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* 11 1887. lR 907.
Speaker Harlan's Selections Announced to
the Legislature in Session ,
\ KcRoliitlon ol Ucspect to General
Logan inttotlitccil Andres 1'rc-
H n Hill Creating a.
Urn-can or Imhor.
the House.
Xcb. , Jan. 10. [ Special lo the
Hi.i .J When the house of representatives
reconvened this aftcnioon al 1 o'clock it was
apparent thai nearly nil bad cnjojed their
Bundav dinner nl home. Their brows were
unclouded and the cares of statesmanship
had been tcmpoiarlly dispelled. 'Iho word
"generally" Is used because there weie some
exceptions. Notable among these was Kep-
icscntallvoJcaiv , concerning whom It had
been icpoiti-d , nnd toirectlj- the speakers
nniioumemcnl proved , lhat ho was lo iccelvo
the chairmanship of llio committee on enroll
ments nnd engrossments. This committee
Is obliged to employ fiom I'vcnlj to tvventv-
hve clcik" , Iho mnjoiilj ol whom , by custom ,
nro ladles. Mr. Jcary was , therefor1 , be-
Hinged b } ladles lo the light of him , ladles to
the left of him , ladles all around him , and he
woie a scared and hunted look which c\ciled
the commiseration ol his fcllow-mombeis
Succeeding pravoi by the chapliln and the
response of ono hundred "lieies" to iho roll
tall , Mr. ( Survey ot Douglas asked for Mr ,
SinHi permission for the latter uoiitlcman
to bo absent until Tuesday , which was
lltl ! STA\ni\f ! COMVIITT1TS.
The eleik then announced the standing
committees , as piop.ircd btho spcakoi , as
follows :
Judiciary Kussell , Howman , Slater , Au
di OWB , McConaugh } , Sullivan , Agee , Cald-
wcll , Sin } th.
Klnancc. Wavsand Moans Nichol , Il.ij-
monil , Latta , Hairctt , lloimrod , Dempster ,
Newcomer , White , Peteis , McUiovv , Thoin-
lon.AgrlcuHuro Hallard , "Wilson. Abraham-
BOII , Cameron , Kenton , Kuchs , Cillmorn.
Heads nnd Hiidges Akin. Fox , Tingle ,
.Dickinson , Pnchs , Hontloy , Tjson.
Militia-Sweet. Cole , Halrd , Yut/y , Gnr-
vcy , Alcxandei , Satchel , Wnrdlaw , Norils.
Public Lands and Hullillnu'S Caldwell ,
Andrews , McConaughy. Wardlaw , Wilsey ,
Tj son , Dlller , Uailey , Young , Jiislcj , Lois-
Inlei nal Improvemnnts Xorrls , YAlls ,
Kk'glcston , dieen , Gamble , Wllbelmsen ,
redcral Knlatlons H dley , Thlrtj-fourth
district , Kisloj' . Thornton , Woleuweber ,
Kelpei , Schwab.
l > grossd and Enrolled Hills Jeary. Pern-
berton , Hentlej' , Schwab , Aiken , Xorris ,
Loid , Hiovvn/lvson ,
Accounts nnd i\pendlturns-Agco. : Wll-
POII , Andiews , Peteis , J.eisveld , Jtoper ,
Ciaig. Hajden , Cole ,
Constitutional Amendments Slater , Cope ,
Tracy , McConaughy , Abiahauibon , Kills ,
Thlit-louith district.
County Hoiindaries and Coiintv Scats
hulllvnn , Crane , Slater , 1 lajden , Kiel1 hoin-
ton , Kenny , Lord , Halld.
Hallioads Whltmore , Watson , Shamp ,
Hallard , Miller , Agne , Cannon , How man ,
IcCann. ( iilmore , Harrctt , Harrison , New
ton , Wotlinrald , Hick. ,
nnd L'lections I'lslpy , Cope-
Kenny. Lord. Veach , MarMmtl , Oilier , Ivuvv
ton , ( iilmoro , Husscll , Wright ,
lS3iiilentlaiy Howman , Shaiup , Aiuliol ,
Slmms , Andios Randall , Sweet.
Blind , Deal and Dumb Cole , GafToid ,
Mntthlcson , Ke-ipcr , Hallard , U\erton , Leis-
Coinoialloiis Miller. Mlnnlv , Gicen ,
AVrlght , Pumbcrton , Watson , Hcimrod.
Llbiary \ ut/y , Fuller , Knov , Dickinson ,
MeKeuim , Maishall , Mc(5row. (
Cities and Towns Sinjtli , Knymond , Kills ,
Cralir , Kwinir , Vouni ; , Minnix.
JJ.inks nnd Cuirency Newcomei , Knndall ,
Alexander , Omton , lluuibon , M ctiiew ,
Common Schools Fuller , Overtoil , Hoist ,
Gamble , Ci.uie , .lenry , Cameron.
Unlversltj ana Normal Si liools Domiister ,
Cannon , White. Alexander , Knox , Wlilt-
more , Wilsey , Dlllei , ( ireen.
1'iiblle Printing 1-winpr. Kenncy , llorst ,
AiUen , Drown. Dempster , 1'iniit/ .
Mines .mil Minerals Cope , Uief , Nlchol ,
McC'anu , Wilson , Crane , Vullei.
Immigration Shami > . Hiown C.uueron ,
MeKouna , Jlabrock , H.iiley , Fuchs , falmanek ,
WillieliimenVoleuwebei , Dillei.
Maiiutactnro and Commerce \Vcthuald ,
IU < ntley , bim.inek , Matthleson , Mingle ,
hehool l.inds Wilsey , Habenck , Knox ,
I'.Kleaion. batcliel , Underbill , Tiuclc ,
dull , Malthiesou.
Mlscellani'otis Subjects MeConaiiliey ! ,
Slmms , Turner , Wliholtuaeii , rciiton , TON ,
ApporUomuenl MtCann , Habcoek , Jcary ,
( iamblehltmore , Newton , Caldwell ,
hweet , Fenlon , Turner , Hick , Newcomei ,
J atti.
Claims Watson , Miller , Dickinson , Gar-
\oy , Ciai ( , ' , Minnl.x , White , Abrahaiiibon ,
Lhu block nnd dra/lnc Harrett , Frant7 ,
Fox , Underhlll , Kccluaton , blinuib , Wether-
aid , Lattn. Kief.
Hides Demp-iler , Newcomer , Sullhan ,
Watson , bmUli. Horst , Mr. hpeiker.
Jte\eiiuo nnd Taxation ( ' .union , Itandall ,
1'eteis , Vut/y , Tinner , Itoper , Satchel ,
Jlc'imroil , Keiper.
Laboi Mniih.ill , Andres , Underbill ,
Thlrtj-tourth ilibtiut , Trae > , Gatloid , II ij-
aid , Hlel , , ( ianoy , J'omburtun , Veach , JJuv
sell.'ardlav. .
Mr. Cole , ot Adams. Introduced n joint
ii'solullim of lusnuct nnd condolence upon
the death ol Geueial .lolin A. hiuan. J'lio
lesolutlon was adopted unanimously , but the
motion wns ueonsldered nnd the jeiolution
\umordeicdloits hecoiid leulinirnnil will
lid made tlio bpcclal order ot to merion or
home near subsequent d 15. The lollowlnj ; is
tint full text :
Wbeiens , Tlio commander of the unl\ei--o
lia\ini , ' reimnid bj death one ot the nation's
noblest deteniloiH , deneial and benatoi John
A. Lot'an ; tliou'toro be It
Iti-bohed , H ) tbohonatoaud house of icp-
reseiitati\es of the btato ot NtbtnbUa , that
In thodeath of ( ieneial l.ou'un the lountiy
loses an illustrious eitl/eu , hold It. ' r. a lalth-
Itd publle hi'rutiit , a man of pure moid .mil
nnt > wcr\lnc Integrity. The cieateit of the
Miiuntier chiefs lias jiassed away , \ilimt ; ;
Irleud ot thoboldier , thoe\erieady dufendei
ot the widow and the orphan ,
JtCbohod , That we bow In humbln subniis-
hlon to Iho dhiuo will , acKnowlidclntj Uiu
all wise biipiemacv ot thu call , leeoRiit/ln
the end to which all o us must eomoiu thu
HesoUed , 'that the respectful sympathy of
the Hi'iiuto and liouse ot representatl\es ot
the state of Nebraska bo tendered to thu
moiunlnu' widow , \\ith whom wo uicatly
b > mpi\lhue.
tu-solved , 'lhat an enciosspd copy of these
resolutions bo'd to her and that the
tame bo sniL'.ul upon tin ) house journal.
,1 nines 1'uuell was appointed M meiaengcr
to ttio hi'cjttaty of state , as per
iNritonrcTios OPIIII.I.S ,
The follow inj ; bills introduced :
Hy Whitoot Cass To repeat the law ro-
Qiiiilnn theie istintloii \oteraln ceitaln
cities of the si'ciiiid elass.
Ji > < iictvn ot I'latte To amend tlio net
piovldiiik' tor the election of Kvisters of
JJ\ How manTo provide for paying for
jHibllcation of thu coiistltutlonal amendment
submitted at the election of lbG , appiopiiat-
Ini : 6Jts71.
Jij iireen To regulate nioceduto In tlio
( listiiet eonit.
Hy 15let To provide for an economic co-
ole Ical survey < > f the state ot Netiraska tor
the puiposoot dlseo\erltii.tndiliti ; > mlimting
Informa'.iou ut'atdlng the ot the
\ho. approprIatIneS4'i,000 to sink four test
\\ells in the btato ot Nebraska.
Uy Cope of I'aw nee To amend cert.un sec
tions of the compiled statute.- . ,
Also , to amend certain portions of the re
used .statutes relating to election of county
nnd precinct olllccrs.
Hy Fuller To make It unlawful for any
to cliarRo moro Hum a icnts ver uiilo
' for transporting any paescnger wltli IJO
pounds of baccngc.
Hy Tvson To provide for dcterintnlns the
length of terms of stipcrvl ors In townships
newly or anl/ed.
Hy 1'json Toatnond the law relating to
the ale ofvlnoni , inallniidspiritiioiisllfiuors
placing 5100 penalty on the sale on election
dm a.
Also , to amend section 71 , chapter T5 * , of the
compiled htatutes of iss.\ entitled roads , and
to repeal said original section.
Also , to amend -ecllons of Ibo revised
statutes entitled "revenue. "
Hy Audit's To create n continual buieau
of labor and liKluMrj , inovidlni ; for appoint
ment of a commission ! i , apnoiiitmnnt of a
dcpiity , and delinlui ; Hie duties thereof , unk
ing the compensation of the commlsstonrr
? lsoo DOI annum and ot hl dctmtj
| , cr niiniini ; the commissioner to nun power
to enter nnj factorj or workshop and exam
ine Into tin1 accommodation for , coinpensa-
lion of and troatmenl of emplo.ves.
Hv lloimrod To auiend the act iclatlng to
Allot thesebllts were ordered to a second
All of the billsIntiodureil la t week \vero
read a second time nnd iclerrcd to the appro
priate committees.
Adjourned to ! > : M o'clock a. m. to morrow ,
i IIP mm ii-Mits's ni < i niox.
The leoentlon lo ( , overiior Thavcr will be
glvi u lo-morrow The senate hallexeeullvo
olllceniid olllceof Hie attorney geneial will
be Ihiown open , ( toxernor Tbajei midwife
will ri'crive the mombois of the leizlslatuio
and other visitors tiom S lo 11 o'clock. 'Iho
covernoi and wife will bo assisted by ex-
( iovcrnor Davves and wife , Audltoi Habcoek
and wile , Land Commissioner Scott nnd
wile , Treasuiei Wlllaid , Secretary of State
Laws nnd wile , Attorney Genoial Leeso and
wife , and .Superintendent of I'ublle Iintruc-
tlon Lanonnd wife. Althoimb intonral , the
ii-teptlon will probably bo abtilliaiit alfiii.
If haiidsomo feinlnlnc toilets can give II lhat
The opcuimesslon of DID 'I him liouse ,
vvldeb was lo bavo been held to iiionow
ovenlne , has been postponed , ovvliu to Hie
failure of the temporary olllcers lo secure a
postponement of tlio governoi's reception.
"Truth crushed to eatlh will liso acnln. "
however , and the 'third house will he duly
organi/ed upon some evening of the present
week with duo solemnity.
Tlio Iciiulllcnii4 Score n Point Over
Democratic Opposition In Indiana.
IxuiAXAPoi'is , Ind. , Jan. 10 ( Special
Teleciam to the Hin. : ) 11. S. Hobertson ,
Hcutenent governor elect , was counted In
this morning , but amid oxtiaoidlnaiy s > concs.
The dcmociatle senators declined to attend
the joint .session to hear tlio count. When
Speaker baj or , rcfusinc to entertain motions
of anj boit , announced Kobertson eleetcd
and Introduced hlm.thedeinocratlcrcpresent-
ntivcs rose en masse and began to violently
denounce Hobertbon , and denied bis light to
preside. Represent itlvo Jowett delicti him
and called the proceedings the acts ot n re
publican mob. Jlo made \aguo reference to
foicc , saylns the democrals bad filcnds
In Hie galleiy , whereat a wild shout went
up. tlioboitson vainly sought to obtain
order , and attei taking Iho oalh of olllce read
his address while patidomonium reigned In
the halls. The lopubllcans gathered about
him , and when ho announced his Intention
lo Insist upon Ibo rights of the lieutenant-
governor , they shouted loud and long. Above
Ibo roar was faintly heard llobeitson's \olco
adjourning the joint convention until Jan-
taken. The domociats loft llio house In a
bow ling bodv , but changed their tactics and
returned. They acknowledged Iholr mis-
lake in adjourning the scnaloover till 'lues-
day ns thu repuhlle.ins have the advantage
ot to day's pioccedlngs
TIM ; I'nocni.DiNos IK nr.TAir , .
INDIAN u-ous , Jan. 10. The hallways
and conidots of the capitol vveio thionged
w lib an immense crow d this morning to w it-
nnss possible developments In the political
struggle now in progress. All Inteicst was
ccnteied in the house. Dhcctlj'aftei prajcr
the dooiknepci announced the presence of
the senate , consisting ot tlio nine
teen republ'can membnis of that
body. Kelllsun ( dnmociat ) arose , and
called "Mr. Speakei. " but ho was not
recogniml. Speaker Sayio immediately an
nounced tno business of tlio convention
was to canvass the vote forjllentenant ov-
ernoi and Ke-llison niraln soiuht n bearing ,
but was iiromptlv told ho was out ol order.
Other democratic nicmbcis claimed the
speakei's attention , but were all letused rec
ognition. At tlio close ot the reading ot the
leturns , Jewell , ( demociat ) addressed
the speaker , bill was told nothing
would bo in order until the
canvass was complete' . The result of the
vote was announced ns follows : Hobcitson ,
'Jijtlt ) | ; Nelson , .VJ.o'.U ; Kobeitson's major-
' '
I'lp'on this Hobnitoon was sworn In bv
Jiiilno Walkei , of the biijiiemo court , and
was then declared bv the speaker to bo lieu
tenant governor ol Indiana.
Hoi oitsoninstantlyadvancedtothelfrontof
the spcakc-i'sdesk and tal.Inir lliog.ivcl rapped
tor order. ( Ionian ( democratl raised his
hand and called "Mi. apeiki'i , " but no at
tention was niven him. Jevvett was treated
in n similar mannei but both managed to ex
claim "Mr. Speaker , we do not lecognl/o the
legality ot this joint convention , " pointing
to republican sonatois , "whim theio is no
lepiesciitation ol the senate except tin * fair-
end of that bodv. We protest against this
usuipitlon ot powni and oveiturning of
precedent and law. "
This was the signal for all thn democrats to
bosin noisy demonstrations. The contusion
was so meat that only Individual sneakers
could bo he-aid eec islonnlly and then In n dis
jointed manner , Hohertson held his position
at Ihe desk and Kent UP n vliroions lapping
with llio gavel. Notwithstanding the noKo
and tumult he proceeded to tlcliM'i his Inaug
ural address , but the nohow as so great it was
bend but by lew. At its conclusion ho de
clared the joint convention adjouuied to tens-
Mimhle In the same hall Wednesday , the 17th ,
to vote tor n I'nlted States sonaioi. The
house then adjoin ned ,
When the house reassembled. Jew Itt ( ilnin-
octal ) olfered insoliitlons reciting the fact of
the election for lieutenant governor , can-
vassim : the vote , etc. , admitting all the
points except to tlio oni-as to whcihci thnio
was a vncaiicj In the ofliee of lieutenant gov
ernor and Inv iting Hobm Non to seel ; n solu
tion throiiL'h the couits. Tha debate on the-e
re-solutions occupied n lingo pail
ot the nftoiiioon nnd they weio
linnllj lejccted , republican upcakeis
maintaining that the general assemhlj was
the only tribunal competent to settle the
matter. The only additional lealuio of In
terest in the afternoon proceedings was the
tiling ot notices of eoniesih in the case of
Krglchnrto against Mae Kay , Downing
airaiiiht Heasley nnd Dickerbon against
Meaghcr. Thi'Mi weie reterred to the com
mittee on elections , Tlio first of tlie-be con-
testa IK that of a demociat iigalnst a republi
can ; thu oilier * , uo lepubllcaus against dem
The Illinois
Si'iti.vonr.i.i ) , 111 , Jan , 10. Short sessions
vveio held In bolh bouses of the legislating
this evening. The only business of any Im
portance was the Introduction of house bill
No. 11 > > Fullni , limiting the i.ilo oflnteiest
to 0 > > er cent. The house Lommltteo has
designated Thursday atternoon , Janti try I'l ,
foi holding a joint caucus for the purpose of
nominatimr a senatorial candidate.
Wltn the return ot the members of Ibo
lozblatmo this afternoon and to-night the
senatorial contest has reached its most
heated point , and gives evidence of beluga
protracted struggle. The situation is nol
mateilallv changed and Farwell still stands
against theheld. . The Uiand Army Intlu-
eneo has not centered upon any ono ot Ihe
named candidates with the hope that tioy-
crnor O lesby will } et bo Induced i to enter
the race , and there Is stiong talk to-nli'ht of
tlio probability ot bis doing to ,
Death of a Chlongo Judge.
CiiiCAfio.Jan , 10. Judge John G. Jtodgors ,
chief Justice of the circuit court of Cook
count } ' , and with ono exception the oldest In
leiuth of service of the Chicago judiciary ,
dropped dead in a store on Stale htjeet tills
atternoun Ho was a int.veof KctUucky.
rni f nit nirrnr'pr'p TTII nil T
He Speaka nt Great Length on the luter-
State Oonimerco Measure ,
? Icnntir ! or the AVorilB nml 1'hrnsc-
of the DlfTerciit Sections
J'tilly Kxtilnlncil Other
DolngM In
WASHI.VGTOV , Jan. 10. Among the com
munications presented by the presiding olll-
ccr to Hie senate am ! referred wasono from
Hie ccrct iry of war transmitting the tepott
of tlio board of engineers In icgarl to bridg
ing the Mississippi river at St. Louis.
Petitions vveio presented and tolcired as
follows :
Hj Mr. Cameron Piaylngfoi the reduction
of Internal taxes.
Hj Mr. Hvarts rrom the Now York chain-
bei of commerce on the subject of Intcr-stato
commeicc , a bill favoring the commission ,
but presenting objecting to the "pooling' '
nnd"shoil and long haul" sections of the
bill. lie asked tint It bo printed In the
Hccord ami laid on the lable , as ho desired
to make some comments on It. So ordeicd.
Hy Mi. Hlair-Ot Ibo Woman's Chiistian
Temperance association in relation to the
alcohol tiade with tln Congo status.
, Hj Mr. Ingalls Of the board ol trade of
lawieiico , Ind. , nnd Topeka , Kan. , lor cer
tain modlllcatious in the inter-state conuicico
Hy Mr. Hoar From the select commithc
on the centennial celebration , reporting rcso
lutions declaiing 11 expodlcnl thatacllou be
taken by cor.cress for tlio dut1 celebration lu
Washington , about April so , ISMi , of the cen
tennial of the adoption of thn constitution
and the dNcovciy of America ; and direct
ing the committu to consider and ptoposc the
best mode ot celebration. Adopted.
On motion of Mr. Davves the house
amendments to the bonalo bill to prov Ide
lands for Indians In severally wcro non-
concurred In and a conference asked.
Mr. Hnller introduced n bill to prevent the
sale ol adulterated food In the District of
Columbia and territories. Kefencd.
The presiding otllcer presented the
remonstrance ol the Minneapolis boaid of
Ir.ado against sections 4 nnd n ( pooling and
long and short haul ) sections ot tlio inter
state commerce bill.
'Iho i-an lie. at 1JX : ! > , took up the Inter-slato
commcico bill , and Mr. Heck look Iho floor
Intavorof the conteience report. Mi. Heck
nt 2 o'clock concluded bis remarks on Iho
inter-btatu commcico bill , nnd Mi. Ctillom
took Iho lloor. lie said bo would conlino his
attention at this time lo an explanation of
thu fourth section , long and short hauls , in
respect to which thcro seemed to bo much
This section , Mr. Cullom said , simply
undertakes to laj down in bpeellie tcims n
rule 01 niluelplo which , ns 1 lu\o alwavs
contended , is already in eilect contained In
nnothei piovislon ot the bill. The hist ic-
qulromcnt of the bill on the subject of lates
is touiid in the lirst .section and is that all
rates shall be "reasonable and just. " . This
Is In effect that undct similar cncunistnnces
and conditions a gieatei sum shall not bo
charged for shorter than for longei distance
because under such ciicumslniices it would
not bo "reasoiiablo and jusl" to make such
charge" . The next iciiuiicmont ot the bill
that allects the question Is found in the Jirsl
pirtot the section , which forbids giving
undno or iinuasouablo pn leience or ad
vantage lo nny paiticular locality , This is
likewison declaration that a greater sum
shall not bo charged for n shorti'i than tor n
longer haul undei bimllni ciicumslaiices and
conditions , boc inso sueli clnrL'e would bo
m.iking or giving ot "Undue or unreasona
ble pieleiciiLo or advantgo" to one p irlien-
lai locality ; or would subjecl some olliei lo
cality to an ' Undue or unieasouablo pioju-
dice or disadvantage. " ( The senatoi quoted
the tourth section in full ) . As I undcistaiid
it this section , as It now stands , simply pio-
blhlts lallroad coipoiatlons irom chaiglng
n grentei nggiegito siim not n hUher late
lot a bhortei thin for a loinrer distance over
the same Hue , in the same direction nnd un
der substantially similai circiimslances and
conditions , when Iho slioiter Is included in
the longer distance. Theio is no other
prohibition made in positive tcims. The
ileclaiation that "this shall not be tonstiued
ns aiithoii/ing nny common canior within
Ibo terms of tills act to ch irge and leceivo as
gieat a compensation toi a slioiter as for a
longei distance , does not in ( onus prohibit
the chaiglng as much foi shoitei as lor
longer distance , but simply withholds legis
lative sinction f loin the making ol such
ehaigo. This iualllv | ing clause negatives Iho
infeienceslhat might possiblj be diawu troin
the language ot the section without those
vvoids , namely , that ui oiiual chaise lor a
bhoiter dlstniico Is aiithon/ed bv infeieiico
necuiso enl > a gicater clnige is prohibited.
This iiualihcation , theieloie , leaves Iho question -
tion ol whether an equal amount can be
clmiged foi a slioiter dis'ancc to bo
detcimiiied by the piovislons ot the
bill to which 1 have alieady lelerred
requlilns all clnrgei to bo reasonable and
toi bidding the giving ot umeasonablo prefer-
ente or advantage to any paiticular locality.
'Iho leiiidrement of the fourth section then
is that between shlpmi nts ol the same kind
in the same dliection o\i'i the simo line and
made under substantially similar ciicuni-
stances and condition" , ereater hums hhall
not ho charged lei n shorter than for a longer
haul when the shortei comprises apait ol the
longer h ml not that a highei late Mi ill not
bo i barged DPI mile , but that a gieatei aggre
gate sum shall not be ehaiged. The limita
tions placed upon the prohibition tint Is
made are vcrj' lignihi ant and should not bo
overlooked. 'I hej lequlre thai in determin
ing the sums that ma > bocliaiged fora shorter
ascompaied with a loii'/er distance Iho re-
quiiement must bo made : 1. Hetween ship
ments "ot like kind of propertv ; "
, ' . "Under bubstanllallv Mini-
lar elicumstanccs and conditions ; "
: ! , "Over the same lines ; " -1 , "In the same
diiectlon ; " 5 , "When n shoitei Is included
within a longer distance. " When tlio net is
to be applied In any uivea ciso to Iho meas
ure ehaigo that may be made lot an > distance
ascomimiul with the longer distance , all
limitations must bo taken into account and
thej must all appl > to thocasu , not tluee ot
four ot them , but all of them. The iiist ,
tourth and hftb of these limitations do not
appear to tall tor nny limitations , but lint
w cond nnd thlid need some explanation. As
1 understand them , the wouls 'ciicumsiaiiies
nnd conditions" mean conditions that I
govein railway Irattle nnd cliciimstanccs
under vvldeb it Is truinportcd. To my mind
tbeso words are lull ot moaning. They
eomprehend all circumstances and condi
tions which may lustily differences In
rates , such as competition with othei loads
and water routes , tno voliimn and character
of business at dilleient points , the dllfeienco
in terminal expenses and the cost of tenleo
In each case. If the vvoids used vveio thn
'vamo circumstances nnd tomlitlous" the In
cenloiis railway gentleman would bo able to
show that circumstances nnd conditions were
never oxacth the t > amo In an > two cases ,
\ml the > might also bo able to show that
thej vvcru not similar if that was the word
used , lint the vvoids "substantial ! } similar"
Impait enough latitude to the compnilsoii lo
enable the courts to exercise sound discre
tion nnd common scnso In passing upon
cases that maj arise , bo far as any ono rail
road company Is conceined , Iheiufoie , the
sum which It maj ehaigo for a haul Irom onu
end ot its road to the oilier end pecomes
thu maximum amount It can cnnige for
nnj bhoitci haul over that road In the same
dlnction nnd under substantially .similar
circumstances and conditions when the
shorter distance is included within the
larger. Hut Iho quistion which seems lo
trouble these who object to the section ns it
btands Is whether thu maximum thus fixed
Is the amount which the railroad company
charges upon shipments onglnallngat and
destluod to points unon Its own line , or
whether the maximum Is the sum which It
accepts as Its bhaio ot a through rate upon
shipments passing o\ur ltd load which in-
at or are destined to
points upon another road. It
seems clear to mo that iheio can
bo but oue answer to that Question. In
the first place , the measure of charge that
may be iiitdo for the shorter distance Is the
sum Ihal Is charged for the longer distance
over the ame line and under substantially
similar circumstances and conditions. 'Iho
rates lixed bj the ralltond companies between
points upon its own road are clearly rates
upon 1i ono line , or. In the terms of tno bill ,
1t "tho same line. A railroad company can
make and control rates upon Its own road
and ( l the section sajs that In demanding suc
rates the short haul principle shall be ob
served. A railroad company cannot carry
over roads of another company , but when
two t 01 more companies unite. . In making
Joint rates over their respective loads they
iK'como In thn ejo ot this bill ono
line ; and this section sajs that tlio
shoit hull principle must bo observed In
making rates over that line , the two or
moro mads composing It being within the
meaning of the section tlio same line , so tar
as such joint rates are concei nod. The w ord
"ralhoid" Is used Ihrou houi the bill and the
won ! "line'1 is used only In this section. Tlio
courts will be bound to assume that the word
"lino" means somcthtngdllfcrcnlfiom "rail-
load , " 01 It would not have been used In this
one Instance , when thoword"rallioad" would
natural ! } have been used If something dltfei-
cnl bad not been intended ,
Mr ( ieorge objected to the Interpolation
put upon the words "under like eiicumstan-
ccs nnd conditions" bj Mi. ( nllom. lie did
not believe thai II was a true nnd legitimate
Interpretation , and protested against Its goIng -
Ing through the semlo wlthnn nuthoiitativo
exposition of the meaning of lliosn vvoids
such as I'lven bv the senator from Illinois.
Mi Cullom 'I ho senator from Mississippi
lias the ilcht to put iinv construction ho
thooscs on the words Tliev nieput Into the
oilglnal bill by the senate l > ecauso the
sentence without them was too rigid nnd It
was feared ttiat It would Inlet fero wilh the
m-ncral commeico of Iho country. They
were put theio to mean something and they
do mean something.
Mr. btinloul aigucd agilnst the bill , lie
said that It leiuled notoiilv to prevent com
petition by raihoads but U had a tendency lo
foster water wa > s to the piojudlco of railroad
Interests. Mr. Stanford Illustrated his view
of the bill In several ways , devoting consider
able attention to the long nnd shoit haul ,
Aftei an executive session the eonato ad-
/Hiincd ,
x , Jan. 10. The speaker lali
bcfoicviie house a communication tiom the
iOcretarof the tioasury In reply lo
tlon nskhi ; for nn luturmetatlon of the
taillT law icspcctiiit , ' duties on tlsh. Jte-
UndPi the-ail of states tlio follow Inr bills
and rosolulioia wcio intioduccd and 10-
tencd :
.Hy Oates of Mabama Making ten \ears
icsldenceof aliens a pruroinisite to natuial-
Hy Kovvell of Illlmis ( by requcsl-rant- ) ( ;
Ing nld lor Vho establishment of common
schools and for the professional education of
public school tea-hen.
Hy Matson ol luihna Foi the icllcf of
dependent patents o honoiably dltchnigcd
oldlcrs and sailors iho are dependent on
their own labor for stpport.
Uy Cobb of Indian. A resolution grant
Ing the public lauds cmmltteo power to ctll
up nn > day attei the Jonilng hour bills for
Hie loifeiluro of lamlgrauts to prevent spec
ulator In public la ls nnd to icservo Iho
public lands foi bonnlde selllers.
Hy Mnrrluun of Xivv i'ork 1'or Hie pui-
clmso of John Lri'oon's "Destroyer" and
tt n enlarged steel escls of the same tv po
tor aofendins the lurbors ot the United
Hy Ciicoii of Xrfh C rollna-To grade
. ' 'M,110 ! ! lu"rci | tf income.
Hy lillman of SMh Carolina To piovont
lliodestinetion ot lts. , n jjfo Ino in
ioad accidents. by rall-
Mr. Moirisoii oflHnois
, from the
mitteo on uiles lupatod n resolution setting
apart Wednesday an Thursday next for the
oonRiiinrition of busicss repented tiom the
commitleo on judiorv. Agreed to. This
To'lv" ' " imCb"inS idmunds-Tucker antl-
The lloor was tlongivHn to the District ot
Columbia commUonnd ! alter the passaso
of several aistnc
iiPasuies the
t no , I.atUutlo
Allow etl Thoinly tlit Authorities.
Ciur voo , Jan. 1 [ Special Telegiam to
the Hi i .1 Thcies much Iinlignatlon felt
among the neoplof Chicago
oter the lati
tude which the auioiltles aie again giving
the amichists whnrestillat llbertv and the
feai is openly expssed nothing short of
a reoccutieneeof 10 scenes of last M.IJ will
bilng tlio authorits to a realization of then
duty. 'Ihe Arbter Xcitnng , Spies' old
papei , is asIoht In its language as foi-
meilj and again ipeals to the woiklngineii
to aim themselve Spies , Schwab , Parsons ,
and the othoi cidemned anaichlsts still
write lei the . which
pap. seems more pi os-
peious than evei , Golf's hall , the saloon in
which many of t , nnaichlsts' conspiracies
w fro hatched , w hi figuied so prominently
In the dial , andvhlch was closed by the
police at the tin of the massacie , has" been
given a license nui.nmlls aualn iiinnlng
ns of } oie. The st on i * > - nce moic the head-
quarteisot the wliiMstS ' . ! at a mpL-tlng
held there hist iglit the n. t jlu.enualy |
secchi" ] , were illulired In. . .
.siirniiif.ant ' '
s ff t
tact coiiceining Us uu.etlnt
pioceedings wen earned 01 in - " " ' " °
tl.rce-louitbol . . prceent lot bellW
10 understand Kisllsb. A unmler ' 'V '
Mavor II urison tli , aftei nom , lave rt
noticed , Mi. the uiaic lists Iicl ' '
a veiv stoimv nieptlng inel's lull on Lake
ht"v .1V ? ' held } meotlng ll.eie . ,
but 1 did not think then t k amounted to
an.vthing moie than ruio blnsteiing
" " " '
"wasn-'t Xell's license en to him with
the iiiideistaiidlng that iu would iillovv no
moro such mcetiiiL's to beicld there/
" 1 don't oxactl } know the terms of the
stipulation upon which is license was ro-
btoiedto him. The woe undc' taiK ing
was between himself autlio pohee , 1'er-
sonall > , however , lam' the opinion that It
Isbettei to allow ihose'icetlngs ' to be heli
openly In places jccosJJlo to tlio public and
thone.wspipenepoiic'tliaiito drive hem
iindi igioiinil nnd eou > l them lo bo held so-
cretlj.'o IIIMJ iiotnirf to fe.u Mom open
ineetinirs. Ills lr < seciel imdcrground
gatherlngs-andcoiihiiaciesthat ho leal dan-
KCI IsloTx ) apprehcded 1 tlilnlt that so
long asells tlocsn allow anj moiooft hose
iiiureigiound. basiuent , M-ciet meetings ,
with baited doors ml senllhels on the staii-
wajstheithiiontlolinteifeingwith ! ! dm.
It wotakorepicssiv mcasuies nnd K-e-k to
cinsb out this HilK bv prohibiting open
mcelings , then wo nve it under Iho siirlaco
and clatidesiino reoions and bee-ret organ-
i/atlons will bo then-suit. If these puuplo
aio denied the useot the saloons , whe-io
everjbody can heat what they sav , theioa \
nothing to movoiit nem fiom hiring prljato
rooms nnd holding t eli meetings liieie. Iho
cure would , In my > nlnlou , bo vvoiso than
the disease ,
The Cnimtllan C/lnnnt to Try Another
NMVOIIK , Jan.10. fbpec-lalTelegram to
thn lli.i : , | The i.-lhune's Ottawa special
ba > Owing to tlieJiscusslun In the Doinln- '
Ion cabinet over tlieimmcdlato dlEsolutlon of
parliament and holting a general election ,
John Costlgan , mhlstcr ot internal revenue ,
has placed his icslgnation In the bands of
bh John A. Mit-donald. It Is not likely that
it will bo accejit-d until after the elections
arooverand tbopremlei sees whether ornot
ho Is himself to cuitlnuo In power. Owing
tosomedljagieciiciuas lo next jear's estl
mates now being prepaied , W. A. McLcllan ,
minister of finatio ! , alter n cabinet meeting
jcstcrda } , banded Sir John Ids resignation.
TIds islikclytobo accepted and tlio place
lllle-d probably with blr Charles Tupper , present -
ent Canadian hlb commissioner in London ,
who sails for Canada to-morrow. Dissolution
was agreed nponat the council ot the cabinet
jest'rdajbut tlit date for the elections , has
not jel been tixedniid will nol bo until Tues
day , All members ot the ministry who nro
now stumplngthecounti } havobercc.dlcd bj
tlio promlei by Megraph , and aio uxpectedto
arrh e- hero to-iuorroiv.
Chief Olerk Duryco of tlio Patent Offic
Awarded the Modal ,
lloiircscntntlvcs UriifjK nnd Stntsot
Announce Tholr Intention to Op
pose tlio 15111 to Pension Mis
ljnn | Capital News.
A Contrmptlblo Clcilr.
W viiuvmov , Jan. 10. [ Spccl ilTelegram
to Ihe HI.I : . I The most contemptible act jcl
reported coming fiom a representatlvo of the
administration In ofllclal lite Is bioucjit lo
} our coirespondent to-nlnht. On Satiuda }
six lad } cleiks In the patent olllco weio ab
sent half a tlav. When they repoilcd foi
dutj this morning Chlet Cleik Duijec , fron
A lislnia , compelled them to make nlhdavl
thai thev weie absent on account of sickness ,
Dur.vee Is a notarv public , administered th
oaths himself and chained the usual fee
levied by notatlns for administering oaths it
this Dlstiict , which Is y cents each.
WIM , ot'i-o n n SXIOMNO MI-.S. loriAV.
Hcpresentitlvos Malson and Hiagg an
noiinco Ihclr dctetmlnatlon to tight the pas
s.agc of the bill pensioning Mis John A
Logan when It comes up in the house.
Matson is credited with basing bis oppositio
on thegiound that Loirati did not die iion
disabilities Incuired in iho service and tha
theio are those who have died from tha
cause whoso families cannot get rcllel al the
hands of congress. An orcnnl/ed elloil wll
bo made bj Hie democials in iho house lo de
feal tlio bill. General Hiagg is opposed to
incieaslng the list of civil pensioners.
Chairman Wellborn , of the liouse com
mlttco on Indian affairs , Informed the Hni
coriespondenl to-night that the bill opening
to settlement the Sion\ Indian reservation In
Dakota would bojond reasonable doubt bo
taken up and passed this week. It the
spcaKei does not lecogniro him this week al
the nicmbcis favoring Iho bill , nnd nearlv nl.
ol them tavoi It. will petition the spcakci tor
Immediate consideration of it.
niM m IOWA Mi.vinnns.
Hills were intioduced in llio house to-day
Iry Iowa nicmbcis ns follows :
HyLjinan For Iho le-llef of 11. X.Camp
bell , of Jow.a.
Hv Uall-To pension William Kcdlck and
Mlcnjah Kedcr.
Hy Muijibj' ToremoH' thochaigo of de-
sortlon against the military iccord of Picntlco
Holmes ,
niSOt'STHl ) 1IAMA1I ,
Somcot Mi. Handall's doinoci.itlc follow-
cis on Iho tnrllf question nro verv much dis
gusted over the situation. Ono of the most
prominenl of these a well-known demociat
from Ponnsvlvania spcaklne of the situ
ation lids moiiiiiig , said : "Although I have
been Invited bvMi. ' Kandall to bo present nt
his conference's , and although t am wilh film
in bis work , i have not bothered nijself
about tarllf matters since congress adjoin tied
last summer. It has come to a pass when it
makes nil thn dilleieneo Imaginable who pie-
sentt , the suojeet of tarifl to the house. If
Monlbon leads then Kandall opposes ,
and vlco vcisa. Of eour o when
either wing of the dcmociatle
side leads out on n subject the
rcrmblUniio oppoio solidly , simply because
they will not support a democratic measuie.
This is child's play , and 1 am most heartily
sick of It. I am opposed lo a general revision
ot tlio larlu" , but believe , and so does Mr.
Jtandall , that something must be done to do-
ciease the levcnues from customs dues. Of
couiso this can only be done by placing niti-
clcs ot common use on tlio frco list , as the
simple i eduction of dut } on an article stimu
lates Impoits and Increases the rovniiue. Hut
It Morilson should pionosoa scheme of this
kind our people , the Kindill men , would
oppose It , oven thoiiL'h it was just what they
wanted , and they would bo se ( ended b } tlio
cntno lepubllcaii side ol the house.
" 1 believe that wo could get together and
pass a Old enlarging the free lost 11 it were
not lor tlio suu'iii question. The lenublie.ans
want Iifosugai 01 a decided reduction ot
the dut } on it. As the south represents the
sugar Intelests and Is democratic wo cannot
please the icpubllcans In this respect and
thereloic , to my mind , the last scheme tor le-
dueing the lovenuo and iclleving ( ho cus
toms laws will f.iil. It is possible , but not
piobable , that vvn nmv get togethei at this
session and nbolNi the tax on tobacco , fruit
brandy , nnd alcohol to be used in
the nils : but this is not piobiblo
owing to tlio childlike situation In
which we bud ourselves , and the piojndica
existing against pioposltlonsmadebj ceitain
Individuals. I hear that Sunset Cox Is to be
chiiiman ol the coiumittio on wajs and
means In tlio next congress , and Is to take
the place ol Mi. Monison In the aflcetlons
and favor ot bpiakni Carlisle , and he is
to be the Moses to lead oui paity out of tlio
tariff wihleiness. It Is mj picdlclloii , how- in
evei , that he will make n more dismal failu/o
than did Mr. Monison , because out side / ol
the house will have the same composition
the t.ulfl question In the Pittleth that it bns
In this congress. "
mi NEW sn.vnit n inincvTi s.
Washington has a surfeit alieady of the to
sllvei certificates. Sixwieksa.'o complaint ' '
was made bj the meichants ai d bankers lhat
thej ' had to handle so many sllvei dollars ,
'heir comments seem to have had effect upon
ev-ii ciistonieisand they iiishcd off to llio
iiP\rooiii of the treasury and gel loads of the
thiitjrtllicates. Now a man lieipientl } gets
stores , iJoitj of them In clmiigo at the
the tieasliSilvei dollars aio at leqttnst. At
demaml Ioi lepaitment It Is stilted that the
great lhat the ono dollai certificates Is so is
M w DIIMON'TS cannot bo filled.
Within a lew dnj IAM > CASK Arrru.s.
peals ioi land cases ' \o new division of ,
ap i ,
the Inteiior dopartmcn bo in opeiation at the j
fiom the. decisions ot the * > o man } appeals '
land olllce-s are bent to the .rs at the local be
that thu secietaiy. lilH Hslst. . , , ) now
misslonnr of the land ollleo .im.'iw com-
ants aie unable to heai nud dect , Mv ; .
and thev have banked up deeper than , . . : the
boloiu the snpieinc court ot tinI'nited * 5tii
II ix pioposdl in Ibis new division lot.ikJ
eliargo ot all oidlnau npiieals and have a
coiis ] of clerks who aie lawjci' to
lull control , and thcli decisionsbh.ill be those
ot thoseeielaij ol tlio interior. A ehie-1 01
this division has been selected , and congiess
has been asked to make piovision lei the law
eleiks , but If U fails to do so cleilis fiom
other dlvisioiib will be assigned to this one ,
The work heio will ho ot a ttchnicil cbai-
actei and more inteiestlng In Its details lhan
piobablj .111 } othei small blanch ol tlmgov-
einment beivice. Ills hojied that within a
jeur fiom the date ol opening this division
llio appeals winch have been delajed for
jears will all have been cleared up. At pie-s
ent onu is lortiinato II ho gets a decision in
a ca-e at the end ol fifteen mouths' solielta-
Hilcadlei tleneial Absalom llaiid , Inspec
tor general ol the army , has been ordi-icd to
Tort lu ) Chesne , Utah , to inquiie Into ceitain
matters theie , under special Injunctions from
Lieutenant ( ieneial Sheridan.
First Lieut , ( in ) S , liowaid , Twelfth In
fantry , leturiied with Mrs. llowaid to Kort
Niagaia , N. V. , last week. Llonl. llovvanl
Is a bonof Major deueial O C. llowaid. and
the } had Ijcon visiting Mrs. ilowiud's idla-
liveIn Omaha.
In the 1'ilth Infantiy , Tlist Lieutenant S.
AV. Mdlei has been tiaiisleiied Irom Com-
iianj K to Company (1 , exchanging with
Khbt Lieut. Thomas M. Dofreos. lloth olli-
bi-rs are stationed at 1'ort KeoKh , Montana.
Army Jiuloughs authori/ed : Hospital
Steward John H I'ovvlor , Whlpplo Harraeks ,
Arl/ona , three months , with permission to
apply tor two months extension ; 1'rivato
Lewis C Hull , tioop H , Seventh cavalry ,
Tort Vntes , Dakola , thico monlhs fiom Jan-
uaiy SO.
Army leaves uranted : First Lieutenant
Thomas M. Defrces , Fifth cavalry , I'oit
KeoB'h , Montana , tvvojmonths ; Lleutonant
Lt'in S , HoudieI'itteenth Infantry , Fort
month trom January
NIobraia , Neoraska' , Yen months , w It'll per
mission lo go abioad ; Lieutenant Lawn nee
1) TV son , Ninth Infuitry , now at Kuox-
ville , Ic'iin. , two months extension.
L. H. WadlcUh and daughter , of Clinton ,
la. , are hrre.
Adam Icke , of Sliluny , Xeb. , lia liren
.admitted to practice beloro the Interior de-
nil Uncut.
( J. U. Hnlley , of Nebraska. IM In tlincltv.
Among the delegates to the Inleinatlonal
Hiicklaveis' union convention , which coo-
\ened here to-day , are tuo followlni ; : I ! . II.
Holmes mid Charles Mcrcadv ( ! , of Omaha :
A. T Dowllnp , of Sioux Ullj , and Samue'l
Not I , of DCS Molnes.
IS1 OHAI iaNGn. ;
llenoitncos the Htorlt-s ofCou-up-
tlon nnil DonmiulM 1'ioor.
Hostov , J in. 10 , In a letter coiiceining
the 1'aclfic railroad funding bill now pend
ing In congress , sent to night to Senator
Hoar and Itepiesciilatlvo CiKp.who hnvo the
propi > eed legislation In clmige , 1'iesidciit
Adams , of the Union I'acllie companv , avs :
"Vniruo stories ot corruption piactlccd 01
attempted In Wasbliig'toii In connection
with the pending I'acltic inllioad legislation
haveappi'.ated In to-div's papers. In justice
not loss to the nicmbcis of cougiess tints
millgned than to injself. I wish to make n
prompt and empliitie denial of such chaises
and cliallcnce1 thn production of evidence in
Mippoil of them. 1 do this on behalf of the
Centtalns well as the Union TatiHe laMimd.
1 hnve evhieiico thai the ehaigo lefetii'd to
was Invented and tuinishcd to the pu-ss by
blackmillers and slock jobbois whoso (
sole ohlect was and Is to futther
theli own ends In \\all stunt nt thn
exi enso of the permanent InteieMsof both
thiseoinptnj and of this government. As
to the measiues now pending be'iorocoii'iu'-s ' ,
both In the hoii'o and t'natn. 1 will frankly
si } tlio maiiagemont ot the Union I'acilie has
no ineference between thi-m. It eonsldcis
both of them too hostile In their piovislous.
Hoth exact of flic companv in favor ot Hie
goveinmeiit a late ot interest neail } half ns
laige again as the government pas to the
company. In practical operation eitliei
, mcasuin will dangerously oveiload the future
lesouiees of the Union Pacific. Neveilhe-
less the Union I'acnle Is piepared lovall } to
accept elthei mc-asuio and to endeavor to
live up to al ! Us requliements II b } so doing
it can once tor all end this continual warfare
upon It of those who seek to piomotn their
own stook gambling Interests b ) gioundlnss
insinuations and lalso statements to the
detriment nol less of good governmonl than
of main thousand honest and iinotlendlng
Street Cars Tied Up anil Tra\ol Madly
1 111 | HMl I'll.
Hosrox , Jan 10 A general "Ho up" on the
consolidated Morse rallw.av occulted this
morning , ptnsnnnt to the action of the meel-
Ing of emplojes Ibis moinlng. The roads
compilse Middlesex and llichland linnscon
necting Walden , Kveiett , Charleslown and
Somei ville with Hostonnud the Hoston high
land dlstilct. All emplojes , luelndlng oon-
dnctois , dilvers , hostleis , hoiscshoeis feed
ers and tow bo } s. are paitlcipatiug. The ex
act gi lev ances of the men aie not jet known ,
but thn trouble Is believed lo be caused by
the failure ol President Howets to keep his
Dai tot the agreement reeenlly made with Iho i
men. I
A Clmleslown cai was stalled from
Charlestown Neck this morning. Seveial
Sliawmut avenue cars liavo passed over the
line since , manned by non-union dnveis and
conductois , vvho aio protected bj * from font
to six policemen on each car. No dls-
tnibancc has been repotted thus fat , aim
none In nxpoctccl.
President Hovvers has ndvettised for WK3
able bodied men lo woik on all the tie-up
roads. All who will he taken will be iriiai-
anteed steady work and good vvngcs. It is
slated that Superintendent Stndley , ot ( bo
ChnilestwnTHstrlctrhas IndiirOd a number of
his old men toietiirn to work and at 11 ho had
fifteen c.ars running from tiuit end of the-
At noon ( itiito n numbpi of cais weie.-
iiinnini ; on Ihe Shaw niiitaveiiuoand Chailes-
lovvn lines. 'Jhcso vveio all policed and met
with no moro violent demonstrations than
hoots and jells. ' 1 he emploji-s ol the Metro
politan Iloiso H till oad company held a meet
ing this moinlng and voted ? \00i ) to assist
the stilkeis. A meeting ot the emplojes ol
the South lioston load was attended with the
same lesult and ? 10,000
The doublenose out ot a number ot minor
matters alTecting onlv n lew m > .Mi , such as the
pay ot tipiicis , the allowance lor me il time of
certain men , the iieimittlngol men connected
with the Kud to keep Ixniding houses , etc. A
Thoollli lals of the toad sa } the- } met the men \v \
In a filendlv spirit nnd had iiinccded mine
than half thnh demunls. Ono ol the stiikeis fli
said that the Knights of Lilmi did not oidei inl
the strike. Tlio men took the responsibility tin
on themselves , and claim tint the } have
promises ample ot lin.ini-i il nld and can hold
out as long as the eompuiy dons 'Ihe nl
strlki'is remain veij quiet atidoideilv , most
of Ihe hooting being done by bojs and idle
The dlicctoisof the company and employes l
held a meeting to night winch , when it ad
journed shoi 11 } aftei mldnigl.t , hid lesiilteil jii'
nn amicable adjiistment of all ilHtcic-nccs CC tin
' 1 H ID COAIi'sn UAT1ON.
ilovv ( lie Kniuhts Can Poice a I'.iinino
on New Voi-lc. AI
Xi w VoniJan. . 10. [ Special 'IVJegiam ne-
the Hi i.J The Sun this moiniiu sajs : W.I
'Theio is about two bundled and filly thou
sand tons ol coal now on the scahoaid at
ports Ambov in the eontial dock , nt iil/a- :
bethpoit , nt Hergen Point , lloboken and at A
Wnehawken. This is distiibided about as
follows : 7r > , OUO tons nt Weehawken , 100,000
tons nt lioboken , nnd r/jouo , at the othei cr
liolnts. 'Jhls is neaily all hard coil This Pa
about a week's supply for this city and Is
suiroiindlngs. Confeiences weio hold be- al
Iwicn . several of the eo.'d companies and for
1 ! aibltiiitlon committee ol the Knights ot ha'
Labor Saturday , but
no underitanding could
10 Klied. Thcio will he run in Camp and
within a ( lny 01 two if the coinpinlcs do not At
jleld. No cIToit will be made to prevent by once
loieo the employment ol new men on A
coil docks. The knUhtsj | | of'
meet a light of this kind bv stopidngtho took
hiiiiplies ot coal both liom the Cnmbnilaiid an
lley .mil Ihe I'ennsjlvaiiia fieldh It A
can do this b rallinu' out the
' ' } ' " ' ' " mlneis 01 git
' ' 2'i -meii'\e'-w"'Yo'ik "and'Tiii
'i' ' < - tlio tin I
illiei ' , ' " " L0 1 < % 1 H ' " ' " ' , V " . " ' WV ' " l tim
i u ts vv i/istiiknisuronbotooidi-l , ; ' ' , ; ust x , , .1,1. , -i in-u ' eon- lln
II they f.iiiii.'V will biiueal. bo
HiostilKo" , , " , , " , s , d thej '
mines HiostilKo"1""tV,1ol , , , from the
companies jiclil. till , „ " 1't , , , unless the tin
another week. Should wlll lastat leisl ho
'nii'berlaiid valley and ' "juiiiers in the
.lelds beeilled out It would -\haiil i coal
ujion upwaid ot 150,0"U men. i idleness
J11JV. ttuTlU'GiA'.N'N. let
a That llo Will Iicnvo the
Chinc-h Knthor 'ihcui ,
Ni vv Vouu.Jaii. 10. [ SpecInl'Ielesrnm to
Her. ] The Times sajs : Hov. Dr. I'dwaul
MeJljnn has resolved lo piaclically leave
the chuicb , of which bo Is consecrated pilest ,
rather than abjuio the opinions on land
ownership and other social queblloni ) whlili
bo learned from Heniy ( icoruc. It was
known sometime ago lhat Midljnn bad ie-
lubed to eommunleato with or recogni/o In
nny way the addresses of hU Immedialii
superior , Arclibishop Corilgan , but It has
onlv lecently been rovenlnd that ho has been
bold enough to lunoro the inopaganda vvhli h
summnned bun for trial. This , to a Catholic ,
iseontumaey of thu wout type- , and some-
tiling even worse than the oiiglnal olli-n.-e.
When the archbishop iccelvns fiom Homo
requisite Instructions ho will remove Me-
( iljnn from ht. Pti-phe-n's , biisprmt him lor-
cvei from his pri'Jstly functions and ippulnt
n permanent pasloi in his place. This will
bo clone certain ! } betoio rcbruary 1.
, Jan. -VerB'ho , Knhlin
Co. , extensive doalirs In drug ints' siiuililes
andtojs , asii nid'this afteinoon. inabili
ties placed at flO'J.ixwi - . ms are uoi vti
btateil. The tallnru occasioned tjreat sui pi Ifce '
lu thetiadebci"
Its Mnkc-up Cfficinlly Announced iu Louden
Last Evening.
Snllfiliir's ) Knjipott ( > is Sn > They At
Clnd to lie Ulit of Mini Orders
With a Wntllko Aspect
.News. ill
Tim Coalition
LONMUIV , Jan. 10. ' 1 he composition of the
new cabinet was announced this evening. '
1f 1 ord Knll'lint } Is vecictary of stnto foe
foielgn , iiiralrs ; night lion W 11. Smltb ,
tlrst t ) lord of the ticaMtij ; Illght lion (5. J.
( iosdien i , chancellor of the e\chequnr ; Illght
linn. 1 IMward blnnhepe , suieiaty of slate
forvvaiaud Sit Henij Holland , ocietafy
fie the colonies. Tin 10 Is no change In the
olhci cabinet olllceis. The Tail of IddeslclRh
icpulsed Lnitl Sallsbui } s olfeof the
inlvyscMl. Lout Idili-slelgh denies lhat thu
condition of his health debus him liom nc-
ccptlne an ontroiM otliio and he withdraws
fiom olllcn life uiidei n iiroi'g ' sense of hav
ing been Ill-ttcati-d. lli personal filcniH
esplaln that he pielciied his ic'slgnntlon lo
enable Lord Salisbmj lo foun a coalition
cabinet. Loul '
Salisbury's snpportcts 10-
bpond that they aie glad to get i Id of Loul
lddcslolth ; , as his health was of no beneJlt to
the foieign olllce ,
An nnjilMiVnrllko Otdcr.
t ( oj i/i / tuM 1W /Jitinr | * ( fOMlnn Itcnnrlf.l
Qn i NSTOWN , Jan. 10. ( New Yoik Her
ald ! C iblo Special to the Hir. : | i\cltc- :
mont has been caused beio among
the navy pensiounis. seamen nnd
marines by the icport fiom
thoadmhaltj t ! which bldssush pctisloneis ns
nirt undei illtj-tivc to hold themselves In
readiness lei active service. Also lliov nio
reqiihod Immedlntel } to answer questions
a'si to age. vv bethel the pensioner * Is a long
scivlco oneor Invilld , vvhethci ho Is a gun
ner 01 tnigel arlilicer , lo state his rating ,
and also to mention the nearest war ship ho
can ntt ( ml for the purpose of being exam
ined , etc. All traveling expenses are to bo
paid by the goveinmenl , which will allow fit )
shillings lei clothing and IsOd foi bedding.
Tlio follow Ing oidei Is pilnted In red let-
tcis : "When called upon Immediately pio-
cccd nnd icpoit tothe commaiulliig otllcci of
the department. The pennllj foi not lopoil-
ing Is loss ot pension. It may bo thai the de
linquent will be ancsle'd nnd punished as a
desettei. "
Since tlio Crimean vvai only one such elicit-
lar has been addressed to the pensioners.
The last occasion was during the late Kusslan
scale when an outhieak ol hostilities was
considered imminent , '
_ , Consequentlj' con-
sideiabloalnim ' prevails among the families
ol the pensioners who roaid the clu-iilar ns
nn indication that the gov eminent appre
hends vvai.
\ KUIIIOI-H ! lolln\Cl.
[ CnmnlulitSS7 bu Jitmc * fliinluH llcunMA
Hntssni,1) , Jan. 10. [ New Yoik Hciald
Cable Special to the Hr.n.J Hcllcf In the
truth of the war Illinois prevails hero lu
olliclnl circles. Theieloie Iho annual Inspec
tion of the tioops and war mateilal which
usually takos- > place in May will take place
oaily next month. Military circles hera
assert that enormous quantities of piovibionj
aio being stored at Mel/ .
A Scare in 3atlilil.
M \Ditin , Jan. hours Sat-
urdaj thocitj was e\cited over sensational
icpoils , that liUauli Jsibolla , sistei ol tlio
late Mug Alphonso , had lioeii kidnapped or
killed. The infanta had gone out In a eai-
ilagelo follow thn nival hiinlsmnn In ( ho
iiiado. In a inmotn pail of thn ginit p.ult
lie ( an ! me bioko down , throwing ( ho
intanta in n ditch. She was not
hint , although it w is tliomiht she was.
liuv Iiekey was disp itched foi assistance.
\Vhnn : tliohiilifsmniidlsf'oveiedtlieli mlitiess
was no longer with tliem they became gieatly
riiu'liten l. The piohinged nhseneo ot the
inlanla fiom the eistlo caused uneasiness
limit ! and finally the police and tioops weio
ent out in sn inh ol bni Tfio lackey sc-ia
assistance was slow , nnd H w is Id o'clock
night befoio the curl ige was found ,
Gl.ulstono Appi < > v CM ICniitlyN Sto | > .
LOSDOS I , Jan. 10. Gladstone wiltes saj-
Ing tint Loul Churchill's icsigii itlon was
justlliahle , and add : "J , mv self , Inv 01 mum
economy ( In the aimj and nav } e\pi ndi
Fire in a I'alnco.
MADIMD. Jan. If ) . 1'lro ocemrcd In the
Alea/ar , ocenpiul by Iho nnlllaiy
auadcmj' , nt Tolncio jnsteiday. 'Ihe
w.iscomiilntol } desfrovid. Itfsicpoitcdtlmt
boveial jinibons weie bnined to death.
A PATAIj Shield II Him : .
WhlNkv Hottlo and Tliiro U'oinnit
Kill a I'C'IIIJHJ Ivanian ,
Nr.w YOHK , Jan. 10. l.Speclal Tele-
cram to the Hi. i . ] 'I ho World's Haiilsbmg ,
, special bijs : Thrco gills , none of whom
mom i than twenly ycais ol an'o , aio in Jail
Lewislon , Malllin county , awaiting dial
ono of the IUOM di ihollcal mmdeis Hint
hasnvei Oeen coiiiinltted in the .stale. Ihiir
names nio Delli Cmlutt , Dll.i Konnt/nmii
Jennie ( jna > . On , John
Aikle } , u coal miner , while iiudni the inlln-
ol liquor , look thue iils hlelgh tiding.
snpn ! } ol vvhiilv } was taken on tha slolub ,
vvhleh Ae-IJi'V and his companions par
licoly The paitj diiivo through town
theli c-oiulucl was hliaineliil. I limlly
Aikley he-ianici lulplisilv diiink and llio
gills threw luiu fiom the sh-uh , hut not be-
oie tin j h nl Hi Ilii ted itiiiiiiis on bin peiion
( .muni I o mentloiiiil The nnfoilniiiito
llngi-nu .litttV iiuHt e\iiilialii'pdn | ,
. . ,
with tlio miu in a i. ,
sud with a vi'e ' oith"Wo in.
and dia und him behind
our iraitnis . Ifiin
In the HIIOW.
We le-ll him
. Iho
go. diess and sro to
mie-s I'll buj a black
inci . , , . , . stnidai that
Hiindav hn would ni'jI'V \ M'tmon 'l
eniiinly to the KnlL-htsV i , [ „ „ nud it after
that the members of the clui , , . ) K.rtili < ted In
In-longing to th it oidei ho woii.i' , , Xpel tlmui
Iromcliinili. 'llioniinouneomeiH , rented u
crcat Hi 11110114 the Lutlmi ins iii-i It H
pndlctid that tUo Knlgbti ot l/iboi vvlll'.osn
n largo number ot membi rs in i onsequciie-o
ot tin- action of the ehuieli.
A Dnlnth iTn'H foil lino.
Mil WAI iu n. Jan. 10'Iho Lvnnlng Wis
consin's Snpoi ioi City spec lal saj s Alexander
Cravvlonl. n well-known Dulnth lion maun-
lacluier , recnlved noticn that bv the death ot
a cousin named James Thompson , in Hal-
Icil. Austiia , a fortune ot ovni a million
pounds has binn lutt to him and hHlo'jr '
bioiheis , L'lviug ihnm each neailv fc'J'W.OO'J.
Crawloidhad not seen his cousin in loity
Sh.ui ] HoriihiMl a Chnniio.
NnvoiK ( , Jan -Jmlgo Hanett In the
Miprcmoiouit to-day ik'iuofj the irotlon lor
change of ve-imi In iho ease of Jacob Sharpn.
whowasinduted for biiblng aldcrmei'
l > a HloaiJwiv ruji < ; a'l '