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Tom KennardVBill For the Sale of Valu
able State Lands.
A I-'cw Weeks * I'tirclinsnf ) Double tie !
Invcsiors' Mono ) Minor Stnto
Notes lnr < lcn on
Trial Jjliicol
IrnoM THE nr.r.'s LINCOLN nnniuu.l
II Is undcrnlood in a quiet way that a
bill has been drawn , and is now in Iho
hands of ono of the senators from Lan
caster county , to bo introduced at an
early day in the senalo. This bill is one
thai will bear Iho closest scrutiny , and is
in the direct interests of the Block yards
compnnyaiid will be largely manipulated
by T. P. Konnard , who is ono of the
heavy owners in the stock yards com
pany. The bill provides for the sale of
certain saline lands which llio stock
yards company now control by leaseand
the sale of them , if it can bo done under
the law , would bo simply marketing at
the present day that which will increase
wonderfully in tlio future , and which
increase would accrue lo Ihodirccl llnan-
cial interest of the Male If allowed lo
remain iho properly of Iho slale , and
which , if this proposed sale could bo
worked through , would put much money
In the purse of llio slock yards company ,
nnd bo one of the greatest specs of the
day. The slalo went out of its way in
llio line of special legislation to grant the
long term lease to thn company of cer
tain state lands , and the proposed at
tempt lo move upon the legislaluro and
Kociiro lands by purchase now would boa
grand financial investment to Iho persons ,
but a direct loss to tlio people.
Jf this bill comes lo the front lo , in either
direct or indirect ways , plaeo stale lands
adjoining Iho city of Lincoln inlo Iho
market for speculators to work upon it
will be advisable to look at all the aflcr-
claps it may contain before serious alien-
lion is given measures of that kind. An
interesting comparison might be made of
present worth and worth two years ago
of land sold by the state forsalt purposes ,
and it would reveal an increase that the
Ktalo lias lost by no means Haltering as a
iinaueial investment. The question of
present sales of stale lands lo help hind
town site speculators Is worth iuvesliga-
Among Iho recent real estate transfers
that shows the boom in earth at Lincoln
and vicinity the sales of Jiast park are an
illustration. A short time ago this tract
of land , some forty acres , was purchased
bv C. C. Burr and Frank L. Sheldon of
ISlason & Whcodon for $25,000. The
tract is located in Kast Lincoln and valu
able , but not so much so but that this sale
was considered a good ono. Yesterday ,
however , it was stated that Mr. Sheldon
had paid Mayor Burr ? 125,000 for his halt , which lets the mayor double his
investment of a few weeks ago and
gives Sheldon Iho Iract of land at a cash
valuation of $00,000. A twenty-aero
tract of land cast of this East park , it is
ntalcd hi connection with comments on
Ihe park sale , was purchased six weeks
ago by A. W. Jnnsen for Iho sum of
$ ti,000 and he is now closing the trade by
which ho receives $17,000 , for his ? 0,000
purchase another case in which a few
weeks' purchase practically doubles in
value. These are somu of the larger
transactions that Lincoln real estate men
point lo as evidence of the boom in dirt
that is abroad in midwinter nnd which
promises to bo even greater with the
The board of printing mctattl. p. in.
yesterday lo ael upon new bids for Iho
prinlin" of house rolls and senalo liles.
J. O. I'ishor , of llio Hastings Gn/ulto-
Journal , Henry Gibson , of the Omaha
llerald and H. 1) . Hathaway , of the Lin
coln Journal , wcro present as interested
The Home Fire Insurance , of Omaha ,
has lilcd an amendment to its articles
changing tlio time of holding the annual
meeting from December to January of
each year. The Omaha & Southwestern
railroad has lilcd with the secretary of
stale copies of ils by-laws.
Deputy Treasurer Montgomery , ol
Franklin county , was at tlio auditor' . '
ollico yesterday making his semi-annual
report. Franklin is Iho fourth count } ' in
the stale to come to the front with ild ro-
Tlio supreme court will reassemble
to-day and continue ihn call of ctises ap
pealed from Iho lirst judicial district , the
balance of this week's session being given
lo that district that work may be com
menced ono week from to-day on cases
appealed from the second districl. The
usual weekly installment of decisions in
cases heretofore heard will be handed
down Wednesday.
Ono prisoner trom the pen who hail
Borvcd his sentence and made his good
time was released from that instilutioii
yesterday to live m the outside work
In Justice Brown's court j-ostcrday
morning the case of G. W. Dardon , ar
rested and locked up Saturday night foi
obtaining money on false checks , was up
for hearing. There were seven checks ol
this character before the court drawn on
the Capital National bank ranging from
$ ; i to $10 in amount and drawn long since
the maker of the checks has had any
money on deposit. The court was taking
n rest yesterday while the wife of tin
prisoner was attempting lo settle wilh
four of Ihe parlies and have prosecution
cease , although it was staled Ihat ono at
least of the victims did not propose lo
uotlle and let Dnrden escape punishment.
A short time ago amonjr iho bank fail
ures in which 1 > . M. Tomblin was inter-
tore-stud was n bank at Cambridge , Neb. ,
and yesterday a now bank was started al
that place to meet the banking business
demand. The projectors of the new in
stitution are K. K. Brown , president , ami
Kent K. Hayden , cashier , of the Stale
National bank of this city , and C. M.
Brown , of Beatrice the mimes of these
gentlemen being suflicittnl guarantee ol
the standing and stability ot the institu
tion. The articles of incorporation have
not yet been tiled at the state house , bill
the assurance is given that the capital o :
the now bank is ample and adequate foi
tdl business purposes ,
A NEW uoiti'ou.wiox.
Articles of incorporation of the Slate
Loan it Trust company wuro lilcd in the
county clerk's otllco yesterday , thu in
oonioralors being J , If. Kiclmrds , L. C
Richards nnd W , A. Lmdley , all of this
city. The articles recite the authorized
capital glocK of the company lo bu
$100,000 divided inlo shares of ? 100 each
Iho company lo commence business December
comber 15 , lt > SO , and to continue in bnsi
ness twenty years. Headquarters of the
company nt Lincoln.
A NEW ciiintcii.
Articles of incorporation are in progress
nnd will uo filed In a few days iueor
poratingand legalizing the German Cath
olio cliuroh of Lincoln. This church wil
then during thu present session of the
legislature ask the state for the doimtioi :
OMV state lot upon which to build , am
this granted , a handsome cdilico will rise
with the early summer. It Is stated thar
this offshoot from the regularly estab
lUhcd Catholio church in tbo city does
not meet with favor from that organiza
lion for reasons obvious to all , ' but the
claims of thu Germans are that many o
Iheir numbers arc cnlirely tinacnviainlcd
with the Knglish lunv'Uitgo , and heiico
their action lor a church of their own.
The Salvation Army reached Lincoln
Saturday and marched through the prin
cipal streets of the city , iho captain in
charge tinging in a deep voice and a
drummer with an instrument marked
"Cedar Falls Drum Corps" playing tlio
accompaniment. There wcro live sol
diers in the bnltallion , nnd despilc the
frigid weather they sang loud and long
and marched to numerous points in the
city where audiences would congregalo
on the walks. While tlio detachment
were in front of Iho Capllol hotel mem
bers of the standing lobby rushed around
in great consternation , their firs' idea be
ing that it was a campaign dodge inaug
urated by the opposition.
The third bill introduced in the house
of roprejonlalivcs was Iho ono intro
duced by Hayden , of Saline , creating the
ollieo of rrgister of deeds in couulies
over a ccrlain population. This is in
effect the recreation of the bill passed
two years ago which , thorugh bungling
clerical work , was recorded in such n
way that the supreme court refused to
give it their sanction. It is almost cer
tain Ihat this bill will become a law the
present session and already two or throe
diUcront parties are applicants before
the commissioners of this county for the
appointment , until election day , provid
ing the bill passes. What is true In this
county will doubtless bo tlio history in
many oilier counties in Iho state.
OONi : 1O WAllMKIt CI.1MKS. a man wilh a bill called at the
retail harness and saddler stoio Satur
day and iii'iuircd for M. II. Guslin ho
was Informed that Iho party had gene to
California. Gustin at the lat term of
court was divorced from his wife , al
though the two had been married for
thirty-live yeara. The divorce was
gained on tlio grounds of cruelty and
mistreatment , but it lias been freely as
serted that this aged Lothario was enam
ored of another woman and wauled to
rid himself of the wife of his younger
years that he might depart with his new
toimd female friend. The man Gustin
has an exemnlary family who have dis
solved all intercourse with the old and
wayward man.TOWN
TOWN Tories.
The United States ilistrict court re
sumed its session at , the government
building yesterday , Iho work of Ihe day
being on the civil dockcl , Ihe grand jury
reassembling in Iho afternoon and con
tinuing investigations begun Iho week
before. No indictments were returned
In the district court tlio silence thai has
reigned for a few iltiys in divorce mat
ters was broken by the lilingqf a petition
in which Mary Smith asks a divorce from
her husband'John Smith , on the grounds
of cruelly and abuse. The civil docket
llucluales in numbers , the criminal
docket falls to a low ebb at dill'crcnt
times , but the divorce cases keep tlio even
tenor of their ways , never lessening in
There are renewed rumors of llio near
approach of Iho Hock Island road lo Lin
coln , and so certain is it that it is coming
with Iho ncxl summer is best illustrated
that agents ol the corporation are now
purchasing right of way between Itontrico
and Lincoln. It seems lo bo a conceded
fact that the line wi enter llio city from
tlio southeast up Iho Antelope valley and
presumably cross the city lo join with
the oilier roads entering the city at the
southwest in a grand union depot that
some day will bo assured to the citizens
of this railway center. The way into the
city by the Anlclopo valley is practically
tiie only feasible move now open and un
The sheriff of Ikiflalo county was in
the citj yesterday and oblained requisi-
lion papers for a forger who is wanted
for crooked work played in ISiiH'ulo
county and which left Kearney and a
Plum creek bank losers. The siicrifT
started for his man yesterday , who is
at a point in Dakota reached by going to
The county courl was occupied all day
yesterday in llio hearing of Iho case
'against the two policemen who sup
pressed a riot in progress hi u house of
questionable repute. Thu police are
arrested for false imprisonment , and the
case drew a largo audience , at 0 p , m.
court ytill bearing in progress and no ver
dict reached.
Mrs. L. M. Hayes , of Omaha , nnd
daughter , will make their home at tlio
residence of Dr. King , on L street , dur
ing the session of the legislature. Mrs.
H. having a position in the senate.
To-night is the announced time filed
for Iho governor's reception al the senate
chamber nnd executive ollicc in llio stale
houso. A number of llio state ollicers
with their ladies will assist in the recep
Two cases only occupied the attention
of tlio nolieo court yeslorday morning ,
llic usual cases of intoxication held over
from the arrests of Sunday , and unable
to lift themselves from hock by means of
Rub the "painful points" thoroughly ,
when attlictcd with neuralgia , wilh Sal
vation. Oil , the great pain annihilator.
Price 25 coins a boltle.
Dr. Hull's Cough Syrup cures croup\
coughs that sound so like nails driven
into u child's collin.
Lieutenant Konypn returned ycslerda\
from Madison , YVis. , where , on the 4lh
msl. , ho delivered a locliiro before Iho
annual convention of olliccts of the Wis
consin National guard , on the subject o :
military tactics.
Is a very prevalent and exceedingly dis
agreeable discaso. liable , if neglected , to
develop into serious consumption , lie-
ng a constitutional disease , it requires a
constitutional remedy like Hood's Sarsa-
pnrilla , which , acting through the blood ,
roaches every part of the tiystoin , effectIng -
Ing a radical and permanent euro of
catarrh in oven its most severe forms
Made only by C. I. Hood & Co. , Lowell ,
- -9
Funeral of Mrs. M. A. Smith , mother o !
Mrs , John Jackson , will take place Tues
day , Jan. 11 , residence 251'J Charles st.
Friends invited.
Tillio Swanson , the young woman who
had her arm crushed in a mangle at the
city steam laundry last week , died in St.
Joseph hospital at U o'clock yesterday
Vrepared with strict regnrt to Pnrltv , Strength , an&
Healthulccsa. lr. ) 1'nco'd Diking Powder couUlus
iiuAmtuonlifJniCAluinorl'hoiphatoa. Dr.I'rlco'a
ilitracu , ViinlUs , tcmoo , etc. , flaiw CcilcloLuJ/ .
How an Overland Traveler Avenged an In
dian Outrage ,
Illoody I IK ! Inn I'l lit In Nebraska Dur
ing AYiirTlino8 A Scnlp-Takluu
Terror Iti-ouuht
n llundrod
Dctwccn the years 1S03 and 1S05 a full
thousand people heard the story of Grim
Walker. Thai was during the linrccst
pnrt of our civil war.and minor incidents
wcro speedily absorbed ami forgotten.
1 doubt it there are n seore of peonic liv
ing to-day who can recall thu details of
this singular man's adventures , and I do
not remember that anything save a brief
outline of the massacre of his family ha3
ever appeared in print ,
1 was a pony express rider on the
Overland route. That meant helping to
guard stages , carrying a light mail on
my saddle , forwarding dispatches , tak
ing my turn to acl as agent'of some
stable , and various othur things which
need not be explained. There wcro then
several great trails leading west from
the borders of civilization , and all were
more or less traveled , but the favorite
routes were from St. Joseph and Council
IJlulls , the one being known as the
northern and other as the southern route.
1 was on a route along thu 1'latto river
west of Fort Kearney , which has some
times lifty miles long , and sometimes
ls5 ! , according to the way the Indians
were behaving , and the number of men
we had for service ,
CJrim Walker was a pioneer named
Charles 0. Walker , from near Iowa City.
Ho was a giant in i/.c , nalurallv sour
and taciturn of disposition , and his fam
ily consisted of a wife and three children.
hilo the country was exulted over thu
civil war , and travel by the overland had
almost conui to n htop , except in eases of
necessity , Walker and others formed an
immigrant party to make a push for thu
golden land. When I lirst hoard of them
thcv numbered twenty wagons and sixty
or seventy people , and were on the
Plattc , east of Kearney , which then
dangerous ground. When the outlit
reached Kearney , some were for turning
back ; others for electing a new captain ,
others for settling down near bv and es
tablishing ranches. Jt soumed that there
were three or four different factions in
the party , and several bitter quarrels hld :
resulted. In the then state of all'airs
200 bravo and united men could
have scarcely hoped to reach the
Colorado or Wyoming line , for the
Indians were up in arms on every trail
and thirsting for blood and scalps.
When it was known , therefore , that
Urnn Walker , as ho had come to bu
known , had been elected captain of a
faction and intended to push on at the
head of only seven families , which oould
muster about nine lighting men ,
soldiers , hunters , Indian lighters and
overland men argued and scolded and
predicted. .Not a prediction .could
frighten one of his adherents. It ap
peared to them to be a ease where man
hood and pride were at stake , and when
it was hinted that the military would re
strain them they made secret prepara
tions and departed at night. It was an
awful thing for those bigoted and de
termined men to _ drive their wives and
children , consisting of twenty-two people
ple , to a horrible death , but nothing
short of a battle with the military would
have stopped them.
They left Kearney one night 10 o'clock ,
drawing away quietly and traveling at
their best speed. They could not have
gene ten miles before being discovered
by thu Indians. A party of twenty of us
left over the samu trail at noon next day ,
and wo had gone only fifteen miles when
wo found evidences that the little party ,
which was kcapintr along the I'lattu , had
been attacked. This must have been
about daylight. Soon after sunrise they
had bcn ( driven to shelter in a grove of
eottonwoods , lint before reaelnnsi it one
of the men had been killed and scalped ,
a wagon had broken down and been
abandoned , and htray bullets had killed a
woman and a child as they cowered
down behind the cargo of the wagons.
At 4 o'clock in the attornoon wo came to
the grove , driving away the last of the
savages , but we were too late. Such
a spectacle as wo there beheld was
enough to sicken the heart of the
bravest Indian fighter. The little party
had been attacked by about three hun
dred redskins , and Hie fijrht had lasted
for half a day. As near as wo could lig-
uro from blood spots on the earth four
teen Indians had been killed , nnd there
wuro bloody trails to show that as many
more hail been wounded. The foolhardy
men had died jramo as an offset. We
ma e out that their camp had been car
ried by a charge , and that the last of thu
light had been hand to hand. live of
thu women had been carried oil' into horrible
rible captivity , while all others had been
butchered all save Grim Walker. The
bodies had been cut and hackud and
mutilated in a terrible manner , but we
could have identified Walker by his si/.o ,
oven had ho beun decapitated. Thu im
migrants' horses had all been killed , the
wiigons plundered and burned , and thn
savairus were bundling up some of the
plunder when wo came in sight and
drove them away. All that was left us
was the sad work of burying thu corpses.
A month later we heard that ( Jrim
Walker had escaped from the fight ,
breaking out of thu grove and riding oil'
on a horse just as the conflict closed in ,
Men belonging to thu Overland had met
anil talked with him ua. ° tof Kearney. Ho
had three wounds , but seemed uncon
scious of them as ho bnellv related the
story of the fight , and ho vowed that he
would have the lives of fivu Indians for
every while person who had perished.
Nothing further was heard of him until
June of the following year. I was then
in irovernniunt employ as n scout and
despatch ridtir , and was on the Smoky
Hill fork of thu Kansas rivur , twenty
miles west of I'ort Mcl'horson , riding
with two other scouts , when wo came
upon ( ! rim Walker. Ho had gonu east
after thu massacre , and hud built for
himself a bullet-proof wagon It was a
great eago on wheels , and everything
about it was made of iron. Wlieuls. box" ,
bottom , top every pnrt of it
was millet proof. It was pierced or loop-
lioalcd in lifty places for musketry , von.
tiated at the top , and was drawn by four
muled. The mun must have had consid
erable moans at his disposal to pay for a
vehicle liku that , and he had come all
the way from Council lilulls alonu. Thu
interior was lilted up with a sIcopliiL :
burth , iron lanks for holding food and
water and ho hadcomu hack to thu plains
to kcup his vow. Hut for his grhuucss
thu idea would havu raised a laugh. He
must have been nn route for many lonir
days.and he certainly had passed throned
many perils. Wo huard afterward that
as he reached the fort one- afternoon , ami
it became known that ho would push on ,
every effort was madu to dissuadu him.
1'or a limo ho was silent grim deaf .
Then ho pointed to the noriheast and
said :
"Thero lie iho hones of my children
and friends , anil I will not rest until 1
have avcn/red / thorn thrice over. "
1 hey told him the country was alive
with hobtilcs , and that ovtsry rod of the
\vtiy was beset with perils ; but as the sun
wont down hu harnessed his mules .to thu
iron tongue , climbed into the saddle , and
without u uoU of farewell to any ono ho
rode lo the we t in the gathering gloom
more grim , more clclLrmincd , more of
a di-vil than ix human . He had
traveled n good slnro of the night
over a country in which death
lurked in every lavino , but the watchful
savages had not espied him. Ho had
traveled until mid-afternoon next day
along n trail where savages outnumbered
the snakes twenty to one , but somehow
they had missed mm. Wo wcro riding
at full speed for the fort , keeping the
shelter of the dry ravines and the valleys
and expecting nt any moment to be pur
sued when we ran upon Grim Walker.
His wagon stood tinou the open prairie ,
at least a half a mile from thu river and
the shelter of the eottonwoods. The four
mules ha1 ! been unharnessed and turned
out to graze , and the man was cooking
his supper at a campliro , the smoke of
which would draw Indians for ten miles
around. Our astonishment , when wo
found him there alone , kept us dumb for
a few minutes. Wo sat on our horses
and stared at him , and ho greeted onr
presence by a Micro nod. When 1 recog-
iiizt-d him as Urim WalKer I began to
suspect thu enterprise he had on foot ,
and after I had put a few questions ho
briefly explained :
" 1 am hero to kill Indians. You can
look my wagon over if you care to. "
It was what 1 have described. Ho bad
a barrel or more of fresh water ,
n lot of flour and meat , a
small steve to cook on , and a perfect
arsenal of lirearms. It was evident that
the Indians could not get nt him with
bullets nor tomahawk , nor lire , anil it
would take weeks to slarve him out.
There was only one thing that troubled
the man. His stock would bo killed oil'
nt oneo when ho was attacked , and hu
would then have no way of
moving his wagon. Wu helped
him out of his dilemma by agree
ing to take the animajs to thu fort. The
harnesses were piled into his house , and
it was understood that he would come
for ( ho mules when tie wanted Ilium , lie
lint' a compass , and wo gavu him the ex
act bearings , and as we rode away hu
was preparing to toast another piece of
meat , seeming utterly unconcerned over
the dangers of his surroundings. As to
what happened him during the next
three weeks I had a few meagro details
from his own lips , but plenty of informa
tion from warriors who afterward be
came "friendly. " That is , when licked
out of their boots half a dozen timestheir ,
villages destroyed , many of their ponies
shot , and their squaws and children
driven to temporary starvation , they
cried for peace in order to recruit and
maku ready for another campaign.
The. cauiplire which Urim Walker built
saved the three of us from being am
bushed. A warrior told me that forty
savages were between us and thu fort ,
when the smoke led thorn to bulk'vo that
a large parly of immigrants must be
camped in the bottoms. It could only bn
a large party which would dare lo build
such a lire in a hostile country. _ The
warriors were all drawn oft" by a signal
to attack the larger game , and before
sundown that evening
TWO it'Niitii ! : ) Muunntors IIDSKIKS ; :
were opuning thuir eyes very \\ido at
sight of the one lone wagon anchored
on the plains under their nosus. How
did it got there ? Whore were thu horses
or mules ? Was it occupied ? They must
have asked themselves these questions
over and over again , but lliero stood the
wagon , grim , silunt and mysterious. The
whole band finally moved down for n
closer inspection , believing the vehicle to
have beun abandoned , and hopeful that
something in the shape of plunder had
been left behind. They had come closu
they had entirely surrounded tliu vehicle
When a sheut of Iliinio darted from
one of the port holes , and Grim
Walker had begun to tally hi
victims. Ueforo thu redskins could gut
out ot range hu had killed seven of them ,
using shotguns and buckshot. It was
only when they came to return llic liru
that the savages discovered what sort of
a vehicle had been hauled out tlieru
among them. They wasted hundreds of
bullets before they ceased linng.ani ) wilh
a rillu Walker killed two more of them
before night set in.
The superstitious nature of thu Indian
would havu driven him away had hu not
burned for revenge. And , too , it was
argued Hint the wagon must contain
something of great value to havu been
built that way , and greed was added to
thu thirst for vengeance. They believed
that tins bottom ot the box , at least , was
of wood , and abqut llireu hours after
dark a number of warriors , each Having
a bunch of dry grass under his arm.crept
forward to Iho vehicle lo start a liruundur
it. They crept as noiselessly as .serpents ,
but before a man of them had passed
under.a double-barrelled shotgun belched
forth its contents and two more bucks bet
out for thu happy hunting grounds. Next
lay , refusing to believe that a wagon
could bo bulict-proof , the Indians
opened a fusilade , which-was maintained
for I wo hours. 'JJioy were behind
Ireus and logs and oilier cover , and not a
shot was provoked in response. Various
schemes were concocted to gut at the
wagon , which was finally believed to
contain a party of hunters , but none
promised success. At noon , however , a
number of young warriors volunteered
to carry out a plan. There- were twelve
of them , and they weru to approach thu
wagon in a widu cirulu. The idea waste
to sei/.c and up.-iot it , and thus render the
occupants harmless. 'Jhu circle was
made and it gradually narrowud until
thu signal for a rush was made.
Thu"man within grim , silunt , watch
ful let the circle close and the warriors
hoi/.o thu wheels before hu opened liru.
It would havu tnkoii a do/.on stout men
to have lifted ono of the wheels oil'thu
ground. Ho shot down thrcu of ilium
and the olhurs lied in terror , and half an
hour later the seigu was abandoned and
thu Indians .wuro moving oil' . For two
long weeks thu wagon remained in that
spot , tin object of curiosity to scouts and
hunters an object of awe and mcnacu to
tno savages. 'Ihun , onu morning jufit at
daylight , Grim \rlllknr came into l''ort
JSlcPhurson for his mules , Hu was going
lo move Ins iron cage to now Holds. Hu
replenished his provisions and niMdo ot
two hours was off again , having spoken
less limn lifty words during his stay. It
seemed as if ho had grown tailor , Ifurcor
moro grim and rovnngeful. Tliuro was
somclhing pitiful in Jaiowing thai he
alonu hud survived Hip jinassacru ; .some
thing t > pp'lm- : ) ' : the knowledge ihat hu
hud become a Nemesis whom nothing
but blood would satisfy .n
The wagon was moved north to the
headwater of the Saline Kork , Ono who
has been over Iliu route will wondur how
it could have beun don'tl' . ' It was attacked
thuro ouu forenoon about 10 o'clock by a
baud of thirty warriors who had beun
raiding on the Solomon's rivur.The mi.ii's
were staked out and GHm Walker sat at
his camp liru. The warriors chnrged up
on horntibuok believing they had a hunt
ers' or fciirvuyors' outtil , and whilu tlu-y
stampeded and soc-ureij thu mules four of
thum wurc killed from.the loop holes of
the cago. They eamu b'ack again and
another was killed and two weru
wounded. Then they discovered what
sort of an unumy they hud to dual with
and withdrew. Grim Walker ami his
wagon remained there for a month.
When the Indians would no longer eomo
to him hu sot out in suareh of thum and
becamu a vuritahl ( < terror. Twenty dif
ferent warriors whom I interviewed be
tween 1W11 and 18157 told me that \ \ alier ;
was more feared than a hundred Indian
fighters. Hu killed everything that hu
uame to that was Indian , including
squaws , ponies , children , and dogs. Ko
camp felt safe from him. Hu had the
ferocity of a hungry tiger and
the cunning of n serpentHe used
his iron wagon as a headquarters , and
made raids for fifty miles around. During
thu summber our scouts saw Walker or
his wagou oueo a fortnight. Hu was. lust
alive on September 0 , on the Itcpub-
licfm river , when ho had a fresh Indian
scalp nt Ins belt. He had then blown up
his Wagon with gunpowder and aban
doned it , although hu did not state the
fact. His hair and beard had become
long ami unkempt , his clothing was in
rags , and there could be no doubt that ho
had gene mad. On the 15th of the monlh ,
as 1 rode wilh an escort of soldiers &outh
of where ho was seen on the 2d , and llfiv
miles from the spot , wo found him dentl.
Ho lay on a bare knoll , on thu broad of
his back , with his arms folded over hia
breast and lilsritlo by his sido. His eyes
wcro wide open , as if looking nt the
buzzards sailing above him , and wo soon
satisfied ourselves that ho died from
natural causes. Ho had n dozen scars
nnd wounds , but discaso had overpow
ered him , or his work had been done. He
had exacted a full measure of vengeance.
Hotter for thu Indians had thev let his
immigrant party pass on in peace , for hu
had brought mourning to a hundred
Tor colds , fevers ami iniiammatory at
tacks , us well as for cholera uiorluH ,
diurrlia'a , dysentery or bloody-llux , colic
or cramps in stomach , use lir. 1'ioivo's
Kxtract of Smart-Weed , composed of best
Grape Hrandy. Smart-Weed or Water
Pepper , Jamaica Ginger and Camphor
James Allen , thu city sidewalk inspec
tor , lost two children' Sunday by dip-
theria. hie/ , aged two years , aud.lessiu ,
aged llireu months. The funeral look
place yesterday afternoon.
Colgntc'n C.nhmero Hunquct Soup
stands alone on account of it acknow
ledged superiority for toilet purposes ,
Their Toilet Soaps the standard.
Ice cutting is being carried on rapidly ,
both on thu river and cut-off. Thousands
of tons are being put away daily , and
from present appearances it would seem
that Icemen will be obliged lo givu Ihuir
patrons low prices next summer.
Mothers , do not fail , at the lirst indica
tions of a cough to give your children a
few doses of Or. J. II. McLean's TarA
Ainu Lung Halm. U. > cents a bottle.
In the county court yesterday after
nooncasG of Aiarlha M. llansun ngainst C
K. Stratum ot ; il is on trial. The case is
0110 for the replevin of a span of ponies ,
wagon , doublu harness and a gold
_ _
SnfTorerq fi-om Cotiilis , Sore Throat.
etc. , slioiild try "JSnni'ii'ii Jimni'htnl
General Crook loaves to-night for Sid-
nuy lo see about the additional barracks
which arc to bu provided for the soldiers
at that post.
BtilTcri'il 40 Vi'iii-N mill Curnl.
N. Albany St. , Ithaon , N. Y.
for ovpr forty yenitt I luivc lipon n vlo-
Mm of KliumnutlMii. 1 was persuaded to
! > > ' St. .luc'ohs Oil. I hi\e : u ud two bottles
tles and n niiin moro free from rliumim-
tl'in , iiuvor wiilkod our streets. My limbs
tliat imcu were i-tllT mid lame' , am uow us
li'jlit and limber as In my youth.
JOS. tllS
SufTuicd 3O Ycni.s nnd Cured ,
llatmor , Mntno.
Jlr. 1'rnuk nnrspti , wlio works at .Mad-
di-n's llarno. s ! ? IU ] | > , 1'27 Exuluumo Stivut ,
Kud : " .My futlicr , wlm lives nt10 York
Sirrot , bus suffered with rliumnati'tn and
rrynlpi'lutt In Ills led every winter but
tills , fur tlio pn t tliirty ream , lie lm
employed tlm bust i > liy ! imnH uml irl .l
all lim known remedies for siii'b dl ea C3
but ivcclicd no benefit until lait winli-r ,
at wlilcli tlmu liU feet and Hit * lower part
of Ills Ie i were swollen to four llmca
tbelr natural i/e. lie applied St. Jneoba
OH to thu aflliuted parts and was com
pletely cured.
Suireri-d 18 Years nml Cured.
Tlit LnuifiUte ( Kiinliiekit ) Couiler Ja'ir-
tialtays : I'rnf. C. A. Donaldson , who was
seierely woimdi-d ntlhe battliiot Oi'llya-
bur * ; li.n Imun an almost eonMautsufteior
nnd ciipplu with ihi'iinmtNm for over
rlglifcrii j-eari. Ho stales that 1m spent
SHMliW in trying to eel rid of hl < pain ,
lie tiled doi'lors , famous bathehctrlo
appliances , and all kind of liniments ,
without lellef. Dually , ho tried St.
Jaeob-i oil , which ho fays Imi completely
cuied him.
Spout $20,000 In Vniii.
Col. 1) . .T. Williamson , an Army Ofllrcr
nnd i.vir. : S. t.n > ul , si.-in Knuirlicn. C'ul. .
slutLM that nfter Ions years of intend )
Mirrm-liii ; from ncuto rheumatism , mid
nfler uilng all other known remedies , Iliu
baths of other countries , and hpundln : ;
twenty tliouiml dollars without lelief ,
be was cured by M. .laoobs Oil , and h.n
tlnown away bh ernlrlios , nfler linvinj ;
been a hUples * crlpplu for j ears.
TIIK en AILIS : : A.VOUUI.U : co. ; iiauimorc , su.
XK TlfOt'S.t.VI ) nar./.AKfUnrnsh irlll
tie jittlj > ni us fur j/fo-if ihnutntj tlitit tin1 furr-
giilnu nml n'l nllitr leHi < n < iHiulinlitelf I ijytii
Civil-let . .1.'i \ i.ltr ( a. , tire nut ttrtn/if yrnitliif.
All ltlll l"l'll tJ til ? : , , l , 1lf llf LlrjLlrUtlJHIl II
cvrrvlwi aittl antl Hniity tenfliJ.
tnhtir.lljr rrlii > 7c * tlm mn't f Mont attack , imd
Insure aimfortuhto uliuip MJ IHIT1MJ far ItK.
I hU.TNflFiiu nxMhrliilinlnUini , llnarllnn Him-
inajlw ) , iJirnntiinil nil mill , nnd nciimhtbo
re ult In nil blaoav
c r A ruislatn'l ron-
tu nn > ? t okc'titic&l. IVico.'ioo. urd $1 w
of nny dnvid't. or fiy nmll. Hani !
| > o Prn for
.Ftilrnp. . Dr. ir. OHH'f3iA.\\ , l
WU-A.I'AXTUN , J'res. J/.I\Vn.i.iA\i3Vlco-l'rcs
ion TrustCo
215 S. 13th St. , Omaha , Neb.
School , County and Municipal Bonds
Itonr. Ij. O.\RMCIIS , I' . H. JOHNSON ,
_ Secretary. Truiisurer.
National Bank ,
u. s. DKi'osrroitY.
Capital . . . $ COO,000
Surplus . 1OOOOO
Herman Kountze , President.
John A , Creighton , Vice-President ,
F. H. Davis , Cashier ,
W , H , Mequier , Assti-Cashler.
S. H. K1/VI , A. ( i. .MrCAMI'lltlj |
Mrrnl'i'iUHlvo'loru'itMnmlH'r Clilotito llnanl of
inn Kx'iru , \ St. I.uun Irft'lu. ' an > l .Suw urlc ni
Merchant * vi'h'tiiK . l\tioii l ACluin/a
10 ! > ; iii < l HE SOL'TSE liidi < > T.
! For Future
TiuJo miulo ui quutHtioni Boon ul Iliillctlnu'l.
Write lor uxii'miPtarr paiavtiiou IJ.nliaar < e ( ro-
porliuallvd frun nil iippllcaUOQ.
llunk leieroncc'tslruii ,
M. Jt.
Genl , Insurance Agent ,
Mt-rchHr.t'B Kattoiml HHIIK IIuiMmir. Cor. Far-
.inm mill llitlittd. , room l un.-ialr < i.
Tulvphuiio No. d'j Oinuba , No
I'liocnlx , I.oiuiou , Hnifluudi . J5,723)71.n )
fircmcn > , Nu wark. N. J . l,5 : > faV'l ) >
Ulon'a Falls , Cleu'aVulla.N. V . I.ID. J.UJ
( liriini , I'hlliiJelplitn J'n . . . . . . . ] ftI.t J.71
Westohf-Mcr , Nr York , N. V . l.U'VW-M '
John H unlock Mutual Life .UostonS 7WJW.SI
This limb is on the lat-
'ost ' Improved plnn. The
lkt , Lightest nnd Easiest
to ni.innge and tlic most
durable limb made. I
have had thirty five gears'
experience wcarinfmnn-
ufichirinj ; and adjusting.
Will give special rates for
, „ „ , the next GO day. . My
best limb for ? ( J > . Former price $100.
Circulnrs sent free.
Oil N. 17th St. , Omaha , Nob.
, ,
nnd Ml Work.
1020 1'arnam Street , Oaiaha. Nob.
WE AK ME N ? r l' ' ?
' -I , VU. Ill' ll XTkK 111
* . I Hfc I T Ihli N jw 1 M r 0\ tit
yF | , , , , , sp Mtifef.'r .
Wllf l-nrtw.CI „ , ,
tu r. v * KAKMLSK , pit.
, . , l , ootlihrtirmill of
Ity ulTrclly Uin.ttgti ftllvrnV r M..rcttT-
InlmlthnnitVlfutoiiifirirtih. I.lrtlno
Current . V.JJil ln"Knllr rr Kff , > ilVU ' , , i J innih.
tr t itnpn rrr.fntten frail othf rl'flls. WcMtrairll * r
o > Uu < p
The Sanilon Cloctrio Co. 109 LaSalie it , .
M'.llVlT.V i"
nil .Orftl * t vmithlul rrton ,
r li r C. IE u 14 Ls s erti > u . nrtmu , . Irtoltn- i :
I gltntpi I H nJ | , , y U , . , , , 1.01 Mitntinnil.
5 > U. A.'fl. til.IN CO. , No. IH W iMi. > i > ii tli l , Ctl f >
Cnrrj-lnp-tlicniilirliim nmt ITnltoJ Stiitoi
Mail.SiUlnij. uvurj biitltiiluy
Dahvoon Anhvani & svj Vcrk
Pixlon from fH ( to p3. Rxcurslon trip from
$110 to $ USoconil Cobiu , oiitn-ivr.l , fl.'i ;
prclinMil5t o.ieurslon , JS1X Stoornpo inmnio
nt low ralos. 1'otor Wrlirht It Soiio , Uonorn
Apcnts , B5 llroaawnr. Now \'ork.
Henry I'linJt , 1218 Kiirintm * ! . : I'milson Oo.
HS6 Kiirnuiu ct : 1) ) . O rroi-iuan.KUl Kiirn.Mii
Dc.ilorsln ffonornl im
tuml hMory iiiul inn-
scum Hiippllos. Artlll-
olul oycs.Kriiisos. oto ,
I'nstoin work or till r
kinds will recclvt'3
proinpl intention. fe | S
lOl-li Cajiitol Ave. < iUi' ' - - S = -i
1)1. tilled for
rn. rnni , . WAI , 1,1x0 , Sur
geon In riik'f , National llunn
of N.J. , wilti * :
"llv iitli'iitliin was rdllcil te
vour fcnj'stnno Jlult Wldr-kuy bi
sir. I.nlor , DrUKKl't > of Trenton
Atid I Imv * ' uiiMl a fnw bottlof
irlth far bettor rfffCt tlinn nny 3
IIATO lind , i inn ivconunoiullnE
> uur nrtlclo In im practice , uuo
flnil It very wtlM-ictorj : . "
Q"T-Th nrnnlun Ikfti Ibo Slrn.tur *
LISNEIt k llI'.NUli
rn Ibe I.nbil.
( Sol. it' " ! " f"rthe L1 8. )
.116. 318 and 820 Race St. . Philadelphia. P.i.
Goodman Drug Co. , ( tonl. Aleuts , Omah
j.a L tuALAseucr/irirdtMSt. .
Ono Agent ( Jlorrnant onli-1 vintori tn vrirr town for
Bi ?
I line vour "Timsill1 I'linnh" cIpni'H very much
riml wai | ) toliuvo tlio uxi'luslvn Kiilo in tills plncu
mm will do nil I can to iniBli them. I lirlluvo in
nilvorlisinjr mill am tukiiiff puius to illstrlliutu
the circulars where they will do UK- most ( rood.
C. V. HfjI.lOTi' , .Miiusiidil , Ohio.
OP ruK
Chicago , Milwaukee 6 St. . Paul
Chlcaffo , AND Milwaukee ,
St , Pual , Mlnncaiiolls , Cedar Ilapida ,
Clinton , Dubuque , Davenport ,
Hock Inland , Frecport , Rock lord ,
Elgin , HadiHon , Juncsvillo ,
licloit , Winona , La Cross e ,
And all other iraporlmit points Kust , Nortlioatt
and GoutliouHU
1'ortbroiiL'h tlokoti call on tlio TIoU t
nt 1401 Fnriuiin Htroet ( In I'.ixton Hotel ) , or &
Union Pi-cltlo Dnpot.
I'ullmiin 3loii rrt anil tbn flutst OlnliiK Car *
la tto world ui rua on tUo nmlu llnoaoflliu
ClIKJinO , Mll.WAUKHK Ac tit. 1'AIII , ItAII.VTAr ,
uml erery utlontlon la pnl'l to piuseub'orri t > 7
coiirtcoiu emiiloj-eg of lli ooiupitny.
U. MM. i. EU , Uonornl Miinnvor ,
J. V. TIIVBIII. : AfesUtont Uuniiral M na/i / r.
A V. H. CAIIVX.YTKII , Oanoml I'muioitver and
Tiokut A K nt.
UKO. R. HEirroitu , Ac Utnnt Goaorol I'M ID n-
ger mill Tlt-taot Aitmit
J. T. Cbtnu , OunanU Supnrlnteadent.
Nebraska National Bank
PnUl up Capital . . . $2SOOOO
Surplus , . 40,000
H. W. Yntr , President.
A. E. Tou.-.alin. v'ieo President ,
W. II S. Hughes , Cashier.
\V. V. Morse , John S. Collins ,
11. W. Vatcs , Lewis S. Hood.
A. E. Toiwulin.
Cor 1'Jlh and Farnnm Sta
A Ue.icral Banking Husmcss Transacted.
& Co
ot Counties , CHlM niut othorsot
hlRli ernilo hoilclit nml soM Knstorn
office 6 Dovonslilro St. UoMon. Correspond
ence solicit oil.
State Agents
1-011 TIHJ
li Ml F'llS '
Omaha , Neb.
Tlitt'ty-riirrc <
IV- ) Cent Dividend.
In M'MltlO'i ' to thorrthu-llnii of ilir current joiirlr
l > : iyitii'ni.m c < < nijuiriM with iliu nui' . Hinrci'il uiulor
Ihi1 "M HuliMii m I.ITu l'i ii-uiiro , ulilrh rivtiii'ilon
i'ijiii' ! ' iirAS | { 111 VlPK.Miiirninri'tliiiii K11TV 1'KU
rl N'T ll p..n . lI'O lO'nl premium pnl.l.
Nnilrn . l llcroiir uivrn Hint In inMltlon In Ilia
nr < > ii > ; iM rush ri'iluo'lon , Hut iinumnl now to thu
crt'ilil nt nil | > n M > nt im'lniirrnC Iliu
wholippnino nirml prc In IS I , pqnnH n IMVIDKNO
upontliu KNTIIIIi ASSiKSMlK.vr I'llKMII'MS I'AII )
tlurliiK tlio miin'iiiannlnl ( tire \onrVl imrln.l . ,
\ 17. : Irnin lSs | to K 's IncluxUi ) . nlilrli timnuiit lint
I..Ml . . ilopiKltiul mill Mini Ili'lil br llnHT.N'I'llAI.
Tlll'ST I'OMl'ANV n | . ' NK\V VOIlK. Trinlofl nf
tttoKo irv * fntul oftliH Afti.ii'UlUiii. anil npi'lli'iililn
n provlilpil tittlio coiilnii'ls hold hy tlio niumborjof
tliu Atiuclntlun.
HDWAIU ) 1 . HAIll'Ull , J'rmlilpnt.
Mutual Upnt'rvn rtinil I Ifii A"Oi-lHllin.
V. ' ! ' . UltA.MAN.hiMTrtniy ,
II'inioOITIoo. roller Jliillilnitf , Ivt I'nrk How , N. Y
II. M.UlltN ( ) > ONOinnhn National llniiV IHilhllnir ,
ToSelltlia lion
Window Sash Lock
Kior Invented.
Aeculi nmka profit * . I'lrou
luralrce. Hiuii | > ln by itmtl 1'Jct ' * .
n.ii. winiKi.onc ,
I'ullcrion. Nobruikix.
DRS.S. ft D. DAMON ,
Of the Missouri State M"setun of Anato
my , St. Louis , Mo. ; University College
Hospital London , Gicscn , Germany nnd
New York. Having devoted their attention -
Nervous , Clinic and ' ' . 'I '
More especially Ihosc arising from impru
dence , invite all so suffering to correspond
withoul delay. Diseases of infection and
contagion cured fcafely and speedily without
detention from business , and withoul llic
use of dangerous drugs. Patients whose
cases have been neglected , badly treated or
pronounced incurable , should not fail to
write us concerning their symptoms. All
letters icccivc immediate attention. i
And will be mailed FREE lo any address
on receipt of one 2 ccnl stamp , ' Practical
Observations on Nervous Debility and Phy
sical ExUauFtion , " to which is added an
"Essay on Marriage , " with important chap
ORGANS , llic whole lorming a valuable med
ical treatise which should be read by all
young men. Addrcts
Si. , I > oiivcr , < Jol.
HOHH rvrAUIIII. The firi-ntCtrman
Jlcnifily Is a IHH-IIIVO cure. Proo namiila
ami Ixiok lor 4 crnlt In ( turapv
I ; . II. JUiiICAI : ) < CO.l utllauii > lon , Coun ,
itcccutij limit. nlr Kunjlaliod
The Tremont ,
J. C. m7.HiilAI.U& : FON , J'ropriotors.
Oir. ttli nuil I'Bin. , Llm.-olu , Kub.
natPufl.iierilujr. ) . Street cum from liouio to nnr
ran of tuo citr , *
Architect ,
omcos-33.31 ami 43 , Jlii.'iiiirds Dlook , Lincoln ,
Neb , Eloviitor ( julltli btroot.
llrccdorni Ilreodorof
Live Stock Auctioneer
Ktilua miidu lu nil nnrtn of the U.H. utfnlr
rntus. Doom ,1 , Slntn Illock , Mncoln , Nab.
nniiaiiort Horn hulU I'ornalu.
rarin Loans and Insurance ,
Corrcsiioiiilonco In royar' ] to lonna Bollcltod.
Kuom 4 , KtcUnrda Illock , l.lnooln , Neb ,
Hiversiile Short Horns
Of Hlrlctly iiurn llutoa uml HiitOH'J'aiieiluutUu. | |
Hunt iHiiiilfcrrt uhout IK ) licad.
l''anilll < " ) roprciiiiitocl : I'llborli , Crnffs-s ,
Acoiulix. Hcnlu.i , Moan of HluiroiiM , Aloss ln ( u %
KiilBlitly IliiolHiBxoi , l-'lnt C'rouk Vouiitf Muryn ,
1'hyllisui" , Ixjuiius uml Trim l.ovos.
llull.s for milu. I rum limes I'Jlnorl. 1 Pure
nsH'BCrHKrfs , I ito oof Khiiron , I Vnuiiif Miiry.
1 I'liin Criiliik Kliimlc uml otiiors. Coimi HIH |
Inspect tlio h rl. Adilrca ) , Ull/VH. M. 1IUAN-
SON , Miicoln , Nob.
Whim in Lincoln slop at
National Hotel ,
And irui liooi iiluuor tit ! . ' . "io.
"io.1'BDAWAV Prop.
3 t >
A magnificent display of everything
useful and ornamental in the furniture"
maker's art , at reasonable prices.