Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, March 31, 1887, Image 1

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Tlio Kotiflo Aflnr n Mvoly Htrugijlo Adojits
tlio Honntu Moamiro.
A Hilrll | < j < l Dnliiilo nil tlin < iM < Nllon ill'
MiMvIni ; lo HID Will or tlio
Hctiuln 'Ilio
Kill 1'UNHUM.
Ill llio HntiMtt.
LINCOLN , Niih. , Mnirhw.-.Sieclnt : | | Telo-
urnni to tlm Ilicu J Tlio riillrniul ( im-Mlou
nuiiii iii | thin mornlnir , tin * uwjoilty mill
minority roportH of HID nillioad liommlHi-o
icci'iilly miulo liohiK muter roiwldi'rntloii.
Tliu former icroiiiiniiii'li'd ' Um piisna u of
IIOIIHO roll 1W , with llio iiiitxliiiiini cl.iiim ) In-
ncrlcd im an nineiidiiiuiit by Mr , llmlnti
stricken out. TlilH hill WHH Indefinitely
poMpotied liy thu Hi'ii.itc. Tliu minority MI-
luirt recommended thu substitution ot UK !
nftcr tlm oimtliiK claim ! ) nrminutu Illull , n
hill fashioned after Hint of thu liiler-slato
coin iniTcn net.
Mr. Hinyth moved tlio mloitlon | of llio inl-
noilty report. Mr. Wliltmoni amended to
accept tlio report of tlm majoilty.
Mr. WntHon itiiiiiiiiluil tlm nmondimmt tlml
tioltlior rupert ho adopted , nnit that Hctiutu
llliHl ho advanced to third reading.
Mr. Wliltinoro wanted ovorjbody to haven
fnlriiiiiloifitniidlntf of tlm ( | iiiHtIon ! , tuiil for
that reason explained tm ! fttaliw ot tlm hills
nHnto\eiiynopsl/ed. llo illil not. however ,
cnro enough for oltlirr of HID bills to Minims
tcr about them ami hoped uvury nmniliiT
\vniilil consider thuin honestly and Intulll
Mr. llnllnrd hoped thnt Hennto Illo II would
not IIHHR llio holme. It wan not what tlioy
wauled , neither wns It what the
people of tlio sintu wanted. It W.IH In no in
spect nn Improvement upon tlm pri'Hcnt law , ,
and if they could not enact HometlilriK better
than tlio present commissioner law , tliuy
might us well go homo and leave that as It la
Mi. Watson did not think that It was lire-
csmiry to tiiKii ill ) tlmo In discus-dim thost )
fluvornl lilllN. The ineinborH , Im full , had
niailo up tlinlr minds ns to tlm manner In
which they would voto. llo would nav , however -
over , that In tin ) eaily part of tlm Hussion tlm
Icxlslatiiro hail sent n comiiiunlc.itlon to tlio
Nebraska representatives anil senatoiH In
congress , asking them to do wlmt lliuy could
to hccuro the passage of the Inter-stnto commerce -
morco 1)111. ) Now , If Hint hill was good lor
the union why nhould It not bo good for the
fltntuV This was Hindi butter than tlm old
law , nnd , anyway , ns tlio111110 W.IH short , Im
wns disposed to tnko what could bo gotten
under tlm circumstances.
Mr. Cnldwcll H.ild that tlm commissioner
bill was based upon the national commls-
Hloner law , nnd If the commissioner law wa
enacted In this state It would enable the Illlnu
of complaints with the national commission
nnd tlm latter could tike cognl/aiicu ot them
nnd remedy them. Then , the state commis
sioners would have tlm guidance of the
national one.
Mr. Hnivtli said that thrro wns llttlo dlffer-
cnco lict\\cen both the bills , became nolthur
contained the maximum clause ! . This was o
vital liiiportnneu at this tlmo. If limy wcia
point ? ( o pass a law which did not contain a
maximum clause , why let them tnko the till
which had passed the senate. Ho counselloi
them , however , to return to tlm senate
itt ! with the maximum clause nud have thai
body assume the responsibility before the
people of declining to L'lvo them the railroai
legislation which they had demanded.
Air. Aeco said that the majority repor
Nlinplv struck out the maximum rate nnd til
lowed t lie same to bo lived by the coinmlB-
slon. The .senate bill had no maximum intent
nt nil. Ho was tmrprlm-d tlmt tlio Kcullcinai
from Douglas lind not noticed this dUtiuc
tlon. Bill 1U2 was identical with that of tin
commissioner law of Illinois , where It wn
working well nnd where ho knew charge
were so low that the people ot Nebraska
would bo glad If they could .secure rate
within ' - " > per cent of them. Besides , the bll
prevented extortion nnd compelled the com
mission to lix fair and reasonable rates
Which would have to bo posted In all depot
and which would bo considered prima faul
evidence tlmt they were reasonable.
Mr. Tlnu'lo warmly attacked the state
montsof Mr. AKOO , anil slumod that all th
rnllioads would have to do , to set aside th
commission , which no siiKKCstcd , would bet
KO Into court and refer to the uncunstltu-
tlonality of the same.
Mr. YOIIIIK called tlm chair's attention to
the fnct that Mr. Tlnglo had spoken bojoud
his tlmo.
Mr. Knox said that It Mr. Tinclo would ox-
nmlno the record ho would see that six years
ago the charges for carry tut ; merclir.iullso on
the rnllioads In tlii.s country was urcnter than
In Cermnny or Kngland , but if he would
look up the records at the present time ho
would lind thnt the rates were less than they
are in Cermnny and Kntjlaud.
Mr. llarlau said tlmt the house of lords ot
Nebraska ( the senate ) had refused to concur
In the notion of the lower house In the pres
ent railroad dlsscusslon by Indefinitely post-
ponliiK the law which the house had passed
and which the house thought voiced the sen
timents of the people. Ho favored the bill
containing the maximum clause , and yet It
had been hinted that ho did so for political
purpose * . Who was it carried political
power and who was It conferred political
favors ? Was It not the people ? It certainly
was the people. If ho spoke for political
favor , was It not therefore because In so
doing ho was talking for the best interests of
the people ? It has been said that tile 41 was
based upon the Intor-stato commission law.
Suppose It was. Was that any reason way
It should be adopted ? Wore not the people
of the country now standing with their eves
open to see how that bill would work ? Did
it not look as though , instead of walking to
the Interests It would conduce to the dKid-
vantage ot the business and producing Inter
ests of thn country ? The inter-state bill ,
everybody knew , was a compromise. Cer
tain features In the Ctillom bill did not con
form with others ot the Keagan bill , and
then some of those of the latter were sacri
ficed just for the sake of passlnc a bill ot
some kind. Now , what was there In it to
justify the assertion that it was just what
the people ot Nebraska wanted ? It was an
Insult to the people to make such nn asser
tion. He appealed to the house to vote down
the amendment ot the gentleman from Otoe.
Either of the other bills would bo preferable1.
Let thorn send the bill with the maximum
clause to the other house and let tlmt body
take the responsibility for the defeat of the
people. The people had asked them for
something to protect them against the ex
tortion nnd rapacity of the roads. The latter
were crossing the btAto In all directions and
running up every one of the valleys , and It
would not DO long before the cry which had
been hoard alons the lines now in operation
would come from all other points yet to bo
reached by these unscrupulous corporations.
He wanted the members to stand tirm and
Insist upon the maximum clause , and op
pose the bill which recommended the com
mission , because the powers delegated to
that body were powers which resided aloua
With the legislature
Mr. Smyth said the duty which they were
necking to Impose upon the commissioners
was an Important one. If the commissioners
were elected by the people It would bo pre
ferable to appointing them with several other
duties to attend to. He Insisted upon some
thing belni ; done nud favored the maximum
clause , and If uecvssajy. placing the respon
sibility for the failure of the same upon the
benato. If this legislation should not bo car
ried out by the present republican senate ,
two years hence n legislature of democrats
wonUl come here to satisfy the people.
Mr. Cnldwcll made a few remarks.
Mr. Watson withdrew his amendment to
the amendment
Mr. Harlan nald that ho noticed by the
wlthdiiuvat ot Mr. Watson's amendment
tlmt there was n gathering and n mashluir ot
two forces , solely to Impose upon the house
th i bill for which the railroad lobbyists wore
working.To him the minority report was
best Nrxt camotho majority and what was
practically worthless wns the Inter-state law.
I ' 1 hat law was what their enemies wanted ,
and he believed It was Alexauder who had
Mid that what his enemies wanted was not
the thins which he wunted for hlmielt. The
people ar rtsluK to beat down these corpo *
tatlcu , Thw corpoiatlons fix ( be rata and
rondo ! HID prlre.ii of tlio nmikeli not only of
tint Mule inn n No of HID country. 'I ho p < opl < )
me Hied nl tlili fulling of unreal nnd pin-
crnhloriilinn , mid thu uvorlnitlnK dufcultiK
of Niiitleiiiiintiit u HUM' .
Mr. llallnrd Mild ho luul tiled ( cud nil
wlntiir to llx u maximum nile but iio thought
It would bu u < lei to lonnei think of dolntc
no. 'I o liirunt HID bill Into the Hnindo wltlc
out amoinliiiont , etpcelally aflor It had been
podponed by Hint body , would warcoly war-
Mint HID belief thitl Ihdv would patn It 11 *
miimiiled , 'I hli wan their last elmieo and hu
wan In favor of thn majority report ,
Mr WatHon itpoko iiKnln roterrlni ; to th'i
I nspliiitloiiH which linpijlli-il HOIIIO of
tlm iimmlx-rH to favor tlm denr people , and
Hi'Oiilliitc HIM rallro.ul Infoimntloii of thoio
who Hliouled lor HID iniixlmiim uluu'ie. claim.
ItiK Hint not ono of llii-m toiild li-ll what
would hit tint cost of nlilpplng ri car load of
homes Iroui Omaha to CIIIAKO. | :
Mi. I'nlerM wniited the majority teporl , and
mild Hint If lliu hill VYI-MI p-insed In nccoril *
iitii'o with It , It would bo nonciiricd In by the
Mi. Mlllur Hahl that If lioroiilil not get nil
Im wauled. Im would take nil ho roulil gel.
Tint lillls In iii | ( > Htion were not nil Im w.mted ,
but he would now favor tlm majority MIDOII ,
Mr. llond. Mild the blllH had been dlutited
hy tlm r.illioad InleriistM mill tlm Hour pie *
honiedHmHpcctncloof Mlltoad lobbylittH li-glrt-
latlng foi tlm people.
.Mr , Raymond moved tlm pluvious fines-
tlon.A .
A vote wns takmi on the adoption of thu
ruajoilty iDpoit. II WIIH loUf'J to'i. ! !
A volit on the minority recommendation
resulted a" follows : Alllrnmtlvo Ager ,
Allfln , Amlrcn , Ililwock , Mallard , lluntly ,
Illck , Cameron. Ciiiinoii , Cinlg , Dempster ,
KIIU , Kwlng , Canihle , Uilmote , Harrison ,
Hayden , llnlmroil , HoiHt , .le.iry , Kelper ,
Miirnliiil , Mnttliloson , MeCoiiauglmy , Me-
Kuiinn. Newton , Overtoil , I'cter . Itlef ,
IliiHBi'll , .Satchel , Schwab. MIIIIIIH , .Himauek ,
myth , Tliiirlc. Truesdeli , Tyson , Underbill ,
Wctlmiald , Whlttiiore Wllhelumen , Wolun-
wi'bcr , Wright , Mr. .Speaker 1' .
Nnyn Aliinliamson , Alexander , Androww ,
tally. Baud , llowmnn , Brown. Cnldwell ,
Jolt- , Cope , Cranu , Dlckotmoii. Dlller , Kgglo-
ton , Kind } ' , Kotifon , Fox , rrntiU. Kuchs ,
'ullor. Cnlford , ( l.irvuy , ( Jieeu , Kunnoy ,
vlnir , KIIOX , LclKvcId , Lord , McCann. Mc-
Irow , Miller. Mliinlx , Nowcomer. Nlchol ,
SorrlH , I'cmhi'rloti , Kandall , Kaymond ,
Sliamp. .Sullivan , .Swot. Thornton , Ward-
aw , Watson , White , Wilson , Wllhey , V ut/.y.
oiliuc 4l. !
This vote shown llio uniting of the forces
) f those who favored tlm majority report
mil Honato llio II , to defeat the maximum
lauso. During the taking of the saiim every
iiemher In the house was on his feel and
omo of them were moving around Inducing
ho chnriKO of votes. Among the crowd
ho ralliiud lobby , which eliculatud without
Imino or fenr.
Mr. Agee moved to amend ono of tlm sec-
Ions of tlio bill.
Mr. Watson moved that senate file 11 , the
nt'ji-stato commeico law , bo read n tlilnl
Mr. Smyth moved to tablo.
IVnding this motion recesn was taken.
A long ilel.iy ensued , with u call of the
IOUM ) .
When all the iinoxciised absentees were
nought In Mr. Smsth's motion was lost , anil
Rctmto llio It , notwithstanding motions U
table , to defer , and Indollnltcly postpone wii
nit iijion Its third re.uliiig nnd carried will
Im following "vote : Yens Abrahamson ,
Agee. AHclri , Alexander , Andres , B.ibcock ,
iainl , lianett. Bowman , Blown , Caldwell ,
Cameron , Cunion , Cole , Cope , Crane , Deutp
hter , Dickinson. Dlller , Kggioston , Elsley.
Kontnn , Fox , KrautKuchs , Fuller , ( inlford
inrtoy , ( iieen , Kunnoy. King , Knox , Lntt.i ,
Llesveld , Lord , .Marshall , McCann , Me
Conanghy. Mcrow ( ! , McKcnna , Miller , Mln-
ilx , Newcomer , Nlchol , Noirls , ( Jverton
I'omberton , 1'eters , Kandall , Kaymoiid , Kus-
scll , .Schwab , Hliamp , Sullivan , Sweet
I'liornton , Turner , Tyson , Underlilll , Ward
law , Watson , Wethernld , White. Wllhelm-
M-ii , Wllsoy , Wolenweber , Wright , Yut/y
Voiing. ) .
Nays Andres , Bailey , Dallard , Bently
Heck. Craig , Kills , Kwlng , Clllmorc , Harrl
son , Hayden , Helmiod , llolst.'Jeary , KCJK.T |
Mattheson , Newton , Kief , S.itcliell , Hinions
Smlank , Hinyth , Tingle , Truesdeli , Wnlt
more , Wilson , Wolenweber and Mr
Speaker 'is ,
When this vote was being tnken nil Inter
loiters were excluded from the Hour.
The bill locating a normal school nt Fre
mont was referred to the committee on uni
verslty and normal schools.
Thu following bills were passed : Senati
lilo 51 , relieving persons from contracts ti
purchase or lease stands when the Intte
have not bcmi ottered publicly for lease o
salo.V.t ; ; defining the boundaries of Inman
county ; 17-1 , apportioning the state Int
thirteen judicial districts , the house concur
ring In a few minor amendments. The senn
torlal amendment to the teproseiitatlvcaud
.senatorial districts bill were not concurred
In. They were ns numerous as the features
In the original bill nnd n conference commit
tee of seven was appointed to adjust the dif
ferences. It consists ofMessrs. . Newcomer ,
Watson , Fenton , Lord , Babcock , Whltmon
and Itusspll.
The anti-gambling bill was brought up.
Mr. Smyth moved to recommit. The motion
was lost by nn overwhelming vote. The bill
wns then placed on Its passage nnd carried
by the following vote :
Ayes Abralumson , Alkcn , Alexander ,
Andrews , liabcock , Ballard. Bowman , Cam
eron , Cannon. Cole. Cope , Craig , Dempster ,
Dlckenson. Ulller , Fenton , Fox , Fuchs , Ful
ler , Uafford , Korst , Jeary , Kelper , Kenney ,
Lolsveld , Lord , Marshall , McConaughv. Mc-
( irew , McKenua , Minnlx , Newton , Nlchol ,
Norrls , 1'cters , Itnudall , Itamond , Kusseil ,
Setchell. Stump , Sims , Sullivan. Sweet ,
Truesdeli. Tyson , Underlilll , Wardlaw ,
WItherald , Wllhelnueii. Wilson , YuUy , und
Mr. Speaker 53.
Nays Acee , Andres , Balrd. Bentley , Blck ,
Brown , Caldwell , Crane , Kggleston , Elbley ,
Kills , Kwine , Frantz. Gamble , Garvey. Gfl-
more , Harrison. Hayden. Helmrod , Knox ,
Matthlcsou , McCann , Miller. Overton. Koif ,
Schwab , Slmanek , Smvth , Tinele , Watsou ,
White , Whltmore , Wilscy , Wodenweber ,
Wright and Young-SO.
The libel bill was then called. Mr. Smyth
moved that it bo recommitted. This was lost
on motion of Mr. Itussell , the amendments to
the bill a few days ago providing for the
prosecution of editors charged with libel In
any countr or the state in which the libel may
be circulated , al o the emergency clause , were
stricken out and tlm bill was passed ns it was
published in the 1UE : a few days iuo , with
the following vote :
Ajes Abralmmson , Agee , Alker , Alexan
der , Andrews , Habcook. Balrd , Bowman ,
Brown , Caldwell , Cannon , Cole , t opt- , Crane ,
Dickinson , Dlller , Kirgleston , Elsbv , Fox ,
Krantz , Fuchs , Fuller , UalTord , Gamble , Gar-
key. Grcon. King , Knox , Llesveld , Marshall ,
McCnnu. McCatiaughly. McGnnv , McKenua ,
Manix. McComer , Newton. Nichols. Trues-
dell , rcmborton , Peters , Kandall , Kust.cU ,
Schwab , Schamp , Slmins , Sweet , Thornton ,
Wnrdlaw. Wetherald , White , Wilhelmscn
Nays Andres , Bailey , liallard , Bently ,
Blck , Cameron , Craig , Dempster , Kills ,
Kwlnir , Fenton. Harrison , Gilmore , Hayden.
lleimrod , Horst , Jeary. Kciner. Kenney ,
Lord , Matthloson , Overton , lUcf , Satchel ,
Bismarck , Smyth , Sullivan , Tlngh. Tyson ,
Unilerhlll , Watson , Whltmore , Wilson. Wol-
enwekcr , Wright , Yutzy , loung and Mr.
Speaker 38.
During the progress of this a number of
members explained their votes.
Mr. Underlilll then mo\ed to reconsider
Hie vote by which tlio gambling bill had
passed , as some of Its provisions were too
Mr. Watson seconded the motion.
Mr. Kulner favored the motion bec.uuo ho
had voted under H misconception.
Mr. 1'eters moved to Uy the motion on the
Mr. Underlilll asked to withdraw his mo
tion , but objections were made. The motion
to table was carried. v
Senate tiles i > 3 , relating to the rolluquNh-
mcnt ot titles : TJ , providing line and Impris
onment for the wearing unlawfully of G.
A. It. badges ; and 10 , make liftcuu IhonKeot
consent , were passed.
The novernor signed house bills ISrt , lo
cating the asylum tor the incurable Insane at
Hastings ; 417 , throe-quarter mill tax for the
completion ot the capltol , and 471 , cntntlnK
telephone companies rUht ot way along
The Indignation of many ot the
members wns nrou > ed when unexpectedly
a motion to adjourn was made and carried
vociferously. The fact was that a large num
ber of the members had been supplied with
complimentary tlckeU by lome fricndt to
Jim O'Neill's "Monte Crtsto. " This at
traction was too great to be overlooked , evou
i V
In vlow of tin tm I Hint but onn morn nluhl
leiiiiilni of llione ldii und the Din U piled
with m ; tin to
I .IN ( oi v , Neb , , Mnirh : / > , --HtHy'lal | T"lo
tmuii to lliu llr'i . ) - Tim fenittn thin
morning p-mcd hoiiii ) r"lh HI , W , ! ( ' < , V.I ,
l.'J'lnnil ' 'H , nil of which IIIIVM l > ; en dutnllod In
tlieio columnn.
Tlm Rvrintn Mill afternoon p.iiied tin : fol
lowing billH.
Hoiinu bill iipjiroiirlutliii : $ iHi/n ( to ll"v
trlcu for money crroneounly collccleil by tlm
utatu auditor for reglHt''rlru Wat'irwork *
bonihi ; liotisu lull for teglituriri tlio ntnto
Into Aunalorlal and ruiireiuntatlvi ) dUtrlcU ;
liouiio bill for nn t ' ; t to croatnnd rorillrinu n
bniuiiii of labor and Iniluitrlil Ktatlitlui nnd
ilellno thu duties of its iifUcer * ; liouvi bill for
nn net to provldo for the erection of n linlld-r
Ing for the nnlvemlty of Sehrnnkn to txi
known at ( tntnt Menifirlnl hull , ID inilvotcd
' ) tlio n-i- < of lliu inlllury il'jtinrtmeiu of
ild university nnd for u l/jliliiailnm and to
utliorl/e tlm board of rodents I' ' ) erect KII ; | |
ulldlng nnd to nni'ronrl.itu uioneyi for that
iiirp'iso ; si-nntu hill for nn a'-t lo am'-rid HOO
Ion Hill of tlm cede of civil iirficeditrc mid
epeaU.ild ceciloti ; honsi ! hill for nn nut to
novlilii for ntid tegtilnUi thn tulmlrMlon of
er'ions lo HID de i'-o of nltorney nnd conn-
ellor at Hw , to ileiino the duties of atlor-
iiy/t / nnd counsellors nnd to rupunl iertiln
cations niinicd therein.
djourned until to-morrow morning ,
Hiiti : ( > UHTc ; < ; iiuN'r. ;
I'roiiiliiont C'ltl/.cn of
In. ) u red Ity n llunawtiy Tnttrn.
Cot.i'MiiUM , Neb. , March M. LSpeolal Teln-
'ram to tlm Ifi ! ; : . ] An nccldunt occurred
lero this morning that may prove nor Ions to
mu of our promising young nttorncys. H. H.
ilcAlllster ls' ) | . , whllu crossing thu Union
'aelliy track on Ollvo street , near which wan
landing n locomotive blowing elf fttcam. A
: eam belonging to Barney MeFazgort became
rlghtenod , and In running across thu track
Mr. McAllister , partly enveloped In thu u -
laplng steam , did not HCO which way thu
earn was coming , was knocked down and
rampled on by the horses , and the wheels of
huungon passing over him. lln was nicked
ip unconscious , nnd takun to his ruHldonco
iVlilch he had left bntn fuw minutes previous.
Doctors Hchuif and Martyn wuro ( | iiickly
lolng all that could bu douo to rellusu Ills
njurles which pro\ol to be thruurlb-i broken ,
| ilnu brulned and faeu badly ciit up.
Ho IH resting comfortably at this writing ,
although his condition IB watched with much
anxiety by hit friends , nnd mcmberx of the
bar , many of whom are here In attendance
upon the district court.
Knvcnth IHxrrlct . C. T. U.
NOIIFOI.K , Neb. , Maich > A ( Special to thu
IIK. : ] The fori'noon session of the evunth
llstilct convention ol lliu W. C. T. U. was
luxotod to reports of superintendents of de
partment work. A piper on temperance- -
raturu was presented by Mrs. King , ot
Wayne. In thu afternoon thu following oil- !
cers were elected for the ensuing year :
( 'resident , Mrs. S. C. ( ) . Upton , I'ierrp ; vice
president , Mrs. M. II. Osborn , Norfolk ;
treasurer , Mrs. J. 11. Aiitlu-t , I Ian ton ; re
cording fecretarv. Mr . Bacon , Wnyno : cor
responding secretary , C. h. IIaye < , 'Norfolk.
Mrs. Jennlu IIoliiieof Tucumseh , president
of the Ktatuorgnnl/atlon , recited the failures
of the legislature BO farns legislation In favor
of woman was concerned. Mrs. Mary Folsom -
som made an address in favor ot the "Vs. "
Mrs. ( ieorgin Waterman presented a paper
on "I'ress Work" In the district. In tlie
evening Mrs. Kllen Blair , of Knox county ,
gave an entertaining "Chalk Talk" to the
Grand Itdand'h New Ilnnk.
GUAM ) I.SIAM > , > 'cb. , March SO. [ Special
leJegram to the HKK.J The Bank of Corn-
merco ot Crand Islnnd filed articles
ot Incorporation yesterday with the
county clerk In tills city , to Ixjgin
business with 850,000 , with the priv
ilege of increasing to 5500,000. The Incorporators -
corporators are J. N. March , T. 1' . Lanlgan.
John 1) . Moore. Charles W. Scarll and
W. W. Ulner. T. I' . Lanlgan was elected
president. J. D. Moore vice president , and. I.
M. March cashier. The new bank will
occupy the Scarlf block and will be finely lo
cated on Third street. The gentlemen who
virtually .stand behind the Investment are
capitalists , but will give the new Institution
whatever support may be necessary for any
amount ot business. Business will bo com
menced the nth lust. , or just as soon there
after as thu necessary furniture can be ob
_ _
The Pacific In > estljatorn.
XKW YOIIK , March 30. [ Special Telegram
to the HER. ] The Herald's Washington cor
respondent sa > s : The statement that Gen
eral Bra < g. of Wisconsin , will be phcn a
place on the i'aciflc Investigation commission
Is premature. The president has determined ,
howe\er , to offer him one of the commission-
crships and a telegram was sent to him asklnz
if he would accept Should ho do so tne
names of all the commissioners will be made
public to-day. Should he decline a further
delay of several days way occur before It
will be known what the president's selection
has been. It Is not believed that General
Bragg wilt agree to sene. He has been
troubled for some time with Inflammation of
the eyes and hl.s friends do not think blscon-
dltlon will admit of active work for possibly
several months. He and General Abbott ,
about whose selection there Is apparently no
doubt , would represent an clement in" the
board which the railway Influence could not
affect. Littler , of Illinois , who will bo the
republican member of congress. Is a man of
wealth , whose natural Inclinations as well as
business associations would make him
friendly to the corporations.
The Ruck Island Train Holibcrs.
CitioAoo , March SO. The Dally News'
special from Morris , III. , says : In the
SchwarU-Watt murder trial to-tlay Engineer
Woods described the blood stains in Nichols'
car , and said their location Indicated a
despcrato struggle. He said the smoke
nnd cinders from the engine fell so
thickly on Watt's car it would be next to im
possible for a man to remain upon the roof
and cover Watt with a revolver thrust
through a transom. Witness returned from
Davenport thoe\enlng after the murder ,
with Conductor Danforth. Schwartz
was on the ( train and talked with
witness about the satchel which Danforth
found in the car clo < et The train pulled out
of the bhute so rapidly that It would be Im
possible for anybody to jump abo.inl. Con
ductor Wagner was recalled and corroborated
most ot his own testimony and that of
Woods. The defense has decided to sum
mons its witnes > e to be here Monday morn
Mexican Assassins.
ST. Louis March SO. A ppeclal to the
Globe-Democrat from Bio Grande City ,
Texas , says that Corporal Boycr and another
soldier were approached by four Mexicans
on the government reservation at Fort
KlnegoM , the evening ot the Cth. One
Mexican shot Nojerju t nbo\e the heart , at
which the other soldier retrvattM. Thivo
Mexicans \\eroarreMed last night on Mis-
Plclou. The survMug soldier declares
himself able to Identify the assassins.
A Snow Itlnckmtc Rrxiken.
HALIFAX , March SO. [ Spochl Telegram to
thu BKK.J The five day's snow blockade of
the Intercolonial rail war was broken last
ntcht. One thousand men weie encaged In
shoveling snow oil the track. The blockade
con-red a distance of twenty-seven miles
The Intercolonial nnd New llrunswlck railways -
ways ha > u already dlrvcttr e\pende l 570,000
f or shn\ cling snow ott their trucks. Tlio snow
drifts In one place completely covered the
telegraph poles.
The Qiirou'H Jubllpi * .
LONDON , March 80. Members of the House
of Commons w 111 In a body attend the state
lublleo services In St. Margaret's chapel , at
Westminster Abbey , Jay 2J ,
Hu Ilolatcn In IJhUll the Killing of the
J IMI , Mlnl t ir' Willow , OvfMiomn lit
llinHinrjr nfUio 'I rncni1y , 1'nlriU
Aw. r l ilin Crowded
Court Itooin ,
Itlninaidk A n1n On tlio Htnnrt ,
HIOIX fJnv , Marjjh W.-Allx-rt Kovli-
nlM'kl , rill. n Dlr/mnrri , occKplu'l ' tlm vrltnrm
box tiK.ilfi thli tiiornlri In the HffMock Miir-
tier trial , The court rortni was pwrkcd u
double Its capacity. At tlio head of tlio Ubl'i
of tlio dcfuriff ) IU John Arorivlotf , with th'i
nniiifi ilurnbncsi ai v/li n thy lrl l
IfX'Mi , Kfvhnlckl ' ono of ittn two Dutch
men rclMcd In Lcavltl'n t < : * tlinony wl/o / vtai
hind to "do up" 1 1 a'ldock , and \K \ under Ire
ill ( trricnl nn tiiin tit the ( y > i. TJio
city nuthorltlr * * , while VTiirnulatln nvMftic
rir-c' ' ) iiry for hit arrcat , ki-pt tr.ick of Mu
iniiniii't.ln from the day of the murder , nnd
wln'ii hu left the dtylii Hri'tomber ' r/ltli liU
Ininlly n vlullaut vtch v/ftji kept on thurri.
On tin : Knh of Kcptcrnbcr thecn \ \ \ ftiithorl-
Ih'H of Hun Cr.irir.lftco were riotllicd to ktt t
him In Aluht until protior panoni c/Uld t > n
nerved for his iirreit nnd return. On the 10th
day of October , at the ln tnnc < ; of the Hlonx
City anlhontlfs , Koichnlvkl : wai arrtttol at
that pi ar for consplrato murder.
Chief of I'ollco .Scion , of Slonx City , arrh l
nt .San I'rnnclKco , and on vltltlnx the
prisoner at the Jail , Koschnltxl confeivxl to
Ills complicity In the tragedy In Auxmt and
namwl .John ArcriMJurt us the : ; ian vho
Miot the rilnl t r. Tlwconfwslon of Lcarltt
had not ti ; < : n unvli : public until thu 7th , tlir c
dayo provinuxly , hut Kf/vhnlnkl ; wan uri-
\saro of any such confeiilon. .So far JIB i *
thu only ( lerrimn out of the large nurnbor
inpllcatcd that has turned states evidence ,
nnd hl.s testimony IM 1 1 n ( Utcncd to by that
rlis-tof : with deep Interest , llu It the
moil daniayin. : wltniis yt In the Jury txix ,
nnd the reveUtionsofthc crime made by him
Maintain In detail nnd daU an nxactnu.ii
with the testimony of Fit/jhmnotii and
Lcavitt. Th < ! position of the awas'ln when
fired the shot Is accurate -with other Ujitl-
rnnny already Niibutcd ! ( , but he ( leicrlbc *
vlth horrlfylni ; Hlu-strjUlon the face
and expression of 4lhe minister as the
ball penetrated | Uc neck" . He Is
the only Vfltriris that has so
far 1'iveii the true ami natural soun J that fof-
lows the everlnz the wlndp pc. This
part of the evidence ycmcd deeply to affect
a sUiut , heavy lady , with hair well tinted
wltli t-ray , ulio Is drjfxxl in mourning , and
hura Hated mannfrand flushed countenance
drought her universal sympathy. It was
Mrs. Haddock , widow of the martyred min
ister. It was her list appearance In the
court room , she havlcfe but Ju t arrived from
bur home in Wisconsin.
Ko-chiniski reaiirc l Ills cvldwic from
jcsterdai'B lntetrupUono5 follows : Treiber
said , "There Is where the -
of a preacher lives ; Jnvill give youJV/Mf
von will whip hlm. " ; cn said he would eive
S'iVJ if 1 would uhlpjtfifr tHrAftked me if I
knew Fred Foleer ; x&fK ± es ; hnxsked me
if 1 knew Grandavi"isaM yes ; he said.
"When yoj sec him tell him I will trlve him
trV ) to whip Haddock. " I ted ! < ; randa what
hu had H.ild ; I then went with him
to his house ; this was on the
afternoon ot the same day. ( i ran da ,
when I told him this , said , "I will
meet you at Trleber's saloon to-night. I
went to TrieUr's that evenlnjr ; r.eaid
Ciranda was not here last night ; he said "jou
go and see him and t/ll | him to coma down ,
that he will get S.VJO sure when he whips the
preacher ; " saw Grandaazain ; told him that
frluber would clve him SW3 sure wh n he
whipped that preacher : Oranda said. " 1 was
at Trleber'R last night but Trleber was not
there ; " 1 then met Trlebcr on trie street
later ; I tolu him I seenGranda ; Triebersild ,
"you come up with him to my saloon to-night
sure ; ' ' I then camu un to the court room with
Tnebcr ; saw I'CT. Haddock there ; the in
junction cases wens goins on in the court
room ; remained In the court room until
about lo o'clock , then left and went home ; in
the evening 1 went to Trieber's saloon ;
Trieber sent me to Oranda's house to bring
him to the saloon. He gave me > cents for
car far and I went noun to GramU's hoa e ;
he was not there ; I then returned to
Trieber's saloon. He was not there , and I
started down Fourth street for home. 1 saw
'irieber , Granda , I'latb , Mnnchrath and
Paul leader on the corner near the Sioux
Xatlonal bank. Trleber said : "Show Granda
where Haddock lives. I went up towards
the preacher's hous- with Granda , then WP nt
back to the bank building. Wnen near the
preacher's house Granda said he would not
whip the preacher , as there were too many
men who knew him. He told me this when
near the preacher's house. When we got
back to the bank Paul I < eader , George Trie
ber. S. 1l.eaitt , Henry Peters and Munch-
rath were standing there : did not know
Leavltt at the time , Granda asked the fel
lows to give us a drink ; Plath gave Granda
35 cents ; we wentand got a drink and went
back to the corner. Tneber said. "You go
down and asK Charley Eberhan if thebu gy
has come back. " He went dow n. This
about one hour before Haddock was killed ;
Granda went wlta me ; I asked Etwrhart
if the bugey had returned ; I called
him out ot the Columbia house to ask him ;
he went back and sent a man out ; I remained
there about an hour ; did not ask Fltzslm-
mons about the buggy ; he went Into Merrill's
ll\ery st.iblo ; sawabupgy on Water stree
that night about one hour after I had left th
bank corner ; 1 was standlnc near Dtneen's
fence , east from the Columbia hou e. The
bucey came and I walked up toward Fourth
street The buggy came from Fourth Mrwt
and turned nortn on Water stnvt. Granda
and I were on the east side of Water ; tres
when the buggy camn ; Granda and I wen.
up to Fourtn street , when the burgy me ,
and saw a crowd of men coming down th
sidewalk up to the corner nf fourth and
Pearl streets. Tfcc wen were going down
Fourth --treet ; met tnem the alley be
tween Water and Pearl streets ; saw th
leader (\itt ) , Granda , Arenvlorf , PJath
nnd Munchrath were in the crowd ; Arenvlor
was there ; had on a blank sack coat ; Lea\it
had on a rubber cost ; we all went toward !
the Water street corner : Paul Leader and :
ere In front : he and I went south on Wate
street ; Aren > dorf stood on the corner with
the other men ; Leader and I were five feet
from Arensdorf ; I taw the man coming
across the street ; Arensdorf said to Grands ,
"I don't want you drunken men around
here. " Hev. HitMoek was coming acre $ >
Water street ; theuen were on the corner
Haddock was coming east on Water strwt ; :
saw Arensdorf > tart out toward the preacher
when In the middle ot the street ArensUor.
fired the snot ; Haddock ni > ed his
hands to his head and fell : Arens
dorf stood still * moment and then
ran across the bridge followed by IVter > :
mean the bridee across Perry creek at tli
foot of Fourth : Jtrfrt. I then starts ! to run
and did not fee which war the other men nn.
I ran through the alley between Third an
Fourth streets : Paul Leader was with me nu
we ran to the Milwaukee hou e : saw Aren
ilorf on Fourth street with Paul Ix der ; saw
hlui In a beer garden the next Monday atte :
the shooting ; Frwl Folder was al o there.
Arvnsdorf said : " 1 puess I want to s-ee you. ' '
We went out. He Mid. "I think you hid bet
tercet out ; " I cald. 'Why ? he said , "You
saw the shooting and you bad bettercet out'1
I sshl I had no money ana he uld. " 1 will
give you S1CO and you pet out ; FreJ Foljvr
will drive you out on the road , tomorrow ; "
he ssld to Folwr , "You come to Junk's
tonlirht and see. me ana uke him to Sails. * '
He said It I remained hero I would cetdrunt
and talk aud would get Into the wniteniLinr.
Thn second dajr ttter Haddock was killtM
Tleber came to mr house and he caw me
money ; aw Hear ? Peters at the beercAtxlen
next day ; Folcer Mid th t It vr&s better tor
me to leave , as I was liable to get In the peni
tentiary : FoUcer Hid be k t Uvn told by
Granda Uiat Arcstdorf had klllevl Haddock ;
he Mid that It U mined U next moratn j ho
In II wo \
, ly im tlorch
: flnr lt v Ilk/lilr k i " 4 klll ls Ml
rKkln Umni f iriK. Cr l r'olz'-f
with id * , yiil l/i H .IU f//it /
tny ! <
On irieiUyaJworc
ilorf wl'l. ' "Vvhr fll'l y / nul ten fllti lift W >
( Jo'/r 'j 'it Ulr ar ywi will ! > Jim I tw
tMif , I/tit mil ruitil yint tt nn lutnvKnnt \ < c
nway. " On th c/r/ ' /ilr tlr > ri > i l l
i < ) w < Ix/rn In rrtru | 'MU U : wm a
f In in * old r' ; int/t i * m r l"-'l In
l on < ihlt f f * fin yc r Miiit unit-
liu hfii ) , y/M it'll tn llt'i wtttletillnty In Hit
old ctiutiltr' r foully fvn - In tbli itmnln
tinn yi-Jit Ofom Iiino I ! ir y frilltaw t\\- \ \
iw 1 1 Hloiu Mir. vrwrkwl Itit Jnlitt Arrnv
d' ' rf a Ji' rt tlwio aft < 'r rfun'itix lm . rrlf )
alMt w rl " l Uirr S ' ( ( * "r ' ( Id m/t / l tnt
In vililu thy iirri/iliir I MII * I * > * not iltimit
i-tiotii'li ; I can talk l'i/r Ont/fi anri
high Dutch : 1 dirt not "twrt t/ >
fiy ut llin % ' * f > wiiirli
vttit lit w.l liit v/iii ) < i/lri <
iir Mcti < 'r : .John Annvorf ( lad iitittil \ \
tanUtttlhu time "Una mnrdrr It U nul
f vt tliU I h'ivf'.H \ In prlvm : found
v.hiil tf < ) 'id Iri front of .ItinK't whirl I wtrtt
MnrfhraHi wvl rwM rr/rtt" ! on ; tivl
tilk > yilfi Ihnn ; ' ( rW/cr ! ! Ii < ; bwl lit ni
ddjrllVtttr stfwt and * k < ? J A tent/Inn It
lltu bug/yl d mint \tvk' \ * Vy ( f' ' Maift.
whoMl'l h 'llrtri'tkn r , t'l tfr * > xt t
an hour : Kt > "rJi t vnt rrun , who r tif.
tnck and Mid twnt luul ctiw. . ' r t' riH t/i
fJramla , who vnl tKf"r i t' i for a drlr/k ;
didn't go with him ; didn't want any drink ;
att > T l , i cam ! bvk ; r nt O'Cfinnor' * ;
a kcd tlict ! and r/niMn't e rt ores : went t/vk
to ( > r rida lij ilrien'i iriop ; iUyM fjiiM
awlillc ; i.ivr < 're/al I kriftw tuMlnMnnc ; i-
rath , Trfst tr andtii joth 'f ' ) 'rc not Uirre ,
no one b'lt rriyvlf and < /rari'U : tlut M
tiattiii Iti'iiugty cam : ; -vrhn It earnI I went
to Fourth , then Tn-tit rwki : > OlnwrA :
Orari'U went mli JV M ; I * Uld t lit * * \\i-i \ \
till tlio ctovril cmr' I'rnl litsulti ' * * vlttauli
( at'tt y who vi in < ! % t ; think HVIM l > - rltt
ami another : n n ; ( walkt-d with J/swlt ;
didn't M him cUan rjati with anyone :
can't ar that IMJ crran ; { xl haU vlln ls-vlist ;
couldn't W ! what t' okIMV. \ filr 'l : If any
one had taken l vlvr'n lial off wo-jl/J tiw.
rii It ; no one did ; I/al-r hvl a rubVsr
coat l/nt no nrnhrclla ; is-vlir ami ( t//tp" l
at Watr itrect and tiirrixl aronn'l ; didn't
we tli hat chanzln ? ; it/xxl tfiiri a
cnnpto of KWind * whtn ( l ( M'/"i :
nUtted acrow the utiwt ; ,
Ari-nsdorf met him. ( ' ! v.iclf'1' i'/ < >
arid a little north of the preather ; didn'
the preacher r li fils riand * l/cforfe > . r
iriot ; after John noth- went Mwr l ittt
brlrtsje ; wallt l fait , Peteri alv < ; nnthcr
ran ; only WfT th rofa a eonpte of * SAJ .
when 1 ran ; fxswler VM ahevj. f folio- * * * !
1/rMer to t ! ) MilwaukM honfe It l not vt
that I was at Fifth and l'e jl trfc rUt > * n
Haddock waAklllwI ; wa/ri8 > t Uiere afx at
filtten fe t away ; wanVwlth John IK-M-
rich iyirnfr of IVarl and flf th : I'u a -
lie U > av I V/M ; don't xnovr Ie'irch ! * : wtnt
down Fourth Mri L wh * 1MI Lroat
< J f * Ullf tit
Insc : went horns from there : tui'l horns . . .
nlzht ; the next time I saw Arenv
dorf va < i on the aet rnctrnlng ; ris/1
no Ulc ! with hlrrf ; the nit tltr.e
he talked with w.neiaVat ) the Vilhn w
the next Monday at J < * IV > rvb' : r > -r gar
den ; he didn't say "I and Tre.ter will yo in
killing j > reach s ; there iva , more nonein
It. " | The vritnhwUu/hwl a he denied f-
Ingihis.l John DMrlch did not hear Mm
say -uch a thins ; you tain ) : I wa. % crazy ?
a feed the witn&u : at tnepJac * ot the tilling
it-Aa ? dark , but there waj plfnty of lUnt ;
c/mld see that It WAS Areawlorf an l not
Henry Peters who fired the iiot ; I
was arrtited at .San Hranciw/ ; told no one
of the shooting on th'j vray home ; irM tne
governor about lU-f at DM Mo5n .
did not read l > s * ifs statement ; did no :
IneWof It I told the gorernc/r ; < u.i 't
expect leu punlthment t.'ian arrest ; did not
talk with Ixavitt about the shoo'.in ? since
coming tnck. On re-dlrwn evideoe * he testi
fied to rneetlne Mayor Cleland aadM 'i4 *
.Shanley at Ornthi on SI * way l/aci : from fcai
Francisco. Thee oflicials showed him a j.hci
torrar > h of l.earitt and ioueht to hare nlra
state ttiat Ixratitt was the one who a id the
shooting. He refused to u-l ! other than the
truth. After he went to the room "
with the chief of police to ? et a little rest tae
rnaor airaln wu/nt to nave him ilate tan
l > eavltt wai a murderer. He zaln refn' L
He went to Ue ? 3Iolne > and told the governor
Ms story. Kona-chimti proved tot- * the mo :
danzerons vritne = 3 for the defense jet cal'cd.
Geor/eA. l nWA ? recalled and swore
that after the shootln he went to tbe - < ae
of the murder and met Henrr Sherman cos
ine from that direction : Mr * . Mary Rj-an , to
whew I avitt ran after the 'i' > 5tinr ,
te-tilK-d to having heirJ the roand of a sbot ;
heard men rannla ? by the hoa- < ; one en
tered the front door , ran up iUirs and into
the front room occupied by Ifrljcr ; Wiilian
D&or > orn rooaied at Mrs. Kyans ; was ia the
room at the time of the shooinz : abxit three
minutes after the * bet was nrr-d L anu ran
Into hU roost , sit down on tae side ot
bed and coterrd b fa e with bU
hands ; identined the ranU pet on
exhibit and swore they were ja-t like the
ones I.eavitt wore on that c-sea.-ioa. They
were dark pants ; he also wore a ti t-.t brown
Atx > nt 3 o'co ! > : i In tfie afteraoin the ex
citement and close atmo-phere o ! the eocr :
room cau-ed Mri. Haddock to faint. With
this exception she bore up bravely turoc-h
the trying ordeal. Only at one ocer time ,
when Konoschla-ki was azala rep atlnr the
actual shoot in ? , did the lady o : t no-rn
and. covjrins her face , sobs coaid t beard
in tne stillness tut ! cam a as a calm ot
pauiy. _
A Bottle Conrentlon.
Dn * MonfE * , Ix. Marca S-.Sr 5al Te !
egram to the BEE. . , Representatives ot
bottling Industry la twenty citln ot lovra
met in this city to-day and forced a > : ate as
sociation. Tnefolowlno2ieers ! were e ! td :
President , John D.Vaille , Marihalltowa ; vi
president. J. A. Hero'.d. Conncil Blu j ; c-
retary. O. It. WheIer , Council BlnSi ; t a5-
urer , C. Mathews. liarllngtoa. Several com-
pacto were made for the mutual pMecion of
tne memter : , amen ? other * onet&a : no ceo-
t > er of the a.v > oeiatlon should 11 ccojstoany
person who had Kvn refu < d & ! < > oa ac
count ot exce&Mve Io-j of bottles uatll nli od !
account wa.5 settled. Al o that no focxl * ial
tv ent out to any rianies la tae United au :
in quart bottle * unle the boal = are charfe l
and added to the Invoice at tie rae ot ' * )
cents a dozt-n and ra > $ at ctnt. The cex :
annual mer'tini : of the Ass vaIoarill !
beM la Davenport la April , ls .
State UnlTcrsltr Recent * .
IOVTA CITV. la. , Marca JO. Sr-Kial Tee- !
craru to the BKC. The b rd of re-feats of
tne State nnlr * Ity met here to-day aad
elected Dr. A. Ketnodof ! Clinton , is l -
turer on insanity ia the icolhral deportmeaL.
No choic for president wa * cadf , bet tw
selection xs left : oaconiraltt of fite.coa-
Ppyed of Governor ljirrxte ana ilf r * .
Thomas S. Wright , of lv Moine * : D. X.
Kkhinlvin , ot Davenport ; 11. A. BomfU , ot
Washington , and J.v. . Uich , of Ylntoa.
Killed ny an Emory Wheel.
GrrnntE Cr.N-rin , Ix , Marth J5-X
[ Special Tolecratu to the BEE.Orrll D.
Mercer , while operatinc an etaorr wh l In
his shop here tm eveainf. vra * tUiiM by 5t
bur > tlnc of the vrhel. One p eoe , \ < < lctiinc
f < vty-ls pounds , cru > ld la his brex > t , Sill-
ins til in lnUntly.
A Crook oil CommUiinn Firm.
Cutcjioo , March 33. Jo , t h Striarp , of
Sioux City , ( a. , tyfin a < nlt ia tfc * * a ] rJoc
court toUj - against the catncaK < iaa - : = ! of
D. H. MclMnad * C x , of this c ty. to rc-
cow Si.iXW Straaps . id the tirm bai tva
-flllnc nitfr\-h\uitlM for oa # price and re
portinc annthlnc , and the dbcrepAacy. it is
i , aiaounted to the itove :
Lalxir Troulilr-t S < cil < Hl.
Prrrsiiv no , Mrrch SI lVo relf n * strain
In the eoke region . The trouble Jvtw a th *
r\vo l\N > r cvrcnitatU\DS hc Knlctits cf
Ijtvraml the Amalramatcd a. < M.vuU a mt
miners ana cilue utvtrers WAN > iled th-.t
fort noon by % conference of the lxborer .
Union PielflcOtHocr * Ktecttst.
BOTOX , March : U. At a moctinc ot tne .11-
rotors ot if. * Union Pdc r-4lltvu4 ihU
afternoon. rrcstJent Adaats af d tae fcrcwr
oftccrs w rc-clcctcd.
t't1 tlt < H *
fittiimtiy.j * i t ux tint *
IwwJ it ? onul i tt > iUl l/ > fUtut lu
* ntn > l c ftM * it | In vrtitrtttmlj nll
w/yhl'/n % i/i Hit Inlfi tltlf rf/ttimvt" ; Ml ,
nt aiilrtznlwlr
) /Aj/J fftrfl ? ut
rtHtitrttty tin two in'tttl > n
" , tvtt
no ItrVH * It/t > < * lii\tt lh"
l > n
sill r ( . * of t rvIf'Jvli'iz tv/ < - *
! on vw l tit
tit ettxttir
fTftfl. v
It- * } n < jyrtf"r * tut Ihfi i/i jy tin vJt-
'prl ttw-U ! Mil *
io n'J tfjo t Vt * for irly ) l r . Itf.
CUlut will tntllrt \ cXtrA Awll I.
' ( luti wilt li * ti'i i-titnz * , ti nittm wt
in f
th" W\t\\n \ \ . tfw.tltlt \ YH
\Atvin\l 1/we.wr * nn > rti tt'ri'-t ,
will I * i < * uwj in im / ! / < ; * - of its :
U til Kritttt + titux Il/fi , t t wA nn
tir in nr tnimxt nt Hint t\ttilllf *
nlf win iti * . ttnt * l ot xn ritZr-i tr/at.etfri
in follow tt \fttrt \ nl IM Uv , w
try w. lnrfiW'j JJr llfin ! * tsarj lit , * .
. . itttl U >
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