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while monopoly * continues to pool and fleece.
\V hlle the railroads throughout the union ,
and their federated associates In manufacture
nunually earn CO to 49 per cent , the
land owners are compelled to put up
with 1 nnd 2 per cent. When they
complain of this Injustice , they are told
to raise more corn and hogs and less " hcol. "
It will not require a very aireful nnaljsls of
the Mntistic.s of this state to show that them
IB a ireniiliin cause of compliuit on queAlotis
which affect a very largo proportion ot our
On paoMof our Legislative Manual , the
If tolal value of .Nebraska's agricultural pro-
Ik ducts Is placed at the gross sum of 9. > i,033,022.
IF These figures form a very Imposing anay ,
but before vvo get through with multlpllca-
tlon , subtraction and division , they are de
cidedly minified. They develop the fact of a
criminal neghct on the jnrt of past legisla
tures which I hope will not DO necessarily
charged to this.
Heloro accepllng the figures of the
manual , let us Investigate for ourselves
nnd compare notes. Its multiplication has
been patriotically attended to , but Its
subtraction has been sadly neglected. The
filate board of apiculture reports thu entire
. nmouut or grain raised In Ib85 as follows :
It Kinds Hiishels Trice Total
r Wheat 19,030M .50' S 3MIOO , ! )
Corn : : .15 wm.'J"
Oats ! M , 73,20.1 .10 8.U77 , < il3
Barley 4Gntj3J .25 1,1C1-2.J
Kvo 3,7TO,3JO .23 M ffM
Flax seed. . . . OSr,2. 4 1.00 r > 27.2. > t
1'otatoesI.TKI.OOO .23 1,087.7.10
llecf. lS4iOi,000 : Ibs , .O'ltf 4,347,000
Total gross value S4U,3.Mi2J
Ills not unreasonable to estimate thu dairy ,
poultry and miscellaneous products at an
amount , .sufllclent to enable us to agice with
the X'aUX > , Vl estimate furnished in our
Now , It will Hkc 2.V,000 ) horses or mules to
work ttio 100,000 tarmsIn Xcbra ka. It will
taku nn average of twenty bushels of corn
and twenty bushels of oats oteli to feed a
work horse ono j ear , or 5,000,000 bushels per
At 10 cents a bushel for corn and 15 for
oats , will requlro a reduction of 1,550,000.
( irantliiir that It takes onu bushel of corn to
plant oliiht acres , and three bushels of oats to
HOW an acre , calls for another reduction of
{ MOO.'yi To feed and fatten our cattle , at
'JO bushels p r head par annum , will requlro
JiS.bOVi-io bushels of corn , valued at 15ctints ,
calls for another reduction of SU,41U,510.
block men and farmers all agree that , Irom
plghood until tlm tlmo It goes into the pork
barret , a hog will eat on the average
of eighteen bushels of corn. This
calls for another | reduction of 30,084,710.
To sow 1,218,475 acres to wheat will require
1D10U& ! bushels , worthS' > iU,5il. ( To sow
G5,72S acres to llax will require 33bC4 , or
S4UKK5. These Items are a part of each year's
permanent Investment , and make a total sum
of Sia.aVMlX ) . leaving a pltllul sum ot SW-
072,4'ito bo divided among thu 100,000 Ne
braska farmers an average of SS'JO.TJ.
Thu farmer has not had his living fruo out
of this , as some optimists fondly Imagine.
This amount simply represents the actual
cash value of their gross products. Not a
penny for gmb Is found in this calculation.
\VlfI \ any one say that 5200 apiece Is too
much to allow these men lor their labor ? It
is only a dollar per day for liOO working davs.
It Is depended upon to purchase fuel , fo'od
and clothing for an average family of r v.
How would von guntlomuu llko to work
hard yoodays In the jear , nay all the wear
nnd tear ot machinery , and taxes required on
n one-fifth valuation , on 53,410 wortli of
property , with only 3Uti.72 to do It with.
Accoidlng to our manual the total value of
Nebraska farms mo placed at S itt.'JJG.iJOO.
Accepting tlio cash value per head of our
horses and mules , as estimated by the de
partment of agriculture at Washington our
horses only , actually in service on thu farms ,
represents SUO.OOO.OOO.
If we allow each farm SliOO worth of ma
chinery , wo llnd 830,000,000 tied up here ,
making a total investment of 5341,000,000.
This makes an average of 3J,410to each farm
er.For the snko of comparison let us take a
look at the condition of our few manufac
tories. This same manual reports -.Nil estab
lishments In the state of Nebraska , valued at
Each establishment represents an average
investment of 84.447. TIM total value ot the
product Is reported at S4'J,387,970. The cost
ot labor and raw material Is given at S.)2,5b9- )
310. Net uroht , after deducting cost of labor
and raw material , 810,708,760.
As the capital Invested is only 812,750,000.
wt ) find that Nebraska manufacturers earned
84 per cent , BS against the farmers' 2.&MOO
of 1 per cent. This is to say that SI Invested
in manufactures shall earn nioro than twen-
tr-nin and a half times as much as SI in
vested In farm property ,
Lotus take ono moro loving squint at the
railroads before tearing ourselves away from
the subject. The amount piid out for labor
on the part ot Nebraska railroads last
year hardly exceeded 84,000,000 , which In
cluded some BVl.OOOper annum for presidents
a fair to medium .sin-Inkling of political at
torneys , at 810,000 with a tan acre Held full
ot lobbyists. At their actual cash value the
railroad system of Nebraska oiuht not to
cost ? : ,000.0'JO. Their earnings over the
costof labor , was a trifle over eleven millions.
Hero wo find an average earning of 33 pur
cunt. A dollar Invested in railroads In Ne
braska Is allowed , by combination , and tlio
graclousness of Nebraska legislatures , to have
an Interest drawing capacity ot cloven and
two-thirds times greater than the farmeis'
In 180001 , the farmers earned an annual
gross sum of over 8700 per capita. Today ,
owing to the multiplicity of rings and combi
nations , they are not earning four-tenths of
that amount. And yet , characterless moun
tebanks stand around these lohbvs and stulf
greenhorns with the Idea that the farmers uio
trettlng rich.
Important Hnrlx-d Wire DoclHlon.
ST. Louis , Feb. 8. United States District
Jud.10 Treat rendered a decision in ono of
the most celebrated manufacturing cases
which has of late years been In the courts ,
that ot the Iowa Steel B rbed Wire company ,
of Aiarshalltown , la. , against the Southern
Barbed Wire company , ot Sr Louis. The de
cision was against the local comnany. declar
ing that the Hess patent forbaibed wire man
ufacturing , under which the St. Louis com
pany was operating , was an infringement
upo.i the Uurnell patent held by the Mar-
Bhall'own company. This suit has been
pending for three years , and the decision of
Judge Treat Is regared by lawyers as the
most important wire litigation since the do-
rlsion of Judge Drnmmond at Chicago In the
Ullddon case of lbS4.
.Storms and Fninlno In Montana.
CHICAGO , Feb. 8. A special dispatch
from Fort bhaw , .Montana , sa > s : There
wasahuavy snow storm Sunday night ex
tending throuih northern Montana , from
north of Foil Asslnabolno to Fort Shaw.
From four to eight Indies fell , mak
ing from fourteen to twenty Inches
on the level. The rattle are
Buffering tenlbly. The fuel famine stilt
continues at Fort Ilenton. Coal Is ( > o a ton
and Is extremely dlillcult to obtain even at
that figure. Wood Is scarce and is selling nt
a high figure. 'Iho Indian commlbsloners
have been biiow bound at Choteau since
January US.
Tlio Cani | > nlK In Germany.
UEHI.IN , Ftb. S. Police attempted to dis
perse a Socialist meeting , which was being
lield lu a bock Stctton , last even
ing , but failed. A foire of military was
then summoned and with fixed bayonets
drove thu ix-oplo fiom the hall. Several of
the people weiu wounded bybajonet thrusts
nnd one man is leportud killed. The hall In
which the meeting vva- > held was completely
M Jlagrobutg , yesterdiv , twenty-four
Roclallhts were aiiested on the charge of be
longing to illegal societies.
Arri-Ht of nil ninliez/lcr ,
OIIICAOO , Keb , a Honjamln H. Chamber
lain , the bookkeeper for Combes , Hannah A ;
Co. , Union Stock yards , who was arrested
pome tlmn ago on thu charge of emherrmunt ,
nnd wab discharged for want of piobecutiun ,
was le-arreated vesiordav , A bund was given
in the sum of S40,0oo , It Is stated that e\-
jifrti who have been exaininlir ; the books ,
r Iiavedlbi-ovotvd a shortage of $11,000.
IU illO48 l' " . llllt IVi.
LOSIION , Feb. 8. The West London Com
mercial bank ( limited ) lirw failed. Its doors
were not opened this muinlng. The lirin did
n small biuluc * * , consisting mostly in lo.ina
to small tradei > .
TOUOXTO , Out. . IVlu & The Cosgrove
lirewlug and -Malting conmanv hib tailed.
Liabilities $100,000 : assets , obO.OOO.
* ICok WliiH at i > cnver.
PuNVKit , Feb. 5. [ Special Telegram to
Iho UEK. ] Eck won the tvvputy-uve-mile
wee against A > , liint't'r tp-uleht by one lap ,
rnue , l hour IT tuluutes.
Gonudorablo Nervonsnpss in Washington
As to Who Will Be Apointcd.
Frank Hntton nt the National Capital
lioomlns ; John Sherman t'or
President Const Defpuso
Sentiment In tlio llonsn.
AVImloin on the Ground.
WASIII.NOTOX , Feb. 8. ( Special Telegram
to the Uir : ] There continues to be a gicat
deal of nervousness about the appointment
of the Inter-statecommerco commission. Kx-
secretary Wlndom , who Is at Wormloj's. ' sajs
he Is hero on business connected with the
Touuantepec railway , that ho has not seen
the president , that he Is not a candidate for
the inter-state commerce commission , and
docs not expect to bo appointed. Ho sal s ho
naturally ieelsgratllicd , at the favorable men-
tloh of his name , but Is not seeking
tins , or any other olilco. It Is generally be
lieved , however , that Wiudom Is In n frame
of mind whloti will not admit of a surprise )
should ho bo .sent for by.tlio president at any
moment and tendered u place on the commis
sion , It was stated at the white house that
the president had concluded to postpone
these appointments for a tow days.
Ex-Postmaster General Frank Uatton , now
editor of the Chicago Mail , Is here , and de
clares for Senator John Sherman for tlio
presidential nomination. He says Sherman
can cmy Now Vork against any democrat
who can be nominated.
General llarmer , of Philadelphia , a leadIng -
Ing member of the house committee on
naval uflalrs , and an intlnnte personal
friend of liepresentatlvo Handall , said to
\oiir correspondent this morning that thu
bills appropriating 521,000,000 for coast de
fenses , which passed the senate yesterday ,
will be referred to the house commltteo on
appropriatlons.and will bo favorably reported
in tlmo to secure passage.
Chairman Handall used to oppose the ex
penditure of so much money for dotenses , but
Is now heartily In favor of Ft. Ho could not
allord to refuse active suppoit lor his con
stituency demand It 1 believe at least
Sli5 , ° 00,000 will bo appropriated at tills session
lor coast defenses and navy. The northern
lakes are to be piovlded with adequate de
fenses. We cannot afford longer to subject
Michigan , Ohio , NevV York , etc. , to such ex
Mrs. Cleveland's noon reception to-day was
attended by about ouo hundred ladies and
gentlemen who had been Invited to pay their
respects at that hour. Mrs. Cleveland re
ceived In the green parlor and looked very
handsome In a toilet ot black silk and jet.
Mrs. Folsom , Mrs. Cleveland's mother , was
also present and held a court of her own In
the rear partot the room. She alsowoie a
rich black silk dross. Mrs. Cleveland says
Hhe Is quite well satlflicd with the determina
tion to exclude the general public at her
private reception , and intends to hereafter
admit only those who receive invitations
from her.
Pensions granted Nolnaskans to-dav :
James Barnes , Scotvllle ; George W. 13. Telft ,
Heaver City ; Alexander S. Adams , Old ;
Kdward U. Wright. Omaha.
Pensions granted lowans : Arthur Green ,
Cioton ; Benjamin W. Searle , Ottiiinvva ;
Charles S. Heinman , Clannda ; John liates ,
Oskaloosa ; Joseph M. Kilgore , Washington ;
George lllckmaii , Newton ; Thomas Giillin ,
Uritt ; William Lickens , Barnes City ;
Justus M. Ithodcs , Jefferson ; Albeit John
son , Svvedesburg ; Leroy S. Stouer , Mel-
Post Chaplain Oavid Wilson has been
granted tour months' leave ot absence , com
mencing ihoOth instant
The leave of absence granted Captain F.
White has been extended six mouths on sur
geon's certihcato of disability.
Serscant Edward Smith , of the Third
artillery band , has been granted a iurloiuh
for thirty days trout the atscnal hero.
Army leaves granted : LieutenaiitColonel
Joseph S. Conrad , Twenty-second Intantry ,
Fort Lyon , Colorado , ono month ; Captain
Lafayette K. Campbell , assistant cmartermas-
tet , Fort Loavenvvortli , twenty days.
Patents were issued for the following to
day : John C. lion null and IX Gibson , ilur-
lington , la. , head-rest ; Couielius Cook , Fre
mont. Neb. , giadcr ana ditchei : John Faw-
cet , West Union , la. , window blind ; Charles
D. Hanson , Dos Molnes , la. , device for trans
planting trees ; Frank M. H. Kcmpul , PlattH-
mouth. Neb. , com planter ; Marv K. llope-
k rk. Agency , la. , nat proetctor ; Ellas P.
Jenlson , Kock Valley , In. , violin tall piece :
John K. Jones , Clarksvllle , la. , egg case ;
Wright Kuapp , Evelaml Grove , la. , machine
for binding and tightening fence wires ; John
Markman , assignor of one-half to P. J.
Mackey , Muscattne , la. , sham ) retainer ; Mil
ton Gppenhelmer , Shcnaudoah , la , , autom
atic windmill attachment ; Parry C. Pittln-
irer , Mount Pleasant , la. , snade ; Charles B.
Putnam , Marlon , la. , windmill towei ; Henry
J. Sclimeuer , Burlington , la. , tougueless
cultivator ; Hansom S. bumner , Fulleiton ,
Neb. , car coupling ; Geoigo I. Wau''htal ,
Mason City , la. , harrow ; Thomas C. Young ,
St. Charles , la , , corn planter.
1'OSTAT , CHA.NfinS.
John Prultt was appointed postmaster at
Blanchard , Page county , lovva , vice Barrett
Thurman , resigned.
Georeo Elliott has been designated acting
postuuCstei at Giccn Mountain , la.
A postofllco has been established at Field
ing , Cheiokeo county , Iowa , and Matthew
Gi ecu appointed postmaster.
Channel have been made In the time
schedules of Nebiaska star mall routes as fol
lows :
HLoup City to Dannebrog Leave Loup
City Mondays , Wednesdays nnd Fridays at 8
a. m. , arrive at Daunebrot : by 4 p. m. ; icavo
Dannebrog Tuesdav s , Thursdays and batur-
dajs at 8 a. m. , ai live at Loup Citv by 4 p. m.
Almerla to Ord , Burwell to Ida Leave
Almerla dally , except Sunday , at 7 a. in. , ar
rive at Ord by 7:80 : p. m. ; leave Ord
dally , except Sundays , at 7 a. m. , arrive at
Almeilaby 7:110 : p. m. : leave Burwell Tues
days , Thmsday.s and Saturdays at 'J p. in. ;
arrive at Ida by 3:15 : p. m. , leave Ida Tues
days , Thursdays and Saturdays at a'j3 : ' p. m. ,
arrive at Burwell by 4:40 : p. m.
C. S. lllgglns and sou , of Omaha , are at
the Ebbitt.
Miss Weaver and Miss Glllett , of Iowa , an
nounce that they w ill bo at home on Wed
nesdays during the rest of the session at
101. ! fourteenth stiect , northwest.
WASIIINOTOX , Feb. S. Mr. Ingalls pre
sented a mciuoilnlof citizens of Lexington ,
0. , asking the Initiatory ot nozotlatious tor
the acquisition of Canada. Referred to the
committee on foreign relations.
House bills were reported back from the
committee on military affairs and placed on
the calendar , as follows : To authorize the
hecietary ot war to credit the territory of
Dakota with ceitaln sums for ordrnnco nnd
orunaneu stores Issued by said territory ; to
provide for the location and erection of a
branch homo lor disabled volunteer soldiers
vvcbt of the Itocky mountains ,
Mr , Van W > ek ollered n resolution ivquost-
Ing the commltteo on approinlations to have
lead In the senate any communications re
ceived from the commissioner general ot the
land oltieo showing the disposition of moneys
heietpforo appioprlated for suivoys of public
and bearing on jailroad land , and on lands
hi Aevnda refeired to in the senate deb-Ues
last week. Attei some discussion the icsolu-
tion went ovei till to-morrow.
Iho follow Ing bill passed the senate : To
prohibit any olllcer , agent or servant of the
government hiring 01 coutractina- thu
laboi ot prisoners.
, , A''clock , the unliuUhed business ( the
had s bilh ent over until Thursday.
i lie henate bill for securing statistics of
. ? "ktie"t ftl'd value of. the veel fisheries
of tlm United Statoi was po.ssed.
J ho house bill relating to importing and
loading ot mackerel cauuhtdiniugthespawn-
ing season was taken up. During the dis
cussion on thu bill Mr , Edmunds presented
a leport fiom the commissioner of lUlierky
as to complaints tiom owners \esselsof
ill tieatment ou the Canadian coast , showing
sivty-sevtm cases in addition tp those re
ported to the sufo dtpaitmeut Ordered
On motlou of Mr. Hoar on amendment was
adopted postponing UIP period when' the bill
l < to take cflicl from March 1 , Ibi7 , to March
1 , ivy * .
Without dhposlnc of the bill the senate
went into secret session and soon adjourned.
WASHINGTON' , Feb. 3. Under the special
order , the floor was accordc-d to the commit
tee on foreign relations and the house wont
Into a committee of the whole on the scnato
bill to Indemnify ccrtiln subjects of the
Chinese empire for losses sustained by the
\lolenccof a mob at liock Springs , Wyom
ing t'-rrltory , Septembers , isss.
Mr. Belmoiit ot New York dwelt upon the
necessity of the United States Roveininont
granting Indemnity for losses Inflicted and
commended the action of the Chinese author
ities since this occutrpiico. Thu icspectlvu
merits of the sen ite/ bill ( which piovides for
thcasceitalnmeiit of the looses Incurred )
and the house bill ( which makes a dliect ap-
prourlatlon ot Sll,71S ) were discussed.
Mr. Morrow of California favotcd the senate -
ate bill and criticised congress for not pcr-
fotming Its duty to the country by the pas
sage ot the bill icstilctln ? Chinese Immigra
' 1 ho house bill was substituted for the sen
ate bill 101 to 03 and as so amended thu bill
was passed.
The house then passed the senate bill pro
hibiting thu Importation of opium Into the
United States by any subject of the emperor
Thohouso passed the bill to carry Into
effect the Intel national convention ot Mnich
4 , IbSM. for the protection of subnmrlnucables.
Mr. McCtoary of Kentucky called up tlio
bill authorising tho-piesld ( > iit of tlio United
States to arrange a conference for the pur
pose of promoting aibitratlon and encourag
ing reciprocal commercial relations between
the United States ot America nnd Urn repub
lics of Mexico , Cential and South Ametlca
nnd thu empire of Bra/.il.
Pending action the house took a recess , the
evening session to bo for the dellveiy of
Two Texas Families Fljjht to the
Death rour Persons Ullloil.
DE KAT.H , Te.x. , Feb. 8. [ Spelal Tele
gram to the liisn.1 This town was
thrown Into a fever of excitement yesterday
when a man on horseback came dashing Into
town with information that a deadly light
had been loughtabout four miles from heio.
Four male members of a family named
White were pitted against Colonel John K.
Hosser , his son Willie , aged 15 , and a hired
man named Mulltns , resulting In the killing
of the three Whites and Colonel Hosser and
the wounding of the boy. A few minutes
sufficed to impanel a jury , who , In company
with the ollicers and J ustlco Proctor , left
huriledly for the scone of bloodshed. A ride
of an hour brought the party to the battle
ground. Thu homo ot the Whites con
sisted of one room twenty feet square. The
party enteied and weio struck with horror
at the scene. On the ground In trout of the
entrance was louiid tlio body of ,1. C. White ,
a bullet hole through his breast and one
throueh his side. In the center of the room
in a gieat pool of blood , lav A\ alter White
dead , shot twice through the neck and bieast.
Upon the bed was Law-son White , dead , witli
gun cocked and clutched In his Hand.
A bullet hole through his head told how lie
met his death. In one coiner ot the loom
was found young Hossor , stiot through the
side , with a Winchester at his side. Blood
was ever ) whom and over evcritliiinr. Tlio
weaoons that wrought so much destruction
were scatteied promiscuously about. But
this scone ot death did not end heie. Halt a
mile fHither ou tlm home ot Ho ser was
renohcd. lleie in tlio center of tlio room was
tlio deau body of Kosser , suirounded by his
vvVeninjr family. Ho had received a death
wound at the hands of White , but being a
man of great vitality , mounted his lioise ,
after having , as he supposed , killed all the
Whites , and rode home , djing at his own
The feud had its origin in a law suit.
Whitopuiclused the propeity ho was living
on from Kosser over a jcaraao , hut failed to
pay for it and Kosser brought suit to obtain
possession. Writs were served on Wliito
last week , tiut he retusod to vacate , and yes
terday Kosser took his son and went to the
Whites to eject the family. The rest of the
story as told by young Kotser is this : The
elder White shot him and his father , and he
shot the old man White once and then
tinned Ids rifle upon the White bovs to keep
them from killing his father. About fifteen
shots were fired. Kosser's hired man , Mul
lens lias disappeared. What pait he played
in the awful trairedy is not known. Search
Is being made tor him.
Jlubuquc's Preleht Tariffs liaised by
tjxp ICnilronilB.
DtniuqUE , liu/Nb. -Special [ Telegram
to the BuE.J Thoiljrst city In the United
States to feel the eiTcct he new Inter-state
commerce law Is Dubuque. The Telegraph
sa\s : "Dubuque to-day has the proud , if it
be the coitly , prlyllego of being peihaps the
lirst city In tno nation to experience the ettect
oE the Inter-state commerce law. All rates
to Dubuque are special , which is to say that
they are made without regard to rates to
points either side of the city. Yesterday
the Chicago , Milwaukee & St. Paul and the
Illinois Central placed in effect a new
tariff between Chicago and Dubuque.
The most notable advance is in
sugar. Until to day the rate was 12K
cents per hundred tor twenty-live barrels or
over. Now it Is U cents per hundred in car
lots and 20 cents in less than car lots. A
heavy advance had also been made in boots
and shoes , in groceries other than sugar , and
in other aiticles. The Chicago , Milwaukee
i\j St Paul agent has also been instructed to
notify Dubuque shippers that all special tates
will bo withdrawn March III , n few dajs be-
lore tlio inter-state commerce law goes Into
effect. "
Disastrous Railroad Wreck ,
Diss MOINKS , la. , Feb. 8. [ Special Tele
gram to the BEK. | A Difbuqtio special says
that a disastrous wreck occurred early this
morning on the Chicago , Burlington &
Northern railway at Hay station , four miles
Boulh of East Dubuque. The rain last night
had caused a wash-out and the engine and
twelve cars of n freight train went down the
embankment. The cars weio loaded with
coal oil and coal and were smashed to kind-
line. The engineer , Vaughn , was seriously
At Durance , six miles north of Dubuque ,
the bridge over the Manuoketa river on thu
Minnesota & Northwestern toad was washed
out this morning. Six loaded freight 'cars
were thrown into tlio creek into tvvcnty fe.nt
or water. Two spans ot the biidge were
washed out _
Floods Delay Trains ,
Duiit'QUi : , la. , Feb. 8. [ Special Telegram
to the Bii.J : Trains on all roads 'lending
Into this elty are delayed or abandoned on
account of the floods. Some bridges have
been f wept away ,
OrrtnivvA , la. , Feb. 8. [ Special Telegram
to thu BHE. ] An Eddyville special says that
the ice started In the Dei Molncs river at 0:30 :
this morning , talcing out thu falsn work of
thetirat spauot the new budge , diopping
the striiiL'ois and floor bi ams into thoiiver
and knockiiu the Iron pier out of plumb ,
The damage is 31,003. The. river Is clear hero
and rising rapidly. The weather Is freezing
and windy.
Chanced tlio Kcocivcrs.
DCS MOINES , la. , Veb. 8. [ Special Tele-
piam to the BKE. ] The district court this
morning set aside the appointment of Frank
Allen as receiver ot the bankiupt Monarch
Insurance company and appointed instead
Mr. Isaac Brandt. Mr. Allen was president
ot the company and his appointment as re
ceiver was lollowed'at once oy piotests from
to Persia.
Dis : Moixis : , la. , Feb. 8. [ Special Tele-
pram to the Bun.J Serglns Bar , Mosea and
Oshann Bar , and Jesus Chaldean , students of
Drake university , will bo ordained this even
ing and give a f.uewcll reception. Alter a
trip through the eastern states they will re
turn to Ttiheian , Persia , to take chaigu of a
Christian inLssioU.
Jack Hanlev is in training for a fight
vyiUi George LaBIancho , tlio "marine , "
which is to conio oil" near St. Paul , Feb
ruary 2(1 ( , for a purse of $1,000. Johnrjy
and Kil Hothery , of tills city are backing
Ilatiloy in the affair. ,
The Central Trnffib Association Meets and
Discusses In er-fetnto Coaimerco.
ComniUslnnnr lllnnctiaril Tlilnkt the
Organization Crjit Still llctnalti
tti Existence : Under the
Now ijavv.
Tan tlio Pool Ho Mnlntnlnort ?
Ci.Kvr.r..VNi > , Feb. 8. The executive com
mittee of the Conttal Traflle association met
to-day nt the ofllcc of President Newell , ot
the Lake Shore , nnd adopted n very Import
ant scries of resolutions. The meeting had
been called for the purpose of decidingtho
fate of the oiganlzatlon whether , under the
Intel-state commerce act , It could maintain
an existence ; It so , In what form and what
its relations to ihls recent national legisla
tion were. Commissioner IJIanrhard deliv
ered an address to the committee outlining
what ho thought should bo thu policy of the
association In i aspect to the Inter-state com
merce act Olher addressed followed from
vailotts members , and icsolulions embodying
the sentiment and opinion expressed weio
unanimously adopted. . These resolutions are
In effect that the committee recommends
that the Contrail radio association bo con
tinued , with thu nnilL'istanding that Us
methods , statistical statements , etc. , be re
vised to conform with such railway action
under the Inter-state law as shall bo dually
decided upon ; tlmt the law should bo ac
cepted , Interpreted with a just togard for the
great mtituil railway nnd public Interests In
volved generally , In conformity with the
definitions of the law ns explained bj Sena
tor Culloui In the senate debate thereon , and
the association will co-operate with the com-
mlssloneisunder the Intel-state commerce
law , In securing , as far as josslble ,
the benehts of that bill and In
the faithful observance ot all Its
ptovislons ; that the committee meet
with the trunk line executive committee
on the call of the latter , and that the joint
cxeiu'lve committee so constituted lor that
purpose proceed to such further agreement
and recommendations of detail as may be
required by the Interpretation of Urn act
agreed upon by such executive committee ,
nnd then submit the same to a meeting of the
association for its action.
It will bo noticed that the shape which * ho
association will assume Is not dictated that
it is lett for n future meeting ot the associa
tion to deteimlue.
A renoiter met Commissioner IJIanchard
after the meeting adjourned and inquired
whether , In his opinion , an edieieiit
l/ation could bu maintained In face of the
stncturpsas to poolhu'which the luter-stato
commerce act presented.
"Thi'ie is no doubt of It , " roulipil Hlaneh-
artl. "These Is a very eiroiicous Impression
with a L'reit many people that the object of
the Central Tratlic association is to pool the
business ot Its luembt'is. The leal purpose off
the association is to maintain Kites , anil the
pooling of business Is onlv one of the means
adopted to obtain this , -object. "
"And can rates be maintained without
Borne means of nptvntionlng business ftom
common points among competitive linesV"
"Undoubtedly. Some membeis believe that
under tlio inter-state commerce act means
can bo devised whereby business may bu
appoitinned without violating the clause
piohibiting pooling , but tlio general feeling
Is not to attempt anything of this kind just
now. but to nllovv each line to keep all the
business It gets. "
"Would not that encourage the cutting of
" .No ; for the reason that it must bo done
openly and tor everybody. Cutting of lates
in the past has been most disastrous because
It was done secretly and in favor ol lai o
bhlpnris. A roaa vvoulu make a induction
quietly and scoop all the business. The other
lines would not k low of it until It was too
late , but now they Will know it at once and
can meet it piomptly , So that there will bo no
advantagn to be obtained by a icductlou. "
Not KspcclnUy Active But Prices Well
Nr.vv Yomc , Feb. 8. [ Special Telegram to
the IJnu.J The stock market was not espe
cially active to-day , but prices were vrcll sus
tained. St. Paul was the bull card , and tlio
rest of the market was held pilnclpally on
the strength it exhibited. Various stories were
current in regard to the St. Paul pool. It was ,
however , conceded that Armour was not In
tlie deal and a sharp advance to ! ) } > furnished
the bust evidence that the noel had strong
backing. Northwestern was can led up a
point in sympathy wlt'i ' tlio movement In St.
Paul , but the top prices were not sustained.
Outside of granger stocks , which
were undo to appear strong by
the noel support of St. Paul , the market
acted heavy and tlio advlcoghen by conservative
vative commission houses was to wait fora
reaction before buying. Coal stocks opened
higher than yiwteiday's closing , but were
unable to make much of an advance. There )
was some talk of a bull y ° < > l in Pacific Mail.
The advance ot nearly 2 per cent In it could
haidly bu explained as due to buying of an
ordinaiy kind. It was thought that a com
bination had been formed to put tlio stock up
on expected -benefits which would accrue
thtough the opciation of the Inter-state entn-
meico law. The ( act thatCorbin was in con
ference with a commltteo of thu striking coal
handlei.s cave coil stocks some strength , but
when it was announced later that nothing
had been accomplished there was a rush to
soil stocks , whicli carried tlio market down.
War minor ) were received In abundance and
oxeicised a disquieting Inlluenco. St. Paul
weakened toward the close , and as It was the
cniet bull caul In the market , thu rest of the
list declined in sympathy. Tlio total sales
weie about 300,000 shares.
The Italian cabinet has resigned.
Troops aio being concentrated In Southern
Fair weather , warmer , are the indications
for to day.
Troops were railed out to suppress a riot
among the striking miuuia at liluntjre ,
Scotland , yesterday.
The president yesterday signed the Indian
landsoveialty bill and the "Uaclc Hone" land
trailt forfeiture bill.
IJeach Uas accepted a challenge to row
Han Ian , and the latter will start for Aui > -
tialia n bunt thu end ot August.
Destructive Hoods , the result of recent
heavy rains , are reported from Helolt , Tattle-
vlllo and oilier Wlbcoijsjn points.
Peter Smith was arrested at Columbus , O , ,
on suspicion of being imeot the gang who
lescued thcciook .McMiuiu at lUvunna last
week. ,
The Gorman minister .at Tanglers has been
Bimimoned to Itiirlln oh account ot'an im
portant change seemed , by Franco ot the
Algerian irotitlei.
The National Sugar prowets' association
met In St. Louis jest ritiy. and an imciest-
ing addiess by Commissioner Colinan was
lead by thesecretaiy.j '
Latent advices from the While Illver Junc
tion disaster frhovv that Uilrty-four psissongeis
nut known to haui hMiu killed and thirtjlx
in Jin eel. Fifteen bodies luvu been Identified ,
( inventor I'orakei , $ f Qhlo , was authoii/ed
by the legiblattue to elm | a toward ot S10.UOO
for the thu uirest of 4ho outlaws who made
the assault upon the Cleveland ullicer& at Ua-
venua. ,
( '
( .eorse Franklin Anderson , hal'lin from
Detioit , has been committed tor trial in Lon
don , England , tor KwindlingCharles Dcakln.
ot busquuhanim , Pa. , out of a huge sum of
money on the bo jus English estate plan ,
Detectives having charge Mof iho case of
Henry Schwartz , the supposed Itoek Island
train robber , have .struck a new clue , having
discovered the prisoner's lirst wite. The
nature of the developments are , however ,
kept seciet.
The president yesterday sent to the Mouse ,
In answer to the resolution Introduced by
Sir. lielniimt , copies ) ot till ) correspondence
between the department ot Mate and the gov
ernment of Gieat Britain relatho to the bcli-
ures made by the Canadian government.
To Contractors and Builders.
Will bell 500,00.0 bricks , best quality , nt
low ti < rures ,
riutU mouth , Neb.
How They Propose to Wlml tip the
Career of Sullivan ,
ICopt/rfoM ? SS7M/Jiunr < Gordon Ucnntft.l
LONDON. Feb. 7. [ New Yoik llcr.ild
Cable-Special to the HUE. ] I met Jem
Smith and Charier Mitchell this evening In
the Washington music hall. They had just
leturncd from a provincial boxing tour ,
heretofore rrlcrrcd to In the ilerald dis
patches. Mitchell showed mo as n present to
them last week In Dublin by Irish .sports
men of two pold lockets with Shamrocks on
the outside , the leaves made of emeralds and
the stem of diamonds.
"When do j on go to New Yoik ? "
"In about three weeks , " said Mitchell. " 1
nm seven pounds heavier than when 1 left U.
He ( pointing to Smith who left tlio talking
to Mitchell ) will fight at ItO pounds. " At
this Smith's smllo seemed heavier than that.
"i'os , wo are both thoion'hly healthful and
hope to have a gooiltlmo In America when
wo meet our old friends. Please say to the
American public that Smith don't want any
exhibition with Sullivan In any respect , or
any merely money making trans ictlons. "
At which Smith gave a hearty nod of assent.
"All you want , don't j on , Jem , Is to meet
him in a twenty-four foot ring In the old
style for a substantial stake. " Another nod.
"Ho will not light In any place that Sullivan
chooses to select , but In n fair place , and
wheie Smith will receive American fair play.
When I was In America Sullivan twlco re
fused to light me , nnd paid the forfeit. Sulli
van , 1 see by the Herald you show me , calls
me Cunning Charlie , and is credited with
saying that I want to make money out of
him. 1 want to know how I possibly can
make money out of him ? All that 1 ask Is
that when wo arrive lie shall Tight mo with
Knuckles. Jem and I are willing to light , In
n fortnight after our arrival , anyone
ono In the United States. ling-
lish sportsmen , for the last two months ,
have been willing to make a match for Smith
with Sullivan for 81,000 or S'J.OOO n side and
have olfeicd every inducement to Sullivan to
come over. Ills refusal icsnlts in our deter
mination to go over and light him In Amer
ica. We do notgoovcrfoi the solo purpose
ot meeting him : but are open to meet all
comers up to any price. "
Mitchell , thus far , was the spokesman , and
he looked as unlike a prl/e fighter as Wilson
Barret looks unlike an actor when ho is at
the dinner table. Mitchell wore a dark suit ,
tlio oveicoat being trimmed with military
biaid and the collar and cuffs being of heavy
.sable , also a l.u go diamond lioiso shoe pin ,
and two diamond rings. He spoke in n
soft , low voice. Smith , who was very
reserved , not to say moioso , was dressed in
dark tweed , and woic a heavy oveicoat , the
collar and culls of which were trimmed with
AbUakhan , but no jewels. I then said to
Smith : "What do you think of Sullivan ,
from what you have read and heard of him. "
He replied in a deep , double G bass , speak
ing as if It were out of great good nature :
"Well , lie Is only ono man. He Is not two
men. Ho has never eaten anj body. Ho has
never killed anyone , and I feel confident that
1 can fet tlio better of him. " When ho
paused at this point his determined look
grew pleasant , for Mrs. Smith , a pretty and
tastefully dressed woman , with the bright
e.vesofa lion tamer , was beckoning him to
her side , and ho said : " ( Jood night" It is
announced to-day by tlio Sportsman news-
piper that a giand assault at arms , under Its
promotion , will soon occur at the royal
acquarium , Westminster , on Februaiy 21 and
2J lust. , according to Queensbury rules , for
two sums * of 25 so\crigns in prices , while
Smith and Mitchell will wind up each even
ing witli an exhibition ot their boxing
Kngllsh Comment on American Jinx-
itj- With Criminals.
irojij/r/u/il / lfS7 by James Gnnlnn llcnnctt. ]
LONDON , Feb. 8. | Now York Ilerald
Cable Special to tlio Uni : . ] The evening's
Globe , evidently taking for Its text that in
Lancashire next Tuesday a man will bo exe
cuted for a murder committed one week
after last New Year's day , invites attention
to the laxity In America of carrj ing out sen
tence. The Globe instances the ease of
Maxwell in St. Louis , of Spies in Chicago ,
and of other cases In New Yoik and elsewhere
It ironically si > s , touching tlio delay :
"Alter sentence has been passed in America ,
the law of the republic holds as a first prin
ciple that every possible chance should be
given to a suspect to prove his Innocence.
The law will not take a mean advantage ol a
suspect simply because circumstances nro
cruel towaid him. In a few years the wit
nesses might forget the point of
their evidence , or die , or be
come aldermen , or in some other
way make themselves unworthy of
trust. The prisioner himself , in the inter
val , might succumb to high living or old age ,
but that would bu his own lookout and the
law would only pity his misfortune in his
untimely dropping oil. In no part of the
world has crime n better chance
of escaping with impunity than
In the great republic. It Is
rampant and detmnt. The Knowledge of U Is
no barrier to acceptance in business circles
and a known criminal Is apt to be regauled
ns a little above the rest. The ball system ,
and the theory that a suspected man should
bo given all facilities for proving his possible
or impossible innocence , are at the bottom of
this state ot things. "
After citing other American Instances ,
nnd especially civil injunction a.-aiust the
execution of criminals , as procedures being
curious to English lawyers , the Globe con
cludes : "So the merry farce goes on. Oc-
casionly theio is a noise about It Some
times an exposure of some exceptionally hid
eous travesty calls attention to the hard fact
that justice Is crippled and that all
kinds of deviltry are wandering loose ,
that rascals snap their lingers at the law as
though they owned the city not a far-fetched
supposition and the opinion Is oxpiesscd
that when people understand the situation
they at oncn Institute vigorous remedial meas
ures and show criminals that the laws are
made ot triple steel and law breakers will bo
handled so roughly and justly that the
states will quickly bo rid of them. Never
theless , the pcoplo do not do anything of the
kind. They complacently turn over to the
columns where diabolical outrages and Wall
street reports aio wiitten. "
I have observed similar comments In the
Kngllsh press lately with expressions of
but "tho laws " has
wonderment , delay" loft
the land of Shakospeaio to becouie a pioveib
in the new countiy.
They ore Having an Knjoyalile Tlmo
In rarjs.
[ Cii ) > l/HoM llVftlniJnmet ( Jonlnii JltnnettA
PAIUS. ( via Havre ) , Feb. 8. | New Voik
Herald Cable-Special to the Ur.K.J The
American cardinals aio having quite an ova
tion In Paris. Cardinal Gibbons peifonned
mass to-day at the chinch of Saint
Koch , near the avenue do La-
pora. Cardinal Tnscliereau performed
mass at Mont Martre. Jtnth the cardinals
ate an excellent dinner a la fouichctlo at
the seminary attached to the church of
Saint Sulpice at noon , and afterwards paid
a visit to the Archbi'/iop of ParH ,
who chatted very pleasantly with them
for about an hour. Caidlnal Gibbons
then drove to thu studio of llealuy , the
American artist , to whom he gave a prelim
inary sitting for the portrait intended for the
Ualtlmorn cathedral. The Blttlii S will bu re-
.sumedinthe spung when the cardinal je-
turns from Rome. At 4 o'clock Mr. McLane ,
tie American minister , called upon Car
dinal Gibbous at the Hotel Uluda
and had quite a Ionic talk with htm.- The
cardinals leave for Homo on Thursday , They
are both In first-rate health and spirits and
have been bronzed by the sea voyage , which
they enjojcd immensely. They are having a
delightful tlmo In Paris. 'the invi
tations to breakfasts , dliincis and services
from the Faubourg Saint Germain are al
most taklnc them by storm , The weather
hero Is coldcand clear. Cardinal Gibbons
told me , as I took le.avoof him this afternoon ,
that It was almost as cold as when ho left
Now York but much moro damp.
Mormons On to Washington.
SALT L.VKI ; , Feb. 8. [ Special Telegram to
the Hrr.1 The Mormon lobby lelt hero for
Washington last night to work against the
Kdmunds-Tiicker bill. Among them are IX
A. Smith , president of the council , and W ,
W. Ullock , speaker ot the house of the last
legislature. Major Armstrong and other
otllcials. The talk hero Is that they po as
monogamous Mormons , prepaied to promise
to glvo up pol > gamy provided the Mormons
are not incased and Utah bo admitted nsa
slate , alter which they would do ns they
pleated , The Gentiles hero aio much dis
couraged at the delay and begin to dread
another failure of congress to assert Itself
against Mormon treason.
The Financial World.
LONDON , Feb. 8. The stock exchange
markets closed rather firmer. American se
curities , however , were tlat , notwithstanding
New York people were buying heio.
P.Mits , Feb. 8. The bontso Closed tlat o\v-
Ing to unfavorable rumors fiom Germany.
Mlai lUncKlo Mltcliell'fl I'rrTortnntico
In "Mttlo Itnrcfoot. "
.Miss Maggie Mitchell played "Little
Hsirofoot" at the lloyd last night to n
house which was pnekoil from the carpet
to the plaster. The play ran smoothly
and twice during its projireps the star
was called before the curtain. Miss
Mitchell has been nccoidud this recogni
tion doubtless numberless times , thoujih
it may well bo asked whether her recalls
of last evening were prompted by artistic
appreciation or that sympathetic feelinu
which , it is alleged , makes a lariro part of
the world's population kin.
Thomas F. 15arr , United States army , is
ut the I'.iNton.
Mrs. J. K. Nicholas has ROUO to Kansas
to visit an old school friend.
William Alstadt loaves to-iiilit { for Chicago
cage and Milwaukee on a business trip of
about ten da s.
A regiment of seven sorry-looking
tramps was arranged before Judge Ston-
bcrg yesterday morning in police court.
Four vveru sent tin for thirty days ami the
others worn discharged. Charles Haker
and Mike McUaun , who had a row in u
house of ill-repute , were lined $50 ami
G. H. Horton. the inspector of the \Vcst-
orn Unionhas returned from a visit to
Ueadwood , Dakota. Ho had both of
his hands oadly frozen in an intensely
cold stage coach ride from Kapid City to
Dead wood. Ho reports that the ice on
the telegraph wires in the vicinity of
Valentino was as thick as his arm.
Catarrh Cured
Catarrh Is a very prevalent disease , with
distressing ami ntrcnsHo sjiupUmis. Hood's
Saisaparllli phcs ready relief and speedy
cure , from the fact It acts through tlio blood ,
and thus reaches every part of the system.
" I suffered vIth catarrh fifteen ycirs. Took
Hood's Sarsjpadlla and I am not tioublcd any
with catarrh , and my general licilth is much
better. " I. W. I.IM.IS , 1'ostal Clerk Chicago
& St. Louis Kailrond.
" 1 suffered with catarrh C or 8 j cars ; tried
many wonderful cures , inhalers , etc. , spend
ing nearly ono hundred dollars without benefit.
I tried Hood's Sarsipanlla , and was greatly
Improved. " M. A. ACUEV , Worcester , Mass.
Hood's Birsaparllla Is cluracterlrcd by
three peculiarities : 1st , the combination of
remedial agents ; 2d , the proportion ; 3d , the
process ot securing the active medicinal
qualities. The rcsultisamcdlchiootunusual
strength , effecting cures hitherto unknown.
Scud for book containiug additional evidence ,
"Hood's Sirsanarilla tones up my system ,
purifies my blooil , sharpens mv appetite , and
seems to nnko mo ovei. " J. r. THOMPSON ,
Ik'gistcr of Deeds , Lowell , Mass.
"Hood's Sarsip.irllli beats all others , and
lsvvnrtIiltsvvclKlitlninIil. " I. UAUIIUXITOX ,
130 Bank btreet , New Yoik City.
Hood's SarsapariSIa
Bold by all drnpslsts. $ t ; six for $3. Made
only by 0.1. HOOD & CO. , Lowell , Mass.
IOO Doses One Dollar. ,
Proposals fcr raving1.
SRALKD I'l-omwils ill bo roeolvoil In- the
umloislRiica until 11 o'clock a. m. , Mmih
Ibt. 180" , lor the following Icliuld of piivlnur inu-
toiiul , vl/ :
Shoot MBiOmltum , as per specifications.
AHplmlt blocks , ns porspocllleatloim ,
Stonx r.illa G nun to , as per xpocilk'atlous
Any othoi CnmltSMiB Dorspochluitlons.
Coloiitilo MimUtono , no pur ppcoltlcutIons.
Any other Btono. us per spouitleutloiis.
Mucudiim , us per hpocillcatlnns.
Woollen blocks as pel hpcolllrutmns.
Any bldrt lor puvhitf In u I'tltlon ' to bring ac
cording to htiiil spoulllcatlnns imiy ulso bo 110-
fOiiliniMu Buchsf'c.'llcitloiin | ) ) : n Iho bidder miiy
prcMTlho , tliosiiino to bu set forth in detail uml
to iictompany bid.
Kituh bid Bbiill specify a prlco per sqimro yard
for tlio p'lvitiK complete on tlio Hticet oi'ulley ,
or any part thoioof.
Work to bo done in iipcoidaneo ntth pinna
nnd spotlllr.itlons on Illo In the nfltcu of tlio
Jlnitiil of I'unho Woiks.
lllds to 1'H made upon printed lilunka fur-
ulslied by the bom d , nnd to bo accompanied with
ucertllloil chock In the sum of onu thousand
dollars , jmvnbloto tno oily or Umnhtt , as tiKUur-
untoo tfiut tlio blddor will ulthln thirty du > fl
fiom tlio opening ol uch hid Klvo bondH in the
sum ot two thousand dollais , as thu major or
city council may directthat such blddor will
outer Into contiiiot lor Mich puvlmr , of the
kind nnd mntorlnl spucltloil , us miiy hereafter lie
roonlrod for the your 1887.
The board reenrvca the right to reject any or
nil bids , and to ivulvodolcots.
Chairman Hoard of 1'ubllo Works.
OmuhuXeb.Jun.'nii.l8J7. :
rnto Jtnmlnll Atrn Conmiro the
Speaker of the House.
WASHINGTON' , Feb. 8. SpcAker Carllslo
to-day Nroivod a loiter , fllcuetl by John S.
llcnilerson , (5eorio 1)Vl o Samuel
Kaudnll , of which the following excerpts
convoy significance :
Di'.ir Sir \ \ o refirct exceedingly that you
could not see jour way clear to give recog
nition ou jcstcntav to seme < li < mociat to
enable him "to move to SUMHMII ! the rules
for thu pur pose of krhlnc the house an o | > -
portunlty of cotishtcrlne the iiucstlon of n
total repeal of the Internal rev onun tax on
tobacco. " Your tofttsal to give this
recognition , tocother with jour letter
of the 7th instant , deserves more
than a passlnc notice. If tvvo-thlnh
of the house are In favorof surh repeal It was
a Ktavo responsibility tor you to such
a latKe majority of tlio rcpie ontatlvcs of the
people. Assumlnp , however , lor thosaki-ot
argument that the lilunds of the proposition
constitute a less number than two-thirds
their strength Is certnlnlv such that they
onicht to have been permitted to test the
sMii = o of tlm house upon thu question , Ks-
peelnlly so slnco the country Is watching
with Intense Interest the action of the
house In respect thereto and tlm constitu
ents of a large number of members of the
house have boon urging them to obtain
If possible , a consideration of this subject ,
We do not wish to bo misunderstood.Vo
earnestly dct > lro Irom a partv standpoint that
a lecoiriittiou should have been ulvon to n
democrat to make a mutton , but wo veto
cheerfully for the proposition whether made
bvdemociat or by reuubllcan.Vo oellevu
that the friends of a leix'al of the tobacco tax
vveiosostionc In the house that vvo would
save to tht ) oppressed tux-pajers of this
country an annual leduction ot taxation to
the extent ot 5 2SoooMO ( if the motion for re
peal ( ould have been made In the house
on Mutinay ot this week , tlm latest
day when such n motion to ba
etlectlve. under rules , would bo In order dur
Inc the roily-ninth cotiie.vs. ( The motion. It
niailo iliirltiK the last six da } sot the session ,
would almost ceitaiuly bo too late to seem u
a favorable consideration for the question In
the senate. We think that a revision of Ilia
tariff nnd of tlio Internal lovouuc la\vs can bu
attained fiom time to tlmo by rofoimlni ; ol > -
vlotis ami Kieatei prlovaucos of two svstem" ,
and that we should not refuse to make Mieli
icloi ins because sweeping chances have not
been ptactlcahlc. If the house was consid
ered competent to deal with the sllvei
question , with the pension question an 1 with
the oleomai grille question , free Irom tlm
dictation ot a demociatle caucus , wo think It
ought to bu competent to deal with the qties. i
lion of a i eduction ot ta\a
tlon. The emeus ouuht not now to bo In
voiced to justify the pollev ot delav and non
action on tills subject. Wo dnccrelv bopu
with > ou "that some plan may vet be devised
vvlilch will eu iblo the house to considei thu
whole subject of levenuo reduction
and revision. " In the -spirit of fairness to
all inteiests and In accordance witli the let-
ley and spltft of tlio platfotm of the national
democratic pally adopted ut the convention
hold at Chicago In the year ISM ; and we as
sure you that wo are ready to meet nny ol
our democratic associates who aroprciMied
to tieat with us on such basis.
Special Ordinance No. 029.
AN QnlitmiiL-u Invjintr n speelnl tiix imd M
seBsinunlon ceituln lots mid runl ostiito in
tlio city of Unniba to coui thu cost of un hint
1'arnam stieet , Iiom "Hb street to "Dili iivo
Whereas , It having licon uml bolnjr hereby adjudged -
judged , determined ami established that tlio
smut-tit lotsundplocc1of rent estatohmohmftor
referred to , hti\o enuh bocn soc-olnlly bonotlttoJ
lo tlio full amouiiL licicln luviud mm uaso suil
nmilnst oi\ch of siud lots imd pieces ol reix
cstuto , rospoctlvoly , bv reason ol the ourlilm
of thai part of I'ariiam stieet Irom "Uh blrooi
to-"nil nvGiiiii ) .
TUoioforu , for the purpose of pitying the cos
( if piicli eurblnir :
lie Itoidulncd by the city council of the city ol
Omaha :
Soc-tlon I. That the eo t of onrblnir tlmt putt
of I'timum slicct , in thu city ot Oninhii. lion
! ? ) th street to tflth nvomio , s ild cost holnir tin
sum of f48 ! ! > - , bound the Mime Ishoiobj levied
nnd assessed , In proportion to the leot front
alonir Raid imnocmcut | , and according tc
fspeeial benellts by letison of Mild Impioxument
upon thu tollovtlnx iluscnboil loin nnd real
cstuto us shown by Ihu Bonornlly iLCOtnl/o | < l
mat ) of tlm city of Onmhu , IBbil , liUmgriiphoil
nnd published by C. K Majuo , Mild co t liolnij
so levied on snid lots and iciil estate , icspoo-
livelyas lolloH-8. to-wlt :
Niimo J < ot or Ain't of
nfOtviicr. Dosoiliillon. lilock. Tax.
r.udwlBlVniik.w 10-isH fi B f5 (
H r. .loiuiison , w ID'I a G 10 ! ii
v\ KID 7 n at M
" W Vl'i 8 B 42 ! )8 )
Low W Hill 9 G G8M
10 5 U' ) 7S
" 11 5G 5G SO 78
' B 10" IS G GG3
School Di-trict olOiimhii. . . . 1 10 CD SI
. . . . 2 10 C'J fl
" o H. 'J 1(1 ( U.I I
Section'Tlmt the sneelul tuxes and osso- -
inontsliivlod nnd nssoasLd us atorcsuld , nhull bo
due Immediately upon thu imssniruiimliipniovnl
ol this ordlntinco , ami shall boconio ilelln-
iiuoiil H' not piiid within llfty dnjs tlion-nlter ;
uml thniunpon , a penally of ton per cent nlmll
buiuliloii , together-vitli Intonist at thurutoot
ono not contu month pajatilo In advunuo Irom
thu tlmo said laxos hccnmu M > dollnniKint.
cltlolla. Thnt thisordlinincohliiill take offeot
nnd tie In Torco from ami after Its nissniru.
I'liBsad Jnnuiuy 18th , Itto" .
Wu. V. llui-iii : ! . , 1'rusldont City Council.
J. n. 8ouTiMHi > , CllvCleic. !
Approved Jnnuiuy aillh , ltW7.
WM . ! ' . lliciiKi , , Acting Mayor.
These taxes are now duo uml piijalilo to thu
city treiisurur , nnd will boconio delinquent on
Jliuch llth. 1W7. nfter Thlch diito u puunlty mid
iiitcicstrllllio iidduil as hhown In Beet ion .
ir'l TiiUMANjJiJCK City Ti ennui or ,
Proposals ior Forage.
Hi.u : > iM\iiTMt NT oi'-iin : I'.ATTE ,
Ol PICK OCltlH QirAHll.HM VSTI-ll ,
OVIAII \ , NotiiiihKn , .Inniniry "I , IS87. ,
Mils In liipllc-ute , Kiilijeot to the
s , wlllbu lei-ulvod ut tills olllcu
until 1 o'tloek p. m. , contra ! Miuidnrd tlmu ,
Mineh Bill , 1 87 , for Biipplyinv and dollverliiK
utfollawliiKpolntH , Biich Kriiln nnd In an us miiy
bo inqulrod dinliifj thu fiscal jonr ciiUliur.luim
, ! 0,18H..VI/ :
Omaha Depot , Cbeyenno Depot , Hawllni ,
VV'vo .and Cuitui , Wjo
Proloiuncu will bo Riven to articles of domes-
tie production and nmiiu'artun ! > , comlltlons of
pilco nnd qunllly bnliiif iiqiiul , nnd Hitch piuf-
uiuncu ulvun to aiticles of Amiiilciiii piodiio-
tlon nnd niaiiurnutiitu piouueed on the 1'iiclllo
c'oimt , to thoovlcnt of thu ronaumptlnn roqiili-
c-d tiy the public fiei vice thoio.
1'iopo'uls for either rlnss of Biippllns raon-
tinned , or for quantities It-si ihiin the whole ro-
qniiod , wllllio rot-olvtd.
'Jho t'O\cinmc'iit i"horves the ilnht to reject
any or all niopo-alB or to arunpi proposiils for
loss quiintity than total a.hKrllsml for
llliink piopounlsaiid full Inrnrniutlon n 111 bo
I'uinlshcd on npiilleatlon to Ililuolilco
t'iHiic3 : ] | ( | ( oiitnlnhiKpiopoBiils to IKI iimrKcil
" 1'iopnsiils tor nt " mid ud-
iic.--.iil ] ) lo the nuclei signed.
wet Chlot QuiirlonmistiT.
RESTORED , Vvlrl'mo-
9i > uliifullniiruiumi | fniu > iQ'Y
Su.nerior to all Others.
IJucauso RtrungiT and bc'itcr madf , and will do Ijfil * r ; m < l
more tliorougli work. Askyourdcalcr for them orv it
Deere , Is
Counoil Bluffs. Iow °