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Heads of Departments and Superintendents
Appointed By the General Managers.
Uriel'NOIPN Krom tlio Stnto House
Two Jlorc Divorce Hulls Filed
Other NCXVH of flic Cnji- City.
fnioM run mr's u.sroi.x nriinAU.l
The general managers of the state
board of agriculture held their adjourned
mooting at Scward this week , and yester
day President S. M. Rarkcr and Secretary
R. W. Furnas were in the city en route
homo from the meeting. At this meeting
of managers much of the preliminary
work in the way of the appointments of
superintendents and approval of tlio
.premium list for the year was transacted ,
and tlie report of tlm proceedings as fur
nished by the secretary contains a num
ber of items of interest. The appoint
ments of heads of departments for the
year arc as follows : General superin
tendent , Austin Humphrey , of Lincoln ;
superintendent of police , Sheriff J. M.
Hamilton , of York ; superintendent of
gates and tickets , William R. ISowon. of
Umalia ; master of transportation , O. M.
Oniie , of Lincoln ; supcrintcndontof agri
cultural hall , Eli A. liarncs , of Grand Is
land ; state botanist , Professor C. K.
Uessoy , of Lincoln ; superintendent of
nmphilhcattu , R. R. Grcer , of Kearney.
The superintendents of the different
departments or classes of exhibits are as
follow * : Horses , J. II. Warner , Reil
Cloud ; cattle , J. H. McDowell , Fairbury ;
sheep , William Diinlap , Gardiner ; swine ,
M. L Trest , Lincoln ; poultry , .1. R. Miga-
han , Lincoln ; farm products , W D. Wild-
man , Culbertson ; ladies' department ,
MIBS Nettie Van Alstino , Columbus ; line
arU , Mrs. S. C. Langworthy , Seward ;
dairy products , S. ( J7 Har.sott , Gibbon ;
educational. Professor II. H. Wing , Lin
coln ; bees , E. Whitcomb , Friend ; cham
pion clashes , . ! . R.Nelson , Fairburymech ;
anical arts , J. R. Sutherland , Tok.imuh ;
niafhinery , John Doolltllo , Lincoln ;
musical instruments , D. T. Drake , Crete ;
agricultural societies , S. II. Webster ,
On ! ; discretionary . K. Hill , Syracuse ;
special premiums , J. M. Leo , Oxford ;
speed , J. D. McKarland , Lincoln.
A number of important changes wcro
made in the premium list that will tend
greatly to aceolarato the competition in
many of tlio important exhibits. In the
cattle department the grand sweepstakes
for herds has beou increased to u cash
premium of ifHOO , and for individual best
Hinirlo heads of stock of eacli sex the
sweepstakes premium is raised to $100.
In the department of county agricultural
society exhibits the premiums huvo
been increased both in amount and num
bers. The premiums in this department
are lixed for the year as follows : First ,
$ -'oO ; second , $200 ; third , $150 ; fourth ,
? 100 ; fifth , $50. The special premiums
lomain the same as last year , but in the
Indies' department all premiums have
been nearly doubled. This , if any de
partment in the state fairs of the past ,
lias been the ono neglected , and Presi
dent Harker states that ho intends mak
ing a special effort the present year to
bcc to it that the line art hall shall eclipse
all former exhibits of its kind over held
in the state.
A bunch show is being con
templated by tlio managers to
fob held at the time of the fair , and if H is
tigreed upon it will bo placed in the
hands of some of the wide awake dog
fanciers of the state.
AT 'run &TATI : HOUSE.
Yesterday Governor Thayer issued the
appointments of delegates to the inter
state agricultural convention to bo hold
February 22-'Jl at Lake Charles , La.
There is no provision for paying tlio ex
penses of delegates to conventions of this
character , but the delegates often attend
unit find credentials of much assistance
to them. The gentlemen named to rep
resent Nebraska at this convention are
Dr. R. 13. Crawford , Wayne ; Colonel C.
W. Gurnoy. Wakofiold ; Thomas M. Carter -
tor , IMair ; Thomas Jensen , Ulysses , and
James O. Kane , Frank , Phelps county.
There was another session of debt pay
ing yesterday at the auditor's ollice , the
regular monthly vouchers for the differ
ent state institutions passing through the
sicgo of payment. A eraiul total of the
cnbli paid out by the state during tlio six
weeks following the 1st of the month
would bo quite an interesting item.
The conunisdlonor of lands and buildIngs -
Ings is ifasuing a largo number of deeds
the prcsqnt winter on school lauds
wherein final payments .aro made and
linal title passes. There Is no time of llio
year apparently that the force in the of-
lieu of tlio land commissioner do not find
plenty to kcop them busy.
Two moro divorce cases have been
added to the lists for trial at tlio next
term of the district court. Ono of these
cabes is that of Clara Townson against
Matlhow Townson , who asks the dissolu
tion of the marriage tics that have ox-
ihted for twolvoyears past. Accordinato
the petition the years of married life have
been tilled with abuse and villifications ,
and tiio grounds for divorce are found in
this continued abuse.
The fioeond ctiso is that of Glonon vs
ntenon , parties who wore married in
Kocn , this county , in 1833. Four months
after marriage the husband changed his
affectionate demonstrations to a vigorous
iibo of a boot upon the body of his wife ,
mid butweon this kind ot abusa and fail
ure to provide the wife thinks she is en
titled to divorcement.
Him Wise , a business man of the city ,
was trymir to cateh u street car in front
of Fawoll's store on Eleventh street ,
Thursday night. As ho loft the walk and
entered the Htrcot in pursuit ot a car ho
slipped and fell , breaking his log. Good
care will avoid any serious results.
The death of the Dane , Rasmusson , in
this city last fall from neglect and tlio
fact that ho had inoiuiy in the bank is
not forgotten by Lincoln people. Ycster-
terday Jiidgo Parker received a commu
nication from the Danish consul at Chicago -
cage asking the particulars in the case
with a view to forwarding his estate to
relatives in the old world ,
Mr. Woods , the auctioneer , returned
from Fremont yesterday .where ho con
ducted a sale of imported and breeding
liorsos hold there , Mr. Woods reports
thu bale * as very fluttering , and the total
amount realized as $20,000.
To night the Arion Glee club will hold
their concert at tlio People's theatre
TJiis is a local organization of singers
who do much thorough and olfoctivo
work , and who will give to the public a
concert of real merit ,
Real estate has been passive for the
last few days , and the opinion of dealers
is that wlion the now charter becomes an
assured fact , with paving and other like
improvements a surety , that tlio Lincoln
real citato boom will muko Omaha fuel
Hon. G. M. Lambe.rtsou entertained
Judge Dundy , Senator Majors , Messrs ,
C. C. and L. C. Hurr. 1) , D. Mmr , J. D ,
McFarland , Elmer Frank , and a few
other friends at his home Thursday
uvening ,
Frank Duryo , general passenger agent
of the Grand Trunk railway , was in the
capital dty yesterday.
Among the Ncbtaskanu * in town yes-
lerdar wure thg following : A , ILHeltzer ,
OivW City ; R. S. Hall , Lewis A. Grolf ,
) maw ! ; J. BL Hamilton ; Oxfon'f ' Jno.
O'Kcofo , Plaltsmoulhs N. 11. S. Ocloll ,
KullcrUm ; Jns. Hood , Nebraska City ; J.
\Voolworth.Jno. . L Webster , Orrmhn ;
11. 0. Van Huskirk , George Western. B ,
J. llamier , AuroraSamuel ; Rtuhor , .Jno.
Ellis , Ueatricc ; A. 11. IHshop , Omaha ,
The Wymorc Reporter is for sale.
To Insure against death in a railroad
wreck always walk.
The 15. & M. promises to spend ? G3,050
in Wymorc next summer.
Air. and Mrs. C. Jrwin , of t'ovinglon ,
celebrated their silver wedding on tlio
Dili lust.
Sterling offers a purse of 703 hard dollars
lars to a man who will erect and operatu
ii canning factory in that town.
Norfolk's lire bell and tower tire for
sale cheap. The .mrsimonions citv coun
cil refused to purchase cither from the
volunteer liremen.
The sheriff of Ca. s Is now in position
to treat his frit-mis to the best "hard
cider" in town , having seixeil four barrels
of whisky. A iittlo water , please.
The Ueatrico Democrat reaches over
the surging crowd to smlto a rival thus :
"llasliug.s boasts of a man who is pos
sessed of the duvil. There it goes , An
other boom.
A North Nebraska editor , with a wealth
of experience in both , says , " ( 'ourtlnga
girl is like starting a newspaper It starts
out , as a weekly , then it becomes a tri
weekly , then it merges into a dally. If it
has any enterprise it comes out with an
extra oecn&ionally.
The friends of M. A. Daugherty , the
well known journalist , stoekman and
politician of Saline county , will regret to
learn of the death of his wite at her home
in Ohio a few days ago. She had been in
poor health for some time and went to
her old homo and to mother in the hope
of securing relief , but the journey only
hastened bar end.
They were standing in the bay window
of a Holt county sod palace. The wind
shrieked and moaned through the fringe
of timber on the adjacent stream. Ras
mus llefanr's intended pressed to his side
and pensively gazed on the rolling , snow
capped scene , "henal Lena , look woncc.
Dot young gow was broke loose unt f ro/.o
up. I go kill it. " "Nein , nolnl" shouted
Lena , throwing- her arms aroiind his neck
to restrain him. "Ono Ilofatir un der
hand was slinst as goot , und bedther , us
so manv in dor dimbcr , don't id. " Ras
mus subsided
Ilishl Keep it shady ! Don't give it
away ! Fremont is going to bore for coal.
The Herald tried to "keep it dark , " but
as the ambitions railroad center forty
miles away in determined to become a ,
suburb to Omaha , it was necessary to
procure metropolitan style , notions and
products to make the union with the giant
of the west approach in equality. lut |
Omaha will not insist on a dower with
the reigning hello of Dodge. We'll wel
come her with arms outstretched and
give her "Hail Columbia , all hail. "
Richards , the man who killed McFar-
land in Benkelman last Monday , is iifty-
seven yeurs of ago and partially liar-
alyzod in his right arm anil side. Jlo is
in the Judianola jail. His version of the
row which led to the killing is to the ef
fect that McFarland caught his dog , cov
ered it with turpentine and sent it homo
howling. On Monday Richards met Mc
Farland , accused him of the outrage , and
invited him to whip another dog. Mac
proceeded to accommodate him , and ad
vanced upon him , uttering a vile oath.
Richards had Ids overcoat on , in the out
side pocket of which was a revolver on
which ho placed his hand , telling McFar
land to keep away from him. McFarland
advanced rapidly upon Richards striking
him in the face with Ins list anil grabbed
the hand in which Richards had
the revolver and attempted to
take it away. In the melee which fol
lowed , the revolver was discharged twice ,
when McFi > rland succeeded in getting it
and placing it to Richards' forehead lired
it , but Richards was too quick and dashed
it away in time HO that tiie ball grazed
the top of his head , cutting away some of
the hair. Then followed another tussle
in which McFarland throw Richards from
the sidewalk to the ground , u distance of
about two feet and again placed the re
volver at the lattcr's head , but Richards
succeeded in pushing i * away in time to
avert the bullet. For the tli'ird time Mc
Farland tried to shoot , but Richards
grabbed the revolver , and it was dis
charged down his coat slcovc , the powder
burning his wrist. McFarland hero
straightened up with the remark , "My
( Jed , I'm killed , " and fell to the ground.
More dead than alive , Richards was taken
char o of by the officers , hurried to court ,
and held to the district court , hurriedly
put on the train and brought to ludianola
for safe keeping.
If you are sufl'erinjr with weak or in
flamed eyes , or granulated eyelids you
can be quickly cured by using Dr.
J. 11. McLean's Strongt'ioning ' Kyo
Salvo. 25 cents a box.
Der Gesangvoroin "Omaha Micnner-
chor" held its half year's meeting on Feb.
7th and selected following olHcors : J.
llausner , presidentW. . Schmidt , vice
president ; II. M. linns , treasurer ; A. J.
I'austiau , secretary ; J. Dotterbach ,
archivar ; J. Hackhotf , banner-carrier : II.
Ilakeustoin , director.
Kt. Vltun'rt Dance Cured.
FAKMIKUDALE , L. I. , N ; . Y. , Sopt. 3 , 1835.
1 have boon troubled for several years
with an affection of the nerves which no
doctor or medicine could euro until I
tried HiiANuur.Tii's PILLS. 1 would betaken
taken with a violent pain in the middle
of my spine and my arms and legs would
twitch violently. It acted something
llko St.Vittm Danco.for I couldn't control
my limbs. It would como and go once or
twice a month , lasting two or three days
at u time. Finally , tit the beginning of
ono of my attacks I took live UIIAN-
iwirru's I'ILLS. As soon as they acted
freely I found myself almost yolf. So 1
continued taking thorn for a month ono
or two a night. It is now a year sineo I
have hud an attack , and I attribute my
euro to UuASDiiUTii's TILLS.
FitANcns WOOD.
Captain Whitney , of tim Eighth in-
funtry stationed nt Fort Niobrnra is in
the city. Ho says that the soldiers of the
Kighth infantry who wore formerly sta
tioned in Arizona , feel the extreme cold
weather very much. The change from
thu warm chmato of Arixona is so great
that tlio soldiers suffer intensely.
gwrawjp Tzmrsm
Prepared with strict rciard to Porlty , StTongtJi , ni
HeauUf uloM . Dr. l'rico' Hiking Powder coauias
, Vanllia ,
Ttie only Machine that \vill new backwards ,
and forwards equally well , and Tito TAghlctl
Itunning Sewing Machine in existence.
We desire energetic and responsible dealers
in ycbntulm , Colorado , Wyoming , Jaliota and
Western Iowa.
Jfliouare looking for a eJieapHfacliinc , don't
answer Hits advertisement , but if J/OH want to
handle the Jleal Scwht'i Machine llutl money cnn
buy , address for particulars ,
ing Co.
209 N , 16th SI , , Omaha , Neb ,
Mention Omaiut Dec.
About twenty years ago I discovered a llttlo
sere on my check , and the doctors pronounced
It cancer. I liavo tried a number of physicians ,
but without receiving any permanent benefit.
Among thonumbcr wcro ono or two specialists.
The medicine they applied wns like flro to the
sore , causing Intense pain. I saw a statement
In the papers telling i\ hat S. 8. S. had done for
others similarly mulcted. I procured Bomo nt
Once. Ccforo I had used the rccond bottle the
neighbors could riotlco that my cancer 'was
holing up. } Iy general health bad been bad
for two or three years I had n hacking cough
and spit blood continually. I had n eorcro
pain In my breast. After tatlng six bottles ot
S. S. S. my cough left mo and I grew stouter
thau I had been for several years. Jly cancer
lias bcolcd over all but ft llttlo spot about the
elio of a half dime , and It la rapidly disappear
ing. I would advlso every ons'Wlth tanccr to
give S. S. S. a fair trial.
Aihe Orovu , Tlppccanoo Co. , Ind.
Feb. 1C , 1SS6.
Swift's Bpeclflo Is entirely vegetable , and
ccems to cure cancers by forcing out the Impu-
HUes from the blood. Treatise on TOood and
Skin Diseases mailed free.
WEAK 'bllltatcd thnt
JthU tpeciQcpurpoie.ctlxKov
Infrcfcnf i1 " * linuoui , mtld. ioothlng current * of
ElectricJfAw' Itydirectljr through all weik p.r1ireitor-
IngtnerrrTaf Kf'to health ndA ignroui trenpth. Electric
Current JVJSt-feltlmUntlrornef.irfell In ciih.
UreateitlmprOTementlorer all other beltt. Vi ort r ci Pf r *
mtnentlj cured la ttirrolnomhi. Sealed pamiitiltMc. itamri
Thg Sanden Electric Co. ISO LoSalle it. . Chicaga
Ve\na \ of the hcrotum. wim ( A , „ „ . „ .
/ .Lost Manhood , Oobljjty , * c. ,
ontr / rurri bj tl Elootlo Crotlle-
9O. GhniJUHna. Circuit ttee.
ASSMS7,1S fittest
RESTORED. Avlotlmoi
yuuth/ul iitiprudent rjui > 4c
l'rem .Nurvouj
v w u turo Decay ,
tv , l/x > t Manhood , etc. , luxrlnir tried Ul Taia
_ - tj known remnlv. has dlsoovirM a nlmplu
elf-euro , which ho will inrt fREfitfi hl fellow furTerw
J. 11 AhON. fwt Om < Uul 317B , M w York UltF
j ftuffcrlng from I.aat
luor. N-r ou >
rbllKr , l.nck uf
loHm nt.
* r - i > lur nrrlln .ttc.treaultlHK ( > in InUiicrttiiiiiser
xreK.n .iMr dxvlthuutfltAmnrli SlrHlrlnr . ty tllfl
r.i j liouk > lr o. Sliould lie nad by I'tthers
VST Kf pl fe with Infnnnatlon of relaa to all men.
Mention Omalm Bon.
FliMt l TiJmMt dnrttlt.
. - Aik
fiirlUu. lllMtr > l JC > Ul < t uulMfre * bj tkl MiiubcliUKl ,
kYON O. HEALY , 102 State St. , Chicago.
flClCUCCC its causes , and a now and
IICIirHCiJO PuccessriiM.'I'Ul'.iUj-our own
* * homo hy ono who wns donf twenty olght
years. Trtiatod by moat of the noted apodal-
Ista without bonollt ; cured bimtelf In three
months , end since then hundreds of otliurs.
Full partlouluro sent on nppl cntlon. T. H.
1'AaK , No. 11 Westaifit St. , N ow York City.
I b ve p > ttli > lerard j ( er the iboT * illirite. j by Iti nia
thou Aiid of rtte * uf tlio vor t kltii n < l cr lonK itindlnff
LoTob eneur d Indeod.oattrnnrlimTfaltblQ Itteffleftey
tint I IU i.nd TV O UOrTLBU XHH , tontlur wltb VAL-
UABLKlBB&TttJKon thUdliefti * . tunny in fftror. Olio * x.
| > nu * r. V. taaiwl. Utt. T. A. 6LOCUM , 191 1'onl Bt M. V
On Agent ( Memiunt onlt ) w nti'i1 In prrry town for
Wo hcllovo your "TnnslH's 1'uncU'1 r.o clear to
bo the best in Atnoilca forlUu money ,
W. D. Stw KI.I , & C'o , Junlutn , Neb
anilU's Punch" is the best fin olKiir in the
market. C. M. TOWNM-NI : > ,
Walllti'fordYormont ( ,
Successors to Jno. G. Jacobs ,
Uli3 old stana 1407 Farnam st. Orders
bytelograuh sojcitcd and promptly at-
tendudto. Telephone No. 825.
i Vu iUt rjr cureolo 6u a vt Uy Pn
Triuoomt > lna.
ool/ cue iBtba vrorlaiten r UD
contlauaui flfcIHe tulu
- cvrrmf. ficUntlflc , lowtrful , XJurt
_ tortiblft and JCrlectlT * . Arold fraud * .
Or r D.OOO rurrd. 6 nd hump foi pa
ALSO Ki.Lcif ulii net/fa roa liucAkEi
Dt. HDRHE. luvmos. isi WAJASH AVI. . CHICAGO.
Ill Ul I 1 1 i n Ul i. , , Uun. LO.I
l BtclUf Ufa I U | fru
UJI. A. U. OL1N CO. , . , l1 } WMkly. . . > , ,
UOpiTr .V . * Uft > r * o
Of those Elegant MERCHANT TAILOK Made
At the MISFIT PARLOUS , which are to be sold
regardless of value.
Pairs of those MERCHANT TAILOR Made
Which will be sold REGARDLESS OF COST , in
order to secure room for SPRING STOCK.
See what
"Will buy you for the next few days
Diamonds Fine Silverware
Watches , , Jewelry ,
The largest stock. Prices the lowest. Ropairlnsapociixlty. All work warrant-
ad. Corner Douglas anil 13th streets , Omaha
Licensed Wntohmnkor for the Union 1'ucillc Katlroadcompnny.
The C. E. Mayne Eeal Estate and Trust Co
Property of every description for sale in all parts of the city. Lands for sale lu
very county in Nebraska.
Of Titles of Douglas county kopt. Mans of the city state or county , or any ether
information deairou , furnished frco ot charga upon application.
Only 52.00 reiniired to secure one Koyal Italian 100 francs gold bond. These bond
participate in 225 drawings , four drawings every year ar.d retain their original vaiu
until the year 19 11. Prizes of 2,000,000 1,000,00'J ' , 500,000 &c , francs will be
sides the certainty of receiving back 100 francs in gold , you may win 4 times every year
and so come into possession of a fortune ,
WUhtlO ( ) Ton Dollars aa first payment you oun BOOH ro Kl .WO Austrian ( fovornmont bonds
with8 > erucntinteritet.unduviirlous Kuroionn | jroviTiimont bonds , wlilcli uro drawn Jl time.
| "
Hiiniianywltl"iiriU8iiraoun UnRtiovorKI8ijO.WJ.inl'ii ( oo on ousy inontlily Installinuiiw. Bur
Investmeiu of capltHl Ts tluiJiivoitiMl money must ho paid liaok i ml many cmuicoato win a Ul
prlzo. Mimeyciin bo oontlVyroKislerod letter , money order or by express , and iu return wo wi
orwunl the ilucumetus , For further Information , cull on or address ,
ICiUM.\ : IS.IVKI.CO. . . 05 HroacUvar , Kcw York.
N. n. These bonds are not lottery tickets , and tbo solo Is locally permitted , ( lly lawoflSTSI
Four Xew Novels for IS Cenli
All complete In the HAJ'.CJl NUMHEU of the
Family Library Monthly.
Only 15 Cents. Of till nowBdenlers.or
Offers ( or e | > rnir ! trade a full line of Applet Crabs ,
Cberrtei. lVur . I'luiui. ( ) r pe , Curr ul . ( , ooje-
berrl , llluckl > rrlo .lUi'l | ) rrle .i > trttwl.errle .
Avplerooljfrnfu.eicritreem. fore t tree oetMilliiRS ,
urattmentartreei uud sbrubi , ru e . climbing flues ,
A a. Uetltri uLJull ( uppiled at very w prlcei. Ad *
D. S. Lake. Pro . , p-an& " 1" H. Town.
State Agents
UIMIm ullU o ,
Omaha , Neb.
6ent' ' the HKL1AIU.B fOHTUNli
TBLLiilllla..lX > UDUYIlON > BDUHA.M
1IUOK. 1UC. , PAL.MI8TUY/r > o. All tbroo , 40c.
2C42. Now York City. Bieiautly Uluitratud.
On ( he largo map oC Oiniilia and observe thub the t\vo and onc-lmlf milo
bell from the Oinuhu posloflkc runs south o seutiou 33 mul through
the north end o South Omaha.
And nencil , then get one of J.M. Wolf & Co's maps o Omaha and South
Omaha combined ,
On the string at 13th and Farnam , Oina ha's busines center , and your
pencil on the string at where Bellevue street enters South Omaha from
thu north.
A circle and note -where
Is , and also that many "Additions,1 , "Places" and "Hills" are far
This magic circle.
And think a minute what will make outride properly increase in vnlueP
Is all that will enhance the value o Teal estate other than at South
Omaha. At the latter point we have throe important factors to huild up
and make valuable the property :
First The growth o Omaha , which ha ? and always will follow the
transportation lines.
Second All the great railroads center there , thus making it the best
manufacturing point of any in or near the city ,
Dressed Beef Business i.
and Pork Packing Industr }
Will make a town of themselves.
Ooiny up this year.
A Gigantic Beef Canning Establishment
To bo put into operation at once.
Array your day of grace when you do not get an interest in South Omaha
before a higher appraisment is made. The best locations arc being taken
Make your selections now :
Lots that soU for ? 300 in ISSi cannot now be bought for $3,000. ,
Over the railway track will make safe and splendid thoroughfares between
this city and South Omaha.
Will run to the Stock Yards this year. The minute it does lots will dou
ble in value , as this will aflbrd quick and cheap transportation either by
Dummy , Cable or Horse Cars.
For further information , maps , price lists , and descriptive circulars ,
address ,
3F *
' 1
Agent for the South Omaha Land Company ,
N , W. Cor. 15th and Harney.