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The Bchomo to Nominate a Citizens' Ticket
Slow in Materializing.
ffho Ground * Itrlni ; I'ut In Condition
I'or tlic Opening ; of thn Hcnson
Htnto House iNotrH Cnjt-
ital News.
No light lias yut been shed upon the
flchemo to nomlniitc a citi/.cns1 ticket and
the committee of fifteen to bo given those
extraordinary powers at the hands of thu
former calhering liavo not yet material
ized lo public view , It in evident , how
ever , from the editorial attitude of the
Journal , that it knows what is going on
and it practically announces its desire to
Biipnort n ticket of such creation before
its own party lias called a convention or
the democratic party has placed n target
in the field for the contest. The Journal
is evidently afraid to trust the republi
cans of Lincoln and evidently bolinvcs or
knows already that this committed will
put a man of its own liking in the Held
lor mayor , which makes it almost amus
ing to see it preparing to enter the lolo
of n mugwump in city politics. Of
course , if tnis committee of fifteen place
a democrat in nomination , that party will
support the movement , for it would bo in
their forlorn hope an entrance way to
possible success through the common as
sistance of what republicans , through all
kinds of influences , could be drawn into
the support of a democrat through a cry
of reform. It is very evident , however ,
that the great mass of republicans iu
Lincoln have not yet become ,
like the State Journal , afraid of
Iheir own party , and the efforts
to stampede people with the idea that the
republicans of the city are not capable
of nominating and electing a good sound
Bet of city olliclals has thus far fallen Hat
nnd without profit. An old residentcr
nnd observing citi/.cn announces tliut the
plan of the citizens1 ticket racket looks
Very much us though some of the alleged
guardians of the city had sotno schemes
to advance or perpetuate and have in
augurated tills movement to scouie that
which they dare not trust to a decision of
the public. The city's needs and noces-
eitics receive through open political con
tests a Tolco and vote direct from the
people , and the people ought to bo stron
ger than a committee of fifteen or tbo
ono man that created it.
The Lincoln Base Ball association is
1)usily engaged at the picscut time upon
their grounds on South street , and it is
pafo to say that no club in the Western
league will have handsomer or better
fitted grounds , both for the players and
tbo patrons. A largo and commodious
grand stand will bo erected , the grounds
nro fenced and the diamond is being
lilted and platted to pattern after the best
In the cast. Tbo street car lines will give
easy access to the park and. already the
stand privileges , programme work and
Jiko accessories have been leased
lor the season. President Threw ,
of the Western league , arrived
liero Sunday evening from the meeting
nt Lcavenworth , at which place the
Kansas City club secured a membership
nnd the schedule of games for the season
was formally adopted. The lirst game
on the Lincoln grounds at the commence
ment of the season will bo played with
the Omaha club on the 5th , titli and 7th
of May , the Lincoln club , however , open
ing the season a week earlier in a series
of three games with the Denver.s at Den
ver during the last week in April. The
. Bchodulo calls for two Fourth of July
games in Lincoln , both morning nnd after-
Boon , the Hastings club being their com
petitors at that timo. It is probable that
by July the Lincoln team will be leading
the league for the pennant and the Hast
ings club will bo just closu enough to the
leaders to make the games of decided in
terest. It would not bo a bad schcino to
oecuro seats at once for these holiday
contests. The most of the players in the
Lincoln team have reported at head
quarters and the balance are expected
tno present weoK. When oil hands are
present a constant practice will be the
order and it is understood that efforts are
now advanced for a series of exhibition
{ games with the UPS Moines club prior to
ftho opening of tbo league season.
Yesterday State Treasurer Willard and
Secretary Laws departed for Grand
Island , at which place they will bo mot by >
Laud Commissioner Scott , and together
these officials , as the state board oflands
wnd buildings , will locate the new sol-
Idlers' home ttt that place as required > 1y
4ho bill creating that institution.
The state superintendent is prepared to
furnish any who may desire copies of the
programmes for the State Teachers1 asso
ciation that meets in this city on the last
Bay of March for a thrco days' session.
In this connection Superintendent Lane
palls attention to the fact that the National
tional Teachers' association meets ID
Chicago in July , and one feature of the
.Kneeling will be the exhibit of school 10S
jilles , apparatus , and school work that
promises to bo as interesting as it is now
In making up the features of the gather-
ling. Nebraska teachers attending this
'Association will make headquarters at the
liriggs house , where a rate of $3 per day
fcas been secured ,
Nineteen bills have thus far passed
t > oth houses and become laws , atid eight
.days yet remain to sift 000 bills and make
the best of them. There are a largo num
ber of parties interested in cither passing
pet measures or interested m killing off
distasteful ones who are congregated to
fight it out the remaining days of the ses-
ion. ; i d
The governor was busily engaged in
the morning hours of yesterday signing a
long list of notaries recently commis
sioned , including the following new ones
Hot heretofore published : J. L. Todrow
and J. D. liiley , Hustings ; Frank M.
Swedelson , Ed M. Tracy , F. M. Devore.
find J. O. Paradis. liox Duteo ; John Dull
nnd II. It. MacKenzi * Omaha ; John
Horbison and Do Wayne H. Calkins ,
Franklin ; James A.McCormick , Palisade i
Win. W. Mitchell. Alda ; J. S. Walker ,
Middle Brunch , Holt county ; ii :
Palmer , Mlndon ; A. 11. Hall , Phobo ,
Keith county ; Win. A. Dexter , Lincoln ;
J. N. Eckmun , Puwneo City ; F. J. Kirch-
man , Wuhoo ; W. T. Auld , Guldo Uock ,
Webster county.
The Great Western Carbon company.
of Omaha , yesterday tiled their articles lot ;
incorporation with thu secretary of state.
The capital stock of the company
9150,000. , divided Into shares of flOO each.
The objects of this corporation arc sot
forth to bo dealing in animal charcoal > ,
bone ash , meats , foot and other oils ,
Ammonia nnd fertilizers. The corpora
tion cites In its articles its days of exist
ence ta thirty years , its indebtedness istto
bo always limited to one-fourth of thu
capital stook , and its business to be con
ducted by a board of directors annually.
The incornorators are Samuel U. John
son , S. P. Williams , George Darker and
W. T. Bonner.
The announcement iu yesterday's BEE
of the movement looking toward the location
cation of Armour in this city created 1 a
ripple of excitement , and it became gen
erally understood during the day that
actual Investments had boon made. The
possibility of a packing house backed by
Armour would bo a boom In the midst ot
the boom to the capital city.
An cluotrio motor line to dividn the
city and reach thu suburban town of
West Llnc'oln ' has been discussed for
some time , and the fact is announced
that with the right of way accorded them
thu line will certainly be built.
Police court yesterday recorded the
results of a very quiet Sunday in the tiial
of ono man for drunkenness , tiiu result
of the c.Uch from Saturday morning.
Thogood behavior of the city of late is
fairly phenomenal.
The State Democrat's boom edition
was published yesterday and was the
subject of compliments on every hand ,
Thcipublication was certainly creditable.
It was rumored yesterday that Fictl
fnyo had purchased the Evening News iu
this city.
Heal estate transfers yesterday aggre
gated the general average of $10DOUl > .
When the Governor's Pretty Daugh
ter Married , ho Unmarried Her
in Mhort Order.
Pittbburg Dispatch : One of the legis
lative committees , on Friday , in delving
among the archives of the hotiso of rep
resentatives after traces of an old com
mittee report , came aciois a document
which possessed a romantic Intelest , and
recalls a somewhat exciting incident of
social life at the state capital in lb(15 ( ,
which never got into print and was
known to but a limited circle at tlio time.
The document is the original of house
bill No. 3 of the legislative session of
1800 , the introduction of which at the
first session at which the house was fully
organized was the lirst act in the legisla
tive career of Mathew S. Qu.iy , now state
treasurer and United States senator-elect.
It was a bill to divorce Marv Wilson Me-
Connell from her husband , Henry Lloyd
McConncll. Mrs. McConncll was tiiu
yountr and handsome daughter of the
then Governor Curtin , and tucreby hangs
the romance of this story.
Through the efforts : of Mr. Quay and
Senator Lowrey of the Crawford district
this divorce bill , without going to com-
mittcc , passed both houses of the legisla
ture in less than two hours. This was on
January 10. 18(5i ( > . Miss Mary Wilson Cur
tin had just budded iu her teens when her
father was elected governor of Pennsyl
vania , and was a school girl when sue
came to Harrisburg lo live at tiie execu
tive mansion. She was sprightly , good
natured , and had charming manners. Ky
1805 she had grown to boom of the hand
somest , most ontortaintnir , nnd most
sought after of all in society hero and in
Philadelphia , where she was well known
and is still remembered as a belle.
Ono evening at an entertainment at the
governor's mansion she met youncr Cap
tain Henry Lloyd McConnell , a dashing
olllcer of the army , who was taken ill
during the reception .and kindly taken
care of by the governor's family. This
led to frequent meetings between Miss
Curtin and young McConnell , who was a
fine-looking fellow , but of no particular
social status , and would not have been
listened to by the governor as a suitor
for the hand of his daughter. But Cupid
and the captain's shoulder-straps plavod
havoc with the voting lady's heart. The
result .was that ono afternoon a pair of
timid lovers appeared in the office of old
'Squire Mcl.aughlm and asked to bo
married. The young lady was
veiled. The justice did not droan
that she was the governor's
daughter , whom ho knew by sight
as one of the pretty girls of the town , lie
readily agreed to perform the crcmony.
His little nephew , who was present , wit
nessed the marriage certilicate. The
young lady gave her name as Miss Mary
Wilson Curtin , with a strong accent
upon the last syllable. The old squire
nnd his nephew are both dead , but there
is still a living witness to this ceremony
in Harrlsburg William McLaughlin
the justice's son , who was homo from the
war on a furlough and happened lo be in
the ofllco at the time.
"Captain McConncll , " said Mr. Me-
Laughliu , m relating the story of the
marriage , "was a very handsome fellow ,
but I guess that's about all there was in
him. "
The captain walked down the street to
the executive mansion and left his bride
at the door , going to his own quarters ,
presumably to lot the storm blow over.
Hut the storm never did blow over. The
governor , as was to bo expected , was in
towering rage when ho was told by his
daughter what she had done. The young
lady was hurried off to a boarding school
and out of reach , and negotiations wcro
begun with the husband to got him out of
the way as welj. Gov. Curun's political
power at that time was'greatorprobably ,
than that of any man in the state , and
means were found to induce the young
and daring captain to leave the state and
make no claims upon his wife , who. ho
was told , had repented ot her marriage ,
and didn't care to sco him anv more. In
a few days the captain loft Harrisburg ,
and was lost sight of by his friends hero.
Ho subsequently became a United States
marshal iu the west , where he now
Whether the young bride protested
against the summary way in which she
was snatched from her husband's arms is
a matter of conjecture , but it was cur
rent gossip among those few who knew
of the circumstances that the irate gov
ernor had locked his daughter up iu her
room in the executive mansion until the
captain was out of the way. The mar
riage was kept pretty quiet considering
the circumstances , and. although the
story did leak out in society in a piece
meal sort of way , the particulars were
never known , and the papers knew
nothing of the affair. As soon as the
legislature mot a divorce bill was
presented , as has been soon , and the
marriage annulled. Since then Miss
Curtin has married a gentleman in every
way worthy of her , is well known in so
ciety at the national capital and in New
York , and looks back upon her youthful
folly with the regret which comes with
more sober years.
A Western newspaper says that the
Idlest sensation is a St. Louis horse that
chews tobacco : but the greatest sensation
is Dr. Unll's Cough Syrup.
Salvation Oil is the greatest pain-do
stroycr of the ago. It speedily annihi
lates pain , whether from a cut , bruise ,
scald , burn , frost-bite , or from n wound
of any other kind. Price only 25 cents.
James Taylor , while digging a well on
his farm near Excelsior , Wis. . found in
a bed of gravel twenty feet below the
surface a lot of beautiful amethysts and
one very largo and valuable ruby.
"Brown's Bronchial Troohos" nroo.x-
rollout for the icllef of Hoarseness or Sere
Joseph Carter , of Keoklosstown , N. J. ,
recently butchered thirty remarkably
line bogs. The lightest weighed 5U5
pounds , the heaviest 87.5 , and the total
weight was 21U8i pounds.
A Flat Contradiction.
Some ono has told you that your catarrh
is incurable. It is not so. Dr. Sage's Ca
tarrh Remedy will euro it. It is pleas
ant to use and it always docs its work
thoroughly. We hare yet to hoar of a
case iu which It did not accomplish a euro
when faithfully used. Catarrh is a dis
ease which it is dangerous to neglect. A
certain remedy is at your command.
Avail yonrsalf of it before the complaint
assumes a more serious form. All drug-
A young man of twenty-two , named
Keloni , in Fulton , Mo. , has been driven
craiy owing to his mother becoming vi
cious and dissipated and corrupting his
young wife.
The body of a nino-year-old girl bos re
cently been cremated m Uie crematory
near 1'itUburg.
Lies iust south Of Hanscom Parkonly 2 miles from the court house ,
on high and sightly ground. 176 beautiful residence lots ,
Events are shaping that will make these lots an investment
$800 to $1,000 will Buy Lots Now , but one
Year from Today You will Pay $1,800 ,
$2,000 , and $2,500 , for Them
Ten months ago we told you there was big money in SOUTH OMAHA
property. You were skeptical and waited , and what did you miss ?
Some people say , "Oh ! its all luck , this making money. "Luck to the
dogs. Its
Foresight , Judgment and Sand.
These are the elements that go to make up the sum of prosperity. Take
a square look at the case of Thomason & Goos' addition , who own
the 600 acres adjoining it on the south.
Who , without any further effort , could peddle it out in the next two
years for ONE MILLION DOLLARS. Do you suppose they are Idiots
enough to do this ? . No ! They will either build or subscribe to A
CABLE LINE and realize three millions from it.
to yourselves , do a little investigating and figuring and you will see
that there are the "Greatest Bargains on Earth , in lots in this Key to
Omaha and South Omaha. Remember , that this is no washings of the
Missouri , River , nor farm lands diverted from their natural uses , years
too soon , but choice suburban residence. property , situated on the
everlasting Hills , midway between -fwo cities , that are last closing in
to one solid mighty metropolis.
Pharcmacy Building , South Omaha and 1509 Farnam , Telephone 73
Elegant Spring Clothing
We Possess the Ability of Giving You Tasty Styles
We Possess the Ability of Giving You Goods at Eastern Prices.
Have now in stock $75,000 worth of CLOTHING ; we are asking for business tliat will
save buyers money , and arguments are useless , let the goods talk.
Our wonderful spring stock will make friends outshine rivals , win victories and sell it
self on its merits every time.
ANDREWS BROS. , Yankee Boys from Maine
At 1113 Farnam Street.
broughout the United States ,
Colgate's Toilet Soaps are acknowledged
the purest and bost-Caaliinere liouquot
the most popular.
The attorney general has given an
opinion that the Chinese anti-numijrra-
tion act docs not apply to Chinese women
who accompany other immigrants to this
country as servants or nurses.
In advance of the unhealthy season
regulate and strengthenyour ; system. lr.
J. il. McLean'3 Strengthening Cordial
and Hlood Purifier will make you healthy ,
strong and vigorous.
Chautauqua is an Indian word and said
to mean a bag tied in the middle. That
is about thu shape of Chautauqua lake.
Fourteen clocks keep the time of the
state house in Augusta , Me. , all eight-
day. Two of tjiu clocks are over forty
years of ago.
DR. rcmo'9
For tb * rtltet ted ran ot
, ,
KIYNS msTUTief , m.
Send rt mp for thy " ;
I. " an JnterMtlnit bo < * of
, 1 30 rugtu. r * r t Ur n tOur
B -Our oonrtwH it taff
'It ' ttnt mncfcrt f *
Staff t. Canada or
v i furope .
ola In ro * > pleU direction * witk rack trrotm- Addron * ,
DR. PEIRO. < * * * UfirallMM , CH1UUO , IU.
IhftveftDoiltlnrtmdf forttoftbDTa dUMUt ; ojiit aw
ttToSiMdi of CMU of h wor.1 kU-1 > of IOBK."iJloj
Teb D on.a IxlMdjMfimatMinrhtthliiluefflcju
nCiCUCCC its causes , and n uew and
| ICHrnCO tmcc ! ! nltUUEBtyour ! own
* homo hy ono who was deaf twenty eight
years. Treated by most or the noted spooial-
Iris without bonotlt ; cured himself In threa
months , and elnco then hundreds of other * .
Full particulars sent oi , application. T. B.
I'AUK. No. 41 Wegtaist St. , ew York City.
IVuflUtoI vlurtoln 6O < ! CjrBn
U ra * * ) a ftr-Mae > * tI Belt.
ITnut. combined. Uurantndtli *
only ono In tb world K n r tl
aeonllnooiiB Kl ettrio & ttayntt9
. . . - urr i . b Untme.l'owerfnl. Durable ,
'Comfortable and nefitt * . ATOM fmudj.
- O rnXM3 cured. ftrn KUmp foi pamphlet.
De. HOME. UvuTQi. mi Wuoa AVI. . CHIBAOS.
! ! > , tCnKtiliillom lodlicrctlonior
ollbxlt mtmmmrtt M < UI .bt lb
_ MB * fr . BhonU b * t d by Ftthnt
tbclr tou.
HtntlonOmahft B * *
I w M > T r 9r + 4 from M * . Blv r
WSIGLEITS tnrt Pullman Car Excursions ,
PenoMllr cB etMI , low Cblclto , Bt. Louli ,
KAUMU Ortr. Omba and other Western Oltlct
uootlUr. for CaJUornl * or r tb * 0. B. A Q. ted lh
? * , , :
1707 Olive St. , St. Louis , Mo.
1742 Lawrence St. , Denver , Colorado ,
Of the Missouri Stale Museum of Anatomy ,
St. Louis , Mo. , University College Hospi
tal , London , Giescn , Germany and New
York , Having devoted their attention
UUU VlllUlllu IU1U L
More especially those arising from impru
dence , invite all so suffering to correspond-
without delay. Diseases o ( ° infection and
contagion cured safely and speedily with
out detention from business , and without
the use of dangerous drugs. Pa
tients whose cases have been neglected ,
badly treated or pronounced incurable ,
should not fail to write us concerning their
symptoms. All letter * receive immediate
And will be mailed FREE to any address
on receipt of one 2 cent stamp , "practical
Observations on Nervous Debility and
Physical Exhaustion , " to which is added an
"Essay on Marriage , " with important chap
ters on Diseases or the Reproductive Or
gans , the whole forming a valuable medical
treatise which should be read by all young
men. Address.
1742 Lawrence St. , Denver , Colorado.
1707 Olive St , St. Louis , Mo.
On * Agtnt ( Mereniat onlr > w ntM IB TH-T town for
Tour "TanslD'a Punch" So ol < r r re frottlar
of friends. Traveling men lay to us erery day ,
"Why , they are better than most lOo clgnra.
Obr trade hat moro than doubled iluce we
oommeured selling them. ,
P. & A. L. MnrABD. ElUsburgu , N. T.
mafOIIID. Artctkao.
| W | IMUlttT.UatlUBlW
W v r7 OVA muttd
BeautifDl Residence Lots
Also Business Lots
On the large mnp of Omaha and observe Hint the two and one-halt milo
belt from the Omaha postoflice runs south of sectiou 33 nnd through
the north end of South Omaha.
And pencil , then get one of J.M. Wolfe & Go's maps of Omaha nnd South
Omaha combined ,
On the string at 13th and Farnam , Omaha's busines center , and your
pencil on the string at where Bellevue street enters South Omaha from
the north.
A circle and note whcrj \
Is and also that " " " " " "
, many "Additions , "Places" and "Hills" nro far
This magic circle. f
And think a minute what will make outside property increase in value ?
Is all that will enhance the value of real estate other than ] at ] South
Omaha. At the latter point we have three important factors to build up
and make valuable the property :
First The growth of Omaha , which has nnd always will follow the
transportntion lines.
Second All the great railroads center there , thus making it the beat
manufacturing point of any in or near the city ,
Dressed Beef Business
and Pork Packing Industry
Will make a town of themselves.
Going up this year.
A Gigantic Beef Canning Establishment
To be put into operation at once.
Away your day of grace when you do not get an interest iu South Omaha i
before a higher appraisement is made. The best locations arc being taken , '
Make your selections now : * < '
Lots that so/d for 8300 hi 1881 cannot now be bought for 13,000. -j
Over the railway track will make safe and splendid thoroughfares between 'j
this city and South Omaha. '
Will run to the Stock Yards this year. The minute it doea loti will double - J
ble in value , as this will afford quick and cheap transportation cither by
Dummy , Cable or Horse Cars.
For further information , maps , price lists , and descriptive circular * ,
a ddress ,
C. E. MAYNE , * !
Agent for the South Omaha Land Company
N.W. Cor. 15th andHarney.