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t PIT I TlVf PAPI < I iOItno
"We'll All Kneel and Pray Bnt Don't
Stay Away , "
Hnukolotli Over Hl 1'nrtlcs Mule
OIIC'H niooin Mkc the Dal-
slcs The Week's
The Society Conch.
mcncATin : : TO YOUMI OMIN : i.v DH.U'TS
AM ) Kf OM.KIi : .
Hero tlio coitalilni ; of the belles
t'aicless heller I
What 11 world ot solemn thought Its monody
co i u pel si
In tie ! slleiico of the nlitht.
How ihoy shiver with affright
At the melancholy mennee ot Its tones.
I1 or every cotiili ; Hint llo.ds
r i om the pain within their thoats
Is n iroin ,
And the clinking nil , the choking ,
Surely Death In hardly joking
With his ( AMI ,
vvho nru cntnrliliii , ' , couching , coughing
. n iniillled monotone.
i et they o onvltli their scofllni ? ,
As they vvnsut to skin mid bone.
Coughs nru neither mnn nor woman ,
Coughs nro neither brute nor human
They nro ghouls.
And their queen It Is compels
This rouL'ImiL' of thn belles
And her merry Inughter swells
With thu coin-hint : of thu belle ? !
And shu dances , and slio jells ,
Keeping time , time , time ,
In n sort of collin thyme ,
To thu conuhing ol the belles
Of the belles 1
Keeping time , time , time ,
In a hort ot collin iliymc ,
To the throbbing of the coughs
Ot the coughs , cotmhs , couirhs
To the bobbing of thornnchs
Keeping time , time , time ,
As shu knells , knells , knell" ,
In a d i end fill collin rhyme ,
To the couching of the belles
Of the bollux , belles , belles.
To tlui wliee/lnc of the belles
Of the belles , belles , belles , belles ,
Italics , belles , belles
To tin ! moaning and thu groaning ot the
belles 1 _
Fnchlon'H Kovvcr.
The fashionable flower of the day in
Kngland is the whitu chrysanthemum.
It is worn us Da btittonholu , massed as : i
bouquet , and nestled among moss for a
table decoration , lightly veiled with
maidenhair fern. Tinte < l ivy leaves very
often form a background for it. On
tables clusters of chrysanthemums of va
rious colors an.l kinds are to be seen , rich
and beautiful in their individual tints.
For room decoration wild growths are
now .sold on tliu streets by itinerant vend
ors which uvon last your would have been
cast aside as rubbish. For instance ,
clusters of the brown , dried up looking
"combs and brushes" or "toasors" form
ditches , bunches of red hips and haws ,
thti black berries of the privet , brown
grasses from marshlands are placed with
the still favorite bnllrushes and feathery
pampas t'rass. Thu glistening white
'honesty ' is now seen toweling aloft in
vases , v'.xcd with pampas and black her-
ried puv-'t. The trailing staglioru moss
from Scotch moorlands is arranged on
dinner tables , laid Hat , in and out of
Jlowor receptacles and china bonbon
plates ; and lycopodium moss , studded
with llower.s , is also utili/cd in the same
way.jTIio crotons with their richly tinted
leaves are very popular for dinner tablu
decorations. j _
Stlcknoy-I > yor.
A very pretty wedding took place Tues
day ovcning , whereby Miss Mabel Dyer
and George A. Stickney wuru madu ono.
Only the immediate friends of the par
ties wore present and the affair was more
than usually social and agreeable.
Mr. Stieknoy , n former resident
of Uungor , Maine , has become ono of
Omaha's rising , citi/.uns , and is a prime
favorite among his largo circle of ac
quaintances. His bride is a recent
acquisition to Omaha society , having
lately como hero from Ohio , and is the
possessor of many virtues and accom
plishments. Thu marriage was solemn-
ucd utt $ | > , in. at the homo of the brido's
parents .on Farnatn street , the Rov. A.
W. Oli\rk \ olliciating. A pretty feature
of thu oenmiony was the exchanging ol
rings by the young couple. The attend
ant bridesmaids wcro Miss Margarut
Dyer and Miss Lena Uiut/ and thu grooms
mun wuro UV. . Kcjstor and Frank Hrown ,
The bride was attired in slate gray am
wore a handsome corsage bouquet ol
white roses. She alto carried a bouquet
The bridesmaids were in white and car
ricd Mareehal Niel roses and lllllcs of tin
valley. The house was decorated 'will
rare taste. Flowers wore in profusion ,
The curtains weru tiiminud , some witli
smilav and others with peacock feathers ,
making n very brilliant uQ'cct. The
.supper was an elaborate affair of manj
courses , served by the Paxton. At 1 (
o'clock thu newly wedded conplu drove
to tholr cosy homo , northwest corner o
Parker and Twenty-scent h.
An Knjoyable Ijunohoon.
Mrs. O. N. Itamsoy gave a charmlnf
luncheon party Tuesday afternoon it :
honor of Mrs. Calla > vay's guusts , Mis ;
King of Nuw York and Mrs. Win. H
Callawny of Toronto , The invited wen
Mrs. T C. Orr , Mrs. W. ,1. llroatch , Mrs
11. O. Patterbon , Mrs. P. II. Allen , Mrs
Samuel Hums , Mrs. Dr. Tildon , Mrs
Purinu , Mrs. Meredith , Mrs. Denisu , Mrs
S. II. H. Clark , Mrs. S. U. Drown , Mrs
A. P. Wood , Miss Wood , Mrs. Curtis
Mrs. Win. \ \ allaco , Mrs. Grant , MUi
Grant , Mrs. John Morrell , Mrs. K. W
DKon. Mrs. S. P. , Mrs. W. L ,
Parrotto , Mrs. Momnan , Mrs. Lev
Carter , Mrs. O. F. Davis , Airs. Hos
Miss Uoss , Mrs. H. U. Kingwalt , Mrs. J
N. II. Patiick. Mrs. McLaiighlin , Mu
Sleeper , Mrs. Fahs , Mrs. D. V. Harkalovv
Mrs. Huck , Mrs.Vaitu , Mrs. Gilbert
Mrs , Wossob. Mis. J. L Stewart , Mn
Yost , Mrs. Grail. Mrs. Contant , Mn
Warrun Chasu. Thusurvico was charac
tori/ed by the usual uleganco that sui
rounds the entertainments given by Mr :
Hamsoy and thu atl'air was in every ri
spect a notably pleasant occasion.
A. Complimentary Imnclicon.
Mrs. A. S. Van Kttran gave lunchcoi
Friday aiternoon at her pretty homo o
St. Mary's avenue. The affair was
farewell compliment to the Misses Wat
luigh and was pronounced n most onjoj
able occasion. The hostess was assiste
in entertaining the guests by Mrs. Co !
pot/or , Mrs. Troxoll , Mrs. Wakeliuh
Mrs. Orr and Mrs. Diets ! . The other
who received Invitations wcro Mn
Keller , Mrs. Darrow , Miss Aliny , Mr :
Hitehoook , Miss Harbour , Mrs. Esti :
brook. Miss \Vakoly , Mrs. Van Kurnt
Mrs. Carrier , Mrs. Kimball , Clara Urowt
Miss Stevens , Miss lloaglaml , Mn
Frank Hills , the Misses Knight , Mis
Clarke , Miss Lehmer , Mrs. IJrigh
Mrs. Hen Kubidouv , Mrs. Swit.
lor , Mrs. Mortzhehner , Miss May , Mi :
Gilbert , Mrs. Knapp , Mrs. Dubois , MU
DietMrs. . McCiillogh. MUsTnrnor.Mr
Megeath , Miss Kulin , Ml s Preston , Mrs
Jgou , Miss Hall , the MKsos Honker , Mn
Hoidroge , Miss Isaacs , MUsJHurns , Mis
Chase , MUs Congdon.
Does , the I'nMlino.
Society has succumbed to a conditio
of spring fever and lassitude , and th
ovunts of the week have been few , an
for the most part unpretentious. Oinali
has followed ( he lead of New York In a
but establishing a huwinc society fc
Lent , In. the matter of entertaining
has kept religiously aloof from anything
of an extensive nature , and the dissipa
tions of the week have boon tempered to
the season. Lunch parties are In full
force. Wisely the restrictions of Lent
do not apply to the Innocent Indulgence
of tea drinking and talking. To have
put a veto on the latter would have been
too much for human endurance , nnd
would undoubtedly have resulted In a
wildly insurgent feminine faction. Too
much stringency is sure to breed insubor
dination , but let the unruly member bu
left unrestricted , and womankind will go
through any amount of inconvcnleneo
without a murmur. It was a philosopher
who made luncheon parties the fashion
for Lent. No more harmless , and at the
same time eminently satisfactory outlet
for feminine ellervcsocnco could be in
Madame Illoomllcld'tt Ilrcltnl.
The piano recital given by Madame
I'annio Hloomh'cltl at the Congregational
tabernacle Wednesday afternoon , was a
rare treat to music lovers. Tlio audience
was unanimously enthusiastic over the
performance and agreed that Madame
Hluomlleld has a thorough and distinct
individuality above any pianist that has
ver been heard hero. Her selections
light bo called tone poems so distinct
as tlio tone coloring over every other
eatnro. Kach note was given a duo
ignilicance and the idea of the com-
oser was clearly demonstrated , in fact ,
vilh the pianist everything was Mibor-
'inated to the feeling and thought
f the composer , and the listener
/as invariably carried along with the
uncut ot sympathy. No ono thought
f methods. It was impossible to bo
oolly critical while tlio chords of
motion weru being manipulated with
ueh a magician's power. Ono could only
col. The Chopin selections wore osjiee-
illy masterly. Madame Hloomliold in-
erprcied as though endowed with tliu
ncnlty of absorbing the very inspiration
f the composer. The concert ended
vitli a dashing rendering of Liszt's march
' " The recital Thursday
veiling was equally line and left the mi-
iression on her auditors that a genius
vas in their midst.
High School KntcrtalnniPiir.
The Friday afternoon entertainments
if the high school embrace a programme
if a high order both in a literary and
iniMcal sense. Hclow the programme is
; ivcn of March 11. The topics for that
late were history nml modern literature.
March 18 there will bo an afternoon of
nusic , followed in the spring term by
( lustrations of work in phy.sios , cheni-
stry , natural history and Kluabcthaii
iteniltiro. The exercises take place in
ho high school auditoiinm at 2 p. m.
rnooKAMMi : .
lane Duet Misses House.
bi > ay. "A Homeric Washing Day , '
Kli/nueth Siddell.
Song Floienco lilikhmmor.
"Issay."Tho Popularity of 1 < rank btockton , "
Mabel Haleombe.
Jevlevv "Mis. Hiunett's Last Story , "
Knto White.
: ssay "A CIndlatorlal Scene , "
Oliver AucliMooiiy.
'lano Solo Hertlia Yost.
Nsay "Cleopatra , "
Millie Dorn.
Minuet liocchcrinl ,
Uanjo Sexteuo.
Recitation "I'emberton .Mills , "
H. S. 1'helpM , Mabel Kondn.
Sssay "The Itrinarkablo Stoi y of C.
Columbus" Alice liiovvn.
Heading "ilj 1 Jouble , "
Kdvvtud K. Hale , Nellie ISatlserman.
Ilcnclit Concert.
A grand concert will be given at Uoyd's
opera house this afternoon by the Mu
sical Union orchestra as a testimonial ta
I'rof. I'.M. Stoinhauscr. Tlio following
progr.unmo will bo given :
i-Aitr i.
Coronation March liom "The Prophet , "
Overture , "Jubilee , " Uach
Uritish Patiol Fiedler Linden
Comet Solo , Fantasiotibor" > sStraussli , "
Mr. H. Lnt/ .
Ovcilure , "Fidelio , " Hrethovcn
Ylolln Solo , Grand Fantasio Horn Opera
" > orma" Uclllnl
Mr. F. M. Stelnhauser.
Xylophone and liell Solo , Combination
Tempo do ( ialon licyci
Mr. M. 15. Baines.
Sopiano Solo , "Good NlKht , Sweet
Ansel" AIM
Miss licrtha Stelnhauser ,
I'Aiir HI.
Selection from opera "Erminlc"
.I\lcobo\vslc :
i'lano Solo , "Lo Itovelldu Lion".Kontskj
Mr. Otto Helndorll.
Serenade , "Tim Mandolin" Desormii'
Walt/ , "L'Estiidluntina" Wahltentel
A. Blanfuss , Accompanist.
Hirtliday Surprise.
Mrs. E. . ) . Merle was the oojcct of r
very agreeable surprise Wcdnesdaj
evening' A number of her friends know
ing that her birthday fell on that data
gathered at the residence , 703 South
Eighteenth street , and took the hostcsi
completely by surprise. The uvunin ;
was pleasantly spent in dancing. Several
oral vocal selections were given by Dr
Woodburn , Miss Vapor and Mr. Hakor
A number of remembrances weru left
Among those present wore Mrs , Salmon
Miss Jennie Salmon , Mrs. Wisncr , Mrs
J. Withrow , Miss Wisner , Miss Flagler
Mr. and Mrs. Freii Salmon , Miss Anns
Rogers , the Misses Vapor , Mr. and Mrs
Ed Johnson. Mr. and Mrs. J. Langovin
Miss Flora Merlu. Messrs. L. Mostullor
/ . Chipman , C. Thomas , F. Coin in an , F
Fishur. C. Goss. C. Uomor , C. Hakor , Ed
Date , E. M. Uoid , Arthur Evans , Clias
Pollock , Chas. and Jules Murlu.
I'rourcsslvo Kuchre.
A very pleasant six-handed urogressivi
cucliro party was hold at the homo o
Colonel and Mrs. H. C. Akin , on Catherine
orine street , last Monday. It will loii |
bo remembered by those present as on
of the most agrecablu occasions thu.
liavu had thu pleasure of participating in
The colonel and his amiable hulmnat
tire noted for their generous lie > pitalit
and good nature. Those of the gentle
men who preferred billiards unjoyci
themselves in the billiard room , aiv
some exciting gar.ius weru played. lc ?
fresluucnts wore served at 10 o'clock
The nmos wore rleh and appropriate
The lirit prices were won by liowoll an
S. J. llowcll. The booby prizes wcr
taken respectively by Mr. Hliss and Mi
Pratt. Those present weru Mr. and Mrs
Anderson , Mr. ami Mrs. Hliss , Mr. an
Mrs.V. . II Alexandiir , Air. and Mn
Aug. Pratt. Mr. and Mrs. Hi don. Mi
and Mrs. Howell , MUs Howoll. A. M
Akin. Huau Todd , H. M. Akin , Mr. an
and Mrs. Goodrich , Mr. and Mrs. Ed
helm , Miss Sadiu Booth.
A ChildriMi'H I'nrty.
Mrs. E. ( ' . McShanu gavu a children'
party Wednesday from to ! l o'clock i
honor of the twd'th hirtlulay of ' . "
daughter. Shov > % ns > Isted by Ml *
Morgan and by M , ' itvin , of Lincoh
Ono of the feature ; "is .1 large cak
about which twehe ! , hted candles wei
} ) laeed to repruMMit t'u- number of yeai
attained by thu young hostess.
The Metropolitan Club.
The leading Jewish organisation ga\
another of its pleasant hops at Mctn
polltan hall Thursday evening. Abet
thirty couples wcro present and dancin
was enthusiastically participated ii presort were : Mr. nnd Mr
Max- Meyer , Mr. and Mrs , Adolph Meyc
Mr. antl Mrs. MoritMcyor , Mr. an
Mrs. Hoyn , Mr , and Mrs. Alandelber
Mr. nnd Mrs. Haas , Mr. and Mrs. Ne' '
Mr. atid Mrs. Eicbman , Mr. aud Mrs. A
bert Calm , Mr. anil Mrs. Kntz , Mr. and
Mrs. llollman , Ur , and .Mis. Hoffman ,
Mr. nnd Mrs. Hcller.Mr. and Mrs. Kaulf-
man , Mr. and Mrs. Hcrgman , Mr. and
Mrs. Joe Goldsmith , Mr. nml Mrs.
Uoctz , Mr. and Airs. Hiihfeld , Mr. and
Mrs. Lowcnthal , Mrs. Fisiicr , tlio Misses
Newman , Sonnahill , Rothschild , Hendlt ,
Roscnfi'ld , Sohlcslnger , Messrs. .lullus
Mover , Fi lior. Schlll , Obcrfcldor , Goldsmith -
smith , Sclilcsingcr.
Tlio Hook Club.
The society called the New Hook club
held its annual meeting at Mrs. Win.
Wallace's Monday. The organl/.atlon
is composed of the residents of the
northern part of town , mostly older settlers
tlors , and has been in operation for
eight successful years. Only the newest
publications are rc.ul , and hence the
name of the club.
A Purlin I'nrty.
Thursday evening about forty of the
friends of tlio Misses Simon and Cnlmiu-
son gathered to celebrate Pnrim at the
residence , OKI South Eleventh street.
After partaking of supper the spacious
parlor ? were made alive with ineiriment
until a late hour.
An Impromptu Affair.
Mrs. S R. C.illaway entertained a
number of friends at a .spml-impromiitii
luncheon Saturday. At 1IO : ! tlio ladies
sat down to lunch , and the afternoon
was pleasantly spent in social chat over
fancy work.
A Dinner I'nrty.
Mrs. J. N. II. Patrick gave another of
her famous dli'iicrs Thursday evening.
Thee present worn Mr. and Airs. S R.
Callaway , Miss King. At is W R. Calla-
way. Mr. tuul Mrs. Mcday , Mr. and Mrs.
Ramsey , and R S. ISorlin.
Art Gossip.
Mrs. Mtimangh has organised a sketch
class to meet Wednesday afternoons.
MisSpratlon is engaged with black
and white .studies of still hfo objects.
Miss Shtil/o has several canvases
under way that will shortly be icady for
Miss Wilmasser is painting a dill'icnlt
llower niece , double roses against a
grayish background.
Mr. Tuttle has changed off from mak
ing surreptitious sketches of unsuspecting
choir singers and U developing a crayon
likeness of a well-known lady ,
Miss Hall's duties as instructor of draw
ing nnd penmanship are so arduous that
she has been compelled to relinquish her
favorite pastime almost entirely.
J. K. O'Neal has made a copy in oil of
the well known picture "Spring. " His
.suece s in depicting budding womanhood
has I'oen ' most gratifying. The llesh
tints and drapery are vvell handled.
Collins it SlinntK are showing some
CXPclient new crayon pieces. The latest
is a portrait of Miss Roberts' father.
Mr. Collins will shortly exhibit a Ifs
si/o oil portrait ot a prominent lady ,
th at will speak for his tibilitv in that line
a nd show what combined talent and in
dustry can do.
Orchaid's window is graced with a
poitrait in crayon of Mrs. lialbach by
Airs. Altimau < rh. The diavving is entire
tire/- ) freehand and ih so uniformly o\act
as to relleet much credit on the artist's
skill. Several equally truthful portraits
of loading citi/.ons have been completed
lately by tlio same lady.
Mrs. Halbaoh is working on an ambi
tious canvas that promises to develop
into a valuable picture. A dense forest
interior has a number of boldly drawn
leer in tlio middle distance. Light and
ihadovv are effectively handled and
he appearance of density is well brought
MissMnmioiTossclyn is decorating a
Verona silk scr.rf in glove orange pink , a
new shade between terra cotta ami
shrimp , with a conventional design of
chrysanthemums against discs of a deeper
color outlined in gold. Another pupil is
completing a very artistic ilrapo ot yol-
ovv , green Verona Mlks decorated with
lalm branches in harmonious greens in
the washable tapestry dyes.
Miss Laura Council is visiting in Don-
Mrs. Judge Wnkoloy is visiting in
Hilton Fonda will sing a solo at Triii-
ty this morning.
S. R. Callaway got in Wednesday from
i two weeks trip.
Mr. and Mrs. .J. W. Morse went to
Washington Thursday.
Mrs. S. T. Smith wont to Chicago last
week to visit friends.
Governor and Mrs. Satindcr.s went to
Hot Spiings last week.
Mrs. J. R. Shrive will go to Chicago
: iext vveok to visit friends.
Miss Adams , of Tillin , O. , was the guest
of Mrs. P. E. Her last week.
Airs. C. D. Woolworth and daughter
, ire visiting in Sioux City.
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Strang are spend
ing a few clays at Green Rivor.
L. H. Terrell , of Hastings , shook hands
with Omaha friends last week.
Mr. and Alr.s. Charles Hrown have gone
on a pleasure jaunt to California.
Miss Li//.ie Wykotf , of Council Hluffs ,
was the guest of Mrs. J. Al. Alotcalf last
Aliss Margaret Craig's many fricndf
will bo s-orry to learn thatshu is .seriouslj
indisposed ,
The A. L. C. club mot at Mrs. A. Alaiv
dolboig's Timr&ilay afternoon at 421 Con >
vent street.
Alls. Alien Koch and daughter left
Wednesday tor a visit of several weeks
in Chicago.
Air. and Mrs. C. S. Raynioml have is
sued cards for a reception on the 18th
fiom to 8 to 11.
Mr. ami Airs. A. AI. Pinto went tc
Lawrence , Wis. , Fiiday to visit Airs.
Pinto's parents.
Aliss Stevens , of Council Hlufl's , is vis
iting Aliss lloaglaml while her parent :
nro in California.
Mr. nml Airs. George Darrow hav <
moved into tholr now liouso , 014 Soutl
Twenty-second street.
Airs. Robinson , of Council Hlufl's , ant
Madame Uloomlicld wcro guests of Airs
Adolph Aleycr last week.
Air. Adams , of the lirm of Adams j
AleHrido , was married last week to Alls1
Grace Field , of Cleveland.
W. A. Gardner and J. F. Gardner o
Walnut Hill accompanied by their wive ;
went to Hot Springs last week.
Alr.s. B. E. H. Kennedy and daughter
Aliss Lottio , will leave Wednesday on i
month's visit at Romeo , Alich.
Thomas Kilpatrick has arrived fron
Cleveland and is established in his ncv
position as ono 01 the lirm of Tootle i
The Alissos Wndlelgh of Clinton , la.
who have been guests of Airs. Colpetxo
for some time , leave for homo early ncx
week. -
The next party of the Unity club wil
be given in April , and the May part ;
with which the series will close is to bo
swell aflalr.
Airs. J. T. Clark is prostrated will
serious illness. Her absence from ho
nccnstomed post in the M. E. choir i
much lamented.
Aliss Emma O. Ambrose arrived ii
Hoston last Monday , on the steamer Pr
vonla , feeling much recuperated. She i
the guest of her aunt in Cambridge , nea
Judge Goodwin , of the Salt Lak
Tribune , one of the most pungent of eel
Itorial writers , nnd n good getitllo men
bcr of the profession , will be in Onmli
next week prospecting.
Senators Who Think They Have the Big
Presidential Pole.
Worse Tlian n lilncnln Iiobby In-
tcri'stlnir About Kpeelicr Sloro
raot.M Ton Tuylors--Tliey
Want nu Uxtrn Session.
WA'ittKOTOV , March 10. [ CorresDoml-
cnco of the Hr.K.J There nro not many men
In the United States senate now who nre In
the line of presidential promotion. The
most prominent one Is probably bonator
Sherman , of Ohio. He Is now onhlsvvav
through the south , where , It Is alleged , hols
renewing old and making new acquaintances
with a view to next year's events. Then
comes Senator Allison , of Iowa , vvno may be
nominated by the Hipubllcans lu the event
the nomination pees ( o the far west. Octi-
eral Haw ley , ol Connecticut , probably comes
next in thu line of picshlcntlal possibilities.
He has a very stiong following , especially In
the east and among Foldlcts tluoiighout the
country. Mr. KdmtimK of Vermont , Is no
longer spoken of for the presidency. Hen-
eral Harrison , of Indiana , It Is believed by
many here , has had his presidential posslbll-
tics advanced by his departuiefrom | the senate
on the theory that men are never elected pies-
Idcnt while occupjlm ; n seat In the senate.
These nio the lepubllcans who may bo
nominated tlneo sennt6rs and ono ex-sen-
ntor. There Is but ono on the domociatlc
.hie . of the chamber whoso name Is ever
poken In connection with the prcsldcncj-
Ir. Voorhoes , of Indiana. There Is one man
.v . ho has come to the front recently that the
ouiitry seems to have ovcilooked for n
> lacu on the national ticket and who , many
hlnk , will come to the fore. This Is John
. Ingalls , of Kansas , president mo temporn
f the senate. No man has risen mote
avidly In Washington 01 the whole country
hail Mr. Ingalls , nnd his name Is being
mletly mentioned for the v Ice-pi esldency , in
: lie event the candidate for piesldent on the
( publican ticket Is taken liom the east. Of
louisi1 , It Mr. Sheiman or Mr. Allison , orS
' \-S < > nator Hnirlsnn Is nominatedMr.lngalls
ould not bu thought of lor the second place.
The most complaints ever uttered against n
iresldent have been heard on account of the
allure ot .Mr. Cleveland to sign the river and
iniboi bill. Representative ( Jnwcnoi , ot
Ohio , and Ciiaiiman vYtllls , of Kentucky ,
> t the committee on rivers nml haibors , say
.he bill would have been passed over the veto
by n four-llttlis majority In both houses of
congresses. Mr. Cleveland's failure to In-
, licju his objections to the bill is what ex-
asveintes the statesmen. Undoubtedlv thu
uost veiplex'lng thine which eonfioiits a
congressman Is to see a bill pocketed with
Impunltv , nnditnout any means of icdiess
being alToided , alter months of toll In Its
vreparation ami jearfe of promise to con
stituents. No one can estimate the amount
ot piomiscs contained in that bill ,
when It Is consldeicd that tlieiu
, vere not two do/en in the 825
congressional distilets nITected more or less
by it. Mine titan half of the senators and
epiosontatlves nddrcssed.the committee of
he two houses In favor ot the niov Islons In
corporated In the bill. .Most of them wrote
niudreds ot letters and visited the war de
partment lepeatcdly in the Interest ot pro
visions Iinallv incorporated In the measure.
It Is said that litty membois weru elected to
: ho Kouiti'-ninth congress on piomlso as to
ivhnt they would do lor navigation In tholr
tlistrlcts , and then after all has passed both
'louses ' and only awaits the as-unt , of the
jiiosideut. It dies an Ignobln death. Is stibbed
in the back , and no opportunity is atloided
Tor defense. A more nnsry lot ol statesmen
ivere never seen those thosu hero on last
Mondaj' ,
It Is said that them wcrcmoio corinpt
schemes In the Forty-ninth congress than In
any cougicss lei many ye-xrs. It K not
held that theiu was nn excess or unusual
amount of machinations among the Icgisla-
' : OH , but tlmt thi'io vvcie many schemes of-
feiliig tempting opportunities lor Influencing
esislation there can bo no doubt. Itlghts of
iMiys tor rnllionds tlirough Indian country ,
in Ivnto claims. Isthmian-canals nnd measures
it that charactci there were till no end. It
Is said that lawyers in this city had fees
iimountlng to over a quarter of a million of
ilollais In the gicnt Choctavv Indian claim ,
which was based on a Judgment obtained In
the snpiemo court of the United States , and
w hleh had the appearance of being as straight
nnd clean as anything could be. But It failed
to receive tlio anprovid'of the house commit
tee on apprupilatluiis aud failed to pass into
law.Little was said about the fact , but tlicio
was a stroin : lobbv here in the Intelest of the
diiect tax bill. It vvns made up ot lawyeis
nnd otheis who expected to reap a tmivest in
collecting thu money dim under it to states.
Hut it failed. The great coipor.itlonshaving
laiso Inteiestsbeforocongress did not como
lorwaul and make a light , as would have
been expected. Vciy little money was ex
pended to defeat the Inter-state commcico
bill , and had the rnlhoad corporations
known a month before Its passage what they
did a day atterwaid the bill would not have
become a law.
Probably the most money was expended to
duteat thu anti-Moimon Dill limn any other.
Money ran lilo water for awhile ; but it was
spent Injudiciously , nnd had no ell cot. The
political combinations made against the bill
had moie influence than nnj thing else ,
strange to say.
j *
There are people In Washington who be-
llovo that the worry the Hoy. Henry Wnid
Heecher had over the confirmation or his
son's appointment to a customs eollectorshlp
In \ \ ashlngton territory contributed some
thing to his demise. Captain Heechei's nom-
nntton , it will bo remembered , hung lire in
the senate for many months. There were
chaiges against his financial dealings when
he commanded n steamboat on the hound In
the Pacific country , and once or twice the
young man's fnthei paid visits to this city tor
Ihe pui pose , It was reported at the time , of
dealing away the charges or Inducing the
iiiesldent to stand by tlio nomination , which
lie did , In spite of the determination of the
senate 10 reject thu nomination. The young
man lb still in the employ of the govern
ment , so the Inlliienee of the now dead
pieaclicr must have been potent.
There Is no doubt that Piesldent Cleveland
held Mr. Heccher In veiy high esteem. This
vvns so notorious , It will bo remembered ,
that , during the early fmrt of the present ad
mlnistiation , there vvns some talk about the
dlvlno going to England as minister to UK
court of St. .lames. , Hut Mr. Heecher had IK
taste or ambition lor such a position , wore II
oilcred him. Hut that ho wielded a nowerfu
Inllucncc In the last campaign for Mr. Clevu-
land theiu can bu no doubt. Ho not onlj
spoku for the democratic nominee , but lu
did personal work for the same cause. H (
felt a keen Interest In seeiiu Mr. Hlalno do
fcated , because ho did not like him in an ;
capacity , and when once his nidor was en
listed In any causa it grew till It was uncou-
A number of times during the past six
jears Mr. Heecher1 had \isited this city
Usually he came In the cnpacltv of lectiuer
and occupied the pulpit nt the First Congrc
pitionnl church , xlo draw larzo audience :
of the best people. Hu alwavi
stopped at the Ebbltt , and 1 an
told tlmt a largo ininiberof cltUens wouli
go to the hotel tor meals during his stay
simply to get to see and hear him In his mon
private capacity than he appealed In vvhei
on the rostrum.
When Mr. Heecher catered the dining
room ho was Invariably seated at a tab !
alonennd ere ten minutes elapsed ther
would not bo a vacant heat nt the tablu oc
cupled by him. Instantly upon his seatlni
himself there would bo a movement nbou
the dining-room. Kvervbody who knew him
and many who did not know him pert-oiiHllv
Insisted upon going to his table. Am
scarcely a moment during the hourand n ha !
nt the table would all imvu sober luces. I
was a Etinleht season of laughing trom th
moment ono sat down bcsldo him till ho vvn
out of sight. Ho insisted that torlous sub
jects ought not to bo diseased nt ihn dlnin
table , ns they retarded digestion
Hut these who i &avv him hei
during ids visit when the son's DOM
I nation hung tire before the senate recall thn
ho appeared a derco 'Mirlotis , nnd that h' '
laughter at times appeased forced. Hu sal
that this w as the lint time that a member d
his Immediate family had had approblui
cast upon his liitegrlty uiid that It cut him t
thu quick. Thoto appeared to bu ono el <
mentln.Mr. HceclierV piiduthat stood hlt'lit
tunu all others , and that was his rcputatio
for honMty. Nor dhl ho relish the Idea ot
one of his nnmc bmnq iiiulor thn ban of dis
pute nnd suspicion. He stated that ho cared
much more for his son's reputation thnti the
ofllc" , nnd It Is s.ild tlmt when ho called upon
the nresldcnt ho Informed him that his son
was honrst , and that he had but ono request
to mnku In connection with thu matter. He
hoped that his son would bo Riven fair op
portunity to vindicate himself , nnd that ho
would not be sacrlllcecl , as mau ) nominees
# #
" 1 do not hallcvo the fortifications and
coast deloiiscs of the future \\lll emplov any
earthworks or hen\yt'iins , " said Oeiieral Neii-
ley , of Pltuburi : . to your concsunndcnt this
morning. " 1 anticipate that the defenses will
bo made by n mine scientific ami effectual
process. " continued tlio ueneial.who has just
completed a loni ; pcnod In countess , dtiiltn :
which ho made n study of war measines ami
nropuntlonx , "and 1 may suld that they will
be begun very soon. In my mind 1 now sec
the defeiife nrornratlons made for the Harbor
of New Yolk , for Instance. It consists of a
mine Inland a shoit dlstaiico. In U are lo
cated mortars and some illlcs. The L-UIIS ate
engineered by a practical engineer. 1 lo sees
nothing exeeut by the means of a lens or
tluomli ; the eye of Intelligence. Thu ainfaru
of the water Is1 measured and Is shown on
the chart which la > s at the lianils ol theen-
Klneer , who handles the utinsas easily as ono
moves the hands ot a wati'h.
"When the enemy apptoaolies the city It Is
discovered by means ot the lens , II It is day
light , anil by means ot electric wlies It It Is
daik. Whes point out to the engineer not
only the location ot the enemy , but the
iced It Is nunliii : at. Tlio engineer turns
.Is mortals , etc. , into position and Hies with
ho accutauv ol n tlllemnn , throwing his mis
siles Into tliu air anil scndluu' them to their
le.stlnatlon by Incline , right troia tlio mine
) r subterranean loit. There Is no uarthwoik ,
10 sand , no stone , lion , steel or other ob
truction. Theio Is nothing but the level
ground around the place , and consequently
lomark lor the enemy to shoot at. There
nay be ( lowers and a beautiful park at the
Kilnt nothing to Indicate that the place Is
he point deieslstance ot the whole const.
"As tlio ships nbpioach the coast they meet
i now ivslstlnc foico In the toun of toipe-
lors. On the bed of the waterway me vow-
itul toipedoes , having a connection by
.iieans of lloats with tlio surface. When the
ship sttlkes this lloat or tlnv wire It dls-
! lmr'esby means of electricity a chamber In
he toipeuo , foitntni ; gas , and causing the
.vliole to Instantly como to tlio suitaee.
Then the ship &ti Ikes thu torpedo , ll explodes ,
mil the entile stuicturu "iy annihilated.
There will be no booming cannon and
iTH'j expo'oil to the enemy , aud the minut-
it scientific details will be observed.
"Wo do not want In the eonstiuctlon of a
lavy a lot of heavy , slow Iron-dads or heav-
ly-nnnorcd crnlseis. What we want Is a
ilass ot light ships , Mcel-nriiioiud , but with
he very highest speed twenty-live knots an
our , If possible. We want giey hounds
a licet which can run up to one
) f ihe blar , clumsy ships , recon
noitre , tire n lew shots , and then run nv\ay ,
lopiepaielor a reception neai Innd. Them
. ' .xplosives will be used. In this day of
Ivnamlte and preparations toi subterranean
Jorts heavy lighting onatei is Inexcusable.
The best that can bo done Is to see what Is
oniing and piepaio to light from land.
iVlthln the next ten yeais tlieie will be no
.iso for these heavily-mined men-of-war , nnd
icoutlng vessels , dynamite , toipedoes and
.Mat class of destrojere will do the lighting.
The cruiseis which have been prepaied tor
: > y congiess will be all light , as there ate to
jo but tew of them , nnd they will make up
the variety : but I do not think num- can bo
ntlli/eil to advantage. Wu should open our
narkcU to the competition ot the world In
ncpaiing forawni , anil get the very latest
The guboinatoiial campaign in Ten
nessee was a family alfair thionghoiit and a
oailnc farce withal , " said a southern sena-
: or to-day. "Tho dcmnnats nominated n
man named Hob Taylor. Then the republi
cans determined to match that with another
ind trom the same lamlly. anil thereloio
pitched on Alt 1'nylor as theh nominee.
"Alt and Hob Taj lor stumped anil llddlcd
he state together , for thej were both fair
country tiddlers as well as lair countiy
stumpers. While liob was speaking Alt'
ivas mUlllng. and vice versa. Ami so they
ivi'iit through the state county by countj ;
and as the campaign nearetl its end it was
seen that the contest would boa veiy close
one , and therefoio each one of the opposing
"jiotheis put an extra dt-giei1 ot limberness
into their jaws and their elbows , nnd they
.ulilli'd and IHldled , and snouted and
spouted until the gallusud anil copucrascd
breeches follows just howled with enthusi
asm and mndetho hills and \allevs ot old
Tennessee echo and re-echo 1th the vocal
ami musical .sounds.
"When they got Into the mountain coun-
ies ot Hast Tennessee Alt felt that ho had
.he bulge on Hob there , lor those counties
aio ncaily all strongly republican , and ho
.ailed . In to just lay Robert out on the cool-
ng-boaiil. In order to capture the inouu-
aiiiccrs , the more eflcctually ho resetted to
hu native lingo , and the way ho thus wailed
nto the allcctions of his hilltop auditors was
just snrurlsing. Nothing daunted , Robert
followed suit , and essajcd to one more than
Alf had put up. To do that he announced in
nil his East Tcniiessen i-pecclies that "ef any
ot vou durnod galoots hml a big bellied jug
out thar in the dog-Kennel with a coin cob
stopper In It jlst wade In and take j er over-
lastlni : till ot thu truu spuint ot Jncksonlns
dcmociacj' . " This capttned the ciovvd. The
speakers stand became a silent waste w Ithln
live minutes , and everybody took to the dog-
Now , Alf Is known to bo a veiysly young
man , while Hob Is of a mote Finnic and open
nature. Alt had kept his ejo on mother
liob , and when he saw him breaking for thu
kennel and taller weeds and bushes lie knew
that some sort of a game to win the heaits of
the mountaineers was afoot. So ho slipped
aiotind on Robert's Hank and vvns lewarded
by lirst seeing him take a thundering big
swig out ot n corpulent jug nnd then tuck it
deftly away among the u-cds. Ho nt once
slipped away nnd hired a darkey who lived
near to run homo and brine him a bucket of
buttermilk nnd an empty juir about as big as
Hob's. Ho hist emptied the contents ot
Hob's Into his own jug ana then tilled Hob's
plumb full of buttermilk.
"After taking n hearty swig he. too , slipped
away , caiiylnuHob't whisky with him.
"The hist man who found Hob's juu after
his genctous Invitation was a big , Mx-foot ,
raw ami gaunt mountaineer. He pulled out
the cob with a whoop , turned the jug almost
bottom up niul let about a pint of the acldu-
ous contents tumble down his throat. His
look vvns one ot calm peacctulness while ele
vating the jug , which was soon
followed by an expression ot In-
tensu surpilso nnd hueo disgust
followed by an aspect of llnmlng and
icd-hot Indignation. Hu dioppfd the j % as
It It vvns red-hot , jumped nboiit live feet into
the air and yelled out : "Dod bum his ontiy
hide : jest let me clap my tatcr-dlggers onto
him , " and oil ha started lei the stand. The
next one to stimplo Hob's whisky fainted out
right , nnd soon thn excitement spread all
through the ciovvd. Soon Hob arose to make
the closing speech , but vvns received with
yells nnd execrations , In which "buttermilk , "
" " " for Alt Tavlor "
"tho tratitl , nnd "hooray ,
took the leading parts. Hob looked things
unutterable nt Alt , who met his ga/.u
with n face mantled ovei with nn
expression of happy Innocence. Then Hob
tried to pacify his lormer 11 lends , but It was
no go. A few of thu old Iron-clad confeder-
ntea still stuck to him , but the other half
voted straight out for Alt , nnd "don't care
a dod-dlnp who knows It , " ns one ot them
expressed It , And now the democracy of
enstTennessee nre divided Into two warring
nnd Irreconclllnblo factions known ns "Hut-
termllkers , " "and antl-Hnttcrmllkers. a con
dition of thlnys that will surely give the state
to the republicans In ISbS. "
Every business man nnd every newspaper
In Washington Is praj ing for an e.xtra ses
sion. All sorts of reasons are advanced to
show that thu country will go to the dogs
unless the piesldunt calls coneicss together
to consider the deficiency bill nnd the bill
providing for the rivers nnd harbors on which
de-ponds the work ot tilling In thu Potomac
tlais. Thn departure of congress so early In
the season makes a vast difference to the
business of the public at the capital nnd no
onn regrets the decision of the president nol
to call art extra session more than the hotel
keepers and laundry men. I met ono of tht
latter this morning who vvns bewailing the
loss of business which the congressional
hiatus had entailed upon him. This mar
Miutnl here a few years ago with the pro
verbial shilling In his pocket , and to-day lu
owns pieces of valuable real estate , has f
cond tat bank account nnd Is in every wnj
In easy financial circumstances. The gor-
( .eons establishment might bo called tlu
cream of thu soapsuds trade , and on him sen
ntors , members of congress , justices of tin
supreme court and ollldals generally , of hlgl
nnd law degree , depend for the gloss upoi
their linen v\ Inch adds so much to their dig
nlty and refinement. "My receipts , " Bali
this eentlcumn , "have fallen olT $300 till
week from what they vveio a week ngo , am
until congress comes again 1 shall Tiavo t
cut down the vxueinuia lu a uiniked device. '
Morontl met ions and less object ions than any ether addition.
The grand view of these heights from Paxton Hloelc , Omaha's
business cenlor-is unequalled. Property well bought is twice
sold. The north half of thfcaddition is now platted and will be
sold at prices which challenge competition , considering loc
tionand general surroundings.
The south half will be platted so soon as railroad linci depot grounds , and a bus
iness center and grounds for several large manufactories can be determined and laid
out to accommodate'a'll. * 3 * * * * '
No pains will be spared to make this large , fine addition a success.
One-fifth down , balance easy pa , } incuts. To appreciate this addition you must vjew
the Heightb from city , and the city from the Heights. Special inducements Yn'prfce '
of ground with railroad facilities and i mining water to manufacturing entcrp/lVcs.
, tf
New mid Wonderful Sworn Ccrtlllc-ntcs. \
ST. Lotus , 1'obi imry S3.18W ,
fnrhollc SmoKe Bill To. 1'or ten joins 1 vuls uUllutcd
with cntnrrli. which caused frequent mid severe piling In my
heart , nnd nlso a sovorocasu ol ilvspopsln. J tried n ft cat
ninny remedies , nnd all of them lulled tnciuu inc. As nn ex
periment. I beciin tliuuso of jour CAKIIOLIU S.MOK12
nnd liiI.LLA'l'H ; ! ( ) imoUni'o. nnd nni cured ot lioth tlltcusrs.
TIIKO. DIIX'KMAN , CW-14 N'.Vomtll fit.
Subset Ibod nnd sw01 u to lieforo inu , this-Jd titty of Vol-
runiy. IfcBi. ISeul.J > VAI/f Kit C. CAltlt , Notary 1'ubllc.
HACir rnoM THI : Gn\\e.
EAST ST. Louis Fobrunry 12 , 1R87/
rnrbnllo Pniolto Hull Co. A ciso ol ciunnli , whleli I
ncjilected for twelve years , liml lodiiood mo tolaHcoinjilcto
bl\elutoii ; in v bend iis teuruoly uv or fteu liom ptthvnnd 1 WAR
t-o denl us to render fimudlblo nn ( irdliinry tone or volcpj' my
BlKlit VVIIH veiy poorespecially ol tlio loit eye ; tlio p-wnuo
ol tlio mucous iiintter vUilch lornicd In tlio heild ilovrn la tliu
tluaiit caused it hronchliil aileutlou which thiontencd to run
into consumption. I hud nn fuith In C'AHIIOMO BMOICI3
1IAI.L , I ut icueptcd the acluco of mylfo niul trloil it.
JIV I/in ; I huvo u oil It a llttlo lo'-s limn four months , nnd
am covii'iri'iiv : cuitno. JAMES A. snuiiviuK.
Siiliscrlbed tintl sworn to bofoio me , this Uth Uny ol Fob-
runt v , lt 7.
LSc.U. ] J. I * DUAOGON , Justlctjof the I'oaco.
Other remedies nro on the market. They mo not onlv Im-
iiosltlono.luit uio Inliiiloii" . This cut ropio-onts llio. ( JAJt-
lJUMU SMOKIJ I1AI.L. Kveiy unmiliio bull htm our tintlu
mark sliuniied upon It. Othuis mo yiurlouO Till ; DKUl'.I/-
LATOH.lor eorrcctlntf lirctfiilnritleM of Mvor nnd KldnejR ,
hiiSK'ihiod niuputatlon thiitKlvosit the lilglujst iinthoms of
praise , liebellator , sent by mail , SI. Carbolic Smoke Ball , $2,4c p stnKe.
Rooms I & 2 Frenzer Blk , S.LGor , 15th & Dodge Sts , , Omaha , Neb ,
) Lincoln , Neb. , Cor. llth and O Sts.
BRANCH OFFICES } .Hastings , Neb. , Boom D , Cameron Block , Hastings ave.
) near 2nd St.
Then ho wanted to tell nm something about
his customers. "Seuntor , for Instance ,
vvenrsnot less than twenty collnrseach week ,
while Judge Wnxcm , from Way Hack , sel
dom hells more than two. 1 had charge of
the wardrobe of the Hcinhaidt party last
week , " said this man , "and ns soon ns it vvns
known that the celebinted Ktench nctress
had hei vvnidrobe on exhibition nt my estab
lishment , thcio vvns the bluest crowd of
duclcs nrotind that corner that you ever saw.
homo of them would have n couple ot collars
fitul a pair of culfs done up In n very .small
bundle and would leave them to be operated
on. Some came without nny excuse , nnd
simply told mo outilcht that they wanted to
see thu laces and rullles and tillls for willed
theMndatue Sarah vvns celebinted. The cm I *
oslty of each was mtUIed , nnd 1 telljoult
was a sight to see that assortment displayed.
They had been unable to have any vvashlnir
done blnce they loit the city of Mexico , nnd
in consideration ot the IOIIK railroad ilde.
thcio was nn enormous nmonnt ot soiled
clothtab' belonglnt : to Madnmu liornhnidt
and tier sulto dumped In upon me.
Among other things , there we to no
less than three bundled pocket hand
kerchiefs which the nudnme herself had
held In her tingois since the last time the of
ficers of of the laundry had been called to aid
her. These handkerchiefs weru a show of
themselves. They were all very dainty af
fairs , of which lace was "the component part
of chief vnluo , " ns they say In the tiensuiy
department , and 1 suppose thu three hundred
were worth not a cent loss than W.OOO. It
was the linost dlnplav tlmt I over saw In my
life , nndl have handled the washing of dukes
aud counts and earls and lords since I have
been In the business In Washington. "
Binilca as a Means ot fOxprcsslon.
In the first place , there Is the presenta
tion smile of society. You are presented
to a lady , who not only bows lo show
that she puts herself at your feet , and
perhaps gives her hand to show that shu
docs not mean to pull hair or scrateh ( I
still follow the doubtless correct evolu
tion theory of ceremonials ) , but she
"smiles and smiles" to show that her
mood is ono of sweet amiability , and that
you are therefore , for the ] irc.cnt , safe.
Then there is the pretty , pearly , rip
pling laugh , with which vour "nut
brown" anecdote , whieh has been heard
already twice this oveninir , is received.
Hero , certainly , there Is no pent-up ens-
cado of emotion that seeks for an outlet.
The sweet lady'a laugh is partly for your
sake , that you may feel the . oft thrill of
, Helf-applauso ; and partly for her own ,
because she knows she laughs well. Slio
pulls it exactly as if it wcro a stop In aa
Then thcro is tlio bitter laugh of the
sad , sad young man , who wishes to im
press noon your mind tlio hollowncsH
that all thing- , have for him ; and the
woll-managcd sniilo of Juquos , the elder
cynic , who thinks thus to wither your
youthful asnirations , and at the winio
time to suggest his own unfuthomcd
ilenps of cruel disillusion.
Neuralgia , rheumatism , erysipelas ,
fioru throat toothachs and all other pains
and aches aru promptly cured by Salva
tion Oil. I'rieo U.'j ' cents.
Coughing Ulara Como'iv , charming
Clarissa Clendunning , carelessly catching
cold ; creeping chills oanio ; Clara
coughed continually : cruel , crupy cough ,
that would huvo killed her , had .slio not
used Dr. Hull's Cough Syrup , costing 25c.
Cor. 13th ST. and CAPITOL AVE. . OMAHA , NEB.
Bett fadlltleo , aprsralus and remedies for eucccn.
fully trcatlnjnllklnU of medlca. and lurgleal cases
WBITB roaC'incuMRi on Deformities nudUrncc
Club Keel , Curvature of ho S | > lnc , DlfcaotB of Via
men , riles , Tumors , CMnccre , Cntarrh , llroncbttl * .
I'Braljcln , Kpllc'iuy , Kidney , Illaddcr , Eye , Ear
Skin unil niood , and ell hnrt-Ji-al Opcrallonn.
On Private , Kpcclal nn.l Nenous Ultcaici , Hem.
lnalVVcakntiii > .SermatatrlianImpotriicy,8vnlillIs | ) ,
Oonorchcca. Gleet. Varlcocclf. ncultn.Urluarj
. . . RollabloMEDIOAL IN <
STITUTE luauiDj ; a tptcially of tlio &bovo >
named dlicatcf.
Xcw ItMtoratUcTrcatmrnJ for I/JIJB ofVltal Power.
All CONTAOIOL-B and lltnop DISEAISS from uliftt.
ever caueo rrodiiccd , niKccufully treated ultlioul
ricrcnry. Medicines or Instruments cnt by mall
. . txnrit * . fccnrdy pacKetl from obiervatlon ,
CJll mid consult IP , or untl liUloryof ca c , wlih
- ' mp. All cnmmunlnitlons strictly confltltntlsl ,
hfl RflftMQ ForU enf pstitnts. IloirJondullcnd.
UU IlUUlUO mco , reaFounlilo. Addro oil Ictlrro
Qor.iatuSt. &OnDl l AvoOdalM.WtjJj