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Visitors Crowd Berlin to Oelebrato the
Kaiser's Birthday.
Grand Preparations lor a Glorious Time
Throughout All Germanyi
The Famous Traveler Interests Scientists in
the Fate of Emin Bey. - . - < =
Kepcatcd Assurance That the Organization
"Will Not Be Condemned.
Her Royal AlnJcBty Attends Her First
I'ntilio Entertainment In a Qttar-
tcri Century Mrs. Potter's
Debut and Her
New DrcsscH.
Raiser's CoinlnR nirthdny.
ICopi/rfu/it / 1KH7 by James Ooidon Hcnnctt. ]
liRitu.v , March lO.-New Vork Herald
Cable-Special to the liui : . ] Uerlln ,
In fact Germany , spent the week
enthusiastically picparing to celebrate the
emperor's ninety-first birthday year
Wednesday came the crown prince of Aus-
trla , to-morrow comes the Prlnco of Wales ,
Hctwcen these two distinguished arrival ;
have come a bewildering number of brill
lant , uniformed , wonderfully titled royalties
and semi royalties from all parts of Kurope.
In all clghtr-llve of them Including sue ! :
minor reigning kings as Koumanla and
Saxony either arc or will bo lieio to attend
the great event. Princes , dukes and arch'
dukes and archduchesses arc hero in sucli
numbers that ono expects to see over the
doors of the vailous palaces the notice ;
"Only kings need apply. " The prince ;
nlono would make n considerable partj
among themselves. Such an assemblage ol
titled personages has never In recent yean
gotten together In Berlin. Alivady nose ;
have been counted , and tlio best authorise :
Bay with pilde that there are tivo mon
royalties this time than over before , everj
ono of them , too , Interesting , Inheriting tlu
divine i It-lit to bo blown up by nihilists , but
ad Interim , to wear a multitude of orders
much gold lace and many unwieldy titles. 1
strikes Americans as a waste of force to te
together hero such a number of royaltie :
that minor personages are entirely lost In the
bin/o of higher titles. The least among tin
prlnceH who hero hldo tholr diminished head ;
would , In America , till half the continent
with their glory. Special messengers an
also coming from several courts to bear tin
good wishes of their masters to the emperor ,
among them General Cordova , who bring !
what , it Is to bo hoped , Is not an autograpl
letter from the little king of Spain.
Tlin I'llOOUAMMi : OF KKSTlVmr.S.
Tin ) prosramnio of festivities docs not In
elude so many public events as would bo tin
case If the emperor were younger. On the
morning of the birthday there will be a re
ception at the palace , which literally Include :
Only princes. ' The emperor expected tore
calve these guests himself , but being tired , hi
will leave this reception to the care of tin
crown piInco , who has nut only the prem
ises but several hundred lesser lights on hli
hand. The dinners , banquets aud recuptiom
that occur during the week are most ad nan
scam , but the kaiser will , as a rule , delegate
such matters to the crown prince , not frou
illness or weakness , as witness tlio followin ;
details of the kaiser's work last Wednesday
but because aged men , whoso lives are o
great importance to the world , cannot allen
to risk over exertion. Take tlio court rcpor
for Wednesday showing the emperor'
general health. The mall brough
various papers for the Imperial Rla
nature. Aftei wards the mayor , genera
workmelster and other high officials dls
r.ussed with the emperor and the minister o
war various changes in the army. In th
nfturnonn Prlnco Leopold and Kbegross
hcrsog otOldberg had audiences. Not ox
haustcd by seeing persons with such name
and titles , the umpuror In the evening held i
musical solrca at which -XX ) persons wor
present. This day's work Indicate
strength to survive even such birthday fes
tlvltles as ho has before. In the city th
birthday will bo observed as a hell
day. Everywhere the streets will bo Illuuil
noted. Electric lights will bo used on
really magnificent scale In all the great opei
places. Great torchlight processions , a u n
era ! gathering of students' societies In a !
parts of Onuany , open meetings in all grca
learned societies are a few among the man ]
ways In which the day will bo celebrated
All the innumerable verclns or unions , al
M'hnols , unlmsUlcs and corporations ai
ono way or another In tlio celebration
which , beginning to-morrow , culuiluatt
Where Uerlln will put all tbo visitors wh
are expected to crowd hero next week Is nc
quite easy seeing. It la to be hoped , how
ever , that nt least the higher royalties wl.
not be forced to sleep in tiers or on the floor
of tlio Imperial palace , as may occur to tin
less distinguished guests at the hotels.
Three days of snow and cold weather hav
delayed the street decorations somowhn
This urenlug's clearer sky , however , has se
everyone to work soccagurly making up fc
lost time that the prouienadcr along the nial
htrccts Is torcvd to itpend much of his thn
in dodglmj ladders. The unter don Lliule
is already gay with flags and evergreen !
The academy , opposite tlm kaiser's palac <
lias eight tall llagstatfs rising from the sid
walks. At their bases stand tall statues c
( iorman knlghU looking like maibli
but really made of wood. The whole fiont :
already draped with red cloth and man
flags. The Impoilal palace shows no sign
of preparation beyond two big pipes runnln
aloiK tliotopot the biiiUliui : , from the sldt
ot which ens designs of crowns , etc. , hav
begun to sprout The btatuo of Frederic
the ( ircat , between the palace and the beat
einy , was surrounded by a line of many co !
oreil class globes , and is gaily decked. Fa
( her down tbo mlndea the crown pnnco
pnlncels thu tlrst to show signs of decora
tlon. Many llncpoles project from the roc
and uiuny colored lights are hanging froi
them. All over th city crowns , tl ;
Imperial Initials and mottoes outlined In xi
lots , multicolored globes or electric Ugh' '
have begun to appear on the bouse frost
Ittare Is a general feeling In the city tin
there should not be a window In Berlin dai
d nor a house froi
without flags. Already this evening wo have
> ccn able to get an Idea of wlnt the appear-
nticaofthe liouso fronts will be. Several
! ieat gas designs have been lighted In older
0 test their working , They made the
louses a billllant mass of flamn < .
nto Tonrm.ioiiT pitocnsstox.
Over : iWO ( students with torches will march
hrough tlio city and parade before the cm-
peror. The theaters have caught tne general
enthusiasm. Onu brings out a new play
called "ICornbluinen , " founded partly on
events In the emperor's life. Genuine sold -
d er.s , as a murk of special favor , will bo al-
owed to appear on the stage to make the
ilay more icallstlc. Most of the royal guests
are now In the city , though some from the
iioio distant counties will arrlvo to-morrow.
riie Turkish special representative has at-
racted much attention , as ho Is the most
Jeriuan of Germans , but Is arrayed In an
iltra-Turkish garb. Kadi government has
won specially received at thn depot. Per-
mpHtlio kaiser sees htm and then ho loses
ilmsclf In the mass of little people who flood
tbo city. Some idea of the nuin-
wr of princes , nobles and aides-de-camp
and distinction of titles and rank can bo
formed from the fact that the state banquet
Utho castle on Tuesday will take place In six
largo rooms , one room being specially set
\part for majors , generals and colonels. The
kaiser remains in pxeellunt health and wo
ire promised fair weather. The enthusiasm
Is greater than ever before , so everything
points to a very lemaikablo celebration.
Among the men whom not oven the Im
perial birthday will tempt to remain In Her-
lln. Is Dr. Junker , Enrln Pasha's friend.
Wednesday night Junker described to an
audience of the most learned and scientific
men of Uerlln , his adventures in Africa.
The story was with a powerful simplicity
which greatly affected the hearers , leaving a
a vivid Impression of the dangers and priva
tions to which Emln Is exposed. Attei
the Icctuic the principal learned societies ol
Berlin joined to give Junker a great dinner ,
at which I noticed , chiefly , the great number
of well-known men picscnt and the great en
thusiasm with which the the emperor's
toasts were drank. Africa also received
sufllclcnt enthusiasm , to tempt Ulsmarck to
faither annexation. It Is rumored here
that Junker , after returning to Uussla , will
; o again to Africa 'under the patronage ot
Germany , more especially ot Ulsmarck.
Poor Succl , the hunger virtuosena , as he
is called here , Is the only other noteworthy
of the week , 'lie has chosen a bad time to
starve himself Into notoriety and dollars , as
the people are too much occupied1 with feastIng -
Ing to care much about fasters. llo gets some
mention , as ho Is attended by numberless
doctors , who take scientific delight In hlf
starving. They limit him to ono week , but ,
on the whole , he has a fair chance of suc
cess. _
The KnlKlitM of Imuor Will Not Be
Condemned at Rome.
[ CnfyriatitSOT fiy Jamrx Goniou Jlennctt. ' ]
ItoMK , March 10. | New York Herald
Cable-Special to the UKK. | The Knights
of Labor need not bo anxious. Thn Vatican
Is more liberal than people imagine. From
the very hrst there was no need to tear thch
condemnation. An Interview 1 have jusi
had with ono of tlio most eminent cardinals
In the congregation of the holy inquisition
dispels all doubt on the matter. When 1
called on hi * eminence T found him reading
a sheet of Cardinal Gibbons' report to the
propaganda , lie replied to my questions
with unexpected frankness and you mayresl
assured that his views are those of a majority
of tlio holv office.
"America , " said his eminence , "Is a pe
culiar country and must be dealt with In E
peculiar way. It should bo treated within
Unite care. Nothing should bo hurried
nothing done to exasperate or offend It. The
future of the world , pei haps , Is in America ,
1 shall not see It , but tlio twentieth centurj
may show I am right The church should
wish to see It treated with foiboarlng affcu
tlon , nay , I would rather say , with the atTee
tlon of a mother. I cannot for a moment
admit that such a question as this of tlu
Knights of Labor .should be settled olTham
or that the decision In ono country shouh
decide the case In another. In Canada , when
there Is practical religious unanimity , tlu
conditions may bo such that the knight :
may constitute a danger , but In the Unltei
States , the classic land of liberty , things an
possibly otherwise. You have , perhaps , seer
the wise , clear , sensible report of Cardlna
Gibbons , by whom 1 was favored with a vlsl
lately. Though I cannot , of course , prcjudgi
the course which thn congregation will take
It appears to mo it will be very difficult uo
to adopt the cardinal's conclusions. ' '
Hero I ventured to Intoraupt hl.s eminence
"Yes , " said 1 , "and your eminence's view ;
seem to bo those of most of the Itoroan dlgnl
tarles with whom I have spoken on the sub
Ject. Gibbons' pamphlet practically refute
all the arguments of those who profess to re
gard the Kulghts of Labor as a secret so
ciety.1' .
Uls eminence avoided a direct answer ti
this blunt rcinari ; .
"The cardinals report is very able , " sale
he. "Tho church should bo very tolcran
and conciliating with democracies. Such at
association may , after all , not bo a secrc
society In the sense condemned by tin
church , but this does not Imply that tin
church is hostile to Individuals. "
N. 11. Hero 1 understood the cardinal ti
refer to capitalists.
"Wocannot admit such doctrines as thosi
of Henry George , denying thn njcht to owi
private property. Ills doctrines are dene
against all the teachings of the bible. Cat
wo burn our blblo to please George. "
Then , returning to the original theme , In
continued : "There Is only one straight Urn
guiding ns , but wo must distinguish bclweei
theory and tttitli. The facts arc truth , bu
It may be opportune or Inopportune to de
One theories in countries llko America
where piotcstants aud catholics necessaril ;
mix together. U mar be advlsabi
to grant great liberty and Independence. Al
what independence Is enjoyed b :
Armenia and other oriental catholics. Th
primacy ot the Pope ( his eminence , spo-aklni
French , used the word prlumto ) must bo up
held , but the church may dovclope vurion
manners. "
Again I Interrupted : "If the holy ofTic
shares your emlncnca's views , I suppose I
quite possible that the question of th
knights may be quietly burled1
lint aualn the cardinal avoided a dlrec
reply. After some further talk regardlnc tin
future ot American Catholicism , ho walkci
with me and bade me farewell at the door
wishing me all good to America.
U virtually \ certain that the condemna
tlon of the Canadian knights will not bo re
versed. The American knlghU will eswp
Victoria OOPS to Bhow For tbe Fin
Tune In Many Year * .
[ C0pi/if0M rfift by Jama Gordon ttcnnett. ]
LONDON , March W. ( New York Utrali
Cable Special to tbe BKK.J The queen
with a spring mercury reaching the fros
point , altlioujch the sun was shilling brightl ] )
broke tbe ice , u it were , ot her wldowe * re
servo by visiting this morning for the first
tlmo In a quarter ot a century , a place of
mbllc entertainment. This was the Olym-
> la or thn Paris hippodrome. The building of
his Institution co\crs a sp.ico larger In area
han -Mudlson Square garden In Now York ,
jesldcs the Immense space used for the men
agerie and the stables. In the center of the
irorncmula n royal dais , sumptuously deco
rated , had been especially provided for her
majesty ; but , much llko the late king of Ba
varia , she had the whole entertainment to
icrsclf. except that she was attended by
I'rlncess Louise , Prlnco Henry ot Hattmi-
jcrg , and the children of the Duke of Con-
naught. Tnree quarters of an hour with thoraces
races and the dancing elephants satisfied the
royal party who decided to enjoy an after-
noun's stroll through the enormous stables
where live hundred animals were at their
luncheon ,
Evidently this jubllso year Is making the
queen democratic and again accessible. Al
ready tradesmen , milliners , pastry cooks and
artisans feel that a now Impulse has been
given to business by her drawing rooms and
re-cntranco to society. Tlio smiles of royalty
seem to Impress the business of London In
about the same manner that Wall street
points Impress speculators.
The Hattenbergs In the evening visited
Colonel .Maulcson's opera , where the Chicago
diva , Marie Kngle , made her operatic debut
In London as Martha in Flntow's opera.
When slmsaug "Tlio Last Rose of Summer. "
and In the famous quartette , she warmed
momentarily an Immense audience that oth-
ei wise shivered In arctic atmosphere. Her
puiotonos , her grand technique and meth
ods of culture , with which Americans arc
too familiar to need more than these refer
ences , wore well seconded by'Mmo , lias-
troiter as Nancy Slgnor , Del Piiento as
Pluukvt , and Havclll as Lconcc. Miss Engle
may bo regarded as having scored a success.
Apropos of American singers and opera , It
Is to-day announced that Miss Decca , a
daughter ot Judge Johnson , of Washington ,
has joined Carl Kosa'tt troupe as third
soprano , and that Miss Norton , or Nordlsen ,
after due mourning for her lirst husband-
who has never been heard of since his cele
brated balloon ascension will marry an
English gentleman. But it Is said that she
will not leave the stage.
Three "Inspirations" by Worth for
Mm. Brown Potter.
[ CopvrlgMcd 1SS7 byJamet Gordon Uennctt. ]
PAIH : , Maich ID. [ New York Herald
Cable. Special to the BKK. ] The Herald
storm , which had been announced , with dls
turbanccs on thn nights of the loth , and 17th ,
swept down upon Paris exactly on time , ac
com panted by a terrific fall of snow and t
sudden change In tcinporatureunpreccdented
for the tlmo of year. Horse races had to be
postponed and outdoor tetes were nipped
m the bud. Tlio streets ot Pant
were one continuous sheet of Ice , sc
that thousands masqueraders returning
from mid-lent festivities had the utmost
difficulty to reach homo. In the Place
do 1'Opcra sixteen cab horses were down al
the same Instant on every corner. Pilvate
carriages and cabs were abandoned lu dls
tress , the horses being unharnessed iiiid led
homo by the coachmen. Ladles and gentle
men in ball costumes and the lightest danc
ing shoes were alighted to find tholr wuj
homo oh foot. ,
Timer. MAoxtricRXT UHESSES.
i saw M. Gaston Worth to-day , the king ol
Parisian milliners. M. Worth told me tba
ho had been concentrating1 his attenttor
lately upon Mis. James Brown Potter , am
the result Is the completion of three deliclou :
inspirations for Mrs. Potter's debut as tlu
governess in "Man and Wife. " Those threi
chefs d' ocuvres are of perfect simplicity , ele
guuce and taste. Inspiration number ono 1 :
of lilac crepe , on a soft , clinging material
admirably suited to Mrs. Potter's beauty.ove ;
u plain skirt , minutely pleated dowr
the front. A Greek tunic floats grace
fully over the jupe , rather lull In fron
and knotted behind , low down. Thi
waist Is outlined by a soft , black sash , tie !
negligently In front. The back of the corsage
sago is finely pleated and set Into a Loul
Trclze collar ot blsequlpure , forminir sovora
points In front. The sleeves aio artistic-ill ;
full to the elbow , thence to the wrist ex
ceedingly tight lilting , and covered wit )
qulpuio similar to that on the neck. A larg
hat of coarse , black straw , turned up on tin
side , to bo woin with this dress , Is orna
muntetV with a huge bow of black silk gauze
Inspiration number two is a mornlni
costume of brown woolen material , also sof
and clinging , a very long tunlque , slight ! ;
draped and lifted In graceful folds over th
petticoat to match. The corsage Is shlrrei
at the neck and at the Waist
The former simulates n collat
with three rows of narrow golden looi
fringe , while the latter Is girded by
broad band ot fancy metallic braid , edge
with golden fringe that ties once In front am
hangs down In two short ends. A perfectl ;
charming llttlo Henri Deux toquet , of browi
lalnage. has a laro bow of suede corded nt
bens on the lott sldo for the solo ornaments
tlon. With this gown a brown marble Is ate
to bo worn of the same material as the drcs
collar , and points back anil front of bavan
cloth and entliely lined with the same tint
The third inspiration Is composed of llgli
mlcnonetto or relscda bengallno , outline
Into squares by narrow , dark green an
cream Rtrlpcd jupe. It falls I
broad , flat pleats all ronn
whllo a short tunlquo.taken far back bohlnt
Is slightly rotrousse. This gown has a dh
rcctolro corsage , with a tiny Garrick coilai
turnud back from the chest with large renor :
over a full pleated jabot of cream silk Indli
muslin. A broad cream moire sash , passe
around ttio waist , crosses behind and Is tie
In a full bow In front. A large Kate Greene
way or Quaker bonnet of coarse , black strav
ties beneath the chin with narrow black vel
vet strings. The crown Is slmplv covered b
a large foullles knot of cream silk.
Fattier Keller Jailed In Dublin Fo
Contempt of Court.
[ ' "Vipi/rii/M / / IBKJbyJamei Gordon ftemielt. ]
T > UBLIX , Match 10. | New York Heral
Cable Special to the BKK. ] Kllmalnhai
jail U again Parneltzed. Within Us walls t <
uleht lies Father Keller. I have it on tli
best authority that all the proccedincs wblc
brought him there were Inspired i\rd ratllle
by the new Irish secretary , the "nuphew o
his undo , " who to-night has been dubbu
the "priest hunter. " Perhaps the father wa
wrong in declining to obey the subpoena
perhaps ho would have done wrong if ho hai
refused to bo sworn , but BO lawyer except
prejudiced one , nay the bar here , can deut
that on the law ot evidence Father Keller I
now Illegally and unjustly In jalL
Tills Is precisely what occurred this morn
Ing. I take It from my short hand notes : J
certain question was asked tbo father abou
the private affairs ot one of hla parishioners
Said FatharKeller : "Irespectfullydeclln
to answer that question. At 1 understand It
drift it would tend to wake mo disclose tb
confidences that 1 cannot in honor or In dut
to my bacred profoiilou reveal , Morcove
the question would have a tendency to elicit
an answer which would disclose matters to
which I had become cognl/.ant as a priest , and
L could not make any such disclosures. "
Judge Boyd said that was not legal justifi
cation for refusing to answer the question ,
and committed the witness for contempt.
Said a leading barrister to mo , and ho Is
rather a "castlo man : " "I fear the govern
ment are making a great blunder , and to
you , as representing an American news
paper , I say that 1 think that paper can get
opinions from all American lawyers that the
father's objections entitle him to pastoral
prlvllczes. "
The priest Is justly treated In jail and al
lowed every liberty , so far as visitors , books ,
papers and feed , arc considered. I under
stand that telegrams have gone to almost
every part of Catholic Ireland asking that
mention liall bo made In each. Ci.tholic
church to-morrow as to the father's refusal
to betray the trust placed In him and his Im
Mrs. Potter's Debut.
tfopirfoiiW / bu Jiliiics Goixlon / / wif.l ( (
LONDON , March 10. [ Now Vork Herald
Cable Special to the Br.n.J Sirs. Brown
Potter docs not shirk her dally rehearsal
work. She takes her tutoring amiably and
eagerly. Facing such an audience as she
wilt ton dajs hence must , however , try her
nerves and present to her anticipation n
crucial test. The part of Ann Silvester
touches a gamut of emotion. Wllklo Collins ,
its creator , Is , however , quoted as predicting
her entire mastery of that camut. As the
niece of a New Vork bishop , and erand
daughtcr-ln-law of the founder of Blown ,
Shipley & Co. , so eminent In British com
mercial circles , and as a protege of
the Prlnco of Wales' set , she
has great social prestige. But I see
evidence of an artl.sttc English cabal
against her , chiefly among the friends of
professionals and partly through Injudicious
advice from American colonists , together
wlthj their ! premature puffery. For In
stance , the Pall Mall Ga/.ctto opens with an
article with double headlines , thus :
" Fine Art. "
"Beauty Hyper-floating as a
"Mrs. Potter and Her Puffers. "
It thus begins : "It seems that London Is
soon to be startled , at least so they say who
speak with authority , by the appearance ot a
new actress. Mrs. James Brown Potter Is
said by those who have seen her to be a beau
tiful woman. She Is a protege ot the Prince
and Princess of Wales , Is said to have great
dramatic talent , the display of which she
has hitherto teserved tor the entertainment
of personal friends. For some reason Mrs.
Potter has determined to take the stage and
has signed an agreement with tne Uaymar-
ket In 'Man and WlfeA Wo offer Mrs. Pot
ter our congratulations upon her entrage-
ment. and she has our best wishes for hoi
success. If the eulogies of Mr. . the Lon
don correspondent ol ihe New York , be
true , then wo are goingto see a very remark
able debut. "
The Ofllclnl Declaration Concerning
the Attempt Upon the Czar.
ST. PKTKiisnuno , March 10. The follow
ing Is the ixuthori/ed/offlcial declaration con
cerntng the attempt .upon the life of the czar :
It Is not believed that the active society ol
the constitutional party has such an exten
sive aud Influential following as some for
elgh journals represent. The constitutional
ista , Instead of ? w . w.holjj. Jltatlncl
from the ntyjlUsu , are nothing but
executors of a/mlldl-rlprogramme , cloakinj
the violent methods of nihilism so as to se
cure a certain amount of toleration from the
educated , thoughtful classes In Russia. The
czar's advisers are convinced from long ob
servation that the influential classes in Rus
sia do not consider Iiiat the time has yet ar
rived in tue political dovelopements of tb <
empire for the Introduction of constitutional
government by his majesty. Nor do the pan
slavlst party desire constitutionalism. On tlu
contrary they declare that autocratic form o ;
government , tendered by n just administra
tion of codified law , is desirable until iKus
sian territorial expansion has reached tin
limits set for It by the pan-slavish Ideas
The state socialism recently promoted li
Germany by Prluce'Blsmarck Is being carefully
fully- studied by the liusslai
government , the czar being well
disposed In .favor of such progrcsslvi
economy changes In the territories unde
Russian sway as shall conduce to the hapnl
ness anil welfare ot the Kusslan people. Tlu
c/.ar was deeply impressed by the terrible clr
cumstanees under which his father mot hi :
death. The last attempt on his own life pro
jejted by the nihilists has produced a toellnv
of horror. Still it is unlikely thai
it will lead to- a change of hi :
previous policy. Uls magesty cannot bit
view with mingled bitterness and regret tin
position In which he Is placed by the threat
and perils continually besetting him. 11 <
deploics the necessity which constantly ex
Ists for costly oxtenstve precautions for hi :
personal safety whenever he desiring t <
travel or even to move beyond the pro
clncts of the palace , restrictions
which Impede his movements and prevent hh
seeing his people as they aieand judging fni
himself concerning their neeus. The czar'i
aversion to plunging Kussla into arulnoiu
and fruitless war continues as great as ever
No chamru in his convictions In this respec
is expected by Ills advisers , except In con
fotmlty with his views on the Paissiun ini
perial inteiests.
Art at Rome.
[ Co ) > j/rf M 1SS7 b\jjame \ Gnnim Rcmiefr.l
UOMK , March 10. [ New York lleralc
Cable-Special to the BKK.J Onn of the son
sntlonal pictures at the ; coming Grosvcno
gallery exhibition In London will bo Uirli
ards' portrait ot Mibs Una Stlllman , a Ko
man-American beauty whose face and figun
remind ono of Mary Anderson , and evei
moro faultlessly Grecian. Charles Colomai
and several other American residents at Item
are also sending ln > pictures for the same ex
hlbltlon. The art 'event ' of the week la th
opening ot the exhibition ot tapestry , lac
and artistic stuffs In the vlaNa/Jonale. Kin
Humbert , who , by-the-by , hat grown almos
white though only forty-three , attended th
Inauguration with Queen Margarctha
The old Venitlan. and Neapolitan lac
In the collection are making a erca
many ladles break , the , tenth commandment
Among other marvels of the exhibition ar
the Imperial mantlQf .Napoleon 1 , the Bai
berlnl tapestries , and * the magnificent papa
vestments of the Odcucalchl family.
The season , which has been much marrci
by earthquakes aad abominable weather , I
nearlnc Its close. Among the latest Amcrl
can arrivals ore Miss Dodge. Mr. Tudo
Win ? , the Misses Wing , Dr. and Mrs. Asti
ton , Mrs. Glass ford , Mr. and Mrs. llavllund
Mr. and Mrs. Whlttlcr , Miss Mary Hutch
Ings and Miss Nelilo lilogdon. Many Amor
cans have left and many others are preoarln
to follow. Owing to the ill-health lot ; thel
daughter , and other reasons which hav
given rise to much gossip In Home , Mlnlste
Stallo and his wife have been severely sc
eluded this scgajon. Minister Stallo's bocia
peculiarities have not exactly endeared hin
here , and Indeed , if all ono heard here wer
true , Itoman society has inadu him a citizei
of Coventry. _
The Pope and Germany.
[ CopvrtuM IBifftiy Jamei Go don lltnnttt. ]
HOME , March ia.-rfflew York Herald cabl
Special to the Br.K.J Mgr. Gallin Curtis
Journey to Berlin Is a notable eventand mud
curiosity is felt as to Ihe reception ho wil
get from meintoot tbe German Cento
parly , to whom ho will have n deal to say Ir
regard to the Papal policy of the future ol
Germany. 1 hear that the pope Is fairly con
tent with the result of his recent Intervention ,
but the Koman cardinals , and csppelallj
Cardinal Czackl and his friends still fcai
the Vatican la putting too much trust in
Prlnco Bismarck. Indirectly the Jacobin
letters have certainly bcncfltted the Vatican ,
Jealousy of German Influence has wonder
fully sobered catholic radicalism In France ,
It Is years since the relations between France
and the Vatican hayo been so cordial as thej
Jiro how. relations might bo even
moro cordial but for the captious conduct ol
M. ( ioblct , who has set his mind on liavlnc
the recent bishop of Gap appointed to the see
of Audi. As that prelate has made
himself ridiculous by a pastoral on wcl
nurses who are the chief ornaments of this
diocese the Vatican demurred , and n sllglil
coldness resulted. IJut this Is merely an In
cldcnt , and to prove tlio reality of the Franco
Itoman rapprochement , Mgr. Richard , arch
bishop of Paris , will bo created a cardinal a
the next consistory.
Contrary to tlio assertions of the
nicss , Franco did not thank the vat
lean for its Intervention In favoi
of the tseptennate. Franco was , however
rather pleased with the Jacoblul letters that
otherwise. A sovres vase and a golden Inl
stand arc now on their way to the Vatican U
testify President Grcvy's satisfaction. Then
U no truth , either. In the rumors of papa
mediation between Franco and Germany. J
have the best authority for official negotta
tlons on the subject.
Cardinal Taschcrcau took possoslon of hi :
titular clinch Santa Maria do Ylttorla , to
day. _
Pneillsts Fall Our ,
lO > ) > j/rtoJt / ! I8S7 li \ Jamet Ganlm BeitneM.1
LONDON , March 10. | Now York llcralt
Cable-Special to the BKI : . ] Pugilist :
Mitchell and Smith , who have been amtcablj
touring through the provinces In sparring ox
hlbitlons , now merely speak as they pass by
Neither will , however , explain why or tin
cause of their parting company. In cense
qutuicp , Mitchell sails alone to-day fo
America , and Smith will not go at all.
Dissolving a Municipal Council.
PAIUS , March 10. It Is expected that the
government will dissolve the municipal conn
ell of Marseilles because that body yesterday
manifested approval ot the Paris COIUIUUIK
of 187L ,
Paused the Budget.
BRRUN , March 10. The oberhaus ha
passed the budget and loan bills in the torn
In which they came from the unterhaus
The easier recess extends from March 27 ti
April 10.
_ _ _
The Missouri River Still On the Rain
pane In Dakota.
BISMAISCK , Dak. , Match 10. The gorge a
Slbl y Island is still Intact despite dynaaMU
The scene hero to-day is desolate and drearj
The river is still over six miles in width
The gorge at Slbloy Island Is holding th
water to the highest mark that It reached ye :
terday. All of last night a swinging Hgli
was seen in the woods and several vain al
tempts were made to send a rescuing part ;
thither. The light was a signal of dlstres
from a settler who , It Is learned this morn In
by looking through a field class , has been o :
top of his shack since the rising of the watei
swinging a lantern in hopes of calling hcl |
Ills shack Is completely surrouude
by water and two miles from th
shore of the now made stream , and almos
afloat. Two rescuing parties were sent on
this morning and have found several faml
lies on the roofs of houses. The Held glas
Is being used with good results , as nnmerou
settlers have been discovered , some porchci
on trees and others on floating timbers. To
day a snow storm prevails. The curient eve
thn new made channel is running over tei
miles per hour and the drift Ice-shoots clou
at terrific speed. A largo bear was seen on
cake of ice this morning. Maudan ( s coin
plctely Inundated and the water run
through the streets as it in a mill race. Th
situation at the river landing hero I :
unchanged. The water Is .still runningthrong !
the boardinir houses and river residences ti |
to the secon'd story , The worst Is coming
The great rise at Fort Buford Is now eve
half way hero and will reaclt this point sonv
tlmo to-night This will make the hlghes
water ever known in tneso parts , and unles
the gorge breaks at Slbloy Island
Mandan will bo in danger ot annilil
latiou. Tne Little Heart river flows inti
the Missouri lust below Mandan , am
should the Ice In this stream bicak to-dn
or before the Buford rise an lues , tlio en tlr
surplus water of the Hood will bo backei
Into Mandan. The high tiestlo of the Nortii
orn Pacific Is wrecked. Bismarck Is th
terminus of tlio Northern Pacllic. . Yester
day's passenger train , with Its load of pcopl
bound for the Pacific coast and intermedia !
points , laid on a side tr.tck here all night am
will not be able to leave for several days , lie
newed efforts to break the gorge at Slble
island will bo made , but It will be
waste of dynamite. The gorge consists of n ! :
miles of solid ice wedged Into the bottom a
the river and piled to a height of thirty feel
Alt mall routes aie blocked. The snowston
has been transformed Into a blinding bll ;
zanl and it Is feared that the rescuing partie
will be lost. They are out In small yawl !
and with the blinding storm and a curicn
of ten miles an hour will bo unable to guld
their crafts or keep tlioir bearings.
LATER. The relief parties sent out thl
moinlng , about whoso safety the greater
concern was felt , came back this afternooi
one boat bringing "Dutch Mlko" nndTlioma
Whitney , taken Irom the shock where the
had been for he.irly twenty-four hours , an
the yowl bringing II , McCarty and wife an
C. A. Beat , found on a littl
mound opposite Fort Llncoli
with the water within six Inches of them. 1
.such a blinding storm tlio return of the boat
is little slant of marvelous. Tlio report c
the drowning of Superintendent Graham o
the Mardan side cannot bo verified hen
us ttiere Is no communication here. There !
no Ice running In the river , which ind
cater that the gorge Is still hold In
above Buford. The rise of thirty feet cannc
get here bctoro to-morrow. The train froi
the east to-day brought moro emigrants an
there are now over 100 hero. The Norther
Pacilic Is returning east passengeis , who d
sire it , free.
Mlmindcretandlng Shelved.
CHICAGO , March 10. An Inter Ocea
special from Springfield , HI. , says : Con
mlssioner Pearson and Wilson , of the 111
nols live stock board , held a conference t <
day with Dr. Salmon , of the national bures
of animal Industry , In the presence of Go
ernor Oglesby. Speaking for the agrlculturi
depaitment Dr. Salmon gave the Hllno
board to understand that tlio mlsunde
standings of the past would bo shelved an
the department at Washington and the III
IU > ! H board would again co-operate for a con
mqn end the suppression of pleura pnc
inonla In Cook county. Dr. Salmon left tl
city to day and will be In Chicago next wcel
The Retaliatory Act Promulgate !
WASHINGTON , March 10. Acting Seen
tary Fairchlld has Issued a circular locust on
officers , promulgating the recent aet of coi
gress authorizing "Tho president to protei
the rights of American fish I nz vessels , A me
lean lishcrinon and American trading an
other vessels In certain cases , " and the act r
latlng to the "Importing and landing <
mackerel caught during the spawning se
son , " and calling particular attention to the
The Country's Small Change.
WASHINGTON , March lU. The statemet
prepared at the treasury department showln
the amount of small notes , standard dolh ;
and fractional silver outstanding March
1M7 , as compared with the amount onlstain
Ine July i. i&C , quotes uii lucrea :
of SW.WO.OOO. . ,
.A *
- - * - * - = * * -
Randall , tbo Rapist , Overtaken By Swift
nuil Sure Justice ,
An Unknown Man Hear * the Con
victing Kvldonoo niul Iminrdl-
ntcly mown Out tlio Prisoner's
Drains In the Court Uootii.
Tlio liaw Ton Slow.
HASTINOS , Neb. , March ll . [ Special
Telegram to the BKK. | This afternoon
about 4 o'clock , nt the county court room In
this city , whim the evidence In the Dr. G.
W. H.indall rnpo casii was nil In , wnllo the
jiulgnvns prepalrlng the b\ll : bond , some un
known man entered the court room , drew a
revolver , nud shot the accused laplst through
the head , killing him Instantly. The man
who did the shooting escaped , The evidence
of the llttlo girl , only cloven yeais. old , was
of such a nature as to leave no doubt In the
minds of those who heard It as to the guilt ol
the accused. The evidence showed that tlu
woman , Mrs. Randall , was Implicated ant
assisted her brutal husband In making the
assault upon the llttlo girl by holding hci
hands while the ( lend accomplished the out
rao. The little girl Is the daughter of Mar
ion Hart , of Edgar , and has been In this city
as a patient of Dr. llandall. The crowd \i \
still wild with excitement and fears are on-
tcrtalned that the woman will bo lynched ,
Uandall was a quack doctor of very bad rep
Murder At Falls City.
FAM.S CITV , Nob. , March 10 , jSpccla !
Tclegran to the BKK. I Frank Ncbergall
clerk at the Union house , was shot am
killed by John Marvin at 5 p. m. to-day
Ncbcrcall had been diInking freely and hat !
a light with Marvin's brother Frank In i
saloon , when a short time afterwards In
came down street , where he met John Mar
vln , and without saying a word ho struck al
Marvin , who drew a revolver and struck him
on the forehead. Dnrlne the fracas the re
volvcr went off , the bullet taking effect It
the lower part of Nebergall's jaw and passIng -
Ing UP through his head , which caused hli
death Instantly. After ho nad fallen to the
walk Marvin exhlolted ncrvo by looklnt
the body of his victim over carofullv and re
marking. " 1 guess 1 have tixed htm. " Marvli
Is now lu the hands of the sheriff.
Jack Marlon's Fate.
N , Neb. , March 19. [ Special Tele
cram to the BKK.J Governor Thayer tolc
the BKK correspondent to-night that on Wed
nesday or Thursday next ho would send hli
private secretary with a communication ti
the sheriff of Uaee county , which would de
tcrmlno whether Marlon , who was reccntl ;
found cullty of murder at Beatrice , sen
tenced to death and finally respited by the
governor , would be hanged or consigned t (
imprisonment for life. Governor Thaye
savH the evidence In the case Is volumlnoii :
and several days will still uo required to ex ,
amlne It. Upon this examination will de
pnnu Marlon's life , although he has twlci
been found entity of the crime under sentence
tonco lor which ho now rests.
Valuable Stock Burned Up.
KEAIINEY , Neb. , March 10. [ Special Tel
eeram to tho'Br.E. ' j At 1'o'clock to-day Mr
broke out in the livery barn owned b
George Hulbert , now occupied by Ingran
Bros , lu an hour It was burned to th
ground. Sixteen horses and one thorough
bred bull were burned to death. The ontln
loss on stock Is Sil.OW ; on the building
$1,000. Tlio building was fully Insured by th
Continental of Now York. This is the Mrs
tire Kearney has had since the water work
were put In and was an absolute test of th
clllclency of well and that of our lira depart
niont. Altnoutch a heavy pile blew from tin
north , and a wooden building stood within i
do/.cn foot of the mass of burning haj
and wood , the only loss was that of th
stable. But for our water works and lire
men a portion of Kearney would be It
iishes to-night. The origin of the lire Is un
Rxcter Jubilant ,
EXETKH , Neb. , March 10. ( Special Tele
gram to the Ben. J Hells are ringing , bonfire
blazing , whistles screaming and wo are ha\
Ing an old fashioned blow out Negotiation
for the Northwestern have been complete
and rliiht of way through Exeter and dope
grounds were purchased to-day.
A Oaring Cowboy Gets Away AVitl
Money Intended for Troops.
DOUGLAS , Wyo. , March 10. [ Speelr
Telegram to the BKK.J Partlculai
have just been received here c
the robbery of a United State
army paymaster D. N. Hash of 87,000 a
Antelope Springs. Major 13ash was ci
route for Fort McKlnney to pay oft" the troop
there and stopped at Antelope Sprlnga t
eat dinner , leaving his valise containing th
money In the coach , which stood a few Htep
from the bidding and In plain vlowofth
major and his escort as they sat at the table
During Ino progress of the meal a strange
who had arrived at the station that moinlni
and was present when the stage 'came In rai
to the vehicle and sei/.ed the valise ,
on a horse standing near an
was oil like the wind. The paj
master's party sprang for thel
guns and ran out , llrlng several shots at th
( lying desperado without etlect. Mountln
thohtagehoitfos they followed tlio fugltlvi
who turned In his saddle and lircdsoverr
shots , which were returned by his pursuer
with interest. The robber's horse , liowcvci
was far superior to those on which the pay
master's party was mounted and ho was see
lost to sight. Following his trail the vails
was found , from which tue rubber had re
moved the money , also a pair of ptnts mint
one leg , evidently utilUed by tlio fugitive a
a Hack in which to carry Ills cash. The thU
Is known to be a cowboy numed Clmru
I'arkervlio tins been until recently on
rancho mi the Uhoycnno river. The mono
taken amounted to 7.&oo , S30 In silver , th
balance in bill1 ; . Major Hash offers a n
ward ofSl,000 for the capture of the robot
or the return of the money.
Iowa Supreme Court JJoulalonit.
DES MOINK.O , la. , March 19. ( Special Te
pgram to the BKK.J The supnwo court lilc
the following dcclftions hero to-day :
C. A. Illnklfty. appell.\nt , vs II. S. Marl
lanaotal. I'lymouth circuit. Huvorsed.
Frankul v Central Iowa railroad compan
Supplemental opinion by Heck. Decieo mot
Hied aud the petition furicheailng ovcrruloi
Mnrvlns Nirkelson. appellant.s Neglev ,
Sherwln. Shelby circuit. Alllruml , Itce
May Jenkins by John T. Jenkins , gua
Ulan , vs Ell/.a Clark , appellant. Oass illi
trict. Aflirincd.
State of Jowa vs Thomas 1'ayson , appe
lant. Carroll district. Allirmed.
State of Iowa vs.JulitH Valter , appellant
Cedar district. Anirmed.
William A. Keynolds , appellant , vs II. 1
Sutllff. Mint district. Aillrmcd.
Atiotlior Newspaper for Sioux Cltj
Sioux CITV , la. , March 19. ( Special Tel
pgram to the HUB ] Sioux City's fourt
dally made Its Initial appuaraucn this mori
Ing. It Is called tlin Herald and Is dem
cratlc , with Colonel Keatly. formerly i
Council lllulfs , as editor , aud J. It. Laltlnu
business manager. The Hera'.d coniniU tl
morning United Press telegraph fr ochls
Jt Is n ( luurto'ln form , six columns to t !
imgc , and presents a very neat nppearanc <
Tlut there Is a Held for another dally
doubted by many , but tlmo will decide that *
The Herald is lucked largely by sovcial den *
ocratic otllce seekers.
A Mining Ctrl.
Pus MOINKS la. , March 40. [ Special
Telegram to tl.o llti.1 : : Yesterday atternoon
Klla , the fourteen-year-old daughter of S. U.
Pugh , a narrow guano street railway em
ploye , did not return from school. Upon In
quiry It was found that she had loft the. schoo
In company with a strange woman , and from
the description given the distracted father
bclloMM the woman la hit wife , from whom
ho was separated a few years a'jo , and was
supposed by him to bo In Aikansai. The
Pol I co wetu notified , but no trace ot tlio miss
ing pair has been found.
Murderer Sentenced Waterworks.
CIIISTOX : , la. , March 10. [ Special Tola-
gram to the HIM : . ] A. L. Hudies , tlio mur
derer of Nelson Hague , who was convicted of
murder In the second dosiec , has been sen
tenced by Judge Harvey to thirteen years In
llio penitentiary.
The council pnsscd an ordinance last nlpht
granting a twonty-flvn venrs' franchise to
James Gamble , of Now York , for a water
works. The city rents llfty hjdrants at 800
each per vear for Its purposes. The wortcs
will be put In at once.
Delmnr's N.irrow Kscape.
CLINTON , la. , March 10 , ( Special Tele
gram to the BKK. I An agricultural ware
house at Delmar , this county , burned last
night. Loss , S'J,000. The town had a nar-
low cscapo and only hard work saved It.
The artesian well is now supplying tlincity
with line water mixed with some river wuter.
The well Is bored 1,100 fuel and workmen are
still boring.
Dots From Dnbuquc.
DtntUQUi : , la. , March 10. [ Special Tele
gram to the Hirl John Dolan , of Mnsitlom
township , fell oft his horse this morning and
was trampled , perhaps fatally.
Senator Allison declares that an extra ses
sion next October to consider the larlfT and
surplus Is necessary , us tuo surplus will ac
cumulate and the next regular congress ,
meeting Just previous to the presidential
campaign , will uo afraid to act.
Death of an Inwa Divine.
WAITKON , la. , March 10. Kov. B. Hallfor
more than llfty years a minister of the Cum
berland Presbyterian church , and well
known In Indiana , Kentucky , Tennessee ,
Illinois and Iowa , died Maich 18. at his homo
In Wauken. la.whero ho has resided twenty-
three years.
The Presence of Both Greatly Do *
sired In New York.
Nr.w YOIIK , March 10. | Special Telccram
to the Br.K. ] The whereabouts of Unfits Y ,
Klikland , the confidential clerk and partner
of Walter E. Lawton , who absconded Tues
day , taking with him half n millio'n dollars ,
are almost as little known as those of Law-
ton. The supposition Is that ho has gone
away. It Is claimed that the creditors of tlio
Azotln company , of which Lawton was the
chief stockholder , will not lose much , as the
propoity attached at Llttlo Ferry , N. J. , Is
worth about SKOO.OUO. Lawton's safe hag
been opened and was found to contain not a
dollar that could bo applied to the settlement
of his personal estate. The only things
found In the safe were tlio books of various
companies in which ho was interested. Lawton -
ton find not only destroyed his check books
but his cash book , ledger and oflice tiled , BO
that the means of unravelling the man's mys- *
terlous actions are none. The testimony of
every one who had business transactions With
Walter K. Lawton Is that within th6
last four weeks Lawton has been getting to
gether all thn hard cash possible , ills wide
acquaintance * and his unlmpeachett credit
enabled him to do this In a great many dlf >
tarent ways , and ho seems to nave usnd them
all. There seems to be a suspicion also that
he has taken a rich wife with him. There
were two rich widows In town , so It Is Raid
in the street , who wanted to marry him.
although , as ono of his victims says , "The
old fellow was about as handsome an red
mud. " Hut it was common gossip in Janu
ary that he was going to niarrv again. Just
ono week before the day ho loft his otllro for
good ho was In the bank doing sonm busi
ness and ho quietly sat down and , taking a
pencil , figured up ldn wealth as 31,000,000 to
the satisfaction of the president. When
Lawton walked out thn piesidont said to an
other officer of the bank , "There goes an old
fellow worth a solid million. ' ' Another of
his games came to light yesterday , llo owned ,
a tract of GOO acics of laud known as "Tlio
Island , " at Little Fury , N. J. , and with a.
largo water front on Hackcnnack river.
Swamp crass and cat tails cover it. A lluoly
executed map Is In existence , showing the
island tract as an elegant park with magnifi
cent residences , groves and river , and n rlter
Iront white with the sails of yachts. It la
bald to have been Mr. Lawton's intention to
dls-poso of the property to n syndicate of
English capitalists , represouting It as an
aristocratic suburb of .New Voik.
Attempted Assassination.
SAN t'jiANcifico , March 19. The steamer
Alamcda , which arrived from Sydney to-day , '
reports an attempt made to assassinate the :
premier of Tongo Island , Itcv. Shirley Baker. * >
and his non and daughter on the evening ot
January 18 while out driving. Several men ,
white and natives , tired upon them , woundIng -
Ing the latter. Seven hundred natlvo war
riors attempted to lynch the suspected
parties , but were dissuaded by Mr. Baker.
The trouble was owing to religious quarrels
between the different sects. Mr. Baker
charges the adlieieuts of Mr. Moulton , one
of the missionaries , with exciting civil war.
Great excitement prevailed al last accounts
iinil Baker was b.urlcaded In the king's pal
ace. Moulton denies Inciting the hostilities
and complains of the oppression exercised by-
his opponeul on the Island.
A Itntlrond Transfer. '
SAN KJIAIICISCO , Maich 10. Itecardlng
the statement telegraphed last night that the
Oregon & California railroad had been trans
ferred to thn Southern Pacific company'
Coloiuti Charles F. Crocker , vice prrv-tldent
of tlm latter company sent thu Associate
prew tlio following to-day : "The transfer
of the Oregon it California lallioad into the
possession of the Southern Pacific company
awaits tlio delivery of certain Recuiltti'B in
Now Vork City , which wilt bo accompllbhd
about Aptlll. Tlio agreement made some
months finco In Nnw Yosk by Hiintington
and the aonts of the bondholder * and stock
holders of the Oiegon < ft California railroad
ban been ratlllcd. "
The n. & O. Bali ) an Amnrcd Fact.
Nr.w YOIIK , Maich 10. The transfer of tlio
Baltimore A : Ohio railroad to the Stayncr-
Ives syndicate of capitalists Is now declared
to be a foicgone conclusion , the amount re
quired by the terms of tlm Palo to mnko the
first million ot dollars having been deposited
to their account to-day. Several largo Bos
ton concerns are declaieil to be back of tlie
( Irnl'and Irving A. Kvvns , one of thn most
prominent brokers there , Is represent Infe
tholr InteioMsIn tlio deal. Do was at the
Albeumrlii hotel last night , and to-night ho !
Is holding another coulmineo with the syn
dicate hoiu. i c ,
Fixetl All night For Hating.
ST. Lotus , March 10. A special from Poo-
rla , III. , says : .Vepio minors who wcru Im
ported troin ( iirat drape Cu-ek to III ! the
strike's' ' place,1) ) here , have also quit wotk ,
their employe ! * having lefusrd to accede to
tholr demand for an advauc In wages to 3
cents per bushel. Before striking Uioy irot
cnouL'ti provisions from the truck stores on
credit to last a month.
oAfter ttio Telopliono Coiupanicn.
Bvfi'Ai.o , March 19. A largely attended
meeting of representative clli/ens was held
UitB afternoon , at whl'-h a risc > lutloti was
adopted declaring that the teJophono com
pany bo requested to movutholrcah ! ( ii bfforo
Monday next at noon aud If they tailed to.
dtiho then the proper nutliorltJw
jL'fUobted | to remove theui.