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.Politicians Bay Candidates Will Blossoi
Earlier than Ever Boforo.
.Allison Suggested as n Compromls
JJetwoeti tlio ninlno and Slier *
" man Factions Mrs. llcnclrloks
CunelldntcH Will Bloom In tlic Sprltif
WASHINGTON , .March 20. [ Special Tele
gram to the Unn.J 1'olitlclans bay tlio cam
palcn for presidential nominations will opei
earlier tills time than for many years bccaus
neither of the leading parties have the lar es
number of men to select from , and bccaus
all are anxious that the strongest ot the a1 ?
1 > I ran Is shall bo selected. Senator Mahonc
of Virginia , and Sergeant-at-Arms Canaday
of North Carolina , tmvo taken charge of Son
ittor Sherman's boom In the south , whll
Ohio republicans Intend soon to got tojctlic
to assume control of the cast nnd west. It 1
elided to-nUht that one of the first move
vllt bo to put Mr. Mahotic In a position to b
chairman of the national committee In place c
Sir. Jones , of Plttsburg , Pa. , and that In till
, will coino the lirst contest between the She ;
man and Dlalno forces which me In thomal
antagonistic. 11 Is well known that Senate
, Allison , ot Iowa , Is the second cholc
of Mr. Blalno , and there Is th
1' highest authority for saying that Mr. 3hei
man prefers Mr. Allison to any other ma
than himself. It Is not Improbable , there
fore , that n compromise will bo effected be
ween the Sherman and lilalne element ;
hould the contest wage warm this wlntei
and that the lowan will bo the man elcctei
to represent the two factions and bring bet
together. Ex-Senator Coukllnjt and Itoboi
G. Ingcrsoll have both stated to politician
within the past two weeks that If Mr. All
eon Is nominated they will cheerfully tak
the stump and work from the lirst to the la :
day ot the campaign for him. This , the re
pudllcans are saying to-night , will have
, flood deal In bringing about the propose
compromise. Ono thing all agree- upon thl
'early , and that Is that the preliminary can
palgu will not bo permitted to go along unt
ihoro la anything like a breach in tb
'ranks. All are determined to win
'And are ready for any reasonabl
'Arrangement ' to put the party upon the fore
/tnost / footing from the start It is rcporte
illmt Mr. Dlalno will bo In the west In a ver
1 few days for the purpose of meeting friend
( who have suggestions relating to his politic :
.future , and that it will bo suggested that Mi
Allison will be elven his strength.
Mrs. llendrlcks , widow ot the late vice prci
Idcnt , made a short visit to Washington th !
week , arriving on Tuesday and leavln
gain for her home In Indianapolis yestorda
afternoon. During her stay Mrs. liomlricki
, . % vlio made the journey to see an 111 triune
i was the eucst of her cousin , Majc
Thomas Morgan. She Is lookln
Unusually well and speaks rnthuslas
tlcally of her life work , which Is t
.irrv out to completion every little wlsli-c
plan projected by her late husband. Durin
ihoir long life together Mr. llendrlcks mad
. B practice of quietly jotting down whateve
ivos said as to any plans for the future. Sine
the death ot the late vice president thes
notes have proved of Incalculable value t
bis widow , whose sole object In life now 1
to do all In bor power to ndvanco thorn t
fulfillment. She lives entirely alone In lie
'largo house , spending the greater portion o
each day , as during her husband's lifetime
, lu his study busily engaged In corrcspomlonc
.end such literary work as necessarily d (
Volvos on her for the accomplishment of he
flans. The most dlfticult task which pn
Rented Itself to her after Mr. llcndrlcki
death was to cuter the dining room when
tihelr-meals had always been taken wit
eucli a cheerful cosy air about things an
f et through the lirst dinner alone with th
plU'ht ot the empty chair opposite and th
awful sense ot desolation to which it seeme
.to add a two-fold keenness. However , Mri
Xlcndrlcks has accustomed herself to it , an
ivliether she has any one dining with he
the chair Is always In its accustomed placi
tmt no one Is ever allowed to ocdupy it
General Van Wyck , was among the calloi
Upon President Cleveland to-day. TL
general will remain here a while longer , the
BO with his family to Nebraska , No ma
who has figured In public life will leave moi
Steadfast friends than he. Ills work In tli
ponnto during the past two years has r
ulted In much good to the District of Colur
tola , and her residents will always have
Warm feeling for him ,
i Trotter , the colored recorder of deeds f <
Chls District , who has boon at the point <
If'death ' for forty-cleht hours , has anticipate
- i _ . . . - . -i. . . . . ,
.whose nomination to be recorder was n
Jected by the senate. The appointment i
JjOgan was made to-day , although ho wi
determined upon several days ago. Trotter
friends anticipate his death roomentaril
nd It Is said ho wants his deputy to be h'
successor in event of his death. Trotter h ;
t neumonia In both lungs nnd Is very low te
_ A NISlinASKA i ,
, Seeiotarv Lamar to-day disallowed th
Claim ot Thomas French , of Kearney county
Nebraska , for 311.830 on account of SIou
Indian raids In 1804. The finding states thi
the evidence Is not sufficient to establish tli
claim and that It was not presented withi
tup limitation fixed by law.
William Galllford has bean commlsslone
fHxtmrtster at Hock Falls , Neb.
Tlio time schedule of the star mall rotil
from New Hampton to Wllliamstown , la
. .f : , has been chanted as follows : Leave Ner
Ilmnpton daily except Sunday at 3 p. in
rrrlvc at Wllllamstown by 4:30 : p , m. Lea\
Wllllamstown daily except Sunday at 5 p. m.
rrivo nt Now Hampton by G p. m.
The site of the postofllco at Sioux , She :
nan county , Nebraska , has been changed t
en i ! and one-fourth miles south.
The pensions Issued for NebrasKans to-da
micro as follows : Minors ot Jonothan Bert
Stuart : Peter Grubb , Noharf John U. M
Cruw , Sett.
Pensions were Issued forlowans as follows
Elizabeth , widow of Alanson Harrtsoi
New ton ; Marcus N. Stewart , Iowa Citj
James U. Peters , Ablngton ; Win. Bauvnefi
ter , Now Hampton : James V. D. Va
'Aronsdale , Charlton ; James L. Andersoi
Oilswold ; Win. J. Wheeler , Macedonti
Kachol B. Hlans , Iowa City ; Alfred Osbort
Ceiitervillo ; Alauson Harrison ( deceased
Captain S. S. Leach , engineer corps , hi
tx-en ordered from Memphis to St. Louis
relieve Captain Thomas Turtle us secretai
nd disbursing officer of the Mississippi rlv
commission. Captain Turtle has been c
dored to Washington for duty In the office i
the chief of engineers.
Second Lieutenant Olios. L. Potter h ;
keen ordered from Fort i.eavcnworth , Kai
to Willeta Point , N. Y. , tor duty with tl
touttullon of eueinrers.
Captarn'Charies'riVilockwcU , of the Fit
cavalry , will bo relieved from duty at We
JPolnt Juno SO. and lejoln his troops.
Captain Leach , of the engineer corps , wl
lias been ordered to duty in the office of t
Chief of engineers , will relieve Major U. 1
First Lieutenant James Brcnnan , Seven
Infantry , has Men relieved as recrultli
O lllcor of Camp Medicine , Buttc , Wyomli
President Cleveland U much dlsplcas
fiver Carter Harrison's pretext for i
luslnc to accept the nomination f
vnyor ot Chlcauo. Ho bays ho krw
nothing about Harrison's atlalrs , and do
ot want to : that lie Is not opposed to Hi
rl > on's election If ho accepted -the uomiti
lhn. Mr. Cleveland refuses to be ejuotcd f
publication , but he is of the opinion tli
'Jlarrlson Is simply making an excuse f
j.cnlnga waifaie on the admlnlstratlc
And that It means an alliance with Govern
Bill , whose western connection Is to
, fco Mayor Harrison , by refusing to be oca
' * ldaw on the erounds sot forth. mrrUi
Assays to take his friends with him for 111
* .
Hank Statement.
rrJ EwYoait , March SO. Tlio weekly bai
' tutement nhpws the reserve decreas
fl.Ml'.OOO ' The banks now hold. fOia7u :
bt O CCPM o ! leal reexulremeata.
Conoul flathaway Makes HU Ofllcla
iteport of the Occurrence.
WABIMJJOTO.V , March 20. The secretary estate
state has reeolveel from Hathaway , Unltet
States consul at Nice , a dispatch dated tin
3d Instant containing an account ot tin
earthquake which occurred at that city ot
the 23d of February lust , Hathaway state
that the phenomena were most distinctly
perceptible at three minutes to 0 o'clock It
the morning. The vibrations were vertical
longitudinal and transversal , and of no
less than thirty seconds In duration. Tin
massive stone building of the city wen
then moved , lifted and shaken , as It ficctnet
to their occupants , like ships at sen or tree :
struck by a teiiipcstous wind. The Inhabi
tants at the time \veie wearily sleeping til to
the eviltemonts and festivities of the cnrnl
Vid. Th" ) lirst shock was followed by anothct
of somewhat less Intensity , undulating fron
east to west * and accompanied by a nolst
In the air like the blowint : of tin
"Mistral. " The round of falling walls am
the terrified volrcs of people mlm'lc (
In the alarm. Tlio sky became Illumlim
with a rod , glimmering light , apparent )
electric In Its quality and unusual at dawn
The entire population , half cluthcel , were Ir
the btrects. Many were quiet , firm and cour
ageous : others were trembling and unnerved ,
At thlity-Uvo minutes past 8o'clock n. m. tin
third shocK was felt , more Intense than tlu
preceding , which consummated the excite
ment. The railway station then bocanu
crowded with fugitives pressing for ebcapo t <
Marseilles nnd Paris Some caught the mon
open streets and public squares ; a few ob
tallied carriages for sheltpr.and some.less
ful , watchfully remained In the basements o
their dwolllnga or hotels. The weather wai
warm and cloudless , Happily but one lift
was lost as the Immediate result of this dis
aster. The municipal committee ontriistet
with the protection of all damazod house :
have reported that of the 53,000 buildings Ir
Nice , three have been demolished , elKhtmus
bo taken down , fifty are In danger , and " * (
are cracked and otherwise damaged. Tlu
actual loss to renl properly alone is estlmatcc
at rx > , ODUXX ( ) francs. The national chambei
of deputies have voted 1.000,000 francs tor tin
relief of the poor. Not only Nice and III
neighborhood , but the whole coast fion
Genoa to Marseilles , was more or less afllictee
by the earthquake. Uut few of the translen
population of Nice remain In that city.
Grand Islunel'a Grist.
GiiAjfn ISLAND , Neb. , March 20. jSpecIa
Telegram to the UKU. ] The Giand Islam
Electric Light , Uas and Fuel company wll
commence operations In a few days for tin
construction ot their works , the cost of whlcl
will be 500,000. They have purchased lots i
and 7 In block SO , on which they will erect i
two story block of brick , forty-four by eighti
feet , and erect coal sticds for the accommoda
tlon of the electric light plant , gas factor ;
and fuel. Seven miles of njalns will be laid
Besides furnishing gas for illuminating pur
poses It Is tbo Intention of the company ti
manufacture it tor cooking and heating pur
poses. The company Is made up principally
of Now York capitalists. The constructioi
will be under the supervision of Mr. Clmrlc :
Wosmer of this city , who was formerly con
nected with the electric light works.
Thi location of the canning factory li
fixed for block ! iO In Evans' addition on the
Union Pacific railroad. Uids for the con
Btruction will be closed on the 28th Inst.
1 ho govern or , state treasurer , secretary estate
state , state attorney , and commissioner o
public bulldlnes are In the city to-day tor tin
final location of the soldiers' home. Tin
various sites were Inspected. *
The residence of Senator Wolbach was en
tcredlast night by burglars and several vnl
uables stolen , amoni ; them a $300 cloak be
longing to his cousin. The residence o
John Moore , station agout of the Unloi
PaclQc railway , was also entered and all tin
solid silver taken.
An Appeal Tor Ireland.
LINCOLN , Neb. , March 20. The executlvi
board of the Irish National League o
America to-day Issued an address to tin
"American public and tbo Irishmen o
America. " The address opened with a refer
ence to the appeal by the champion of Dublli
to the Irish World to protect liumanlt ;
against further oppression of th
Irish people by the
government and reviews the prcson
political situation at length , and closes wltl
an appeal to the American press nnd peopli
to pass their verdict and say boldlv if thi
Irish have not displayed all the torbearanci
that human nature Is capable of In their pas
slve resistance to such Inhuman laws as thosi
to which the British government would havi
them submit The address say ,
If nothing will satisfy the Brills !
government but the destruction o
the Irish people , Ireland will be justifies
before God and man in selling her life at thi
heaviest price she can obtain , and in uslui
every weaoon the Ingenuity of man can placi
within her reach. Consideration of thi
policy of the lirltlsh government by thi
American public Is asked in order to help aver
such a catastrophe. The address urges th
reorganization of disbanded branches of tli
league and the establishment of now ones
and asks that the Irish people living 01
farms too widely separated from each othe
to form branches , send their names and sub
scriptlonsto Kev. Dr. O'ltellly , at Detroit
who will ackhowledge the same through th
press. The address Is signed by John FiU
gerald , president of the league.
The Mlflsourl Klvcr Vailing.
lliRMABCK , Dak. , March 20. The river i
falling rapidly to-day and workmen are abl
to repair the Northern Pacific bridge. Ni
trains can run over the bridge before Mon
day , but transfer is being satisfactorily mad
by boats. A citizen of McLoan county bring
Intelligence that the gorge seven miles belov
Wnshburn Is six miles wldo and the wate
covers the prairie for miles. II this Is trtu
then the worst has not come and the prescn
fall In the river Is nlmpiy a result of th
upper gorge. The Slbloy Island gorge I
firm. Bnow has been falling for fiftcci
hours and this will ereatly increase the vol
umn of water.
YANKTON , Dak. , March 26. The Mlssoui
river Is still rising here and the water I
backed Into the James river tour miles eas
and reports sav It Is nearly on a level wltl
the bridge. The Milwaukee track at Bur
bank , about forty miles cast on the Siou
City < & Dakota branch , is washed out am
trains are abandoned , the passengers beln
brought via Marlon and Scotlanel. Th
water Is thought to be at Its highest now am
no serious damage Is apprehended , as the ic
Is all out _
Raising Itaten on Coal.
PiTTsnurta , March 20. A dlsagreemen
has arisen between tbo Pltteburg rallroai
coal operators and the railway people whlcl
threatens to shut out Plttsburg coal from tn
lakes. .Last year the freight rate for coa
from I'lttsburg to the lakes was SO cents pe
ton. The railroads at lirst raised tlio tariff t
SI for this year. A committee reported thl
morning that the ralhoad people bad liuMl ;
ottered to reduce the rate to 03 cents. Tb
operators weie unanimous in asserting tha
tney would not accept such a rate , whlc
would still bo an advance of IS cents eve
last year's prices. The committee was Anall
Instructed to confer acaln at noon and as
that the SO-cent rate be continued. It is be
lleved , however , that operators will accept
compioirdse of IX ) cents.
Another Democrat Declines.
CHICAGO , March 2 < X Henry Sttickart , car
dldate for cltv clerk on the democratic tlcke
has followev' he lead of Mayor Harrison an
McAvoy anu declines to accept the nomlni
tlon tendered him. Ho demands that a ne1
convention be called and it is claimed th ;
this will be done and a now ticket placed 1
the field.
Attho joint meeting ot the democrat )
county and city committees to-night a rosi
lutlon was adopted calling for a conventlo
Tuesday to nominate a new ticket. Tli
convention Is to be composed of the stun
delegates who a week < wo nominated llarr
son , McAvoy and Stuckart ,
Chicago "Boodlers" Arrested.
CHICAGO , March 20. Daniel J. Wroi
county commissioner , and Adam Ochs am
John E. Van Pelt , ex-members of the Coo
county board , arrested for defrauding tli
county , furnished bail In the sum of Sl.lX
each to-day and were released from arrest
New Pension Examiners.
WASHINGTON , March 20. Alexander I
Burnley , of Tennessee ; William L. Broocke
of Oregon ; Madison Owen , of Ohio : Charlc
1 > . Bhanlt , ot Indiana , and Henry 11. Wole
of Illinois , have been appointed special e :
omlners In the pension oulca under the civ
service roles.
Prohibitionists Try to Sneak a SubmiEsio
Resolution Through the House.
The Senate's Amendments to tlio Ol
Inspection BUI Agreed tn The
Malicious tilbcl Measure
Killed Other
Doings In tlio House.
LINCOLN , Neb. , March 20. [ Special Tele
pram to the BKK. | The house In opei
session took up bills reported by the spec In
committee on selections from the genera
lilo. House roll ! MU , compelling the attend
ance at school twelve weeks In each year o
children between the ages of eight and tout
teen years unless prevented by Illness or pov
erty or by reason of proficiency already al
talned , was lend.Jiir. . llayden of Saltn
moved that the bill bo Indefinitely post
Mr. Tingle opposed a clause which com
pels parents and guardians to Insist upoi
their chlldien and wards complying with tin
rules pf the school.
Mr. Dempster thought the bill had semi
really excellent features , and ought to pass
Mr. Andres held that the state ought ti
give children all the education It could
This education would diminish thouumbe
of reform schools and penitentiaries. Thl' '
law would compel parents to ulve hotter rca
sons for sending their children early to worl
for the purpose of gettlne a few dollars am
bringing them up In Ignorance.
Mr. Caldwcll referred to the advantages o
compulsory education'In Germany.
Mr. Randall said tliat'public education wafer
for the public good. If thn state had a rlgh
to tax a man who had no children for tin
sake of education , the state had a right t
see that the greatest good was derived Iron
that taxation.
Mr. Bftllard supported the bill.
Further discussion was cut elf by the cal
for the previous question. Mr. Hayden'
motion was lost.
Un motion of Mr. Randall the bill was en
grossed for third reading.
Mr. Andres bill , 178 , providing for settle
ment by arbitration ot disputes between em
pjoyes and employer , was broueht up , Mr
Tracey moved to Indefinitely postponebeeatisi
onn clause compelled one or other of tin
parties to go into the county court for th
settlement , which was compulsion and no
Mr. Tlnclo spoke agam&t the bill and Mr
Andres defended it , stating that it hat
worked well elsewhere , and-that It was li
operation with the company for which Mr
Tracey worked , and that corporation opposei
The bill wns Indefinitely postponed.
House roll 248 , providing tor the paymcn
of diseased stock killed by the live stock com
mission , was passed.
Mr. Helper's bill , 340 , appropriating 88,00
for a geological survey of Nebraskawas read
Mr. Keipcr said tlmt the state would get bad
dollar for dollar lor this expenditure. The ;
had voted for experimental wells and the1
should aid In gaining the information of thi
entire state which this survey would give
The United States had ottered to make tin
topographical map which would bo mori
valuable than the amount asked tor.
Mr. Andres' motion to strike out the en
acting clause was lost , and the bill was en
grossed for third reading.
A number of senate flics were read a seeom
and third time and referred. Senate file 101
the libel bill , was called. Mr. Young o
Douglas moved that the bill be recommitted
The motion was lost. On motion of Mi
Itandall , the bill was put on its passage will
the following result :
Yeas Aikon-Andrews , Baird , Bennett
Bowmen. Cnldwcll , Cannon , Cole , Cope
Dickinson , Dlller , Ksgleston.Fenton , Frantz
Ftichs , Fuller , GatTord , Gnrvoy , Glllmorc
Green , Llosvcld , Marshall , McCann , Me
Conaugby , McKcnna , Xewcomer , Newton
Klchol , Pcmberton , Peters. Itandall , Kay
niotul , Itussell. Shamp , Sweet. Thornton
Tingle , Trucsuoll , ward law , Wcthorald
White , Whltmoro , Wilhelmson , Wllsoy
Yutzy 40.
Nays Andres , Ballard , BIck , Cameron
Craig , Dompster , Klstey , Harrison , llaydoii
Heimrod , Horst , Kclper , Knox , Lord , Mlllei
Overton , Illef , bchwnb , Stmanelr , Sullivan
Tyson , Underbill , Watson , Wright , Youiij
and Mr. Speaker 20 ,
Absent or not votlne Abrahamson , Acee
Alexander , Babeock. Bailey , Barrett , Crane
Kills. Ewlnc , Fox , Gamble , Jeary , .Kennoy
King. Latta. MattUleson , McOrew , Minni.x
Norris , Satchel. Slmms , Slater , Smyth
Tracy , Turner , Ve.ich , Wilson and Wolen
webpr 28.
The bill was killed , there not being a con
stitutlonal majority.
Mr. Andres explained his vote by saylni
that he thought the bill In its preseat shnp <
was a piece of personal spite work nnd be
neath the dignity of this legislature , lie
A number of senate files weio read th
first and .second time. The committee on th
selection of bills reported a number of tli
same for general hie and indetinatc posl
poneraent. The report was adopted.
Mr. Andras endeavored to have engrossei
for third reading house roll 332 , prnvklln
for the payment to convicts discharged undo
the icood conduct act 5 cents lor each da1
confined , but without succsss.
A number of bills were reported favorabl' '
by several committees. Just about this tlm
it was noticed that there was a larg
number of absentees and about th
same time the desire to loaf insteai
of working seemed to take possession of i
number of those present. They Indulged ii
a series of motions to adjourn , on both side
of which some of the sportive youths ralsei
their voice. It was soon discovered that :
secret attempt was being made to revive th
libel bill , and the filllbustcring was Indulgei
to signalize the discomfiture which the autl
libellers were sustaining In the discovery o
their same. At length the house was scducci
to the committee "of the whole , with Mi
Kandall In the chair. It then recommcndei
for passage house roll 310 , providing tha
county boards shall pay the expenses of roai
The house concurred In the senate amend
ments to the oil Inspector bill relating to th
branding of barrels and the number of det
uty inspectors , which it Increased to live.
House roll 73 , providing tor harmonUln
Its assessment laws In counties under town
ship organization and others was recotn
mended to pass.
Pcndlne the consideration of roll 409 , re
lating to the Incorporation and Kovernmon
of Insurance companies , the committee rose
reported and the house adjourned.
In addition to the scheming carried on b
certain members for the purpose of movln
tlio reconsideration of the vote on the llln
bill during the absence of many of Us sup
porters. It is now known that another matte
claimed tlm attention of some of tbo men
bers. When Mr. Itandall took the chair I
was apparent that but little would or could b
done In the consideration of the bill becaus
of the restlessness of the members. This le
to repeated distraction and motions to eel
journ and announcements of tne absence c
a quorum , In response to one of the latte
Mr. Itandall ordered a count of the House. U
announced the presence of the require
number fifty-one for the transaction o
business. This announcement he mode a
lowance for the presence of membeis In th
ante-room , one'of whom , the man necessar
.to make a quorum , reached the floor aftc
the announcement referred to. To till
method of discovering a quorum some of th
members took exception , but had no mean
of Inducing tlm chair to recede from hi
position. Subsequently he several time
maintained there was a quorum. When f
leiuth the patience of the members becom
Ing exhausted , the committee rose and ca ;
rlcd an adjournment Mr. Itandall's solid
tude to continue the session was noticed an
commented upon and marvelled at. Th
following communication , secretly sent t
the prohibition members , however , suggest
a motive to his conduct :
"Some time this afternoon Mr. Randa
will move to amend house roll 4SU ( tli
statutory prohibition bill ) striking out a
after the enacting clause and Inserting a sill
mission resolution differing from any Intn
duced in either body and defeated slnco tli
senate has defeated both its submission res *
lutlon and statutory and prohibition bill. 'L
so amend Is the only chance to secure tl :
submission of the question at this session c
the legislature and thereby redeem the n
publican pledge. 1 am confident throuc
the efforts being made that the needed vol
to submit will finally be forthcoming. Plea :
vote for such motion and do not apeak ot it
matter so the enemy can learn ot the project
W. C. T. U , Superintendent of Legislation.
Senate 1'roceeellngs.
LINCOLN , Neb. , March 20. [ Special Tel
gram to the UKK. ] The senate agreed I
have all amendments hereafter to be mac
printed tn Lincoln. 'Tt'o ' following file
were passed : 103 , Jocatlng a normal schot
at Fremont ; r/7 , establishing a st&t
board ot health : U71 , providing fc
now trials ID 'criminal cases ; 371
amending the civil 6odo : 274 , permitting th
supreme court to 'reduce tne sentence I
criminal cases when the same Is constdcrc
exccs.slvo ; list , providing for the repay men
to counties for1 'cases ' of insan
people ; 820 , provlillnst the manner 1
which an executor snail bo appointed : 151
Mr. Llnlnger's weekly excursion train 'o
railroads at cheap iratas , was killed. Th
house bill paving Kearney county the ox
reuse of the Xlmmciuian trial , was passcel
The afternoon sesslnn was given ore
laicely to tlm pnssa ( ) 'of , bill , and the follow
lug were pnssod : Ilbtiso roll 210 , Incorpc
rating the Hospital association of Nebraska
house roll ( si , ceding jurisdiction to th
United States over Fort Nlobiara icservn
tlon ; house roll 318 , to provide for a state In
spectorof oils ; hou e roll 203 , In relation t
township organlratlon ; senate file lt > 3 , th
Insurance law relating to the organization c
mutual Insurance companies. This bill me
with opposition , but passed with the ueces
sary votes. The bill to Incorporate secrc
and benevolent societies and to allow then
to transact business exempt of Insuranc
In committee of the whole , Mr. Holmes o
Johnson , In the chair , senate lilo 2S4 , to pro
vide for the pardon of two convicts each yea
from the penitentiary , piovldlng they Imvi
served ten veara of good time and are favoi
ably recommended by one of the judges o
the supreme couit , tlio secretary of state am
the wiuelcn , was amended to limit It to on
convict anet recommended to pass.
Senate bill 104 , to make elclit Instead o
ten hours a legal day's work In the state , wa
favorably recommended.
Senate lilo 80 , amending the law rclatmi
to boaids ot orcanlzatlon , was ordered t
Senate file 205. compelling railroad comnc
nlcs to Issue thousand-mile tickets at 3 }
cents per mile , was ordered passed to a thin
The committee rose , and after the ac
cumulation of rolls had been read th
first time , the senate adjourned until 10 a. ir
Monday. _
"When Thlcvos l-.ill Out , " Etc.
LINCOLN , Neb. , March 20. [ Special Tele
gram to the BIE. : | There was a small wa
In the lobby of cormorants and rallroai
strikers that has debauched the winter
through to-day , In which the blatherskite
Vnndcrvoort , was rounded up by Corn
in a war of hot and fetid word
at the capital building. Vandorvoort , sine
the passaiio of the mutilated Omaha chartei
has swelled to greater proportions than th
"old sack" ever did for him , and has claimei
the glory of the nefarious schemes that hv :
disgraced the charter fight Irom beglnnliij
to end. The talk of the lobby Is that he cen
surcd Cams to railroad headquarters for In
activity , and hcnco the war of words. Fo
a railroad that Is out of politics the orgies litho
the Union Paclilc oil room In the Capita
hotel Friday night must have boon n grca
spectacle , and if Charles Francis coul
have seen the flow of clmmpafra
to lioom 10 It would have helped to solve th
question of the financial ombarassment c
Ills company. It was a sort of celcbratloi
ov r supposed victories and the cxpensiv
fluids were poured down the sizzling gullet
of the strikers In a way to make more con
servatlve B. & M. strikers wonder at th
prodigality of the UrMouTaclUe roustabouts
When congress adjourned and financial ere
barrassmonts arose In Un on Pacific quarter
the order came -Liucpln to reduce th
lobby. Mercer , Gurley and "Bnffalo Chips
Crowford were sacrificed and the suite c
rooms In the annex abandoned , but Gran
Bummer Vondervoort remained In commane
There were possible , railroad measures t
manacle and the moro rejckless were left 1 :
command , so the remaining oil rooms of th
two corporations flourish and the br.v/.e :
work of the paid hirelings ; and corruptionist
keep on apace , and treason and dcLanchcr
promise to keep up the disgraceful scones o
the long winter so lone as General Vander
voort has a gullet to All and the corporation
cash to foot the bills. _
The IlnatlnaB AsjrJuiA ; Appropriation
LINCOLN , Neb. , MaroJvSO' [ Special Tele
gram to the Br.cTjia ] announcement n
this morning's BEC of : tho.bluniler In tlio en
rollment of the bill for the Hastings asylttn
for the incurable insane , was unlversall :
discussed by the members of both housa-i
The ways and means committee of the sen
ate Immediately had a meeting and appointci
a sub-commlttco consisting of Senator
Heartwell , Kent and Shcrvln , to consult th
governor and attorney general. The latte
held that the enrollment , If not fatal , wouli
certainly entail protracted nnd oxponsiv
litigation. Fuithermore , the bill could no
be withdrawn , and there was not enond
time to pass another. Ho suggested the pi a
outlined In the BIE of inserting an Item litho
the general appropriation bill , setting fort
the amount , $75,000 , the object to erect th
asylum In question , and the cause the orri
neons enrollment referred to. Thl
was submitted to the governoi
and received his approval. Th
sub-comtulttoo reported to the main cominl
tee after adjournment this evening ; the re
port was concurred In and the amount wl
probably be Inserted in the miscellaneous a )
proprtatlon bill , which will come up posslbl
on Monday and reach the house on wednci
day. The ways and means committee hav
also decided to report 810,000 for a connoctln
building at the institute for the deaf an
dumb at Omaha. Thin will also have to b
concurred In by the house through the coin
mittoo , as the latter some weeks ago failed t
recommend it.
Plattsmouth Waterworks Cnlebratloi
PI.ATTSMOUTH , Neb. , March 20. [ Specif
to the BKE.I Great preparations are beln
made hero for a grand celebration In hone
of the completion of the Plattsmouth watei
works. The committee of arrangement
consists of J. A. Connor , N , B. Murphy an
Ed Gruesol. Invitations have been Issue
to members of the boards of trade and clt
councils of all the leading cities of Nobrask
and also to a largo number of promlnor
men. It is Intended to make this event in
excelled In every particular by any other lik
celebration In thn west. U will luke place o
Monday , April 0. The completion of the w < .
ter-works will soon bo followed by other put
lie Improvements , such as pavements an
sewerage. It will bo seen that Plattsmout
is having a boom , and is fast putting o
metiopolltan airs ,
Minden Votes Bonds.
MINDKN , Nob. , March 'JO. [ Special Telo
cram to the BEE. ] To-day was decided th
question of extending aid to thn Kansas Clt
& Omaha railroad , and the bonds wore cai
ried In this precinct by a vote of 203 for to
against. There wos/co'uslderablo Intcrei
manifested throughout the entire day , an
since the result is ma'Jo known tlio exclU
ment Is at fever heat Ttm determined opp <
sltion of the Burlington &i Missouri rallroa
against the bpflels 1 made man
friends for tho'jfricjw road. Th
citizens of Minden ate building hlg
anticipations on the rcsult'bt to-day and on
city will receive a boom that will place :
amoiiK the prominent towns in western N <
braska. HoUlregu Is < > lamenting , in sac
cloth and ashes over our gpoel fortune an
well she may , for she' now has a rival whlc
will leave her far behind In the race for su
premacy. With our favorable situation an
competing lines of road wei compare favort
bly with the best Nebraska towns. In a fo\ \
years all ttiosolio desire to see a lively
booming town should come to Minelen.
The Scotia's Passengers Landed.
PATCHOGUE , L. I. , March Sfi. All tli
passengers of the stranded steamer rficotl
were safely landed on shore by 8 o'clock )
m. , and the revenue cutter U. S. Grant , wit
850 of them on board , started for Now Yor
shortly afterwards. The others are boln
conveyed In small boats to the barge lla (
certy which lies oil Hanger's inlet. The win
and sea have gone down ahu the steamer I
high and dry. _
An Etubezzliritr Secretary.
MILWAUKEE , March 20. A special to th
Evening Wisconsin from Janes vllle , Wla
says : L. N. Williamson , secretary of tb
Wisconsin Shoe company , was arrested L-v
evening , charged with embezzling 88,00
Sensational developments are expected , as
Is alleeed that fully 860.000 hare been stole
from the company since ltd organisation
ew years , ago.
No Changes of Importance in Financial
A Itemnrkably Stcndy Feeling Prevails
vails In the Produce Markets
Knntorn Merchant * Ilcplcn-
lilting Their Stocks.
TlioVcek In the Commercial M oriel ,
CIIICAOO , March 20. [ Special Telegram t (
tholtan.l There have been no very Import
ant changes to note in financial affairs thl !
week. Locally there is quite a good demand
for money and largely of n miscellaneous
character. Among speculators there was
loss borrowing than during the previous wcoli
or two , as trading has been smaller , and
there 1ms no doubt been a moderately free
settlement of contracts in articles whlcl
have been subjected to n "squeeze , " consequently
quently considerable money has been re
leased. This , however , has had no particu
lar effect on the money market , as the monov
was deposited as mnrgtus with the banks
and therefore wns merely transferred on the
books i Still , there Is a largo amount 01
money tied up on contracts for wheat , corn
pork , lard and short ribs sides , but that nc
doubt will bo gradually released during the
coming tivo weeks. Bather more currcncj
was forwarded to the Interior during the p.isl
thice or four days , as shippers ol
grain and produce are anxious te
forward all the property thoj
can before ? Itho new inter-state
commerce law takes effect. The same con
clltlon ot affairs exists In the wholesale mer
cantile trade , and Interior merchants are en
forging their stocks materially before the advance -
vance In freights under the now order of af
fairs. The lumber Interest is a moderate bor
rower at the banks , as Is usually the cas'e
about the season of the opening of lake navi
gations. Bankers ore well supplied with
loanable funds and borrowers who are able te
present satisfactory collaterals or endorse
ments succeed In obtaining all the favors re
quired. Kates of Interest are well main
talncd at 0 per cent on call and G@S per ccnl
on time loans , and It Is understood that onlj
largo sums can ba obtained at Inside figures ,
Outside paper Is not much in favor and verj
little. Is accepted oven at S per cent On the
street there Is more doing and rates are firm
at 7(33 ( per cent. The New York money mar
kct Is reported steady at a good demand foi
money at about former rates of interest The
Boston money market has gradually grown
closer , and considerable stringency prevails ,
Abroad the leading financial market !
show no material change. Loanable funds
appear to be plenty , with no partlctilai
increase in the demand for money. The
Bank of England rate of discount tins been
reduced to 3 per cent New York exchange
was In fair supply , and the demand only
moderate. Kates were a trifle irregular and
sales were made between banks at ( X@fcC )
cents discount per 81,000 and closed quiet at
cents. Foreign exchange was in
better request during the past week and of
ferings were not quite so large. The mar
ket was stronger and rates ruled higher.
Shippers' sixty days documentary bills on
London changed hands at 4S2@483 % and
closed steady at 4S3X4S3 % . The New York
stock market exhibited very little life during
the past week and the volume of business
transacted was smaller than for several
weeks past. The uncertainties regarding
the Baltimore & Ohio combination ha ? had a
tendency to clie.ik trading , as operators have
been waiting tor a consummation of the
the project , with a view of making It the
leader tor the upward movement In all leadIng -
Ing stocks. Chicago operators have trans
acted very little business in
stocks during the week , as the
fluctuations In prices were not Hiifllcient to
attract speculative attention , and no features
-weie presented to Induce even oidinary trad
ing. In a general way the market has ruled
comparatively steady and changes in prices
were confined within rt narrow range , with
very few exceptions. Outside operators ap
pear to be neglecting the stock market and
the usual heavy operators In eastern financial
centers are not inclined to do much trading
at present. The Intcr-stato commerce law
will eo Into effect April 5 , and the effect of
the now order of things on the leading rail
road lines will be watched with considerable
interest Sales on the New Yoik stock ex
change for the week reached only 1,000,000
shares. The produce markets attracted very
little attention during the week. A remark-
aoly steady feeling prevailed throughout , and
fluctuations In prices were confined within a
very limited range. Small operators as n
general rule wore not Inclined to trodo. Or
ders from outside parties , cither to purchase
or soil , were lighter than usual , and leading
operator ! ) were disposed to throw their
weight on either si J of the market or create
Influences tending to change the quiet con
dition ot affairs. The unelcrtone to the mar
kets generally suggests considerable timidity
among operators fearful that the market maybe
bo controlled by combinations quietly made ,
and prices suddenly advanced or declined.
Besides tlio capital locked up In margins is
flufflcient to reduce the working facilities of
many leading firms without seeking financial
ivwistance from banks , and they do not feel
warranted In paying high rates of interest
nnd taking risks under the present circum
stances. The shipping trade is Improving ,
nnd no trouble Is experienced in disposing of
nuiet liberal receipts of grain and produce.
Merchants In the eastern markets are re
plenishing their stocks while the present
rates of freights can bo obtained. The re
ceipts of grain and provisions were moder
ately largo and shipments quito liberal. For
eign markets have not developed
nuv particular elements of strength
and eastern markets have not shown much
activity In a speculative way , though the ex
port business has been well maintained. The
airlvals of livestock wore moderately free.
Packing In the west Is giadually gaining and
is somewhat In excess of the returns ot last
year to date. The stocks of ( rain and pro
visions are being gradually reduced. The
former are larger and the latter are smaller
than last year at this time. Petroleum was
Inclined to quietness during the past week.
Outside operators are not Inclined to do
much and fluctuations In prices were slight.
No features were presented to attract trad
ing. Sales on the New York petroleum ex
change reached 5,48(5,000 ( barrels. The open
ing sales were umilo at file , sold
and closed rather quiet
Nebrnska and Iowa AVoathnr.
For Nebraska : Snow , followed by fair
weather , becoming warmer , northwesteily
* or Iowa : Snow followed by fair weather ,
stationary temperature in the southern portion
tion , becoming warmer In the northcin portion
tion , northwesterly winds.
A. Snfn Cracker Cribbed.
CrATtKtfDOX. Ark. , March 25. Frank Ro
land , an expert gafo burglary , who robbed
the safe of the Southern Express company ,
at Brlnkley.Ark. , December , 1880 , was to-efay
sentenced to live In the penitentiary. Ke-
land was captured a few days after the rob
bery at his home In Galesburg , HI. , and by
various devices had defeated the ends of jus <
tlco until now. _
Killed by the Cars.
KHOKUK , la. , March 30. [ Special Tele *
gram to tbo BKE.J 11. D. Hopper , of Cam-
den. Mo. , tw only- four years of aie , a
brakeman on the Chicago , Burl nitton &
Quincy , fell off the train at Dounnllson , this
county , yesterday afternoon , and was run
over and killed. _
Gambling Tools ( turned.
NK.W YORK , March 20. Twenty-five
thousand dollars worth of gambling utensils
were burned at the police headquarters this
morning. The articles weio captured In the
raids on gambling houses during the past
two years.
Killed In a Collision.
EASTOX , Pa. , March 20. A collision on the
New Jsrsey Central railroad between a
freight and coal train tills morning neai
Kockport , resulted In the Killing of tljn fire
man of the coal train and the injuring ol
both engineers. _
Del Puente and Vlclnl v lll be llm barytone
and tenor singers respectively during ilmte.
Patti's five week * season ot Italian opera
which begins in New York city April 11.
Superintendent Whltlock issued build-
In jr perinlU yesterday , KB followi :
J. 11. Kvnun , two-story brick store , 207
south Eleventh street . . . .g5,0X (
Alfred Johnson , one-story frame cot-
tagc , Twonty-llfth near Bancroft. . . . 75 (
A. Henry , two one-story frame cot
tages , 1017 and 10U > , south Nine
teenth street 1,80
Henry llartman , two-story frame dwel
ling. Blnney near Eighteenth Rtreot 2KX
b. E. Wlall. twestory tramo dwelling ,
15'i5 rtiarles street 1,001
J. A. Timelier , ono-storr frame cottage ,
Ohio near Twetnty-olKlith street 8W
W. J. Paul , thrpfl one-Rtorv frame
dwelling , .Thirtieth near Franklin
street B.CXX
J. H. Klngwalt three-story framedwel-
2vlS ! Chicago strict fi.CXX
Eight permits acgrrgatlng. . . . * SW.SW
Governor Cutnbnuk lectures nt First M
E. church Monday evening , March ! )8 )
Don't full to hour him.
lllcOIIHCtl tO Well.
Juelgo McCulloch issiiod marriage
licenses yesterday to the followhiK par
tics :
Namo. Uealdencc. Acr ,
( W. Talmnn Omaha 2. '
( Theresa Sell rotter Omaha 1 !
j A. M. Walton Omaha' 21
I Theresa McArdlu Omaha li
I Satuucl lless Fort Omaha 2 <
I Mis. Ada Lee Nebraska City. . . . '
j John llutt Omaha V
\ Anna Johnson Omaha
Governor Cumbaok , who lectures nl
First M. K. church Momlny evening
March 28 , is onn ot the finest orators Ft
tlio nation. _
Conviction of a Mnrderor.
KKADINO , Pa. , March 20. The jury In the
case of irnuk Kclran , the religious mono
maniac on trial for the past three days foi
the brutal murder of Ills wife , returned n vcr
diet to-day of murder In the second degrco.
Tholccturo on "Invisible Some Pco-
Jlo" by Governor Cumbaok , was the
best , not only of the present course , but
of nil that had preceded it. retcrsburc
Daily Appeal.
Richard Owens , who stole an overcoat
was sent up by Judge Stcnborg ycstordaj
morning to the county jail for 30 days.
How a Long Inland Fisherman Saved
Ills Lire.
, New York Star : The largo righl
wnulo which was killed off Araagansetl
bcacli L. I. , on Thursday , is elown at the
bottom of the sea seven miles from shore ,
All day yesterday strenuous cflbrto were
made to raise the leviathan , but without
success. A tup boat has been engageel
to tow the whale around IMontauk tc
Promise Land as soon as it rises , in ordci
to secure the blubber and bone.
When the whale was first struck bj
Cnptam Johathan Edwards it lashed the
sea , and with n blow of its tail broke in
two the boat , commanded bj
Captain Charles Edwards. All
the crew were rescued except
Captain Charles Edwards. The boat *
could not approach him owing to the furj
of the monster. The captain , who is an
expivt swimmer , succeeded in diving
under the whale's belly. He came up on
the other side just beside the whale's
nose. In sliccr desperation , nothing else
bcincin reach , he seized the whale bj
the lip and hung there until the monster
sank , when he loosened his hold nnd waa
taken into one of the boats. The boats
that wont out were commanded by Capt
ain Josh Edwards , Captain Jonathan
Edwards and Captain Charles Edwards.
David C. Barnes , of Captain Jonathan
Edwards' boat , throw the harpoon that
fastened the boats to the whale. It was
killed by a lance thrown by Captain Jon
athan Edwarels.
Jackson's Inauguration.
When Jackson was inaugurated his
numerous friends were determined to
give him a public reception upon
his entrance into the district.
They therefore watched his pro
gress. Finally it was reported that
ho had arrived at Fredericktown , in
Maryland. Nothing further was heard
from him , and there WHS considerable
doubt as to his movements. His friend ,
John A. Eaton , who was n senator from
Tennessee , learned that ho would reach
Rockville on the 20th , and , keeping his
own counsel , ho went to that village in a
private conveyance , and there meeting
the general , quietly escorted h.m to this
city. Some pieces of orelnanoc were sta
tioned on the Heights of Georgetown to
welcome the president-elect and to an
nounce his arrival to the citizens. The
streets were thronged with expect
ant citizens , but as the day wore on
and ho did not come there
was great uncertainty. General John V.
Van Ness , tlio chairman of the central
committee mounted his horse and rode
toward Georgetown to learn , if possible ,
something definite. When on Pennsyl
vania avenue , near Georgetown , ho met
the carriage of General Eaton and saw
General Jackson sitting by his side. The
carriage had passed the men in charge of
the guns without their knowing that it
contained the president-elect , and so the
salute was not tired. General Van Ness
rode along by the carriage' , and the entire -
tire party proceeded to the National hotel ,
where thousands of the citizens repaired
and offered their congratulations. ( Son-
oral Jackson was inaugurated on the 4th
of March' , on the eastern portico of the
capitol , in the presence of 40,000 people.
The president-elect walked from his quar
ters at the hotel to the capitol , whore he
took the oath of ollieo and road his in-
inaugural Ho then mounted a
horsennd roilo to the executive mansion ,
hat in hand , his head towerinc ever the
heads of the throng , and the air resound
ing with shouts ami plaudits ot the multi
tudes that lined the streets.
Chloneo Society Notno.
Chicago News : Miss Birdie Hi own ,
who made her debut in leading fashion
able circles last week , is the daughter of
Watkins 11. Brown , Esq. , the wealthy
speculator who wears the famous $10,000
cluster diamond and bosom pin. Although
a resident of Chicago for nearly twenty
yearn , Mr. Brown was not recognized by
our elite until lie consummated a great
pork deal last November.
The engagc.mont of Miss Camelia
Theodore Wiggins and Lord Algernon
Kite-Hugh James Cameron is announced.
It is understood Unit after the wedding in
Juno his lordship will be admitted to a
proprietary interest in the Wiggins Linseed -
seed Oil companv ( limited ) ,
Mr. nnd Mrs. Ebon J. Prouty have de
cided to name their second son ( born last
month ) Boston , in honor of one of the
most exclusive cities in the oast. Their
eldest son boars the numo of Euclid , in
honor of the fashionable thoroughfare !
in Cleveland , where Mrs. Proutyl visited
one summer.
It pains us deeply to learn that Mrs.
Erysipelas Nesmith ( nee MoFaddon ) has
lost her pet canary blrel. to which she
was tenderly attached. The bingularly
interesting , bird fell a prey to the family
cat last Thursday. Wo are albo sorely
grieved to hear that Dr. J. Henry Bax
ter's pot guinea pig , Oliver Wendell
Holmes , died of n surfeit of fresh leitttico
last Tuesday. How true it is that in the
midst of life we are in death ,
In the highest local social circles It is
understoodthat 61r. A. Jackson Greg-
gins has ordered from a Now York whole-
bale linn a coat of arms which will sin-
pas' ' ) in point of elaborateness anything
now extant iu Chicago. Upon this coat
of arms will appear thn vcnsimllitudo of
a c.iko of the famous cpeoanut-oH soap ,
of which Mr. Gripgins is the solo manu
Society has been somewhat depressed
during the last week. In fact , the boil
with which Mr. Gerald K. MaoWhiskurs
has boon aullerlng appears to have cabt a
gloom over our frsmoiiablc circles.
- i'
A Daring Robbery Committed Early
Last Kooning.
Ono of the most daring robberies that
has been committed in the city occurred
at 8 o'clock last night at Donncr'a
grocery store , nt the corner of Sixteenth
and Vinton streets. Mr. Banner was In
the store alone about 8 o'clock , when a
man entered the store. Mr. lionncr
looked up to llnd a revolver in close prox
imity to his facei. The man had his fuco
concealed by a common white handker
chief , which was tied across his head.
The robber came to terms promptly and
ordered Mr. Homier to open the money
drawer and hand over the loosn change.
There was no questioning of the m
trueler's earnestness and Mr. lionnur
complied , handing the robber $50. Tlio
man took the money and retired. Mr.
IJonnor describes the robber as a short ,
thick set man , dressed in a chuck suit ,
Personal Paragraphs.
Joseph Garueau , Sr. , of St. Louis , is in
the city.
Misses Neally and Carolyn Stevens luft
yesterday for a trip to Chicago.
Chief Clerk Pickcns. of the postolTice ,
loft hist evening for Chicago on business.
Deputy Sheriff Henry Grebe is in the
southern part of the state on olllcial busi
Frank Parmalco has returned from a
two months visit In Southern Califor
Mrs. C. R. Kclsey of Miles City , M. T. ,
is in the city visiting her parents , Colonel
nnd Mrs. D. li. llouek.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Upton of Detroit , nnd
their daughter , Mrs. Shepherd of Chi.
cage , arc in the city , the guests of Mrs-
M. D. llouek.
General Agent S. S. Stevens , of the
Rook Island , is expected home frem Cali
fornia , where ho has spent the winter ,
about the 1st of April.
T. A. EntriKen is expected home to
day from Chicago , where ho went to meet
his wife on her way homo from Florida ,
where she has been for several months.
Mr. and Mrs. Orsan Rinnel , Miss Alice
Rumol and Mr. Harry Margetts , have re
turned to their home In Salt Lake City ,
after a pleasant visit of two weeks m
Omaha ,
Airs. C. F. Stcpiiens , better known in
the dramatic world as "Marion Rcqua , "
entertained tit her residence em south
Seventeenth street yesterday afternoon ,
her old friends , Annie Ward Tiffany , of
the "Shadows of a Great City" company.
T. W. McKinney , a prominent theatri
cal manager , accomnanicd by Master
Charles li. Benny , of Washington , was in
the city yesterday nnd will leave this
morning for Kansas City. Air. McKinney -
noy was hero last season with Mile. Rhea ,
and was with Joseph Manstiold the early
part of the present season , and is respon
sible for much of that talented actor's
success. lie is en route now to take
charge of Rose Coghlau's tour.
Mr. Joe Nccdnam , the popular man
ager of the Cozzens , has returned from
the east with his bride , who was for
merly Miss Anna lleyman , an accom
plished young lady of Jersey Oty. Dur
ing their bridal tour they visited Wash
ington , Now York and other eastern
cities. Mr. Nocdham is receiving con
gratulations from nib host of friends , a
number of whom yesterday presented
him with a good sized parse as a testimonial
menial of their esteem.
A transcript of the case against A. B.
Moore , charged with libel , was tiled in
the district court yesterday , from Justice
Anderson's court.
Sergeant Matza of the police force is
lying dangerously ill of inflammation of
the bowels and his recovery is considered
n matter of grave doubt.
The bank clearances for the week end
ing yesterday amounted to $3,77y,7r > ! J.401
an increase 03G per cent , over a corresponding
pending week of last year.
V. IV. Smith and Cornelius Christian
ycstordaj' commenced suit in the district
court to get possession of nml quiet title
to largo number of lots in Florence that
are occnpicd by squatters.
Fred Rico was arraigneel before Judge
Neville yesterday on the charge of an as
sault upon George Hall , nt Hammond's
packing housn in South Omaha. Ho
plead not guilty. Policeman VfhUo was
arraigned on tlio charge of killing Jacob
Richardson. He plead not guilty.
Chief of Police Mullen , of Council
Bluffs , was in the city yesterday about 2:30 :
p. m. looking for the sister of William
Lees , who was killed in Council Bluffo
Friday in a railroad Accident His
father was seriously injured at the same
time. The girl lives nt 2419 Davenport
struct and her attendance is required.
General Breck received yesterday a tele
gram from the division headquarters at
Chicago that the department .of
justice would offer $1,000 reward for the
arrest of the parties who were concerned
in the assault on Major Bash. This re
ward is offered with the understanding
that there was more than one man en
gaged in the assault. The expenses of
capture must bn taken out of the reward ,
which will bo paiel on conviction.
Notwithstanding all statements to the
contrary the Omaha Cable railway com
pany will resume active operations next
Monday morning. It will put on a force
of from 100 to UOO men. There is a largo
number of castings on hand , made by the
PaMon & Vicrhug Iron works , and with
the necessary material ready , it is pro
posed to push the road to an early com
pletion so that it will bo ready for opoia-
lion by the middle of the summer.
Where C < nvl oj are Hnubboel.
Chicago Herald : " 1 will toll you one
placet where the festive cowboy is somewhat -
what snubbed , " observed a cattle denim-
at tlu stock yards. "I have just gel
homo from Montana , and a sorrier lot of
cowpunchers than you will see out there
now cannot bo found in the whole conn-
tryi They have an awful winter of it on
the ranges , with the snow belly elcop and
the mercury often frozen in the bulb.
Lots of tne boys are in the hospital , and
these who are on the range have a quiol
air that is foreign to them. One chnp
that I saw out there had his lingcm all
elf , but when I asked him to take some
thing ho said : 'I will , pard , if you hold
the bottlo. ' I did it , too , and I had to
choke him off when his eyes began to roll.
A now crop of cowboys will hsivo to grow
in Montana before you hear anything
about their capturing a town or slam-
in that region. "
Notice of Registration.
the I.c Kl Voters ot 1'lrst DUtrlct , Flftn
TO - , In the oltyof Oiuuhai i
Yon tire horcby iiotlllotl that the undersigned
will lt us rojrlntmr for the First district , Fifth
ward , at ISO- , corner Twelfth and C'u.n elroeitx.
comrnon''lmr Tluirmlar. March 2ltu , 1817 , and
wlllsll Mnrch 26,28,2JW,31 ! , April 1 , " ,4 , Ht 11
o'clock n , m. , for the purpose or rnKl"tcrliiir all
ii\ialllloil voters within Biild Flwt diMrlct , Kllth
want , nnd lor the purpose of addlnif lo , und
corrcctlntrthe rcsletratlon nlready rnndo , ami
forBiich purpose the undorslioied will sit aii'J
Uoop Ills book of rotflstratUui open e.ioli day
tlioroaftcr ( except Buinlnrs ) at the placn nforo-
snld irom u o'clock u. m , until 7 o'clock ( \ m. ,
until Mondnjr , Anrll 4th , ISM. at the hour of a
oVIotkm. wliensnld roKlstrailon will bo closed.
All nimllllod voters are notlllod to uttond nud
BOO tluit tlnlr nams are properly rcBlstoroil.
ml8d Uoglitrm-iatHUtrift. Mh Ward.
of application ot J. F. Lull for
Notice li hereby Riven that J. F. f.utz did
upon tUniilnl dny of Mnrch A. 1) . IbST , file hi *
implication to tlio mayor nnd city couuollof
Onmliu.for license to gnll mull , spirituous and.
vinous liquors , nt No. 6lfi fonth Tblrteontb
ilroct , fN'i-dnJ ward , Omnlm , Nub. , from the
Ittli day of April , tUu lOtb dny of April ,
If'tUro ho no objection , romonstrauca or
protest tiloii wltMii ttvu > > toks rroiuilnrcUarJ ,
A , U. 1IU7 , tlio f ulJ llcunsu will bo ( rrunted.
J. YI.UTZ , Applicant.
J. aSouTHAiio.City Clflrk.