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The Influence-of tha Inter-Stato Commerce
Bill Distinctly Felt ,
Jlcnry Clews of the Opinion That the
Measure Will "Work Permanent
injury to Valurfl An Op
posite View.
The Day In AVnll Street.
Nr.w YOIIK , Jan. 23. fSpcclnl Telegram
to ( lie ll.i.j ! Thn sentiment In regard to
Blocks to-day was unmistakably bearish.
While the passage of the inter-state coins
rncrco bill had all along been regarded a
certain , It vvns argued that It would Increase
( ho feeling of distrust abroad In regard to
American securities. London was main a
heavj seller and prices on London exchange
weak and lower. It was claimed tlmt a gen
eral selling movement had been started
which would send a rood many moro stocics
to this country. The political situation was
considered as critical , and a good ninny war
minors were circulated. In the face of con
ditions adverse to n bull maiket bujors held
aloof and tl > o beats prcsscdCthclr mivnntngo ,
Belling the w hole list off more or less. Hock
ing Valley continued to break on the tall
over Issue of securities and the report that
shows the Hnntlngton party had secured
contiol of the property. From tlio capi
tals of various western Elates whoso
legislatures aio now In session
ramo reports of expected leclslatlon ndverso
to railroad interests. Coal slocks did not
break much nnd on every slump the buying
wns vood enough to rnllv prices. Cliqucd
storks , like Wow J nghind. Jersuy Central ,
nnd Heading , were well supported , nnd points
wcie out that ns soon ns the character of tlio
general maikct impiovcd these stocks would
1m civ en n sharp turn mm aid. 'Iho bank
fltatetncnt , Miovvlni ; a HID ill Increase in the
reserve , was construed as lavorablc , ospeciallj'
na money was plenty and rates very low.
Contraiyto cxix ctations , Ilieio was no rally
at the close. Tlio bulls niade no cllort to
sustain prices except In New Kndand , Jer
sey Cential , and Heading , all of which were
active nnd well held nt about the ton prices
of tlio dav. 'Ihu rest of Iho list dracgcd
dow n steadily and closed at about the lowest
prices of the d.iy. The total sales weio about shares.
Two Opposite ) Opinions.
Nr.w Yon , Jnn. ! . [ Special Telegram to
the Hr.r.J On the subject of the passage of
tlio Intcr-stntn commerce bill , Henry Clews
said : "Tho bill must now bo accepted ns
law , for It Is certain of the executive signa
ture , Doing undoubtedly a popular measure
with the multitude , nlthottch It Is not so with
the Intur-stato railroads. It cannot fall to bo
injurious to the workings ol these corpora
tions , as Its effect is to dlseust and dlsorpan-
1/u methods of business. Under the law
which It provides foi they will bo compelled
to advance their through rates In proportion
f to their local charges. This will matcilally
dwarf that class of business. Stocks of rall- ntloctcd by thu new law must become
less valuable , as they will suffer by tlio Injury
to business ot those loads. There has been
lorsuveial dajs past considerable liquidation
of stocks owlni ; to fear ot tiio passage of tills
bill , and this liquidation is likely to con
tinue for some claj-s , especially from London
holders. "
I'lio Tribune , In Its financial article , speak
ing of tlio Inter-state commerce bill , says :
The largo vote by whlcli tlio bill passed the
homo onconraKeu the 'bears' to sell stocks
Indfscriminatelv.biit there nio no Indications
that the real holders of securities nro In thu
least disturbed. It Is an axiom that Iho rail-
xvay Interest ot thoconntiy , which Is widely
distributed , and wlilch , tliioiiKh the agency
ot savings' banks , penetrates every Amcii-
can household which ho.s sivings laid aside ,
can not bo disturbed without the Inllictlon ol
a greater sncrllico to eveiy commercial , mer
cantile and indiistilal Inteiest in the coun
try. It is for this icason that both largo and
small holdciB of secmltle.s aio complacent
und satittlled with the situation. Thu'bears'
sell stocjw freely and , as limy have done sev
eral times before , mark lower quotations.
Hut neither their free offerings 1101 the losde
of events and circumstances as jet have
brought out any real ceitlhVates of stock.
"We make no predictions , but there is noth
ing visible which warrants thu belief that the
ipstdtot to-daj-'s laid on values will bo any
tllffcicnt from those of the numerous as
saults which have been made upon the
maikct since Ihu middle of last Deceuibci. "
The } ' Fix Prices nnd Klcct Permanent
CHICAOO , Jan , 22. JSpccial Tclcgiain to
tliol5n : . | At to-day's session of coinmls-
Hlon cattlemen the most Impoitaiit business
before the meeting was the fixing of a uni
form scale of prices for the salu of live stock ,
which Is as follows : 60 cents pur head for
cattle , except calves , j-carlliMS and stock cat
tle , w hlch shall bo S10 per c ir load , prov Idcd
that parties buying boss and sheep foi New
i'oik shall charge not loss than JT pci double
deck car , nnd lor IJaUlmoio not less than SO
per double deck car , and S t per car for single
deck car loads of hogs and sheep bought foi
tlie same places ; and , provided further , that
all live stock dilvun Into the j'nrds shall bu
sold at the following named rates , to-wlt :
Cattle , 50 < * oiits per head ; calves , 2A cents
per head ; sheep nnd hogs , 10 cents per
Iipnd : no sales to bo made for
lass than M cents. The next business of lin-
poitanco was the passairo of a resolution
iiled iiii ; all thu members nnd firms to dls-
penso with the services ot traveling men and
nil milliner ol "dinmmlng" for business.
Pcinianent otllcern were elected as follows :
I'icsldciit , Klmer Waslibmn , Chleajjo ; vice
picslctents , S. 1 ! . Armour , Kansas City ; II. L.
Newman , Last bt. Loins , and Hon. John A.
McShnne , Omaha ; secretary. Chniles W.
JJaker , Clilcauo ; tieasnrer , K. J. Snsky , at.
Louis ; executive committee , L' . S. Moise and
B. M. Allen , Kansas Citv : bamuelN. Allei-
ton and James Campbnll , Chicago ; Sntuunl
btiiloy and 1) , L. CassldjSt. . Louis , and J.
V. lloj In , Omaha.looigo Harse , of Kansas
Citv : ' K. ( ! . Wagnfri. of Chicago , nnd E J.
b'oiiiy ! ! were constituted a committee on
The tV.-vlnvMli Hooulverfl.
ST. Louts , Jan. 'JX Uocoiviirs Tntt and
.llumphiojb , of thn Wabash , applied to J iidgo
Treat In the United States circuit court for
directions concernlnsr the operation of Iho
Kol Hlvcrroail , and this moining the couit
made tha following announcement : "It Is
ordered th tt to avoid all confusion of j nils-
diction Hocoltors Tntt nn d Huinphrojs ten
der to Thomas M. Coulpjhcnttoloro nj > -
polnted receiver of certain lines of tlioii -
bisn , possession of the 1 > 1 Itiver railroad In
Indiana , under order of tlio United btates
circuit court December 10 , issfl , subject to the
liens , Incumbraures nnd obligations now ex
isting on tlio road , in event of thu rrfnsil
of Keeolvor Cooley to accept the Lei Ulver
load It Is ordered that lleceivers Tult and
Humpluoys contlnuu the operation of the
road In connection with thn Detroit & Hntler
ro ci until further orders of this court.
Tholr Identity Sol oil.
Nr.w YOKIC , Jnn. ? X Inspector Ityrnea"
detectives have solved the inybtciy ot the two
Wulto Plains murdureri who shot each other
when cornered by the pursuing crowd after
tholr murder of William C , Mead. They
xvera supj sfld to bo brothers. Tlioli names
nro known to be John liiUbane , seventeen
j cur.sold , anil Thomas HiUbint * , nlnotven
yaai > oM , Uotli vveiu dlmo novel readers.
TUoy wore not tuluves by trade , but came of
agood famllv vvho rcsldul at North Monroe
fitroct In this city , lloth have boon em
ployed In n silver manutactory here. They
left homo on the 20ih to co to work und havu
not been nven since , Tl-o cause ot their
fciidden criminal Is unknown.
A Wrrck ol' Im t Hummer.
SA.XKII.VNTISCO , Jan. 'A Tlm barkcntlne
" \\f. II. Dlaiuond brought information Irom
Honolulu tijsUy that thu batk Diana , Cap
tain Moycr , 719 tons burden , lumber lauoa
from Poit Uamble. W. T. . to Sliluey , was
wrK-ked on Starhiu-V Ulaud in tlm .South Pa-
iilfic , August II. The captain nnd crow were
KiviJ. iicvc-n : of them Ictt In a boat , which
\Misplckod up and rarrled to Australia. Pour
pf tlm crew wt'io left on the Ulaiui. The .vc-b-
toi was owned by U A , Ilaush , ot
I/yinftn nnd Fuller's Vlcwn On the
Susar nnd Tohacco Tax.
WASIIINOTOX , Jnn. C3. [ Special Telegram
to the IiKL.1 Said Representative Ljmnn ,
of Iowa , to-day : " 1 favor free sugar , that Is
from countries that do not charge export
duties on It. 1 am not certain tvvhat I shall
do when the tobacco question comes up for
consideration. My action will depend largely
oil the manner Infwhlch It Is presented. "
Itcprescntfttlvo Fuller , of Iowa , sajs : "I
am opposed to removing the Internal revcnuo
tax on tobacco. ' '
There Is ery little doubt , " Raid a well
known Michigan man to-day , "that Sena
tor Conger will be ono of the commis
sioners nndtr the Inter-stnto commerce law
If President Cleveland does not feel obliged
to create the commission before the 4th of
Maich next , In which event Mr. Conger could
notsTve , ns the constitution forbids nny one
serving In nn olllce who voted upon Its crea
tion during the term to which he Is elected to
congress , so Conger could not bo appointed
till his term as senator expires. There
Is no possible way of gcttlnc around
It. Ihu bill provides for Immediate
organisation of the commission , nnd that the
other functions of the law shall tnl.o effect
vvitliln nlnctvdayq. Now I am Inclined to
liplievo that the president will bo prevailed
upon to postpone Iho selection of commis
sioners till allci March t , ns IIP wants Moirl-
son ns a member of the commission , and ho
cannot torvo till Ids term In the house ox-
iilres. Conger Is eminent and qualified for
the position and 1 bcllevo he can uet it with-
outexcitlon , Ho would cm wo satisfaction
nil mound. The same can bu said of Monl-
son. Lx-SenntorTliiimun of Ohio lips asked
Hint his son , a lawjerot Columbus , Ohio
about tlnrly-llvo j'ears old , tie. appointed on
the1 commission , and 1 presume ho will bo ap
pointed. "
iiKvnnirr's nt'i.t.'o.
Public Printer Benedict is ngnln In
trouble. Yesterday the house passed
a n solution asking that a now report bo
printed on a bill because ol bis typographical
crrnis. This morning a howl of In
dignation wept up fiom the members on ac
count of a number of unparalleled hulls
In the vole on the Intor-stato commercebill. .
The Itecoid shows that certain members voted
against it when they voted foi it , nnd vice
veria , It Is a general mixed-tin affair , and
In order that a truthful punt of tlio vote can
be had niesolution was passed authorising
the public printei to piint In to-moiiow's
Hecont the vote as It was taken , with no mis
takes. Tlio fault lies wholly with the proof
icadeis , who aie anjthing but competent to
perform the work. A resolution ot censure
will undoubtedly be Introduced in the house
it these frequent errors are not discontinued
and the won : done as It should be.
Unsadler General Ileret , chief of ordnance ,
Is acting secretaiy of war during the absence
in Massichtissets of Secretary KudleoU.
Lieutenants Hasbrouck and Cabell , Four
teenth Infantrv , who liave just been granted
three months' extension ot their leaves fiom
Washington leuitoiy , intend making a trip
to On ope.
Ily the transferor Kl Paso and Uort Bliss
Texas , Irom the department of Arlrona to
the depaitment of Texas , Major George F.
lioblnson , paj master , Is also translerred and
oideied to report by letter to Geneial Staulej- ,
retaining Stockton at El Paso.
Armv leaves granted : First Lieutenant
Ocorgo K. Hnrni'tt , Ninth cnvalij' . Foil Du
Chcsne , Utah , one month extension ; Cap
tain Geoige S. Wilson , Twelfth Inlaiitij' .
ono month extension : First Lieutenant
Joseph W. Duncan , Twenly-first intantiy.
AVO months extension ; Lieutenants Alfred
llasbrouek , ji. , and Heniy C. Cabell , Jr. ,
Fourteenth inlantiy , tlueo months p.Men-
A story Is going tlio lounds of social cir
cles tlmt causes consldeiable comment.
When ( Jeoigo IJaneiott cavu a dinner to
Jaidlnal Gibbons rerontly , the ladicn in
vited were notified of thu opposition ot the
church icpii entcd by the distinguished
miost to dicollcto costumes. A tew of the
ladies invited felt obliged to decline the In
vitation becaitso they did not possess an
evening diess ot the required height In
neck. It Is stated , however , that ono of tlm
ladles connected with the foreign legation ,
who Is known for her beauty and social
graces , shocked Ihoso piesunt by appealing
in a diess unusually low fn the neck.
Pensions were granted to the ; following
Nehraskans la-da } : Wilkinson Tarrci , Osco ;
John A. Stevens , Neligli ; John i ; . Shaw ,
West Union ; John I'aton , Uoynolds ; Martin
Lane. Sheldon ; lienjamin O. Getter , Madi
son ; Sam Short , Wilsonville.
Pensions gianted to lowaiis : Lliza Al.
widow ol Lomuil Joidan , bliawbciry Point ;
rr.inklin Poirin , Albla ; Hy Stoddart , La-
moni : Albert 51. Probst , Knoxville ; Samuel
Jiarr , boliua ; Johnson ( ! .uln , Newton : bilas
i'.ukei. Centicvllle ; and Andrew Hanna ,
Cedai Kapids.
I'OSIAl , CIIANf.r.s.
The name of the poatollho at Amazon ,
Franklin countj , Neb. , is clianged to
Campbell , and Samuel H. bears ap
pointed postmaster , vlco Whlttaker Jajno
removed. Hnttou , Lincoln countjNeb. . , is
chnnged to Vroman ; West Salem , Fianklln
county Is changed to Hildieth , and Henry 1) ) .
Cnssoll appointed postm.istei , vice Samuel
Freeman , resigned.
William H. ( ! r.ay was to-dav appointed
postmaster at Lindsay , Platte county , Neb. ,
vice Peter Galllgan , resliined ,
ol' . r.ainotis Suit.
Mir.vvUKKK , Jan. 2-J. The famous suit of
Daniel Wells , jr. ; against Peter McGeoeh , the
well known speculator , with whom ho was
associated In the disastious laid deal at Chicago
cage in Ibb3 , was decided by Judge Mann , In
the countj' com t this nioinlng In i.ivor of
McGeoeh , the suit beini ; dismissed wltn
costs. ThcSsiiIt glow out of the failure ot
the great lard deal. Wells & McGeoeh ad
vanced SOO.OOO tto seltlo affairs of
the stranded linn of McGeocb , Lvermcham
& Co. and immediately thereat tor Wells
brotuht suit ncalnst McGeoch , clmiglni ; the
latter with securing , thiough misrepresenta
tion , hln ( Wells' ) ball of tlio amount paid in
sottlement. Thocouit decided that Wells
was fully informed of tliu p.irtlculais of the
dHal and that therefore thciu was no fiaud *
that It was a "lump" settlement ; that it must
stand In tlio absence ol detailed accounts by
Wells. Fuitheriiioie , tlio judge sajs , the
dealings of tlio linn vveiegambling contracts
and conspiracies against public policy , and
for that icason the com t could not even entertain -
tortain tlio suit. The court loom w.isciowded
and the decision was iccelvod with n great
deal of Inteiost.
Cattlemen Interview thn President.
WASHIVGIOX , Jan. % Duwltt W. Smith.
picsldent of the National Cattle Glowers'
association ; Towers , of Kansas City , and
Handcis , of St. Louis , had nn Intcivlew with
President Cleveland to-day In Ion to the
pleiuo-pnoumonla bill now pondlnc in con-
t'less. The gentlemen wore Intioduced by
Iteprcsentatlvo .Springer , of Illinois. Tlmj
represented to the president thai the consoli
dated catllo Inteirsts ol the country , Includ
ing the proprietors ot Iho Chicago stock
jauls , had united In picjiarlng a bill looking
to the suppression of iileuro-pncninonl i
among rattle Introduced in the senate by
Miller am ! In the house by Delegate Caruy.
ot Wjomlng. Tliu piovlslons of the bill
were brlelly explained to the president , who
exhibited much Interest In the subject and
lo give It c.inun ! consideration.
The P.aolllo l < 'iindln Bill.
WASIIIMUOV , Jan. 2-i--Tho.oecietary of
tbelieaRiiry to-day sent a communication to
the house in answer to the house lesolntlons
asking what would bo the lesult to the treas
ury and tno effect upon debts owed the
United Slates by the subbldl/ed I'.iclhc i.ill-
vvnj companies if housu bill No. Uib should
hteome a law. Alter giving a ( statement of
the pi''scnt condition of ( tin indebtedness ,
wnlcn was the s imo given a tew d.iys ago In
reply to a similar lesolution , the secretary
sajs : The constant spiiil-annual payment ar-
rhed at by tha method piusciibud In the bill
Is ios than acoiiectlvcompnlt'd temi-annunl
mjmentj by one-tilth of 1 iiereont ; tint Is
to say , tills payment should boSl.WsUST In *
stead of Sl.bil.iOl , Ihu amuunt named In the
A Kavoralilo Ueporr.
W.vsinxnroJan. . IS. Kopiesentatlve
HammonJ today submitted to the bouse
from the judiciary rominltk-o a favonible ie-
] K > rt on Dlbblo's resolution authorl/lti ; the
acci'Ptaniii by the house ol the oath uf ollice
ninilo bv Itrepreaiilalivo Alkt'ii t.t hi $
In boutli C.uollna.
Ali.indoncd ui Hea.
LONPO.V , Jan. 2J U is reported that the
Hrituh stoimur Xettuno , Tiptiin Hiitnmel
from Siinderland January 1 fur Uahlmore ,
has 'oeuu abamloued at oca ,
Demand For Money Less Urgent and the Loan
Market Favorable to Borrowers.
A Mttlo More Life Shown In Railroad
Stock Speculation Considerable
Activity i\hlliltcd In head
ing Produce Markets.
The Week In Ilio Commercial AVorld.
CHICAGO , .Inn. 22 [ Spechl Telegram to
the IJnn.J Very llltlo change to note in
financial affaire. The dcnnnd for bnnk fav
on has not been so urgent anil the loan
market was a little more favoranlo to borrow
ers. Hanker * , honctei , vero not Inclined
to increase their discount lines to any n\-
tent , merely placing such funds ns received
on matured paper and when parties of un
doubted reputation made application for
loans Interest rates vvero slightly reduced
by some larce institutions , Speculators
asked for some accommodation , but shippers
ot ( train and provisions were not in need of
any extra funds ns the movement was mod
erate and mainly by parties who lia\o abund
ant means , t'aekerg , too , were \lttnally out
of the market. The receipts of hogs \vcta
light and there Is llltlo accumulation of the
product. The outside demand for money has
been lUht.nsstoims throughout \\esthavo
Interfered with business to a great extent.
Merchants reported collections lather slow
In some sections and there vascry little
rurieucy icoclvcd 01 forn.udcil from thoclty.
1 n Iciest rates were icpoi led at CK to 8 per
cent , according lo the amount of the loin and
the btandlng of the borrow ers. Itathcr moro
money was Joined at Inside figures than dur
ing the week previous , but the meat bulk ot
the paper presented commanded 7 per cent.
Money lii cnstein llnanclal centers evhlblted
a little moro easiness , I'orelffii ' money
markets were icported steady and rates of
discount unchanged. Now Yoik o\chango
was In modcr.ito supply and the demand \\.is
onlj fall , Shipments of produce wcie rather
light and few bills offeilnp. Transactions
between banks were mailo nt par at 25
cents discount per $1,000 and the
market closed with sellers at mr
nnd bujcis at 25 cents discount.
1 orclgn excltanpo was In f.ilr demand nnd
the ollerinirs of commercial bills weio lather
light. Changes In rates vvero slUht. blilp-
pers' s\ty | day bills changed hands -J.fcOJsX' ' *
J.biy and closed steady nt'/CBI.blH. '
bpi'culatlons In railroad stocks snowed a
little moro llfo during the vveekundet loviovv.
The leading opoiators were moio Inclined to
trade .mil the m.itKeto\hlblted.i little moro
\oubiiess than lor soter.ileeks past.
Larly in the week the market showed a little
more strength , with considerable attention
L'iven to specialties , and prices ruled higlici.
licpoitsot combinations of lines acioss the
continent and consolidations ot ccrt.iln east
ern ro.uis lead to ineieased business in tlie
dllleient lines directly Inteiested. Later
there was moio incllnntlon to belt .inrt the
passage of tiic intcr-stato commeico bill
had some inlluenro In weakening
the maiket neat the close and caused n reduc
tion in pi IPOS forfcomo ot the leading stocks.
Advices tiom London Indicated a little moro
stiength early , but closed lowei again , bales
on tlio new stock exchange for tlm week
nggiegati'da.3COWO shares. The principal
stocks dealt Inero Heading , Richmond Jo
\Vcst 1'olnt , Terminal , Camila Southern ,
Delaware , Lackavvanna & Western , 1'rio.
HocUing V.illey , LtiVo Shotc , Jjouistlllo it
Xasluille , Js'ew Jeisny Cential. I'eoii.i , Iu-
catur &KvansvlIIc , St. I'.uil , Noitlnvesti'm ,
bt. I'nul A : Umalia , lc\ns I'acllic , Wcatein
Union , Xotv Yoik \ , iNcw England and
Union Paclhc. Tlio loading prodneomarkets
exhibited considerable actitity duiing the
past week , though tlio con-
siderabh unsettled and lluctuitions In prices
quite frequent , but conlmed within
n narrow r.inixe. Stormy weather has gre illy
Interfcicd with tlio ariivals of grain and ll\o
stock at leading vve-ncrn markets , consequently
quently shipping business lias been liijlit.
Foielgn maiUcts mo Inclined to weakness ,
accompanied lower prices nnd IlglitPi
oidcis than anticipated , wnlch Ii.ul a depiess-
ine effect on the speculative mniKets and en-
couiagcd lathei tieu selling for tuturu deliv-
eiy. bhlppingoiders have been niainlj foi
small qiiantitles toi interior points
or to maikcts wheie eonce-isions
in freights could bo obtained.
Stocks of giain aioquito liboial in dome tlu
m.ukelsiind tlio supply .ibioul is tali , with
qnlto liberal quantities on passage. Stocks
of pioviMons show little accumulation in thu
west and tlio distiibution in domestic and
foreign maikcts is quite Tacking
thionchont the west nab been smaller than
generally nnticipitcd and the week's work
bliowsa tint her decieaso , wit lithe piobability
that It will not bo recou'red duiing the bal
ance ot the season.
Strike nnd i'rcveiit
Occnn Steamers From Ijonvlmr.
Nr.w Yonic , Jan. 22. The longshoiemen
attached to the Anchoi , Trench and Cnnnid
lines to tlio number of 500 quit this moining.
Tlio btiike was because a quantity of mer
chandise which had oilginally came from the
Old Dominion Steamship company was sin-
leptlnnslv stowed on board the vessels. The
Anchor line liau the HolUU for Gl.iscovv ,
the Cunard tlio Ambria lei Liverpool and
tlioTraiisntlnntiqne , of the French line , und
the Lachimp.igno fet Haite , all ml < cilUcd
to sill during the nftoinoon. After the men
loft , the llrcmoii on eicii of the throe wartes
bet to work with the crow and legnlai weekly
men. The men deeluo that the stiiko will
bo made gcncial It the lines do not give In.
A I'inkorton Man Nearly Blobbed ,
, Ii iisnv Cuv , .Ian. 22. A serious disturb
ance among tlio stiiklng coal trimmers oc-
cnried at llayonno to-night. A I'inkorton
deputy was anestod for assault on an out-
sidci and a constable bioiijht the piisoner
from JJergen Point on a locomotite. A
thousind excited men met tiio party at the
depot and catheicd about the prlbonei , ciy-
"Ijnch him. " Tlnuc policemen and a con-
staulo vvcro being otoipowered and appealed
to the leading sti liters to aid them. The
cooler-headed htiikeis loimed a body guard
about the p.uty .mil .liter a tuibiilent jouiney
the Tinkciton man lodged In jail.
To Itrturn to Work Monday ,
Jr.iisnv CITV , 2. . The Loiillaid
striken ] have expressed their Intention ot ic-
turnlng to work next Monday morning.
The firm will not Incieaso the wavjes and
j > reposes to reduto thnworKlng lorco ol tlio
factory 10 to 15 per cent. , thus thiovvini : out
of umplojniPiit : xxi to 100 of thn .strikers.
About 5UO of the btilkeis weio at'work to
Hrovvers' Htriko Kndod.
DHTBOIT , Jan. 23 The blowers' stilKo has
at last been settled by the men conceding
pretty much all the emplojers. claimed.
Tlio Clovolnnd Tragedy.
CI.KVU.ANI > , Jan. .i'J.-In n plain black
casl.ct tit the morgue to-day jay thu body of
Mis. Antlonetto C'abalck , tlio unnatuial
mother who on Thiu day buteheied three of
her children and fatally wounded two others
and then hanged betself. Clasped to the
biisom ot thu dead v/umaii was the body of
baby Willie , in a white casket ncu the
black ono lay the bodies of Annie and
Mamie , the other two Innocents. Thousands
ot pcoplo weisntti.acted to the place , and it
inquired the ten Ices of a detail of police to
k < vp tlio crow d In order. This nf toi noon thu
bodies weio bulled at the city Inliimniy
farm. No prajer was bald or other religion *
service attempted. The two coffins wcie
deposited In ono grave. James and Tonl.a ,
the little boy and girl who were so terribly
wounded by the llendlsli mother , are Mill
Rlivn.U tliH city hospital. Valloi C.ibelek
shows signs of Insanity , and it feared that
thoawiid tioublo will unsettle his reason.
Kicking Against the L'opn's 1'otvor.
hoMJON , Jan. 23-Tho Scottish Protestant
alllaiK e has ncmt to Queen Victoria a meinor-
a ! hettlnt ; forth that the ngu'rcaUons of the
pap.tey In Cieat Diltam ami the supteinacy
of ttm pope -irn sub\Mai\o of tlm queen's
autiioilty anil of the | iuot > lu'b rluhU and lilf-
crtics , and that the a , owed aim of thu papacy
is tinVatican' tonqnc-it nnd babjection of
Great liritalu. '
lie Fatally Injures , Hli Sweetheart's
Hrothor Ni ar Ked Cloud ,
IlKt > Cr.oui ) , Nelv. , Jnn. 23. | Special Tele-
pram to the HKE.J Yesterday ovenlne a
serious affray occurred at n writing school In
the country , twelve miles northwest from
this city. A swell named Mot ers had been
paying attentions tf > a > 011111 : lady named
Walker. Miss Walker's ' family objected nnd
she refused to associate with him longer.
M ej ers stvoroengcanco nanlnst the whole
Walker family. S. A. < Walker , the lady's
brother , attended the writing school , whither
Mjers followcd < it1 is said , armed
with metallic knuckles , and got
a friend to Induce Walker to
come oulshto. Mtors Immediately knocked
him down and ( hen commenced kicking and
stamplne upon the prostrate man , swearing
he would kill him , which ho would doubtless
have accomplished but for others iiltorferlliir.
In trying to use a revolver WnlKer shot him
self through the hand , lie was brotuhl to
Kert Cloud to da > . Several libs were broken
and other Internal injuries received from
wlilch ho will niobably die. The officers are
after the assailant.
Tlio Train Wreckers Held.
Coi.t'viut ; ? , Xcb. , Jan. ' 'J. ISpcclal Tele
gram to the lJii : : . I The two men engaged In
the attempt to wreck the construction train
last moiling near this place , were bt ought up
for examination bcforo Justice Covvdery this
forenoon , citing tlio names of Andrew l.cls
and John Mollskl , both Pol.andcrc. They
waived examination nnd were bound over to
the next district court In the sum of SfOO
each. KnllliiK toglto the bonds thej were
committed to Jnll. The number of spikes
bolls nnd pieces of Iron that
were Ijlnc on tlio Justice's table ,
picked upnlonr the trntk , toirethoi with their
twisted nnd distoited condition , made the
cold shiver creeps all over the beholdeis nt
the thought of tlio terrible result that might
have been produced Irom such vicious and
depraved conceptions of retongo. Tlio cool
headed judgment exercised by Knclncer
bheapy and Conductor Michael Korrell
doubtless saved the company tlio destruction
of tlie ti.aln and the community a sad catas-
_ _ _ _ _ _
Another Now Town.
JlAtni.r.n , Neb. , Jan. 22. [ Special to the
Brr.J Another new town on the beautiful
divide In eastern Aiapahoocounty , Coloiado ,
is ready foi a boom. Wo met snrvoyoi John
Smith , of the Hock Island Town bite com
pany , who hab Just laid out the new town of
Logan , in western Arapahoe county , Colorado
rado , In tp. 1 3 , , r.1'i w. . 0 p. m. , s. c. SOP.
r , nnd n. o. V , sec. 8. The quarters nro adjoining -
joining and belong to A. W. Vanderman it
Hto. This now town Is located on the
divide roadwaj between Arlekareo and the
south foik of the Kcpublican river , 150 miles
duo east ot JJonvoi , on the snitey of the
lloclc Island .fc Pact lie lallway. linlldlngs
will bu elected and all branches of business
opened nt once. A lumber jnrd. irenoral
meich indlse , dims store , blacKsmlth sliop ,
fun * tuic.inu haulw.tre have nheady made
niiaugemenls to be in business.
A. IjnrRO Attendance of Fcoplo from
All Over Iowa.
In. , Jnn. 22. fbpccial Tele-
giant to the Bin , . ] ' 1 he , tuncral of Dr. itob-
ertson , late president of tno state board of
health , took place lieio to-day , and was at
tended by a great concourse of people. Lead
ing phjslclans wore plcijont from all parts of
thu slate. Several posts , ol the Grand Auny
of the Itepublic , tand a compant of the
national gnaids joined in the pioces-
sion , followed iby "the faculty and
ICO students of the medical depaitment
of the state university , v/ho anltcd byspccial
train. Dr. Robertson's death is very deeply
ilaploteit bj the medical r profession , among
whom ho was foremost , l y thoold soldiers , in
whom ho always took u comrade's inteiest ,
by tlie people gen PI ally , 'Mio icgarded him ns
n very woithy and houpied citizen ol the
state. _ ff
Sloiix Clty-Intllctmcitts.
Sioux CITV , fa. , , fnn. 22. fSjiccial Telo-
giam to thu Hir.l : It is not dehnitely
known what Indictments tlio grand jtny
made , Thcro is a very uneasy feeling on the
paitof thesaloontsts and othois. An Intoi-
vlHtv w ith n le.adei of the law nnd ordei
league developed the tnet tint the wai was to
bo continued light along. Some of the sa-
loonst- | > are known to be Indicted that are al
ready ostensibly closed by abatement , but it
is found that the abatement docs not ahv.xv s
work. The juiy vvns laipoly composed of
larmeisnnd the saloon element Istiyincto
make It appear that tlio judgment against
them foi this reo-son is unjust.
State University President
IOWA Cnv , In. , Jan. 22.f Special Tele
gram to the I5ii : : . | lion. J. L. Pltkard , pres
ident of the state nniveisity heie , has re
signed on account ot falling health and a
doslio foi rest. Ills resignation is to take
effect at the close of the jeai , although the
regents ot the unit cislty pressed iiiin to re
main longer. He became president in 1878 ,
and undoi his diieetlon the state unlver.slty
has had gteat growth and piosperity.
A Smallpox Scare.
Siotrv Cnv , la. , Jnn. 82. [ Special Tele
gram to tlie Uhr. ] Cherokee , n nelgliboiing
town east of Sioux City , on tlio Illinois Cen
tral road , is now consldorablv excited over
what is thought to bo a case ol smallpox. A
me-itMgo was lecelted hero to-day concerning
the scale and ordeiiiii ; all the vaccine points
to bo had In the city. 1'nll particulars have
not been loaincd hero as jot.
An nx-Sheriff Acquitted.
Orrtviw't , la. , Jan 22. [ Special Tele
gram to the 15uK.J-Sam Mlllor , ox-shcriir ol
Monioo county , who has been on trial hero
the past wcnk , was acquitted ot obtaining
money on lalbu preten-es.
A I'hjslcinn Injured.
Orruviw'A , la. , Jan. 2J. { Special Tele
gram to the Hii : : . ] lr. It. S. ( illelnlbt , a
prominent phvslclan , was thrown out of a
bugylast otonlng and had his light arm
and shoulder badly broken ,
Hound House llnrnrd ,
CI.OAU JlAi'ins la. , Jan. 2i. [ bpcclal Tel-
eciam to tlm Ur.i..J The Chicago \ - North-
wcstein lotind house burned early this mom-
Ing. Ono now onglnu was destroyed. Total
lobs , 512,000. _ _ _
nroken Hy a "nob , "
CnnsioN" , la , Jan. 21. ( Special Telegram
to the HKK.JTho twplvoyoir-oldson of C.
N. Thompson had hi } l broken by a bob
sled whilu coastlintltst eyenlng.
WASinxmov , Jan. 2J , Mr. Wallace of
Louisiana ollcrcd a , rosoh.tlloii , which was
adopted , recltlnz that tlio in.Mhlent and sen
ate have agieod to Jn\\ \ \ ratified the conven
tion by which the terniH fnt the tieity be
tween the United Stales j nd tlio govuunont
ot the Hawaiian iblailds lias boon extended
sot en > ears longer , and tlfat the treaty con
tains pro-'lslons for the admission of certain
articles tree of duty and iiibtiuctinz the com
mittee on judlclaiy to Inquire Into thc&o
facts and rfiport to tbo , liouso whether the
treaty , which Involves theirato of duty to bo
Imposed on any article , can bo valid nnd
binding w llhout the concurrence of the house
ot representatives.
The committee on Judiciary reported back-
adversely the resolution calling on the attor
ney general for Information as to the loeal
authority under which the directors of the
Union Pacific IJailroadcompanyconsolldated
that company with the Kansas Pachio Kail-
road company and Denver Pacific P.allroad
company and recognl/ed the same under the
name ot the Union Pacific P.ailroad com
pany , under which this last named company
Issued sti cK and tiiibt bonds. Laid on the
table. The report aecompanj Ing the resolu
tion states that the Information desired will
bo obtained If the joint resolution which
passed the house a few dus airo for an In
vestigation Of the accounts of the Pacific
railurtds shall become a law : and that for
beieiity > eai , from Witt to Garland , it has
beeu uniformly held IM the attorney cen
tral cannot legally clvo opinions when
called upon by congiess or IU committees.
1 he committee on public lands reported
back the bill Tor the forfeiture of the New-
Orleans , Baton Kongo & VIcksburg land
graptand to confirm titles to certain lands ,
with the senate amendment thereto , with the
recommendation that the amendment bo con
curred In.
Mr. Ulanclmrd of Louisiana hoped that
that would be done. ' 1 ho only purpose of tlio
amendments was to protect the titles of set-
Mr. Weaver of Jowa moved to rofcr the
bill and amenaments to the committee ot the
whole. Lost > eas , 75 ; najs , 14) .
The committee on territories reported back
adversely tlio bill to open land communica
tions with the territory of Alaska. Laid on
the table.
In the mornlnel our ( ho bill Increasing the
rate of pension allowed for total deafness to
SJOn month was put to a vote. The oppon
ents oftho bill refrained from voting nnd
left the hotiio without a quorum and in this
condition it remained until the moining
hour expired and thu bill went over without
action ,
Mr. Willis , of Kentucky , moved that tlio
hon o "o Into committee of the whohi foi the
further consideration of the river and har
bor appropriation bill. Agreed to jeas ,
IVJs iiivs 11.
A motion to lay on the table , a motion lo
reconsider thl vote necessitated another roll
call and then the house went Into committee
of the whole.
After a shfirt dUcusslon , eencrnl debate
closed , the lommltteu ruia and the house ad
journed ,
SIio Nearly Klln ! llor llnsliniuTH Para
mour and Assaults M'lioir Child.
Niwoitu , Jan. S1) . [ Special Teloiiam
to the UKP , I A knot of young men stand
ing on Last Thirl -second stieel , opposite
the npaitmcnt house of No. COJ , at llll : !
o'clock last nldit , were startled by ciics oi
"minder , minder , " Issuing from the front
flat In the third story. In another instant a
woman , paitlally dicssed , was pushed almost
thiough ono of the windows , and the glass
came down to the sidewalk with n lomlciash.
rlho joung men tried to open the front door ,
but it vus locked , Suddenly the woman ,
with her night diess almost torn to pieces
and her body covered w Ith blood , opened the
dooi. nnd apparently not seeing them , she
began screaming "minder" at the top of her
voice. When scolni ; them she cited : "That
woman will kill my baby I Docomoupl Do
comcnpl" Leaving a tiall of blood on the
stairs , she led them up two Ilichts to her Hat.
The door lay in the middle ot the loom , buist
liom Its hinges , and two of Its panels vveie
broken out. In the corner near the biokcn
window stood a man , paitlally dies ed ,
choking a woman , Shevtas about hltv jeum
otngc , quite good looking nnd well diessod.
She was struggling despeintelv.nnd It vvns nil
ho could do to handle her. He released her
us soon as ho saw the joung men , and wont
into the bcdioom behind thu sitting loom , in
which the struggle tool : pi ice.
Theio was no need to ask any questions
the woman told the story at enc , "That
man theie Is my husband , Jasper GarreUon ,
,1 carpcntci , " 1 hat woman tlieio Is his pai-
nniour. About ten vears nno ho bccan to
neglect mo nnd go after this woman. They
have been living line as man and wile under
the name ot lienton. They c.imo here to
live on the'J'Hh ' of last May , nnd that baby In
thocilb theie Is that woman's and my hus
band's. Let me net at the miserable
creature. 1 will tear her to pieces. "
The wounded woman cowered and quailed
and Implored the vounc men to piotcut her.
Uy this tlmu two olllccr-i from the Twentv-
tnst precinct nrilvua and * o did a sinccon.
lie looked nt the wounds and pronounced
them seilons though not necessaiily Jntai.
Ono dec ] ) cut in thu uppei left mm was
about six Inches long , liesides that slio had
two bul cuts in fi out and below the chin , as
though hci ns ailant had tiled to get at her
throat. . Her bi cast had a cut and her wrists
and hands wcic cut In many places as If she
had tiled to seize tliu weapon. The
wounded woman was lemoved to the hos
pital and the wile was locked up. Uei hus
band was so frightened that the ne
had todiess him.
Sotiovv and 15curet or tlio K. oi" Li. til AVjclc's J > crcnt.
Cnisiov , la , Jan. "J. [ Special to the
HKI . ] The a somby of the Knights of
Laboi at this place met last evening and
adopted the following icsolutions on the de
feat ol .Senator Van Urjck for re-cltctlon :
Ill-solved , 'Hint It Is with a sense of the
deepest sorrow that we loam of the defeat
01 that able champion ol the cuibu ol laboi
and that eloquent advocate ol "land for the
landless , " Senator duties H. Van Wjck , ot
Unsolved , That in his defeat we are
aiiain reminded of the powciful inlluenco
and vigorousnctivitv of monopolists who nio
evei ready toconsplie to otoitluovv the men
nntJ measiiH's intended lo advance ( because
of the people.
Ke olved , ' 1 hat the defeat of Senator Chas.
H , Van Wjclc for le-electlon should caiiso
eveiytnend of laboi toiuncw the contest
ngnliidt eonledetated monopolies , with a ilc-
uiinitiation that knows no such word ns
( all , and wo cill upon oui bietluon evtuy-
vvlieio to rail ) In a united phalanx to elevate
tlio filcndsot labor to otlicial position- ) and
combat those powerful inlluintes which nre
undermining tlm foundations of 0111 govein-
mi'iit and destroying thu sacred principles on
which our eh 11 fabric is lounded.
Kcsohed.Thata copy of those icsoliillnns
bo foitvanted to the Hon. ( . 'has. II. Van
Wvck , and thntthcy bo given to the piesslor
An Antl-i'ass 15.11.
AUSTIN , Tex. , Jan. 2J. [ Special Telegram
to the ln.J ! : Veblciday a bill passed the
house making It unlawful foi any Judicial ,
executive , admlnlsliatltooi legislativoolliccr
In this state , or of any disli let or county In
tlio fetate , except the sheriffs constables or
other peace olllccis , to nccopt free passes oi
tiekets , or any device , instrument , article 01
hiibstanco that may bu reco ni/ed or accepted
in lieu thuieof , Irom any lallway company ,
its agents or employes , or to use , canjor
dlsphu the sauui upon any lallway In the
stale. The penalty Is a tine not exceeding
The AVost Virginia Scnatornlilp.
Cii.YHi.rbio.v , W. Va.Jan. 2. . Tlio Kn-
pnbllc ins held their caucus last nl.'ht and
passed lesolntlons tovolo hist for General
( ! elf lor fionntoi , then fet Kllek , liiotvn and
McLean , In the oidei named.
Articles of Incoipoiatlon woio filed jester-
tcrday or thu Omaha Lithographing coin-
pany. The capital stock Is t > r > ,0jj. The In-
coiporators ate J. 1) . Jonus , Frank J , Devil n
aiidi : . L. Maithlng.
Supeilntsnduiu Mahoney , of the poor
arm , is cuing for nearly a bundled patients ,
A rainbow festival will bo held at the
Clulstlan church on Wednnsdty evening ,
January t5 ! , This promises to boa noyeltj in
tlio way of entertainments.
Mr. J. O. Chapman , of the firm of I ) . M.
Stceloit Co. , wholesale groctrs , who bus
beun very ill with pneumonia ami confined
to his bed Hlntu December 2-1 , IK convalesc
ing , being now nblo to hit up foi a few hours
atatlme. As boon as the weatlioi will per
mit .Mr , C. will co south lor a month or two
to recuperate ,
Mr. C , F. Wilklns , ( cashier Pullman com-
piny ) , wife and hlster , Heiirj C , Ilobblo ( ot
HobbloUros } , and wife tetuined fiom Um
etstSuurdny moinlni : from tlio very sad
rlntj of the bin lal of their fathci. .Mr. Will-
lam Stevens , ot Ml. Vornoii , N H. Mi.
btovens was stricken with pualyuis Doeom-
ber 2i ult. , and llnijered until January r vvlmn
hoquietlj passed away , surrounded In his
last moments bv his eniie l.inul ) of vvlto nnd
liviirbildien , Mr. btotens vvas seventy jears
old and a man very much lespectod by nil
who know him. lining a member of the Ma
sonic Jiaturnity , It was his lo'im-st that the
services bu conducted bv that body. The
Mineral took jil.ico Sunday , January 0 , at
2 p. m A largo delegation of Masons and
KnlirhtTuniplais were present trorn Mutual
andNashau. N. H. , and conducted tlio ser
vice" , which weio very impressive. Mr ,
iStovenii leives his lamily In KUiiforUblo cir
CiuoAf.o , Jan. 2Tho Dally Nows' Mon
treat special navs ; The court of quoeng
bench this u-ornin nnnnlinously conlimed
the Judgment of the Intel lor court In the
Hoko extradition cane , inalnt.ilnlns Hio extradition -
tradition and o tU mw Hoko to be handeil
over to thu United .states authorities upon
warrant of the minister of jiislti-a Hu vvlll
probably bo ta.kun to Ptorlacdneiday \
Senator Van Wyck's ' Defeat Makes flini
Doubly Dear to the People.
A Day of Judgment Surely Dawning
What Troachcrnus Itepnblloana
Have Dotio l'"or tlio Democ
racy Pen Plot nrc 9.
Ltvroi.v , Xcb. , Jan 23. I Special to the
ULUI When votUlilul Hjron wrote ,
"It Is done , all woids are idle.
Words from mo nro tnlnor still , "
he felt no doubt as I feel early this morning.
My qtmndom friend , Algernon Paddock , has
got there , and the friend to the people and
fee to corporations has been laid , metaphor
ically speaking , under the soil and the dew.
lint not trt await the judgment day. Charles
11. Van Wjck , endorsed by fil.OOOotcis of
Nebraska , will remain a prominent factor In
the politics of this stUe , and will figure
prominently In IbSi.
When I know that forty rooms of the Capi
tal hotel weio paid for by the H. & M. ralhoad
company theio Is no evidence lacking to
prove to mo that Van Wjck's defeat no
matter who Is his successor Is a victory to
the mo > t powerful corporation evci tolciatcd
In tins state , the H , A : . M. railroad company.
Tor that icn on Ipiedlct that a domociatle
majoiltv In nine-tenths of all the counties In
Ncbiaska Is a possibility and a probability
for live years hereafter. Said a prominent
politician of thu state to me this mot nine :
"Wo will elect Van Wjck to congress
In isss. MeShano can never succeed
himself and Van Wvck w 111 bo the man. If
tlio ma.hlno ( attempts dictation , as It did In
foisting Church Howe , then wo vvlll run him
Indepondcntl.v and scoop all competitors.
He Isundoised bj tliopeoiilonnd KingCaucus
robbed him ot his stiength and power. "
There Is some mot Mod to such seeming
madness. The people the agricultural dis-
tiicts , have got a watchful ejo on ( .ieuoral
Van Wjck.
.v nvr. iMCTinn : .
It was a pleasing and charmlnc sight teen
en PntO'Hnvvets to-day singing nnd Hlghlnir.
Ho admitted that he had been a Pnddouk
iiKin fiom the start. Whether this vvlll ns-
Rlst him with thn committee on claims can
bo better determined when his bill foi aiding
the stnto becomes n law.
"bklpp" Wlllard. a bucolic editor from up
the country , an orlslnnl Paddock man , N in
Ills element and If ( inner Cleveland were
not picsldent ono would suppose Mi. W. waste
to inherit a cabinet position.
Tlio happiest man on earth Is no doubt
"Fatty" Plckrell , of ( ! agc. lie came no heio
In the eatly session with nil unbooiiicd Pad
dock boom , and to know that It lias mnter-
laIJ7cd fills him with nncompasscd | oy.
George Warren , of Pawnee county , a dem
ocrat ot Van W > ck and anti-monopoly prin
ciples , said to mo that the election of. Pad
dock cut no licuic , but that tlie dufeat of Van
Wjckjvould make a change in the major
ities on election day. Ho says his county
will go dcmociatlc next j ear or "aw ful near
nr.rrA.nvn TIII : rr.oi't.n's WII.T , .
P. M. Gllbeit. of Falls City , dropped into
tlio UcEollicc lone enough to "ay , " 1 have
giown gray headed in the republican party
lojolclng In Its successes nnd sorrowing In
Its dctcats. lint Hot ! iicliiing me. I shall
never vote the republican ticket again , until
by so dolnc the wishes of the peopleaio
gratlhed. Wlij , " continued Mi. Gilbert ,
crowing the moro anueied as ho thought of
Van Wvek's deteat , "tho ponnlo were not al
lowed a lieo expression. When wo were
voting tlieio at Kail Citv , Judyo Keavls In
structed tlio election [ maid not to icceivo
those tickets with Van Wjck posters , as it
would eliminate the voters ; mat any ono
who passed anv of those tickuts would bo
cilmlnally liable , and It bj mlstnto they
should count such tickets , such action would
tlnow them out. Ueavis hinisell came to mo
and said : 'Here , that Is n criminal oirenso
\ouniecommitting in attaching those pos
ters to thosu tickets and tlieio Is the jail.
We have that jail to punish ollendors of the
law , nnriwo want jou to desist liom this. '
It was Impossible with such thicits to get a
lair oxpiession ot the popular vvlll. "
si-NAioi ! VAN WICK'S M'l.rcir
was endorsed byoverv honest man who heard
it , and there was eonsideiabio ti utii in Judi'o
Itioadj's remaik tliai tv.o thltdsof the icpub-
llt.iiis tonlay ic retted that tlicj1 had cone
Into caucus.
In casting his vote , ( icorgo Heimroit , of
Doticlas , enshilned bis name In the memory
of his constituents. When Ills name was
railed lie aioso and sain in substance : "Mr.
Piesidont Although 1 went Into caucus last
night and am pcihaps morally pledged to tiio
caucus nominee , Mr. A. S. Paddock since 1
have lentned that baicfaeed truichcry was
conspired an 1 conceived by the monopoly
henchmen , through Lieutenant ( Jovcinor
Shcdd. I cannot be a party to such a fi.uul
nor assist in aiding them. Theioloiol cast
mj vote lot Chailcs H. AVjek. "
A Correction.
in tlio legislative joint convention Thurs
day llepiCMtntntlvo Smjtli , of Douglas , ex
plained his votolorSenalor Van U'jck" . Tlie
confusion in the liouso and the undertone
conversation going on near the Hun re-
poilci at the time , made It Impossible to get
tlio exact vvoids utteied. The lollowing Is
the explanation \cibatliii :
Mr. Piesidpiit : I wish to clnnco my vote ,
and In explanation ot my notion dt-slie to
say that I am a democrat , always duslilni ;
thofui"cessol the democratic ji.trlj' . As one
ot the minority ot tills body I liavu voted for
thu Hon. W. H. M linger for the olllco of
United bfates senator. 1 believe him to bo
a man uoilliyot the hiirh position lei which
li has been named. Ills chaiacter Is pure ,
bis mind Is broad , and his iccord Is without
ftpot. iMtly indeed would liu represent this
voting stile In all her vigor , pie resslvoncss
Find Kiand piomlso. Ho would stand In thn
cr.aiid council chamber of thu nation the em
bodiment ot the polish and scholarly attain
ments of Nebraska's daughters ; the tjpo of
tlio Intellectual vigor and manly woith of
Ncbinskii's sons. IVarles-i In debate , un
daunted in and magnanimous In vic
tory ; the Irletid of the people and of pure
government. 1 would that ho roulu bo
elected United States smiatoi , but I le.u ho
cannot be. It Is haul to admit it , but stub
born far Is compel mu lo do so , and believing
that In ovnntl know the wishes of my
constituents , 1 thaiign my vote to that com-
imcons champion of the p ophi'i Inteiest , thu
Hon. Charles H. VanWjik
IMaltlnc Alllltary HeHcrv.allons.
Wtsiii.vt'ioir , Jan , it } . Tlio secretaiy of
the Intel lor has dlieotrd tiiocoinmlsslonci of
tlm general land office to suivey and plat ,
picpaintory to the nppinlbcmcnt Mid sale , all
of the lands omhraied In the seveial aban
doned mllltniy rcsoivatlons whipli have been
turned over to thu custody of th.i Inlciloi de
partment , uiiilei the provisions of tlio act of
JimoS , is > l. It iSHtatcd tlmt these i enerva
tions have an .ucaof about TOO.O'jO acics and
Includes. 801110 ot tlio choicest agrirulliiinl
lands in thu several statn- . and truitoiles In
which they nro located. Foil liimddl fpart
ointol thuiivei ) and Foil J lo , in Dakota ;
Foil lluilsnff. Fort Mel'huuon and Camp
Shurldan in Nebiask i. aio among thu reser
vations contained in the sei-rotary's oidcis.
The Ituaxnn Indo Pulillo ,
W tsmziuiov , Jan. S4 With respect to
the nomination of James Kioy lo bo post
master at S.gourney , In. , In place of John
Morrison , Hits ] ended , the sonata postoliko
commltten has reported that no chargeweio
made allCLting the clmacti.r for Intcviltyof
Morrison or in an > way reflecting upon his
uooil name. Iln was MHptindid , tlm loport
deilaiob , bec.iuvi ho Is a uiuuihcr of the i i-
publican pait and his pl.icii was wanted Inr
a democrat , inasmuch , however , as bu doe >
not desire to make a contest toi thn phue ,
the committee recommended tin ; couhrma-
tlon of h !
Air OK ! ( 'it For KaiHiiiii.i Pnimlon Cliec-lf
WASHING rex , Jan. SS.Tho penMen of
fice has Information H. P Mi tcalf , of
Denver , was josteidxy nnnstrd at Nortvich
Conn , ch ir fed with raising a irntuinmen
pension rlieck Irom SI" * to Siy . Ho will bo
uiUeu to Demur tor trial.
1'ostmaHloru Coiillrinrd.
WilniN'oiON" , Jan. m. The fr.liowl > ig i
coiitirniatlons of postma im were inadii
public by thu senate to dav : J.unus Fro- ,
Hiirourncy. la. ; Prank Cami'HI , O'Nt-ill
. ; Anthony Uramlt , BelluvJ'-1 , la.
The llrcaoli OrowltiR Wider nctweci *
Hint nnd Archbishop OorrlRan.
NEW Yonrc , JMI. 23. ISpoclM Tolcgrara
to the BKE.J A friend of Dr. Mrllbnn was
Interviewed this atternoon In rojard to the
olfoct of Archbishop Corrlgan's letter upon
the followers of the former pastor ot SI. Ste
phens. lie said : "Tho friends ot Dr. Mc
Ulynn are not disturbed by the statement ot
Archbishop They flald that hM
grace has , with seeming unfairness , loft out
all that part of the correspondence between
him nnd Father McUlynn which showed In
favor of the priest. In the letter of Decem
ber 20 , quoted by his grace as a Hat ot
the priest to po to Home , It Is said that Me-
Ulynn gave Imperative personal nnd family
reasons why ho should not go , nnd that
whatlsBlvenasabolddollancoof the arch
bishop was really but a plain statement ot
Kathor McUlynn's position , which ns ha
could not go to Uomo himself , ho expected
the archbishop , with whom ho had had
nil the discussion with the holy sec ,
to send to Kome. He Intended It ns a writ
ten Instead of a personal nnd veibal state
ment of his case to the holy pee. The nrrh-
bishop knew that to give publicity to the
leason clven by Father McOlvnii would dN-
tress botli the lather nnd his Inmllv. Instead
of sajlng that tlio elauso quoted followed
after thu reasons of the priest for not going
to Homo his grace quotes boldly : 'I will not
gotoltouip. I have taught the uoctrlnn ot
common property In land nnd 1 will 00111111110
sototeacli. ' without a woid of explanation
or Intimation of the piecedlng portions of
tlio letter , which was sent as an excuse by
tno nilvleo of Dr. Shrady , who now declares
tint Dr. Metihnn'fl health was so bad for the
past six months that an ocean toy.auo would
seriously endanger his future usefulness.
McCilynn will write a ici ly ns soon as ho H
well ; enough , and It will be a vei liable bomb
In the court of Ids tnicr.1 The im-hblshop
will piv no attention to the challenge of
Henry Ueorge. Ho sajs ho has already
denli'iMiavIiiB Issued Instructions to priests
legardlin : the constitutional convention uud
that Is enough.
_ _
The TronliloH of tlio Coal Handler .
Xr.vv Voiiif , Jan. 2J. The move ol the
striking coal huaveis to prevent the handling
of coal by procuring the co operation ot
union boatmen , who refusal to cany coal ,
was checkmated today by the non-union
boatmen , who nro largely In the majoritj- .
They met this moining nnd formed nn organ-
ganl/atlon to light tlio union. A number of
deputies were discharged today , their sor-
v ices being no longer required . Many of the
strikers are solely in want and would return
to vvotk if they dared , In llobokun tlm
handling of coal in carts has been greatly
obstiucted by women and children who sjm-
patlibo with Iho strlkeis. They blockade the
streets In liont of the carts , nnd It Is impos
sible for the drlvpistogot out with their
loads without driv Ing ov ei them. Trouble 13
experienced on the XowYoiksIdo of tin )
rivfi , vvlioio Knights of habor congregate
nnd will not permit the unloading of boats ,
Death of a Ohlcauo Tafitor. * ft- '
CHICAOO , Jnn. W. llev. lr. Aithur
Svva/ey , the venerable ex-pastor of the Third
Presbyterian church of this city , died this
morning from a stroke of apoplexy sustained
twodajsago. His last sermon was the ono
delivered at tlio funeial of bis irlend , thu Into
J itdgo Uodgei s , ono w eek a o. _
January 25tli , 1887.
Mrs. Cotton , if/
il/icssrs. irillilnt and Franc.
Prof. Ti'cnch , .Iccoinpiniiat.
lozart Quintette Club.
2J/cssjv ? . J' i'itnlto , Lcntz , Jlojmnn ,
Filmier , Latooslt'y.
, GO Cents ,
Advertisements undci Ibis lioid , 10 cents par
line lor tlm llrst ln oi tion.T cents for oacliBiilt-
Eequont infortlon. nnd $1.50 n line per mouth
No ailvoilistinouttiikoii for ICFE tbnn i3 cents
lei the nrst Intci lion. Seton TrorUs VTlll b
counted to Iho line ; they must inn consotu-
lively nnd must bo pnlil In ailvniice. All adver
tisements ruiifct bo banded In bofoio " o'clo k
p , m. , imdiindor no circumstances if 111 thcybo
taken or discontinued by telephone.
1'nrtics adv crtUlna In tlie columna nnd liav.
Inirlho answers uJdiefsaid In cnro of TUB lire
TTlllplonso nsk for ncliec'c to enable them to pot
their lottois. us none will bo dullveiod except
on v > rosentnllon of chcclc. All answoig to nd-
vortieeiiiuiils abould be cncloitod In onvu
TV fON'KV to loini. ciith on del y.
AL j , VV nnd i : . Ii. Squlro , HU I'uriiam Ht ,
l anon hotel building. _ S03
Ori)0i ] cent saved by calling nt Paulson ACe 8 ,
> lei lota In Lcutli Onmha uud Anncu.
670 ! J7
T OAKS J.onnsLoan * .
Hen ] c'Plnto loinu ,
( "olInK iliil loans.
Cbnttcl loniiH.
I.oiiK' tlmo loans.
bhnrt tlniu loans.
Momiy iilwujs on hand to loan on any op
IiroviMl Rooiirlty.
JnviHtmont emgiiritleH bought nnd sold ,
Unmha I'iuunciJl Kxthtingo , n. vv. cor. 15th
ami lliunoy.
Eoo.oixTto loan on elx months' lo six Jems'
tlmo ntlnwi' I'V. . M. IlttrrlH , room 5 ,
J'teij/or block , opp I' ( ) UJ U"
Moii'ij In loan on llrel clnsu B'.curJty.lrom '
upnurda. UI
$ oo , OTO LOAN t 8 per cent. J.
boncy , 1&/J 1 iiriinm 896
6 Pint CHN'T Money
U C I'nltcison , 1'jthjina Hurney. a.17 .
af Of > to loan , films tKti nnil upiturds.
I jn cat ruloH. Ilonild , room a , JUrkcr block ,
8. W. tor JMh uiiil ruinuiiiBtB t-U7 '
MONfcV I h Hi inorluiivo notoa. Tlio Douglal
i onnt > bunk will buy puporA socurnd bjr
llrit mort nKii on l" " > 7JO
J'l.H CI..NT Moiiny I
v > ( Jrovo'y .V llndlny ,
Hooms 1 ami U , Itulitk ulock , .CD B. Uth 3U
aXJ LOAN Momiy Loans placed on Im-
liroved mid o > lute In city or comity for
Nuw KnKl'inil I.onn .V Ti u jt Co , byjouuliig
( ounly bank , IClh ninl t'hlr.i/o Ms. Bid
MOVJJ'V to lor.n on t Ity and farm properly ,
low iMe , btow.w i Co. , Uoomil. Iron
Hank. _ _ _ J fti8
M ONKi TO MAX 0 f. lUvlU 4 O ) . Jloa
Kslnle und LOHII Atrnug IWj I'nrnam Bt.
MON'KV rlor.OAN ( ) u rcfcfwtato
) f 'ltinmns.
_ _
O'WO.OOO To Innn on Oiiuib niy jiroporly nt ij
* > jxrcont. U ' .V. IMy , ovrrKlfl nuuKlB
M Nito lonn ly I be ur.i'oiiliiiied. > Th"o liti
thu only properly ort'nniiod lonn / iroy
InOmulm fnuiuor flOtuflni mndu ou f ir-
liltur , p'Hno . nigiinv , hnrsuii , w rn in eiln- !
try , 4c. . wuboul r ror l No defj'n. All
biialneM Hilttlr rqnlliloiiiliU. l.onni To tnnrts
that miy part ran be pnld nt uy time. r ch pay-
mnit rodiiclim ilia roil pie r t . Advumes
icnitAon flti' ) vBUhf. iui.1 . rt'r > non < 1 , IVrtons
ihould carefully rontMrr "bo thSy are A\\or \ \
wlilj , M m ny nur mr.i prn ? r * daily rooilnjr
Joto exlMcr.rf. "bouM you n i m.fn.r , ciu
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Ifirnny. J18