Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, February 11, 1887, Page 6, Image 6

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Delivered tjcurrier In Hnrpartof the city nt
twenty cents per week.
H. TV. TILTON , . . . Manager.
BFMHTM Omci , No. 13.
N. Y. Plumbing Co.
Good ice nt rink to-night.
Hand concert at Ice rink to-night.
Heavy suits cheap to order nt Keller's.
Choice acre property. M. H. Myers
* Co.
Grand limo at the ice rink tonight.
Oiimha Addition is the finest yet plat
ted. Ociell Bros. & Co.
To realize a liantlsomo profit buy sonio
Omaha addition lots , Udell Bros. As Co.
J.V. . & K. L. Squire's abstracts arc
glvitiR ( jood satisfaction.
Band concer. Sccuro skatus sarly.
Michael Stro oH' will 1111 the opera
house to-night.
Supper to-nipht at 0 o'clock at MUs
Laura I * . Baldwin's.
1'nul'fl mldition lots will double In
value in less than SO days. Get ono at
Leave to wet ! I win yesterday given to
It. A. Markluyand Esther Cithrow , both
Of OlU'.llia
A Lavenborpc is to glvt' a social hop in
his hall in Jlnrdln township on the oven-
Infiof lliuS'Jd.
The best record on sales ynl innjlc is
that in Omaha uddition , Udell Bros. & Co.
Udell Bros. & Co. luivo leased part of
the Schickatan/ residence for their loan
and Insurance business.
Yoakum & Co. have for sale 32 } acres
within half a mile of the city limits nt
1(125 ( tier acre. A choieo bargain.
The coming thoroughfare between
Omaha anil Council Bluffs runs through
Omaha Addition. Odoll Bros & Co.
Squire's Park addition is a sum invest
ment. 1'acilic ! W mn > will bo built up
with store buildings within si your.
Why does Paul's addition lots soli so
quick ? Because they are the best in the
market. Day controls Paul's ' addition.
The remains of Mrs. .Jacob Korth were
taken to 1' , on the Milwaukee
nnd St. Paul road yesterday , there to bo
laid at rest.
Ifofreshiuents eryed from ( j o'clock
until 8 at the entertainment at Miss Laura
Baldwin's to-night. Admission and
supper 25 cents.
The storm of sleet yesterday did not
tiectn to interfere greatly with the boom.
It isn't the sort of a boom to bo effected
by wind or weather.
Miss M. T. Schott has taken the agency
for tlio Domestic machines , and O. ( J.
Finloy , of Hamburg , who is an cxper-
icnccdhand , in this line of business , will
assist in the outside business.
Mrs. M. K Smith , corner of Hist avo-
nnc and Eighth street , assisted by Mrs.
Saunders , will cntnrtmn the Episcopal
church sociable on Friday , February llth.
Ladicd at a o'clock. Gentlemen at 0
o'clock , for tea.
In the district court yesterday a motion
was arjiucd for n new trial in the enso of
Ueobo & Co. against the Equitable Life
association of Waterloo. It was taken
under advisement.
Mr Forrest , the evangelist , has been
compelled to rest on account of his throat
giving out , but ho has rallied and is at it
again , enthusing audiences uightlv in
the Methodist church.
Thcro promises to bo some turf sport
here this season. Marshalltown , Cedar
Kapids and Council Jiliills have formed a
circuit. Tlio time assigned for the meet
ing hero is July 4 to 7 inclusive. The
purses are to bo f GOO.
The funeral of Mrs. " O. Ehrig will beheld
held this afternoon at 2 o'clock , at tlio
residence on Bluff street. The store of
Bpotman He Bro. will bo closed this after
noon , the deceased being the mother of
ftlrs. W. C. Spotman.
The lire department was call cd out nt
3 o'clock yesterday morning by tlio burn
ing of a little rosdence [ south of the Wabash -
bash depot , on Eighth street. The house
was wholly destroyed , together with most
of the contents. Cause , a defective lluo.
There arc only nine prisoners in the
county jail now. The number will bo
kept lower than in the years past , not
because people are growing so much bet
tor , but because the court meets more-
frequently , the cases being disposed ol
more speedily.
It is understood that as soon as Doputv
United States Marshal EdwardTroutman
can clear up the hiibinchs now in his
hands ho will resign the ollico , so as to
give his whole time and attention to the
real estate business. There will bo
numerous applications tor his position.
N. E. Lciunan & Co. is the style of the
now commission linn which have leased
ths Mynster building. Mr. Loaman is an
old-timer in this business and has a In mo
circle of business acquaintances in this
city anil throughout Iowa , having been
n member of the linn of Snyder & Lea-
man until their dissolution on Wednes
day last.
W. 11. Gates , alias Jefferson , and Ed
Wilson , two colored youths , were taking
in the town nnd calling at various place ;
of loud reputation. Their actions aroused
the suspicions of the police , who in ail o
them stop behind the liars and wait for
daylight. They showed up to uo two
minstrels who wcro trying to organize n
ehow horn , or secure a Tinll , nnd they
were turned loose again.
It Is rumored that Allison , the young
man arrested for stealing jewelry be
longing to Mrs. Phillips , of the Ogilon
house , is said to have been concerned in
n like affair at Sioux City lately. It is
auspecled that ho took the jowely from
hero and planted it in Omaha by aid o
nn accomplice. The ollicors are hunting
sharp for evidence , and are conlideni
that they will got closer track of the
missing property.
Thomas Kirk and I ) . S. Vanovor , two
young mon , are in the city jail on sus
picion of having stolen two horses wide !
they wore hurriedly taking across the
river when they were overhauled. The
police claim to have a doscriution of two
stolen steeds which answers closely thai
of the two found 'with the prisoners
They give n straight story as to who am
what they are , anil make fair offers to
support their statements with evidence
The matter is being investigated more
fully botoro cither a charge is laid against
thorn or they are lot go.
' The saloon injunction cases are stil
pending in the district court. In the case
of Charles Burgluuiser allidnvits were
filed to hho\v that ho was not in business
and could not and did not sell liquors as
claimed in the allidavits of the two wit
nesses for the state. In thocaso brou"h
Bgainst Kramer ntlidayits were Hied to
show that ho was not even a resident o
the state , and had not boon for a year
nnd hence the same witnesses wore a
least mistaken about him selling then
any drinks , The motion to change cases
to tlio federal court is still under advise
List your property with Matthews
McCrary & Co. , 0J ( Broadway.
E.V. . Raymond is now ready for bus !
pess in real estate , north Main btreot
near Broadway. Business lots ni-arl
opposite Masonic , tumplo. Busincs
' property corner Vmo nnd Market
UrcoU. LoU , acre property , houses am
; ots In various parts of the city , am
'arms noarcit'y. .
They Are All Bnsy Buying , Selling nnd
Figuring Profits ,
An Informal IJonrcl ol Public Im
provements 1 lie Council Holds
n Caucus Mlclincl Stro
gofT T
Getting to
The extreme excitement caused by the
suddenness with which the boom struck
his city , has begun to subside enough for
juycrs and sellers to look at matters in n
more rational light. The real estate
; ratisactions are getting onto a business
sls , and there is loss of options and
loss betting , but moro bona-lido pur
chases and genuine investments. Still
there is a very feverish state of feeling ,
and the enthusiasm has ripened into a
confidence that the boom will keep up for
long time. Those who a few days ago
felt that it was liable to get away , and
that they must therefore make quick
turns or none at all , now settle down to
the unshaken believe that there will bo
from tins time onva steady increase in
prices. It is now conceded by the most
limid ones that there are enough im
provements assured , work on which will
cominonco so soon as the weather per
mits , to Keep the boom well fed. The fact
that there is hardly a house for rent and
that many now comers are Hocking in , is
an evidence that theie is need of moro
buildings , and capital will hasten to sup
ply this need.
Those interest rd in the building of a
new hotel should , at as cany a date as
practicable , perfect their plans , so that
the public may bo enabled to know what
sort of a structure it is to bo. A picture
showing what the now hotel will be , wijl
bo watched for with eagerness. Hurry it
up by all means.
Henry Wagner has purchased lots 0
and 7. block 21 , Beers' Mil ) for $1.230.
William Moore yestoiday purchased of
William Butler , of Clarimla , In. , fifty feet
on Broadway , just west of the new gov
ernment building.
A. Lavcnberg , the postmaster at
rmour , yesterday purchased a house
and three loU in Burns' ' addition.
Tim following transfers were liled for
record yesterday :
James Moir to Henry Eiscman , trustee ,
Pacific house ; $30,000.
K. Hosrcrans and wife to W. (5. Wilson ,
lots r . 0 and 7 , sub of original plat lot
181 ; * 1,500.
Fr-uik Cook 10 Joel Eaton , lot 0 , bile 20 ,
Burns' add ; $150.
Itobcrt McKcn/.io and wife to J. B.
Fall , lots 5. 0 , 10 , 17 , 21 and 82 , blk 30 ,
Central sub ; ijl-110.
J. P. Casady and wife and J. N. Casany
and wife to 1) . and A. Goldstein and M.
Marcus , lots 15 and 1U , blk 1-1 , Beers' sub :
$700.Mary E. Haines and husband to John
J. llardin. lots 7 , 8 , 15 and 10 , blk SI ,
Kiddle's sub ; sfr.,000. .
J. P. Casady and wife to John Scluckc-
innx , lot IS , blk S3 , Beers' sub ; $100.
Benjamin Winchester and wife to Cal
vin A. Becbe , pt sw j , lit , 7513 ; $0,000.
William Seidentopf and wife to A. T.
Flickinger , blk ' , ' 5 , exclusive of lots 17
and 18 , Brown's sub ; $1,000.
11. E. Day and husband to M.E. Fuller.
lot 2 , blk 17 , Bayliss As Palmer's add ; * I00. !
Ford. Wcis and wife to Palmer K. Bel-
don and Win. A. Higgins , lots 1 , 2 , S and
4 , blk (5 , Hagg's add ; iROOO.
Georco A. Kichart to Eliza Richart , n }
swj 10 , 70I1. ' , and lots IS , 14 and 17 , blk
(5 ( , Underwood ; $5,500.
Blairtown Lot and Land Co. to M. E.
Fuller , lot 2 , blk 17 , Hall's add ; $150.
S. W. Whcolock and wife to Henry Cof-
feon , lot 7. blk 4 , sub Kiddle tract ; $250.
\V. W. Hanthorn to F. A. Spraguc , lot
3 , blk 2 , Everett's add ; $100.
Chas. Greenleaf and wife to James K.
llice , lot 14. blk ! ) , Jackson's add ; f 0,000.
A. T. Flickinger and wife to Charles
Thompson , lot 15 , bl'k 20 , Burns' add ; $200.
'Ihoinas Mackland and wife to ( j. A.
Holmes and L. P. .Judson , pt. nj s\vj 19 ,
75. 4t ! ; $1,050.
B. G. Idslcin and wife , A. Goldstein nnd
wife , M. Marcus and wife to I. M. Moss
ier , lots 10 and 10 , blk 14 , Beers' sub ; $850.
Charles Baughan and wife to Ira Gra-
feon , pt Iot4 , blk 3 , Bayliss' 1st add ; $2,700.
J. A. Murphy and wife to William Ma-
lonev , lots 4 and 5 , blk 1 , Bayliss' 3d add ;
$100.Henry Lorentz and wife to C. 11.
Holmes , lot 11 , blk 5 , McMahon , Cooper
& Jeffries1 add ; if 100.
A. T. Flickingor and wife to 1'red El-
sheimer , lot 5 , blk 2 , Mnllin's sub ; $ : 'SO.
B. Henry Urbalms and wife to Graf ,
no } 21-77-41 , $5,400.
August Sigismund to Robert F. Rain
and Benedict A. Hagir , n } sw } 21 , and ej
no } and no } so } , 20-75-12 ; $1,000. ,
George F. Hughes to G. G. Hall , lot 1C ,
blk 17 , Beers' sub ; $700.
Albert Clark to E. C. Cole , part lot 181
original plat lot ; $11,700.
bainucl Hughes to J. H. Pace , lot 3 , blk
24 , Boers' sub ; $000.
John T. Baldwin and wife to Gertrude
M. Piihoy. lot 10 , blk 11 , Beers' sub ; $100.
J. J. Shea and wife to Matthew J.
Greeny , lot 4 , blk 10 , Bryant & Clark's
add ; $200.
C. U. Scotland wife to J.J. Shea , s 1
lot 2 , Mill add ; $350.
Ira Grayson and wife to R. L. Wil
liams , pt lot 4 , blk 3 , Bayliss' 1st add-
Charles Baugan nnd wife to M. I. Per-
cgoy , pt lots 11 and 12 , blk 11 , Bayliss'
1st add ; $5,000.
Robert McKenzie and wife to O. H.
Greenwood , lots 15 , 10 and 17 , blk 33 , lots
1'J and 20. blk 81 , Central sub ; $1,300.
J. M. Palmer and wife to John Hill , lot
0 , blk S3 , Railroad add ; $25.
Blairtown Lot and Land company to
Thomas Motoalf and W. W. Hanthorn ,
lots 0 and 7 , blk 24 , Howard's add ; $100.
L , M. Kohl and wife to Mueller Mnsio
company , lot 10 , blk 27 , Boor's sub ; $ ( iOO.
Maria Mynster to Thomas Macklaud ,
nov J sw } It ) , 7S , 43 ; $125.
Pacific house is the nearest hotel to the
majority of real estate offices in the city.
$2.1)0 ) per day.
For Sale Ten-aero lots in sootion 18
near the poor farm , $300 per aero ,
Forty acres three-quarters of n milo
from Union Elevator. $300 per acre.
Fifty.six acres one-half mile east of the
Rock Island depot ; elegant property for
city purposes.
820 acres ono mile nnd a quarter from
Union Pacific hotel.
200 acres land two nnd n quarter miles
from Pacific house $200 per acre.
Lots in Midland addition , near Broad
way , $000 each ,
Sixty-six acres on Grand avenue , $300
per aero ; this would make a good addi
tion. Prices subject to change without
notice. Apply to
A Hoiirit of I'ulillo Works.
The city council scorns disposed to net
in nccordanco with the evident desire of
the citizens to push needed improve-
wonts to a speedy completion. The
ordering of the pavi.ig of Broadway to
the river is an instance. The action
taken to secure ground for the erection
Of a suitable city hull js mill another.
The preliminary work for tlio levee is
still another. U isevidcnt that the coun
cil proposes to keep apace of tiie boom ,
and the public improvements are not V )
bo allowed to lag. The council has
taken another notion which is of consid
erable importance. It has selected three
well-known and responsible citizens ,
heavy taxpayers , to serve as nn advisory
committee to | ict cojolntly with the three
aldermen who hold over this year. The
aldermen are Dauforth , Hammer nnd
Keller. The three citizens are T. J.
Evans , N. P. Dodge and George F.
Wright. The importance of prompt ac
tion , the extent of Improvements contem
plated , the interests of the city thus in
volved , and the absence of any such or
ganization as n board of public works ,
has led to this action. The citizens
named , together with the aldermen who
hold over another year , nro to form , in
fact , n sort of board of public improve
ments. It is really only an advisory
Doily , but the council will bo glad to
lia > o some such body to offer suirgcs-
tio'np and share the responsibility before
the public ,
Best grades Iowa soft lump coal , $3 per
ton at yard ; * 3.50 delivered. C. B. Fuel
Co. , 03'J Bioadway. Telephone 130.
A lot of first-class mules on sale at
Schlcutcr & Boloy's Star barn , 1,000 to
1,500 pounds , and four to six years old.
To Contractors nnd HulUlor. " .
Proposals will bo received by the under
signed until the 23d of next month for the
building of the now Catholic church-
Plans and specifications may bo seen at
the pastoral residence. The right is re
served to reject any or all proposalo.
B. P. MoMr.No.MY , Pastor.
Michael Stro oU" To > Mg1it.
This evening the amusement public is
promised a rare treat at the opera house ,
it presentation of "Michael
" Charles L. Andrews'
Strogolf" by com
bination and Minuet carnival company ,
with the eminent heroic aelorF.C. Bangs.
"Michael Strogoll" is ono of the greatest
spectacular plays ever put on the stage.
It has delighted Paris for two years ,
London for over a year , and for four
years has boon prc-cnted with success in
tins country , having a run of 200 nights
in Now York , twelve weeks in Chicago ,
and other cities proportionately. The
company is said to parry a wonderful
amount of scenery with which to make
the spectacular features asirreat as possi
ble Aside from this feature of the on-
tortainmeiit the play itself is strong , and
while it is long , taking nearly three
hours , it holds any Miilieneo , and the en
thusiasm does not diminish. There is a
rich vein of humor which al o runs
through the play , the comedy part being
largely in the hands ol two newspaper
reporters , whoso experiences are very
are not a cent cheaper than lots in
Omaha Addition at the present price , be
cause they are worth moro than double
the money and some of those who read
thih will be glad to get thorn at an ad
vanced figure before many days.
Omaha addition is sure to bo TIM : addition - '
dition from first to last. It was the lirst
purchased when the whole town could
bo had at ante-boom prices , and has been
the selling addition over since. It is
the connecting link between the two
cities and the coming great thorough
fares pass by and through Omnlin ml
dition. We want to show you the ground
ami have team in waiting at our ollico to
carry customers to view the properly.
Omu , BUGS. & Co. ,
Ko. 103 Pearl street , Council Bluffs.
Wo have forty or lift } ' head of fine
mules , for all purposes , for sale at our
"Star Stables. " SCIII.UTKII > fe BOI.KV.
At the Pacific house yon will save from
cents to $1 per day. Try it and be
nvinced .
Dr. llnnchett , office No. 12 Pearl street ;
residence , 120 Fourth street ; telephone
No. 10.
I'repnrc 10 Vote.
The following are the places and the
boards selected for the registration of
voters. The work will commence next
Tuesday and continue five days :
First ward E B. Gardiner and E. A.
Wickham , registrars ; at Swan's packing
house on upper Broadway.
Second ward A. T. 'Whittlesoy and
John Fey , registrars ; at John Dohany's
livery oilico on Bryant street.
Third ward Geo. F. Smith and P. Lacy ,
registrars ; at llattenhnuer'b camagoshop
ollico on Fourth street.
Fourth ward First precinct , consisting
of that portion of the Fourth ward lying
north of Ninth avenue. J. M. Shea
and C. B. Waite , registrars ; at No. 535
Fourth ward Second precinct , consist
ing of that portion of the Fourth ward
lying bouth of Ninth avenue. M. Do
( iroat and A. L. Kahlp , registrars ; at
Kelloy's hotel on South Main street.
L. B. Crafts & Co. , are loaning money
on nil classes of chattel securities at one-
half their former rates. See them before
securing your loans.
When you are in the city stop at tno
Pacific house. Street cars pass the door
every fifteen minutes for all the depots.
Meals 50 cents.
All orders from real estate brokers for
job printing will receive immediate and
careful attention nt Pryor's Bui : job
oflico. _
A Caucus of ( he Council.
The city. council was yesterday in
secret session as n committee of the
whole , to informally discuss various mat
ters of interest. Among the bubjeets
considered was the Tenth nvenno project *
It is bullovcd that in view of the recent
change in the outlook for this season ,
there will bo Homo steps taken to encour
age the building of a union depot and
another freight house. The proposed
laying of a water main to the transfer as
petitioned for the other night was also
being dbcussed. In fact numerous mat
ters now pending before the council wore
talked over so that when the aldermen
meet as a council next Monday night
they will bo able to proceed with busi
ness , without wasting any time in long
discussions and exchanges of views ,
Electric door bolls , burglar alarms and
every form of domestic electrical appli
ances nt the Now York Plumbing Co.
SPCIII-O n iMt Before tlio Next Ailvanco
in I'riocH ,
Remombcr Broadway is to bo paved to
the river and other oxtonsuo permanent
improvements are to bo made which will
boom prices4 > n all property.Vohavo \
the largest list in the city of lots in all
additions. Give us n call and wo will bo
glad to show you all property wo have
for oalo. Wo also have some choice acre
age property loft.
000 Broailway. Council Bluffs , la.
ItarualiiN I'or To-Day.
Full lot and six-room house on Avenue
A , near Tenth btreot $2,000.
Wo have some of those lots facing
Urotulxvay in Benson's second addition at
$0'JU. They will bo $1,000 before ton
days. Call and buy ono or moro of those ,
as they cannot bo beat for a speculation.
Broadway lias been ordered paved to the
Eighty acres within ono milo of the
business center for $500 per aero , terms
very easy. This land i # very nice and
cannot bo beaten as to location , lay of
laud , etc ,
Wo huvo only two lots left Iu Curtis
& Ramsey's addition nt the low priced wo
have been offering thorn.
Twenty acres in Rico's sub-division
very chenp.
hots in Railroad addition.
Bargains in all parts of the city.
COMVANV , No. 502 Buo.unvAY.
Another Itlg Snlc.
A syndicate yesterday purchased the
Gregg tract of 40 acres , paying therefor
Jofferis' replat of Lots 1 and 3 of Al
bright's choice , 5-8 milo south of Ham
mond's packing house , South Omaha , on
main line of Union Pacific railroad.
Choice lots in Omaha addition will bo
placed on sale by Crosslaud X : Otis to-
dny.List W
List your property with YoaKiim & Co.
For Choice Bargains sco Yoaknm &
Co. , over First National bank.
Substantial abstracts of titles and real
estate loans. J. W. & E. L. Squire. No.
101 Pearl street , Council Bluffs.
For S.ilc A now city ma ) ) of Council
Bluffs. Inquire at Herald olllcc.
Two sealskin caps ami two overcoats
were sneaked from the Ogilou house last
night. A sealskin cap was alno stolen
from the Paoilie hou o. The police have
arrested Charles McLoud on suspicion.
Last cvcnim : Mis. II. W. Hart and Mrs.
J. D. EdinuniUon entertained a party of
their Irieiids at their home on Willow
avenue. The parlors were beautifully
decorated with ( lowers. An orchestra in
the upper halhvay discoursed sweet
music. A sumptuous repast was spread ,
and all the details were elegant.
Ppccln ! mtvurtleoincnts. such ns Lost , To tnd
7ol.omi , Tor Bile , 'lo Hunt , nnH , Honiiilnir ,
etc , 111 liolnscrtivl In this column llm low
rntoofTUNCKNTSI'mt titNU forihoilrpt liner-
Ionntid I-'lvoContal'crMnoforpAcli 8Ubsoiiiuut |
ln L > rtiou. Iciivu nJvoillsouipnts nt our ullico
No. 11 ! Venl street , noir Uroailwar , Council
\\7ANTii : ) A K ' 0tl pill for nonornf 1)01130-
work. Inquire 10U Fourth street.
"T71OK SAIiK A well improved fiirm..V ) ucres.
-t" Including " 0 ucros of timber , Rituutod in
HOB Creek to\vn lnp. I'nttnuattmnlo county ;
1W norea In suction 31 , Imlmteo lyliiff lust west
thereof. Inquire on premises of Theodore
WANTRI ) A flrst-clafT Rlrl with first-class
wiitlnr. reference" " . No otliors need apply.
Apply nt No. 6:37 : 1'ourth street , Council Illulls.
FOH SALK Choice , smooth , unimproved 16(1 (
acres elo o to llrnlnnnl , in llutlcr county ,
Nelircukn. Will iflvn Inrno discount troin prud
ent vnluo for cnsli. Addr < w Iliititmir , Kiinrnn
& JOIIP * . David City , Nob. , or W. J. , lleo ollicc.
Council Illulls , In.
FOItSAliK At ntmrRiiln. 2iV > ncroiwllh line
linpro\oiiiPMti , sl\ mile ? en t of Council
Illuirs. 1'ileolow nnd nil the time needed. In
quire of T.V. . Vim Sciot or , Council Illulls.
rOUSAI.R If tnkcn thlsuecK A flvo room
house on Filth e\onuo , nenr dummy
depot. Tin ) ] street , sldi-wulk nnd lot tilled to
Krndo. I'rlco Jll.l ) . Knsy terms. Address
Lot. llco ollicc , Council llluirs.
FOK SAI.H-in Here lot In section 18 , near
poor farm , f 1JQ per ttciu.
40 ncresthtee-nimrtors ol n mile from Union
olovutcr , f iCK ! ) per Here.
M ncros one-hull milo east of Hook lelnnd
depot , olnwanl property far city purposes
; i-0 iicrei OMO milo nnd one-mmrtcr from
Union Pnelllc hotel.
200 acres land tire nnd one-half miles from
Pacific house , f'-WH per aero.
lxti in .Midland mldition , near Uroadwny ,
fCOD each.
Bil ncroion Ornnd A nue. $300per ncro ; this-
would m kp n Kood aclmtion.
1'ricn subject to clmngu without notice. Ap
ply to Horace Kverott.
T7OH SAW-Tho : business nnd furnlturo or
13 Hotel Denmark No ( L'J nnd 6'.M llrondnny.
, y on ptomises. Itonaons for selllmr. prev
App'ropriotorvHuea ' to leave city. I'eterhon
cut p
A fine two-story brief : lionsc with
ten rooms , situated on elevation , th
FIXKSTotiJtrouaivau , lot 103 fret
on JSroatlwd2JO ] feet on State
street and JUt feet on 1'lcrcc street ,
Price Only
cars run In front of this
tract , and JtrtHidwaji Is pared with
cedar blorlii. lite land Itself Is
worth more than the price asked for
the whole.
( tern prapfrtu < ni Frunlilln uvcniic
very low.
30 acres Joining the city limits near
Grcendale , t'ViM ' ) ? per acn :
177 acres tire and one-half miles
east of the cilif , ftfiO per acre.
fiO acres at $ < > O per acre.
XO acres one-half mile north of tint
city limits , near Jiroailway , at
Residence Properly , Business
Properly , Cheap !
CITY I'Kitr LOU" .
W. O. STACY & CO , ,
Real Estate Brokers ,
JYb 9.Maln stn C
Ladies' ' and CfTdrens' '
Arc have succeeded in pur-
nt nn
Extraordinary Bargain
A largo quantity of Muslin Un
derwear , Childrens' Dresses ,
Aprons , etc. , which we have di
vided into two lots , and to make
quick sales will sell them nb
25c Consists of
Ladies1 "Night Robes , Chemises ,
Drawers , Corset Covers , Long
White Aprons , Children1 White
and Red Msthcr Ilubbard
Dresses , Drawers and Infants'
Slips. These garments are well
made and warranted pcrsccfc.
Lot 3. 2
50c. Consists of
Ladies Night Dresses , Skirts ,
Chemise , Drawers , Corset Cov
ers and Childrens1 White and
Turkey Red Dresses.
All trimmed with Linen Torchon
laco. Such garments as these are
usually sold for 75c to $1.
Wo take great pleasure in plac
ing this immense purchase be
fore our customers and invite an
early call , as we believe this to
the greatest bargain in Muslin
Underwear nnd Childrens Dress
es ever offered in this city.
. 31-1 , Via , ; t8 ami ! S2O Jlroail
t Council JiluJt'ti ,
All fresh good well made , full
sizes , good shapes , nnd warranted
free free from imperfections.
Next Advance in Prices
Kcmcmbor Broadwvy is to ue paved to the river , and ethel
extensive permanent improvements are to bo made , which will
uoom prices on all property. "Wo have the largest list in thd
oity of lots in all Additions. Give us a call , and wo will bo
glad to show you all property wo have for sale.Vo \ also have
some choice acreage property loft.
506 Broadway , Council Bluffs ,
First National Bank Building , Council Bluffs , Iowa ,
Vacant Lots , L < nids , City Jtcsltlcuccs and Minns , acre jiropcrty hi
western part of city. All selling cheap to make room for spring stock.
Real Estate and Insurance Agent.
Jtootn S , over O/Jlccr < 0 J'usej/'H lianh ; Council
Star Sale Stables and Mule Yards ,
Oppoblto Dummy Depot.
(7 ( Horses and mules leapt constantly on
hnnil , for sale rtt retail or in car loads.
Orders promptly filled by contract on
short notice. Slock sold on commission.
Siiu'TKit & HOI.BV , Proprietors.
Tolopliono No. 114.
Formerly of Kcil Srtlo Stables , corner
1st. iivo. and -Itli fatreet.
Ketnblishcd 1857
R. RICE , M. D. ,
Anntono Or otburTuimiM removed without
Lufjcers , [ ,0 unlfo orilruwlnirof blood.
Over thiity yoni-H practirnluzporleiico.
No. 11 I'cmrlSt. , Council lllutl * .
fj/ Consultation froo.
EngineBrSuriieyorMap , , Publisher
No. 11 North Main St.
City and couiilf miptof Cltloi anil countlej In
western | owii.Nlir.ukuaiid ! Kun j .
Geo. S. Miller & F. II. Tobey ,
Oflico over 1st National Hank , cor. Main
ami Hroadway.
If you want ostlmntos or tilnns for lirldgo
irorKfoundation , sewora , trraainir or survey.
lniin < l platting , cull upon Ilium. All work
given prompt attention.
Justice of the Peace
Office over American E
riNU'.y iii'iirci : . 01:01101 : : w. iiu
it never & in
GOt liroatliray , UjiSlairs ,
ConncllJltiiffs ,
Justice of the Peace ,
115 IJi'omlxvay , Council UluHV.
Refers to any bank or business lioiiao iu
the city.
Collections a specialty.
JOHN r. di'.vj 11.1 i i
Practice hi the State and Federal conrt
Uooms 7 and 8 Shutfart-Huno blo k.
Horses and Mules
For all purposes , bought and sold , at retail
and in lots. Lar c quantities to select
from Several palm of fine drivers , single -
gle or double.
Council liliilln.
J ) . H. MoDAKKU ) & CO. ,
| i : utn iioJ I&M. )
Nn. i MHln Htrt-i't. i i i Council Ilhiffi.
The enl > hotel in Council lilull' < > having
Fire Esoa/pe
And all tnoJcrn improvements ,
aiO , 817 and 210 Main st.
MAX MO UN , Prop.
1514 Douglas St. , Omaha.
Lad ifbbu\uig a S hatbonnctjOf one far u
will be paid , $10 , tound ( rip.