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fiellvctcd by cnrricr In tinpnrt of the city at
twenty cents per week.
D. W.TILTON. Munnter.
BUFIICFM OrncE , No. 43.
Kiani Kniroii No. 23.
N. Y. Plumbing Co.
New spring goods at Rcltcr's , tailor.
George W. Thompson itCo , . real estate.
Additional Council liluffs news on the
Rcvunth pago.
H. A. liaircl yesterday put in a line
soda water fountain.
Sec W. C. Stacy & Co. , No. 0 Main , for
bargains in real estate.
Tlio United States court djd not open
yesterday , the judge not arriving ,
The "Niuicy & Co. " troupe leave to
day for DCS Moincs , from which place
they go to Davenport ,
All olliccrs and members of St. Albans
lodge No. 17 , K. of I' , , arc requested to
meet at Castle hall ut 7:30 : this evening.
W. J. Smith has commenced an action
to force Jacob Crouso to deed to him cur
tain lots for which he claims to have a
The new postal clerk , C. S. Lawson.
went out yesterday , the railway conclud
ing not to refuse longer to puss him to
the place where ho was ordered to re
Ho sure and see the artistic
picture of Miss Hello Hotsfonl ,
when you go to buy your ticket
at Ilushnells'tj for the concert next
Thursday evening in aid of the hospital
Charles Allen was. vest unlay discharged ,
it appearing that ho was not so great a
disturber of the pence as William Helming -
ing thought ho was. Charles has been
behaving himself quite well lately , and
this time would not have got into trouble
had it not been for others.
The following people will assist Miss
Botsford at tlio charity concert to be
given next Thursday iviiing ( ! : Miss
Julia Olliccr , the Misses Mortal , Miss
Kate I'usoy , Mr. Marshall Troynor. Miss
Nellie Hatcher and Miss Joyce ot Man
Chester. England , will favor the audience
with some recitations.
The police yesterday arrested
two runaway boys , Curtis Cut-
kamp and Garry Willmcring , froir
Columbus , Neb. The boys are aboul
eleven years of age , and it is the
old of " world. '
story "wanting to see the
They are now looking at it from behiui !
the bars while waiting tlio arrival o :
friends to take them home.
The American Contractor , a trades
paper of Chicago , gives numerous para
graphs to the buildings contemplated n
Council Bluffs this season. It speaks o
the new Catholic church , the new cit
hall , the buildings at Manawa , and till
new union depot. It makes the prcdic
tion that the depot will bo "one of tin
most imposing buildings west of Chi
cago. "
There arc several buildings on Broad
way. near Main street , that would bi
much more pleasant to gaze upon if tin
proprietors , who have allowed the sarni
old fronts to remain in thorn the pus
twenty years , could bo induced to put ii
new fronts to keep pace with the times
nnd not sot back nnd see tlio youngo ;
men , with a much more limited banl
account , do all the improving , withou
oven n word of encouragement from th
The Missouri river at Plorro fell nearl
eight feet in the last twenty-four hours
while at Sioux City it was roportcd at
o'clock last evening to have fallen fry
inches. At the Union Pacific bridge !
raised from 17 feet , 0 inches at 0 o'cloc
yesterday morning to 18 feet lost nigln
It takes about twenty-four hours for th
water to run down from Sioux Citj
Civil Engineer Birklnbino , manager c
the waterworks , said yesterday that th
18 feet was the highest reached this so :
eon. From reports from the upper Mif
eouri indications arc that a rapid fall wi
take place to-day.
Sbcrradon is still making cabinet phi
tos at $3 per doz. , best finish. Crayon <
India ink life size pictures only $10. 1J
F. M. Woodward , artist.
J. W. &E. L. Squire make bcautifi
abstracts of title , nnd dcscrvo the succe
they arc enjoying. _ _
For aero property , residences and bus
ness property call onV. . C. Stacy & Cc
No. 0 Main street.
Garden hose 8c to 82c per foot at No
York Plumbing company. Every fo
Personal Paragraphs.
L. R. Mayno will probably leave to-di
for l.os Angeles on n pleasure trip.
Mr. and Mrs. F. Weis and daujflitc
Miss Ida , have returned from Florida.
Miss Nellie Lockott has returned fro
a visit to Washington , D. C. , where s
has been the past two mouths.
Fred Walwoy , of the BKE , who h
been visiting in Nebraska the past f
weeks , returned homo last evening ; .
Mrs. A. Harrington has been cunfin
to her bed for two weeks with rheum
tism , and her little babe has been ill all
but both are now improving rapidly.
Mrs. John Montgomery and daught
of Mount Pleasant , la. , and Mrs. u.
Randall , of Lincoln , Nob. , are visit !
Mrs. W. S. Cross , No. 617 South Sh
J. II. Clark was yesterday moving it
his new residence. No. 820 Sixth aveni
having sold his Hfth avenue homo
P Prof. Paulson who will proceed to occu
U at onco.
I H. J. Riffenbenck , now o ! Denver , M
in the city yesterday and this morni
loaves for homo , accompanied by I
wifo. who has been visiting her pare :
for the past month.
Look at our refrigerators before bi
Ing. Wfa keep the best. Cole & Cole ,
Main street. .
Wanted a good dressmaker and t
apprentice cirls at Mrs. D. P. Hayde
dressmaking parlors , No. 720 First
Y. M. O. A.
If you want to have a first-class tl
attend the literary and social at the Y.
C. A. hall to-night at 8 o'clock. B
ladles and gentlemen invited. Admiss
and seats free.
1. Slnglnit Vocal solo , Robert Hunter.
2. Describing wonders , by F. K. Teelc
E. Curtis , R. Hunter , O. Hunter and oth
. Recitation , Miss Gertrude Taylor ,
4. Music.
5. Call for minute men.
0. Miscellaneous.
7. Oration , T. Dlschell.
Star sale stables of Council BI
The largest stock of horses and mi
west of Chicago , which will bo sold
wholesale or retail and satisfaction gi
Dr. Hanchott , office No. 19 Pearl itr
residence , 120 Fourth street ; telcph
No. 10.
Contractors and builders will find ii
their interest to get prices on lime ,
went , plaster , hair , etc. , from Co
Bluffs Fuel company , 680 firoac
Telephone 130.
it. _ , _ . ;
It Stays the Waters and Qaieta tlio flems
of the Timid Ones.
Tlic Improvements In the Union I'n-
clllc Yards Start Up-Col. Knat-
Icy's Sensational Theory of
Ijnttlmcr'f ) Disappearance.
I'lilillc Improvements.
The new city council has takun hold of
affairs with a determination to liavu the
municipal Improvements kncppnco with
private onus. Yesterday n hasty csti-
in at u was made of tliu prob.iblo cost of
the sewursalrnadyordercd. The amount
will reach nearly 150,000 , , iijMiriitE only
on that which has already been ordered.
Of course the most of this amount will bo
paid for by special assessments on private
property , the city paying only for the in
tersections , The paving ordered will
amount to at least $100,000. With such
improvements on the streets it cannot be
said that Council lilulls is lacking in
faith in itself. Properly owners were
never so confident as to the growth of the
city and they lire enthusiastically calling
upon the city to go right ahead , make the
special assessments upon thorn and they
will sec that the improvements arc paid
for. This confidence of the citizens
thcniaclves is one of the most encourag
ing features of the present boom ,
The lioveo Tested.
Tlio rising waters of the Missouri
reached the now levee Saturday night
and went up two feat on its side , but
there the water remained , showing that
tlio lovco was built none too soon , and
tliiit even in its present condition it is
capable of protecting that 'portion of the
city for benefit it was built. Yes
terday tlio river was falling , and the cit
izens were cvcrywhcro cracking dry
jokes , with every indication of unshaken
conlidcnco in the western part of the
city , even the lowest of it being kept
from any ovcrllow. Even if the river
should take another rise there is no dan
ger. Mr. Moore , tlio contractor , says
that the water can como up three feet
higher than in the wonderful rise of 1881
and still the city will bo fully protected.
The water could rise even rnoro than
three foot , but this would bo a surely
eafu point. The levco , wliun comnlctcd ,
and when it becomes more solid with
ago and other improvements , will be still
better and it seems that there can not be
any possible trouble any moro from the
tickle Missouri. The cost of the icveo IB
small , as it will not exceed $3,000.
Was Ijatttincr Murdered ?
Colonel Keatlcy appealed among his ok
friends hero yesterday. The new demo
cratic daily , at Sioux City , having gone
by the boards after a week's struggle
with short breath , leaves him free to en
ter now Holds. There is talk of rcorgan-
zing the enterprise , and going ahead will
it , but Colonel Kcatley says he docs no
care what they do with it , for ho has had
cuough of it. The mysterious disappearance
anco of the business manager , Mr. Latti
mcr , seems to have been the cause of the
sudden demoralization of the enterprise
which aside from that was moving alone
quite promising. Colonel Keutley holds U
the theory that Lattimer has been foullj
dealt with , and thinks ho has beer
robbed and then put put of the way
This is a theory simply , ns then
seem no clues by which there can bo am
satisfactory traces followed out. Latti
mer was drinking , and had about $3,001
in cash in his pockets. While drinkin ;
ho foolishly showed his wealth , and will
such a temptation it is not improbabli
that some rulllan has quietly got posses
sion of the money ana disposed of Latti
mer. It appears that Lattimor had n
reason for thus disappearing , and even i
ho was on n spree ho would surely hav
been heard from by this time. Colom
Kcatloy says that inquiries of all the cor
ductors of trains running out'of Siou
City load to tlio belief that Lattimer ha
not left the city , at least by rail. Th
theory that ho has skipped of his own ac
cord is the ono most commonly acceptor
but Colonel Keatloy thinks tliedisappeai
anco is not a voluntary ono.
As Seen By A Visitor.
. A. Snydcr , one of the editors an
publishers of the Cedar Falls Gazette , r <
cently visited this city. Ho investigate
the situation closely and looked at tl
foundation of the boom. So satisticd w :
ho with the condition and prospects i
the city that ho is planning to invest he
somo. Ho has had experience and mat
money in real estate , and hence is n got
judge of booms.
Since his visit to Council Bluffs ho pci
the following editorial for the columns
his paper :
A short visit at Council Bluffs and a d
taut view of Its large brother just across t
"Big Muddy" gives the Impression that
promising future Is before them. The Hi
contains about 23,000 Inhabitants , and Oma
Is about one-third larger. These cities , will
have hitherto pulled against each other , a
soon to be more closely connected by t\
brldiccs , the Union 1'acllic company bell
now encaged In the construction ot a m
railroad bridge with foot , wagon and etrc
car conveniences for crossing , while bids anew
now beine received for the construction
what is to bo known as the Broadway ai
Farnam street bridge at a coat of $500,000
; g (700,000. all of the stock having been take
It will be for foot , waaon and street car ps
sase , brlnitlup the two cities , now about tin
to miles apart , into more Intimate relatloi
Q , supplying a bond of Interest that must rcsi
; o advantageously to both.
IT The bottom land between has boon clian
J Ing hands in tracts at $500 to $1,000 per ac
and Is being laid off into fifteen to twer
is thousand building lots , for which 5200
isfi $1.000 each Is asked. The demand for tin
fits will be greatly Increased by the construct !
ts of the new bridges anil street car lines , g
Ing mechanics and others in Omaha oppi
tunlty to build homes across the river ,
Council Bluffs , less than a mile from th
v41 business , while they are now seeking hi
41 prices for lots four , five and six miles b ;
over the steeps and bluffs surround !
The "boom" Is not off In these cities , I
apparently slowing up for the "roads to i
tie. " Improvements for this season bi
not been I'ully Inaugurated , but there 1
conlldetit belief that the plant Is healthy a
liable to greet the sun's bright rays most o
morning. Iteal estate has witnessed a la
advance , but ewes promise of boating
recent achievements , and owners may c
dontly assume that theirs Is not a booir
th ane. Council Bluffs , In addition to a llv
Interest In the two bridges , Is to have a la
now Union Paclnc depot near the busln
part of town ; also several miles of extens
of Its motor line and connection by motor
twren the cltv and a beautiful lake , th
S. miles below , where an abundance of I . beach for bathing Is tound. A large 11
story brick for buslnoas houses , and nu
smaller Improvements are to bo made. In
dltlon to the splendid government bu
ing and new court house the best one
our state both in process of completl
The excellent public schools of Coui
Bluffs , with their 7,000 pupils and sixty-f
teachers , promise to continue as In the f
ffs years past , under the skillful superlat
les dency of our former citizen , Prof. Jai
at McNaughton , whose ability and success tr
nr- deserved recognition and endorsement. 1
school property of the city , comprising f <
teen good buildings , worth jJ50ooo : , Is pu
ot ; good use , U we may be permitted to ] ui
mete One or two features may be named. In
dltlou to the ordinary studies , a course of
structlon in the elements of natural scle
to to cultivate observation and give useful
co formation Is required in all grades
iiio ihe benefit ot those who are uni
to aU9d Bcho ° l nS enough
w * I pnrsue these studies In the higher dcp
menu , but tbe visitor la especially attrac
to the valuable museum of natural history
In. connection with the school , the result of
the efforts of the present siiiterlutemlunt and
teachers. It comprises 400 specimens of
mounted birds filial ! animals and reptiles ,
and an equal manlier ot geological ( speci
mens anil jb''lls. Wit think no ? chool In the
northwest can boast of such a line museum.
The rdticntloual Interests of the Ululls evi
dently have a hearty support , and the citi
zens , knowing n good thing when they see
It , are tnnklni ; their city a ilcslrablu plncu for
those who have chlldicn to educate. Prof.
McNaiuhton anil family are unjoylng goml
health and deserved prosperity.
We have 200,000 good brick for sale.
Money to loan on real estate. Councl
Bluffs Real Estate Loan and Trust Co.
Room U , Kvcrutl block.
Hot Whisky Punches.
The threatened Injunctions against the
saloons still excite much comment.
There was little change in the situation
yesterday. J. J. Shea , clerk of the
county , had not issued the writs oft n-
junction ns ordered by Judge Thorncll ,
of the district court. If ho had he would
Imvo been in contempt in the superior
court , for Judge Aylcsworth , of that
court , had granted injunctions restrain
ing Shea from issuing tlio writs ordered
by Judge 'Ihorncll. Judge Aylesworth
had also enjoined Sheriff Reel from BIMT-
ing the writs if issued. The probability
is that the clerk and the sheriff will be
relieved from tlio cmbarassment of deci
ding which judge to obey. An attempt
wilFbc made this morning to have the
injunctions of Judge Aylusworth dissol
ved. Attorney Sims , who appears for
the prohibitionists , will on the opening
of Judge Tliornoll's court to-morrow
morning file motions for the dis
solution of the injunctions from
Aylesworth' court. The law provides
that none but the defendants can ask to
have the injunction dissolved , but Sims
appears as attorney for the defendants ,
Slioa and Reel , a rather peculiar posi
tion. He will probably bo mot by an af
fidavit that ho has no authority to thus
appeal. He will meet this by showing
that the state is.vcnliy the party inter
ested , and will appear for tlio state. This
will cause another contest , probably , but
with the position taken already by Judge
Thorncll. and the views held by him , ho
will probably act promptly in dissolving
the injunctions issued by the superior
court. With these dissolved thcro will
bo nothing to prevent the clerk from is
suing the wi its ordered by Judge Thor-
ncll. The opening of court this morninp
will thus sec tlio climr.x readied. What
new move will be made on the part of the
defendants is not clear. It is reported ,
as already stated In the BEK , that if the
injunctions are issued , they will bo violated
lated , and if Judge Thorncll commit ;
anyone to jail , the federal court will be
appealed to to release on a writ of habeaf
L. B. Crafts & Co. , arc loaning monoj
on all classes of chattel securities at ono
half their former rates. Sec them bcfon
securing your loans.
Star sale stables for mules and hcavj
draft horses.
"Niincy & Co. "
Arthur Rohan's company in Augustii
Daly's "Nancy & Co. " played n
Dohnny's opera house last evening to i
good sized audience , but the next tinn
"Nancy & Co. " como to Council Bluff
the sign "standing room only" will havi
to bo nung out. This is tlio first time fo
"Nancy & Co. " in this city'and to sa ;
that the play was well received does no
half express it. There WIXB ti contlnuou
shower of applause and laughter fron
the beginning to the end of the show
Each nnd every member of the compan ;
took their characters well and taken as
whole the company is a line one. The
go to DCS Moincs this morning.
Call and see the stock of horses atv
mules at Star Stables before purchasini
elsewhere. _ _ _
> H tkll Tlllil > l p U IB
.nir Uildt of iorilk.
Owlni- the DUIXmi ( USTIIITT of the cloth IwMc
our patonu cover ejtchulTel ljr ) will flt I'frfectly nr
time worn. lu < iulro no bitaklnft In. lOXir RKTIK.MI
b Holler after being worn ten itay * If not ( omul the inoi
and 4 > tnrorfa1 > le Conet ever worn. Bold by
Brit-class deulcm.
CHOTTT BBOI. , Chicago , II
Bpeolal advertisements , Buch H Lost , Fou
'fo Loan , For Bale , To Kent , V > antl , Boardlo
eto. , Trill bolnserted la tbli column at the Ic
r t of TEN CENTS PER LINE for the flrst IQBI
ton and Five ConU Per Ltneforeaohsubiequa
iniortlon. Leave advertisements at our offl
No. U Pearl street , near Broadway , Coun
Bluff * .
RENT Furnished rooms with boi
543 Mill street ; also dny boarders taken.
MTANTED PhyRlclan-To buy a $4,000 pr
VV tlce In a thriving Dakota town of 1,200
habitants. No other doctor. A new hou
o Hire and barn worth SI ,500. Will all bo B
for II ,200. Uood reasons irtven for selllrnr. (
or adilrrss Garumii , Wnlte & Co. , Gout
Bluff ! , Iowa.
\\TANTED LannOryKirl to do plain wash
Vv and Ironmtr. Also nurae girl , not youni
than 15 , ct Pacific house.
T7UHJND A now pair of kid gloves. Owi
JL' can secure same ut lice oQlco.
Oil SALE-Muslo and sowing machine In
ness , together with small stock of nollt
goods and wall paper. Good town and count
oed location , cheap rent , profitable buslni
Invnlco (1,200 to $1,500. Would take part
ts Council Uluffl real estate. Address A. L. M
tsn nlnf , Dunlap , Iowa.
so JR. RICE , M. D.
33m Cancers < " > d other Tumoi
1000 Removed without the knile or Drawing
no Blood.
' 0- Over 80 venrs Practical experence.
No 11 Pearl St. , Council Bluffs.
Inn , C. B. ALLEN ,
ur urn * EnpeerSufveyorMapPulis , , [ ) [
! 0t No. 11 North Main St.
ir- City and county maps of cities and conn
irto In western Iowa , Nebraska and Kansas.
: toe.
idn nce FIHLEY BURKE ,
tor n- Attorney at Law.
tort 604 Broadway , Up Stairs ,
rted Council Bluffs.
Nos. 314,316,318 , , and 320 Broadway ,
1 i
i i
$1,50 Kid Gloves for 50c per pair.
$1,50 Kid Gloves for 50c per pair.
$1,50 Kid Gloves for 50c per pair ,
$1,50 Kid Gloves for 50c per pair ,
$1,50 Kid Gloves for 50c per pair.
$1,50 Kid Gloves for 50c per pair.
$1,50 Kid Glovss for 50c per pair.
$1,50 Kid Gloves for 50c per pair ,
A Regular Surprise , for 2 Days Only.
1,000 pairs of genuine $1.50 quality of Alexandria Kid
Gloves , unstamped , in black , tans and browns , all sizes ,
from 5 A to 8 ; at 50c per pair. These gloves are four , five
and six buttons , perfect fitting , newest shades , and good
goods. These two day's break from $1.50 to 50c per pair ,
is without precedent. Two pairs only sold to each cus
tomer. This distributes the limited number of 1,000
pairs among more ladies and prevents the possibility of
other stores buying them up. Whether this reduction's
authorized by the importers for a motive of their own , or
whether it is on our own responsibility , for the purpose of
creating a furore in the Kid Glove trade , we are not at
liberty to make public. Draw what inference you like ,
but be assured there is a reason and a good one.for so un
common a departure. Kecollect , two days only , Monday
and Tuesday , commencing at 9:30 : , tomorrow , Monday
morning. [ Be on hand ; first come first served.
314 , 316 , 318 and 320 Broadway ,
Curtains , Upholstry ,
Window Shades ,
Poles , Door Mats , Rugs ,
Sash Draperies , Etc , ,
Mail Orders Carefully Filled. .
)0 ) (
Our Mr. Stockert Superintends
All Work.
ild Designs , estimates and report ! on bridges ,
All viaducts , foundation ! and general engineering
ell Blue prints of any ulio ahd quantity. . .
Office No 13 N. Main St. , First National Banl
W. , Zi BIGGS ,
sl Justice'pf theeao .e.
slay N 504 Broadway , Council Binds.
la Coellctions a specialty. Refers to the Bee
s WIGS ,
ported Lint o
Goods West o
.lea Chicago.
Mra.C.L. Gillette's
Council BlufTs.Iowft.
Established 166T. .
Some of the Chicago people seem t <
think that the trousers of the day an
upon their last legs. A knco brecchc
movement is on foot in that city , nnd i
is thought , when balmy weather sots in
will prevail in social circles.
Justice of the Peace.
D. H. McDANELD & CO. ,
[ Ketabllslied 1803. )
No. NO Main Street , i t i Council Blufft
Star Sale Stab/es and Mule Yard
Broadway , Council Bluffs , Opp. Dummy Dopes
t >
s s
§ g
Horses and mules kept constantly o
hand , for sale at retail or in car load
Orders promptly filled by contract c
short notice. Stock sold on commissioi
SHUTTER & BOLEV , Proprietors.
Telephone No. 114.
Formerly of Keil Sale Stables , cornt
1st. ave. and 4th street.
Attorneys at Law ,
Practice in the State and Federal Cour
Rooms 7 and 8 Shugart-Beno Block.
II. D. AMY & CO. ,
Hardware , Stoves ,
) AND (
No. 620 Main St. , Council Bluffs.
The only Hotel in Council Bluffs Having a Fi
Escape ,
And All Modern Improvements.
215 , 217 and 310 Main St.
MAX MOIIN , Pro/ ) .
Justice ot the Peace ,
415 Broadway , Council Bluffs.
Refers to any bank or business house in tl
city. Collections a specialty.
Horses g Mules
For all purposes , bought and sold , at reti
and in lots. Large quantities to sele
from. Several pairs of fine drivers , si
gle or double.
MASON TOCouncil Bio
Leading Real Estate Brokers
Have Property of Every De
scription ,
506 Broadway , Council Bluffs , Iowa
Choice Property at a Bargain ,
Fifty Acres Choice Land Adapted for
Gardening ami Fruit Growing.
About twenty acres of the tract is set to
apple orchard which is in bearing , and
to all varieties of choice small fruit and
vineyard , divided an follows :
'rilE ' VINE ! Aim.
1'ropcr contains upwards of live acres.
The vines are thrifty and in bearing.
Between throe nnd four acres are well
sot to choice varieties of blackberries ,
raspberries and strawberries.
Contains more than 1,000 trees in bear
ing. In addition to the above enumer
ation are a largo numbers of choice
plums.clicrry and other fruits , also shade
and ornamental trees surrounding the
Ordinary barns and other out-buildings.
The soil is of excellent quality for gard
ening purposes , being a deep black loam
and is u warm.south slope.and is altogeth
er the most attractive and desirable of
anything within business distance of
Omaha or Council Bluffs. With the now
bridge completed across the Missourithe
property is not over thirty minutes drive
from the Omaha postolllce. Any party de
siring n choice bargain should apply at
once as , if not sold within the next two
weeks , it will bo withdrawn from the
_ _ market.
For Prices and Terms Apply to
Real Estate Brokers ,
No. 13 North Main Street.
Lower Floor First National Bank Block ,
Council Bluffs , Iowa.
Real Estate
and Farms , acre properly in
Vacant Lots , Lands , City Residences
to tnalce room for Wlna stock.
western part of city. All selling cheap
Real Estate and Insurance Agent ,
' oanH , Council Bluffs.
Room O , over Officer A Fusey'a
Farming Lands in Iowa , Minnesota , Kansas , and ranging from $5.00 to
. School and state lands in Minnesota on SO years' time 5 percent
flO acre.
per . , etc. , by
cent interest. Land Buyers fare free. Information given
! . . j. . ,
No. C55 Broadway , Council Bluffa , Towa. agent for Frcidrikson A Co. . Chloago.
Announces that ills stock of
til Finelmporled SpringMillinory
tilct In Choice Shapes ol Hats & Bonnets ,
Toirotbor with n
LarffeLlne of Novelties In Fancy Ma
terials is now Ready for Your
ff Careful Inspection.
1514 Douglas St. , Omaha.
1' Very Loiv ,
W. s. HOMER & Co. ,