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The Exhibit of ttio State Horticultural So-
dot ) at Its Winter Session ,
Tlio nicnnlnl Itoport of tlio Stntc Flsli
Commission Itcndy I'or Iltrl *
but Ion County Treasurers
Making HilllinciitH. :
fmoM run nni's ; usroi.x wnn.u'.l
In the midst of the war of politics that
has called 5,000 strangers within the city
gales there Is displayed at tlio east uni
versity building tlio fruits of peace in the
exhibit of the State Horticultural society
nt their winter meeting now in session.
Considering the worth of this Nebraska
fruit display and all it means in repre
senting the progress and development of
thu fruit interests of the state , the atlend-
mice at this session of the society Is
meagre and unsalisfaclory in numbers.
There tire some 00to 10plates ! ) of apples
on exhibition , as handsome specimens
nnd as great in variety as any stale of
double the years of Nebraska can make.
These midwinter exhibits como not from
: i few but many counties in the state ,
northern Nebraska being well repre
sented , while thu old established fruit
countiis ; of Washington , Cass , Otoe ,
Pawnee , Douglas and others make excel
lent showings. Among the veteran
horticulturists in the state who
nro present nnd active participants
are Peter Younger , of Geneva ; Hiram
Craig , of Blair ; W. J. Hesser , of Plaits *
month ; Samuel Barnard , of Table Uock ;
K. L. Emery , of Omaha ; It. N. Day , of
Tekamah ; K. N. Grennell , of Fort Cal-
liounH. ; . iMaslcrs , Nebraska Cily ; E.
T. Stephens , Crelc ; U. W. Furnas ,
Itrownvilto ; II. D. Kelley , Madison ; S.
H.ebster , OrdT. ; L. Grtfl'oy , Dakola
Cily. The society at this meeting pro-
po o to make arrangements for higher
competition in future and a very thorouirh
organi/allon will have charge of the so
ciety business for the coining year.
of Nebraska have their biennial report
now ready for distribution , and it is one
of HID most complete , comprehensive and
thoroughly commendable reports that
has over been presented to the state. The
report shown the extent and magnitude
that lish culture lias reached in Ne
braska , even with the very limited ex
pense thus lar incurred. Thu report is
illustrated with creditable plates illus-
trnting tlie ponds and buildings al the
stale hatchery , and accurate iliustrallvo
plale.s of tlio principal lish bred
and kept in stock at that place , Mr. May ,
of tlio commission , gives adolailcd roporl
of his magnilicent exhibit that he made
at the state fair , and Superintendent
O'iJrion , of the hatchery , reports in de
tail all the work accomplished in the
year. Some of Iho statistics in the report
are of much interest and illustrate in
themselves the work done. There are in
the ponds at the hatchery at present over
r > 0OUO lish of live dillerent varieties ,
mostly adults , and used in breeding ,
100,000 eggs being taken from the brook
trout alone in tlio month of December ,
and tlio hatcheries have received in the
past year nearly .10,000,000 lish eggs.
Jhiring tlio year 1880 108,000 young brook
trout have been furnished to twenty
dillerent parlies for planting , most of
which wont to northern Nebraska ; i,000 )
California trout were furnished parties ,
nnd nn.OOO lake or salmon trout were fur
nished to nine dillerent parlies in caslern
and northern Nebraska ,
Over D.000.090 young wall
eyed Pike were furnished to forty diller
c'lit parlies in all suction * : of Iho slalo and
planted in streams. But the ( Herman
carp is evidently the fish of great popu
larity all over the falatc , and iho demand
has'been far in excess of the supply.
Two hundred and forty dillbreut parties
have been supplied with n limited number
of Iheso food lish representing almost
every county in llic slatu. and some 0,000
carp have been distributed in this very
general way. Tlio property of the state
at the hatcheries and lish farm is Hated at
! ? ii,000. : In the face of this very
creditable showing tlio commission
ask that the alalo legislature ex
tend tliu lines for the lish com
mission in giving moro adequate appro
priations for thu continuation of thn work.
They ask that the superintendent's salary
be raised to $1,200 a year and tor all im
provements , expenses , apparatus , obtain
ing eggs etc , , llioy ask for the coming
two years for an appropriation of $12,500. ,
of Fremont has filed its articles of in
corporation in the secretary's ollico. The
place of business of the corporation is
Fremont , Nob. , nnd the business to bo
transacted by the company is to deal
generally in live Block , grain , lumber ,
building material , coal , lo buy and hold
real estate and erect thereon as may bo
necessary. The authorized capital stock
ot the company is fICO,000 , in shares of
$100 each. The company is authorized
to commence business wlion one-half of
' tlio capital stock is subscribed. Ttio existence -
istonco of the corporation is fixed be
tween the dates of January 1 , 1887 , and
the same date , 1937. The business aflairs
of the company are to bo conducted by
n board of seven directors , to be selected
annually from among the stockholders.
The names of the incorporators are Hay
Nye , Vi illiam U. Wilson. Honjamm F.
Morohouso , Sirem B. Colson , William
Fried , and Uudolph U. Schneider , all of
Fremont , Neb.
The Iwo Lincoln insurance companies
located in this city have tiled their an
nual reports with the slalo auditor , Iho
Farmers' and Merchants company mak
ing the following showing on Nooraska
business : Premiums received , f 70,001.25 ;
losses incurred , $5,710.85 ; losses paid ,
The Lincoln Insurance company reports
the following business : Premiums re
ceived , $11.7111 ; losses incurred , $7,811,20 :
losses paid , $ ; i,01M. Uf this business ,
however , only the following amount was
transacted in the state : Premiums re
ceived , fO.OS7.87 ; losses incurred , $1,0.5 ;
losses paid , $1,025.
The following county treasurers wore
nt the auditor's ollico yeslorday making
settlements : D. N. Morse , Dodsjo ; C. T.
Orlllin , Burl ; N M , Ferguson , York ; C.
T. Barlo , Dixon ; A. C , Corbin , Furnas , J.
D. Brewer , lloono.
Willnim Crimes , of Omaha , state
ngent , was at llui auditor's ollico yester-
ilav drawing his pay for brii.ginc a ninn
i'amod William Bidwell from Wichita ,
jCitn. , back to Nebraska for a crime com
mitted in Johnson county. Mr , Crimes
collected from the state as his fees ,
mileage and expense of tlio trip , $133.00 ,
of Clay Center has tiled its articles with
the secretary of state , thn corporation
limit of the bank to commence
January 20 , 18S7 , and to con
tinue ninety-nine years. The cap
ital stock of this bank is $20,000 , divided
into ' . ' 00 shnres , the stock to bo fully paid
up at the commencement of business
nnd uon.assessable , the indebtedness lim
ited to two-thirds of the stock. The in
corporators are William Kerr , J. W.
Kmall , Otis ( J. Smith , Hugh E. McDowell ,
Horace N. Jones and Frank N. Tucker ,
r ol notaries public were handed down
yesterday , the following residents from
liilleront sect Tons of the state being commissioned -
missioned : Lucius II. Felt. Hastings ;
William W. Pool , Majors , Buftalo county ;
& M. Nevin . Kcnrnoy- , David I. Brown ,
Elm Creek , Buffalo county , J.E C'obboy ,
Beatrice , Horace 0. Candec , Beatrice ;
Charles E. White , Bc.'itncoi William B.
C.ircy. Orand Island , Iconic Myycr , Lin
coln ; Francis S. Palmer , Uora , Lancaster
county ; Dirk II. Doedei , ,
county ; W. T. Olmstcad , Scward ; U. L.
Whitney , Alexandria.
Ttultro Chapman , of the Second judi
cial district , has appointed Myron E.
Wheeler , of Omaha , as Ins oflicial sten
ographer and court reporter. The lirst
term of court of the year in the Second
judicial district will open next week at
If there is a newspaper man In the < tate
who has not been a member of the great
lobby the last few days ho should show
his hand , Almost every city ollicial in
the sin to has had n turn at the wheel and
Judge Tillany , of Bootie , added to the
list yesterday ,
Tlio reports of the auditor and com
missioner of lands nnd buildings and the
reports of the secretary of slalo are not
yet received ready for distribution. It
might been n good policy for the legisla
ture to not nut a search warrant and sno
if they would bo liahln to have the re
ports during the session.
( Jeorgo McDonald was up In police
court ycslcrday charged with drunken
ness and resisting an olllcor. The jtnlgo
made short work of his case , lining him
$20 anil costs. McDonald not being
able to liquidate sloops in the jail.
There was a revival of business at tlio
district court yesterday , that is a revival
from tlie day before when no now cases
were filed. Yesterday n total of ono
case was commenced , the extent of the
case being a mechanics lien to recover
In United States court the case In forci
ble entry and detainer of Chouny vs Hughs
that was commenced suvum ! days atro
is still on trial , and the amount involved
In U causes it to bo closely contested at
every point. It is expected to reach the
jury to-day.
Nothing but.superlative merit can ac
count for the phonnmiiial reputation
achieved by Salvation Oil. Jt kills pain.
Price 25 cents.
The Darwin theory perplexes the mul
titude. They object to deeemlants from
monkeys. But not even a baby objects
lo Dr. Bull's Cough Syrun.
A young English swell , who claimed
to bo a cousin of the Earl of Shrewsbury ,
and who was always borrowing money
on the strength of expccled remittances ,
has been victimizing : the upper crust of
Pittsburg society. Ho left the city sud
denly several days ago to accept an al
leged invitation lo visit the British minis
ter at Washington and it is thought he
will not come back.
Frequently accidunls occur in the
household which causo. burns , cuts ,
sprains and bruises ; in such cases Dr. J.
11. McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment has
for many years been the constant favor
ite family remedy.
John ( Jrisby , of Wostport , Ky. , was
oul on thu ice on Iho Ohio river Iho oilier
day , when a largo mass broke away and
began going down stream. John was on
the mass , and he staid on itfortive hours ,
during wined ho drifted nearly twenty-
live miles and had several narrow es
capes from gulling into the river. Ho
was rescued unharmed by a fisherman.
Every day adds to the great amount of
evidence as to the curative powers of
Hood's Sarsaparilla. Letters are contin
ually being received from all sections of
Iho country tolling of benefits derived
from his great medicine. It isniiequaled
for treneral debility , and as a blood puri
fier , expelling every trace of scrofula or
oilier impurity. Now is the time to take
it. Prepared by C. I. Hood it Co. , Low
ell , Mass. Sold by all druggists.
A grand rat hunt terminated Saturday
in the vicinity of Mount Yernon. O. ft
lasted sixty days. The result announced
was as follows : Captain Levi Blue's
side , 5,857 rat tails mid 1,077 mice tails ;
Captain William Cordon's side , 2,808 rat
tails and 782 mice tails. Total , 817t'i rats
and 2,840 mice slaughtered , or a grand
lolal of 11,232. '
"Oil ! 15ut 1 Salivated film ! "
Was the actual exclamation of an honest
physician , spoken of ono of his patients
to whom ho had given calomel for the
euro of biliousness and a diseased liver.
And lie had salivated him for certain ,
from which ho nuver recovered. All
these distressing consequences nro
avoided by the use of Dr. Pierco's
"Pleasant Purgative Pollnts , " a purely
vegetable remedy that will not salivate ,
but uroduco tlio most ploasine oll'ect , in
vigoratc Iho liver , cure headache , dys
pepsia , biliousness , constipation and
piles. 13y druggisls.
Pozzom's Complexion Powder pro
( luces a soft and beautiful skin. It com
bines every element of beauty and purity.
Sold by druggists.
The Pall Mall Gazette is not an ad
mirer of Lord Randolph Churchill. The
late chancellor of Iho exchequer , accord
ing to the Pall Mall , is a political Flib-
berty-Gibbol , whoso mind is as nimble as
a lively mouse in n windy barn , and who
is the most reckless of political gamblers.
Didn't our girl graduates look lovely ?
Yes , indeed ; they all use Pozzoni's Com
plexion Powder.
A new political olub is to bo opened in
Now York City and the great feature ol
the opening will bo a monster bowl ol
of the famous Narragansett punch , con
taining twenty gallons of tea , three cases
of cbampagno. and exactly forty-eight
other ingredients. The recipe for tins
beverage catno from "Olo Yirginny bofo'
do wan. "
Cvor 1OO Varieties
of the purest and best toilet soaps made
by Colugato & Co. Cashmere Bouquet the
A fifteen-year-old lad In telegraph mes
senger's uniform has cut out a route for
himself uptown in the fashionable quar
ter of New York. He goes to houses thai
have call boxes and as Us with u business
air who called him. While the unsus
peeling servant goes to find out ho steals
what hu can lay his hands on , overcoats
brlc-a-bryc , or what ulso'may bo handy ,
and makes oil * with it ,
ona , me , um or 1'bof phat
, YatUUOi wmon , etc. , daroc
BJIfmfffPO Pfffmjn otfnf/ro Sr. tear.
The Oalcbratcd "Winana Tatnily of Baltimore
and Its Interesting History ,
Kicli and Itumantic Tliclt * Pnlntlal
Illusion Old Tom nnd Iij'dln
Tliiiniiison Ills In vent I vo
Chicago Tribune : Forty years ago in
Ballimoro lived Iwo brothers , Thomas
and William Winans. Tney were bolh
railroad engineers and bolh men of genius , although far from culti
vated or scientific engineers. They had
both made money , and they began to
foresee the fulure of railway building in
About that time the czar drew that
celebrated pencil mark across the map
from St. Petersburg to Moscow ns a route
for a protected railroad. The story is well
knownbut is short enough to repeat hero.
After all the engineers had given their
views of the best practicable route be
tween the two cities before the czar and
the council of state , Nicholas took up a
ruler , and , drawing a perfectly straight
line by it ae/oss the map from St. Peters
burg to Moscow , handed it to them as the
dual route for the railroad. The llus-
sians had recourse to foreign engineers ,
and the Wiuans took up the work. Tlio
road was successfully laid , nnd
a eroat fortune was secured to
them , but it was not until 1801
that a locomotive was built which
was a complete success. In those days
Kussmn locomotives burnt wood alto
gether , nnd it was only after seventeen
years of experiments that the right kind
of a locomotive was built. But train then
on their fortunes begun to bo colossal.
Thomas had married the dauuhtcr of a
Russian shopkeeper. She died leaving
him two children Hess Winans of Balti
more and Celeste , now married to Mi1 ,
llutton , a young l nglishtuan in the
diplomatic service. William had mar
ried an English woman of tint middle
class and returned to England to enjoy
his wealth. Since the time that he hrst
crossed the ocean on his way to Uussla
in 1811 William Wiuans has never returned -
turned to this country. Jn both brothers
a strain of eccentricity early developed
itself , and in William it took the form of
a nervous dread of crossing the ocean.
Never did any American become so thor
wr.Axnu ntoM ms corxrur.
Ho often says that he would not cross
the Atlantic for 121,000,000 , nor is lie even
willing that his two sous , Waller and
Louis , shall. Mr. Winan's mannorof on-
joyinir his money is at least unique. He
has but one taste , but one npliludc , but
one employment in the world , and thai is
in building models of steam vessels after
original designs. This propensity in
Thomas Winans caused him to bo called
the "cigar boat man , " and a good many
people thought he was a little touched on
the subject , lie had n conviction that ho
could build a boat in the shape of a cigar
that would distance any and everything
afloat , and spent hundreds of thousands
of dollars in building them. He launched
several , anil llioy always turned bottom
upward ns soon ns they touched wnloi ,
which was exactly what all sciciililio men
predicted. But old Thomas was blull' ,
rich , determined , ami not possessed of
scientific principles to trouble him , .so he
rode his hobby tip to the dayol his death ,
although he became very sensitive about
it. Ho was devoted to seeing Lydia
Thompson in the hey-day of her charms ,
but the wicked Lydia always introduced
a couplet into her songs referring to the
wonderful cigar boat , at which he would
get up iu great wrath and quit the
William.sceing how his brother became
sport for iho scientists , has kept his ex
periments as much in thu dark ns possible ,
but he continues , as much from the force
of habit as anything else , to work every
day on his queer model , although his income -
come , according to his own aeknowledg-
monl , is between $2,000,000 and $ ; ! ,000OUO
yearly. This gigantic sum , which maltob
him. next to Kothschihl and the duke
of Westminster , the richest man in Eng
land , he .spends freely , but neither ho nor
his family has any way of spending this
vast amount. in Kensington
palace garden is extremely handsome.
A NOlll.i ; CAKIllAUl ; DltlVU
leads up to tlio door of Iho engineer
prince. The entrance hall is lofty , and
the two vast drawing rooms are superb.
A charming cll'ect is produced by a vast
sheet of platu glass separating the two
rooms , besidq which is an archway giv
ing communication between the two.
The carpet once laid there had a history.
A magnificent ono was designed and
woven nt Axminstor expressly for the
mam drawing room. Attor it was laid
Mr. Winans did not liku it , so he had
another ono made. When the second
ono came the question was what to do
witli the first. Mr. Winans thought a
moment or two.
"Just put it down over the first , " ho
said , as if struck with a sudden solution.
So No. 2 , which had cost hundreds of
pounds , was put down with No. 1 , which
had also cost hundreds of pounds , for u
lining ; and Mr. Winans bad the most ex
pensive llpor coloring in London.
Mrs. Winans is un excellent and un
pretending woman who cares but little
tor society. She prefers her home at
Brighton to cither Iho London house or
the Scotch shooting box , ns they call
their Invorncss-sliiro place , for which
they pay $ :55.000 : a year. At Brighton
Mrs. Winans has established n school ,
where sixteen girls are educated and pro
vided for. Mrs. Winans takes great inter
est in thorn , and after leaving tlio school
she stnrts them in life , and docs not lose
sight of them ,
Mr. Wiuans , too , likes Brighton best ,
and is alwas more or less bored in Lon
don. They do not entertain a great deal ,
but during the season give a few dinners
and one or two crush entertainments A
favorite method of entertaining with
them is to liavo morning concerts at
which they have Patti and Nilsson , and
Albani , and all the highest priced song
birds to warble , Mr , Winans professes
to have no tnste for anybody's nitisio ex
cept Pntti's. At her lirst appearance in
St. 1'olorsburg he paid $1,000 for thu first
choice of boxes , nt which a Frenchman
remarked that Mr. Winans might have
gone to Paris and back nnd heard I'atti
tiin < : a do/on times for tlitUsinn.
'Iho two sons of William Winans are
botli well-educaled and sensible young
men , but distinctively un-American , ns
the case would inevitably be. The older ,
Walter , married against his father's
wlshec , who , although refusing to bo
present at the ceremony , lias long since
forgiven the young couplo. Mr , Wimins
had social ambitions , and lie wanted his
children to marry into titled families.
But the young mun , who care more for
pictures and American trotters than
anything else , declined to oblige him.
The deer forest which has so particu
larly exasperated the English prcs-s
against him is certainly conducted on in
defensible principles , It is next to Lord
Luvat's , the most expensive and Iho cost
liest deer forest in Scotland. Besides tlio
regular establishment sixty "gillies , " or
deer stalkcra are required during the sea
son , Mr. Winans is no sportsman , and
the way the enormous deer batteaus nro
conducted has no parallel except by the
organlxcd bands of titled marauders who
come from Enuland to oxtormhwto Iho
large game of fho northwest. Mr.iii
an has occasionally been
for a few hours in order to take n shot a
ho numerous deer tint , nro driven by ;
nit some years ho docs not even go near
'nvorncps shire. lid nlso follows the
English custom so nmn/.ing to Americans
) f selling his game , and every week in
he season immei c haiupcrs are shipped
o market from his place. Although in
ho heart of the Scotch highlands every
thing that cnn add to the luxury of living
tb o daintiest fruits , the newest books
and pictures , anything and everything
thnt heart can desire and money buv
nro brought from London every day. Mr.
\ \ inans ( lees not await the railways' con
venience ; when hn gets ready to go or
.101110 ho orders n special train , like the
Ho is very unpopular among his neigh *
Liors nor , Indeed , is tioptiiarlty charac
teristic of the elder Win-ins Apart from
engineering nnd ship building it is very
linrd to interest him in anything. He
professes ' to be more cnlPita'ined by the
circus , next to Patti's singing , than nuy
other form of amusement. It is told of
him that once in Knssin nn American
mannger brought n circus to St. Peters
burg | , nn J , hearing of Mr. V > inans' fond
ness for the art of the sawdust ring , went
Uo him and suggested that he should shell
out such n very considerable sum for
boxes that Mr. V > inans asked indignantly
if ho was expected to pay for the whole
"Well , I haven't the slightest objec
tion , " auswetcd the man of brass.
Mr. Winans was so tickled at his inefl'a-
bio impudence ( hat he bought the whole
houso. The night of the performance he
pre-ented himself with a friend or two ,
mid sat out the whole thing , to the tie-
light and amusement of the circus people
ple , whom he made to answer his encores
anil do just ns if a thousand people were
present instead of two or three.
The only sister of the Winans brother"
married Mr. Whistler , n near relative of
the artist Whistler. Her two daughters
were brought up with her brother's chil
dren. Ross and Celeste Winans. After
tlio death of Ross Winnu's young wile ,
about ten years ago Neva Whistler , thu
youniier daughter , married her cousin
lloss. Neva was born at St. Petersburg ,
nnd named for the river Neva.'l hey have
lately built a imignlllcent house in Balti
more , on St. Paul street , which is one of
Hie show houses of the town. They had
bul one child , n
HAiiv mm. THAT mii > OK ,
two or three years ngo. The child was
taken ill at their country place near Bal
timore , and when the doctor pronounced
it small-pox both the father and mother
lelt it. They paid onn of the best doc
tors $1,000 to take complete charge of
the case. Ho went out , took a capable
nurse , and devoted himselt to it , but the
poor child died a few days after. Money
could not save it , and that was all the
parents seem lo have had lo give it.
Besides his fc > t. Paul street palace , Ross
Winans has his father's old plnco on the
outskirts of the eitv and his collage at
Newport "Bleak House. " The old es
tablishment was for many years the sub
ject of curious investigation on the part
of people who lived jn Baltimore. Mr.
Thomas Winan.syas very inhospitable
and the inside of his house was so rarely
seen that marvelous tales were told about
it. A high wall enclosed the grounds ,
and the iron gates were kept locked. It
was here that the great organ was put up
in Mr. Wi'inns' latter days ono of the
largest organs in the country , which Mr.
Wiuans occasionally hired a professional
musician to play on for his amusement.
"Bleak House'1 at Newport is a vast ,
gloomy looking place right down on the
beach , where the famous "Ocean Drive"
leads past it. Here much of Miss Celeste
Winans' girlhood was spent. The \Vi-
nans wore not society people , and
Winans was biought up in great seclu
sion. When Uin rest of the world of
Newport was dancing and driving , the
heiress of Thomas Winans was sitting on
the end of the pier in an old blue flannel
frock ( Khing. But when she fished it
was with a rod pointed with silver.
Mrs. Plnkliiun nrttc-rtliiin UK ; Doctors.
A great many doctors are unlit to be
trusted t to treat loinalo disease , but in
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
I.s have a prescription on which the most
skillful cannot improve. One physician
frankly paid to his patient : "If ever a
woman deserved a oroun , thai woman is
Lydia j Pinkham. " "It has done me more
good than the doctors. " Mrs. M. P. , San
hraneisco. "It has done mo more peed
than all the doctors ever did. taking
J'n J's fifth bottle besides those pills you
sent. 1 believe if I could have had your
medicine I would have now been well. "
Mrs. A. B. Kaufmann , Texas. "Have
taken live bottles for leiicorrhea , irregu
lar j menstruation , bearing down pains ,
with great success. It has benelitled mo
more than any doclor. Am now almost
recovered. 1 am nuro if 1 had not heard
ot it a year ago , I would now be in my
grave. " Mrs. F 11. E. , Germantown , Pa.
The business of exporting apples io in
creasing. To years ago aiO.OOO barrels
wore siiipped from the port of New York ;
in 1885 , i02,000 ! barrels , and last year ,
a 10,000 barrels.
Prof , Chas. Ludwig Von Seeger
profooror MoJIcltio at tb Iloral t/nlrprnltr :
KnlElit of the ICoj-nl Annlrlnn Orilnr of the Iron
Crowns ICnutit > lor of tliu Itoritl Kntnlnb
Orderof Isnbollni Knlvbt ot tha Itajal I'runl in Or-
dnroftbe UodUiiulaiClierallor uf th
Loglou ot
] 1 oner. etc. . oto. . Ruyat
"LKiniU CO1.1) COtJA ttKKf TONIO ahouM not ba
confounded with thehonlo of tnullf euro alii. Hit
Innononaaof tbowordn patunt remedy. I am tlior-
ouihllfCOiTOri ! nnt wltli Its mode uf propm-Jllim nuJ
know it to bo not onlr A It'gltlmute ptiarmaceutloal
productbutalsnwortfirof thn liigti commendation *
Ithnnrocclvpcl In nil pirtsuf tln > wurM. 1C rontains
CBience of llccf , Coca , Qulnlno , Iron and Oallrara.
fhlcli nre dlianlred In pure genuine Hpanlib Imperial
Croirn Bherrr. "
InTtluiihleto nil ntm nre Hun Doirn , Nrrroui , Or-
Penile. Illlloii , Mularloui or anictod wllb wuak nlj.
HerHaJesty's ' Favorltle CosraotlcGlycerlaa
Vtffl bj HIT nornllllBlino-mo rrlncn j of Wulei
andtho nobility. Kor tlio Hkln. Complexion , Krup-
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ttue bu > t b r ap rlllilollje ; inarkul.
Poison tlio System with Nnusenting
Dnifffl.Dr.Horno'H Elcctrlo Hclt Cures
Disrasos Without Jlc'tliclues.
Will Positively Cure Wffhout Medicine
, , er um AHinui -
OS80S , l ) ) poi > sla Ounillnvtloii , CDfllii'ln ) , Iinllnci <
tlon , limiotrni-y , Caturrli , I'lloi , Upllwt ) , Auo , 1 > U-
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Note the Following who worn Cured
A. J. HoiBlimd U S , lMri > rJ. .M lUilutt. all on
Imi.rilof uaSo , K \ \ Ptfrnlmu , Am < IIMII Kiuriwi
Co : A ( Ir'tturr. I'ummUe.l.m ritirchaiit Korkurd , ilj MUUIIOU t..all ol UiliMg
M. I ) . tlorraontotrii.low u ; l.oituel Milk , . . - . . - , . - , . ,
Ill , JuilKul N Murrx Nuporvllle , III and liunUrnd
of nthur * representing iitiurl ; every town In the
union. AUu cloi trio b lt ( orluillt' > Cull or mil
daluii lor lllu > tralo < l cuisloirje , Open ilally , ul > o
evenlMii * uuj Miniluyi. Kluclrlc ho l oniorlui I red
nnil all Mule lleln. lloworeof bo.-u c < lnHMiilcs wllb
munrnlla.oj. alllnz worthlaii coils , with oulytltn
H ( sTuineiiu All mtulu inuulil - ' clumunli or
tiuitvnei , bonco huvo four tlmo * the power und
auantll ) uf olectrlrlty. Hoiu.i KooJ * inU lion'at '
r lln T iho motto
II.J.W.nouXE,191WaUalis-nyt'hicago {
larontor , Propri tOf ud ilanufaetuter.
Tft ) wluli lo cim- ' out OKI' JZntlrc Winter Slock this month If possible , ntnl necessity requires that
onr itrh'cs shoitlil be very low In fact so low thnt It will i > < ty you to Inty winter ( jowls -VOW" ns a mat
ter of investment , though you may not nbsolntcln need tliem until ne.rt winter *
Our oi'fivonls < tml hcni'U suits arc noimj now at a nominal /lynre. Then ' " ' < " ( ircntlif rtif / priest
far bcloic your expcdation * . It'e don't say how nnteh. What does It amount to when uvr say f'30.00
Oi-crcotits reduced to fl'J.OO ; or tfl'i.OO Suits rcilnccd to $10.IOi' 1'oa must sec ( lie ( /oods , yet the In
formation which we will ylvc and use your own judument ,
The balance of our IVci Jackets and t'fsts are si-Ulnsr now for less than the. mere clotlt irottld cost.
One lot wu arc selling now for $7.'JO which is of all wool Chinchilla 1 tracer with tine Cafsimcrc
llninn and sold before the reduction for $ lV.iiO.
Our Itcary iccitfht CentFttrnlshlntf yooas , such as Undern'car , Wool Jlosicrif , Cardigan and Jer
sey Jackets , etc. , hare nndcrf/nne a yencral overhauling. J'rlccs tire cut rli/ht and left and should bo
tulen advantane of before sixes are badly broken.
All goods inarJtcd In. plain figures and at strictly one price.
Gor. Douglas and 14th. sts. , Omaha.
Sir-reduces Practical Baking ana
Boasting never before attained in any
Apparatus , nnd will
UMhcd3 of Beckin g
I , thnlnll Towl linked or Hnn ted , almuM 1m coflkM
infrrnhiilrfrrdyadmllUKl lotlio oven. aiill tloii
byrllFinrdlrm 1 liu claim ovtm door herutoiftroii 0'l. ' ina
MiliFtituttm ; for It n door coutnlnltm n shoot otltn
Oouco nontlj nfl lurpe ai tlio door itbelf.
Throuuh thin Qauzo Door tUo ntr freely
circulation , ( fiollitutlnn thorrorMior cooklno.and
prnrtucinR food that U unoqim lied la fiimir nnd uu-
trillon.nnd octuallj cooVod vrttli Ion cnu uml > Uou of
IUB ! than in on even vilU ncloisd door.
Itmakos nn enormous BavlnnlatnowclEnt or moat.
It also proclucea larger Loaves of Bread ,
ronulron leu attention from the cook , and promoton
the hcmltli nt the family l > r tliu iUl'MUOfl QIML1TX
Jinn. M nv H. N rLcir , Itucher Domestic Koonntn r.
TownStnto UnlverMty.fnjn : "M > dultt > orrit J dBmuut
is tint the orcn of the Hnnre. i\i rompnrad with others
is not mil j more < ) u illy linutod in ovary iurt front u
well ns roar lint nun result of its MiiwrlorToutllnllpn.
thofood | lacnd tlicroin Jiiliettercookml.nlilloreuln-
( iiunBwiiiUrfliivor.uiid n Inrijtr | iif > wrtlon of itiliuBt
Uiuge is zautU Jusa than oay othur lor uamo wurk.
BOLD IN NEBRASKA an follows :
p. KINNIY : : , . GORDON.
11 AIRD&CO. . NnoKASKACnv.
1. KAbS& CO . CiiArwoN.
GEfrLEJi PAGER , . - . . . . r NKLIM.
, GKhl.N . STr.on-.uuno.
iO PAn nN&KON , . Summon.
Ilecciitljr Hunt. Ncitly Furnished
The Tremont ,
J. C. F1T/.UUUALD& BON , Proprietors.
Cor. 8th mul 1'Hts. , Lincoln , Nob.
IlntcsIl.M per day. Blruot cars frouijiouia to anr
part of ttio c'tr. '
Architect ,
Once ! -3 : ! . 31 ami VI. Klcharda Ulock , Lincoln.
Nob. ElevntoronlltU street.
Ilipoderol Ilroertorof
Live Stock Auctioneer
tinles iniulu Iu nil purls of tlio U S. ut fair
rates. Itooin 3 , Btato Illook , Lincoln , Nob.
Gullo-rur anil Short Horn bulls for sttlo.
Farm Loans and Insurance.
CorrosnonclouoB In rcenrrt to lonns solicited.
ROOM 4 , lllcliarils Illouk. Lincoln. Neb.
Riverside Short 2-Iorns
Of Htrlully | ) iiru Iliitos mill Iliites Tuppuilouttlu.
Hunt nutnliurb about W lioiul.
rainllitH mprui'iiiitoil : r"llbort3 , CrUKgi ,
Acoiubi , ItcnloK , Hoiu of SlmroiiH , Moss Itoioi ,
Knlirbtly DuolicHioi * , flat Crook Vouinf Mury.s ,
rhriiibt'B , i.ouiuiH iiiurrruu LOVOS.
llulU for Bald. 1 1'uru llutos I'llbnrt , I Pure
Bulus C'rnjfirs , 1 Kosoof Slinion , 1 Yoinnr .Mary ,
ll'iliu Criilck Hlmuk nnd olhnr4 I'oinn mul
liiMioct the hor.l. AilJrcss , CHAS. M. I1HAN-
.SU.V , Lincoln , Xob.
When in Lincoln Btopnt
National Hotel ,
And ( 'Cl u oed Ulnnor f u ' ,
FEOAWAY 1'rop.
'Hie Orlfflnal anil Only iJfiiiifiir.
lndlii | ni bl U LADIES. A L jour I'mccUt f > r
< iunu ) to ui for I.rllcuUti i l.tlt * Lj return mull.
NAME PAP eT-x,5ljyiil'ucrl"i"'i , ! > .
iolj bj Driiccltt * TTfry" * " " - ilk ( r > ( fcli-bcv
tf t Kii-U < b" I'cunrrojlJ 1'UI * . l . . ott * >
loiMhroufbtrrerf or t J
r4rtl > . lI , * > tKPflf < t
a < w Clvulc Urethr
'OulJ r < ilU Itli.1 ' AUulult MCI.CJ
< it.i Civiale Agency , 174 Fnit n 81 , N. y.
o itr.i.iAiir.K
HOOK. lOo , , 1'ALMISTHV , o. All tliito , 40c.
8KKIAL l.l AFLirr ri'llLIMIINO CO , Ilor
J&I2 ! , Now York CltjEtojrnntly illiistrutcdj
Lawrence Ostrom & Oo. '
Is Don th to Consumption ,
Jliiluriii , Sleeplessness ,
Chills anil Fevers Or Insomnia , and II
Typhoid Foyer , Dissimulation ,
Imlteestioii , 01 Food ,
Dyspepsia , Ton Years Old , I
Surgical Foyers , No Fusel Oil ,
Blood i'oisoninsr Absolutely
Tills ' will certify that I have pjcamlnod the nEf.T.n OK IIOPItllON WHISICV. recolved from kAw-
ous HKNC'icOsTltHM A Co ind fnund . tti"mrne to 1)9 perfectly fruo friiin I'liii'l oil nut all ottirfr dnlotor-
Kor substances ftf > by Dru and KlM atrlcllj-puro. * . Wlno Mnrctmnt 1 cheerfully nnil J. I' . rpsmnmnid HAIINI M , M the I ) 411110 . Aiiiijllrnl for Kimllv-in Climiil 1 .t Mrdlclmil , . LoulfTlllo iiurn , Ky. mil.
( Iroesr
* nvorywlm IMrn - -
. , , JIft pr-r tinttle.
In irnotfoiinilnttlieiilmrn.linli thu United Stales or Cnnnila , on ilinonlHiitliH receipt of Bit oiiro dollars. | < p Hit , In plain bo.toi , Hill bo sent to aaf urtdroii
LAWRENCE OSTROM & Oo. Louisville , Ky
Wholesale and Distributing Agents ,
JilCITAllDSOX DltVG CO. , nnd )
ItlLKY < { > JilLTMN , U'JioleMitu Liquor DcaJeiv , f Owiilin.
I < * < iinlllcitiuii > nltril bv GLADS'lONU JtliOS , 15 CO. , Omaha.
We have been closed for one week on ao
count of the death of our greatly esteemed se
nior partnerMilton Tootle. Having : now taken
out letters of administration on our firm bus-
ness , we are ready for spring trade with the lar
gest stock of goods ever opened in the west.
We guarantee to make prices to compete with
eastern markets , and carry an assortment
ample for the requirements of the largest
trade. Soliciting your orders , we are ,
Respectfully yours ,
The C. E , Mayne Real Estate and Trust Co
Property of every description for sale m all part ? of the city. Lauds for aalo Iu
every county iu Nebraska.
Of Titles of Poiiclas county kept. Maps of the city slate or county , or any other
information desired , lurniblied free of charge upon Application.
Watches , Diamonds , Fine Jewelry , Silverware
The largest stock. J'riees the lowest. Repairing a spccm/ly. / All work wurniul-
od. Corner Douglas uud Ifith streets , Omaha
LicensudYatchiiruker for the Union I'ucilio Itailroad company.
UrDr. Snedlker'i metliod. No opor t'on No I'aln ;
Nu Iietcattui ) from bminun. Adaolod to children
HI well at frowa pooplo. Iluadrvd * uf uutouruph
osilm mUU on Mt , All tmslnen itrictly conflda
lul. ( O.NiOI/l'A'lID.N KllKE.
I IIOH.V. . It. ( OOIC ,
Uoom C Ul | IJouKlm t OuaaUu. Nob.
Doaloreln gunornl rm-
tuiHl history utnliiiu
ecum Hiipiillos. Ailill
ulitl uyos , Krm oa ulo
Custom ork of all
klmlg trill rtcclvt
jirornpl iiltciitlon.
Idt Capitol-A ve.