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    TVK T1 * I1 * T V * * - * i -T- - * * VTy g yp m
Delivered fcy enrricr In nny pnrtof the city at
twenty cent * per wook.
II. W. TILTON , . . . Manager.
No. tt.
Niaiir EniToit No. 23.
The Council HlttlTN Room.
The lice to-morrow vfill contain in its
"Sunday Gossip" column an interesting
article on the Council JJltffls boom. Parties
wishing extra copies of the Sunday Jke
arc rc'/iicstcil to leave their orders at th
lice otfice , .iVo. 12 Pearl street , to-day.
N. Y. rhimbiiiR Co.
Heavy suits cheap to order nt Keller's.
"Tho I'lininlx" has its grand openinc
Oninlm Addition is the finest yet plat
ted. Odcll Hros. As C'o.
Several largo parties arc to take pHco
ncjil week.
0. A. Huobe & Co. have bought the Van
Drum warehouse near Hie Northwestern
To realize a handsome profit buy some
Omaha addition lots , Odcll 15ros. A : Uo.
J. \ \ . & K. I * . Squire's abstracts are
giving good satisfaction.
Not tin arrest by the police yesterday ,
and an opportunity was given for a scrub
out of the city jail.
The cnirino of the ferry train jumped
the track yesterday niornlnjj , causing
eon io delay but no special damage.
The best record on sales yet made io
that in Omaha addition , Oilell Hros. A : Co.
The Episcopalians had a happy social
last evening at the home of Mrs. M. E ,
Smith , who in entertaining the company
was assisted by Mrs. Sauiiuers.
Odell Hros. & Co. have leased part of
the Schickatanz residence for their loan
and insurance business.
Yoakum A : Co. have for sale ! ) J } acres
within half a mile of the city limits at
$ li.'r > per acre. A choice baigam.
Special communication of IHuIF City
lodge No. 71 A F and A M. for work in
the second decree , this ( Saturday ) even-
Ing. Visiting brethren invited. By
order of the \V. M.
The coming thoroughfare between
Omaha and Council ISluIl's runs through
Omaha Addition. Oilell Hros As Co.
Squire's 1'ark addition is a sure invest
ment. Pacific aveiiun will be built up
witli store buildings within a year.
Mrs. C. C. Pilling , wife of T. A. rilling ,
died at her home in ( Jariier township
Thursday. She was a daughter of William
Garner , and had lived in that vicinity
since childhood. The funeral will take
place Sunday at 1 o'clock p. m. at the
residence of her father.
Why does Paul's addition Jots soil so
quick ? Hi-cause they are the best in the
market. Uu.y controls Paul's addition.
The two young men arrested on the
bottoms on suspicion of having stolen
the hordes they were driving , wore dis
charged yesterday , they proving clearly
that they were not the ones the ollicers
wanted , although the description was a
close one.
The lacking parts for the new fire and
police alarm are now here , and tiie com
pletion of the system is only the question
of a few days at thu longest. The linal
test will Do made next week without
doubt. The city will breathe easier when
satisfied that it has a system by which a
sure alarm can bo sent in case of a ( ire ,
or wliun a policeman is sorely needed.
It will be an improvement which will bo
heartily welcomed. The system should
be thoroughly tested , however , and there
should be no grounds left for doubts as
to whether the Richmond is all that is
Yesterday afternoon one of Tcrwilli-
gor's painters having occasion to use an
express wagon turned in acall to the
district telegraph. By mistake ho turned
in a ( ire alarm. By the rules of the dis
trict telegraph company no attention is
paid to the lire alarm call unless it is sent
In twice , this being required in order to
avoid any mistakes. This time the lirst
call of tire was unheeded , but it was soon
dent in and repeated , and the district
company fooling sure then there must because
cause of alarm notified the department.
The turner in of the alarm was much sur
prised to find instead of an express
wagon , the whole department in front of
bis place.
The cit } ' council is to meet next Mon
day. The Tenth nvcnnu project is to
come up for decision then. From the
talk in the caucus held of the aldermen
it appears that unless some of them
change their minds they will kill the pro
ject by their votes. A strong pressure is
being brought to induce the reluctant al-
deinii-n opposed to the measure to lot the
project go through in some foim , so that
improvements may co on in that direc
tion. It is not a good time of the year
for anyone to stand in the way of any
possible growth of the city , and it is pos
sible that those who now bsilK may
change their views when the linal vote
Pacific house is the nearest hotel to the
majority of real estate olllccs in the city.
$2.00 per day.
Best grades Iowa soft lump coal , ? 3 per
ton at yard ; $3.00 delivered. C. B. Fuel
Co. , 031) ) Broadway. Telephone 13(5. (
All prices and offers heretofore made
are hereby withdrawn.
To Contractor ) ) and ,
Proposals will bo received by the undersigned -
signed until the 23u of next month for the
huildlns : of the now Catholic church-
Plans and specifications may bo scon at
the pastoral residence , The right is re
served to reject any or nil proposalo.
B. P. McMKNOMV , Pastor.
Jofl'eris' roplat of Lots 1 and 8 of Al
bright's choice , 0-8 mile south of Ham
mond's packing house , South Omaha , on
main line of Union Pacific railroad.
Nearest trackage lots in town for sale ;
also beautiful residence lots , Terms
easy. For sale at the ofllco of Thos. C ,
Jelleris , at llowland'a lumber olllco ,
iiear dummy depot , South Omaha.
We have forty or lifty head of fine
mules , for all purposes , for sale at our
"Star Stables. " SCHLUIEH & HOLEY.
At the Pacific house you will save from
cents to $1 per any. Try it and bo
L , B. Crafts & Co , , are loaning money
on all classes of chattel securities at one-
half their former rules. Sco them before
securing your loans.
When you are in the city stop at the
Pucilia house. Street cars pass the door
every ( Ifteen minutes for all the depots.
Meals 00 cents.
All orders from real estate brokers for
fob printing will receive immediate and
sarofnl attention at Pryor's BEE job
jflice. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Electric door bolls , burglar alarms and
ivory form of domestic electrical appli
ances at the Now York Plumbing Co.
E. W. Raymond has on bale blocks ,
half-blocks and lots in Brown's , Bryant v\ :
Ulnrk's. Bayliss' Third and Baflroad.
Use lotsiu various parts of the city.
It is Still Largely in Real Estate and
Planning Improvements.
Council UliifTs to llnvc a Urcnt
Ing in .July The Doings of the
District Court flic In
junction Cases ,
Sites Tor
J , W. Pcrcgoy has purchased of Charles
Binghan the residence No. 725 First ave
nue , and will continue to occupy it until
later In the season , when ho will build a
new residence on a fine lot purchased by
him of J. II. Craig , it is lot 4 , block 0 ,
in Bayliss' subdivision. Mr. Pcrcgoy will
begin building just as soon as the frost is
out of the ground ,
Those interested in the now hotel en
terprise met last evening to complete ar
rangements. It now is announced as a
c-iuainly that the work of building the
new hotel will bo commenced just as
boon as the weather is favorable , and
that it will bo completed by next winter.
The plans are for a hotel which will take
rank as the liiicst in the state.
The nowjbloek to bo built on the Catho
lic church property will be one of the
most handsome ami complete ollico build
ings in the slate. It will bo five stories
high , and is to cost not less than $ 100.COJ.
It is announced that every ollico in the
building has already been spoken for.
Wright , Baldwin & Ilaldcno have en
gaged a suite of live olliees , and other
Hrins have also booKed themselves as
ready to move in the moment the build-
ins can be got ready for oce'upany.
Some idea of the amount of work
planned for in and about the transfer
may be gained by the fact that there arc
already over a hundred cars of building
material in the yards here.
There are a large number of small
residences to be built at once on the
Omaha addition to the city.
J. W. & K. L. Squire arc planning on
nutting up several store uuildings on
Pacific avenue , which runs just north
from the transfer.
The following sales -were placed on
record yesterday :
S ( Splilstcln to Israel Gliick , lot 14. bile 20 ,
J 0 fiolVmoyer to II It Levin , lot I , blk 10 ,
McMitlmn , Ovt.l ; S/HX / ) .
O W I'icrco to Al Ij 1'lcrcp , lots 3 , 4 , C ana
0 , blk 4. lots 15 and it ) , blk 'J , I'li-rce ; 31'JOO.
II 0 biiumlurs to J N Baldwin , lot'J , blk 17 ,
Ua\liss.t P ; S500.
jP Hammond ctal toll 0 Black , lots 3
and 4. uik W , lot 11 fill : 11 , Pierce ; S450.
A Hush to (5 ( B Scholleld , lot 4 , blk 1 , Ku-
bnnks' iM ; SbOO.
S T Frem-li to Oeo Mutcrdf , lot 12 , blk 31 ,
Kiddle ; tfiV.O.
C T Olllcer to II Buprilorf. lots 7 and 8 ,
blk 17 , H.ivlissAsP ; 51)50. )
baiah U Wells to li.i Suhoficld , 10 acres In
so 17. 75 , 45 ; ; SOIO.
S Pnj ne to 0 A Snook , lot 13 , blk 4 , Bay
liss' 1st : S1.503.
. ) U Blake to H Hucrdorf , lot 14 , blk 37 ,
Ci > ntinl ( bond ) ; S133.
J h Foreman to - , lot 0. se sw 1 , 74 ,
44 , ( r > acres ) S500.
ll K Day to L , Wells , lots 7 and 8 , blk 14 ,
D J Chamberlain to II A Palmer , lots 1 and
2 , blk ! ' - > , l'luico-S400.
D.I Chamberlain to D B Gleason , lots 13
and 14 , lilko , PIuico-SSOO.
A Brcnncimin to A W Coulcs , lot 2 , blk 31 ,
lloaid's ilbT .
D S Drenneninn to A W Cowles , lot 1 , blk
. ' ' .
31. Uowaid's-Sl'JO.
Kimlull it Champ to A W Cowles , lot 10.
blk 15 , Mullen's § 300.
J W Kelley to ' 1V McCargor , 201 } acres
In 10 and 10 , 75 , 43 84,750.
J . ; Hathaway to K N Slytcr , lot 18 , blk 7 ,
Fleming it D S100.
S Becker to Thomas Gullfoylo , lot 3 , blk
'J5. Boors' S250.
J P C.isady to D Goldstein , ot al , 1 , 2 , 3 , blk
20 , Beers' 51,000.
S F Dolbor toV Slcdentopf. % of 0 > f acres
In sM no 20 , 75 , 41S2s5. ;
A 1. Hcncliicks to K C Smith , lot 20 , blk 33 ,
Central : S200.
P Farley to .1 II Hartscho ct al , lot 1 , blk 12 ,
lotO , blk 'JO , Mullmis : S400.
Conrad Guise to J A Stacy , part lot 3 O P ,
110 feet on Broadway ; 81'J5U.
J M Palmer to C Smith , lot 8 , blk 18 ,
Beer's : 15150.
J A itoads to A J Anderson , lot 17 , blk 3 ,
Carson ; Sl,4fX ) .
It Taylor to A U Taylor , no n w 2-1 , 75 , 83 ,
qc ; 81.
W W Fnrnam to S Theodore , lots 1 , 2 , 7 , 8 ,
15 and 10 , blk 03 , Kiddle's , swd ; 81,1 00.
W Goddard et al to Hy Grobe. sw 4. 70 , 40 ,
Valley : 83'JOO.
Pott.xwattamio county to Pat Gllmoro. cK ,
o 20. 77 , 41. qc-S400.
11 G Uttlo to S Theodore , lot 12 , blk C3 ,
I Glllinskl to U Howich , % lot 7 , blk 7 ,
S T French to A J Mandol , Olots , It 11 add
( noblk-si5. ) : :
J 1) Kdmundson to 11 McKenzIe , lot 10 , blk
S > , Contral-Sl.W.
J P Casaily to J M Barstow , lots 15 and 10 ,
blk 73. Kiddles-Sl.OOO.
W P Wolclitinan to A B Walker ot al , 3'J
acios In 10 , 75 , 4'i-St5CbO.
h Wells to F Hupp , lot 7 , blk 14 , Mill-
I > A Williams to A A Clark , lot 5 , blk C ,
S W Whoclock to S Theodore , lot 11 , blk 03 ,
G U Hopkins to A Kavenbure. lots 18 and
10 , blk 12 , Burns-8500.
W K Hopkins to A Lnvenburg , lot 17 , blk
11 , Burns-8000.
List your property with YoaKum & Co.
For Choice Bargains son Yoakum &
Co. , over iirst National bank.
Substantial abstracts of titles and real
estate loans. J. W. tic K. L. Squire. No.
101 Pearl Htreet , Council Bluffs.
The Driving Park.
Council Blutl's is now in n circuit which
ensures for this season ono of the greatest
meetings ever hold on the driving park.
The meeting at Sioux City completes the
circuit so that the cities now included ,
named according to the dates tixed for
the races , are : Cedar Rapids , Marshall-
town , Council Bluffs , Sioux City , Sioux
Falls and Mapleton. The meeting hero
will bo Fourth of July week. The purses
arotobofOOO. Those interested in the
sports of the turf are cnth usiastio over
the prospect. They declare that the
mooting hero will bo the largest and mofct
successful over hold , it being certain that
there will be more horses , and speeding
ones , than were ever shown on the track
here before ,
Dr. lianchott , ollico No , 13 Pearl strcot ;
residence , 120 Fourth street ; telephone
No. 10.
A lot of first-class mules on sale at
Schlcuter & Boloy's Star barn , 1,000 to
1,000 pounds , and four to six years old.
Crumbs From Court.
The district court did little yesterday.
A motion for a new trial in the case of
Call VB , the Council Bluffs wire nail com
pany was argued and taken under ad
A number of petitions wcro ( lied yes
terday tor the removal of saloon injunc
tion cases to the federal court. There
wore twenty-two of these , The cases
arc divided into three classes , each in
volving different questions. The first is
represented by the case against Peter
Bcchtclowhlch has already boon argued ,
and on which n dcciaion Is expected to
bo given to-day. This class of cases in
cludes the hotels , which have a bar in
connection with the other business.
Another class includes those saloon men
who own the buildings iu which they are
doine business. The third class of caces
consists of those who lease the premises
occupied by them , and the relation of
landlord and tenant Is involved. Different
questions are raised , and it will bo some
time before arguments can tyc made and
decisions reached in these cases.
To-day the following cases will be dis
posed of on motions now pending : Nos.
4,4071,037 , , 4.853. 4,728 , 4,787 , 4.807 ,
4,812 , 4,814. The following cases are to
bo decided ns to demurrers ; Noi.
4GG5 ! , 4,721. No. 833 in probate is to bo
called up ,
This term of the court will close to
day. The now term will open on Tues
day next.
Notice of Dissolution.
Notice is hereby given to all whom It
may concern that the copartnership
heretofore existing under the firm naino
and style of Snyder & Loanmn has this
day been dissolved by mutual consent.
N. K. heaman , junior member of said
linn , retiring. All persons knowing
themselves indebted to said firm will pay
the same to ,1 , H. Snydcr , and all persons
having claims against said firm will pre
sent them to said J. U. Snydcr for pay
Dated at Council Bluffs , Ta. , this Oth
day of February , 1887. . ) . H. SNYOKK.
( Signed ) N. B. LIA.MAK. :
" 'TIs True , 'TIs Pity , ntul IMly TIs 'TIs
Truo. "
Parents letthoir children die with diph
theria ami putrid sere throat in scarlet
fevev , when ten years' trial has proven
beyond a doubt that Jcfleris" diphtheria
prevention and cure will save every case
without the aid of a physician. For sale
onlv at No. 23 South Kighth strcot , Coun
cil iJlulls , Iowa , or sent bv express on re
ceipt of price , ? 3.00.
Dr. Sefferis has not removed to Omaha.
Bvpcrlcnco vs. Inexperience.
It is a matter of regret that in introduc-
inirllood's Sarsaparilla its propriotois arc
oblidged to overcome a certain distrust
by some people who have unfortunately
bought worthless compounds mixed by
persons ignorant of pharmacy. Messrs.
0. I. Hood & Co. are reliable pharmacists
of long experience , and thov make no
claims for Hood's Sarsanarilla which
cannot bo substantiated by the strongest
proof. And wo say to those who lack
confidence , read the unsolicited li'Sti-
monisls in favor of Hood's Sarsaparilla ,
and then prove its merits by actual per-
personal test. We are confident you will
not bo disappointed , but \villt find it n
medicine of peculiar curative value ,
which can be implicity relied upon.
Ispcclnl advertisements , such ns Lost , Found
7o Loan , For Bnlo , To Kent , ftnnts , Ronrdinir ,
etc. , will liolneorlod In this column nt the low
rntoorTENCCNTSPKK LINE forthoflret Insor-
Ion mi J Five Cents 1'cr LI no for cnchsubsofuont ]
Insertion. Leave advertisements nt our ollico
No. 12 t'ual street , near ilroadwuj , Council
Dili ( I B.
WANTKU A Rood plrl for uonornl house
work. Inqiiho ID ! ) Fourth Htroet.
FOK SALK A well Improved farm. " .7) ) acres ,
including ! M acres ot timber , sltuntcd in
Kop Creole town liip. I'ottuwiittiimlo county ;
I'd ) acres in section 31 , Iwlnnoo lylnp lust west
thereof. Inquire on piemlsos ol Theodore
FOK SALK Choice , smooth , unimproved IfiO
acres close to Ilrnlnarcl , in Hntlor county ,
Nebraska. Will Rive lar to discount from pres
ent value for ca h. Address limiting , Hnnyon
&Jonri. David City , Neb. , or W. J. , lleo olllcc ,
Council IllulTa , la.
FOR SALK At a bargain , 2 aoros'wllh fine
improvements , sl\ miles c'ast of Council
Illulls. I'rlcolow and all the tlmo nuedod. In
quire of T. W. Van Sclover , Council Illulls.
FOU SAIn If tnkon this week A flvo room
hoiiHo on Fifth avenue , near dummy
depot. The street , sidewalk anil lot filled to
K'riulo. Prlcu SUM. Kiisy terras. Address
Lot , Ilco ollico , Council IllulTs.
The Finest Im
ported Line of
Goods West of
Mrs.C.L. Gillette's
Human Hair Emporium
No , 290 MainStreet.Council Bluffs , Iowa.
Enpeerkvep , , Map Publisher
No. 11 North Mnin St.
City nml county mnpsnf cities and counties In
western lowu , Nebrnskn nncl KIIIIBMH.
Geo. S. Miller & F. H. Tobey ,
Ofllco over 1st National Hank , cor. Main
and Urondway.
If you want ostlmntos or hlnns for bridge
ATOrK , roundfttlon , eswors , grading or survey
ing and platting- , call upon lliora. All work
given prompt attention.
Justice of the Peace
Office over American Express.
D. II. McnANELt ) & CO. ,
( KitilbllslloJ 1SC3. ]
No. 820 Main Street , i t i Council niuffi.
The only hotel in Council Bluffs having
And all moJern improvements.
210,217 and 310 Main st.
MAX MOHN , Prop.
1514 Douglas St. , Omaha ,
Ladiesbuying a hatbonnet , or one far t >
will be paid ; $10 , round { rip ,
Ladies' ' and Childrens' '
Aprons , Etc.
We liavo succeeded in pur
chasing nt nil
Extraordinary Bargain
A Inrgc quantity of Muslin Un
derwear , Childrens' Dresses ,
.Aprons , etc. , which we have di
vided into two lots , and to make
quick sales will sell them at
LtJ (
25c Consists of
Ladies' Night Robes , Chemises ,
Drawers , Corset Covers , long
White Aprons , Childrens' White
and Red Msthcr Ilubbard
Dresses , Drawers and Infants'
Slips. These garments are well
made and warranted perscct.
50c. Consists of
Ladies Night Dresses , Skirts ,
Chemise , Drawers , Corset Cov
ers and Childreng' White and
Turkey Red Dresses.
All trimmed with Linen Torchon
lace. Such garments as these are
usually sold for 75c to $1.
We take great pleasure in plac
ing this immense purchase be
fore our customers and invite an
early call , as 'wo ' believe this to
the greatest bargain in Muslin
Underwear and Childrens Dress
es ever olTurcd iu this city.
bos ; , 311 , 31G , 318 and 320 Broail
way , Council liluffa.
All fresh goods , well made , full
sizes , good shapes , and warranted
fre free from imperfections *
A flue two-story brick Tioiifc with
ten moms , sit tinted on deration , tli
JFIXESTon llroatlway , Jot JLM feet
on Jtrondwdi10 feet on State
street < tntl 11)3 feet on 1'lcrcc street ,
Price Only $22,500. $ ,
The street cars run { n front of this
tract , and Jlroadway Is jiarctl with
cedar blocks , 'lite land Itself is
worth more than tlic price asked for
the whole.
Acre properly on Franklin avenue
vi-t'ii low ,
30 acres joining the cityllinlts near
Grccndalc , at $200 per acre.
177 acres two and one-half miles
cast of the city , $50 per acre ,
80 acres at $ ( iO per acre.
20 acres one-half mile north of the
city limits , near Broadway , at
$3,500 ,
Residence Property , Business
Property , Cheap !
W. C. STACY & Co. ,
Real Estate Brokers
-2Vb 0 , Slain st , , Council Illuffs.
irieui : & BIKWITT ,
V roadway , Up Stairs ,
Council muff * ,
i : . S. ItAKXiTT : ,
Justice of the Peace ,
415 Broadway , Council Itltiirg.
Refers to any bank or business house in
the city.
Collections a specialty.
Star Sale Slate and Mule Kards ,
Opposite Dummy Depot.
S tag
F Horses and mules kept constantly on
hand , for sale at rcfail or in cvjr loads.
Orders promptly filled by contract on
short notice. Stock sold on commission ,
SHLUTEII & , BOLEY , Proprietors.
Telephone No. 114.
Formerly of Koil Sale Stables , corner
1st. avo. and -Uh street.
) ted \ 1857
Bo. 39 Pearl Street , Council Bluffs ,
MS in
Come and get one before tliey are all
gone. Terms most reasonable. Here is a
chance of a life time. Also on sale the
largest list of other property of any other
broker ,
Farming Lands in Iowa , Minnesota , Kansas , and ranging from J.I.OO to
§ 10.00 per acre. School and state lands in Minnesota on 30 years' time 5 per
cent interest. Laud Buyers fare free. Information , etc. , given by
No. 555 Hroadway , Council HlufTa , Iowa , agent for I'rcidrikson & Co. , Chicago.
First National Bank Building , Council Bluffs , Iowa ,
Vacant Lots , Lands , City Residences and Farms , acre property in
western park of.eity. All sclUny cheap to make ronin for spring stock.
Real Estate and Insurance Agent.
Room / > , over Officer C I'ttscy's hank , Council ISluffs.
Practice in the State and Federal court *
Rooms 7 and 6 Slntgart-ISuno Ulorjk.
, . . ,
Or otbor Tumors removed without
tbe kfo , | ordrswlng of blood.
Orr thirty years practical experience.
No. 11 Pearl Bt. , Council Uluffi.
Hr Consultation free.
Horses and Mules
For all purposes , bought and sold , at retail
and in lots. Large quantities to select
from. Several pair * of fine drivers , sin *
gle or double.
Council Hinds.
Real Estate Brokers , are offering the beautiful tract known as the
S , N , Porterfield Forty ,
This is a very fine , high piece of land , only about two and a
half miles from the Omaha Postoffice , and only one and three-quarter
miles from the Council Bluffs Postoffice. This land is by far the
GREATEST BARGAIN now offered in ACRE LOTS. Buyers are
requested to call and get prices of
No , 14 Pearl Street , - - Council Bluffs ,