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Senator Majors Makes a Successful Play on
QoTcrnor Tbayer'a Credulity ,
Many New lllllq Introduced The
H on 10 Coiiiinlttec Doclilns to lie-
port l < 'nvorally ou AliollshliiK
tlio Knllrorul Commission.
Tlio IjR-ilslntnr * Surprised.
I.X , Neb. , Jan.lW tSpcclal Telesram
lo the HUB. ! Much surprise Is expressed
nmong members and outsiders at Governor
Thayer's course In connection with Dr.
Knapp's confirmation as superintendent of
the insane asylum. The circumstances under
which Knapp became superintendent are
Btlll frcsti in tlm public mind , Knapp was
brought out last fall by an underhanded
elfort of the Into Collector Post , and the York
county delegation to the republican state con
vention , which was generally conceded to
Thayer , was tied to the coat tails of Knapp.
Among the knowing ones Knapp's candi
dacy was said to bo meiuly an open bid
lor Dr. Mathowson's place. Thavor's over
powering strength In the stnto convention
made all trades with lightning rod candi
dates needles" , and Knapp went homo with
out the desired pledge. Hut Governor
Dawes put In his oar for Knapp , by sum
marily deposing Dr. Maltliovvson about three
weeks bolore the legislature met without as
signing specific cause for his action , and
Knapp was appointed. It was given out that
Governor Thayer had been consulted nnd
Knapp's appointment met his approval. This
the governor most emphatically denied. On
the contrary ho declared that Knapp's ap
pointment was an Impudent attempt to fore-
fclallihlm , and when thu legislature met he
quietly expressed the hope to a number of
senators and friends that Knapp's nomina
tion which Dawes sent In would either bo re
jected or held to the end of the session ,
iluantlmu Knapp enlisted Senator Majors
to his support , mainly because Church Howe
was known to bo friendly to Mattliewson and
adverse to Knapp. Majors played his cards
very shrewdly. When the leglslatuio began
balloting for senator , ho registered his vote
for Thayer right along , although ho had his
own lightning rod up and had no more de-
elre lo elect Thayer than ho had Van Wyck.
While voting lor Thayer ho kept his own
nnnio before the legislature thronsh his No-
malm county colleague , Alexander , and
made vigorous elicits through another col-
Icaune , Dr. McGiow , to bring Van Wyck's
supporters over to himself In the republican
In his credulous simplicity Governor
Thayer has up till now regarded Majois as
his most staunch and earnest suppoi tor in
tills legislature. Majois , who appeared anx
ious for Knapp's continuation , made a can
vass among the scnalors this morning and
found many of them in doubt about Gov
ernor Thayer's wish In the matter , so ho
finally got Governor Thayer to glvo his as
sent , and when the senate committee called on
the governor this afternoon to ascertain
what notion would please him , ho gave them
to undcistand Unit Knapp's continuation
would bo satisfactory.
Scoio one for Majors this time. Ho played
It us sliaip on the governor as Chinch Howe
could possibly contrive to play it.
Scnitto I'rococdincH.
LINCOLN ; Neb. , Jan.C. . [ Special Tele
gram to the Ur.i : . | The senate met at 10KO :
o'clock. A shower of petitions were received
one Indemnifying owners of cattle killed
by authoilty of the sanitary commission ; to
prevent the spread of contagious diseases ;
nine more from dilicicnt portions of the state
praying that municipal sulTrago bo t'ratiled to
women. One of the ladles who desires to
vote took a circuit of the senate with nn arm-
lull of these petitions , and of course the
senators who introduce them don't read
them , but picscnt the petitions because It
pleases Iho ladles. A petition fiom Iho
state board of agriculture asks the senate
to recommend the passage of the
airrlcultuial experimental station bill
now befoio congress. The same board
also ask that the legislature resolve In favor
of the passatoof thu Miller bill now befoio
congress , for Iho pievention of the. spi cad of
contagions diseases. Another petition asks
for Hinds for a suitable bulldlmr for a state
vetetlnarv school. The committee on fed
eral relations repoited fiivoiably on the bill
relating to thoamendmcnt lothoconstltutlon
of the I illicit States providing for the elec
tion of United States senator by dliect vote
of the people. Tlio committee on university
and 1101 mid schools reported favoiably on tlio
bill auihoil/int ! the state treasurer to transfer
Si ; , MX ) from the university lund to the state
geneial fund.
The rules were suspended and a resolnllon
adopted Instiuctlng the attorney general to
repoit to the senate what action he had taken
on the leport of the committee on peniten
tiary of Hie senate of lbsr > , which recom
mended the payment of certain vouchers , and
whleiiwas ref cried
for examination ,
Eighteen bills were Introduced and a num
ber put on second reading. Thoconlnma-
tlon of the nominations of ox-Governor
Dawes v\eio made a sueclal order lor 'J
o'clock In the atleinoon.
Al 2 o'clock the senate went Into execu
tive session to consider the nominations ot
ox-Governor Dawes. Tin appointment of
William Knapp as supcilntondont ot the In
sane hospital was continued. The other ap-
polnlments wcioreleired to special commit
tees ,
At the close of the executive session , a com
munication from the state assembly ot
' Knidits ot Lahoi novIn session in Lincoln
was lead. Inviting the simato to a meeting
this ovmilng where a discussion ot inoper
legislation In thulnteiest of labor v\lll take
place ,
Tlie senate then adjourned until 10 o'clock
to-morrow moming ,
The following are the bills Introduced :
Hy MelKlojuhn Memorial and joint reso
lution urging upon congiess the passage of
the Miller live stock bill to prevent of
plcino-pucumonla among live stock.
Hy Wilght Memorial and joint lesolutlon
tequestlnt : removal ot duly on barb-wire ,
lumber , salt , sugar , Icathci , and materials of
Itrt manufacluie ,
My f frown To repeal an art entitled
"State veterinary live stock commUslon. "
Hy Snell To Ingnllre tlio s.ilo and convey
ance of certain lots In Fairbury , Jctleison
couiitv ,
Uy Colby To provide clerks and assistants
lor county indites in counties having over
Pr\ iiVWO inhabitants , and to piovldo salaries
Hy Colby To prevent frauds and injus
tice in matters of tlie liiaiirauct ) policies.
Hy Lindsay Provlilin- ; that no Injunction
shall bo granted to icatrain collection of any
laves ,
Hy Uobblns-To juovldo for a central
normal school at Ord , Valley count v.
Hy Shervin Peitalnliii ; to auditing ac
counts of insino hospital.
Hy Vandemark 'lo lix maximum bridge
Hy Kent IJccommendlnc the passage of
Iho Milk-dive stock bill now Uutore congress.
Hy Casper Fixing quallhc.ition fur adndb'
fen | to puiuticolaw ,
11 } Heaitwell To provide suitable court
house , jail , iiiul other IIVCU > S.IIY county build'
int * * ,
Jly Wright To authorize the governor tc
appoint a state aeent to attend to the bust-
ne > sof soldiers and sailors. Such aijent tc
uuiiitaln an ulllco In Washington ,
Hy Fuller To COIUIK. ! trains of all railways
.ocoiiia to full stop at junction of other roads ,
Hy Uuras To it'tiind moneys to countie :
soliectoj by tlm st.Uo to maintain iiuaiie. has.
By Uuruliatn ProvUlln'rthat the veterinary
surgeon shall make a continuous scientific
study of cotitaeloiis diseases.
Hy Tzschuck To provide for three county
commissioners in counties of not more than
70,000 pooiile , and live commissioners In
counties of more than 70.00J population ,
Hy T7. chuck To fix fees of county clerks.
Hy Tzschuck To authorize the board of
any county In which thcro Is a city of metro
politan class to pave certain roads.
Hy Vandcrmark To compel railroads at
Junction points to construct ami maintain
connecting switches.
. .
Senator Llnlngcr has arranged to maintain
a complete fill1 of all printed senate bills In
the olllco of the Omaha board of trade , where
his constituents can see them at pleasuie. He
will al'o send all stall1 documents and re
ports of tlm various departments for the peru -
ru il of the public.
Senator C.uper Is suffering from an attack
of ilicumatbni.
Ooliii ; < ) In the IToitsp.
Ltvcoi.Jf , Neb. , Jan. ax [ Special to
the Hnr J The old conundrum as to the
length of tlmo It would require Iho frog which
jumped up one foot and slipped back two to
gel out of the well , Is applicable to Iho house
of reprcacntallves. Hills , hills , bills thirty-
six new ones to-day and three passed. The
bills which go to the senate lor action by
that body may bo considered as good as laws.
Two are the appropilallon measures In which
the present leirlslature Is Interested. The
third provides for an additional judge of the
district court In the Fourth district.
Durlntr the day Watson Pickerel ! , Senator
Paddock's in in Fihlav , has been sliding
mound amour : the legislators extending an
Invitation to a ur.iml love feast which It Is
proposed to hold at Hcatrleo next Monday.
The programme Is for the legislatuie to oc
cupy n special train and en ina'iso cole
lo Heatrlce , whore the senator-elect wdl
tteat them well and often. If the signs be
ilelit tbo Invitation will not be accepted.
While Senator Van Wyck's Irlends do not
feel uncoriilal to Senator-elect Paddock , they
think their brief tlmo heie can be more
profitably utilized than In a day's junketing
and b.ubeciio tilp , as the guests of the latter.
The committees aio getting down to busi
ness this afternoon and it Is probable a num
ber of ropoits will bo readv by morning.
. . . .
All the members of the house of repre
sentatives were piesent , except those
excused until to-moriow. Under reports ot
committees , the resolution and memorial on
John A. Logan's death were recommended
lor passage. A blM to Inciiipoiato the divi
sion of Nehraska Sons of Veterans was also
recommended tor P.HSHKO. Mr. Nlcliol intro
duced n resolution for the bonctit of the
finance committee. . The resolution iccitcs :
Whereas , The committee expected to rec
ommend apDropriations tor the state Institu
tions , and us It has no means ot knowing the
propriety ot the appropriations except upon
the amount asked for ,
l'esohcdThat the committee visit the stile
Institutions and the secretiuy ot btato fur
nish tianspoitatlon and expenses.
Messrs. Kandall , Smyth and Pcmberton
asked an explanation of the necessity for
thu committee' ! ) trip. Mr. Nlcliol said such
visits last year saved the state S" > 0,000.
Mr. Caldw ell Introduced an amendment that
the committee on public lands and buildings
shall bo furnished llks transportation and
expenses , and Iho amendment was incor
porated in tlio lesolutlon and Ihcn adopted.
A number of bills were Introduced , but
none of general importance. Tlie bill apnro-
pi iatlng 5-45,000 to pay incidental expenses
of llio legislature passed. The bill appio-
prlatlngSM.OOOlo pay the salaries of mem
bers and employes or the legislatuio passed.
Preambles and resolutions from tlio state
board ot agriculture , asking the legislature to
memoiiall/e congress to pass bills pioviding
for experimental agilcultural stations , and
the Miller bill to prevent the spread of con
tagious diseases in cattle , and also asking the
leslslatine for an appropriation to erect a
st Uo veterinary school were received and
iteccss until 2 p. m.
Arnn.voox SI-.SION .
The following bills , to which are appended
those of the moining , were introduced :
Hy Whltmore To piovldo the manner in
which the title may bo acini i red by lallroad
companies , incorporated under the laws of
this state , for right ot way and other neces
sary mn poses , across the educational and
other lands of this state.
Also , To prevent fiaud upon livery and
boarding slaulo proprietors and keepers , to
declare such fraud a crime and to prescribe
therefor ,
Also , To provide for draining and protect-
Ini ; maish , swamp or bottom lands in the
state of Nebraska , and to repeal an act en
titled "An act to provide tor draining marsh
or swamplands in the state or Nebiaska , "
npnroved February 'J8 , Ibsl.
Hy SmythTo amend section 01 of chaptoi
77 of the compiled statutes ot ISSt entitled
" .Revenue. "
Hy Kelper To amend section 11 of subdi
vision 4 , chapter 71) ) , entitled "Schools , " of the
compiled statutes ot lbS5 of the state of Ni > .
braska and to repeal said original amended
Hy Wolenvveber To amend soclion MO ,
chapter TXJ ot the criminal code of the com
plied statutes of ISSI.
Hy Dempster Incorporalincr the Hantlst
LMiicatlonal Association of Nohraskn.
Hy Ciildwi'll To piovido for the erection
of a building for the University ol Nebraska
to bo known as Iho "Grant Memorial Hall , "
to be devoted to the uses ot tlm military do-
paitment of said university and for u cyinna-
slum , and to uppiopilato money lor that pur
Hy Kcgleston To provide for the erection
of a bulldlnc for the Univei.slty of Nebraska
for the practical and scientific fnsttuctlon ol
the Industrial classes and for instruction In
the mechanic arts , and to appropriate money
lor that purpose.
Hy Dickinson To provide for the erection
of a building for the University ot Nebraska.
for the practical and scientific instiuctlon ol
the Industrial classes and for the instiuetion
in the mechanic aits , and lo appropilatc
nionuy lor that purpose and to authoii/o the
board of reironts of the university to erect
said building.
Hy Lelsveld To provldo for the organl/a.
tlon of the students of the University ot Ne
braska into a battalllon , and to provldo for
the commissioning ot o Dicers of said organi
Hy Shamn To appropriate the matricula
tion fees ot the University of Nebraska and
State Noimal school tor the use and support
ot their libraries.
Hy Wrlght-To refund to Dlxon county.
Nebiaska , the amount ot state tax illegally
collected and pild Into the stnto ireasuiy and
atterwards refunded by said Dixon county tu
tax-payers theieln ,
Hy Newton To prevent fraud.
Hy Veach To amend sections 'Ml , 2J , 2si ;
of chapter 'J I of the compiled statutes ot No'
braska entllkd "Decedents. "
Hy Pcmbcrlon To provide clciks or assist
ants for the c'liinty judge in counties having
over 'J'l.OOO inhabitants , and provide for pay
ment of the sanu * .
Hy Cole To dedicate to Iho nso of the OX'
ecntlvo committee tor the Nebraska yearly
meeting of Freewill Haptlsts In trust lot
number 0 In block number is > 7 In the city ol
Hy Wolenwebor To ropoil section KT ol
chapter M ) of thu criminal code of the state ol
Nebraska ,
Hy Hiown To regulate Insurance business
In the state of Nebraska.
Hy Garvey Piovlding for the submission
lo the electioners of this state of an amend
ninnt to section nine I'J ) ot article eight ( tij
of tlio constitution. To amend secllons forty (40) ( )
and .seventy-four (71) ( ) of article one (1) ( ) ol
chapter seventy-seven (77) ( ) of the complice
statutes ot Ibs5 entitled "Kevenue. "
Hv Schamp I'o require .ill tiains run upon
railroads In this statu to come to n lull slot
before ciosslnir any oilier road and to pro
vide penalties for Us violation.
Hj E0'itleston To provide lor the sinkiiu
of test wells In tlie state of Nebraska tor tin
discovoiy of salt , coal and other minerals' ,
Hy Wllsev To create and determine llu
liabilities of counties nnd towns for damagi
to persons or propeity caused by deloctlvi
Hy HontloyTo compel lallroads lo erer
and maintain switches at ciosslngs am
junctions and to regulate Issuance ot bills o :
uden and shippers' receipts.
Hy Loul 'I o amend section 1. chapter 45
compiled sUitutes of Nebraska , ontitlei
"Internal Improvements. "
Also , To amend st-ctlor ) 7 of chapter 10 o
the compiled statutes , entitled "Hoiid am
Oaths Ollldal , " etc.
Also , To amend section 01 of article 1 o
chapter 13 of the compiled statutes , entitled
"Counties and County Officers. "
Also , To amend section 4'i of chaplcr S3 of
the compiled statutes entitled "Fees. "
Also , To amend sections 03 , 70 and 07 ot
article 1 of cnapter77of the compiled statutes
entitled "Revenue. "
Hy Case Authorizing comity commission
ers to appropriate funds.
Hy Veach To piovldo for the payment of
legacies and distribution of shares of an in
testate or testate estate belonging to minors
which Is under the valtto of $50 and oC the
value of S.'iO and over.
Hy Mlntitx To amend chapter 8 of the
compiled statutes of ISS.'i. entitled "Hrawls. "
Hy Veach Providing for the payment of
legacies , distributive shales of nn Intestate
or testate esUlo and money in the hands of
n lesldciit guardian to a non-resident minor
or minors or guardian ot such money duly
appointed nt tlie domicile of such minor.
Hy Andics To provldo that where the
ownership of personal property Is con vcjod
anil Iho former owner retains actual posses
sion of the pioperty a written Instrument of
conveyance shall bo executed and the Insttu-
munt or a copy thereof filed with the county
Mr. Whltmore's hill res-aiding purchase ot
state lands by lalhvav companies provides
that railways taking or havln ? heretofore
taken state lands for right ol way. station * .
side tracks or other purposes , shall be entitled
to deed In lee simple therefor bv paying Into
the county tteasnry the lull value ol such
lands , toirether with the amount ot damaecs
Inclined by tlm railroad havinc possessed It.
The county commissioners or supervlsois
shall constitute a board of appraisers who
shall appraise the value of the land per acio
al Iho tlmo the land was taken. The lands
shall not bo "old at less than 87 par acre.
"At the time the land was taken" may or
may not bean Afilcan In the -.voodpllo.
Another bill by Mr. Whltmoro makes it a
misdemeanor to fall to pay for a livery rig ,
or hired horse , or for board of horses.
Mr. Cahlwell's bill , a tac simile of which Is
also introduced by Mr. Shamp , appropriates
Ji''O.OOO ( $1BC03 fiom the general fund and
55,000 from the temporary university
fund ) with which to eicct at
Lincoln , as an adjunct ot the
university , a "Grant Memorial hall" lobe de
voted to the uses ot the military dopaitmcn )
of the university and used as an armory ,
dilll room and g.vmnaslum , nnd to remain a
public monument to the memoiy of UIvs es
S. Grant. The bulldlnc must be completed
by July , iss * .
An Invitation was received by the house
fiom thn stain assembly of the Knights of
Labor , icquestlni ; the presence of all mem
bers Interested In labor legislation at Ma-
sonle hall this evenlmr. Mr. Audros , one of
the committee on Invitation , sild tliat at the
meetlni ; ceitaln bills now pending which In
tend to change the condition of laboring men
would bo discussed.
The bill cre.itlmr an additional ludco In the
I'ouith judicial disli let was taken up and
passed without dissent. It makes an imme
diate vacancy to bo tilled bv appointment.
The house adjoin ned until to-moirow at 10
a. in. _
The Knllroiut Commission.
LINTOI.X , Neb. , Jan. 20. ( Special to the
Hii.J : : The house committee on railroads
held a meeting this afternoon and after a
brief conference , by nearly unanimous vote
decided to repoit a bill to-morrow moinlnc
to abolish the rallroid commission. The
chaliman of the committee ( Whltmoie ) op
posed the motion to have the bill abolishing
tlio bill repoited.
It is curicntly reported that several of the
railromio members of the leidslatuio are
threatenliiK to introduce resolutions to expel
the representatives ot tlio HUE from the halls
of leirislation because the paper hasrnadodls-
rcspcctful comment on their conduct.
The Knights mid Legislation.
LINCOLN , Neb. . Jan. 20. ( Special Tole-
giam to the Hr.n.j A largo meeting was
held this evening at Masonic hall composed
of the state assembly ot theKiilidits of Labor
and members of the legislature. Senator
Shervin presided. The knights presented
requests ( hat the following bills be passed :
To establish a bureau ot labor statistics ; to
tax mortgages by taxing moitgaices' interest
In the property and peimlttinn tlio mortgagee
to pay taxes on the mortgage and present
such tax receipts In part payment of the
moi tgago ; to declare it Illegal for any rail
road to enter Into a pooling contract with
any other railioad ; forbidding usuil-
ous Inleiests on loans. and dc-
clailng tlio principal forfcifed if
iisutlous Inteicst Is exacted or
taken ; providing for the publication of the
names ot owncra of personal property and
the aifionnt of moperty assessed to'each ;
Kolper's i.iilioad bill , with tlio amend inent
reducing thn rates allowed t 70 per cent ot
the ratu of IbbO ; to urohibit telegraphic
chariios on a message of ton words 100 miles
exceedini ; " 0 cenls , and lor more than 100
miles In the slate Stt cents ; to penult the as
sessment ol SJOO worth of pcisonal propeity
at only one-loiirth value , and to assess all
other peisonal propeity full value ; to give
mechanics Hen on building and lo
on wnich building stands precedence to
inoiUasn 1C mortgagee be given notice prior
to tlio work beiiiK done ; Andres' convict
labor bill ; to lepeal the railway commission
law. The knights are opposed to tlm bills to
grant liens to landlords , and to give attor
neys' lees on collection ot moitgages bv law.
Several members of the legislating , Knights
of Labor , and Mr. Huiiows , of the Fanners'
alliance , addiessed the meeting.
A. Now Measure to Uo Introduced iii
tlio Senate.
WASHINGTON , Jan. 20. The senate committee
mitteo on postolllces and postroads to-day
authoil/cd Senator Wilson of Iowa to report
an original telegraph bill as a substitute for
that introduced by Kdmunds. In the new
bill the schedule of rates Is fixed at 20 cents
for twenty words whore the distance of
transmission Is 1,000 miles , and ! > cenls lor
every additional 250 miles , piovlded that no
charge for twenty wouls or less shall bo moro
than 50 cenls. Night rates are fixed at 15
cents for 2,000 miles or und r. All wouls
except the date are to bo counted and for
every live words or less in excess ot twenty
nn addition of ono-llftli the twenty word i.ito
Is to bo charged. Press i.ites are iixed at not
exceeding 85 cents for each 100 words sent
nt night and 7 > cents during the day , and at
the same pro inta rate for each word In ex
cess ol 100. "Diop copies" an ) not to exceed
1W cents per 100 words at night and 50 cents
dining the day. The postmaster general Is
leqtilied lo ict.iln ' ) cents from the charges
upon each messi-ie , and pay over the 10-
malnderto the company as full compensa
tion tor its services. The company may
maintain Its own olllco outside postolllccs lor
the transmission of telegrams upon Its own
rates. The contract is to oxtand over live
} i < nrs , audit the company shall have tullv
and fairly performed its duties ft
may be extended another live years upon
condition that a unlloiin rate nt or below
the lowest i.ites speclliod in this act , and
without icgatd lo distance shall bo adopted ,
In which case the government will deduct
only 2 cents for each telegram instead ot : ) .
The company entering Into this contiact is
lequiied at once to open for use , as provided
in this act. such lines as It may have at the
time , and I.s allowed tour yeais within which
to put in opeiatlon Mich additional lineas
HUI > be required.
Tcniperanao l ulicH Applaud Mrs.
Cleveland ,
Ai.isA\iir.iA , Va. , Jan. 2 < 5 , At the an
nual mooting of tlio Woman's Christian Tern-
pennies union of this state in session here
to-dav the following lesolntlon was adopted :
" 1 hat heartfelt thanks
our are hereby ten
dered to Mrs. Frances F. Cleveland for the
ponltlon she has taken In the chief social cir
cle of the nation as a total abstainer from all
Intoxlc&tln-z drinks , andwe pray God's bless
ing nn her young life and her home , bollov-
Ini : that history will applaud her action as all
sincere inluUa must even now approve her
motives. "
_ _
Tlio Acme of I < o < > nl Subterfuge.
WASHINGTON , Jan. 2-1. President Cleve
land has received a letter from the national
legislative commlttoeof the Knights of Labor
asKing him to veto the Inter-stato cominoico
bill on the jrround that It U "tho acme of
lo al subterfuge , " and a t'eueral uncertainty
as to its iueauiu ,
She Bogards the Vote in the Setmto as a
Great Victory Tor 'Woman Suffrage ,
Charges Mndo Against the Personal
ConductorOuilKoCliurcli , Dakota. ' *
Newly-Appointed Governor
National Capital News.
Sti nu H. Overjoyed.
WASHINGTON , Jan. CO. [ Special Tele-
grain to this UK * ; . ] "Does the vote In the
senate progress , " repeated Miss
Anthony alter mo when I asked her that
question. "Hoes the vote In the senate mean
progress ? Well. 1 should say It illil. 11 was
Hie longest leap the suffrai-o mtnempnt has
ever taken. Wo have been waiting and
working fortwcnty-tv-o years for this blessed
day. We are ptomlor and happier thane
can tell. We haven't had such a good time
In years .19 at our meeting this morning.
Just think of It twenty-two years work cul
minated yesterday In the vote In the senate1
and Miss Anthony pulled hcisell to-ellier
proudly. "This Is tlie first time , " she con
tinued , "that the question ot woman surTiago
has ever been voted upon dltcetly in con-
Kress. Pioncss , " she oxelalmed , "I shouui
think It was progress.Voluvobeen \ com
ing to congiess for twenty-two yeats and In
this blessed day of our ! Lord wo have got a
vote at last. While It doea not
como within a long way ol the
two-thluls , thcro , was as a
vote In our favor as wo expected. Sixteen
senators voted aye , so\cn moio were palicd
in our laver and tliat'makes twenty-thiee.
Then there were Ilvo or six absent who
womd have voted with us , which shows that
from twcnty-llvo to thirty sonatois arc In
favor of woman sutfrage , Now , isn't that
progress ? 1 nm astonished at Jones , of Ne
vada , " continued Miss Anthony. " 1 never
thought ho would do such a thine. Wo have
always counted him for us and wo had a
food right to , because ho has contributed lib
erally to carry on our Work and wo supposed ,
of course , that ho would vote the same way
he shot. .Hut you never can tell. That vote
\\asaiovclatlon In mAny other icspects. Wo
know now who our filends arc. It is all
light for the senators mid members ol con-
cress to bay pleasant Words to us and act the
gallant gentlemen , tu ; | that is not what wo
arc alter. What we 'want is votes , votes ,
votes. The roll Call In the senate
yesteiday shows us just who
our fi lends arc It was not
. lest of . . . , l t test of .
a IV.TIJ * politeness > i > i : * a njoc VJL pilnclplcs.
and wo know now wfrero to go to worK anil
what to do. Hltheitq wo ha\e been woiklng
in the dark to ti amain extent , groplni :
aloiii : for gencial rosaits. Now wo have got
a basis to go on and will oiganlyo at once.
What are we doing ? Wo are going to attend
a few ( list class fanerals and wo aionot
going as mourners , U lUUi. Wo will furnish
the corpse ! . , wo will kiig the graves , wo will
pieach tlm sermons rud we will attend the
wakes. We start ou this morning to carry
the war Into Africa , Wo shall oigani/e In
every state and kl I oil those who voted
against us. Ingallsl as cot to go , lie mis-
lepiesetits the sentiment of hib stnte. The
legislature ot Kansas uns a largo majority In
favor ot woman eittlrago. It now has a
bill under consideration toglvc women a vote
nt municipal eiectta , ' , There is a majority of
seven in laver ot it In'tho ' state senate and an
overwhelming majority in the house. The
icpubllcan platfoin " of Kansas declares in
luvor of woman suffi igo and Ingalls niisreiv-
lescnts it. Ilo must ; o and theie ate others
who must follow hln Wo know wheto to
strike nnd we shall s riko haul. "
mi : OKAnnis : rnuticir.
The committee 01 teirltorles lias not yet
disposed ot the IK : ninatlon of Governor
Church , of Dakota , a id the piosnect lor his
continuation ib doub fill. Thorn are charges
nled with the committee affecting the per-
honal habits of Juilgo Church and the committee -
mitteo consider them worthy of attention.
Delegate Gllloul was sent tor to-day and
shown the charges , which had not been seen
by him bofoic. lid says they como fiom re
putable men and was requested by the com
mittee to notlty thjiso who filed tliem that
they must produce fcvidonco to sustain them
at once. The commUtco does not pioposo 1t >
enter upon a drag 6et investigation , but if
Judu'o Church is in the habit ot becoming in
toxicated , as chaiged , his nomination will bo
lejected. There arc a good many U .vCis in
his favor and onehvas iccclvcd to day tiom
Governor Pierce , the ptesent incumbent ,
asking that Church bo at once coiilirmed.
Piercu evidently knows nothing about the
charges , for ho writes as it ho was under the
impiesslon that the delay in confirming his
successor was intended to benetit him. Ho
says that Chinch Is a cnod man and should
bo continued without delay.
INI nn-srATiroM.MissioN : GOSSIP.
Thi evculnu's says : "Thoro is a
movement of apparently a good deal ot foice
and backing to procure the appointment of
Senator Van Wyck as one ot the inter-stato
i.iilioad commissioners under tlm new act of
congress. It is claimed that his appointment
would satisty the ntiDlIe that the commission
Is not a tribunal designed to benefit coi pora-
tions. No senator or representative would
bo eligible until utter the adjoinnment of
congioss. but It Is suggested that the boaid
need not bo made up until alter the -4th of
March. In connection with the board the
names of Itepresuntatlve Morrison and Sena
tor Conger arc also mentioned lor appoint
ment. The board will consist of three demo
crats and two romiblleans , and Moirlson ,
Conger and Van Wyek ate nelng more gen-
eially mentioned than any others tor tlneo of
the places. In fact written requests ( or the
appointment of two of the gentlemen named
are iilie.idy being ciiciilatcd for signatures.
Theio Is no tlmo fixed In the act within
which the boaid shall bo appointed. The
president can defer making It up until alter
the adjoiiinmont of eoncress if ho sees til. "
Congiessman Cilsp , ot Georgia , has had a
talk with the president about tno inter-state
coinmPice bill , and s.ij.s ho Ib authori/oit to
Mate that It will piomptly bo slirned.and tliat
the commission will bo appointed at once
without waiting lor the adjoinninnnt ot con
gress. The number ot candidates for com
missioners Is o\or liX ) , and tlio following aio
the most prominent : KxGoveinor 1'attlson
of Pennsylvania , Colonel Wllllum 1 ! . Mor
rison. Civil Seivlca Commlssiuno Obcily
it. .1 , Morgan , jr. , of Illinois , H" .
Lorrlng , Coiujrossnim Levering ot Mass
achusetts , ex-Governor Pioctor Knott ,
"CeiID Gorclo" Williams and Congressman
Willis of Kentucky. Senator Van WICK ,
Allen W. Thnrman , son of Judge Thurman ,
John 1) . Kernan , aon of nx-Senator KIM nan
of Now Vork , Congressman lioylo and ex-
Attorney General CasMdy of Pennsylvania ,
ex-Governor Smith , John Scioven and General -
eral A. It. Lawtonof (3eor'Ia , Senator Con
ger. 1C. W. Kenslloot Massichu ctts , John F ,
Switt and \V. H. Fnote ot Calitoinla , J. Kan-
dolnh Tucker and Itoburt IV. Huverly nt VIi-
U'inia , 11. 15. Andrews and C , S. Mitchell of
Texas. William W. Lai if. consul nt Ham-
burp , K. K. Conversaol New Oilcans , Col
onel George Davis ot Noith Carolina , John
llmnies , president of tlio Atlantic it Noith
Caiolina railroad , et-liallroid Commissioner
M , L. Honchamiind General Kd McCr.idy ot
South C.uohna. and W. 1. Hraci ; , late pre l-
dentof the Alahima latlrond commission ,
Joseph Nlmino , ioimcrly chief of the buieau
ot statistic' ' , nnd Colonel W. W. 1'cabodv of
Cincinnati , formeily niesiilent of the Ohio
it Mississippi railroad.
Seerutaiy Lamar wason the lloor ot the
senate to-day lor the first time since ho was
married and was uproarously greeted DJ Ids
fointiT colleagues , v\no acted like so many
school bojs. Mrs. Lamar. the bride , made
her hrst appearance In public at the Kermiso
last night , but sat under a shadow In a box
and very tow people saw her. .Sho iccched
calls tor the lust lime to-day und her pallors
were crowded.
The following pi HMOIIS v\eio issued to day
for Nebraskans : John Cummlngs , Lincoln ;
William II. 'lucker. Wymore. AUothe following -
lowing increaspsof pensions : Daniel Yottt ,
White Itabbltt-WUliani Cox , Sheltou ; Jud-
sou Clark , Falrbury ; Henry M. Whitman ,
Pensions were Issued for lowans as fol
lows : Martha J. , widow of Stephen M.
Urown , Monroe ; Maria , widow of James
Quick , Manhattan : Joseph M. Johnston , DCS
Molnes : Horace Carpenter , Marshalltown ;
James H. McKlhonev , Aldcn : Isaac It. Cram-
let , WIntersol ; Christian Althou o , Usslan ;
Samuel 1) . Wagor. Wintered : Stephen M.
Urown , Drosoau , Monroe ; Casiwr ,
LcMars ; John Moreland , Central Cltv ;
Simon P. Moon. Columbia ; Joseph \V.
Nelson , Altoona : Sjlv.uiusC. Oppett , Ven-
Ion ; Charles A. Kl . Cieco : James I'ott ,
Ulucgrass ; Lewis Haker , Mechanlcavlllo.
I'OSTAl. rilANOl : " .
The following Iowa postmasters wore
aopolntod to-day : 0. 0. Thompson , Leland -
land , Wlnnebaco county , vlco John 1) .
Leland removed ; O oar riioinburi : , Keo-
Kuk count } * , vice Fiaucls Hamilton re-
siVnod ; Mrs. Kttta F. Glllctl Unique , Hum-
bolt eountv , vlco S. A. C.uletto lo-dcncd. 'I'Uo
following Nebraska postolllcci wt'ie tlNcon-
tinned to-day : Kureka , Vork county ; North
ItMiich , Utoo count > ; Union Khlge , Caspe.t
county , and Wlrt , Cimer county , . ,
. .
( ienrgo S. Moore , of Iowa , has been ap
pointed a SWelcik In the dead-letter olllco.
George L. Miller , ol Omaha , Is ald to have
been sent to Mexico on a seciet st.Uo depait-
mcnt mission. Cnpitnl
WntNirov ( , Jail. CO. The house com
mittee on agrlcultuie to-day decided to
repoit ad\eisely the bill Inttoduccd by Delegate -
gate Carov ol Wyoming ieiardln : plcnro-
pmninionia and other diseases amonc cattle.
This bill was drafted by the National Cattle
( Iroweis' association at their lecent session
In Chicago , and provided lor an appropria
tion of 81,000,000 lor carrying out the provis
ions of the 1)111. ) The action of the committee
was based upon the pondency of Hatch's
pleuro-pneumonla bill.
The tariif and luvenuo bill prepared by
Itandall and his ftlends has been printed and
the date of Its presentation in the house will
bo h\ed ata meeting to bo held to-moirow
night. It Is entitled "A bill to rcduco and
equalize the duties on Impoits , to icdiice in
ternal lovenue taxes , and modify the laws In
relation to the collection ot tlio icvenuc. "
and It will boa substitute lor the house bill
introduced by liandall last session.
Tlio president has pardoned .lames I ) . Cum-
niliigs , convicted In January 1 55 , ot making
false vouchers In what are known as tlie
naval fraud cases , and sentenced to Impilson-
mcnt in tlie dlstilct jail lor two ye.nsand to
pay a line of S2.0UO. ills time of Imprison
ment would have expired to-day and the
paidon icmlts the line.
At a business meeting of the Woman Suf-
Irane association heli ! this afternoon officers
vv cto elected for the coming ye.\r , the old
ollicersbelntr re-elected in neatly ovciy case.
J/nlcc Klioro tlie Only A'niidcrliilt
Stook Sliowina ; Any Ijifc.
Niw : Yoiiic , Jan. CO. [ Special
to the ltii : . ] The stock maikct opened tame
and rather weaker , a few stocks showing
blight gains over yesterday's close , whllo
otheis were lower , although no marked
changes were recorded on early dealings , nor
wcio there any now factors ot a pronounced
type to produce such results. London was a
model ate bujcr at the st.ut , but the good
cited that might have been expected from
such sunpoit was neutrall/.ed by the uneasy
feeling regarding the influence the Inter-suto
commerce bill will excite in lallway levenue.
Hence opcratots aio disposed to wait until
they become bettor advised on that point.
There was a fair foreign demand for
LouisviHo & Nashville at the open
ing and an early advance of
% per cent , but It lost * tlltf
Improvement when the buying for that ac
count ceased. The "Coalers" were less
active and prices very unsteady within a
moderate range , Hc.ullnir and Lacitawanna
nelng the most acl 1 ve , while Jeisoy Central
was dull most ot the day and a shade lower.
Vanderbllts shared much the same fate ,
Lake Shore being the only stock on that list
that showed a movement woith rccoidlng.
St. Paul was modeiatoly active , but
alter a small rally we.ikoned and declined I
point. Union Puellie was the most active
stock on the list and utter an eaily decline of
1 point , duo to renewed reports ot decreasing
earnings , larger opeiatiug expenses and in-
cieasing competition for now lines ,
prices rallied on the covering of shorts ,
nnd with the assistance of longs , who bought
to support prices , it gained l' per cent , but
airain receded on incicased selline. New
Yoik and New KiiEland was active , but very
Inegulai. nnd alter an caily decline ol per
cent , rallied IV per cent on bull manipula
tions and icceilcd sharply when thy bulls at
tempted to reali/e. Other stocks weie also
unsteady , and in the absence ot substantial
Influences prices were controlled by room
tiadeis. who were winking the maiket In tlio
hopes of Inducing outsiders to como In , It
was , however , a hopeless tusk. Tlm public
show a decided aveislon to trading where no
Inducements are In sight. The following
teles-lam was sent to a prominent Chicago
stock house : "Stocks opened In in , with
London in lees a half point lilcher ,
but Union Tacliic soon disnlaycd consider
able weakness , nnd the entire list sympa-
thi/ed inoic or less , but soon inlliirl acain on
a Washington special , which slated that
Picsldcnt Cleveland objected to some of the
features ol tlio Inter-stato bill. " This started
shorts to coming in Union Pacific , and the
entire list had advanced to a fmetlon over
last nk'ht's closing prices when Kansas A ;
Texas suddenly dropped a point on the an
nouncement tlmt the Atchlson it Santa Fo
was negotiating lor a loan ot 815,000,000 with
a view to paralleling Gould's loads. This
news caused another and worse slump of the
ilnv. carrvln ? prices down a point and a half ,
from which thcio was a small recovery.
A Cownrrtly Murder.
Cmevoo , Jan. 20. John Walts a char
acter well known about the shipping docks ,
was murdcicd by an unknown man In a
dilnklng icsort kept by Geonro Wilson nt the
corner of Clark and South Water streets
eailyt Is morning. Watts had been at a
dance at Uhllch'shall , near Wilson's saloon ,
dining the night and had had a quaiiel with
the man uho murdered him. about a woman.
Watu enteicd Wilson's place accompanied
by iiiiutlior man and two women and wont
Into the wine room in the . of the saloon ,
Shortl ) at tni wards the man ho assiiled at the
ball cnteiod the place and , after listening at
the dooi ( H the wlno room , entered and with
out a word of v\ainlng , diovo a Inncdlik
kulfo Into Watts' heait. The muidercr
escaped and has not boon attested.
Tlio Comiiiorco Hill.
WASHINGTON , Jan. mi. The piesldent re
ceived the Inter-state commerce bill last evenIng -
Ing , and has leferred it to tljo atloiney-
general for examination. It is not likely the
president will act upon the bill much bcfoio
the expiration ot the ten days' period , A
number of applications have been icceived
for appointment on the commission pio-
vlded for in tlio bill , but thopresldont has not
ghcn that paitlcular subject serious consid
eration ,
firilo ol'ti
SAN FisAxcisro , Jan. 20. John AV
Maekey , of the Postal Iclcgtaph companv ,
has purchased the iiiy and telegraph line bn-
longing to the South P.tcihc Coast railro-id ,
which runs fiom han Francisco to Santa
Cm/- . The price Is not muntioned ,
Tlio ( lock Island Train Ilo ! l > cr.
CHICAOO , Jan. CO. Tne IXilly Nous"
Morils , 111. , fipet'lal says : Henry Sthwart/ ,
charged with the murder ot the Koek Jslaml
express messenger , was before Justlco
AS'oodbnry for pielimlnary examlnntlnn.
The examination was postuoned until Wed
nesday , next week.
Two -Mi-11 Killed. ) , Jan. SO. A Steubenville , O. ,
special sa : The boiler in tha Han y paper
mill at Willsburg. W. A a , exploded today ,
killing John und Thomas Nvlson , and he
verely Injutins John 1'arlb.
An Interview Wllh the Cnnndlnu Pre
mier on tlm Sitiintlon.
NKwYor.K , Jan. CO. | Spcclal Telecram
to the UKK.J The Herald correspondent
telegraphs an Interview with Sir John MacDonald -
Donald , Canadian premier , nt Ottawa , In
which tlio Canadian states that the passage
of the Kiliiuiiuls tishcrlcs treaty Is a great
suiprlso to him. Sir John sajs : 'The
Canadian government has not attempted to
coerce the United States. On the contrary ,
does It not appear as If there were n sort of
wolf nnd lamb spirit shown , with Canada as
the lamb ? We aio willing to have ; \ reciproc
ity treaty re-enacted in plaeo of the former
one , which was concluded. " Sir John was
asked how far Iho Kngllsh government would
stand by Canada In her position. Ho ro-
jilted : "The Kngllsh govet nment relics
nnon Us law officers In questions ot thi.s
kind. The whole subject Is one of law , and
the Knclisli law olllccis have sus
tained the position of Canada , " Sir John
intimated that the Icgisiatuto
not complete when the bill was passed , that
the president had linal notion of ( he enlou-e-
ini'iit In his discretion , and the piesident
might not bodi-ipo ed to net hastily. H was
MiirceMi'd tint Iho plesiilunt would scarcely
dally with the mattei which mliht pass
thiomli congress nearly unanimously , and
which both democi.its and republicans unite
ou. To this Mr John M.iclUtnahl added in a
medltatlvomanncr ! "Yes , the piessutowill
bo very stiong. " "What would bo the elltct
on Canada ol tlio lielmont : bill prohibltlm :
the Import of all Canadian products and the
passnun ot talhva ) eais Into the United
St.itetV" blr John said -softly : "That would
Indeed be severe , serv severe. I cannot
think that congress will proceed to such n
length. "
Tonov-io , Out. , Jan. 2rt. Uofcrilni- the
Washington llsheiles legislation , Iho ( Jlobo
ol to-day savstlmt the United States senate
has become a caucus of and that
their Kiimo Is an old one of alarming Gieat
liritaln into bulldo/.ing Canada.
I'rocccdliiKS of tlic Illinois Solons and
Various Slntes.
SiMiiNnrir.t.u , 111. , Jan. 20 , An pxcltlng
debate In the house was caused this morning
by a motion made by Maker of Monltrlo to
recall from the s-ennle the bill urovldlng for
an nppiopriation to the livestock commis
sion. The motion w as the icsult of the iip-
pcaianco of the lepott ot the commission ,
which asks for an nppiopriation of S",000
since the passage of tlie bill which appioprl-
ales Slo.OJO. llciilngton stated thct the re-
pott asking for an appropriation was made
last December , and since that time the federal
go\ei nment had withdiawn assistance in the
matter of Mippressing plouro-p mumotna ,
which necessitated the appropriation ol a
laiRcrsum. On motion of Little the motion
to recall the bill was laid on the
table. Another flood of petitions piotostlng
apalnst an amendment to the same law to
prohibit spring to\vl shooting was presented.
On the recommendation of the committee on
appioprlatlons Littler lopoited favorably the
passage of the bills appioprlatlng 510,000 for
state ptintiiift expenses and 515,000 for the
contingent ot the gonei al assembly , Among
the bills Intioduced was one by KioUlngcr ,
apnropiiatiiiK S II. 000 lor the constinctlon ol
buildings and tmprovemi'iits nt the asvluin
lei the feeble minded at Lincoln and tfi'1,000
per annum lor theoidlnary expenses of the
same institution tiotn Juno 1 , 1 7 , until the
hrst quaiter after the session ot the next
goncial assembly ; and one by Iam out , pio-
vldins * lor a commission of live persons to bo
appointed by tlio governor to investluato the
liuiior tralllc and its effects upon the people
ot thostaU'-v
In the senate the Logan monument bill was
read the liist time and amended by adding
the name ol George AV. Smith ot Jfinplivs-
here lo the commissioners named In the bill.
Senator Cochran asked and obtained pei-
mission lei a second tending of Ins lesolu-
tlon complimenting Senator Cullom on the
passage of the intcr-stato commcrco bill.
Senator Itoll olfcicd an amendment to add
the name ol Cousressnmn Iteasan , ot Texas ,
to the resolution. A tier a lengthy discussion
tlie resolution was adopted by a vote ot ! ! 3 to
U without amendment.
ly ! Mlllei , Inielallon to tlie management of
thepemtentlailcs , piovlding tor the consoli
dation ol the boards ot state pilsons with
the governor as e.x-ollclo ! member and desig
nating one of Iho prisons tor a lolormalorv
and the other as an Institution lor Incotrigl-
A lesolutlon was passed calling upon the
live Block commlssionuis to lopoit to the
house at once the condition of disease amonc
the cattle of the state known as plouio-pncn-
monia. _
Bciintoi'iiil Deadlocks.
Tunxiox , N. J. , Jan. UO. At the joint
session of the legislature to-day only thlity-
ninc mcmbeis were jncsent , all demociats.
Thlity-clght votes woio cast for Leon Abbott
and one tor Jos. 1) . Ueaillo. It U'qtilicd loily-
one votes to constitute a majority ol tlm leg-
Islatuie. Senator Chattle and Speaker Danil
( democrats ) , two labor men and all lenubll-
caus remained out ot the session.
The assembly this afteinoon adjomned for
fhe week. Tlio senate will not meet till Fil-
day. To-moirow at noon Is the tlmo for the
next joint meeting to Inllot lor United
States sonator. No new developments , how
ever , aie expected at that time. In fact , the
most of the democrats as well as republicans ,
have left town to-night. The few remalnlnu
heio will meet and , in the absence of a quo
rum , will adjourn to the following day. This
mogrammo vvlll bo kept up till next week ,
by which time the democrats are Impel ul ot
seeming iMiouuh votes to elect ox-Senator
Abbott. The lopubllcnns do not think ttheio
Is any likelihood ot the democrats being soon
successful in that dlicctlon.
iNmAXAi'oMs , Jan. iJO , No chanso oc-
ctnii'd In the senatorshlp vote to-day.
Arsriv , Te.x. , Jon , U7. Tlm legislature
voted as follows today tor United Mates
senator : Neeo saiy for choice , 03 ; Maxey ,
15 ; Keiganin : liel.iud , Bii. and Terrell : iD.
On the becimd ballot Tendl withdrew.
The fouith Uillot was taken which 40MiIlcd
as follows ; Itegan fil , Maxcy II , hulaml'J
and Shecrd ) ) ] ) 1. A motion to adjoin n was
strongly leslsfud by Kenan's sunpoitors , but
Maxey anil Ireland men joined loiees and
can led the motion to adjourn until tomorrow
row noon.
CIIAIIM.STOV , W. Va. , Jan. 2fi. The sen-
ale and lowei house met In joint asscinbly at
noon today anil piocccdcd to ballot for
United States senator , The ballot resulted ;
John Comduii , , ! l'.i ; ICx-Sonator W ,
T , Willoy , lopiibllcan , 10 ; 13 scatteilng.
Ciimdcn test 0110 votii which will at the bal
loting to-moirow no toVIIIey. \ . Ciiuulen
wants seven votes , as U takes lorty-six to
Torrlflu Itollor
Oir , CITV , Pa. , Jan. SO. At 1 o'clock this
afternoon onn of the most tcirllic boiler ex
plosions that over ncciimid in this section
startled the men woiKini ; In the vicinity of
the Wolf and Kn.'ler wells In the Kgypi oil
dlstiict , about live miles fiom this city. The
explosion completely demolished the boiler
house and Instantly killul Siumuil MtCor-
mick , aged loin teen , and William Mai ! ! , aged
nineteen , who were In charge of tlm
boiler. Fragments of the boiler and engine
vveie thrown several hundred yaids in e\ciy
direction , eutting down tieeti t o feet ind [ <
ametor. _
An Kdltorlnl I'osinia.sicr Arroiloil ,
M it. WAUhr.r. . Jan. " 0. Postmaster Fiancls
K Sharp , of Oconto , WIs. , was lodired In jail
hero last night. He Is charged with having
rilled a lar. u number of registered letters , so-
curlin : a sum variously estimated at fri m .Vi
to 1,000. His arrest wnb the result of decov
letters tracing the robbeiy diiectlj to lit * of
fice. Sharp was appointed postmaster a
a -o. He is uditoi ot the Oconto '
KcporK'd Indian
NooAl.i'.s , AilJan. . 20. Information hat
bcon brouuht IIUIH that the seven Indians
who cscupud from Captain Law ton l.ut snin-
mur , ittlackcd a Mexican family travolinu
troin Ojiuia to ( iuo-ub i. Mexico , and killed
one man and wounded anotlicr. The n.n.r-
durcd iuiuvai st.iijiul and fe.nfully jiiuti <
Lively Skirmish in tlio Honsa on tlie Rivoi
and Harbor Bill ,
The Mc.ism-o lo Como Up Kor l-Mnnl I
Action To-dny Tlio Sonnto Stops t
Jetintu on tlio Unit road ?
Attorney SInttcr.
_ _ i
llonso. .
WASIUNOTOX , Jan. CO. The speaker latin
before the house a loiter from the secretary
of the tro.isiury submitting estimates of the
appropriation to meet the pxnendttures ic *
quired by the Mexican pension Mil. Ho-
lerrcd. U Is estimated that 5MWi,000 : w lit bo
tequlted for the Hrst jc.ii's payment of pen
sions , nnd asks for an apinoprlatlon of S " > 7 ,
000 foi foice.
The Krantlng of leave to leport at miy IMno
Die senate ll hetles bill tecclved unanimous
consent , them being no objection on the part
of any membeis , As It has boon frequently
held tlmt the light to lopoit at any lime car
ries w 1th It the right of Immediate consldct.v
lion , the bill will have right of way In the
hou.'o ns soon as It has been passed upon by
the eommittae on foielgn nlValis.
Mi. lliagnof Wisconsin submitted the con *
feience ropoit upon the nuiiy appropriation
bill nnd It was agreed to.
Mr. Payson ot Illinois , from the committee
on public lands , icpoited back the lesolutlon
lequestini * the seenitaiy of the Interior to
piocnio the opinion of the attorney general
whether any further legislation 1 necossaty
to pi event unlawful fencing of public lands.
Altei a struggle for precedence between
tlie pluiio-pncumonia bill nnd the river anil
h.iibur apinopiiatlon bill , ( he latter proved
successful , and the house went Into committee -
tee of the whole ( McMillan ot Tennessee In
tlie chair ) on that measiiie.
Mi. Nelson of Minnesota olTcrcd the fol
lowing amendment as a substitute for the
entlio bill : That the sum of § 7,500.000 la
hcieby appiopiiated out of any money In tha
treasury not otherwise oppropilated winch
maj 1)0 ) expended by a boaid of ctigiuitrH.
consisting ol the ehlct ot engineers and lour
engineeis now senloi In seivlcc , either for
topali , pioseivatlon , constiuctlon , or com-
plellon of such public iiniirovemimu ot rivets
and hathoisast' . In theii judgment nlforil
practliMl and Imp itant lacllitleb l > y water of.
inter-slate commereo.
Mi. Hcpbmn ol Iowa said the proposed
substitute was a parliamentary tilclc ami
nothing more. The lilend.s of the bill , de-
spall hit' ot cettlni ; it throiiu'h , piopo.seil to
appiopiiate this lump sum and thus stop all
ciiticism on the dilfeiunt Icalmes ol the
measuie. U was expected that the senate
would lefoim the bill , that It would be
luuimht back to the house by a conleronco
committee , and that no oppmtuntly for
amendment would tin granted.
.Mr. Nelson expicssi'd Ills surprise that the
Kentleman liom Io\\u ( Hepburn ) should
make such clmiges as ho had. The gentle
man had charged that the substitute was a
tilclc bec-iuso It attempted to make an appro-
pi iatlon In gloss. It it was a trick the gieat
tilumvlrate- gentlemen fiom Iowa , Kan
sas and Wisconsin ( Hepbuin , Andeison and
La Fullnttu ) liail been resorting to just such
tilckery for the past low days. | Laughter. |
11 theie was any tiick In this business the
gentleman fiom lo\\a had himself sot the ox-
amnlo ; and mote than that , the gentleman
had attempted lo cairy out Ills tuck by till-
bustcrlinr. I Laughter. )
Mr. La Folletto of Wisconsin denied the
right of any man to accuse him of n trick as
the gentleman fiom Ohio ( Grosvenor ) , ImiJ
done. His opposlllon had been oion. Ho
had stated Ids leasons tor It , and he belloved
them to be sulllcient. Ho was not opposed to
the liver and haibui bill , constiucted upon
pioper principles.
After some further debate the Hiinstltulo
was lejected yeas-10 ; nays , 1711. The orig
inal bill \\as then oideied engrossed nnd itad
the third time jcas , ! ' ! ; nays , 87 and the
previous question ouleied on the final pass-
atru of the bill.
Mr. Hepburn demanded the reading of thq
engiossed cony , and as the bill had not beeii
cngiosscd , the hniiso adjoin ned. The bill will
como up lor linal action to-moiiow.
WASHINO-IO.V , O. C. , Jan. 20. Charles H.
Faivcll , sunaloi-elcct Irom Illinois , was ad
ministered the oath of olllce. Ho took tlio iccently occupied by Mr. Cullom , whllo
the lattei took the scat of the late Senator
Logan. Tlio ciedentlals of Mr. Gray of Del
aware , D.uvos ol Massachusetts and Oockrell
of Missouri wcio piesented and placed oil
Mr. Morgan , from Iho committee on for
eign lelatlous , made a report on the petition
of William Webster , a cltl/.iii of the Unlteil
States , with icsoliitlons staling that after
duo examination of the matters presented In
the petition and ol the evidence in suppoit
of the claim for indemnity fiom the ilritluli
government for lands In Now /calami pur
chased by him In good fnlth from nntlvo
chlels , and duly c'liiveved lo him befoiotho
govcinnient of Gieat Hrltaln acqiilied BOV-
eiiilgiity over country , the donate con-
bidcis such claim to be founded in jnstico
and to diiseive Iho comil/nnce and mippoit ol
the government of tbo Unlteil StatcH.
The senate mo leeiled to the consideration
of the lesolutlon lupuiled yesteidav by Air.
Ho.ii instructing tht ! commllteo on privlleueJ
and elections to liwsllgato the iilleL'atlona
made bv thico lesldents of Washington
county. TOXJW , as to llielr belnir diivon Ironi
thulr houses , compelled to abandon thole
propcity and depilved of the iluht of sullr.iLO
In that county. Altei along discussion thu
icsolulion was adopted by a vote of HI to " 0.
Tim senate then resumed consideration oC
the till ) to establish a.-i ( cultural experiment ;
stations In eonncctlun with agricultural col-
lewes established under thu net of July a ,
lsij. ; Altei a long dlsctisoion and the offer *
Ing of. and vutlnc on , a have number o (
amendmeiit.s. Mr. Havvloy olleicd a substi
tute lei tlio bill , und , on IIIH motion , the bill
and btihstltiiteeie iniierod inlntcd and tlm
matteient nvt'i till to-moiiow.
The i.iilioad attoinej bill was Hum taken
IIP , and Mi , licm ohtalned the floor to Ulo
cuss it , but thi ) senate ImmedlatDlyont Into
secret session , and when the doors luopuned !
ml join mil.
'I lie I'corlii I'ool ,
C1inr\fio , Jan. 'M , G. J , Giammer , traflla
mnnnu'iT ot tlie Pcotin , Deeatui .t ICvansvlIla
lallroad , staled to-day that ho had received n
tclej-ram tiom Commissioner lilancharil say * .
Ing that ( icneral Manager Talmago ol tlia *
VVabash had ouleied the WabaNh balance In
the 1'coria pool up to December ill pain forth'
with. The Pcoila , Dccaiur .V Kv.insvlllo.
Gr.immcr said , would therofoie pay what It
owed in thelVmlapool , Headdeil thatComv
inissloner Ulanchard would at once uriangq
a coiilcii'iicc with the Uock Island olllclali *
undendfavoi to have them cancel their notice
ul wltbdiawal from the pool , thus removing )
all giouml tor ( hi ) lecent jiredletlon that thq
tumble * ol the IVoila oigam/ution would ]
speedily disrupt the Cential Tralllc assocla *
lion ,
Tlio KiiMiieliiiiiiia | 1'Mood.
L f MIAVI..N. J'i. , Jan , SO. The Immeiisd
Ice ja'm at 1'Vrney has Intoiinptcd travel on
the Philadelphia < v : Kiiit railroad and iia
tiainshavi ) mme west of this city slncu late
jesterday. 'iho jailioad tiaek for the ills *
tancoot ner.ilj : t iiiihi i.s covered w'ith huga
cikeb of lee and timber to a depth of froi-j ,
eight to twelve fuel. Tiouiilo is fcaied lierq
In tMbo the jam liienl.s nnd much anxiety tix- <
ists amonu' tlm people hvlnu along thoSubt
qiiehaniM iner ,
Tj'i'iiHurcu *'d .Now Position ,
.Ni.w VOIIH , Jan. ! JO.A new Ixmk to M
knovMi a the Wcatcrn National bank of New
York , has hi en oiganucd hero with u capllat
ot fet,0Xoco : ( , all of wh'fJi has been sub-
kcribud. C \ . Jordan , lien mcr of the
I'mtcd tale9 , Is to bo its piesident. Ho V.1IJ
not uinuliis.diitiea uii