Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, January 19, 1887, Page 6, Image 6

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Delivered l > y tuirlcr In nnypnrtof thocltj-iu
m cnty ecnta per week.
H. W. Tn.TOf , Manager.
Omcr , No. U.
UTOIt No. 23.
N. Y. Plumbing Co.
Heavy suits chcnp to order nt Rcilcr.s
The mercury got down In the tnoiitli
ngtiln yesterday tint ! hung about live de
grees uulow.
The fresh batch of saloon Injunction
cases wcro to have conio Up Monday , but v
Jinvn bcun postponed for n week.
Everybody is Invited to attend the union
meetings being held every evening this
week in the congregational churcli.
No decision has been rendered by Judge
Carson in the motion for a now trial in
the case of Edwards , convicted of for
It Is reported that JJon Marks is to
erect an olegiiiit residence on his prop
erty whiclr adjoins Luke Mntiuwa this
coming season ,
The German Catholic ladies and the
Catholic Knights itro to give a party in
the hull over Brown's drugstore , on Main
street , January 27.
Mr. and Airs. Hen Marks have decided
to bell their liandsomn Vine street Drop-
ertv and remove to thuir farm , which
adjoins Lake Manawa on thu oast.
The band concert at the rink last even
ing drew a goodly sized company to that
popular pleasure resort. The ice was in
excellent condition , the music good and
nil seemed to be merry.
In the district court , Judge Thorncll
presiding , the case of Hazard vs the
City is now on trial. This is : i suit to re
cover d.uuagc to : i valuable horse injured
by reason of u hole in the street.
It is stated upon good authority that
Mr. Stone , of the well known furniture
house of Dawoy & Stone , Omaha , is ar
ranging to purchase the Marks property
on Vine street for his own residence.v
A convenient blackboard has been
nddcd to the appurtenances of the dis
trict court. On this board are bulletined
the assignment ot cases , the number of
the case on trial and the number of the
case to follow.
The Presbyterian church has passed
very laudatory resolutions concerning
Hov. Air. Ilnlcs , who has tendered his res
ignation as pastor of tne church. The
sentiment oNthcso resolutions will bo en
dorsed by many outside thu church us
well as those of his own Hock.
There will bo a goodly number of
Council Hind's people leave hero Friday
night for the ice carnival at St. Paul.
The tickets are only $11.20 for the round
trip and can bo obtained of J.C. Mitchell ,
the well known agent. Tlio parly will
have a jolly time without doubt.
It seems that the 'number of Council
Mlnll's people who arc to start for St.
Paul next Friday evening to attend the
ice carnival are increasing as the time
draws nigh. A number of ladies are to
be in the parly. The tickets for the round
trip are $11.20 , good for ten days.
Several business men of Omaha have
been quietly looking over the city with a
view of purchasing * residence property ,
Inul it is reported that onc.of the gentle
men at least has decided upon n location
and will erect a costlv homo , provided
the present owner , who resides iu the
east , will give satisfactory figures.
In the case of C. E. liccbc vs the Equit
able Insurance company , of Waterloo ,
la. , the j'iry has returned : i verdict in
favor of Mr. Bcebo for the amount
claimed , $158.80. This claim was for
furniture furnished the company's agent ,
Kandall , who fitted up an ollieo here ,
and then skinpcd , leaving the company
nml others in the hole. The company
claimed Hr.ndall had no right to buy fur
niture on the company's credit , as he was
simply working on commission.
Those who have been taking the direct
road to Omaha across the river have
been accommodated in the past by the
presence of a little bridge across a
ditch , just after rcachinir thu other
Hide. Lately this bridge has disap
peared , having been taken away by
somebody for some purpose , anil
its absence causes sad inconvenience
to those using this road between tlio two
cilii's. It is nil that an empty vehicle
can do to get over this place empty , and
loaded vehicles have to seek sono other
A special fund for investment in coed
city real estate loans , at lowest rates.
Those intctiHing to improve their prop
erty for the coming demand can avail
themselves of it by calling on Odcll
Bros , & Co.
See that your books arc made by Moore-
house & Co. , room 1 , Everett block.
Ccnterville soft-lump coal , $ .1.75 per
ton , delivered , Wm. Welch , 015 Main
street , telephone 93.
Give It Ui > .
The following : .query is handed in as
having been received by a Bin : reader ,
who , in his perplexity , brings it to this
oillco for an answer :
DKsMoiNKS , la. , Jan. 14 , 18S7. I notice
thnt tie ! price of gna In your city Is 54.M ) per
1,000 feet ( with discount of DO cents ) nnd the
price In Omaha Is 82 per 1,000 feet (25 ( cents
elf ) . Will you please let mo know why this
reinarkiibUi ( inference should exist In tlio
price of pi3 at these two cities , whcro the
cost of production must be about equal , or
outfit to bo nearly so. XX.
L. II. Crafts & Co. are loaning money
on all olussuH of chattel somiritlcs at olio-
half their former rates. Sco them before
iccuring your loans.
Dr. iNnchutt , oillco No. 12 Pearl street ;
residence , 120 Fourth struct ; telephone
No. 10.
All my coal is 'weighed by Amy , the
only authorized city woighmastcr , and
- guaranteed to hold out 2,000 pounds to
/the ton. Good soft cval at sJU.fiOu ton.
A Costly nit of Tnncuo.
Some time ago Mrs. Ahny brought suit
ngainst Charles liaughan , an old resi
dent also , claiming trom him $10,000 dam
ages for having called her a "huzzy" and
EOIUO other tantalizing names. The suit
is sot for a trial in the district court
to-day , but it is reported that the matter
has been settled by n compromise , by
which Mr. Bnuglian pays her $75.
Substantial abstracts of titles nnd real
estate hmtfe. J , W. & E. L. Squiro. No.
101 Pearl street , Council Blutls.
Hard and soft coal , best quality all
* izcs. Missouri and Iowa wood. 0 , 11.
Fuel company , C3J Broadway. Telephone -
_ _
George Hudio , real ostuto and nego
tiator of loans , No. 1507 Farnum street ,
Omaha , Bargains iu Council Hhill's and
Omaha property. _
Dissolution Notice.
The flnn of Van Brunt , Thompson &
Co. , is thU day dissolved by mutual con
sent , F. E , Van Brunt anit George W ,
Thompson retiring. AH claims duo the
above lirm are payable to Henry Van
Brunt . F. E. VAN HKUNT.
GKO , W. T
Council 'Bluffs , Jan , 18 , 18S7.-
Laing Arrested and Promised a Trip Back
to Ohejenno.
Points From the Police Stni-s A DR !
Drop In the 1'rlcc of n Plcco
of Tongue A Oi > 8
The Council Acts Qticcrly.
The city cots n per cent of all the
money taken In on the city wcighmns-
tcr's scales. Although the city allows
private scales to hnvo the use of its
grounds and be located in the best point
in the city for money making in this line ,
the city gets not $ 1 from It. It allows pri
vate parties to lake tlio revenue which
belongs to the city wolglinmstcr's ofllco
nnd tlio city gets not 1 cent.
The city wcighmaster simnly nsks the
council to arrange Its ordinances so that
puhllt ! weighing shall bo done by him
and his deputies , and the city to get its
lawful per cent of the business , Some of
the aldermen refuse to do this , thu only
excuse being that they do not want to
interfere with anybody , and had rather
let the city losj Its lighlltil revenue than
llurt anybody's feelings or get Into n law
suit. U is .strange that this peculiar ton- should be exhibited , but perhaps
the prtnpeet of near approaching elec
tions may account in part.
With many it matters notsomuchas to
the personal wishes or the personal dis
likes of Air. Amy. or of others directly in
terested. Citizens at largo , having no
feeling in the matter , do want to .see tU o
council so act us to secure to the city
every dollar of revenue due it. They
also wiint lo have the public given every
possible protection. who have to
depend on ihecertilicato of some weigher
\v\\on \ \ purchasing commodities , have the
right to expect that the city weighniasler
Is the party to. do such weighing and
issue such ccrtilieato.
Some of f'o city council are acting
very strangely about the matter of the
city weighing. They do not seem dis
posed lo make any move in the matter or
pay an.y attention to the petitions of the
city weiglunaster for duo protection to
his ollieo. The fact is the people elected
Mr. Amy as city weighniasler lor a period
of two years. It matters not whether the
people made a wise choice or not , or
whether ho is a democrat or a republi
can. Ho is the city weifrhninstor , and as'
such is entitled to an attentive hearing
and a fair consideration. As long ago as
last spring ho called the attention of the
council to the fact that while there was
an ordinance regulating the weighing and
compelling persons to use the city scales ,
there was no penalty named for violation
of this part of the ordinance. It was there
fore of no use to try and enforce
jt. A man with a load ot liny could have
it weighed wherever lie chose , and if ar
rested and found guilty of violating the
ordinance , no punishment ootild bo af-
lixed , as no punishment was named in
the ordinance. The council expressed
informally a desire to protect the city
scales and compel persons to have their
produce weighed by the city weiglimaster
instead of by private parties , but when
an ordinance was presented to cause an
enforcement of the ordinance , they
killed it. The ohicf cause of complaint
on the part of the city weighmastor is
Lhnt a worthy man , Mr. Ilonn , has es
tablished scales at the junction of Main
and Pearl streets , the scales being lo-
oated on ground owned by the city , and
the street being used as a market place ,
and the proceeds of this arrangement
are going into the pockets of private
parties. Air. Amy claims that if anyone
is to use the city's property , and is to
linyo the advantage of the site , the city
weiglimaster ought to be given the pref
erence over a private person. It is also
claimed with a great deal of force that the
city is losing a revenue which it ought
to nave , and to which it is entitled.
Any ono can refuse to buy unless the
seller will agree to weigh on the city
scales , but few want to enter into any
such controversy with a .single party.
The duty seems to rest with the council
to regulate the question of weighiirg , and
the aldermen ought not to shirk the re
sponsibility. The public may bo getting
honest weights , but having elected a man
for this yer.y purpose , to ensure the hon
esty of weights , it is natural that they
should ask the council to have him pro
tected In the exercise of his duties , and
held responsible for them.
Just why the city council should year
after year ignore this matter , and allow
the city to be deprived , of a revenue
which rightfully belongs to it , is beyond
explanation. The city weiglimaster oilers
to have the scales moved to the location
on Main street , now occupied 1)3' ) private
parties , although owned by the city.
Alderman -Shugart pays ho will
consent to his doing so if he wants to ,
but ho wants the city weighmastor to do
what fighting is necessary in the courts
to get the private senlcs moved oft" from
city ground. It docs not appear that
Alderman Shugart is willing , either , to
have any penalties allixcd to the ordi
nance so as to have it enforced , nnd thus
compel the public lo use the official
scales. Hundreds of dollars are lost
yearly by the city , but that seems to cut
no liguro. The position taken by the
council is a , mystery , and especially so
when oven the mayor , from the moment
ot his taking the oath of oillco , has kept
reminding the council of its duty nnd
urging its performance. The city attor
ney has also advised a like course nnd
prepared needed ordinances nnd resolu
tions , but these , too , have been ignored.
It looks as if there was more to this af
fair than appears on the surface , nnd that
some secret motives must be deep down
Electric door bells , burglar alarms nnd
every form of domestic electrical appli
ances nt the New York Plumbing Co.
Stoves ! Stoves I Stoves ! I < or tlm ne.xt
thirty days 1 will sell heating stoves at
cosl for cash only. P. C. DuVo
1'olluo I'olnterH ,
One drunk wuj lined In police court
yesterday. Business in that line still
runs light.
Two small boys , sons of prominent
citizens , wcro brought before Judge
Aylesworth yesterday charged with
shooting within the city limits. The
boys had a revolver with which they had
been shooting at n lamp post. The judge
read the law to them , nnd figuring up
the maximum hue , and adding thu costs ,
made them realize cash hole in the
lamp post might cost them $ ! 15. At that
price a shot the sport seemed rhther dear
to the lads , nnd they were about ready to
die broken hearted at the prosneet of
ever getting oven with the world , when
ho soothed them by giving them n chance
to go home nnd consult with their
parents. If the parents can dcvuo any
way by which thu boy will stop the
practice of shooting , the case will proba
bly end hero.
Complaint is made that Arthur South
well stole four hides from George Drake s
slaughter house , nnd sold them for his
o\cn profit.
Yesterday there were sovernl Omaha
officers scouring the city in search of two
fellows wanted iu Chicago. Ihe two
were found roaming about Omaha about
! l o'clock yesterday morning nnd arrested ,
There being nothing known against thorn
at the tlmo they were discharged by the
fudge before whom they wcro brought ,
but an hour later a description of them
was received , with a request to have
them arrested and bent to Chicago , they
being safe blowers. The men had'gono ,
nnd the officers had a dreary search
around this part of the countrj't but to no
avail. An hour too lato.
Placing n Crook.
About the lirst of the year the police
arrested a young man who was tryinc to
sell n $200 sealskin clonk for a few del
lars. The fellow was taken in on sus
picion , nnd since then the ofllccrs have
been hunting for the owner of ilia cloak ,
BO that ho could be successfully prose
cuted. No tidings of any such cloak
being stolen could bo learned. The fel
low gave his name as I.nine , and said
that the cloak belonged to his mother ,
who was waiting at the transfer while he
could rnlso some money on the garment ,
but no such woman could bo found at the
place named. In order to hold the fel
low ho was charged with vagrancy , and
sent to jail for liftccn days. His time
was about up when word was received
from Chicago which indicated that he
was wanted thuro. While holding him
for further instructions from Chicago
ollicers , it was learned that ho was
wanted at Cheyenne. Constable Edger
ton , of Omaha , received information
from Cheyenne , giving a description of
the cloak and the fellow. The facts of
the taking were thai the fellow was in
a notorious house kept by May
'West ' , in that eitv , nml during an
apparent frolic , put on this cloak , saying
he "guessed ho would go out and throw
n lilllo style wilh it. " lie stopped out of
the house , and didn't return. Edgerton
came over hero yesterday with a descrip
tion ot the man and thu cloak , and there
being no doubt thai ho was at last placed ,
he was given over to Constable Edgor-
ton , whom he agreed to go with to
Omaha , and there await the arrival of
the ollicer from Cheyenne. Tin ? follow says
he will go back without any requisition.
Although he is known here as lining , he
is heller known as Charles Hay. He
formerly was a resident of Omaha , and
used to sell papers for Barkalow Bros.
Ho got behind with them about $00 ,
and his brother , who was on his bond ,
had to pay the shortage. Since then lit
tle has been heard of him , until now
when he turns up in this unpleasant situ
ation. JF-
Personal 1'nrn graphs.
W. B. Oaks , cashier of the Silver City
bank , is in the city.
Mrs. T. J. Maokay is going to St. Paul
next Friday evening to attend ihe ice
carnival. * .
S. P. McConnell , resident partner of
the Chicago lumber company , has gone
to the ice carnival at St. Paul.
F. Peterson represented this city at
the national convention of the Danish
brotherhood , held last week in Burling
Dr. Wall left last evening for Plymouth
county to perform a surgical operation
on the jaw of Alex Arns , who has a can
Miss Ncllto Abbott , daughter of E. J.
Abbott , was taken suddenly and scri-
ouslyill Monday night , but was yesterday
resting easier.
Mr. Mortimer Meoly , manager of the
business of J. A. Fink & Co. , hardware
and agricultural implement dealers at
Coin , la. , was in the city yesterday.
P. II. Dempscy , of Rochester , N. Y. , is
in the city , and now represents Laut/
15ros. ' soap houso. having been placed in
this territory to till the vacancy caused
by the resignation of Hudio. the rustler ,
who has gone into the real estate busi
Surrounded By Improvements.
The Handsomest Location nnd Most
Accessible Ilody of Ijots For Sale 1
Every facility is given buyers to inves
tigate the merits of this beautiful addi
tion , and that you may carefully investi
gate its prices and terms as compared
witli surrounding properties , they are
freely and cheerfully bhown to you. It is
a safe prediction that lots in llanscom
Park addition will sell before the year is
out for
200 I'EK CKNT MOlti : THAN
present priqes. Every buyer has this
chance , and if you want a safe , sure and
excellent investment secure ono of these
lots at once. There is no bettor chance
to make money , and of this you can
judge for yourself when you sue the
but come and see whether our statements
arc correct or not. This costs you noth-
inc.and if you have the courage to do as
others arc doing may make you'some
MIL or.oitoi : nuDie
is our only authori/.ed agent in Council
IjluHs for the sale of lots in
and an unequalled list of bargains of all
.No. 1007 FAUNAM STUIIT : : ,
OSIAIIA , Nin. :
Chance In Crystal Hall.
George E. Harrington nnd Fred Carleton -
ton , under the firm name of Harrington
& Carlcton , have hought out Henry
Wagner's Crystal hall , No. 400 Broad
way , and will in a few days lit it up in
liner shape than any place of the
kind in this part of the
west. Gcnrgo Harrington is well known
popular and controls a largo trade
through his extensive circle of friends.
He has b.een in this business for years
hero nnd lately has been located at the
transfer. Fred Carleton is well known in
Omaha , where for three years past he
has been with l ittlo & Thompson in the
"Palace. " The now hrra will spend
money in making4ho Crystal hall n little
iwlaco and stpck'ing it completely , and
in few days will have the business fairly
opened under the new management ,
The Ice Itlnlc.
Last evening the ice rink , corner of
Seventh street and Fifth avenue , was the
scone of n merry party of skaters. The
ice was in line condition , nnd the ther
mometer had raised to K > ° above zero , sego
go that it was quito pleasant for those
who sat and looked on ns well as the
throng of skaters. The accommodations
inside the house are not up to what they
might bo , as when the concerts are Jield
there is so largo a crowd , but on "ordi
nary occasions lha house is sulllclently
largo enough. There are many ladies in
the city who can be classed as line
skaters , and under the gleam of the oleo-
trio light thu sight is well worth seeing if
one cannot risk themselves on skates.
S. E. Dow , son of Judge Dow , of Dow
City , was the most fortunate ticket holder
out of the 83,000 , and the ticket. No.
! S,731 , which was awarded the suite of
parlor furniture valued at $123 , nt the
Eiseman drawing , was held by him.
Stella Long won the infant's cloak. Many
of the best prizes remain yet to be called
The young people of the Baptist
church will in the near future givn a war
song concert. The exact date and further
details will be published later.
The crook Wilson , wanted in Omaha ,
was captured hero last night by Officer
The money consideration for the trans
fers of real estate yesterday amounted , to
And select your Dry Goods and Carpers before the prices advance ,
Wo are selling elegant Patterns Dress Goods very low
to close the lot.
yon never saw Dlacft Silks so
BUCK SILKS.yon as those we arc now sell'
Jl'c arc closing out ihls entire jlcparl tncnt to
fA'c room for our Increased Carpet stock , and
arc consequently scll'iny them off at extremely
Ladies' ' and
closed out vcr\i \ cheap ,
You will utti'c money to sec our Carpets
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Our variety of Curtains , Poitiers , Draperies , etc. , Is larne. and choice , and
u-c have a 'full assortment of Poles , Hods , llras * ( loads , etc. Our worlt is
done by skilled workmen. Orders by mail receive prompt attention.
Council Bluffs Iowa
Harkness Bros , , Broadway , ,
l iriM B m | | | y § n MMMV vm mm m m * j- - - - -
Farmino- Lands in Iowa , Minnesota , Kansas , and ranging from ? 5 00 to
$10.00 per acre. School and state lands in Minnesota on 30 years' time 5 per
cent interest. Land Buyers fare free. Information , etc , given by
OP. 2 ? . j.A.sT ,
No. 535 Broadway , Council Bluffs , Iowa , agent for Fn'idrlksen & Co. , Chicago.
An Important Catch.
About two weeks ago the ollicers hero
were noli lied lo bo on the lookout for
Thos. O'Malloy , whoso parents live
here , but who has been night clerk In the
Metropolitan hotel in Gordon City , Kan. ,
from which place ho skipped with $300
In silver belonging to the notch Last
evening Captain O'Brien captured his
man at the Kink saloon on Pearl street.
O'Mallcy has confessed the whole
A SAD SIOll'v.
A Women Tortured Nine Ycnrn from
tlio Iiicouipctciicy of Physi
cians. Keller nt Lmst.
Mrs. T. , a lady residing in a country
town m Indiana , tells the following pain
ful story : "I had taken treatment from
physicians for about nine years nnd had
neycr received any permanent relief until
I took your Compound. I thought 1 never
should get well aiid cried a good deal of
my time. A year ago tins Summer 1was
confined to my bed and room for live
months , under the doctor's care. I at
last made up mv mind to quit him and
try your compound , and with what a joy
ful result ! Oh ! I feel so glad that 1 tried
it and so sorry that I did not get hold of
it nine years ngo. " Tlio foregoing is
from a letter to Mrs. Lydia E. Pinkham ,
and sufferers by taking her Vegetable
Compound may escape the writer's re
gret for years wasted in hopeless agony.
Special ndvortlsoments , such ns Lost , Found
ToLonn , Tor Snlo , To Kent , Vinnts , Honrdinsr ,
etc. , will bolneortod In this column nt tlio low
mtoof TEN CUNTS I'HK LINK forthoflrat Inscr-
lonund Flvo Cents Per Line f or encli subsequent
ineortlou. Leuvo advertisements nt our oillco
No. 13 I'eul street , nour llrotulway , Council
FOR HKNT A B-room house , No. 214 Stuts-
man street , by J. W. Dnmon.
LOST On .Innunry I''tli , on llrondwny nonr
KiKht street , n sealskin cup. Suitable re
ward. C. A. , Ilco cilice.
FOH SALR The Btnndiird bred stitllioii , Ilnr-
voy Stnr. by I'oiirson'a American Star , by
Scely's American Stnr : his dttin by Yomol's
Ulncklinwk , slro of Green's Hnshaw. Will l > o
eold for less money than ho will cnrn this son-
son In the stml. Ho is sound , kind , nnd n line
driver , elnsrlo or double. Inciulio of Wudo
Cury , ( U the driving park , Council HUHTc.
TP.OH SALK Choice , smooth , unimproved 100
.U acres close to llrnlnard , in llutlcr county ,
Ncbruslm. Will Rive lawo discount Irom pri'9-
cut \iiluo for cash. Address limiting , Kunvon
.V.Tones. David City , Nob. , or W. J. , Ilco olllco ,
Council HliilTs , In.
FOH SALK At n bargain , SiiTi ncros wllh linn
Improvements , hlmile's east of Council
llluirx. I'rlci ) low and nil the tlmo needed. In-
qul ro of T. W. Van Sciovur , Council Ululls.
FOR PALTi Illnclismltb nnd wngon shop.
Only ono In town. Kxccllcnt bushier. Hood
roisons lor sellhiK. Addiess C. ! < Miller , Ports
mouth , IIL
F 1011 HKNT- room house , M5. First nvc. ,
opposite the pnrk. Sullivan & Fitzgerald.
FOH HUNT A now two-story frame dwelling
house , containing six rooms , nail on both
Moors , closets with all bed rooms. Inrirc collar
and good cistern. Cell on M. F. Kohrer or
Odoll llroB. Sr Co.
FU HKNT The ono-Btory frame business
building , with 4-room dwelling attach
ment , formerly occupltd as n candy factory
mid known as No. 110 t-outh Main street , ex
tending through to Pearl st. Apply to M. F.
Hohror or Odoll Ilros. & Co.
FOH SAU-Harbor : shop , good location , good
reason for soiling. Addrois H , lleoolllce.
WANTKD A cottiigo of fire or six rooms ,
located convenient to ImslniisH ; small
family , no children. Addrosg "Crispy , " Hoe
WANTKD-A boy wllh pony to carry Heo
HAI.K-OM papers for ealo nt the Hoe
WANTED Parlies Intending to bo married
are wnntod to cull at the Pryor'g lice job
office to select their wedding cards. _ j ,
Practice In , the Stito : nnd Federal court *
Hooms 7 and 8 ShuKavt-Bono Blo-k. )
W , S , HOMER & CO ,
X3 Main St Council Muffs.
The cheapest l'l ' co In the city to buy
ITC. :
The Finest Tin
jiortud Line of
' * Goods West of
3&rs.C. t. Gillette's
Human Hair Emporium
No , 209 Main Street.Council Bluffs. Iowa.
1514 Douglas St. , Omaha.
Ladicsbuying a 85 hat or bonnel , one fare
will be paid ; Jio , round trip.
Abstracts of Title , Loan and R al Es
tata Broken , No. 236 Main St.
purchased thc"most rctla'
Me abstract books in thin count i/-
knowit. as the "AIcMahoii Abstract
Jiooks , " wcarenow pre-parrdto fur
nish abstracts and respect/ i/ so
licit the patronage of all those- desir
ing correct ( distracts of title to lands
and lots in l'ott < twatta > nle county.
Justice of the Peace
Office over American Express.
B. BICE , M. D. ,
Or other Tumors removed without
lne knlfoordrawlmj of blood.
Over thirty years practical experience.
No. 11 Pearl Ht. , Council llluffs.
Consultation frca.
Horses and Mules
For all purposes , bought and cold , at retail
nnd in lots. Large quantities to bck-ct
from. Several pairs of fine drivers , bin
glc or do'ible.
Council Bluff's.
istablishca : 16J7
t , Join-null , County mid
IlanK WorJt or All IUutl nSiicc >
Prompt Attention ] ! ) Mall Orders
Room 1 Kvcrct Block , Council Blulls ,
Standard I'ajii'ra Used All Mylcs of bind
ing in Magazines and
C. n. National JJu.ik , M. U. Smith if Co ,
Citizens' Ilank , Ucrre , \ \ elli fc Co. ,
Vir National Hank , C. II. Insurance Co. ,
OUlcori Vu8 y.Uankcrsau Bayln.-a
Your Presents
That Were Given Away-By Henry
Eiseman & Go's ' Peoples' '
At the Drawing Which Tools Plnco in
Their Store on the Evening of Jan
uary 10th , 1887 The Snmo Being
Done by n Committee of Prominent
The distribution of pri/cs was by a
committee ot citizens , and tlio tickets
awarded nri/cs are as follows : r
No. 28.791 , 1st prize-Suite of Parlo
No. 5,771 , 5nd priac Mahogany Boil
Room Suite.
No. U.07J , 3rd prize Domestic Sowing
No. 10.135Ith , prize Twenty yards
Guinctttiros grain Black Silk.
No. 0.5M3 , mil pri/.e-Soal Plush Cloak.
No. 20,37U , , , OtlL prize 1'air White
No. 7,063 , 7th prize Decorated Sot of
Dishc" .
No 22,032 , 8th prize-Seal Skin Muff.
No. 10OI ! ) , Illh pri/.e--A Paisley Sliuwl.
No. 10,801 , 10th prize-A Heaver Shawl.
No. MW , llth pii/o-rSiUt Gents'
Clothing ,
No. 27.007 , 12th prize Gout's Fur
Beaver Overcoat.
No. 11,819 , ilh : ) prize Boy's Overcoat.
No. 22,0 1 , Mth prize Boy's Suit
No. 5,101 , inth prize Infant's Cloak.
No. 22,818 , ICtli prize Brass Parlor
No. 0,320 , 17th prize 50 yards " .bruit
of the Loom" muslin.
No. 27.3H2 , 18th prize Half dozen
"Gold" White Shirts.
No. 28,030 , lllth prize Silk Muiller.
No. Mir > 0 , 20th prize Linen Table Set.
Table Cloth ami Napkins.
No. 7,704 , 21st prize A Twenty Dollar
Gold Piece.
No. 28,288,22nd prize Toilet Set.
No. 20,8:15 : , 23rd pri/e Doll.
No. 8,0-11 , 21th prize Handkerchief
Box.No. . 20,071 , 25th ! prize Hand Bag.
No. 5,1122 , 20th prile Doll.
No. , 27th prize Stand Cover.
No. 30,070 , 281U prize Botllo Perfum
er v.
v.No. . 0,873 , 20th prize Toboggan Cap.
No. 31-lli8 , 30th prize Table Scarf.
No. 5,530 , 31st prize Splasher.
No. O.iilO , 3Jnd prize Lunch Basket.
No. 27,518.33nl prize Hammered brass
Umbrella Stand.
No. 20.707 , 84th pri/e Half doz.Towols
No. 8.05H , 33'h prize Silk Umbrella.
No. 28,8.5 ' ! , 3Jih ( prize Doll.
No. 27,740. 37th prusu Set Chllds'
No. 20,103 , 88th prize Brass Broom
No. 5,1(55 ( , 30th prize Silk Sntiirmlcrs.
No. 27,0.11loth pri/e Silk Handker
No. 22,125list prize Doll.
No. 14,0ii12nd ! ( prize Half doz.ladics'
No. 8,110 , 43rd prize 15 yards Calico.
No. 8,228 , 44th pri/o Boy's Hat.
No. 'J.331 , 45th pri/c Boy's Sealskin
No. 8,035 , 40lh prize Painted Orna
ment ,
No. 8,000 , 47th prize Toilet Set.
No. 27,443 , 48th prize Doll.
No. 27,709 , 4'Jth ' prize Doll.
No. 7.022 , 50lh prize Table Cover.
No. 0,077 , Slit prize Bottle Perfum
er v.
v.No. . 8,031 , 52nd prize Lace Handker
No. 22,019 , 53rd prize-Child's Lace
No. 22,910 , 51th prize Doll.
No. 27,401 , 55lli prize Doll.
No. 5,128,50th , prize Tidy.
No. 12,831 , 57th pri/.e Table Scarf.
No. 5,818 , 58th prize Doll.
No. 29,827 , 59th prize Mouth Organ.
No. 7.200 , O'Jth prize Imitation Stoiini
No. 23,070 , Olst prize Book.
No. 22,945 , 02nd prize Book.
No. 29,053 , 03rd prize Pocket Knife.
No. 12,133 , Oltn prize Doll.
No. 2rflC9 , OSlli pmo-Doll.
No. 20,101 , 00th prize A Dr. Warner's
No. 12,218 , 07th prize Shoulder Shawl.
No. 8,730 , 03tli pri/.e Infant's Lace
Cap.No. . 28,253 , 09th prize Infant's Dress.
No. 29,125 , 70Hi prize Doll.
No , 29,918 , pir/e Hand Bag.
No. 21,03. ! , 72nd prize Lailit'8r Com-
panion. *
No. 28,312 , 73rd prize-Silk Muffler.
No. lO.tidi , 74lh pri.oDoll. .
No. 27,9110 , 75th prize Hook.
No. 30,182 , 70th prize Book.
No. 23,4 IH , 77lli pri/.e Lunch Basket.
No. 22,010 , 78th pcjzc Pair Children's
No , 7,002 , 70th pri/.e fair Hoy's Boots
No. 13.213 , 80ih prize-Lace Collar.
No. 5,350 , 81st prize Doll.
No. 20,190 , 82nd prize Jersey Jr.cko t
No. 7,51(1 ( , 83rd prize Sijsponders.
No. 5,158 , 8Hh prize M.m's Gloves.
No. 0.727 , 85th prizeBoy'j Skates ;
No. 10,598 , HO'h prize Girl's Skates.
No. 14,215 , Wild pn/.c Necklace.
No. 20,022 , 93rd pri/.e Gold Culf But
nsNo , 12,829 , 9Hh prize Locket
No. 27,892 , prize Breast Pin.
No. 7,271.90th prize Sleeve Buttons.
No. 8,293 , 97t' ' prize Silver Thimble.
Nf , 30,779 , 98 h prize Breast Pin.
No. 13fc93 , 9 ith prize Pair Kid Gloves-
No. 0,015 , 100. li urize Lace Hand-
ii thr lioldlny the lucky tick
ets wilt pledge call , pivHcnt the. same
and rrclei'c their presents an noon as
Xos. HJJ , : tJH , iilfi and U2l Jiroad-
way , Council JSlttJJ'a ,
Will supp'y you with n cleaner and better
quality ot
Than any one in the city. A trial will con
vince you.
No 028 Broadway. Telephone 110.
Agricultural Implements , Bn&to ,
Carriages , Kto , Kto. Council lUutTd , town.
Mninifiicturcrsor nml llrnloraIn
Hand and Power Corn Melljrs ,
.Ami riKOiioni linn nf Ili-jt elnss iiKrluulturivf
. . Itntiteim'nls.
Nos. 1501,1W1 , l.Ytt nml IM7 ? o ith Jlnln Street ,
. CouiielMl.tiiK IOWB.
Mnntif'fs nn 1 Jobbori of
IgricQltnral ImplementsWagons , , Bnggles ,
Cnrrlupps , nnd nil kinds of Farm Mnohlnprr.
1100 to 1110 South Mnln Street , Council Ululfi ,
lo ? n.
. ' ' . .
C.t N/Vv'7' *
Carpets , Curtains , Window Shades
Oil Clollig , Curtnln Fixtures , tlpholntory flee
Elo. No. 103 llrontlwny Council UlulTa ,
ClfMHS , , B7V.
Wholcsnlo Jntibors In Iho
Finest Brands of Cigars , Tobacco S Pipes
Nos. ESMaln nuii 27 1'cmrl Sts. Council
Frail andPfOdace Commission Merchants.
23 , 21 nnd ! 1'cill St. , L-onnoll HltllH.
„ HAULE , HAAS & CO. , "
Wholesale Druggists , Oils , Paints , Glass ,
s' Sundries. Etc. No. 22 Mnln St , nnJ
No. It 1'onrl sF. , Council IJluiru.
Wholesale California Fruits a Specialty
Gonornl Commission. No. 813
Wholesale Fruits , Confecttonery ,
No3. 10 nml 18 Pearl St. , Council HlulTa.
Jfmiu'ncttirors of ami Wholoinlo Dontorjlii
Leather , Harness , Saddlery , Etc.
No. t25 Mnln St. . Council lllniri , lown.
Jobbers In Hats , Caps ani Gloves.
Non. 312 nnd .111 Itromlwuy , Council lllulTj.
UK A VY HA 111)'A \ \ ItE.
Iron , Steel , Nails , Heavy Hardware ,
And Wood Stock , Council IllulTa , lown.
D. H. MuDONKU ) .V CO.
( KntMbUslJC.I 18.H.J
No. f2Q Mnln S'rcel , [ s : Council IllalTs.
Wholesale Dealers In
llumlnating a Lubrlcatia 01U G ) Uu
E3TO. , KTO.
B.Thcodoro.AKunt , Council Illuirs. Iowa.
Hard Wood , oataera Lumbar , Piling ,
Amlllrlilgo Material Special ! I H.Wholusalo Luuv
Uer or ull Kinds. Oillco No. 130 Mnlu St. ,
Council lllulTa. Iowa ,
Foreign and Domestic Wines and Liquors ,
Imported and Domestic Wlna ? & Liquors
forSL Rotllmrn'a Herb Hilton. No. U
Mnln at. Council Illulls.
Wholesale Liquor Dealers.
No. 118 llroadway , Council
The only hotel in Council lilufi't. having
FJre Esoa/pe
And all mo 'crn improvement ! . .
215 , 217 and 21U Main et.
_ MAX MOIIN , J'rop ,
Siar Sale SlaMes and Mule lards ,
OppoUlo Dummy Duput.
Horses nnd mules kept constantly on
linnil , for salu : it retail or in cur loads.
Oders promptly Hlled by contract on
bhort noticu. Stock hold on commission.
SIILLTKU it HOLE IT , Proprietors.
Telephone No. Ill
Formerly of Kuil Snlo Stables , comer
Ut. uvo uiul 4tn hired ,