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Delivered bj- carrier in anr part of the city nt
twenty cents per week.
D. W. TIMOW , - - - Manager.
nrsrjcrej OFFICE , No. U ,
Nioni Eoitoii No. 33.
N. Y. PlumbitiR Co.
Ell Perkins February 3.
Heavy suits cheap to order nt Ilcitcr'a.
Kanrains In real estate at C'rosslaml ft
OtlS' .
Sec Tenvillificr's addition at F. J.
The best bargains to-day is Tcrwllll-
gcr's addition at Day's.
Walt and see the plat of Squire's Park
addition before bnyinir a lot.
The best laying addition in the city ,
large los ! , Tcrwilligcr's at Day's.
\ \ llllani Uochnine was up yesterday
for keeping a saloon open on Sunday. Ho
paid the penalty.
U lie inonoy consideration of real cstato
yesterday placed on lllo with the county
recorder was $0810i. (
Ed Wiekhani As Oscar Kiplingor bavo
opened their real estate ollleo in lhf > rear
of Moore & Kiulinyer's.
Permit to wed was given yesterday to
Oren L. Lucas , of .lellersoii county , and
Abblo Jones , of this county.
Tickets for the "Old Fashioned District
School" are now on sale at Dusliuull's ,
Uo.servcd seats without extra cost.
KiplingcrVickhain is the now real
estate linn ; largo list of cheap property
mid line chance to invest. .Maps lajrjrcd
in plain figures.
All the scholars of "The Old Fashioned
District School" are earnestly invited
to meet at tlio Ogden house parlors Fri
day evening for a general rehearsal.
"Tho Old Fashioned District School"
will bo reproduced next Tuesday evening
at the opera house , with a change of pro-
cranimc. Tickets DO cents , now on sale
at liushncll's.
CrossVind it Otis will place on sale
to-day a few line lots in Van lirnnl &
JUco'fi addition. These will bo sold at a
bargain. Call early and bocuro them be
fore they are gone.
The plat of Omaha addition which is to
bo shown this morning by Odell Hros. &
Co. will include the Mallard eighty acres
and Bryant forty acres , also the K. C.
forty acres , 180 acres in all.
Odcll Hros. As Co. have an announce ,
ment to make on another pagn. It is
hardly necessary to call attention tothel-
advertisement. It speaks for itself , lieu
it carefully and act upon it promptly , d
Wail ami see the plat of Squire's Park
addition before buying a lot.
Koyil Amy lias about completed his
moving , and'will within a few days have
ids hard n arc store opened for business.
Ho is heartily welcomed back to Council
The funeral of Frank Shields was held
yesterday afteonoon. Manysympathi/ing
friends were in attendance , Mr. Shields
having been a resident of this city for
several years , and having formed many
F. .1. Day will put the Shcrradcn tract
on the market this morning. Terms ,
one-half cash , balance in one and two
isars at 8 per cent interest on or before ,
all early and secure a bargain. This
tract is called Torwillitrer's addition.
Wait ami see the plat of Squire's Park
addition before buying a lot.
Oscar Kiplingcr and Kd Wickhnm have
opened in the real estate business in the
old board of trade rooms in the rear of
Moore As Kiplinger's cigar store , ami
would be pleased to sco their old friends.
List your property with them.
Mrs. Williams , an old colored woman ,
wiioso age is supposed to bo near one
hundred , \yas yestereiay brought into the
police station for being drunk and alto
gether too frisky for a centenarian
female. The old lady long ago deeded
what little property she had to the county ,
the county to take care of her for the rest
of her life. Under this agreement her
fine will .probably bo charged up to the
The arrangements are about complete
for having the Union Pacilic passenger
coaches kept and cleaned on this side of
the river. The houses are all ready and
the track about completed. The trains
would have been thus kept hero beginning -
ginning with yesterday , but there was
fiomo delay in completing the track.
Heretofore the coaolios have been taken
over to Omaha , cleaned up and cared for
there , and then brought back when ready
to start out on their trips. They will
soon bo htopping hero , and this work
will bo done hero. Thcro are numerous
other changes about to bo made at and
about the transfer , and the work is being
flushed as rapidly as possible considering
the cold weather.
Fred Gorstonborg was before Judge
Aylesworth again yesterday on the
charge of larceny. It appears that n keg
of beer standing oiusulo the Milwaukee
beer depot , waitinc for shipment , sud
denly disappeared. It was learned that
Gorstciijborg and another follow had
picked it up and taken it to Gurstcnbcrg's
house. \ \ atch was made to confirm
these suspicions , and the next day Gcr-
Etcnborg sneaked into the place and
picked up another keg. He was just
making oil' with it when ho was seized ,
nnd given n sound threshing , Then lie
was brought before the court. The trial
resulted in n speedy finding of guilty , and
bo was sentenced to the county jail for
thirty days. As ho wont out ho threat
ened his prosecutors hotly , and declared
that it would cost them one of their ice
houses. Just what Fred intends to do
towards carrying out his threats is not
known. It is supposed that ho lias an
idea of prosecuting them under the liquor
law , or homo such proceeding , ami ht-
tempt to force them into litigation. It is
a puwlo just how ho doiy Intend to make
thorn lose an ice house.
List your jVroperty with J. W. & E. L ,
Squire. They have $30,000 to invest for
ft ngii-rcsldcnt to-day.
Contervillo soft-lump coal , $3.75 per
Ion , delivered , Win. Welch , 015 Main
street , telephone 93.
Dr. Hanehottotlico No. 13 Pearl stront ;
resiliency , 120 Fourth btrect ; telephone
No. 10.
To Contrnotnra and Hullders.
Proposals will bo received by the under
signed until the 23d of next month for the
huidln ! < r of the now Catholic church-
Plans and specifications may bo seen at
the pastoral residence , The right is re
served to reject any or all proposalo.
H. I' . Mt'MKXOMr , Pastor.
Electric door bulls , burglar alarms nnd
every form of domestic electrical appli
ances nt the Now York Plumbing Co.
All my coal is weighed by Amy , the
only authorized city wcighmaster , and
guaranteed to hold out 2,000 pounds to
the ton. Good soft coal at fli.UO a ton.
L , B. Crafts & Co. are loaning money
on all classes of chattel securities at one-
half their former rates. See them bcforo
securing your loans.
J. W. & E. L. Squire's abstracts are
perfect and cost no more than others.
George Undio. real estate and nego
tiator of loans , N6. 1607 Farnam street ,
Diuaha. Bargains in Council Ulufts uud
They Aio Being Rapidly Bought Up at Ad
vancing Prices ,
The Oilier Slilc of Hcformctl French-
crs IJrloP lilts of New ? Prom
Alt About ttio IJoomlng
It HooniB In the Cold.
Notwithstanding the extreme cold
weather yesterday real cstato was in as
lively demand as it ever was in the his
tory of this city. Numerous syndicates
were formed , others only talked ever ,
and many purchases made. Thcro were
more buyers on the market from abroad
than on any previous day , and the num
ber of new real estate lirms which were
organized yesterday is estimated at four
teen or fifteen , many of which have not
secured a location. Among the many
now Hrms stavtlnc up the most notable
is that of C. K. Mayne , of Omaha , who
is known all over the western country
by Ins extensive advertising , lie has
associated with him several capitalists ,
among them KrastusA. Henson , and they
ate located in ( ieorgo H. Board's old
budding. No. D02 Broadway.
Dr. Macrae has purchased two lots ,
Nos , 17 and IS , in bloek l.lIJeers' bub , for
* WiO each , of H. K. Adams.
J. W. As K. L. Squire yesterday hung
out a plat of Squire's Park , they having
platted the west half of the Kverctt tract.
There are four blocks of thirty lots each
in the addition. M. F. Kohrer sold to
George liurko four lota , Nos. 1 in block
25 and 1 , n and 7 in block 10 in Beers' '
sub for $2,000.
Dr. W. L. Patton purchased lots 11
and 12 in block 28 Beers' sub lor $000 of
M. F. Kohrer.
Frank II. Guanella lias purchased lots
10 , 11 and 12 in block 25 Beers'sub for
$1,200 , and W. L. Clark bought lot 0 in
! ! 5 for $ : ! 00 of M. F. Kohrer.
Cole & Cole yesterday bought property
in Mount Lincoln of Stacy & Co. amount
ing to $2,000.
The deed was recorded yesterday by
which Horace Everett sold to J. W. & K.
L. Squire the tract near the transfer , the
consideration being $20,000. It is now
known as the Squiro's Park addition , as
line a piece of property as there is in the
city.K. .
K. II. Shcafc bought 100 feet on upper
Broadway , including Kd Mott's lumber
yard , the blue barn property , E T. Water
man's carriage factory and Squires'
blacksmith shop. This makes Mr. blieafo
the owner of all clear through to Pierce
street , which ho has held for some time.
The Paoillc house nroperty was yester
day sold to a syndicate of Council Binds
property holders lor ? ! ! 0,0'JO. ' The com
pany is composed of Henry Eisoman , S.
1' . Cochran , J. J. Shea. S. T. French , O.
P. Wiekham , P. Lacy. Ed Wiokham , E.
H. Merriam and William Moore , but in
the meantime Messrs. Ferguson & Son
will continue to run the hotel as UMial.
Mr. Stevens , of the Moline and Mil-
bum wagon company , of Omaha , was
yesterday in this city looking for a resi
dence lot , on which he says he will erect
a $5,000 residence.
Ira Hondrieks is now connected with
Odell Bros. itCo.'s real estate olllcc.
Messrs. Greenwood & Frascr , of Silver
City , have purchased of cv-County Kc-
corder Chambers block 28 , in Central
sub-addition , for s5,000whieh Mr. Cham
bers purchased recently for 2,500.
Baldwin & Troutmau , the new real
estate brokers , opened up business in a
lively manner yesterday , but their ar
rangements were not all completed. They
made : i number of sales.
Horace Barbcc , S. T. French , and Phil
Armour have formed a now firm of real
estate brokers.
F. M. Hunter purchased lot 5 , in block
21 , Beers subaddition , and T. J. Clark lot
5 , in block 17 , Beers' subaddition of
Baldwin & Troutman'.s.
Among the now lirms who start is that
of Kiplingcr & Wiekham , two well
known young men who are both
John Bennett and A. I. Miller have
purchased of T. S. Robinson block 10
and block 15 , in Bayliss' Third , the con
sideration being ? 1,800.
Stoves ! Stoves ; Stoves ! For the next
thirty days I will sell heating stoves nt
cost fo.r cash only. 1 * . C. DiVoL.
OWait and see the plat of Squire's Park
Addition before buying a lot.
Reformed Men ns Moral Teachers.
To the Editor of the KUK. In your
issue of Monday morning last the state
ment was made that the Kcv. Mr. Mackey
in introducing Mrs. Cole to her audience
on Sunday evening made a "keen thrust
at the present rage for having reformed
men for moral teachers. " According to
the statement , Mr , Mackey speaks of this
as a now custom. In this the reverend gen
tleman was mistaken. The custom dates
back nearly 1000 years and was first in
troduced by one called Jesus of Naza
reth. In the gospel of Mark , fifth chapter -
tor , it is said that when He came into the
country of the Gadarencs there met him
"a man with an unclean spirit , " who
was possessed by a legion of devils. The
man was evidently a regular tough , with
devil enough in him to infest a whole
herd of swine. When the devils were
cast out by the power of Jesus and this
man was thoroughly reformed , ho
desired to stay witli his boncfactor ,
but Jesus "sullbrcd him not , but said
unto him "go homo unto thy friends
and toll them wbat great things the Ixird
hath done for theo. " Jesus thus sot the
reformed man to work right away , teach
ing the people the wonderful \vorks of
God. And the record says of the man
that "hs iiopnrtcil , " as directed , "and
began to publish in Dccapolis ( a province
containing ten cities ) how great rhings
Jesus had done for him. " Doubtless the
Pharisees of ago made somn "keen
thrusta" at Jesus of Na'/iucth for employ
ing a reformed man as a moral teacher
and as an Evangelist , but ho did it just
the samo. Saul of Tarsus , according to
his own confession , had been the chief of
sinners , and yet ho was chosen by Jesus
to become the great apostle of the Gen
tiles and the moral teacher of the world.
It is certainly unbecoming , to say the
least , for n minister of the gospel to
"mako keen thrusts" from a Christian
pulpit at methods so successfully em
ployed by the founder of Christianity.
All orders from real cstato brokers for
job printing will receive immediate and
careful attention at Pryor's DEI : job
Substantial abstracts of titles and real
estate loans. J. W. & E , L , Squire. No.
101 Pearl street , Council Bluffs.
Falls Captured.
Charley Falls , an ex convict , who last
summer assaulted M. J. DeGrafl' , oneof
the merchants of Oakland , with intent to
maim , and who , after Ids preliminary
hearing , was bound ever to the grand
jury , and started for Council Blurt's in
charge of the marshal , securely hand-
culled , jumped from the moving train
nnd made good his escape , returned to
Oakland last Sunday , and continued to
walk the streets with impunity and two
loaded revolvers. Ho has vauntingly
made the most horrid throats against
thosn who were instrumental in captur
ing him , and took especial delight iu
waking uiuiself uotprious. Yesterday at
noon Deputy Sheriff McC.andlcss. who
ms but ono arm , came down and during
; ho afternoon arrested the desperado ,
and at once proceeded to the countv jail
at Council Bluffs. Falls has repeatedly
nado his braes that no oflicor would ever
> ut him in j.xil but ho is now behind the
bars and the ofliccrs still livo.
Kiplingcr & Wiekham. real estate ; No.
410 Broadway.
Pacific liouso is the nearest hotel to the
majority of real cstato offices in the city.
fS.UO per day.
With Capital , Kntvrprlao nnil Kvpcr-
Icnce Opens Up In Council muffs.
A. stock company has boon formed
comprising Erustus A. Ben on of D.iven-
tort , la. , C. E.Mayno of Omaha , J. H.
J'armichncl of Davenport , nnd L. K.
Mayno of Omaha , to do a general real
cstato brokerage and commission busi
ness in Council Bluffs.
E. A. Benson has for the past six
months been buying up Council Binds
H'opcrty and has purchased more than
any other one individual.
O , E. Mayno needs no introduction to
the public as everybody who reads the
newspapers knows him to be ono of the
nest enterprising business men of the
ivestern country.
The gentlemen interested in this new
linn are all interested in Council Bluffs'
future and have all been heavy purchas
es during the past year.
They have leased the building , No. G02
Broadway , have platted , and surveyors
ire now .staking off several line additions ,
which will be on the market to-morrow.
All interested should wait and see what
his new firm has to offer , as they have
onio of the most de.Mrablo property in
his city , which includes several hundred
luo residence lots which they will offer
cheap by way of advertising the now
irm ,
Kiplmgor & Wiekham , city property
'or ' sale. Maps tautred plain figures.
. .argo list ; nil additions. Ollico rear of
deere & Kiplinger's cigar storo.
C. K. Allen , , the map and atlas pub-
islier , has moved his office into rooms
Nos. 1 and 2 over No. 11 North Main
street , where ho is at present engaged in
> roparmg maps of a number of western
cities. Mr Allen will receive twenty-two
naps of Council Bluffs ( large size ) ,
jdition of 1885 in a few days. More than
one-half of the number are already
ordered. Parties outside the city should
nddrcss the office at once if tney wish to
secure a copy.
Frozen Punch.
Officer Rose found a man in a badly
'rozen condition on South Main street
ibout 3 o'clock j'cstorday morning. The
'ellow had evidently been drinking
icavily , and had fallen down in a stupor.
When found he was in a fair way of never
imbering up again. The officer worked
over him fdr some time , and got him
iartljr thawed out , the fellow's hands and
'eet being frozen badly. After some
delay a hack was found by which lie was
, : ikcn to the police station and there re
ceived further caro. He gave his name
as Nels Anderson and his residence as on
Nineteenth avenue near Thirteenth street.
lo was taken homo yesterday.
When you are in the city stop at the
'acilic house. Street cars pass the door
every fifteen minutes for all the depots.
Meals 00 cents.
Kiplingcr it Wickham , Real Estate
irokers , board of trade rooms. Maps
agged in plain figures.
Mitchell Coiiilnc-
Will L. Lykens was here yesterday
arranging for the appearance of Maggie
ditchell at the onora house Monday
evening , February 7. She will appear in
'Lorlo ; or the Artist's Dream. " The
name of Maggie Mitchell is such a house-
told word , and she has been so long a
'avoritc , that there is no urging needed
o secure a crowded house. "Lorlo is a
iramatized love story , and presents a
dcturo of rural simplicity and girlish
ovc , with a framework of mingled pathos
mil dignity.
At the Pacific house you will ? ave from
r > 0 cents to $1 per day. Try it and bo
Elegant Ijntrt.
Will sell a quarter block on Oakland
avenue for $5,000. Terms to suit. These
are the finest lots in Council Bluffs or
Omaha , and a rare bargain. No options
Driven. See the owner , E. C. Cole , at No.
11 Main street.
Personal PurngraphR.
J. G , Fountain , of Omaha , was in the
city yesterday.
J. II. Glddings nnd wife , of Woodbine ,
, vero at the Pacific yesterday.
M. II. Byers , of Glenwood , is in the
city and is planning to locate hero.
E. A. Shields and J. S. Lidgett , of
: lard in township , are going to Kansas to
ook ui > lands.
Mrs. C. E. Stone has returned from
[ 'ortland , Ore. , where she lias been visit-
"ng her daughter , Mrs. Moiggs.
J. C. Morgan , formerly of this city ,
i as at last secured an appointment. It
is in the government priutingofilce ,
Colonel Keajloy , of this city , Is an
nounced as the editor of the now demo
cratic paper , the Herald , to bo started in
Sioux City March i.
George S. Miller , who was assistant
city engineer hero , has returned to the
city. Ho has been working on the line
of the Kansas Central of late.
Practice In the State and Federal courts
Rooms 7 uud 8 Shugart-Beno Blook.
coxrisroru surrinins
Kstabllshod 1857
. . ,
23 Main St. , Council Bluffs.
The cheapest pluco In the city to buy
. A competent nb'trnctpr ; to the
WANTT.n trooilnipos nml stenJv employ
ment will bo given inquire ntSM S. MMn St.
" 6ft SAMS-If tnken tliiTw cit A flvo room
house on Virth Monuo , near dummy
depot , 'llioftrret , slclotrnlh nnci lot niloil to
crndo. Price flt.V ) . Kncr terms. Address
Lot. lleoonico , Council Hlutls.
FOKSAM5 A flrtt-clii n , tiiroo sprliip. sliifflo
phnoton nnil InirnrM , pntt onsh , Imltuiro
In monthly pnymcWS. A. 0. Mnndol , No. 3UJ
nnd Ii25 llrotulwny.
OH SAI.E-A b : rirAln-rino now resilience ,
cleht rooms niul bath room , s. o. corner
ot Slith street nnd WaMilnplon MOIIIIO , t o
hiooks from government building. I"urnncu ,
\tntcr nnd iriu. Ixit W feet front. Price for BO
dnjs only l.SOO , nl o cheap residence property
In nil pnrt * of the city. Apply to 11. fchoo-
innKcr , No. 52 , HnrrUon St.
Ii\OH \ SAI.K Nltip ucrcsof hind l the RW'I of
1 the nw'i of toe ; ir > , T 7"i , H 41 , in Comic'l '
IllnlTs luljolnlnit tlio I'liion VfOillc ilopot
irtntiniU on the north Rtidillrccty west of the
tnnk. Hornco Ilu-rutt.
OU SALU Choice , smooth , unimproved lf > 0
acres clo o to llnilnnr ! , in llutler county ,
Ncbrankn. Will invc lui-ku discount trom pres
ent \ nluo for cn li Address Hunting , ICunvon
.VJonc * . Unvld City , Nob. , or W. J. , llco olllcc.
Council IMiiirs , In ,
T710KSAUJ At nbiinrom , 2iV iiorinuilli line
J- Improvements u mile * vit of Council
lllulT ? . 1'ilcolow'indiill the tlmo needed. In-
qnl ro of T. W. Vim Sclovcr , Council HlulTK.
J A cottniro or dvo or tlroom' .
> ' locntoil coiivonlont to lmslniM ! siniill
fRinlly , no chlldrun. Address "Cilspy , lloo
YXTANTKO-A boy with pony to carry llco
T route.
TOIt SAliIi Old piipora for sale nt ttio Hoe
1 olUce.
WANTIH ) 1'nrtics Intending to tin mnrriod
are umntnd to cill nt the 1'ryor's llco Job
ofllco to st'lect tholr woddlnir curds.
Agricultural Implements , Boggles ,
Cnrrliuros , Kto , lite. Council IllnlT ! ) , Iowa.
Jliinufncturorsof nnd Dealer * In
Hand and Power Corn libellers ,
And nKcnoia line of first class iiRrlculturft
Nos. 1B01,1531 , 150J nnd JM7 South Main Street ,
Council HiiirK Iowa.
Mnnufrs nn1 Jnbunn of
Igrlcultaral Implements , Wagons , Bnggles ,
Can-luges , nnd nil kin la of F rm Maehluury.
1100 to 1118 South Main Street , Council Ululta ,
Carpets , Curtains , Window Shades
Oil Cloths , Curtfiln Fixtures , IJphoNtory Goo
Ktc. No 405 UroBdwny Council Uluffa ,
ClO.rl.KS , milACCO , K'lr.
Wholesale Jobbers In the
Pinest Brands of Cigars , Tobacco & Pipes
Nos. JHMain and 27 Pearl Sta. Council Uluir.i ,
Frnlt and Produce Commission Merchants.
S3,24 nnd 2G Peal St. , Council llluffs.
Wholesale Druggists , Oils , Paints , Glass ,
s' Sundries , Etc. No. 22 Main 3t , imJ
No. 211'onrl St. , Council Bluffa.
i ni'trs.
. o. W. BUTTS ,
Wholesale California Fruits a Specialty
General Commission. No. 5U Br adway ,
Council Bluffa.
Wholesale Fruits , Confectionery ,
NOB. lOiind 19 PoiiI St. , Council llluffs.
Mmiu'ncturcrs of and Wholesale Doilorsln
Leather Harness Etc.
, , Saddlery , .
No. ( 6 Main St. . Council I Huff 3 , I OTTO.
Jobbers la Hats , Caps and Gloves.
Nos. ai3 and 344 nroudwny , Council ItliiHi.
Iron Steel Nails Hardware
, , , Heavy ,
And Wood Stock , Council Hluffg , Iowa.
D , H. McTlONELn & CO. ,
[ Kitubllthod 18o3. )
No. (30 Main Rlroct , t : i Council IlhirTs.
\VliolusaJe Dealers In
lluminating & Lnbricitin * Oil }
E.Thcodoro , Agent , Council llluffg. Inwa.
Hard Wood , Southern Lumber , Plllag ,
Andllrldre Material Speclaltlon.Wbolosiila Lum
ber or all Kinds , oincu No. 1JQ Mala 3L ,
Council Ulutrt. Iowa.
Foreign and Domestic Wines asi Liquors ,
Imported and Domestic Wines & Liquors
for St. Oottbard's Hurh Ulttcri No.ll
Main St. Council lllulls.
Wholesale Liquor Dealers ,
Io.4l9 Uroadway , Council muffs.
Justice of the Peace ,
415 Ili-ouduJi ) , Council ISIutft.
Refers to unj' batik or Business house iu
tlio city.
Collections a specialty.
Ladies' ' and Childrens' '
o have succooilctl in pur-
clmsing'nl an
Extraordinary Bargain
A largo quantity of Muslin Un
derwear , Childrcns' Dresses ,
Aprons , etc. , which we have di
vided into two lots , and to make
quick sales will sell them at
25c Consists of
Ladies' Night TloLcs , Chemises ,
Drawers , Corset Covers , Long
White Aprons , Childrcns' White
and Red Mbther Ilubbard
Dresses , Drawers and Infants'
Slips. These garments are well
made and warranted pcrscct.
50c. Consists of
Ladies Night Dresses , Skirts ,
Chemise , Drawers , Corset Cov
ers and Childrcns1 White and
Turkey Red Dresses.
All trimmed with Linen Torchon
lace. Such garments as these arc
usually sold for 75a to $1.
We take great pleasure in plac
ing this immense purchase be
fore our customers nnd invite an
early call , as we believe this to
the greatest bargain in Muslin
Underwear and Childrcns Dress
es ever offered in this city
os. lil-l , UJi , Ulf * find ; i20 Broad
i Council
All fresh goods , well made , full
sizes , good shapes , nnd warranted
free free from imperfections.
. J.
FirstAccniic. Council
Has tlie Largest List and More Bargains
than cam be quoted by any other agent. Call
Vacant Lots , Lttntts , City UesMcncc.t ami J n'Mis , acre tii In
western part of city. All t > clliit j cheap to make room for alack.
Real Estate and Insurance Agent.
Jtoom S , over OJJIccr P J'liscj/'a bank , Coum-il
Jlln Bargains in all kinds of City JProjtcrty , Tiiiitrored and UnlmproreCt
LoteofotifsMc capital In bctny Invested In this city , and thousands of
persona will come from a distance to purchuw In the next few next
few days.
Forrest Smith , - - No. 130 Main Stf
Farming Lands in Iowa , Minnesota , Kansas , and ranging from $5.00 lo
$10.00 per aero. School and htato lands in Minnesota on 30 years' tirao 5 per
cent interest. Land 13uycrs fare frco. Information , etc. , pivcn by
No. 555 Hroadway , Council Hinds , Iowa , agent for Frcidnkseu & Co. , C'ncago. '
The only hotel in Council Bluflb having
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And all mo'ern improvements.
210 , 217 nnd 210 Main st.
MAX MOHN , Prop.
B. BICE , M. D. ,
Or other Tumor * reiuovoj without
t e , ,1 orUranlngof blood.
Orcr tbnty yonra practicnl exporioucu.
No. II i'earlBt. , Council Uluffs.
Tlio rincst Im
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oooiiB West or
Mrs. C. L. Gillette's
Human Hair Emporium
no , 2G9 MainStrcet.Qtuncil Bluffs , Iowa ,
Veritable Boom ,
02h Iltt > AI > WAY ,
Will show you many choice pieces of
property at astouisiiin ly low prices.
Horses and Mules
For all purposes , bought and sold , at retail
and in lots. Large quantities to select
from Several pairs of fine drivers , bin-
gle or double.
Council lilufls.
1514 Douglas St. , Omaha.
Ladies buy ing a $5 hat or bonnet , one f.iro
wilt be paid ; ? io , found ( rip.
Star Sale Stables and Mule kd&
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s S
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F S-
. , -
kept constantly on
hand , for sale at retail or in car loads.
Odors promptly filled by contract on
Bhort notice. Sstock eold on commission.
SHU TKII A UOLKV , I'ropnetoiH.
Telephone No. 111. . .
Formoriy of Kcil Sale Stables , cornet
1st. a\u and 4tli btrect.
Justice of the Peace
Office over American Expect * .