Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, February 12, 1887, Page 8, Image 8

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-r . yr ? , - > TI. ? f o T m si
Is on the High Ground Overlooking the South
taaha Packing houses.
Just Platted from the Celebrated Corrigan -
gan Tract ,
' So eagerly sought after by leading speculators , building asso-
I cialions and real estate men , owing to its close proximity
to railroads and packing houses.
I 3TJ DKM 5 3
For those Desiring to Inspect this Property.
One-fourth cash , balance to suit. Remember this property is high up in Douglas county , between the U. P. and B , & M , railways , just west
of the Stock Exchange on the hill , where every lot and acre surrounding it is sold , and on which property seven hundred dwelling
houses are to be erected prior to July , 1887 , Keep it before you that the three building associations , which areto erect nearly IOOP new
houses in South Omaha this year have decided the place to invest their money is BETWEEN the U , P , and B. M's. Ashland cut-oro-
Bear in mind we do not owe one cent on this propertyand can give a warranty deed. Call and get plats.
GIBSON , AYLESWORTH & BENJAMIN , 1512 Farnam-st. , Under Merchants Hotel.
- - - -
. . .
TOhXBI > ttlfi TABLES ,
A Cowboy nnd a Ualoou Keeper Knjoj-
n Dancing LCHHOII.
Tlio police have just been apprised of a
Jittlo adventure which a short time ago
befell Mr. John Kelkcnny , tlio well-
known South Thirteenth street liquor
dealer. Tlio story , though a tnilo "chest-
imtty , " is given as related at police head *
Ono night a tall , roughly-dressed fel
low , whose style of costume showed that
ho was a cowboystepped intoKclkcnny's
saloon. Ho was plainly under tlio in-
ijiicnco of liquor. Throwing ; his hat back
on his head , ho swaggered up to tlio bar
nnd asked :
"Ho you the proprietor of this yero
place ? "
' . 'I guess I am , " replied Mr. 1C. , calmly.
"Well , then , " ( drawing a big Smith &
g Wesson revolver from his belt , ) "L want
f to SPO you dance a liille for me ! "
' 'Hut ' 1 ' dance " returned
i can't , the proprietor -
' priotor , keeping as calm a demeanor as
ho could under tlio circumstances.
"Yes yer km. Yer hot you'll have to if
1 say so , " replied tlio drunken cow-
border , brandishing his gun threat-
Mr. K. thought of tlio ancient maxim
that discretion was tlio bettor part of
valor and coming out from behind tlio
bar. went through all tlio dunce steps ho
could think of. He Hung his fcot in
lively slylo for Ion minutes before the
cow noy was satislied.
"That'll do , now , " said the latter. "I
guess yer all right , Nowgi1 mo a horn
of vor best whisky. "
Air. Kelkcnny obeyed with an alacrity
which was born of a dcsiro to please a
dangerous customer. As the cowbo } '
was enjoying the whisky John looked
cau'lessly at the lovolvor and remarked :
" 1'ino revolver you've got there. "
"Yes , " ntplicd tlio cowboy , ov'dently '
flattered , "its a daisy. "
"Let nio look nt it a minute , will you ? "
asked KelKcnny , pouring out another
glass for tlio cowboy.
"Certainly , " replied the cowboy , hand
ing over the weapon with ono hand and
eei/mg the ulass with the oilier.
Jiu unvor drank the whisky , for aspoon
as Mr. K. had thu weapon in his hand lie
pointed it at tlio cowboy and uttered the
stern command , "Now you dance , " and
ho put the cowboy through all Iho paces
imaginable , fast and slow. For half an
hour ho was compelled to keep his fcot
going at the point of his own weapon.
When the ordeal was over , iio slunk out
of tlio saloon , a very tired ami ashamed
but wiser man. Ho was minus his re
volver. _
A Wlfo'H Buiry.
" 1 have suilbred more for the sake of
that niau than any other woman in
America would have endured for her
husband. "
The speaker was Mrs. Mary Kratkl.tho
woman who , as mentioned in Thursday's
UKI : had tracked a runaway hubbaud
from St. Louis to Omaha.
She had found him living with another
woman ht'ro.just beyond Hanscom park ,
and she hail him arrested on a charge of
adultery. When arraigned before Judge
Ster.bcrg in police court yesterday morn
ing , Kratkis ullonly rcnuukcd lliat ho
thought ho could cl.nir . himself. As
Kratki lived outside the city liniits.Judgo
Stcnberg concluded that he had no juris
diction in the case , and accordingly bent
him befoio Justice Anderson. Tno hear
ing of the case was sot by Judge Ander
son for next Monday , and in default of
§ ,100 bail Kratki was tent to jail.
To a reporter Mrs. Krnlkf made a par-
\ial outpouring of her woes.
"Xwelvo years.ago , " she. bald , "lYras
Iv , V
married to Kratki in St. Louis. Since
that time lie lias done almost nothing
toward supporting mo or our children.
Ho was a blacksmith by trade , and
as fast as lie earned his inonej , instead of
spending it to buy bread for his wife and
children , ho would gamble it away. Uo
had a perfect mania for gambling. Many
a time I have gone to the gambling house
at the corner of Third and Washington
avenue's , in St , Louis , and waited for
hours for him to leave the table. Then
I ha\o had to actually drag him away ,
with his red , white and blue gambling
chips still in his hand. All this while his
children were suffering at homo.
"Soycn years ago , " continued Mrs.
Kratki , "my husband deserted mo. I
found that no had gone to Chicaso. His
feeble cxcnso was tliat ho could not bear
to have Ids mother-in-law my mother
live with us. 1 did not believe that this
was tlio real reason , but as I loved the
man still , 1 followed linn to Chicago. I
had no money , and to raise enough to
purchase a ticket I sold all our fur
niture and household goods , left my chil
dren in good hands and started
for Chicago. 1 finally succeeded
in Finding my husband and induced him
to go back to St. Louis with me. Wo had
no money to buy tickets with , and so wo
determined to walk from Chicago to St.
Louis , a distuned of about 250 or i00 !
miles. Wo walked for days and days ,
and finally reached Springheld , Illinois ,
which is about ninety miles from St.
Louis. There a kind-hearted conductor
on tlio Chicago iSi AJton mot us and said : ' 1
have passed you three times on your walk
from Chicago and I'll see that you ride
the rest of the way to St. Louis. ' He
punched the ticket and that way wo
readied our homo in St. Louis.
"My Iniiband refused to give up gam
bling and wont from bad to worse. A
year or two afterwards ho ran away to
Chicago and I again followed him up
and brought him back. Two years ago
ho again ran away this time to Omaha ,
I leave him now in the hands of the law.
I propose to make him duller as I , his
wife , have sull'ercd , "
Wo now have the solo agency for tlio
jots in Hiker's addition. This addition
is situated in the south cast corner of
block ono , Weiss' sub. ; joins central
park on the west and is only ono blooic
north of the graded school , These Jots
are now on the market for the low price
of $3,10 to f 150 per lot , 1-10 cash , balance
$10 per month , or 80 per quaitor. These
are the cheapest lots on the market to
day. Kvery ono of them is choice and
you can double your money on them in
a short time , Bu the first to liny and got
the best. HAHUIS & HAKIMS ,
aiO S. 15th st.
Dradstrcet's local agency has received
information of the following Nebraska
failings : Pearson & Stamson , general
merchandise , Lincoln , closed by chattlo
mortgage ; O. W. Uoston , David City ,
hardware , assigned ; Handnll it Fryer ,
agricultural implements , 1'airlicld , as
signed ,
South Oinalin.
The future great Packingtown of the
wc t lies on tlio main line of the Union
1'iU'UiQ raihoad , by which the cattle and
hogs from the farms and ranges of the
west and northwest arrive.
Ai.nmour's cnoin :
is the only property through which tlio
Union Paciiio railroad runs , and is there
fore the Host Addition in South Omaha.
W. (1 ( , ALimumT , Solu Owner ,
216 South 15th St
1'ostnl Olerki Appointed.
Chief Clerk ( Iritlln , of the railway
mail service , reports that 0. A. Noble , of
Suporior.has been appointed postal clerk ,
and will bo assigned to the rim
Superior and DeWitt. J. W. llufl , of
Lincoln , lias been appointed to the run
between Lincoln and Weeping Water'
Uoth of those appointees will begin work
next week.
and Real Estate is valuable only where
there is HUSINKSS. Purchasers should
bear this in mind and not buy lots far
away from the center of business , just
because tiicy are cheap.
Auntiaiir's ciioirn
lies in the great industrial ami commer
cial mat of South Omaha and the immense -
menso business interests there insure a
rapid advance of values. Eighty acres
adjoining Albright's Choice arc reserved
for some of the largest establishments in
the world.
W. G. ALBRIGHT , Solo Owner.
818 South 10th St.
Tlio I'liillmrinonio Concert.
Tlio third concert of tlio Philharmonic
orciicstra , to bo given at Hoyd's opera
house on Sunday afternoon , promises to
surpass in excellence any musical enter-
{ ainmcnt of tin1 kind that has been given
in tlio city. Among the special features
of the programme will bo the vocal work
of Mrs. Edith Edwards Franko. ] 3y spec
ial request Mrs , Franko will sing Avc
Maria by Gonoud , with violin obligato.
The orchestra is rehearsing every day _
and is preparing an exceptionally fine
and varied programme.
The South Omaha Land company have
appointed O. E. Mayno solo agent for the
sale of their lots. Ho will show the prop
erty and furnish all desired information
upon application.
[ Signed ] W. A. PAXTON , President.
The metropolitan ,
Tlio Metropolitan club gave a very
pleasant parly Thursday evening in its
coxy hall , corner of Fourlcenth and Oodgo
streets. It was well attended , notwith
standing the severity of tlio weather ,
and thu sixteen numbers wore danced to
the notes of tlio Musical Union orchestra.
German , DnnUh , Swedish ,
in fact all languages are spoken in the
olllco of W. G. Albright , the real estate
owner and dealer , 218 South Iflth St , All
clashes and all nationalities purchase of
him , and yon cannot do bettor then so
on ro a lot in ids valuable addition to
South Omaha , Known as
AJ.nitioiiT's ciioicn.
W. G. Albright has other property , im
proved and unimproved , in all parts of
the city , and oilers the best bargains.
Omnlm li. & 11. Association.
At the last regular meeting of the
Omaha Loan and Building Association ,
hold on last Wednesday evening , the
following othcnra were elected ; John 11.
Duller , president ; James Forsyth , vice
president ; Ebon K , Long , treasurer ; Gco.
M , Nattinger , secretary.
\ \ . G. Albright's South Omaha Ofllco
will bo opened soon in cliargo of Mr.
Join ; M. Campbell , who will imvo her os
and baggies rcaay at ail times to convey
intending purchasers to the valuable busi
ness and residence property known as
Ai.iuiKiirr'a CHOICE ,
This is the onlv property through which
tlio U. P. and 15. & Al. U. H's. and Bellevue -
vuo aveinio run.
< lnlu ) Herold'M Kiincrnl ,
The funeral of John Hcrold , father of
Mr. Tony Herold , took pl.xco yesterday
morning from thulato residence , corner of
Caldwell and Saundora slreels. The re
mains wcrp borne to St. Mary Magda-
Jono's church , where Father Glauber
chanted A requiem mass. They were
afjertvanl interred in the Germany Cath
olic cemetery , .
Thispowder never varies. A marvel of
purity.strcngtli \\l\olesomeness , More
economic than the ordinary kinds and
cannot be sold in competition wiih the mul
titude of low test , short weight alum or
phosphate powders. Sold only in cans.
Royal linking Powder Co. , JOO Wall street ,
New York.
And Lovers of Weil-Bred Horses
IlEG AT.r.TT , brown tnnro , nnd jonrllnfr fill } ' . 1 > y
Airrimu , mil duo to foul April ITtli.lCT ,
to AlPlitno.
CAJWY WoOIUVOim ? , lirown mme , by All
Time , 1st diun llOKitlutt.
NEIlHAbKA CKNTUAU cliostmit colt , two hind
It't't wlilto.BluHl by OiltmtuV 11)1(1. ) ( Ibt drtiii
Carry Woodunrtlind ; , Hewlett. Ho Is
ono of thu tlnost colts I lm\o riilfC'l. '
LAMIlKUTINIUiuy toll , aired by All Time , 1st
diun lleirnlctt.
DOLLY lliii : : > , dark bay Illly. fonlrd In 'PI ,
sired by Oriental , Uttlum Lady Ail Time ,
bv All Time
ANNlfi eCAMINOHOUN , drab buy Illly. fouled
in'bi , blrtxl by Ork'iitiil , Ibt duiii by Ha
"ml by Volunteer Clilof , ho by Volunteer
For full imrt'oul.irs ' , dhoct to
Cure of Onmlia Merchants Express Co
Tno noo.o tcs1. : csr. ts s = oa ut any time , on
20th St , One Hlock Xortli of Luke St.
All Time ami Oriental hu\o been sold
to Jas. H. McShano.
Eye , Ear , Nose & Throat
Room 0 Williams Building , cor. 15th and
Dodge $ ts. , Omaha ,
ours 8 to 13am. 3 to i and J to 8 p. m
People often express surprise at tlie rapid growth of car business and * ,
looltfor tlie explanation in some hidden cause. There is none. Simply
careful , patient and determined effort , that all we sell nJtall be riyhtift
Q UAL1TY , ritjJit in STYLE an < ! rigid in Pill CE. Tit inh of what wtf
Jtave been saying and tJienloolt at out' Clothing andFiirnisJUny Goods
Just now , ivhile dealers generally are taking < u rest , our establish
mentis besieged witJibuyersffom , mornlny until night. The reason
for this is people urefulihty advantage > / the opportunity in selecting
front an cleyant supply ofjirst claatt ytt ils ttl Onc-llnrtllcss t/tan actual/
TJie sacrifice on all Overcoats , Heavy Suifti anil Heavy iVciy/it Fn
nislting Goods , utiil t/oct * on and will continue iiotwifhsfan < liH < / the low\ \
pricesas7ce < l. To intend'Ing Clothingjttiwhatierfi ire n > ou1 < l say 'contc carl
ami getJirat choice , for at the rate Clothing faattltccnlinoving for fnc jHist >
two vvccl.'s our assortment of styles ( littl prices trill noon be oro7cn.
All yoodr martecd in plain figures and at strictly one price.
Cor. Douglas and 14th. sts. , Omalia.
IOO Washington St. , CHICAOO.
nVTa par Ilin liltflirdt
markft iirli" fur County , CUT ,
'I'own uuil bcliuul
Corrr i > omlonco Intltrd.
* of r.infcs and
IliiiikirH and iitlKTH Hi-
cx.lvi.-d on l.ti orublii luruu.
Deal In Laiul WarrnnUand Scrip.
HKW YfillK ( ll'I'irK-l'iillixl ItiiijV nlf \
* I
Prevented the sale of this property until Feb
ruary 3d , 1887wlieii papers were signed
conveying to us the
Saturday Morning , Feb. 12
At 10 o'clock , we shall place on sale these 149 Ni
Ohoce Lots.
A magnificent display of everything ]
useful and ornamental in the furniture-
maker's art , at reasonable prices.