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Eztracts From the Auditor's Statement
Showing the Amount Transacted ,
Tbo Jury BUM Out In the Duffer
Potec.ry Case Work Procrrsslnsi
fin tlio City Directory
Capital City Ncua.
The auditor of htato has published In
tabular form the total Insurance busi
ness of the state during the year 1836 as
compiled from the reports of the differ
ent companies Illod in his oHicc. This
report shows that eighty nine direct lire
insurance companies transacted business
in the state during that year nnd the
totals of business transacted show the
risks written amounted to ? GlJ,305iW.71 : ; ;
the total cash received In premiums
amounted to $1,102,207.87 ; the losses In
ctirred amounted to $415,81)3.40 ) , and the
losses paid by the different companies
footed up f8U8G4l .7 ( ) . The snowing as a
whole demonstrates the fact that the dif
ferent Insurance companies in the land
found Nebraska u very fruitful , prolific
nnd profitable Held for work during the
year 1880. Under the present tax laws
in the state it is very little dllliculty for
any company to make n showing suffi
cient to secure , authority for transacting
business in Nebraska , and this report in
Itself is largely an answer to why such a
prolific lobby of insurance men hang
around during the session of the legisla
ture to see to it that no new laws affect
ing insurance business are enacted. The
Nebraska companies wrote over $15-
000,000 in the year in risks and their
losses were comparatively very light ,
allowing that the home companies more
than hold their own in active competi
Two now cases for divorce have been
lllcd in the district court that commence
n now list of cases of this character for a
future term of court to consider. The
first of these cases is Morris vs Morris ,
Minnie Morris asking n divorce from tier
husband James , on the ground of re
peated desertion and failure to support
nor in any manner. The petition recites
that they were married m York ; that
thirty days utter marriage she was de
serted by her husband , who came to Lin
coln , where she followed him. Bo then
emigrated to Omaha and still she pur
sued him , afterward retiring to Lincoln ,
whore she has since resided. The re
creant husband is a barber , and , she as
serts , able to support her.
Mrs. Jennie bhcllabargcr sues' for di
vorce from her husband , Samuel Sholla-
barger , on the grounds of brutal and
abusive treatment , by reason of which
she is in constant fear of bodily harm.
The plaintiff represents that she was
married at Pretty I'rarle.O.and has alwayg
conducted herself as a faithtul , honor
able wife ; that hoi * husband on the 15th
of April , 1880 , procured another person
to make indecent proposals to plaintiff
during his absence ; that these indecent
proposals were made that ho might have
grounds for divorce and that afterward
lie has abused her with abusive , obscene
nnd scurrilous language. The plaintiff
further recites that they have two child
ren , the custody of whom she prays for ,
nnd that the defendant may bo made to
contribute toward the support of
them and this case.
John Fitzgerald , who is ono of the
principal owners in the West Lincoln
town site and the Nebraska stook yards
Company , it is stated has recently added
$8.000 worth of now machinery for the
uriok yards at that place , and it is the
purpose of the proprietors of these yards
to put them on a footing to manufacture
- brick the coming season in quantities
never reached before. This now ma
chinery will place the yards in which Mr.
Fitzgerald is interested second to none in
the state m capacity , and they will be en
abled , if necessary , to manufacture brick
enough to supply the entire demand in
the city for building purposes.
Tbo jury m the case of J. II. Duffoy ,
tried for forgery , were yet out a $ 8 p. m.
yesterday , having been In the jury room
from tbat hour the day before. Duffoy
) s charged with being an assistant and
partner with the ex-music dealer , Hin-
man , In the forging of notes upon which L
cash was realized before the work was i
discovered. Hinman is now serving a
ecntence m tbe penitentiary and the trial
of Dufley was on four notes given as ap
peared on their face by parties resident
In Lancaster county , but who , upon in
vestigation , proved to be fictitious per-
eons. The trial of the case occupied
Wednesday , and was closely contested.
The gentlemen who are compiling the
now city directory report an excellent
patronage in their canvass and thej
promise as fine an edition as that fur
nished the city the past summer , if ion
the canvass thus far taken of names the
compilers estimate that the city will show
n increase of 0,000 or 7.000 la th <
tpost year. The names in the directory
at that time denoted a population o ;
80,000 , and an increase on the basis ai
estimated would show for Lincoln a pop
illation of 86,000 at the present time
There are many citizens who bolleri
these f guros too small.
Work has been resumed by the sowoi
contractor and the long and diillcult pica
of work on Seventh street , adjoining thi
Burlington & Missouri depot , has beei
completed. This difficult job was oooa
slonod by the constant tilling of the trcnol
with water and the entire line of work it
that vicinity had to bo curbed in its con
The district court was engaged a largi
part of the day yesterday in trying wba
might be termed a watermelon case , 1
being an appeal from a Justice court o
six months ago when verniers of this f rui
from the country would , together will
their patrons , block the highways am
walks in tbe central part 01 the city.
President Eagan has called upon al
Irish-Americans and the different loaeuo
in the state to render practical assistanci
to the present struggle in Ireland t <
meet the evictions set In motion there
Mr. Eagan , as president of the stat <
league , is preparing to take active stop
nt once that the territory in his jurisdio
tion bo not backward in their good worl
of relief.
The real estate transfers yostorda
tipped the beam at 1100,000 and two
thirds of the transfers were secured b
parties who are purchasing for homos
This character of investments is the bes
possible index of permanency in put
The Capitol hotel is helping out rea
estate men by dividing ono of Its Ele vent
street rooms Into desk room for agent
and the same are taken with the creates
avldltv. The hotel people have als
fenced off a corner in the rotunda of th
house where Major N. U. Franklin wil
open out in the real estate business.
The ground is cleared for the noi
briok tour-story and basement block tha
will be erected next to the Windsor hotc
on Eleventh street. The boom in hand
some blocks seems to bo on Elerent
street and vicinity , and this is but one o
a number that will be built upon tha
thoroughfare the coming season.
A he talk of n now opera house U agan
revived ana it U understood that wit
A roper encouragement tome capitalist
who inlcnd building will BO arrange
t'.ioir plMis as to make one of the most
handbonic nnd commodious temples of
amusement m the city.
St. Patrick's day pas cd off with no
public demonstration in the capital city
nnd business of every kind , without
recognition of Ireland's great day.
An alarm of lire called out the depart
ment Tuesday evening , but the incipient
blaze was quickly put out before any
headway was made. Damage nothing.
LOSTdon't scu where. I can't tell
when , I don't SPO Itow something of
irrciit value to me , and for the return of
which I shall he truly thankful , vl < ! . , n
good appetite. "
FOUND "Health nnd Mnngth , pure
blood , an nppctitu like that uf a wolf ,
regular digestion , all by taUimr that pop
ular and peculiar medicine , Hood's Sar-
sapnrilla. I want uvorybody to try it
this season. " It Is sold by all druggists.
One liumlied doses one dollar.
'IcixlMi Crime.
DAVIO CITY. Nob. , March 11. To the
Editor of the Jir.K : In the HEK of March
0,1 noticed a sketch of the cause of the
hanging of Bridget. Duigin , some twenty
years ago , under the head of "Uarbarlly
of Hanging , " which 1 wish to correct :
liridgot Durgin. a lurgo , raw-boned
Irish girl , was in the employ of Ur.
lace Cornell , of Elizabeth , New Jersey-
Ho WHS a very kind , hwivt tempered
man , that believed In doing to others as
ho would bo done hy , and n man that
worsphiped hia wife above all earthly
accumulations. As a consequence he
was very kind to the girl , Bridget , whom
ho had successfully nursed through a
lung sickness , just previous to her crime ,
licing called away from home ono night-
with u promise to be back soon , he kifcsed
his wife good-bye , for the last tuna. She ,
supposing ho would return soon , was
quietly resting on a sofa ( being an inva
lid ) , when Bridget struck her with n
chair , and upon her arising hit her and
upon her arising stabbed her re
peatedly. She then forced her
into a bedroom , when she stabbed her
eighteen different times , then
put her on thu bed and set the bed on
lire ; then took Dr. Cornell's only child.
a baby , and went to thn neighbors and
told them that some men we're there kill
ing Airs. Cornell. This was at first be
lieved , but an investigation soon proved
that Bridget Durgin was the murderer.
The doctor on his return was almost
frantic with grief , and it was feared for
some days that ho would lose his reason.
He repeatedly stated that n thousand of
hangings were not a sufficient punish
ment for the murderess. He never fully
recovered to the day of his death the
loss of his wife. Before hanging , how
ever , Bridget made -confession , in
which she stated that the doctor had been
go good to her that she thought that if his
wife was out of the way ho would marry
her. As for his being criminally asso
ciated with Bridget Durgin , it is false.
No purer or better man over lived than
Dr. Wallace Cornell. He was a man
that looked to God first and homo nnd
family next. He was born and brought
up side by side with my father , of whom
he was a cousin , his wife also being a
cousin to me , r.nd being very intimate
with thorn at the time of the tragedy , I
know whereof I speair.
speair.ED. . L. Ruxrox.
The Itudily nivcr
of life is the blood. From it the system
receives nil its material of growth and
repair. It bathes every tissue of the
body. How necessary , then , that the
blood should bo kept pure and rich. Dr.
' "Golden Medical "
Pierco's Discovery" is
the great blood food and blood purifier.
It is a sovereign remedy for all diseases
duo to impoverished blood , consump
tion , bronchitis , weak lungs , scrofula ,
influczna , and kindred diseases.
A Military Officer Who Performed
Ills Duty by Proxy.
Washington Post : "There wore many
peculiar characters In the Mexican war , "
said General Viele. the other day , while
strolling through the loboy of the house
during recess. "I remember Major Wil
liam H. Polk was ono of them. You recollect -
collect that at that time his brother was
the president of the United States , and
ho himself haa been sent as minister to
Naples , and had resigned to come home
and enter the service against Mexico. He
was a jocose follow , full of humor and
anecdotes. He used to say : 'The reason
my brother sent me as minister to Naples
was because so many of the other minis
ters who had been sent there came buck ,
with disease of the spine , induced by
their efforts to rival the politeness of the
kine. I hadn't been there sixty days be
fore I put the king to bed with a broken
back1 !
"When Major Polk arrived at his head-
quarters in Mexico he know nothing
whatever of military matters. He was
ordered to take command of a regiment
of which 1 was adjutant. Before doing
so ho got a friend to write out all the or
ders no would have to give. When ho
appeared upon the scene ho called out to
toe orderly to send the adjutant to him.
'Here are my orders , ' said Folk , handing
them over to me ; 'have them published ! '
) They were published accordingly ,
t "The next day Major Polk was ordered
r to form a squadron. Ho said to mo : 'My
spur is off ; I wish to put it on. Give the
order to put the squadron in motion. ' I
did so. 'Continue to give orders , sir ! '
shdVtcd the major. The next day he
began to read up on military tactics. Ho
read the first page and took a drink.
Then he read the second page and took
another drink. Finally ho threw down
the book and exclaimed :
" 'Adjutant Vielo , I don't know a d-d
thing about it My brother is president
of the * United States. You stick by mo
and tell me what to do , and I'll see that
you got quick promotion f
"It is needless to add that I stuck tp
the brother of the president. "
Sickness comes uninvited , and strong
men and women are forced to employ
means to restore their health and strength
the most successful of all known reme
dies for weakness , the origin of all dis
ease , is Dr. J. H. McLean B Strengthen
ing Cordial and Blood Purifier.
Editor Biirko's Estate.
Washington Herald : Major E. A.
Burke , of the Now Orleans Times-Demo
crat , has just boon given an estate in
Honduras that will make him one of the
largest landed proprietors in the world.
It is 180 miles long and , as nearly as can
bo determined , 100 miles wide. In this
enormous area is included n famous gold-
bearing district that two centuries ago
was one of the richest known to the
Spanish crown. This splendid gift is not
only exempt from tUxatiou but from all
duties , export or import , upon anything
its proprietor may wish to bring into the
country , and all persons employed 01
living upon it are exempt from military
duty , and these exceptions , like thu
grant , are perpetual. Burke certainly U
In great luck. Ho will take possession
of his now principality at once and proceed
ceod to develop it. In gold , fine tropical
woods and fruits its capacities arc
simply illimitable.
Rapid Cabling.
An instance of rapid telegraph and
oablo service U reported in the San Fran
Cisco Chronicle. On Tuesday at 9 p. m ,
the operator at San Francisco received i
cable message for lokohama , Japan.and
on the next day at 9 p. m. fust twenty-
four hours later , ho had the reply. The
message of course wont to Now York ,
thence to London and by the Suez cable
to China and Japan.
In Extreme Cold Weather
use Colgate's perfectly pure superfine
.toilet Boapa. Cashmere Bouquet tbe
Nebraska PArtlca Who nro
In Queer Speculation.
AKKON , Col , March 0. [ Correspond
ence of the HKK. ] Tito Nebraska law
lvcs the holder of a school lease not to
exceed 010 acres , the absolute right to
hold the same for twenty-five years upon
payment of 0 per cent interest on tliu
appraised value. The appraisement is
made every live years. The holder of
the lease liai the further privilege of
having the land appraised for purchase
at any time , and buying the same at the
appraised value , not less than $7 per
acre , paying one-tenth down , and the
balance at the end uf twenty years at 0
per cent interest. The eastern part of
Colorado is geographically but a con
tinuation of the plains of western K.m-
sas and Nebraska and the Nebraska settlers
tlors taking up lands in Coloiado do not
reali/e that Colorado , having been thus
far a mining , stock and irrigation state.
has very dillerent laws from Nebraska ,
especially as regards counties ,
school laws , etc.
The Colorado law concerning school
lands is in substance as follows :
2175 Section 1. Tim state board of Iniul
commissioners may. from time to time , di
rect the sale of hinds. bolonKing to tin state
nnU not otherwise directed to be disposed of ,
nt public auction , In such paicolsns they shall
deem most for the interest of thostato.bntnot
more than 40,000 ncii's shall Iwsold nt nnv ono
unction and each lot of ICO ncrus slmll be
separately exposed to s.iie. Not more tlirui
100 acres shall be sold to any ono person , o\-
cent as nioviilud In section Wot' this article.
[ Suction 3J provides for sales to colonies , or
to ditch companies with reservation to the
state of ovcry alternate half section. !
lilOj Section 21. 1'lie state board of Inml
commissioners shall have the power to lease
the school nnd university lands of the stnto
nt n rate not loss that to per annum , payable
In advance , on the appraised value , and shall
icqnlre of the lessee such a bond as shall so-
sure the state from loss or wnste.
2108 Sec. 21. Whenever tun householders
of any organized school district In which thn
land is situated shall petition the stnto board
to expose to snlo any portion of said liuuH ,
describing the same , the state board shall
direct the county commissioners of tlie
county to cause the same to be appraised by
three disinterested householders , each local
subdivision being nppialsed separately at Its
real value .
2109 See , 25. The county clerk shall Im
mediately tile the said appoitlomnont and
appraisement In his oflice. . All school
lauds known as sections 1C and 'M shall be
exposed to sale to the highest bidder at the
county sent In the county where such lauds
are situated.
The board of land commissioners shall
direct the county school superintendent to
sell such lands and lvo notice of such sale
as provided In this act. . . .
2177 Sec. 3. The amount of purchase money
nt tbe time of sale shall In no ciiso bo less
than CO per cent of the whole purchase
2179 Sec. 5. Within forty-oleht hours after
each sale the purchaser shall pay to state
treasurer the hrst payment and execute a
penal obligation for the payment of the bal
ance In seven equal annual payments with
interest at the rate of 7 per cent
A band of speculators from Lincoln ,
York and other Nebraska points leased
large tracts of Colorado school lands
about August , 1985. and banking on the
ignorance of the Nebraska farmers have
sold and traded them these worthless
leases , which cost an average of $32 a
section , for sums varying from $400 to
$1,000 per section. The speculation is a
pure swindle , nnd the purchasers have in
no case pot value received. The lease
must bo accompanied by a bond , ap
proved and anceptod by tbo state author
ities. The assignee of the lease in many
cases must execute a now bond , as the
original lessee carefully erases the clause
which continues his liability. The happy
purchaser haa obtained what ? The priv
ilege"of paying 10 per cent annually on
the appraised value of the land for live
years. At the end of that time any ono
procuring the proper petition can call for
an appraisement and sale of the land ,
and at such sale the holder of the
lease has no prior rights or
privileges whatever , except that of
receiving compensation for his improve
ments , and breaking the land is not con
sidered a valuable improvement in the
grasping state of Colorado.
The lessee has paid a bonus of $400 to
$1,000 for his lease , has boon put under
heavy bonds , has paid f 32 u year for five
years , and at the cud of that time may
bo compelled to pay thirty per cent , cash
of eight to twelve dollars an aero or for
feit all that ho has already paid , his ri
val bidders being able to afford in over
bidding him the full amount that ho has
already sunk in his bonus and interest.
It is almost incredible that dupes could
be found to buy under these circum
stances , but nevertheless the Lincoln and
York firms have succeeded in disposing
of nearly all their leases. E.
Grand Inland Noted.
GHANU ISLAND , March 17. [ Corres
pondence of the BEE. ] Work has boon
commenced on the Williams & Ken
block. The contract was made wltt
Kelly & Co. to erect the same for 116,700
This is exclusive of foundation and heat
Parties have been negotiation for thi
site of the Schaupp's mills , with a view U
rebuilding the same the present season
If they conclude to build U the same SUM
as the old mill it will be a 173,000 plant
We are informed Mr. Schaupp will bo en
gaged to manage them.
Prices in real estate are advancing am
many of the finer locations in the immc
diate vicinity of the city are being takoi
at prices largely in advance of last year
A business lot on Second street was soli
the lost of the week for 14,500. As this i
not the principal street It indicates tha
efforts will be made to draw some busi
ness from the mam thoroughfare of tin
Stchr brothers are excavating for i
two-story briek butcher shop on Fourtl
street near Brogdon's grocery store 01
the north side.
The D. W. Archer canning factory wil
commence operations in a few days fo
the erection of a very large brick build
ing for their business that is to be an exacts
acts duplicate of their Council Bluff
The site of the soldier's homo has no
yet been determimod upon but it ha
simmered down to ono of three locations
The committee will go to Lincoln to-da1
to confer with tbo state commissioners. '
The BEST Accident
The Old Reliable
United States Mutual
Accident Association ,
320 and 32 Broad
way , New York. [
Time Tried and Prov
ed. Ten Years of Suc
cess. Unrivalled
for Prompt and Equit
able Settlement of
Claims. Over a
No losses due and un
paid. Over 35,000
Men are members.
$10,000 Deatk by Accident.
$10,000 Loss of Both Hands ,
$10,000 " Both Feet.
$10,000 " Hand & Foot ,
$5,00'0 " Hand or Foot ,
$5,000 " Both Eyes ,
$1,300" ' One Eye ,
$2,500 Permanent Total
$50 a Week Temporary
Total Disability ,
These amounts of In
demnity are provided
by the Policies of the
United States Mutual
Association , 320 and
322 Broadway , N.Y. ,
at a cost to members in
the preferred occu
pations , of about $26
a year , which may be
made in one payment
or in instalments. One-
half or one-quarter of
above insurance at
proportionate rates.
Membership Fee , $5
for each $5,000 Policy.
Sec. & Gen. Manager.
It protocol Practical feeinltt in BtUngand
Routing never before attained In any
Cooking Ap
It Buk r an onmou MTln * la t
it _ . „ MM. , . SUM Mi BniT.r.Hr..r B. WtLca. ! Tiich.rDom.rflo . " _ /d.llb ( . rUludgm.nt Eoonotnr. _
It tbt th. own of th.p n . . 4. eomptnd wtthotl > r * .
- - -
{ note
, , { h ttb.ooniomptloa
ii oacU leu this nj otb r far uaw work.
BOLD IN NEBBA8KA as followi :
P. KENNEY , . r , ' . . .GOKDON.
H.AIRD&CO , , > ' NimuiKACmr.
1.KASS& J. CO .vj . . . . . . . . .CHAOROK.
N.J.JOHNSON , . . . . NoutllBjND.
tf. McCAFFERTY , . ' . O'NEILL Cmr.
&FKAKER ; ' .
1887 Spring Valley Stoci' Farm. 1887 ,
George Wilkeg D10. Becord2:22. :
Measured by 8:30 : , the 8:23 : and the 8:30 : stand
rd ; was the greatest that evsr lived. Having
now to sons and daughters la tbo S:3J : list dowu
to 2M : .
The only son of George Wllkes la tbe State of
8641 Black Wilkas 3641 Standard.
Sired by George Wllkes 619 ; 1st dam Fanny
Boll , sired by Coafodurute Chief , own brother
to Woodfora Chief , * : ! } { : tnd dam Itysdyk's
Hambletonlan. Will stand for marcs at tbe
above farm at (35 tbe season , cab time of ser <
Tlco , with privilege of return should mares not
prove In foal. Limited to SO mares besides my
own. Season commences Feb. 1st and endi
August 1st. 1837. For further particulars send
for circular * .
K. I. D.
Claralaiid U 7 t lllon (
FOR SUE Darbr DOT" and " ( lenera
Olereland , " rt ln _ S nd
Te r old. bro4 la Cud * and raoordwl In Cmifella
Stud Book. Prtc raai rttl > l .t r toittllpurchu
n. AdJreu , J.a. llALbUlbboa. Mt > - " "
Lies iust soutli Of Hanscom Parkonly 2 miles from the court house ,
on high and sightly ground. 176 beautiful residence lots.
27 LiOTS SOtAD , 27
Events are shaping that will make these lots an investment
$800 to $1,000 will Buy Lots Now , but one
Year from Today You will Pay $1,800 ,
$2,000 and $2,500 , for Them
Ten months ago we told you there was big money in SOUTH OMAHA
property. You were skeptical and waited , and what did you miss ?
Some people'say , "Oh ! its all luck , this making money. " Luck to the
dogs. Its
Foresight , Judgment and Sand.
These are the elements that go to make up the sum of prosperity. Take
a square look at the case of Thomason & Goos' addition , who own
the 600 acres adjoining it on the south.
Who , without any further effort , could peddle it out in the next two
vears for ONE MILLION DOLLARS. Do you suppose they are Idiots
enough to do this ? . No ! They will either build or subscribe to A
CABLE LINE and realize three millions from it.
M.A. UPTON < fe GO.
Pharcmacy Building , South Omaha and 1509 Farnam , Telephone 73
Pullman Place
O e Af ent ( mrMant onlr ) wnnUd in .Ttrr torn for
Tour "Tanstll's Punch" Bo oljrar li giving
( rood satisfaction ; the boys are "catching- . "
ALVOKU 4 FOHKEB , I > rntr lsts , Kldora , la.
"TanslU'sPunon" Is the Dest cigar we have
vers old f or th monojr. . _ . _ . .
0. R. Krrnen * 0o. , Nooilin. Ho.
a. w. TAHSILL t co. , mm
nyDr. SnBdlksr'i mstbod. No op ratloni No Palm
No Detention ( row butlaM * . Adsoted to eallton
s well u grown people. Hundred ! of autograph
tlmonlaUou BU. AH buitnoii itrlotlr conOde
Room 0,1514 Douglas St. , Omaha , Neb.
A Free Train , a Free Ride
for Everybody.
Saturday , March 10th. at precisely
10:30 : o'clock a. m. , a free train will lonvo
the D. & M. passenger depot and stop in
exactly eight minutes after leaving depot
at Omaha's new suburban audition ,
The B. & M.'a Ashland cut-off runs di
rectly through "Pullman Place" near the
South Omaha packing houses ; and the
U. P. R. R. runs east of it. thus placing
this addition between these two immense
trunk lines of railway. In order to glre
homo-seekers and speculators an oppor
tunity of viewing what is bound to be the
"King Bee" addition to Omaha and South
Omnoa , we have chartered a special train
of six coaches which will be
run to and from "PULLMAN PLACE"
FBEK or CHABOK on the
date above mentioned. The price on
Pullman Place lots are low and terras
eaay , being 1-5 caah and balance to suit.
We do not auk you to buy a lot unless
you think it Is money in your pocket to
do so , but wo are bound to give all a
chance to see thu splendid addition FKKE.
Come everybody , bring your families
and take a spring airing.
Remember the ditto , Saturday , March
10. Free train leaves promptly at 10:80 :
o'clock , a. m.
1512 Farnam Street.
Pullman Place
The C. E. Mayne Real Estate and Trust Co ,
Property of every description for sale in aU parts of thtoitj. Lands for sale Itt
very county in Nebraska.
Of Titles of Douglas county kept. Maps of tbe city slate or county , or anr oth or
ufonaatiou desired furnished free of charge upon application.
Watches. Diamonds , Fine Jewelry , Silverware
The largest slooic. Prices the lowest. Repairing a spooialif. orlcwammUi
ML Corner Douglas and 10th streets , On ah % .
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