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    JH'-lRjL&l. ' *
The Laucr Trial Commenced Yesterday
Getting a Jury.
A Chloroform JUoIl > cry Sporting
Notes A llrtitnl Tennihter Hcul
Kstnto OIHccH A Colored
Statesman Other Local.
Tim Imunr Trial.
After tliu transaction of s-oino routine
business yesterday morning in the district
court before .Judge Neville , John W.
Laucrvus called up for trial. At live
minutes to ten the twelve jurors took
their scats and their examination as to
their ( ] Uillication ! ! to act as jurors in this
case was commenced. Lauer had en
tered the court room a few minutes pre
viously and taken his scat by his counsel ,
Judge Savage and John At. Thurston.
Mr. Simcral stated to the jury that the
defendant had been indicted at the february -
ruary term , 1830 , for the murder of his
wife Siilllc Lauer , November S.1 ! , 183jand
propounded thu usual questions to the
jurors. He asked them If they were ac
quainted with the defendant ; iiad they
formed or expressed an opinion as to
the guilt or innocence of the accuscdhad ;
they any conscientious scrunlcs against
the infliction of the death pen
alty. " In the first twelve called tlioro
was one who had not formed an opinion
ns to the defendant's emit. One after
another was ordered aside as their an-
ewnis clearly showed bias , such as to dis
qualify them. They had formed fixed
opinions .such as it would require evidence
to remove. The defense , according to
the law , arc entitled te sixteen peremp
tory challenges , the prosecution night.
The court room was comfortably filled ,
there being in addition to the regular
panel , the seventy-live jurymen on the
special venire. Lauer was dressed in
black , was well barbcred , looked interest
ingly pale and seemed to take the keenest
note of the answers of the jurors , the
question and the wrangling of counsel ,
nnil the decisions of the court. The ma-
fority of the inrors had formed an opiu-
on from reading the account of the for
mer trial in the newspapers. Hut very
few had conscientious scruples against
the infliction of the death penalty , m a
CASO whore the law so ordered and the
facts established guilt. One juror said
he had formed an opinion as to defend
ant's guilt , but had not the opinion now.
At noon thirty-six jurors had been ex
amined out of which twelve had been se
lected , against whom no cause for chal
lenge could bo assigned. The court then
cautioned thu jurors against talking
about the case to each other or to others ,
or listening to others talking of it. Judge
Neville then announced the method of
protuptory challenges ns follows : State ,
one , defense , one ; state , one , defense ,
one , and so alternately until the state
has challenged five and the defense thir
teen. The defense will then challenge
two , the state ono and the defense one ,
when the number allowed by the statute
will then have been exhausted. Judge
Savage suggested to the court the pro
priety of making an order similar to the
ono enforced at the former trial , and the
court announced that the ofliccrswonld see
that extra crowding will bo prevented
both in the court room and the space as
signed to the bar. New jurors who
will bo called to fill the places va
cated by challenged jurors will bo subject
to the same criticism as the jurors now
on the'panel have passed through. Gen
eral Cowin is assisting the county attor -
noy.When court convened at 3 o'clock , the
defense exorcised iti right to a peremp
tory challenge , and ono of the jurors was
excused. A doxen or more of the special
talismon were then called and on ex
amination were excused for cause , one
after the other. Ono , a farmer although
an unprejudiced juror , was by consent of
course excused , as he desired to bo in the
iiold at work. The jurors manifested
no disinclination to inflict capital
punishment. At 2:30 : the panel was again
filled , and the state peremptorily chal
lenged John Ilunuon , and another
string of nlen took the vacant chair to be
rejected for causo. No change was made
until the time for adjournment.
The details of the crime for which John
Lauer is to stand trial are so well known
to the Omaha public that but the briefest
resume of the case will bo necessary.
It was at 1 o'clock on the morning of
November 24,1885 , that John \V. Lauer
shot and killed his wife , Sallie Goctschlus
Lauer. He claimed t have mistaken her ,
in the dark , for a burglar. Very few be
lieved him. Ho had treated his wife
cruelly in the past , and there were cer
tain suspicious features of the case which
made his statement look " fishy. " Ho
was arrested and promptly hold to the
district court. Last year his trial oc
curred. The jury brought In a rather
peculiar verdict ono of manslaughter.
The judge hold that the verdict should
cither have boon murder in the first or
second degree , and granted the motion
of counsel for defense for n new trial.
John Lauor has been in jail since the
89th day of November , 188.1 , or more
than fifteen months. Ho was formerly
manager of the Omaha Nail works.
Buffalo Cill Sail * for England April
Buffalo Bill arrived in the city yester
day fiom Now York , and will remain
until this evening , when ho goes to
North Platte to visit his homo and attend
to some business affairs. Ho is in excel
lent health and spirits , and his many
Omaha friends are glad to see him and
to hear of his wonderful success. Not
withstanding his great prosperity and ac
cumulation of money , no is the same ok
Buffalo Bill generous and genial and
sociable , with a pleasant word for every *
body. His "Wild > \'est" show closed the
season at Madison Square garden , Now
York , OD February 'J. The show has
been witnessed by 2,100,000 persons
This includes 345 performances , given on
Staten Island and at Madison Square
garden. It is the most remarkable run
ever known in the amusement world
and the record places UulValo Bill at the
head of American showmen.
On the 1st of April the entire
outfit , consisting of 250 people
and 250 animals , will sail for
England on the steamship Nebraska , o :
the State line , which has been chartered
for the trip. On the 2d of Mav the "Wild
WcBt" will open at Earl's Court , Soutl
Kensington , in the heart of London , am
will remain there during the entire sea
son. The show will be given in conncc
tlon with the American Exhibition it
London , which will occupy twenty-three
acres , owned by the railroads and reserved
served for a mammoth depot am
grounds. Fourteen hundrol trains arrive
and depart every day ntthat point. Snrci
acres have been reserved for the "Wilt
West. " A largo grand stand , the
largest ever constructed , 1ms ahead ;
been built. It will accommodate
60.000 people. A track one-third of i
ml la has been provided , and also
nn ample nrona' . The American oxhi
bltion buildings have already been
erected. They bear n striking rcscm
blunce to the Centennial buildings ot
1870 in rhll\deli : > hia. The main building
is 000 teet long. The avenues are namci
after the American presidents , and the
freeti of the grounds are named uftc
loading Aiuodcun cities , . Of course
thert U nn Omaha street. All the space
for fiote ) , bar , rjtstayjaut an/i o\h \ r pr
logos have bdon loaml. Buffalo Bill's
'Wild West" is to bo ono of
lie leading features of the Amcrl-
an exhibition , and ho Is to re-
elvc one-half of the gross receipts.
'hat they will amount to an enormous
um there is no question , as London Is
he most populous city in the world. He-
ides this Is fiiicen Victoria's jubilee
car. the fiftieth anniversary of her reign
ind it will bo the biggest year London
las cvnr seen. Hulfalo Hill has been ox-
enslvely advertised in Kngland. Ho lias
nany friends among the nobility and
nailing business men. and ho will bo ac-
onlcu a royal reception on personal
rrounds. Ho will do much to advertise
Jtnaha and Nebraska , as his show
s a Nebraska institution , and the first
xhlbitlon was given in Omaha. By the
vay , it would be a good thing if (5ov- (
rnor Thavor would appoint Mr. Cody
as one of Nebraska's commissioners to
cprcscnt the state In an ollieial capacity
it tnc American exhibition , and at the
nine time some steps ought to bo taken
inmudiately to have Nebraska properly
represented In the way of agricultural
ind other exhibits.
Clifton Hill
on Military road is same dist.-yicc from
> oitollieo that i'hiinviow is. Compare
he prices and locations.
A. 1' . TOKIV : , 1321 Farnam.
The South Omaha Land company have
appointed ( ) . K. Mayiio sole agent for the
sale of their lots. III ! will show the prop-
ti'ty and furnish all desired information
ipon application.
[ Signed ] W. A. PAXTQN , President.
Picking ! * From the Liocnl Field of
An interesting cock fight , to take place
n or near Omaha , for big money , is on
ho tapis.
Jack llanley is in active training for
he Thursday night encounter with
Fohn P. Clew , in which the latter must
top him in live rounds to win. The bet
ing is about oven.
Bullock says that ho will run a twenty-
mile race against either Dingley or Ash-
ngor next Saturday night , but will not
run them together. Ho is afraid of a
combination between the two men.
The "Wheelmen's Record , " a paper
Hiblislicd in Indiana , has the follow-
ng good words to say about
) maha's now rider : "The evening of
February 1 ! ) added another set of re
cords to the credit of the 'American
Jhampion , ' when Kd N. Bullock , of
Omaha , defeated Tom Kck in a hundred
nile race at the Omaha exposition build-
ng. Eck was ridden oft' his legs at the
cventy-fourth mile. The records were
mfished from the sixty-fifth mile , 3 hr. 52
min. and 18 sec. up , and the hundred
voromado in 5 hr. 59 min. 50 sec. better
lun Ives' track record and some six
minutes better than Morgan's record for
he same distance. Bullock is a new
nan : U the business and greatly astonished
lis friends by his remarkable increase in
speed. "
Benson Keeps His Promise.
If there was anyone who had doubts as
o the railway to Benson he can now
lave his doubts cleared away , for the
nest tangible of all proof that Mr. Ben
son means to keep his word is the fact
hat the rails for the road are strung
along the route for more than a mile and
n halt , and the rest of the material is
) cmg unloaded on the ground as fast as
t can bo hauled from the cars. The work
of laying the tics and placing the rails in
shape for running cars will bo pushed
with all haste , and it is confidently ex-
) ected that the first trip can bo made by
tlay 15th. The 100 houses contracted fore
o bo built in Benson arc now in course of
srectlon , and will bo ready for occupancy
jy May 1st.
Gigantic UuiliUngs
Arc those to be built in South Omaha , for
which the plans have just been com
peted. Vast industries will bo added
his year and
erected for those finding employment
odors the best opportunities for those
wishing to purchase lots m South Omaha ,
whether for residence or speculation.
W. G. ALniiiGHT.
218 S loth st.
Isaac Clarke and His Grandson the
Victims Thereof.
A runaway accident occurred on Doug-
as street about nine o'clock yesterday
morning which came very near resulting
The horses attached to Allen's fish
wagon became frightened while the dri
ver was engaged in adjusting their bri
dles , broke from his control and dashed
down Sixteenth. At the corner of IJoug-
las they ran into a buggy , which was oc
cupied by Isaac D. Clarke , an old gentle
man seventy years of age and his little
grandson , Lewis Clarko. The buggy
was upset and the occupants thrown violently
lently on the asphult pavement. The
runaway team swerved to ono side and
continued their mad career down the
street. They were finally stopped
before any further harm was
done. When Mr. Clarke
was picked up ho was bleeding profusely ,
and it was found that ho was danger
ously injured , lie was removed to the
residence of his son , 11. T. Clarke , where
medical attendance was summoned. It
was found that his injuries consisted of a
few scalp wounds , none of which are
dangerous. The little boy Lewis was
cut and bruised somewhat , but his in
juries are not serious. Both vehicles are
pretty badly wrccKcd.
Cllttou Hill
on Military road. Is same distance from
postollico that Plalriview is. Compare
thu prices and locations.
A. P. TUKEV , 1321 Farnam.
The Intcr-Stnto Commerce mil.
is expected to help the boom in South
Omaha immensely , as freight rates ad
vance and passes to stockmen are abel
to compcto with South Omaha- the
eastern points.
thus becomes more valuable every day
although the prices have not yet been ad
vauceu , but they soon will bo.
218 South 15th st.
What the Omaha Authorities Intend
to Do That Diamond.
"Yes. wo shall bring Uothery to Omnlu
as soon as ho is turned loose in the
Bluffs , " said ono of the deputy sheriff ,
yesterday. ' 'Wo have a man over there
now , waiting for him. I understand tha
Kothery's friends have 'fixed up' a
schema to spirit him out of the city a
soon as hu js released. But they won'
succeed. "
After Kothery loft Omaha Saturday he
wont to Council Bluffs , whcro ho was ar
rested shortly afterwards m companj
with "Bill" Morse for the alleged theft o
a diamond stud from Burhorn's jewelry
store. Vesicular he was brought up fo
oxttmhmtion. but waived examination
until to-day. Re is still la jail.
Uothery's friends clalnj that bo will be
ableto eMablUh hla
lover Intended to escape the sentence of
ho Omaha court when ho wont to Couu-
11 Blulls , but was boarding the dummy
o return to this city when ho was ar-
The nonanza Addition
"o South Omaha has just been placed on
ne inarKct , being n subdivision of block
0 , of
100 lots in this beautiful addition arc
now offered for sale nt very moderate
) rlccs. They are located on and imme
diately adjoining Bellcvue road.
W. G. ALUIIIOHT , 213 S. 15th.
ciirton HIII
on Military road is same distance from
> ostolllco that Plainviow is. Compare
he prices and locations.
A. P. TIKEY , 1H21 Fnrnam.
Members of the Omaha Musical Protec-
ivc Union are requested to meet this
evening at t ) o'clock at 1022 Farnam. The
election of ollicer.s and other important
business. Jut.itrs MEYEII , Sco'y. '
A imuu/u i-'iiom UTAH.
Major iJurt Talkn of Fort Iu ChoNiie
and n Hnllrond.
Major Hurt , of Fort Robinson , arrived
n Omaha ; yesterday from FortDu Chcsno ,
whcro ho was engaged on the Bentcen
court-martial , lie .sa3-s the officers of
the court had a rough time coming and
; oing , being obliged to camp out one
light each way. The camping out was
lone nt Brock's ranch between Price ,
Utah , and FortUu Chesnc. Some of tlio
older ollicc'-s , who were not used to such
tardshlps. were rather dismayed , but
'took their medicine" with the best possi
ble grace.
"The building of the barracks at Fort
Du Chcsno is going on very rapidly
under General Hatch's supervision , " said
Major Burl , in replying to the questions
) f a reporter to-day. "When everything
s complete , I think this will bo one of
the prettiest posts in the department. "
"Any prospect for a railroad out that
way ? "
"Yes. The Utah Midland a bniveh of
; ho Colorado Central will bo built west
Tom Salt Lake City to Fort Du
Chesno , I think. Ex-Governor Mur
ray , of Utah , has been elected vice
president of the road and is nr-
.ivoly pushing the matter. The day I
started from Fort DuChcsne General
[ latch loft to have a conference with
Jolorow , ono of the Ute chiefs , to secure
the right-of-way from the Indians. "
"Will Colorow consent ? "
"Oh , I presume so. Colorow , you
enow , Is famous as one of the warriors
who was mixed up in the massacre of thu
Meeker family some years ago. "
Arc those to bo built in South Omaha ,
'or ' which the plans have just been com-
iletcd. Vast industries will bo added
; his year and
erected for these finding employment
offers the best opportunities for these
wishing to purchase lots in South Omaha ,
whether for residence or speculation.
W. G. Auiifir.HT ,
218 S 15th st.
Clifton Hill
on Military road is same distance from
postofiicn "that Plaiuviuw is. Compare
the prices and locations.
A. P. TUKEV , 1321 Farnam.
A Colored Man's SciiflatinualStnry of
a Itobbcry.
Julius Gold , a negro , came into
the police court yesterday afternoon , and
told a sensational story of how ho was
robbed Sunday night. Ho and two other
colored men have been rooming with a
fellow named Lewis Dellcfiay
at 014 North Fifteenth street. Last
night Dcllchay came homo with a bottle
wnich Gold suspected to bo chloroform.
Mr. D. did not retire until the other men
were asleep. When they woke up
yesterday morning the room was
filled with thn odor of chloraform. They
found that Dellelmy had gone , and with
him | 05 In money belonging to Gold ,
and clothes and jewelry belonging to the
other men. The total loss was about
$ 100. Dcllchay is believed to have gone
to Lcavenworth , Kan.
The Intcr-Stntc Commerce BUI.
is expected to help the boom in South
Omaha immensely , as freight rates ad
vance and passes to stockmen arc abel
to compete with South Omaha at the
eastern points.
thus becomes more valuable every day ,
although prices have not yet been ad
vanced , but they soon will lie.
218 South 15th st.
A Good Subject For Arrest Abusing
Dumb Animals.
About the noon hour yesterday the at
tention of several prominent citizens was
called to thu outrageous treatment of u
team in the r.lloy just south of Ilellman's
block. The wagon was u coal delivery
vehicle ot Jell' W. licdford , anil was
driven by u young man named Uailoy ,
lately from barpy county. Itecauso the
horses would not dance attendance to his
every foolish whim , he got another man
to hold the lines while hu used rv heavy
whip over the horses' heads. One of them
was thrown down , partly by the castigation -
tion and partly by the slippery condition
of the alloy-way. The proceeding was
outrageous in every way , and complaint
will bo made to General Smith , attorney
for the humane society. As it was , the
driver came very near having ; the same
treatment administered to him that he
gave to the dumb brutes.
The Bonanza Addition
To South Omaha has just been placed on
the market , being a subdivision of block
10 , of
100 lots in this beautiful addition are
now oll'cred for sale at , very moderate
prices. .They are located on and imme
diately adjoining Uollovuo road.
W. G. ALUUIGHT , 218 S. 10th.
Itall Note * .
The Union Pacific and B. & M. are is
suing nil the passes subject to the inter
state law , which goes Into effect April 1.
After that date , the otliccrs say that , as
nt present advised , they will not issue
pusses except to railway men. All re
quests for quarterly or annual passes
and thov in " "
come quito "numerously"
are refused with the simple remark "Tho
inter-state commerce act won't allow us
to do It. "
i'he telegraph room in the Union Pa
cific headquarters will bo shortly re
moved across the hall to the room for
merly occupied by the supply agent and
car accountant. The quarters hero will
bo larger and more commodious.
For Sale.
A first class short order cafo.dolng excel
lent business. Showing of handsome
profit since business established. Best of
reason for selling. Address F , 01 , BEE
Effect of Coasting.
A short time the '
ago ilro-ycar-old s'og
of Edward Moore.of Walnut Hill , Injured
his knee while coas'ting. It was not con-
tired dcsorious nt tirst , but yesterday
morning it was discovered that the little
feUowTllmb woqld to be nrnpu-
-v „ . mortification u& manllftBt * " ' " -
' * * *
, 'iif.jJllW' w ?
A First-class Hotel to bo Bun on the
European Flan ,
A New Departure In Omaha Hotel
Methods That Will bo Appreciated
by Everybody , the Travel
ing public In Particular.
The new live-story brick building on
; ho northeast corner of Thirteenth and
Jones streets , just completed : and owned
by the Barker Bros. , has been leased for
a terra of years by Mr. F. A. Balch for
lotcl purposes.
This now hostelry will bo known by
.ho name of the Barker hotel , and will bo
opened for public inspection Tuesday ,
March 8. The Barker contains Hales'
liydranlio elevators and 103 sleeping
apartments , eacli one of which has elec
tric annunciators , steam radiators , gas ,
etc. , with hot and cold water on uvciy
floor. The rooms are elegantly fur
nished , being supplied with carpnts , the
most of which are moqttettes , Wilton vel
vets and body brussuls , the bedroom sots
being of the latest and newest designs.
JL'ho corner bay window rooms on each
lloor facing south and west arc the most
beautiful in Omaha , and a fiord a line
view of the city in almost every direction.
There is no extra charge for steam heat
and the rooms arc always warm.
The rates are $1 per day and upwards ,
the hotel being run strictly on thn liuro-
pcan plan , each guest paying only
tor what ho orders , and prices
will be as reasonable as good
service will allow. The restau
rant department is in the charge of Mr.
II. Boyle , of Chicago , who will make it
the finest in the west , having had a life
long experience in the business. The
kitchen department is probably the
largest and best equipped of any in the
The office , restaurant and cigar stand
tire all on the first fioor and arc furnished
In the highest style of art. Mr. C. P.
Carman , u well known and popular hotel
man , formerly with the Grand hotel in
Cedar Rapids , takes the responsible po
sition of clerk and he anil the proprietor ,
Mr. Balch , will see to it that the guests
are served with the best in the house.
The billiard rooms and barber shop
are in the basement and are being furn
ished in astyle equal to of any in the
The Barker will be open to the public
Tuesday , March 8th , and everybody is in
vited to visit this elegant hotel and see
that its attractions have not been exag
Arc those to lie built in South Omaha , for
which the plans have just been com
pleted. Vast industries will be added
this year and
erected for those finding employment
ofi'ers the best opportunities for those
wishing to purchase lots in South Omaha ,
whether for residence or speculation.
218 S 15th st.
How They are Being Located Prices
The extent to which the real estate
business is being carried is shown by
the expedients to which the real estate
men arr obliged to resort m order to se
cure office room. 'yOne firm is doing busi
ness in an undertaker's ollico. Another
firm Is located in the rear end of n
cigar store. Another firm has cs-
conceil itself in a toy store , and so on. A
carpenter shop on one of the principal
streets has been converted into a real es
tate office by being painted and trimmed
up so as to make a presentable appear
nncc. A certain firm moved into it ,
paying n good round sum for the
lease. A few hours aUor they had taken
possession they sub-lot a portion of the
ofticc to another firm , securing the exact
amount of the original monthly rental.
So that the first firm thus secures its
ollico for nothing.
Fancy prices arc paid by some of the
real estate men for the smallest of offices.
Ono iindcrtaKing linn on Fourteenth
street received and refused the other day
an oft'er of f , " ) " ) a month for a space ten
feet square in trent of one of its show-
Absolutely Pure.
Thispowder nevervarles. A marvel ol
purity.strenBth and wholesomencss. More
economic than the ordinary kindo and
cannot be sold in competition wi h the mul
titude of low test , short weight alum or
phosphate powders. Sold onlv in cans ,
Royal Haking Powder Co. . 106 Wall street ,
New York.
* * a
Tuesday , March 8 , ' 87
. .sj ui ;
It has been our custom at the end of eacli winter season to place on sale , at reduced
prices , our remaining stock of mens' and youths' winter trousers. There are good reasons
for doing so. "We consider it advisable and to our interests to convert into cash , even at
a loss , such merchandise , the sale of which will soon be suspended for six months. Most
men wear out two pairs of trousers Avith ono coat and vest ; the second pair seems an ex
tra expense , and the real bargain is very acceptable. Wo like to gratify such people and
win their good will. Wo still have on hand about 400 pairs of winter trousers , some odds
and ends , some broken lots , but most patterns are in complete assortment of sizes , and
marked down to prices which merely cover the cost of the cloth.
We also have concluded to close out our whole remaining stock of silk neckwear , which
lias been soiling for 25c , 50c , 75c and $1. There are about 140 dozen and we have marked
them down to lOc , 15c , 25cand 50 , respectively.
One of the secrets of our success during our many years in the clothing business has
been in the closing out of all seasonable goods towards the end of each season , regardless
of cost.
Cor. Douglas and 14th sts. , Omaha.
We have formed n soyai'tna'shlp for
N. S. CREW. \tliepin-pose \ of buying and ca-clianyiny
. . . \land \ and other property { n Nebraska ,
Colorado and adjoining States , on com-
lHxlon. We will also ncaotiato cx-
. . . clianaes for eastern property , such as
merchandise , live stock , etc. We espec- Office Cor 15th and I
, Harney
THOS. H. PLATTER. \lally \ invite correspondence from f/iosc } "
. . . [ desii'inrj to make investments in choice Over Nebraska State National Bank.
Lands for CASH. We ivill make this an
Of our business. We wish to call the attention of AGEXTS and OWNERS of improved and unimproved
property in Nebraska and other Stales to the fact that we arc vrcpnrlny a LARGE LIST of baraittn * in
tended for circulation THROUGHOUT THE EAST. You are invited to send us any property , cominy \
wider this head , you iniy : have , alony with the lowest price at which yon will sell it. We do not care to list
yonr property unless yon really want to sell it. The scndintj of a list of your property will be considered an
evidence of good faith. That we can deliver property when sold as per contract agreed upon. We propose to
an extended circulation to our liss throuyh every available medium , as we shall from time to time Issue
them.We can furnish best of references. All correspondence promptly attended to.
Land Co.
Corner isth and Harney Sts. , Over Nebraska State Na
tional Bank.
'Jhc only Machine that will sew backwards
an < l forwards equally well , and Hie Liyh'cst
Itunnlny Kewiny Machine in existence.
The Union Swing : Machin
We desire energetic and responsible dealers
in Nebras ? > a , Colorado , ll'i/onilng , Dakota and
Western Ir.wa.
If you are looltinufor a cheap Machine , don't
answer this advertisement , but if you want to
handle the best Scwlny Machine lltut money can
Ituy , address for particulars.
209 N , IGtli Si , , Omaha , Neb ,
Mention Omaha lice.
Nebraska National Bank
Paid up Capital $250,000
Burplui , 40,000
H. W. Yato * . President.
A. K. Touy.alin , v'iro President.
\V. II S. Hushes , Cashier.
Diiircroiis :
\V. V. Morse , John S. Collins ,
U. W. Yates , Lewis S. Reed.
A. E. Tonzalln.
> Cor. Wtb aodFarnarn § ts.-
1837 Spring Valley Stock Farm. i887 ,
George Wilkog 510. Record 2:22. :
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The only son oC Georsro WJIkei Iti the Stnto of
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3541 Black Wilkes 3541 Standard.
Sired by fieorzo Wilkes 010 : 1st dam Fanny
Jloll.elrcd by Confederate CUIuf , own brother
toWoodford Chluf , a 'i : 2td ) d n ) Kysdyk's
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August 111,1697. l'or further nniilculurs send
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