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The Railroa-1 Lobby Easily Females Him
to Betray Hie Trust ,
OII-Hooin AVork on tlic AVcakncsBCB
ol Otticr Ijrji lator8 Tlic Scnnto
ItH Stupendous Joke
011 the I'coplo ,
I'littlnc on tlio
LINCOLN , Neb. , March 2.-Sp | < ctal Tele
gram to the HII : : . ] The Omaha charter still
engrosses much attention ot the Jcg-lslaturo
and lobby. 1 1m reference of the bill , with
the batch of amendments hatched out bv Mr.
Itnssell and hlsbosom friend , Vandervoort , to
the Doiulas dele-cation took the conspirators
and plottuis by surprise , but they are at woik
as hard as ever. This afternoon , while tlic
Dduglas delegation were holding a eontei-
t-nco with closed doors over the proposed
amendments , Vandervoort was overheard to
way that ho was bound to break up the dele
gation. Ho claimed to have four of the mem
bers foul and was goln , ' to put the screws to
them now ut the Him ! onset. Iho four mem
bers aie piesumably C.irvey , Knox , Young
and Muttbleson , who arc all
Union Pacllic employes. The pressure
brought upon these men since the session
commenced lo betiay their tiust would seem
almost Inciedible. These men have been
hounded by the company's strlkeis and
drag.ed into the oil rooms by their cappers
eveiv time thej came to the headquarters of
the lobby.
During the closing hours of the senatorial
contest ono of the e members said to mo :
" 1 wish to ( loci I had never come here. 1
would not advise any man emplojcd by the
i all road company to taKe such a position. It
is an awful thing to be compelled to choose
between bread and butter for my family and
my duty to the state. "
'Ibis man , who stood out bravely during
the senatorial light , has since weakened ana
become demorall/cd by his suiroundin s.
Another man , Mr. Matthleson , who has
withstood all the bulldozing and oll-ioom
tulfy without lllnching , was given to under
stand through one ot the cappers that his
plico was not sure If ho kept up his stubborn
opposition to tliu dictates of the lobby.
The only man who has from the outset
made himself a subservient tool of the coi-
rupt gang that Infests the eapltol is Pat Gar-
vey. This man's conduct alfords stiiKing
proof that jou cannot refoim a natural born
rogue. Last snrliii : , after CJarvey nomi
nated by the democrats for the city council , a
letter was received at the HKI : olllco Irom
some unknown person In which the question
was piopoundcd what sort ot tlmbei was
being put up by the democrats for
coiincilnien when one ol their candi
dates was on record as having been
years ago convicted of till tapping
In a court. Tills Inquiry was
inserted to newspaper imge , which
exacts w ith each communication the name of
tlio writer. Tills departure was , howevei ,
taken because no name was given and no
body expected the pirty referred to would bo
foolish enough to put the shoo on. To my
own surprise ( Jarney , wno was then unknown
to mo , personally appeared at the editorial
rooms ni'\t moi niiu' to remonstrate against
any lurthei leteience. When asked what ho
meant , he replied that thcaiticle in the pa pel
about the till tapper referred to hlmselt.
1 exclaimed : "You are the biggest tool I
evei saw to come hero and contess such a
thlni : when no name had been mentioned
and t did not know myself whom the writer
alluded to. "
Ciiirveythnn made a piteous plea to have
the matter dropped. Ho said ho was a more
lad ot sixteen when convicted ot the then.
Hehad since refotmcd and become an up
right man. I assured him that while he
placed mo In an ovvk ward position by beg
ging for silence , 1 would not press the
chai go. although determined to beat him by
the republican candidate. Carvey was
beaten , sine enough , and his confession almost
dropped out ot mv mind.
When 1 learned that he was nominated by
the domociats lor the legislature , and soon
after placed on the labor ticket by the
knights , while feeling almost conhdcnt that
ho nould not bo elected , 1 hesitated to make
nn exposure which might retlect on the
Knights of Labor , tiarvey was , however ,
among the elect , but being pledged , as all the
labor candidates wuro In our county , to sup
port anti-monopoly principles and candi
dates , ( iarvey was trusted with the rest. His
conduct during the senatorial contest was ,
to use a very nil Id phrase , a
betrayal of conlldenco under very suspicious
ciicumstances. Ills conduct over since has
been that of a reckless and pliant tool , who
had a part to play , and was plajlng for nil
there was In It. Although bound by his
pledge to act In harmony with a majoilty of
the delegation , Carvoy never kept faith for a
moment. During one of his oil-room orgies
1 oveiheard him saying that ho did not mean
to be bound by the pledge and was
down hero only to do what the railroad com
pany wanted. 1 asked him the next day
vv hat he meant by mich a breach of his word ,
and he answered that he did not remember
what he had said while under the intlueiico
of liquor.
talnco that time ho has done nothing but
underhanded work against his colleagues and
the charter. When Fuller \ \ as making his
abusive speccli during the debate this morn
ing , ( Jarvoy clapped his hands. On the vote
to recommit thn chaitei to the Douglas dele-
cation he was the only man In tint delega
tion to vote with Kussell , Slater and com
pany. No sooner had It boon re-
fened than he said publicly that
he Intended to inako a minority report.
He attended the conference , took part in Its
debttes , but before they were through
walked out to report to Vandorvoort and
Kussull. To-nluht lie has boon ritnnlnic up
and down between the bar room und oil
looms , holHiobblng with the plotters and
schomoiswhoarotrying to defeat the charter.
I have just learned that the minority re
port gotten up by Yandervoort and Itnssell is
a llxed fact , and poor ola Mr. Kuox , who Is
an honest but easily duped man , has been In-
dik'ud to join ( iarvey In signing this proclous
document after he had bntin dosed with liq
uor. It Is not yet decided whether the
delegation will report to-morrow or
next day , but the discord and division sought
to bo created by the tricksters rnd shysters ot
the lobby nny after all full Hit vvlion the re
spectable , sober and decent members reallzu
what means have been resorted to to brliu It
about. _ K.
Senate .
LiNrotNeb. . , Murch 'i | SpeeliU Tele-
cram to ttio Unil The senate heard a
few reports of committees and a limited
number of bills on rlrstreadlnir , alter which
they Bottled down to passing bills and ground
eUht out before ( .topping , n brief synopsis of
which Is us follows some uru of c.speclal In
terest to Douglas county : A bill to dedicate
two acres of land for the use of school dis
trict hfty-ono in Lancaster county. A bill
for taking ard prosecution of appeals to the
district court lu tuu county whcio tlio lauds
are situated fiom assessment of damaee al
lowed. A bill providing tor live fommis-
sloncrs In counties of over seventy thousand
people ; also thn bill llxlng salary of such
( oiumlssloneis ut Sl.HW. A bill to aiithori/o
the county boaid In counties luv-
Ing cities of tin : hrst-cKiss to
grade , p.ivo and otherwise Improve roads
leading thereto. A bill enabling the owner
or occupant of land sold foi taxes to redeem
the same any time before the deed has been
Issued. A bill fur publication of names of
all ex-soldiers and m.ulnes In the state.
A iccess was taken until' ! o'clock.
AKTIIINOO.V : sis ; io.v.
Mr. Colby Introduced two bills one fixing
seveie penalties upon attemnts to rape or ad
minister duns or murder ; the other , for an
amendment to the state constitution by sub
mission providing for live judges of the
supreme court.
Mr. Vanilemark Introduced a hill for an
aimmdincnt to tlm state constitution by sub
mission providing tor future amendments to
the state constitution by vote ot the legHla-
ture as H means of ratifying the voteot the
people on said amendment.
The senate went Into committee ot the
whole , Mi. Majors In the chair , lie an
nounced senate hie 41 as before the commit
tee.Mi. . Sterling rose to a point of ordci ; that
this bill was recommitted jestuulny and
should no to the fool of the tile.
Mr. Colby held that It was made a special
order , but adjournment cut elf discussion of
it. It was therefoie tlm lirst bill to be con
sidered. The committee had commenced to
consider It jesterday.
Mi. Durns had not hoard any such consid
eration. There was nothing bclore the com
mittee except the reenlar order.
Mr. Colby stated he yesterday made a mo
tion to strike out section 11.
Mr. Uuras diil not remember it. The com
mittee was out of order.
Mi. Kent said the committee asked leave to
sit again on that bill.
Mr. bttiliiiL' thought not. The motion to
nihe carried betoie action was taken on the
motion to stiikc out section 11.
The chair ( Majors ) was of the opinion thit
senate Hie 41 was In order Hist , on the giound
that the senate resolved It-ell Into commit
tee of tlio whole for the put pose of consider
ing it toi that specllic pmpuse. It was vir
tually a special order.
Mr. ColUj That being the ease , I now
lenew my motion to icpoit the bill back with
the recommendation that It be amended by
strlkimr out section 11 ( which was in conlllct
with piccedliu section. ) Thu motion cart led.
Mr. Colby 1 now move that when this com
mittee arise it iciiort this lull back with tec-
omiuendatlon that It do pass as amended.
Mi. Keckloy Ido hope the friends ot this
measure w 111 take time to consider It. It may
be necessary to amend It. 1 understood the
gentleman fiom ( ingu to say last night that
he had not read it.
Mr. Colby 1 have read it since.
Mr. Steifing I think the bill mk'ht be
further amended by striMiiu' out all the bill
after section 11. It has a leligions leatuio
which someof the membeis objected to. The
Lord's pia > er might as well be substituted to
give the bill some tone.
Mr. Colbj's motion then piov ailed , 17 to 7.
Mr. Colby 1 move the committee do now
Mr. Steillng I hope this motion will not
prevail. We went into committed ot the
whole on this special older , and it is nothing
more than right that we piocued to consider
ation of bills on general file.
Mr. Colby said the object of his motion was
toiet the bill Into the hands ot theengioss-
Inu committee , as It was veiy , very long and
It would take a long time to engioss it.
Mi. Keekley There is a good deal ol liasto
in this matter. Now , 1 don't bee the object
the gentlemen have to gain by rising (01 ( 'his
special purpose. Let us go on and consider
bills on general hie and not consume time
Mr. Colbj's motion pievalled.
Mr Cnlliy nimud tint the luport of thecoill-
mlttee be adopted.
Mr. Steiling I desire to amend by offering
the following.
Air. Colbj I move the previous question.
Mr. Casper I call tor the ayes and najs.
Mr. Kuckloy 1 demand u call of the house ,
and move a call of the house.
The motion was lost The motion for the
previous question was then voted , pending
which Mr. Sterling lose to a point ot oidei ,
which was that a member Ititioduclng a
motion or amendment has the right to speak
on thu subject. The chair ruled the point
not well taken.
The motion for tlio previous question pie-
vailed IS lo I1.1.
Mr. Kecklej Mr. President , Is it not a
tact that three members can older a call of
the house ?
The ( Jh.ilr Not under our rules or In fact
we have no rule on this point , lint the sen
ate has hxed a meeedont in cases where a
question Is pending befoie the house that no
call can be made.
The question then recurred on the amend
ment ot the gentleman tiom Fillmore , which
was read by the sect etary. It was Identical
with house- roll lit' , which has been icconi-
mended to pass in the house.
Mi. Llnlnger moved that the senate ad
journ , which was lost ,
Mr. Sterling's amendment was lost 17
to 1.1.
' 1 lie vote on the original motion to adopt
the report was taken as follows :
Yeas Honestoel , Hrown , Itinnliam , Camp
bell , Colby. Conger , Heaitwcll , Holmes ,
Kent , Lindsay , Linn , Majors , McNamar ,
Moore , Shcrvln , Snell , Vanueumrk 17 ,
Nays Calkins. Casper. Duias , Hlggins of
Cass , Hlggins of Coltax , Keekley , Linlngcr ,
Melklojolin , Spiick. btciling , Tzschuck ,
\Volbdch \ , Wilgnt-18.
Messrs. Fuller and Uobblns left their seats
before their names weie called. What for'.1
Mr. Schinlnko had been excused jester-
Mr. Duras moved that the senate adjourn
for a week , the house concurring , in aider
that the members might have tlmo to look
alter their pi Iv ate affairs at home. The mo
tion was snowed under , and the senate atraln
went Into committee of the whole , and took
nn senate Hie 8t , intioduced by Mi. Moore ,
whoaiguedtho bill at length. It provides
that "any person or sub-contractor who shall
perform any labor for any of the purposes
mentioned in tlio lirst section of this act ,
for the contractor or any sub-contractor.w ho
shall desire to secuio a Hen upon any ot the
structutes mentioned In this section , may
hie a sworn statement of the amount due him
01 them 1 1 oni such contiactoi or subcon
tractor for such labor together with u de
scription of the land upon vvhkh the same
w as done , within sixtv days of the perform
ing of such labor , with the county clerk of
the county wheieliv said hind Is situated , and
If the contractor does not pay such person 01
sub contractor for the same , such .sub-con
tractor or pei son shall have a lien for the
amount due lor such labor on Mich lot or lots
and the Improvements then on , tiom the
.same time and In the suuo manner as such
original contractor , and the risk ot all pay
ments made lo thu original contractor shall ,
as against an ) claim for labor be nuon
the owner until the expiration ot the sixty
dn > s hereinbefore specified. And no owner
shall be liable to any action by the contractor
until the expiration of said sixty dajs , and
such ow tier may pay such sub-contractor or
pcrton the amount duo him from such con
tractor for such labor , and the amount so paid
shall bo held and deemed a payment of such
amount to Ihe original contractor. And In
cases when a dispute arises between a con
tractor and his Journey men or other persons
for the work done , the owner may retain tlio
amount claimed by said sub-contractor or
journej man or laborer until the dispute Is
hcttlea bv aibltratlon or otherwise. Said
hworn statement and claim of lien shall be
by such county cleric recorded In the snine
manner as other Ileus provided for by this
chapter , ami such lien shall remain ' In foice
for the same length of time as othei Hens
piovlded for In this chapter. "
Mr. Uobblns spoke at painful length
against the bill , stating that ft was a cun-
iiln'l > devised measure by which somebody
wished toshlrK honest debts.
Mr. Monro showed conclusively that the
bill was In the intuiest ot the people and ono
which had cnl"d ! out the combined opposi
tion of all the lumber dealers In the state. It
was an exact copy of a law which had for
merly been on our statute books tor twenty
jeois. He believed It to bo a very Import
ant bill , and took a great interest In seeing
It passed , us it was in the interest of the
weak ns against the strong. lint the lobby
against the bill was too strong and they
made saudiint of It.
House roll bs , tor the relief of Charles
A. Johnson , of Hint county , was taken
up. It appioptlittes saVs'Jtfl to his benctlt.
on account ot daumgo to his property by tire
Mnrch , Itssd , In an attempt of citizens to ap-
lirehend an alleged miiidercr.
The committee then rose.
Mr. ilajois tisked Icuvo to submit the fol
lowing protest : "In view of the1 final and
formal act of recognition by the governor's
proclamation of the success of tlm late con
stitutional amendment , notwithstanding the
fact of Its having I icon at the1 proper tlmo
and place anil In the legal way declared lie *
feated , I beg to submit the following and ask
that It bo spread on tlic record :
"Since tlie paasaL'o of the act providing for
aiecoiint of the vote on the constitutional
amendment , two questions have arisen to my
mind : 1 , As to the right of the legislature to
review the ballots aud recount the vote on
thu amendment. 2. If the right ot the legis
lature does exist to go behind the returnh ivu
wo proceeded according to law' ' These are the
two questions I desire to present to the sen
ate ; not with any view to prevent the legis
lature from remaining In session twenty
days more , nor of attempting to Impede the
much needed legislation In this state , but
only that we fully understand oiiisclvcs , and
Ifvvolmc no prevision of law that meets
such an emeigencj- , that om judiciary coui-
imlteo may toi initiate and present us such an
act during our remaining twenty elays.
"By prov islons of section 4 , chapter 3 , pigo
fil of the compiled statutes w filch reads :
Public notice that the proposed ttmundment oi
amendments is. or are tobu voted upon , shall
bo given in each county In the same manner
as is or may be required by law regulating
general elections , and the returns shall be
made and thu votes canvassed in tlm same
mantlet and by thu same olliceis of thu state1. '
This section , jou will see. declares that the
vote on any constitutional amendment shall
be canvassed bv the same olliceis nnd In the
same manner as that by winch tlio vote of
governot , lieutenant governoi aud all other
statu ofticors are e'anvassed.
This Is the constitutional provision on pro
posed amendments. Now , what are the stat
utory provisions contemplated In tills sec
tion 4 , chapter 3 ol the constitution' , ' Chap
ter 20 , scptlon . " > ! and W , page : ! > ' , liav o been
enacted to make the juovlslon operative.
Section SI sets forth the manner of canvass
ing this vote and how the returns are to bo
madu to tliespeakui ot tlm house of repre
sentatives. Section 5' provides forduplUato
abstiacts und returns to be made to the secre
tary of state , and delinlng the duty ol thu sec
retary ot statu to canvass the vote and maku
n tabular statement lei the use of the legisla
"Hy the returns made to the secretary eit
state and his tabular statement , the aiuond-
ment vvus certified to have been defeated , as
he is required to do by section 32 , chapter 2rt.
The legislature in joint convention mi-
dpi the autlioiitv delegated to them on the
Olh duv of Janu'iry last , declaicd that tlm
amendment hail been dcleatcd.
" 'I his was all that could bo done by the
scctetarj of state , and the legislature. Vow
what was the icmcdv under the constitution
to review and recount the vote1. It theio was
anj' , ' Would it not have been better when
the result was obtained iioin the tabu
lar statement eif the seciut.irj of state , that
some freeholder should have , bv some pro
cess or legal proceeding , as tor instance as In
contested elections , 01 In some way , indi
cated that there should be a recount ? That
sort of a ptoceeding. In mv judgment , would
have U'cn sufficient. Falling In that , how
ever. would next have pioiluceel a moio
satistactoij- not a more lezol
lesult'.1 Wlij , sir , when in
joint convention em thcOtii of Janualj snme
senator oi membui had arisen in his place
protested that the amendment had c.uried ,
and aftei Inaiiifinatlng the state ollicer , ad-
Jouined to such time when the votes could be
from the seveial counties ami then
e counted In duo form ot law. Undci suoh
a pioceeding no ncwspapci oi anv one could
have said sabiy crabber or applied an odium
to anj" ot this legislature.
" 1 am apprehensive that we Invo not com
plied with the fundamental and statntoij
laws in this pioceeding , and am therefore
Impelled to thus it cord mv ptotcst against
this procedure , which ! > elcailv oiitsieiu all
law , either fundamental or statutoty , except
tlm ono tinelei which wo are now acting ,
which .i ? enacted toi tills put pose. '
No action was taKen upon the above.
Mr. Snell otloied a resolution that the suc
cessful patties In the contest eisew In the
senate be paid reasonable expenses ot tlm
same , and tlm committee on piivileges
and elections decide the amount due them.
Lild over under the nilcs.
The senate then adjourned.
The gov ornoi ha slimed semte Ille 4 , fixing
m ixinium passenger rates on railroads at u
cents per mile.
A written messaco from the governor an
nounced that in accoulanco with the piovIs
lens of an act approved I'cbnury " ' ! , IVsT , ho
hail issued his pioclamatlon declailng the ic-
sult ot the lecount of votes of electors on the
legislative amendment , which the sprretarj
lead. Alter iccitlni ! the moves made tor the
n counting of the ballots and the result ob
tained thcieby , and giving the context of the
amendment , the goveinoi's messige con
cludes as follows : " 15y vlrtueof theauthoritv
In nm vested by the act , approved IVbiuaiy
2-t , Ibii" , I do lieioby Issue this my pioclama
tlon , and do hereby deelnie that the amend
ment known as the pioposed amendment to
the constitution , relating to tlio legislative
department , was adopted bj a majo'iltv ot all
the votes cast at said election , andldolieieby
announce and declare the said amendment
above recited to bo adopted , and Is a part ot
the constitution ot the state ot NebiasKa. "
iii tlio Hnitsn.
LINCOLN , Neb. , March 2. ( Special Tele
gram to the ULK.J Mr. Havden of Saline in
troduced in tlio house a joint lesolutlon that
for the first forty davsol the session norepie-
senta'.ive is to lecelvo more than S.5 a day for
his services. The resolution was received
with jecis.
'llio house went Into committee of the
whole on the prohibitory amendment and on
motion of Mr. Kandall of Clay by a vote of 40
to ! ! 4 , the amendment was reported to third
The committee on finance , wajs and
means reported bills 4V1 prov idlng SVi.OOO tor
pay ot members and emplojos , and 4S4 , pio-
vldiiiL' j.n.OOU tor incidental expenses.
The committee on judiciary reported tlio
Dimhacharter with a recommendation that
it pass as amended.
Mi.Vhltmore disclaimed any Intent to re
lect upon the judiciaiy committee , but ns
It was advisable that the
Dougl is delegation should know
In what manner the chaiter had been
amended by the judiciaiy. he moved It be to-
toned to a special committee , consisting ol
tlio delegation Irom Douglub.
Mi. Itussellof Coltux ojiposeit the recom
mendation on the ground that tlm judiciaiy
committee hnd carefully considered the cli li
ter and depilved It of sonio ot its monstrous
features. The reference asked tut was In the
interest ot outside paitles.
Mr. Smj th of Douglas Intioduced a minoi Ity
report , the reading ol which was positioned ,
lie said the tefeienco to the Douglas delega
tion would save the house a good deal ot
time.Mr. . Kenny of Webster wanted the amended
bill printed.
Mr. hlatcr of Wavno violently opposed the
Mr Watson of Otoo thought the Douglas
members ouirht to know what thu amended
charter contained before It camu before the
Mr. Kief of Hall said ns the charter
had been taken fiom the cities and towns
conimlttct ) it was not right or fair that It
should come befoio tlm house until the
Douglas county delegation had been en
abled to meet tlio objections Unit would bo
made to It.
Mr. Slater said that all the Douglas mem
bers had been before the committee and dis
cussed It with them.
Mr. Miller of Duller favored the reference
because It was just.
Mr. Fuller of ( ! ago thought tlm reposition
was monstrous.
Mr. Helmrod ot Douglas wild the city attor-
uey and englneei of Omaha were present and
ho wanted them to enlighten the house on the
'Iheoteon > forrnce was taKen and car
ried by 4'i to'
The Llncol rtrr was made a special
order tor 70 : ! nlirht.
The apportionment bill was .under consid
eration for the lirst time In coaimittpu of thu
whole and then postponed. Adjourned.
This was the lor'.it'th dav of the session ,
Iho last on which bills can bo Introduced the
present session. As a consequence , several
members availed themselves of the oppor
tunity , shortly alter the opening of the at-
lernoon M'ssiuu lor tlio introduction of thu
following bills :
Uy Mr. Ilavdcn To urovldo for the pub-
licailou aud dUlrlUutUm lu pamphlet form of
n list of all claims c ld from moncjs appro
priated by house nil ! 83 and & 1 of the twen
tieth session of the lejlslatiiro of Nebia ka
and to make appropriation for the pajincnt
of the expense thereof.
Hy Mr. Craig To amend article fl. section
S. chapter 17 , complied statutes of Ncbiaska.
entitled "Counties , County Boundaries and
County Seats. "
Hy. Mr. Fuller To amend section 15 , of
chapter so , entitled "School Lands and
Funds. " of the compiled statutes of the state
of Nubiasko.
By Mr. Craig To amend section 11. of
chapter fiO. of the compiled statutes of Ibbfl.
entitled "Liquors. "
' 1 ho following bills vvero lead a second
time : Appropriating $ \QM to telmburso
Kearney county for expenses Incut red In the
prosecution of Matt Xliunicrniaii ; delinlng
tlu1 boundiirlesof Washington county ; mak
ing It unlawful for county boards to Issue
wan ants in anv amount exceedincW per
cent 01 the assessed valuation of taxable
properly unless there should be money to the
amount required In the treasury.
Mr. blramp of Lancaster moved that house
loll .8" , lelatliiL' to noxious weeds , be en-
glossed for thlu' ' leading and it was so
llouso rolls 2:8 , 201 , SO , 20 , n , HIS , 2.TO. 107 ,
2.1s and 10 , were announcedfoi thlid reading.
'lliotnst mentioned , Mr , Wolonvveber's , re
peals section 635 of chapter 50 of the crim
inal code relating to mlsdemeanois , and to
the effect that "no costs shall bo paid
fiom the county trrnsuiy In any case of pros
ecution for n misdemeanor , or for surety to
keep this peace , except ns provided In section
. 'ill. ' Tlio bill was passed by a vote of 74
to 17.
17.Mr. . llelmrod's bill , 201 , was passed by a
vote of Ki to 4. It piovldes for the amend
ment eit section 41. chapter 'J\ and orders the
p-ij men ) Into tlio treasury o ! all the tecs of
counv judge and clerk In excess of 51,500
per annum : and of shciitl and treasurer in
excess of 5 ,000 , except in counties ol ovei
25.WO Inhabitants , where the treasurer
shall lecetve S1.0X ) and slnll
bo furnished by the county commissioners
with a clerk aud assistant , the pajment
of all ot whom simll not exceed 52,400
tier annum In such counties the shctlff shall
receive a s.ilaiy of e2,500 , shall have ono jail
cnaid and ono deputy , the latter leceivlng
s'.TOpoi annum. 'I ho salary of the county
clerk shall be V.5,500 , and he shall have one
ileputy at Sl.OOO pei yeai. It the duties ol
any < > t these olllcers stiall require onoormoio
assistants ordeputies , such olliceis maj letaln
an amount nect'tisary to piv such assistants
or deputies not exceeding S70J each per j ear ;
except In counties having ovei 7,000 Inhabi
tants , In which case suoh otlleer may tetaln
such amount as uiaj bo nccesary to pay the
salaiies ol such deputies or assistants , as the
same shall bit lixcuby the boaul. lint no ot-
ttcu sli ill icccho moio fees than aio collected
bv him , and no money shall bo retained by
him unless the s-ime bo actually paid to such
deputies lei soi vices. None ot tlio olliceis
named above shall have anv assistants unless
the bond ot county commlssionets shall Und
the same ncccssarj- , and the board shall in all
cases presciibo the number of deputies and
the time toi which they may be employed.
Mi. Ageo's hill , No. S ) , relating to the estab
lishment ot a normal school at Anryta ,
which vv. is subsequently amended , to piovldo
atiothei school at 1'ieniont , was Introduced.
U consumed thogicatcrpartot theatteinoon.
It icquires the donation of ten acies ol suita
ble land , to be approved by the boaid ol pub
lic lands and bulldlnzs , and site valued at
Sl.'i.OOO , besides a donation ot S10.COO ; land en
site and bulletin ! ! to bo located within ono
nulc of the cotpoiato limits ot J'leuiont and
Amoia. The appiopriatlon soiuht was
It was moved to recommit the bill to tlm
committee of tlio whole.
Mi. Kennoj said hcvvas opposed to normal
schools , lie tavorc'il tie | est iblishmcnt ot a
school of didaitics in the uimeislty , because
he doubted uliethci.thio foiuths ot'lhoso od
united in tlio noi I'lnlSttluSbK aftorwaids fol
lowed the piofesslon of teaching. It was an
outrage on the people of the state to establish
mix mine ol these institutions.
Mr. 1'ox of Daw son opposed tlm letorencc
and was suipiiscd that members who had
spoken in lavoi ot the bill when they had a
piospect of seeming a school foi tholi vicin
ity should now oppose it.
ill. Knoxof Douglas said that pioiycounty
was dlicctlng its attention ton aid special
schools aud ho wanted , noimal schools In
which to ti.iin teichers.
Mi. 1 tiller ot ( Ja.'o wanted the bill to be
eitliei pissed 01 i ejected now and opposed
Mi. Whitmoio of Douglas said theio was
no necessity ot any more discussion. II
quoted tiom the superintendent ot the pies-
ent nininal schools to show that there was
nigent need loranothei school.
Mi. Millc'i ot llutlei felt that when tlm bill
was up beloie the house the last time Its
merits had not been adequately shoun , and
for tliat icason he wanted ft recommitted so
that the same miirlit be made anpaicnt.
Mr. Agee ot Hamilton wanted tlm bill
passed or deteated and he felt that the ma-
joritv of the niembe rs ot the house wanted
the bill to be considered now. He then asked
lor the call ot the house , which was done.
A vote was then taken to lefei to the committee -
mitteo of the whole , resulting in ' ! ! lor the
atlirmativo and ( > . ! for tlio negative. It was
then moved to read It a third time and this
was lost bj a vote of 50 to 80.
Mr. Agce moved to reconsider , but -ho mo
tion was declaicd out of older bee uiso ho had
voted on the losing sido.
Mi. Fenton , who had voted with the nega
tive , though the prevailing side , also moved
to icconslder.
Mr. Pt'tnbeiton. however , moved to lay the
motion on the table.
Mr. Kenney aeain took the floor and stated
ho didn't like the proceedings which ho no
ticed. it was a disgrace. Ho rharactcrl/ed
It as butt-do/ pertinacity and ho could
practice that as well as am bodjNo legisla
ture should appropriate money unlans utter a
full and tree discussion of opinion. The bill
had tailed once aud still Its advocates wanted
one chance moro.
Mr. Pemberton's motion to lay on the table
was lost. Tlm motion to rcconsldci was
Dining the vote upon thn bill a number ot
members absented themselves and tailed to
vote. Consideiablo contusion resulted and
seveial explanat ems ot votes were made1 ,
among them ono by Mr. Dempster ol rill-
more' , who voted "no , " and believed that un
fair means had been icMHtcd to In seeming
the locations suggested In the amendment by
cor i ill it compacts and trades , and that the
state would not be best sene-d by them.
Mi. Bowman's house roll 20 , appropilat-
ing S.1STI tor the pavment of the
publication of the constitutional amend
ment submitted to tlm people at
tlm last gonc'ial election , was passed by a
voteot 74 in the afliimatlve , none bcln In
the negative.
A message of tlio governor was read , con-
talniinr Ids pioclaimUon of. tin1 adoption by
tlm people at thu last ecneial election ol tlm
amendment t < > the constitution providing lor
a legislative session of sixty daj.s , and the
remuneiution ot members at S1) ) per day.
On motion ot Mr. Pemberton of Jetleison
the message was placed upon the records.
Tlio bill of Mr. Kwlnif cf Hall amending
section 48 , article 1 , chapter 4 , and providing
that the owners ot stallions , jacks oi bulls
shall have a Hen upon the cetof such for n
period alter biith for services of said ani
mals , was passed b < * i vote of OS to 4.
The billet Mr. Newcomer , of Webster , re
lating to the cieat ion of the olllces ot Inspector
specter and deputy inspectors ot oils , tlm
man nor of inspection and fes , was passed
by a v ote of ou to 0. The Inspector Is to bav o
a salary of S'.OOO per j ear , and the deputy
Inspectors Sl"0 per inontl each.
House roll 2.'SO , by Mr ! Lord of Hiitlcr ,
amending section i , chapter 4 % and provid
ing for Urn Issuance of bonds bv any county
or city to build court houses and rallioads or
other work of Internal Improvement , was
passed. The amount Is to be determined by
the county board or eit ) council nnd not to
exceed 10 per cent of tbo assessed valuation
of all taxable property In Eticli county or city.
The question of the same Is to be submitted
to a vote of the le al voters of the county
bonnl or council.
Mr. Sullivan's bill providing for refunding
to Columbus of S63.0 wiongfully charged
for the registering of water bonds by tlm au
ditor , was passed.
Mr. While ot Cass moved to sus | > cnd tlm
order of business and listen to the report ot
the special committee nn the number of cm-
plojes In the house. Tlio motion was lost.
On motion of Mr. Caldwell of Lancaster
the special order tor to-ui ht , the Lincoln
charter , was extended to tomorrow at 10
Mr. Lord's bill amending flection R4 , arti
cle 1 , chapter 18 , was passed. It provides for
the regular meetlpKs of supervisors on the
br-t Wednesday alter tat ) first Tuesday in
.lanuarv nnd on theStlrst Tuesddy after the
s-'cond Monday In June.
Mr. ( lltlnrd's bill tor the relief of Dcitilcn
to the amount of S'-'OO In o case simllai to
that of Columbus , above mentioned , was
Mr. Watson of Otoo moved to concur In
the senate amendment ot 83,0..73 ! Instead of
ijo.Otx ) to relmbutso Otoe county lor expense
Incurred In the prosecution ot Quin Holian-
'Iho special committee on cmplojes of the
house made majoritv and minority repoiK
Tlm tciimer , signed by Mcysis. Uhlto of
Cass and Peters , of Hoone , snowed cluht.v-
three employes on tlm pay roll , all of which
It iccommcndcd discharged. Mi. Dlckln on
of Lancaster signed the minority report and
dissented from thu majority on the ground
that the tinploves were absolutely needed
now that expedition was icqiilrud in tlm
transaction or business.
Mr. White said that In view of tlm cnten-
slon ol the length of thti session no member
was willing to tavor the discharge eit any ot
the people ho had secured places toreach man
tceling that his appointees weie absolutely
nece'ss.irj.l To got over tlm difllcutty , thev had
suggested the discharge of all and the ICMI-
tanging ol thosei who weio most competent
ami needed.
Mr. Peters of Hoone said theio wcio many
people on the pay roll who had not done one
dav's work since the openln.'of tlm session ,
some in fact who had not dipped ti pen on an
ink bottle. There were thirteen piges in the
roll , and he had never seen moie than lour
on thu lloorot the house. Tosave this expense
he favored the disclmgool all and hiring
them again when needed.
The following bills were intioduced and
read toi the lirst time :
House roll I'll , setting the number of olll
cers ol the house and pa } uient of the sum1.
House toll 4W , apnrniiilating fe.VU.4llor !
the lellef ol James W. Wheaton.
House loll 4i ! 1 , limiting the levy of county
boatels tofrl. : > 0on 81,001) ) .
House loll 4'.U , establishing two state nor
mal schools.
House roll 4 ! > " > , setting the salary ol supet-
vlsots at 5 i 00 per day.
House roll 4K' ! > , cranting powei to license
and rojiiltte the selling en giving away ot
spit nous 01 vinous or malt liquois.
On motion of Mi. Watson of Otoc , the
house adjourned.
Important CIISPR nt U'nlioo.
WAIIOO , Neb. , Maich 2. [ Special to the
Hi K.J Distiict court convened heio Mon-
< lav foi an extia session to dispose of some
equity matteis , and so relieve to some extent
tlm overcrowded condition of the docket.
The most impoitant thing that will bo dis
posed ol Is an action bv the city to extend
its corporate limits so as to take. In all llm
additions to the city and some continuous
tonitory besides. 'Iho most vigorous kick Is
being made by the Ounin & Republican
Valley i.illioad because it biings a mile of
track Into the coipoiatlon ; also the motion
fora new tilal in the damage suit ot Mc-
( 'lonagan a.'ainst the O uaha Republican
Valley i.illioad tor 820,000 , which was tiled
at the last teim ot court with a verdict In
tavoi of defendant. Some sensational mat-
tcis tire presented in the allid.ivlts on which
the motion Is based. It Is alleged that bribes
were olteied to of the jurois to find
tor the defendant or to liang the
juiy. nnd that lau'e sums of money weie
otfcied to patties- supposed to be Intimate
with some ot the jntois , to socino a verdict
toi the ralltoid coinpinv , and that a veidlet
was thus secmed and one ot tlie jtuors has
been vcrj itiipoi lunate about his money , but
not having received it , concluded to lvelt
away. 'Ihesheiltf is also involved in the
matter , it beinir alleged that ho entered the
jury room and iticd his influence foi the
lailrond , and tuinlshed the jury with diink-
ablcKof-an Intoxicating nature during tlm
tlmo of their deliberations. A new ttial
will piobably bj grant U.
Tomperanoo WOIIIIMI In Contention.
EWINO , Neb. , .Match 2. ISpcchl Telegram
to the Hr.r.I The Women's Chiistian Tem
perance union of the 'lliird
district met in tlm M. K. chinch Tuesday at
2 o'clock p. m. Them is quite a lull attend
ance ot workers throughout the state.
Nearlv eveiv locality of the e'.istiict ' is repre
sented , and thev constitute the lepiesentativo
ladles and motheis of tills section. Mis. ( i.
W. Clailc , of Oimha ; Mis. J. F. Holmes ,
president of the slate union , and Mis. C. M.
Woodward , state lecturer , are present. C. .1.
Holt , president of ( iates college , Neligh , de
livered a Stirling lecture last e\enlnjj.
A Fortmmto Fire * .
Nonroi.K , Neb. , Marcli 2. [ Special to the
Bir. : ] 'I his morning citl/ens were alarmed
by a cry of hie , which catiseel more than usual
solicitude because of thu fact that astiong
vv Ind was blowing. I'oiInnately It proved to
be only a small bla/e , and slightly damaged
Attorney II. C. Hrome's residence.
Itufus nioclffctt , Democrat , ClioNcn
United Stales Senator.
TIIKNTOV. N. J. , Maich 2. The Joint
meeting of the legislature1 assembled at noon
to-day. Throckmoiton and Hedlo ( demo
crats ) moved to take n recess until 4 p. m.
and Gardner ( republican ) seconded the
motion which was carried.
At tlm conclusion ot tlm first billet it was
evident that tlm republicans had consolidated
on a democrat to detect Abbctt. All of them
except two \oted.for Hloduottmaking thirty-
six , and of thu dcmociats three voted for
him. . The second ballot was oidercd amid
much excitement. Be I ore the result was
announced an attempt was made to
stampede the republicans to Senator
Sewell , in hopes of eatrj Ing enough
domociatlc votes to elect him. but
thus tailed , its the republicans feared that
( iovernor Abbott would pioht by It in the
contusion. A ntimbei ot changes were made
and the vote ns hnallv announced stood ,
Hlodgett , 4J ; Abbett , 'tt ; i : . K. Potter , 1.
HloeUett w.isdetlued electeel amid wild ex
citement. Hlodgett was elected b > thiitv-
eUht republican votes and by those Speaker
Haiid , ClMttlc , Throckmorton and Chase ,
Huttis Hlodgett , the now senator , was born
In Dorchester , N. H , , November , 1S.I4. Ho
was a member eif the lower house of the New
Jerseiy legislature in Ib78 and IbVJ , repre
senting Ocean county , He altei wards re
moved to Monmouth eountj1 , where ho now
resides. Ho Is iduntllicd with the Interests
ol several laihoad companies anil has alvvavs
bean recognized an n staunch democrat. In
the assembly ho was the democratic leadei.
Ho Is a llncnt speaker and Isot commanding
figure. Ho was foi soveial jears n nicmberot
the democratic state rential commltteo. He
Is superintendent of tlm New York A : Long
Branch railroad.
Military Movement * ) In Germany.
Hnui.i.v. March 2. An Imperial decree has
been Issued ordering for the liit > t and second
corps of tlm Prussian urmy a special series
of exercises preparatory to the autumn
maiHc'iivro , the Infantiy divisions and cav
alry brlL'adcs to mami'iivre at'alnst a sup
posed euemy. Keports of the government ,
doing sure of a majority In tbo leichstag ,
pioposed to perpetuate tlm military bill Is
unfounded. It Is rumored In ofllclal circles
that changes are imminent in tlm Fiench
cabinet. Boulanger's inlluence , it Is .said ,
has so increased , that the ministers In favor
of a peace policy will soon be driven to re
sign , HonlaiiL'ci thus obtaining dominance
In the cabinet.
\\s\r in thn Inthor Gain p.
PiTTHiiuiio , March 2. The reiwnt dispute
at MingoJunctlon between the Amalgamated
Association of Iron and Steel workers and
tlm Knights of Libor was only tlm begin
ning of a war between the two great labor
or.'anl/atioiiB , It Is the Intention cf tlm
Knights of Labor general executive boaid to
take immediate steps for the organisation of
u national district assembly ot Iron and
steel woikcrti. which will have control ot all
all'airs of the Iron and steel worker.
Dills Mudo
W.vsiii.NOTO.v , Mnrcn 2. The president
to-day appioved tlm mllitarj academy appro
priation bill , tlm re ukii pension appropria
tion bill , tlm act to oa'nni/o tlm hospital
corps of tlm United States , and the act In re
gard to llm impoitatlon of inaekeiel during
the spawning season ,
Cardinal Gibbons Makes a Strong Report
to tbo Holy See.
The Snlrlt of tlio Order Not Incoin
palllileVKIi tin * TcMtcliliiKH of
the ? Cliurcli A Prccltu-
tliii ) or ItcsultN.
Cnrillnnl < 3Hilions' Koporf.
tw I > niiiiir ( VimfinIrmirf.l / /
HOMP , March 2. fXew Yoik llt'inld Cablet
Special to tlio Bir. : ] I send jou herewith
nil the essential passages In Caidliml Clbhnns
toi'ort ' to tlio popaganda on tlio Knights of
Labor :
To his Kmlnence , Cardinal Slinoonl , Pro-
fret of tlio Holy Congregation of tlm Piopa-
gandi Your Kminence : In submitting to
tlio holy sco tlm conclusions which , aftnr sev
eral months' of observation , mid deep lellec-
tlon , seem to mo to sum up the question of
tlionssoclatlon of the Knights of Labor , I nm
stronglv convinced of the vast liniuiitaiu'o of
tills question , which fonus but ono rlnc In
the great chain of the social problems of our
da > , and esnecl.illy of our countij. In judg
ing this question 1 hu\o taken caio to
"so as my constant guide the
spirit of the enevcljcals In
which our holy father , Pone Leo XIII.
bus so admirablj exposed the dangcisof oni
time and their lemcdles , and has explained
the principles by which we shall be Kidded
In distinguishing the associations condemned
bv the holv see. Such also , WPIO the clinics
of the "did plcnaiy council of Haltlinoro In
Its teachings about the principles to bo fol
lowed and the danireis to bo avoided bv the
faithful In the foimitlon of associations to
ward which the spirit of out popular Itistitu-
.lions so strongly impels. Considering the consequences that ink-lit result through
ancriorln the tieatmcnt of the oiganl/n-
tlons , which olien count their nnmbeis bv
thousands and hundieds of thous
ands , the council cleat ly oidorrd
No. 2.15 that when an association has spiead
into several dioceses no sin.'lo bishop of
those dlooesus may condemn It , but must
refer the case to the permanent commission
of all the archbishops of the United States ,
who , in thcli tuin , uie not atithou/cd to issue
condemnation unless timir decision is unan
imous , nml in default of such unanimity ,
onlj tlio hol\ see Itself can impose such n
condemnation , so tint error and contusion
In discipline mav be avoided.
This commission ol an liblshops met
tow aid the end of the month ot October last
to especially con idet the association of the
Knights of Laboi. We were not led to hold
tills meeting bj any request on the part ot
tlic bishous , lur none ot them did demand it ,
and it must bo added that ot all the bishops
only two or thieo were Known to deslie the
condemnation. Hut tlio *
In itsolt , and the estimates of the holy f-cc ,
niadni'1cWllliiu ! irilCltH'tTlc"Kr atest care.
After our decision , the results of vvhleh havu
alieady been eommunicatud to the holy con
gregation ol the propaganda , only two out of
the twelve arc hblshops voted for the condem
nation thit is to say , the archbishop ol St.
Louis and the archbishop ot Santi Fe , who
lollovved suit foi leasons which in no v\av
pcisitaded the others elthei ot the
justice or prudence of such a
condemnation. In the cousldctiitlons
which follow 1 vvisii to give ) link-tail the lea-
sons \\liich deteimined thn vote of thugicat
majority of the commission , the tiuth and
force of which do not seem to me loss powei-
liit to-day. At the same time I will tiv to do
justice to the arguments advanced hi the op
position party.
Although there may bo found In
the constitution , the by-laws and of
liclal declarations of the Knights ol
Labor certain assertions or regulations ,
which wo might not nppiovc , we have not
found therein tlio element which the holy see
soclearlj designates us condemnatory , and
the formula of their onianl/atlon contains
ncltlmi'oath 1101 obllgationlwhlch piccludo
those who do not belon. to it , or even theii
enemies , troui becoming acquainted with
tlioii affaiis. .
CATHOLICS : NOi roinn : > Div :
todivulgo evorjtlnn : , ' to competent ecclesi
astical authoiitios , even outside of the con
fessional , This has been specially explained
to us by the olliceis. No piomiso of blind
obedience Is required. The objects of the as
sociation and its lilies are well and dlstlnctlj
established , and the oblisations of obedience
do not ticsspass their limits. Not only theli
objects and their rules are not hostile to re
ligion or thechuich , but the very contrary.
'Ihe third plenary council forbids that we
should ( omlcmu any association without giv
ing Its olllceis or representative a hearing.
( Corypheis vel socils nteeipuls , No. ail ) .
Their master workman , In sending mo a
copy of their constitution , took occasion to
siy that ho professed his religion faithfully
anil receives the sacraments regularly ; that
ho belongs to no Masonic association or to
any other othcivvlso condemned by the
church ; ho Knows of nothing
in the society ot the Knights
of Laboi contrary to the regulation' ) of the
chinch , and with lillal submission he begs
the pastois oi the chinch to examine all tlio
details of theli organi/atlon and sus that it
they llnil theicln anj thing repiehenslblo to
point them out and ho will faithfully promise
to have thu propel modifications made.
Assuredly this does not look like hostility
toward the antlioilty ol the church , but on
the contrary
A rini'icii.I.AIJDAIII.I : : : SIMIIIT.
Alter their convention in Richmond last
> cai many of theli inoitealous olliceis aild
Catholic membeis made the same declara
tions regarding their hentiments. As lor the
pioceedlngs of thu convention themselves
( which wo expect POOH to reecho ) ,
wo can no more find therein
any hostility to the church or
to the laws of the land. Not
only their constitution and i ( 'filiations con
tain nothing of the fort , but the heads of our
civil authorities treat them and the cause
thy ri'presont with the greatesticspect. The
president ol the United States told me per
sonally a month ago that he had then under
consideration a matter pertaining to coitaln
social grlevanes * , and til it ho
had ju t had a conleienco
with Mr. Powderly , the general m.iHter
worKfiian of the KnUhtn of Labor , on the
subject. Thu congress.of the United States ,
following the advice of the piesldunt , IB now
considering measures tcndliiL' In ameliorate
the condition of the working class , the
foundation tot nmnv of whoso complaints Is
open ! } nckiuiwliulgrd. And the political
pirtles , fur fiom looKMiu upon them IIH
cur mUs of the country , vie with each other to
obtain tor them the rights they are clearly
emitted to , lor It Is a fuct well known that
the poor tellers have in * inclination to resist
or bie.ik the laws of the land , but simply to
Main equitable legislation by constitutional
and legitimate means. And thooconsidera
tions , which show that the orgnnl/atlon does
not contain liny of the elements which tlio
holy see condemns , biilig iis fuco to toco
with the evils the society Is combating ami
TIII : nr.Ai. v.vrt'iu : OK tin : cosrj.irT.
Theio exist In our country , as In all other ? ,
social grievances which am cravonnd men
acing ; public Injustices which alike require
linn resistance nml legal lomedles all of
which none would gainsay , and the truth of
which lias already been admitted by
congress and the president of the
United State ? . Without entering Into
thn painful details of these wiongs thu
pic-sent occasion not leqiilrlng It It will suf
lice to mention the tact that monopolies \ \ \
only by Individuals , but corporations also ,
havealieady excited complaints iioni tlm
working-man anil opposition from publlo
men and national IcgMatnis as well ; that
the etloits of these inonopiilists , not nl-
wa.vs unsuccessful , to control legislation for
their own piotlt , cause a great deal
of anxiety to the disinterested trlends of lib-
ettj ; that their healtless avarice which , to
Increase their revenues luthlesislv ciiisht'S
not only the woiKlngmen representing the
vailons trades , but even the women anil the
.voting chlldien In theli employ makes It
plain to nil who love humanity and justlco
that not enl > the woil.lnuuian has a tight
to organize toi his own piotcction , but that
It Is tin.1 dulot the public at large to aid
them in lindlng a reitiedj against the dangers
with which civilization and the social older
arc menaced bj .ivatlee , oppiesslon and cor
No one could truthful ! } deny the light of
legitimate lesistance , and the necessity fern
remedy. 'Iho most that wo could do would
bo no doubt the legitimacy of the means ot
leslstanco emplujcd , and of the remedies
applied by the Knights of Labor. In the fol
lowing , then , will be the next point of our
examination :
mi VIIIIIIODS or i in : KNicim .
! ' . It can searcolj bo doubted that the form
ing of associations and organl/atlons of the
paities Intelested Is the bcbt HUMUS of attain
ing a public object of anv kliui the most
natural and elllc.iclons. This Is so evident ,
and besides so much In aecotd with the spirit
of our country and ol society In ccncial , su
essentially popular , that we need not dwell
upon tlio fact. It Is , wo mluht sav , the only
means by which public attention can
bo attiacted towaul the end deslied to
bo attained , by which force be given to
the most legitimate resistance , weight to tie
most just demands. Theio exists an 01 can I *
/titionwhich present * a thousand attractions
atlumsind adaaiitugcs. but which our Cath
olic toilets , with lillal submission , retire to
accept. It Is the Masonic organization , which
spicads all over our country , which , as Mr.
1'owdei ly explicitly sijs , unites the emplojer
and emplove in a fiateinlty which Is very
advantageous to the lattei , but which IMS
scaicely one Catholic In Its tanks.
DON.'i in : t'x-AMi.nirA.v.
The eaidinal then lings some changes on
the favorite Catholic theme tlm danger of
the Masonic brotherhood anil next he passed
to a point which will appeal moro diiectly to
the aveiagc lecllng of Anieiicans. lie
makes a stilling appeal to the
church to hcwaio of getting heiself
branded as "iin-An.eiican , " and In terms
which , even tluough tlm Impoifc'ct medium
ol Indilletont I'lonch , are eloquent , reminds
the propaganda that thu greatest and grand
est title ol the church to the affections , love
and dev'otlon of Anieiicans lies in her being ,
above all tills , "the liiend ot the people. "
Various considerations , moio 01 less of
ecclesiastical Interest , followed , some a tilllo
icdundant , and then the closed.
TIII : M MMI.NO ri1.
To sum up , It seems to me plain that th
holy sec cannot onteitaln tlio proposal to
condemn the association : '
1. He cause such a condemnation does not
appear to bo justlllcd either by the spirit of
Its constitution , ot its laws , orby the declara
tions ol Its heads.
2. That such a condemnation docs not ap
pear necessaiy In view of the ti.inslent form
of thooig-uii/itlon and of the social condi
tion of the United States.
3. That it would not be pi mien t on ac
count of the realitv ot the wrongs of the
workingm in , and the tact thai the existence
ot such Is allowed by the American public. '
4. That It would bo dangijions to the lepu-
tatlon ot the church In our denioeiatio
5. 'Dial It would bo powerless to compel
the obedience ot our Catholic vvorklngmen ,
who would regard It as false and iniquitous.
r . That It would be ( tc.stritctlvo Instead of
bcnohclal In Its effects , toielng the sons of
t'le church to icbel against theii motlieiH anil
to range themselves wltli condemned socie
ties which they have hitherto avoided.
T. That It would be Millions to the linan ] support of the church and to the raising
ot Peter's pence.
8. That It would turn Into doubt and hos
tility the marked devotion of her people to
the holy see.
D. That it would bo regarded as a erne
blow to the authority of the bishops of the
United States , who , it Is well known , piotegt
against such a condemnation.
I trust that the considerations hern pro-
sen ted have shown sulllclentlycleailj that Hiieh
would be the results of the condemnation ot
the Knights ot Labor of the United States.
Therefore , 1 leave their cause with full
conlidunco In tlio wisdom and prudence of
vour eminence and ol the holy see.
J. C VIM ) ( illlllONH ,
Aichblshop of lialtlmme.
Itoviu , Feb. 'M , IbST.
The Knl lilH Ito.lolcnd ,
Ni.vv YUIIK , March ' . ' . Caidlnal ( ilbbons1
lavoiable report to Pope Lee , is to thu alms
and btaiidingof the Knights of Labor not
f01 tli In the cable desp itches liom Homo wax
lecclved with much tejolelng by the Knluhts
In this city. The position taken by Caulinal
( ilbbons , thej hay , will settle the whole mat
ter. Ho Is an especial lavorlto with tlm
pope , and his advtn ) as to the treatment of
any nmttei In which the United States is
concenud will. It Is dot'loii'd , bo taken as it
Is given. This K-port ol Cardinal (
no beailng whatever on thn McUlynn case ,
nor will Its endorsement by the pope carry
with It am thing more than approval of tlio
general plan ol the order ,
TUG G OI ; I : TiinoKY.
Conunerita of KiiKllHh Papers on
llnnry's Advluo to Htrlkcrn.
LOVDON , March 1. [ Now York Herald
Cable Special to thu Iti'.K , | The Slundaid
sa > s In an editorial to-day : "Henry ( Scoigo'a
theoiles are a great deal too advanced lor thu
Ntnv York lleiald , though tlio views of that
enterprising journal would bo considered in
tills coaniiy as , In many particulars , passing
tluough dcmociaey to socialism , Mr.
( icorgo. It seems , advances the doctrine that
Jf a handful of worklngmen choose to Htrlko
they ore perfectly Justified In taking any
means they please to prevent any other men
occupying their vacant places , that Is to say ,
that no man has a right touirn his livelihood
If anv other followers of tlm same business
would piefcr he should not dot > o. To thin
the ilerald u-plies : 'We judge that Mr.
( ieor.u It ) a little oIT his head , ' and expresses
a.stiong opinion that the working mc-n of
Aincilca are not donKeys enough to suflef
their lilxirtles to bo abrlged by such nonscnstt
as Mi. Ccoige's. Thiiy would bo nxtraorifl *
nary fools If they did' . ' This plan speaking
journal ohservev : 'Tho llnnld IB all for
trecdom of action and contract. ' The rlg it
of man to work where and when und yr
much or us little a ? ho likes for such wugM