Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, February 14, 1887, Page 6, Image 6

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Dellrcrcd by cnrricr In nny pnrt of the city lit
twenty cents per week.
H. W. TJLTON. - Manager.
, . . liusiNTFs Ornce , No. 43.
N. Y. Plumbing Co.
Heavy suits cheap to order at Roller's.
Additional Council Dlulisncws on page
J. W. & E. L. Squire's abstracts are
giving good satisfaction.
The lire and police alarms will no
, doubt be completed by Thursday next.
I1) ) A light occurred last evening on Main
street. The police arrested four persons.
David Wilding , of Crescent City , now
carries a fractured right forearm , caused
by a fall.
Mike Nolan has got the fever and has
stuck up a sign with "real estate ex
change'1 on it.
Tlio funeral of Mrs. Thomas Pilling
took place yesterday afternoon in the
Garner cemetery.
Three Saturday night drunks are In
the citv jail , who were arrested early
yesterday morning.
Henry Brown , of Siou\ City , and
Mulliu Lcbowliih , of this eity. were yes
terday married by Justice beiiuiv .
Squire's Park addition is a sure invest
ment. Paeilic avenue will bo built up
with store buildingriwilhin a year.
Abe Lincoln post. G. A. II. , was in
spected Saturday night by Colonel Limit.
It has nearly one hundred members.
Why docs Paul's addition lots sell so
quiokv Because they are the best in the
market. Day controls Paul's addition.
The fairy opera of the Nniad Queen
opens Tuesday evening. A large num
ber of young folks of tnis city will par-
Mr. Frank Wcstcott , ono of the best
tenors in the city , sang a very pleasing
eolo at the Congregational church yester
day morning.
Twenly-two and a half feet on Pearl _
street where the feed store is , belonging
to John Churchill , has been sold to F. X.
Kiss , for $ -1,100.
Charles Worthington and Ida Wil-
niarth , of Omaha , were united in mar
riage in tins city Saturday evening by
Justice. Scluir/ .
The Crawford County Fair association
has disbanded and the grounds and im
provements at Dunison will bo soon sold
to meet an indebtedness of > 7 0.
A largo party is to bo given on
Wednesday evening in honor of her
debut in society of a young lady at the
homo of her parents on Eighth street.
Yesterday morning Rev. G. W. Crofts
preached an able sermon ; at tlio Congre
gational church , to which ho made a
Btrong argument as to the divinity of
The adjutant general of the state , in
figuring up the possible military force of
the state , places the number in this
county , subject to military ( July , at1,1(81 ( ,
there being only six counties having a
larger number.
Smith Brothers , the real estate men ,
arc to put on the streets to-day a number
of conveyances , to run in connection
with their ollieo , so that those desiring to
look at property , wliich they hayo for
ealc , can bo accommodated.
Hereafter when there is a performance
lit the opera house there will bo three
cars detained in front of the opera house
until the performance is over , one of
which will go to the east terminus , ono to
the transfer and one to the Rock
Island depot.
John Cornish , the banker of Hamburg ,
and his non-in-law , J. M. Metcalf , of the
Lininger & Metcalf company of Omaha ,
have purchased the Taylor & Calef gro
cery store building for $0,000. Mr. Cor
nish also sold his property opposite the
Coy house on Broadway for $10,000 , , when
the boom first struck the city ,
There seems to bo an erroneous idea
afloat in regard to the coming election
being OIK ; at which a new park commis
sioner will bo selected. Mr. OHieer's
term expires next year , and the vacancy
will then have to be filled , and not until
then , Mr. OJlicer's term being the lirst to
Several now firms have leased desk
room In the building No. fiOS Broadway
with S. A W. A. Saunders , and will
shortly open real estate ollicrs. Among
them am Burke & Mitchell , which is com
posed of Finley , Burke and J. C.Mitchell ;
Wilkinson & Co. , of Or.ingo Citjj Robert
I ) . Long , of Harlan , who already has his
ollieo open , and several others.
J. L. Paxton on Saturday evening gave
a sleighing party. The company in
cluded Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Gault , Mr.
and Mrs. Bushncll , Mr. and Mrs. Jack-
eon , Misses Rockwell , Holcomband Rico ,
Messrs. Rico and Miller. After the
sleighing Mrs. A. T. Rico entertained the
company at her home with a lunch.
Pacific house is the nearest hotel to tiio
majority of real estate olllccs in the city.
12.00 per day.
it Best grades Iowa soft lump coal , ? 3 per
Bk Ion at yard ; * 3.50 delivered. C. B. Fuel
Co. , GIW Broadway. Telephone 180.
JofTeriB' roplat of Lots 1 and 3 of Al
bright's choice , r8 milo south of Ham
mond's packing house , South Omaha , on
main line of Union Pacllio railroad.
Nearest trackage lots in town for sale ;
nlbo beautiful residence lots. Terms
easy. For sale at the ollieo of Thos. C ,
Jclferis , at I lowland's lumber ollice ,
near dummy depot , SouWi Omuhu.
Wo have forty or lifty head of fine
mules , fur all purposes , for sale at our
"Star Stables. " SCIILUTCK * te BOI.UV.
At tlio Pacific house you will save from
60 cents to $1 per day. Try it and bo
L , B. Crafts & Co , , are loaning money
on all classes of chattel securities at one-
half their former rates , See them before
securing your loans.
When you are in the eity stop nt the
racllio houso. Street cars pass tlio door
every fifteen minutes for all the depots ,
Ideals 00 cents ,
Alrirdors from real estate brokers for
, , , , Job punting will receive immediate and
tr caref.l attention nt Pryor'a BEE job
n oflico
Klcctrlo door bells , burglar alarms and
very form of domestic electrical appli
ances at the Now York Plumbing Co ,
Substantial abstracts of titles and real
estate loans. J. W , & K. L , Sijuiru. No.
101 Pearl bireot , Council Bluffd.
TlB True , "i'la IMty , ami 1'iiy'JTIs "TU
Trim. "
Parents let their children die with diph
theria and putrid sore throat in scarlet
( over , when ten years' ' trial has proven
beyqnd n doubt that Jcllcris1 diphtheria
prnvcntiort and cure will s.ivo every case
without the aid of a phvsician. For salo.
> niv at No. 28 South Kighth btrect , Coun-
ill "Hulls , Iowa , or sent bv express on re-
icipt of price , $8.00.
Jr. Jclleris has not removed to Omaha.
Some Interesting Facts Ooncornbg the Edu
cation of the Deaf Mutes.
A net on the TJJIW Kor Selling Clears
Snclnl Notes 1'crnnnnl Men
tions nnd Urlcf
News Hits.
Teaching tlio Dumb to Talk.
There are many features in the cduca-
tory work In the institution for the deaf
and dumb here , which seem common
place to those connected with the school
who have an every day familiarity with
them , but they arc surprising , almost
startling to others. The visitor to the in-
btitutiou is , for instance , surprised to
notice a teacher tap with his foot on the
lloor to command the attention of the
class. The pupils respond to this signal
as promptly as those who can hear the
foot-tap , It Is UlDicult to realize that
thov do not hear it , so quickly do they
look up on the signal being given. Their
nerves are developed wonderfully to
atone for tlio loss ot hearing and they
readily catch the slight concussion , or
vibration of the lloor. A person of ordl-
narv sense unfamiliar with the silent
world of the inuto would never think of
calling deaf puniN to dinner by beating
a drum , anil vet in the same way they
cateli this signal and eonio trooping to
the dining hall.
But one of the most interesting and
eVini startling features of tlio education
of these pupils is that of teaching thorn
to talk not witli the lingers but to talk
as those who can linar.
1'rof. MeDermid has accomplished
some wondortul results in his time. It
requires an endless amount of patience
and drill , but that such results could even
thus be readied seems miraculous.
An article appeared in a recent issue of
tlio New York World , concerning this
branch of deaf mute education , f-o'mo of
the facts in which are of special interest.
A description is given of the only private
school of this kind in New York city.
Miss Sadie \V. Keelor is the teacher. For
eleven years she has worked among deaf
mutes and given to voiceless tongues the
music of speech. She has made a .special
stuily of methods , botli in Kuropo as
well as this country , and adopted what
she deems the best. Her success is said
to border on the miraculous. The reporter -
porter who visited her school thus de
scribes her methods :
Two boys about seven , another of ten ,
pretty girl of sixteen anil two smaller
girls about eleven years old were sitting
quietly around a little table. There was
a. blackboard and a first reader in the
room. Miss Kceler was teaching the
smallest boy to say "Ah ! " She put one
of his hands on her chest so that he could
feel the vibrating of the vocal chords and
held the other close to her mouth , so that
he could feel the expulsion of her breath.
Then she said "Ah ! " and ho tried to say
it after her. Then her lips formed tlio
word "papa , " and the little fellow , by
closely watching , essayed to imitate her ,
but the only result was something that
sounded like "mum-mum. " The teacher
hold the lad's hand to her lips so that ho
could feel her breatli as she expelled it in
making the "p" in "papa. " The "in"
sound did not bring uny breath on his
hand ; so lit tried again , nnd , holding his
hand to his own mouth , changed "mum-
mum" into a gutteral sort of "papa. "
The little pupil had hard work getting
the loiter "e. " The only way ho could
foci this sound was by placing * his hands
one on each side of the jaw of the teachor.
The sound of "m" and "n" ho got by
placing the lingers of ono hand on the
teacher's nose and the lingers of his other
hand in precisely the same way on his
own noso. Then ho copied the movement
of her lips and tongue exactly , and an
other letter was won. The vowels are
taught first , then letters are put together ,
and tlio lad at last learns to say "boy. "
Then ho writes it on a slate , and is told
that the three letters mean himself or any
other boy.
One pretty little maiden named Minnie
sits jiiBt across the round table. She be
gan learning early , and speaks very
nicely. Of course , that voice , which she
herself has never heard , lacks the modu
lation that wo unconsciously learn to
look for. "J love you , " from those pretty
lips has the same measure of affection
expressed and the same placid intonation
that " 1 halo you" has. She is a good ex
ample of the double system of teaching
that goes on in this queer school room.
She lias learned lip-reading. Speak
slowly to her and she can tell from the
changes in your lips and tongue what
you bay. Make the mere molion with
your mouth , as if whispering soflly , but
do not make the least sound , and she can
tell what your words would bo.
Of cours9 in this combination of
object-teaching and lip-reading there
needs must bo strange mistakes.
Take the case of the teacher , who ,
speaking in i&hool to deaf mutes , tried
to explain whnt a deacon was. Ho took
his hat and passed it round as though
taking up a collection in church that
was a deacon. Now , did they under
stand ? Of course. Little Georgia held
up his hand and was given n chance to
air his knowledge and toll what a deacon
really was. "Ho is the monkey that coes
around with the organ-grinder to collect
pennies. " So when ho wrote on the board
the definition of consequence "that
which follows , " another bright lad sa'ul
u dog was a consequence , because Lo fol
lowed the man.
Just about a century ago the plodding ,
painstaking Germans began to try to
teach deaf mutes to talk. They learned
it from Spain , and have been improving
over since. Now nearly all the big cities
of the civilized world have deaf mute
schools , A child should begin at live or
six years to learn , and in ton years ought
to bo abln to talk fairly well. Most
teachers limit their classes to seven , as it
is dilllcult to give the desired attention to
each member of a larger class. The
pupils are glad to learn , and arc singu
larly persistent in trying. But , after all ,
there is something pathotio in their strug
gles to talk a language Unit has no moan
ing for their ears.
Dr. Hanchett , ollieo No. 12 Pearl street ;
residence , 120 Fourth struct ; telephone
No. 10.
Bond orders for typo-writor ribbnos of
all colors , now and rcinkcd , to C. H.
Sholes , Council HI u II3.
To Contractors and Builders. !
Proposals will bo received by the under-
slgmnl until thu ii3u of next month for the
building of the new Cntiiolio church.
Plans and specifications may bo soon at
the pastoral residence. The right is re
served to reject any or all proposals.
B. P. McMKXOMv , Pastor.
Justice of the Peace ,
lift If roadway , C'oiuifll liluffr.
Refers to any bank or business house in
the city.
Collections a specialty.
B , . RICE , M. D.t
Cancers ftSK ?
Oror thirty years prHcticaloxperlouca.
No.ll 1'sarlSt. . Council 111 u Hi
liT CoUilUtutiou fro * .
Special ndrortlsorftents , such as Lost , round
7 o I/inn , For Bnto , To Bent , Vinnts , Itoarillnir ,
etc. , ill I'oineertod In this column nt the loir
ratoofTKN CENTS PKll MNE fonho first Inser-
lonnml FlvoC'entfl Perl. Inoforcnch subsequent
Insertion. Iouvo advertisements nt our ofTloo
No. 12 I'eal street , Uroiuliraj- , Council
FOIl SAtr.-nttern lots In Doer's cub-
division locnled one to tlirco blocks from
Itrondw.Ty find a foiv minutes'milk of jiostof-
nco. Call on H 1 * . Wnncn , City Water Works
TTHJUND-On Ilnrney street , Omnlm , n pocket-
-L1 book containing n pnwn ticket Issued by
M Abrnlifims fern slhor wntch nnd pold rlnp
nml lircust pin. Owner cnn htivo sumo by pnj-
Ins clmrtrcs nt lloo ollieo.
FOItSALi ; J > 2ncros cliolco Innd , ono mlle
south cast of V , V. Unnstor depot nnd
ono nml ono-Imlf mllei southwest of tlio BOV-
crnmont hulMltifr. Hnro clmnco for n Rj-ndl-
cnto. Apply to II. Sliocmakur , 'JJJ , Harrison st.
WANTKD A ( food jjr | | for general liouso-
wotk. Iiniilro | IOU 1'onrlli Blrout.
FOH SAIjlI A well Improved farm.250 acres.
Includlnir 'M acres of timber , "Hunted In
Ken Crcelt town hii | , 1'ottawuttiimlo county :
150 iicrca In section ill , bulanco lylnir Just west
thereof. Inquire on premises of Tlieoduro
TTlOKSAt.E At nbnrffttln , 2iVl nciolwllli nno
J- Improvements , lmlkn on t of Council
lllulTo. 1't ten low nml all the tluio nrudrd. In
quire of T. W. Vnn Sclovcr. Council llluira.
FOH SALE If InVon this week A ( ho room
house on Filth avcnuo , near dummy
depot. The street , tldewnlk and lot tilled to
Kradt > . 1'rlco Jl,450. Dusy terms. Address
Lot , lice olllce , Council lllulTs.
* i Paints
u ? * *
W The Finest Im
ported T.lno of
OootlB West of
Mrs. C. Zi. Gillette's
Human Hair Emporium
No , 290 MainStreet.Councfl Bluffs. Iowa.
EngineerSurveyor , , Map Publisher
No. 11 North Mnin St.
City nnd county maps of cltloi nnd counties In
western lonu , Nebraska anil Kunsua.
Geo. S. Miller & F. H. Toboy ,
Oflicc over 1st National Bank , cor. Main
and Broadway.
If you want ot.mutes or lilnns for bridge
worK , foundation , saw era , jrraalnjr or survey-
Inland plutttriV. cull upon tbcm. All work
given i > rompt attuntlon.
Justice of the Peace
Office over American Express.
D. II. McDANDr-D * CO. ,
[ Kstabllaliod l&y.J
No. B2Q Main Street , : : : Council lllnffs.
The only hotel in Council Bluffs having
Fire Esoa/pe
And all mo'ern improvements.
210 , 217 and 219 Main st.
MAX MOHN , Prop.
1514 Douglas St. , Omaha ,
Ladiesbu ying a ? 5hatbonnetor one far
will be paid ; lie , round trip.
Practice in the State and Federal court )
Rooms 7 and 8 Shu art-Bono Uloik.
Slar Sale Stables and Mule Yards ,
, Opjioslto Dummy Depot.
TJlorscs and mules kept constantly on
hand , for sio : nt rotuil or in car loads.
Orders promptly lillcd by contract on
short notion. Stock sold on commission.
Siiu'TKit ite BOLEV , Proprietors.
Telephone No. 114.
Formerly ot Keil Sale Stables , corner
1st. ave. and lili street.
Horses and Mules
For all purposes , bought and sold , at retail
and in lots. Large quantities to select
from. Several pair , of fine drivers , sin
gle or double.
ouucil DluOa ,
Ladies' and Childrens' '
Aprons , Etc.
"VVc linvc succeeded in pur
chasing at an
Extraordinary Bargain
A large quantity o Muslin Un
derwear , Childrens" Dresses ,
Aprons , etc.which , we have di
vided into two lots , and to'make
quick sales will sell them nb
25 and SOets
25c Consists of
ladies' Night Robes , Chemises ,
Drawers , Corset Covers , Long
"White Aprons , Childreus' White
and Red Msther Hubbard
Dresses , Drawers and Infants'
Slips. These garments are well
made and warranted persect.
50c. Consists of
Ladies Night Dresses , Skirts ,
Chemise , Drawers , Corset Cov
ers and Childrens' White and
Turkey Red Dresses.
All trimmed with Linen Torchon
lace. Such garments as these are
usually sold for 75c to $1.
We take great pleasure in plac
ing this immense purchase be
fore our customers nnd invite an
early call , as we believe this to
the greatest bargain in Muslin
Underwear and Childrens Dress
es ever offered'in ' this city ]
f > a. 311 , ! tlG , 318 ami 3O Itroart
t Council
A-tl fresh goods , well made , full
sizes , good shapes , and warranted
free free from imperfectiou * .
W , C. STACY & CO.
JxV -
GO acres of beautiful land on Broadway
inside the city limits , at $500 per acre.
22 acres 10 rods from Broadway , just
outside the city , ? 3GOO. ,
Improved farm G miles north of the
city , $10 per aero.
100 feet nt junction of Main and Pearl
streets , very low.
Lot OOsl'Jl on South Main street at
$125 per foot.
Largo list of aero pioperty on rrank-
lin Avenue.
Improved farm of 30 acres joining the
city limits , near ( Jreeudalo at $200 per
Improved farm of 177 acres , 2J miles
cast of the city for $50 per acre.
SO acres 3 miles out at $00.
7 2-MOO acres with $1GOO dwelling , cor
ner of Franklin and Lincoln Avc. , for
$1,500. This is a bonanza.
Largo List of Cheap Lots.
Residence and Business Prop
Acre Property and Farms.
At Very Low Prices
W. C. STACY & Co. ,
Real Estate Brokers ,
No 9 , Main st , , Council Bluffs.
< D
< D
2 S
? *
< u
* 4
FINI.CV iiuiiKi ; . auoiinK w. nr.wiTT
ItURKE & 11 inV ITT ,
CO J Broadway , Up Stairs ,
Council lllujfn ,
- . JL ,
No , 39 Pearl Street , Council Bluffs ,
.ots in S
Come and get one before they are all
gone. Terms most reasonable , Here is a
chance of a life time. Also on sale the
largest list of other property of any other
broker ,
Farininp . Lauds in Iowa , Minnesota , Kansas , and ranging from ? , r > .00 to
, .
3,10.00 per acre. Sfliool and state landg In Minnesota on 80 years' time 5 per
cent interest. Land Ihiyers fare free. Information , etc. , piven bv
. . . .
- ,
= >
1 F. Xj.A.-crSTIEVCrsP
No. 555 Broadway , Council Bluffs , Iowa , agent for Froidnkson & Co. , U'licajjo ' ,
= r/03
First National Bank Building , Council Bluffs , Iowa
City and acre property for sale in and around Council BlufT&
Improved and unimproved lands for sale. Lands exchanged
for stocks of merchandise.
Office over 1st National Bank , cor , Main Street and Broadway ,
Lying Between the Omaha Addition and the N. P. Dodge Land will
be either platted into lots as the Peregoy & Moore addition or
The part lying south of and
Along tlie Union Pacific Track will be sold
First ,
And parties wishing to buy will call on or address ,
No , 14 Pear ! Street , - - Council Bluffs ,
NOTICE. All agents with whom we have listed the acre property
north of the driving park are hereby notified that it is withdrawn from
the market. SMITH BROS , . 14 Pearl street.