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Stray Leaves From n Uuportor'a Koto
Uook. ' '
T'ltcro Is at least ono man In Omaha
who is a firm believer In dreams nnd
prophetlcs of what is to happen , ilo is a
drugget In a down town block. Ho had
built up a thriving trade In his particular
locality and for sometime had been bar-
rnssod by attempts made by interesting
parties to dnvo him from his stand. Heat
at lust managed to secure n two years'
lease of the place. Ueforo ho had tiled
the lease he had n dream. It was to the
effect that the property on which his store
was located had been sold to an eastern
Syndicate which proposed to tear down
nil the buildings thereon and erect n
largo and handsome structure. Ho had
failed to record his lease ,
nnd as It was consequently
worthless legally speaking , ho
was , according to his dream , driven from
Ills store along with the other occupants
of the properly.
The next morning bright and early ho
dispatched his man to the office of the
county clerk , with Instructions to record
the lease at once. This was done. A
few days ago ho received notice that the
property had been purchased by an east
ern syndicate of capitalists. But now ,
thanks to the warning dream , he is prepared -
pared to refuse to remove his drug store
or demand a heavy recompense for the
surrender ot his lease.
"Did you over notice , " said a sporting
Xnan the other night , "that the
liablt of carrying a tooth brush
in the vest pocket is ono
practiced almost exclusively by gam
blers ? All of the high-toned sports carry
n tooth brush about with them. Why
this is so , I'm sure I don't know.
"I knew ono gambler a follow In
Indianapolis" ho added , "who had this
habit I refer to. For years ho carried m
his upper left-hand vest pocket , n largo ,
heavy bristled tooth brush. It never
doomed to wear out. The owner insisted
that it was his "Mascotto" that without
it his luck would fall him. The boys
used to laugh at this superstition and onetime
time "put up a job" on him. They man
aged to substitute another tooth brush
for I ho ono carried by the gambler ,
without his detecting them. Strangely
enough the fellows luck did go ,
back on him. Ho played on for half an
hour , losing steadily. Finally he de
tected the trick that had been clayed
upon him and indignantly demanded the
return of his tooth-brush. He got it back ,
went on playing , and when ho quit play
ing at 4 o'clock the next morning was a
winner by some $450. "
"Whisky Jack" says that the legend
explaining the manner in which he got
Ills nickname is partially untrue. Ho
ays ho did take a mammoth drink of
whisky ut ono time on n wager , but that
the dose was only ono pint. Ho does not
want credit for more than ho can do.
Colonel Chase returned yesterday from
ft visit to Chase county , Nebraska , on the
Colorado border. Ho speaks m terms of
the highest praise of that region and
ays that since the cattle men left it two
[ years ago , it has been rapidly filling up
with first class settlors. The colonel
brought homo some iino specimens of
buffalo horns , some of which show that
they had been bleaching in tbo sun and
Storms many years. Now that the JtJ. &
M. , and other railroads are being built
through there , would it not be well for
Omaha merchants to look that way for
nn increased trade ?
"Kansas City may bo a greater town
Jthan Omaha , " said Oillcor Tom Pelronot
last night , "but ono wouldn't judge so
Irani the amount of traflio on its streets.
I was in Kansas City three days last
week. During those entire three days I
did not see as much traffic on the main
thoroughfare of that city as I can sco on
Sixteenth street any ono day of the
week. "
For Sale.
Wo have four full corner lots , 66x133
loot each , on Farnam street cast of 10th
* /street / at $20,000 , $50,000 , $70,000 and
§ 135,000.
3 fcot on Farnam by 182 on llth. $44,000
A choice corner , 132 fcut front on
10th st south of Cass street. . . . 05,000
A choice corner on 10th st 00x66 for 25,000
70x183 a o cor 23d and Cuming. . . 90,000
68x88 n w cor 23d and Cumtng. . . 15,000
44 feet on llarney between 14th
and 15th 35,000
GO foot on Howard between 15th
and 16th 85,000
3 foot on Cuming between 17th
and 18th 4,500.
75 fcot on 10th street near Nich
olas 15,000.
133 foot on Loayonworth 18,000.
185 feet on Loayenworth 40,000.
Two acres on Leavonworth 13,000.
Good dwelling property in all parts of
e the city.
* Thrco full lots on U. F. tracks to lease
for 20 years.
The C. . Mayno Real Estate and
Trust Co. , N. W. corner 15th and
Police Pointers.
i G. H. Nichols and James Pnrquit , two
old time crooks , were arraigned before
Judge Stonlwrg yesterday morning as
suspicious characters. They had boon ar
rested last night by Oflicors Ormsby and
Alostyn , who found them working the
three-shall confidence game on numer
ous verdant victims about town. Both of
them hayo a hard record in Council
"Bluffs , where they nro well known.
Each liiau was given forty-five days in
the county jail. Fred Smith , avngrnnt ,
was convicted nnd sent up for fifteen
days. Several drunks were disposed of ,
With the usual tine.
A warrant was sworn out for the ar
rest of H. A. Day , an agent of Goo. S.
Meek , who sells articles on monthly pay
ments. Meek accuses Day of embezzling
n number of articles valued at $51.
.Throo C's There are three c's that
sfj'rctho children and carry them off.
The three c's are colds , coughs and croup.
Mothers ! Dr. Hull's Cough Syrup saves
tbo little one * ' lives !
-If mon are suffering tortures with
toothache , they should not try to smile
* nnd look cool nnd handsomo. How much
? wiser to case the pain with a bottle of
* Bulvntlou Oil. Price 25 cents.
Mayno'o Addition.
Wo have a few lots left in Mayno's ad
dition that wo can sell cheap. Lots are
f500 , with only 10 per cent cash and the
balance on very easy terms. Call nt our
ofllce and lot us show this property.
C. E. Mayno , Real Eatato & Trust Co. ,
Northwest corner 15th and Harnoy.
The citizens of South Omaha hold n
mooting and made the following nomina
I. tions for the spring election : Humphrey
Sullivan for mayor , Thomas Mngulre , P.
Lacey and P. Jotter for alderuieu , Col
Savage for treasurer.
Thee Campllanlng or Hare Tliront ,
Hoarwnesft , or taking Cold , " should usu
Brown't Uroncftlal Troc/ies. Sold only In
The Year 1887.
During the year 1837 the people of this
city will sco tnn greatest growth it has
rer had. This is pcknowlc"cd by all
good judges , Property in nnd about the
Irs" " * ltJ will advance m price so rapidly that
S- hundreds of fortunes will bo made in a
few months. The now packing house's ,
factorial , etc.t locating iu South Omaha
will niako that a business part of the city
md da a consequence property in Unit
ocnllty will bo much sought after. Now ,
this week , is the time to buy this prop
erty. Wo nro solo agents ( or South
Jmnlm proper and nn investment made
there now will return the purchaser his
money and 100 to 200 per cent addded to
t. Anybody with n small amount of
noney can buy a lot m youth Omaha.
J'ho ( J. K. Maynp Heal Kstato & Trust
Co. , N. W. oor 15th and Harnoy.
They nro Challenged by the "Cham
pions of Sweden and Now Mexico. "
The following challenges which will
explain themselves wore received at the
JUK otllco yesterday :
"Mr. Hanlcy : 1 hereby challenge you
o a tight to a finish with 4-ounco gloves
for any amount from $500 to $1,000 , win-
icr to take entire gate receipts. Fight to
take place inside of two weeks at the
annex building , Omaha , Mob. Waiting
for a speedy reply , I remain , yours re
spectfully. JIM PETKIWON ,
Champion of Sweden.
Can be found at Pax ton Hotel. "
The other challenge roads as follows :
"I do hereby challenge John P. Clew
fight to a finish for any amount from
$500 to $1,000 a side. The winner to take
entire cate receipts and the fight to take
place two weeks from to day , March 14 ,
at the Annex.1' FRED BALDWIN ,
Champion of Now Mexico.
Weight 168. Can bo soon at Paxton
liotcl. _
That Tired Feeling
Afflicts nearly every one in the spring.
The system having become accustomed
to the bracing air of winter , is weakened
by the warm days of the changing sqa
son , and rapidly yields to attacks of dis
ease. Hood's Barsaparilla Is juit the
medicine needed. It tones and builds up
every part of the body , and also expels
all impurities from the blood. Try it this
Mayno Plaoo.
Wa have a few lots left m Mayno Place
south of Loavenworth street. These lots
are being sold at less figures and on easier
terms than lots in llanscom Place , while
they are the same distance from the
G. . Mayno , Real Estate & Trust Co. ,
Northwest corner 16th and Harney.
Rail Notoa.
The latest rumor about Union Pacific
headquarters is to the effect that General
Dodge , of Council Bluffs , is to succeed
Charles Francis Adams as president of
tne Union Pacific railway. The officers ,
however , declare that they know nothing
about the matter.
The following circular has been issued
by the traffic department of the Union
Pacific railway :
"To all concerned : You are hereby
notified that a compliance with the inter
state commerce law , which becomes ef
fective April 5 , 1887 , demands various
and important changes in the tariffs o
this company , affecting inter-state bus !
"All existing tariffs and special rates
( rebates or otherwise ) now in effect or
that may bo in effect between stations on
the lines operated by this company , ex
cept those applying to local business between
tweon points m the same slate , prior to
April 5,1887 , will bo void on and after
that date.
"New tariffs , publishcdm | comformity
with the requirements of the inter-slate
law , will bo issued as early as practic
able. " _
* Delicate diseases In either
sex , however induced , speedily cured.
Book. 10 cents in stamps. Address , in
confidence , World's Dispensary Medical
Association , 603 Main Street , Buffalo ,
South Omaha.
Call at our office and wo will take you
down to South Omaha and show you the
many now improvements now going on
there. Wo can satisfy you that you can
make 100 to 200 per cent on your money
in six months.
C. K. Mayno Real Estate & Trust Co. ,
Northwest Cor. 15th and Harnoy.
Hermann as a Speculator.
Professor Hermann , who appeared at
Boyd's opera house last night in his won
derful performance , is a great speculator
in real estate. Ho has invested in Kansas
City and Minneapolis , and will no doubt
buy some Omaha dirt before ho leaves
the city. Ho invested $20.000 in real es
tate about a mile from Los Angeles , Cal. ,
during his engagement there a few
weeks ago. Ho is negotiating for six
acres more adjoining his propertv , for
which ho expects to pay about forty
thousand dollars. The professor is in
fatuated with Los Angeles and its pictur
esque surroundings , and says ho would
like to live there , but that his real estate
investments are merely a speculation , as
ho expects to double his money within a
year. _
In Thornburg.
Wo have some bargains in lots in
C.E. Mayno Real Estate & Trust Co. ,
Northwest Cor. 15th and llarney.
A New Street Railway.
The Omaha & South Omaha street
railway filed their articles of incorpora
tion yesterday. It is proposed to traverse
different routes in the southern part oi
the city. The capital stock is $100,000 ,
and the incorporators are William A.
Paxton , John A. Crolghton , Peter E. Ilor ,
Meyer Hollman , John H. Bossier , S. W.
Alortou and Isaac E. Cory don.
DURING winter the blood gets thick and
sluggish , now is the time to purify it , to
build up your svstom and fit yourself for
hard work , by using Dr. J. ll. MoLoan's
Strengthening Cordial and Blood Puri
fier. _
South Omaha.
Call at our office and wo will take you
down to South Omaha and show you the
many now improvements now going on
there. Wo can satisfy you that you can
niako 100 to 200 per cent on your money
in six months.
C. E. Mayno Real Estate & Trust Co. ,
Northwest Cor. 15th and Harnoy.
The county commissioners yestordaj
awarded the contract for the grading oi
Thirteenth street at Missouri avenue to
Robinson & Co.
Yankton expects to couple on the main
line of the proposed Duluth & Denver , a
visionary railroad now being hatched in
Houses and Lota
For salu in Orchard Hill at a bargain
also bargains in houses and lots in all
parts of the city.
Tho.C. E. Mayno Real Estate & Trust Co.
N. W. Cor. 15th and llarney St.
Blind Boono. the eminent pianist , and
his manager , Mr. John Lange , paid a
visit to Max Meyer & liro. , and during
their stay Mr. Lange bought a line pair
of old mine diamond ear rings and Mr.
Boone an elegant minute repeating watch
ut their establishment.
Mayno't Addition. '
Wo have a few lots left In Mayne's ad
dition that wo can sell cheap. Lota are
$500 with only 10 per cent cash and the
balance on very easy terms. Call at our
office and let us show this property.
C. E. Mayno lloal Estate & Wst Co. ,
N. W. cor. 10th Md Barney. .
Mysterious lUeanilerlnga of Hunters
Near Vnllpjr.
The spring hunting season lias received
ft startling Inauguration by the success
of n party of Omaha gunners who have ,
so to speak , made the feathers lly. It
consisted of Harry Johannes , Charles
Fitcliutt , Al. Uowk and Charles Lane.
They have just returned from the lakes
near Valley and the stories they tell are
nioro formidable and numerous than
the fowl they captured. Those
gentlemen were the guests of John
Zles , a prominent pioneer far
mer in the western part of Douglas
county. From the reports they give of
their treatment by Mr. Zlcs it is evident
that thcso gunners wont out moro for
the indoor pleasures that would be af
forded than finding game on the
borders of tiio lake. Sovonty-soven is
the number of ducks said to nave boon
shot. The fact that a resident' Valley
sold seventy-seven ducks on the same
day the party loft for Omaha is ratlrer
significant. Then again the stories of
the individual members of the party are
very conflicting. Eaohof the quartette ,
in his own words did all the shooting
while the others were asleep nnd , Inas
much as the matter has assumed the
character of wagers being made , a
notary public has been sent out to \ al
loy to sco if Mr. Zies. the kind hearted
host did not do all the shooting himself
while the Omahans were dancing nnd
otherwise enjoying themselves m his
hospitable house. In fact ono gentleman
in town says the party never left Omaha
nt all but only made this spring meeting
memorable by calling up a previous
season's fun. This is easily contradicted ,
however , by the fact that Mr. Zies had
to conio to Valley for supplies the day tlic
party left.
Ijltornry Entertainment.
The third annual entertainment of the
literary society of tne Omaha Commer
cial college , will bo hold at the college
hall next Friday evening. Following is
the programme :
Chorus Members of the society
Oration Gladstone O. ( t. Hedge
Selection Orchestra
Fruchllnj ; Au JJor Kolse Waltz.
Declamation J. If. M. Morrison
Kssay Miss Florence Irvine
UuoL Misses Grace Pratt and Hattle Ocliiltrco
Debate Question : " .Resolved tliatamon-
archlal form of government is more conduc
ive to national greatness than a republican
form of government. " Alliriuativo : F. W.
Hess. W ? 11. Urtniths. HcKativc : Grace
Uuim , Mary Emerson.
Selection Orchestra Gambriuus 1'oalk
Increasing the Valuation.
The assessors for the various city pre
cincts held a meeting at the city clerk's
office yesterday afternoon and decided to
increase the valuation of city property
for 1887 20 per cent , over that used as a
basis for taxation last year.
Fixing For Further Improvements.
SEWAHD , Nob. , March 15. [ Corre
spondence of the BEE. ] At the meeting
held Saturday evening to boom the town
the committee on waterworks reported
at length showing the probable cost for
plant to bo about $20,000 nnd annual
expense about $3,000 , inclusive of In }
tcrcst on bonds at C per cent. A commit
tee was appointed to circulate a petition
asking the city council to submit a prop
osition to vote bonds for water supply.
There seems to be a general feeling that
Seward needs hotter fire protection and
the matter will no doubt take a definite
shape ere long. The committee on rail
roads were not ready to make any report ,
but the chairman seems to nave
some information that ho was
not yet rendy to mnko public.
The committee on the extension of the
city limits recommended a very largo
area of territory to bo added to the city
of Seward and the readers of the BEK
need not bo surprised if the same com
mittee do not nt the next mooting recom
mend that our limits bo extended so as
to include the village of Omaha. A gen
tleman from live cast has been here look
ing up the prospect of establishing a flax
mill , but nothing definite is known of the
project. The B. & M. railroad has a
force of men hero to move their track
and denot nearer town , which will bo a
great convenience to our people.
Regan Bros , have a force of men clear
ing away the dirt preparatory to begin
ning work on the city hall foundation.
Lieutenant Colonel Collins , who has
just been given a rank of promotion in
the Seventeenth infantry , is in the city on
his way homo from Arizona to his nevy
post ct Fort Laramic , Wyo. Ho made a
call at army headquarters yesterday.
There was a largo sale of seats yesterday
for Lotta's engagement at Boyua Thuas-
day , Friday and Saturday. Lotttv seems
never to tire in adding to her bank ac
count , which , by the way , is larger than
that of any other woman in the country
who has grown rich by her own efforts.
She will bo seen in "Natouchc , " "Little
" "Mussette" " Detec
Noll. and "Little
tive. "
J. E. Smiley commenced a suit in the
district court yesterday to recover pos
session of a picco of land south of the
city , which is now held by William J.
Council. Smiley claims to have disposed
of it to the Union Stock Yards company
years ago , with the understanding that
Tie was to icccive an cquiv.ilont in stock.
Ho gave a deed without gutting the stock
and nas never received it since. Mean
while the deed drifted into the hands of
William J. Council , who has since held
V. Smiley wants this deed cancelled.
Personal Paragraphs.
* J. W. Bylcr , of Urbana , O , , an attor
ney of long experience , arrived in Omaha
yesterday. Ho will permanently locate in
this city.
Mrs. C. M. Jnckmnn. of New York
city , arrived hero yesterday morning
witii the intention of locating as a teacher
of music.
J. Collins Lloyd , president of the Ne
braska and Iowa packing company at
Nebraska City and Lincoln , spent yes
terday in Omaha.
Mr. and Mrs. Orson Rumol , Miss Alice
Rumcl and Mr. Harry Margotts arrived
in the city Tuesday from Salt Lake to at
tend the Sylvester-Huinol nuptials this
Mrs. General O. O. Howard and daugh
ter Bussio , arrived in the city yesterday
evening from San Francisco , Cal. Mrs.
Howard will stop a few days to visit her
son , C. O. Howard ,
Mr. Sam Collins hns resigned his posi
tion in the accountant's ollico in the
Union Pacific headquarters logo into the
service of the Missouri Pacific at Ne
braska City. Ho loaves for the latter city
A Prayer Sent Up For Reporters.
St. Paul Letter in Chicago Times : In
the senate this morning Chaplain Allison
startled that august body by closing his
prayer with a word for the newspaper
men. Ho said : And now , dear Lord ,
bless the reporters , whoso nimble pens
catch every word almost before it is ut
tered. Like Thyself , they nro omnipres
ent and almost omnipotent. If wo take
the wines of the morning and fly to the
uttermost parts of the world they are
there. They meet us in the jungles of
Africa ; they waylay us in lite solitary
canyons of Colorado , and when at length
wo lind the latitude of the magnetic polo
behold thny are there. May their light
and goodness be equal tu their power ,
.and when the general assembly of heaven
convenes lot no reporter bo excluded.
Amen ! "
' Affair * nt Anamosn.
ANAMOSA , la./MaVcll / 15. [ Correspondence -
once of the BEK. ] It-seems as tnough a'
general charge htitf-beon ordered by the
powers that be on'thd'lowa postmasters ,
and more especially' in Jones county.
Thus far this county hhs rested quiet and
serene from all the postofllco blizzards ,
but of late a nmnliijpccms to have struck
the faithful and scafccly a democrat can
bo encountered upBh 'the street who is
not a candidate or isnjrant for postorlal
favors. At Monticello , twelve miles cast
ot this city , where nlUias been quiet , is
now the scene of commotion. A few
weeks ago a Hecret'lletilion ' was gotten up
nnd and forwarded" to71 Washington urg
ing the appointment of a certain candi
date. Tills fact , when it became kuown ,
caused considerable indignation. So
another candidate got up a petition ,
one for democratic and one for republi
can signatures , nnd sent to the ' 'great
reformer. " So the result is still a great
inj story , and whichever the president
decides ho will make trouble m his own
household. The same state of nflairs ex
ists in Anamosa , nnd the republican in
cumbents are quite liable to remain in
charge indefinitely. Nato Rainsbargcr ,
who was convicted of murder nnd sent
to the penitentiary nt this city for life
from Marshall county , was last week re
leased nnd returned to the county from
which ho was sent for new trial. Frank ,
his brother , who was recently convicted
of the sarao crime , arrived at the prison
Saturday to begin the ncrvico of a life
sentence , He will handle stone for the
time being.
It is generally understood hero that
Judge Giircn , now presiding over the
district court , will transfer a certain
liquor suit to the United Slates court on
the strength of Judge Brewer's recent
decision. Congressman-elect Hayes ap
pears for the defendant.
Desirable Corner.
On Leavcnworth 185 foot front. $40OOD.
C. E. MAYNE REAL ESTATE & Titusr Co. ,
Northwest cor. 15th and Haruoy.
Messrs. Roller , Brown and Schoberg ,
count } ' commissioners of Lancaster
count } * , are in tbo city taking notes on
Omaha's prosperity. They inspected the
court house under the guidance of Com
missioner O'Keofle.
t -After a taau of yean ttaltmentt confirming
the efficacy n } St. Jaeotii OU and ili permanent
cur a , areyivenbehu.
From aKhouiuatloSufforor Jan. 1870.
Bergen , New Jersey.
I have used St. Jacobs Oil aud it cured
no of rheumatism aftjr a few daw' appli
From Same 7 Tears letter.
2t2 7tli St. , Jersey City , N. J.,0ct. 27,1888.
I cannot add more to tbo pral.vj of St.
Jacob * Oil than my toitlmony seren years
ago. It cured me. AUQUaiUa 1'iUCK.
From a KHeumatlc SuffererSept. 1880 ,
Union CatUolIo Library Atxoclatlon. 2011
Dearborn t. , Chicago , 111. /
One bottle of 8t. Jacob ! Oil cared mo of
rheumatttin , whleli avonie great pain.
JAME3 A. CO. CXN.JK. , Librarian.
From Same 0 Years Loior.
1 1 Huron St. . Chlragornj. , October 18. 18S8.
I ran only repeal'mv rbrmer testimony
to the morita of St. Jacqba Oil , It cored me
of a severe case of rheumatism.
From a It. IU Official-January , 1883.
Office of K. Y. , L. E. & W. B. It. Co. . 1871
Wwt , New York , N.Y. \
Two months ago Thud rheumatism fa
my right arm from shtmlder to wrlit , and
could not ratio It i without excruciating
pntn. Before the second bottle of St. Ja
cobs Oil Vftta used ray arm WM well.
C. V. V. WAttD , plT'n. Paw. Agent.
IVora Same 4 Years fj tov. * * * * {
187 West St. , New York : N. Y , , Nor. 10 , ISM.
Referring to cltppinftfrom ff. Y.Telcgram
Which give * an account of my cane , ( f it
, will be of anyaervica to. . you 1 aball be
pleased. St. Jacob * Oil cured me. ,
C. V. V. WARD , DlT'n. Tau. Agent \
JKf-Att periont cstNO S ( . Jacob OU or Red
Star Cougn Cure , w l by scndtno a two cent stamp
andoAWoryo/Mdr cote , reetire Aimcs m t
CipltoTAtroniit ,
Chronic & Surgical Diseases ,
SUteen years' uosniul nn'd Vrlvato I'rscuce
Wahnvo the facilities , apparatat and remedies
for thtbticceiiful treatment of every form of dl -
ruse rcqnlrlnz cither medical or mrglcnl treatment ,
ami Invlto all to coma nnd InYeitlgntu for ttiemselvci
ir carretpoiul nllli us. Long experience In treat
ing case * l > r letter enables us tu treat many easel
scientidrjiUy without rrelng them ,
WRITE FOK CIRCULAR on Dcforaltlei tnfl
Ilmces , Club Putt , Curraturcs of the Spins
UBCI : > ES or WOMFK. Piles , Tumors , Canters ,
CaUrTli , llronchltls , Inhalation , Electricity , fara- !
ys ! , Epilepsy , Kidney , Kjo , Ear , Skin , Blood auj
all eiirclcal operations.
HMtcrlps , Inhalers , TJrnces , Trusses , unl
M kinds of Medical and Surgical Appliances , man
ufactured and for etle.
The only reliable Medical Institute making
Private 1 Special $ Nervous Diseases
I'roui v > hctorercauaa producedsuccessfully treated
Wo can roinovo B/pbllltlo poliou from the aysUm
without mercury.
Now mtorattre treatment for loss of yltal power
Call nnd consult us or need name end post-nfflco
nJdrm plainly written ijncloio stamp , and we
will ncnd yon. In plain wrapper , our
uroK I'mviTii , Er ciii..iM > Ninroua DISEASES ,
BEMtMAr , WKAK.SISD , Hr-suirATOiiRMuci , IiiruriN.
OT , flvrntus , GoNsmiiiiBi , ] GLEET , VinicoctLU ,
UmxAKr OnaAHs , orbesd&storj of jour ciso for
en opinion. I ,
Ptriona imablo to tUit qijinny ! > trcc.lQj ct their
homes , by rorre pr > ndonio. .Mcdlclnvs and Initrii-
racntu tent by mill or eibr HECUrtCLY I'ACK
U ! ) rilOM ODHEKVA'imV , no marks to Indicate-
content * or sender. One1 personal interview pro
ferrcdlf convenient , flflvil-ooms for the n-com
modatlon of patient * . Itannl nnd attendance At
reasonable pilccsAddres * , * 11 Loiters to
Omaha Medical and Surgical Institute ,
Cor. 13thSt. andCaoto 4veOMAHA.Q I ) .
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SOLD HEDAl , PARK , 1378 ,
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admlnbly adtpUd for Invalid * u
well M for prnoiuta health.
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V. BifSR & CO , . Dorcbfist i lass.
Our Spring and Summer Suits are daily arriving and within a few days wo will be able
to exhibit the most complete line over shown in Omaha. We quote no particular style or
price , simply ask an inspection of the various lines we carry , and believe wo can interest
you in make , quality and prices.
In Spring Overcoats wo carry an elegant line of all shades. Ono bargain in particular
we offer , is a fine imported Melton , silk lined all through , at $14.75. This overcoat cannot
bo duplicated for less than $20.00 in any establishment in Omaha.
"We call particular attention to our Boys'and Children's Suitsof which wo have just re
ceived about one thousand. Among them wo have 150 Norfolk suits , in sizes from 4 to
13 years , strictly all wool cheviot , with double seat and double stitched , usually called
"rough and tumble" suits. We sell them at $2.95 and they are the best wearing suit ever
introduced. We invite inspection of these suits whether you wish to purchase or not.
All goods marked in plain figures and at strictly one price at
Nebraska Clothing Company ,
Cor. Douglas and 14th sts. , Omaha.
At Millard Station ,
SATURDAY , MARCH 19th , 1887.
George McCombs ,
and Wm. Grimm
Will sell at Public Auction 70 to 80 head of mules and some American
Brood Mares with foal from "Kentucky Jacks. " Also one new
Wagon and Double Harness.
-9 months time , with approved security , 8 per cent in-
terest. 5 r > er cent off for cash.
3lie only Machine that will sew Ixicfiiuartla
ami forwards cqtmllj/well , aiul the Liyhtcat
Hunninff ticwlny Machine In existence.
The Union Sewingr Machine
We tlcfilrc cneraello and rcxponsiblcilcalcra
in Nebraska , Colorado , D'yoining , Dakota and
Western Iowa.
If you arc. looking for a cheap Mac.hinr , don't
answer this advertlctnent , but if HOH want to
handle the best Suwliuj Machine that money can
61177 , address for particulars.
209 N , IBtli Si , , Omaha , Neb ,
Mention Omaha lice.
Red Star Line
rurrylngthenolfrluin Royal und fnltoil Stiitoa
Mall , milling every StUurdiiy
Between Antwerp & New York
To the Rhine , ( lei-many , Ilalu , Hol
land and France ,
8aon ! from too to $75. Kxcurnlon trip front
$110 to Sli" ) . rU-cond rabln. outwiml bound. Hi ;
prcpuld , IH ; excursion. $1)0. ) StcorHfc'O niusajro
ut low rut ( t * . I'btur Wrlirht 4. Sons , Uuiortl
AKOiitK.V , Broa iwuy. New York.
Henry I'nndt , 1213 Inrnara'aulun It Co. ,
112 $ Fnrimm si. ; U. O. Freeman , M Farnnm.
TAKHH. TbaareatCsroiaa
UapciUlT cnis. rrMsampU
p4cta and book for 4 ctntt U stf p * ,
ETII.MEU10AL CO. . bit Uaopton , Ccoa.
The G. E. Mayne Real Estate and Trust Co ,
Property of every description for sale m all parti of the oity. Landi fr n ! lit
erery county in Nebraska.
Of Titles of Douglas county kept. Alans of the olty gtato or county , or any ot her
information desired furnished free of charge upon application.
Watches , Diamonds , Fine Jewelry , Silverware
Tb largest stocK. Prices the lowest. Kopalrinz a specialty. All work w rr ut <
* L Corner Dougln * and 15th atrootn , Omaha.
Licensed Watcumnkor for the Union Paoitio Railroad company.