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    i ' THE OMAHA DAILY BlilE : SATURDAY APHTT , 101-1887 : I
Delivered by rnrrlor in tint pnrtof tbbdtjrKt
twtntr ctnt per wsclc.
II. W.TILTON. Manager.
1KI.KPI10NE3 :
BCPlRTPSOmci : , No. U.
NIUIIT nuiioit No. 23.
N. Y.Plumbing Co.
Wanted A pantry girl at Pacific house.
New spring goods nt Ileiter's , tailor.
George W. Thompson iVCo. . real estate
William Lewis has just purchased an
other line carriage team.
H. Bowman was arrested yesterday for
pcddlitiL' without a license.
Keller is lo make the uniforms for the
Dodge Guaids. The new clothes will be
Ida Butler seeks a divorce from William
Butler , on the ground that he is serving a
term in the penitentiary.
Two of the Ramblers while racing had
n collision on Pearl street last night.
Luckily no Perious damage was done and
neither was hurt.
Just received onion sets , seed potatoes
nnd bulk seeds of all kinds. Swan &
Harmon , successors to Hays & Gleason ,
No. 11 Main street.
The dummy trains were delayed yester
day morning in reaching thi.s side owing
to the ditching of an engine in Omaha.
A line residence properly fronting on
Bayliss' park will be rallied Juno 1. Tick
ets are for sale by Smith Hros. , agents , at
$5 each. Get a homo for y .
Hear Miss McBride at the Y. M. C. A.
hall tills afternoon. The Lincoln Jour
nal pronounces her reading "the best
ever heard upon a Lincoln btagc. " Oth
ers give like praiso.
The marshals and chiefs of police of
Iowa cities arc to meet at DCS Moincs
May 10 , it being the annual session of
their organisation. Council Blull's will
have at least two representatives.
The sudden cooling ofl'at the rate of f0 !
degrees in twenty-four hours caused
many to fihivcr. Tnosn who had taken
down their coal stoves were yesterday
being consoled by those who had just
iiad their hair clipped for summer wear.
Announcement has been made through
some of the papers that Miss McHnde
will give a free entertainment at Y. M.
C. A. hall this iifternoon. The free part
is an error. Miss McDndo has secured
the hall and will give a paid entertain-
nient. Admission 00 cents.
One of the most unique designs in the
way of hall furniture is dispaycd at
Beebc's. It is of oak and represents per
fectly a street lamp-posi , with a lighter's
ladder resting against it , tlio face of the
Jump-post being a bevel mirror , and the
whole is beautifully finished , as well as
well as novel in design.
An interesting reminder of the late
Henry Ward Bcccher was displayed in
one of Ilarkncss Bros. ' show windows
yesterday. It was a beautifully bound
volume of his "Life of Christ , " on the fly
leaf of which appeared the author's own
autograph--"llenry Ward Beecher , April
13,1870.f > Ten years have brought many
changes , and the great change to him
who penned his name upon the lly leaf.
The volume is the property of Air. 10. K.
Harkucss , who prizes it highly.
One fellow who had imbibed too frcclv
paid his fine of $7.00 yesterday morning" ,
nnd then commenced his comments. "I
bought n load of corn yesterday. It was
nice corn. The load amounted to just
$7.00. After paying for the corn I took n
drink , and then I guess I must have
taken another. Anyway , 1 found myself
in the calaboose , and now I have to pay
$7.00 for that. The juice , I believe , is
dearer than corn in the oar. I've got mv
car corn left to show for my $7.00 , but
what have I got left to show'for the other
§ 7.00 ? "
Oflico of Mulholland te Co. , removed to
in under the Citizens' bink. Telephone
No. 103. Leave your orders for ice.
For acre property , residences nnd bust-
nr-83 property call on W. C. Stacy & Co. ,
No. 0 Main street.
The Porter I ) I it Itichf.
The afl'air loading to the arrest of Pay-
ton Spencer , the colored porter on the
dummy train , was examined into before
Justice Burnett yesterday. It appeared
that Spencer was about right in thump
ing the gypsy. The three fellows had
been drinking and insisted on going into
n car where there were ladies , and fin
ishing a smoke there. The fellows were
quarrelsome and Spencer could do noth
ing with them. Finally they struck him ,
nnd after ho had received two or three
blows ho departed from his usual quiet
demeanor , and struck back. Ho dealt the
leader of the trio a heavy blow , and that
slopped their racket. The fellows hast
ened to get out a warrant for his arrest.
His vindication was complete.
Shcrradcn is still making cabinet plio-
at ? 3 per doz. , best finish. Crayon or
India ink life size pictures only $10. Dy
F. M. VVoodard , artist.
Wo have 200,000 good brick for sale.
Looking at Other Boom * .
Thomas Baldwin , of the firm of Bald
win & Troutman , has just returned from
n three weeks' trip , during which time
he has visited several western cities , in
cluding Wichita , Topeka and Denver.
Ho says WiohlU is having its third edi
tion of the boom. "Why , they've got
property up to $3 , 000 per front foot that
doesn't equal Denver property at $3,000.
Wichita is n good town and a good dis
tributing point , but can't compare with
this city. Property hero is far better
value , and wo can expect much livelier
times hero than ever before. Almost
everybody has heard of our boom , nnd
Iust as soon as our citi/.cns begin to push
heir improvements outsiders will como
to the front thicker than over. "
Money to loan on real estate. Counci
Bluffs Real Estate Loan nnd Trust Co.
Room 0 , Everett block.
J. W. &E. L. Squire make beautiful
abstracts of title , and deserve the success
they are enjoying.
Freight Transfers.
The difference between the various
roads as to the ratio of expanses for trans
ferring freight has not been settled yet.
The Iowa roads began yesterday arrang
ing to do their own transferring at their
local depots instead of at the transfer ,
the Union Pain lie not having granted the
concessions demanded. It is understood
that some of tlio railroads will wait until
Monday for the final change of arrange
ments there being n hint that by that
time the matter will bo satisfactorily
Drs. Hanchctt & Smith , office No. 13
Pearl st. Residence , ISO Fourth st. Tele
phone No. 10.
Mrs. A. Dobson No. 307 Broadway ,
dressmaker. French taylor system.
Prices reasonable , lit perfect.
Store heaters with Cole & Cole , 41
Main st. Dry up-sttilrs storage rooms.
Contractors nnd builders will find it to
their interest to gel prices on lime ,
cement , plaster , huir , etc. , from Council
lilufl'i Fuel company , G89 Broadway.
Telephone 136.
Two Young Men Arrested Tor Fleecing
Their Omaha Employers.
Tlic Oypslos Were In tlio Wrong A
Visit to Oilier llooniH The Frclfitit
Transfers llrlcf lilt a
of News.
Serious Clinrgc * .
Yesterday Captain O'Bricn arrived
from Kansas City , where ho went : iftcr
Prank Be.sscr ami Joseph U. Urosvenor.
Ho brought tlio two young men back witli
him. Tlie.y did not como very willingly.
There was .sonic ilillienlly in gelling a
requisition , as their attorney in Kansas
City made several sharp moves to block
Iho game. It was about 8 o'clock Thurs
day night when Captain O'Brien ' got into
Kansas City with the requisition , and tlie
tram on which lie desired to come hero
left about 10 o'clock. The prisoners' at
torney sought to got them released on a
writ ol habeas corpus. In order to ac
commodate O'llnen and avoid any dola y
on his part , court was held Intliouyunlng.
The questions of law wmc decided in favor
of his having t'ie ' custody of tlio two men ,
and ho got oil' with them that very nljrht.
He speaks in high praise of Die courtesy
shown by the judge , by Chief of Police
Spears and Deputy Marshal Walsh. The
'let ) ) given to hold tlio prisoners and
lave them returned to Council HI nil's
ivas in hliongcontrast with the way in
ivhieh the authorities of this city have
: icted in .some similar cases.
The two u iing men spent all last win-
.or huro si-Ming clocks , mats , and other
lousehold articles on monthly payments.
Jrosvenor was at work for the .Metro-
.lololan Maniilacturing company. Ho is
charged with having embe//.Iod about
| 150. His companion , Frank Besscr , is
hurgi'd with cmbe/x.ling ! ? ' 00 of tlio
rfOVull Manufacturing company. It is
hinned that Hosier's crooked acts
will cover nearer flOO than the
imount named in tlio indictment ,
lo is said to Imvu spent most of this
imount in gambling. The modes alleged
ivero the making out of lictitious orders ,
and returning them to the house , then ac
counting for goods which had been sold
"or cash , and the cash pocketed. A
Mindlo of orders are also saiit to have
n forged , the names purporting to bo
signed being not hetitious , Ditt the names
of residents in the city.
The young men were brought before
Judge Aylesworth yesterday , and the
time for u hearing was fixed at 10 o'clock
next Wednesday morning. Hail was
! ixed nt ? 8QO each , but they were unable
.o furnish it.
The young men would not give the re
orters their side of the nd'air. They
simply asked that the papers keep htill ,
until the mutter could bo tried , for it was
simply a. "blutl1" on the part of the prose
The ofiicers have been hunting for the
young men sometime. They finally got
'rack of their tt links being sent to Kansas
Jity , and following up this clue their
capture was ell'eeted.
Tlio Tenth Avenue I'rospocf.
The passage of the Tenth avenue ordi
nance has caused much rejoicing among
those who believe it to be the opening
move for securing a number of other en
terprises. It is believed to be the surest
preliminary move that could be made for
securing a union depot. Those who pre
dict that it will not result in this may bo
right , but without this first more there
would bo no chance ( or obtaining it , and
with this move there are big chances of
getting it. Hence the enterprising citi-
/.ens worn so enthusiastic over deciding
on the side where the biggest chances of
success are. While it is not a certainty ,
nothing is absolutely certain , still it
seems that nil the happy results hoped
for will surely follow. The Union Pa
cific has not yet signified'its intention of
accepting , but it is diilicult to
see how the company can refuse to
accept and go ahead with its part of the
agreement. Jt is to bo regretted that the
matter could not have been settled deli-
nitely six months ago , but better late
than never. Alderman Keller is being
congratulated by many on having at last
concluded to yield to the public pressure
and waive his private views and wishes.
Alderman Dauforth in hanging on to the
lust has placed himself in a position
where there is much criticism lira ! at
him. His negative vote did not defeat
the project , howavur , and the experience
may lead him to take more progressive
positions on future questions.
Systematic Gleaning ,
There is a demand here for some sys
tematic way of cleaning up the streets
and nllc3's. The old time way of letting
everything accumulate for a year and
then have a partial cleaning out has be
come unsatisfactory to all. The city coun
cil is preparing to lota contract for street
cleaning for u term of years , long enough
to warrant the lucky bidder in getting
the necessary machinery appliances. It
is also urged that some system of remov
ing garbage , ashes , etc. , bo provided.
Private citizens could make their deposits
in proper receptacles for that purpose ,
nnd the carts could make frequent trips
emptying these. If such a system could
be started citizens would co-operate
readily. They could just as well Day a
small amount weekly as to wait until
spring nud pay an annual amount. There
would bn the advantage of having more
cleanliness the year around. It some en
terprising private concern would start iu
on this scheme , it could be made to pav ,
and the city could wcllulTbrd to give such
a concern the necessary protection uud
There are some carts which go around
gathering up dead dogs , horses , and
some ofl'al. They frequently drive along
the business streets , gathering up spoiled
meats , etc. , at the butcher shops. It is
noticed that these carts frequently make
their rounds during business hours. The
stench id at times terrible. There should
be some provision made by which such
carts shall make the rounds before busi
ness hours in the morning.
Personal 1'arncriiphR.
George Rice returned yesterday from a
trip to Kansas.
G. W Morritt. of Contorvillo , la. , the
well known coal man was at the Pacific
S. D. Davis and his son , M. F. Davis ,
ol Malvern , wore hero vestorday looking
after some stock Interests.
Judge Hubbnrd. of the Nonpareil , re
turned ycKterdHy from his sad trip east ,
called there by the death of his fattier.
T. J. Kvans returned yesterday after
noon from Washington and other points ,
where he has boon in the interests of the
Broadway bridge.
Mrs. J. W. Walker , nno Susie Baldwin ,
and her sister-in-law , Walker , of
Richmond , Ky , , are viiiting Miss Laura
Haldwin , having arrived yesterday mom-
Baitly Crushed.
Chris Anderson , the young switchman
who was so seriously injured at the trans
fer , was yesterday reported as still alive.
It seems that two freight cars were
chained together , one of the draw-heads
being out , and Anderson went In between
them to pull the pin , while the cluck was
coming up. It cauiR up rathtr suddenly ,
fys w *
squeezed him , and then as the cars separ
ated again he fell over. Ho was laken lo
Iho Si. Joseph's hospital in Omaha , but
was injured . o badly internally that the
surgeons lnuo no hone of liis recovery.
He has only been switching for the past
eight months , although ho has been em
ployed for a number of years nt Iho
transfer as a freight handler , Ho resided
with his parents south of the walcr works
near the Union Pacific dump and was in
Ills twenty-foitrlh year.
Philosopher Arp Comforts tlio Chil
dren With TlirlllltiK Tales.
Bill Arp in Atlanta Constitution ! The
measles have come again measles and
the meanest sort of measle" . Klght of
the Hock have long sincogradualod in all
Iho Infantile diseases and have their di
plomas , and now Carl and Je slo are
down and it takes lots of nursing , for
they are real sick. They are lender-
hearted now , veryand want tneir mother
or me close by or in sight all the time. I
sit between their two beds and tell them
stories and have to hold a hand of cacli
to keep them even. When I lovingly
fondle one I have to fondle the other too ,
for they are jealous. The old Tories have
to be repeated. There is the boavordam
story and the runaway nigger and the
black pony and Tip from llu1 Yankees and
my chool butter scrape and some others
that 1 have a patent on , am1. 1 have
brought them all along down the corri
dors of time and cheered many a weary
hour for our restless , eager cliildien.
Then 1 told UH-MS measly children
about my going tolloslon with my father
and mother nnd brother when 1 was only
eight years old. How we took pas ago
in a sail vo cl Irom Savannah , and were
out lorty days nt sea , and had awful
storms , and : . ! _ last won1 run into by
another vessel in a fog as we ncared the
harbor , and how our own vcs cl went
down , and the passengers all had to get
aboard the other \cs-el , and how my
mother would not consent to como homo
by sea , and my father hail lo buy a car
riage and two black marcs , and "also
bought a nlack pony for my brother and
me to ride on , and how my father's sister
came homo witli us and Mr. Maltbie.who
was liis schoolmate , and so
there were four in the carriage
and two boys on the pony and we
came all the way to Georgia and it
took us over two months , and we m'Y 'r
crowed a railroad nor saw one , for there
was not one to cross , and how 1 had to
ride behind most of the time , and one
day as we saw some wild grapes up in n
vine over our heads , my brother got mete
to .stand up on tlio pony's back so as to
reach them , and as I swung up to tin-vino
he rode oil'and left me hanging there ,
and I got mad and pried ami waited for
the carriage to conic up , and I told on
him , yes I didand they lei me ride in the
carriage until 1 got over my pouts.
Then I told tlie e measly children that
my good father \yas dead and that my
dear mother was dead and my brother
was dead and so was my aunt and Mr.
Maltbie and tlio two marosand the pony ,
and the caniage was worn out and gone ,
and I only was left. Then they put their
measly arms around my old neck and
kissed me so lovingly that I was glad I
was not tlcad.
Mrs. Arp tlics round all the day lixing
u ) ) something. Site make them'chicken
sou ) ) , and lastcs it and seasons it and
tastes it again , and * ho fixes up toasts
and gelatine , and she feels of their feet
forty times a day to see if
they are "r warm , and clto doses
them witli onion juice , and she keeps a
camphor llannel on their breasts to
make their old measly cough easier , and
she keeps the room dark to keep the
light from hurting their measles eyes
and away in the night is she slip
ping ami Milliner around like a
ghost and putting her hand on their
measly foielioad to sec if | they havn't
got fever or something. Such is lifoin
this measly world , ami wo must take it
as it comes , and bo calm and serene ,
measles or no measles. She is reading
old Hobinson Crusoe to them now , but
bv and by she will Mop nnd then they
will be yelling for me. 1 thought that
our crop was laid by , but it has got the
measles , just like the cotton sometimes
takes fhc rust.
Wlicn WannninkpiPrnycil for Credit
Chicago Tribune : Years ago , when
Wanamakcr was starting a little tailor
shop , which was the first source of wealth
of which the hundred thousand for
Munkacsy is a mere lithe , he found it
absolutely necessary to existence lo com
mand some credit. Ho and one ot his
partners went to New York to secure it.
They wore unknown , and you know the
hearts ot wholesale cloth men are very ,
very hard. They tramped about all day.
wailing not even for lunch. But all
vainly , vainly. Not a dollar of credit
could they command. They wont to
Ihoir hotel at night feeling as dismal as
an owl in sunshine. They had only one
room between thorn for economy's sake.
But Wanamaker's partner felt so blue
that ho grew n > ekle s and hustled back to
the barroom to save at least one drink of
whisky from the failure. Of course it
would have been useless to ask Wona-
maker to accompany him. Wanamiikor
wouldn't save n glass of liquor if ho saw
barrels of it going to disaster. So the
worldly partner drank alone , a good big ,
dejected being's draught. When ho wonl
back to the bedroom he tumbled over a
form on the floor , it was Wanamakcr.
"What's the matter ? What are you
doing there ? " no cried.
"Praying , " was the calm reply.
"Praying for what ? "
"For credit , William. "
And the next morning they struck n
firm who agreed to let them hare goods
to any reasonable amount on fair lime.
The linn was a now nno , and piously in
clincd itself. It isn't in business a in
more. It failed the nest year. This
beautiful and touching story the partner
though ho really isn't a patnor any
more , John having set up for hirasell
alone often tells to the children nt
John's Sunday school. John is too mod
est to tell it himself. Even when brought
face to face with it ho generously speaks
of it as a business proceeding character-
islic of Philadelphia. Still , I don't think-
that even Philadelphia business men all
spell pray wilh an "a.11 Some of the
wicked ones will spell it "p-r-c-y. "
A Book Acont'8 Trick.
Boston Traveller : One of the handsomest -
somest women who haunt the capitol is
tall and magnificently formed widow ,
who is the agent of n prominent book
concern. She has lustrous brown hair
and spledid eyes , nnd many a member of
congress has wilted under their ex
pressive glances. She soliciteda subscrip
tions nud it is understood is the
liuiin tu\i , it 10 ii * tui otuuv * , tj nu ( ii ok
successful of all the vast army of boo k
aetonts who nrcy upon the cnnimimlty.
If there is onu tiling above another that
will interest gallant Senator Blaekburn
it is a handsome woman. The widow by
some moans ascertained that the courtly
Kentuckian was somewhat suscptiblo ,
and so went up to the senate chamber
and fiont in her card. Several of the sen
ator's associates learned that "genial
Joe" was about to receive a call , and
they made up their minds to phvy a
practical joke at his expense. They enlist
ed the services of a messenger , and sub
stituted for the widow's card one bearing
the nnmo "Mrs. Wratx. " Blackburn
came out into the ante room , and when
ho caught sight of the beautiful widow
liis face was wreathed in smiles and
his breast swelled out like a pouter pigeon.
Advancing in his most fascinating man
ner ho extended his hand and said with
great cordiality : "I'n very glad to meet
you Mrs. Wratz. " The widow's eyes
snappedas she loplicd sharply ; "Senator
Blackburn , I am astonished. I came
hero to sea you on a matter of business.
You are the Urst member of congress
who has over uuid 'rats' to mo , ' ' The
, 'M'ii''i" ' 1 " * ' *
Henry Eiseman& Go's
314 , 3i6 , 318 and 320 BROADWAY.
Monday and Tuesday Evenings , April
i8th and ipth , '
Elegant array of Spring and Summer goods. .All former
efforts to bo outdone , to make this Hie gr < inde > t dis-
piny of
European and American Novelties
Ever exhibite'l in the wisb.
F will be Presented witli a Souvenir attlicDoOf
The entire house will be Illuminated with
Electric and other Lights ,
To Attend Without Further Notice ,
Respectfully ,
P. S. No goods will be sold during the opening hours ,
from 7 : 0 to 10:00 : p. in. , Monday and Tuesday cvcningd.
senator looked cqnfuscd for a moment ,
nuit then drew out the card which the
pr.ioticul jokers hud prepared and said :
"I'n sure there must bo ome mistake ,
the name reads W-r-a-t-z. " The widow
looked at the card , and then they both
laughed. A few moments later the
widow juit down the Fcnator's name for
two copies of the book. Then they shook
hands , and the widow went to look fern
n Iresh victim. 'Later in the day the
practical jokers told Blackburn all about
their little scheme , lie looitcd at them
sadly and led them down to the restau
rant , where he yavo an order to a colored
waiter , who appeared in n few moments
with iv bottle , which he opened with rcal
care. The jokers and the hcnator sippid
the foaminp : contents , and promised to
keep the a Hair u profound secret.
How to get Strong.
Dumb-bolls nnd hoiizontal bars , Indian
clubs nnd tlio tinpcze aie valuable under cer
tain conditions , but they ute detrimental
minor than bcneliolallf the blood is poor nnd
thin nnd poisoned with bllo. Use of the
muscles necessitates waste as well ns Induces
growth. If tlio blood docs not carry sufli-
cient nutritive nmti'iinl to repair the waste ,
loss ot strength necessarily follows , nnd
growth is out ot tlio question. I'urity nnd
eniicli your blood with Dr. 1'lerce's "Golden
Medical Discovery" and then exercise will
develop and not consume your physique.
The IJcst"\Viven.
Literary women often make the very
best wives and mothers. Mrs. Frances
Hodgson I5urnett is the queen of one of
the happiest homes in Washington. When
she man led Dr. Burnett ho was a bright
young Tonncssoan , who was thought to
have'a great future. She was an un
knownpenniless English girl. The union
has been remarkably happy. They have
been blessed with live beautiful children ,
the eldest of whom is the original of
"Little Lord Fanntleroy. "
Special advertisements , such ai Tx t , Found
Yolxmn , For Bale , To Rent , Vtants , Hoarding ,
etc.-will bo Inserted In this column at the low
rate of TKN CENTS PKH LINE for the am laser
ion and FiveContiPerLlne for each subsequent
Insertion. Leave advertisements flt our offlco
No. 12 Vearl street , Dear Uroadway. Council
W ANTED A peed rerond'hnnd baker.
Union bakery , Council IllulTs.
il JircNT Furnished rooms , No. 703 Broad-
\iay , Council HlufTa.
IlKNT I'nciOo house barber sliop. In
quire flco. W. Ferguson & Son.
ANTKD A food live atronl to cnnvns fern
n ImiiscnoUl article of merit. 1' . C. Dovol ,
. " - ' ' '
No. C01
ANTIID Apprentice Kirls to learn dress-
W ranking. No. 711 Mynstcr st.
IJANTIin 1'lrsI'Olnpg irlrl to ilo Kcnornl
V houaowoik. No. liO Foiirtli street.
FOH JIKNT A | ar o front room , first llonr ,
lurnlahcil now , suitable for two ptintlu-
men. Located iiv .tlio central p.rt of city.
Wntor nna gus. Address W , lloo ofttco , Coun
cil llmirs. i
FOH SALK-Couinlete plant and equipment
for It It. UrlOtro ivorlt , conslstliiff of 7
pllo drhors , cnrpontnrs toola , touts , beddlnir
and boardlnsr oulflt for 150 men. In peed re
pair. Now stored tH Chenenno , W. T. For in
ventory and terms adUrtsaNo. 13 , N , Main St. ,
Council lllulls , lotyn ,
In Ambev ,
ctc.Hair Or
5vv nanients , as
$ newest nov-
i' goods.
Mrs.C.L. Gillette
29 Mnlu Btrcct. Out of town work so
np6erumeyorMapPublisher , $ ,
JVb. 11 North Main St.
City nml county ranps of cities nml counties
In western lotvn , Nubrutku anil Krmsns.
Star Safe Stabfes and Mule Yards
ISioucMruy , Council UlulTs , Opp. Dummy Depot
_ _
Horses and mules kept constantly on
hand , for sale at retail or in car loads.
Orders promptly filled by contract on
short notice. Stock sold on commission.
Siii.urEit& HOI.KY , Proprietors.
Telephone No. 111.
Formerly of Keil Sale Stables , corner
1st. ave. and -1th street.
Announces that His stock of
Finelmported SpringMillinery
In Choice Shapes ol Hats Si Bonnets ,
Together with a
LarneLltie of Novelties In Fane y Ma
tcrlals is io > Heady for Your
Careful Inspection.
1514 Douglas St. , Omaha.
Horses g Mules
For all purposes , bought and sold , at retail
and in lots. Large quantities to select
from. Several pairs or fine drivers , sin
gle or do'ible.
MASON WISE , Council Bluff
Attorneys at Law ,
raclicc in the State and Federal Court
Rooms 7 and S Shugart-Beno Block.
li. 11. McDANKU ) 4 CO. ,
( KitnbllsUed Is-ai
No. R l Main Slrcct. i : i foiinrll
0.-tt.lII.SSIO\ niCCIl ANTS ,
AM ) IlEAI.Klia IN
( Standard No. 2016) ) Sired by Almont No
M , and "Register. " ( Standard No. 5812. )
Sired by Tramp No. IMS , These stallions
will make the Reason of 18a7 at the Coun
cil Bluffs Driving Park.
For narliculiirn inquiroof or address
VVAUE GARY , Council Bluffs , la.
Steam , Gas and Water Pipe
No 552 Broadway , - Council Bluffs , Iowa
dfttll Orders Shipped Promptly.
A. If. It WE. K. U' . JtAXMOXD
Real Estate Brokers ,
No. 13 North Main Street.
Lower Floor First National Bank Block ,
Council Bluffs , Iowa.
Property Situated on the Corner of Pearl Street and Stjctli Ai-enite ,
known as the
Sold at Auction on Wednesday , April 20th
.A.T 3 3P. : MT. SALE O3T E'O
H. H. INMAN , Salesman ,
* * S'VST.A.Ifl" & ;
( "Successors to , )
Commission and Produce Merchants ,
Dcale rs in Groceries and Provisions. Satisfaction Guaranteed.
No. 11 South Main Street.
Vnccnt Lots , Lnndo , City Residences nnd
rarmsAero property In western part of city.
All soiling cheap to make room for spring stock
Heal Estate & Insurance Agent ,
ItoomC , over Ofllcor It Pusoy's Bank , Counci
/ wltl be at the Pacific HotclConn-
cil Blnjfti , every Saturday forenoon.
Omaha Denial Association removed to
Ilellman 151ock , cor. lath and Farnam.
Host sets teeth $0 , fully warranted. All
operations rendered painless by the use
of our new anie&thetic. Dr. llaughawout ,
Council Bluffs.Iowa.
Established 1857
Attorney at Law.
604 Broadway , Up Stairs ,
Council Bluffs.
The only Hotel in Council Stuffs Having a Fire
And All Modern Improvements.
213 , 217 and 210 Main St.
It. RICE , 31. D.
Cancers and other Tumors
Removed without the knite or Drawing o
Over 80 vears Practical experence.
No 11 Pearl St. , Council Bluffs.
Justice ot the Peace ,
415 Broadway , Council Bluffs.
Refers to any bank or business house in the
city. Collections a specialty.
W. L.
Justice of the Peace.
No 591 Broadway , Council Bluffs.
Collctions a specialty. Refers to the Hec
N. SVlIUltZ ,
Justice of the Peace.
Otliro over American Express.
Prices Veru Low ,
W. S. HOMER & Co. ,
u i .iic , estlmntcR niiil reports on bridges ,
viaducts , toiimlMlono iiml frcncrnl onslneerlns.
Blue print * of any slzo nlul nunntltv.
Otlicu No 13 N. Main St. , First Nfttloiml Uank
On hand. IK
FtamlarJ Sort *
by expronB ,
tnty nrrlval
Initnonfo etock
Shrnb nnd Herd * . All the noTClllfB. Our Illlll-
rated CwtiiluuriielslnTnluiihlotonll who Imvo. or
wini toliiiveiE rrteii. Mnlleit fr o to niipllconU.
BO imvlinECi of our luperlnr Pluwrr Hccili , or
X. ' , piicknvo of mir teetcil Vvcetublo Mecdi ( r
VI.OO , poitpald to UBT uddrot.
L. J. MARKS & Co.
Grain and Provision Commis
sion Merchants ,
JO and 12 Pacific Avenue.
Grnlnun.l 1'roTltloni bmiuht ttnrt " ( ilil en mniK'nl
on tlioCliUitKO Ho.vrJ of 'liarto. CorrcepandruCu *
llcltcJ. Dully or weekly market letter nut on appll *
c.ltlon. lictercnco-Cora KxtUuniio Uank.Ohlineo.
l TftlUI iluip I. (
U.I4t.rr r. L
Owing to the DlieoiIlL IUBTIIITT of tb * rlolb ( which
our patrnti rottr eiiluilTnlr ) VIM flt n rfrrt1r rlmt
time worn. Jl.nulrei no t.r - kliiz In IIOMT HKTllM > u
by p.ller ftfl rbHiur nrn ten day. If not found I IIP mot C
nd ComrorlKhle Cormt over worn. Bold by all
Urst-clin deulrrn.
VUOVTT IlltOS. , CblcM o , III.
- OF Till !
The Vest Itotitc from Omaha and
Council Muffs to
Two Trains Daily Retwccn Omaha , Coun
cil lilulTb
Chicago , AND Milwaukee ,
St. 1'aul , Minneapolis , Ceclar'Rapids ,
Rock IbUnd , Krecport , Kockforcl ,
Clinton , Dubuqtic , Davenport ,
Elgin , Maditon , Janesville ,
Hcloit , Winona , La Crossc ,
And all other Important potnti Baet , Nurthcist
ami Boutlinaat.
For through tlrkrti tnllonthn Ticket Accnt
Kt HOI Kuril urn Hlrool.dn 1'axtou hotel ) , or nt
Union 1'acific Depot.
I'liilmun hloopiTg and the finest Dlnlnfj Cm 9
In Iho worl'l ' arc run on tlio mnlii Hum of tlio
UIIICAOO , lin.wAuutK & Br. I'AUI. itiu.wAf ,
and every attention iu palil to piiiiouucrs by
courteous employes of the company ,
K. Mit.i.nii , Com riil Mun iiror.
J , I' . TL'CKKn , ABMftant ( luiicral Mannger.
A. V. It. Ciuri-MLii , Ucnorul I'HssouKer r.nJ
Ticket Auont.
Gro , 1C. HEArronn , Atslatant Oonerr.1 1'as-
iCDRflr and Ticket Aicciit.
J. T.CI.AIIK , UimenU Superintendent ,
MEO. Arlctlmo :
M . _ , _ . . _ Vniiiatui
lKUIIt/Ix > l MtrtiMx1rl < - . ,
ovnry knovn rcirM * . h < <
. . > ndr
Atllicu. U J. M AfW . ' < M 01 1 .4 fftii 1179. M w VeU OHf