wanted
advertise In the DAILY BKR. No botte
advertising medium can bo found In tb
west. For such advertisements a dail ;
circulation of nearly fifteen thousand i
guarun teed.
To say that the inter-state coniraisslo
will have its hands full , conveys "but
vague idea of the business , trouble an
annoyance to which it will bo subjectot
A relief from puzzling and porploxin
questions of long and short hauls , su
pensions and excursion rates , is affordc
by a case going up from Georgia. .
very respectable and well-dressed colore
minister purchased a ticket guarantei
" llrst-class " H
ing one - passage.
took his scat iu a ear containing soi
oral white gentlemen. The oonduotc
was importuned to oust the colored mar
1 hiding it impossible to induce th
preacher to occupy a oar expressly fc
colored passengers , the conductor thro'
him off the train. The case has gone t
the commission , and it is wondered !
such an outrage against a holder of
first-class ticket will be deemed a dia
crimination. It is evident from all th
facts that the colored minister got ouly
abort haul.
TIIK present promises to be nnothe
famous year of immigration. A few dn.i
ago a dispatch from Quoonstown n
ported an extraordinary rush of poop !
there eager to got out of Ireland an
come to the United States. On oho da
of last week tuera were 4,400 immigrant
landed at New T6rk. The prcvailini
conditions , social and political , InKurop
favor emigration , while the improvinj
prosperity of this country invites to tlies
shores. The inriiicnccs that are ope rat
ing to drive the people of Ireland fron :
their homes are < well understood. Kng
llsh tyranny aiid landlord robbery arc
the agencies that are depopulating Ire
land. On the continent of Europe tin
fears of war are the most potent Influeue
impelling Immigration , aided by declln
ing industries and Increasing taxation t <
support enlarged military establishments
Thus far the immigration record of 183
is the largest of any single year in oil
history , the total numbnr of Immigrant
in that year being 788,092. If the rat
thus far in the present year is main
talned that remarkable record will b
equalled , or perhaps exceeded. Th
west , of course , will ba the largest gainc
from this accretion to our population.
TiiBiiEls one thing that no newapapo
combine has yet attempted. Under thi
high license law all applications for li
cense , either by druggists or liquor deal
ers , have to bo published in the papci
that has the largest circulation in the clt ;
or county in which the license is granted
Although the field has been opened to al
papers , THE BEE has no competitor fo
this clas ? of advertising. This is also i
"printing steal , " wo presume , In tin
eyes of papers that don't circulate , bu
as yet not a word has been heard abou
Tun Delmonico banquet was strictly i
private affair , but the gentlemen win
attended it have never been accused of i
breach of etiquette , although it did leal
out through the press that a large sun
of money was raised for Blalno by tin
plate-holders , and a foolish speech wa
made by n political clergyman. Tin
ouly person who was rotten-egged , poht
ically , was the ass who brayed abou
"Rum , Uomanism and Rebellion. " Tlili
is suggestive.
IT is rumored that the alleged demo
cratlc evening paper of the capital city
which contains a pufl each day for tin
Lincoln bolters' sheet , is only an appendage
ago to the kite of the Clark , liathawn ;
and Gere State Printing Grabbers' asso
elation. And in dealing out the pull's fo
the Jloodli-r's Own the former managiii )
editor of that sheet certainly earns hi
Tin : "doltd citizens" of Omaha wh <
patronize the paper that is run strictl ;
upon etiquette will be deliehted to leari
that Mike Meany has made such an excellent
cellent and cllicient street commissioner
Mike would not IIHVO known it himself i
the man who writesbetween , drinks hui
not made the discovery.
A LAW has recently gone into effect ii
Connecticut , authorizing agents of hit
mane societies to take charge of unimali
cruelly treated. It would certainly havi
been a better law to have an agent take
charge of the person indicting the cruo
WK are pleased to note that now can
didatcs for mayor sire beginning to bios
som out with the opening of spring. Thi
dark horse may , after all , win th
race this time , us it often has dom
before. It is the dark horse that Mayo
Boyd dreads.
Now that the republican city conimil
tee has taken steps for calling the prim
ary elections , the city campaign may b
said to be fairly open.
Stuart has invested in a creamery.
Dodge county's insane tax is $14,538.2 , (
Dakota City shipped sixtj cars of stool
and produce last month.
Lincoln saloons have been ordered t
cork up promptly at 10 : < JO every nigh
and all day Sunday.
North Bend is disgusted with the qua !
ity on the surface and will bore into th
earth for natural gas.
The Crete creamery has commence' '
business. The building is 52x80 and cosl
with machinery , fS.OOO.
Mrs. Nancy Martin , wife of Fatlio
Martin , the vonorablu Dakota city crtitoi
died suddenly last Saturday.
The Hamilton farm of 100 acres , nen
Fremont , luis boon sold to the Davenpot
brothers of Bath , N. Y. , lor $10,000.
It is reported that I'lattsmouthors ar
displaying more sand in their undcrtafc
ings since the starting of the waterworks
The postoflicc receipts iit Wahoo. fo
the year ending April 1 show an incrcas
of twenty per cent over the prevlou
Stromsburg complains of insuflicior
railroad accommodations , and has aii
pealed to the state commission to rcmeu
the evil.
The Fremont board of education ha
invited Superintendent Clarendon t
seek another job after the close of th
school year.
The cowboy element around Anselm
have discontinued the palatine busines :
The last coat of coffin varnish will tmftic
for the season.
A trio of sleek swindlers worked th
"shell racket" on scores of greonies neu
Dakota City for the past ten days an
raked iu a snug salary ,
Bohnon , one ot the horse thieves wh
escaped the bullets of the vigilantes i
Sherman county last week , has been ai
rested and jailed In Valentino.
Bert Bemis , son of George W. Bouih
of Sutton , died Saturday of internal ir
juries received white loading a car wit
hay. He was fourteen years of age.
Fremont is anxious to got on the mal
line of the Milwaukee to Omaha. Th
prettiest cannot resist the fnscinatln
smiles of the metropolis. She pouts , rd
ponts and then omljpces.
For the year ending with March th
peace preservers of'Hastmgs ' gathered i
107 law breakers , of whom one-half wor
loaded with pain killer. The fines col
lected amounted to,3SK ) .
The city council ofi Grand Island hn
abolished smokine during business houn
It is Loped the reform win notsproad easi
ward. The rich aroma of Infers is preferable
forablo to an overflow of natural gas.
The manly art of maulers is highly esteemed
teemed in Crelghton ! A local thug ha
been caned and uariquctted for poundinj
two citizens , and publicly displaying hi
brilliancy as a bruiser. His name i
Fremont threatens to blossom out as
summer resort. A neighboring pan
named Abbott's lake is to bo decorate
with a hotel to cost $250,000. The trib
of Mulhattoa seems to be nourishing i
the vicinity.
The Frtmiont Herald , referring to th
postal banquet , says : "Coutant wa
sandwiched between the victorious hko
cactus stem in a garland of roses. " Don
mention it. The guesU wore naturi
blossoms of various shades and oandl
K. 3. Harkrodor , late of the Cla
County Democrat , ban disappeared fror
Sutton , and his whereabouts is a tuyster
to several trieuds who loaned him variou
sums of money , to relieve the nreuure o
his purso. It li feared bo has joined th
BUootllatlvo hosts on the other shore o
the great lakes.
The secret is out. The sponsor o
Charde , tno lately appointed democrat !
land olllccr , was the Hon. Patrick Faliy
the democratic headlight of Holt county
The O'Neill Free i'rc s declares that h
was Pat's first and only choice. Lave I
tlioro , Pali Lot thu mantle of Chard
cover the lamentations of the multitude
The rights and liberties of the towi
cow in Nebraska City arc in jeopardy
and the friends of the pcrumbulatinj
creamery must rally under the banner o
bovine indepondoncc.or suffer their lawn
togrowrank. An anil-town cow leagn
has been formed to impound all milol
cows running loose , and a gigantic strtig
glo impends in the venerable capital o
The noted Capitol hotel of Lincoln ha
boon sold to William Henry Stout , win
proposes to promote himself from a ston
pile to n feed mill. The prlco paid wa
$120,000. C. W. Kitchen purchased th
pjopurty from Mr. Imhnff n year ago fo
fau.OOO , : ; ! , a the ligures show , ha
netted a handsome profit. It t said ts ! :
Hon. E. P. Hoggen , late secretary o
Htatc , will take charge of the hotel.
Professor Quin Bohannnn declares , li
an essay on the subject , that "feeling
man's head to judge the character of tin
man , conflicts with the principle of th
good old bible , which teaches us to jiuljr
men as trees by the fruit they bear , nm
not by the knots they have on thoi
heads. " The distinguished professor ha
done some planting in his day , and th
fruit of his toil will be harvested on th
gallows. The knots and bump ho lovelei
with lead , and a little mound in the Wav
erly cemetery boars silent evidence of tin
effectiveness of his preaching.
Hastings produces a mammoth arrai
of figures to prove that the town is full ;
up with the procession of progress. Thi
estimate of improvements for the yea
reach the enthusiastic total of $ l,70t"ooo )
This includes the state insane asylum
county jail , street railway , bolt railway
the Klkhorn Valley , Omaha & Wyandotte
dotto railroad extensions , several businc ! )
blocks , numerous residences , churcli/js
otc. The metropolis of Adnms county i
determined to take second place iu th
record of progress this year.
It is painful to chronicle the sorrowfu
fact th-il North Bond has pooled will
Fremont and Lincoln to down Omaha
The chronic snarls and periodic pouts o
the dromios ol the 1'lattc and Salt creel
bottoms had become musty with age ant
threadbare from use , but the appcaranci
of the .vomit ; stripling of Dodge oountj
in the ring has given vitality and ycnon
to the contest. The metropolis might a ,
well throw up the sponge without furthe :
ceremony and hie to a cemetery.
A slightly esteemed contemporary li
North Bend is suffering from a fatal com
binution of hydrophobia and dclnrlini
tremons. The attack was preciiiltutui
by the arroflt of the salvation army n
Omaha. Mounted on a lurid and mi
tamed nightmare , the Hail unlinibors i
lewd tongue , and thrashes the heavens ii
a spasm of indignation , "otrnmpets1
and "btood-hnunds" howl through hi
imagination as he chases snvon-huudoi
elephants and other beasts blowing tii
horns. The unfortunate victim of snaki
root or canine virus has been turned eve
to the prayerful ministrations of th
army , and drum beats and tambourin
tntlous will bo uttered for his recovery.
A Sad lOplsodo liii-liir the Torrll li
Siege of Chin-lesion.
Atlanta Constitution : During the tu
mult and excitement of the.late war on
of the saddest incidents that occurrci
was the marriage and death of Annie
eldest daughter of Governor Pickens o
South Carolina. In the midst of th
great events of the war such tragedie
were comparatively unnoticed , but nov
that time hus calmed the troubled sea o
strife and contention , a picture of tha
scene will be of general interest , nm
will awaken a chord of sympathy in tin
hearts of nil who read it.
On April 22. 1803 , in Charleston , S. C ,
lit the residence of Governor Pickuns , i
party was assembled to witness the nwr
ri.igo ceremony of Annie Pickens ti
Lieutenant La Kochcllc.
It was a time when terror and angnisl
were prevailing throughout the entir
south and the booming of the union gun
then roared In the harbors , but the llttl
number who had collected together hai
determined to smile , even though fhci
hearts were aching and they were trom
bhng with terror. Beneath the soft ligh
of thu chandelier the clergyman stood
with the habiliments of the church en
shrouding his venerable form. Hufor
him was the noble young lieutenant it
his olliuial uniform , while beside bin
leaned the bcautitul anil stately wonmi
who was to become his wife. There slu
stood , regal and proud , possessing every
thing that prestige of birth , rank am
wealth could give. "Aro you ready ! '
asked the minister , unclasping his book
"Yes , " said Lv : ttoehello , taking the ham
of the brine. Scarcely was the answe
uttered than there was an awful crash
A shell from the cnemv's guns had pena
tratcd the mansion , bursting in the raids
of the marriage seono and scattering it
deadly missiles around. Men trembled ; am
women screamed , mirrors were shlverei
and for a moment the walls seemci
to rook to and fro. In a few moment
quiet reigned , and it was ascertained tha
the only fatal wound received was iu thi
left temple of the waiting bride , who la ;
like a beautiful crushed flower in thi
arms of her agonized lover. Laying he
on n lounge he bent over tier , and , in ;
moan of despair , prayed that even ii
death she would become his wife. He
quick drawn breath molted in a sigh , a
the lips smiled assent. There she la1
pure and white as the cluster of cuiuolia
at her breast , while the onmsou lito tidi
oozed in huavy drops from the deatl
wound in her brow and coursed it
stream over the lovely check , murrin :
the snowy clouds of her bridal veil tha
enveloped ner. The ceremony was o
few words , and the "yes" wasmurmuroc
in a dying whisper beneatli the husband'
kiss. In a moment all was over ; a littl' '
struggle and she was dead.
Beneath the oool , deep shadows of tin
ninguolin Annie Pickons La Hochelle wa
laid to rest , where the sad wall of tin
waters sighed an eternal requiem , whil
the bravo young soldier went his way , ii
the lire and danger of oiUtlo , to serve hi
country and his God. Ho little fe.irei
the sword or the bullet of war , for over a
his heart there was n wound more cruc
than death and lasting as life ,
Itoynl Presents for the I'ope.
London Tablet : The offerings whicl
the holy father wilt receive on the occa
sion of his sacerdotal jubilee will be o
the most varied and costly kind , am
from all hints. The sultan has alread ;
forwarded by the Armenian patriarch
Peter Antony X. , his superb gift of arm ;
iu brilliants , estimated at a value of eve
four thousand pounds. The empress o
China and the queen regent ot Spaii
will also send presents of u splendid char
actur. The Emperor William is having i
piece ot rich jewelry made at Berlin fo
a like purpose. It has already bcci
stated that Queen Victoria's gift will taki
the form of a sumptuously bound cop'
of the "Vulgato. "
President Grovy , notwithstanding hi
recent offering , will , according to thi
somi-otllclat trench papers , scud an
other splendid vase and inkstand. A
qmto another end of the world , and o
the social scale , Padre Antonio Kiccardi
ouo of Dom Bosco's missionaries in Pat
agoniu , writes from Carmen that tin
various Indian tribes of the Kio Ncgri
are engaged in preparing several object
of native niako and u e as their offcrini
to the sovereign pontiff ; and these curl
ous articles are destined to figure in the
forthcoming Vatican exhibition side tr
vide with tno princely gifts of oasten
aud western potentate ! . . . <
Railroad Discrimination at Oakland a
Which the Farmers Uuioii Protests.
Orctcliton'a Uitiiliicsa Inducements
Iloinjt Advertised to ( he World
Loup City Free l < 'rotn Vice
Kntlroail Hoiiin.
The Corporation Dictates.
OAKLAND , Nob. , April 10. [ C
apondcnco of thu BIK. : ] | Last fall a
company was formed at this place under
the title of the "Farmers' Union , " for the
purpose of shipping grain. 'Ihu atoct
was mostly taken by farmers , as the de
sign was to do business entirely In theii
Interests. When an organisation hai
been cii'oc'ctl the I'Vnners' union uotighl
two good business lots of Nelson , Yoiuif
& Swanson , on which to build an pie-
valor , the eastern boundary of the lots
coming within twenty-seven foot of tin
side track , on which cars were run ti
other elevators. They asked per
mission to reach the track by
means ot a spout. The reply wa >
teat it was too near tlu < switch to havt
a car stand there. The union thun of
fercd to build a track at their own ov
ponso if th railroad company wonlii
furnish the rails. This was also refused
but to get out of IN dilemma of rofnsiuu
shipping facilities , they offered the Union
ground in an out of the way place , whore
there was an embankment six foot higl
to contend with , and the dirt road to tin.
saint ! rendered nearly impassible In wcl
weather by a small stream of water thai
Hews along the lots , its natural dlsadvan
tagos making it nearly worthless for tin
purposes it was wanted for , thus , in fact ,
refusing while seeming to grant. The
Fanners' union tlu-n built n small ware
liouso on the street that passes their InU
( it not being opened across the railroai
track ) , but laying within railroad limits
The superintendent , Mr. Jones , has or
dared the union to move theirmiildin < j
forthwith although Mr. Holmiilt ( | t has
a building of I lie same kind within twenty
feet of it saying in so many words , It
the Union wants to ship thuir grain the >
tuuft build an elevator. The question ol
vital importance to the farmer is this
Can n railroad company demand a cor *
tain style of building before granting
shipping facilities ?
Crumbs From Crnlghlon.
ritKioirroN , Nub. , Apiil 13. [ CorrC'
spondence of the BKE 1Creisliton people -
plo have elected a prohibition town
board for the coming year , the vote being
127 for prohibition and U2 for license.
George K. Cheney was yesterday pre
sented with n gold-headed cane by his
friends hero in Crcigjiton , showing their
appreciation of him in his labors to build
up and improve our town and commu
We have been enjoying a fine rain dur
ing the last two days. The small grain
is all sown and mo't of it has come up ,
but in some places some of the grain waa
blown out by the heavy windi of last
Il.'iilroad surveyors have been running
a line through tills ( Knox ) county , about
fifteen miles west of Creighton , aud they
are supposed to bo the B. iM : M. surveyors
running a linn to Ninbrara.
The dispatch sent to tiio BKK last week
from this place stating that ( luorgo C.
Cheney headed the whisky tluket , was
false , as Mr. Cheney did not run on any
Settlers are beginning to arrive froni
the east , and several larms have beeu
pnrchnscil near town.
Wo have ono of the finest locations fern
n creamery in Nebraska , and ono. could
obtain the cream from about 1,000 cowfl
within a radius ot ten or twelve miles of
Several line residences are to bo put up
here this season , among which are J. L.
1'uckard , one of our lumber merchants ,
and H. Perriuo , real estate agent.
Creighton's board of trade is nonding
out a largo amount of advertisement *
offering InducomentK to parties wanting
to establish any kind of manufacturing
hero , as wo have a line country , well set
tled , : tnd property can bo obtained at
reasonable rates. B.
A I jo up City L'rotcnt.
Lour CUT , Neb. , April 14 , 1897. To
the Editor of the BKK : 1 notice in the BKG
of the 13th inst. , under the head of "State
Jottings , " an account of a game of poker
said to have taken place hero last week ,
in which a sportive minister was the
principal loser. Loup City is blessed
with two resident ministers , who eujoy
the comidencc and esteem of every one
acquainted with them , and to accuse
either of them of holding a hand in a
poker game is preposterous and absurd
in the extreme. Wo are aware that such
a statement , published in any paper en
joying the circulation that the BKK has ,
Is very damaging to any town , and we
take this opportunity of saying that Loup
City is as frco from vice M her sinter
towus , and has a class of business men
wide awake and full of enterprise second
to none in the state. With the B. & M.
railroad building in our limits and our
hotels crowded with homo seekers , wo
take pleasure in aaying that Loup City is
the coming town of the Loup country.
[ The item above referred to was found
by the exchange editor floating around
in the state papers , and was transferred
to the volutmis of the BKI : without any
mnlico aforethought. KD. ]
Teouinseh's 1'roipecla.
TRCUMSUI , Nob. , April 10. [ .Corres
pondence of the BKK. ] The railroad
boom has reached Tecumsoh. The en
gineer of the Chicago , Omaha & El
Pnso road has given our citizens encour
agement , and gives it as his opinion that
the road will be built thib year through
Johnson county and Tecumsoh. Tocuin-
seh has long been at the mercy of the B.
& M. and Its branchos. This now line
assures a big boom in the county scat
and will help every cilixnn in the county.
The question of building a now court
house is now receiving attention , and it
is thought bonds will Fo voted at the fall
The late city election resulted in a
license board , and the saloons will pay u
lieeiiKo thid year and conduct their busi
ness in the front rooms.
Human Nature ,
Puck ; Ono of the moH remarkable in
stances ot the littleness of the Imniiui
mind is the tact that : i num worth hm
thousands a year will .soul up a latter ,
stamp it , and then , Mi'Menly remember
ing that ho. has forgotten something im
portant , try to open it atrain without hav
ing it show.
To effect this he will labor fifteen min
utes , anil , having succeeded , hit will flully
forth and spend $18 on a dinner , wine
and 25-cont cigars. Women buying a S5-
cent lunch and then running up u'uulli-
nor's bill of ISO are maligned.
Human nature is human nature.
"The light that lies.
In woman's eyes. "
is a ray of heaven's own brightness ; but
it is , alas ! often dimmed or quenched by
Bomu wearing disease , perhaps sllentyl
borne , but taking nil comtort and enjoy
ment out of lilo. The light of the house
hold cmi bo rekindled and ronko to glow
with its natural brightness. Dr. H. V.
1'iuroo'ri " 1'iivoriUi Prescription" is a po
tent specific for mot of the chronic
weaknesses and disease * peculiar to
women , .
' ' '
' ' ' ' ' ' " ' 'A" ' ' '
. . . . 'V . " ' .
With the approach of spring
and the incroaJecl internet mau-
ifustcd in real estate matters ,
I am more than ever consult
ed by intending purchasers as
to favorable opportunities for
invostmeut.uud to all such would
When putting any property *
on the market , and advertising
it as desirable , I have invariably
confined myself to a plain unvar
nished statement of facts , never
indulging in vague promises for j
the future , and the result in ev- I
cry ease has been that the expi-c- )
tations of purchasers were more
than realized. I can refer with
pleasure to
Albright's Annex
And Baker Place
as sample illustrations.
Lots in the "Annex" have
quadrupled in value nnd are still
advancing , while a street car line
is already building past Maker i
Place , adding hundreds of dollars
to the value of every lot.
Albright's Choice was selected by '
ma with the greatest care a tcr a '
thorough study and with the full
knowledge of its value , and I can-
conscientiously gay to those seek
ing a ofifc and profitable invest
ment that
Albright's Choice
offers chances not excelled iu this
market for a sure thing.
Early investors have already reap
ed largo profits In CASH , and with
the many important improvements
contemplated , some of which are
now under way , every lot in this
splendid addition will prove a bo
nanza to first buyers.
Further information , plats and
prices , will bo cheerfully furnish
Buggies Roatiy at All Times to
Show Properly ,
. . ,
218 South 15th Street
Jiranch office < it Month Omaliii
A. It. Property for wife In all *
parts of tliccltu. . . , - . . . .
' ' '
' ' " ; : > : ; - ; / ; / ? . " > . ; . : ; ; ; . , : ' : ; , ' !
, . ' ' / - . ' - ' : * . . ' . > . , V'I : : '
' v.-- . ; . , . : ; . . . . ' : ? . ; ! -v---/l