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, - . . . , ; t iB' iiwii
Delivered by rsrrlcr In nnypnrtof the city nt
twuily ctnts per week.
H. W. TILTOX , Manager.
ncPlKTMOmcr. No. U
N. Y.Plumbing Co.
Now spring goods at Rclter's , tailor.
( icorgo W. Thompson &Co. . real estate
Prescriptions a specially at opera house
pharmacy , Camp A : Ellis.
The annual election of officers of the
Y. M.C. A. takes place this evening at 8
o'clock ,
The brick yards , of which there arc
some six or seven in tiio citv , will begin
operations to-morrow or Wednesday.
The city council will moot again to
night , no doubt with the same result as
before a deadlock on the Tenth a\enuc
During the past week the Northwestern
has delivered to the Union Pacific
railroatl at the transfer , 051 cars of west
bound merchandise.
The Women's Christian association
meets at 3 o'clock this afternoon at
Ogden house parlors. Ladles who arc
not members are invited to attend.
A line residence property fronting on
Bayliss1 park will bo rallied Juno 1.
Tickets are for sale by Smith Bros. ,
agent" , at 5 each. Get a homo for $3.
Will it rain the next four Sundays ?
That query is being asked by a good
many who saw Easter open in dampness.
The sign is old euough to bo of some ac
Round trip tickets will go on sale on
the 17th instant at the Northwestern
ticket ollices for the G. A. R. reunion at
Dubuquc , which takes place from the
10th to 21st.
Some farmer left his team tied in the
rear of Gregory's blacksmith shop Sat
urday and piobnbly foigot it , as it was
found by the police ct 3 o'clock yester
day morning.
.Special preparations are being made
for a line musical programme at the lay
ing of the corner stone of tno new Catho
lic church , which takes place two weeks
from yesterday.
As long as Alderman Keller's vote is
under the control of Alderman Danforth ,
ns Keller has himself admitted , just so
long will the Tenth avenue ordinance re-
iifTiin in statu quo.
It is a question if Danforth will allow
Hammer to vote for the Tenth avenue
ordinance on Hummer's return from Wis
consin , as it is said that "Uncle Si" holds
the club and will continue to use it with
good effect for his own dear self.
To-morrow ICO Raymond excursionists
who have been wintering in California
are expected to arrive at the transfer at
4 o'clock. They will leave about 4:30 :
o'clock over the Chicago , Rock Island &
Pacific for the cast in a special train.
Two women aopearcd at the city jail
yesterday , ono of which said she wished
to have her husband arrested as he was
continually insulting her whenever hemet
mot her on the street. She complained
of him once before , but after ho was ar
rested she did not appear against him.
A great many citi/cns improved the
opportunity yesterday of inspecting the
county court house. The stairways are
completed , which makes it easy of ac
cess. The iron work is now being fin
ished and all departments are being
pushed , except the slate contractor , who
will put a full force on to-day.
If the rumors that are afloat in regard
to Aldcrman-at-Largo Danforth being the
man who will not allow Keller to vote
for the ordinance , even if Hollar wishes
to , the citizens should got out en masse
and go ahead with their indignation meet
ing. For one alderman to have throe
votes in his pocket is too much of a
After the rain of yesterday morning
the dust having been nicely laid , many
persons IOOK a drive abont the city. Very
few private rigs remained in their
stables and even less livery turnouts.
The numerous pleasant drives in and
around Council Bluffs are such that as
soon ns the Broadway wagon
bridge is completed largo crowds from
Omaha may bo expected to take ad
vantage of these fine drives also.
Office of Mulholland & Co. , removed to
in under the Citizens' bank. Telephone
No. 102. Leave your orders for ice.
We have 200,000 good brick for sale.
Money to loan on real estate. Counci
Bluffs Real Estate Loan and Trust Co.
Room 0 , Everett block.
Poraonal Paragraph * .
Arthur Chase , of Avoca , is at the Pa
J. B. Ettiugor , of New York , is at th o
E. W. S. Otto , of Cedar Rapids , is at
the Ogdcn.
J. E. Dean , of Chicago , was at the
OgUen yesterday.
W. H. England , of Sioux Falls , is n
guest at the Ogdcn.
J. D. Hardin , of Chnrlton , the "Q. "
stock agent , is at the Pacific.
Fred Hope , of Mount Pleasant , is in
the city and will bo located in Saunder'a
real estate office.
M. Wheat , state master workman of
the Knights of Labor , is at the Bechtele
hotel , wucre ho rested over Sunday after
having been in the northern nart of the
state for the past week.
For acre property , residences and busi
ness property call on W. C. Stacy & Co. ,
No. 0 Main street.
A First-Class HesUJnnce.
Nine rooms , abundance of closets , two
cellars , bath room , hot and cold water ,
gas , furnace , etc. , city water , cistern ,
ventilation thorough ; built two years.
Occupies an elevated site in good local
ity and is very desirable property. About
throe minutes walk to postoflico. R. P.
Oflicor , room No. 6 , No. COO Broadway ,
Council Bluffs.
J. W. < &E. L. Squire make beautiful
abstracts of title , and deserve the success
they are enjoying.
Park Concerts.
The summery weather brings out the
Annual suggestion in regard to having a
Bcrios of outdoor concerts in Bayliss park
during the summer soason. The BEK in
nugurated these summer concerts sovora'
seasons ago , giving the initial ono at its
own expense. Others followed , and the
citizens have had numerous enjoyable
evenings as a result. Now the Nonpa
reil comes out with a spring editorial
urging a series of park concerts. A
surer way than urging others to pay for
the music is for the Nonpuriol to sot the
example this season , as the BEK has be
fore. Various merchants and private
citizens will doubtless follow with the
donation of onn concert each for the pub-
Ho enjoyment. It is a much more satis
factory way than passing arouudtho hat.
Our 5th consignment of Quick Meal
Stoves has arrived and wo cau ou short
notice supply the demand for this cele
brated vapor stoyo. Cole & Cole , * 1
Main street.
Hewers , Music and Eloquence Pay Trib
ute to the Day ,
The Council HI tin's Wheelmen nntl
Their 1'lans far the Benson
'Iho Unstor Habblt Amuses the
Children-Personal Mention.
"Ho It Hlsen. "
Yesterday being I'-istor the clmrchoi of
the city , without rog.ird to denomina
tional peculiarities or whimsical creeds ,
observed the day by moro or loss of a ,
change from the usual services. There
wcro largo congregation ? at all these
places of worship. The day opened with
a refreshing rain , laying the dust which
had been so annoyingly whirled into the
eyes of everybody for several days be
fore. The .sun ncupcd out just in time
to smile upon the nuw bonnets as they
wuro finding their way for the lirst time
to church. In almost every church so
ciety there had been enthusiastic workers
busy decorating pulpits and altars with
flowers and plants , while preachers and
singers hud been preparing carotuily for
fuatuies of merit in iliu services of < the
ST. I'ACI.'S riiuurii.
With the Episcopalians' Easier is ob
served \\ith peculiar xust. This church
was elaborately an-l ttuU'fnlly decorated ,
and the services were of a specially in
teresting natute. The church was lillcd
at the morning service , and the congre
gation was evidently delighted and
doubtless profited. The rector , Hev. Mr.
Muukuy , preached a sermon appropriate
to the day. The lloral decorations were
beautiful in their details and the general
ellect was very pleasing. There were
numerous lloral designs arranged with
cut ( lowers , a crown , a star , cross , etc.
Several of the memorial windows wuro
finely decorated. That in memory of
Dr. McKiinc was especially so. Among
its decorations was largo pillow. The
musical features of the service had been
prcp.irrd with great rare also , and were
well cariicd out by the chorus choir under
charge of Prof. Lipfert. Following the
morning service was the holv com
munion , and the children also liadspccial
services appropriate to the day.
Jim iiAirribr cnuiicii.
This was not elaborately decorated ,
but about the altar numerous plants and
llowcrs were tastefully arranged. The
pastor , ttov. Of. Cooley , preached an ex
cellent sermon from I Corinthians , xy ,
14. The burden of his discourse was to
sot torth clearly some ot the results of
the resurrection of Christ. One was
that it proved Christ's divinity , another
that it proved the fullness and cfliciency
of iiis redemption of man , n third that
it brought life and immortality to light.
That it proved also that man's future life
will bo full and complete , a life of body as
well as of spirit. It proved that the fut
ure life will be eternal , beginning at the
now birth and continuing forever more.
In closing the reverend speaker showed
how the resurrection of Christ was shap
ing the world's history , and Christ as a
living : force was still ruling , and
that it was not a dead Christ who was
being worshiped.
In the evening Dr. Cooley gave a forci
ble , practical sermon to young men , on
"Tho temptation ot Joseph. " Ho dwelt
upon the ease with which young men
away from homo , as Joseph was , would
Yield to temptations that they would re
sist if surrounded by homo influences.
As Joseph called this "a great sin against
God , " so sin should bo called by its right
name , and spoken of plainly. There
should bo no dallying with sin , but when
tempted , one should lice from it.
The floral decorations at the Presbyte
rian church wcro very fine and consisted
of n large cross of calla lilies , a cluster
of white roses , n floral star , Easter lilies
nnd potted llowcrs ; all arranged about
the pulpit. The choir consisted of
Miss Anna Merkel , contralto ; Miss
Barbara Merkel , soprano ; S. C.
Noble , basso ; J. E. Atchison , tenor. The
musical programme consisted of the To
) eum , "I Know that My Kedomer
-.iveth , " solo , Miss Barbara Merkel ; of-
crtory , "Tho Palms , " duct , the Misses
The congregation was n very larco ono
xnd the sermon by the now pastor , Rev.
Stephen Phclps , D. I ) . , is pronounced
ono of the finest ever delivered in this
jity. lie spoke apparently without
nanuscript and held the audience closely
liroughout his entire discourse. His
closing was a grand climax and there
vero probably not a dozen people in the
congregation who wcro not moved to
.cars at some of the emotional passages
M the sermon. He took as his text Matt ,
xxvii , 7 : "And go quickly , and tell His
disciples that Ho is risen from the dead ,
and , behold , Ho goeth bcforo you into
Jallllce ; there sbull yo sco Him : lo , I
wo told you. "
At the Catholic church there was an
extra largo attendance at both the 0,8. 9
and 10:30 : o'clock masses. The attraction
of the day was the special musical fea
ture at the 10:30 : o'clock services. The
choir was composed of Mrs. J. O'Noill ,
jrganist ; Mrs. A. Darraugh , Miss Jennie
Keating , Miss Sophia Gerner , soprano ;
Miss Gray. Miss Katie Throll , Miss Delia
Dohany , alto ; J. McWilliaras , E. Ingols-
by , Henry and Charles Paschel , basso ;
assisted by F.V. . S. Forrest , tenor. The
offertory was called "Jesu Dei Vivi , "
which was very finely rendered. The
included Concono's mass ,
aving solos , ducts , trios and quartettes ;
also Peter's "Grand Magnificat" and
Tantumergo , " quartette by Rossi.
There was n largo attendance at the
Broadway Methodist Episcopal church
yesterday morning. The choir was com
posed of Miss Matio Palmer , Miss Lou
Smith , Colonel Till leys and R. J. Me-
Bride , and the anthem "Thou Hast u
Mighty Arm1' was rendered in a highly
pleasing and successful manner. The
lloral decorations were very fine and
ornamented either side of the pulpit.
Rev. E. I ) . McCrcary , the pastor , took
as his text Rev. 1,18 : "I am Ho that liv-
eth and was dead ; and , behold , I am
alive forever moro , amen ; nnd have the
keys of hell and of death. " Also John
XIV , 10 : "Yet a little while , and the
world bcest mo no more ; but yo see Me :
because I live , yo shall live also. " The
discourse was listened to with marked
attention and was a very fine ono. An
Easter missionary service was held in the
Sunday school rooms at 12:30 : o'clock
which consisted of songs , offerings nnd
recitations. lu the evening the Ladles *
Foreign Missionary societyTield anniver
sury exercises.
Tito interior of this church was as
tastefully and elaborately decorated as
any in the city. Across the base of the
organ , just abovn the kovboard , and ex
tending along the whole width was r
broad wine-colored strip , upon whlol
appeared in largo silvered letters of oh
English , "Ho Is Risen. " The altar ral
was almost hidden m a profusion of
blooming plants and green vinos. On
each side of the organ was u largo ever
green tree , and at each side of the church
m front was n stand of flowers and
plants. At the front end of the middle
aisle htood a cross of rude wood , and ono
of the most pleasing features of the ser
vice was the manner of decorating it.
The pastor , Roy. G.V. . Crofts , mndo a
few remarks pointing out the significance
ot the cross and of the flowers. . Children
then came marching up the aisle bearing
cut flowers , which were skillfully placed
in position by Mr. Dan A. Sudd , so that
in a few moments the rude cross was
transformed to one of rare beauty. The
choir then sang the following , which
was written for the occasion by the pas
tor :
JJcJiold , the cross of rucgcd wood
Now frowning darkly on thy sight :
'Twnc thus the cnns of Calvary .stood.
Whereon wns nalletl the Prince ot Llcht ;
The Lamb of God's lose ,
The Glorious Saviour from above.
On such a cruel cross Ho died
That sinful nmn misfit be forgiven ,
Ami to Ills own Krimt soul allied
And fitted for the bliss of heaven ;
Oh , Christ ! was over love like Thluo ,
So pure and pcrioct and dlvlnoV
And now , behold , the cross with ( lowers
Adorned by Infant hands so sweet ;
UrlRht tokens of the joyous hours
\Ve spend while sitting at Ills foot ,
And learning tliuro the precious thought
That lifo by Christ's dear blood was bought.
The musical part of the service was es
pecially fine. Mrs. Roll' , who has one of
the sweetest voices in the city , sang a
solo , and the choir , consisting of herself ,
with Miss Jossclyn , Mr. VVcstcott and
Mr. McDormid , gave some special an
thems. The organ voluntary was very
fine. The pastor preached a short ser
mon , not over fifteen minutes. It was
lull of appropriate thoughts , in well
chosen words. An Easter service of the
Sunday school followed , consisting of re
sponsive scriptural readings and songs.
Contractors and builders will find it to
their interest to got prices on lime , co-
incut , plaster , hair , etc. , from Council
IMuiVs I'ucl company , 03'J ' Broadway.
Telephone 130.
Whirling on Wheels.
In view of the fact that bicycle riding
is so popular this season in Council
Blufl'H , ulicu man yesterday questioned
on of tha members of the now association ,
which is named the "Council Blulls Ram
blers. " Ho was very enthusiastic over
the prospects for the bicycle riders in
this city , and was under the impression
that as the season advances the number
of riders would increase materially.
There are twenty-throe charter members
of this new association and several now
applications arc to bo acted upon at the
next meeting , ono of them being n gen
tleman from Omaha. The association is
composed strictjy of amateurs , the defi
nition of which in this case refers to those
who have never earned a livelihood by
the bicycle , never raced for money or
having ridden against a professional. It
is very probable that this new organi/a-
tion will have a road race some time dur
ing the season ; under the rules of the as
sociation they are to have at least ono
run during each month. These runs
will no doubt bo from thirty to fifty miles
each. The road race will be for a medal
or something of that sort , as they are not
allowed to race for'money prizes under
any circumstances. The bicycles cost
all the way from $70 to $150 each , the
average cost of those in use at present in
this city being $110. The road races
will not bo to test the velocity with which
the riders can send their machines along ,
but as a test of endurance. The Bicycle
club has made application to the Council
Bluffs Rowing association for a part of
the building which they are to erect on
Lake Manawa , in which to place their
bicycles when they reach the lake.
Should the Rowing association fail to
allow this privilege , for which the
Bicycle club proposes to pay , then
the "Ramblers" will build a house of
their own on the lake.
A bicycle , under a largo number of
cgal decisions , has the same right to the
road as a loaded buggy or other vehicle ,
and the United States treasury has de
cided that a bicycle is n carriage and im
poses the same duties as on a carriage.
People on the country roads and on the
streets are under the impression that a
bicycle has no business there and should
make way for other vehicles , while in
"act , through courtesy and custom , bug-
jies , etc. , "should give the bicycle the
smooth road instead of crowding it into
the rut. Considerable talk has been in
dulged in about the bicycle frightening
horses , while in fact it is usually the
driver and not the horse that is most
frightened. A sensible bicycler , if he
sees that a horse is becoming frightened ,
an easily stop off his machine till the
horse passes.
Shcrraden is still making cabinet plio-
at $3 per do/ . , best finish. Crayon or
India ink lifo size pictures only $10. By
F. M. Woodaru , artist.
Special advertisements , such as Lost , Found
To Loan , For Sale , To Kent , V > nnts , Ikmrdinjr ,
etc. , will bo Inserted la this column nt the loir
rate of TEN CENTS PEK LINE for the flrst laser-
Ion nnd five Contl PerLIno forcach aubsoquent
Insertion. Leave advertisements nt our oflico
No. U Pearl street , near liroadwar , Council
FOR BALK Entire household goods , No. Kf
Seventh avonuo.
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-I f 103 : uUb family horse and open
Apply to No. 119 titutsman street.
AGENTS Now lithe time to make money.
Our goods are selling to nil classes , room
for good men who are irllfiaif to work for largo
pay. Call at 410 S. lltn St. 40115J
LOST From No. 714 Ilancroft street , two
Bcotch terrier pupa about three months
old. I.lnlit yellow color. Suitable reward. T.
W. McCargar.
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making. No. 714 Mynstcr Bt. _
FOK SALE A nice pony mare , cheap. B. T.
French , No. 38 Pearl street.
WANTED A peed girl for general house
work. Apply to Mrs. W. B. Cooper , 631
Bluff Bt.
"ITITANTED Twenty good teams for grading
T T on the Northwestern load , BIX miles from
FOll KENT Large furnished front room ,
No. BIT First avenue.
TTTTANTED Olrl for general housework. No ,
TV 637 Fifth avenue.
TTITANTED First-class girl to do general
TV housework. No.L0Fourth ! street.
FOR KENT A largo front room , flrst floor ,
furnished now , suitable for two gentle
men. Located In the cent nil port of city.
Witter and gus. Address W , llca oflico , Coun
cil IllUdB.
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for II. R. brldgo work , consisting of 7
pile drivers , cnrpontiirs tools , tents , bedding
and boarding outllt for 1IH ) men. In good re
pair. Now stored at Clienouno , W. T. For In
ventory and terms address No. 13 , N , Mam tit. ,
Council niufTs , Iowa.
TJiOll SALE A good second-hnnd delivery
X ? wngon , cheap. 0. 11. Smith , No. CIO
I ) roadway.
In Amber ,
ctc.Hair Or
naments , as
well as the
newest uov
cities in Imir
Mr .C. L. Qillette
89 Main' street. Out of town work so-
. . netted.
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spring purchases * If so call at
iisr.MAx'g : vnoi'i.r.'s STORK.
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Ao have given Council Bluffs the larg
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Vnccnt Lots , * Lands , City Residences nntl
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Ml selling1 chciip to make room for spring stock
Real Estate & Insurance Agent ,
ItoomS , over Officer & Pusoy's Dank , Councl
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Omaha Dental Association removed to
icllman Block' , cor. 13th and Farnam.
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operations rendered painless by the use
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Standard No. 2915) ) Sired by Almont No
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Sired by Tramp No. 308. These stallions
will make the season of 1887 at the Coun
cil Bluffs Driving Park.
For particulars inquire of or address
WADE GARY , Council Bluffs , la.
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Blue prints of any sire aim quantity.
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li. ItlCE , M. D.
Cancers end other Tumors
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Blood. -
Over BO years Practical experence.
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Justice ' 6i the Peace ,
415 Bn hy V Council Blufft.
Refers to any bank or business house in the
city. Collections a specialty.
Council BlulTs.Iowa.
Established 1M7
If. SCHUltZ ,
Justice of the Peace.
Notloo of IMbaolutlon
Of partnership ot Boiler Bros. , brick manu
factures , by limitation , noth to receive and
receipt for debts duo the firm. B. W. Ileslojr to
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Council Blufff , Apr. 1,1887. B. W. DCBJ.EV.
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npeerSurveyorMapPublisher , ,
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gle or double.
MASON WISE , Council Bluff
Prices Very Low ,
W. S. HOMER & Co , ,
yo. 23 MAfX ST. ,
Ttieonty Hotel in Council Bluffs Having a fire
Escape ,
And All Modern Improvements ,
215 , S17 aud 319 Main St.
"MAX MOlfN ,
Headquarters for Good Goods !
Carpets and
Dry Goods.
We are still to be found on the Old Camp Ground
Broadway , Council Bluffs , la ,
With the largest and best selected stock of
Carpets ever brought to this city.
Our stock of Dress Goods comprises the
finest fabrics , and also the most substantial
but less costly.
Those wishing good goods and as repre
sented will not fail to give us a call.
Don't Forget the Place ,
RealEstateBrokerandDealer r > :
Council Bluffs Office , Masonic Temple. Omaha Office ,
No. Ill , North 16th St.
Particular attention ylven to investing funds for non
residents. Special bargains In lots and acre properly In
Omaha and Council Bluffs. Correspondence sollctcd *
Steam , Gas and Water Pipe
No 55S Broadway , - Council Bluffs , Iowa
Stall Orders ShippedPromptly. .
Real Estate Brokers ,
No. 13 North Main Street.
Lower Floor First National Bank Block ,
Council Bluffs , Iowa.
Pronerly Situated on the Corner of Pearl Street and Sixth Avenue , '
known a the
Sold at Auction on Wednesday , April 20tn ,
.A.T 3 Z9. 3 C. SAXjE OlsT 3S
H. H. INMAN , Salesman ,
F.nrminK Lands in Iowa , Minnesota , Kansas , and ranging from $3.00 to
$10 00 nor aero. School and state lands In Minnesota on 30 yours' time 0 per
cent interest. Luinl Buyers fare free. Information , etc. , given hy
. . .
. . ' ,
No. 555 llroadway , Council lllulTa , Tmva , agent for Froidrik.sen & Co. , Chicago.
CSucccKsors to , )
Commission and Produce Merchants ,
Dcale ra In Groceries and Provisions. Satlxfaction Ouarunttcd ,
No. 11 South Main Slwt * . ' .