Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, January 11, 1887, Page 4, Image 4

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TERMS or sirnicnrrrio' * :
linn. Ono Your . $10 01
TYirSlxMuntlif . BIO
rnrThrrn Months . S SO
Tlio Oinnlin funrtny lice , mailed to any
n < W m , One Year. . , . 300
OWATH orrr-t : . No. Oil AND 58 P.lnN-AV PTttr.rv.
NEW VOUK iipririt. li < io i 5. TniiifXR ni-u.niNti.
\YASI1 IMKTtl.Y UrriCK , No. MarotlltTKKSl HSt KELT.
.Alt rommtintaatiniM relating to news n-iilfOI-
torlnl nmtt fj-ihould bo ittMrossed to the But-
roil 01 Tut : Hun ,
All butlnc < s letter * nnd romlitnnocs nliouM lie
ft'Mic sod to Tun lisa I'em.iftniNfi COMPANY.
OMMIA. Di-nfls. checks nnd po tnlHro nnlPM
to liu mntlu imyublo to the otxlurof the eomimtif.
12. KOSBWATKIl , Kniron.
IHH DAiiiY nisn.
Sworn Statement of Circulation ,
Btntnot Nebraska , ) . „
County ofloiisla . fs
( IPO. II. Tz5clmrk , secretary of The Bee
Publishing company , docs solemnly Mvoar
llmt the actual ciirulntlnn of the Ditilv llco
lor ( ho week ( 'tiding Doc. aist , isy ) , was ai
follows :
tint iintn v. Doc. M . 13.I1T.
Sttnilnv. Jiv. un . ni.o ; . ' )
/.tnntlay. Dec. 87 . ! HtKVi
Tue. dav. DIT. y > . lt,100 !
" \Vedne-idny , Deo. 2'J . 13.2 < xl
. ,
Friday , Dee. Si . I , IM
Avcraeo . lrt.2-3
GEO. Jl. TzscitrcK.
Subfcrlbcit mm sworn to ( jcfoie mo this 1st
dnyof.lnnunry A.U. , Ifr7. ! N. ] ' . KKII. .
I8UALI Notary Public.
( ion. II. Tzsehuclt , being first duly sworn ,
deposes anil HIJ-S ; ( lint ho Is secretary of the
JJeePunll.shlnc company , that the actual nv-
erniro dully rlrciilatlon of the Dallv llco for
tin- month of January. 18S , was lU.'U-S ronlcM ,
for Ki'lirtiary. IS * ' , lo.MB copies : for March ,
IbfcO , 11 , KIT copies ; lor April. ISbrt , I'J.lOl
comes : for Way. issn. \ ,4ffj copies : for June ,
* * " l'-.sra copies for July 18 0
im - ; , , lU.IiM copies ;
If for Aiicust. IHMJ , I2,4ri conlesfor : Septcmher.
Ik 1SW > , in.oo : : copies ; for October , IKSO , I2usu
IT 1 * copies : for November , ISSfi , I8ii3 : copies : lor
December , 1SSO , ii,237 : copies.
duo. H , Tzarirurtt.
hwnrn to nnd subscribed beloro mo this 1st
dnynf January A. I ) . is 7.
fSKAL.1 N. 1' . r-KiL. Notary Public.
Wmu : the council is in an investigating -
ing turn of miiul it might organize n
search expedition after that J5. & M.
viiuluotovur lower Farimm street , for
whiclf tlio city holds n contract.
SKNATOU VAN Wvcic's following is eon-
solidatcd , eonrngoous and ( iL-lerinincil.
-It cannot bo successfully assailed. It
will go into joint convention with victory
* i ready to scHlo upon its banners.
Kvuitv railroad attorney 13 howling fern
n republican caucus "for the sake of the
old jjarty. " The devotion of the mon
opoly henchmen for the old party is one
of the most touching incidents of the
. * revcnno reform have attracted more
general and favorable comment than any
part of his message. The only parties
who consider them lee radical are the
tax shirkers and the corporations.
ALL roads in ancient times led to Koine.
All the political byways this week will
center in Lincoln. No citr/.en who claims
to have any political inllucnco with his
niembor of the leyislaturo no ml remain
at homo for lack of free transportation.
SuaoisTio.vs : for a republican tana"
bill are all in the line ot rcvonno reduc
tion without a decrease of the tariff tax
ation whore it is most needed. That is
the reason why the country is not likely
to cnthuso very violently over proposals
for putting tobacco , sugar and alcohol on
the free list.
ALL the European , counts arc Kindly
advising Bulgaria to consent to political
suicide by accepting I'rinco Nicholas of
Mmgrelhv as their ruler. The .Russian
boar ami the German eagle now domi
nate over the remainder of the European
menagerie with none to dispu'.e their
IN handing in his roMgnation as chancellor -
collor of the exchequer , Lord Randolph
Churchill throw overboard the neat litllo
salary of f25OoO a year. This will ho sad
HOWS for Leonard Jerome , his American
fathor-in-law , who agreed in advance of
the marriage of his daughter to contrib
ute mi equal amount yearly whenever
Lord Churchill required this trilling
financial assistance.
COUSIN HIN : FOLSOM is holding aloft
the American Hag abroad. Ho has or
ganized a base ball club at Sheflield ami
will prove u worthy successor to Minister
Schonck In Initiating the natives into the
anystorios of the great native indoor
game of pokor. Mr. Folsom is a native
of Tekamah and an Omaha tax-payer.
Nebraska will justly claim a portion of
the credit for his diplomatic accomplish
Tirr. great shipbuilder. John Roach ,
died yesterday morning after a lingering
illness. The immediate cause of his
death was n cancerous all'eclion some
what similar to that which atllleted ( ion-
oral Grant , but the deceased had been
failing physically before this growtli was
developed. Ho had been a man of ex
traordinary energy and enterprise , and
his services to the shipbuilding interests
of the United States deserve tube remem
bered to his honor.
A Nr.\v YOIIK dispatcii states on the
authority of the Times at that city thai
Ir. ) McGlynn , who had bcon summoned
to Rome to explain his course in advo
cating the land theories of Henry Ooorgo ,
has decided not to regard the summons ,
and will leave the church rather than
abandon his opinions. The report is
that the priojt , das shown a degree of
contumacy that may render necessary
his permanent suspension. Such a turn
to this matter was not entirely unlooki-d
for by those familiar with the character
ot Dr. MeGlynn.
SINATOU : CALKINS , of Franklin county
lias proven himself to bo a man of honor
and principle.Vlion \ the legislature was
about to organize he was invited to join
in a republican caucus. Mr. Calkins
beli'-vcd himself in honor bound to go
into a republican caucus because a ma
jority of Ids constituent * are staunch re
publicans. But when lin discovered that
the caucus machinery was being used by
corporation cappers , am | , furthermore
was in part composed of railroad demo
crats , he declined to have anything
further to do with Ihe caucus. He openly
j and boldly-wont on record against -the
f ? candidates put up by thw bogus caucus.
No Caucus Needed.
The election of Speaker HarKv.i by
caucus nomination does not necessarily
furnish tx precedent for the senatorial
Struggle. Mr. Ilarlan's successful can
didacy was already assured when the
caucus was acrccd upon. His staunch *
pst friends , who made up the majority of
the republicans in thn house , consented to
the caucus only to hral up the sores of
the spoakcrshln and with no view of
committing themselves to caucus action
in the future. Their concession of indi
vidual rights thrn docs not bind them to
submission to caucus rule In the future.
This should bo distinctly understood.
There can bo no good reason advanced
under prevailing conditions for a return
to the tyranny of the caucus in the com
ing senatorial contest. When party linca
are closely drawn and paity sUongth
evenly balanced the necessity for concen
tration and pledges of individuals to'con-
carted action for the success of the ma s
la the apology for thn caucus. Without
such conditions the caucus is a useless
and dangerous fungus growth not pro
vided for in our statutes , uncalled for by
the requirements of the occasion and
dangerous to the rights of the
legislative constituent'low. The republican
party of Nebraska are in an overwhelm
ing majority at Lincoln. Thorn is no
danger of the election of any but a repub
lican candidate to the scnalornhip. No
possible combination of rival fallowings
could secure the choice of a democrat.
Tlio strongest federal inlluence joined to
the heaviest personal bank account can
not bulltio/.c or buy tlio succession into
Hie democratic camp. What excuse is
thnro then for caucus action ? Let the
railroad managers reply.
I'itHt Sl..Millions. .
Omaha's chunng.s have passed the
$0,0(10,000 ( point and are still climbing
upward. Last week our increase over
the corresponding week of the previous
year was 137 pur cont. Nothing indi
cates more fully the growing importance
of this great city than her increasing importance -
portanco as a financial centre. The
clearance table is the barometer of tlio
commercial atmosphere. Its rise anil
fall indicates fair weather and foul. The
pressure of inflowing and outgoing ex
changes is tlio unerring signal of
trade conditions. And judged by this
meter Omaha leads the country in her
financial prosperity. Our financial insti
tutions are among the .strongest in the
west. With eight national banks , among
which are houses whoso deposits reach
tlio four million limit and are climbing
Hteadily upwards , our facilities in this
respect are unsurpassed. Unlike other
cities like Denver , whore the state funds
and the entire banking capital ot a whole
state are concentrated , Omaha depends
largely upon her own resources. On
this account the showing which she
makes each week is pregnant with
significance. It evidences the confi
dence -of homo capital , the increasing
wealth from homo investment , 'tho active
circulation of money planted in local im
provements and hurrying through the
channels of home trade.
Taken in connection with other evi
dences of our commercial prosperity , our
clearings week by week are a bright
promise of luturo prosperity.
A I'folltlesa Kxperiiuonr.
The name of the Honorable John A.
MeShano as a candidate for United States
senator is hoisted by the Omaha llcrahl ,
probably without his consent , possibly
with his approval. The Honorable
John A. Mc.Shauo will not consult ; his
own interests by entering the senatorial
contest as a disturbing factor. Ho
could hope to jriin ; nothing by it
in tlio present , while ho might lose a
great deal in the future. There could be
only ono object in Mr. MeShano's candi
dacy , and that object would bo generally
understood. Mr.McShaneis now tempo
rarily the congressman-elect from the
First district. After March 4th he will have
u two years' tenure of an ollice to which
ho was chosen largely by the votes of re
publicans who now support a republican
anti-monopoly candidate for the senator-
ship. Mr. JMcKhano's candidacy at this
juncture would bo a direct slap in the
face of his former supporters. There is
no shadow of a possibility of the election
of any democrat to the Van Wyck sue-
cession. All the money which Mr. Me-
Shane may command and the promise of
patronage distribution which ho may
make , cannot purchase him this
honor. They may temporarily play
into the hands of the men
who moved heaven and earth to de
feat John McShano al the polls last fall ,
but they cannot materially add to his
prestige or advance his political inter
ests. The best thing that the congress
man elect can do al this juncture is to
keep his hands off a contest with which
ho has no concern and from which he
can gain no personal or political advant
age. Mr. McShano should resolutely de
cline to bo made the tool of politicians of
the opposite party. As the cat's paw to
rake republican chestnuts from tlio heat
of the senatorial furnace he is likely to
get badly singed. It would bo a profit
less experiment.
Cnrlfale'H Mistake.
It is announced that Speaker Carlisle
has been induced to become a candidate
for United States senator to succeed Sen
ator Hock , whoso term will expire in 18SD.
It was stated a few days ago that Car
lisle desired not to be consHored a can
didate , but was in the hands of his
friends. The later information indicates
that the operation of moulding him to
the wishes of Ins friends was not a labor
ious or dilllcult ono. It does not follow ,
however , that in j-Ieldmg to this influ
ence Mr. Carlisle is assured of winning
the coveted prl/.o. The sturdy Scotch
man whom ho must defeat , and who can
have no ambition beyond a sonntorship ,
is very strong with his Kentucky con
stituency. Senator lleek has faithfully
represented the policy of the democracy
of his state , and if less illustrious than
some of his predecessors who made tlio
voice of Kentucky potential in the conn-
oils of the nation , he has been quite the
peer of any contemporary rourisentativa
in congress of that commonwealth in
making its intlucncn felt nnd respected
and maintaining its prestige before the
country. Ho has dared to question the
wisdom of a part of the methods and
policy of the administration with the
vigor and uncompromising thorough
ness which characterize him , and H is not
improbable that this inllnonco is being
thrown against him. lut ! it is
not ap'Kinmt that Kentucky democ
racy is fondly devoted to the
administration , and it may not bo alto
gether fortunate for Mr. Carlisle If ho
is put forward as the representative and
champion of the president.
Hut the mistake of Mr. Carlisle is in
consenting under any circumstances to
leave the arena in which ho has made his
political reputation , where ho is an
acknowledged leader , and where there
are possibilities of usefulness before him ,
for a scat at thn other end of the capitol
where ho would certainly not bo a leader ,
and whore the chance of strengthening
Ins hold upon the regard and confidence
of the masses of his party would bo
greatly lessened. As the foremost man
of his party in the house ho occupies a
vantage ground very much above that of
any senator , and ho Is pretty sure of
retaining It for at least the period of a
senatorial term. It is n crave error to
regard the senate as in the line of ad
vancement to the highest political honor ,
to which it has been thought Mr. Carlisle
aspires. The only ground upon which a
scat in the senate can ho regarded us a
promotion over a seat in the house is the
fact of the longer tenure , and the price
of this advantage is a virtual divorce
ment from the people. Some ono said of
the senate that it is "tho cemetery of
presidential aspirants , " and If that was
true of it in the past it Is quite as much
so now , and is likely to bo oven
more so in the future , for the senate
is not growing in popular con
fidence. Think of the men illus
trious as senators who vainly aspired
to the presidency Clay , Calhoun , Web
ster , Ca ? ? , Henlon , Crittonden , Seward ,
Chase , Conkling , Hayard , Edmunds , and
thus iur Sherman. The popular idea
seems to be that when a man has entered
the senate and become imbued with its
peculiar and distinctive character he no
longer has a hearty and close interest in
thn people , and the perpetuation of secret
sessions and oilier senatorial methods
tend to justify and conlirm this feeling.
The battled hopes of the statesmen wo
have named , most of them worthy of the
highest honor in the gift of the nation ,
attest the mistake of those who regard
the senate as in the line of advancement
to that honor , and approve the opinion
that for the aspiring politician the surest
vantage ground is that which is nearest
the people.
Th ! ir Pay
In both of his annual messages Presi
dent Cleveland recommended that the
salaries of the civil service comniNsion-
crs be Increased and "mado equal to
other oUtcers ol the government having :
like duties and responsibilities. " An un
successful effort was made at the last ses
sion of congress to comply with this rec
ommendation , and it is understood that
it will bo renewed when the legislative ,
executive and judicial appropriation bill
conies up for consideration. It is ox-
peeled to again encounter .strong oppol-
tion , and it is said to be the desire of the
president that the whole question shall be
fully debated. Although Mr. Cleveland
in his lasi message gave .somewhat curt
consideration to the subject of civil ser-
vieo reform , there was no indication in
what he said of any loss of faith in the
principle. Jl suggested simply that lie
regarded the course ho had pursued as
Millicicnlly attesting his devotionto the
policy , and deemed it only necessary to
proclaim his unehangod ailhe.sion to the
reform , without repeating arguments or
renewing pledges. The statement is
now made , however , that Uie president
lias become tired of being made the
largol of all the maledictions of those
Who arc opposed to the reform , and de
sires it to be understood that ho is simply
endeavoring to carry out the law
as he found it. Tlio responsibility
for the existence and continuance
of the law is with congress1 , and
if that body is tired of it the way to gel
rid of it is open. A principal reason for
recommending increased compensalion
was to give congress an opportunity to
show its disposition respecting the
Tills is tiie attitude in which the latest
Washington advices place the president.
Wo have a doubt as to its entire accu
racy. Mr. Cleveland desires the contin
uance of the civil service law and lie wi'.s
wholly sincere in recommending that
the salaries of the commissioners bo in
creased. It is quite probable ho feels
aggrieved that his efforts to execute the
law are not properly appreciated by the
majority of his party. It ho ever ex
pected such appreciation it simply
showed that ho did not Know the party.
But with regard to increasing the com
pensation of tlio commissioners , the
recommendation of tlio president ought
not to bo complied with. They receive
a salary of $3,500 a year and a liberal al
lowance for travelling expenses , which
is generous pay for the work they are
required to do. . It is boiler than the
compensalion of iho assistant postmasters -
masters general. , better than that of the
chiefs of bureaus , and of many other of
ficers of tlio government whose ilutes are
much more arduous , and certainly no
Jess important. Much the greater part
of the work of civil service commissioners
is purely clerical , and it is quite impos
sible thai Ihoy can bi kept in constant
employment during Iho ordinary govern
ment working day of six hours. The
predecessors of the present commission
ers enjoyed abundant leisure , with all
that may imply in personal pleasure and
the opportunity for attending
to private affairs , If the gentlemen now
in these comfortable positions have
worked a little harder it is simply be
cause they deemed it necessary to mark
out a new plan of procedure , and now
that this lias been settled upon there is
no reason 'why for the remainder of their
terms they shall not have an easy and
agreeable experience. The salary and
allowance of a civil service eoinniHsionor
amounts to not less than $ IJ a day for
every day in the year , and no reasonable
man will prolend that this is not adequate
compensation for the service performed ,
whether ono considers the character
and demands of the service , its relative
importan ce , or both , .
Tin : European news is never all war
like or all pacific , which serves to main
tain an interesting condition of suspense
and stimulate the guessing faculty. For
instance , Iho advices of yesterday morn
ing contained a statement from the capi
tal of Belgium that nil the German citi
zens in that country had been called
homo to bo in readiness to jointheircorps
at the iirsl nolice , This appeared omin
ous , since there are precedents for such
callb when war was feared. Other
dispatches , however , held out the promise
of a peaceful solution of the JJulgarian
diiliciiUy , to aid which Prince Alexander
Is going on nn extended tour , stated that
the relations between Russia nnd Austria
are being amicably arranged by the
soothing oflices of Bismarck , nnd rcpro
scntcd Franco to bo in an entirely pcacofu'
mood. This was n rather more one-sidot
statement of tlio situation than usual ,
but it wasn't so much so ns to deprive n
wholly of the interest that belongs to
uncertainty. It also permits the remark
that If the signs of peace are deceptive
thnro is n great deal of quiet preparation
going on which the nations nre uncom
monly successful in keeping from the
knowledge of each other and of the
ubiquitous correspondents.
The empress of Austila Is trying to re
Jooiih to let her visit tlio United States.
The prince of Wales writes very badly
but ho ninnapcs to jet ; alonj : In the world.
The Kminrss Augusta of Germany , has
been under the massive treatment for inan >
King Humbert Is very fond of his son , the
prince of Nnnle.i , nnd Is about to build a
palace for him to play billiards In.
The c/arof Russia is said to bo druiil
nearly all the time , ami hi a condition boulur
In : ; on delirium treiuuns.
The prince of Wales amuses hhupoll bj
playing nn thebanjn. The amusement , b >
the way , Is pcihnps not confined wholly U
his highness.
The queen of Roiiniantn , already an em !
ncnl poet , 1ms emin ud to deliver a COIIIMI of
lectures on " .Modern Llteratuio" next ycni
at the Bucharest hUh school.
The Brand duke of Aucnstenbiiri : , who
will piobnhly mnrry the Princess Lotil e o
Wales , has a lame amount of pioncrtv li
Hlliern and an Ineo-ne of u75,000 , marks fron
the Cerman Kovernment.
Doni Pedro , ot Brazil , lias Introduced a
Semitic professor In the lIe ! do .Janeiro mil
verslty , and ho now proposes to have chairs
established ranging over the languages
from the Coptic to the ISeniruula.
Queen Victoria will civo nvay 2,000 tl
tics and decorations In connection will
the celebration of her jubilee. This lavlsl
generosity will not cost her majesty a
cent , but It will be expensive to the recip
ients of her favors.
Of all the members of the Herman Imperla
family , Kmporor'U illiain Is the only one win
docs not nso visiting cards , lie has never
deviated from his old custom of announcing
his Intended visits by the court courier.
Tlio ijiiccn of ( irecco takes her airings In
a carriage for which slio paid S..O.iO. It was
built for the triumphal entry of the Cointo dt
Chambord into Paris , which never took
place , owing to circumstances over which tin
comic had no control.
The Emperor William makes daily visits to
stores in Berlin to itincliago Christmas pres
ents for Ihe imperial household. Korthlitj
years ho has been accustomed to dual with
the same stores. He goes ats o'clock In the
morning to evade public cuiiosity.
Queen Victoria wishes all her family to ho
in England during the comim- jubilee cele
bration next year. Hence the duke and
duchess of Edinburgh and Prince ( tcorgcot
Wales are coming home from Malta at Un
did of .May , 1SST , and the duke and duchess
of Coniiniight will return Irom India fora
couple of months.
II. O.
Mugwump hlsitoilaus USD the letters JJ. C. ,
as signifying ' 'Before Cleveland. "
Oocl Save Ior. !
Mlnncaixiltg Tilbnnr.
Tennyson Is said to bo composing a new
national ode lor England , ( iod save the
Queen 1
Atlanta's Drinking Motto.
/fOll'DI ' MMf ,
The motto of drinking men in Atlanta ,
Ca. , at the present time should hn. "Jug not ,
thai ye be not jugged. "
Good Advice.
Limtni'llle Commercial.
Secretary Lamar is married and resigned.
Secretary Carhiml Is not married nor is ho
resigned. ( Set married , Secretary liarlnnd.
Koom Tor liiiirovciiicnt. |
I'fortit I'mtisfrliit.
A late dlsjiatch from Washington says
"the president Is much improved. " Thank
heaven for that. There was abundance of
room for improvement.
Judges nnd Ilnilroad I
I'litliiililiilila Jlccunl.
The judge who rides on a railroad with a
free pass lets the wheels of his mind run on
thn same track. How can ho acquit himself
without fear or favor in railroad cases when
his going and coming are a matter of favor' '
AVIiat AVill It Matter.
A'cic Yinlc Mercury.
Oh ! Fate Is cruel and f.ito Is cold ,
And only civeth a grave at last ,
And what Is glory , or love , or gold
When this Uriel' hour Is overpast' . '
What doth It matter us how wo live ?
What doth It matter us how we die' . '
What can nil of the future trlvo
When under the grassy clods we Ho' . '
Wnat will It matter to you or mo-
Insensnto them In Immortal ralm
Wnetlier our funeral dirgi ) .shall uo
t A reptile's hiss or a nation's psalm' . '
What will It matter us then , I say ,
Whether a kingly crown we wore ,
Whether wo tolled from day to day
Or oeggod a pittance from door to door' '
What will It matter us then If wo
Kept our garments from thlncs impure ,
Scattered ouruold with a glad hand Ireo
And walked in the strength ol our worth
soctire ?
Or whether wo wallowed In lies and lust
And washed our hands in the blood of
men ,
And proved a traitor to every trust
What will it matter unto us then ?
Whether our friends weio false or trn.- .
Whether our loe.s were strong or weak ,
What will It matter to hie or you ,
After our candle I * out' . ' Oh.sjiea ! : !
Noln nn'Cit
Stratton is poisin 'anxionsly ' for a pho
West Point improved to the amount of
$ H5 , 135 last year.
Hustings has beeii jakcn in out of the
cold and is happy. ,
The treasurer ofi. Valley county paid
out illyH.57last .vui.r.
York has organized a board of trade
with a capital of s-10,000.
Hastings turned ! out two ami a half
million cigars last
The rails of the Hock Island road have
been laid to Pawnee City.
Elkhorn Valley surveyors have staked
u road through lavid City.
Thn Presbyterians of Hastings are talk
ing up plans for a ? flO,000 churc.h.
Doano college , during its brief career ,
has graduated forty-four students.
The town of Odell , Gage county , has
invested $1,000 in a school building.
Nebraska City has added a whist club
; o her industries. The town is bound to
"brace up. "
John Carter's residence near Verdan
was destroyed by lire lust week , causing
ilossof § 1SUO. ,
A party of Elkliorn Valley surveyors
HIVC readied lork , and Hock Island
stakeholders mo operating in the sub
The people gleefully hall the
freshet of iron highways.
Ilenkleman boasts of five babies , all
boys , born ono day Inst week. An early
census is demanded.
A free lunch stand and lodging house
for the poor is talked off in Lincoln , The
lobby is poverty stricken.
The voters of ( irand Island will de
termine the question of granting a street
railway franchise on the 15th.
Vivo churches are doing a thriving bus
iness in Ashland. Two urlntlng ollices
and no saloons arc conspicuous features
of the town.
The railroad business at Norfolk last
year was extensive anil profitable. The
Union Paeilic took in § 18,172.0,1 ; the
Omaha & St. Paul , $103.1-la , and the Elk
liorn Valley road about $00,000.
Burglars appear to bo pretty fond of
postolllccs "manned" by women. They
have made three social calls on the Blair
postollleo , mid cadi time took away all
the boodle in sight. The capacious
hosiery of to-day with combination garters -
tors seems to bo the only "safe" deposi
tory lor postmistresses.
Mr. Eakm of BeiiKleman was tapped
by a train boy for UI the other day.
The peanut pusher wanted to nxcliango
silver for greenbacks. Mr. Eakin handed
out a $20 lull , which the p. p. could not
change. He pocketed the bill , however ,
and handed baek $1. Eakin took tlio bill
and reached homo before discovering the
Iowa ItoniH.
Otlumwa claims a population ot M,000.
Muscatinn county spent ij-lir ' , ' 0 in 1PSO.
There were -Kl ) deaths in Dubuqtic last
The loss in the coal mine fire at Cable
will probably reach $20,000.
Woodbiiry county , including Sioux
City , has IIGOT children of school ago.
The prevalence of hog-cholera in
Dnhmmo county is inducing the farmers
to sell everything they have in the * hapo
of hogs.
President Phelps , of ( Joe college. Cedar
Hupidsi , has tendered his resignation , to
take ofl'ect as soon as the trustees can fill
his place.
Keott county , Including Davenport , re
ports OW deaths nndIU maanagc.s last
year. The grim reaper has whittled the
point ofTeupid's puny barb.
The heating of the capitol building for
the month of December cost an average
ot $ : K.7fi ! per day. This icpreseiits the
entire cost of fuel , engineer , fireman , etc.
Work on the railroad bridge at Waterloo
lee is progressing as well as the weather
will pern it. The masonry for the
bridge over the Illinois Central track
is about ready tor the superstructure ,
which is expected to arrive in n short
A Mason City man has invented a high
speed compound engine , composed of
only seven parts , which is the marvel of
machinists. Every part runs in oil.
There is nothing of it like the common
engine ; no valves , port-holes , eccentric ,
cross-head , pnckiiiir-boxc * , valvesordead
center , li will make 3,000 revolutions a
On the .Hh hist. , al Muscatinc. a young
man named William ( jarroll.created an
excitement in a street ear by flourishing a
razor and threatening to cul tlio pas
sengers into mince-moat. After a brief
struggle he was jailed and unloaded of a
young arsenal consisting of brass
knuckles , razor , revolver and other war
like weapons.
A few evenings ago Mr , Van Saunders ,
of Albia , was cleaning a revolver at his
homo by placing il between his knees for
the . His little
purpose. four-vear-old
daughter was kneeling by his side when
the revolver was discharged , the ball
grazing the entire side of her head ,
knocking her over mid stunning her.
The father WAS certain the revolver was
not loaded.
The Iliglimoro artesian well has reached
a deptli of 1W5 ; feet.
The land ollice at Rapid Cily disposed
of i.'l > ,001 acres of land for the quarter
ending with the year , and look in iJtM Ol
in cash.
The new board of commissioners of
Sanborn county , by unanimous vote , re
fused to grant saloon licenses during the
year 1837.
A new town site ban just been laid out
in Bntte county , north'of Deadwood , in
anticipation of the extension of tiio Fre
mont , Elkliorn & Missouri Valley rail
road , ll commands a line water power.
The warden's report of the. Sioux Falls
penitentiary shows that during the two
years ending November , 18SO , the total
receipts of the institution were $ -18,000.01 ,
and that the disbursements lor the same
period were $7G,0lG.j. ! ! ) ;
The farmers of Cuss county have boon
called to meet in L'argo on the Ifitlf inst.
for Hip purpose of considering the kind
of legislation wauled and tin * advisabil
ity of sending a delegate to Bismarck to
attend the coming session of the legis
O.MAUAN8' AimOAI > .
Trnlninti Hero nn Assurance of
Success in Any Place.
The old residents of this city will read
ily call to mind the Hugus lamily , Ihe
members of which were for many years
identified with the business pursuits of
Omaha. It is with pleasure that the HUB
finds among its exchanges the Passadena
( Cal. ) Star , which gives a long account
of the prosperity ofI. W. lltigus and of
his new residence , the finest dwelling in
the San Gabriel valley. Mr. Hngns is
vice-president of the San Gabriel Valley
bank , and a leading citizen in every way
of that section of California. Ills new
house is situated on the highest portion
of a tract ot 200 acres ol finely improved
and magnificently situated land sloping
gently Irom the foot of the Sierra Madre
range , and commanding a wide and
ever lovely prospect of valley ,
mountain and sea. To quote
the language of the Star :
"On this ducal estate the owner is abund
antly supplied with the purest of moun
tain water , stored in a largo reservoir , as
it Hews , while ho makes his own gas for
light , rais-es his own fruit , vegetables , al
falfa , etc. , and is preparing in many
ways to 'live like a prince' within his
realm. is of the Queen Anne
style that revival of the old English
form , which is more modern that any
other , ll laces ninth , and with its square
tower on one corner , its shingled upper
front , it.s windows of many sizes and
colors , its noble main projection , its
beautiful covered pordi , ten feet wide
and extending around three sides , nnd
it.s broad Mops and wide entrance , the
building hi.-i : an appearance that inspires
admiration at once. Jt is a house bulii-
ting the grand site upon which it is
placed. "
The eost of this building is represented
al over SJ.Vl.O'JO ' , and what is the nusl news
of all the Star adds that Mr. Hiigns can
well all'ord to tuKe pride and pleasure in
his new "Highland Homo. "
In the Kunici paper the advertisement of
A. Cruickshunk A ; Co. strikes the Omaha
eye very favorably. What a fnw years
igo was the siyn writer's announcement
m the northeast corner of Farnam and
l-'onrteenth street , and subsequently on
juilcom.-r s Hook , corner of Douglas and
fifteenth ot roots , Omaha , is now "Xo. 'J
Exchange Blook , Passadena , Cal. " The
"Co" of the former company , N. B. Fal
coner , is still on Omaha ground at the
old stand.
Huy a l''n\v
ifthoso ulcgant lots in ALIWIUHT'S
CHOICE and double your money before
spring. Albrighl Is making lots of
niinov for lots of people who purchase
rein him. Only u htlle money required
, o buy u Jot' . . i
Stnto Editorial Friends of the People on tbo
Senatorial Question ,
Marlnml'fl IClectlon n "JllR Striuv"
Ills High Chnrnotcr i'lrst Itlootl
1'or .tlio Ohl-Mnn-Uoncpt
lI. Kt > iintlnil Democrats.
Significant Sti-mv.
Aurora Sun : The election of Speaker
Ilarlan , who is a Van Wyekor , Is u straw
in the "old man's'1 favor.
Couldn't Kill Ono of Them.
Nance County Journal : Congressman
Weaver is one of the most active aspir
ants for Van Wyck's old s-hocs. He
couldn't fill one of them.
A lioMnc Slock In Trnde.
Nebraska CityNows : Paddock's friends
seem to love him "for the tmemies he
has mado. " His war on Van Wyck seems
to bo his stock hi trade.
la'nilot- the "Xlilrd" House.
Nauee County .lournal : Church llowo ,
the undaunted , has taken a seat In the
IcgUlalivi * body , lor what reason it is nol
dilnenll to determine.
Team of Dark Unison.
Nanee County Journal : Albiniis Nauee
and M. ! ! . are among the senator
ial dark horses who will bob up promi
nently at the first opportunity.
CJct Tliero in Kino Slinpo.
Senator Casper in the Butler County
Press : If the deetion of United State's
senator were to come off now , Van Wyck
would get there In line shape , but tliero
is no certainly as to what the "barrels"
may do.
llo'n the I'cnpln'H Ctiolcn.
Clay County Democrat : There is
scarce a doubt. If the question or the elec
tion of a United Slates senator was left
to u direct vote of the people of the state
VnnWyck would bo his own successor.
Not to lp SnufToil Out.
Grand Island Independent : The most
bitter opponents of Senator VanWyok
now admit that Ihu senator's combined
forces are not to bo smitlcd out at one
twitch , but on the contrary the morn you
snulV them the brighter Ihoy scorn lo
Ho liooniH UK magnificently.
Blair Pilot : Over against this magnifi
cent field looms up Old Man Van Wyck.
The question is , can they boat him ? Will
the field unite against linn so solidly that
ho cannot detach a fragment of a faction
to his already recognized support.
Tin-no IIoiH > rnl > ] < ; Snnntorc.
Grand Island Independent : Every con
ceivable method will bo resorted to to
entrap legislators , jind defnat the ro-olcc-
tion of Senator Van Wyck , but the olTort
will fail. Tzsehuek Schminke Sprick
three German senators , are as true to
their constituents and Senator Van
Wyck as is Iho needle lo Iho north pole.
The I-'irst Blow Tclli.
Webster County Winner : Tlio Van
Wyck element seems to have won a vic
tory in the election of Ilarlan for speaker ,
but his opponents are working tirelessly
and insinuate that a great deal of change
may bo seen before Ihe time for ballot
Thorn Will I > o Music. City Courier : The composition
of the prosonl legislature doesn't appear
to diller materially from that of its pre
decessors. Unless we are miioh mis
taken , however , it will furnish some
music never heard in this state before.
Public sentiment isn't the same as it was
two years ago.
First Illnnd for the People.
Dawson County Herald'The : lower
house of the legislature organized vester-
day by the election ot N. V. Ilarlan , of
York , as speaker , by a rousing majority.
Mr. Harlan's election is n pointer , lie
being tiic Van Wyck candidate for that
position , and marks first blood for the
people against the corporations in the
senatorial light.
A Siirprlflp find a Success.
Ctister County Lender : The action of
the house in electihg Ilarlan , who is a
pronounced Van Wyck man , is something
of a surprise , as it was presumed that
the opposition to tlio senator would at
tempt at the outset to make a test of
strength , and that the. election of speaker
would give them the desired opportunity.
night .linn In I ho Kljrht Plncc.
Nebraska Cily Press : Ilarlan will
make a good speaker. Ho has a reputa
tion , even among those who know him
least , ol being honest and fair. He has
had experience in legislative work , and
the Press has faith will on found to
posscrs thn firmness necessary to a suc
cessful presiding ollicer.
They nro Taking to the \VooilN.
Ashland Gazette : Senator Van Wyck
seems to have routed the enemy and they
are taking lo the woods. The senator's
prospect for re-election is brightening
daily , and thorn is but Httlo doubt now
but that ho will bo his own successor. It
will bo a great vict&ry for the people over
the corporations.
Iioolc Out for the "Kick. "
Bancroft Journal : According to the
papers that only echo the statements of
the railroad companies. Senator Van
Wyck is "the deadest kind of a duck. "
Like Bill Nyo's range steer , ho will sud
denly come to life before many days , nnd
kick yon fellows so high that yon can
look over Iho walls of the New Jerusalem.
Not n AVoril AgnlnHt Him.
Clay County Democrat : Hon. N. V.
Ilarlan , of York , won the prize being
( ilected speaker on the first ballot. Air.
Ilarlan is spoken of as a man of ability
mid worthy the position ho has gainiMl.
By all the leading newspapers of the
state , of both particd , ho is credited with
being capable , honest anil a very tiflalilo
Ktratton Ga/oltn : Tim Nebraska logis-
lattiru met last Tuasdny. The proiicol |
is that thnro will bu several rathnr bitUir
fights before the mmnhors gut down to it is to bo hoped that the ini'in-
bers will rmniiinber that they are mure
public servant ; ; , and as tmch have no
right to waste the pulilio time and money.
"Tho I'ooplo Ho Dainnnil. "
Dawson County Herald- Paddock is
urged for snnaior to succeed Van \\'yok
because hu : .s a MaUvirl : republican.
Twelve yeaiv ; ago Paddock was elected lethe
the United .Mates sinito : l > y the acfaistam-o
of democratic votes , aiid if elected this
time will owe his election to a tie up of
the democrats and republicans under Urn
ilircctiun of the railway mm-hiiio. The
machine cry Is "Tho people bo damnud , "
nnd "anything lo beat Van Wjck.1'
1'ivRr.vthlng Look * F vornl > l < ! .
l-'reir.ont Herald : The election of
Muikeljohn as president of the senate is
another of those uimnimoub victories
ivhicli means nothing or anything , as you
look at it. He hu > > boon regarded us a sort
; if anti-monopoly champion , but the fact
is appur'onl that ho WIIK very baiisfautnry
to tin ) stalwarts , and it is perfumed they
: ould have defeated him , had Ihoy felt
Inclined. If Van Wyck can hold all the
strength that his friends claim , and that
outside appearances give him , ho has got
n pretty sure thing on election.
Miller Mum nnd "Consistent. "
Fremont Herald : Wo observe not ono
word of censure In the Omaha Herald
against Vandcmark nnd Campbell for
voting with the stalwart republicans to
elect a president of the M-nate not n
word. On the contrary , it defends their
action In carrying through Tobo Caslor'H
litllo arrangement. This is consistency !
Ami wo suppose it will also applaud the
selection of that "stalwart'1 commlteo
every ono of them straight republicans
to make up the list of committees in the
senate in the same intercut and for the
same purpose. That's the kind of ' coa
lllion it endorses ! And where is the
benelll to the democratic parly ?
Itcatcn On Tliolr Own Ground.
Vivmont Herald : Ilarlan , the Van
Wyek candidate , was elected speaker of
the house , in spile of the caucus which
the stalwarts had so much to say about.
In tact , he went right in and captured tha
caucus , meeting tlio enemy and beating
them on their chosen battle Hold. Tliero
are intimations that Weaver hnd n hand
in It , with a view of gathering in the
stragglers when the final-break up emiiej
and in the event of Van W.VCK being
shelved. This Is probably Iho truth of
the matter. This may be somewhat ex
plained by tliurnniors afl'eetiug Congress
man Dorsey's position , In which it has
been stated that ho is supporting Van
Wyek. This may be true and it may ua
to the extent that Weaver is also sup
porting him , as above indicated , \vitlt
the end iu view of the final wind-up in
favor of Weaver ; for Mr. Porsev lina
been considered very friendly to Weav
er's candidacy ami ho looks about us
far ahead an some of the rest of them ,
when it conies to measuring the distant
a cat will jump.
Never Knlled in Hlgluucn Vonrs.
( Jraiul Islam' ' Independent : The Inde
pendent has taken an active interest in
every senatorial contest for the past
eighteen years , and has never In n single
instance failed of having the satisfaction
of seeing its man elected. It has also
every lime it advocated the cause of it
Hall county candidate before the statu
convention had the. satisfaction of seeing
him nominnted ami elected , and it is ? ru.
islieit that thiq eighteen years' record of
continuous success will not bo broken by
the result of the pending senatorial con
test. In short , it is satisfied Senator Van
Wyck will bo elected at u very
curly period , nnd by a decisive
majority , not later than thn third day
after thn first ballot , and very likdv on
the first , day after tlio lirst joint ballot ,
The situation is such that no camlidata
can possibly bo eleeted without the Van
Wyck force , and that is composed of men
of well-known staying qualities in a pro-
traded siege , knowing full well that they
have the key to the senatorsliip. Unless
all signs fail the election will be made in
the same week in which balloting begins ,
and wo are willing to bo marked down a
false prophet for the rest of our natural
life if Senator Van Wyek does nol sue *
cecd himself.
The "Swill-Tub" Squeal.
Slate Democrat : If twenly-nino republicans
publicans should prefer a democrat to
Van Wyck they can easily have him. If
such a contingency arises it is manifestly
dill ; : and policy for twenty-nine re
publicans to vote for a democrat rather
than insist that the larger number of
democrats shoujd come lo them.
And right upon ihal point rests the
hopes of a candidate who has nol yet
been named on this article. The can
didate is Diindy. His selection would
make a vacancy on tlio federal bench ,
which would bo filled by a democrat. It
is this half loaf which is to bo oll'erod lo
democrats. li is no secret that a great
majority of the Nebraska bar would like
to see Diindy oil' the heiich. But when : i
man ought to be oil' it is a very poor
plan . to get him oil' by electing
him to the senate. The Democrat
does not regard this dodge in liehalf of
Dundy us entitled to the .slightest eon-
sideration.No ono ejanns thai Diindy
has any special qualifications for the
senate. The propo.iition that democrat ! )
shall elect him to that body merely for
the sake of having a democrat step into
Ins judicial shoes has about il a sinaclc
of indcccnc.y that is not relishable. Ono
of the chiefesl objections to democracy
now is the squeal it can set up over the
swill tub and the depth it can thrust its
nose into the contents of it. There is no
need for 11113 * further display in the mat
ter than has already been made . In
Nebraska the democratic party appeals
to the people on the allegation that it is
better fitted to govern than the republi
can party. Let us not forever disprove.
our clfmii in one most essential respect
by handling the two input elevated am )
responsible positions in our reach an HO
much plunder to bo schemed and fought
for as the chief end of polities.
The Itoiiort o ! " tlio Woman's Chi-lutfnii
Mrs. Knight , of the Woman's Chris-
lian association , makes the following report -
port of the receipts at the home , and tlio
work done for December :
Monny donations J. 11. Millard , $23i
K. M. MorsmanSOT : W. V. Mow > . if 10 ,
Mrs. C. K. Vosl , 45 ; Mrs. Kzra Millard ,
- ' ? . ' ) : Miss Mary Millard , ? r > : A Friend , iffi ;
Mrs. Hiekmanfl ; Mrs. Maul , fffij J. A.
Wakclicld. $10 ; Kirkendall. Jones & Co. ,
ifUO ; Tootle & Maul , StM ; Herman
Kounlze , $25 ; Mrs. George Barker. . * tf ; D.
M. Steelc , $95.
The following sums have been received
on monthly subscriptions of $10 and $ V
( ! uy C. Barton. $70 ; ! ' . Colpelzor , il ! ' , ( ) ;
S. K. Callnway. ? i0 ! ; K , V. Smith , if ' . ' 5 ; N.
Merriam , S-SOjl' . C. Hiinobaugh , iflil ) ,
Clothing has been contributed by the
following portions :
Mr.s. Merriiim , Hail , J. , T , Brown. W.
D. Parrotle. Colpetzor , A Friend. Mrs.
( Srigor , Millard , L. Heed , Marshall , Hub-
bard , She.rfy , C. King , Holnu-H , Bliss ;
L. B. Williams , Barney , \\ : . us , No-
diill , A anarsdale , ' 1 rlnibln. Maul. Turkey.
cranberries and fruit , Mr. Cnllnwnv ;
flour and bacon , Mrs. ( iem-ral Brock ;
ono barrel of npnlos , Branch ACo. . ;
turkey , Mm. C. U'oodnriiij chicken- * ,
Mr. Allen ; twenly-livo pound ) * of leu
nnd twenty-five pounds ol colleo , ClarKu
Bros. ; snnsago , Mrs. A. P. Wood ; biiltur ,
Mr. ( icnlloinMii ; mince plus , Mrs. Itolinrts
and Vnnar.sdnh.groceries ; Mr. Bei nt-'t.
Forty women and c-hildren have lu-nn
given shelter at tin ; homo during tlio
month ; boinc for ono night , others for n
longer timu. One motherless baby and
two unfortunate giris have been M-ni to
the Iliimi ! for thn al Lim'-m. '
A homi : is wanted for an inlirc..slinr ; < < t
tlo girl ul two and a half yearn
SAitAH Jt. KNIUIIT , for Ht-e.
r W ) I'or Out. I'roill
lias been made since last Augn.- t by ] > ur-
[ ; haser of lots from Mr. Albright in the
iddilion West ot Ai.mtHJiir'.s rnoin
Al.llKillT' ! ! ( JIIOICK UK.vrs Til KM All.
iifH Head Cut OJHMI.
diaries Lloyd , .siipm-intendi-nt of the
JDS transfur , met with an accident at tlio
U. & M. depot yesterday morning In M i/-
ng down , striking on a truck and < -ut 11
i bad gash in his head. Ho will probably
jc laid up for a day or twu , but nuihiiig
> crious is anticipated.
( irCUt J'UclUIIIH'llt
n SOUTH OMAHA over the way am-i Mi-t
otH in Ai.i'itnirr's ; OnoieU are
I'wcnty-tsvo lots 'bold in onu day.