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    SfWJW " " 11
All Hope Abandoned of the Recovery of
the Eminent Divine ,
lie Rcmalna Unconscious During the
Way and Suffers No Pain The
Sail NOWH Announced In
the Churches.
Tcath Ira\\H
NEW YOIIK , March 0. At 8 p. m. Henry
Ward Bcccher's condition remained without
noticeable chance. Ho is yet unconscious
nnd Is said to bo slowly sinking. Ho moves
his right hand occasionally. Long before
daylight this mornlnc it was noticed that
many more people were on the streets than
was usual In the vicinity of the Beecher resi
dence , and by S o'clock there was quite a
crowd eagerly looking for the first bulletin ,
At 0 o'clock the following bulletin was
Issued :
"Beecher Is about the same. > lo change
since last night. "
Tlio first bulletin was signed by Dr. W. S.
Scarlcs , Beceher's family physician , and as
It was posted on the door-post people
crowded tl.o stoop to read It. There was n
feeling of thankfulness plainly vis
ible on their countenances that tne life of
the illustrious divine was still spared , and as
the day advanced the throng on the side
walks of Clark and Hicks streets rendered
the street almost Impassable. In the crowd
were people of every station , from
the millionaire to the prosperous
tradesmen nnd poor laborers. The ex
pressions of sympathy nnd condolence
that were heard on all sides only made an
other powerful indication of the high esteem
in which the Plymouth pastor was held by all
classes. During thu morning scores of car
riages diove past the house and the occupants
of many of them alighted and walked up to
the bulletin nnd then departed , while others
left their cards with the attendant. Those
who weio more Intimately acquainted were
admitted into the house nnd made Inquiries
concerning tlio patient personally , but only
immediate friends of tlio family were allowed
In the sick chamber. There was , however ,
an exception made In the case of llov. T.
DeWitt Talmage , who called with his
daughter Edith about 1:30 : p. m. . and lie was
admitted Into Beeuhcr's presence. Fifteen
minutes Ihter Talmngc left the house. About
10 o'clock this morning Dr. Hammond ar
rived nt thu house and an hour later the fol
low Ing bulletin was posted :
"Prof. W. Hulmuth , of New York , In con
sultation , freely confirms the opinion ! of the
physicians. Beecher Is gradually falling.
lie may , however , live for some days. "
That nil hope was elvon up was plainly
Indicated by this bulletin and the rcmaik of
Kev. DoWItt ri'almage , "it is very serious , "
as ho passed out ,
Mr. llalliday continued the services at Ply
mouth church this morning , and at 11 o'clock
n bulletin was read to the congregation. The
elfoct ot It was noticeable on the congrega
tion by the number of handkerchiefs In use
and tlio stilled sobsot many of those present.
At the church of Talmage the scene after the
reverend gentleman's prayer was almost as
nllcctlng. Talmago made n very tender ap
peal on behalf of Beecher. He prajed fer
vently for the Divlno blessing on the at-
lllctcd preacher , and alluded to Bcechor ns
tlio friend of the millionaire , friend of the
worklngman , the friendless , and nil men ,
whether rich or uoor.
At 2:30 : p. m. tills bulletin appeared :
"Dr. Hammond Is In consultation. Beecher
is In a state of deopfolna alt day. No sign
of pain or consciousness ot any sort. Death
considered coitaiu , but at an Indefinite time ,
probably to-day. "
Sineo tlio doctors Informed the members of
the family that It was only a question of time
for the end , tlioy remained In the sick cham
ber aw ailing uvery movement. The eldest
daughter , wile of llov. Samuel Scovllle. ot
Stamford , Conn. , nirlvednt the house Snt-
nri'.ny , nnd her husband nnd two children
will Immediately follow. The other mem
bers of the family in the house now are Mr.
Beechor's eldest son , Colonel Beecher , his
wife and two daughters , and his son Henry
Wnrd Beecher ; W. C. Beecher nnd his wife ,
who llvent Columbia Heights. Their son
Herbert , who has been tcleirrnphcd to San
Franclscojfor , Is on the ocean between Port
land , Ore. , nnd San Francisco. Ho Is not ex
pected to reach Now York In tlmo to see his
father alive , as he Is not duo In San Fran
cisco till to-morrow ( Monday ) and then ho
lias a week's ride before ho can teach homo.
0:1)5 : ) p. m. The condition of Beecher has
not materially changed during the day. Ho
Is In n deep comatose state , fiom which ho
cannot be aroused , and from which ho will
never piobably rally , lie lies quietly , like
ono In tlio deepest sleep , and elves no Indi
cation of pain or uneasiness. His pulse
> arlcsfrom00to 100. Atone time for sev
eral hours It intermitted two or three times
In each minute , but this evening It has ic-
malned quite regular and quite hard and
lull. Ills temperature has ranged from 100
to 100& and nt present stands at 100)4. His
respirations numbei about thirty to the min
ute. Ills body and extiemlties are equally
warm. Ills face Is flushed and lias n some
what livid him. Ho Is unable to speak or
wallow anything except small quantities ot
liquid , which must bo cautiously ad mill Is-
tcied to prevent choking. All three medical
advisors are In full and entire accord as
to the nature and location of the disease , Its
present status , the remedial measuies to bo
employed , nnd as to the progress ot tlio caso.
It is their opinion that his condition to-day
confirms the opinions they have untcitallied
from tlio beginning that recovery Is not to
bo honed for : that though the effusion of
blood Into the brain is not stopped , a fresh
hcinoirhaca may at any time occur and
speedily end life. That Is not likely lo
happen so tar as present indications are to
bo trusted , and should it occur his life may
bo spaied yet. How long depends on his en
durance and strong constitution. No ono
except Mrs. Beecher and her children are
allowed to visit his bedside. No fuither
bulletin w 111 be Issued until Mondnv morning.
At 11 o'clock Beechor's condition was ro-
poited unchanged save for a gradual sinking
towards the Inevitable end. General lloiatio
King left the house at that hour and ex
pressed the opinion that Beceher would die
during the nlilit or before morning.
William C. Di'ccher Is reported to hnvo ex-
tlio opinion that his fattier would note
o alive after S o'clock tills morning. Many
people anxious to hear the latest news of the
dying dlvluu mo congregated on the side
walks in front of the nouse. St. Clalr Me-
Kelway , managing editor of the Brooklyn
Kaelr , says that prcllmlnaiy steps wore mak
ing to celebrate the triple annlveiMiiy ot
the events In Becchei's life. Thu celebration
was to have taken place in September in the
Brooklyn of Music. This Is the
tiftleth year ot lieecher's marriage , the fif
tieth of his ordination to the ministry , and
the fortieth of his pastorate ot Plymouth
church. Had the beloved pastor lived bis
congregation and friends would have cele
bra ted these events in a big jubilee.
Up to 3 a. m. no report has been received
from Beecher. Dr. Hammond said to-night :
"lieeeher will never bu conscious ngaln.
Tin-IP's absolutely no hope. He may die In
two hours nnd ho may last a couple of day !
longer , but death Is ceitulu , Piacttcally he
la a dead man. "
Sympathy From Abroad ,
LONDON , March . Kcv. Mr. Parker , at
his service this evening , eulogized Becchcr ,
Jleexpicssed the piofound sympathy ot him
self and his htateu with t ho utttlctfd pastor
Death ot Mrs. Cleveland' * Grand' '
OKTKOir , Maidl 0. Mrs. Huth U. liar
mon , mother of Mrs. Kolsom and urand
mother ot Mrs. Grover Cleveland , died a
Jackson , Mich , , at 10 o'clock this morning
where the has been living for the past tot
} tar with her son , M. II. Harmon. Sfm wa :
torn lu IbW , and was married In 1SGO. bui
spent the creator part of her life at Batavla ,
N. 1 . .where , after the death of Mr. Folsom ,
Mrs. holsom and Franklo lived with her until
trankle was old enouuli to attend school ,
when they moved to Buffalo. Mrs. Folsom
was will ; her for Home tlmo previous to her
death , and President and Mrs. Cleveland are
expected to attend the funeral. She will be
bulled at Batavla , N. i.
Death of .Mrs. Deck.
WASHINGTON , March 0. Mrs. Jane Wash
ington Thornton Bock , wife of Senator Beck ,
of Kentucky , died at her residence In this
city this evening of Inflammation of the bow
els. Mrs. Beck had been feeling as well as
usual this winter and her first symptoms of
illness wore the result of n cold contracted
while out riding In an open cnrrlaeo on Fri
day. Nothing serious was apprehended ,
until this morning , when Drs. Wales and
Buscy , the physicians In attendance
Intoimcd the family that they could
oiler no hope of her recovery. Senator
Beck and Mis. Goodie , Mrs. Beck's daughter ,
weio nt her bedside In her last moments.
Her only other child , a grown son , is in Wy
A Lahor Orutinl/.cr'B Death.
Piin.ADKi.riiiA , March 0. William Coke ,
one of the seven men who organized the
Knights of Lahor , died to-day ot heart fall-
in e , lined sixty-three years.
CoiiHiil Heap lOvplros.
CoNSTANTiNori.K , March 0. G. Harris
Heap. United States consul-general here ,
died this morning.
Review of the Situation In the Win
ter Wheat licit.
CHICAOO , Mai ch 0. The following crop
ummary will be printed In this week's Issue
of the Faimeis' Hovlew : Thus far reports
from the winter wheat belt Indicate that the
crop Is omeriliig from winter In better shape
than last year. The ciop Is not assured from
resulting damage of storms and bad weather ,
and still has to pass through a critical period ;
but , as a whole , tlio outlook must be regarded
as more favorable than nt the beginning of
March of last year. The extremely mild
weather of the opening davs of last week ,
followed by the cold weather , caused some
Injury In Illinois nnd In Indiana , and in
Lal'orte nnd Uandolph counties of Indiana
considerable wheat was fro/en and killed.
Twenty-throe Illinois counties this week re
port wheat is looking well , while in Brown ,
Johnson and White counties Injury
Is reported. Thirteen counties in
Indiana make very favorable re
turns. In Michigan and Wisconsin the
outlook Is repoited as very favorable. Nearly
nil the Wisconsin fields had nn nmplo snow
covering since lost November. Tlio weather
has been unfavorable in Ohio , and some
Injtirv Is repoited In Champagne. Senecaand
Van Wert counties , but nil the other counties
reporting make favorable returns. The
season is well advanced in Missouri and
siiiing plowing lias commenced. In Bates ,
Benton , Christian and Montgomery counties
oats nro already beini : sown. In Clinton ,
Knox and Livingston counties of Missouri
wheat Is repoited as looking poorly , but the
other conn ties' icportsaie mainly of a favora
ble tenor. There is no change in the tenor of
the reports from Kansas. Fully one-half of
the counties report n very poor outlook for
wheat In Harper county not more than
one-half an average croo Is predicted , while
In Clay , Davis , Mitchell , Keuo and Kock
counties the situation Is poor and the crop
Is In a critical condition.
An Authentic Egyptian Antiquity.
BOSTON. Mass. , March C. fSpeeial Tele-
ram to the Bii : . | One of the most Intercst-
ii2 and valuable of pic-historic icllcs re
cently exhumed In the delta of tlio Nile has
Just arrived in this city. It Is undoubtedly
nn authentic double-armed handle of a
golden censor of Pharaoh Hophra , found by
Mr.FllnderPetiie , aiclueologlcal digger of the
Egyptian exploration fund , atTel-de-Fenneh ,
n the northeastern corner of the delta of the
Nile. It is pute , solid irold. shining and rich
beyond description , curiously , Intricately and
laboriously wrought , each arm decorated with
n graceful lotus-leaf design of the Egyptian
artiliceis , and worth at the smallest calcula
tion , simply as gold bullion , 8000. Hcv. Mr.
Wlnslow. who Is the American inn do , philos
opher and friend of the Egyptian luiid , man
aged to secure not only this relic of Plmrnoh
Hophra , but many other interesting articles
from the ruins of the palace at Daphnae that
might othciwiso have 1:0110 into that gieat
giate of antiquities , tlio British museum , and
has them now In charge.
A Denial on nohalCot'Armour.
CincAoo , March 0. [ Special Telegram to
the BKK.J Some one staited the report yes
terday to the effect that the breach between
Armour and the American Cotton Seed Oil
Tiust company had been healed up , and that
iVimour had made a long time contract with
tlio company. On tlio strength of this report
cotton seed oil certificates were Inflated on
Wall street. Armour and company say the
ropoit is a falsehood. Mr. Armour himself
Is In California , but Mr. Webster , who repre
sents a good shaie of the brains of Armour
& Co. , makes n most emphatic denial of the
alleged coalition. In fact. Mr. Webster
stronuly Intimates that there Is not oulv lit
tle or no possibility of such a thing happen
ing , but that there Is a very great probability
of Armour & Co. carrying the war Into the
enemy's camp as announced In the first dis
patch from ( ialvcston.
Mother Angela's Funeral.
NOKTH BKND , Ind. , March 0. The funeral
of Mother Angela , late surporlor of the
Sisters of the Holy Cross In the United
States , and founder of numerous educational
Institutions , took place this morning. Alter
the solemn lequlem mass , n panegyric was
delivered by Bishop Gllmore , of Cleveland.
The obsequies were attended by as many
members of the committee as could bo as
sembled , and by numerous friends from
various parts of the country. Mother Ancola
was a cousin of James G. lilaino and Mrs.
General W. T. Sherman. Among those
present were Philemon K. Ewlng , Kmmoiis
nnd Walker Blalne , nnd Alexander Sullivan ,
of Chicago. Interment wns at St. Mnry's
Extensive Mills Destroyed.
ST. PAUL , Mnrch 0. A special to the Pie
neer-Press from Hudson. Win. , says : The
extensive flouring mill plant of O. Burk-
luudt , north of this city , burned this morn-
In' . Loss , $100,000 ; mill property valued at
840,003 ; Insurance , $ H7,000 : elevator and
warehouse valued at 40,000 ; Insured for
822,600. In the elevator weio a\000 bushels
of wheat. A number of smaller buildings
burned. The owner will rebuild at once.
Adcllna I'attl's Heir.
NKW OHI.KANS , March 0. | Special Tele
gram to the BKK.I Miss Carolina Pattl nnd
her mother have completed all arrangement.
to leave this city on Thursday next for St.
Louis , where Adellna Pattl will meet them
and take them with her on her return tc
Europe , where the young lady Is to become
the hclicssof her jewels and her castle In
Wales. _
, t
Unknown Steamer Wrecked.
CASIPKN , N. J. , March 0.-II Is stated thai
a steamer bound for a northern port had beei
wrecked off the Now Jersey coast during tin
storm of Thuroday last. Ocean Beach , be
tween Barnegat Inlet and Seaside- park , Is
strewn w itu wreckage.
Iloko , the Hypocrite.
PKOUIA , 111. , March fi , Bank Forger J
Finley lioko attended divine worship In tin
county jail to-day nnd apparently took a dec )
Interest In tlio sen , ices. While nourishing h
the banking business bo was a regular and do
tout attendant at church.
Given ill * For Iiost.
Pini.ADKi.PitiA , March 0. The Italiai
bank Charlotte , hence for Queenstown
eighty-eight 'days out , has been elven up a
lost by the consigners. She carried a caret
ot wheat valued at 120,000. She had a crev
of twelve men.
Amendments Made By the Judiciary
Committee to the Measure ,
A Comparison of the Two Reports
Which Will lie Hnarty For DIs-
( Mission In the Legislature
on Tuesday.
The Charter's Chanucs.
LINCOLN , Neb. , March 0. [ Special to
the UKE.J The amendments to the Omaha
charter made by the committee on
judiciary of the house have been printed.
Thoconsldeiatlon of thesamo by the Doug-
'as delegation has already bean sent to the
winter , and both will be ready for discussion
irohably on Tuesday. Between these docu
ments the following comparison Is instituted ,
he notes of the work of the Douglas delet
ion being supplied by the clerk of that body :
Tlio oilgltial bill , section 3 , includes within
iiocltv limits an area of thirty square miles.
The amendment sets It at twenty-livo square
miles. In this the Douglas delegation con
Section 11 provides for the election of the
mayor , police judge , nnd treasurer only ,
while the amendment includes comptroller ,
city clery and city attorney. Concurred in
except n > > to city attorney and comptiollcr.
Section 12 requires a councilman to ho an
'actual ' and boiia lide owner ot real estatf. "
In the amendments this condition is omitted.
"Joucurred In.
Section 4S limits the stretches of approaches
to viaducts which railroads must erect and
naintam at 1,200 feet. This in the amend
ment Is reduced to KX ) feet. Concurred in.
Section M empowers the mayor and
council to retaliate or prohibit the erection
of all poles for electric use In the streets or
public grounds ; to require the removal ot the
same us may bo desired , nnd the placing
under ground of all teleuraph , telephone or
other electric wires. These lequirements
are not included in the amendments. The
Dou.Mas delegation do not concur in the lat
ter and ask the original section.
Section 64 authorizes the appropriation of
property tor a number of uses , especially as
paiks. But "parks" is eliminated from the
judiciary amendments. The delegation does
not concur.
Section 7l , amonir many things contains
the following : "Upon the completion of
the said assessment toll , the city clerk shall
add to said roll any ami all real estate In
said city belonging to any railroad or tele
graph company , and not appearing on the
county roll by reason ot having been returned
to the state board or otherwise , and assess
the same as near as may bo to correspond
with the assessed value of like property on
said county roll for purpose of taxation lor
municipal purposes. " The amendment
to this , after the word "roll , " Is : "All store
houses , warehouses , shops , and other build
ings within the rbiht ot way or along or ad
joining or adjacent to any side track of such
railtoad , or within the riuht of way of such
telegiaph company , used for purpose of rent
by said company , or for purposes other than
the ordinary operations of said company. "
Conciincd in , but the delegation desires dif
ferent phraseolo/y.
Section 104 proscribes that the board of
public works shall consist of live members
a chairman , the city engineer , street commis
sioner , superintendent ot buildings , and
chairman of the board of park commission
ers. The amendment consists of the section
of the present charter relating to the board of
nubile woiks , which allows to that body but
three mcmbeis. This Is not concurred in
and the oiiulual section is asked lor.
Section 105 sets the bonds of the city en
gineer at 910.000 , while In the amendment
the bond Is raised to 850,000. Concurred.
Section 107 prescribes as one of the duties
of the park commissioners the suggesting of
a system of park ways and boulevards within
the city or within ten miles of the corporate
limits theieof. The ten-mllo limit is stricken
out In the amendment. Not concurred in.
Section 110 declares that the established
grade ot a street shall not be changed except
by note of two-thirds of the council alter
being referred to the board ot public works ,
and then not until the damages to propel ty
owners which may bo caused by such change
of grade shall have been assessed nnd deter
mined by thieo disinterested freeholders ap
pointed by the mayor for that purpose. The
anienament requires the consent In writing
to bo first obtained of the owners of lots or
lands ahuttlui ; upon the street where such
chauffO'Of giado Is to bo made , and thPso
owners are to leprcsent n majority of the
trout feet thcieoii.
Section 118 makes provision for the appio-
prlntion of pioperty for p.irk purposes. Tlio
amendments Ignoio it. The delegation ask
for the original section.
Section 13.1 requites for public printing
bids Irom the publishers of papers accom
panied with a detailed statement of tlio car
rier delivery in the citv , certified to under
oath , showing the circulation of the same tor
said pap'T six months prior to date ot bid ,
and In awarding the contract tor printing
the relative circulation of the papers shall all
bo considcied. No higher rate must be
charged for the public printing than the low
est i ate chanted by the olllclal paper to any
patron for llko service during the period cov
ered by its contract. The amendment ro-
qulres simply that tlm printing shall be let to
tne newspaper being the lowest responsible
bidder with a circulation not smaller than
2,000 in the city. Concurred in.
Section 143 In the original bill pro
vides for restricting the liability
of tlio city for damages resulting from detec
tive sidewalks to Instances In which the same
is notified of the defect and falls to repair the
same. There is no reference to this In tlio
amendments , and the delegation add the proviso
vise that visitors or strangers may recover In
juries sustained In the manner indicated.
The other amendments are unimportant.
AlTulrB at Itoino.
( fopi/iluM JAW In James Haitian Ilennclt. ]
KOMI : ( via Havie ) , March 0. [ New York
Herald Cable-Special to the BIK. : ] The pub
lication of Cardinal Gibbons'repoit has made
a considerable stir in Koman ecclesiastical
circles and has given a new interest to the
1 hear that at the Vatican the choice of a
successor to Caidlnal Jacoblnl Is giving the
pope no little anxiety. The post ot secretary
of state has been offered to Mgr. llampclla ,
the nuncio at Madrid. He respectfully de
clined , pleading ill health and his wish to
oblige the queen regent by remaining in
Spain till June. An offer lias been made to
Cardinal Parocchl , who for other reasons felt
unable to accept It. Mgr. Serolino Yanutllll ,
the nuncio nt Vienna , has since been pro
posed , but It Is doubtful whether ho will find
it convenient to ! et > ve Vienna. Mgr. Ualuin-
bcrto will possibly have the next chance. If
ho accepts he may bo made a cardinal deacon ,
but nothing is certain. It Is quite within the
bounds of probability that Mgr. Mocennl ,
under secretary of state , will continue nomi
nal secretary till the summer , the real woik
being done by the pope and his devoted
henchman , Mgr. ( lalumburte.
Dloody Anarchist Talk.
CHICAGO , March a There was a large
meeting of socialists at West Polk street
Turner hall this afternoon to discuss the
measure pending In the Illinois legislature
known as Merrill's bill to punish authors of
Inflammatory and Incendiary speeches or
writings. After an addiess by a newspaper
man named Buchanan denouncing the cap
italists , press nnd military , a resolution was
adopted protesting against the bill. Then
some very radical speeches w < ro delivered In
English , German and Bohemian. Editor
Uurllo , of the Arbelter Xellung , advised his
hearers to procure arms and carry them.
Holmes , the English chairman , declared the
socialists had a rieht to teach treason and tin
overthrow of society and constituted authori
ties. Sooner than sou the bill passed ho
would take arms In band and preach lovolu
tlon. He was against Uie bill as an Ameri
can citizen , as a socialist and as an anarchist.
If necessary they should all become rebels
and preach downright revolution. Curlln
and Holmes were wildly cheered by tbe
crowd , which Included a oumbit o ( WOUJID
A Learned Professor Gives Ilia Views
on the Kcfecnt Shake.
ICnpyrloM Jf47 bu Jitme Cordon JJcmifff.l
KOMK , March 0. [ New'York ' Herald Cable
Special to the Bi : ] Professor dl Kossl ,
llrcctor of Geodymalne observatory here , has
vlndly communicated to the Herald an ad
vance copy of his report on the Hlvlcra
earthquake. Thus writes the eminent pro-
'essor : "The following Is a short review of
ho facts noted In tbo ( crrcstcral commotion
which reached It3 c lef maximum In the
earthquake of the 2 Wo possess many
ilstorlc documents u atlng to events which
night be compaied ' Ith the present phe-
nomena. They nro n ( her exceptional nor
new In the affected regions. Many data
which have been ah ady noted In recent
Italian observations , o now continued. An
examination of the nta supplied by our
nlcroseismometrlc a nar.xtus shows a pro-
ouged microscopic < > turbance throughout
the peninsula extend ig over the last two
nontlis , the max mini occurring on
the 6th , 10th and' 10th of January
and on the 4th , 10th ICtli , 10th
and thniJtst of Febuiary. The mlscroscopln
movements were most marked and pcislst-
ent In the dlsttlcts of active nnd extinct vol
canoes and In several well known centers ot
cndngnous activity. The same tact was
noted In the cases of the earthquakes at Cas-
amlcclola , In Scio and In Spain. In the ma-
joilty of other cases of recent times the
mIcioselsmutile maxia were more frequent
toward the -id of February , but on the M all
was calm everywhere. It Is worthy of 10-
mark that a scries of slight earthquakes took
place at Aqullla at the end of January and
the beglnnltii : of February during n vhtual
cessation of mlcrosclsmlc undulations ,
which lasted some days. It Is to bo regretted
that no regular observations were taken of
tlm temperature of the mineral waters ex
cept at Salinlaitatc dl 1'ozziiolc , whcio It was
found that the temperature rose gradually be
tween tlio beginning of January and the end
of Fnbruary for 03 to 70 degrees centiigrade.
There weie several slight earthquakes In dlf-
[ crent pails of Italy dining the same period ,
but they were less Important than Is usual
at this season. On IhoGth and 8th of January
liargano and Yolberre , on the 15th nnd 22nd
Ktna and on the 2oth Venice were disturbed.
On the 10th and 20th of February there were
fiesh commotions at Etna. There were no
disturbances worthy of mention in any other
part of Italy. Thus it will bo seen that the
shaken district were In four different centres
of simultaneous activity which have since
been again simultaneously with the earth
quake of the 2.d ! lust. Indeed , the disturb
ance of Etna occurred but a very short tlmo
before the great upheaval of the 23ul. Gar-
trano was shaken on the same morning nt
eight minutes past 0. That Is n few minutes
before the catastrophe. Verltla showed no
perceptible phenomena.but according to the
observations of M. Uolran , at Verona , with
exceptional agitation apparatus , from the
22d to the 23d ono might bo led to suppose
that there are now five diiterent centers of
activity in Italy , namely , Sicily , Gargano
Abriuzo , Baldo ( In 'VenetUO { and western
Llgurla. Having noted the fact from n
chronological standpoint 11 will now pass
to barometric observations. The most
complete coincidence between the
atmospheric depressions and tlio
maxima of microseismic undulations have
been proven by M. Uevtelll , and reconfirmed
here. The constitutional disturbances dur
ing half of January which followed was In
variably accompanied by high pressure , an
occurrence which always precedes Imminent
nnd serious phenomena In earth disturb
ances such as the earthquake of the 23d.
A peculiar tact has been remarked on sev
eral occasions during the last few years. On
the 21st and 22d tlio slight nvei ago atmos
pheric depression had its center In the gulf
of Genoa. On the 22d it had nearly disap
peared , but between the 22d and 23d the
barometer suddenly rose live millimetres.
As rcgaids the eplccntrum of the earth
quake. It Is difficult to say much. An an
alysis of all the facts , and above all the di
rection of the seismic waves , shows the start
ing point of the vibrations to have been on a
submarine geologic fracture , near and
parallel with the Llgtirlan coast , running
from east to west in tlio Chlavari region.
Tlio seismic history of Italy shows that other
eaithquakes which have occurred in the
same region since 1541 followed the same line
and injured the same places. "
Kho Will Make It at the liaymarkot
In London.
[ ( Vj > ! / : fy7tt 1W bu JamCK Gordon Hewlett. ]
LONDON , March 6. [ Now York Herald
Cable-Special to the BEC | I found Mrs.
James Blown Polter this evening at her
rooms. As to the present condition of affairs
she said : "Yes , only yesterday I made up
my mind , and only yostcrdav I signed a con
tract with the Uaymarket. Whether 1 shall
appear before Passion or after Easter Is not
ye ) decided. I am to open as Anna Sylvester
in "Man and Wile , " and shall probably fol
low with an entirely new play , which Is not
yet finished but is being written lor me by
Mr. Bancrott , who has been exceedingly kind
to me , even to piomising mo his wife's assist
ance in tutoring me In stage business before
my debut. The ti'imsot contract foibid my
dlscloslnu my salary , but 1 may say It Is fab
ulous , and exceeds , ns 1 have said , what Mrs.
Langtry got and what Miss Teiry
was receiving after she had played
two years at the Lyceum. In addition ,
all my costumes , which will bo made In Paris ,
arc to bo supplied to mo at the close of the
engagement. I received n cablegram after
signing the contract this morning from Mr.
Abbey offering mo an engagement , nnd I
have had many other offers to consider , nil of
which I shall lay before Mr. George Lewis ,
solicitor , who manages nil my alTaiis , nnd
will lot him accept the next advantageous
oiler for me. They wanted mo to contract
yesterday for a longer period and explained
away my dislike to the part of Anna Sylves
ter. 1 refused to sigp for a longer period , as
that would keep me Hero over winter , nnd 1
have made up my mind to appear In New
York next September. My engagement at
the Hay market Is the best school a novice
like me could enter , and 1 hope for success
lioic. If 1 succeed 1 am sure of a gtcat re
ception in America. "
Brinjtlnjj O t the Bodies.
[ Copt/ifuht / 6S7bJamtsnordon ( llcnnctt. ]
BittisshLS , March B. [ New York Herald
Cable-Special to 'tivt BEK. ] About forty
corpses have been recovered from the mines
In tlio Paturges district where the lire damp
explosions occurred on Friday night A hun
dred or more are burled In the mine , and as
they cannot possibly be reached for four days
tbe probabilities are that oven If they are
alive now they will ba dead before the rescu
ing parties get to them. The Count of
Flanders , the king's brother , and Prince
Bandouln , bis majesty's nephew , accompa
nied by M. Demorea , the minister ot agri
culture , visited the scene ot the disaster to
day. They were present when the terrible
charred remains of the dead miners were
brought to the .surface and were greatly af
fected. They distributed alms among the
widows and orphans ot the unfortunate vie
Nebraskaund town Weather.
For Nebraska and Iowa : Fair weather ,
colder , northerly winds , with cold wnvo In
the northern poitlou.
The Kansas Senator Determined to Change
Inauguration Day.
A Submarine Torpcilo Which U
pectpil to Perform Woiulera
A New Ollico Mentioned
l-'or Matthews.
Chntmtni ; Inauguration Day ,
WAsitiNcnox , Maich 0. [ Special Tele
gram to the Bin : . | There was ono bill be-
lore congiuss this session In which the eutlro
country was greatly Interested. It was In-
: ioduced by Mr. Ingalls and piovldcd that
tiaugutatlon day be chniucd from March 4
to the last Tuesday In Apiil. The Idea is not
a new ono with the senator from Kansas , as
10 has written an claboiato article in Its
favor. The reason ho gives is that the
weather wo usually have In the early d.tjs of
March Is execrable and the effect of the In
auguration ceremonies ate apt to bo spoiled
by storms and intensely cold or dlsagiceablo
winds. The middle of April generally closes
the unpleasant spring season In this latitude
nut the last Tuesday Is sure to Hud the cap
ital city in Its loveliest garb , lugalls' incas-
mo iccclvcd the fullest approbation from the
committees of both houses to which It was
referred and seemed almost certain of pass
age , but failed at the last moment. Ho will
not glvo It up , however , but Intends intro
ducing It early in the Fiftieth congress and
pressing it to a successful conclusion.
Mr. Sid ,11. Nealy , a newspaper writer of
this city , has just secured American and
foielgn patents on what promises to bo a
very etlectlvo submarine torpedo. 11 is called
"Tho Sea Devil , " and is capable of carrying
a cliaigo of nearly 1,000 pounds of dynamite.
It Is to be sent after an enemy's ship from
cither shore or on shipboard , and its Inventor
asserts that no ship , however fast , can run
way fiom It even In a slow chase. The
body of the torpedo eair.vlug the charge re
volves with tiemendous rapidity , the shaft
In the rear being held motionless lust by n
Jloat , to which the torpedo Is attached , and
atterwards by tour Hat blades that stick out
from the shaft llko so many wmirs of a chum
paddle. Reaching the yards ot a ship tlio
torpedo ducks Its head , dives fourteen leet
into the water , raises its lioad and daits
against the ship's hull. It is steered until it
reaches the ship by electric wires but the
most accurate shots can be made with It at a
distance of three-quarters of a mile. Mr.
Nealy will soon glvo an exhibition of his In
vention heie. THEWS TO succr.nn MOXTOOMUIY.
A report gained some cuirency to-day
which credits the president with the intention
of appointing the ox-recoider of deeds ,
Matthews , the Albany coloiod man , commis
sioner of patents as soon as the resignation
of Mr. Montgomery takes etlect. Last week
Matthews was to bo register of the treasury
and It Is more likely that the president would
appoint him to that position where he would
have little to do besides sign his name than
at the head of the patent ollico , where a law
yer of piofound judicial mind Is required to
decide the intricate points coming before
The president Is reported to ha\e given ex
pression to somoeinpiiatlc opinions touching
the conduct of certain nrommeut democratic
members of the house In their votes upon the
passa&o ot the dependent ponsious bill
over his veto , and they are likely
to have an unhappy tlmo here
after when they approach him upon
the matter of appointments. "All their talk
about economy is bosh , " ho Is said to have
remarked to an ofllclal not unconnected with
the pension bureau. "They ( referring to
Kandall and llolmaii ) aie always ready to
make some cheap capital for themselves
when they think It can bo done with safety.
We will see. " And with this ominous ex
pression hu "shut his mouth with a snap , "
said the nauatoros he described the Intel-
There Is a decided movement on foot
among southern and southwestern members
of congress to psevent the appointment of
Mr. Randall as chairman of the committeoon
appropriations. This movement arises , lirst ,
liom the desire to avoid the nanow escape
by which the Important appropriation bills
were pulled through ; and. secondly , because
many of the older members are tiled of sub
mitting to the dictatorial manner in which
the i'ennsyUanlnn rules the bolide. The
members who tailed to secure the passage ot
bills In which they were particularly inter
ested are almost unanimous In laying the
blame at the door ot Randall , who controlled
legislation through the power vested in him
by his chairmanship. There Is little doubt
that Mr. Carlisle will have amajoiltyof the
democratic votes in tlio caucus , but the mem
bers referred to above will lirst Insist upon a
pledge that Kandall shall be provided with a
chairmanship elsewhere than in the one po
sition which elves him so much power. Mr.
Carlisle's friends think that in view of the
vvldespiead dissatisfaction In the democratic
paity over Mr. Randall's course In handling
the appropriation bills , which lesulted in the
defeat of tlm deficiency nppioprlation as
well as nil foitlflcatlon mils , ho will accede
and give tlio required promise.
Tlio Uarflchl Monument.
Nnvv YOIIK. Mnrch 0. [ Special Telegram
to the HKK.J The last of the five bas-relief
panels for the Garlicld monument In Cleve
land was finished by Cauboit , the sculptor ,
nnd was put on exhibition In his studio. It
measures 7x10 feet in plaster cast , and con
tains nearly twenty liguics , some in basso
and some in alto relievo. This last panel
represents Garfleld lying In state , guarded by
two soldiers and a Knlirhts Templar , while n
crowd of people pi ess by to take n last look.
The figuics are realistic , not allegorical.
Among them are n merchant , a sailor , a
negro , two women , a little girl and n crippled
old man , all of lifo sUe. The five plates will
picture live phases ot Garheld's life Uio
schoolmaster , the soldier , the orator , the
president , and the martyr. The lirst four
have already been cast In terra eotta. Tlio
monument will piobubly bo unveiled In May
or J une.
Ho Secures Control of the St. Louis
& Han Francisco.
CHICAGO , March 0. [ Special Telegram to
the BKE. | A special from St. Louis says :
The most Important railway deal that has
taken placu In the west In years was re
cently consummated by Jay Gould and made
public to-day. Ho has acquired a controlling
Interest In the St. Louis & Sau Francisco
railway property. The I'Frisco will be a full
fledged member of the Missouri Pacific sys
tem of rail ways , and operated and managed
throughout by Missouri Pacific otllcials. The
mileage of the 'Frisco nropertv and Its
branches Is nearly 000 miles , nnd It Is sub
stantially a joint owner with the Atc.itson ,
Topeka & Suntn Fe of the Atlantic & . Pacific
and of the west end of the Southern Pacific.
Together with the Atchlson , Topeka & Santa
Fo the 'Frisco has an unbroken all-rail route
between San Francisco and St. Louis , and
will soon have over Its own tracks a route
to Par's ' , Tex. , and when the gap between
Tapulpa , in the Indian Territory , nnd Albu-
qurque U closed , the 'Frisco will have Its
own rails , or such as It Is halt owner of , be
tween the Mississippi river and tlio Pacific
coast , which will aggregate about 8,000 miles
of the entire system. It Is understood that
the next board of directors will bo substan
tially the same as the Missouri Pacific , and
that the executive , general and stall oillcers
of the Missouri Paciiic will then extend their
jurisdiction and authority over the 'Filsco
The I'.cllolH Hhot.
llusrciiUK , March C. Nine ofllcers and
civilians concerned In the recent revolt were
shot here this morning. The soldiers will be
tried tO'Uiofrow ,
A Train Thrown Into KaultiK Torrent
lint No Lives Lout.
ST. Loins March 0. The railroad accident
on the lion Mountain railway DcSoto ,
Mo. , which was very bi telly referred to late
ast nlcht , while not being at all unusual In
regard to fatal casualties , proves to have been
quite rcmaikablo in respect to several clrctun-
tanees which attended It. It occurred at
Victoria , thirty miles south of here , a little
after 10 o'clock , and was occasioned by the
glvltu away under the train of a trestle
\hich crosses .Joaclilm crcok at that point.
I'ho train was the Texas express and con
sisted of baugogo , express and mall ears , a
smoKer , two passenger coaches and four
sleepers , carrying about 10 ! ! pas
sengers. A heavy rain had fallen
all day and the cieek was
nuch fl\\ollcn At llemutite , the first station
his side of the tiostle , the "tiglnccr received
irder.s to run cautiously , as the rain had been
ievvy and the creek was out of its banks ,
engineer Kellv sa\s ho ran slowly beyond
hat point , and both ho and his lliemut ) ,
William Hatch , watched the tiack very c.iro-
lully. As ho approached the trestle Kelly
ibserved that the trnek waseiitliely straight
ind level , shoeing nothlim wrong , and ho
\\eiitonwlthout tin ) slightest or heslta-
Ion. Hut when tils cnirino icachcd about
the middle ot the trestle he felt the whole
structure slnklnc beneath him. In an In
stant ho opened the valve operating their
jrakcs full width and broutrht tlio train
to so quick a stop that the front
end of the cats were entshed In by
.he sudden shock. This saved the coaches ,
but the baggage , mall , express and smoking
cars wont Into the raising torrent below , car
rying with them all the men on board. Kn-
glnecr Kelly and Fireman Hatch went down
with the engine and were submerged in the
lood. Kelly , in his struggle to tree himself ,
'ound that ono of his feet was held fast , but
at the same instant , and just as ho realized
: lmt ho must drown , the engine turned over ,
ils foot was released and ho came to the
surface. Scl/lug a passing , log he
clung to It desperately and was swept
lown the torrent and lodged against
\ tico 1W yards below. With scarcely
strength enough to move , he clasped Ills arms
around tlio limb of the tiec , became uncon
scious , and was not restoied until t\\o or
.luce hours alter ho had bcyi taken from the
rccc. when he found himself kindly cared
'oor in a house In Victoria. Ills head and
jice was severely cut , two ot his toes cut
'rom one of his teot , and ho Is badly bruised
n vailous parts of his body. He will recover.
Fireman Hatch was carried about 500 yards
lown stieam , lodglm : In a mass of brush or
Irlft , and was rescued soon alter the flood
subsided. He is a good deal bruised , but not
seilously hurt. The postal ear was swept
away some distance , and as water rushed
hrouch It from cud to end , tne mall was
Iterally washed out and Is now scattered
over miles of territory or embedded In the
mud of the creek. It Is regarded as an almost
totnl loss , the wholoof It being completely
soaked and the addresses ot the letters
) biterated. Postal Clerks McCullogh , Shaf
fer and Hyan were badly bruised and almost
liowned , and being stripped for work , they
lost all their clothes , their gold watches and
about Si > 0 In money , which were carried
away by the Hood. The smoker , which is
said to have contained some twenty persons ,
was swept down about 300 feet Dolow the
: restlc , and all of itsoccunantsara belic\edtb
have been saved. They succeeded in getting
outside of the car and clung to Its top until
they were rescued. There is some doubt
about the baggageman and express messen
ger being saved , but u later dispatch from tlio
wicck says that none of the trainmen weio
oit , The c.uiso of tlio unprecedented flood
, s believed to have been a cloud-burst which
took place late in tlio evening and filled tlio
cicek , which runs bctsvden rugged hills tor
miles , so full that it became a railing torrent ,
with a current of over twenty miles an hour ,
and swept everything before it.
A full list of the casualties cannot be ob
tained , but aside from Henry Byron , of
lamcstown , N. V. , who was found drowned
n the smoker , and Byrnes a biakoman , who
md his foot dislocated , no one other than
those mentioned above were In anyway
seriously injured. Ncaily one-half of those
n the smoker lost most of their clothes
n being torn from their persons
either In getting out of the car or by the
rushing water through which they were
Iragged ashore by ropes. A farmer named
Andrew White , of Uailey's Station , did he
roic work in saving tlio passengers , he hav
ing swam several times to the smoker and
each time returned with ono of the unfortu
nates , who were clinging to the roof
of the car. The mall Is said to have
been the largest ever sent over
the road , nnd the losses will tall heavily
on this city , where about threo-quaiters of
the matter oilgmatcd. An express package
without address or anything on it by which
t can bo Identified , containing S:17,000 : , was
found to-day , and U Is not unlikely that
otlieis will be discoveied in the bed of the
creek or in the woods.
Till : : CLUAKANCF ; uisconn.
Record of the Financial Transactions
the Pant AVcok.
BOSTON , March O. f Special Telegram to the
UEK.I The following table , compiled from
dispatches to the Post from the managers of
the leading clearing houses of the United
states , gives the gross exchanges at each
point for the week ended March f > , 1887 ,
in comparison with these of the correspond
ing uerlod of IfaMJ :
An Unfortunate Accident.
Coi.uunitf , Neb. , March 0. ( Special Tel
egram to the BKKJ Lost night Mrs. Haniih
Compton , eighty-seven years old , died , ami
this morning tier daughter , Mrs. Will Comp
ton , while standlni : beside a buggy givlnz
some Instructions to her husband concerning
the funeral of her mother , some sheep ran
against her , breaking her leg badly.
Called a Letflslrtlvo Session.
CIIAHI.KSTON . Va. , March 0-Govcrnor
Wilson will to-morrow Issue ills proclamation
convening the legislature of this state on the
third Wednesday of April next to consider
appropriations' ! public moneys for vailou *
purposes. The governor does not refer to thi.
election of a United States senator , but it Is
believed that there will be no election , us thu
work called for cannot bo accomplished be-
foio tbe second Tuesday atttr ttu meeting.
The Cure of tbo Leper By Eliiha Outdone . , :
in Nebraska. ,
A Wonderful foot Discovered By A
Woman Near Norilmi After ft Pardon -
don For Murderer .lack MarIon -
Ion State Now * .
AVns II n Miracle ?
Noitwv : , Neb. , March 0. | Spcclal to the
BiiJ : : The Pool of Sllnam In Jerusalem ,
undo Immortal in the New Testament na the
ulraeulous healer of nil sorts and varieties oC
Us to which mortal llcsh Is heir , bids fair to
> o equaled by n small anil illrty "bulTnlo wnl-
ow" about two miles from this lively llttla
ilace. Thu circumstances \ \ lileh have broughl
ibout the discovery of the miraculous powers !
) f this "pool" iinve set this community "by
the ears" nnd It Is the ono subject of excited
conveisatlon. For four months past the wife )
> f William Hector , a leading farmer llv
tig two miles cast ot this place ,
ms been conllncil to her bcilvlth a
dangerous malady and her phjslclnns
uul pionoucccd her recovery hopeless ]
Everything had been done that tbe science
of medicine could suggest to restore her to
lealth , but all to no avail. Last Wednesday
nomine , however , n great chance occurred
n the most marvelous manner , ' That morn-
ng the supposed-to-bc-dylnit woman
nformcd * her husband that the
,01 d had appeared to her In
ho night as ho did to Samuel of
old ami when she had answered , "Speak ,
. .ord , for thy servant , health , " the message
lad been dellveied to her to co to the
'buffalo wallow , " which Is near the house ,
and drink of the water and bo cured. The
only conditions that the Lord Imposed wore
hat she .should go alone nnd unassisted to
ho magic snot. The woman's husband ,
although somewhat skeptical , believing bin
\\lfo to bo n "dreamer ot dreams , " concluded
o humor tier , and after making u desperateof-
ort she succeded In arising from her bed
and , reaching the pool , took a long draught
rom the muddy wallow. Immediately new
ifo si'omed to bo restored to her wasted
frame and sha returned to her husband do-
claiiiig herself completely lestored to health ,
'rom thai moment until this writing Mrs.
Sector has attended to her household duties
with her former vigor and Is firm in the be
iof that .sue had dliect communication with
lie Lord. While opinion on the ease differ !
tore , n laif. number of citl/ens are of the
be ) let that the lady has a large stock ot Im
agination and that it Is to this that she owes
ler remarkable euro.
Imlior ConilomiiH Traitors.
Noisroi.K , Nob. , March ! . To the Edi
tor of the HIK : : At : i special meeting of
the Knights ot Labor of Norfolk , nssom *
bly No. r > U08. tlio following preamble and
resolutions wore unnnimoiHly adopted :
Whereas , The best Interests of the laboring
classes of Nebraska ami ol the whole union
have been ignoied by the defeat of C. U. Van'
Wyck , and j
Whereas. Our state senator ( Frank Fuller )
was elected by tlio'laboring c.la8es of tula
district with the sole understanding itlmt he )
act for and wltii the friends of C. II. Van
Wyck to the end that he bo returned as his
own successor to the United States senate :
and Whewas , He , the said state senator , lias by
his own net placed the mark of traitor upon
his own character by beingsubitdlred by rail * *
road corporations to their interests ; and i
Whereas , His conspirluir to tim defeat of t !
the laborers' tilend , C. H. Van Wyck-was a , 1
more unkind cut than a Biutui dagger at Uio
heart of every honest wealth producer In thsj
United States ; therefore bo It ,
Uesolved , That the contempt we feel tot
Judas Iscarlot , Benedict Arnold and all tha"
arch traitors ot the woild Is only second to
the contempt we feel for the said Frank'
Fuller and the other "freaks" who were
elected on their promise to vote fertile pee * ' v
pie's choice , C. H. Van Wyck ; and , >
Resolved , That wo stamp with the seal of
our condemnation all railroad lawyers sad
others in this vicinity to whom was entrusted ]
the management of the last canpalra ; "
Resolved , That this assembly make an4n -
dellblo record of the names of all the traltoKl
who figured in the defeat of our standard-
bcaior , Charles H. Van Wyck , and we B > PV
peal to every liberty-loving citizen in tMI
United States to join us in demanding ot
congress an act to make * the election of
United States senators by a direct vote of tbf
people : and. * .
Resolved , That n copy of these resolution !
be sent tb the Omaha BII : : tor publication. *
Committee on Resolution * .
Prosperity at Beatrice.
BnATiucE , Neb. . Match 0. [ Special
lir.K.J Tlio Gage County Agricultural
elation yesterday sold the old falrgrouadsoa\
the west side containing twenty acres tot
SO.OOO , which they bought a short Una ago
for S'J , 100 , and have bought fifty acres north ? '
east of town for $4ooo. The old grottadf t _
will bo platted at once In city lots. The post-
ollico was moved In the new Masonic buIkU )
Ing to-dav. The room Is 25x100 feet and
handsome ono. The rapid growth ot UM
town has made this move n necessity. It Iff '
now ono of the most complete offices la thf ! ,
west. To say that the cllv is booming wauls ? , „
hardly express It , Several new MdlttoM _ , . ( |
were platted this week and lots am WUlnif' o
rapidly. New cltl/ens are coming In. new
Industries being staited , and we are enjoying
a steady , substnntlal growth. A new bridge M
is to span the river on Court street , replacing
the old one , extensive Improvements am „
being commenced by the railioad companies1
and everything goes to show that we are !
prospering. Last yeai's Improvement *
amounted to over 3000,000 , and thu year blu
fair to surpass It.
Jack Marlon's Fate.
BnAruic'K , Neb. , March ( ) . [ Special
giain to the BIK. : ] The question as to
whether Jiv k ; Marlon is to be hanged next FrH | '
day or not Is not yet fully settled. A petition
to commute his sentence to Imprisonment fog
life was picsented to Governor Tlmyeryes- <
teulay , and to-morrow night L. W. Colby , '
Marion's attorney , will ho heard by the gov
einor in support of the petition. Marionhaf
said heietoloio that ho would rather be )
hanired than Impilsoned for life , but bright * '
ened up considerably to-day when Informed
by the pherlll that there was n chance for his )
sentence to bo commuted. Ho has b
found guilty by two juries and his death i
tonre pronounced by Judges P. Davldnon i
J. H. lltoaiiv , both of whom say there Is
question but that ho was proven guilty of
murder The great majority ot the cltlseM
of Gaga county feel that tlm verdicts were
just and that thu sentence should not be In *
terlered with.
ColumhiiH Sporting BpHntnr * .
COI.IIMIIUH , Neb. , Mnrch 0.- [ Special TeW
esinin to the Biij : : The sporting spirit OC
Omaha Is becoming a contagion. Columbus ]
has caught It. Vcsterdny a five-mile feet
race was run aroi-ml the public square by two
professloiinls. making good tlmo and a pretty .
spurt on tlio last lap. Several foot races aref
on the tapis , A professor in one of our pub/
Ilo schools and an uiiKnown Iroui Utah wy '
open the spotting season.
The Iloom at
iiiiiio , Neb. Miuch P. [ Special ta
tlio BKK.J Thu boom for .Stroiniburg Is BOW.
a settled fact. Thu crew c.iiuo in yesterday
to open work on tlio now laltrond running ;
south through York , and put In Improve
ments at the depot hero. The U. & M. will
surely bu running tialns Into Siromsburg by
thu 1st of September , and w ith ihls comae the
greatest boom our llvo little town has v r
experienced , A number of changes In bt " '
ness have been made and biitlaesr men
fueling jubll.n't sit : tLo prospects '