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Republican Tricnds and Foes of Van Wyck
Begin the Great Battle.
The Old Han Leads All Competitors in tbo
Number of Votes ,
Ballot After Ballot Taken Without Any
Definite Result.
A Resolution Tallied to Hold the
Choice for Senator Over To
day A Secret Uallot De
feated The News
Upto-1 A.M.
The StniBcIc In Caucus.
LINCOLN , Neb. , Jan. SO. ( Special Tele
gram to the Uii.J : : At midnight the Van
Wck forces , forty-four strong , proceeded
from their hall on Twelfth street to Masonic
temple and went Into caucus with the anti-
Van Wyck republicans. The whole evening
had been occupied In conferences between
committees from both wings. The
final determination was , as It is un
derstood , that the Van Wyck men
vent Into caucus under no conditions ,
neither asking nor consenting to any restric
tions upon a full fair and fieo expression of
the will of the majority of the republicans In
caucus , and only demanding that the vote on
nomination should be viva voce and recorded ,
At this hour ( t2Xa. : ! ) in. ) a crowd of fully 200
men Is gathered In Masonic hall while the
caucus Is In session In the ledge room.
No one except members and candidates were
admitted to the caucus. The Van Wjck
men are very strongly organized , and the fact
that they are all reunited has given ex
traordinary strength to the belief that
they will neither bo outgeneraled nor out
1:30 : a. m. The first balllt on joint caucus
Is just now announced as follows :
Van Wjck 44
Weaver IK
I'addock 10
Cobb 9
Thurston G
Scatteilm : 5
Firm iiALi.oT 2:20 : A. M.
Van Wyck 38
I'addock 22
Weaver 10
Cobb 5
Balance scattering. The second , third and
fourth ballots could not be learned.
- HIXTIl llAI.LOf 2:30 : A. M.
Van Wvck 42
I'nildock 20
Weaver 10
Cobb 7
Thurstou 1
A motion to adjourn was tirst (2 ( a. m. )
voted down and another ballot ordered.
Van Wck v 40
J'nddocK 22
Weaver 18
Cobb 8
Thayer B
Scattering 0
Van Wyck 40
Weaver. 19
Cobb V 10
Laird 2
1'addocK 2. )
Scattering 1
A resolution was then Introduced to the
effect that If no nomination bo made bcforo
adjournment of the caucus , no election of
a United States senator will bo made to-day.
A hot debate ensued and Caldwcll Is now
(3:10 ( : a. m ) speaking.
Robblns Is replying to Ualdwell In n con-
vlncinir argument.
3:15 : a. m. The resolution has Just been
tabled and Dempster has just made a motion
that after another tilal vote a secret ballot
shall bo taken.
NINTH IIAI.I.OT 3:20 : A. M.
VanWck 40
Cobb 4
Weaver 21
I'addock 17
Thin ston 10
Whltmorels In the chair.
A motion to adjourn at-i a. m. was lost.
TINTH : IIAI.I.OT 3:30 : A. M.
Van Wyck
Majors ,
The motion for a secret ballot was lost ,
iwii.Krit : IIAI.I.OT I A. M ,
A'an Wyck 38
AV'ea\or 1
I'addock 1M
Cobb , 0
At this hour the caucus Is still balloting.
of Vrste.rdny'H Ilallor.
LINCOLN. Neb. , Jan. 20. [ Special Tele
gram to the Iii.j ) : The following Is the re
sult of the joint ballot taken at noon to-day
tor United States senator :
AMA.SA conn.
The Joint Conrcntlon.
LINCOLN , Neb. , Jan. 20 , [ Special Telegram
to the Unn.J The house was called to order
by Speaker Harlan at 11 o'clock and the scs-
ionopened with prayer by the chaplain ,
ho uncertainty as to the place of holding
ho Joint convention rcllescd the pics-
lire up to 11:20 : , when the lloor , lobbies and
; allerles commenced to assume the ciowded
ondition which characterized ye tcrday'.H
esslon. As the roll was being called the tide
) f humanity grew and choked the pa age
A ays both up the stairs and down. Stricter
ibsetvanccs of the rules were made by the
loor-kccpcr and no one obtained admission
.0 the tloor of the house except those in the
possession of an unquestioned passnort.
The ijuestton as to the place of holdmz the
olnt convention was decided by the house
rotlng to remain tn Iho hall of rcprcsenta-
Ivei. This was regarded as a significant ae
on and wosconstrued by the A'an Wyck men
o bo a irreat point In their favor.
At 12:10 : came the announcement : "The
mnorable , the senate of tlio state of Ne
braska , " and the senators tiled In shoitlv
afterward. It was some time before the sen
ators could be provided with chairs , and an
order bvLleutonaiit-Uovernor Shedd to tnat
iflect was with diniciilty compiled with.
iVhcn , at 12:15 : , the perspiring and wcdged-ln
uass of men and women subsided Into quiet
at the rap of the chairman's gavel , there was
nearly as great u crowd as was to bo seen at
he same hour yesterday.
When the voting on the first joint ballot
was completed , a hasty computation showed
.hat General Van Wyck had iccelvedfiTvotes ,
or only 10 less than are nccessay for election ,
ihecrs broke out and were repeated twice
over. When lioprescntatUc Smyth changed to
Van Wyck , and when soon attcrward both
lamblo and Schwab also changed from
Munger to Van Wyck , and the vote for the
icople's choice was swelled to CO , only 7
ess than needed , the enthusiasm became
umnltuous , mid continuedforsomo minutes ,
lesplto the vigorous rapping of the chairman.
Alter the roll-call ltepresentati\o Miller
rose and said : "It was announced In the
lousejesterday , In order to avoid confusion ,
hat there would bo given to those who dc-
slied to do so a chance to change their
\otes. Now , I cannot say that 1 desire
' : o change my vote to-day , but there may bo
.hose who do desire to do .so , and in order
Jiat every member of this convention may
know the sense ot this oody , the course to bo
[ iiir&ued should now be determined. "
The chair : "I will state to the joint con
vention that there is a misunderstanding as
to thu statements of the chair yesteiday.
Thn chair Is very positive , ( no\er more so in
Ills life ) as to thn exact woids uttered ,
lie Is aware , however , that a lar o portion of
the members misunderstood it , but without
any Intention of dome an injustice to anv
one. 1 think that in the list ot faults that
has been charged to myself , never has that of
falsehood been charged , and that the chair
stands simply on the proposition that having
in his own conscience positive knowledge as
: o the words. " Having stated that
'act that ho could not In self i aspect
and In right do otherwise than lie did , and
lo-dav , In Older that the chair may bo fully
understood In tlio matter , ho stated that it is
the usual couiso of legislatures where
only one or two desire to change
their votes no confusion would
arise and in a majority of legislatures , where
there seems to bo quite a largo number rising
and desiring to chance their votes , it in Im
possible for the clerks to keep a correct ac
count and the usual custom is that in that
case the chair direct the clerk to call the
roll ocaln , simply for changes ,
those desiring to chanso doing so , those de
siring not to change to say nothing. Now ,
to-day the chair will follow this course that
unless there should seem to bo a large num
ber desiring to change their votes if they will
rise one at a time and announce their
change they will bo rccogul/ed , giving the
clerks plenty of time to make changes with
out , mistakes , but if a largo number should
arise , causimr confusion , then the chair
would direct that the cleik should call tlio
roll. Now there will bo ample time alter the
vote Is cast for any ono desiring to change
to do so.
Watson of Otoe In order that wo may not
have any misiindcrstandlni ; an on yesteiday
with the president , It should bo fully under
stood that when the senate toll is called any
of tlio senators desii ing to change can do so
before the call ot the hous'c.
The lieutenant Kovernor The chair would
dt'clde that they can do so at any time before
the vote. Is announced.
Miller ol liutler In order to bring this
thing to a vote I move you that after the liist
call of tlio senate and the h < v so that should
hero bo any member who deiins to change
his vote ho may have an opportunity of
doing so. Carried.
The Chair The second lecall will bo for
changes. Those dcsliing to change will say
The senate then pioceed to vote , after
which the roll wan called a second time ,
during which Mr. Smyth , of Douglas said :
" 1 would like to make an inquiry before
the clerks proceed. If , when tlio roll
is iccalled for the purpose of changes , if
membeis fail to change then , will they bo
peimltted to chance alterwaids befoie tlio
vote is announced ? "
The Chair Any member can change at any
time before the vote Is announced.
Llnlnger of Douglas That applies to sen
ators as well as members.
Thu Cimlr Yes sir.
Tlio balloting then pioceedcd without
further Interruption. Upon iccall tor
changes , when the naiuo ol Smyth , of Doug
las , was reached ho arose and said : "Mr.
President. I desire to change my vote , and in
doing so 1 wish tlio privilege of saying a
wonl of explanation. As a democrat upon
thu lloor of this house , 1 would like to see
William Munger the next senator from this
state , llo Is it man of clear mind , ptuo ,
talented , one who would icpiesont this state
In the senate of the United States In a man
ner that would bo entirely worthy ot thu people
ple of this state , whoso lenresentatlvo figure ,
whoso nianlv wortli and Intelligence \\oiild
bo an honor to us. Mr. 1'rcsldent. 1 think that
It lias come to that point wheie It Is luumssl-
bio to get such a man , therefore , pledged as I
am , my constituents demand that since we
cannot ha\n a democrat I must change my
vote to the Hon. C. II. Van Wyck. "
This speech was greeted with tremendous
applause utter which Hcprescntatlve Camblo
changed his vote from Munger to Van
Wyckandwascloselyfollowed by Iteprcsont
attve Schwab , who did likewise. Anotiiri
outburst of applause ensued at this juncture
but no other changes followed.
Senator Cnlby , of Cage , moved that the
Joint contention do now adjoin n.
Jjliilnger , of Douglas , mined to amend
that a recess be taken until 2 o'clock p. m.
A spirited discus.slon ensued upon the mo
tion and thn amendment , The latter wa
lost by an aye and nay uito ot M > ti
? : i. The question reclining on the inoilor
to adjourn to 1'J to-morrow , a rising vote was
demanded , Thuchairaiinounccd thomntlor
to adjourn carried , whereupon the tiimultou
outburst was deafening.
in thoBcnnie.
LINCOLN , Neb. , Jan. 20. [ Special to
HEI : . | The senate met at 11 o'clock ,
Mi Calkins patented a petition from clti
/ens of 1'lerco county asking for a law giant
ing the pilvllcgo ot municipal suffrage t
A hill was Introduced providing for th D
payment of salailes of county attorneys by f
warrants isnticd b > county clerks , payabl a
quaiterly ,
Mr. Colby olTcrc-d a resolution that the
joint convention be held to dav In the opera
house. , ilm house concurring , which waa
adopted ,
The senate then took a recess for ten min
utes , after w hlch a message trom the house
announced that that body lefused to concur
in the resolution ,
At 11:50 : the senate proceeded to the house
to L'O Into joint convention.
urrains to the seuatu chamber tbo ,
senate adjourned until 11 o'clock to-morrow
morning. _
In the House * .
LINCOLN , Neb. , Jan. 20. | Spcclal to the
llr.E. ] The house met In regular session at
11 o'clock to-day.
Mr. Watson , from the special committee to
whom had bcon referred the resolution of the
senate selecting the opera house for the joint
convention , reported that the committee was
unable toagrco and recommended that the
house should take action ,
Mr. Smyth moved that the house should re
fuse to concur In the senate resolution. The
motion prevailed upon a vote by acclama
tion ,
Mr. Tlnglo Introduced a resolution In sub
stance as follows :
Wheieas , It U rumored and generally be
lieved that railioad companies In the state of
Nebraska are In the habit of giving rebates
and drawbacks on fieleht charges to favored
Individuals In violation of the law forbidding
such discrimination ;
Krsohcd , That a special committee of live
bo appointed to investigate such reports ; the
committee to nave power to require witnesses
to ajipcar before them and compel them to
testily , anu compel the production of papers ;
and that noiallioad official summoned as a
witness shall be exempted from ( lie obligation
to testily bcloro such committee.
Mr. l-'ullei of dago county objected to the
Investigation of rumor * , and moved that the
resolution bo tabled. The motion to table
Succeeding the joint convention the house
adjourned until 10 o'clock
to-morrow morn-
illU' .
The following bills wcro Introduced Just
previous to the joint convention :
lly Dempster To provide for the disposi
tion ot unclaimed moneys In the hands of
county treasurers , collected as penalties on
delinquent taxes.
Hy bulllvati For the relief of the city ot
Columbus apnropilatitig 50,000 expended In
sinking a well.
Ilv Uarrett To provide for fees of county
treasurers for collecting and accounting for
moneys on leases and sales of agricultural
and educational lands.
Tlio following senate bills wcro read the
first time and oidered to the second reading :
For the protection of girls under the ago ol
fifteen years and to amend section 12 of
chapter 4 ot tno original code and repeal said
original section.
Memorial and joint resolution urging upon
congress the passage ot the Intei-stato com
merce bill ,
IIIIls Introduced in the IllinolH Honso
Indiana Proceeding.
ciPitixoriuLn , 111. , Jan. 20. The follow
ing bills wcro Introduced iu tlio house :
Hy llosklns , to amend the law relating
to warehouses and Inspection of grain ;
by Jones ot Crawford , to restrict cities and
towns in granting licenses to dram shops ;
by Jones ol Sangamon , provldlm : for liabil
ities ot coiporatlons for damages to em
ployes ; by Jvcyscr , appropiiatlm : 3800,000 for
Improvements at the insane hospital at
Kaukakeo and 5255,000 annually tor ordin
ary expenses trom July 1 , 1S87 , nntll the con
clusion of the tirst quarter after the next gen
eral assembly ; by Kcyser , In relation to con
vict labor , providing for the employment of
convict labor In behalf of the state after the
expiration of existing contracts and for the
quarterly payment of Inmates of lefornm-
tory Institutions engaged in manufacturing
articles for general consumption trom which
board , lodging and clothing shall bo de
ducted , and the balance bo paid to the fam
ilies or dependents of such inmates ; by Mc
Millan , providing for the publication ol
school books to be used in public schools and
annropriating S-W.OtH ) for material required
for the manufacture of Mich books ; by .Lit
tler , conveying the locks on the Illinois and
Michigan canal to tlio United States ; by Mc
Millan , to provide for the construction of an
industrial school for girls ; by Smith ot Mor
gan , a bill to appropriate SK.t,400 to the Insti
tution for the education of the blind at Jack
sonville ; by Wright of Moigan , appropriat
ing STOVJ50 for the institution lor the blind
at Jacksonville.
The Logan monument bill was called up bv
Representative Fuller tor third reading , and
a division taken upon Its passage and the
bill passed on a vote of no veas to 11 nays.
A resolution was introduced by Collins pio-
vidhm tor the appointment of a committee of
seven to investigate thu charges of reported
Iriegularities against the trustees of the sol
diers' and sailors' home at Qulncy , and le-
port to the hotiio whether the charges were
of such a nature as to demand an investiga
tion by tlio legislattite. The lesolution was
laid on the table.
In Indiana.
INDIANAPOLIS , Jan. 20. The legislature
met In joint session at noon to-day and only
one vote was taken , standinir as follows :
Turple , 75 ; Harrison , 71 ; Alien , I. The ses
sion was very tame , and was not marked by
Incident ot any kind.
' 1 he democrats held a caucus tc-night and
decided to stand by Turpie. The report Is
current , however , that Itoblnson , the green
back-labor member , who ictuses to vote lor
Turple , and who holds the key to the situa
tion , may at some stage of to-moi row's pi o-
ceedlntrs , cast his vote tor Governor Gray. It
tills Is done It is believed the democratic vote
will co to Giay , and ho will receive the lull
Bovontv-six votes. It Is understood that a
sticnuoiisolToit will bo made to-morrow to
terminate the contest.
Snwycr AVIII Ho He-elected.
Mn.WAUKr.E , Jan. 20. At Madison to
night the caucus of the republican members
of the lolslatuio ; unanimously rcnomlnatcd
riilletns Sawyer , of Osnkosh , for United
States senator. Assemblymen Kuebor and
Senator J'ettlbono ( Independents ) attended
and voted for Senator Sawyer. The demo
ciats nominated ex-Congressman John
Wlnaiis , of Jonesvllle , on the second ballot.
The fust ballot gave him 11 votes , G. M.
Woodward 12. J'eter Deuster 4 , Jo eph Vllas
2 , Judiro J. K. Doolittlo 1 , Peter Doyle 1.
Two labor pally representatives attended the
caucus. The election In joint convention
occurs next Tuesday , when Senator Suwjoi
will be re-elected , theie bolus a joint icpub-
llcan majoilty ot thlity-eeven.
In .N'MV Vork.
AI.IIAXV , N. V. , Jan. 20 , At noon to-day
the legislature met In joint session anil
elected Illscock as United States .senator to
succeed Warner Miller. Tlio vote In the as
sembly was : Illscock , 72 ; iWeed , 60. In
making up the vote In the joint convention
Hiscock received 01 and Weed C2. Hearty ap
plause giteted the announcement of thu re
sult of tlio vote by Lieiitonantant Governor
Jones. Adjournment was then taken until
Monday morning ,
No Shortage In the Accounts
CoLUMiifH , Jan. 20 , M , Gieen , ex-vlco
president and general manager of ttio Coluin
bus , Hocking Valley and Toledo railroad , tur
nlshes a statement to the 'Associated pros
stathm that the rumor about a shortage in
the accounts ot that railroad was absolute ! )
false. _
Hoi UT ned to Work.
Niw : YOIIK , Jan. -About WK ) employes
ot Lorillard , who have been on a strike , re
turned to work to-day on the old terms , ant
It Is thought the factory will be lunning
right in a few days ,
In Now Jerhcy.
Tiir.MON , N , J. Jan. 20.Tho sonalo mel
this afternoon and adjourned until to-moi
row moinlni ; . The democrats mad' ' no at
tempt to atlect an organization.
A Very Dangerous Fire.
Niw : YOIIK , Jan. 20. Fire broke out thi :
afternoon In a four story double building a
175 and 177 Canal street , occupied by th <
1'luunlx furniture company. In thu rear o
the burning building was a big Hat wit !
1,300 tenants of all nationalities. The soreai
ot thu flames was so rapid that four vvorkmei
on Die tinner lloois barely escaped with thel
lives. 'Iho loss oil bulldiug and stock IU
- I-
about5Wooq ,
A Largo Majority Predicted in the House
For the InterState Commerce Bill.
A. Well-Known Southern Flrc-I3ntcr
After the Hlood of Congressman
King of Louisiana Wash
ington News.
A Blfj Jln.jorUy Predicted.
WAMIINOTON , .Inn. so. [ Special Telegram
otho Uin : . ] The house to-day arranged to
oto on the inter-state cointncrco bill to-mor-
ow morning hrmedlaloly after the reading
ftlio Journal , ( leneral debate was contln-
led to-day and to-night , a special session
laving been ordered for this purpose. As the
tending question is upon the adoption ot the
cport of the conference committee tlioro will
> o no delay In settling the fate of the bill ,
'ho adoption of the report carries with It the
passage of the bill. No doubts are enter-
alned about the result and the majority for
lie bill Is likely to bo large.
run KINO-JUNKS now.
lleprotcntatlvo J. Flovd Kin ? , of Louis-
ana , who has been shying clear of
Yashlimton almostaycarforsomcreason not
veil knownand who vvhtlo In this city was
hallenged by Cuthbed liullct Jones to llgnt
% duel eighteen months ago , publishes a card
his morning glvinc his version of the affair
vlth Jones in a barbershop hero on Tuesday
jvcnlng last. Ho denies that Jones struck
ilm , but admits that Jones , who was nccom-
> aiiledby his brother , Uttoied for some mo-
nents the most olfenslvo and brutal language
iiicli as an assassin would employ when
coking an opportunity to commit minder
inder the disguise of tlio law , meanwhile oc
cupying advantageous positions twelve or lit-
ecu feet opart. King dcclates that the
Jones biothcis entered the barber shop to get
ilm Into n villainous trap ; that
Cuthbert Jones held a cane In ono
mud and kept the other hand In his hln
> ocket ; that ho was mcnanccd by deadly
nirnoses and had he ( King ) been aimed
vould have felt justified In destroying Jones ,
lie declares that Jones father and elder
irother were lynched for murdering General
Slddcll. ot Loulsanaand that ho ( Jones ) es
caped the penalty only by flight , and that
Jones is now attempting to get him In an
ciubrogllo for the purpose of murdeiliig him ,
ils excuse being that ho ( King ) lias spoken
.inkindly of Jones mother , when in fact , it
s because he refused to get him a consulate.
It Is believed that the feud will end In
inirder if one of thu parties does not leave
lie city. Jones showed a friend the other
lay a coitplo of Insurance policies and
minted out with pride a clause which makes
.ho obligation to pay binding where the in-
huied alter a jear tiom the issuance of tlio
policy , suicides or Is killed iu a duel.
The friends of Congressman King Insist
that he shall light Jones. Thev say that ho
: annot affoid to pcimlt Ills reputation to rest
.inder the stigma ; that Jones has insulted
ilm repeatedly , and ) iis honor is at stake.
1'heso friends are a great deal more
sollcitlous about Mr. King's honor than ho is
limself , He Is not a 'lignum ; man , although
10 claims to b a rebel brigadier. Congress
man Joe Wheeler , of '
'Alabama , and ex-Con-
iriessman Van 11. Manning , of Mississippi ,
lave taken charge of the case , and have in
formed Mr. King that he must cither light or
leave town. He will probably"do the latter ,
lor the next time Jones meets him ho will
have to dodge bullets.svjk , . , „ > . . * -
sun.vit IIEKT A.NII AcnaiiuM.
The agricultural approprlotion bill Is ready
to report to the house , Iho only feattuo of
the bill ot special Inteicst Is that relating to
the appropriation heretofore made for ex
perimenting In the growth of the smrar beet
ind sorghum. The committee does not be
lieve that the results accomplished in this di
rection jiiitily fuither expenditures and they
liuvo therefore declined to icnew the appro
priation for this purpose. Last year the sum
appropriated was S04.000 , of which 804,000
weie expended la the development ot sorghum
ghum In the west. Tlio creator poitlon hav
ing been expended In Kansas , the bill leap-
proiiilates the unexpended balance ot ISO.OOO
anil moyides that this amount shall be ex
pended in making experiments with the
sunar beet and sorghum in the southern
Discussing the senatorialstituples Mending
In various states to-day , .Representative Crox-
ton , an e.vconledeiatoaiid one ot the most
piomincut democrats In the Yirginia delega
tion , said : "Unless the tax is lemoved oil of
tobacco , and the Blair educational bill Is
passed the icpiibllcaiiH will elect a man to
succeed Senator Riddloberger ot Yirginia as
sure as a successor is elected two years
heneo. The passage of these measures Is tlio
only tiling po .slblo to keep Virginia and
North Carolina out of the republican lanks in
issb. "
There is not the least likelihood of the suc
cess ot either measure mentioned , owing to
dissensions in thu democratic ranks in con-
Pensions were gianted to the following
Nebraskansto-day : Kll/.abcth Munder. widow
ot William lllckman , Lincoln ; William M.
Hlckman , Lincoln : Andiew J. Ferguson ,
Scottrlllo ; David Drancher , Vork ; Calvin
Custor , York.
The following lowans WPIO granted pen
sions to-day : William C. Homer , Ceneva ;
Charles W , Davis , Perry : John M. Johnson ,
Koit Madison ; William 11. Walker. Valloria ;
Theodore Jtryan , Washington ; Lewis C.
Hamilton , Montrose ; Amos Ladd , DcKidb ;
Levi T. Stewart , liurllncton : Jame.s W. Nel
son , Wood\\aid ; Lafayette J { . HaveJy , Kel-
lei ton ; Alex C. Mains , I'anora : James 1'ugh ,
Atlantic ; ticoige Fra/ier , Dos Moines.
First Lieutenant W. W.Tyler , Thirteenth
infantiy , has bcun gianted one month exlen-
Mon otiick leave.
1'irnt Lieutenant Heibcrt J. Sloctim ,
Seventh uavaliy. is oulcred to duty at Jelfei-
son banacks , MIssoiul.
First Lieutenant FinnicTaylor , Foiiilconth
Intantry , who brought Captain James Ken-
nlngton. ot tlio samu regiment , to the Insane
asylum here , has been ordered back to Van-
coin er barracks , Wyoming terrltoiy.
Army furlongs nuthoilzed : Sergeant
Charles M. Dav s , company 1 , Sixth Infantry ,
Fort Leaven w 01 th , thirty days : Hlacksmlth
Geoigti A. Hrown. troop L , Fifth cavalry ,
Fort Itlley , Kansas , foui months , with pei-
mUsion to go abroad. '
Army leaves granted' Major Jamrs
( illless , quartermaster. Fort Leavemvorth ,
until January : iU ; Captain Aithur McArthur ,
jr. , Thirteenth Infartlryt f ° rt Lcavenworth
two months ; Captain Loon A. Matlle ,
Eleventh Infantiy. Fort Abiaham Lincoln ,
Dakota , one month extension.
Captain Chandler I'ekln , First artillery ,
witii Captain Charle I , . I'owell , corps of en-
ginccis , Mas been do' ' tilled by the seeretaiy of
war to act in eon. unction with Major J.
Cablll JJreckeniliie , , lui surveyor ) general of
Washington tenitdry , in deciding" upon the
lines that separata Iho treasury department
lighthouse ( -rounds and the military reserva
lion ot Fort Caibvnt the mouth of the Co
Iiimhla river , In Washington territory. It Is
a \e.\cd question of jun dlctlon.
The name of the postolllcc at Arcola ,
Monona county , Iowa , was changed tn
Turin and ( ieoige S. HUbeo appointed
postmaster , vice A. A. Davis , resigned. The
iiamoo , ' fiiu postotliceat lllllsboioimh , Henry
county. > wa.w ; as changed to HilUhoro.
The following Nebraska wMuuiMeis were
appointed to-da ) ; Gee , ( i. Keith , Fairview ,
Lincoln countv , vice Jas. N. lieckal , re
signed ; S. .S. 1)vKun ) > , Jdnu'gold ,
cjuntj , vice Chas. Jl. Cliaptmin , rcslgne < l.
Mr. Kountze , of Kountzo Uros. , bankeis , of
Omaha , Is here.
KiriiS. IIa\\ley has boon appointed dls-
burslnt : asent ot the public buildings ut Ne
braska CJtv.
J. Hart llrewer , who rcprnsented the Trenton -
ton , N. J. , district in the 1-orty-sevuuth and
Forty-eighth congresses , is In tlio city in at
tendance upon'tljo iwtteis' convention , as ho
is larwly interfiled In this branch ot ttade.
According to i ttateiut-nt by Mf llrewcr ,
the product of the United States in plain
and decorated ( artht'in aie for the
Avas > upwards of , IKW,000 , and the
tlons for the same peilodwero about S7.000-
000. Of domestic product Trenton turned
out one-half and the remainder was manu
factured In other parts of the country. The
present convention has nothing to do with
selling or making prices , but to put business
nn legitimate , competitl\p principles nnd to
look alter dcslrctt tarilf legislation by con-
_ _ > _ _ _
WA IIIINOTOK , Jan. 29. The house passed
a resolution calllnc on the secretary of the
treasury to Inform the house the sums of
money which were owing to the United
States on the 1st of January , 1 7 , from the
1'aclhc railroads. The object of the resolu
tion Is to get the opinion of the treasury de
partment as to the effect of the passage of
the house funding bill.
The following committee reports wcro sub
mitted and referred :
From the committee on territories , a bill
for the admission ot the state of Wash-
From the committee on foreign alTalrs , for
the suppression of the opium tralilc. House
From the committee on library , for the
completion of a monument to Mary , mother
of Washington , at Ficdericksbtirg. Commit
tee of the whole.
. From the committee on acrlciiliuro , author
izing : the commissioner of agriculture to
make a special distribution of sued In the
drought-stricken section of Texas. Commit-
teoof the whole.
At 2 o'clock the house resumed considera
tion of the conference report on the Inter
state commerce bill , and an undcrstandinc
uas arrived at by which a session was
ordered for to-night for this discussion of the
report , at the close ot which session the
question will be considered as ordered , and i\
vote on the adoption of the loport taken to-
moiiow mornliiir.
Mr. Dibbloof South Corollna favored the
recommittal of the bill to the conference
Mr. Hraxg of Wisconsin declared his op
position to the bill and his determination to
vote against it. If congress provided for the
appointment of persons who were to con
strue this law it would force railroad capital
into the political can\as.s in order to secure.
tno election of a man who would bond his
knee ] to the whip of the railroad companies.
Therefore lie regarded the bill as a danger
ous exercise of power. Ho opposed the bill
also , because it contained tlio long and short
haul fcatme.
Mr. Long of Massachusetts snoko In favor
of striking out the fourth section of tlio bill.
In tnct It would be just as strong without It.
Mr. Warner of Ohio and Mr , Holman ot
Indiana suppoitcd the conference report and
then the house took u recess until 7:150. :
There was a small attendance of mciubeis
In the house this evening. 1'ho debate was
renewed on the Inter-stato commeico bill ,
and Mr. Itowell of Illinois replied to many of
the criticisms advanced against tlio bill ,
aiguing that the courts and commission
would ) ia\c little dillleulty in placing a
proper inteiprctatlon on the provisions ol the
Mr. Henderson , referring to the objections
to the long and short haul clause , said ho
did not believe that the commercial interests
ot 00.000,000 people should bo controlled and
regulated solely by thn divided Interest of a
lew men. If any of the features of the bill
proved huitful they could DO amended when
congress met next. Mr. llcpbuin ot Iowa
said to-day there was no stntute which con
trolled and limited the giecd ot railioad cor
porations. This bill gave something to rem
edy the evil ; and it was unwise for a man to
starve bucauso he could not have the fullness
of the repast that he would choose.
After further debate tln > house adjourned.
Senate. _ _
j WAsiHH-OTON1 , Mr. .Hoar called.
no the conference report on the electoral bill ,
which was agreed to without further discus
sion and without division , and then the
senate at 1 o'clock went Into secret session.
When the doors reopened the senate ad
journed. _
AVhat the Senate Committee Flmln
Cdiiccrninc Ilcccnt Appointees.
WASHINGTON" , Jan. 20. In relation to
the nomination of Frank V. Motio to be
postmaster at Odebolt , Ja. , in place of
T. If. Dennett , suspended , the postofllcc
committee reports that nothing appears
in the papers Injuriously rcllecting upon the
peisonal or oltlclal character or conduct of
the Mispctided oilicer , whoso suspension was
undoubtedly Induced by political considera
tions. In iclatlon to the nomination ol
Samuel L. Harvey to bo postmaster at Cen-
treville , Ja. vice Kugeno C. Haynes , the post
ofllcc committee sa\s the suspended olllccr
Is a disabled soldier , liavine lost an arm In
thobervico of his ciuntiy. llo was on elll-
cicnt postmaster and gave qreaf satisfaction
to the patrons ot his ollice. There aie no
charges and his suspension was purely pai-
tKan "and in violation ot the law giving dis
abled soldiers piolerencu In appointments to
civil ollices. " lint ho infoimed the commit
tee that he did not deslio to resist the con
tinuation ot Ids successor. Hence the nom
inee is favorably reported.
In connection with the confirmation of
Samuel 1) . Leavltt , to bo collector of customs
at 1'nssnmaiiuoddy , Me. , the senate publishes
two documents , ono calling attention to the
tact that Leavitt was convicted of smuigllng
between Ibfio and INK ) and another allidavit
ot Leavitt showing that upon advice of
counsel he paid the costs and marshal's tees
to avoid litigation , tlio basis of the suit being
the taking away from his ollice by another
man of a pound of moiphlne.
Many Continuations.
WASHINGTON , Jan. 20. The senate has
confirmed the following nominations :
Postmasters 1C. S. Jturus , HIIIsboroiiKh ,
111. ; J. Ciilbertson , Delavan , HI. ; S. S.
Jack , Decatur , HI. ; K. Smith , Cairolton ,
111. ; J. M. Swarl.sman , Savannah , HI. ; J
W. Toler , Carbomlale , 111 , ; ( ! . C. Scilnceon ,
Hello I'lalue , la. ; 1' . II. Kceainoy ,
Waukcsh , Win. ; J. J. Fieiich , Sparta , WIs. ;
It. McCregor , Hiver Falls , Wis. ; C. Xillcr ,
Sheboygan , WIs. ; F. D. Jay , Klmwood , HI. ;
M. K. Cunningham , ( Jihson City , III , ; K.
Uilirgs , Koodhousc. 111. ; S , L. Harvey , Ccn-
tio\ille. Ja. ; F. V. Motle , Odebolt , la. ; J. S.
ticello , 111 , : W. C. Jtich , Anna 111. ; M. J.
Ilriggs , Dodgevllle , la. It. W. Itoss ot Jill-
nols , recorder of thu general laud olllco. Col
lector ot Internal revenue , S , II , Calhoun ,
district of Nebraska. J. li. Caldwell , ot In
diann , deputy second auditor of thu treasury.
W. 11. Webster , of Connecticut , chief exam
iner of the civil service commission. F. A.
Jecde { , assistant solicitor of the treasury. W.
L. McCinnls , chief justice of the tmpicmo
court of Wyoming. 1' . 11. Leslie , ot Ken
tucky , governor of Montana.
The Cabinet Dinner.
WASHINGTON , Jan. 20 , The president's
dinner to his cabinet , the first of the series of
state dinners this season , took place to-tilcht ,
Thuhlto house was brilliantly lighted and
decorated for the occasion. Mrs. Manning
and Mrs. Yllaa occupied places at the right
and lull resi ctively of the president , while
at Mrs. Clo\eland's light was the becretaiy
of state and at her leit the sccietary of the
treasury , The other members of the cabinet ,
( icneral and Mrs. Sheridan and several sena
toissvero present.
Mrs. KmmoiiK' Alcoholic HnhllH.
WASHINGTON , Jan. 20 , In the JOmmons
case this inoinlng the cross-examination of
Dr. W. W. Uodding was continued. Ho re
peated the statement that Mis , Kmmons Is ot
sound mind , "Do 3011 consider Mrs.
mons an Inebriate"asked Juror I'orry. "No ;
hardly that ; but alcohol lias had a marbcd elTeci
on her hysterical temperament. " Dr. Lincoln
was then called to the bland. Ho bello\cd
Mrs. Kmmons was killing herself by
bl6 IniluJcence iu stimulauu , -
Kngltah Preii Comment on the. Ijfttcst
IMinso of the ( JiH'Mlon.
fiiJiiinr * ( ? onlon IknnrfM
LONHO.V , Jan. 2) . | Now York Herald
Cable-Special to the llr.n.l The action
laken by congicss In the Canadian fisheries
llsputcs has bcun to attract much attention
liere. The ( itQUO , commenting on the sub-
ect , says : "Tho latest phase Into which the
question of the fisheries has entered may bo
said to be In some respects more acute than
any which [ has recently preceded It , > ot
only does tlio foreign atfatrs committee
of the American house propose n policy of
nctUo retaliation , but It supports that policy
by a reeitu ! marked by a vciy Irritated , not to
sav unfriendly , tone. "
After ob eivatlons touching the bill and
the resolutions , the ( Hobo concludes : "If the
nartlcs to the quarrel con lined themselves to
: hesimple point at Issue , the limits within
which the lespectlvo jurisdiction of the two
governments aio to ho coullncd , there should
1)0 ) no great dillleulty In hitting upon a \ \ . \
media which would reconcile the conflicting
claims and smooth dow n unnecessary asper-
Itkvs. "
The Kcho , which Is owned by an Inlluen-
Hal member of parliament , sajs ; "If trouble
with the United States U to bo a\olded , Loid
Salisbury cannot too soon turn his attention
to the iMictles question. " No\t , referring to
the action of the Dominion , It concludes :
'The ' American people will not submit
to cociclon of this soit , and It
should bo Lord Salisbury's object to
rcrsuado the government of the Dominion to
modify their attitude. Possibly Lord Salis
bury lias no lore for the gieat republic , but
that Is no reason why ho should not endeavor
to iciuovo differences which exist between It
and the Dominion and this country. "
Amcrlonii Yachts to Ho Allowed the
Fulleot Competition.
JfvS7 btf Jarnr * Gordnn llcnnttt. \
LONDON , Jan. 20. [ Now Yoik Herald
Cable Special to the Ur.E.I The committee
of the Hoyul Thames Yacht club held Its
weekly meeting this afternoon and unanl-
mou Iy passed the following resolutions :
Itesolved , That all American , colonial and
f01 olgn yachtsmen shall enjoy the honorary
membership of this club during their visit to
ICngland In thn coming season.
Secretary Scoxcll said to your correspond
ent : "I have iccelved a letter from a man in
the war ollice to-day stating that ho had by
thn cable this morning been requested by a
yachting friend of his In America to ask mo
whether center-board yachts will bo allowed
to compete in our jubilee laces. I showed
the letter at the meeting which Is just over
to Major Kmest linllor , who liist started the
jubilee race. He said : 'Certainly , contoi-
lioard yachts are to bo allowed to compete. '
Perhaps there may bo some doubt In
America , " added Secretary Scovcll , "as to
our course around the United Kingdom. All
yachts may , If they like , go through Pent-
land Firth , between tlio Orkneys and the
north coast of Cathncss , and down throuen
the Minches , between the Hebrides and the
main west coast of Scotland. Uesldcs this ,
In the run up the channel , they may , if they
prefer it , go through the Solent and round
by Splthcad without going outside tholslo of
Wight. Tlio only restriction Is they must ,
however , keep the mainland on the port
side. "
_ _ _ _ _
cttllnc the RulBnri'nn Droll.
VIENNA , Jon. CO. Negotiations for a set
tlement of the Bulgarian question are prog
ressing favorably. They are mainly between
liusslaAustria and the porte on one side and
between the porto and tiulgatia on the oilier
side. The basis on whie'i ' they aio being
conducted is tnat the Jiulgarian tegeiicy
shall reUn when satislaetoiy assurance is
given residing a candidate tor tlio vacant
throne. _
The Italian Nnvy.
LONDON , Jan. 20. The Italian govern
ment has boucht the national line steamer
America at'd will convert her into an armed
ciulser. _
To Mobilize French Troop * .
PAIIIS Jan. 20. ( it-ncral lioukriger lias
decided upon a test moblll/atlon of one army
coips , to lake place in tlio spring.
National Capital MiKCollany.
WASHINGro.v , Jan. 20 , The secictajy of
the treasury to-day tiansmitted to congress
thn estimates of appropriations lor del laying
the expense of collecting res'cnuo Irom cus
toms lor the next IKcal year. Tlio total
amount of thn estimate is SO. 10,871.
Mr. Miller ot Texas to-day introduced a
bill to amend the laws relntlug to national
banking associations , which embodies the
recommendations of Comptiollcr Tienholm
on tills subject.
Senator Vest , from the committee on com
merce , to-day icpoi ted tax onibly the hill to
extend the provisions of the low allowing all
imported merchandise consigned to interior
ioits ) of entry to be Immediately transported
In bond to such ports without appraisement
or delay at the 01 Iglnal port of arrival , and
to such impoited merchandise as may not re
quire appraisement , when not consigned to
such Interior ports , but which may be under
cettain specific conditions leconsigned by
tlieoiiguml consignee.
Kepiesentatlvo Miller of Texas
to-day in
troduced in the house a bill lor the lellef of
dopoiitois in the FrcPdiimns' Savings bank.
The bill appropriates 81.000,003 for the icliel
of depositors in the bank.
Tlio a' . > ( cultural appropriation bill as pro-
naicd by the committee Jeaxe.s out the item
101 soightim experiments ,
A National Uf Hloclc Exchange.
CHICAGO , Jan. 20. The oiganl/.ation of
a national livestock exchange Is the object
ot the convention of live stockmen who as
sembled at the stock yaids this afternoon ,
Thirty-two delegates , mainly irom St. Louis ,
JCansas City , Omaha and Chicago twuro pres
ent. Klmer Washbiirn of Chicago presided
and C. J . Jlakor was made seciclary , W. I1' .
Moore , of Kansas City , A , Wiiggoner , of
Omaha , lius Coy , and W. ' 1. Keenan of
Chicago , and W. J. Jtioderick of St. Louis
weioappointed a committee on icsoliitloiis ,
and U. Ji. Boise , of JCansas City , A.
Wagfoner. ot Omaha , Klmer Washbiirn
and I ) . C. Waggoner , ot Chicago , nnd J. < ! .
Casa , of St. Louis , a committee on bv-laws.
After addresses by A , S. .Mercer , ot Chey
enne , and ( ! . H. Swill , ot Chicago , a resolu
tion was adopted petitioning congress to at
once pass the mcasinu now pundini ; in both
houses known as the "Miller bill. " The
resolution atlirms that the proposed enact
ment would give speedy and permanent ie-
lie ! Irom the exlstinif depression in ( lie live
stock industry resulting fiom phmro-pneu-
monia contagion. The convention will
probably be In session several days.
IllinolH Court Clerics.
CHICAGO , Jan. 20. The circuit eouit
cleiks' association resumed its biennial ses
sion to-day in Judge Anthony's court loom.
AH concurred In thlnkiiu lees should bo
charged tor releasing inoitiragus. Colonel W.
S. Scribneraml J. H. ( iilheil , of Cook ; C. F ,
L. Uutenberg , of Lo0'an ; T , M. Hull , ol Dli
nage ; G. A , Avery , of Jo D.ivlesi , and M.
Jl. Peterson , of Duie.ui , worn appointed ex
ecutive committee. Tno following weiu , ip-
pointed committee on legislation : Alexiiiulei
MeArtmii. of Mercer ; D. Diistin , ot
Do Kalb : llenrj JJe-sl , J'atrick Mcdutli and
Tliomab.Scnnott , of Cook ; A. S.V. . Hawus.
of Vermlllion ; D. A. Conover , ol Will ; K J.
Sensor , ot Ou'lo ; Jolin Fltz.'eruld , ot Tiuwell ;
H. K Ulvere , Kdgars W. It llndgo , of Clark ,
nnd T. J. ( iraybill , nf helby. 'J'lio comnntteo
was iiistinoted to receho ullsugeitii ( ! > ns 1'iom
members of Hits association and toha\epii- )
paced for introduction Into the legislature a
bill embodying changes desired In the law
cleiUs' fees , ealarlc , etc.
Boys Pelt Pinkorion Guards With the Former
ami Are Dosed With tbo Latter.
Konr or the Shooters Arrested nnd
ThreatH of Iiynchllif ; M rule A
Mother Murdcra Her Children
and Hnngs Herself.
A Deadly Kraoni.
Jntisr.Y CITY , Jan. 20. At about 5 o'clock
lo-nlsht while a party of boys vero playing
In nn open lot adjoining the yards of tlio
Delaware , Lackawanna.t Western railroad
company , a fracas occurred between the boys
and Pltikcrton's men , and Thomas llogan ,
si < cteen years of age , a looker on , was shot
and killed by ono ol Plnkerton's men. The
boys weie Jeering the Pinkerton men who
were stationed In the company's yaids to"
piotect the propel ty. Occasionally they
mined a shower of snow balls and other mis
siles at tlio men. At length the leader
of the Pinkerton men stepped up and or
dered the boys to slop thiowlng missiles at
them. The boja did not obey , nnd almost
Immediately ttiree sharp cracks of icvolvcra
rancout and llogaii-tell dead. Tlio excite
ment was Intense and the lookers on lied hi
eu'iy dliectlon. The leader ot the strikers ,
as soon as ho could get his men together ,
ordered them back to their hcadqiiartcis. Inspector
specter Lange immediately collected a num
ber of witncs us of the shooting and
marched the Pinkerton men oil ) In
lliullo then ordered the witnesses
to Identify the men who shot. They at once
selected Patrick Shceby , Daniel Cahlll and
Samuel A Nell Irom the line and Identified
them as the tluee men who Hied at the boys.
The Inspector examined their revolvers anil
found every chamber loaded. The men were
taken to police hcadQuaitcrsatm held. About
U o'clock to-nlirht the iiollce arrested Murphy
Morianty , one of Pltikorton's men. as
another of the bhootlsts. Ono of his
eyes was horribly discolored and swollen
where ho had been struck with a snowball.
Another of t'inkerlon's men had a tootli
knocked out by o Miowball. The ball that
struck Hogun pierced his brain directly
above the light eye. Tlio strikers fathered
In toice around the city prison , and to pro
vide aeainst any contingency Iho four pris
oners were taken out oiiuat a time and iin-
observed conveyed to another station house.
A Mother KtllH Her Thrco Children
nml IlanuH Hei-Holf.
CI.IVII.AND : : , Jan. 20. A horrible mur
der \\as committed hcto this morning ;
between 7 and 8 o'clock. Yaclar Cabalek
Is a well-to do carpenter living on In-
dipmdenca street near the city limits. Ho
has had employment nil winter and Ills old
est sou has worked with him. This morning
heand his son went to woik , shoitly after 7
o'cloik. The mother , Antoinette , had been
out of temper at the breakiast table ,
and had refused to talk with her husband.
Directly after bie.ikfast she sent her llfleen-
year-old son , Henry , to tlio grocery stoio
near by , and still another son to thu milk de
pot. When they returned they could not get
Into the house , ( iolng into the backyard
they found James , thhtcen years old , In a
water-closet bleeding from slxtcon
wounds In his left side. Ttiey has
tened away nnd called their . older
brother , who had gone away with the father
and returning the three boys forced an en
trance tn the house. They dlscoveied Tonyt
the eight year old girl , bleeding from a dozen
cuts in the s'de. ' On the Moor neat by wcro
Mamie , 5 years old , Antoinette. : i yeais
old , and tf Illie , : i months old. all dead
from dreadful stabs near the heart.
A bloody pair of sheais told the 'story. The
mothei was tound In the cellar hanging from
a ratter , dead. She had killed her thrco
children , mortally wounded two othcis , and
had then suicided. The two clilldieu who
weio still alive were moxed to a neighbor's
house , but thev will die. No cause for the
ten Ihle deed is given. Tlio husband doca
not think his wife insane.
The two Injnied ehlhlien , James and An-
tlonetteero removed to a hospital where
the doctors say thov will smely die. Each
was stabbed thirteen times. The shears
wcto nine inches long. The bodies of the
three dead children and the mother weio re
moved to the moigue. No inquest will bo
held. The coroner and doctois believe tlio
woman cia/y. Cabalek was a drunken
fellow , although he woiked and with ills son
earned S75 a month.
A Train Jtohlier'H itald.
MAIISHAU. , Mo. , Jan 20. [ Special Tele
gram to the HinJ : A bold attempt at train
robbery ot the St. Louis train on the Chicago
it Alton railioad took place last nlu'lit thico
miles cast of Independence , Mo. The train
was brought to a stand-still by a violent pull
Ing of tint bell coid. The biakcmanand con
doctor lushed through to the forward p.ut ot
tlio tialn to ascertain the eauso ot the stop
ping , when thev were ( lied upon by a man
Manding on the front platform of the .smok
ing car and oideicd back Into the car. They
Imicly escaped injury by dodging back into
tlio car. The engineer was also tiled upon ,
but not injured. Four or live shots woio
liicd by the man. The would-be loltber and
mindeier lumped from the cai and escaped
in thodaikness , It Is believed ho expected
to bo joined by confederates when hostopped
the tram , and lindlnc himselt alone , con
cluded to make good his escape.
Cold Illonded Murder.
WiiniPi.AiNH : , N. Y. , Jon. 20.-Wllllam
1C. Mead , aged twenty-sown years , was mur
dered In cold blood about 10 o'clock to-night ,
being shot thioiiiih the head while btandlnz
on the sloop of his father's store in this vil
lage. Two men were seen running away
Irom the stoie. Immediately three police
men gave chase and overtookthem. . The
tugitlvns then turned ami lan back towaids
the vllhik-o and hid themselves under a lingo
stone luldge which spans tlio Jliown river.
but when found they Hied wiveral shots fit
the olllceiH , and when about to be taken shot
themselves , and both mo now dead. The
muidered man lea\es a wile and child. No
motive for the minder can ho assigned.
Krlj'htinl Holler Kxploslon.
CiiifAfio , Jan. 20. A Hpeeial to the News
from Vlncetincs , lud , , says : A boiler In n
saw mill owned by Jackson Noirls , In
Davics county , three miles from Washing
ton , exploded with tearful effect. Nouls and
his twojrrown sons , Frank and John , and
William Me.Ates , wore killed outright , their
bodies being terribly mangled. Thu mill and
machinery were totally wrecked , Portions
of ttin boiler were projected 100 feet. Noirls
was aged hlty-livo and leaves a wife and two
childien. McAtes wasslnule , us were both
thu sons of Norrls. The boilei was old ami
It was Intended to replace it with a new ono
In a lew dayu.
lielmont'H Illiifl1.
TnitoN'io , Out. , Jan. 20A special from
Ottawa , Out. , says the olliclals ot the fish
eries department here look on Bcimonl'n
hsheihislilll asa tame of hliitr , and say It Is
a pooi return tor six month's free use of
Canadian lisheiles under pionusu oi the
president < 'l the United .Stale * , that the fish-
eiies commission would bo appointed at the
nTixt meeting ol congiess , which piomho was
not catried out.
Klonmslilp Kohl to Italy ,
NEW YOIIK , Jan. 20.The reported sale of
he steamship America to the Italian govein-
ment | s couth mud. Thotcims of tlio sale are
piivat" . but It is leported to bo 1500,000.
\Vilh the exception of the Anchor lino'
Mcamei City ol Homo the America WAS ono
of the finest era Its in tlio liautAUiiutlc
bin lie.