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Terror Stricken Rofngoes From Italy Qivo
Accounts of the Earthquake ,
} Iuiulrods Flookmtr Into 1'arls Dresner !
In i ? Fnntnstlo Costumes In
Which UiO Li'cnstor Overtook
Xlioin Otlior Details.
BITeot * nf the Knrtluiunko.
[ (7opl/rf0M 1837 by Jamu Qonlon llennttt. }
I'Aiiw ( via llnvro ) , Fob. S > 6.-tNow i'ork
Herald Cable Special to tlm HKi-Ono ]
train after another continues to bring thou
sands of panic stricken Americans , Kngllsrf
mun and Russians to Paris , Many of them
liavo lost their luggage cnronte. The Onto
do I.yon , whcro the trains nrrlve , presented a
most exciting sccno. Several gcnllcinen
jumped out of tlio railway carriages still
wearing tlio costumes they had worn nt tlm
masked ball on Shrove Tuesday. I noticed
one qcn Human dressed as a 1'lcrrot and
another ns Cardinal Ulchcllcu. The ladles
ivero wrapped In furs and nlstcM , beneath
tlio folds of which robes do chambro
nnd sllppeis were distinctly visible. Amonc
tlio Americans who arrived hero to-day were
31 r. nnd Airs. Leonard Jerome , Mrs. John
Hlntnrn , Mr. nnd Mrs. J. 11. Kowrrv , Mrs.
Edward Lynch , Mrs. iluywnrd Outline and
Miss Cutting , Mrs. 0. W. IJird and MlssUlrd.
( Invernor Carroll nnd Mrs , Carroll , Mr ,
Frederic Monroe nnd Miss Monroe , Miss
Kliso Klclmuls , Mis. Vnnwort , Mr. Dccourcy
Forbes , Mrs. Kaddclford , Mr. 0. II. Sloano
nnd Mrs. Sloano and their child , Mr. I'ercy
Alden and his family , Mr. Denning Duer
and family , Mr. Ugden tioclut nnd family
and Miss Wilson.
AN A.MinucAN iiuruonn's RTOIIV.
1 saw Mr. Leonard Jeromu this morning ,
llo said the panic was frightful and that ho
lind gone through the most exciting experi
ence of his life. Tlio rush to get places on
the tialn was simply nwful.
1 asked him If any Americans ho knew
were hurt and he replied''no , " that all were
frightened but nobody was hurt. Mr. Jerome ,
who sccmod In first-rato health , left at 11 this
morning for London.
Mr. John Lowery thus describes his Im
pressions :
"Mis. Lowery and myself were staying nt
the Hotel Westminster at Mce. Our apart
ments were on the ground floor. I went to
the hotel after the great ball and , In accord-
nnco with my custom , went to bed leaving
two caudles burning on the table near the
bed , ns 1 Intended to read. But 1 fell asleep
nud when I woke up I saw one of the candles
just going out. 1 looked nt my watch
it was hall past 5. 1 blow out the other can
dle nnd turned ever to go to sleep , but soon
I hoard a nolso over my head just as If an
Iron safe were being moved. I said to my
self , 'My gracious , can that bo burglar ? , or Is
It still pcoiilo from the masked hall continu
ing the festivities.1 A few seconds later I
heard a noise such as might have boon
caused by ton thousand creat Iron safes all
moving nbout nt the same time.
This noise culminated In the most
diabolical crash Imaginable. I was tossed
out of bed with a sudden jerk , and I said to
inysolf , 'my gracious ! this must be an earth
quake. ' I ran across tlio sitting room to Mrs.
Lowery'snpartmontand explained that an
earthquake was going on nud there was no
time to lose.Vo jumped ont of a window
and , rushing across the promenade des
Anglais , took possession of the bathing
machines , and lived In them till j ester-
day morning , when wo managed
to get places In the train for Paris. No
Americans were hurt except Mr. Hatliaway.
But It Is wonderful there were not more
casualties. Just ns wo left the hotel West
minster the hotel cracked open nnd the upper
stories came down with a tremendous crash.
The house noxtto the American consulate
also tumbled down. "
A niiArino ACCOUNT.
I also saw nt the Lyons railway station Mr.
O. F. Sloan , his wife and child. They were
all clothed In very prlmatlve garments , partly
concealed beneath fur and ulsters.
Mr. Sloan said : "My wife , my child nnd
myself only arrived at Nice a few days ago.
Wo stopped at tlio Terminus hotel , All of
us were sound aslecp.whonearly onWednes _
day morning , wo were aroused by 'n fearful
rumbling noise nnd a motion like" the swayIng -
Ing of a ship in a heavy rolling
sea. Then came a tremendous luich ,
nnd wo were all tossed out of our
beds on the lloor. The wardrobe nnd
rest of tlm furniture all tumbled over and the
clock slid from tlm mantelpiece on to the
lloor. I exclaimed : 'My God , this Is nn
earthquake. Our time Is come. Let us all
co together. ' In a few seconds the swaying
motion ceased , and wo ran Into the streets.
Just as wo had escaped down came the whole
.hotel. How nobody was Injured seems a
miracle. Tlm sight of the panic-stricken
crowds In tlm streets is one I shall never
forgot. Wo waited all day at the railway
station whore people half clad were lyine on
the platforms. Tlm rush nud crush to got
Into the trains Is Impossible to describe.
People were kept two days waiting to cej
Into a train , sleeping on the platforms with
the tickets In their pockets , nnd whenovei a
train came up , crowds of men would ru&h
right over the people , walking upon and
trampling down women and children , caus
ing many Injuries. ( Soldiers , however , were
on duty and me now keeping order. "
A NKW YOIIKHR'S ixt'iiuii.\CE.
Among the earthquake refugees who ar
rived here to-day is Mr. Charles Klnsteln , of
Now Vork , who occupied room > o. 1 In the
Grand hotel nt Nice when tin- earthquake
came. He thus describes his experience" :
" 1 wont to bed at half patt 1 on Wednes
day morning after enjoying mybolf nt the
grand masquerade ball. 1 n bed 1 read the
Now York Heralds ot February 10 and 11 ,
which weip received In Nice on Shrovn
Tuesday , nnd dually I took one of Kola's
novels to read myself asleep
with. The Hist bhosk aroused mo and 1
thought It was another of those storms that
lately rajjed along the llvh > ra. Then the
second shock came. AlthoiiKli It lasted only
thirty seconds It seemed as If it would never
stop. 1 felt Just ns It 1 were hca sick and
tossing In it berth. Soon 1 board piercing
ahricka from all parts of the hotel. 1 rushed
out of my room nnd found the long corridors
filled with ladles In nil sorts
of deshabille. Soiuo were In night dressi-s
only and a vciy largo proportion were with
out their wiga. They ull made a despot ate
charge for the open nlr and boon reached the
place Mnssena. None of them dared lo-enter
tbolr hotel , but sout back their sotvaitts for
their clothing and dressed tliemsehes nt
best they could In the open square.
I tiled to get away fiom the town but touml
no Immediate chance of success. Thostatlon
nud all its appioaches wuio ciowded with
toullieil iiu-n , women and children equalling
on their trunks. Of ( ha 4V ) poisons who
\\uio In the hotel on Tuesday , not ID per
cent returned to their rooms. All thn
length of the piomonade dvs An.
glaiM ) carriages , converted for the occasion
Into sleeping apartments , were drawn up
into line. ISathlng machines cost 200 fiancs
apiece. I think the authorities are greatly
to bluim for having all the public gas lights
extinguished , thus leaving the town In total
1 darkness except where the shops were
lighted. 1 nUo L-tontly blame the manage
iimnt of the ( iiait'l hotel , xvhlch made cot the
pllghtest attempt to provide for Its guest ;
during their eviction. Not even a drop ul
\\ater could bo obtained , -and on Wednesday
night , In spite of all remonstrances , all the
lichts In the hotel were turned out , leaving
the corridors in total darkness. 1 managed
to get away from Nice on Thursday , when
the crush wa , If anything , greater than on
Wednesday. "
KVom'tlio ttlrlcrn ,
[ f ? < jpl/rWit tSStlivJamt * Oontan JfrnntM.I
PAms ( via Havre ) , Feb. 3.V-New [ iork
Herald Cable Special to the UKK. ] The
only man that has yet succeeded in reaching
Parts from tlm Italian Ulvlera is Mr. Gillian ,
of London , llo has just airhcdnt tlio Garu
doLyoti from Sun ilemo with ton members
of his parly , Including Mrs. Alllen , of New
Vorlc , iTl'o , In spite of the tcrrlblo exper
iences they have Ror.o through during tlm
last few days , have suffered no njijry either
In health or spirits.
Mr. Gillian says : "I wasarotisod by a shock
In my room nt San Homo. 1 leaped out of my
bed nnd rushed Into the room of my llttlo
boy at the other end of the corridor of the
hotel. As I stagzcied along the floor so
rocked under me that 1 cotili1 scarcely keep
on my feet. Happily , 1 found alt my party
safe and sound , except , of course , limy were
sufTeiiug from flight. On returning to my
room 1 found the wall on the door
side cracked from top to bottom. All
the plaster had fallen from the celling and
tlm solid maiblo mantelpiece projected foi-
vyard several Inches. 1 decided to get out of
San IJcno as quick as possible. Tlio cast end
of the town Is almost wholly destroyed.
There nro ruins of fallen houses In every
direction , The hotels In the west end nro
nil more or less damaged. In San Itcmo
itself there wns but little loss of life , but the
reticence of the nuthorltlci inado It hard
work to get at tlm truth.
rnioiiTfui. HAVOC IK vtr.i.Aons.
"l < rein the peasants that came In during the
day from tlm country , I gathered that the
havoc among the Ill-built villages was nwful
In extent and results. 1 saw n peasant In the
shop of Sqnlies , the Kngltsh chemist , nnd ho
told mo llint Uassals , a small village
four miles oil , wns In ruins nnd
that fifty people weio burled alive.
Another peasant told me that the palish
church of Unjardo had fallen In , buiylng
o\era hundred people. At half past 0 wo
took tlm train for Vlntlmlglla acalnst the ic-
monstrnuces of our friends whom wo left bo-
hind. They now doubtless regret notfollow-
inc our example. The train cicpt along to
Vlntimlglin through numerous tunnels nnd
cuttings , which , to all appearance ,
had oxpcrienccd no damage. Uut these
appearances proved fallacious , for our
train was tlm last one that got through the
Littoral line. At Viiitlmlglla 1 found an
immense crowd , all frantic to sot away , but
wo finally reached Nice , always at a snail's
pace , about 10 In the ovonlng , and after ter
rible liatdshlps and dlfllctiltlcs wo reached
Paris. "
1 have just received from Mpntoim the fol
lowing telegram , which was much delayed :
'Everything is in ruins. Tlm postolHco has
been Installed tompoiarlly in the grounds
of tlm Hotel do 1'Urlent. The only
accommodation In any shape Is to be found
In the restaurant In the garden of tlm hotel
do roriont. From tlm hotels that still re
main standing passengers' lugcago is being
lowered from the upper floors through tlm
windows , the stair cases being no longer
Tlio News nt Tiomlon.
ICopjtrlali' JSS7 by James Gordon liennctt. ]
LONDON , Feb. 20. J Now York Herald
Cable-Special to tlm Uci : . | IMspatchcs
received Imio this morning fiom tlm eaith-
quake localities show only dilutions or ex
tensions of the earlier facts , and tlmro is
nothing new or interesting except that the
Prince of Wales at Cannes did not yield to
fright but remained in his bed. Ho is , how
ever , now en route lor the north.
This contribution to the science ol the oc-
cnrnnces appears in this morning's Times :
"It may bo Interesting perhaps to note that
the earthquake shock was felt and recorded
by an instrument , tlm Ultlar mag-
netograph , at this observatory yesterday
morning at 5 hours 40 minutes , Greenwich
mean time. Thcio aie indications of the lat
ter movements also recorded , but they can
not bo traced with absolute ceitalnty.
Yours faithfully , ( ! . W. WHIIMT.U ,
Superintendent of Kow Observatory.
Richmond , Surrey , Feb. 24.
Loxnox , Feb. 25-A dispatch from Nice
says another earthquake shock has been felt
In that city this morning. The
disturbance was slight. iJlspatches
fiom Komo give the following list
of killed nnd wounded : Dajardo ,
00 killed and wounded ; Diane Marina. AW
killed and wounded ; Uressano , 50 killed
nnd SO wounded ; Dlauo Castello , 80
killed : Castellano , 40 killed and many
wounded. The number of persons killed
Is less than was supposed. It is estimated
that In the province of Porto-Manrl/.io570
persons were killed and 150 wounded. In the
province of Genoa thirty-tour were killed
and thirty-seven wounded. Hajaddo and
Ulano Marina were tlm only places de
stroyed. Carve was only partially damaged.
Churches In liajardo , Castellaio and
Aurigo were thrown down by the severity
ot the shock. ( Dispatches from Genoa
say the populuco Moptout of doors last night.
Many wont aboard ships In the harbor and
y,000 Htdfioin tlm city by rail. At a house
near Diana Marino a ball was pioccedlng
when tlm shock camo. Tlm building wns
completely wrecked and n terrible loss of life
resulted. Many of the houses destroyed had
large tanks underneath tilled with olive oil
Intended for importation to Franco and
Germany. A party of soldiers exploring
thu ruins found Judge Kossl lying beneath u
mass of dcbrls.stlll alive. While the men weie
trying to extricate him a beam fell , killing
Ing tlm judge and woiindlni : a soldier. Fit-
teen thousand persons left Nice and tlm exodus -
odus continues. Throughout tlm Hivlera the
railway trains are thiongod with people
anxious to not away. It has transpired that
during Wednesday's panic a Fioncii countess
cave biitli to a child in tlm public iaulens ; at
failure oT the Jury to lle.nch nn
[ Coi > i/r/yil / / ? 1SS7 fcy JiiuiM G'oiilon JIcmirK.I
Uuni.iN , Feb. 25. [ New i'ork Herald
Cable Special to the llr.i : . | Verdicts usu
ally absorb nil the previous incidents of a
tiial. However , notwithstanding the disa
greement of the Dlllon-O'Hrlcn jury \ ester-
day much may be recalled \\orlhy of histor
ical record. 1 understand that tlm jury stood
nine for conviction and tlueo for acquittal.
They were out for two hours. The speech
for the crown was strcng.but eoarso at times ,
It's elfeet was dulled trom the fact that tlm
crown sergeant had defended Paincll , and
Heiily turned his thrusts bv citing the ocr-
geant's past contcn lions for Purnell aualnst
his piesent ones. The speeches for
the defense , when they reach Ametlca ,
may tecall those of Adaws , Hamilton ,
and Henry In the liberty days of 1770. The
Judge's charge was unexpectedly fair , lie
was cautious , pet haps wincing under his
tieatraciil by thu press for his eaily nilnm-i.
Another of the legal Incidents of tlmdn
was a motion by the crown In the dmor
tlm court oeforo Chief Baton l'i
Batons Dowse and Andrews , to dun
venue of the trial in Dillon1 * action .1
theLonghrea police for damages. IIOMI
and assault. He laid tlm action ulu'ie ! > t
occurrence took place. The. crown uum-.i
tluvt the ease should be tried In Dultic :
Bounty. The chief b.tron did > mu.-
thing toward earning tlm enormous
salnry-23,000-by , to nso tlm lautuu" ; '
adopted by some Ainprleau ste.uniUli > pa- ,
sengeislo | play cards darlni ; tlmvojairo ,
"Seeing them and going ouu bolter,1' for hn
nnd liaron Andrews orduiod the venue
chanced to Dublin city a small alca with
close opportunities for panel nranlpul.itlon.
Buryu Dowse b understood to hate dissented
on the ground that there can be no fair ( rial
In ono place until nn attempt Ims
been made to get n fair jury In other words ,
you cannot change venues by the opinions ot
nflldavlt makers , but must base the chance
on some facts or events during the trial.
Tlmro ere sharp interchanges between
Baron Dowse and the crown counsel.
1'or Instance , Baron Dowse said : "Is thpro
n man In Ireland nbovn the ngo of twenty-
one who hasn't an opinion on these matters ,
whether his house be built against tlm walls
of Limerick or DeirjV"
The crown counsel said his client wanted a
panel of juiors whoweio likely to have dis
cussed both sides of the question , He would
have no objection to tlm city of Dublin. They
onlv wanted a fair trial.
Uaron Dowse \ \ hat do you call a fair trial ?
Do you mean one In which you will win ?
[ Great laughter. ! That's the Irish defini
tion ot a fair trial.
Another point was gained for the crown by
a lomoval In tlm original venue. Dillon's
case will bo tried In a fortnight.
Sioux City's KcmnlnliiE Liquor Dealer
Arrested on Mnny ClinrfiPH.
Sioux CITY , la , , Feb.25 [ Special Telegram
to tlm BIK.J : The last onslaught on thu
saloons was made to-day. Since tlm closing
of the Shepherd and the Chicago several
days ago , the Bank Kxchango has been the
only open saloon In Sioux City. To-day It
was closed. Tlm proprietor , John Webber ,
was arrested upon twenty-nine charges , ac
cused of keeping intoxicating liquors on
sale nnd disposing of tlm same to numerous
prominent citizens , nil named In the infer
mation. Webber was taken before .1 ustlce
Campbell and accepted set vlco. The follow
ing are tlm names of tlm parties to whom It
Is claimed the liquors have been
sold : Isaac Pendleton , Joseph
liorsch , Al Adams , John Smith , Henry
Decamp , John A. Weaver , S. Schtiloln , John
Pleice , Fred Stell , Daniel Elliott , Jake
Fo'denheimer , W. O. Morse. James Junk , S.
II. Dillon. .1. O. Landaker , TomMalone , Sam
Klngsnorth , Captain Campbell. George
Dovoro , Phil Carlin , and Carl Fnulk. Web
ber was placed under jf J.OOO bonds for ap
pearance and tlm time ol trial Jived tor ono
week from today at 0o'clock , There uio In
all twenty-nine ca. es pending against Mr.
Webber. Tlm statute provides that each of
fense shall be punished by a line ot not less
than § ! i" > . tlm convicted parties to pay all
costs. Tlm new and unexpected procedure
upon the part of tlm Law and Ordei league
caused ueneral surprise , and it is being gen
erally discussed.
A Very Mail Community.
DUIIANT , la. , Fob. 2.5. ( Special Tele-
gtam to the Br.nJ Durnnt is excited. A
leading citizen has been caught In the act of
robbing Schroeder & \ olstedt's store , but on
account of his famllj the pi opt letors promKed
not to expose him , and tlm cuiluslty of tlm
villagers Is iinsatislled nnd they are mad.
It has leaked out that the guilty patty is a
member of a poker club of a dozen members ,
and as suspicion was thrown on all , tlio In
nocent members are also on their mettle.
Thev called on Schroeder it A olstedt with
otlmis , and as the firm refused to give the
robber's name , they angrily had a lire alaim
sounded , and when the citizens came to
gether proposed to prosecute the fn in for
compounding a felony. Steps were taken in
that dliection , but , they had no proof that a
felony was committed save thtough the testi
mony ot tlm linn , who , ot couise , lefuscd to
criminate themselves.
The Iloom Still Growing.
SioirxCirv , la. , Feb. 'J5. [ Special Tele
gram to the Uii.J : : While to-day has not re
corded as largo a transaction as the Evans
sale jestorday , yet several of very large pro
portions were closed , noticeable among
which was a section to outside parties near
Moining Side for S4S.OOO. Them has scarcely
been any diminution in the total of sales.
The receipts daily at the recorder's otlico for
filing papers are about ? 50.
A Butter anil Tub Factory.
Sioux CITY , la. , Feb. US. [ Special Tele
gram to the Bun. | Airancemonts wore com
pleted here today for the early establishment
of a barrel and butter tub. factory by Chailes
M. Marsh , ot Mankato , Minn. The capital
stock of tlm concern is 3100,000 and lending
capitalists hero will hold the bulk ot tlm
stock. It is expected that tlm now establish
ment will employ about ouo hundred hands.
A Missouri IMn/.e.
KKOKUK , la. , Fob , 25. [ Special Telegram
to the Br.K. | A special says that a fire at 3
o'clock this morning at Mempls , Mo. , de
stroyed a business building owned by James
I , . Mason , of DCS Molnos , nnd James B.
Donnell and occupied by Donnell as a haul-
wnto stole and Mis. Davis , millinery , and
others. Loss , about § 17.000 ; Insmance , about
810,000. _
Srtvcrt by a Doe's Baric.
DAvr.Ni-oUT , laFeb. . 2. . [ Special Tele-
pram to the Due. ] The saloon and dwelling
property ot Mrs. M. Lawbock , lour miles
west ot hero , was burned early this morn
ing. Loss. 84,500 ; insured for S3.000 , Tlm
occupant * were aroused bv the barking ot a
dog , and narrowly escaped with their lives.
No Liquor For Medicinal Purposes.
INI > KI'INI > HNCK , la. , Feb. 25. [ Special
Telegram to the UiiK.1 The district temper
ance convention for tlm Thltd congressional
district. In session nt tills place , lesolvcd in
tavoi of eliminating from tlm pharmacy law
tlm provision allowing the sale ot liquor lor
medicinal purposes.
null loxvnVoathor. .
For Nebiaska and Iowa : Local snows ,
followed by fair \Ncathci ; lower followed by
higher tempoiature.
The Indiana Muddle.
l.VDiAKAi' , Feb. 25. There was no
icnewal of yesteiduy's turbulent scenes
about the capital this morning. Kobcrtson
appeared at the senate doors this momlng ,
uut was refused admittance by order of the
democratic majority , and ho then retired.
Tlm republican seuatois pursue thulr
intention of taking no part In
the piocpodlngs , hlmply ignoring tlm
majority aim Piestdont Pro Tern
Smith. A resolution was otl red by Senator
Bailey this morning asking the supreme
court to act as arbitrators upon tlm claims of
Koboitson and Smith , but tlm icpitb *
Hcans sar they have nothing to
submit to arbitration. It Is not likely
tlm supreme court will take any notice
of tlm matter. The attorneys of Smith this
mornini. tiled a petition asking for iclmarlng
of tlm appeal on the Injunction case. Up to
noon llieio has been no manifestation by the
democratic majority in the senate ot their
Intention to unseat lepubllcan senators
.so as to secino a constitutional two-thirds
majoilty ot the body necessary to enable
them to do business without tlm presence of
tlm votes ol tlm minority. A tcsolullon was
passed to Investigate tlm conduct ot Senator
Johnson , who struck Senator McDonald ,
during the melee jesteiday , with view to Ills
expulsion ,
The demoeintlc members of the sen
ate this nttcinoon passed a icsolutlon
reciting The story of the light
over tlm nontenant governorship from their
standpoint , denying the legality of tlm al
leged joint commission inhicli the vote lor
lieutenant govetnoruis canvassed and cer
tified , rolntim ; to the blinking of suit tor in
junction against Itobeitson , thu issuance of
the s.tum by Judge Ayics. and tlm final action
of the siipionm couit thoieln , and closing
by expressing a tleslio to submit tlm matter
to the judges of tlm court lor arbitration.
The lepublicaii mombeis were present , but
peisUted in their policy , lefuslngto vote and
declining to recognize Senator Smith as the
lentil presiding ofllcer. The senate adjourned
until to-morrow morning. The house still
ietiisp.i to iecou'iii/0 the legality ot the sen-
Mor.V organization , and theiu Is no ofllclal
intercourse between the two branches. The
.oust . ] adjourned until Monday.
- 9
The radavur Called For.
PiiTaiit'Koir , Feb. 25 A young physician
named John Osborn , of Uuttcrvlllc , Penn. ,
cMIod at the Baltimero fc Ohio Express otlico
lor the box which contained the remains of
the man , opened jesterday. Tno physician
Mated that the body found In the box was a
cadaver which had been dissected In a incdl-
ctl college in Cincinnati.
A. Dead Commodore.
NOUKOI.K , Va. , I'di. 5. Commodore Will-
lam Triixton , United States ua.vy , letlrcd.
died suU.njiiiyat his Home in tub city to-day ,
The Senate Decides "For nn Investigation
of the 'pacific Roads.
A Conference Afelirtl on the Senate's
Substitute to tlio HOIISO Joint
tJOtlier 1'ro-
cbeillngs ,
Feb. . The jtrfcildlng of
ficer presented a communication irom tlm
secretary of \ \ arlth reports of engineer
ofllcers relating to n bridge over the Missis
sippi rlxer nt St. Paul. Hufcrrcd to tlm com
mittee on commcice.
The resolution ottered ycsU-rdny electing
Ingalls president pro Unl to take the ofllco at
1 o'clock to-morrow afternoon \vns placed be
fore the senate.
Mr. Cockrcll moved to amend by Insetting
the name of Hairls.
The amendment was rejected yeas , 20 ;
nays , S'J.
The resolution olTeied yesterday by Mr.
Hoar , declaring It ns the judgment of the
senate that under the present circumstances
no negotiations should bo mulct taken with
Great 15rltaln In regard to existing dinicul-
ties with Canadian provinces , having for Its
objnct the change or abolition of any of the
existing duties on Imports , was taken up and
after discussion referred to the committee on
finance ,
The resolution offered by Mr. Van Wjck
yesterday , proposing n constitutional amend
ment for the election of senators by a dliect
vote of the people was taken up nnd Mr. Van
\V $ CK nddiesspil the senate In favor of It.
1 ho conference icport on the bill fora
branch home fur disabled volunteer soldiers
west of the Itocky mountains \\as agieed to.
Tlio name of William lilandlng was substi
tuted for that of James A. Wiiymlro as an
additional regent.
The senate then resumed consideration of
the plomo-pnmimoiila bill , the pending ques
tion being on the amendment ollered yester
day by Mr. Vest ii'quiiing the assent of the
authorities of tlm state befoie the cattle com
missioners can opetato llieieiu. Ki'jocted
yeas , 20 ; nays , 31.
Mr. Kdmunds then offered as a substitute
for tlm bill a bill appropriating to
bo expended uiidei the direction of tlm pres
ident ot tlm United Motes and In his discre
tion through the commissioner of ngiiculture
to aid the proper authoiitlcs of tlm seveial
states In picventlng the spread of tlm disease
commonly known as plpuro-pneumonia
among cattle , the nnpiopiiation to expire at
the end ot twoyeais.
Atter debate Mr. Edmund's substitute was
agieed to yeas. 34 ; najs , 27.
Mr. Van \V\ck olfeied an amendment to
nriKo the bill apply also to tlm" "Mvino
plainic , hog cholcia and other contagious
diseases amoni ; swine. Ho marie an at tin-
men l in support of the amendment which 1m
regarded as really ot greater importance
to the people of tlm west the original
bill , which , he said , wns got up more in the
IntPiest of thp east than of the west.
Mr. Teller spoke ot tlm substitute as having
been offered and voted for out of a spiilt ot
hostility to the billAs to tlm statement
made by the senator'froin ' Nebraska , that tlm
bill was In the inteicstof the people in tlm
east , he reminded that .senator mat the legis-
latuies ot all tup vmitern states , chambeis of
couiiui'iee , boards of trade and all cattle as
sociations had nr ed Mils legislation. Tlm
adoption ot the substitute ho regards as the
death knell ot tlm bill ; and he wanted the
countiy to know that tlm friends ot the bill
undeistood the purpose and motives with
winch the substitute- was ollcred and sus
tained. ' "
Mr. Van Wyck said 'that ho agreed with
very much of what this senator from Colorado
rado said. HP ( Van Wyck ) Had voted
against the substitute nnd was tit favor of
the bill as Itcnumtroni tlm committee. He
had Intended , if 1m had an opportunity , to
olfci his amendment ! tU tlm original Dill.
Mr. Miller said was unnecessary , as
the orminal bill would apply also to diseased
Mr. Van W > ck did not agree with that
statement nnd declared his desire to bo not
to antagonize tlm bill but to make It better.
Mr. Uawes moved to reconsider the vote
adontliig tlm substitute.
Tlm lull was then laid aside infoiiually.
When taken ui > again tlm vote will been
on reconslilpilng tlmote adopting Mr.
Kdmunds' substitute.
Tlm president ot the senate laid before the
fapnnto the 1'ncllic railway investigation reso
lution nnd a recess was taken until S o'clock
When the senate reassembled it imme
diately ptoccedcd to the consideration of the
bouse joint resolution tor an investigation of
the books of the P.iclhc railroads with the
senate amendment theieto in the nattito of a
Mr. McPherson moved to stiiko from the
substitute sections 4 , 5 and 0. Those sections
confer on the president ceitain poweis to re
deem under certain circumstances moitgages
and lions on roads paiamount to tlm light ,
title nnd Inteiest ot the United States , in-
cieasing to 40 nor cent of their net earnings
tlm amount to bo paid by the companies Into
the sinking fund and nuthoiUiiig the In
vestment of the sinking fund In the first
moitgiiire bonds of the companies.
Mr. Wilson of Iowa suggested that the sen
ator from New Jersey modify his motion so
ns to exclude therefrom the fourth section ,
which confers cettnln powers upon the presi
dent.Mr. . Mol'horson nctcd upon the suggestion
nnd n vote was taken on stiiking out tlm tilth
and sixth , slnkini : turn ! sections , and they
were stricken out yeas , SO ; nays , 14.
Mr. Mcl'lieison then moved to strike out
tlm fouith section ol tlm .substitute , authoris
ing the president to it-deem prior moitgages.
Mr. Wilson of Iowa advocated tlm section ,
nnd said that it had been fully consldoied by
tlm judiciary committee not only nt this ses
sion , hut tor the last three years.
At 11 : iX ) the senate was still In session.
Alter a long debate Mr. Wilson of Iowa called
the attention ot tlm senate back to the real
( luo.stlon , beluga motion to stiiko out tlm
fouith section. It had been stated bv Mr.
Sherman that the ellect of tlm section would
be to "bear" down tlm value of first mortgiiso
bonds. He ( Wilson ) denied In his
opinion It would umphasUe the payment of
the first mortgage * bonds. The time to act
wns not when the leader was nt hand , but
now.Mr. . Vance spoke of the Union Pacllio rail
road company as being conceived In sin nnd
bronchi 101 th In Iniquity , It had sought to
gpl rid o the bad odor attached to it by elect
ing Adams ns Its president. It had sought
tor him In the miigwumplan altitudes , \vlicio
Ornrgu William Curtis and Carl Shunt were
supposed to be sitting on a golden cloud with
harps In hand singing songs of puilly con-
ci-ining now political u-clcnce. Hut ho had
road in it Chicago new { paper ot Adams' con
duct In reference to certain lolling mills nnd
as to clmrglin : four tun s remilar freight seas
as to keen away coippf'tltlon ' , nnd it made
him think ol tlio negi ) > Minis :
"And that daiklu in the camp ground ,
Who can loudest Mn : : and shout
Is n going to rob sofnghon loose
Huloio the wool : Is out , "
Tliu question leciitreil on striking out the
fourth section , aiithi * lanu tlm pu'&ldcut to
it'ileem piior muit a-i's , and It was decided
In the negative joa" , W : nuys , 27.
The question wtsi ( then taken on tlm
amendment otlorcd by Mr. Stanlnid ( in-
ercasliiL' the range of tlm inquiry ) , and wns
agreed to without dhmlon.
Mr. Kdmunds movi'd to restore tlm 40 per
cent section. !
Thu question was then taken on Mr. Ed-
immds/ motion toie&to/o the fifth section of
tlm substitute (10 peirrtmt Provision ) nnd It
was leii'cted-yoas. lw ; mays , 27.
Mr. Kdmunds then V.ovcd to restore sec
tion 0 , authorizing the Investment of tlm
slnkliic lund in subsidy bonds or first mort-
gnw bonds. Agieed to yeas , : i7 ; nays , 'J.
Mr , Itlddleberger moved to btriko out tlm
clause which piovldes that the claim that
testimony fir evidence may tend to criminate
\\itnes3 shall not excuse him horn tcstilyini. .
Mr. Plumb moved to amend by adding
several other subjects of Inquiry ,
such as tlm rotations of the railroads
to thn interest of the communities through
which they pass , the pavment of taxes , es
pecially upon their lands , delay In talcing
out patents for land , rates of freight and fore
discriminations , differentials , pools and
other df vlcos. Agreed to viva voce.
The substitute was tfmn agteed to and tlm
bill as amended was passed and a confer
ence asked.
Messrs. Kvarts , Hoar and Piijjh were ap
pointed conferees. The bill as passed pro
vides for the appointment of three commis
sioners with compensation at § 750 a month ,
traveling expoti&ea and bo.ird bills , witu
potfcr to examine all books , papers and
methods of railroad companies. It
specifies the various subjects of
Inquiry Mm requires tlm com
missioners to report ns to the extension
ot time for the pcrtormalvco of the i'bllea-
lions of the commissioners to Uio United
States and to submit a scheme for such ex
tension , it appropriates for the pnr-
pose of Invostifjatlon , and It authorises tlm
president ( If deemed necessary by him ) to
redeem or otherwise clear otf
nil prior lions , mortcaeei or oilier
incuiubruncps to paying out of the treasury
tlm sums duo thereon , on which the eo\em
inent shall bo subiogatcd to nil rtithU of the
llrst mortgages. The slnklnc funds hold In
Iho treasury ns spcurlty for the lmlobtpdnc 3
for the companies may bo Invented In subsidy
bonds or In fust mortgage bonds of the com
panies ,
The senate then adjourned at 1 jM.
WASUIXOTO.V , Feb. 35. The speaker laid
before tlm house n message from the senate
announcing tlm passigo by that body over
the president's veto of the bill for tlm relief
ot Thomas 11. Hopkins. The bill nnd the
president's niessnge were refened to thu com-
tulttcu on Invalid pensions.
Mr. Hutch of Missouri asked Unanimous
consent that the house lion-concur In the sen
ate amendment to the bill creating n dopaii-
tncnt of agriculture and labor.
Mr , Morrison of Illinois oblcctrd and the
bill was referred to the committee on agri
culture ,
On motion of Mr. Uelmont the house In
sisted on its amendments to tlm senate retal
iation bill , and Messrs , Itolmnnt , Clements
nnd Klco were appointed conferees ,
Mr. Hatch moved to suspend tlm titles and
pass tlm sunato bill piovidlngforngilcuUural
experimental stations.
Tlm bill was reail alter considerable do-
Mr. O'Neill ' ot Missouri said that when the
committee on labor endeavored to secure
ncUon on bills relating to labor it was met
with objections , llo protested against this
unfair treatment.
Mr. Hatch's motion to suspend the , mips
nnd pass tlm bill wns agreed to.
Tlio commute on nppropiiatlons rcpoited
the deficiency apprnpilatlon bill and itsas
relcired to tlio couimillou of tlm whole.
Mr.Tounsliend of Illinois submitted tlm
conloronce rmioit upon the invalid pension
nppropilatloii bill and it was agreed to.
The house- then went Into committee ot tlm
whole on tlm naval appinpiiatlou hill.
Pending further consideration of this bill
the committee toso.
Mr. Herbert usked unanimous consent
that tlm session of tlm house bo extended
until consideration of the naval nppropila
tloii bill wns completrd.
Mr. Wolford objected and upon motion of
Mr. lii'ibcit by a vote of > e , s 117 , nays 100 ,
the house adjourned , thus dlMpenslni : with
tlm usual Friday nlu'ht session lor pension
_ _ _ _ _
ato-rn WINS.
lloycc , the Turners' Favorlto , 17e-
fentcrt nt His Own Game.
The Moth-Koyco wrestling match drew
an iuulip.iiuo of 100 people at the exposi
tion building last night. Preceding the
main event Jack Ilanloy and Ed llothery
appeared in a throe-round boxing match.
Owing to the illness of several of thu
Turners this organization did not ttko : n
part in the programme. Tim match be
tween Moth and lloycc , which was for
$2r)0 , three lalls out of live catch-as-
Ciitcli-cnn , was called at 0:50 : o'clock.
Jack Hanlcy took care of Moth , and
Clmrlos Orinor of Koyco. Ilorb llothery
was niastur of ceremonies , John P. Clew
referee , Captain O'Malloy anil John S.
Prince time-keepers. The first bout was
the longest and hardest of the evening ,
and was won by lloyco in twenty-three
minutes and forty-threo seconds. Moth
won tiie second fall in three minutes and
forty seconds , catching lloycc by the legs
and lifting him bodily into the air and
landine : him on tlm carpet. Tlm third
bout WHS won by Moth in the snmo
manner in two minutes and twenty-two
seconds. Hoyco won the fourth fall in
twelve minutes anil eighteen seconds ,
catching Moth with a half Nelson , anil
then breaking the head bridge formed by
the champion. The lust bout was won
by Moth , who by sheer strength forced
lloyco to the carpet , breaking down n
bridge that lloyco had formed success
fully three times. The bout lasted ten
minutes and eighteen seconds.and closed
nt ten minutes before midnight. Both
men were in excellent shape , anil the
match one of exceeding interest.
The Great Programme to Bo Pro-
Hcntotl at the Imposition To-Ni ht.
The bicycle tournament that will bo
given at the exposition building to-night
will prove a rare treat to the lovers of
this excellent ; sport. The programme ,
which isu lengthy one , is the most varied
of any yet given in Omaha , nnd will bo
well worth seeing. One of tlio races
will bo for the ten mile championship of
Nebraska between Kdwnrd Bullock , of
Omaha , iind Win. Ashingor , ot Denver.
Ashingor , who came here to outer the
six days race , lays claim to the cham
pionship of Omaha and was immediately
challenged by liullock for a race to decide -
cido tlio question. They have decided to
run a ten milo race for § 25 n side to
which amount Prince has added $25 ,
making a purse of $75 , The race will bean
an exciting one. Another feature of the
will bo professional races ,
Krogramino three live milo heats. For
this race Mr. Prince has oflerod $70 in
prizes to bo divided $10 to thu winner ,
$ ! > 0 to soconil nnd $10 to third man.
Prince will not enter this race which will
leave tlm contest otiun for Kok , Dingloy ,
liulloclc , Hardwiok and Ashingor. These ,
men nro all here ready for tlm six lays
race and nro in excellent trim. .John S.
Prinro will attempt to run two miles in
six minutes tor a gold modal offered by
tlm exposition association. The bust
indoor record for two miles is six mill-
utus and seconds , Then tlmro will
bo an nnntour handicap tcn-milo race
with Peaboily , Mittaner , IMockmoro ,
Smith and Little as starters for a gold
medal for winner nnd silver medal tor
winner and silver monal for second man.
A boys' rac < ) , a barbers' race iind a race
for colored mon nil for medals will com
plete tlm great programme , Mr. Prince
Iiat gone to great labor and uxponsu to
prupare this programme and should bo
liberally patrnlzml.
A lloitvy Deal.
Mossrs. F. F. Vogcl , J , A. Frawloy ,
Walter Scott and Hunry Hill , four prom
inent citi/.ons mill capitalists of Stroins-
burg , Neb , , have boon in tiio city for the
past few days closing up a big real cstato
c'eal. They have formed a syndicate and
purchased for ? 75,000 a big tract of land
in South Omaha which they propose to
holder investment. Mr vogoi , ono of
tlm four named , is already heavily inter
ested In Omaha and South Omaha prop
erty. Ho is n frequent visitor in Omaha
and is greatly impressed with tlm mag-
niliccnt growth and prosperity of tlm
The ICvpress Jtohhcry Trial.
Moisnis , HI. , Fob. a * . . Newton Watts was
examined this forenoon befoie Justice Woodbury -
bury on the charge at murdering Express
Messenger Nichols and the lobbery of the
express car on the Hock Island road last
Maich. Tlm llrst witnesses called \\ere thu
bank and express company's employes who
put up and handled the money , which Was
turned over to Mugbonger Nichols on tlio
night of the tragedy. These witnesses de-
sciibwlthe packages mlnutoly , they belmr
tour In number , containing in all about
S21.500 , Conductors Wagner and Danfortn
\\entovertueevjdenco ulveu by thorn
at tliu preliminary trial of Henry bchwarti
last mouth.
Department of Justice Officials Refuse t
Discuss tlio Onlloiu Law ,
"Minister 1'cnillcton Arrives In Wash
Injrton nnd Has n Conroronco
With iho i'resltlcnt Na
tional Capital News.
lU-tlcont OfllolixK
WASHINGTON , Fob.CS.-lSpcclal TcJegrnn
to tlm UKK.J " 1 am not permitted to tall
upon tlm subject , " said Solicitor Uoncrn
Jonki this afternoon , when nskcd by tin
llin : correspondent concerning the Inter
state coinuierco bill. "Jl Involves a construe *
tlon of law , and any odlner ot the govern'
mont who may bo culled upon oiric'ally ' U
pass on tlm law or construct IU meaning I :
not pormltlcd to talk In a general way aboul
U. " 1 sought other oillcors at the depart
ment of Justice and was met with tlm same
reply. The fact Is. tlmro Is such an Inuoll-
alto ldo.1 In the minds ot prominent lawyers
and ofllclals about the oxnct moaning ot this
law that none worth quoting will talk foi
publication. All admit that the letter niul
spit It of Urn law are both so broad that they
may make It very oppressive or may make It
a blessing. Uosldcs this , lawyers of wel
known abilttvin this city do not care to gn
on iccord concerning this law , ns they have
not yet been retained , and do
not , as onu expressed himself to
day , "Know which way tlm cal
will Jump. " and all wish to bu In a position
to bo retaincd on either or both s'des. ' There
seems to bo nn equal division of opinion on
tlm proposition that tlm lallroad companies
Intend to get all tlm oppressive construction
placed upon tlm law possible , so as to aecol-
uratu the work of having It repealed , as they
consider It , as people do , but an experi
ment at bust. It Is generally believed that
tlm tendency will bo toward higher tariffs for
both freleht nnd passenger traffic. This will
be necessary on short hauls to make up the
equalization ot reduction or raise In long
hauls. In soum Instances tlm roads will
equalize by i educed short hauls , and In
others by an Incieaso ot long hauls , An ef
fort will bo made to prohibit excursion rates
on all occasions , should tlm law bo construed
to permit them only for "national occasions , "
ns announced by Senator Cnllont the other
day , In answering n question conccinlng
tales to this city during tlm national drill
next May. It is held that It would bo mani
festly unjust to give reduced rates for ex
cursions on long trips , which only the well-
to-do can afford to nationlze , and prohibit
them on small excursions. Should excursion
rates bo refused It will tend .largely to make
the bill unpopular. It has been practically
determined that passes will be Issued tlm
same as usual , except to law makei s. When
the cominissioueis are appointed it is said
tlmy will consume consldeiablu time In cxec-
ntiNO session agreeing noon a general con
struction of the law , and till they do so no
two men will ngiee upon Urn most vital nnd
vexatious points.
Minister Pondleton airived in Washington
yesterday afternoon from Cincinnati , llo
called at the white house about 1 o'clock to
day and had a short conference with the
uresidcnt no ono knows definitely what
about. Tlm report is still cuircnt that ho
will bo secretary of tlm treasury. It is very
prouablo that Mr. Pendleton will not return
to Ucrlin and If ho is not made a cabinet
oflicer ills among tlm possibilities that bo-
may become an inter-state commerceconimis
WILT.INO TO TAKI : orrirn.
It is mulct stood that Colonel \lomson Is
willing to serve the goveinmeiit ns one ot tlm
inter-state railway commission aud ins
filonds hope to sco him appointed and made
president ot tlm board. General lirngg , of
Wisconsin , would like to close his busy career
as a judge of one of the United States courts.
M1I.ITAKV MAT ! hits.
Armyordnrs : Captain L. S. Lesson , as
sistant snigeon. now on leave in this city , is
relieved from duty in tlm Department of "tho
East and ordered to Chicago lor duty as at
tending suigeon at tlm ho\dquarti'rs of tlm
Division of thcMIssouil nnd examiner of re-
erults. sergeant John Hyan , Uattury B ,
Thlid artillery , tcleasud.
A general army order has been Issued as
attlclo 15554 ol army regulations , limiting the
term of service ot regimental adjutants and
quartermasters to four vears and providing
that tlmy shall not bo eligible for n second
term ot such duty , nor shall an olllcer who
setves in cither capacity bo eligible to ap >
pnlntmi'tit in tlm other , excent to fill nn unox-
pired term of four years. This older is rn-
garded as a natural sequence of the order ol
Ibb5 limiting tlm term of service of aldes-div
camp to lour yeais. Two colonels in the
aimv foresaw that such would bo tlm result
and made changes In their adjutants and
quartermasters , but the other thltty-elghl
will bo compelled to make the changes re
quired by tlm now order ns soon ns tlm four
years of service allowed have explicit.
I'l-nslons granted to Nobiaskans to-day :
Matilda , widow ot Leonard Curtis. Yoric ;
Henry S. , lather ol Mntthow I. Godfrey ,
Platte Center ; Kli/a , widow of Klljwh Wai-
dron , Logan , ( Incieaso ; ; David Young ,
Pensions granted to fowans : John , father
of William Kaltenbrach , Yuti's Center ; iCail ,
father of William J. Ki'kers , Maynard ; John ,
lather ot James McMuiry , Lincville ; Her-
cule.s A. , father of William A. Snook. Fall-
field ; Peter Lumley , Fontanello ; WillHm C.
Vnnderwater , Albla ; Charles A. Cat tor ,
Heutonsnort ; Cornelius Xowoll. Villisca ;
Milton \V. \ Halley , Clinton ; Thomas 11.
Jones , Spencer ; David Avcilll , Sibloy ;
James Welch , Murshalltown ; Floyd W. Fos
ter , Waveily ; Amos J. Lam- , South Kng-
lish ; John Dovlne , Tuiro ; Hugh W. Hn'po ,
Coining : Noah P. Stuvcsoii , ( lanvin : ADra-
ham F. AValters , Caledonia ; Daniel It. Kin-
ley , Marion.
A note was received by Senator Harris this
afternoon trout I'ji'sldont Cleveland htatlnj ;
that so fur as he could M'o at this time there
would bo no necessity for nn extra session ot
ilia seiinto. Only yesterday it was stalud at
tlm white house that tlm president Iind de
cided to ask tliu senate to linger awhile in
executive session. It Is known that the rea
son the president changed his mind Is to es
cape action on tlm contested credentials of
Turple , ot Indiana , to succeed faonator liar-
ilson. Should this case come up at tlm nxtra
session of the senate , as It would undoubt
edly , tlm dcmncuts would Iind at least four
of their s vacant besides that
trom Indiana. They are thu beats
belonging to tlm demociats In
New , West Vhglnia , Florida
and California , Mr , Ilcaist , ot Dm latter
s'tati1 , being ill. Senator Voorhees said to
day that it thoTnrpItt MSB should conm up
nt an extra session it would kcon the senatu
hcni for at least tin CD months. The democrats
nee that It would surely result ngilnst them
to take up thli contest now , unit have IHTH
for twenty-lour hoiiis urging tlm prc.sldeiit to
avoid an extra session , U Is gem-rally bn-
lli'U'd tnat lei this toasnn tlm senate will not
bo ii'qtiusted to leinaln in session alter next
Tiir.v wiu , vuro i.v ikss.
In iho hi'imto this atti'inoon I'liimb ,
of Kansas , urcientiil the following
resolution , which was passed by tin
Oswt'go nest , Gland Aimv of tlm Ki-publlc ,
of tils htati' , in ii'fi'icnco to tlm president's
vi'toot tlm dependent soldiers' pension hill :
"To ( Jiover Cleveland : Ite.sohid , Ihat
we will cast our veto in IbSrt.
( bigiicdj K , U. DAI.IIWIX , Coinmaiider. "
Tlm naiim ot tlm rs'"nico < at
Leiton , Hamilton county , Is changed to
Ulooinlield. and Adclbert If. U. Peck ap
pointed postmaster , vlco Win. II. Lee. su-
peisedi-d , ( iodliey Nansel was to-day ap
pointed postmaster at Not-1 , Ciwler countv ,
vlco ArthurN. Uonger , reslciu-d. The post-
olllcunt Gnidncr Station , Platte county , was
discontinued. _ _ . .
Tlio IiOjjnu lltirlal I'liu .
CIIICAOO , Ki-b. i . Mrs. 1 ,
sc-Iected Iho center of tlm liircluut ti.c . .iti ,
nut of South park foi tlm b > ulil i-iicu il
liersi > li aud < > nural Loan and t i.u situ tut , i
inonnuiont i > , o ; < tn ,
\\uUi.ii 'J'liUs ' and William Tnmblu
sliut i ut Joe Howies' plAcuycstor *
ilay nfu : noon nt t u live birds for f'iO n
ililo , The iniUeli wns now by ( ibbi > , who
killed live out of the ten. Triniblo killed
four out of tlio ten.
f writ tiio Future * w III Bo to These
"Who ncfuic to Uollcvc.
Is this country unconsciously undergoing
a wonderful change , Is tlm change to take
place befoto wo nro nnnro ot tlm fact , and
when It has taken place \ \ \ \ \ wo wonder why
wo did not sco It before It WAS too Into ?
Those that see the chances eaily nvnl
themselves early and thereby receive benefit ,
The shrewd lion man sees the Iron Inter
est liansferred trom Plttsburgand Pennsyl
vania to Birmingham , Alabama , and In liM
far-sightedness sees Iho lurnacos In Poiinsjl-
van la torn down nnd deported for this new
and prolific field. It Is claimed by tlm Iron
men of Alabama that the low price at which
Iron can bo produced theielll ru\olutloul70
tlm Iron Intctcsls of ( ho world.
We lm\o seen iho grain-glow Ing centers of
( his country shitted to the est , \Voha\o
seen the pork-paklinc Industry flit from Cin
cinnati to Clilcneo , and fiom Iheiieo to Kan
sas City and Omaha , Southern cotton mills
undersell Now Ktiglnnd aud American mar
kets , and challenge the. world.
Wo have seen and ate seeing all this lake
place before our ojesi. and know that oilier
changes are taking place equally as prom
inent , and wo wonder as wo behold them.
Ton venrs ago the insurance companies only
required an analysis of the tlulds when they
vmo taking Insurance for very loigo
amounts. To-day nn llrst-elass company
will Insure any amount unless they have n
rigid analysis of the fluids passed , nnd if any
traces of certain disorders are apparent , thu
application Is rejected. In their reports they
show tha' tlm death of sixty of every 100 people
ple In this country , Is due either directly or
Indirectly to sueh disorders. Tlm lirompton
llospilal for Consumptives. London , Eng
land , reports that sixty of every 100 victims
of consumption nlso ha\o set Ions dlsoulers of
Iho kidneys.
Amoni : scientists for tlm tiealmpiit of this
dread malady the question Is being discussed :
"Is not this dlsurdei the real cause of con
Ten years ace tlm microscope was some
thing seldom found In n physician's olllcu ;
now every physician of standing has one
and seldom visits his patients without callIng -
Ing for n sample of fluids tor examination.
Why Is all this1,1 Is It possible that wo
of the piesent generation am to dlo of dis
eases caused by kidney disorders ? or shall
we master the cause by Wainor's safe cure ,
tlm only locoitnl/ud specllie , and thus remove
the effects' . ' It Is established bovoud a doubt
that a very large percentage of deaths In this
country uio traceable to diseased kidneys.
1'oryenistho pioprietors ot Winner's safe
cure luivo boon insisting that tlmro Is no
sound health when tlm kidneys are diseased ,
and they enthusiastically press tlmlr specllio
tor this tcriibledlsordei iiiioti public atten
tion. We are continually hearing its praises
This means wonders !
Cannottlmproptlctnrs of Ihls greatromedv ,
who have been warning us of tlm danger ,
tell us how to avoid a disease that at flisl is
.so unimportant , nnd Is so fatal in its termi
nation' Aiu wo to hope against hope , and
wall without our i award ?
The most significant of all changes , how
ever , that wo of to-day can note is this radi
cal change ot view to which tlm public hits
been educated : It was formerly thought that
the kidneys were ot very small Importance ;
to-day , wo bcliuve , it Is poneially admitted
that tlmro can bo no such thing as Round
health In any 01 gan It they mo In tlm least
degree deiangcd.
Huso Snow UrlflH.
ST. JoiiNsnuisa , Vt. , Feb. 25 Trains are
blockaded on tlm Jioston & Lowell
Snow Is from ( Ho to twenty-live tect deep.
SAUATOOA , N. Y. , Feb. 23. The Adiron
dack nassengcr tiain that left heio jesterdny
morning is snowed in somewhere between
Coilnth nnd llodloy , and slncn 8:30 : last evening -
ing nothing has been heard of it. Thcie are
but few passengers aboard.
The Deficiency Appropriation.
.WASIIINOON , Feb. 25. The general deli-
/VccoptH / the Cnll.
PuiNCEfON. N. J. , Feb. 25. William Irvln
D. 1) . , ot tlm Second Piesbytcrlan church , of
Troy , N. Y. , has accepted tlm call to tlm
secretaryship of the Piesbytcrlan board of
homo missions.
Beware of Scrofula
Scrofula U probably tlnn any
other disease. It is Insidious In cliaracler ,
and manifests Itself In runnlnc sores , pustular
cmptlons , bolls , swellings , enlarged Joints ,
abscesses , sere eyes , etc. Hood's Sarsaparllla
expels all trace of scrofula from tlio blood ,
leaving It pure , enriched , anil healthy.
"I was severely aflllctcd with sciotnb , and
over a year had two i mining sores on my ucck.
Took five bottles Hood's Sarsaparllla , and am
cured. " C. E. LOVEJOY , Lowell , Mass.
C. A. Arnold , Arnold , Me. , had. scrofulous
foi cs for seven years , spring and fall , Uood'a
Sarsaparllla cured htm.
Salt Rheum
Isonn of tlio most disngrecalilo diseases c.wiod
by impure Wood. It Is readily cured by Hood's
8arsni > arllla , the great Mood purifier.
William Spies , Elyrln , O. , suffered greatly
from erysipelas and salt rheum , caused by
handling tobacco. At times ids bands would
crack open and bleed. Ho tried various prep
arations without aid ; Dually took Hood's Sar-
saparllla , and now says : "lam entirely well. "
"lily son had salt ihcuin on Ids hands and
on Uio calves of Ids leg ? . He took Hood's
8arsap.iiIlia and Is entirely cured. " J , I ) .
Stanton , Jit. Vcrnon , Ohio.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
RoMlijr nil druggists , pi ; nix forgl. Uadoouljr
by C. I. HOOD & CO. , Apothecaries , Lnirflll.Miiii.
IOO DOSGB Ono Dollar
1'osUt eon j-cmri , Ihuy Imio Kluaiilly
In fuclr , nml with uulos constantly Juouutliw
Ifurobuanma tlio most popular corset tlnough-
out the United utiitim.
The K , Q mid It II ifrmlo.s iiiomihlolii BIIOIIT
al ! tlBUros. The (1 quitllty , nimlo of KiiKllsli
I'oiitll.lH wiiriantuJ to wimr twluu H * lout , ' in
f I IK host iiwnrds from nil thu World's irront
1'ulrH. 'Jb'i lavt nioilul runuhod In for 1'llisr
Jmmr.K ( IK Mr.HiT , Iroru tlio Into ICvpoallluu
hold nl Now Orleium.
Wlilln HCMIIOS nf imtcula hnvo bnon found
worthlosH , tlio prlni'lplua ot Uio Ulo > o-rittlii/
Imvo proved hivfihiulilu.
Holiillurs nni autlmrUro ! to rafuni ] money , if ,
on I'jamiimtlon. tliono Cornets do mum ovum
niprwontnd I'OIt SAM ! HVKimviIIIItU.
lANGDQH & CO. . New York ,
- najj wllh jultut duul'lu acllai : rods anil
folding Lnc.0 rent. LVlit ,
-.iUbitiintlal and Iiindsonio.
ucj , n ttlo jjet DantU uncl
1 Orchestral. Uncrjualed for
] touc , lurpan all other * In
I finish and cppcaruuce. If
Inctrett Motlo Oealur Jor.t
t keep lUcin , wrlw to uo
t-VOM ft HEALf , ChlcUKO , III.
V/orniy Velna
uopf H ° ni 8 B NEi
I IlLII llirilel ur/U , . lxu , M nhn 4.
-nui'kic ( ix. t - -
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