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The Street Oar Double Tracks and Pros
pective New Lines.
Tlio Union Pacific's t\\g \ Improve
ments Tlio August McctltiK Prlzo
Don't Go City News In
Htroct Cnr Improvements.
\Vorkwascoinnionced\Vednesdny on the
laying of tlio double track for the sticct car
company on I'.irk nvcnne. The double line
will bo'coinpletcd ns far as Leaven worth
fctroct In n few days , and will bo put Into
operation at once , and will bo continued to
Farnain stiect as soon ni P.irk avonuu Is ex
llio residents of St. Mary's nvcmio have
bccomo alarmed over thu rumor that the
Horse Hallway company contemplated aban
doning the car line on thoroughfare as
soon as the avvntio line Is extended
throuch to Karnam. Mr. Frank Mur
phy , of the street car company ,
when questioned about the mat
ter by a it-porter , stated that there was
no foundation whatever for the rumor. "Tlio
new I'ark avenue line , " said Mr. Murnhv ,
"will bo put in operation merely as a relief
for thu St. Mary's avenno line , which Is now
fearfully oveicrowded. The operation of
the new I'ark avcnuo line tlnoiiRli to Far-
nam will enable us to run cars ovcry live
minutes and will u'lvo residents of the
western part of tlio city a cholco of lines.
The St. Mary's avcnuo grade Is a very
heavy ono and makes the operation
of the line exticmi'Iy dilllcult
but the street Is too Important a thoioutili-
faio to think lor an Instant of abandoning
it. "
The street car company has twenty now
cars on hand ready for use. They will be
divided butweon tlio preen and red lines
with a reserve supply to bo used on occa
sions Ilko bit ; ball games , fairs , reunions ,
etc. , of which there will bo a largo number 111
Omaha this summer.
Thoassniancoof the street car company
that the St. Mary's avenue line will not bo
abandoned will not quiet the fears of the
residents ot that street as they arothioatrned
in another direction. A strong elicit Is being
nmilc by residents and property owners on
Lcavonworth street to Induce the street car
company to chaiiL'b their St. Mary's avenue
line at Twentieth stieet and run It west on
Lonvenwoilh street. The btrcetcar company
lias not yet considered the proposition.
The Union Pacific's Ti-nct Near
Sheely'q Tlio Law Department.
It Is stated on good authority yesterday that
the Union Pacific Intends to make , extensive
Improvements on Its big tract of property
near Shcely's packing house. This tract
amounts to thlrty-livo acres. There Is a 11 vo
nrro slice of It which belongs to Mr. J. F.
Shccly and \\hlch the Union 1'acllic has been
trying to purchase. Mr. Shccly named the
price to Mr. Amesof Boston , as40,000or
88,000 an acre. The oiler has not yet been
It Isstttod that on this tract the Union Pa-
clllc Intends to erect a mammoth loundliouso
and that at once. It Is very much cramued
In that respect , at present. It Is also said
that In all probability a height depot and
freight yards , sldn tracks , turntables , etc. ,
will be located. The Union i'acille authori
ties are reticent about the matter ,
run LAND DirAiir.MnNT. :
It was dellnltelv learned yesterday at head
quarters that the Kansas Pnclllo land depart
ment will bo removed from Kansas City to
Omaha and consolidated with the land depart
nieut of the main lino. The reason assigned
for this is that the business of
both dcputmcnts Is decreasing and
can bo easily manacd by the
ono onico. In Nebraska , lor Instance , nearly
nil the lands have been sold , and now there
remains ll.OOd.OJO acres of grazing lands ,
principally In Idaho and Wyoming. Along
the line of the Kansas 1'aclllc , there are about
§ ,400,000 acres nmialnmz lor sale. Mr. 11.
McAllister , the Kansas Pacific land com
missioner , will bo In charge of the otllco.
v HOTR9.
"Vice President Callaway is reported as bet
ter yesteiday.
Passencor Azent Garvln , of the North
western , came in yesterday ! morning with a
party of torty passengers Irom Cedar linplds ,
bound for California. Superintendent Smith , of the
Union 1'acllic , Is expected homo about the
12th Irom his trip over the Idaho division.
The Nebraska Association of Trotting
llorso Breeders.
The Nebraska association of Trotting-
horsu Breeders will hold Its annual trotting
meeting In Omaha on August 10 and 11,1887.
The list of entries has been closed. It Is as
follows :
NO 1. FOn TWO-YnATt-OT.t > S ,
1'onls of 18SV half mile heats to harness ,
best three In live :
C. II. Crelghton , Omaha ; Hilly McCracken ,
bile h by llamblotonlan Mambrlno.
Win. AKUOW , Omaha ; Vine Wood , b ra
by Onward 1411 Mambrlno.
Kwd.Pylo.Ilumboldt ; Trenton bv Stranger.
P. McEvoy , Elkhorn ; Susetto , b 01 by
A. Thompson , Omaha : Joe Dandy , b h by
Ethan Allen.
D. C. Langford , Tekamau ; Walter N. , b u
by Halsora Jr.
J. O. Frantzo , Friend ; Lady Garber , m by
Silas ( iarber.
Goo. II. Bally , Falrbury ; Chalice , ch m
by Saturn.
S. ( } . Smith & Son , Fremont ; Bellflowcr ,
in by Ned Balfour.
' J. K , Cording. Ulysses ; Orphan Maid , m
by Stocking Chief.
A. J. Brlcgs , Superior ; Notion , b m by
I J Starbuck , McCook ; Omega , ch h by
Tramp 80S.
NO. 2-FOH TlllF.i-Yn.Ul-OIIS ! ,
foals of 1SS4 ; mile heats , beat thiuo In
harness :
0. II. Crelghton , Omaha ; Geo. Simmons , b
h by Simmons.
Edward Pylo , Ilumboldt ; McVeigh , by
Chns. CalTiey.
Edward i'vle , Ilumboldt ; Queen Lizzie , in
by Clms. Caffrey.
P. McEvoy , Elkhorn ; Dorlnaa , b m by
P. McKvoy , Elkhorn ; Ollaha , b h by
Ed Culver , Omaha ; Nellie Umby Llttlo
A. Thompson , Omaha ; Eyclda Allen , b m
by Ethen Allen.
llnivoy Plckrcl , 1'ork ; Count Waldemar , b
b by Kins ituno.
Kesterson & Tolleth , Fatrbury , Sopth P. ,
by Swlgert.
itabc Elliott , Nemaha City , Jowsharp , by
Dr. A. S. Halllday , Lincoln , Alment Aber
deen , b h by Aberdeen.
D. T. liill , Syracuse , LeCount jr. , b li , by
1. J. Staibuck , McCoolr , Lady May , b m by
D. T. Mount , Omaha ; Mlrada Knox , b ni
by Chas Catlrey.
. 3 .
foals of 18\1 :
ro. H. Crelghton , Omaha ; J. S. C. , bh by
Edw Pyle , Ilumboldt , Tom AlcConnoll , by
Chas. Collrey.
1' . McEvoy. Elkhorn ; Ncttlo Zulu , b m by
bn hi.
M. Lovltt , Guide Rock ; Copper mount , b >
A. J. Utlggs , Superior ; Lavldas , b h by
James G.Ladd , Beatrice ; Plutus , by On
U. E. Mnyno , Omaha ; Captain Ashby.
I. J. Starbuck , Y.cCook ; I. Jay S. , ch h b.\
S * L. Green , McCook' Boll Douglas , m by
1. J. Starbuclr , McCook : Tramp S. , ch h bv
N0.4 Fen F1VK YEAJl'OI.DS.
C. II. Creiehtou , Omaha : Dark Night bll
h by Alclonc.
Matt. Claire. Omaha ; Emma Wilks , b u
by Brown Wllks.
. A. J. Brlgcs , Superior : Persuntlsr , cb h In
Waynes Bashaw.
D.D.Johnson , Weeping Water ? Ted Ms
Mahon , be by McMahon.
O. n. Cioiffhtou , Omaha ; Cltvrle Wllks , t
w by H 4 WUks.
Gcoreo II. Hally , rnlrbury ; Fairy Bird , b
n by ( ialdcn liow.
D. DJohn , < on , Weeping Water ; AnnaJ , ,
h m bv Hamlet.
C.K. Mayno , Omaha : Macnolla Maid , pr
m. * *
I ) . T. Hill , Syracuse ; Pet Lo an , b m by
.ognn Chief.
NO. 0. FOn 2:39 : ST M.I.ION'I.
S. B. Shirk , ( Jrnnil Island ; Westein Path-
Inder , by Buel's Pathlinder.
I J. Starbuck , MCcook ; Tramp b. , ch h by
il. J. 'Starbuck , McCook ; I. Jay S. , ch h by
ri.n/l' ' . lllll. Sjracuso ; XioCount , b h by
Sweepstakes. . _ , ,
Tucker & Pearson. Lincoln ; Maxy Cobb ,
Jr. , br h by Maxv Cobb.
Jas. ( J. Ladd , Beatrice ; Counsellor , b h by
A. J. Brleg1 ! , Superior ; Persuader , ch h by
Waynes Uashaw.
J. ( ) . Kavmond , Columbus ; Gladiator by
Lakeland Abdallah.
C. F. Stewart , BrowiU'llle ; Tim McMahon ,
b h by McMahon.
I ) . C. Landlord , Tokamah ; Almond , by
A. Thompson , Omaha ; Ethan Allen , bh
> y rjliam Drew.
'Ewd. Pvle , Ilumboldt ; McFarland , br h by
Clms. Callicy.
C. Jl. Orelghton , Omaha ; Dark Night , blk
i by Alcloiie.
Alcloiie.NOT roll STAU.IONS.
J. H. Mllholland , SteeleClty ; Cyclone , bh
> y Antar.
C. E. Maync. Omaha : Consul , ch by Sa
il. Chamberlain , Arapahoe ; McLcod , ch h
jy Satuin.
A.J. Bilegs , Superior , Competine , b h by
A. Thompson , Omaha ; Ethen Allen.b . h by
1 Irani Drew.
P. McEvoy , Elkhorn ; Zulu , b h by
E. B. Wood , Omaha ; Victor Sprcatjuo , gr
i bv GRO. Sprcague.
The second i-\ymont ) on the nbovo stake
races becomes duo Juno 1 , lr > st payment trom
those which start August 1.
D. T. HIM. , Secretary ,
Syracuse , Neb.
The Mo. Pacific and Northwestern have
submitted propositions for bonds which
will bo voted sure. J. D. Kiloy , the real
estate broker , has great bargains in bnsi-
less lots and : icro tracts. JJawes & Foss1
ulditlon a specialty. Rooms ! , D anil 0 ,
Jpera House.
The Marshal anil Sheriff Combine
Against the Pugilists.
The match which was arranged to take
place at the exposition annex on Saturday
night has been Indefinitely postponed on
iccount of the Interference ot the nuthori-
: lcs. For some time thcio has been a grow-
ng feeling against the style of so-called
"glove contests" that have been given in
Omaha ana the authorities have decided to
[ Hit a stop to tlio exhibitions. Sheriff Co-
jurn and Marshal Cummlnirs had a confcr-
enco Wednesday and decided to hereafter see
that the law against prize lightln ; ono of
the severest of the code is hereafter strictly
entorccd In Omaha. They assert that the
men who have had the handling of local
porting events have abused the privileges
iat have been granted them to such an ox-
ten t that the best class ot citizens have de
manded the Interference of the police author
ities. Hereafter , say those onlcials , prize-
lights , glove contests and other similar bru
tal attractions don't go.
An Indiana paper having recently
changed hands , the editor's valedictory
was simply "I've quit , " and the saluta
tory of tlio new manager was-"Wo'vo
commenced. " using Kirk's "Juvemlo"
Toilet Soap.
Kate Murray's Diamonds.
The case of O. S. Lyon vs. the Nebraska
National Bank was settled In Judge Neville's
court Wednesday. The suit was ono brought
to decide the ownership ot diamonds
for the alleged larceny of which Lyon , n
Texas cattle owner , had Kate Murray ar
rested in this city , last September. The
comt decided that the ring Is the rightful
pro pcrty of Kate Murray and so ruled. The
woman has a suit against Lyon for $5,000 for
defamation of chaiactcr which was being con
sidered in Judge Neville's couit yesterday.
Lyon did not appear at the trial , lie has poss
ession of the diamond but is under bonus to
return it to the woman In case the court de
cided in her iavor.
The suit for defamation of character Is still
In progress. The plaintiff herself was on the
stand. She wants 53,000. The whole thing
seems to have grotvn one of Lyon's jealousy
of a gambler named Forrebt , who Is living In
Lincoln but lormerly was in Fort Worth.
The judgment against Lvons Is good against
his bondsman , William A. Paxton , and the
defendant's lawyers says that Lyons has
played him a dirty trick in refusing to come
here and appear in tlio case. Foriest is hero
in Omaha with the plaintiff.
J. D. Rilcy. Real Estate Urokor , Hast
ings , Nob. References : City Nat'l bank
and Adams County bank.
Broke His lice.
John J. Mohan swore out a warrant In po
lice court yesterday f or the arrest of Lou Whit-
taker on a charge of attempted mayhem. On
the 22d of January last Mehan pot Into a dis
pute with Whlttaker in n saloon , when the
latter knocked him down with a seltzer bottle
tle , and at the same time kicked him so
roughly as to break ills leg. Mohan has
been laid up over since in the hospital.
Whlttaker. who is a plumber in the employ
of J. C. Elliott , promised to pay his doctors
bills , but has never done so. Accordingly
Mcuan proposes to put him through.
An Undisputed Test of Merit.
A medicine that has been a household
remedy for over fifty years anil used in
that time by over 150,000,000 persons
must htvvo great merit. Suoh a medi
cine is found 111 UllANDKKTIl'S PjLI.S.
This faot illustrates the value of these
pills bettor than any statement of the
proprietors. It will bo observed that tlio
iloso renuirod to euro is small. One or
two puls tak9 every night for ten or
twenty days will cure dyspepsia , co&tivo-
ness , rheumatism , liver complaint , all
female complaints and weaknesses.
The National Opera Festival.
The sale of reserved seats for the trraml
opera festival has been transferred to Max
Meyer & Bro's jewelry and music store where
cholco scats for the operas , viz : for Monday ,
"Tho Dutchman " and the
Flying , grand bal
let , "Hal Costume , " the music by Anton Itu-
blnstcln for"Lakme ; " on Tuesday afternoon
at two o'clock and for Tuesday evening
"Lohengrin , " the close of the season can be
obtained. The pilces range from one to three
A Bonanza Mine
of health Is to bo found in Dr. R. V.
Pierco's " 1'avorito Prescription , " to the
merits of which as a remedy for female
weakness and kindred affections thou
sands testify.
vs. Colts.
llnmel Ozephsky , a farmer , appeared at
pollco court very much excited yesterday
morning and complained that the bulldog of r
colorcdbarber ; ot Douglas street had badly bit
ten the legs of ono of his colts , which ho hail
left tied to a telegraph pole. In the efforts a
the horses to get away the wagon was some
what demolished. An ofllcer was sen : will
O/ophsky and the owner of the dog will prob
ably pay the damages or go to jail.
A Reckless Drlvor.
A cab driver named Itussefl was arrested
yesterday forrunniuRover alady nameil Mrs
E. S. Flaztr , wito of the Thirteenth 'Etrcel
Ciocer. Mrs. Flag ? was driving east or
Douglas street last night when the cab driver
by Russell , going north on Fourteenth stree
ran ( iron her. She has sustained Injuries
which nmv pi ova serious and llussoll will be
prosecuted to the full extent of the law , foi
reel ; loss driving.
1 SoTcn Varieties
SdSweetPotaloes fl'lilI8tImmelCo
'J ? ll&913Jonosrit. .
Stray Ijcnvus l-'roin n Jluportcr's Xoto
"Thcro Is ono unfortunate feature con-
icctcd with this proposed rcdlstrlctlng
of tlio city , " said Judge Stcnberg j-cstcr-
lay , "and that is that It cuts down the
yoto. The ponulation of Omaha has
louulcd In the past live years , but it is a
itet that wo poll but very few more votes
han w o did live years ago. A great
nany voters never keep track ol these
ch tinges in the ward boundaries , and
nany of them lose their votes by failing
o register when their wards are changed.
L hope that they will get the wards cs-
.ablishud this time so there will be no
leccsrflty of changing them again for
Years. " .
"J had an amusing experience over in
Iowa the other day , " said n local rail
road man. " 1 was going into Chicago
nnd occupied a sleeper with n party of
ivo or travelling men and n saintly
coking personage with a Prince Albert
coat , n white choker and n cast of coun
tenance that would make an undertaker
turn green with envy. J5y the time wo
reached Atlantic the boj'd were pretty
Iry and I made a raid and succeeded in
capturing a quart bottle full of the inter
dicted stuft' . The boys wcro a little
hnid about Hashing the bottle on his
Solemn Nibs for awhile but finally ono
of tlio party asked him to join us , which
.o our surprise ho did and gave a pull at
.ho bottle. The boj-s grew hilarious and
nt upon tlio plan of dedicating : i few
versos of poetry to mo as a token of their
appreciation of my eilbrta for the good
of the cause. 1 have tlio poetry framed
as n souvenir of the trip. The lirst
verse , contributed by a grocery road
agent was as follows ;
Oh , Joe , we're glint you're with us
liccauso when we wcro drt ,
You found somestult to Kive us ,
From out your jug1 of rye.
The cigar drummer who had a Harvard
diploma followed with this :
Bacchus' sons sine pralso to thce.
Savior of a dliest war.
Ton whoso mighty mind the key
Unlocked Iowa's sternest law.
Tlio sad and solemn member of the
party looked "through a glass darkly"
for a second and sent us to our beds with
the following jingling in our oars :
Ot nil tha men upon n train ,
Behind the engine's throttle.
None can compare with wlmt's-hls-uaine ,
Who passed atouiul the bottle.
Transfers Filed April O , 1387.
Edward Schrocder et al to William
( iramkam.lots 1 and 2 and fractional
3. 4 and 5 blk 23 , Millaul.wU . 55 375
J w licdfoid and wife to John S
Wllcox et nl , south bO feet of lot a
blk 7 , Kirk wood add , w (1 . 2,000
William Colnirn to Fred W Gray , 50 by
1R8 feet , be innlntr at a point on
Virginia avenue In J I Jlcdlck's
add 103 foot south of U S Grant
streot. sheriff's deed .
F Itlnnor et al to Elizabeth Kast-
ner , lot Bulk ! ! . 1'oitland add , wd. . . 750
William Gaallnjr to L V Morse ct al ,
lots 1 , 2 , S , 4 , 5 , 0 and 7 blk 1. Moycrs ,
Klchards ATildcn's add , w d . 3,800
T C Urunnrrctnl to John Q Uurcncr ,
lots 4 and 5 , Moiso & Druuncr's
1'lace. wd . 2,200
Henry Mies and wlto to J CVhln -
ncry , lots 18 and 10 blkO , Kiluy Place
add , wd . 1,700
Carlton 1) llutchln on and wito to
Edrle L , Eaton , lot ! J blk "K , "
Siwnders > ! c llimebauch's add , w d. . 550
D C Patterson et al to Mary E Mitch
ell , lot 11 blk 1 , Folsom Place , w d. . . 375
Cltv ot Omaha to tiyion Keed ct al ,
133 by 15 feet beginning at no coiner
lotl hlkL'47 , qc . 340.50
City ot Omaha to Uyron Kccd et al , 14
by 132 feet , beclnnlng at so corner
Iot8bllcl3q c . 021
City of Omaha to Uyron Kccd ctal , 11
by 13. { feet beginning at sc corner of
lot 8 blK 340 , q c . 021
City of Omaha to John II Levy , 15 by
iU : feet beginning at so corner lot S ,
blkSOtJ-O. e . 403
City of Omaha to Niles H Folsom ct
al , K of 14 by 132 fi-ot beginning at
nw corner lot 4 blk 213 , q c . 453
City ot Omaha to jsilea It Folsom et
al , H ol 14 by 133 feet beginning at
se corner lot 8 blk 201' $ , n c . 4C2
City ot Omaha to hciis of John li
Folsom , deceased , > < j of 14 by 13U
feet beginning at nw corner lot 4 blk
213 ; ; , q c . 40
Citv of Omaha to heirs of J B Fol
som , deceased , yt of 1 1 by 133 iret
beginning at so corucrlot 8 bll204 } > j ,
qc . 4G2
llichard llogcboom to Pierce C lllme-
bnugh et nl , 5.23 acios In 32-10-13 ,
wd . 8,000
Julia E Vhndercook and husband to
Smith S Wilkinson , lot 1 blk 1 , Van-
durcook 'IVriaco , w d . 1,30C
Payson M Pomeroy and wile to John
A Milroy , lot 2 bfk 2 , Potter it Cobb's
add to South Omaha , w d . 350
George Ludwlck and wito to Joseph
Uineller , n > 4 oJ4 lot 25 nnd sjtf of oi
lot 20 , KounUo's Second add , w d. . . 2,000
John M Stlllllnr et nl to Emll Grothe ,
lots 11 and 12 blk 0 , Mlllnrd , w d. . . . 55C
Theo Olson ut nl to Carl A Uartcls. lot
1 blk 4 , Hammond Plnce add to
South Omaha , w d . 000
L P Pruyn and wife to John S Prince.
lot 3. Piuvn's subdivision of s } of
lot 34 , Millnrd & Caldwoll's add ,
wd. . . . 2.70C
Samuel Cotncr. trustee , to the public
plat of Ellis Place , being nX of ejtf
ot wK of BW # of nwtf 21-15-13 , de
dication .
George W Ames nnd wife to Philip A
Itynn , lot 3 blk 3llnnscom , Park add ,
wd . i . C50
Charles W Lymnn and wife to Ernest
0 Derry , lot 5 blk 0 , bynmn Place ,
wd . COO
Jnmcs M Swctnam ot nl to A Grecg
Inghram , lot 1 blk 4 , Leavenworth
Tcriaco add , w d . 000
A ( ircgg Inghram nnd wlto to Harry
A Winter , lot 14 blk 0 , Kllby Place
ndd , wd. . . . . . . . 1.20C
Frank B Kennard et al to Milton
Jtogers , east 30 ieet of lot G blk 135 ,
wd. . . . SO.OOC
John V Kllng to Geoiiro AVeldon ,
lot 4 blk 12 , Patrick's Second add , w
d . 1,50C
James H Pariott nnd wlto to L P
Pruyn , lot 01 , Falnnount Place ndd ,
wd . 70C
M L Parrott and wife to L P Pruyn ,
lot 4 , Fnlimont Place , w d . 2.COC
E. E. French nnd wife to L P Pruyn.
lots 'J and 11 lu blk 17 of Central
park.wd . 1,200
Jens Anderson nnd wife to Nels C
Peterson , sH of 50 by 120 teet begin
ning 378f feet northandSS feet west
of se corner of nwX ! of sej 10-15-13 ,
wd . 50C
Daniel Kenlston nnd wife to Charles
W Canfleld , lot 0 blK 8 , Hanscom
Place ndd , wd . 3.COC
Gcoriro W Ames nnd wife to Frank M
Gault , lot 10 . bile 2 , Hanscom Park
GiUUwd. . . . . . COC
South Oraaha Land Company to
James FormanClr , lot S blk 77 , South
Omaha , wd . 221
Samuel S Curtis nnd wife to Isaac
Johnson , lot 20 , Kelley'sndd , wd. . . 37J
George E Barker et nl to David Jamie-
snn , lots 15 nnd 1C blK u , Thornburg
Place , w d . . . . 48 !
David Jamleson and wife to Oliver P
Floyd , lots 15 and 10 blk 3 , Thorn-
burg Place. w d . feOC
Edwnrd 11 Wohlcrs et nl toJohn A
Patterson , lot 24 bile 4 , Table Land
ndd.wd . , . 20 (
James M Swetnam to George F Paul ,
lots 4 , 5 and 0 blk 9 , Hartford Place ,
Wd . S7 :
Erastus A Benson nnd wlfo to D lj
Thomas , lots 11 , 12. 13 , 14 , 15. 10 , 17 ,
18. ll , 20 and 21 , blk 8 , Brlggs' Place ,
wd . ll.OOC
Temple W Atkinson and husband teL
L M Anderson , lots 7 , 8 , 5 nnd 0 blk
f > . lots .land Oblk4 , Its 4. 3,7nnd Bin
blk 7 , lot a in blk 8. lots 0 , 7 and 8 In
blk 15 , lots 3 and 4 In bik 17 , Central
Park , wd . X
Lewis a Heed to The Public , plat of
Durant place , being e ) { of ue ) { nw )
of sef P-15-13. dedication .
South Omaha Land Company to Carl
lUnus.0 , lot 6 blk 67 , South Omaha ,
yr ujt , j1. t < ? * . * r * *
Pure , ,
Thispowdcrnevervaries. A marvel ol
punty.btrcngth nnd wholcsomeness. More
economic than the ordinary kinds and
cannot be sold in competition with the mul
titude of low test , short weight alum or
phosphate powders. Sold only In cans.
Royal Baking Powder Co. > 106 Wall street ,
New York.
Importer's Prices
[ Continued from Seventh Page. ]
Foil SAI.TI Uiislnoss propoity , nw corner
Wth iind Dorcas Pts , COxloIcct.wltti n InrKO
boiiso nnd other improvements , nt n Imrgnln.
Tor silo , 317 ncrosof Inncl In Nnckolls Co. ,
Nob. , within \Yi miles of Superior and H. H.
depot. For particulars call on M. ItodlnKton ,
1CIH S. 13th st.Oraalm. 97UmiiyOJ
FAUNAM ST. acrenso , 10 acres , 81,830 per
acre. Uush & SUby. 1009 l-'oraam. 605
HANSCOM I'LACn-Ono ot the nnest corners
on Virginia nvc , 105x150. Lots leveled up
uiul Ivlng about 3 ft above prmlo , only $ "iSUO.
42 ! ) ( lioyory It Hartley.
rplli : real estate ollico of J. L. Hico iiCo. open
JL iintll3)0p. : ! ) ui. Telephone 418. ] gj
CGAVOG1C& O'Connor , 310 South 13th st ,
will offer for ono wcolc , a few bargains
out of the many which are in our list :
2 lots on Saimdcra Bt. , improvements
worth ? 1,5'JO , prlco $ 8,000
8.2x132 corner on Hth st , rents for $ . ' 50
pcrjnonthj 23.COD
Ibxliu corner on St. Mary's ave , with 3
houses 31,000
13.'xl corner on South 10th st , south
and cast front 10,000
A conror nnd C-roora oottajjoon lUtl st. . 7,000
IKOxUtf , a corner south ot viaduct on llth
st 8,300 ,
Z vacant lots on 8. Uth ft , chciip.
tiy.xHO nnd nn b-room cottage , a Corner S.
15th Bt 6,000
A beautiful residence lot nour 13th Bt.
cars 1,700
In a word , If you want doslrablo property
cither for speculation or for u liouio , call and
sec tliolniiro and carefully selected lint of Mo-
Oavock & O'Connor. 319 B. 13th Bt. 1'JO
TjlOKSALK Anowly finished fi room cottnjro
JL1 with all convenience ? , centrally loomed an
Centre , near "Oth , lotsxlfiO. ) Price {
f 500. Theo. Olson 314 a IMh St. 118 11
FAHNAM ST. acreage , 10 acre" , fl.bOO per
acre. Hush &Soll > y , IC09 Karnum. OOJ
FAHNAM ST. ncrenvo , 10 acres , ? 1,80D jier
acre. Itusli & Sclby , 1003 Farmim. 5U5
rniir : real ustnte ollico of .1. L. Hico & Co. open
-L until 0X ! > p. in. Telephone * IH. 1SJ
1G1O North 16th Street ,
Paid in Capital $100,000
GEO. E. nAHKEH , President.
HOBT. L. GAIILICI1S , VIco-rroeldcnt.
F. n JOHNSON.CnBlilor.
ItOllT. L. OAULICH8 , WM. BtlVillS
A general banktnir business transactoJ.
Interest allowed on time doposlts.
Omalia Savings
Cor 13th nnd Douglas sts.
Capital Stock $150,000
Liability of Stockholders. . . . 3OO.OOO
The only rcftulnr savings bank in the state. Flvo
per cent Interest paM on deposits.
Loans Made on Bual Estate.
UuvC. riAnros. President ; J. J. Dnowx. Vice
rrosIdontL. : * ! HuNNETr , Managmsr Di
rector : JOHN E. Wiuiuit , Cnshlor.
Capital . $500,000.
Surplus . 100,000
Herman Kountze , President.
John A. Creighton , Vice-President.
F , H. Davis , Cashier ,
.W. H , Megquier , Asst.Cashier ,
mtntnll/cuteitlntltretmoDUii. fxtltcipiniphliHc. > l nip
Th ttadon Electric Co. 169 LsSslle St. , Chic fla
r. Sntdlkar's method. No operation ! No P-tlnt
No Dolcnllon fruui butlueis. AdaoteJ to chlldran
swell si grown people. Humtrvdi of auloirapti
tlmontuli on tll . Alt builnon strictly eonuaon
1 > KOF. \ . U. COOK , .
Room 0. 1C14 Douglas St. , Omaha Nob.
cat U * lcJ ) tin.
A large eastern manufacturer , in order to close out a line of
nearly 1,000 Spring Overcoats * inade us an offer at a figure so
low as to scarcelv cover cost of the material in the garments.
We bought the entire lot in addition to our enormous regular
stock of these goods on hand. We had grave doubts as to wheth
er we could dispose cf such a quantitv of Spring Overcoats in
time to accommodate our Summer Goods * In order to dispose
of them , immediately , we marked down the price of every spring
Overcoat in tlie house , to such unheard of prices as to force
sales. The sweeping reductions on these from our former prices
are as follows :
A line of Hancock Cassimere Overcoats , from $7-50 to $4.90
" Grey " " with silk fac'ng , $11 to $8,50
A line of all wool Meltons , from $13 to $9.75
Aline of English Homespun cloth , a nobby stvle , with satin
sleeve-linings , from $13.75 to $10.50.
We have also reduced our first imported Meltons. This Over
coat is silk lined all through and the sleeves with satin , from
former price which was exceedingly low at $14.75 to $12.25.
In making the above announcement , we beg to sav > that everv
garment is made up from the latest stvled fabrics and manu
factured for this spring season exclusively .
All goods are marked in plain figures and at striotlv one
price at the
Clothing Company
Cor. Douglas and 14th sts. , Omaha.
13th St , Cor. Capitol Avenue ,
Chronic Ot Surgjical Diseases
IiR. McKIENAWJY.ProprJetoi- .
fiutccn years' iiosuftal end rrlvato 1'ractlco
Wo litwo the f.uilitlca , apparatui and rcmcdlor
for llio succcssfill treatment of c\ery form of ills-
ciulrlng cither medical or turglc&l trcatmcut.
6ud luutoaK 1 locomo and Investigate for tuemictrtt
or correspond with us. Long experience in treat
Inpcase ; 'lT ) loHer cnible us to treat many casts
icienUflcaUy nltuout seeing them ,
WHITE KOR CIBOULAH on Dcforwltlei anfl
Hrncer , Club Feet , Cunatnrcs of the Splno
DISEASES or WOM N , 1'Ilei , Tumors , Cancer * ,
Catarrh , Bronchitis , Inlulatlon , Electricity , I'ftr tel t-
) el , Kpllonsy , Kidney , Bje , Ear , Sklu , lllood am ]
nil aarglcal operations.
Ilatterlc * . Inhnlero , Urncci , Trussoi , nnl
nil kinds cf Medical and Surgical Appliances , manufactured -
ufactured and for ( ale.
inn unit reliable nhdleal Institute making
Private , Special ! ! : " . Nervous Diseases
/rorawliateyercnDtcprodncfd.iiiiccceefally treated
Wo can rcmoTO S/pnilitlo polcon from the ayatciu
without mercury.
New mtoratiTO treatment for 1o s of vital power
Cull and 8 or tend came nud ] > oit'0ncc (
nJdrcii plainly written cncloee BTfmp , and we
will ncnd you. In plain wrapper , onr
cr , SYPHILIS , OoNor.Ruun , GLIET , VAiticocn n ,
URiNAnr ORCAKI , or ttcd hlitory of your caeo for
an opinion.
Ferinns unable to Tltlt ns may no treated at their
homes , by correspondence. Medicines and Instru
ments tent by mall or express SEGUllELY PACK
ED FROM OIJHKHVATION. no marks to Indicate
contents or sender. Ono personal interview pre
fcrred if convenient. Fifty rooms for tao ncconv
modatlon of patients. Board nnd attendance r.t
reatoimble pilces. Address fU Letters to
Omaha Medical and Surgical Institute ,
cor. ISlhSf. anflCaDitolAic. . OMAII - "
A larBO number oC roconlnd Pcreheron and
Clydosdnlu Stallions. Also Homo Hied Colts.
Every annual guaranteed liroodur. I'rlces
reasonable and terms easy. Our slock has boon
selected with rotoionoa to both Individual
merit and pedigree. A lurpo number of our
Btnlllonsnro acclimated and Colts of their cot
can bo shown. York \i \ on the II. & SI. K. it ,
two hours' rldo west of Lincoln. For cata
logues and further Intoimutlmi , uddrsss
& FA1I1C1IAC1I ,
Nebraska National Bank
Paid up Capital . $250,000
Burplub . 40,000
H. W. Yatfts , President.
A. K. Touzalin , Woe President.
W. II S. HiiKhes , Cashier.
W. V. Morse , John S. Collins ,
H. W . Yates , Lewis S. Heed.
A. E. Touzalin.
Cor. llHh and Farnam Sts.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
One Agent ( Uerrnint only ) w nlM In rcry town tar
I have rcMiloa your clears for W yeara anil I
ponsldor jour "TansllV * 1'anch" tlio liest 5o
cK , rl oversaw ,
X.oive < t Bate Ever Otrcred Vrau Mo. UtTcr
SIOLER'S Grand Pullman Car Excursions ,
Personally conducted , leave Cbtrapo. Ht. Louis.
Kansas Cltr , Omabi and other Wcitorn Cities
montblr. lor CalUorol * orer tbe C. B. & U. ana tha
fiREAT SCENIC ROUTE cV&r * , ? .
U. 0. tlW ) < KU. lianwer. M CUtt iucct CUICASB.
Iliroat Troubles
Cuicd In from three to EJC ! Sere Throat , Hoarseness ,
months ; warranted. etc. . ( illicitly iclieved
and cured.
Trom inllamrantlon of the COLIDS.
Vocal Clmrtls.ete. , spcodlly .
relieve J uud cured.
blinplo Colds cured In a fo
BRONCHITIS hours : Colds on thu chest
In 1- hour ? .
Cured In ovcry case ; war
Gaiarrhal Neuralgia
Deafness .AND '
Cured In from thrco to slz Headache
Instantly relloveil and
Inflamed or Granulated not retiun If the remedy
Lids jicrmancntiy cured is occasionally used.
Docs the ' -Cnrbollo Smolto Dnll" accompll < ; h whnt ether romodlos fall to do ? Ilocnuso It BOCS
illroctly to the sent of the disease in all troubles noted nbovo , whom tl10.1ilrlr.iSrMU9.iin ! { ! *
oneoeommoncosthoworkof nllaylnff all inlinmmntion. IT IS NOT AN JNvLMlON , UUi A
OMAHA , Noli. , March 10. KM. SMOKE HAM , Co. Gentlemen : I purchnsod ono of jour Ctirhollo bmoko Ilalls mst
Subscribed and awoin to bcforo mo this ISth day of Minoh.lNrf. _ _ _ - , , . „ . , ' , , , „ .
[ SEAV ) I. A. llllADRTOK , Notary
STATCOFNUURASKA.DouoLAS COURT ? ss. , . , . ; rj-r -
„ . „ „ , .
OMAHA , Nob. , March 23,1887.
CARIIOUO SUOKB DAI.L Co. Gentlemen : I have used your Carliollo Sinoko IJnll for tATAnncr ,
COI.DS. etc. . and Iind from experience that it pives hnmculnto leilef In all such troubles ; ucjuff
applied by Inlialution , It nnturnlly reaches thi scut ol' the dlsoni-o , romivlnir the mucous mntUr.
disinfecting' nna healing the diseased mcnibranos In n short time. 1 lieliuve It to bo a vrimajirtr-1
incdlcnl illscovery , nnd take nlcnsuto in oniloisiiitr It. 1 um a Braduuto of tlio unlveisity I'eii
sylrauln Medical College of I'lillmlolnliln. which is ft ( 'iiurantpo of my authority on.such sulijeci
Yours very truly , W. H. BHIMUtAnn.V , M. O. I ) . 1) . S. , ! ! 01 H. Mil St. , Council Ulutla , lu.
Buuscnbcd In my presence and sworn to bcforo mo this S4th diiy or Mutch , IbMr.
r ' JA8. F. M011TON , Notary Tubllc.
THE COMPLETn TREATMENT Includoi a "Decollator" pickatro which Bhould up used I
all chronlo cases , as a constitutional treatment is then necessary , ono BmoKo Jiall lasting from
ono to thico months. PHICE , $2,4 cents postapro. "Debollutor'1 jmckairo. * l : bent bv mall. A
FllEE TES1' alven to all who call at our ollico , Uoom 11 , Crolghton IJIock. t3ry"OrEN on SU.NDXYB *
Jioom 11 , Crcli/Mon UIocA1 , Next to Postofllcc , Omaha , Neb.
The G. E. Mayne Real Estate and Trust Co ,
Property of every description for sale m all parti ol tha olty. Lands for sala U
cery county In Nebraska.
Of Titles of Douglas county kept. Maps of the city slate or county , or any otho
information desired furnished frco of charge upon application.
Watches , Diamonds , Pine Jewelry , Silverware
The larccst stock. Price * the lowest. Repairing a specialty. Work warranted.
Omaha. Licensed Watchmaker for the Union
Corner IJouKlas and 15th streets ,
Pacific Railroad Company. _
Dealers in
Paints , Oils , Glass and Varaiste
Painters' and Artists' Supplies. Plymouth Cot *
tage Colors ,
Jleudyfor lisa in new anil tlealrable njuttlca * Quality Guaranteed
1118 Farnam Street , - - Omaha , Nebraska
JAS A. OAHIM'.NTKK , Vlce-1'ro. C.i. \ . UAlll'ENTlSH , Treiw.
Carpenter Paper Company ,
Wholesale Paper Dealers
Curry a nice now stock of PrJntiiifir , WniiiiiliiKiind V/ritliifirPapc * . Especial. - '
Attniitlon elvcn to cur load ordcrn. which will bo sliippcil ulroct from mills
all ordorg will receive personal attention , o gnurantoo goctl goods at
low prices. , . . '
. ' ' . , . . . . - ' llVlanu tllODoix'insSt. , Onitthft.