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What the Upper Branch of the Legislature
Accomplished Yesterday.
The Mcnsnre to Abolish tlio Third
1'arty In Mnklnj : Transfers of Prop
erty From lltiHUiind to Wife
CIIUHCS Discussion.
SPIIIUO Proceedings.
i.N , Xob. , March 7. [ Special Tclo
tram to this Uii.l : : The senate convenei
this afternoon at 4:20 : , all save throe of tin
members being present. House Chaplalt
Van Fleet oirured prayer. Tiu ! reslgnatloi
of I ) . C. ShlcKley of Geneva , lirsl assist-in
Fccretarv. was offered by Mr. Snell of JelTer
Kin and accepted , and Frank llolllngawortl
was elected In his stead.
The committee on enrolled and engrosBCt
bills reported favorably sennit ) bill 120 , tin
consideration of which , owing to the absent
ot Mr. Hcartvvcll , was afterwards postponed
Mr- Colby , from thn committee on labor
reported house roll 1st legartllng thu me
chariics' lien law requiting a notice of twent :
days , with the recommendation that it be In
definitely postponed.
Mr. Moore wanted to place It on the gen
era ! file. Half a do/.en labor bills had beci
otherwise disposed of and It looked as 1
there was a de.sire to g t this bill also out o
the way.
Mr. Drown of Clay said that the bill ha <
been passect by tlio house , and for that reasoi
he tfiought It ought to be tu-ated In a tal
Mr. Hobblns said the people were satlsfiei
with the present mechanics' Hen law an
there was no use ot carr > Ing upon the gei
t-ral lile bills which could not be reached.
Mr , Drown said that If there was a senate
on thu floor who had read the bill ho had no
It had simply been considered In the con
mltteo as It had passed the house. It ougl
to bo considered In the senate. Ho thougl :
that It had features which ought to can so
to pass.
Mr. Schmlnko hoped that it would be con In committee ot tlm whole. Itvi ;
placed on the general tile.
Mr. Colby , from the same committee , rc <
oinmended that senate tile 10. ) do not pass.
Mr. Fuller noted tlicsingularfatallly whlc
gcnerallv struck all bills like these of the gei
tleman from dago , or which had the mist'oi
tune to be referiea to his committee. 'I'll
last two bills were like Mr. Colby's , and th
attempt to dispose of thorn justified tli
speaker's reference.
The will was placed on the general tilo.
The senate went into committee of tli
whole , Mr. Snell in the chair , Senate tile I
was considered. This makes It a misd
meaner , punishable by a line not exceedln
810 , or Imprisonment not exceeding ton day
for any one Intentionally to provoke or a' '
tempt to provoke an assault upon himself c
others by the use of gross , vile or abusl\ \
Mr. Wright of Seward thought provontlc
bellw than cure , and on motion the bill wi
recommended to pass.
Mr. Wright's ' senate lile HI was read. :
compels land owners to mow weeds on hlgl
ways adjoining limit1 property between tli
1st and -Otli of August , and failing so to d
to have the cutting done by the road eve
seer and the cost of the same collected by tl
oounty tieasurer. A long debate ensued , !
the course of which several aniendmen
were olTered and Messrs. Fuller. Duras , Lin
say and Hobblns spoke. The bill was finall
recommended to pass wltti the nndortandin
. , that the cost of the work was to bo
against the realty of the contiguous properl
owner and not the personally , and that tl
name wits to be listed by the county cletk au
collected by the county treasurer.
Senate uio 20 , amendinz section 1 , chapti
Ki , was read. It provides that the proper !
owned by any woman at the time of hernia
rlage , and any rents , Issues , profits or pr
cceds she may derive from either real , pe
8onal or mixed property which shall come I
tier by descent or devise , shall remain hi
sole and separate property and bo not su
Ject for disposal by her husband nor llab
for his debts ; provided , that all nroperty i
married women bo not exempt from all a
tachmcnts or executions for debt Incurred 1
the maintenance of their families.
Mr. Moore amended by adding to the la
act a clause requiring first the return of r
execution against the husband as unsatlstit
because of want of lands or other propel ty.
The bill was reported to pass.
The next was senate lilu 3.1 , which pt
vldes that a transfer or lien by deed or moi
( ago by either husband and wife shall :
valid to the same extent as between oth
Mr. Llnnsay said this bill aimed to i
away with the third person now necessa
to legalize the tiansfcr of property betwet
man and wife.
Mr. Hnbblns of Valley said that the doll
away with that third person tended to 1
crease the number of fraudulent transff
which now take place between husband at
wife. It simply said to both wife and hi
band , "You may go Into debt and defrai
your creditors bv transferring your proper
to one another , "
Mr. Schmlnko held the same view. Wh
n third party was resulted for the transl
fraud could not be practiced so well , lie I
stanct'd a case where a bondsman , to ave
responsibility , transferred his property to
third party who , when the danger h
passed , refused to re-transfer to the origin
owner , whereupon the latter committed si
cldo.Mr. . Lindsay said that If the transfer to
wife , or vlco versa , was fraudulent , the sat
could be set aside as at present A thl
partv rarely know when a traud was i
Mr. Hnbblns said with the proposed In
theto could be no fraudulent transfer bccan
ft wife could not be uiadu to testify again
her husband.
Mr. Drown of Clay said that It was a she
but dangerous bill. Tim senate had a da
gorous practice of passing almost every bl
which came before It , so much so that It h
been said that the state would derive !
calculable advantage if thu body should a
journ without passing another law. Tl
111 ! ought not to Do made a law. If It shoi
pass millions of property would be fraud
lenijy transferred in tills state to avoid deb
Husnamls would contract debts and wlv
would bo found to own the property. T
present law was a safe one. requiring a thl
party to the transfer , who had to be In c
luslon with the other two before a transfer
fraud could be effected.
Mr. Colby said that ho believed even nov
husband could transfer to his wife withi
the Intervention of a third party , althou
other lawyers held differently. This li
Mould settle the business. A third party w
BO protection against fraud , because ho h
acted In tuat capacity and did not know w
the transfer was made. He declared
woman would K a witness against her hi
band In a case for fraudulent transfer.
Mr. Hobblns quoted f rum thu btatutes
show that she could not.
Mr. Moore of Lancaster said the bill wet
remove the bunion of proof of fraud to t
Honest debtor Instead of the third party , ai
this In the face of the fact that the supiei
court had held that transfers ou Ut to be
gardod with suspicion.
Mr. Schmlnko amended that the commit
report that the bill do not pass.
Mr. Lindsay said the bill did nway w
three dtods as now necessary , and their s
sequent cost , to but two.
Mr. Hobblns moved to out thu
Acting clause. The motion was
Mr. T/Kliuck moved to amend the Mil
bill to enable husband and wife to swln
creditors and do away vs Uh unpleasant v
nesses. " [ Laughter ! .
Mr. Hchmlnko's amendment was lost b
vote ot 0 to 11.
Mr. Drown mOT i ! this amendnidnV to
last clause , "providing the husband and \ >
Imvo no debts and liabilities outstand
ftzalnst tiicm. "
" .Mr. Mclklrjohn hoped tlu- bill wor.lU ccl
defeated. It would DPI doubts attest c
centime the present Uw , and under II
fraud wore practiced. tiu wirtle 3 cculd
Into court And tmowlt.
Air. Mooie's amendment was 'lost.
Another Ucur > & debute euauvd
Tz chuck moved the committee rise and this
The conimltleo reported progress and the
senate adjourned.
A 1.1TTI.K rollEPAST.
In the house to-morrow the Lincoln
chatter will be called as the special
order. This will not rcqu're ' much
time to dispose of , because the dltfcr-
enco which existed between the county
mm city members In the Lancaster delega
tion has been adjusted. A unanimous re
coil will consequently he inadeandthc house
will pass the charter" reported. In the
afternoon an attempt \\ill be made to run
throu.'h the bill to sell the packers about
three sections of Saline lands outlying their
hotiics In West Lincoln.
Several days ago the Idea of nn adjourn
ment of trom one week to ten days to enable
every member , tneichant and professional
man and farmer to return homo and map out
his spring business , was suggested anil sup
ported. The adjournment of Saturday , how
ever , has killed thu project and It is now ex
pected that with the exception ot a few short
adjournments thn session will ho brought tea
a sueedy termination. The Omaha chattel
cannot he reached hefoio Wednesday , and
perhaps not even then.
Rnllrnatl Hoiuls Cnrrloil.
YOHK , Neb. , March 7. jSpeclal Telegram
to the DEI.J The returns are all In and the
bonds In aid of the construction of the Fre
mont , Elk-horn & Missouri Valley lallw.iy
have carried In every township. This is the
air line ftom Fremont to Denver. The
boomlngof cannon and displays of llrewotks
and bonfires attested Ihi ! feeling of our pee
ple. Securing this road gives York a direcl
competing line with Chicago and the markets
of the east. York Is on the esc of an ex
tensive boom. Three lines of railroad con
tribute to the boom and other interests an
being looked after. estate Is doublln i
rapidly In value and new additions are dailj
being platted. The present rate of Increas i
In property values will place desirable lots ai
enormous fizures before the close of tlu
building season.
Kearney's Move For Grorttnesa.
KEAKNKY. Xeb. , March 7. [ Special Tele
gram to the Hit : : . | At a large and cnthusl
astic meeting of citizens of Kearney to-nigh
It was unanimously ajreed to oiganfro r
bo.ird of trade that will make Grand Islam !
and Hastings green with envy. Sexcra
leading roads buMdes the Union Pacific am
D. AM. are ccntcilng here and will have
their trains running In the city before sno\\
lllfc-j , and to keep thluss moving our cltl/en1
want to encourage nianufactuiing will
water power unparalleled in the state
Kearney's etllzens have determined to become
como the third city in Nebraska. All ai
rangements were made and Monday nigh
next the organization will bo completed.
A Younc Glrl'rt Depravity.
COI.U.MIIUXeb. . , March 7. [ Special Tel
ecram to the DKI : ] Mary Fita , a girl undo :
fourteen years of aie , was sent to-day to the
re-form school at Kearney , by Judge Speice ,
It is hard to concelvo thai one so youni
could be so shameless and wilful. She wa
arrested for prostitution and vagrancy. He
parents are Industrious people ami cannc
tutu her from the wajs ot .sin , having takei
her home on several occasions , but she run
away to the haunts of vice and eludes the !
Dynamite WorkH Hlown Up.
NEW Yonic , March" . The dynamite work
of Mrs. Mary A. Ditmar , at Uay Chester , o
Long Island sound , blow up for the flft
time at 1 o'clock to-day , killing one man an
leveling the buildings to the ground. Th
explosion was In the mixing house. Th
only person in the building at the time wa
Henry Allison , a German laborer , age
twenty-three. He was adding ttio chcmic ;
to a vat of the explosive. The vest
was open at the top and was line
with lead. In thu manufacture of tills nib
lure It Is necessary to keep the temperatur
down to a certain point. The operator ev
dently allowed the temperature to rise to
high and the explosion followed. There wa
about COO pounds of glycerine In the vessel-
enough to blow the house and everything I
contained to atoms. The bulk
Ing was about 19x24 feet In dimet
slons and two stories high , built o
rough boards. There Is not a vestige of 1
left except small black splinters about thre
or four Inches long. The site of the built
Ing Is marked by a hole about ten feet dee
and twenty feet In diameter. The detonallo
was heard twenty-tivo miles. The shock Wii
felt In. all the sutroundtng village
and people ran out of the houses I
a panic , thinking it an earthquak <
Windows were broken nearly a mile awa1
The unfortunate young man's body couli
not all be found. Coroner Tlco gathered u
some teeth , the skull and a foot , which wei
put into a package and cre viewed by tl :
jury , which \\as Immediately summoned.
Base Ball Business.
Nnw Yor.K , March 7. The annual mec
Ing of the National league convened hei
to-day. The delegates met in secret sessic
at noon and took up the question of tl
eighth club. The matter , after dlscussloi
was referred backto the committee whlc
had the matter In charge with Instructions ! :
listen to the various propositions and repo
Its conclusions to the full league at a subs
Qiicnt mectlnz. The league then adjournc
and a conimltteo of , three Uav , Young an
Spaldlng began their work. The commlttt
were in session until 7 o'clock and adjourm
without reaching a conclusion. Tl
Indianapolis delegates offered 812,000 for tl
franchise of the St. Loulsclub. Theftt Lou
delegate thought the amount too small , bi
said he would consider It and give an ai
swer to-morrow at the 10 o'clock sessloi
The schedule was not taken up nor the di :
posal of Denny and Glasscock. The Kans ;
City club has withdrawn Its offer of SUO.CK
for the St. Louis franchise , which improvt
tha chances of Indianapolis. Six of tl
seven league members are understood i
favor the "Hooslnrs , " and Spaldlng , tl
only supporter of Kansas City , said that I
was reasonably sure that Indianapolis woul
bo the eighth club. Ueacli , iay ) , How
Soden , Hewitt , Shears and Conant were coi
hdcut that Indianapolis would be the wti
ulug card.
British Grain Trade Review.
LONDON , March 7 , The Mark Lane E
press in Us weekly review of the Drill'
grain trade says : English wheat was rath
firmer. The condition of samples Is It
prosing. Sales of English wheat during tl
week wore 4aSGO quarters at 32s 9d , again
71,105 quarters at tit's ' for the cotrespondli
period of last year. Thu spring growth
wheat Is reported healthy. Trade in foreit
wheat Is slow with a steadier market , fr
from the recent pressure to sell. Flour ws
sllghtlv stronger. Linseed declined ( id. t
to-day's market wheat was firmer with a tei
dency against buyeis. American reds we
Cd deater. Them was an increased demat
for Hour. American brands wore Cd dear *
' corn 3d dearer. Uarloy , oats and beans we
Sail Drownlnc Accident.
CINCINNATI , March 7. Yesterday mornli
near Sciplo , Ind. , Robert Ulacker , a wealtl
farmer , and his child , two years old , we
drowned , and Mrs. Ulacker had a narrow c
cape from drowning. They were crossing
swollen stream In a light wagon when tl
wagon was overturned and all were throv
inlothe swift current. Mrs. Ulacker cans
the wagon VTitli one hand and held her 1
fant In the other until nearly exhaust *
when the child slipped from her era ;
Ulacker tried In vain to save tlio child a
was drowned , Mrs. Ularker was rescued
the driver ana witnessed tlio drowning
her husb.uid and child. It is feared sliu vy
lose her mind from the shock.
Chicago Crook * .
CHICAGO , Maich 7. The order for a spec
grand jury was entered In the criminal coi
by JntlKO Anthony to-day , on motion
State's Attorney Grlnuell. The special pat
is expected to consider the charges of c
ruptinn against certain members ot the Co
couuty board and county contractors.
Warfare in Africa ,
HOMK. March 7. The Ttlbtma prints a d
patch tram Mustowah sa > lng that the king
Abyssinia Is marching 1o tioggiam and su
{ mooed a portion of lta.3 HlouaU's troops
1 Join fjitu. .
kecber's Struggle With tbo Fell Destroj-e :
Almost at an End ,
lo Kcmnlns Untlrcly Unconselott
IJurlni : the lp.y Without Any l'cr >
ccptllilc Clinncc Relatives
Hurry to Ilia Ucilslito.
Beeclior's Condition.
Nr.w VOIIK , March 7. It was a very wear ;
light thai the members of the Heccher house
lold pa scd last night. One by one the
would silently move In and out of the deal
chamber , taitlng Ihclr turns at the drear
vigil. Dr. Searles was at his post of dut
without Intermission unlll nearly 0 o'clock
when he relumed lo his home. Mrs. Ucechc
liad kepi watch over the sick man most c
the night , fearing that he might pass aw a
In her absence. She did , however , take
few hours' rest In the room adjoining wher
Ihe suITerer lay. AlOo'clock when Ur. Searlc
went home this bulletin was Issued :
Mr. lieecher lias been gradually faliin
during the night. Ills death Is not , howeve :
anticipated at present. "
( Signed. ) W. S. SK.UI.K : .
All day Sunday and until midnight th
oflicer on duty at the door of the house wn
kepi busy answering queries of friends an
strangers. Yor hours people stood in th
cold , damp weatherlooking at the house an
It was not until the lights In tlio window
were lowered that the crowd was cnlirel
dispersed. Even as lite as 1 o'clock person
climbed up the steps and tried to read tti
lasl lmlletlus.
Mosl of the flowers senl to Ihe house cam
from members of the congregation. Mair
Pond was In the house most of tlio day. II
told the circumstances connected wit
Heecher's daily occupations insl previous I
Iho attack with considerable feeling. Jl
said thai Ucccher only Tuesday last told hli
how blrong ho fell and how clad he fe
that he .vould bo able to comnlc !
hiswoik. In the coming September it'w :
Intended to give a crand celebration I
honor of his fiftieth year in the ministry an
the lirst half century ot his married life , ah
thefoitlelli yearot Ills ministry al IJrookly
This morning fiom just before dayllirh
there was collected a crowd of people on "tl
sidewalk in front of Heecher's resident
eagerly sc inning the latest biilletii
A bulletin Issued at 10 : ! * o clock says thei
Is no change in Heecher's condition. Ho
Dr. Henry Jacobs ot the Jewish Minister
association , called and was allowed to i
into Heechoi's loom. Colonel Ueecher sal
Mr * . Ueecher was mnre composed now tli :
she realised Mr. lieocher must die. Shu
in the room constantly. Mr. Ueecher lies I
n state of coma and does not move. He
unconscious , although Mrs. Ueecher thougl
this morning he recognized her when M
spoke to him. The Plymouth church coi
niitlee will hold a meeting to-nkht to mal
such arrangements ns may ho necessary.
2 p. m. Heeeher's pulse Is a little moi
rapid. There is nn perceptible change.
A tnle.'rani was received trom Mis. Ha
rlett Ueecher Stone , who is in Florida , sta
ing that hho was ill and was not able I
come. Telegrams have been received fro
Thomas K. Picccher , who Is on his way fro
Elmira , and from Charles lieecher in Florid
They will bo with the family as soon i
At 0 o'clock this evening Dr. Searle le
the house to go home lo his supper. I
said : "Ueecher s pulse has Increased const
erably and he is gradually growing weake
I tnlnk that ho Is entirely unconscious , a
though some of the members of the fa ml
seem to think that he recognizes them win
they press his hand. Ho may live throuj
tne night , and then he may die before mor
ing. "
Many telegrams were received during th
day. but none of them have been opened. . /
10 o'clock to-nUht the following was lssuc <
"Ueecher Is steadily failing , but wo do 111
think ho will die to-night
W. P. SE.UU.K , M. T ) .
At 10:00 : the house was closed for tl
A meeting of iho parishioners of Plymou
church was held in the lecture loom cnt
mencingatSp.m. The room was crowd *
with male and female members of the co
grexation and not n few friends from oth
churches , and there was scarcely a dry eye
be seen from the beginning to tno end ot tl
proceedings. Mr. Tilney presided. He
Dr. Ualliday opened the meellni ; with
moving prayer in which lie desired th
their beloved pastor ml ht not even bo i
lowed to seem to suffer , but that he mig
speedily attain into the rest prepaied f
him. After the singing ot a hymn , Jaca
son offered a prayer and the chairman road
portion of Ecrlplure , commencing : " .finall
beloved , be slrong in tlio Loid and In t
power ot his might , which is able to kcopy
from falling , " etc. It seemed almc
as if the words were a messa
to him who was leaving them , b
cause It seemed as though he we
a born warrior. In all the past years ho h
had tolicht and struggle. There had alvva
been something for him to battle with , ai
he had fought the light. There has nov
neon any lllncliing , never any turning bac
Ho had been equipped of ( Jed to ao real ai
noble work , and now the time had coi
when he had to lay down t
shield and the helm and the swoi
and there was to bo no more b ;
tie. Ho was just starting on the tide II
would bear him to his home. They had no
of them any doubt as to where ho was bell
borne. It was said that all men were eqi :
before God , but he thoughl that for suet
royal heart there would surely be a roj
welcome. It was all well with him. Th
would not call him back , tnr ho was on 1
journey home. Other heartfelt remarks we
made , and the following teller Irani Mi
Ueecher was read :
To the Ueloved Members of Plymou
Church I cannot speak mv thanks to ea
one ot you tor the sympathy and tovo a ;
devotion manifested In these last dark , s
days for your pastor. He can no loiu
speak to you lor himself. Then permit i
to do it for him , for myself , tor my famll
Eaeh word of love from the people so dear
your pastor's heart has been a comforl a
balm lo a heart wrung almost to burstii
How ho loved his church you will only lea
In Its fulness when yon stand wl
him In heaven. To each and every one
you my earnest thanks and most earm
blessing. Pray for his wife and chlldn
soon to lose the truest companion , tenden
father ; and If we must relinquish all hope
his full recoverv , oh , beloved , pray that 1
departure may bo speedy , that w may i
long bo agonized by this slruggle bcuve
llto and death , fray , If ho must leave
that before another day dawns ho may
ceive his crown and be forever with 1
Lord. EU.SICK X. HF.KCiiint ,
Midnight A message just received fr <
Brooklyn says that a very decided elm
for the worse has taken place in the cc
( tition ot Ueecher and thai Iho members
his family are now gatheied about his b
2I0 : ! a. m. No reports of Ueecher's c <
dltion have been received slnco tlio stalenu
at midnight. Kvetytlilnc seems to be qu
at his house.
Not Llko lliolr " Master. "
CittCAOo , March 7. An extraonlln :
scene took place at the weekly meellnp
Ihe Congregational ministers this mornli
The topic which naturally came up was i from wnlch Henry Ward Ueeche
thought to be dying , and the statements
home of the pastors present took the sh
of resolutions ot condolence , which it v
proponed to send to Mrs. Ueecher by ti
graph. ThU was bitterly opposed by a nu
berof ministers , their opposition being ba
on the alleged heternuncy of Ueecher's vie
regarding future salvation and punishme
An acrimonious debate look place.and tin :
a motion lo adopt the resolutions unn
mouslya.i lost. The majority vote sleet
favor of the resolutions , but as It was
unanimous , It was withdrawn. Urer.t
citement prevailed and the utmost eiT (
were mudu to keep the affair trom the nu
A HufTalo Appointee.
WASHINGTON , March 7. The president
.appointed John U. Socket postmaster at 1
f ale , X , , Y ,
It Goes TlironslithP Italctistnc With n
tCorw lulitlfs" 1 > V Jiime.1 011 Ann Bcmicf/.l
UKULI.V , .March 7. [ Xow York Herald
Cable Special to the UKK. ] History was
rapidly made In the squire debate In the
chamber of Iho rolchsl.itoday. . In an
hour's session ono or more of thu leaders ol
each of the great parties spoke and the "sop-
tennntu''was passed without a division anil
without oven the usual reference to a com
mlttee for a second reading. The rumor thai
Prince Hismarck would speak filled the cat
lerles but the betlcr Informed ministers am
deputies wasted no time In atlcndlng th <
session , the result of which was known In
advance. From the elevated ministerial
benches below the speaket's chair , but facim
thu hoiic , the uniformed war minister in
trod need the "sentennate. " The ap
piausu with which hh short
sharp speech was received showec
the temper of the house. Hen
Wlndthorsl showed the effect the election !
had had on him by his modified opposition t <
Iho bill , which was merely stilllclent to allow
him to cairy on the debate In the sccom
leading , llerr Klchter , ot the frelslnnlgi
partcl , In n uselessly irritating speech , bit
terly opposed the "septcnnato. "
During the speech Prlnco Bismarck entore <
the rclclistag and gave his usual formal bov
and hand shake lo the president , who rose tc
receive him , after which the "Iron chancel
lor" greeted In the same nnnnertlio ministers
tors who c.ime forward , The prince held lit1-
bald head as erect as ever. Ills uniform wa
worn with the usual jaunty air. The con
tents of his dispatch box kept him for sonn
time busy writing with a long pencil , whlcl
ho held almost vertically. Then ho steppei
down lo Count N'on Moltke's seat In tin
second row of the house and held a whlsperei
confab with him.
Herr Singer , the socialist , expressed Ills un
compromises onpositlon tothe "septennate'
after llerr lllchter had spoken. He was In
terrupled repeatedly by laughter and groans
Then , as the president announced the unori
posed passage of the first reading , Prlnco Uis
inarck bowed to the ministers and speake
anil passed oul on his way up Uio U'llheln
stras- lo his palace. Enthusiastic crowd
lined tlie slreets and followed his carriage.
ox Titn nouitsi : .
To-day's bourse was only saved from a .c
rlous "slump" by heavy putchases trot
houses most identified with Unssian loan-
Even their aid did not prevent a slight fall i
Stntim of the McOlyiin Cane.
lCn | > i/r < ( ; /it / ISSi by Jama Gontnn Jlcnnetl. ' ]
HOME , March 7. fXew York Herald Cabl
Special to the Br.n.J I have made partii
ular inquiries to-day into the present stale c
Ihe McGlynn case. This Is exactly how maters
tors stand : The piotestof the McGlynn coi
grcgatlon has. In Iho natural order of thlnm
been leierred by the pope to the ecclesiastic ;
department which it concerns , namely. Hi
propaganda. Much depended from Ihe oul
sel on whether or not the doctrines of Hem
( icorje , which Dr. McGlynn advocatec
were likely to be condemned here. So far
gather they have not been condemned. A
soon as Dr. McGlynn Is well enough , hov
ever , he will be required to come to Koine t
answer to the charge of offending against tli
rhurch'b discipline. If he does not coim
then no will inevitably bc condemucd an
the condemnation will remain In force ju :
bo long as the contumacy continues ,
Jacobnl's"Successor ) Named.
\fnpurlgM \ 1SS7 till Jama Gniiltn Ilcnnclt , ]
HOMK , March 7. [ New York II erald Cab !
Special to the Urn : . ] The pope has ai
pointed Mgr. Hampolla , the nuncio at Madrli
as secretary of slate to succeed Cardlm
Jacobin ! .
Affairs in
SortA , March 7. Thlelmann , German coi
sill-general , on behalf of Russia , has di
mantled the release of six rebels , two t
whom have already boon shot. Flesch , Krone
consul-general , has complained that Karav <
jeff and TsanotT weru maltreated by the go1
eminent. The government denies thecharg
on the admission of the tcbels thcmselve ;
The porte had advised the government t
deal leniently with the rebels' .
Uimtx : , March 7. Much anxiety Is fe
here as to whether or not Russia will allo'
the execution of the Bulgarian conspiratoi
to rtass unnoticed.
RrsTciiUK , March 7. The Gorman consi
Informed the authorities that ho Is Instructe
to demand that tlio persons ot Colonel Fllot
Major PansIT anil Lieutenant Kessimolf I
consigned to his chareo as Russian subject
Panoll'has already been shot. Filotl an
Kessimoff , owing to their wounds , have IK
yet been tried. The German consul set
Captain Uallnian to Giurgevo.
PAIIIS. March 7. The.Temps asserts the
Iho political prisoners arrested at bolia f <
participating In thu recent revolt wei
whipped with knots durliiK the enllre nlgl
following the arrest ; lhat Karavelolf Is no
dying from the effects ; that five otllcials hav
already died from the effects ot the punisl
incut. The Temps says Ihe Bulgarian r
cenls hope Ihey will succeed by the oxercis
of such cruelty in terrifying those meditatiii
revolution and thus pievent new uprising
The regents , the paper adds , trust Russia wl
not Interfere and intend to soon proclaim U
absolute Independence of Uul.aria.
The German consul at Rustchtilc , who1
protection was sought bv Captain Uallmai
one of tlio leaders of the recent revolt , an
who claims to be a Russian subject , has bee
requested by the Uutgarian aulhorllies I
suirender Iho refugee and has refused on Hi
ground that his government has not In
structed him to do so.
William Talki.
Hr.nux , Maich 7. Emperor William ye
terday received Pidoilf , president of tl
relchstng. In the conversation which toe
place the emperor said he was rclu
tantly compelled to dissolve the la
icichstajr. Despite his e.xplanatlc
of tlio superiority of Germany's nelghbo
over her In military matters , the oppositir
majorlly refused lo sanction tlio militai
bill. It was a necessary measure at
reasonable hopes that the soptennale ter
would have been adooted aft
the example given by France , provi
fallacious. It was gratifying to cherish tl
hope that the largo majority In tlio tie
roichstaK would accept the bill at the onlst
Referring to the atlitudo ot the pope durli
elections , ho said ho had already bc <
convinced of pacific disposition of li
holiness and that It was on this account th
Germany had asked him to act as arbitral
In Ihe dispute with Spain about the Carolli
Islands. In conclusion the emperor r
pressed the hope that all ecclesiastic
troubles between Prussia and the vatlci
would soon be peacefullyand completely si
tied. _
German Affairs.
HEIIIK , March7. The deficit thai will
caused In tlie budget by the operation
the septennale law will ba covered
a fresh loan. All projects for Iresh Uxalti
have been postponed , and the session ol I
reichstag will probably terminate In t\
months. The Kilnlsch Xeltung warns Ut
Ria that patience towards her neighbors h
limits and sa\s : "If Hussla compels d
many lo lake an account of the Franco-Hi
slan agreement , let her beware she h
self may have to conquer hostile Germany
The Kretig X.eltun. says : "A letter from i
Petersburg stales that the general hatred
Germany and the popularity ot France i
becoming a sort of violent epedeinlo in R
Wasted Session.
. March 7. Tlm session
the general assembly expired by llmitatl
to-day and both branches adjourned to-nlg
the hotue at 1U o'clock and tlie senate half
hour later. Nearly all of the important Iff
latlon of the session has failed. Goveri
Gray to-night states that be wll } not call
extra seseiou.
A DCS Moines Constable Shot Down After
Having Tired Once.
Decisions Handed Ooxvn Hy the Iowa
Supreme. Court Witnesses IJe-
Ini : SiibiuiMitcd In the Had *
dock Murder Case.
Killed an Oflieor.
Dns Motxr.s la. , March 7. [ Special Tele
gram to the liitE.uly : : ] Ihls evening Con-
sl.iblo Logan , who has been very acllvo In the
enfoicement of the prohibitory law , stopped a
dray with a batrel of whisky on it belonging
to llulbeit , HCSS& Co. , wholesale druggists ,
which was about to bo delivered to a letail
druggist. Ho ordered the driver , Ah Camp
bell , to go with him bick to Hie warehouse lo
see If lie had a permit for delivering liquor.
Entering the slore he went to the rear and
said that this driver was under arrest and
wanted to know If the house had a delivery
permit for him. Mr. C. H. Ward , one of the
proprietors standing by , replied that ho did
not know. Thereupon another driver , Joe
Howe , stopped and inquired what was the
matter. Logan replied thai he had arreslcil
"Have you got a warrant for his aircst'1
asked Howe.
"It's none of your d d business , " replied
the constable ; "and If you don't keep still i'l
airest you , too. "
"Xot unless you have a warrant , " said
Howe ; and , turning to Campbell , he said ;
"If ho hasn't got a warrant you go along and
tend to your work. "
As he spoke , Logan drew his revolver am !
fired at Howe , who returned the lire , sendltij :
a bullet Into Logan's breast. The latter ,
with revolver extended , started after Camp
bell , but fell within ten feet and died In r
minute. Howe was at once arrested and Is
now In jail. There is much excitement In
town over the murder , but no serious result *
an ; feared. Public opinion is divided , some
holding thai iho lalal shot was tired
In self defense and thai Logan
was altogether too fieo with his pistol.
Lognii belonged to a quartette of constable *
who have been making nearly all the
searches and sci/ures under the prohibltorj
law of late and have been very teady to draw
levnlvers whenever their authority wa >
calif d in question. Howe was a peaceful ,
good-natured fellow , and has always bore r
good reputation. Ho had been twice ar
rested before lor delivering liquors in hi'
capacity as drayman , and it is thought tha
lie had been go.uled by the annoyance to tin
point of i-arrylnz a revolver for his own pro
tccllon against the olllcurs.
Supreme Court Decisions.
DF.S MOI.VKS la. , March 7. [ Special Tele-
cram to the Unn. I The supieme court ron-
deied Hie tallowing decisions here to-day :
.1 L. Robinson vs. Chicago , Hock Island
it P.icllin railroad , appellant , from Polk cir
cult. Reversed.
Charles K. Hissor& Co. and Spairv. Wall
& Gaivcr vs W.V. . Ralhburn and" G. W
Kothvvell , appellant , liom Pocahontas dis
trlet. Allirmed.
George M. How & Co. el al vs E. H. .lone'
and II. K. .1. Heaidman , receiver , appellant ,
Marshall district. Affirmed.
Theodore and Theodora Gilllck , appellant ,
vs Lorunz Aulman et al , from Polk circuit
James Kirly vs Gates & Hroman , ap
pellants , from Polk circuit Affirmed.
Dtincal Banutt vs Livvrenro Dolan , appol
lanl. from Case dUtrict. Alllimed.
E. L. Smally , ajmellant , vs II. U. Miller
fiom Hoone district. Affirmed.
Seth Lewis vs Uurlinzton company , ap
pellant , from Mitchell circuit. Reversed.
H. M. Dillon , appellant , vs A. M. Warfcl
fiom Union district. Affirmed.
National Bank of Galena , appellant , vs A
C. Chase et al , from Plymouth circuit. He
Jacob Xlelson vs Joseph Mattocks aiu :
Prudence Mattocks , appellants , liom Wood
bury chcuit Atllrmed.
Hnwkcye Municipal Elections.
DES MOINE , la. , March 7. [ Special Tele
gram to the Unn.j Returns from all parts o
the state show increased republican gains ii
thirty elections to-day , in Carson the re
publican gain was 300 per cent over last yeai
In Mason City , Toledo , Muscatine. Stuart
Colfax , Grlnnell , Cedar Rapids and othe
lowns the republicans made steady gains
Here in Dos Molnos they elected live out o
six nldeimen and with Increased majorities
llAMiitino , la. , March 7. ( Special Tele
gram to the Uiu.J : The excitement growinj
out of the municipal eleclion centcrei
largely In the conte l for the mayoralty. Om
of the candidates was posing before th
community as a prohibitionist , but the pee
pie repudiated him by giving a majority o
tortv-two to A. Ilydlnger.
Sioux CITY , ! . , March 7. [ Special Tele
gram to the Hun. ] The greatest Interest am
not a little excitement has been manlfestec
all day in Ihe city election. The weather ha
been delightful and lively work has beei
witnessed on the part of candidates ain
helper * . The tickets ate badly scratched am
counting tlio votes will therefore be slow
Party lines have not been drawn. The work
ingmen have a ticket In thn Held.
ATLANTIC. la. , March 7. [ Special Tele
gram to the HEK , 1 In the city election to
day GOO votes were casl for John H. Hey
nolds , asalnsl whom a bilter fieht was ma d
It beiinr claimed that ho was the tool of th
Rock Island road. Ho was elected by 'Jl ma
jority. The proDOSItlon to Improve th
waterworks to the extent of 5,000 was ovei
Will Probably Kecover.
SiorxCiTi , la. , March 7. ( Special TeU
gram to the HKE. | Charles Defrann , wh
was shot by George Larkln in one of th
Pearl htreel dives Sunday morning , It i
thought now will iccover. L-irkln appeare
In couit to-day and was given a hearing. ]
seems thai Defrann was Intoxicated an
causing consldeiahlo disturbance. Larkt
requested him and his party to leave , whlc
he did , but aflerwards returned and a row ei
sued. During the melee the shot was hrei
the bullet entering Det mini's left breast.
Fire In a Print Shop.
DAVF.XPORT , la. , March 7. [ Special Tell
gram to the UKK.J At 7:50 this mornln
flames vvoro discovered en the second floor t
the Gazette building. The third floor , coi
talnlng the composing room , was destroyc
and the bullnlng flooded with water. Tli
lire communicated to the roof of tliopostollic
block adjoining and considerable damai
was done by water. Thu mail matter was a
taken inlo Ihe slreet and saved. Tlio origl
of the tire Is unknown. The Gazette stoc
and fixtures were Insured for 50,000 : th
postollice block and fixtures tor Sil.OO
Several families weio buined out.
Sorvlnj. Subpoenas.
Sioux CITV , la. , March 7. [ Special Tel
gram to' the UKK.J The sheriff and his dep
ties are busy now serving subpoenas upon II
witnesses In the near approaching Haddoi
murder cases. The case will be called for trl
on the 21sl of tlm present month. It h n
known yet which cas will bo called lirst.
is the supposition now thai either Urandio
HIsmareK will bo tiled lirst. Arensdorf w
not lead oil' , that having been definitely d
termined upon.
Killed Hy Falling Slato.
CTTUMWA , la. , March 7. [ Special Tel
gram to the BKK. | Hy a fall of slate ear
this morning in the Phillips coal mine A. '
Wiley was Instantly killed and John \Vlil' \ '
the mine boss , was also seriously injured.
Tlio KartlKiuaUo Panic.
XICK , March 7. In consequence of t
panic caused by the recent eaithquakes , ho
keepers hero aie selling out at a great sac
lice. Many inhabitants are still camping o
Uonsons Why tlio President Would
Xot Slun It.
WASIIIXOTO.V , March 7. [ Special Tele
gram to the UKK I In speaking of tlio at
tempts made to Induce tlie president to sign
the liver and harbor bill after March 4 , Mi
Cleveland has said thai If ho had hail lime
ho would have vetoed It. " \\liy , " said he
' It only seemed lo me a few vjeeksago thai
I signed a river nnd harbor hill , nppioprlat-
Ing 515.000,000 or Slo.OW.COO and there l <
more monev on hand now than them was
last year. None of that SlO.OOO.dOJ has been
expended yei and hero comes along anothet
Slu.000,000 bill. "
Congressman Grosvenor , of Ohio , to whom
this lalk was repe.itcd said thai showed how
little the pieMdunt knew about the subject.
"Of course. " said he , "last yers's money is
In thu tteasury and will bo. molMhly till tht
lioth of June. The bill we just passed IF
for the next fiscal year anil has nothing to tit :
with this yeai's money. I am sorry the pies-
hluiil did not have time to veto thu hillVt
would have passed It over him so quick thai
it would have nude his head swim.
RfEliMAV sputis HIS UOOM.
Tlie senatorial soutltein by way ol
Oiailestnii and Savannaii , was to ex.
cur.slon which starts to-moriovv tor Cuhr
have about seventeen members , but a teporl
that there has been a case of vellow level
at Havana has scared Mr. Teller , and vrll
probably keej ) some others from going. Tin
central "figure In the paity will be John Slier
man , whose friends underhand this to be tht
beginning of his caniialgn | for Hie niuutna
tlon In lbi $ . Sergeant-al-Arms C.uiady l <
from Xoith Caiolina. and he will t.eo tha
the republicans in the south do the Ohlt
senator honor on his return , nnd for this pin
pose lie has arranged a number of reception !
ttt the leading cities of thn south. Xevvsp.ipei
correspondents connected with the le.umu
republican papers of Ohio and the e.tst wll
accompany the excursionists.
A general com t martial is ordered to con vent
March 15 at Ftirt McDowell , Arl/.ona , tor tlu
trial of Lieutenant Alexander T. Dean
Fourth cnvalrv. Lieutenant De.m was a les
lilent of Washington when appointed to tin
aimv in November , lii > 0 , and was promotet
to first lieutenant last month. Colonel Join
S. Mason , Ninth Infantry , Is piesldent of tin
court , and Captain Jolin S. Uishop , Thlr
teenlii Intiuitiy , jutlge advocate.
The death ot lieutenant Colonel Rober
Scott , Third aitlllery , Saturday af let noon
will promote tlio following named officers
Major I.arhett 1 * . Livingstone , Fourth artll
lery. to lieutenant colonel of the Thlid
Captain Henry ( \ Hasbrook , Fouith , ti
major of the "Fourth : and Fiist Lieutcnan
Fietlerlck Fiiger. Fourth , to captain. Captaii
t'Utfer has been a lieutenant for over twenty
luce years , and was nieveted captain lo
gallantry in action twenty-two yuats a t
Ills month.
Major Hetiiy C. CookThlitecnth infantry
las been oulered to his regiment In Xev
General JohnG. Parke. colonel corps o
inglnceis. who has lung had charge ot tli
Ivor and liaihorappiopriutloiis oxpcnilitine'
s eranteil four months'leave logo to Kuiopt
Lieutenant Colonel George M. Urayton
Ninth infatitrv , promoted recently trom th
Fifteenth infantry , has been granted si
nonths' extension ot sick leave. He ha
been assigned to station at Fort Tlioma1
Ari'/.om , wheie he will join at the explratio :
of his leave.
Captain Allen Jackson , Seventh Infantrj
anil First Lieutenant Charles W. Powell , at
utant Second infantry , have been ordered t
? 'ort Coem d'Afene. Idaho , fiom Ihe Dcpait
uent of the Phitte , as witnesses in the com
if intiuirv on Colonel Frank Wheatoii
Second Infantry.
TIII : THAW noi.r.An iir.Dr.MrrioN' .
The order ot thu treasury department o
Friday directing that tratle dollars to be re
Icemed must tie deposited In thesiib-ttcasur
either at New York or San Francisco , ciillc
Torth vigorous protests from holders in Uos
: on. New Orleans , SI. Louis , and from-th
west generallv , and the department vvn
asked to rcicind that order. In response t
'ils demand Secretary Faiichild to-da
stated that immediate steps would bo take
> y the department to provide for tlio rt
lempllon of thu coins nl any ot the sub
.ro.isurios. It is thought at the depaitmen
ihat the necessary arrangements can h
uado this week anil thai there will bo n
cause for complaint after .Monday next.
rr.xsioxs niiANir.K IOWAXS.
Pensions were granted lowans to-day as fo
ows : Harrison J.Goddartl.Ft. Atkinson ; Ja' '
W. Florence , Mason City ; Joseph M. Giosei
tveokuk : James Dee , Yale ; John P. i.avmai
lies Moines : Josenh M. Luppt'f , Flori"
ileniyC. Havens , Colfax ; Martin Walke
Des Moines ; William G.Stephenson , Colf.ix
lames Scripture. Wvomlug ; Thomas .lone :
Davis Citv ; Colby C. Tupper , MaSou Cit >
William Cook , Anamosa ; William C. Holme :
Milton ; Oscar Moduli , Albla ; William li
Sullivan , Fall-field ; Tillman Lonpfori
lllbbsvllle ; David W. rim , Humeston ; Wii
on K. ISonncr , State Centre : Madison y
Uoyer , Uloomfieltl : John Keefe , Cre-vt ;
David Y. Lytle , Kellozg : John P. Mullonl :
[ 'airfield ; James Laney. Decatur ; Ames lial
cock , Xew Hampton ; John Fleer , Ottumwii
Samuel 11. Chapman , Kasson ; Allen Uti l
Jolin F. Glover , of Ashton , la. , was to-dn
admitted to practice betoro Ihe inteilor d
The following IOWA postmasters wei
appointed to-day : A. G. Sniitn , Arbt
Hill , Adair county , vice James W. Fisht
rcsignetl ; W. L. Stuart , Mondamln , Ha
risen coinitvIce Jas. I ) . Stuart , i
ilgned : Jno. P. Danger , Olds , lleury count' '
i-ice R. Miller , resigned.
Striking Railroader * .
PiTTsnt'iio , Pa. , March 7. The Chronlcli
Telegraph's special from Youngslown , Ohlt
in regard to the strike on the Xew Yorl
Pennsylvania & Ohio railroad , says that tt
conductors and brakemen In the employ <
the Pennsylvania company .struck this inori
ing anil no freight is beinc moved in or on
of tlio yaitls. They BSk that contlurto
shall receive 20cents per hour , hrukemen I'.i ' ;
cents , lliat ton hours shall constitute H day
work , and pay at tlio same rate tor all eve
tlmo. The men are quiet and orderl
Urakemen on the Plttsbuig , Cleveland fc T
letto roatl have asked thai Ihe third brak
man bo put on , nnd If It is not conceded the
asseit they will strike next Thur < dav. I
tlitslrial establishments are bad ! ) crippled ti
stock , anil a general sluit-iiown Is Impel
tivo this week unless tialllc Is resumed.
Tlio Kcscrvc Cities Nuuioil.
WASHINGTON , March 7. Tlm comptroll
of Iho currency said this attt-rnoon that !
has not been able as yet to ascertain In i
gard to the designation of the additional i
sf rve cities under the recent act ot congru
authorizing such designation when requesti
by three-tout Ihs of thu national banks in
city wheie such privileges aio denlied. 1
will do nothing , he. says , until ho has i
reived .1 certified c py ot tlio bill from t
department of slate , lie expects to lecel
this tn a lew day.s and will at once niako :
rangements. for thu speedy execution of t
_ _
Jay Gould Denies.
NEW YOUK , Maroli 7 ( Special TflpRratn
Iho UKK. ] Speaking of tlio alleged sale
the St. Louis iV : San Fr.tnclsco roatl to hi
Gould . -aid yesteiday , there is nut the sllgl
e t thread on which to hang th" story. Ino\
dealt in the stool ; of tne San Francisco ror
inillvidvallv in mv life. I have not boii } !
stock myself noi am 1 a member of the s >
dicate , nnd I li.ivo no deslro to buy it. 1
nut Intend tn mcieasp my cares. Prr-Mdc
Win "low and Jesse Sellman. diiectors , s > j
thine was no luilh in the leport.
Hoyal Dutch Succession.
Tin : II.Uit'K , March 7. The chamber
deputies , oy a vole of 43 agalnsl 'i * , approv
tlio l.ivv regulating succession to Ihe throi
The law provi les it the dliect line falls t
su&e.isloi ! fall first , upon Sofia , sister of t
king ; secondly , upon the descendants of , \
rianu , daughter ot the late king ; third
upon thi ) "dii.scenilants tif thu Jato ' . iu
Lnulsoof Swetlen : fouithly , upon thu Pr
cess Marie of AV Idle.
The Hlu'i" Dairy Murker.
Cnicvoo , Mnrch 7 . Tlio Inter Orpa
F.lgm ( III. ) special says : Mutter ruKid act
and strong at Sic , regular e.v'.i's being ( X ) ,
pounds. Xathlng was doing in cheese. ' 1
total sales \\ero tl8,7& ,
The Highest Tribunal in the Laml Reas
sembles For Work.
An In nnc Man' * Suicide Hold to II *
an Accident and nn Insurance
Company Liable 1'or
Supreme Court Decisions , I
WAsin.Ntnox , March 7. The supreme
coutt icassembled to-day after Ihe February
recess , All the justices weie In their sentg
except Justice Woods , who Is still in Cali
fornia. Decisions were rendeied In twenty-
eight cases , of which the following ate those
of the most L-cncral tmpoitanco :
Xo. W The executors of F.lins Speldel , de
ceased , vs the tiuslees of Harmony society
ot Ueaver county , Pennsylvania. Appeal
from the I'lilted State.s circull court for the
western dlstriet of Peniisjlvauia. Tl'ls was
a suit bioiight by u toiiuer member of the
Harmony community to leeovor v\hat he
claimed as his individual share in the com
munity's proudly. The appellant main
tains ills still anulnsl tlio trustees upon the
ground that ihu ti list is not charily In thu
legal sense ; thai the membeis of the society
are equitable tenants In common of the prop
erty held In trust , and that the tiust Is un
lawful because founded In fiaud and
acalust public policy , mid should therefore
be dissolved. This couit , without con
sidering the questions thus raided ,
as to the nature ot the community and of the
trust , decides that Inasmuch as Speldel
withdrew fiom thu community tn 1S11 and
never returned to It , anil for mure than fifty
je.irs look no steps lo obtain an account from ,
tlie trustee * or to assert his alleged rlghls , ho
Is not entitled to lellef. It ho ever hail any
rights ho could not asseit them after such
delay. The tlcciee of thu circuit court Is at-
Xo. -Accident Insurance company ot
Xoith America , plaintiff in enor , vs Loretia
M. Crandall , in error to thu United States
circuit couit for the district ot Illinois. This
is a policy upon a suit ol accident insurance
nnd presents a question whether a pulley o
Insurance against "bodily Injuries ellected
thiiiugh external , accidental and violent
mean ? , " nnd occasioning death or complete
disability to do business , and providing
that "this insurance shall not ex tend
to death or disability" which may have been
caused wholly or In pait hy bodily Infirmities
or diseates , or bv the taking of poison or by
suicide oi6 sell-infilcteil injuries' , " coveis
death by hiiiwing ones self while ins.ine.
This couit holds that tlk > question Is to a great
extent duteimlnud by n pievlnus decision as
to the effect of a policy til lilo Insurance
which tuovltles that it .shall be null ami void
It the asstiteil 'Shall dlo bv suicide" or "shall
die by his own hand. " This court has re
peatedly anil uniformly held that such pro
vision not containing tlio words "sanu or In
sane , " does not Include self-kllliiu by an In
sane person. There can be no doubt , In tlio
piesenl state of the law , that Ciandnll did not
die by "siilcldu" within the meaning of this
policy ; anil the .same leasons are conc'uslvo '
against holding that ho died by "self-inflicted
injuries. " If "self-killing , " "suicide , "
"dying by his own hand" cannot bo
piedicted nl an Insane person , no more can
Self-inflicted Itijmies'for in cither caiiu it
Is not his act nol Ihe acl of himself. Xfor
dues t lie case como within the clause whla-Y
pioviites that the insurance shall not extend
to "death or disability which may have been
caused wholly or in pait bv bodily Infirmities
or disease. " The words ' 'bodily Infirmities
or disease" do not Include Insanity. Upon
tlie question raised as to tlio effect of the
leading sentence of the policy Instiling
Ciandall "against bodily injuries through ,
external , accidental ami violent ntnans , " the
conn holds that this sentence does not speak
of what the Injiuy "is caused by , but only
looks to" the means by which It Is effected.
Xo ono doubts that hanging Is a violent
means of death. As it effects fiom without it
is exteinal , and nccoiding to deci
sions as to suicide under policies
of insiiuincc it cannot , when done by an insane -
sane peison , be held to be other than acci
dental. Tin ; judgment of the circuit court in
favor of this plalnlilt was correct and is
Xo. I'-Mf Chicago , Huillneton & Kansas
Citv company , plaintiff , on uiror , vs the state
of Mlssouil , ex nil. John F. Gulfey. collector ,
in enor , to tlie supiomo couit ot Missouri.
The judgment appealed from in this case
allirmed the liability to taxation in Missouri
for state nnd county purposes of what was
properly known as the Central Notth Mis
souri branch of the Si. Joseph it Iowa rail
road , more recently named the Linneus
branch of the Uuilinuton A : Southwestern
ralhoad company , anil now owned by the
Chicago , Uurlington < k Kansas City rail-
load company. The latter company
claims to have succeeded to all the rights ,
ptivilegub ami Immunities granted to the 1
St. Joseph & Iowa railioad compuiy in its
chattel of 18.77 , among which was an exemp
tion of Its stock from taxation tor state and
county purposes. In tlio opinion of the court
it Is not clear that the exemption from taxa
tion given by such chatter as that grunted to
the St. Joseph & Iowa lailioauVconipftBT
should ho extended. The statute djics notIn
terms aunt Immunity from taxatlfn. and a
s.v.stem established by It is complete ( n itself
witliuut lutoience to other legislative eiuct-
meats. Tne present claim to exemption
must he denied , for it is an established doc
trine of tills court that Immunity from .taxa
tion hy a state will not be recognized unless
cranted in terms too plain to be mistaken.
The judmcnt of the supreme coutt of Mil *
bouri Is allirmed. „
The lildon "Will Trouble.
XKW YOHK , March 7. The answer of til *
executors undct the will of the Kite Samuel
J. Ttldtm to the complaint ot GOOIKC 11. Til-
den , who contests thu will on tlm grounds ot
belli ; : illegal and invalid , was filed to-dav la
the sumemo court. The it-ply tx'clterf that
tlie pl.iintllfhas no right to institute or main
tain the suit ; that deceased was unmarried
and his lather and mother deceased , the sis
ter , Mrs. Pelton , and the nephnvv and niece * -as
are next of kin , but under tha will are not -
entitled to any of the estate. It Is denied ,
thai the amount ot the estate Is anywhere
near 315,000,000. it Is claimed In conclusion
that the defendants uni appointed ns excctt-
toi under the will and refer to the original at
their authority.
Negro Mnrdurur liynclied.
MKMIMUS , Tonn. , March 7. The Av
lanolin's special from Wlnona , Miss. , says :
Alex Crawford , a negro muiiU'ter , was taken
tiom jail by an Immense crowd of cilizciiB
to-day and hanged tiom a ciosstn'o on the
ralhoaii bint'-o near town. Do made n de
iier.ite light In his cell a'-alnst the crowd ,
being armed with a hioonistick , which ha
wleMod witli good etTect , but was tinully ,
ovcipowcicd. Hu died game , let using to
make any declaration. Ills victim wa * H
piomlnont merchant of Wlnona , whom h
killed last mouth.
1'ostmnsirrn Uitnppninted.
WASHIVOTO.V , March V. The following
reappolnlmcnls as presidential postmasters
won ) made to-day , the senate HavliiLfulled
to art on tin : otUhial nominations : William
T. Klik , AtUntii , III. : William F. White ,
ll.iny , 111. ; Samuel P. Tnlts , Contralla , III. ;
Agnes itoss , Havonswood , HI. ; Joel H. John
son , Woodstock. III. ; James P. C.irleton ,
lowu Falls , la. : Klelmitl liiuke , WhatChci'r ' ,
la. ; George \V. Lewis , Ulack lllvcr Falls ,
W Is.
A Decision nn Drummer ) * ' Tax.
WASHINGTON. March 7. The supreme
courl lo day rendered a decision In Ihe cass
brought from Tennessee , which Involves the
right of ono state or muulclpi'llty to Impose a
license tax on a drummer or traveling sales
man luun .moth" ! ' hUte soti&lng to sell goodi
by samplu or otherwise. The it ioislon is that'
the taxation Is intuifercnce wtih Intcr-stato'1
commerce anu Is thoi ° foie uncouiittlutlonal.
Two Mort ) Y'ltOK fjost.
PKOIIIA , HI. , March 7. A Gnlcsbnrt ; cpo-
clal to the 'i'ttvnsciipt says : Wortlilnytoti
loses two votes by ttHaMnvi \ tlgatlon.
Ono vtiterltud not complutotl r..s n tiir.iUa- |
thin. Tin o bo iuU O-i'i ' U.c.l in the btulv
tix monlhs prior to the election ,