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    fi THE OMAHA DAILY BEE : , 1887.
A MlUI l' ' H < l In III" BlfWl fffflfl ft
i'flOtflrilib '
OOflQBHf FfeyHUAttY 24
/III llUrtrtfl tVftlllfUl 1MH * J'tilAHH ' III It
Wt'lf ' * Mr1tl llimn'fl
Hull AffllJ 'Irtl
llMIH lllll'rtl
A I'rtliil I'nll ,
ymlnnl-nr nfixinnhii hnlwpnn 0 ntnl I
liMVi , it pfiltiUirfull , from tlio
tlit'lm'liiHtrijt'hVpnworlli ' '
l'i HIM pwmi'Ml ' below , it distinct !
f-iih t'fl lifiwiMpiokcit tiplntiti
llfii'oii ' f IMIM I'lindlllun , ntnl on twmlnn *
( Inn II w 11 ( iiiiiiil Hull lil < * right linn \VM
In ok * n In Iwu plftt'i'ff ' thn right tlilgli
fiii'i ' < ir < 'I mi , | HIM ill-ad itml fauo li.tdly
Ohi'ln I iiinl liHil'O'L ' 'J'liu ' ' pitlrul wagon
Will * minion' " ! , Mint Hit ) iinfoi'tuiiato
Iliflll win i nnvi'i'i'd to HI , iloiupli's hos-
lillnl. MliHi Hint plnoo was roaohud ho
Illlil litltiinl nxplrcili mnl ui no doctor
Wit * ill HIM Innpllnl nl HIP ( line ,
M'Wl ' Will brotlJMli lo HIM Omaha Medical
cnlli'ltM to hii ( rented by M Biiigeon , but
Hii'ln ' wni no medical Mciillummi piosenl ,
'Churn Wtti no lli > ud ot mm , howovur , Iw
CMIKtl Wllt'll llltl WHUOM AtOppnd LtlWls
Wiln dl'ad ' Mm rcmaluM wore taken lotfio
( toriU'rof ' I llli' ' ( > iith mid Williams ntrcots ,
Whcrn Im redded with hit brothcr-ln-law
find /tutor1 Mr. mid MM. llrooks. 'J'liu
flf'i'lunilt ' ' wrm ( M't'iinloiiL'd by Lowla' ' step-
pllitf upon lliMt'lid ' of mi unsound plank ,
Which win ndai'd by his weight , proclpl-
( itllliU him lo HID'round ( tin described.
lln wiln Iwoniy-Kovcn yeaiH of ago , of
lumvv build mid hud boon in this city hut
\ \ Wuokf * , hiiVhiK coiiio from lllnnrlinid ,
' ' i ( > DIIIIIJ , In Ills rolnllvoi horu are
nl o MliiliKiirflt In poor olrcmnsltiiicos ,
mitl tliti ri'iimliH woru aeuonliiiKlv
liroiiKhl lo lluiiutl ft Huufv'fl nnilurluk-
llU room.N , wlinru an imtiiust wilt bo hold
lit lOo'elook Dili inoniliiu ; . The ron.ulnB
will ho fiittll lo Hlnnuliaril , In. , the hume
of HID lUiuuiisml , for Intoriiiuiit.
'J'lm I'nlll Oiiui ( < rl Hntn of Tlokots ,
r.vnr Hindu thii aniiounuomont way
Iniidn Iliitl I'utll ' would flint ; In Onmlm on
Tliurmlny , thn 'Jllh of this month , Max-
MtVi'f > tiro1 * , have dully boon rccmvint ;
ordurs for coiit from all purtH of No >
bratka and woAtnrn Iowa. Jvvury Im-
porlmil city mid town within n radius of
WW mllox will ho roprcscnled at tnu con-
curt ny largo dolegatlons. I'romont ,
Holiiiylor , ColiimbiiH. Grand Jtilaiid ami
Ki'iirnoy will wml doh'Katloim of twonty-
llvo lo llfty ( inch. Tht-ri ) will bo over ono
liiindrcd nnrxonn from Lincoln , over fifty
from Itoatrlcc , and about the sumt iiiiin-
bur fiom Ilastlnu * , PhiilSinoiitli and
Nobranka Tlty , anil It IB ov.iccted
that Conmill IlliiU'H will bo rep-
rciMintiitl by over two hundred
lliwldni this nearly every .small town in
Nnliritikn and wcstorn lowu will hund
from two to ten representatives. The ox-
portion building , cupablo of aecoin-
niodittlni ; 11,000 iiortonM , will , in nil
probability , ho Illlod on this iroit : musical
oi'onnlon. Owlnp to thu lartro oupneity
of the hall the prleos iuivo been put at
Very rfammablo HKIII-CS , nnd within the
roach of all ,
ArrmiKcinimts have been made for
nn attract ! vu atafiu buttlni' . The
noomir.v tisod In Uoston , Ciiicliinnll
mid Han rranelHeo will be utilued on
thin oootmlon , mill convenient dressing
rooms Will bo provided for Ilio artists.
The milo of seats will begin on Satur
day morning ul It ) o'clock at the exposi
tion hnllilltitf. Kvory seat has boon niim-
liori'd , nnd lllhogniiliel | diagrams of the
nliditorliim huvo been printed. To uvnid
the rush , us far an possible , the main
room of Ilio exposition building will be
open from the hours of 10 a. m. to ! ! p.m.
on Haltirduy for the aceommoilation of
the tloket honkers. Tlio follow is the
programme :
Overture-"I.n On/zn Lmlni" llossinl
Uichestia ,
ItnnmiiM- " ! ) ! I'rovun/ii" ( Ln Travlata )
Ailn "iNohll Slmiot" Les
( iiiiKuuiiuii > i ,
MBJ ei beer
Mnilnino Scalulil.
Iloiimn/a "M'niipnrl ( Maitu ) Klotow
. 8liiiir ( Julllp.
Arln-"AhI tors' o Lul" ( LaTravlatn ) .
. Mnilntna Ailcllim I'nttl.
Jlii > "So in'aiiil aiicor" ( II Tnivntore ) ,
. . Miulainuhciilphland .Slmioi ( JiiIIIo.
Aria ' \Noii \ pin anilrnl" ( Lo No/7o ill
t'lKnto ) . , . . , . Alo/nrt
. . SljtnnrOalassl.
J.clio Hnii ) , ' 1'ekert
Mnilninu Ailellim i'attl.
Alia ' "Ln OuriHali'inini * . " Void I
HlRiior ( iullle.
, tlaVotte "LMmji'iiiU ! " Anlltl
< Act II of Jltmltil'ft'oiiorii ( in costume ) .
"aciiiiraiiiiiJc. "
I. . . , Uirhnstra.
, CaUtlim-fArnoee ) "Kccoinl nlllnu In liubll-
- onln , "
.Moil.iniL' Hr.ilcld.
( AMBcu mill AsMir ) "IVun tenero
' ' ' "
. .MndatimHrnlrfiinniT'HidtYo'r ilalasif.
Arln ( Hciuliuuildo ) "Hcl rnKili > , "
Miiilanit ! Aitelliiu f'ltttl.
Dun iHeiiilniinhlo ami AMIICO ) "Srrbaial
o nor , " . ,
Matlntaos Adcllim I'aitl nnd .Sc.ilehl.
Colldiii'tor . , Hl nor Labl Anlltl
Accompanist , . . . . .bl nor Jtoiaimldo ijnplo
jf MVNriniv "olA wuLij.
All liionno Woiiinn Who \Vnntsto Kill
' llt-r \flnliliii ( .
Thn neighborhood of Slxtn and Dorcas
"Btrcetsls all ti og ovur the supposed
[ "poUonlng o ! n well in that vicinity nl-
JpRt'd l jhavo been committed by n cra/.y
wonimt numi.l AlaigarBt Weir , who lives
I cloo by
Capt Hit M < Curinlok untl Doituty Jlar-
tinil McDonnUl , of the police force went
"down to the place yesterday nnd
IntostljftUi'd the matter. They
found that at about n quarter of
13 o clock yestord iy , the woman referred
to was i'cn to apptoaoh the well and
throw n tun kiigo of sonic powder in , after
. , Which she hastily ran away , The water
I HflorwHrds found to IKWCSS a pcou <
1 Hr blue color , nnd tasted strangely ,
( The neighbors think that tliero
Is do d uht but that the
water wni poisoned The well
'It * * been loardeil up and will not bo
HUM | until t'i ' mutter Is fully investi
gated Or liMi-ii will bo unllud upon to
afinlTyp the wiitcr
'I ' IMS worn in U the ono roferrmt to in
n eilurxln > 4 Ui r a * having brought n car
| t rlii lulu tjoli.-e court , oliiiming it
f > M n tlyinuuitu bomb. She im.i"-
Mea II ) U ( lie nelghbora nro in
j aK-io t.i kdl her , nnd that
Vksy have niro tdv slain her tlnnxhtur ,
who iiiov i | away from Omaha
| . hortly ( tcr lu r n arrt K . The cap-
l.trtln tuul U' puty marshal tried to inter-
h > iaw tlio w .man Ixit HJ she uould only
i Mwttk ( < rmtin ihi'Y could nbtuiif no satU-
Itfaci Hfk.'mlur tsl will probably lo
Uoon Till or UU .Marital
" > lo w I'll'fQU to give * him do dubil.
< ikco U w inn fur hiiH liken tiwlluo "
Jim i tr' ' 'i uUi'rinnH ) foil fro-n the
'M ' * of .s.ii ( .x < n the south Tenth street
tpmpprntur'o lie wnntcil o1evalcdso mnoh
nbovo the iiortnnf point was n brnkomnii
OH thf ) Chicago , SI , I'nnl , Minneapolis
( Jitthlm rontl , 'i'hls Individual , Mr. Ooon
olnltns , line been Irylng lo nllonnto Ilio
niret'flotis nt Mrs , ( loon , his Swede wile.
from llto tiinrtor | In which Ihoy should
properly r6sl ,
Hver silica Snit ( loon was mnrncd to
Ills tiru'e-nl wlfe.onco Miss ICatlo 1'ctorseii.
of CtMincil Hlnll's. ho has experienced
( ohsldernblu tronblo. Ills spouse is fair
nnd comely to look upon , nnd this fact is
recognised by ( Joon's fellow Chlnnmon ,
sonio of whom nro intensely jealous over
the mutter. Ono Lincoln Mongolian
oven wont so far ns to try to involve the
duly In a scandal which would separate
her from her spouse. In this ho was un-
'I Im late l disturbing clement In
( Joon'.s nmnifd life is the brnkcmnn
nbovo referred to. Mrs. Uoon , since her
ninrrhigo , has made several trips to her
homo in Tckamah , n pointon the Chicago
cage , St , I'anl , Minneapolis feUmnha
road , On these trips , she claims , she has
betm approached by the brnkcmnn , who
tried to Induce- her to run away with
liliii. Upon her emphatically declining
tu go with him , thn hrnkcmnn , Mrs.
( loon claims , snntchcd fiom her : i hnnd *
some silk kerchief nnd breastpin , which
were brldnl picsents from her husband.
lie still has them nnd refuses to give
them up.
This tnlo of woo , embellished in choice
pigeon Kuulish , San poured into the
.symimlhl/.ing ears of the repot lor. There
Is gore In his eye , nnd bo declares ho
will make It uncomfortable for the brake-
Heck IMC for thn Number or fjUjuor
Dealers In Nobrnnlcn.
Congressman LaFollcttc , of Wisconsin ,
has written to Collector Callioun to as
certain how many special licenses have
been issued in this state during the years
of 1881 , ' 85 and ' 80. Deputy Collector
Doivd , for several days back lias been cn
gaged upon the work of securing the de-
Hired information. Special taxes arc col
lected from all malt , splritous and vinous
liquor dealers. The fiscal year
ends ftpril 'M , nnd during that time
in 1881 , there were in fcobraskn
1 , 75 ! 1 retail and -17 wholesale Jiciior ] deal-
erst111 wholesale malt and 40 rolail
mult liquor dealers , making n total of
1,870. In 1885 there were 1,51 1 retail and
33 wholesale liquor dealers , 07 retail ami
50 wholesale malt liquor dealers , making
a total of 1.00(1. In 1880 , tliero wore 1.777
retail and ! J7 wholesale liquor dealers , G'J
retail and 00 wholesale dealers in malt
liquors , giving a total of l)3i ! ) ! The do-
ereasnin 1885 is attributed to local option
while lite increase of 1880 is due lo revnl
sioii of popular feeling , in many localities ,
against local option , as nUo to the great
immigration wnichhas taken place in the
state. Some of those dealers are brewers
and druggists , the others arc saloon
keepers. _
The South Omaha Land company have
appointed (1. ( K. Mnync sole agent for the
sale of their lots. He will show the prop-
city and furnish all desired information
upon application.
[ Signed ] W. A. PAXTOX , President.
Tlo Pnrnclls Houreit : < > .
The most successful of the series of so
ciables given tlio present season by the
Partial ! Social club , took place Wednes
day night nt Cunningham's hall , corner of
Thirteenth and Jackson streets. There
wci e 120 couples present , who wliilcd away
the evening in dancing to the music of Pro
fessor Hofmnn'fl orchestra. There were
twenty numbers on the programme , and
those served to keep tlyinc feet in motion
until yesterday morning. Tlio party was
under the management of the following
gentleman : Master ot ceremonies , B.
Maher ; floor committee , J. T. Fitzmorris ,
Louis Connolly. W. II. Franklin and J. J.
Llovd ; door committee , T. J. Conwny , S.
E. Collins , J. M. White and K. Flynn ;
reception committee , J. F. Price , John
Kervnn and James Connolly.
A Hold ISurelnr.
QTho residence of 11. MeKelvey , the well
known base ball player , on Charles street ,
wits burglarized Wednesday night , though
only a pocket knife and some .small
change were taken from one of Mr.
AIcKolvcy's pockets. The burglar turned
up the lamp in the sitting room to a full
bla/o , and this aroused Mr.s. McKolvoy.
In tlie meantime the burglar had taken
all the clothes he could find to the parlor ,
but was there frightened and escaped
through the front door. Next morning
tliero was found on the patch a massive
gold ring of foreign make. The seal was
n cireulnr snake with its rattles in its
mouth enclosing a wreath , which con
tained a star near the meeting of the
sprays. This is probably the property of
some oitUon from whom it was stolen.
HllSlllCHS | 8 HllSlllCHS
and llcal Kstnto is valuable only where
tliero is IIUMNISS. : Purchasers should
bear ttiis in mind and not buy lots far
away from the center of business , just
bccaiibo thny are cheap.
lies In the great industrial and commer
cial mart of South Omaha nnd the im
mense business interests there insure n
rapid advance of values. Eighty acres
adjoining Albright's Choice are reserved
for soiiiii of tlio largest establishments in
the world.
W. G. ALimir.UT , Solo Owner.
218 South 15th St.
Union 1'noltlo Kmployes.
There will bo n meeting of nil Union
Pnclfie employes interested in forming n
Knilwny club , in tlio large olllco of the
general superintendent , on Friday evening -
ing nl 8 o'clock. As it is proposed to
form a joint orgnni/ation with the Li
brary association and i' is hoped
tliero will be a large attendance of mem
bers of those clubs , as well ns of any
others who may wisli to join the pro-
peed organisation.
German , DanUli , Sivfdlsti ,
In fact all languages aru spoken in the
olllco of W , ( , Albright , the real estate
owner and dealer , 'J18 South 15th St. All
classes ud all nationalities purchase of
him , nnd yon cannot do better then se
cure a lot in his valuable addition to
South Omaha , known as
ALimioiir's cnoicr .
W. ( t , Albright has other property , im
proved and unimproved , In all purls of
the city , and oilers tlio best bargains ,
VuloN' Uetlreinont.
Captain ( Justayua Valols , of thn Ninth
cavalry , nnd n veteran in the service , has
jiist been retired , according to an order
of tlio war department received yesterday
at nrniy headquarters. This will pro-
unite Lieutenant Conlin , of the Ninth
cavalry to Urn captaincy of Troop O ,
bonding him from Tort Niobrnra to Fort
Or. Cliuiulicrs * Doulal.
Dr. S. J. Chambers i * rightfully angry
about the statement in the morning
papers that he had sent for the state
votorlnarlan to come to this city nnd in
vestigate H case of supposed glanders.
Ho saj.s ho never niadti any such call and
n * films he knows , there is very little , if
any. glanders in this Nioinlty.
The Home CUolo Parly.
Preparation * have been completed for
the Jlouio Circle Clubs Keuoion at
Abisonlo hull to-morrow evening. One
of thd most important features of the
evening will bo the Cohipliuientary
et Tendered the Associate motn
A largo attcuiKmcQ b
The In.lnreil Watchman UecovorlnR
Who Illtchlo IP.
A rumor wag floating nbotit Ihe streets
yesterday to tlio eflcct thnt George Hall ,
the watchman at Hammond's packing
house , who was slugged Iho other night ,
had died from his injuries ,
A reporter for the HUB investigated the
mattoryesterday nnd found that thr otimor
was false nnd groundless. Hall is at his
home near Shcely's packing house , aliye
and getting better. The chances arc
that ho will recover.
Mike Uitchie , the South Omaha pugil
ist , who was arrested on suspicion of the
crime , is still in the county jail , with his
supposed confederates , 1'red Rico and
Chas Hesse. Hy order of the court no
one is allowed To see hlmo.\copt the jailer
nnd his attendants. Ritchie has
very little to sav about the
matter , except to deny being implicated
In the assault. He remarked tlio day of
his arrest that he , in company with tlio
two other men , had been with Hnl | up to
13 o'clock tlio night of the assault. Be
yond that , ho said , ho knew nothing.
Kitchio bears : i hard name in South
Omaha and has boon implicated in many
njbrawl in that lively village. Ho aspires
lo bo n pugilist. Two years ago he wag
knocked out in two rounds and a half ,
with four ounce gloves , by Jack Uurko.
South Oinnhn.
The future greal Pnckingtown of the
west lies on tlio main line of the Union
Pacific railroad , by which the cattle and
hogs from the farms and ranges of the
west and northwest arrive.
Ai.nitiDiiT's ctioict :
Is the only property through which the
Union Pacltic railroad runs , and is there-
fora the Hcbt Addition in South Omaha.
W. ( i. ALBRIGHT , Solo Owner ,
218 South I C th S
Pointed nnd Pithy Interviews Gath
ered About Town. *
Paston Hotel Clerk ' Business is only
fair. The arrivals arc rather light at
present. "
Captain Rnstin "Everything is lovely
with the cable company. Wo have no
more internal dissensions. As soon as
the frost is out of the ground wo shall go
ahead with the work of laying track. "
Frank Ramgo"When will my building
bocompleted ? I can't tell you , my dear
sir. Ask me something easier. When
will the moon turn into giecn cheese ,
for instance ? "
Manager Smith , Central Telephone Ex
change "I don't know when we shall
get into our now building. Probably not
for months yet. Our new switchboard
accommodating 5,000 subscribers' , is
nearly ready for us in Chicago. At pres
ent we have about ten hundred sub
scribers. "
Coroner Drexcl "I am not surprised
at all these suicides occurring so close
together. Such crime is always epidemic.
That at least is my experience. "
J. C. Akin " 1 believe Omaha uses
more whisky than any city of its size in
the world. "
A Wheelman " ! believe there will bo
at least 135 bicycles on the Omaha roads
this season. "
William McIJngh " 1 was just talking
with a Kansas City man and ho was telling
mo about n fourteen-story building that
is in course of erection in that city. I
understand tliero is only one fourteen-
story structure in existence in this
country , and that is in New York. "
"If they put that building up on some
streets I know of in Kansas City it can be
fourteen stories on 0110 sitto and two on
the other , " replied Alex McGavook.
Business Man "Tlio stale ought to
get water for the Deaf and Dumb insti
tute from the city water works. The
cost would not amount to as much as
putting ui ) towers for the wind to blow
tlown , etc. "
J. L. McCngnc "People in Omaha
don't know what a real estate boom is.
In Wichita , Kan. , from which city I linvo
just returned , some property is selling
lor $2,000 a foot. I am afraid , however ,
that tliero will soon be a collapse in
values there. "
W. G. Albrlght'H South Onmlm Ofllco
will bo opened soon in charge of Mr.
John M. Campbell , who will have horses
and buggies ready at nil times to convey
intending purchasers to the valuable busi
ness and residence property known as
AuiitiniiT's CHOICI : .
This is the onlv ' property through which
tlio U. P. and tt'tc Al. U. K's. and Belle-
vtto avenue run.
A Southern Paper Bnonks of Ilev. A ,
AV. Imnmr.
'fl\Q \ now pastor of Omaha's First Bap
tist church is thus spoken of in the "Ten-
nc'seo Baptist , " of February 12 :
"fnstor A. AV. Lainnr. of the Central
church of this city , tendered Ids resignation
of the jinstoishlp last Wednesday evening ;
and the reasons for such a course wcio so
shout ; and so clumh presented that the
cliuich ntoacoaccepted theieiluuatinn.which
\slll have olk'ct nttur tlit > lirst of API U prox
imo , lliothur Lnnuir , during his Incum
bency in the Central mstornto , hns revealed
himself possessed uf larco ability ns an of-
tlelent , ilovoted , doNout and successful pas
tor. The church Is a largo and iuUunntinl one
ami coiibi'iiueiitly the community dhectly
and nioio icaiotcly coming within
tlio indlus of her Inlluenco is exteusho and
also has a far-icnchlut ; tnllumicc lipon the or lei woo ; and theiefote to
watch over her immediate Interests , ns em
braced w Ithln her own mcmbcishlp. nnd her
mediate Interests , icsultliiK ' " ) m her ioln-
tioushlp with a lai u section of the people of
our city , state and country , icriuiius a
limn ha\e hr.iln and soul loico equal to the
measure of the demands which n o coutlnu-
nlly testing Ids ndiidnlstintlvo ability , lint
Ihothcr Lninnr so Inr as our knowledge
ranees , haa never uncovered In Idiusull a
wvnk point. Ills ministrations from the mil-
lilt liu\o also civcn tlio highest satisfaction.
On the lirst ot Apill liiotliur Lanmr will
enter a pnstouito In Onmlm , Not ) , , which ho
sajp mfords an oi | | > oi ( unity which only comes
to one nmn In a thoiiband In a life time. The
chinch In Onmlm 1ms innde a wlso choice ,
which it Is Imidly nosMUlft she could ever
Imui enuso to rue. The church , betoro calling
Brother l uimr. sent Inctlircn iioio , who saw
and heard him In his own homo , and from
their report to her a unanimous call resulted.
Of coiusu all who know Hrothcr Lnmnr hero
will bo tilled with recret by ice knowledge of
his caily dopnituteirom oiirmiiUt. Now the
queilonlth our Central brothicu will lie ,
\\hoc.inentor Into our pastouto and still
continue tu tulde , wltli us , tlio Loid's woilc
righteously and to prosperity and to the
honor and cloryol Ills name ? "
Democratic H\veops.
United States Internal Revenue Col
lector Callioun has received n revised list
of revenue collectors throughout the
country , of which there are now eighty-
live. Of Ibis number eighty-three have
been appointed since President Cleve
land was inducted , thus leaving but two
republican collectors in olliee , These
are James S. Welt , of Denver , who has
been in otlico eight years , and Morris
Friudsam , of New York , who was ap
pointed a short thno before Mr , Cleve
land was elected.
W. J. McOavock leaves for his homo in
Denver this evening. Ho is engaged in
the construction of tie ( now branch of
the Denver & Rio Grande railroad , west
from Leadvitlc , which IB one of the most
extensive railroad works known to Colo-
A Ornnrt Hccoptlon.
Last evening n grand- reception wns
given nt the Millard by Mrs" . S. T. Smith ,
in honor of Kansas City guests. Invitn-
lions wore issued lo about three hundred
persons. The whole of the second lloor
of the hotel wa.s nt the disposition of tlio
guests , while several rooms on the third
lloor were reserved forgonllomen. There
was a concert programme from 9 to 050 : !
nnd n ball programme thence till morn
Thispowder nevervarics. A marvel of
purity.strcnglh and wholcsomencss More
economic than the ordinary kindn and
cannot be sold in competition wi'h ' the mul
titude of low test , short weight alum or
phosphate powders. Sold only in cans.
Royal Batons Powder Co. , 106 Wall street ,
New York.
Positively Farewell Tour
Mr. HKNUY n. ABDEV ery ro'pcUfulIy nn
nounccs tlio nppciunnco In Omaha , of
One Grant ! Operatic Concert
Which 7lll tnlio place on
slay livci , 124
With the following Distinguished nrtl'ts :
AM )
Sig. LuigiArditi - - Conductor
At this performance the above nrtlitsnnJ MME
PA1T1 ill appear in a
Grand Concert Program
Consisting of famous selections , ami In addit'ni ,
tbobccond Act ot Itosslnl's Opera ( In costume )
ASSUIl . Sig. Franco Xovava
AHSACE . 3Imc Sorta Scalclii
With all the accessories of costumes , nnd n
or niTy snr.ncrno MPSICIANS , under
tlio direction ot
$ l$2$3ani$4Resefl/GdSeats , , $ ( , /
Snlo of scats logins Satuulny , Tcb. 19 , at 10 n.
111 , ut
Max Meyer & Bros'Music ' Store
MAItCPB H. MAYKU , Acting Mnnaifor.
Eiv3H > ' 1 " " 'T""n"vCiviaieUrethra |
H . . .
q VJCgj 0 CRAYONS. SiniUnroorn.wimiiirm.J
' ' ' < ' * 'auj. ' JljtlHl"
? W-yi'-i'tl1 'yj | U Atiolatu tecrccsJ
i u > Civialt Acenc174 - f'1' " " " fct , N. Y.
E. T. ALLEN , M. D.
Eye , Ear , faass & Tlaroaf
Room 0 Williams Building , cor , 10th and
Dodge sts. , Omaha.
Hours 8 to 13 a.m. 3 to 4 and 7 to 8 p. in
Iiirt m in eittttejcclianurtlt rented and
sold on camj payment * , below
Factory Prices.
Instrumcnt-i slit/Mill used at
Max Meyer& Bro
, Neb , . . - :
As the spring season approaches and we are desirous of starting
out with an entire fresh line of Fancy Percale Shirts , we have de
cided to close out all those on hand now at a great sacrifice regard
less of cost , and offer them for one week at about 50c on the dollar.
The quantity to be thus slaughtered is 85 doz , , classed in three
different lots , as follows :
Lot 1. Comprises fine French Percale Shirts , with three collars
and separate cuffs , of beatitiful designs , which have been selling at
$1.25 , $1.50 and $1,75 ; their -price now is 75c each.
Lot 2. Comprises genuine Percale Shirts in a large variety of
styles , which have been selling at 75c _ 85c and $1 ; their price now
is 50c each.
Lots. Comprises Percale Shirts with collars and cuffs , whicl ,
have been selling for 50c. Ihey are very pretty patterns in stripes
and small figures ; their price now is 25c each.
"We still have full variety and all sizes , and at above prices we
have put them within the reach of everybody. This is one of the
greatest opportunities for laying in a good supply of shirts at the
lowest prices ever known.
Cor. Douglas and 14th sts. , Omalia.
, ver .
r > <
Because it is stronger and better made and will do faster and better
DEERE , WELLS & CO , Manufacturers Agents
Having sold most of my stock farm ami
having no further use for the following
stock , ! will sell them at a bargain ,
Siiuus Stallion , U542 , Standard , com
ing six years old ; bay , Iff hands , sired by
Enfield 229 , he by Rysilyk's Hamblelonian
Also t o spans of heavy draft nuiler , 8
years old , weight 2,200 nnd 2,500 pounds
per span , 10 hands. They can be seen a
Spring Valley Stock Farm , one mile from
city limits , neil Invest , Omaha.
1 3th St , Car. Cupllo !
Chronic fit Surgjcal Ulseacen ,
UR. WlofflENAWIY.Propifotoi ; .
bldtrn jrcuri' UoiiJliiil cud rrivalo ) 'rnUc
tlia facililio , epparatut and rcmtjl
for the vucteiiful trcolmctt ot ctery form or ( tin
rnse ronalrlnjt ilther mrdloil or rurglcul treatmrtil ,
Slid Inrlta all lo come and InYrttlgntu for IhcnucltM
or corrfipondlth in I.uni ; es ) > crltuco In trrnt
. . cn c § liy letter cnablea us tit treat inaoy catw
Kit ntillr lfy without f ecinr them
W1HTK i'OH L'inCUI.AU on Deformities nnd
Hracei , Club Feet , Curvatum of the 8 | > inc
IliiEAiu ur WOHPN , I'llo , Tumon , Cancvir
Cntsirh , Uroncbltle , Icbalatlon , Elcclrlcllj , I'
jti } , Epllcpej. KUcfSjt , Eir , Skin , Dlood ntj
til iiirslcal operatloni ,
llnltorloi , luhulcn , Itracci , Trui r > , nn- |
nil kinds of llccilcnl and Surj-lcal Appllaucei , muiv
.ifaeturcd aud for tnl
The only reliable Medical Inst lute miking
Private , Special $ Nervous Diseases
JL fr l'PC'1 \ I TALL \ *
from halcvcr came produced , cucccttfalljr IrtatMl
Wo ciu rumoYa S/puilltlo polaoa from the tjiltr.i
wllUoUt nirrcurj
New rcitnralite tr tmont for Ion of Itnl nowr r
Call ap'J consult ui or rend r > ruu and poit-olnrr
Marfii plainly wrltU'utuclo < tlamp , und u
trill ( end yon , In pbln wrapper , our
uro.s PrfHiTB , Sixoui. iwu Kcnrpi' > Iu * n ,
HcwiNii. WrAKMse. BreiiaiTJrnuiii. Uroizh
tr , HrrniLii , OoN Ki.ncEt , QIZET , V nicociL
bTKicTOn * , A > D iri. MiEtfit or THE OCNIT-
UiiiMir.T Onaixi , or lend hiitory of your c ie foj
nil ppluop | ,
1'crionl unable tj % Wt n may lo treated at Hid
homn , by rorrf Miuudeuce ilt dlcltita an-1 Initru
ia nt nt Uy mall or einrwe HHCUHFLY IJAI K
El ) rrtOU OUShUVATlO.V. no nurVtloJuJicoU
cncteiiti or ictidrr. One pmoual interview ) ir
firrfd If iomtnltut. fifty roouii for tlio a"fooi
modtllon of pilknU Board nnii attendance t.
rcaionable pticii. Addrui 1) I.Itert to
Omaha Medical and Surgical Institute ,
The C. E. Hayne Eeal Estate and Trust Co ,
Property of every description for sale m all parts of the citr. Lands for sale lu
ovcry county in Nebraska.
Of Titles of Donplfis county kept. Alans of the city state or county , or any other
information desired , furnished free ot charge upon application.
r JH
Watches , Diamonds , Fine Jewelry , Silverware
The Jtirirpst slock. Prices the lowest. Impairing : i specialty , All work wn rra
nd. Cornur loiijhis { und 15th strccls , Oinnh'4 ,
Licensed Walulmmknr for the Union Pnollic Railroad compnny.
Hebraska national Bank
Paid up Capitnl . $250,000
Surplub . 40,000
H. W. Yntos , President.
A. K. Toti7.nlin. Vice 1'rcFidcnt.
W. Jl S. lltifthcs , Cashier.
Djiu.cTons ;
\V. V. Moi-fce , John H. Collin ? ,
H. W. Tatcs , Lewis S. Hood.
A. 13. Toii/alin.
Cor ISJth anil Furnain Sts.
A General Ilatikfntc Hubinoss Transactod.
N. W. HARRIS & Co.
nnUIHC Of Conullcn , Cities anil otlieraor
BUftCfd high uraduliouKlit nnd sold Kusli'rrj
cDloe MOovoiiablio tlloatoo. . Correipuad-
ente solicited.
State Agents
Omaha , Neb.
n , MM * H > ni 8 I NEIlVITA iptiuy c r *
TfiCF rDI A I < Vu r > omhl rrr6n
rnht I HIAL r,1 1' ;
j sVSI8- " "
. . .
n-t'J TiAWKKNCK fiTltr.lIT.
Of the Missouti State Museum of Anato
my , St. Louie , Mo ; University College
Hospital London , Gicscn , Germany and
New York. H ruing devoted their atten
Nervous , Chronic ami
More especially those arising from impru
dence , invite all so buffering to coiicspond
without delay. Diseases of infection and
contagion cuicd safely and speedily without
detention from bubincts , and without the 4
use of dangerous drugs. Patients whose
cases li.-ue been neglected , badly treated or
pronounced incurable , should not fail to
write us concerning their symptoms. All
letters receive immediate attention ,
And will be mailed KKJJK lo any address
on receipt of one 2 cent stamp , "Practical
Observations on Nervous Debility and Physical - .
sical Hxhauftlon , " to which is added an
"Eseay on Marriage , " with important chap-
OIIOANS , the whole forming a valuable med
ical treatise \\hich should bu read by all
\oung men. Address
I7-lii Ijti\vroucH SI. , ! > cinor , Col.
Chase's ' Last Receipt Boot
Ijiit and cro\vi > Ui.ufk uf liU llfo. Jiut out.OutU '
U. LUllJULUisuN * LU , U tolt , illgtt. .