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Jim Laird Hurrying to the Scene of the
Senatorial Fray ,
McSlinno Arrives on ( lie Ground and
Con ( Jnllngber .Sprlngi u Chest
nut Threat Doings In tlio
Trying ttio Comblrintlons.
LINCOLN , Neb. , Jan. 13. [ Special Tele
gram to the the Hii : : . ] When the Honorable
Jim l.nhil picked up his grip and started for
Washington post haste In the midst of the
spenkershlp contest It was given out that
this man on horseback had gene to the na
tional capital Impelled by a high
sense of the duty ho owed to
the state and to the whole nation.
To-morrow our Jim will take up his hindquarters -
quarters again among the boltle-scarrcd vet
erans that had been marshalled for the fray
by the Burlington railroad. Jim's backer
and banker , Hostwlclf , has quartered himself
In rooms CU and 71 at the Capital. These very
odd numbers are suggestive. They tun al
most against numbers CO and 77 In
which Mr. Marqiictto and partner , Dowcese ,
entertain so royally. Hero all tiavcllng
biethren are nnnolntcd with the oil of peace ,
refreshed with the wine of Joy. and fed upon
the corn-Cobb ot plenty. How beautiful for
brethren to dwell togethct In unity. As a
matter of fact our Jim has no Idea of be
coming Van Wyck's successor. Ills role Is
only to gather In the boys from the Republi
can valley and upon whom the 1) . tc M. com
Weaver has been working hard during Iho
past two days and ho feels conlidcnt of a
majority In caucus In case Van Wyck goes
in and lalls to receive the necessary forty-
eight votes. Van Wyck has made considera
ble headway since ; Monday and ho has no fear
that his npooncnts can muster strength
enoneh to beat him in or out of caucus.
John A. McShnno arrived hero to-night.
Con Callaghcr , who Is hero playing guide ,
philosopher and friend for Morrlssey , has
given out to-night that McShane will
presently give llio stalwarts a chance to beat
Van Wyck. They have threatened so often
to go over to a democrat that a formal pro
posal will bo made to them to give MeShano
thirty votes or take their chance of Van
Wyck. If this programme Is carried out
Valentine , Vandorvoort , Humphreys , Cams ,
and other bulldozers and blatherskites ,
will have n chance to show how many re
publicans they can deliver on call.
The demand for lightning rods Is Increas
ing every hour and dark horses are more
numerous at the capital than Texas steers at
thu Omaha stock yaids. Among members 1
notice a very quiet determination to carry
out pledges made before election in good
faith In splto of Iho impudent and persistent
pressure from the horde of hirelings and
henchmen that .seek to decoy them from their
path of duty.
At a late hour Iho I } . t M. strikers have
irlvcn out thai they have secured forty-seven
signatures for a call for a republican caucus ,
but t happen to know from a personal canvass
that some of these names arc downright for-
uerles , or the story Is concocted lor effect
on tbo credulous. Kvon If it were true tbero
Is nothing in it to alarm Van Wyck's sup
porters or Imperil his success. It would take
twenty more votes to elect , and these twenty
cannot bo had unless Vanj Wyck withdraws
from tbo race.
Another impcdlm out In the way of this
combination Is tlio fact that the forty-seven
opposing votes cannot bo united on one man
without breaking up the combination.
K. ltosiwATjn.
Proceedings of the Senate.
LINCOLN , Neb. , Jan. 12. [ Special Tele
gram lo the Hin. : | In compliance with a
resolution of the senate , the secretaries of the
railway commission transmitted the original
icporlsof railways doing business In the
state , which were referred to the committee
on railroads.
The committee- federal relations re
ported back the memorial to congiess urging
tlm passage of thu Inler-stato commerce bill
and recommended Its passage.
Tbo committee on medical legislation re
ported favorably on the bill icgulatlng the
practice o * dentistry.
The committee on printing the governor's
mcssaijo reported In laver of 0,000 copies In
JCngllsh , : i,000 In ( icrman , 1.SOO In Uohcmlan ,
1.GOO In Swedish , and 1,200 In Danish. The
secretary of state was instructed to get bids
lor the translation and printing.
Mr. Colby of Cage moved Ihata committee
of two bo appointed to act with alike commit
tee ot the house to arianco for the joint con
vention to elect United States senator , The
chair appointed .Messrs. Colby and Moore
as such committee.
Tno following bills were introduced :
Hy Duras , S. F. K ) Memorial and joint
icsolnllon urging upon cougiess ttio submis
\ff \ sion of an amendment to th constitution of
the United States piovldlnf'ur thii.electlon
of United States senators by a direct vote of
the people.
Hy Fuller To relieve parties holdlnc con
tracts for the pnrchasa ot lands of the state.
Uv Snell To regulate fees of county
clci kH.
Hy Colby To provide a uniform system of
school books.
Dy Colby To regnlato the practice of med
icine , surgery and obstetrics.
Dy McNamar To amend an act entitled
county and county ollieeri , ; to provide for
formation ot new counties.
Dy McNamar To dellno boundaries of
Iiiman county.
Dy \ \ albaeh To provide for the sinking
ot test wells in the state for the discovery of
salt and oilier minerals.
HyShervln-To prohibit the maintenance
of willow or other hedgu row over tineo and
a half feet high within 100 feet of a public
Hy Melklujohn To relieve parties holding
contracts for Iho puichaso of Jc.tscd lands.
Dv Moiklejohn Todcitno thu boundaries
of Thurstnii county.
Dy Keckley Joint resolution lo amend
state constitution isectlon ; i ) giving Iho sen
ate titty members ami the bouse 100.
Dy Mooio To lix salaries of town otllcors.
Dy Mooio To Incorporate eltler of the
llrst class Imviuir a population not less than and morn than J.' ,
Senate liles No. ! 3l to M were read a second
tlmo and to the apptopriato commit
tee.Mr , Majors of Nemaba Introduced a bill pro
viding lor the publication of thu session laws
In two county papers wboro the population is
over 10,000 and one. paper In counties of less
population ; also providing that pilntersin
each county pilnt tlm laws within four
months after the linal adjournment.
Adjourned to 10 o'clock to-moirow morn-
A letter was received from the wife of
Senator Campbell of Sarpy , stating that the
senator was seriously III at home ,
Dr. Matthi'Nvson Is hen ; and states that ho
will contest his right to the position in Iho
iiiMinoltoipital widen the slate board deposed
him fiom. This will diaibtle.s.s lead to alegis-
Intlvo Imvstliration , which will create some
very interesting reading tor the general
Moore of Lancaster , In his bill Incorporallng
cities of the lirst clns * , presents the longest
bill vet introduced In the senate. It Is. of
course , the city chaiter of Lincoln , or created
to meet the requirements-of this municipal
ity , The merits of the bill will Im iccltcd in
thw DKI : when it comes up fordiscusslou ,
Tin ) Nebuiska State Historical society In
vited the Kciiut * ) to attend Its meeting in the
hoiisit of representatives 4hls evening.
Tluimumiuersuf thohomo lor the friend
less extended un Invitation to thebtattuitr
licers and st'uatois to attend their reception
on the evening of January in , from 7 to 10
o clock p. m.
The senate , though fully organized , Is
doing very little business and may not bo
expected to do much until niter the election
of United States senator , This may tnko
place next Tuesday and may not tnko place
lor two weeks. All tbo work done this mornIng -
Ing , to sneak of. was by Secretary Scelcy , In
leading hills thoiFCCOIIU time. This all per
vading Inertia on tlio part of the senate prom
ises an catly adjournment this week , M last ,
It being the opinion of iomo of thn senntors
that an adjournment w ill take place Friday ,
until MnndavaUcrnoon.
Majors of Ncmaha Introduced alilll to-day
which will meet the approval of the stnto
press , no doubt. It provides for the publica
tion of the session laws of the legislature
within four months after final adjournment.
In two papers In counties of moro than 10,000
population , and one paper in counties of less
population. The rate fixed Is M cents per
Inch. This manner of Instructing tlm masses
upon the laws of the land will provo a most
satisfactory one. should the bill become a law.
C. L. Hall , of Omaha , Is geltmg out n
biographical manual of the lesrhlatnro.
.Induing from tlio work he published of the
session of IbSl , It will bo valuable and Inter
The lad that the printing ot senate bills
wilt nil bo done In Omaha this session will
probably cause some delay. Under the rules
adopted by the senate all bills will bo printed
before relercnco to standing committees.
This will prove a great bonanza to tlio
printer , for thu leason tint many a 1)111 ) llnds
Its gtnvo In thu committee room , and in that
event , of course , H not printed. Hut now
they will bo printed and killed afterward.
Anotherobjeellon to Ihls ruling H that many
bills of the same nature and Intent lir.d thefr
way to the committees , and In almost every
case are all tin-own aside and n substitute
made by tlm committee which cmbtnces all
the good points of thu lot. Incases of this
kind the printing of largo numbers of bills
will be a dead loss.
IN TIII : SK.VATI ; ri.oAK nooir.
I'ho professional lobby Is pretly well rep-
lesonted at this early hour of the session.
\\hilotheycannolhopoto accomplish much
in Influencing or controlling members whoso
attention Is fully atlracled by. and earnestly
bent on the election of United Stales senator ,
they are busily engaged In cajoling members
into their dragnet , and prevailing upon them
lo Introduce bills which are ostensibly gotten
up solelv for the welfare of thn dear people ,
but which nro In reality born to work a thorn
In the flesh of some moneyed Interest , which
Is expected by the lobby to pay handsomely
lor Iho detcat of the measure. This , o't'
couise , is the same old story. Not a single
session lias over escaped the cunning prac
tices of the lobbyists , and with the material
growth ot the stale , the ingratitude of their
transactions increases. Their opportunities
are thus grcaler than ever before and they of
course nro making the most of it , A bill
that was suppressed by the lobby last session
was Introduced by an Innocent member lids
session , and as the bill Is really a worlhyone ,
the honest members will support it. "It took
S.VJO to kill llio bill last session , " n lobbyist
boldly remarked yesterday. "and it
will take that much to Kill It again.
Of course , if yon want the bill to go through
and have got § 500 , wo can probably arrange
it. " Lobbyists consider money placed with
them lolnlluenco legislation as merely a fee
for services rendered , und ot course they will
not part with it If the necessary votes can bo
Inlluenced by argument or persuasion.
Otherwise they have to "dlvy" up.
This session of the legislature , during
which It Is morally ceitnln Van Wyck will be
elected aialn to ttio United States senate ,
leads ono In a rellectlvo mood lo look back
upon the session six years ago which lion-
01 ed the senator for thu first time , 'theso
beautiful halls of legislation wore at that
time but a dieam of the future. The old cap-
ilol , since Ihon lorn down , will soon bo lor-
gotten , but the actors In It will live longer in
tlio memory of tlio people. The old senate
chamber was a relic of the dark aues.
Its dimensions were aboul 7SxCO. What
was termed a gallery described three sides of
It. It was supported by1x4 "nllasteis'1
painted a rich mud color in fact , the whole
interior bore a tlnuo of tills : esthetic coloring.
The chandelier which hunc to tbo center was
was so black and dusly that It often stopped
the clock , which hung on tbo wall above "tho
bar of the senate. " This bar also partook of
the general character of decay. It reminded
one of the pulpit in a country church. The
top was a wooden monument to the energy
and muscle- a generation of Mr. Presidents ,
whose travels had licnten a hole in it as largo
as a buffalo wallow. Hut In these days tlncu
or moro senators were wont to speak at a.
time , and if they all rose at once , Mr. Presi
dent had to decide the case after
Iho style of Hariiey Shannon the first
man up had the lloor. The windows of the
old senale were of stained glass , twelve panes
to the window. Just what the stain was no
body knew , but it answeied the purpose.
They didn't have an assistant janitor
then , nor could the stale afford
n tedious investigation which might
servo only to deepen the mystery. The lobby
wns about six feet squaru and usually full-
so lull that to admit another the ser eant-at-
arms was compelled to step out Into the corridor
rider in older that the visitor might pass.
Long , /.Ig-/.ug cracks were traceable upon the
plaslciing of the walls , thiough which the
gentle zephyrs whistled from day to day ,
while the mercury stood 25degrees below. On
ellhor sldu of the room , away upneaily to
Hie celling.was a port-hole , possibly designed
as a skylight or ventilator. Hut the cobwebs
of many seasons found n rofugu within Us
casements , and the smoke of many battles
by the cannon-stove , had veneered the glass
to such an extent that tlio winter sunbeams
didn't stand a ghost ot a show.
Hut despite these unfavorable surroundings
the senate is again in session , and tlm gov
ernment htlll lives. Oiatory was wont to
soar In gentle reverberations among the cob
webs and dirt , and who can tell but that
laws were enacted there just as wise and
just as wlllbo these enacted within the gilded
walls of the present senate.
The abolition ot the state railway commis
sion Is almost a foregone conclusion. JCven
lliose who supported the measure in Its in-
laney have realised its utter uselessness and
want the state relieved of the unnecessary
expense. As will bo seen by the proceedings
of both house and senate , three bills have al
ready been introduced aiming at llio aboli
tion of the commission Ono of these by
Senator lEobhins abolishes the commission
absolutely , while llio ono by Senator Moikle-
jobn docs away with the commissioners and
pionoscs to establish In thulr place a board of
Doings in tlio House.
LINCOLN , Neb. , Jan. 12. [ Special
Telegram lo the Uii : : . | Immediately
upon the opening of the house this
morning Mr. Newcomer , from the
joint committee 011 the governor's message ,
picsentod a report , the substance of which Is
ns follows : That 0,000 copies be published in
Knglish. tf,000 In ( Jeriuan , IMX ) In Holiomian ,
1,500in Swedish , and 1,200 in Danish ; that
tlio translation and printing bo done ns early
as possible , contracts for printing to bo let to
the lowest responsible bidders , and that bids
bo adveitlsud In three newspapers , two In
Omaha and ono ! u Lincoln. Tbo report was
Tlm speaker announced the following In
crease of committees and now committees ns
authorized by the lesolutlouRoC the house :
Additional members of the apportionment
committee , Crane and Wilgnt ; of the peni
tentiary committee , Watson and Wethorald ;
of the public lands and buildings commit
tee , Harrison and .M In nix ; of tlio claims
committee , Klmamek and Slater ; of the luna
tic asylum committee , Fox and Andres ; o
revenue and taxation committee , Dillerund
Knox : of publlo printing , Harrctt and
Schwab ; the new committee on asylums ,
Clafford , Mcrew ( ! , McKlnnoy , Cole , Wilson ,
Voung , ( Jieen , Whllmoio and Tracey.
The leanest fiom Ihu Slain Historical so
ciety for the use of the hall of the houbu this
evening was u'iniitcd ,
The folo\ylng | new bills were introduced
and read a Hot tlmo :
Hy Whltmore , No. to To prnvldo for Iho
appointment ot u deputy supeiln'.endeut of
public Instruction.
Also , No. IKi-Tn compensate Hottest N.
I'urnas for scrvlco rcndeied to the state of
Ni'ttraska at the Now Orleans exposition.
Also , No. Of 1'iovidlnjr tor the establishment -
ment of a btato school for dependent chil
HyMlnnlx , No. OS To amend section 1 ,
chapter " 0 , pago-lS7.'laws ot" Nobi.iskn , IN * . ) .
Hj Fov , No. W To provide thrt manner of
voting- stockholders in all elections for di
rectors or managers of Incorporated com
Hy Klnney. No. 100-To establish a stale
normal school at the clly of Itcd Cloud.
Also , No. 101 For the relief ot William
HySlmrn ? , No. 102 To prohibit games of
chance in saloon ? .
Dy Sweet , No. 101 To fix reasonable max
imum rates for the transportation of freight
over railroads In the stale and to prevent un
just discrimination.
Hv Andres , No. 101 To amend chapter 73 ,
entitled , "Hovenne. "
Also , No. 10.1 To amend section 7 ot chap
terV > of the compiled statutes , entitled ,
Hy Cole , No. KM To establish. locate , erect
nnd maintain a hospital for the Incurable
Insane within the state of Nebraska , and ap
propriate the necessary funds therefor.
Hy Fuchs , No. 107 To provide for tlio pay
ment of Jurors tecs in thu dlslt let court.
Also , N'o.0i \ Defining Iho crime of usury
and providing a penalty therefor.
Dy Cameron , No. MM To amend sections
0 and 10 of chapter 12 of the compiled
slalulos of 1 8" , entitled "Chattel Mottgngcs , "
and lo repeal said sections.
Dy Sullivan , No. 110 To piovldo for main
taining and repairing bridges exceeding iWO
feet In length in counties under township
Dy Watson , No. Ill To amend sections 4
and - - of subdivision 1 ; section a of
subdivision 2 ; section 0 of subdivision : i ;
sections H and 11) ) of subdivision 4 ; section
11 of subdivision 5 ; sections 1,2 and o of
subdivision G ; sections Stand 4 of subdivision
7 ; section U : sections ! ' and 4 of subdivision
It ; sections ; ) and4 of subdivision 11 ; alt of
chanter < U , compiled statutes of Nebraska.
Also , No. 112 To provide for the publica
tion of llio session laws In ono or two news
papers In each county of the stato.
Dy Mclircw , N'o. ii : To authorize coun
ties , precincts , townships or town , cities , vil
lages nnd school districts to compromise their
Indebtedness and Issue new bonds Iheiefor.
A largo number of bills wcro Introduced ,
which wore given in the llui : , wcro placed
upon second reading ami were referted lo up-
propi late standing committees.
Mr. Caldwell offered a resolution that a
committee of two be appointed on the part
of thu house to meet a llku committee on the
part ot the senate to make the necessary ar
rangements for a joint convention for the elec
tion of a United Stales senator. The resolu
tion was adopted. The speaker , who had
temporarily called Miller ot Duller to the
chair , resumed his scat and appointed ns the
two members of HID committee contemplated
by the foregoing resolution , Messrs. Kgglo-
ston and Watson. Itecess until a p. in ,
The further consideration of bills under
second leading was resumed , and thu pio-
posed measuics were referred lo appropriate
Mr. Ageo presented a resolution thai Messrs.
Sweet , Kandall , Cole and Klsluy lie added to
thocoiumlttec on relief for Indigent soldiers.
The following bills were introduced :
Dy Slater , No. 114 To prohibit the n o of
Intoxicants by employes of railroad corpora
tions within Iho state of Nebraska , while
such employes are at work.
Hy Tracey , No. lin i'lohlbiting the con
tracting ol convict labor.
Hy Andrews , No. 110 To amend certain
sections of Hie code of civil procedure.
Hy Ilussell , No. 117 To amend section
12 oC chapter 4 of the criminal cede of
the compiled statutes of the state of Ne
braska , and to loneal said section.
DyVnrdIaw \ , No. IIS To provide for the
erection of ouo building and furnishing It ,
one laundry and laundry apparatus and ono
barn on the grounds of the Nebraska institu
tion for feeble minded youths situated near
the city of Heatrice , Uaee county , Nebraska ,
and appropriation of funds thcretor.
Hy bmytli , No. 110--To apportion tlio
stale inlo judicial districts and for the ap
pointment and election ol judges thereof and
to repeal cortuin acts and paitsof nets named
Hy Cole , No. 170 To amend section 11 of
chanter U and section 01 of chapter 14 and
section ] : ! of article a of chapter 14 of the
compiled statutes , and to repeal said orig
inal sections. The amendment is for fciualu
suffrage in city and town elections.
Hy Cole , No. 121 To provide for the puult-
callon of the names of nil cx-sohliers , sailors
and mariners in Nebraska.
Hy Smyth , No. 12-J-To pay Patrick
O. Hawes for collecting cetlain claims ( torn
Iho United States government. The bill
contemplates paying O. Jlawes S400 : for col
lecting SIS.OOO. lu introducing it Mr. Smyth
said that bu did not know the merits or de
merits ot thu bill , and might oppose it.
Dy Kggleston , No. 12:1 : To dedicate to the
use of the Seventh Day Adventlst congrega
tion of the city of Lincoln , lot No. 0 in block-
No. 211 , lu the city of Lincoln.
Dy Drown , No. 124 To amend section S3
of chapter 77 of the complied statutes.
Hy Fonlon , No. Ill To amend section MS.
section O.VJ and section ( JOO ot the cede of
civil procedure of Nebraska of title ID , entitled -
titled "Juries. "
Hy Miller , No. 120 To regulate charges for
the usu ol sleeping cars and providing a pen
alty. The maximum charges are placed at SO
cents for the ( list hundred miles and at SI
lor any distance within the state.
Hy Raymond , No. 127 To dedlcato to the
use ol thu Danish Kvangellcal Lutheran
church of Lincoln , Neb. , lot No. 5 in block
fxo. is ! , in Lincoln.
Hy Kaymoiid , No. 12S To provide for the
redemption from mortgages to thu state to
secure moneys owing to tlio educational
Dy Horst , Xo. 129 To amend section 51 ,
aiticle l , chanter 18 , of the compiled stalules
of lyvi , entitled counties and county officers.
Mr. Newcomer introduced a resolution thai
acommittcoot seven bo appointed on ap-
polntmcnls and election of employes of the
house not provided for by the rules of the
liouso or laws ot the slate , and that the com
mittee shall report lo the house what ad
ditional employes arc needed.
Mr. Fuller ot Cage said that tlio resolution
was substantially the same as a resolution
which Im had previously Introduced nnd
which had been almost unanimously voted
down. As llmt had been the action of thu
house , hu was in laver of Us belni ; consistent
nnd moved that this resolution bo laid on the
Speaker Holmes , having called Mr. How-
man to tin' chair , said that ho was In favor of
the leMiintlon , as It was appaient to him that
the speaker had no authority to appoint more
employe : ; than wcro provided lor by llio
Mr. Whltmoro stated that ho was In favor
ot the resolution for thu reason that ho had
a personal grniigo aualnst Mr. Newcomer ,
who would bo chairman of the committee ,
and ho wanted to sen him besieged by hungry
applicants lor place. [ Laughter. )
Mr. Fuller de.slied it to bo understood that ,
personally , ho was In favor ol the resolution ;
but ho was in hope that hereafter , that when
a resolution was introduced the liouso should
consider it upon its merits independent of
whom would become the chairman of a com
mittee created thereby.
Mr. Newcomer disclaimed any knowledge
that Mr. Fuller had introduced any such resolution
elution , and averted that ho had no deslru to
assume the responsibility of entertaining
clamorous applicants for appointment.
The resolution was passed without dis
sent.Tho house then adjourned to permit the
standing committees to commence their
oossji1 Anoi'T TIM ; r.niuuns ,
Then ) Is the best authority tor contradic
tion of the rumor that Chairman Jeary , ot
the house committee on enrollments and en
grossments , by whom about twenty lady
clerks aie employed , required all applicants
for clerkship to pass a civil servlco examin
It was Mr. Kleferof Pierce county Instead
of Mr. "Pierce " who
, Introduced tlm bill yes
terday to amend thu act to fix a maximum
standarUot Irolglit charges on railroads and
to piovent unjust di.-eiinilimtlons or scciet
iatn , rebates or drawbacks.
The committee on privileges and elections
will probably report on the FishSurn-Klnir
contest case to-morrow. It Is hcliovcd that
whatever may bo tlio report of tlio committee
there will be music in thu air.
The liouso is remarkable for the numbers
of members who aio physically In their
prime. . Few gray heads and fewer bald ouw
am lo IIH seen on Die lloor.
Mrs. MfUonatiiihey , wife of tlio representa
tive ( rom Polk county , and Miss Julia Has-
call weiu among the visitors at the liouso
The mombeis have been supplied with con
venient hie books tor printed bills by the bee-
rctirj of state , and the complement of stat
utes , compiled laws and session laws has
been satisfactorily tilled.
' 1 he state-oiUa'is mid legislators have been
Invited to a reception to bo given bv the man
agers of the Home ot the Friendless , to bo
given to-morrow tvcnltig at the Homo.
ttio Ouinlin Charter.
LINC-OI.X , Neb. , Jan. 12. [ Special Telegram
to thoDr.i.J : The Douglas delegation on Iho
chni > cr bill , organized by the selection ot Ltn-
InL'cr , as chairman , nnd the clcik of the sen
ate committee on cities and towns as clerk.
The delegation has lead fifty sections of Iho
charter. Those to which there were no ob
jections were adopted MI 1 notes mndo regard
ing the sections to which any member of the
delegation made objection. It was agreed
that In all cases of objection the majority
should rule and sections would be adopted by
vole.A second nieettiu was held In the after
noon. City Attorney Council was present
to explain the Imuortant features. The
reading of the charter occupied no.irly thieo
hours. Objections by various members were
noted by the clerK of Iho committee , but no
debate was had and no conclusion reached on
the points In controversy. The work on the
new charter will bo continued fiom day to
day until It Is revised and the bill Is ready
for introduction. ,
No Comfort OlXatncil By the Hulls
Out ot the Market.
Nnw YOIIK , Jan , 12. ISpcclal Tcloginm to
the Hr.i : . ] There was nocomfortfortho bulls
In the stock market to-day except In Richmond
mend & West Point , which mndo n gain of
2 per cent immediately after Iho opouiiiL' .
The rest of the list was weak. Grangers
wcro especially soft , It bolng claimed that
these rends would bo4 the most seriously
affected by the passage of tlio Intet-stato
commerce bill. Northwestern broke lo
lllc , < , and It was claimed that the recent
Issue of 4 per cent bonds had proved disappointing -
appointing , as , In view of the present ralo
for money. Investors would not buy 4 cor
cent securities ot this company at par. The
report that Mayor Hewitt , of Now York , was
dead caused sdmc selling In stocks. London
also figured as a moderate seller nnd the
advance In rates of sterling exchange was
regarded as n point in favor of the bears ,
inasmuch as It removed for the present any
prospect of further shlmncnts of gold to this
country. The expcctalton Unit the senntc at
Washington would reach a vote on the
inter-state commerce bill prevented any good
buying. Most traders preferred to remain
out of the market until a better
understanding was had as to what the effects
of the bill would be. Washington dispatches
generally conceded that Its passage was a fore
gone conclusion. The turn taken by Hicli-
moiid it West Point was n surprise to many
traders who have been following Iho deal of
late. It was expected that the .stock would
bu made weak and held around 40 , but on the
contrary it jumped to 42 anil held very strong
at that figure. At noon the market was
barely steady , sales aggregating 12SfiOO ,
shares. Thu announcement Irani Washing
ton that no vote would bo taken to-day on
the inter-state commerce bill afforded a pretext -
text for rallying the whole list. Sl.orls
helped the market up and Iho report that the
strike among employes of the coal roads had
been nettled made nil coal stocks stiong.
New Knaland and Klchmond A : West Point
were iiaitieularly buoyant during Iho last
half. The list , closed lirm with nearly all of
the early declines regained. The total sales
were about 210,000 shares.
Completion of the OrKniilzatloii of
llic Uoarrt of Trade. .
Coi.uMiirs , Neb. , Jan. 12 , | Si > eclal Tnio-
gram to thu JlKK.f l ate last night ! r the
Columbus board" of tiaijo. sguipletcd Its'
organization by tlio UecUon "of J. N. Taylor ,
piesidcnt ; Ooorgo Lehman , vice-president ;
O , T. KOCH , treasurer , and thu following
gentlemen were elected directors : ,1. K.
North , H. II. Henry , J. H. ( alley , L. A.
Clark , Carl Kramer , A. Jacgg , E. Pohl.
Henry Hngnthc. This organization Is timely.
There aio Important Interests to our city
that will come before lliom. In the construc
tion of a permanent bridge across the Lonp
fork , a grave quostlon has arisen whether ,
under township organization , the county can
be required to keep'the Loup fork bridged at
this point , or If the township in which tlio
bridge is located should keep up the crossing
of the river. The securing of a twine and
bagging factory , the firemen's tournament
next August , and to moans to avert
the coal famine that will bo inevitable if thu
thieatcucd cold wave should reach us tonight ,
are other subjects to bu considered.
A young Polish girl , Mary Oarbats , six
teen years old , swore out n warrant before
Justice Cowdry on a charge ot bastardy
against John C/.nthkl , living in thu west part
ol the county.
J. K. Muti-'iir , furniture dealer , made a
transterof his stock to Dewey it Stone , of
Omaha , retaining his undertaking stock.
The L'rand chancellor hero
was to-night to
wind up the affairs of the Knights of Pylblus
lodge at Columbus which died Irom Inani
Guarded By Colored Troops.
ItiniMoxi ) , Va. , Jan. M There has been
no riotous demonstrations by thu strikers at
Newport News since last niL-ht. This mornIng -
Ing a train with nearly a hundred laborers
from Albemarlo county reached Newport
News and Iho men went to ivork moving
freight under protection of Iho stale guard
( colored company ) from lUclimond. An
arbitration committee of tlm Knights of
Labor assembly asked lor a con t'eronco with
( Wickham , vice president ol the road ,
but bo positively refused to arbitrate. Some
of tlio negroes are very Insolent , and intimate
that thcro will bo bloodshed to-night. The
meinbois of the police forcu say must of thum
are armed witli rovolv-irs. Tlio new hands
will bo under protection of the military lo-
nlghl. There are no indications at present
of a collision between Iho military and
at Fort Nlobrnra.
VAIJ-.XTIXH. Nob. , .fan. 12. [ Special Tele
gram to the HII : : . | Pay day at Fort Nlohrara
has been attended with the usual number of
tights among thu soldiers visiting town.
They were of a moro serious nature last
night. A severe cutting affrays occuired In
Fisher's saloon between u colored soldier nud
ajwhite one , llio latter boitu badly cut In the
upper arm , A notffer affair , also of a serious
nature , occurred at Hog ranch , A party
named Drown , employed at the post , becom
ing offensive , was clubbed over the hend with
a six shooter , thu pistol exploding during the
process , caiislm ; a bit : rftampcdo of thu in
mates. The parties are under arrest.
Fair oninnrs Klootod.
HI.IT. bi'iUNfis , Neb , , Jan. 12. ( Special to
the HII : : . | The Inter-State Fair association
( the Wymoru and Hluo Springs fair ) held
their annual meeting yosteiday and elected
the following olllcers : President , J. W. Hrl-
denthall ; vlcn president , Itobcrt I'entou ;
tieasurer , il , M , Soutliwfck ; secretary , W. C.
Cow. Hlnu Springs held a majority of the
shares and captured the meeting. Although
It Is a joint alUIr between thu two towns , it.
like all other affairs , Is terribly disjointed and
there does pot exist that love that character-
Ued David and Jonathan.
Another Victim of llio Horror.
CI.IVII.A.VI : : > , Jan. 12. 'I'ho testimony bc-
fore the coroner ntTIllin to-day In tlio inquest
of the H. A O. wreck , added another name
to the list of the killed. A revolver picked
up at the wreck was Identllied by Hcniy M.
Ice , ot Maniilngton , W. Va. , as belonging
folds son , Kllby H. Ice. ol Penlield. 111. ,
who was on Ids way homo Irom a visit to his
father at Manningloii. A deposition was
rcculved from Harris C. 1'ore.Mer , of Chicago ,
in which ho says ho talked with ice on the
111-tated train before the accident. Nothing
elsuof iiitciest was brought outbytho testi
mony to-day , _ _
Jcnlli | u Kaw
CI.BVKI.ANU , 0.-Jan. 12. A special from
Youngstown , 0. , says : Herman Dj&nkcr ,
wlfu and babe , and his wlfii's father ,
Frederick F. Smelt/ , are all affected willi
ttichlnosis from eating raw pork ,
The Senate Fails to Vote on tlio Inter-State
Coicmcico Bill ,
The House I'nsscs the Pucker Substi
tute For tlio KilimimlH Antl-
I'olyuainy Hill Tlio Provi
sions o ( ' tlic Men sure.
WAMIIXOTON , .Inn. 12. The comtnUtco
on claims reported tlio senate bill to extend
the tlmo for tiling claims under the-French
spoliation act for twelve inouliH additional ,
and on Ills motion tlio bill was considered
.iiul passed.
Mr. Mniulurson Introduced a bill to facili
tate promotions and to letlio trom active
service or on their own application ofllcors of
tlio army who served during tlio war of tlio
lebelllon three yearn as oltlccrs or enlisted
men In tlio volnntcur or regular army. Ho-
TJio committee on coast defenses reported
fas an amendment to bo oll'ercd to tlio bill to
encourage tlio manufacture of steel for ordi
nance ) , an Item appropriating 8.1,000,000 fur
fortlilcatlons and other works of defense.
Ordered printed.
Tlio committee on appropriations reported
back the army appropriation bill with amend
ments. Ordered printed.
The senate at 1:1.1 : resumed consideration
of the Inter-stato commerce bill and was ad
dressed by Air. Call , who declared his con
currence in the great objects of public policy
that were soncht to bo carried Into ellect by
tlio original bill and by the conference re
Mr. Mitchell of Oregon said ho would veto
for recommitting the bill with Instructions to
amend tlio second and fourth sections by
striking nut the words "under substantially
similar circumstances and conditions. "
Mr. Ctillom stated that there wcro three or
four senators who desired to speak on the
bill and who had engagements lor this oven-
Ing. Ho would not therefore aslc for a vote
to-night , but would do so before ndjourn-
Mr. Harrison asked unanimous consent to
have the vote taken to-morrow , but Mr.
Ahlrlch objected.
After an executive session the senate ad
WASHINGTON , Jan. 12. The sneaker an
nounced tlio appointment ot Messrs. Skinner ,
1'eel and Perkins as conferees on the bill for
thn allotment ot land In severally to Indians.
The lloor. nndcrspcclal order , was accorded
to the committee on judiciary.
Tlio liouso then proceeded to the considera
tion of tlio Kdmunds anti-polygamy bill and
Mr. Tucker's substitute therefor.
Mr. K. li. Taylor of Ohio gave n brief
sketch of tlio establishment of the .Mormon
church in Utah and the efforts which hail
been made by congress to suppress the prac
tice of polygamy. These efforts had been
only partially successful , owing to the dllll-
cully of obtaining proof of polygamous mar
riages , Congress should take the matter In
hand , not In a spirit of persecution , but with
a determination that the evil and wrong of
polygamy should cease. It was now growing
stronger and was not conlincd to the boun
daries of Utah. Whllo ho hcaitllv favored
tno mum feature * oruieliendlng blll1liirv
unalterably opposed to ono provision of r , ,
, tihr'nboli ] < i ] > ln female snlfrftjo iiillijUwTHory. ,
o't Utair. But though protesting against this
provision , ho would waive his objection and
heartily support the bill.
Mr. Caine of Utah earnestly opposed the
measure as undemocratic , un-American and
wantonly destructive nl human rights. Ho
sketched tlio settlement ot Utah
by the Mormons. depleted the per
secutions to which they had been
subjected , and highly eulogized the Mormon
people for their industry , intelligence and
honesty. If this bill became a law it would
place tlio Mormon people at the mercy ot
men whoo object was to plunder them of all
their earthly possessions and drive them
from their homes. In all candor , ho firmly
believed ihata law directing ci'iicraloullawrv
against nil who did not publicly renounce
and recant their belief In the Mormon church
would bo merciful in roinunrlson with the
eirocts of llio proposed law. Ho asked the
house to pause. Ho pledged his word and
character that the .statements upon which the
legislation was based wcro without founda
tion in fact. To the gentlemen who had
freed from bondage the negro slave , who
loved liberty and cherished the institutions
ot our country , and who would bequeath
them unsullied to their children , bo pleaded
that they would not consign his people to
such inhuman slavery. [ Applause ] ,
Mr. Bennett of North Carolina opposed
the bill.
Mr. Caswell ot Wisconsin heartily endorsed
the bill , while disclaiming any wish to perse
cute the Mormons.
Mr. Scott of Pennsylvania asked leave to
olferan amendment to the hill.
.Mr. Tucker declined to permit him to do so ,
saylnc that he wanted to pass the bill hero
and now , .so that the 12th of January , 18s7 ,
would bo mcmoiable In the history of the
countrv. [ Applause. |
The liouso substitute was then agreed to
an dtho senate bill , as thus amended , was
passed without division , only eight members
rising to demand the yeas and nays. Tlio
house then adjourned.
The anti-Mormon bill , as It passed the
liouso to-day , by the adoption of the Tucker
substitute for the Kdmunds senate bill , makes
the lawful husband or wife of any person
prosecuted for bigamy , polygamy or unlaw
ful cohabitation , a competent witness against
the accused , and further provides for the reg
istration of all marriages , making It a misdemeanor
meaner for any person to violate the provis
ions relative to such registration. It annuls
all the territorial laws providing for the
identification of votes of electors at any
election , mid also all laws conlorrlng mi
territorial courts the power to determine
divorce cases , and abolishes woman Milfiugo
In the territory of Utah. Penalties are pro
scribed for unlawful intercourse , and
polygamy is dclincil as mairhigo between ono
person of ono sex and morn than one person
of another sex , and Is declared to be. a telony.
The llnancial corporations known as the
Church of hatter Day .Saints and the Per
petual Kmliiratlon Fund company aio dis
solved and the attorney general is directed In
wind them up by process of the courts , and
all laws for the organization ot militia of the
territory and the cication of tlio Nauvoo
legion are annulled. Polviramists are nmdo
ineligible to vote , and a test oath is pru-sci ibed
to all persons desiring to vote that they will
oliov the laws of the United States and es
pecially laws In icspect to crimes delincd in
this and the original Kdmunds act. The bill
provides for tlm Immediate appointment by
the president ot all judges and selectmen of
county and piobato courts , and by the trov-
ernor of nil justices of tlio ponce , sheriffs ,
constables and other county and district oili-
cers. The bill , as amended by the adoption
of the substitute , will now Iw transmitted to
the .senate lor the action of that body.
DisciiHHloii on llciinniiln.
QWASHINOTON , Jan. 12. At a meeting of
the house committee on rivers and harbors
to-day the Hcnncpln canal project came up
for discussion in connection with the report
of the board of engineers presented to tlio
house yesterday. In consequence ot the. ab
sence of Keprcsuiitativo Henderson the com
mittee took no action In the matter and it
will bo fmther considered \\hen Henderson
returns fioiu Illinois. Tlio IrleniU ot the
canal wish an appropriation of S.VW.OOO lo bu
Included In tlio river and harbor bill , as well
as a clause accepting the grant of the Illinois
it Michigan canal , out considerable opposi
tion has already developed In the committee ,
several of the members takinc the position
that the letter ot thu secrctaiy of war linns-
milting tlio engineers' report , .is well , ns the
report itself , cannot bo lo ardcd as endorsing
the project unless extensive changes ar
made in the present line ot route.
NnhrnNku and IOWA \Vintn > r.
For Nebraska and Iowa : Colder , fair
weather , pieeedcd by snow.
A Prominent ClilonRo Merchant Mar-
vies III * KvCnslitcr.
CHICAGO , Jan. 12. [ Special Telegram to
the Hit : : . ] Just a year ago society folks on
the. south side , were startled by the ropOit
that Mrs. Augustus Wheeler had suddenly
loft her elegant homo on Michigan avenue
and encaged board at the Southern hotel.
January 21 she began suit In chancery for a
divorce , charging cruelty and adultery. The
bill d < d not state the name of the woman
with whom Wheeler was charged with being
unlawfully Intimate. The charge , as tiled ,
specified "Will , a woman In his employ. "
On January 20 Augusta Kddlngton , a female
cashier In the employ of Wheeler at No. HI
Lake street , sued Mrs. Wheeler for libel and
slander , placing her damages at Si" > ,000. 1 ler
leading counsel was the late Kmery A.
Stoirs. In the declaration which Miss Kd
dlngton tiled some of the counts were for
libel and some for slander. The lady averred
that the sentence In Mrs. Wheeler's bill ,
charging her liusb.xnd with adultery "with a
woman in Ids employ.1 referred to Augusta
Kdillpgtoti. Miss Kddlnglon's solicitor- * ,
alter lour or the tilts , did not succeed In
getting Hit' declaration to "stick. " On
tlio same dale the licailug ot the
1)111 ) for divorce was had the
tilal took place bofoio JtuUu Shepard -
ard without jury of tlm case of Miss
Kddlngton against Mf . Wheeler. No defense -
fenso was made as Mrs. Wheeler did not ap
pear , and no one was present except her at
torney , who sat quietly by and listened. The
judge entered iidecreu for Miss Kddingt > > n
for $2,000 and costs , which Mr. Wheeler him
self promptly paid. Mr ? . Wheeler's bill was
amended , striking out the charge of adultery
and leaving it on the ground of cruelty. Mrs.
Wheeler secured a decree ot divorce on May
13 , issn. Mr. Wheeler paid her 40,000. The
custody ol the only child , a bountiful girl of
sixteen , was a'.vnidcd to the mother.
AtiL' W. Wheeler , who Is worth aboul
SoOO.OCO , has been living at the Palmer house
recently. Not long ago Mo sold his stock of
Imrdwuieon Lake stieel and subsequently
disposed ol a piece of real estate , for which
ho received § 100,000. Miss Kddlngton , It is
stated , became Mrs. A U'zuslus ' W. Wheeler
this afternoon. A gentleman familiar with
the inside history of the divorce case said this
afternoon : "If tlio suit of Mrs. Wheeler had
coino to a public trial newspaper readers
would have had a sensation outrivaling any
of the tales of Arabian Nights. A. W.
Wheeler Is a man about thirty-eight years of
age and his ex-cashier twenty-eight.
Ills Opinion of tlio intcr-St.itc Com
merce Hill A Tour of Inspection.
ST. Louis , Jan. 12. [ Special Telegram to
the Ur.i : . ] Jay Could , accompanied by A.
L , Hopkins , ol Now York , and Cencral
Manager Clark , started this morning for an
extended tour of Inspection of his Pacllic
railroad property , going first to Texas. In
an Interview Could continued llic statement
recently made in these dispatches Hint
arrangements are In progress to practically
abolish the bridge arbitrary rates here and to
operate Iho bridge so that its icvcnuo shall
cover the fixed charges. Ho also said that
Cenoral Manager Clarke has oeen authorized
to calls for plans for a union depot from local
architects , and that during the coming year
he honed to see the building completed , it
Is to be .situated between Twelfth and Four.
teenth streets , bo COO feet long , with the east
and west entrances of sulllclont width to
coverall tracks in tlio present depot yards , to be
asliuctnroof modern architecture , embracing
all ilip. . late improvements and to cost no-
virrnror5TiOOn'CDr ' lIeriils6"thoUhl ! well of
the prospect to establish extensive stock
yards In the western suburbs of the city. Ho
Mild ho was considering plans for Iho exten
sion of the Missouri 1'aclfic into Colorado ,
but while nothing has been done dclinitcly ,
a number of extensions and leedei.s will bo
built during the year and probably
as many miles of road bo added
lo the system in IHSTasIn IV-fi. When
asked his opinion of the Inter-state commerce
hill ho added : "I am in laver of it , provided
It is revised and made clear , winch the
original bill is not. Tlio long and
short haul clause , as tr.itlic men
Interpret It , amounts to a piac-
deal exclusion of the products of the far west
from the markets of the east. While it will
have a damaging effect upon the west , it will
hoot advantage to many eastern states , as
Ohio and Indiana farmers will bo benelitted
by II , The section of the bill making its vlo-
tion a nennl otlenso is decidedly ambiguous.
That clause will have a most detrimental
effect upon tlio west , wheie thcio will bo
clamor lor Its icpeal , The wisest course to
puisii'3 would uo to appoint an intelligent
commission and let that body pass upon all
questions arising. "
Illinois TjculRliitlvc I'rnoeedines.
Si'iiiNOii'iii.i : ) , HI. , Jan 12. In Iho senate
this morning the appointment of A. K. Clark
on the state board of health was confirmed.
A communication from tlio veteran club of
Chicago was read , asking the support of the
senate for cx-Covci nor John M , Hamilton
lor tlio position of United States senator.
Senator Funk presented a resolution asking to enact laws providing proper quar
antine against the Importation of diseased
cattle. Adopted. Jtcsolutlons of respect In
honor of Judge John O , 1'od'jers ' wcro
adopted. Kyans ot Kane introduced a bill
asking for an appropriation of S ! ,000 for anew
now Insane asylum at Klgin , The following
bills wcro Introduced : Dy Bacon , making dls-
franclilsenient the penalty for selling votes ;
by Hacon of Will , mlneis' truck bill ; by Car-
rltty , piovldlng for twenty-live wards and
lifty aldermen in the city of Chicago ; by
Cochran , for an act to enable corporations to
extend their charters ; by Kckhart , providing
for the refunding of West Park bonds ;
by Humphrey , making It a felony for
any person to Import Into thu state any dy-
nauiito or other exploslvo to be used to the
injury of any person ami punishing aiders
and abettors of sndi manulacture.s ; by Hlir-
gins , piovldlng that th statM inspector of
mines shall nsceiluin the capacity of nvery
car used in raising coal from anv mine and
brand the same upon the side , and thai alter-
wauls each minor shall be etediteit with the
full wolirht and mcasuro of such ho shall
turn ; by Oman , lixlng weights for different
measures throughout Iho Mate , mailing sixty-
eight pounds per bushel for corn ; by Johnson
of Whileside , to make an apprnpilation of
M.OOO lor Iho relict ol John A. Lyle , of Ster-
lint' , wtio lost both arms at a reunion of vet
erans : ly Collins , to legulalo the
inanutiicturo and sale of explosives ami
Inllicling punishment on persons manufac
turing the same for tbo dcsliuetion ot lllo
and property ; by Dwyerol' Conk , to compel
persons and corporations icouiring deposits
from employes to pay interest on the same :
bv Fuller of Jioono , providing for the repeal
of the act in regard to judniiifiits on eonfes-
Klons ; by 11. llerrinctun ot Kane , making
an appioprlatlon of S-AIXMJ lor a live block
commission , to be used for preventing the
spread of contagious diseases among cattle ;
by Johnson of Whltc.aidc , to amend the act
relating to cilminal juilspiiideneo and put-
vidlng lor counsel for every person chuigod
Tim Itlo IHsaHlcr.
MII.WAUKI.K , Jan , 12 , Uia cman WulU ,
charged witli being responsible lor Ihc Itio
disaster , wasairalgncd at Portrigo liilsmnrn-
IIIK for manslaughter and pleaded not guilty.
His counsel promises to make sensa
tional developments when the trial eomes oh' ,
Wells will trv and piovit Conductor
HanUcy caused the accident.
Ivxtrmlitiiui JU < ; ut > Md. !
Jan. 12. The senate in
sccict session took up and debated lor an
hour the Hrilish cxtindition ticuty , hut ad
journed without action.
Oliln Miner * HiriUi ; .
Oi.Kvr.i.ANP , ( ) . , Jan. I1. . Four bundled
coal miners at the National in in a * of
WatteiSiVr Eerrio , near Wasliinetoinlllc , ( ) . , of luccuis JUT
The Missouri Pacific SotittVEoTinu Express
Ditched Near Dnubar , Nob.
1) ) . AV. Hoffman ami .Ininc. * Hell. Ho *
llevctl to Ho tlm I'criictwitura , Cnn-
niut liodKCil In > Tnll at
Nobrnskix City ( Ji-cnt
A Cownnlly Dccil.
KANSAS CITY , Jan. 12.iSpcclal Telegram
to the Hit : : . ] The south-bound passenger
train on the Missouri Pacific extension ,
which left Omaha last night and duo hero
this mornlnr , was wrecked near Dunbar ,
Neb. , about midnight. The wreck was eauscil
by the loosening of Iho rail , done by parties
unknown , Several spikes and fish plates
had been removed and the train , coming
along al the late of thUty miles an hour
plunged fifteen lect down an embankment
and landed In a snowdrift. James Hewitt ,
of Wyandotte , Kan. , Iho cnclneer , wns
caught under the boiler and kilted , bis body.
not being recovered at last accounts. Frank
Henoweth , oxpiess messenger , whoso homo
Is In tills city , was Internally hurt and may *
die. A lady , whoso name was not learned ,
was badly hint , but no other passenger wns
seriously Injured as fai as known here.
All were shaken up , however ,
and more or less bruised , The entire train
left the track and probably the loss ot , llfo
would have been girat except for a snow
bank. which broke the lorco of the plunge.
The .Missouri Pacllie olllchxls hero stale that
the wreck is the result of a third attempt
upon the llfo of Dewltt , the engineer. They
say some of tbo men engaged In the strlito
last spring cherished a grudge against Dowltt
because ho was an active supporter of tlio
company during the treat strike. They as
sert that the wreck near Wyamiotle , for
which Hamilton lias just been tried , was the
result of a plot against Hewitt's llfo , but his
train was not llic llrst to pass over tlio track ,
as they expected. Subsequently , they say , a
second attemnl was made and last night Is
the third. Several suspicious looking men
were seen loitering about Iho station at Dun-
bar last evening. Tiacks were found lend
ing from Iho scene of the wreck which may
furnish a clun. The sheriff and several
others me searching the neighborhood and n
icward will bo offered for Iho wreckers. A
number of Calllornia excursionists worn
among the parly.
OMAHA iT.oi'i.i : ijf.n nrn.
ATruiMiM , Kun. , Jan. liTlio persons In
jured In Iho Missouri Paellic train accident
last night were all brou.'ht hero to-day and
cared for. The cause of Iho accident was Iho
removal of a nil ! by two men , who weie seen
to leave the spot as the train approached. Ail
examination showed that the spikes and lisli
plates had been removed , and close bv a claw
barbeloiiL'iiiilo the Burlington Missouri
Itiver load was found. Tlm tool house of
the liurllngton AMissouri Hlvcr
at Dnnbar was also found broken
open. The wreck oceuricd on n
curve where the road rounds a sharp bluff.
The entire train was tinned over. Two men
who wicyeMerdav turned out of the depot
at Dunlmr nru Kiiiuautud. Thu following ate
among the injured passengers :
K. CoSNKit , Omaiia.
M. O , MOHAN. Omaha ,
M. Kuxjfoy , Omaha ,
Mr.s. F. CKOSS. Omaha ,
0. ( J. lirnroN , Omaha.
MATTIIKW la.vnni.i , , Omaha ,
JAM us McUnoi.ttY , Omaha.
Tlie 3Ii orcnnts Onptitrcil.
NnintASKA CITY , Neb. , Jan. 1' ' . ( Special
Telegram to the Urn. ] Tlio teriiblo acci
dent which occurred last night on the Mis
souri Pacllic railroad near Dnnbar , in which
tlio bravo James Dewitt , llio engineer , lost
his life , has been so tulh'.ind strongly pushed
lo see who the miscreants were that made tlio
derailment that caused his death that to-night
1) . W. Hoffman and James Hell aic conlincd
in the jail in Ihls city under the coionor's
verdict of being the perpetrators of this hell
ish deed. .1. Slilson Potter , who prosecuted
the search on Del mil of the Mis
souri Pacific railroad , Ed Mar-
nell , editor of the Nebraska City
News , and to Sheriff McCallum certainly belongs -
longs the credit of ferreting out and bring
ing the guilty patties to trial. Thcio is In
tense excitement at Dnnbar , and if the pris
oners had not been brought to tills city to-
nlglit there is no doubt but thcro would have
been lynching . The- evidence
a ; - adduced be
fore Iho coroner's jury was such as leaves no
doubt but thu guilty parties have been found.-
'llic Kerry Dlvorcn OIIHC.
fiiiPAoo , Jan. 1' . ' . [ Special Telegram to
Iho HKK. I Mrs. Abblo Fiirwcll Ferry's suit
against her husband , William II. Feiry , was.
yesterday dismissed in Judge Shcpard's
court on Mrs. Ferry's motion. The discon
tinuance of Iho piocccdlngs , which promised :
hcnsalional developments when the ease was1
commenced , was the result of a compromise
between Ferry and tils wife , brought iibout ,
it is said , by tbo efforts ot Mr. John V. Fiu\i
well , Mrs. Ferry's father. The agreements
arrived at tietween them Is that they shall ?
live separate and apart without a dccieoojU
couit , and that Air. Feiry shall pay for tlm
maintenance and education ol lour boys.
while Mrs. Ferry Is lo bo supported by her
A Hluh Mli ! Scandal.
Nr.w YOIIK , Jan. i l'J. | Special Telegram
to the Uii : : | . The Star stiys : Fashlonablo
society at Lout ; Hrnnch is agitated over the
announcement that ( ieorgo Hoey , son ot the
millioiiuho , John Hoey , president of tlio
Adams Kxprcss company , has been Indicted
by the Moiimontli county grand jury for
forging his father's name to a dialt for 5150.
The culprit ha. lied , and detect I vos.irn on his
trick. This Is not the first time llmt dcorgo
Hooy has been ciillly of a like oireiiM- This
tlm e , however , the lather determined to pun
ish him , and made complaint against him on
which ho was Indicted. Jlouy has virtually
disowned Ids KOII. Uc.onro la thlrly-hvo years
of nge , and has a lovely wife and two beauti
ful childrun. He hi an actor , but a very poor
A HooinlUilo Colony In 'Mexico ,
N'jw YOUK , Jan. 13. ( Special Telegram to
lhoHiiTho : : I Tribune says : A gentleman
who Ju t icturned fiom Mexico says that J.
K. Owens' socialistic colony at Topolobampo
Is bound to pi eve a failure , Tlm telegraph
reported tlio other day llio dcpiutuio of moio
than one bundled and twenty jurnllK for
thin colony fiom ' 1'oinliitone , A IThu
country In which they aio to settle is repre
sented to bu n dcM'it which en n ho inmloto
produce unythlnu' only by inigation , and that
Is in most instances Impiuctleabli ! on ac
count of the M-aiHI v of water. The Mexican
government in also unable or unwilling to
afford udi : < juil < t protection to lilound prop.
city as to iiml.u everything uiicottain thuie.
HAXI.KIO.V , Pa. , Jan. 1'J. Tlio oxrcutivo
committee of the miners and laborers' sub"
division of the Knights of Lulior which In
clude tlio eniliu antniacjtii coal licids , hold n
session hero yesterday and icbolvcd to de-
claio a general fctriKe ot all emplojc" on-
gained in mining and jucpar.ition ol ? .oal
going to nlace.s all'tclcd by the slrilro ol the
New Jersey coal handler * , providing the
.strikers appuivo of tni.s us lining the most
effective mnnnor ot leiidcrini ; them
assistance , Powderly stated it Iho action ot
the com mil tee Is apmnved by Ihc Milker/ * ,
lifty tonne hundred thousand luliurs cm-
ployed in the anthracite coil ; litlds wll Moy