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The Habit Becoming Quito Fashionable
Among Army Officers.
The Bentocn Court-Martial Proceed
ings Itoaoh Washington Hut Not
Made Pabllo Tlitirman and
the Pacific lloada.
Another Good Mnn Gene Wrong.
WASHINGTON , March 19. [ Special Tele
gram to tii < 'UKi.J : The habit of dupllcatelng
pay accounts by army olllcers has received a
fresh Impulse niul is becoming epidemic. The
latest accession to the ranks of financial
crooksln thoarmy Wlk-ox ,
; Seventh cavalry , none of whose payaccounts
have been r > aid for two months. He has been
am-sled In St. Louis and sent to Fort Snell-
Ing to bo tried by court martial. This makes
' live army odlccrs who have eone wrong within
" the past year , four of whom havedesnited.
Lieutenant Shaw Is still at largo and nothing
Is known of his whereabouts. If ho Is not ap
prehended ho will be dropped from the army
ns a de.serter. The accounts of Lieutenant
Powell , of the signal service , deceased , have
been referred to the second auditor , who will
probably decide which ono Is legally payable.
An army onicor. In commenting to-day upon
the situation , said the practical desertion of
live army officers In one year was alamcntable
rcllcctlon upon the service. All these cases ,
ho said , occurred west of the Mississippi river.
The showing was even worse than the an
nual desertion ot per 8 cent of enlisted
men of the army , for the latter are compelled
to serve the first six months without pay.
Thflproccedlius In tin * casu of Colonel
Fred W. Bentecn , major or the Ninth cavalry ,
lias been iecei\ed here , which means to any
one familiar with the service that the court
martial that tried him at FoitDu Chesne ,
IItali , sentenced him to dismissal from the
service. No one In the service , however ,
bcllovcs for a moment that such a sentence
will be carried into effect aitainst so valuable
and gallant an officer , for If anv ono man In
the service has won immunity by his gallant
service that man IB Colonel Benteen.
' It Is reported upon reliable authority that
the visit of ex-benator Thurman to the whlto
' ' related solely to the Pacific railroads
'Investigation. ' In view of tils knowledge of-
the subject and experience and ability as a
Jlawyer the president wanted to confer with
Mm In regard to the Investigation provided
tor by congress at Its recent session. It is
Jeald that the president would bo
'triad ' to have Judge Tnurman under-
itako the direction of the Investigation
i ns chairman of the commission , but the ex-
Bcnator Is not Inclined to assume such nrait-
. AIIS duties. Ho said to nn Intimate friend
' that ho meant every word ho uttered when
. lie announced that no had finally retired irom
public life , that he was an old man and he
felt that he had performed his share of pub-
1 lie service , lie added that he still took pleas-
tire and pride In the practice of his profes
sion , nnd that he would continue to practice
4t as long as ho has strength , but that he does
not care to engage in any work outside of
ieaal practice. It Is not believed that the ox-
senator would consent to take anv active
part In the Invrstluatlon. A irlond of the
BPimtor said he did not believe Mr. Thurman
would accept any public position ; that oven
( f the secretaryship of the treasury were of-
Jfprcd him , ho would decline it. In pursuance
of his determination to remain In private
The president has decided upon the per
sonnel of the Inter-state commerce commission -
' mission with tlio exception of ono
Jinan. He is looking about for a New
[ -.England republican and has several names
tiiii view , but hns been unable to determine
fully upon whom to select. Ex-Governor Kob-
J.luson ot Massachusetts , was closeted with
lnm lor two hours yesterday. The subject
/if the conference was qualifications of New
v | England candidates. Governor Itobliibon
'tuft last night for Massachusetts where
litdiis , understood ho will make
, t further Inquiries. It Is said that
i Kinsley or Devons will bo chosen. Kinsley
Via the present state railroad commissioner
nnd Devens was attorney general under
Grant. If ono of these gentlemen will ac
cept , Mr. Uobinson will wire the president
this afternoon , and It is possible the com
mission may Do appointed later In the day.
Tile latest report Is that Cooley , of Michigan ,
will be chairman. Morrison , Illinois , Kernan ,
* of .New York , Hrapu , of Alabama , and ono
of the Now England men. If this proves
the correct list the entire section west of the
Mississippi river will bo ignored.
Nebraska pensions were granted to-day as
follows : Sarah W. , widow of Ellis Fisher ,
II alder. Increase : Elijah Tldd. Harvard ;
Ellis Fisher ( deceased ) . Restoration and re-
isiuo : Haider llarlow , N. Spencer Ncgiind.
t Iowa : Mary , mother of Harrison W. Day ,
- , Maquoketa ; Carolina W. , mother ot Edwin
f W. Bolton , Atlantic ; William B. , father of
' JLout.s W. Barnes , Davenport ; Francis Dor-
rell , Molneona ; Arestas H. Miller ; Dnni-
non ; Chas. M. Sims , UlvortUde ; Joseph
Hamilton ( Increase ) , Boone : Ellas M. Bliz
zard , Derby ; Thomas J. Lawler , South Eng-
, JUh ; Prosper Marson , Milton : Ira
i liltchcll , Salem ; Edmund F. 1'nrkhurst ,
* " ' "Kheldon ; Simon WalkerSwan ; Johnson ,
J'XiInevllle ' : David B. Leper , Boonesboro ;
' 31enry E. Williams , Waterloo : Uar-
trlson Elliott , Ncola ; Charles F.
-jtudsell , Fatrliold : Jacob Bertchl ,
/jiFarley : Jason U. Lathrop , - Pros-
. iveott ; Garland B. Jonns , Corydon : Jesse
1 * Wroton. Independence : Win. K. Bowley ,
Vv - Muscatine : John Dowllnir. French Creek ;
< ! ' IJanlol McKay , tVapello ; Saml. Morrison ,
- Now London ( reissue ) ; Ell W. Myers ,
Eldon : ( Jeo. Glassburner. Drakeville ; Lo
renzo D. Curlton ( reissue ) ) . Oxford Mills ;
Elan A. Sample , Modale ; Enos M. Woods ,
Dakota : James U. Mills ( Increase ) , Blunt.
< 11KCUUIT8 roil THK WEST.
' . Forty-seven recruits have bcnn ordered to
„ the tievnntcenth Infantry in Wyomlne and
. , . .Utah and twenty-ouo to the Second Infantry
in Nebraska.
The name of the postotnce at Greoley , IIoli
Ii'vounty. Is chanced to Phcenix , and Adelbert
Jj. Nlckcrson Appointed postmaster , vice
James D. Yunltera , resigned.
O. V. Hobotts was to ( Uy appointed post-
3 master at Atlanta , Phillips county , la. , vlca
viAUi-l Uoddard removed.
. i The Duffalo Crematory.
- * " BUFFALO , N. Y. , March 10. Homy B.
| MiBumsey , of Now York , who was ono of the
T't > iests at the Itlchuiond hotel , and who was
fburned badly , died this morning. This
a-rnnVes six deaths thus far.
< * The ruins of the Ulchmond hotel pro-
tented a dismal spectacle this morning am
* crowds continued to gather In the vicinity
5'X search will bo commenced sometime
1 to-day for bodies known to be some-
L where under the debris , If not entirely des
I tiovinl. At 11:15 this morning the body of a
! .man was found In the ruins near the south
i'vrall , which was removed to an undertaking
I 'wtabllahment. ' pending nu ultort to establish
1 the Identity ot the deceased. The body wo ?
, burned beyond recognition. Mary Nolan
tif „ Fanny Harty and Mairslo Mulrich , three
tlrls employed at the Klchmoiid , are in t
precarious condition , and U Is very unccrtali
whether they will recover or not.
* _ The body of Henry 1) . UuniBey , of New
Tork , who ( 'led ' this morning , and who wa
connected with the Ui < lted States navy , wa
taken In charge by his biother-ln-law. Ho
Will take it to Fort Wayne , Ind. The de
ceased lost his life bv going back to rescue
the little daughter of Mis. Mann ,
i The coroner has Uupanuelt'd a jury , an
Bays ho will endeavor to have a thorough
Investigation. The list at present stands six
, Jporsmis dead , twenty-one Injured , five or six
.ierlously . , and live mUsin ; .
. , Trial of Boodlemea.
NKW Yoitrc , March 1'JL ' In the opening of
, , ihe trIM of Thomas Clcary , Indicted boodle
Alderman , to-day , Mrs. Massett , an old lady
' 'Who lived nuxt door to Alderman MuLaugh-
jlln'c , gave substantlallr the same testimony
phe had given In the McQuade andU'.Velll
. Urlals , UK did Ktity Motz , who was In her rm-
/ Dnrnnrd Doran Dying.
4 TU well known citizen who mot with
'feneh a frightful accident on the elevator
" t Oberfclttor'i store on Hnrnoy street , is
lowly sinking. The prospects are , that
, b will not survive the day.
Dr. MoOlynn's Chnrelt In NowVork
Itoltbed of Valimliie 1'lMtc.
NKW YOHK , March 10. [ Special Tolotjrnm
to tlm BEE. ] When the tlmo came for ctle-
bratlni : lirst nuss at St. Stephen's church
yesterday morning Father O'Callaglmn , nc-
companlcd by the nltor boy , wlioso duty It Is
to assist at the service , was ascending the
nltar steps when ho was Btnittcd at finding
that the fancy worked door ol the tabernacle
was open , thn Interior of which Is lined with
metal and cuanlcd by a strong Iron door. The
tabernacle had boon broken Into and the mas
sive door had been \vrcnchod from Its hlnzrs ,
apparently with a jimmy. In the tabcrnaclo
were kept the clborlum , n golden vessel con
taining sacramental bread , six silver chalices
and smaller pieces of phtes , valued altogether
ut several thousand dollars. They wcro all
pune. On Thursday evening the
feast of St. Patrick's was cele
brated In the Rreat church nnd
Father Smvth , of the I'atillst church , do-
llvorcil the surmnn to a vast assembly. It Is
sup)03ed | ) that tlm thluf or tlilcves hid tinder
tlio seats , and after the crowd had loit and
the church nnd been closed took their own
tlmoubotit fnrclni ; the tabuinaclc1. "It Is a
most unfortunate nlfnlr , " Father Colton said ,
"and I am especially soiry about It becansi )
of the trotibli ! In the chiiroh. Of course none
of the parisliloiicrs , nnd in fact no Catholic ,
wasKulltyof the otitruo. There Is nothing
to prevent a man from accreting himself
under ono of the scats , and In the event ot
his hclng discovered to say ho was asleep. "
"Will any attempt bo made to liavo the
thief arrested1.1"
"None whatever. I am sorry the police
have K't ' hold of It. but I told them not to
bother any moro about It. "
A Dnd Man to Tnmpor With.
TEXAHKANA , Ark. , March 19. Two weeks
ago two fenyincn were trying to force ex-
horbltant charges out of a St. Louis drummer
for putting him across the river. Kldcoly , a
wealthy farmer llvlnir twenty mll s north of
here , took the drummer's part. The ferry
men abused him for this and attempted to
draw their weapons , when KldKOly shot
them both dead. Upon examination
Kidgcly was discharged. The brother and
undo of tlio two men killed tuvoro to kill
JJIdue'y ' on sight. Last night Uldgely was
letiirnfns homo ftom a neighbor's , and on
entering a stilp of woods was liretl on from
ambush by the dead men's relatives. The
liorso fell dead , and its rider rolled over and
escaped unhurt. The two would-be murder
ers , thinking Kldgelv was dead , approached
where ho lay , and when within ten feet of
him ho suddenly rose up and shot them both
Tlio New Patent Commissioner.
liuitMNOTox , Ia. , Maich 19. The an
nouncement that the appointment of
Benton J. Hall as commissioner of
patents has been determined l.i re
ceived by all parties with great sat
isfaction In this city. The position was
tendered him by SccicUrv Lamar several
weeks ago and Jlall has signified his accept
ance , thouch It involves the surrender of an
important law practice In this state. This is
the second tune tills honor has fallen to liur-
llngton , .ludgti Chas. Macon being commis
sioner under 1'rosldcnt liuchanan.
Cnllaway'a Ileportetl Disuharco.
CHICAGO , March 19. ( Special Telesram to
the Bir..l A special from Detroit to the
Journal says : Tne report Is current horn that
S. K , Callaway , formerly of this city , and now
general manager of the Union Pacific , has
been discharged from his position by the di
rectors of the road. The news comes In a
private letter to the ellect that the dlicctors
ave Callaway verbal instructions to secure
the rlcht-of-way tor a Innncli the company
proposed building. Cnllnway hesitated ,
walling for written Instructions , and In the
meantime a new company secured the rignt-
of-way to build the road.
Another Polish Itlot Probable.
RETBOIT , March 19. Tno 1'ollsh church
trouble seems ready to break out once moro.
Bishop BorgesS proposed to open the church
March 27. This Intention came to the at
tention of the adherents of the deposed
priest , JColasinski nnd great excitement has
rcsulcd. A guard has been placed around
the church and any attempt to open It will bo-
opposed unless Kolaslnskl Is reinstated. Tlio
feeling is strong enough to promise a lively
A Chance of Politics.
COLUMBUS , .0. , March 10. [ Special Tele
gram to the DEI : . ] In an address before the
Garfleld club at Columbus , _ on April 10 ,
Charles M. Yallandlngham , eon of the late
Cleinent L. Vallandtngham , will announce
his decision to become a republican. The
change in politics Is the outgrowth of his
knowledge ot the recent Infamous election
frauds practiced by Ohio democrats. The
announcement has created a sensation.
lee In ( he Atlantic Ocean.
NEW Vor.ic. March 19. Incoming steamers
report passing a large number of Icebergs and
mmense fields of ice. They state that the
ice extends much farther south than usual.
It Is thought that the racing yachts may bo
delayed on this account. The winds have so
far been very favorable and If the ice docs not
prevent It Is thought the racers mav reach
Queonstown the latter part of next week.
Oleomargarine L aw Repealed.
ST. Louis , March 19. Governor Marina-
duke to-day signed the bill repealing the
state oleomargarine law , which provided
that anyone selling or manufacturing oleo-
niarcarlno within the state should pay a fine
of SCOO nnd suiter imprisonment for thrco
years. Dealers and manufacturers of this
article now carry on their trade In this state
by complying with the United States law.
Opal Miners Compromise.
PiTTBiiuita , March 19. At a mass meeting
ot coal miners of Irwln , Pa. , to-day , a com
promise proposition of the Westmoreland
and Pennsylvania coal companies to pay GO
cents oer ton for mining for ono year from
April 1 was almost unanimously adopted.
The settlement of the wage question means
years of steady work tor Idle miners in that
district ,
More Pardons lly the President.
WASHINGTON , March IS. The presldont-
has pardoned Dennis Kelly , of Maine , con
vlctcd of manslaughter , and George U
Daubner , of Wisconsin , convicted of pension
frauds. As both coin lets liavo served tholr
full terms of imprisonments the only ellcc
of the pardons is to restore them to citizen
ship ,
Another Railroad Deal.
SAN FIIANCISCO , March 19. It Is stated on
gooil authority that the transfer to the South
ern Pacific company ot the Oregon & Califor
nia railroad , running from the southern bor
dcr line of Oregon to Portland , Ore. , was
consummated jesterday.
Another Street Hallway.
The county commissioners yestorda
granted a franchise to S. D. Mercer am
C. E. Mayno to construct a street railwnj
from Lown and Mercer avenue to Ken
slngton. Also from South Omaha to
Kensington nnd thcnco west to Millard
Died From Ills InJurlcR.
George Hurst , the young lad who wa
the victim of the shooting accident at
Sulphur Springs on Friday , died from the
effects of his Injuries at midnight last
night. Coroner Drexel will hold an in
quest over the remains to-day.
Carter Harrliun Actually Declines.
CHICAGO , March 19. 'the republicans to
day nominated John A. Itoach tor mayor.
The democrats nominate a candidate next
Wednesday. Mayor Harrison U out In a
card declaring that hewlll not accept
Nebraska and low * Weather.
For Nebratka : Generally fair weather
colder northerly winds , becoming variable.
For Iowa : Generally fair weather , colder
winds , shlftlug to northerly.
Fred Wells , n prominent business man
of Mnrsballovrn , la. , U in the city to-day.
Patrlok Tobln , fatuer-Sn-law of the
Hon. A. MeGtvock is spending n few
days . .
'our Variegated Eoports Presented by the
Bribery Investigators'
rho fiotiflc Adopts the Mnjorltjr Docu
ment Oranlm's Election Post *
poncd Until tlio Third of Mny
Lcglslntlro Doings.
The ftrllicry Investigation.
LINCOLN , Neb. , March 19. [ Special Tele
gram to the BEE. I The committee to Inves
tigate the charges of "Mr. E. Uosowatcr
against a certain member of the house judi
ciary met again this morning at 0:30 : o'clock.
Mr. Peters said that several members of the
judiciary committee had told him they would
like to como before the committee , bo sworn
and testify. He thought there was no neces
sity tor them to do so , because there were no
specific charges against any particular mem
ber of that committee.
Mr. Glllmoro said that charges of a certain
kind had been made , and ho favored allow
ing the judiciary committee to como before
them and vindicate themselves.
Mr. Slater , ono of the members of the judi
ciary committee , asked If Its membois would
bo permitted to make a sworn statement con
cerning Mr. Uosowaler's general charges.
Mr. Pcmberton said ho would not sit and
listen to a defense when tlicro wcro no
charges In the hands of the committee.
Mr. Bowman , also a member of the judi
ciary committee , said , while he was willing
to answer any investigating questions , still
it would be child's play to attempt to answer
charges when none had been filed. He felt
that the motive of Mr. Hosewator In making
his charges and then Hying from the state
was simply to bo revenged upon the judiciary
committee for the part it had taken In the op
posing the Omaha charter.
Mr. Glllmoro moved that the judiciary com
mittee be permitted to testify before the In
vestigating committee.
The motion was lost , Messrs. Kolper and
Glllmoro voting in the affirmative and Peters ,
Craig , Ellis , Alkcn , Pembcrton and Mlnnlx
in the negative.
After an hour's talk the following reports
wcro agreed upon :
Mr. Speaker The undersigned , wo the
members of the committee appointed to In
vestigate thn chaipos made by E. Kosewater
against members of the judiciary committee
nnd other members ot the house ,
bo * leave to report that the
committee notified Mr. Kosewater to
appear before It and make his charges spe
cific and name the members ot the judiciary
committed against whom his charges are di
rected. Mr. Hosowater was notified to ap
pear before the committee At dllTcrent times ,
but ho refused to do so , saying that the
whole thing would be a fnrco and asking that
no further action be taken and notifying
the committee that ho would bo
absent from the state , when the committee
would meet , and finding Mr. Uo&owater be
yond the reach of the committee , the commit
tee was compelled to defer further action in
the matter.
Your committee further report that In their
opinion the charges made against members
of the judlclarv committed were made by Mr.
Uosowater without any foundation for the
same and through malicious intentions to in
jure the leputntlon ol the members of the ju
diciary committee. Wo therefore recommend
the adoption of the following resolution :
Uesolved , That the charges made by E.
Uosowater ugalust members of the judiciary
committee mo unfounded and malicious , and
that said Kosewater Is deserving of the cen
sure ot this house.
[ Signed ! JonN A. Dr.jti'STEU ,
II. C. MINNix ,
To th'o above Mr. Pomborton adds the fol
lowing supplementary report :
The undersigned turther believes that the
charges are wholly lalse , groundless , and
are not substantiated by any evidence what ? "
soever and seem to have been prompted by
malicious motives and made for the purpose of
Influencing certain legislation now pending
in the senate In which the complainant was
deeply Interested and tlmttliov are deserving
of no more consideration than the multitude
ot slanders that have repeatedly appeared in
the columns of his libellous sheet , during the
sitting of the present und past legislatures.
( Slzned ) W. J. PKMIIEUTON.
Mr. Craig's preamble was about the same
as that of the majority , his icsolutlon being
as follows :
Uesolved , That the charges made by E.
Uoscwater airainst the members of the judi
ciary committee are entirely unsustained by
the evidence and therefore this couimltteo
should exonerate the m embers of the judi
ciary committee from all charges of dishonor
or corruption , and fmtber that this house
censure E. Kosewater for the action ho has
taken in this matter ,
( blgned ) W. S. CKAIO.
We , the undersigned members of the com
mittee , appointed by the house to Investigate
the charges preferred against some members
ot the judiciary committee bv E.
Uosewatcr , beg leave to report that after the
house made tno sessions of the committee
open.Instead of secret , Mr. E. Kosewater ,
when notified to be present before the com
mittee , refused to appear be
fore It and deserves censure for his
non-appearance ; that he has as yet
produced no evidence to show bribery of
members of the committee ; and fuither , we
do not think It best for the committee to
cease the Investigation at the very threshold
of Its duties , but that the Investigation should
proceed and E. Uosewater be compelled to
appear before the committee and testify in
the matter.
( Signed. ) GEOI'.OKF.
J. C. FlLLMOllE.
Adjourned sine die.
Doings In the House.
LINCOLN , Neb. , March 19. [ Special Tele
gram to the BEE. I The house went into
committed of the whole and considered a
number of bills. House roll 15 providing for
an addition to the Institute for tlio blind nt
Nebraska City , was amended to make the
plans conform to the reduced appropriation
ofS'AOOOHouse rolls 344 , 242 , M , 107 and
200 were reported favorably for pas
sage. By general consent the election
day under the new Omaha charter
for this year only , because of the delay in the
passage , was set for the first Tuesday after
the lirst Monday In May , Instead ot A pi 11.
The several reporU from the Investigating
committee were read and Mr. Ilayden moved
that all the reports bo adopted. Mr. Dcmp-
star said that ono of the reports suggested
the committee bo discharged and another that
the investigation DO continued.
The chair said there was but one of the
communications which he considered as a
report , the others were simply the views of
the writers.
Mr. Uandall wanted to got some way by
which the supplementary report could bo
made a part of the majority aim that adopted.
Ho then launched out Into a passionate de
nunciation of the editor of the BEE.
Mr. Kelper moved the adoption of the min
ority report. In support of his motion ho
repeated the arguments advanced In the
meetings of the committee. HA thought they
Simula be continued In the Investigation.
Mr. Do muster said they all understood the
commute * had been assailed by papers all
over the stateas being a Uosowuter com
mittee. The members wanted to disabuse
the people of that charce and hence their re
ports. If this Investigation were to bti con
tinued further it would kill legislation and
destroy the balance of the term. Ho favored
the adoption ot the majority report and the
discharge of the committee.
Mr. Peters said Mr. Uosewater had gone
out of the state to get beyond the roach of the
committee. The latter's intention was to do
nothing to wards clearing away these charges.
He wanted them to hang tire that the stigma
of a useless session might attach to them.
Mr. Knox , after several attempts , finally
secured the floor and said that Sir. Watson
hud said truthfully that the house stultified
Itself In allowing Mr. Uosewater to come Ixv-
tore It and malign any of its members. Who
was Mr. Kosewater. anyway ? Who was any
body that he should be permitted to do such a
thine ? He didn't care for Mr. Uosewater or
an > body , but tlio bouse had acted disgrace-
Mr. Craig said that his report was made
upon the.testluiony. There was nothing to
show rnallcn which was referred to In. th
majority report. > r
Mr. Yutzy said that Mr. Uosowater was or.t
of town and ho didnU care whether ho ever
came back.
Mr. Helper' * amendment was lost and the
majority report with Mr. Pemberton's aup-
plemcnt was adopted. ,
Mr. Oarvey of Dmurlas Introduced an abus
ive resolution directed against Mr. Uose
water , characterizing him , among
other th I ncs , vos an unscrupulous
libeller and lobbyist and moving
that he bo refused 'the ' floor ot the house the
remainder of the session.
Mr. Kief wanted to "know why Mr. Uoso-
watcr should bo expelled from the floor when
others worse than no were permitted to occu
py It. A motion wa.rmado to exclude all
obbylsts. On motionr of Mr. Watson the
whole matter wag laid'on ' the table with an
emphatic vote. Adjourned until 2 o'clock
Monday. '
She Piitn on a Uniform and Playa
onicor for Fifteen Minutes ,
Ono of the most disgraceful things over
recorded was discovered yesterday morn
ing by a roundsman on the police forco.
A certain olllccr on the force , whoso
namu l.s withhold for the present , found
lodgings Friday night nt tlio house of
"Salt Lake Nell , " on Capital avenue
botwpon Ninth and Tenth. While ho
was cither intoxicated or asleep , "Salt
Lake Nell , * ' who is a. very largo woman ,
put on his uniform , donned his cap , and
placing his club in the belt started out.
She was completely disguised and was
an tlio point of arresting n party of fol-
low-cypriaus , when she was detected by
the roundsman and made to doffhcr dis
guise. "Salt Lake Noll's" joke will un
doubtedly got the officer into n surious
The La fc'evro ami Club.
The second shoot of the La Foyro Gun
club was hold on the grounds cast of
Athletic park yesterday afternoon. The
lirst shoot was nt twenty clay birds each.
John S. Prince , n newly elected member
of the club , lead in the score , which was
as follows :
Nason lOtfll 01001 01011 00101-10
Clnrlc OKWO 00000 OJOOO 00000-
Stone 0)110 ) 100UO 01100 lOrtlO-7
Abeicomblo 00100 10000 00100 OHO- )
Small ODIOO OOKO OJUOO 0000(1-3 (
LowlS riKKW 01000 01011 01 111 8
Prlnco 10110 03011 11101 10001 11
Pcnroso & Ilardin nro having an clo-
ganl medal made for presentation to the
man making the highest average on the
season's shooting.
James Inchcck was murriod yesterday
morning to Mary Sterbu by Justice
Berka. _
City Clerk Southard is still very ill ,
though no danger is apprehended.
Traffic on the varjous railroads center
ing in the city continue to increase.
Macaulcy's History of England For
ThtU Period.
The population * 6f England 200 years
ago was about 0,000,000 , at last census
England and Wales numbered L'5.074,439 ,
the whole of tlio-British lies 35.241,48J ;
Great Britain , hen colonies and depend
encies , aiO,225,000. ' Ih this connection
the following extracts from Lord Macau-
ley's history will'tlo ' road with interest :
"Many thousands ofsquare miles , now
rich in corn aiijl n\cadow , wore then
moors overgrowm with furze or fens
abandoned to wild ducfka. A largo portion
tion of tlio country north of the Trent ,
down to the cight'cnti ) century , was in a
state of barbarism. In Northumberland
bloodhounds were , kept to track robbers.
The judges on circuit- , ! with tlio sheriff
and armed retainers/ to carry their
provisions with thfinr. for , between 'New '
castle and Carllqld , " was a wilderness
which afforded uo'supplies , and was full
of danger. "v
"The amount ot money raisedby taxa
tion was very much smaller than at pres
ent , the oppressive chimney tax being a
chief source Sof income. At Knlicul ,
hardly out of the sight of London , was a
region of live and twenty miles in cir
cumference wliich contained only three
houses and scarcely any inclosed Fields.
Deer , ns free as in American forests ,
wandered there by thousands.
"Wild animals were numerous. The
last wolf that roamed our island was
slain in Scotland before the close of the
reign of Charles II. In 1090 only 2,000,000
of quarters of wheat were grown , the
strongest clay soil being selected for the
purpose , and the produce was consumed
only by persons in easy circumstances.
"The cultivation of the turnip had
been lately introduced , but these wcro
not used for animals , there
fore , in seasons when grass was scare , it
was no easy matter to keep cattle and
sheep alive.
"They were killed and salted m great
numbers at the beginning of the cold
weather , and during several months even
the gentry tasted scarcely any animal
food except game and river fish. The
sheep and cattle nt that lime wcro very
diminutive , and our native horsesthough
serviceable , were hold in small esteem
and fetched low prices about llfty shil
lings each. Most of the iron used in this
country at that time was imported , and
coal was used for domestic purposes only.
"The income of country gentlemen was
not more than one-fourth of what it now
is , and they seldom loft their homos oven
to go to London. The yeomanry of the
period are described as an eminently
manly and true-hearted race , about ono
hundred and sixty thousand in number ,
with an average income of from 60 to
70 a year. Their number was then
greater than of those who farmed the
lands of others.
"No canals had boon dug and during a
great part of the year most of the roads
were impassable for vehicles. The judges
wcro unanimously of the opinion that by
the common law of Englnnd no man not
authorized by the crown bad a right to
publish political news.
"Four-lifths of the common people
wore employed in agriculture at four
pence a iiay with food eight pence with
out food. Your shillings a week was con
sidered a fair average wage.
"An English mechanic could exact n
shilling a day ImnM 16om weavers had
been reduced to sl > ; , pence a day. Brick
layers were employed lor the most part
only in summer at' Irnjf a crown a day ;
plumbers three shillings.
"The great majority * ! the nation lived
almost entirely onyryej barley and oats.
Almost all essential articles were dearer
then than now siifiin salt candies , soup ,
shoes and generally all. articles of bed
ding. Blankets wore unknown until 1705.
The class below the laborer and the arti
san , one-fourth of , fjiowhole population ,
depended upon parochial relief , having
no other means of living.
The War'Slilpi of Italy.
Naples letter to.tjlo llondon News : The
Italian minister of umrino has concluded
the purchase of the cruiser Sulnmina , to
bo named the Anglo Emo. It will carry
cannon of tiftcon centimeter bore. It is
2,300 tons burden , and will go at a speed
of eighteen miles an hour. During this
year the three cruisers , Strombolf , Vcsn-
vie and Etna , each of 8,000 tons burden ,
will bo completed and ready to enter the
squadron. The Tripoli , a vessel to inter
cept torpedoes , is quite ready. So that
next summer the Italian navy will con
sist of four largo iron clads , Italia , Lo-
panto , Duillo und Uandola ; four power
ful cruisers ; a smaller cruiser , the Emo ;
lira old iron olads , ttio Affondatoro. An-
cona , Maria i'ia , Castololidardo and San
Mttrtino : of the Tripoli , and about lifty
torpedo boats , f he iron clads of the old
typo , as the Amcdo , Palestra and Roma ,
will bo reduced to pontons , and the Ter
rible , Formioal/ile and Vnraui ) will bo
used only in harbor.
The Fast Six Bays Without Important
Features in Financial Circles.
The Produce Market Attracts Consid
erable Attention Early in the
Week , With Quito Actlvo
Trading Indulged In.
The \Vcok In I ho Commercial World.
CHICACIO , March 10. [ Special Telegram to
the IKK. ! ] No very Important features have
boon presented In financial circles durlnctho
past week. The demand for money from
board ot trade speculators was quite brisk
owing to the fieo calling of margins. Little
dlfilculty was experienced In obtaining
financial accommodations , for In most cases
money was quickly relumed to the banks as
margins possibly to bo loaned out again.
Considerable money has been released , too ,
but there Is little doubt but more money Is
locked up as marelns on wheat , corn , pork ,
lard and short rib sides than there was ono
week ago , with the probability that it will
remain as an investment tlurlni : the next
six weeks , Orders from the rountiy for cur
rency were somewhat larger , chielly from the
wheat , corn and cattle , districts , and ! rom
sections whore Internal Improvements are
being made. Grain shippers were moderate
borrowers , and called for only small amounts.
Merchants In the wholesale mercantile trade
made frequent calls at banking institutions for
favors In the way of temporary loans tojdls-
count bills for goods arrlvine. The whole
sale trade Is unprccedcntedly active , as In
terior merchants are stocking up quite
heavily before the inter-state commerce law
goes Into effect. Banters , as a itilc. arc well
supplied with loanable bonds and all A 1
paper is accepted , rates of Interest are well
maintained , if anything a little more favor
able to individuals. Very little paper was
accepted under f per cent on call , and time
loans command G and 8 per cent , with out-
sldo papeis quotable at 8 per cent. Some
business was doinc on the street at 7 and S
per cent for good name papora. Eastern
financial reports show a little stringency in
money matters and loans are made at 5 and
per cent on call , with some dltllculty in
having time paper accepted. The foreign
monny markets ore reported steady , with tlio
leading banks showing a steady train
in balances. New York exchange was
in eood supply and rattier dull.
The demand was only moderate. Tlio In
creased shipments of grain enlarged the sup
ply to some extent and sales were made be
tween banks at 707fic ; discount per 81,000 ,
and the market closed quiet at that range.
Forolcn exchange was in larger supply nnd
the market was weaker during the greater
portion of the week. Shippers' sixty da > s
decumontry bills on London were offcicd
rather freely , owing to the Increased ship
ments of brad stuffs , provisions , cotton and
petroleum , anil rates declined to4.81X@4.Sl %
nnd finally ceased steadily at 4.81'J@4.b'J. '
The New York stock market exhibited
no particular activity "during the week
just closed. Trading was largely in special
ties or in lines connected with new consoli
dation schemes , Incioased earnings , or which
represented some new feature to attract at
tention. Prices fluctuated considerably ,
though confined within a narrow range , and
in most cases show no important change
from the closing ligurcs of ono week ago.
Chicago operators , owing to the dullness in
wheat and mess pork , gave stocks n little
mote attention , still their aggregate trading
was not very largo. Foielgn houses pur
chased some of the leading stocks quite
freely , and American securities in matkots
abroad , particularly London , showed consid
erable strength. Leading stock opurarms
gave the market some attention , but In a
general way the market lacked outside sup-
poit. Thu specialties which wens most in
favor were St. Paul , Koadinir. lilchmoud ,
nnd West Point Terminate , Kilo , LakoShoro.
Delaware. Lackawansi & Webtorn , Jersey
Central , Northwestern , lloeklni : Valley and
Now York & Now England. The sales on
the New York stock exchange wcro 1.SS5.000
shares. Petioleum showed a little more ac
tivity durlnir the past week and the maiket
was somewhat unsettled. Prices fluctuated
considerably and within a wider ran so. lie-
ports of n falling oil In the production nnd a
demand from "Shorts" caused
good an ad
vance of 2gj3 cents , but the Improvement was
not reported to the close. Tlio sales on the
New Yoik petrollum exchange were 10.97.V
000 barrels. The opening sales were made
at TM C. sold at 63'ijsOoic ( and closed steady
at 63c. The produce markets attracted con
siderable attention early In the week , and
trading was quite active and within wide
range of prices. During tlio latter part
a very quiet feeling prevailed
and speculations were not Inclined to do
much , the markets lacking outside suppoits.
All rumors in regard to manipulate on.
"squoe/es , " etc. , have only served to curtail
trade , and the beais manifests has checked
business fn all departments. Margins have
been called for very freely , and increased
sums have been promptly placed to secure
trades , but there has been considerable
money released within the past few days
and profits realized , which wcro forwarded
to speculative combinations In Wall Street
and elsewhere. Further deductions in prices
have bren submitted to on nil pi In el pal arti
cles , though at inside prices. There was
falrbuylue by the "shorts" Interest sufficient
to chock thn downward tendency In prices.
Wheat , corn. lard and short ribs
sides were the leading speculative
articles. Two additional failures occurred ,
but only of sufficient interest to cause a tem
porary decline In prices. The foreign mar
kets were inclined to dullness early In the
week , but were steadier near the close. The
receipts of grain were somewhat larger at
principal western markets and the export
movement at the seaboard was quite liberal.
The movement of piovlslons from Interior
points to lanrer distributing markets were
quite free. Supplies of provisions are gradu
ally decreasing. Eastern markets were
somewhat unsettled between conflicting re
ports from abroad and the west , with prices
fluctuating considerably. The arrivals of live
stock were model ate at all western markets.
The packing of hozs In the west ore pro
gressing favorably for the season at all points
excepting Chicago.
A Big Scheme.
The Central Improvement company
filed articles of incorporation yesterday in
the county clerk's ollico. Its mcorporn-
tors are M. H. Goblo , J. E. Mnrkol , and
Thomas Swobo. It starts out with a cap
ital stock of 1200,000 , which can bo in
creased to $1,000,000. The main object
of the comnnn.v is stated to be to manu
facture and operate und sell nil chemi
cals and machinery and apparatus used
in the refrigerating nnd distilling sybtems
of the Consolidated Refrigerator com
pany , of Now York. The same incorporators -
ators also filed articles of incorporation
of tlio Omaha Automatic IlefriKcratinfj
company , with a capital stock of $200,000. ,
A Prosperous People ,
Correspondence of the San Francisco
Chronicle : On the Island of St. George ,
Alaska , where 25,000 seals are annually
taken , flO.OOO is diviiled among thu
natives each season. A first-class share
last season amounted to $535. When it
is taken Into consideration that besides
this cash paid for services rendered by
each sealer every native family on the
island has a comfortublo homo , witli fuel ,
lights , medical tittondancn and schooling
free of charge , it will not seem an exag
geration to claim for these hyperbornas a
state of life which it would bo hard if not
impossible to improve. With -juch ad
vantages over his follow Aleuts it is
hardly to bo wondered at that the seal
islander should consider himself a triilo
bettor than his poorer cousins. Great Is
the llutter in the social circle of Oonal-
aska when a dusky hero from the bloody
fields of St. George or St. Paul arrives , on
one of the compunyls steamers in search
of a wife. In nmilrs of this kind the
priest of th parish has great influence ,
and it has been whispered that these good
men manage to hold back the choicest
articles in the way of marriageable dam
sels until less desirable stock has boon
floated , thus preserving a healthy tone to
the uiurket. However this , may be , mar
riages nro always occasions of general
nnd profuse' enjoyment aud everybody
secuis happy.
Completion of a Tunnel ncgun More
Than lee Years ARO.
An engineering work that has taken
over a century to construct can hardly
fail to ofl'er some points of interest nnd
illustrate the march of o vents during the
years of its progress. An instance of iU
kind is to bo found in a tunnel not long
since completed , but which was com
menced over 100 year. * ago. This tunnel ,
or adit , as it should bo more strictly
termed , is at Scheninitz , 111 Hungary. Its
construction was ngreed upon In 1778 ,
tlio object being to curry oil' the water
from the Sclieinnit/ mines to the lowest
part ot the Gran valley. The work is
now complete , nnd according to the linn-
zoitung fur Ungcrn , it forms the longest
tunnel in the world , being ten and twenty-
Euvcn hundrcdths miles long , or aboiit
one mile longer tlinu St. Gothard , and
two und one-Half longer than Mount
Cenis. The height is nlnu feet ten
inches und thu breadth five feet
three Inches. This tunnel which
hus taken so Jong m making , has cost
very nearly a million sterling , but the
money appears to have bouu well spent ;
at least the present goncnitiou hits no
reason to grumble , for the saving from
being able to do away with water-raising
appliances amounts to i'ir > ,000 a yeur.
There is ono further point , however ,
worth notice , for If wo linve the advant
age of our great-grandfathers in the mat
ter of mechanical appliances they cer
tainly were better oil' In the price of
labor. Tlio original contract for the
tunnel , mtdo : in 1783 , was that it should
bo completed in thirty vears and should
cost 7 nnr yard run. For eleven years
the work was done at this price , but the
French revolution enhanced the cost of
labor and materials to such an extent
that for thirty years little progress was
made. Tor ten years following much
progress was made , and then tno work
dropped for twenty years more until tlio
water threatened to drown the mines out
altogether. Finally the tunnel was com
pleted in 1878. the remiUningpart costing
23 a yard , or more than three times as
much as the original contract rate.
Not'ce of Registration.
TO tlm Tioirnl Voters of the Second District of
tbo Fourth Wnnl , In the city of Omnba.
You are liorcbr notified thnt the undersigned
will ilt ii registrar for the Soconrt (2nd ( ) dmrlct
of tbo Fourth ( Uli ) wnnl , at tlio City Marshal's
Ofllcc , norlh-weat corner of Sixteenth and Par-
nnra streets , cmmnnnclng Thursday , Mnrch
"Uh , 1887 , ( it 11 o'clock a. m. , for the purpose ot
retfiaterln ? all qiixllOod voter * within sulJ
Second dlalrict of the Fourth ward , und for the
purpose of nddln ? to mid correcting the rfple-
trntlon already tnaJo , nnd for suuli purnoto the
undersigned will lit and keep his book of reals-
trntlon open eacn dny thereafter ( oxccpt Sun
days ) at the place aforeanld from It o'clock n.
m. until 7 o'clock p. m. until Uondar , April 4th ,
1U37 , nt the hour of 12 o'clock ni. , whensnld
registration will bo olnseil. All qualified voters
are uotlBed tc. attend and too that their names
are property registered.
m7 Registrar 2nd District , 4th Ward.
Advertisements under this bond , 10 cente per
Hue tor the Drst Insertion , 7 gcnta for ouch sub
sequent Insertion , and (1.50 n line per month
No advertisement taken for less than' ' lents
for the first Insertion. Seven won * ' ill bo
counted to the line ; they must run tonsccu-
lively and must bo paid In ndvnnoc. All adver
tisements must bo handed in before 1 : UO o'clock
p.m. . und under no circumstances will theyba
taken or discontinued by telephone.
Parties advertlflnir In thcso columns nnd hnr-
hiirthe answers nJdrererd In core of THE HIE
Trill clenso ask for n check toonablo them to get
tbelr letters , ns none will bo delivered except
on presentation of check. All answers to ad-
vertiEements should bo enclosed In envelopes.
> ON1'V to loan on real estate and chattels
M ! B. Kntz & Co. 1511 Farnamst. , eround Door.
MONEY to loan on Improved city property at
e per cent. Money on band : do not hnvo
to wait HRVO a complete eot of abstract books
of Douclnc county. I. N. Watson , abstractor
Harris Heal Estate and Loan Co. , U.'OS.lfitb st.
MONEY First raortprnco notes. The Douglas
county bunk will buy papers scoured by
first mortgage on city realty. 12 *
61'lilt CKM'-Monnj to 1
Gregory & Hadley.
Rooms 1 and 3 , Itcdick clock , 320 8. 1Mb St
MONEY to Loan on renlestate and collater
als anil chattels. Nebraska Loan & lleiil
Estate Co. , Exposition building , corner Capitol
avenue and 14tb street. BUS
MONEY TO LOAN on improved real nstato ;
no commission charged. Leavltt liurn-
ham , Itoom 1 Crelguton lllock. 117
CHEAP MONEY to loan on choice residence
or business property , J. Q. U as ton , IM'J
Farnura st. 040-22.
TXJAN8 lioans Loans.
Real estate lonni ,
Collateral loans.
Chattel loans.
Long tlmo loans.
Short time loans.
Money always on band to loan on any ap
proved security.
Investment securities bought and sold.
Omaha financial Exchange , n. w , cor. ICtb
and Barney. , ,
Corbctt , Mnnngpr. 119
" 1/rONEV / to loan , cash on delay.
M. J. W. nnd E. L. Squire , 1413 Farnnra . ,
Faxton hotel bulldlnjr. la >
&BOO.OOOTO hOAN at 0 per cont. J. J. MaP -
P honoy. IBOt ) Fnrnam. 121
PEIl CENT Wonoy.
3 U. C. Patterson , 15th anfl nnrncy. 123
MONEY to loan In imns to suit , from H,000
to (50,000 ; oo delay. Tuttle 4 Allison. 211
B. 13th st 822m31
rpo LOAN Money Loans placed on Im-
JL proved real estate In city or county for
New England Loan & Trust Co. , by Douglas
County bank. 16th and Chit-ago fits. 128
ONP.Y TO LOAN-On city nnd farm prop ,
ertylowiatci. Btownrt &Co.Hnora3
Iron bank. m
ONEY TO LOAJf-O P. Davis * Co. , real
estate and loan ngunta , 1&05 Farnam st
ONEY TO LOAN On real estate and chat-
M teln. D. UTbomaa , 120
< CSOOiJOO To loan on Oinahu city property lit 0
P per cent O. W. Day , over MU DougUi et.
MONKV TO LOAN bytho nndcrslKneJ , who
baa tbo only properly orpinUetl loan
goner In Omaha. Loans of tlO to f 100 made
on furniture , pltinos.ort-utis , boric ] , wmroni ,
machinery , io , without romoral. No delays.
All business Btrlotly confldontlal. Loans so
made that any pnrt can bopiU'l ' at any Imo.uaob
payment redncmp the oo t pro rata. Advance *
mads on Una watches nd dlumonds. Persons
rbotild carefully consider who they are ilcnllnff
with , as many new concerns ore dally cornlnir
Intnoxlitonco. Should you need money call
nnd ro me. W. IL Croft , lloom ( Wthnull
llulldlng. 15th and Hnrnuy. < 31
UlANKI ) lit C. F. Itcod St Co.'s Loan
OnicoonfuniltureplanO3 , horsfa.wntfons ,
personal property of all kmcM , and all other nr-
tlclca of VMlun , without rsmoval. lil H.llltn ,
o\er Illngham's Commission store. All liiHi-
nc s itrlttly conlWriulnl. liK
BALE A well established commliilon
FOR . A goyd chance for a live man
with modern capital. Fixtures and stock nt
cost i id * * bonui lor trudo. Owntr Ima
othorbusliios4 which roqulros bis personal at
tention. Answer quick If } < uu ineim buslnon.
Adilress with full name ntUsaddreij H 1 , Uoo
olflco. ' 216 1 *
TT\OIt \ SALE A first clttj * olgar. tobacco and
confectionery gtore In central part of city ;
will l bo sol J ut u ftcrlflo . AJdruM 0 71 flea.
USINBSS oUancf I la Knowold'n Oloct at the
hcftdnf St.Mnry's ave. , splnndld location
for groceries , drugstore , hnrdware , itoves and
tinware , | nvui tor e and repair worki ,
tinner , etc. Address or apply at oni-4Mo
void J > liiirrott , nt1' , S. l.Mh t
1710H SALE-Rotall grocery store , doing A
JL1 No. 1 family tntdo. PnU < nrerngo , $ ,1,003
per month , Cncap rent and Due location. Ad
UfcM O 68 nee. _ m Z3J
rilOTllADKat n bargain for Iowa or Nebraska1
JL land a fl.ffCi stock of general merebandlto.
Call on or address J. II. Kuhl , llarlan , Iowa.
130-tt *
A BARGAIN for any ono having two thousand
-tX ilollan. For sale n grocery builm < ; s ( " > -
tatillnhcd In IBiU For further Information ml-
drcisl' . W. Rotttnnnn , Nebraska City ,
AN 1'KD-To Invptt from $1,000 to f J.IXO la
sntn * prontnlilc btigln M. MllR anil dairy
business proforod , Address O 67 , lice nlltco.
< _ i > 79 ai
GOOD llARGAlN-FIl-.o Ktock of freih
proccrlen with store tuture nnd good will ,
prlco about 11,500 , Address Whitney A Co , ,
Uiualin. 13I-3.I *
"IjlOR SALE Restaurant nnd Ice cronm parlor ,
-L doing good buoliioM ; good roiiton for
eclllng. Inquire F. Koencr , 013 Cutulng st.
129-20 *
FOR 9ALK A rlenn stock of clothing , boots ,
snors , gents' ( urnlshlng goods nnd gro
ceries wltli a peed Undo. For further purtlo-
ulixrs nddreji , look box No. 5 , rnlrflold. Neb
F IOH SAI.K Oood tmjltiir stationery , neirs ,
cigars mill tobitrro stori < : ROOI ! lornllon :
Kuoil reasons for sclllnc. Address 0 4r > . llco
FOR BAM ! 01 Ktcliniigo AnowSJ bbl com-
blnutlnn mill nltuntcd on Little Illuo
rlvor , nonr llcliron. In Thayi-r county. Will o\-
chatigo for wild or Improved Inndt or live stork.
For further particulars address First National
Hank. Hebron , Nob. y ,
riNE Ohnnce Wanted Stock of groceries
or hnrdaro In oxchnngo for ISOncrr * of th
finest land In Nebrnsl.n , within to mile * of
Omaha. Inquire of Ilsrthold * Co. , 620 S. 10th st.
TACKSON STREET Stontn Laundry nnd Unth '
House for B'llo on nccount of dissolution of i
partnership. The old oglnbllnhoil nnd good
jinylng business will bo offered lor sale at a '
bii rguln. This ploco has Just boon Improved I
with n now brick boiler room nnd wnsh house ,
new bntli tul > , nnd Is In nrst-olnss shnpo '
throughout. This Is a rnrochanro , ns It has I
boon running with success for over flvo ycnri.
ii cnsh , bnlunco to suit purchaser. Jnmnr ou I
[ irriiuscn. 015 Jnckson stront. _ tg 20 *
FOR SALE Or trade tor land , best hotel In
Wnkcflold doing excellent business. Address
J. H. lleiin. Wnkotlold. Nob. 621 sl
BANK forsnlo in n new rapidly growing town
of GOO Inhabitants. Fine deposits. Money
lonns from 3 to 4 percent , monthly. A splendid
chniico. Address O3U , Reconico. UI5
F OK SAliU-llaif Interest In nno of the best
paying drug stores In southwestern lown ,
Ciipltul reciulied , 12.500. Address U 40 , live of-
flco. H1H
LOST The clmnco to buy n lot In Tlpton
Place , the nuw ndditlon , will soon bo lost
HH there nro only n few left. Secure them now
from Motter Real Estate Agency , 1313 I'nrnam
st. K > s 20
LOST A gray hand satchel on the street ,
containing photographs and loiters. Ad
dress G 81 , Doe office , f 10 rownrd. P74 8t
T OSTU ho ohnnco lo buy n lot In Tlpton
-LJ Place , the now addition , will soon belostas
there nre only a lew loft Secure them DOW
from Matter Real Estate Agency , 1513 Farnaui
Bt 228 20
LOST Somewhere on street , n gold watch
nnd chain , movement No. G64. Finder
will plcaso deliver samu to E. M. Bttcknoy &
Co's oillco , room 10 , u o cor 16th and llodgo sts ,
nnd recolvo reward. VG3 20 *
MRS. DUHANT. Clnrlvoynat , from llonon ,
will remain In the city a short time only ,
bhe roads the deepest leorots , unfolds the fu
ture , unites separated Jovore , causes ipocdy
marriages , Is veny icllnblo In nil nflnlrS of Ufa
Room 1 , Lyons blk. . 101 h nnd Chlcngo. 884-24 *
1)Elt ONAL prlvnto home for Indies ( luting
JL confinement. Strictly contldmiUnl , ln-
flints adopted. Address E J 42 , llcoofflco.JOlmSrt
JOl-mSrt *
CLAIRVOYANT Mndnm Alaska reveals
pan , present nnd future. Satisfaction ,
guaranteed. 512 S ICth Bt. 309 a 3
ERSONAL-Ladles wishing to tionutify their
homos enn got Ideas and inatcrluls ulsa vu-
uvluin for the new lara work at Mrs. M. n.
Mitchell's , louder of line fancy work , ir > 23
Douglas. H)3 ) 20 *
" 1 ) I < ilbONAli ( * U will huy u buuutituKiiniiur
: fct deroratod In UIITorent colors on best
quality of ware , at Moody'B China b tore , UK N.
ICth , cor Davenport. 235-20
PUIIbONAL Wo call the attention of Inves
tors and speculators In Omnhn Kent Kptnto
to our spcclnulrlvo In Imremns.of which we nro
polo 11 pents. 1 bey are worthy of Investigation.
.1. lj. Itlco & Co. , Room 0. over Connuerclul
Nutlnniil bank. 880
PERSON A 1-Mrs. jjr. Nnnnie V. Wnrrcn
clairvoyant , Mrdlcal and business Medium
Koom No. 8,121 North ICtli Bt ,0maha. Neb.
T AD1ES wishing Indolllulo stamping will find
JLJ an excellent variety of designs at Kuto
Kennedy's , gill north lUh gtrcot. 23t 81
li\co wlior * they sell furniture cheap
JL for cash hug been removed from 1410 Doug
las to 117 K. 16th st. "ji : al8
OI'.SS 1'OCH.S , sinks und vaults cleaned , odor
less proposs. B. Unlns , box 4 7. city.
Mfl a IS *
S l'OT CASH for
pots And stoves , at 117 N. 10th st
203 AlB
OSKl'H HOSENafEIN has removed from
Kfj 1'arnam to A09 N. 16th St. , keeps always
n full stock of fresh and salt water ( Ishus ,
oysters , game and poultry. Telephone ' .
Orders solicited. PHI
MJia M. OnLENSCULAKGEIl--Graduated
midwife , corner"3th and Cumin ? st , up
Btalrs. BT-'aU *
TIO parties bavin ? houses for runt. Itoutiil
Agency , ncnnwa & Co. , ll > st. , opposite post-
ofllco. Wo have turned over to Ihom our rnntul
list. We recommend them. McCuffue Urni.
DON'T bo nn oyster. Don't bo swallowed
ivllvewhen you want to soil furniture ,
carpets or household gooda , call at 117 N. IBili.
( Ot ) nit )
OltUKcU'ONUKNCK solicited with relialilo
parties who can furnish capital to build
and operate a canning factory In a western
town. Cash bonus to the right party. Ad-
drees H. O. Cross , Inman , Nob. 84'J XI-
THOU KKNT Organs , | 3 per monto.
J 1613 Douglas. tt
OK KENT Hqunre Piano , ft montnlr. A
Hospa. 1613 Douglas. l ° jL _
I will trade a plnno , nearly now , for lot In
Omaha. I. N. Watson , at Court llouso or ut
60S N. 17th Btroet. 171
/ ASH advanced on diamonds and wntohiis nt
\J 117 N. ICthst. Ortf&Co. ZUil nIH
DON'T bo uelnm. Don't pax two prices when
you can KO to 117 N. Ititli nnd buy furni
ture , stoves , lie , at rock bottom pilcos.fcOJ
fcOJ ft i *
TjlIUST - Storage nt 110 N 12th ct.
HOUSES CMPPED-Atllm fair ground * for
tii.00. Adani Tboniscn ; good work ( fiiur-
antecd. 77Q-a _
MONEY talks when you want to buy Mm'- '
tureorvnpor stoves nt 117 N. 18th. between
Dodpa and Capitol avo. i0o ! alB
JK rou want to buy or soil furniture , | ro to
J. Fergunon'g , 715 N. loth. fit
OIlKBNT-Square I'lano J montBly. A
Hospe. 1513 Douglas. ! j _ _
EW DoHnllntr House , flno tables , clean ai't
palatable vlctuuls. UIB Chicago st. M'J '
TOHAOIJ Klrst-cluss Btonwo for nloe tur-
nlture or boxed goods , utl&lU Iodie- t.
"I710H SALll A Boodbuckboard and bnrninr / j
-K cheap. Address O M care lloooflloo
T/lOIt SALK-1 span heavy horses. u o C anil
-L ycais , 1 span Unlit horses and | > ony oiul
biifriy hurte , cheap fur cusli. Inquire 27-7
Cllllllllg , M. Wllltur. 04 ! ilj
FOlt SALE-Serond hand safe , law hook cnce ,
sofa , bed , lounge , oto. Call on Oren a
TTOIt SAI.K Ten pool un.l lillllnrd fat < lo at
J Hornbcrgor's , 1321 Douglas st. _ j * .
JVlt HALU A Lyon * Hnaloy uprlih t piano
BT | octaves , good as new , at a very desirable
barKaln. 41iN. Ittltst. 7QT
> OR BAf.E AOlyilu Canadian stHlllon. Inquire -
1T quire saloon , cor 17th and Vlaton. * P * t *
rsoll SAJ.K-Agood d-year-old pouyntUO.V
JT Uthst. 170
SAMt rallllou brloU and upwards
ITOH _ _ , . . . . . 3 _ . . . , . . p
vi sldoH dally out put of 80.000. Kaqnlr * i
on premlwi , cor Dorcas and ZndiU. < > > * *
Brink ana Territ Cottn Mfg. Co a
AAYAWRt > cfoM ftirauinn for ralJrwul rwrk"i
VV .CVIl * t JU .N ICtb. kt. K. C. ! MUI > .
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