Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, February 18, 1887, Page 6, Image 6

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Delivered by enrrlcr In nnj-partof thocltrnt
twcntr efts ptr week.
11. W. TJLTOX , - Manager.
Tir.CI'HONE3 : :
BceiKrP < iOmcr , No. 13.
NIUUT Ki'iioK ' No. S3.
N. Y. Plumbing Co.
Heavy suits cheap to order at Keller's.
Additional Council Blulisnows on page
J.V. . & E. L. Squire's abstracts are
giving good satisfaction.
A move IH on foot for tlin organization
hero of a New England society.
Chris. McAlvtn was .yesterday granted
tlin distinction of being the only drunk
Squire's Park addition in a sure invest
ment. Pacific avenue will be built tip
with store buildings within a year.
Mrs. Isaac Tronp is suffering from n
broken arm. the result ol a fall on an icy
spot near her residence on Sixth street.
The members of Abe Lincoln post G.
A H. tire KiC'Jti'ic ' with good success in
Beefing tickets for their niasqtteiauG ; 0
be given February 22.
Thorn will bo a special nicotine of S.
M. A. A. on Sunday evening , Feb. 20. at
G. A. H. hall , as there is business of im
portance to bo transacted. J. T. Hurley ,
The voters are so interested in real
estate that they are overlooking the ne
cessity of registering. Those who do not
get their names enrolled will bo barred
from expressing their choice as to who
shall bu the ahlerincn.
J. W. & E. L. Squire have commenced
Bull against George Gcrspachor and
others to compel the ( lending of the Gcr-
smichcr properly on Broadway for $0,000 ,
the price claimed to have been agreed to
by contract.
Suit was commenced yesterday against
John Limit , the well known attorney , bv
heirs of the Kate Herbert estate , clai'.ii-
ing that ho obtained thu valuable prop-
icrty for too small a consideration , through
ftho Ignorance of the heirs as to the prices
nnd value of property and its condition.
The jury was yesterday drawn for the
now term of the superior court , which
Aliens to-dav. The chosen ones are : J.
K. Brooks , K. .7. Abbott , L. Swerongor ,
| W. S. Amy , George .airman , Charles
iPrice , Fred. Lcut/lngcr , J. Wagner , and
; F. Al. Williams.
] The lirm of Scliolield & Cavm has dis
solved , Mr. Cavm retiring. The linn lias
been ono of the most prosperous and
popular in the city , and the dissolution is
made with all the friendliness which has
characteri/od the partnership for the
.past . ton years. Mr. Cavin has not an
nounced what h intends to engage in.
but ho is too active a business man to re
main quiet.
II. C. Addis is recovering slowly from
the effects of Ids accident. Ho has been
using Ids brain , while be could not use
his body much , and has invented a wind
mill tower , which promises to bo in general -
oral demand. The tower as devised by
[ him saves both time and monny in con
struction , nnd being cheaper than the
ordinary tower , anu fully as strong , there
seems to bo a fortune in store for him.
C. It. Allen , the map publisher in this
[ city , has just completed the map of
fWfcnita , Kan. , and it now goes into the
hands of the engravers. He is engaged
on several other maps , his work incliid-
ilng all parts of the west. His double
kmap of Council Bluffs and Omaha , show-
"ing both cities , will bo ready before a
; Krcat while. Mr. Allen's maps are cer
tainly very creditable , and the city cannot
jut take pride in having such a publisher
ocatcd in its midst.
"Shorty" and his gang were yesterday
.aving . a hot time over a hor&o trade , a
ionntry lad claiming that he had been
in. The lad insisted that ho was
[ only trying the now horse , and had not
told them ho would trade , while they in
sisted on keeping his steed , and making
the trade whether or no. After a visit to
jolico headquarters the parly strolled off
; o compromise the matter . The ycrdant
With will probably bo satisfied with pay
' , ng fuw dollars for his experience.
Dresses cut and fit , 7M Mynster.
J. G. Tiplon for bargains in No. 1 resi
dence property. No. 527 Broadway.
Pacific house is the nearest hotel to the
majority of real estate ollices in the city.
12.00 per day.
If you want to buy or sell real estate
mil on E. W. Itaymona on Main street
pear Broad way within ono-halt block of
holteul Uslato Business Con tor.
Best grades Iowa soft lump coal , $3 per
: on nt yard ; $3,50 delivered. C. B. Fuel
" 'o , , 08U Broadway. Telephone 1UO.
, Miss Molllo Corcoran dressmaker , No.
[ 714 Mynster street , bet. 7th and 8th Sts.
A. B. Howe & Co. , the great real estate
bustlers , oiler special bargains to-day In
peers' sub. Call and see thorn at their
Blllco over First National bank , before
lots are all sold.
At the Paeitio honso you will save from
0 cents to $1 per any. Try it and bo
ponvinccd. _ _
L. B. Crofts & Co. , are loaning money
bn nil classes of oJiaitoi securities t'.t one-
lull tholr former rates. See them before
pecurlng your loans. _
Special bargains offered to-day in line
residence property ; two elegant brick
aouses. lately built on Frank st. At a
pargaln by A. B. Howe & Co.
Heal cstato is still booming. Call nn
B. Howe &Co , , nnd list your property.
> Vlion you are in the city stop at the
racltio houso. Street cars iiass the door
6t ry llfteon minutes for till the di-uots.
lu 50 centH. _
All orders from real estate brokers for
ob printing will rucoivu uumeiliatc and
larofnl intention at 1'ryor's BEK job
Wo liavo added to our largo stock a
lull line of rumps chain and suction
pumps- and nil water supplies. The
bust goods nnd lowest prltwa. Cole &
bole , 41 Main bt. , Cooper & McCieo's old
Boo Tipton Broadway lots and acreage.
'Jo ' , G'37 Broadway.
Union ol * Section Pni-amnn ,
The articles of incorporation have
fieen tiled for the Brotherhood of Hail'
Section Foremen of North America.
I'ho principal place of hnsinc .s is Council
illis. The olllccrs of the now corpora-
lion tire : 1) . Cromiiton , grand chief toro-
wan ; A. Mitchell , vice ; M. Si-anlon ,
mind secretary and treasurer. A bonov-
( lent and aid association Is ono of the
t'utuios of the new organisation , .
Fur Kitlo ,
A nice stock of groceries ; good busi-
Ices established. Would taHu hnlf in
( oed Omaha or Council lilutls property.
foukuin & Co.
Property , owners talcu notice. If you.
jlon'l want your property sold don't list
with us , fur wo. mi'iiii business.
f UAU'MANWifiru & Co. '
Lots of Lota Changing Hands , and Buyers
and Sellers Plenty.
Ttulco Thorncll Olvcs n Decision
Against the Snlonnn-- Tnlkntlvo
Nephew MnkpB Trouble
For HlR Uncle The
Fairy l < autl.
liots of
The deals in real estate continue to
move along lively with httlo of the "hur
rah boys" excitement , but a srcat
amount of earnestness and busincss-liko
methods. Yesterday the largest deed re
corded was that of Ed. Jcfferis' farm , the
deed being to M. I. Sears , one of the BEI :
family , the consideration being $ .10,000.
The property is in fact taken by a syndi
cate on the basis of $75,000.
As an instance of T. J. Evans' faith In
the boom having only just opened , it Is
stated that Omaha parties offered him
yesterday $1,000 each for n number of
lots in Ferry addition , but ho nromply re-
I used to sell. Ho wisely declares that
tin's no ; ; : : ; : cr let- within a miio of
the posloflico in Omaha.
Smith Hros. yesterday sold to an Illi
nois man ten acres in the Portcrlicld
tract for $10,000.
Odoll Hros. & Co. yesterday sold to L.
R. Mayno lifty feet on Broadway by olllco for $10,000. The
property belonged to Mrs. Dr. Gordon.
A number of lots were sold in Omaha
addition yesterday to persons who intend
building on them as soon as weather
A. B. Howe & Co , , have opened up
ollici's over the First National bank , and
liavo jumped in with a vim to handle real
estate. Bruce Howe is a young man
who lias lived hero for years , is well
known and is reliable. The now linn
will do its full share of the business.
The following were tiled for record
It McKlnzIo to .1 A Frazler , Its 13 and 11 ,
blk IM , Contial $ m
E 0 Smith toV O Swartz , It 2(5 ( , blk 23 ,
Central 5:523. :
Coin II Slowman to Thomas B Wilbur , X
111 blkI - S.r > , ooo.
James O Carlson to 0 A Christcnson , It2 ,
blk S , Williams' sub ot Mill Si > .
Klmnall & Champ to U Spirit , It 1 , blk ! .
It 15 , MnltonS-JTiOO.
W 11 and E O Coloto (5raco llanclu-t , sj Its
1 and 2. bile 10. MIU-S2.000.
W II and EC Cole to Sura McMlckin , n } <
Us t and 3. blk 10. Mill S'J.OOO.
T L Smith to T W Archer , e sojf : ,
17 , 74 , , LcwIs-STA.
, J 1' it J N Ciisady to J A Churchill , It 5 , C ,
and # , blk 21 , Kiddle's 54,000.
K U Ally to W S Cooper , Its in Hughes &
N 1' Dodge et al to W S Cooper , It1 blk 2 ,
( } 1) Kico to A B Walker , Its 1 to 15 , blk 27 ,
Bavliss it 1' . . quit claim S200.
13 Mill to G V Wright , lot 1 , wjfsptf netf
27. 75 , 44 , quit clnlin-SSO.
Henry Colleen to C5eorgo Mctcalf , It 7 , blk
4 , Kldtilo's-irOOO.
J 1' Caiady et al to S T French , Its 11 nnd
12 , oik 33. Heer'.s-SbOO.
H A Barnard to A B Walker. Us 10 to 22 ,
blk 84 , Brown's STUO.
Georco Scotielrt to Ira Scoticld , It 4 , 'oik 1 ,
Eubank's 2d-S2KX ( ) .
iia Scolield to J M Hosnier , 114 , bile 1 ,
Kuban U's2a-if2)000.
S W Win-clock to James Klrley. It 1 blk 70 ,
l dtllo's-S400.
Thcodoro P Apple to O DKIce , Its 1 to 15 ,
blk 27 , Uiivllss' 3d-SI,000.
.Moore & Klpllngcr to J 11 Ilosmrr , It 11 ,
blk 8 , It 7 , blk if. Coonur M & J SSfX ) .
llenunu Fleer to W E liulnn , s5- , no'32 ,
74 , 4' ' , Keg Creek-SI.lttO.
Mary K i idler to lly D Works. Vf Its 10 In
C8 , U hi 30 , 3 in 20 and 10 In 3:1 : , Kiddie , qc-
s ? 150 *
Martha G Nixon to J N U Wyllo. Us 0 and
10 , blk C9 , Hiddlcs-S400.
Charlus Urewstcr to W S Mavne. Us 4 and
21. and sy of It : i , and part ot as , block 2 and
lot 2 , block : ! . Glendule-S.y > 00.
Thomns Peterson to N .1 Christcnson , wVtf
SOU 5 70-12 S400.
M McCabe to J L Smith , Us 2 nnd 3 , blk34 ,
J J SJiea to E C Drake , It 10 , blk 20 , Bryant
it C. S'iOO.
Moore it Klpllnpnr to C O Smith , It (5 ( , blk
8. MuMahon , Cit J.-S42.- .
W Siudentopf to W S Mayne. part 20 and
BO , 70. 44 , ( | c-SaOO.
.1 I ) Ddmundson to W Slcdentopf , 20 acres ,
2S-75-44 , ( j c-s ; r > .
It Howard to L Simons , y Us 4 , 5 and 0 ,
and \4 \ Its 'J to 10 , blk S , Central , q 0 5503.
U Self to M K Uolner , It 18 , blk 5 , Ferry
\V W Fnrnnm to K W Morse , Its 1 and 2 ,
blk 21 , KUIdlo's-Sl.500.
11 E and J K Oav to L L Dudley , It 7 , blk
SO , Bayllss & l'-8'WO. '
James K Klco tu I Al Mossier , n > 4 It 14. blk
9 , J ckson-81,2CO.
J U Klco toV A Wood , sK U 14. blk 9 ,
Jnckson-SlU.r 0.
T French to F 1) Smith , It 5 , blk 11 ,
Thomas Bowman to K M Uatilt , ItI , lilk 31 ,
A W Wyman to J 11 Bostluman , nw1/
f , 23 , 74 , 42-S1. 100.
A Churchill to C KTvlerand II .1 Kvaus ,
It 0 and lots 7 nnd 8 , blk 21 , Itlddlo
.ii'iiilo JI Hall to F C Stinvart , swjj s\v'/ '
nn 1 wj < f sej . fl , 74 , : w-Sl.N)0. )
N W Munsrer to Kcbecca Balrd , U 11 , blk 4 ,
Bayllsslst S100.
A B Walki-rto W M McCrnry , Us & and 0 ,
blk 0. Streisls-8250.
A It Walker to N Laibon , p.ut It IS , blk 20 ,
Charles Wultf to A W Ilanscn , nM no' ,
5 , 70 , 41-S2.000.
Dr. llanehott , olllco No , 13 Pearl street ;
residence , 120 Fourth street ; telephone
No. 10.
To Cnnt rue-tort ) and .
Proposals will bo received by the under
signed until the 23d of next month for the
building of the now Catholio church.
Plans and specifications may bo sonn at
the pastoral residence. The right is re
served to reject any or nil proposals. *
B. P. McMKNOMY , Pastor.
Mutually Protected.
The reports submitted at the annual
meeting of the Pottawattamio County
Farmers' Mutual lire insurance company
show the number of policies written
during the year , 110 ; amount written ,
$217,601 ; amount of risks in force , $1,012-
031 ; amount paid for losses by lire ,
firil.57 ; losses by lightning , $201.00.
The following are the officers elected
for the ensuing year : President , R.
Campbell ; vioo probidnul , A , W. Wyman ;
secretary , K. H. Ohlcndorf ; treasurer , M.
K. Meyers ; dircotoi-rf , one year , Frank
Runsuner , Li. F. Dryden ; two years , J.
P. Hess. K. W. Millinicn ; three years , U.
Fox , John Hartjo.
" 'Xls True , "I'lH Pity , unil 1'lty TIs 'TIs
Trim , "
Parents lot their children die with diph
theria and uutrid sore throat in scarlet
fmo. % when ton years' trial has proven
beyond a doubt that Jolleris' diphtheria
prevention and cure will save every case
without the aid of a physician. For bale
only at No. S3 South Eighth street , Coun
cil Uluffs , Iowa , or sent by oxprebs on re
ceipt of price , ? a.OO.
Dr. JvllcrU has not removed to Omaha.
There is a nephew in Omaha who will
probably bo wit off by his irate uncle
without a shilling. This ue'phew works
in a hotel olllco in Omaha , while the
uncle is a resident of this city. Olio day
recently the nephew was talking father
glibly with ono of ( ho gitcfti of the hotel ,
n .Nebraska man , telling him how Ins
undo had prospered during the opening
of the Council BluHs boom. " \ \ hy , folks
were so crasy that they just jumped at
all sorts of offers. My undo had bought
a lot for $00. It looked all right on the
map , but the fact was that half of the lot ,
and 1 guess more than that , laH in the
creek worth nothlnjr. Why , them wasn't
only throe or four feet of the lot that was
worth anything at all. Do you know my
undo cot hold of a crazy sucker and
showed him the lot on the map and sold
it to him for $800 spot cash. I tell you
that undo of mine is a daisy. Ho got his
work in in great shape , lou can't do
that now , for folks ain't In such a hurry
but what they look nnd sco what they are
buying , but the boom came so sudden
that on the start you could buy and soil
anything that looked llko a lot. " The
stranger asked the voluble young man
what his uncle's name was , and on learn
ing , it suddenly dawned upon him that ho
was the victim. Ho had purchased a lot
of this very man , and the next dummy
brought him over to the Bluffs to look up
the matter. The last seen of him ho was
in an attorney's olllco preparing to com
mence suit to force the cunning uncle to
Klcctric door bolls , burglar alarms and
every form of domestic electrical appli
ances at the Now York Plumbing Co.
Substantial abstracts of titles and real
estate loans. J. W. ite E. L. Squire. No.
: ; . : "r- ' " " < " * council Biutra.
A Suloiilcntul Hurulnry Stir Dp the
MAi.vr.itx , la. , Fed. 17. Our town
was considerably wrought up this morn
ing by the announcement that J. D. Pad
dock & Co.'s store had been burglarized
last night and probably f 100 w orth of
merchandise stolen. The thieves effected
an entrance by prying open the front
door with a chisel procured from Hush-
nell Bros. ' shop. Once inside they took
the lid from a box of candles , and taking
one , lighted it and proceeded to "make
themselves at homo. " Clothing , shoes ,
hose , four valises , and probably many
small articles were taken and one store
room left in a much disarranged condition.
Upon the lloor of the dressing room in
connection with the clothing department
was found about sffiUO worth of clothing ,
scattered about promiscuously as though
the suits had been tried on. The theft
was not discovered until after daylight.
No cluo.
The community was further greatly ex
cited over the suicide of a stranger at the
"Q" depot. The ronnrt of a pistol at
tracted the "Q" operator and express-
man to the west end of the depot build
ing , where a man , apparently about forty-
years of age , was found lying upon the
platform in the agonies of death. Al
though attempting to do s-o the unfort
unate man unable to speuk after the
parties mentioned reached his side , and
lie died about lifteen minutes after. He
had been up town in the barroom of the
Wilkinson house and at Kcmplo's res
taurant , where he ate and paid for his
breakfast , and at Fatilks Bros' , store ,
where ho purchased a revolver. When
the weapon was handed him for examina
tion lie was very particular to enquire if
it wcro n good shooter , and jf it would
throw a ball through a two-inch board.
Being satisfied on this point ho
wait ! the price asked and hav
ing all the chambers loaded walked to
depot , live blocks , and dolibcratejy plac
ing the muzzle to his left breast , tired the
fatal ball , that went crashing through erin
in the immediate vicinity of the heart.
The coroner was at once summoned
from Glenwood , arrivimr on No. 4 at
11:18 : , and at once held the inquest.
From a letter found on the body the
man's name was ascertained to bo Trion ,
and hisiiomoPeoria ; , Ills. , where a wife and
children reside. He was returning from
Nebraska where , papers in his pocket
showed he had liled on a homestead.
The letter written to a brother some
where in Nebraska , stated that he could
not live long , nnd lamented the sorrow
that was about to come upon his child
ren. Something over $7 in money was
found in his pocket. A telegram has
boon sent to Peoria to ascertain what dis
position bluill bo made with the body.
marvelous $
The "Naiad Queen , " was again pre
sented at the opera house last evening ,
and strange to say there was no apparent
lessening of the numbers or the enthu
siasm of the audience. The wonderful
scenic effect sand the sweet music , with the
presence of the best soloists m the city ,
makes the entertainment one of which
the public seems not to tiro. The success
is without a parallel in the history of
homo entertainments. It will continue
to delight audiences to-night , to-morrow
afternoon and closes Saturday evening.
The participants , especially the younger
ones , will doubtlo.-s be glad to have the
week draw to a HOMas it is a great
strain on them , night after night.
Send orders for lyne-writcr ribbons of
all colors , new and re-inked , to C. II.
Sholes , Council Ulnll's.
EnpeerSurveyorMap , , Publisher
No. 11 North Main St.
City nnd county maps of cltlos nnJ counties In
western Iowa , Ncbniiku iiiul ICiiimis.
Geo. S. Miller & F. II. Toboy ,
Ollico over 1st National Bank , cor. Main
and Broadway.
If you wunt oatlmiitos or plans for lirklgo
M-oru , founilatlon , sewers , irrnalnc or survoy-
lnfiuul ( plHttlnir , cull upon thorn. Allwoik
] iroinptuttoiitlon.
D , H. McnANEI.D & CO. ,
( Kutntillihod lift ]
No.JJ ( Main Slrcot , i ; t Council lllulTi. MI : : IIA\T.S ,
The Finest Im
ported 1-tiiQ of
Goods West of
. , „ - _ - . Chicago.
Mrs , C. Ill Gillette's
Human Hair Emporium , QUO Main street ,
Council Bluffa.
( , found
? ol/nnnt'or Bnlft , To Kent , Vinnli" , rumntlnir ,
etc. . will ticlnnortPi ! In thin column nt the low
rMoofTKNCKN'ISl'kltUNU , foHtlioflrKt ! " * < "
lonnrui rivoConUI'orlJnoforcnOh 8iit > ofii | ai
Insortloti. t/oiivo mlvorll oincnM , nt our ofllcn
No. lii I'carl street , nonr llroMwnjr. Council
\VANTKU-A Rood girl nt No.Sil Vine street.
WANTKO A five-room lioiiso.'convonlcntly '
nrrntiKod for smnll faintly , hrtir nn possl-
lilo to I'nclllo hoiieo Aildrcsi oy Iglter , C.J. ,
Dee oHIoo ,
WANTED Three Indies to cony X H. Smith's
work on book-hooping. AilJrcts Alonro
Hull tier , lleo olllcc , Council lllufTs. _
poll HKNT-I.nrRO front " roimi. No. 7U
1 M ) lister. Furnished or unfurnished.
\0\l \ KXCIIANOK-Wll.l . Innd In Wnyno Co. ,
Noli. , for property neiir Council HlnliB , Ira-
proved or not. Address K 37 , Hoc olllco. Omnhn.
f)5tt 17 *
_ _
I7OH SAIjIJ S3 ncrcs chotco Innd , ono mlle
1 south oust or IT , 1 > tnuiMer depot niul
ono nnd one-half miles soutli\ t of the ROV-
eminent Imtldltur. Itaro cluinco for n gynill-
onto. Apply to II. Shoemaker , 'M , Hurt-loon et.
WANTED A eooit itlrl for Konornl bouso-
work. Inquire IQ'.i 1'oiirtli utiuct. _
TTIOUSALE At n bHrwun , ncros with flno
JL1 improvements , sOx tnllos cn t of Council
HluITs. 1'rlcolow andull the tlmo needeil. Inquire -
quire ot T. W. Vnn Pclevur. Council HluUs.
TTlOUSAIiK If tnken thlieck A tt\o room
JJ lionon on Fifth avenue , , near dummy
dopon"7llofroor { , BiflCTrnin anti
frrndo. 1'rlco { 1,4.10. IJuiy terms. Address
Lot , lieu onicc , Council IIltilTs.
fiO acres of bnautifnl land on Broadway
inside the city limits , at ! ? 500 per acre.
22 acres 10 rods from Broadway , just
outside the city , ? a,5:0. :
Improved farm 5 miles north of the
city , $10 per acre.
100 feet at junction of JJain and 1'earl
streets , very low. ; '
Lot flO.\ll on South Main street at
i12r per foot. i
Lar c list of acre property ton Frank
lin Avenue. " '
Improved farm of SO acrjjs. jbininp : the
city limits , near ( ircendalo at $200 per
acre. < -
Improved farm of 177 acres , 2J miles
cast of the city for $ .r > 0 per acre.
80 acres J5 miles out at $00. ' 1
7 22-100 acres with f l,50ddwelling ] , cor
ner of Franklin and Lincoln Avc. , for
$ 1,500. This is a bonan/a.
Large Li&t of Cheap Lots.
Residence and Business Prop
Acre Property and Farms.
At Very Low Prices
W. G. STACY & Co. ,
Real Estate Brokers ,
JVb { ) , Main st , , Council lilujf'n.
1514 Douglas St. , Omaha ,
Ladies buying a $5 bat or bonnet , one fare
will be paid ; $10 , lounil trip.
The only hotel in Council Uliiilb having
re Esoa/pe
And all mo 'cm improvements.
815 , 217 and 210 Main st.
MAX M01IN , Prop.
, Star Safe Stab/es and Mule Yards
y , Council IllulfB , Opp Dummy Depot
: | I
> f = L
I pa
i I , * Ll III" 11 _ I , , tn
Hor.sea and mules kept constantly on
hand , for sale at retail or in ear loads.
Orders promptly lilled by cqntract on
short notice. Stook sold on commission.
SUM'rat & Bouy ; , Proprietors.
Telephone No , 114.
Formerly of Keil Sale Stables , corner
1st , ave. and -1th street.
I Nk &vc * I \
13 < 7
. L , BIGGS ,
Justice of the Peace
No out Broadway , Council Jlliitts.
Collections hjiei-ialty Ho fora to eve
n. RICE , m. D. ,
Or othorTumors removed witlioilt
" " ' " IthuWiilfoordrnwIuiforblooi. .
Orur tbuiy jcars practical til'e
No. II 1'cnrISt. . Council lllutli
Spring Goods
Arc Arriving Daily ,
And arc now Ready for In"
Out line of Me Goods is Un
surpassed and at Prices with
in the Reach of all ,
Our line of Embroideries
and Laces is larger
than ever before and
at exceedingly LOW
Our line of Muslin Un
derwear , for Ladies
and Children , can now
be had at
i *
We still have a few of
our 25c and 50c line
of Muslin Underwear ,
Aprons , etc. , left. These
are the best goods
for the money ever
before shown in this
part of the country.
We are daily opening
new goods in all our
departats , and we
will guarantee a sav
ing of fully 20 per
cent on all purchases.
Please call and be con
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Real Estate cer
No. 39 Pearl street.
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Call on Him ,
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First National Bank Building , Council Bluffs , Iowa
City and acre property for wile in and around Council Bhuffa.
Improved and unimproved lands for sale. Lands exchanged
for stocks of merchandise.
Office over 1st National Bank , cor. Main Street aiu : Brcidpy
Farming Lands in Iowa , Minnesota , Kansas , and ranging . from f > .00 to
JIO.00 per acre. School and staid lands In Minnesota on 80 your.V tiniu 0 pur
cent interest. * ' Land Buyers fartfree. . Information , etc , given by
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No , 555 Broadway , Council Binds , Iowa , agent for Freidrlkicn A : Co. , C icago.
Vacitnt Lots , Linnln , C'Jlenltlcncr / / / niul lftii'inn , ticrn jtrnjici ; / ( a
western jmrt of city. All neUliii/clieitit lo > n < tlc room for sinlnfloclt. .
Real Estate and Insurance Agent.
lioom fi , over Ofllcer .0 I'nm-u'n Imitl , ' , ( Jouiifll
Omaha. Council B.'uffs.
Sears' ' Real Estate Agency ,
Tnxos paid , loans made , route rolli'rtinl. iiiM-Hdnciits ma .le for
Horses and Mules
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Council Blulli.
Justice of the Peace
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Council J In/ } ' * ,
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Justice of the Peace ,
115 IJrondMUi , < oiim'H niuUV
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